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bad credit loan virginia
I purchased my home 3 years ago in central Virginia for 216,000. We chose a (Combo Loan?) 1st and 2nd mortgage. Our 1st mortgage is for 75% of the loan (162,000) and at a rate of 6.125%, our 2nd mortage is for 25% of the loan (54,000) and at the rate of 8.875%. After living here for 3 years we currently owe about 209,000. I have made every payment on time, and have not paid any principal, just the house payment. I recently got a real estate assesment from my county saying the property/house is worth $166,600. We have tried to refinance but nobody will because we are so upside down in this mortgage. - Im good for the money, i just want a lower rate!!!!!! - It really makes me made that another young couple moved into a house across from us that was 1000 SF bigger than ours , 16,000 dollars less than ours, got a 8000 tax credit and a interest rate of 5%. I guess my worry is that if i stay here and keep paying on this house, if in 5 years i go to put it up for sale what if i can only get what i paid for this place, or perhaps less? Ive also put at least $10,000 in this house in the last 3 years. New kitchen floor, landscaping, interior paint, all light fixtures upgraded and the list goes on. Im not sure what to do, would it be better to toss the keys to the bank and walk or just keep paying and "hope" the house will go back up in value.
I work in the mortgage industry. If you just walk away, not only do you ruin your credit, but the bank can slap a deficiency judgment against you for the difference between the the loan balance what what they net selling the house. That is they can garnish your wages. Banks are doing this especially against people that can afford to pay. If you decide that this is what you want to do, talk to a lawyer. You do have another option, you can request the bank to allow a short sale. This is where you sell the house for less than the loan balance. This is still a hit on your credit report, but not as bad. However you have to request a release so the bank will not hit you with a deficiency judgment. Again seek legal advice. However you do have one more option. Call the bank and ask for a loan modification. You have one thing going for you, if you are current you have a performing loan. Your bank may find it better to keep you by lowering your interest rate a bit than take a potential loss of $60,000 on foreclosing on the house. Give your bank a call. Discuss with them. You may be surprised at what they will do.
I know it can be frustrating right now when looking at your homes value verses the loan balance(s). But understand there are two key considerations when making this decision (1) the financial, and (2) the moral. On the financial consideration, the good news is that there are many others who are more upside down that you are. Also, your "blended" interest rate is approx. 6.80% between the two mortgages. Yes, this is higher than today's current mortgage rates. You have made all of the mortgage payments on time so your credit is still in good shape. So here is the reality, if you walk, your credit will plummet and it will stay on your credit report for 10 years. This will impact your ability to get new credit in the future. So if you have to buy a new car, want new credit cards, want to keep your current credit cards at their current rates, or want to buy another house in the next four years, than I would NOT walk. If this is not that much of a concern, then continue reading. On the moral side, I also had to face this same decision and I ultimately decided NOT to walk because the idea keeps me up at night and conflicts with my values. I made the decision to buy my house at the price I bought it at. And yes, times may be tough right now, but we fight thru them to come out the other side better. If you are struggling to continue to make the payments, by then all means, that is a different story and you should do what is you need to do to survive.
I would not walk away from the house just because you can't find a lower interest rate. You have already invested too much time and money. I suggest you do a little more research online, and consult a financial adviser to help you pay for the remaining balance on the house. If you toss in the key, it'll be the same as if your house was foreclosed upon. Rather take this time to re-think your strategies in this time of need. Once the economy improves if you still want to sell your house you can. You won't make much profit, but you will have broken even, that is better than giving away the house to the bank for free. I hope this helps answer your question.
It seems like you are putting the cart before the horse. If you like your home & neighborhood, stay put & do your best to keep paying on your mortgage. Millions of other homeowners (including myself) are in your shoes. We bought when housing prices were inflated & credit way too easy. As long as your interest rates are fixed & you can make the payments, you are in good shape. In 3yrs you have paid 7K on the mortgage, so it appears you are paying it down. Most traditional mortgages start as little principle & lots of interest. As you pay the interest down, you will pay more on the principle. Don't envy that couple that got a seemingly better deal. The bank may have wanted to get that house off of their hands or the couple has access to other resources, such as a rich relative. Worse yet, they may have an adjustable mortgage that will reset in a few yrs. If you decide to walk away, your credit score can get trashed & any new loan will be denied or have sky high interest rates. If you have the resources, add extra on your mortgage payment & designate it for the principle. Be realistic! Until the markets reset & the economy improves, we won't see any increase in housing prices. Good luck!!
I'm going to answer from a different point of view. You bought the house, and were happy to get it at the time. You used a 75/25 loan because you didn't have a down payment or didn't want to use your cash. You had other options, like buyer a less expensive house. 3 years ago we had a strong market for housing and you thought you got a good deal. A lender (or maybe 2) made a contract with you, to lend you a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time at a certain rate of interest. You agreed to pay them a certain amount of money every month in return. If you walk away, not only will you have lost your home, the money you've already invested in it and your credit rating, but you will have done something dishonorable. A lot of people are doing just that, but not only are they making it hard for them to get another loan in the future, but they're diminishing themselves in the process.
You are another of the gullible hundreds of thousands who bought a home with the idea that you would MAKE money on it. That isn't what a home purchase is all about. You buy a place in which to live. If you are LUCKY, the value goes up or at least stays constant. There is no guarantee that home values won't change downward as well as upward. If you can afford to pay the mortgage, you need to keep paying for it. The downside ? A foreclosure will trash your credit for at least five years preventing you from buying another house for at least five years. As well, if your financial situation is healthy, expect the lender to pursue a judgment against you to recover the amount it loses through the foreclosure. Take your choice.
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bad credit loan virginia
Laid off in Wisconsin and was forced to have a short sale on my home. Then I moved to Virginia to work at the shipyards. It's been 2 1/2 years since I sold my house. My fiance and I just had a baby and would like to plan on buying a home when our lease is up on our apartment in May. However I talked to a real estate agent and he told me I'd have to wait at least 4 years. WTF? The reason I did a short sale was so I could avoid foreclosure and not kill my credit.
The lender took a huge financial hit when you did the short sale. The difference between the sale price and loan balance had to be paid for by the lender. 4 years is not unusual, in fact most lenders won't even talk to you after a short sale or a lender. You defaulted on the last loan, so that makes you high risk. The short sale probably trashed your credit the same way a foreclosure would have, because money was written off as bad debt.
A short sale is not as bad as a foreclosure on your credit. But, it still takes a big hit. And, such a hit on your credit report causes it to lose a certain amount of points. However, over time and with no additional hits like that, the points that come off get less and less, so that your credit score slowly comes back up. Then, after 7 years, it comes off altogether. I would recommend you get together with a mortgage broker to discuss your options. They get daily rate sheets from dozens of lenders offering dozens of loan products. And, some lenders may have lower standards for a particular product than another. If it's possible for you to buy now, the mortgage broker will be able to find you a product that works for you. Your real estate agent does not have that info.
Having a short sale should not impact your ability to buy another home as long as there was no negative credit rating involved. Check with the three major credit reporting agencies and see where you stand. You can contact them online and ask that your record be mailed to you. They must provide one free report each year. If your credit looks okay, find another agent. Congratulations, by the way. My guess is you have moved to the Newport News area. There are some good opportunities to purchase a home there. Be sure to check out the market to help ensure you don't buy into a declining market. You could wind up in the same situation all over again. is a good source, as is Find an agent who seems to specialize in the area that appeals to you.
Who ever told you that a short sale would not kill your credit ??? They were WRONG. A short sale is not much more than a voluntary foreclosure, and it still shows that you failed to honor a major financial responsibility. You need to visit a mortgage lender in Va to discuss in what shape is your credit after that short sale. My guess is that your real estate agent is correct.
Lenders consider a short sale a foreclosure... you didn't complete your mortgage obligation. It's 3 years if you go FHA - perfect credit after the short sale is required.. 4 years to go conventional. If your other loan was an FHA & they had to pay the difference it may be longer since it's 3 years after they pay the claim.
While you were going after a short sale, your credit score was getting trashed. You may not have to wait, but you are going to have to check to see where you are. You needed to be squeaky clean after the short sale to get your credit score up sufficiently to buy. A little bit of realistic prior planning was probably in order before you had a tentative plan on how you thought this should work.
cash loan virginia beach
OBJECTIVE Obtain a position where I can effectively utilize my expertise in human relations, interpersonal and problem solving skills where my experience can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction. EMPLOYMENT 04/2006 – 07/2007 Trinity LLC, JEB Development Virginia Beach, VA Administrative Assistant  Performed general office duties, Responsible for personally assisting managers, Cataloguing documents, Using office equipment 04/2006 – 07/2007 Nobody Construction Virginia Beach, VA Administrative Assistant  Performed general clerical duties, Carried out accounting, Organized a filing system, responsibilities, Personally assisted supervisor, Efficiently painted, cleaned, and carried out various labor needs at job sites 01/2007 – 07/2007 Atlanta Bread Company Virginia Beach, VA Bakery Assistant, Cashier  Exceeded expectations for excellent customer service skills, Efficiently managed money at cash register, Organized bakery items, Stocked all items needed daily, Assisted in food preparation, Assisted in large catering orders, Extensive cleaning 01/2005 – 04/2006 Cash Express of VA Virginia Beach, VA Managerial Assistant  Determined new loan qualification for applicant based on payroll, bank statements, and Infotrac Report analysis, Managed, calculated, and maintained daily till and vault counts, Handled customer inquiries, Computed daily bank deposits and ACH's, Handled accounts payable, Coordinated customer payment arrangements and appointments, Responsible for solely managing the store at some points, Performed general clerical duties, Catalogued paperwork for each customer, Used creativity to promote business through various advertisement projects, Coordinated a number of administrative activities in this busy practice, Maintained up to date paperwork for each client, Extensive phone work, Improved NSF/bankruptcy collections Department by vigorously pursuing delinquent accounts through phone calls, mailings, and Court Judgments, Utilized company database system with data entry and customer loan applications, denial, and collections, Assisted supervisor with all other pertinent duties, Conducted back ground checks daily, Performed duties such as check cashing, Western Union money transfers, bill pay, and money orders, Participated in the training and development of staff
Giving it a quick once over (I work in the staffing industry), it looks good. The objective looks good & you should keep it. You might want to write "relevant employment history" or "related" instead. Go ahead & keep the bakery job off since it isn't directly related.
Really in 2 years you have had 3 job, I am just saying that is a lot in a short period of time
i need a personal loan in virginia
Im asking for a friend, she is married but seperated. The father does not see the child, and he doesnt pay child support. I told her that as long as they are still married seperated or not he doesnt have to pay child support until they are divorced and they go to court. Is this true? She lives in new mexico and he lives in virginia. Thanks.
Yes. SHE needs to file a Legal Separation Order. This specifies child support and visitation arrangements, as well as protects her money and personal goods UNTIL the divorce is final. She MIGHT be able to file for unpaid back support, back to the day they separated, depending on State Law. For future reference, Child Support and Visitation Arrangements are NOT connected!!! Doesn't matter if he sees his child or not -- he STILL pays child support. Doesn't matter if he pays support or not -- He STILL gets visitation rights. It is HER right to RECEIVE payment, and it is HIS right to visit his child (or refuse). She WILL need a lawyer for this. YOU, as a good friend, may have to loan her the money.
He needs to pay child support until the child is 18 years old regardless of the state of the marriage/ divorce. Child support is money to help provide for the child. Your friend needs to go to court and get him a court order to pay child support.
If your friend files for child support he will have to pay it. They won't collect child support unless she files for it. On your questions no that is not true. If he claims the child is not his she can ask for a DNA test.
You are correct, where they live makes no difference, support for the child can be court ordered even if you are still married but seperated
You may internet get adulthood pass away when you consider which you're actually not being very mature. toddler help is for the youngsters and, to a small quantity, you. To ease your rigidity as you feed them and gown them and look after them and grant for them in each way. he isn't paying it and that's no longer good. Visitation is for the youngsters and, to small quantity him. to grant them a father discern, build their relationship, and have yet somebody else of their life. he's taking some thing remote from them. when you consider that 2 wrongs do no longer make a stunning, you mustn't be taking some thing else remote from them in reaction.
He has to pay her support as soon as they separate. She needs to go to court right now, good chance she could even get back child support.
You're wrong. The day they ceased to live in the same home he became legally obligated to pay child support.
Yes, he does. Is he not because she is denying him access to the child, as happens in 40% of the cases?
Does this child like to eat?
You are incorrect. She can file for support now.
are online loans legal in virginia
So we have a loan on our car and the buyer is giving a check to our bank today to pay off our loan but the title isn't being mailed to us to sign over to them for about 2 weeks. She says she needs to start driving the car from the time she drops off the check because that's the day she needs to begin insuring it and she can't afford to insure two cars at once (so her old car would become undrivable because it wouldn't be insured). But the title would still be in our name for two weeks. Can we remove the car from our insurance at this point? Could our insurance on the car for those two weeks remove her need to get insurance on it? I just don't want to give her the car too early and pose a liability for ourselves. We're in Virginia. Thanks!
If it helps I personally know the buyer and I'm not worried about being screwed over. Just our insurance going up or something like that if she wrecks it during those two weeks... but I'd also like to know what the normal procedure is (regardless of if you know the person or not) do they get possession of the car when they get the bill of sale or when they get the title?
You can do so as soon as they show proof the loan was paid off. You must notify the DMV after selling or donating your vehicle. You can do this online or by phone at (866) 368-5463 or (800) 435-5137. You must also alert your insurance company. Be sure, however, to also notify the DMV. If not, you can face possible legal issues with the police. Also, don't forget to remove the plates, they are yours, and the buyer will have to get new plates for the vehicle.
You can cancel your insurance coverage as soon as she takes ownership. If you submit the release of liability form to your DMV office on the day of the sales you will have relinquished all responsibility.
If she needs to start driving the car, she needs to insure it. and you need to cancel yours. or she shouldn't take possession of the car until you get the pink slip. if she is only going to be driving the new car, she doesn't need to keep insurance on her old one if it isn't going to be driven. if the car is not in your possession you don't need to keep insurance on it and your insurance wouldn't cover your car if your not driving it. there is no reason she can't drive her car for two more weeks and get the new car insured when she takes possession of it.
She doesn't need the title to insure the car only the VIN #.
are online loans legal in virginia
I was online and viewed my acct. It stated it was -2500 and some change over drawn. I called the bank and spoke with a representative. She said, it was from a legal garnishment and because today is a holiday to contact the legal department. First off, I don't have over draft protection so can the bank allow this to happen.. Secondly, I wasn't notified if I was sued to appear in court so can the courts go ahead and garnish it without me being notified. Isn't this going against my rights. Can the state of Virginia do this? What can I do to look into this? I will follow this matter up but how can i safe guard myself against the laws here to protect citizens.
A legal garnishment can be anything including tax liens or lawsuits, or other types like a defaulted student loan. If you have maybe moved, or if you have a creditor you didn't pay, they can get a judgement without your knowledge. The bank will pay the funds and charge you for this. If you just avoid paying the bank, then they will report it to the credit bureau. I recommend determining who got the garnishment (the company who was paid the funds) and contact them. Good luck to you resolving this matter
No, if this was a court, you should have been notified. It's sounds like a scam, I would close all accounts, and put a freeze on your credit report, so noone can get cards in your name. I had a credit card stolen while it was still in the mail, it is very difficult to fix, good luck.
Get a good lawyer
cash loan virginia
Wife and I are in Virginia and signed contract to purchase home, signed off on inspection addendum, and then were denied both mortgage insurance and eventually a mortgage as there were problems with value of home (bank stated property was overvalued despite appraisal coming in at agreed purchase price). We told sellers we no longer wanted to purchase the home as there are problems with value (house had 3 dfft appraisals all coming in with very different numbers). Seller attorney sent letter stating we are in default of contract and must attempt to obtain another loan. Contract states "purchaser must make diligent effort to obtain loan from a lender" (not lenderS). If we attempted to obtain loan and were denied, does the seller have recourse against us? Earnest discussion with seller's agent, who stated we cannot cancel contract just because we do not want to purchase home which bank states is valued incorrectly. We reminded them that we were denied loan from bank. They are stating that because my wife knows the loan officer professionally (she is a real estate agent also), we must attempt another loan with difft lender. Seller’s lawyer is further stating that because she spoke directly to the bank’s appraiser AFTER he had submitted value to the underwriters, she is in collusion with the appraiser.
We have obtained an attorney, but he does not have answers for us yet. We are panicked b/c we sold our current home as we were really in love with the other property and will close soon. We now have no home to live in and may have to move with our infant daughter to an apartment! Seller's attorney has warned us not to put a contract on any other home. The underwriter denied financing based on the value of the property, which they felt was priced too high. We have this in writing from the bank, as well as proof of denial from the mortgage insurance co. prior to denial from the underwriter, also related to the property being overvalued. This is what we stated to the seller, "bank and insurance have problem with value" Seller offered financing, requiring more cash down, We were not comfortable with this offer and declined, as we do not have enough cash. Seller attny is arguing that we did not perform diligence by seeking another another loan source, though we went though bank and sellr
If the bank declined the loan due to appraisal, I do not understand how the seller has recourse. They argue that using my wife's in house mortgage people is improper and not due diligence. Can they force us to seek another loan? The broker of the firm (wife and seller agent in same office!) has advised seller agent to sign release. They have ignored request from him. Thanks so much!
Your wife should have known better, being an agent. There is no way in the world she should have said a single word to that appraiser. Your wife screwed up, the appraiser would never have approached a buyer and initiated contact. This is where your contract getting you out of the deal is hosed, illegal interference with the loan process. You need to attempt another loan, this time following all of the rules, especially with the buyer being an agent, she is going to be risking her license by interfering. She knows better then this.
You need to contact an attorney. I am NOT an attorney and nothing I say should be construed to be legal advice. Your contract should have a contingency for financing which enables you to get out if financing does not pan out. Also, most contracts will have an appraisal contingency. In addition to a simple contingency, most good Realtors(R) will define the loan type, term, and rate. This is more to protect the buyer than it is to prevent the buyer from going after a loan for which they do not qualify. In Cincinnati, our contracts have a spot where an agent can check "at prevailing rates and terms". This is so nebulous that it could be construed to mean pretty much anything. For example, if you were turned down for PMI, then you could be a high risk loan. What are the prevailing rates and terms for a high risk loan? Could be off the charts high. Sellers' agent may be practicing law without a license, if legal advice is being offered. Dangerous territory there. Again, I am NOT an attorney and you should NOT construe anything I say to be legal advice.
Yes and no, depends on what was written into the contract. Generally speaking, most sales contracts call for the type of loan (fixed, ARM, FHA or VA) and a range of interest other words, if you state in your contract that you'll take an interest rate of "up to 7%" and a bank will only approve you at 8%, you have grounds that you cannot meet loan conditions and you get your earnest money back. The reason those conditions are put into the contract, is it prevents the buyer from applying for unreasonable loans that they would never qualify for in order to get out of a purchase contract. If you have no such condtion, well, that ain't good because it puts the seller more in the driver's seat than you. So, not only MUST you provide a WRITTEN letter of LOAN DENIAL from your bank to the sellers (which is a required element to prove you cannot obtain financing) you must attempt at least one other lender and possibly even FHA. Now, on the appraisal. The BANK orders the appraisal on YOUR behalf and can CHOOSE to accept that value or not...the underwriter has the final stamp of approval...this prevents loan fraud and the sellers finding out who the appraiser is and influencing the appraisal. If the bank is not going to accept the appraisal, then they need to provide you with something in writing stating WHY they cannot accept and provide evidence for that decision. The seller's attorney is NOT a licensed appraiser and therefore IS NOT qualified to make a judgement on whether or not the appraisal is over-valued or the end, it doesn't matter what the seller's opinion is on the appraisal...the denial of financing alone will get you out of the contract. Email me if you have further questions.
No you obviously do not qualify to by this home. Read your contract, especially the financing addendum. Most states require verbage that states if the buyer is denied a loan, the contract is null and void and any monies be returned to buyer. I get red flags when an agent or lawyer tells you to try another mortgage company. Keep in mind the seller's agent is working for the the SELLER not you the buyer. THIS IS A GOOD REASON FOR ALL BUYERS TO HAVE THEIR OWN REALTOR REPRESENTING THEM AND NOT USE A SELLERS AGENT. You need to hire an attorney of your own to straighten this out before you can proceed.
It all depends on how one interprets "diligent effort." If you fail to make a "diligent effort" to obtain a loan, then you are indeed in breach of contract. The question becomes, what is a "diligent effort?" Does that mean you must apply with only one lender, or at least two, or more than that. (The fact that the contract states "lender" as opposed to "lenders" is unimportant. What's important is "diligent effort.") So, what does "diligent effort" mean? It means whatever the judge (the one presiding when the seller sues you for breach of contract) says it means. If the judge believes that, given the facts you just mentioned, you did not make a "diligent effort," then you lose. You kind of did not help your situation by using "there are problems with value" as a reason for canceling your contract. Kind of implies that you want to back out because you didn't get a rock bottom price, as opposed to failing to qualify for a loan.
loan rate virginia
So, I have a car loan with an extremely high interest rate. The car loan was done in Kentucky, but I live in West Virginia. So which ever states tax laws this applies to. I am not sure. Anyways, I have 24.5% annual interest rate for this car loan and am wondering. Is this interest rate against the law for either one of these states? I would really like to know because I am trying to find some sound of mind on this and get something figured out for my future.
You have a 24.5% interest rate because you have a poor credit history. No, it's not illegal, but only a very desperate person would agree to an auto loan under those terms.
With an interest rate that high the secret is paying it off EARLY. You need to get a amortization chart for the loan. You wil see that the first payment of , say, $400, only about $10 goes toward the principal and all the rest goes toward interest. BUT! It is just the opposite on the last payment! Here is the good news! If you can pay and extra $50 each month for the first 2-3 years you can cut a massive amount of interest cost from you loan, and then you refinance. Now for the bad news. If you actually make every single payment when it is due, but only pay the required amount, you will end up paying MORE for the loan than you do for the car.
To answer the questions that you all are asking for this one here. I went to an actual dealer, and got this loan through Santander consumer usa. the issue isn't that I cannot make the payments, its just that when I make the payments. the principle never changes and so the pay off amount doesn't change either. So I went looking online at usury laws. So that's why I figured that I would go and look into this and also get opinions of people more knowledgeable than myself in this area lo. thank you all for the answers though. I guess ill keep my payments coming till I can refinance on a much better rate. Thanks for the trouble!
The rate depends on where you got the loan, not where you live. The maximum legal rate in that state depends on its usury laws. It also depends on the type of loan and on the type of company that issued the loan. It also depends on the amount of the loan. You'll have to get this information for Kentucky. My guess is that you got your car from a scumbag "buy-here-pay-here" used car dealer who finances his own loans and is probably legally charging the maximum amount allowed by law in his state. These kind of dealers take advantage of people with poor credit, although they argue that the high interest rate is justified because many of their customers are also scumbags who don't pay their bills.
Usury laws typically apply to smaller loans of a personal nature. Your loan is for a car, (chattel mortgage) and likely doesn't have specific limits. I think the real issue here is your realization of what actually occurred.
That's about right for someone with lousy credit.
When I read questions and answers like these I worry for the future .
first virginia loans online
I applied for Deed in Lieu, but the Lender delay it and went just for the Foreclosure. I have no idea where to go with my family in our Prince William county where the service are so bad. I called different numbers of HUD in DC and VA but they dont care or help at all !! I called money management but the stuff was not friendly . I have no idea where to go or what to do ..Forgive me to say that some times I dont beleive I am living in the greatest country in the world ! The services in here are so bad comparing with Europe or other places
I just wanna add some thing for those who send pathatic racist messages confirmed my claims of such a bad services in US. I have been suddenly discharge from my good job for a very stupid purpose which was later assured as a big mistake from the company. I did not givin up and send my resume for hundered jobs, despite of my qualifications and great experiences I still since more than six months got no job. I listed my house in the market more than 3 months and got no offer and spent all my savings. My familly included my child have no health insurance at all in a country where its hospitals ask for fees from the patients and chase you with its bills!!! The misjudgement came from the others not me , the one who ruined my carrier and family was stupide new manager who later was sucked from work because of his bad managemnet from the company. Finally, in Europe treatment is free same as education and the services so freindly and civilized and treat each other as human.
This is sad and i am sorry---but this is happening to many many people across the U.S. many people are losing their homes to foreclosure due to ARMs and the monthly payment continually going up. First i want to recommend that you do not deal with any online people who respond to you ---they will say ("email me--i can help you")...NO they can' will only go deeper and deeper with these people...scams! second, have you contacted your mortgage company and asked them to allow you to skip a dew payments and they will then tack those onto the end of the loan...which extends the life of your loan. You could attempt to refi with a 30 year fixed, no prepayment penalty loan with your local banks...but i suspect that your loan out weighs the current value of your it does in many U.S. households right now. You can retain a licensed realtor and attempt to sell, even while in the foreclosure process. lastly - like many americans, you can just allow it to go into default and foreclosure, move into a rental and the federal government will allow you to purchase again 24months after the foreclosure date. you do not qualify for state aid or you have an asset currently. good luck, and remember to stay away from the internet sharks.
It's not the country, it's the people in the country. If you couldn't make the payments you should have tried renting out a room or finding another way to make your payments. You can't expect people to fix it for you when you made the mistake. Now, I understand things happen but, you made a deal with your mortgage company and that's that. PWC sucks in general and everyone knows it. You can't count one county or companies services as a reflection on this country. If you think Europe is so much better, move there. You can only count it on the county itself. Quit blaming others for your misfortunes. It sucks, it's scary and no, I am not dancing on the fact you and your family will be misplaced. Find a shelter, apply for Section 8 and get yourself into an apartment. There are plenty of places for you to go, even if it's down to Stafford or Spotsylvania county. PWC is expensive, I live in Loudoun county, make a whopping $15/hr and am left with all of $250 at the end of the month after rent and my bills and that's in an apartment. Good luck.
^^^^ LMAO at the spoof on Marty S. ^^^^ Unfortunately, people are finding themselves in a similar set of circumstances. They either short sell, refinance, declare bankruptcy or let the house go into foreclosure. There are more creative options available, renting the house out for one. Forgive me for sounding crass, but you signed on for this mortgage. It's not any social service agencies fault, the government's responbility or the counties problem. You are living in the greatest country in the world (IMHO), and if you think that getting yourself in this predicament is indicative of a problem with the country, there are planes, boats and buses running every day. Get on one.
Once you're saying without "conformed earnings", do you advise your chum's tax return won't be certain the quantity of earnings he claims? i think of you have been intending to declare shown earnings. Banks make reported earnings or no earnings/no asset loans to those that've a stressful time verifying their earnings, like people who're self-employed or those with unearned earnings, like have confidence money or annuities. there is an greater suitable threat for the financial company (your chum being a working example) so the guy's credit would desire to be stable (in my company 720 is the minimum) and the interest cost is greater to seize up on the added threat. extremely than enable it foreclose, your chum could consult from the financial company, clarify the area and notice in the event that they'd artwork with him on it. purely letting the domicile pass will smash his credit and throw away each and every of the money he's already positioned into it. The financial company relatively does not prefer his domicile. it is not something yet difficulty for them so as that they are able to looking a thank you to artwork it out with him. He needs to talk to somebody in the servicing branch, not in the refinance branch.
It's not that the agencies do not care; they are overwhelmed with requests like yous, mainly due to loans made over the past several years by unethical mortgage lenders. There are companies and investors that help people in your situation as long as you have equity in the property. That is how investors make their money; they will offer to buy your home for what you have in it, but some (like the one I am recommending) will help try to help you not lost everything. No matter who you deal with, do your homework on the company.
Contact me! I can help! No, seriously you did make the agreement and I feel for you and your family and I'm sorry that some people are bashing you in this, but it is happening all over and it because a lot of people didn't read the writing when they signed up. I seriously can help in your situation. And sure I'm gonna make a few bucks from the banks and others, but it would be helping you out of the bind your in. "I AM NOT A SHARK!" Contact me -
Sell the house and use the money to move your ungrateful, grammatically incorrect a** to Iraq! Don't blame anyone other than YOURSELF for the fact that you can't pay your mortgage or were to dumb to sell it before it went into foreclosure! YOU are the reason lenders are charging more for mortgages and now you'll end up living on my welfare tax dollars!
Look for investors to engage in a "subject-to" agreement. learn about them. this way your credit will stay intact, w/o losing to the bank.
Sell to some one you trust.
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best cash advance Virginia
Well, let me welcome you, and I hope you enjoy your stay. Yes, all car rental agencies provide basic insurance on the vehicle, most of them are big enough to be self insured. However, that won't cover damage that is your fault. But they do offer, for extra money of course, a waiver that will cover any damage to the car. You said don't say you can't rent at 18, but the chances are that you can not rent. Generally: With few exceptions, Alamo, Avis, Hertz and National require all drivers to be 25 or older. Budget, Dollar, Enterprise and Thrifty rent to drivers over 21, but penalize underage drivers with a daily surcharge. Some even restrict the type of vehicle, making a luxury model or sport utility vehicle off-limits. If you're under 21, your chances of renting from the big companies are just about nil unless you're a military or government employee or happen to be renting a car in New York, the only state that currently requires car-rental companies to rent to drivers 18 and older. A similar law has been proposed in Connecticut, where state legislator Michael Cardin has gone to bat for young people. "You get people who are essentially adults but who can't rent a car," says Cardin. "How are they going to get around or be perceived as equals in business?" HIGH RISKS. Because of the high accident rate associated with drivers under 25 (and the severity of those incidents), "car-rental companies don't think it's worth the risk to rent to this age group," says William Maloney, chief operating officer for the American Society of Travel Agents. Maloney himself couldn't persuade Hertz to rent a car to his 21-year-old son last December--and Maloney was a Hertz executive at the time. But, to get into your company, rent a wreck specifically, their web page states: Driver's Age Usually, Rent-A-Wreck requires renters to be at least 18 years old, but some locations may require a minimum age of 25 years. For consumers under 25, a credit card is usually required for payment and the rental rate may be higher. Please contact the individual Rent-A-Wreck car rental location for their specific age policies. Make sure your location will allow an 18 year old to rent, and be prepared to pay a premium rate if they do. You will need a credit card or a pocket full of cash. Requirements Like all car rental companies, Rent-A-Wreck requires a valid state-issued drivers license. International drivers with international licenses are welcome at Rent-A-Wreck; please contact the location from which you'd like to rent your vehicle to make all arrangements in advance. A refundable deposit will be required in most cases when you pick up your Rent-A-Wreck rental car. The deposit charge varies by the length of the rental and the size of the car. It is most often charged to your credit card. Rent-A-Wreck does not process the amount unless you do not return the car as specified in your rental contract. Until you return the car, however, your spending limit on your credit card may be reduced by the amount of the deposit. This may be important if you plan to charge other items to your credit card and are near your credit limit. If you do not have a major credit card, or you do not want to charge the deposit, Rent-A-Wreck may ask for the deposit in cash.
All policies have different excesses, if this policy had an excess of £600 and there was no specific additional windscreen cover,then he will have to pay this amount. I would be interested however to know if he was made fully aware of this large excess when he hired the car. Incidently I hired a car from Mahon airport in June, I was told that there was an excess of 900 euros (£600) i had to take out an aditional insurance to reduce the excess to an acceptable level. It's a case I think of always reading the small print.
I recommend that you try this internet site where you can compare quotes from the best companies: http://QUOTESDEAL.NET/index.html?src=3YA...RE :Car insurance for car hire? I'm going to Virginia for a week and will be renting a car from Would they provide insurance or would I be covered by a joint policy will my mum? BTW I'll be 18 + british. Don't say I can't rent because I can. Follow 10 answers
I might suggest that you visit this internet site where onel can compare rates from different companies: http://QUOTES-FOR-INSURANCE.NET/ :Car insurance for car hire? I'm going to Virginia for a week and will be renting a car from Would they provide insurance or would I be covered by a joint policy will my mum? BTW I'll be 18 + british. Don't say I can't rent because I can. Follow 9 answers
Get and compare quotes from different companies at - INSURERATES.INFO- RE Car insurance for car hire? I'm going to Virginia for a week and will be renting a car from Would they provide insurance or would I be covered by a joint policy will my mum? BTW I'll be more
For car insurance you have to be not just concerned about price but that is important too. For me I like a friendly agent that I can ask a quick question so thats why I recommend to look around locally.
I suggest that you try this web page where you can get quotes from the best companies: http://QUOTESDEAL.NET/index.html?src=5YA...RE :Car insurance for car hire? I'm going to Virginia for a week and will be renting a car from Would they provide insurance or would I be covered by a joint policy will my mum? BTW I'll be 18 + british. Don't say I can't rent because I can. Follow 11 answers
Get insurance quotes
Your own policy wont be valid over there they should have insurance if they don't go somewhere else and don't touch the others with a barge pole
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I am in need of some serious school advice. I have been attendind a college since 2008 and just now found out that their accrediation is national not regioanl. I had planned on withdrawing from this school, but decided since I was to graduate with an associate in March that I would just stick it out only to find out they are are saying I won't graduate til June now. They keep changing my graduation date and I only have 7 classes left! What should I do should I stay or should I go? Not to mention I am in debt 24,000 in student loans! I am so confused on what to do. The college is Virginia College Online.
It's hard to recover from serious errors like this. You may have to get a job and pay off this foolish tuition debt, then start over in a new, real school. Don't bother graduating from the worthless "Virginia College Online." Employers will laugh at your "degree".
The fact is that if you put your Associate degree from Virgina College on your resume, 99 out of 100 employers won't know and if they know, won't care that it is only Nationally accredited. It is still a legitimate degree and not-fraudulent, so you can put it on your resume just the same. It is only going to be an issue if you try to use that associate to apply to further education at a regionally-accredited school. I think at this point you have invested $24,000 and have just one year left, so just keep going and finish out your degree, and especially if that was all you were going to get anyway. Good information would be how much additional money it will cost you to finish up this degree.
College (not JC that's extreme college extension) is severe you would be writing 20,000 words a week and examining a hundred,000 words a week a minimum of one if not 3 courses will assume a paper weekly or month-to-month of a minimum of 20 pages with 7-15 refereences. assume to stay inthe Libaray, that's open 7-11 7 days a week. Books are rather high priced (determine on $3 hundred according to semesiter if it rather is much less count huge type your advantages and get the main up-tp-date version, are not getting USED without consulting with the instructor beforehand) they're going to study highschool Math and Language in quarter-hour and then proceed from there You extra suitable have 2-4 semesters of Algegra, 2 semesters of Geometry, trig and pre-caculus under your belt. Calculus in case you're in a technology significant You extra suitable have 2-4 semesters of foreign places language for many a point colleges you're English skills extra suitable be stable you would be examined on ENGLISH and MATH you want a competent Lap top yet a table top Tower will carry out a little courses will learn in a huge room to 2 hundred-3 hundred scholars on the comparable time.
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Is there a law in Virginia stating that if paydays falls on a non-working day that employers furnish checks last business day before? For example, we do not work on fridays but get paid on the 1st and 15th on every month. In the month of May, the 15th lands on a Friday in which the office is not open. Is my boss required by virginia or federal law to give us our paychecks on Thursday?
No he is not. I'm assuming you signed a contract, and in that contract it probably said something about this issue. Usually bosses don't like to give checks in advance because it complicates matters for them, you might want to try asking if you can have it sooner rather than later though because he/she might agree if you give him a reason and present the matter of the timing of the check as urgent Good Luck! Hope that helps!
He can pay you the next scheduled workday
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I'm curious as to what some people's opinions are about your nano-cap to micro-cap stocks, and whether or not some of them are worth buying into (obviously with a small amount if they are relatively new with little to no prior trend histories, limited info, etc.) if they are potentially promising in returns. I'm relatively new to stock investing, I know the basics but I have heard mixed opinions about putting cash into a "penny stock". I'm not one of these "I wanna throw in some money and hope it explodes" types, I am genuinely curious if they worth testing out for short-term investments. Has anyone had any substantial profits from some of these stocks or they just really not the way to go? Thanks in advance!
It is not correct to equate microcaps with penny stocks, very different animals. Microcap stock example: stock example: stocks are often damaged or worthless companies. They get wildly promoted in pump and dump scams. Their promoters are the "hope it explodes" liars. The vast majority of these firms should not be publicly traded. Microcaps are simply very small companies. They tend to be ignored. Liquidity is a serious challenge as they trade modest amounts, sometimes at wide spreads. I do not recommend them for short term trading or for novice investors. Disclosure: I own stock in MNRK, a small bank in Virginia. Market cap is only $90 million, but still a real business with $1.2 billion in assets.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Are Micro-Cap and Nano-Cap Stocks Worth It? I'm curious as to what some people's opinions are about your nano-cap to micro-cap stocks, and whether or not some of them are worth buying into (obviously with a small amount if they are relatively new with little to no prior trend histories, limited info, etc.) if they are potentially...
I promise you, stay away from penny stocks. They are 99% scams and only exist for insiders to make money off the naive public. Think of stocks in terms of market cap, not price. A sound company is one with a strong balance sheet and which operates at or near profit. A stock with a low number of outstanding shares is more likely to move well than a stock with a high number of shares. Unless you are an expert, and I mean that, do not buy stocks too far under $1.00. Also do not buy stocks with less than $100 million market capitalization unless you really know something about them. Never buy a stock without looking at its financials !
Micro cap stocks can be very risky, but the reward is great. If you got some money to spare and could afford a possible lose, go for it. Then again being a new investor, micro cap should only be a small part of your portfolio.
Despite their volatility, trading penny stocks can be extremely lucrative. Here are three ways that you can profit from investing in penny stocks good news about penny stocks is that you can buy a good amount of shares without going broke. It’s thus easier to get a good stake in a company for less than you would pay for stock of a larger organization. To find a company that you feel confident investing in, make sure to do your research. Don’t just choose a company because you saw an article about it, or because your friend is investing in it.
A lot of interested traders are asking themselves the question if you can really make money with binary options? The answer is that you can indeed make money in binary options trading. Learn here this is a perfectly legitimate question considering that most people have not traded binary options in the past and generally believe that investing is a very difficult activity. However, you will have to put an effort into it. You will have to learn money management, reading of charts as well as the usage of indicators.
You can make good money like me with this binary option signal software ( ) Binary options trading has always been popular, however, this investment fad globally exploded around 2008. Originally known as digital options, binary or the name "two values" was added to give a simpler explanation for trading options. Binary is defined as two values or up and down movements. Binaries rely on underlying assets or derivatives. You can trade in commodities, the forex (foreign exchange market), commodities as well as stock indices.
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I want to get runescape membership through the mail(so my parents don't find out), so do i just put money in an envelope, put the adress in the middle, stamp on the upper right, and then put it in my mailbox? (Someone said that i have to put the red flag up or sumthing) I am very doubtful and i need to get the letter there fast
My first advice would be to never mail cash, either in this situation or any other. The Billing section of the Runescape website provides the following advice for you: "17. Should I send a cash payment in the post? We would advise you not to send cash through the post. If you wish to send payment through the post and you can't send a cheque or a bankers' draft, then we would advise you to send a Postal Order. This is a very safe and secure way to send payments through the post and if the payment doesn't arrive you will be insured against its loss. To send a Postal Order, just visit your local Post Office and ask one of the cashiers how you use this form of payment. " Go to the Post Office, buy a money order and then follow through with your plan (envelope, stamp, etc.). Since you'd be at the Post Office anyway just drop it in a mailbox.
You can't do it so just forget it
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Today, very few, if any, places pay donors of blood, platelets, or plasma. By paying donors, it is too likely that "high risk" groups would donate just for the cash. IV drug users are routinely prohibited from donating blood because they engage in "high risk" behavior that increases the risk of transmitting diseases, such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, to recipients of transfusions, many of whom are already suffering from a compromised immune system due to the disease/illness that necessitated the transfusion. So if you're looking for a fast way to make some cash, I suggest you look elsewhere than potentially subjecting innocent patients to potentially fatal diseases.
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Oh I see. You misspelled a word. It's LONE shark. i.e., a shark that swims alone. Of course you wouldn't ask for an illegal source of funds on Yahoo answers, so I must assume it was a simple typo. The might have lone sharks at a water park. But probably not. You might need to go out into the ocean somehow since West Virginia is a land-locked state. Or you could go to a fish market. A good one would definitely have a lone shark you could buy, cook and eat.
I don't know if w. Va is a dry state. If there are no legal bars. Try a local convenience & gas station. Locals know where you can find a loan shark.
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3-5% towards closing cost • with 10% down u will still have to pay private mortgage ins. because its not 20% • fico score above 580 • a pre approval from your bank
The FHA loan program is an outstanding choice for first time homebuyers because FHA loan guidelines require only 3% cash into the transaction and the FHA Loan guidelines are significantly more forgiving of past credit issues. We will look specifically at the last two years of your credit history. If there are some credit problems, we may be able to overcome them with sufficient explanations and supporting documents of why the issues occurred. Never rule yourself out of qualifying for FHA loan because of credit, prequalify and have me review your credit. I have more information on FHA credit requirements available
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Usually, when you receive an award notice, it includes all of the aid you are eligible for. It's a little unusual to be offered nothing but an unsub loan, though, unless you are a graduate student or have significant student loans from the past that may have caused you to go over your aggregate limit for subsidized loans. If you are a grad student at a state U, frequently there isn't much scholarship money to be had. You may need to go looking for private outside scholarships if you want aid. When in doubt, give your financial aid office a call.
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Right now, the only options you have left are a loan to pay off the debt or bankruptcy. When they sued you, you should have gone to court with your budget so that the garnishment would be more reasonable.

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