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bad credit loan wisconsin
We share placement and custody WITH current mediation agreement, has us splitting time 50/50 in wisconsin, according to agreement we take turns with claiming as dependentWe had verbal agreement to allow me Child Earned income credit, and got along peacefully most of 2009. Agreement was due to many favors and loans i provided. I filed my taxes a week ago and already got my money. Now she is mad and threatening to turn me in for EIC or tax fraud!!!! I am aware we have no written agreement, and if taken to court for EIC issue, i would lose. I have no previous tax issues, and this was just a verbal agreement gone bad due to my new relationship... This was absolutely no flagrant violation, except for my stupidity not to get it in writing. what will happen? Will she have to tak me to court or does IRS pay her too, and make m pay them back.... please hlp.
If you filed for a credit that you were not eligible to receive, you will have to pay back any money you received as a result. The IRS will not mediate in disputes such as these, but they will come after you for fraud if you don't have your ducks in a row. And in the future, get these agreements in writing and give them to your attorney. That way, it won't come back to bite you.
You can't make an agreement with your ex to claim EIC, you have to meet IRS rules. Having her agreement in writing wouldn't change the situation. She can't allow you to claim EIC. The IRS rules say that the child must have lived with you MORE THAN half the year for you to claim them for EIC. Just being your year to claim them as dependents has nothing to do with eligibility for EIC. The alternating of years, or any agreement between parents on who claims the kids when, just affects the exemption and the child tax credit, not eligibility for EIC, head of household, of the child care credit - those last 3 go to the parent the child spent the most nights with that year. You say you split time 50/50. Do you have any record of how many nights the kids spent with you in 2009? If you are basically 50/50 then it comes down to the count of nights. And 2009 had 365 nights, so you can't each have had EXACTLY half. Good luck. Doesn't sound like you were intentionally trying to cheat, but the IRS isn't real forgiving on someone illegally claiming EIC, due to the HUGE amount of fraudulent claims in the program. What will happen? If she calls the IRS, or just files her own return claiming EIC for the kids which can be done without claiming them as dependents, then the IRS will ask each of you to show evidence that YOU were the parent who can claim EIC for them. That would include proving they lived with you over half the year, which comes down to half the nights. Then whoever is found NOT to be claiming EIC legitimately has to pay back anything they got, and is also banned from claiming EIC for a number of years up to 10 even if they otherwise qualify. The IRS would probably also go back and look at previous claims.
The Earned Income Tax Credit is given only according to the rules. If you qualify, you qualify. If you don't, you don't, and claiming it is fraud. Your ex cannot agree to permit you to commit fraud if, indeed, that is what happened. If the written agreement is that you split time 50/50 (equal number of nights with child for each parent), and you actually do, and it mandates that the exemption be taken by turns (in which case the custodial parent gives the non-custodial parent Form 8332 (or non-custodial parent can attach relevant pages of decree is divorce is pre-2009) when it is the non-custodial parent's turn), then the child is the non-custodial parent's qualifying child for those years in which s/he has the exemption. Who is the custodial parent? For tax purposes, it is the parent with whom the child spends more nights. If the split is 50/50, then it is the parent with the higher adjusted gross income. The above rules apply to the dependency exemption and the child tax credit. Between the two parents, only the custodial parent can claim the EITC. I cannot tell from your question which of you that is. But I can tell you that you cannot "agree" on who that is, and that's where the problem lies. One of you has been claiming EITC to which he or she is not entitled. If both you and your ex claim the child for EITC for 2009, this is how the IRS will decide who gets it: "If the parents do not file a joint return together but both parents claim the child as a qualifying child, the IRS will treat the child as the qualifying child of the parent with whom the child lived for the longer period of time during the year. If the child lived with each parent for the same amount of time, the IRS will treat the child as the qualifying child of the parent who had the higher adjusted gross income (AGI) for the year." Now you know what you need to know to sort this out. You can see that no agreement, verbal or written, can change the outcome. If she contacts the IRS, the IRS will contact you to determine the correct situation. If she files a return with the child on it for EITC purposes, the IRS will hold up her refund and contact you both to determine who should get the credit. If that person isn't you, you will have to pay it back to the IRS. She can expect to wait a minimum of six months for her refund if she prevails. Moral of story: talk to a CPA or EA about tax issues before committing yourself!
When she files her taxes and claims your child too, What will happen is, The IRS will send you a letter and her a letter demanding someone to show proof of who has the right to claim her. Once she shows proof, The IRS will require you to repay the over payment back. Make note, This could cause you to be unable to get EIC for up to 10 years.
She can not take you to court. The IRS do not have time for this craaaaab Simply, the IRS will ask her to file her tax, and provide supporting documents that the children lives with her and she has custody. The IRS will ask you to send payment back. If you know you are wrong., amend your return before april 15, and pay. Otherwise, consider the case as if you are getting Loan from the Government where you will pay the loan interest and loan arrangement fees (IRS penalty) You may have to file for the coming few years special form 8862 to let the IRS to allow you to claim your allowance which has been disallowed.
Make a decision not to turn into one of those party people who drink all the time and get intimate with guys. Make a decision to be a positive and sweet individual. Be safe...Love you sis. <3
online loans for wisconsin
I did a quote online at progressive just to get an idea of how much the insurance would be for a 2005 yzf r6. i am 18 years old had my motorcycles license for 2 years and have been riding smaller bikes for 2 years now the r6 i am looking at costs 6000 with very low miles and an aftermarket exhaust from a dealer and i will be making a 2200 trade in which will go towards the bike but the rest will have to be financed. i heard the online quote is wrong because i didn't use my social security number and is different from the real quote i should get. also the loan will most likely be under my parents name and if u know of what type of coverage i will need since it is financed ive been doing alot of studying but thought id ask on here. i live in wisconsin which isn't a very populated area which should also make a difference if u know anything or need to know anymore just ask thanks alot
If you are financing the bike, you will most likely be required to have full coverage, so 145 a month would not be very surprising to hear. You are only 18, and an R6 is a high performance sportbike. I bet most the quotes you are going to get will be in that range.
At - INSUREDEAL.INFO- you can get quotes in just a few minutes RE Will my motorcycle insurance really be 145 dollars a month? i did a quote online at progressive just to get an idea of how much the insurance would be for a 2005 yzf r6. i am 18 years old had my motorcycles license for 2 years and have been riding smaller bikes for 2 years now the r6 i am looking at costs 6000 with very low miles and an aftermarket exhaust from a dealer and i will be making a 2200 trade in which will go towards the bike but the rest will have to be financed. i heard the online quote is wrong because i didn't use my social security number and is different from the real quote i should get. also the loan will most likely be under my parents name and if u know of what type of coverage i will need since it is financed ive been doing alot of studying but thought id ask on here. i live in wisconsin which isn't a very populated area which should also make a difference if u know anything or need to know anymore just ask thanks alot
Taking into consideration this is your first motorcycle, which mean you have NO track record for experience, coupled with the fact you probably purchased a 'rice burning crotch rocket', it may be that's your fate. One of my sons had an accident four years ago and NO INSURANCE company will take him on for less then 7k per year. He's now 23 and I can't even place him as an occasional operator on my policy. Then there is the financial note that I'm also sure you have, that means you must carry 'full coverage' with a deductible of X amount of dollars. The least expensive company I've found are Farmers Ins., AIG, and believe it or not Allstate. If you are, as you say, a college student, why then do you need a new vehicle, much less one of each? With the 'liberal education' you are enrolled for you should expect no less. Spend you money on an old vehicle, nothing wrong with living within you means. If you can, minimize your expenses,you'll need the funds elsewhere. Also, there is nothing in the law that clarifies you have to be riding a motorcycle. Most insurers will ask 'how long have you been operating a motorcycle'. If you get an endorsement to you license, and keep, that will show when they pull your record. Do you understand what is being said here? Back to my son, he has been endorsed for five (5) years, so the insurer would 'assume' he has five years experience, that would lower his premium
I suggest that you visit this internet site where you can compare quotes from the best companies: http://COVERAGEQUOTES.NET/index.html?src... RE :Will my motorcycle insurance really be 145 dollars a month? i did a quote online at progressive just to get an idea of how much the insurance would be for a 2005 yzf r6. i am 18 years old had my motorcycles license for 2 years and have been riding smaller bikes for 2 years now the r6 i am looking at costs 6000 with very low miles and an aftermarket exhaust from a dealer and i will be making a 2200 trade in which will go towards the bike but the rest will have to be financed. i heard the online quote is wrong because i didn't use my social security number and is different from the real quote i should get. also the loan will most likely be under my parents name and if u know of what type of coverage i will need since it is financed ive been doing alot of studying but thought id ask on here. i live in wisconsin which isn't a very populated area which should also make a difference if u know anything or need to know anymore just ask thanks alot Update: but since i have never been pulled over once or gotten in any type of accident ever and also have taken an msf course how much do u think this would help? Follow 11 answers
That makes sense. Insurance companies see 18 year old and sportbike and the price goes through the roof. I have been looking at quotes with progressive with different kinds of bikes. The quotes i have gotten are something like 2000 to 3000 a year for full coverage on a sportbike for a 17 year old.
The MSF course will lower it a little, but dont expect a miracle...you are still 18, a new rider (yes, 2 years is still a new rider) and you are trying to get a high performance sportbike. Thats what the insurance companies see....you've only had a license 2 years, they see that as a - not a + If you look at other bikes like cruisers, the insurance will still be high, not like a sportbike, but fairly high just because you are young, and an inexperienced driver...on a bike.
Sounds about right. You may get it a little cheaper. I thought my insurance was expensive. I pay $100/month for full coverage on a home made chopper with a 1640cc engine. I'm 27.
$145/month is extremely high. I have Progressive as well and with full coverage on my Honda Shadow and a medical expense policy added (very cheap, be sure to include this!!!), my yearly policy was just over your monthly quote. Of course a lot depends on your rates such as type of bike, where you live, and age, but dam...
I would recommend you to try this website where you can get rates from the best companies: http://insurecheap.us/index.html?src=5YA... RE :Will my motorcycle insurance really be 145 dollars a month? i did a quote online at progressive just to get an idea of how much the insurance would be for a 2005 yzf r6. i am 18 years old had my motorcycles license for 2 years and have been riding smaller bikes for 2 years now the r6 i am looking at costs 6000 with very low miles and an aftermarket exhaust from a dealer and i will be making a 2200 trade in which will go towards the bike but the rest will have to be financed. i heard the online quote is wrong because i didn't use my social security number and is different from the real quote i should get. also the loan will most likely be under my parents name and if u know of what type of coverage i will need since it is financed ive been doing alot of studying but thought id ask on here. i live in wisconsin which isn't a very populated area which should also make a difference if u know anything or need to know anymore just ask thanks alot Update: but since i have never been pulled over once or gotten in any type of accident ever and also have taken an msf course how much do u think this would help? Follow 13 answers
Welcome to the wonderful world of High performance motorcycles.The cost of insurance on a sport bike for someone under the age of 25 is very high.I've seen insurance cost as much as $3500.00 for a single year.
online loans in wisconsin
I would seriously consider one of these schools if I were you: http://www.wivcs.org/ (K-8 only - you didn't say what grade you were in) http://www.k12.com/curriculum_and_produc... These schools use the K12 curriculum, which is *fantastic*. We've used it for over 5 years and LOVE it. Online schools are *public* schools, which means you are still a public school student and have to abide by their regulations. You receive your lessons, all or part, online through a computer. They will loan you one, as well as a printer/fax. (It does depend on the school - some do laptops.) You will be assigned one or more certified teachers to keep an eye out on your work and progress, help you or your parents with questions, etc. Sometimes you have to meet face-to-face with them, sometimes on the phone, and quite frequently via email and/or through online conferencing. Your parents, or another responsible adult, will be your mentor/overseer. They have to be committed to this position. You will have chances to get together online and IRL with other students. You'll have materials sent to your home. You will have to turn in some of your work to your teacher. You can set your daily schedule, for the most part, but you have to adhere to the school calendar. Some schools are flexible with the school week and school year, and some are not. That pretty much sums it up!
In Wisconsin you have to fill out an Open Enrollment form during the month of February for the upcoming school year to attend another school -- including the virtual schools. You can contact www.wivcs.org (Wisconsin Virtual Academy) and their Honors High Online for high school to see if there are waivers to this rule.
You have many options in Wisconsin, but it is very important to know the laws for your state. I have provided a link below which should be very useful. Be well.
The best curriculum I have seen is not one that requires hours of computer time, games, or DVDs. The Charlotte Mason Curriculum and MEP math seem to be the best.
fast cash in wisconsin
I have been planning to ride my bicycle from wisconsin to missouri and i just want to get on wiht it already.. but i read u cant ride your bike on the side of a highway/interstate... how else can i get where i need to go?? where do i find the roads? what do i do at paytolls if im on a bicycle???? i need help fast because i really need to start going
I've listed the Routes and Maps page on the Adventure Cycling Association's website. This is a great site with a wealth of information regarding long distance bicycle trips. If you've got some spare cash, consider investing in a GPS for your bicycle. These have every road and information regarding usablility for your bike. See the second link below for a review forum. Good luck, and please be careful.
No, you cannot ride your bike on the interstate. It is insanely unsafe. For more information post your question in the main question part instead of in the details area and then post it in the correct section.
installment loan in wisconsin
I live in Wisconsin and yesterday while traveling down a county road some one on the side of the road was operating a weed eater and kicked up some rocks with it and cracked My windshield and I phoned the county sheriff and am being mailed an incident report. the mother of the person using the weed eater told me to get it fixed and they would take care of it but now have reneged on the repair offer so Small claims court is the only answer. My questions are when I win does he have to write me a check or does he pay the court and they pay me or is there another thing I have to do to force them?
I've been to small claims twice. The first time a guy totalled out my car, the second time my landlord didn't refund my deposit. It's my experience that they must pay you directly, either in a check or in installments of say $50/month. However, if they don't pay, you are able to have a judgment against them and if they do not pay, they go to jail. In my first situation, the guy who hit me was basically a bum- I got $100 a month during the months that he worked. I didn't get full payment until 4 years later when he wanted to buy a house and couldn't get a loan with that judgment on his record. (How he got a house, I don't know lol) In the second situation, my landlord didn't want to make an *** of himself showing up for court, so he mailed me a check for the entire amount a week before the court date. Hopefully it will all pan out for you. But if you don't get paid upfront, beware that it may take awhile to collect all that you are due.
cash loan wisconsin
They already explained it but the CRUX of the matter is, they might not need insurance but they need CASH IN THE BANK to pay for any damage they might cause. So you can sue them for damages and if they own anything they'll lose it to pay for your damages.
You won't be able to probable tell me which you won't be able to see how they're the comparable are you able to? what's persevering with in this equation is that the coverage companies get richer. wager who has been lobbying the politicians. I hear Democrats in many cases say that they are out to guard the little guy. nicely permit me permit you recognize who they're attempting to make extra wealthy. the companies who could earnings from this software are coverage companies. Take a wager out of who made Edwards so wealthy that he spends $450.00 on a haircut that i does not have paid extra then $15.00 for. the biggest concern with the healthcare gadget we've is the coverage companies. I take a seat in a medical doctors place of work for an hour and a nil.5 and the well-being care expert finally gets to be certain me and rates $3 hundred dollars for the 5 minutes he talked to me and the coverage will pay that bill without questions asked. Or a man or woman keeps to be in a scientific institution over night and gets charged $50.00 for a roll of bathroom paper that he/she did no longer even use and the coverage organisation will pay it without questions asked. and how with regard to the drug companies that publicize in the process the great Bowl and pay 10 million money to sell a drug i choose a prescription for...What the hell is my well-being care expert for? The Healthcare gadget has gotten a unfastened journey for too long their fees are outrageous, their centers are lacking, and anybody linked with the Healthcare gadget is overpaid from the administrators all the way right down to the Janitors. Now don't get me incorrect i understand alot of persons interior the healthcare container artwork frustrating and love what they do...yet right it is in basic terms a splash information for you..."SO DO I" And my pay will enhance are not going up each year at 2 or thrice the fee of inflation.
There are one or two or so other states that trust and respect their motorists enough (Tennessee is another) that has an FR law as opposed to a Mandatory Insurance law. NJ is one of the most horrible of states that feeds the greed of an Auto Insurance Company. It *may* even make sense to get the Eastwood Insurance Cowboy, but if your record is blemished, i imagine it would be very very welcome to have an FR law instead. If you do have sufficient money to pay an injured person with your own funds and have uninsured motorist coverage somehow (??? That one seems a little circular,) it makes sense because you are stilll obligated to pay for damage and.or injury caused. God Bless WIsconsin. God Damn NJ.
Q. Is auto insurance mandatory in Wisconsin? Wisconsin has a financial responsibility law. It is designed to make sure that any motorist licensed to drive in Wisconsin has insurance or enough money to pay for damages to others that may be caused by a motor vehicle. These requirements may be met through a motor vehicle liability insurance policy, a surety bond, personal funds, or certificate of self-insurance. Details are available at the Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Hill Farms State Office Building, 4802 Sheboygan Ave., Madison, WI 53702. Q. If I decide to satisfy the financial responsibility requirements of Wisconsin by buying auto insurance, what coverages are required in Wisconsin and what are the minimum limits I can purchase? If you decide to satisfy the requirements of the Wisconsin Financial Responsibility Law by buying auto insurance, your policy must provide the following minimum liability coverage: $25,000 for injury or death of one person; $50,000 for injury or death of two or more people; and $10,000 for property damage. The law also requires uninsured motorist coverage of $25,000/$50,000 for bodily injury liability coverage only. You may want to protect your assets by purchasing more coverage than what is provided in the minimum policy required in Wisconsin. Higher limits are available for an additional premium.
The state requires that you show financial responsibility, which requires owners or operators of autos to provide evidence that they have the funds to pay for automobile losses for which they might become liable; insurance is one way of showing that. You are required to have Uninsured Motorists coverage.
I think that most car companies require to have insurance to get a car loan.. i hope people have enough to pay the hospital cost if they don't have insurance because as for me i know i will sue
loans wisconsin
Wisconsin law doesn't recognize cohabitation, nor common law marriage so that's not the issue, it will be decided in Small claims court; which the hard part isn't necessary winning but collecting. I hope you learned your lesson about shacking up and sharing money with a person not married with. Let's not do that again.
The person responsible is who's name is on the loan. so if your name is on the loan, your credit score is going to be hit if you miss a payment or default on the loan. If his name is on it, then his credit score will be hit. Now, just because there is only one name on the loan does not necessarily mean the other person gets to walk away. that is what the small claims court is for. If you can prove that you have paid the full balance of your car off, and that the remaining balance is his. you have nothing to worry about. he would also have to prove the same thing.
Gear pretty much has it. You need your paper work. Without that, you have no argument. It is hard to say how the judge will decide. If you agreed to split the cost, you may be on the hook for half the balance. Or, he may say your car is your car, and his is his. Depends on the documents you signed when you made the agreement. Whether you win, or it costs you, take a good lesson home from the experience.
If both your names are on the loan, both of you are. if one of you doesn't pay, they will come after the other for payments. if your the only one that paid on the loan, he isn't going to get anything in a law suit. do you have receipts for what you paid or proof for what you paid.
loans wisconsin
I got screwed on my appraisal and need to find someone who finances above 80% in Wisconsin. My first appraisal before I spent 30k on a garage was 90k now a few months later I get another appraisal with the 32x28 garage with bonus room and exterior stairs and deck and the house is still worth 90k. So I ended up maxing out my 23k HELOC and to refi need to pay that off but that leaves 7k in credit card debt I used on materials that have a high interest rate. So who in Wisconsin finances 100% 2nd mortgages or HELOCS?
Anchor bank does 85% ltv and uw cu does 100%. Financial one cu in mn does a $7,500 equity line even over 100% ltv. But I don't think they can do loans in Wisconsin.
I doubt anyone will do close to a 100% HELOC is through a reputible lender in 2012. Contact all the mortgage brokers in your area to see if any can help. Add'l Info: Before you thumbs down all the answers Remember you are asking about a HELOC. HELOC stands for Home Equity Line of Credit. You have to have EQUITY to have a EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT. - as the other person said, you can potential do a complete refi and might get 100%.
No one does 100% HELOC, never have either. There are 100% mortgages and a regular first mortgage is your only option. It will run you about 5K in fees which you must have in cash as rolling into the loan is no longer an option. plus you will pay aMPIt $80 a month for PMI
Challenging issue search on to google just that might help
loans wisconsin
Hi my fiance recently took out a title loan in wisconsin acouple of weeks back and i found out that its not illegal for them to do title loans in the state of wisconsin ? there now saying because she lost her job that they are going to tow her car because she hasnt payed them yet she plans on paying them back ? what can be done about this saying it has been illegal in the state of wisconsin since the first of the year ? thank you and have a good week
They do seem to be against the law. http://www.creditloan.com/blog/2010/05/2... He needs to contact a lawyer or the state attorney general.
fast cash in wisconsin
Okay here is what and why I am asking this question I live in Illinois just 5 minutes from the Wisconsin state border, there is a place up in Wisconsin near green bay so its a bit of a drive but they have sold more winning lottery tickets at this place because so many tickets are sold there all the time and i have heard that people travel from out of stat to buy tickets there, and I though what the hell its only a drive and it would be kinda fun just to go there, with or without buying any thing. but if i buy a ticket there and it end up winning even if its small or the jackpot can i still claim it? even though I live in another state? I started playing powerball three weeks ago, I never gamble but I recently had maid some extra money that i put in my fun jar just to play around with, I have played it now 3 times and just played mega millions for the first time My first powerball game I won $120. the second time i won $6. and the $3. and in mega millions i won $2. I'm okay with winning or losing because I'm only using the extra money i have that i would be spending on a movie or something so i would be spending it anyways and i think the powerball and mega millions is kinda fun guessing and waiting to see what the drawings might be! so i feel like i am paying for a game to play any help would help thank you
I feel SO bad for you! Truly! The same thing happened to me when I first played the lottery. I spent $2 and won $100. I was still very young - probably like you are right now. That money was HUGE!!! I was SO happy! If I only knew then what I knew now, I would have lit a match to the winning lottery ticket. I'm totally serious! You are now playing the WORST possible bet on the planet. For every dollar the lottery company collects, they only pay out around 50 cents to all the winning tickets. At a 50% payback rate, no other standard bet comes even close to being this bad! Yes, (as the others said), you can play lottery in other states. You just have to remember to cash those tickets in the state where you bought them. Still, to say this is a HUGE MISTAKE is the understatement of a lifetime. First of all, there's only 1 reason that particular place that sold more winning tickets - It's because they have more people buying lottery tickets there! You absolutely do NOT have any better chance of winning anything because you buy your tickets there. More importantly, if you continue down this path, I promise that you will regret it. I had to lose THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars before I finally accepted the truth about lottery tickets. Hopefully you've got a lot more sense than I did at your age. My best advice - KEEP TRACK! Keep track of every dollar you spend on lottery tickets, and every dollar you win. Where are you at so far? Do you remember how much you've spent? You've WON $131 so far. That seems like a lot. I promise you that if you keep track, you will quickly see any profit disappear. Pretty soon, you'll start thinking of "systems" that you can use that will help you win more often. ALL GARBAGE! You'll hear about people who keep track of the numbers that have come out. Again - ALL GARBAGE! I really hope you learn and accept the truth about lottery tickets much faster than I did. I told you the truth about the payback rate. That's why you'll quickly see your money disappear. Here's the truth about the jackpot: I've done the math about hitting a jackpot. (If you want to see that math pointing to my next statement, e-mail me.) You could spend $50 per week for the next 70 years of your life and you would STILL have, for all PRACTICAL purposes, ZERO chance of ever winning the jackpot. It's not a "fun" truth, but it's the truth nonetheless. I see that you said you don't mind losing. That's good. There really is nothing wrong with playing 1 or 2 bucks per week. If you start spending more than that, then you are in for rough times and a delusion about false hopes about the lottery.
Wisconsin Lottery Scratch Offs
Definitely so. That message is both a fake and an outright fraud. Don't give the phishers any of your personal information at all. Spam that scam message straight into oblivion right away. This is one lottery you'll never win because it's "bogus." Another thing, the phishers telling you to "keep this lottery information confidential" would indicate to you not to say anything about this to anybody until they have finished scamming you.
Hey i'm here for the first time. I found this question and I find the answers really useful. I hope to offer something back to the community and assist others too.
Yes , I agree u can claim it in the state u bought it in so u just make that same drive again only this time leave RICH..
Yes u can still claim it! However, you'd have to claim it in that state!
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For about 8 days now, I have been only eating ramen noodles, and yogurt, (this wasnt a diet plan, more like a shortage a cash), but my question is, does this seem like it could be unhealthy?, I know Im probably not getting the vitamins and stuff that I need, plus in total I am probably eating 1100 calories, what is your advice?, for example if I take vitamins, and continue to eat like this, will it be healthy enough?, thanks in advance for your answers.
I know how it feels to need cash and when there is none, you have to move to desperate measures. In your case it was Ramen noodles and yogurt. How funny, because that is exactly what I had to do when I lived in Wisconsin on my own about 2 years ago. No joke, I ate ramen noodles and yogurt. But anyways, through that experience I gained 25 pounds in two months and yes I was taking vitamins with it. The reason being is Raman noodles are high in Sodium, carbs and oils. Those noodles are glazed in a light coating of oil so they don't dry up and go stail to quickly. The yogurt is okay because it is known to have a special bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus help digest lactose, the milk sugar that about a quarter of all American adults (especially Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and people of Mediterranean heritage) have difficulty handling. The beneficial bacteria break down the lactose into glucose and galactose, two sugars that nearly everyone can absorb. Being healthy from this combination of foods I would have to say no to. It would be better for you to eat one pack of ramen noodles a day with some fruit and a lot of vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are cheap to buy and would help with your health. Also try buying some oatmeal and eating a cup of that every morning. That is healthier than the ramen and also lowers your cholestrial levels throughout the day. Hope this helps and tell me how it goes.
Ramen noodles have SO much salt in them and not much at all for nutrients. They are noodles so they are carbs, they'll give you a little burst of energy then you'll crash later. Yogurt is better, it has calcium and a little bit of protein. But your still missing out on all the vitamins and nutrients you should get from fruits and veggies. I totally get the limited grocery budget thing =) but you should try to squeeze a few other things in. Multi-vitamins would help, but its still better for your body to eat actual nutritious food. Plus vitamins are expensive, take the $5-10 you'd spend on the vitamins and buy some oranges and carrots.
I'd take a good quality multivitamin at least. 1100 calories a day is not really enough to keep the metabolism fired up and not enough to give you good energy you need. You could actually gain weight from this by slowing down your metabolism to the point it stores more then it uses. Try to boost it to at least 2500 per day of good calories. Don't forget the water....lots of it, at least a gallon a day. I've known someone who's tried that as a diet plan and they said they felt tired all the time and had no energy.......it's not hard to see why. Charlie c.
I definately don't think it's healthy. Taking vitamins would definately help, but i would recommend something different. Try eating more fruits and veggies. They're inexpensive and contain a lot of nutrients. Also, it's important to get three servings of dairy a day, to stay strong. Keep staples like milk, cheese, potatoes, and bread around the house, and use them in as many ways as possible. Good luck!
You're going to get high sodium, which will increase your blood pressure. You need to eat vegetables and real meat in order to get a good intake of vitamin B12 and fiber. You're also probably lacking almost every other vitamin unless you take vitamin supplements. But the high sodium is a bad thing. Vitamin supplements DON'T give you everything you need. You need food.
It could be worse , sure. take the vitamins, ..and replace the ramen noodles with , ...veggie soup. ...and dont do this long term, ...it wont kill you, but its not healthy, the noodles are so high in sodium so try and find a low sodium veggie soup. Yogurt is fine.....and lot of water.
Sounds alright , besides you'll get burnt out before real damage will happen,(the only bad part is the sodium, and you can add tomatoes, olives and stuff like that to the noodles to get some more veggies in.
No........you need to eat other foods...........ramen noodles doesn't have that much benefits to you...........it is not a good diet
No. your body needs at least 2k calories a day. including all elements on the food pyramid .. please follow this carefully or you are robbing your body of essential nutriants it needs.
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We're having about 120 guests for our wedding. My parents are paying for the beer, but my fiance insists on having free wine, too, so we're on our own for that. I'm trying to type up a budget and I this is a big part of it. I have about 120 - 130 guests. Our guest list is probably split into thirds evenly of ages 25-35, 35-45, and over 45. There are only a small handful of children. How many bottles do you think we'll go through? As I said, there will be beer, too, probably Fat Tire and Miller Lite, and a cash bar for liquor, so take that into account. Oh- and this is Wisconsin, we have a bit of a drinking culture here.
Our wedding location provides the wine. We have rather limited control over how it operates. They have 5 varieties, so we don't have to worry about red vs white or anything like that. We can't really set a limit- there is no "running out" there is just "costs too much". I also forgot to mention that we'll have a bottle of sparkling wine at every table of 8 for a toaste
I'm pretty sure you will be fine with fifty bottles if you're just figuring by consumption (if the guests are getting their wine by the pour by either a waiter or at a free bar.) Unless your menu is "red food" heavy you should figure about thirty white, twenty red. BTW the younger crowd is suddenly into sweet white wines so if there is a Muscat available plan for that if you have to. However, if this is a case of placing bottles at the dining tables you will need to figure for more. Assuming your looking at seventeen tables for guests and at least one head table it's probably going to be more like fifty five bottles of white, and thirty five bottles of red. Bottles on the table always get consumed faster and are not always completely consumed. Once the bottles are opened you pay for them so I would recommend a wine station over bottles on the table. You don't end up with so many partially consumed bottles (and plastered guests.)
I would suggest not less than 60 bottles (30 red & 30 white). This gives half a bottle per person which is OK, with beer and a cash bar. Don't forget, people drink more when the wine is free, so if you can manage more, it might be a good idea - caterers often allow 1 bottle per guest. You can always keep any unopened bottles, and running out would be bad news - especially in a drinking culture (as we have in the north of England too)...
For my family, they could easily drink 1-2 bottles per person. Figure a wine bottle holds about 5 glasses. So for everyone to have one glass you would need 24 bottles. For everyone to have two glasses you would need 50 bottles. Since you will have beer too, I think at the very least you should pick up 3 cases (36 bottles.) You can save about 10-20% on wine when you buy it by the case. Edit: Also in the U.S. red wine is much more popular, so I wouldn't get a 50/50 split. Here in Colorado most event planners suggest getting at least 3-4 times as much red wine then white. That ratio might differ by region, though.
In general, figure a half a bottle per person. Also, buy your wine somewhere which will allow you to return unopened bottles.
Have 2 bottles of wine on each table. One bottle of white and one of red. Maybe a back up case of each just in case. If you have any left overs, take them home.
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Funny but hey since when have the MOSTLY Caucasian owned media ever said anything good about any part of Africa?
Hmmm whatever. Your attitudes like that will get your face smashed in one day.
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I was wondering and trying to find this out with out having to pay my lawyer anymore than I have to. I have been receiving child support for about 2 years now..$80/week....yeah thats it for two kids. I was wondering, how much does he have to be back on child support before they do anything? He is almost up to a thousand plus owing me over two thousand for a court ordered payment he was suposed to pay. I am really starting to need this support and it would really help me out if I got that back support! I don't even know who my case worker is and when ever I try looking this up on the site I always get that unless its been 30 days you ahvent received a payment they can not do anything! I just want to get this solved before it is a huge amount that he will never be able to pay and at this point with gas prices I sure could us the extra help. I would love any advise on this, thank you for taking your time. BTW the father hasnt even tried to call his kids in over a year but
Ha, Ha is all I can say! Welcome to the system. Don't ever count on your money. I have an almost 10 yr old and since the federal law did not require a set amount my Ex never built up back support for the first 2 yrs. The state ordered him to 17% of his income but if you worked cash jobs or weren't working 17% of zero is zero. Anyway they finely ordered him to pay $256/month. His back support is well over 10,000. He has never sat in jail, although the court put him in contempt twice. If your ex is paying something every thirty days (it could be $1) child support wont help you at ALL! They consider that making an effort. If he owes $500 in back support child support may put an intercept on his taxes when he files so you would get some or all of his return if he is entitled to one. (there are several factors that can screw you out of that too). Long story short don't count on ever getting your money, try applying for things like foodstamps, WIC, energy assistance, BadgerCare, Childcare, School Grants if your income is low enough the state will help a little bit. If your like me, married and slightly above State Aid you just have to suffer and learn to budget better. You could call your caseworker every week and all you'll get is more frustrated without result. After getting screwed by the system for so long I only call every few months to check on my case. Don't bother with a Lawyer (I've been that route too) they can't do anything for you but empty your wallet faster.
The whole 30 days thing is kinda a loop-hole for the paying parent & the lazy caseworkers. If he is making at least one payment a month, then he is "showing effort", & they don't want to have to deal with messing with him, even though they technically still can. You may have to push & make your caseworker do something about it. Once he hit the $500 arrearages mark, they are "allowed" to submit his name to the IRS to offset his tax refund/stimulus payment. If they haven't then it's obviously too late this year, but maybe next year. Some caseworkers are adamant about these things, and once you get far enough behind, they threaten certain sanctions, and even if you do start making your regular payments, if you don't have it caught up they will still sanction you anyway. You must have a lazy caseworker. The best way to find your caseworker is to call the child support office that has your case, and give them either your social or case #, and ask who your caseworker is. Since he is that far behind, they are "allowed" to take his DL, put it on his credit report, take other proffessional licenses that he may have, keep him from getting a passport, go after his bank account, put liens on his property, and the tax offset that I mentioned. But they are using the loop-hole that he is making effort, which isn't fair to you or your kids. So if you hassle them, they may get off their butts. As far as the other court ordered payment that he owes you for, the only way to enforce that is to take him back to court for contempt, and tell the court that he hasn't paid it. Then the court will order him to pay it by a certain day or arrange a payment plan. If he still doesn't pay it, back to court you must go. Also, if the child support office still won't do anything after you've hassled them, you can tac on another contempt charge for the failure to pay the court ordered child support, again since he's making effort, the court may or may not find him in contempt for that one. I hope that helps you a bit, good luck.
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How in the world would anyone here know if this lawyer wants you arrested?geesh kid use common sense. pay your bills and you will not have these problems. -----------------retired texas deputy sheriff------------------
One can check on warrants by calling the country sheriff's office. But debt collectors use a lot of empty threats.
I've never been in them parts, so I can't say...

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