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athens cash advance
Hi all, I'm plan to have my honeymoon at Europe next yr (2009). First entry country will be Barcelona in Spain and last country will be Rome, Italy. The duration for my honeymoon will be 1month. Recently i did always heard that lot of people being refuse to entry UK or some EU country due to lack of document and proof. Below is my checklist am i missing anything? 1) Return Air Ticket 2) Accommodation booking receipt, print from Internet - But i book hostel instead of hotel, will it create any problem for me? 3) Train ticket receipt, print from Internet (For transit between country) 4) Aegean Airline ticket receipt, print from Internet (For transit between Italy & Athens) 5) My & my wife company letter to proof i'm working there 6) My & my wife company badge (necessary?) 7) Credit card (i have 2, total credit around 3600 Euro, my wife have 1, total Credit around 1700 Euro) 8) Do i need to bring my company credit card? (Credit around 8000 Euro) 9) Plan to bring 2000 Euro in cash per person (Enough? or need more?because my trip around 1 month) 10) Travel Insurance All above is what i can think of. Am i miss something important which i need to bring in order to proof i'm a genuine tourist? Many thanks in advance
You'll need your passports. Also, while many EU countries don't require visas for people from some countries (for instance, I am a US citizen, so I can stay as long as 90 days in many EU countries without a visa), you will need to check and see if you need a visa. Contact the consulates in your home country for each country you plan to visit. You should be able to find out simply from their FAQ pages if you need a visa, or you can get contact information to ask the consulate. If you need one or more visas, you should get those ahead of time--it saves time if you get them before you leave on your trip. Also, if you need more money, you can get it from an ATM machine almost anywhere, as long as you have a card which can access your bank account. Generally, it is not recommended to carry around that much cash, as if it is stolen, you cannot get it back. I would purchase traveler's checks. They can be cashed at most businesses, or, if not at a business, at a hotel or local bank. The advantage to a traveler's check is that you simply need to track the numbers, and if they are stolen, most companies will replace them (I always get American Express traveler's checks--they have offices everywhere around the world, and they will replace stolen checks as long as you can show proper documentation about the purchase of the checks and provide the check numbers for those which were stolen). Other than that, the only thing I can think of is vaccinations. They are a good idea anytime you travel, and there may be some countries which will not allow you to enter if you aren't vaccinated against certain diseases. Check with your local health department--ours keeps a list of which vaccinations are recommended for which countries. Also, look into vaccinations soon, as some of them must be given in a series over time. Other than that, it looks like you have thought of everything. I don't think you need to take your company credit card, though you can certainly do so if you would like to. Also, I don't think it matters if you will be staying at a hostel or hotel, as long as you have accommodations. The only other thing you might want is a printed out itinerary which shows a schedule of where you will be and when. I don't know if that's necessary, but it couldn't hurt. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and I hope your honeymoon is a great start to a wonderful marriage.
You don't need a visa to come for up to 90 days for tourism. However, the passport agents can ask you for documentation proving that the purpose is tourism and you won't be staying illegally. Obviously, you'll both need your passports. Your return ticket, transportation tickets, and bookings for accomodation will provide proof that you don't intend to stay. They also demonstrate available means of personal transport. The hostel bookings will be proof of available lodging. It should not matter that you're booking a hostel rather than a hotel. Your company letter and badges should not be necessary, but it certainly won't hurt to have at least the letter - it demonstrates socio-professional standing. Some people that visit and need a visa are required to demonstrate that they have adequate funds for the trip and the passport control agents could ask the same of anyone. For instance, to visit here in Italy this site tells you the minimum monetary requirements: Credit cards may not be accepted for this if they ask. This doesn't have to be all cash though. For example, if you have prepaid vouchers for your hostels that would be considered a part of meeting the economic support requirement. I've never had anyone ask for proof of economic support in many years of international travel. The only other possible thing I can think of that might be requested is proof of medical coverage in case of an emergency while you're here. See:, you may not be asked for any of these things. It's at the discression of the authorities when you arrive, but I would think that it's unlikely you will be asked for anything other than your passport and possibly where you'll be staying.
The entry requirements to the Schengen area are written in the so called Schengen Manual for Immigration Officers. The official version for entering Spain tells that the minimum means of subsistence is amounted at 30 € per day of stay and at least 300 € regardless of the length of stay. It must be presented in the form of cash, credit cards, or by producing certified cheques, traveller's cheques, receipts, letters of credit or a bank certificate confirming the existence of these means. However as said before I have never heard of a visa waived tourist ever been asked for this when entering the Schengen zone. Those are more less questions being presented to visa holders of countries who are known for misusing tourist visa to gain illegal work in Europe. Malaysia for sure is not among those countries. So enjoy your honeymoon. By the way once you have entered the Schengen area at Spain there will be no more regular border/immigration controls when you travel to Italy and Greece. Source:
Get a cheap cell phone after you get there; always have a bottle of water with you. I recommend 1 liter. Do NOT PACK more than 8 days worth of clothes. I am DEAD SERIOUS!!! You will regret it. I finally got it right my 3rd goddamn trip. You do NOT want to be dragging around a bunch of clothes YOU NEVER WEAR. And you WON'T wear them. I guarantee it. Rent a car in Spain and drive all over. Hostels aren't the cheapest way to go in Spain. Some of those towns, you can get a decent room with a sink and bed, showers down the hall, no one else there for just...wait for it...SEVEN DOLLARS!!! A VERY high end motel, down near Avila (Barque de la Avila) cost me $35 and that's because I was suddenly in the middle of nowhere, driving around and there it was. It was EXCELLENT. Spain TOTALLY rocks. Europes best kept secret. Barcelona is a little humid, by the way.
Rather than carrying cash around, check with your bank that you use your ATM card in the banks in Europe, much safer. All this depends on where you are travelling from, and you don't say. I would advise going to the EU website to check, or simply contacting the Embassy of each of those countries in your country.
It all depends where your from I'm from Canada and i didn't even get asked one question when i entered France I didn't get searched either. Just a stamp and a wave goodbye.
Try this site, it should help you with all of your questions?
athens cash advance
Hi, my family and I are facing some money difficulties, well we don't have much. I am 18 years old and hopefully will go to college next year, but my parents can not pay for it. My dad is unemployed and doesn't want to work. My mom is the only one to be working and so I don't know what to do! I need to find a job and make money fast. I would like to know how much employees at malls and clothing stores get paid. Oh, and btw, I live in Greece. I don't know what to do, I am desperate. Should I emigrate to another country? Thank you in advance. I would like to know what kind of job would be best for me: My only experience is that I've worked in a book store for 2 years (summers) as an employee. I am quite handy with computers and have good knowledge of english and I speak fluent french ( I am part french)
Mate your in the EU id take advantage of it and get a job in the UK if you have poor to no english it will mean your do some of the menial tasks such as cleaning/kitchen portering or security. Don't be to disheartened though the pay for these jobs is quite surprising good (£1500-£1900 = 1785-2261eu p/month ) and a lot better than what you would find in Greece. To work as security: If you decide to move then first thing you need to do is set up a bank account and get a fixed address and find someone that has a UK passport that can counter sign your SIA papers to be a security guard and get your documents needed for crb checks to be carried out. GREECE Applicants should contact the: Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Department 96 Messoghion Street 115 27 Athens Greece Tel: +210 7713 503 Fax: + 210 7483 326 Alternatively applicants can contact the Athens Public Prosecutor's Office, Tel: +210 6400 708 or +210 6455 857. Embassy of Greece 1A Holland Park London W11 3TP Thinking about it if your desperate for cash you probably don't have the money for the move to begin with most houses require a months deposit as well as rent unless you rent from some more shady characters.
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athens cash advance
Me and my friend are going to europe next summer for about 45 days, roughly. She will be 21 and i'll be 18. but we may bring a guy with us just for the extra security. Some of the countries we would like to go include: Spain, ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and Greece. so is there any advice that you have? -shots that we may need to get -how much extra money to bring -possible dangers, etc?
Your main area of concern will be pickpockets and as someone else mentioned the gypsies... In Amsterdam be careful of anyone asking you for directions to the Central station - they will come up close to you with a map while with one free hand swipe your wallet (or have their accomplice do it while you're busy locating the station.) Also in Barcelona, in the subways, be aware...there is a "swarming" technique the pickpockets use and usually nobody on the train realizes what's happening until after the victim has been robbed...The best thing to do is to have your money in a pouch on your front or just off to the side under your arm, rather than behind...don't carry a thick wallet - a small, sleek purse with many hidden pockets that goes across your body is good... Gypsies will be stationed at the entrance of almost every church or cathedral offering sprigs of some plant and blessings...just walk straight through them... However, the countries you have mentioned are very civilized and really these issues are not a major problem...for the most part, travel in Europe is incident free...and really there are no immediate health concerns that warrant any vaccination. As for money...I would bring a mixture of travellers cheques and cash (maybe about 500 - 700 euros, half / half for each of you). Most credit cards are accepted but you may encounter problems with debit cards (Interac) and cash advances (now, if your credit card does not have a security chip on it most ABMs will not give you the money). Oh and if you are going to use your credit card, it is wise to call the card company before hand and let them know you will be out of the country between this and that date...this will help you avoid uneccessary inconveniences and embarassements abroad. You will find that quite a number of stores will accept travellers cheques and give you a fair exchange...but if you do need to cash your cheques, I recommend that you do it at a bank...safer and more in my experience their commission is pretty low. Of all the countries you mentioned, Spain will probably be the cheapest of them all...remember that only part of Ireland has the Euro and I'm not sure that the Czech Republic has adopted the Euro yet. Switzerland is not part of the E.U. so it still uses the Swiss Franc. It's also a good idea to have some form of basic travel's really not as expensive as you think...banks as well as insurance companies, and even your credit card company offer short-term packages that will cover expenses in the case that god forbid you should have a medical emergency. Be careful with the temperatures in Italy (southern part), Spain (especially the province of Andalucia) and Greece (Athens in particular) in the summer could see temperatures of up to 45 degrees celsius - make sure you keep yourself well hydrated...and for Greece...if it gets too hot in the capital, I recommend you make a dash for the islands... The other countries have manageable temperatures. I've just given you some practical information based on personal experience...but I also want to say that you will have a blast in're going to see so many beautiful things and meet a ton of wonderful people and come home with amazing memories...Enjoy
Watch out for gypsies... I'm not lying. I don't mean to offend anyone, but yeah, they are something to watch out for. Bring travelers checks and credit cards. Those are easier to handle if they are stolen. Put your passport in a VERY safe place. (Whenever I go to Europe with my aunt she brings this sort of mini fanny pack that you wear under your clothes for extra security) Try to learn at least a little bit of all the languages that you are going to encounter (Enough to help you if you happen to get lost, for example). Don't assume that people will speak english everywhere you go. and HAVE FUN! I've been to all the places you've mentioned--with the exception of the Czech Republic--and my favorite has been, by far, Cordoba, Spain. AMAZING architecture.
The only advice that I can offer is about accommodation. We went to Scotland for a month. Got all our travel arrangements made through our local agent. First place we stayed at (through the agent) cost 10 times more than other places. When you travel and get to where you want to go, look for the local Information Centre and ask for a B & B (Bed and Breakfast). We stayed in a castle for 16 UK Pounds a night, which equalled NZ$40-00. And this included your breakfast. Don't book your accommodation through the Travel Agent.
Leave the guy behind.adventure.youare safe
athens cash advance
My family is looking to take a cruise to the Mediterranian. We only know of two places we for sure want to go, which are Rome and Monte Carlo. Athens would also be nice, but isnt as importnat. We are looking for a 10 day cruise. If anyone would be able to give ideas about the cruise along with the safety of the places visited and possible things to do, that would be great. thanks
I have done 2 Mediterranean cruises and have another booked for next year. Now is the time to book for next year around Sept to Nov because the cruise lines give the best prices for early bookings a year or more in advance. In addition, you get the best pick of cabins when you book early. The time to go to the Med is in the fall after the high tourist season and also after the temperatures are more moderate. My first Mediterranean cruise was a 12 day cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship, Brillance of the seas. We cruised from Barcelona, Spain and had port stops in Florence/Pisa; Civicheveccia (Rome); Villefrance (Nice/Monte Carlo); Naples (Pompeii); Athens; Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey; and two Greek Isles, Santorini and Mykonos. That was one of the best cruises I have ever done. We loved all of the port stops except Nice/Monte Carlo; there really not much there to see. Several cruise lines do cruises of the Mediterranean and the cruises can last form 7 to 14 days. Cruises start from ports in Barcelona, Spain; Dover, England; Venice, Italy; or Florence Italy. Some cruises are round trip, which means that you cruise back to the port that you started from. Others, usually the 7 day ones, are one way. So you may start in Venice and end up in Florence, or vice cersa. The port stops for the Eastern Mediterranean are usually Nice, France; Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; Naples, Italy; Athens, Greece; Santorini, Greece, Mykonos, Greece, Ephesus, Turkey; and Crotia. The port stops for the Western Mediterranean are generally Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Gibraltar; the Canary Islands; Morocco; and Los Palmas, Spain. Norwegian cruise line does this itinerary. Prices can run from about $1200 per person for an inside cabin to $3000 for a suite. Generally the ship will stay in port all day, from about 8:00 am to about 6:00PM, depending upon how many stops and the distance between them. You should go to the web sites for the cruise lines listed below and select Europe as a destination and then look for Med cruises and it will give you all of the cruises for all of the departure places, prices, and cabin selections. You can actually reserve right on line if you want. I do it all of the time. Check the web sites listed below. Some tips: - we did tours sponsored by the ship in most port stops and things were safe except you do have to watch out for pick-pockets in some cities like Florence, Rome, and Barcelona. - the cruise lines will have tours that you can book and they range from brief city/museum tours to major excursions lasting all day. They will be priced from about $50 to about $200 per person, so select carefully as the tours can add a lot to your total price for the cruise. - Some of the port stops like Mykonos and Santorini, Greece, or Naples and Pisa, Italy you can see the city/sights without doing a ship's tour, but since Rome is an hour or more from the port a self guided tour is not recommended there. - Its recommended to fly to the departure port at least a day early so that you don't miss your cruise due to a flight delay; plus you then have time to rest and adjust to the new time zone. - Most of the stops on a Med cruise you'll need Euros to buy anything for cash; they do take credit cards. My recommendation for a cruise line is Celebrity, Royal Caribbean or Princess. And I do recommend the 12 day itinerary that we did: this one: may also like this 10 day cruise:


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