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check advance murfreesboro tn
Okay well I for sure know that climbing the ladder to becoming a paramedic is what I want to do. I've read up on the subject and it looks like I need to start with an EMT-B. Okay well.. everywhere I go online, I'm just told to take an EMT-B course, but I never get an answer about the details like where or how. I live in Murfreesboro, TN. If anyone could find out how I need to go about becoming an EMT-B- PLEASE let me know!! One lead I had was maybe calling up a fire department or hospital? Also though I saw college courses that gave it. Sort of.. So. Yes.. Please help haha thank you in advance =D
Sorry for this list being so long, but here are all of the approved places to get EMT certified in your state: Columbia State Community College P.O. Box 1315 Hampshire Pike, Highway 99 West Columbia, TN 38402-1315 Telephone: 931/540-2784 Fax: 931/540-2795 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, Emergency Medical Technician - IV and Paramedic Motlow State Community College Extended Services P.O. Box 88100 Lynchburg Highway Tullahoma, TN 37388-8100 Telephone: 931/393-1750 Fax: 931/393-1761 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, Emergency Medical Technician - IV University of the South S.P.O. 1254 735 University Drive Sewanee, TN 37383-1000 Telephone: 931/598-1000 Fax: 931/598-1145 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Jackson State Community College Emergency Medical Technology 2046 North Parkway Jackson, TN 38301 Telephone: 731/425-2612 Fax: 731/425-2647 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, Emergency Medical Technician - IV and Paramedic Dyersburg State Community College 1510 Lake Road Dyersburg, TN 38024 Telephone: 731/286-3390 Fax: 731/286-3333 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic, Emergency Medical Technician - IV Southwest State Community College Division of Allied Health Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic Education P.O. Box 40568 Memphis, TN 38174-0568 Telephone: 901/333-5414 Fax: 901/333-5740 Be sure to check out when it comes time for both your EMT-B and paramedic exams. Good Luck!
You have a computer do the research , GOOGLE IT and see what you get .your here on yahoo answers asking and you have a computer and internet service.the biggest source of information. type in where can i take an emt-b course or go to your neighborhood fire department and ask were to go and take the SURE they know. good luck.
loans murfreesboro tn
Hi, I am an inspiring music producer who just graduated from high school. I dont have alot of money and my parent are not willing to co-sign for any private loans. So should i still go to college. I fear of being in student loans debt? What would be a smart move to jumpstart my career? I just dont want it to seem as Im making music and just living life with a 9-5 job. I want to do something that will progress me in the music industry. I am currently thinking about going to the Art Institute of Atlanta for audio production,but it will cost $90,000 which i dont have in pocket. And would have to take student loans for. Please help?
You could try going to a state school that has a music business program. I am not sure of your location but since you mentioned Atlanta I am guessing GA. Some school you might want to consider depending on how far you are willing to travel is MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN. Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Five Towns College in Long Island,NY. Berkeley College of Music in Boston, MA. All of these school have some sort of music business/music production/audio production program. I know MTSU does for a fact.