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loans in arlington tx
My wife and I live in Arlington, Tx. I work full time and she is a full time student in a Surgical TecH shcool. She was told by instructors not to work 'cus it would compromise grades, plus she is in class from 8am-430pm. I dont want her to have to get a job, because she is doing so good, her gpa for her last clases was 4.o, she got all A's. I feel bad, because i dont want her to have to worry about bills. Is there any company or orcanization, or anyone who helps people out while there in school. She already has gotten grants to pay for classes, but we are really broke
She can apply for financial aid or student loans - tell her to go to her school's financial aid office. If your income is low enough, you may also qualify for Medicaid and food stamps, to offset some of your expenses. Also, has your wife considered doing an internship in her field? She would learn skills to apply after graduation, plus a lot of internships will pay a stipend.
You can apply for more scholarships and grants which don't have to be paid back and if you apply for financial aid you can get living expenses have her talk to her guidance counselor about the situation.
Hope this helps: Source(s): ( For student loans)!!!! -------> International Students on the web <---- --->Great search engine and information site for everything <--- --> Dept. of Education for any questions<-- Please go to the Department of Education for more help and a list of student loan foundations.
Has she talked to a school counselor?
arlington money
I've lived in the area forever and let me correct a few things and add a few more: 1. Very few people who work in Fort Worth commute from Dallas. Many more do the opposite. Why? It's less expensive to live in and near Fort Worth and the quality of life is better: better schools , a clean and vibrant downtown, nice and accessible suburbs, more community spirit. 2. Grand Prairie is not closest of the outlying cities to Fort Worth. Arlington is. Grand Prarie is actually closer to Dallas. Between Arlington and Grand Prairie, more people chose to live in Arlington. Grand Prairie was once larger than Arlington. It's now about 1/3 the size of Arlington in population (350,000 vs. 127,000) 3. Within Fort Worth, the Southwest area is considered the most desirable are to live in (around the Mira Vista Country Club and Ridglea Country Club) . Within Arlington, the Southwest area is also considered the most desirable . It's also close to Fort Worth ( zip codes 76016 and 76017). 4. When we moved to the area some years ago so I can accept a job offer in Fort Worth; we looked at houses in both SW Arlington and SW Fort Worth and after careful consideration, chose SW Arlington. Better school system, more trees, lower crime rate, higher income and education base, more house for the money and still right next to Fort Worth. 5. Conclusion: Between the Dallas area and the Fort Worth area, choose Fort Worth. Between living in Fort Worth and living in Arlington, choose Arlington (you'll still be able to work in FW. It's an easy drive. Less than 20 minutes for me!)
I've lived in Arlington my entire life. I just moved from there to mid cities (which is (HEB) Hurst, Euless, and Bedford) Arlington is getting a little rough in some parts and the new Texas stadium is being built there so traffic is going to suck if there is a baseball and football game. North Arlington is nicer though check out Martin HS and Lamar HS zip codes. I think some good suburbs are: HEB, Keller, Colleyville, (more excusive) Grapevine, (closer to dallas than the others, has a small lake) Mansfield (good schools and lake close) Grand Prairie has some nice and some not so nice parts and a lake but is closer to Dallas. Weatherford, Saginaw, Azle(lake close), (last three are a little country and more out of the way.) Alvarado is nice too and so is Crowley, Benbrook (has a small lake), Burleson, Joshua (all country.) Copell and Farmers Branch are also nice but are on the otherside of Grapevine which is more the Dallas area. If you insist on FW city limits, There are some new houses going up in the Hulen area and Medowbrook area (close to arlington) There are some great condos in downtown. (Which has so much to offer as far as entertainment, shopping and food) There are some "historic areas" around Camp Bowie and TCU. The Mira Vista Country Club is nice and so is the Ridglea area. There are also some nice houses in the 76118 zip code which is FW city limits but is right next to Arlington! Oh yeah, you have to rent a trash can for trash pick up in FW! I hate that. lol. If I had to pick, I'd say Grapevine, Colleyville or HEB. Good Luck, let me know if you need more info.
I love San Diego. I'm not big on the Fort Worth scene. Most people I knew commuted from the Dallas area to Fort Worth. I recommend areas such Frisco, Plano, and Denton, which are just outside of Dallas. Arlington, Addison, and Grand Prarie are in between Fort Worth and Dallas. All three are nearer to Fort Worth than the others mentioned. Out of all of those, Grand Prarie is the closest, about 5 or so minutes away from Fort Worth. Email me if you have any questions.
There are sooo many great places to live in the fort worth area. I used to live in Bedford when I was a kid but then I moved to Houston. Bedford is more of a family oriented-suburban area, part of HEB (Hurst Euless Bedford) that's a great place to live. After I grew up I returned to the area but now live in Arlington because I attend school at UT in Arlington. It's a great place to stay, the Ameriquest Field is in the middle of Arlington if you like baseball, the Dallas Cowboys $1 billion dollar stadium is being constracted their. Every time my mom visits she never wants to leave, there's alot to do and everything sits right there on Cooper and Collins, and it's only 5 minutes away from Fort Worth and 20 minutes away from Dallas.
The best place to live in Fort Worth is anywhere outside of Fort Worth. I have a cousin in Bedford.
Not in Fort Worth. LOL! I really enjoyed North Arlington if you could settle for a little commute.
"The" place to live in Ft. Worth is "The Tower"! If you want high rise Condo living in the Heart of Sundance Square. Plenty of entertainment and the area is developing more residential amenities. Check it out!
Burleson & Crowley are suburbs of Ft. Worth. They are nice places to live. The school districts are very good. Welcome to Texas
arlington money
I bought a pit bull puppy that I found online and after multiple conversations with the seller he seemed to be legit. I was told that the puppy had its first shots except for the rabies because she is not yet old enough. He said he had paperwork but was unable to locate it, and I know I should not have taken the puppy but through our conversations he seemed like he cared for the dog and seemed trusting, I know realize I was naive. When we got to the house to pick up the pup she still nursed from her mother but was independent and she also had her own food out so I assumed she was weaned and we paid $200 and took her on our 2 hour drive home. At first she seemed very loving and liked to cuddle and was adjusting to her new home very well. She loved the puppy food we bought her which was blue buffalo and she liked to drink water. Her stool was very wet though. Evevntually on the second day at around 3am she began throwing up and I noticed worms in her vomit. She didn't stop so we took her to the animal hospital and they gave her deworming medication although she was supposedly already dewormed. Based on the fact she was not dewormed I assumed she also was not vaccinated. Today she has runny stool and wont eat nor drink. The mother was very young as well. These people are still posting ads online attempting to sell my dog which they don't have anymore with her pictures up. Based on the fact that I was told I was getting a dog with utd shots but didn't, can I get my money back and keep the dog. I don't want to return the dog as they don't seem like they are very caring of the dogs. I live in arlington, va and bought the dog in hopewell, va. Thank you.
Thank you for those people that give intelligent answers because last time I checked this was yahoo ANSWERS not yahoo OPINION. Obviously I've taken the puppy to the vet. I got her vaccinated and dewormed. She is due for another deworming next month. Its not about the money at all I have other dogs that are well taken care of and visit the vet whenever sick or they are scheduled for new shots. I have already reported the people to the SPCA because I was concerned about the condition the dogs lived in when I arrived at the residence, however I was not going to leave the dog after seeing the conditions. It is the principal though which is the reason for this question, I was told one thing and then found out it was untrue, its similar to if someone sold you car or something and told you it had all this maintenance done to it but your mechanic sees otherwise.
VA puppy lemon law states that if the pup is sick within 10 days (contagious or congenital illness) you can RETURN the puppy for a refund or RETURN the puppy for an exchange of another puppy, unless you have a signed, written contract from the breeder stating something otherwise.. no. Buying dogs is a "buyer beware" buisiness. You really have to scrutinize any breeder you are looking at. You have no proof that the dog was UTD on shots or not. They could have easily given shots from a feed store. Puppies still get sick even when properly vaccinated, unfortunantly This puppy needs a vet. if you are unwilling or unable to pay for it, then take her back to her breeder, get your refund, and let the breeder deal with the sick puppy. ADDED Having worms does not count as "being sick". All puppies are born with worms. it also takes several doses of wormer to get rid of worms in puppies. She may have "just" been wormed right before you got her too, which is why she is vomiting and pooping worms. When the worms die from the worming medicine, they have to go SOMEWHERE.. and there's only two ways out of the puppy... one end or the other. Puppies are typically wormed at least 2 or 3 times to get rid of the worms.
Breeders often have a "guarantee" for the puppy. Tell your friend to check her papers and see if she did sign one of these agreements. Upon bringing home a puppy from a breeder, the contract often states that the new owner must bring the pup to the vet within 72 hours. If the vet finds anything wrong with the puppy that will require medical care, the new owner has the choice of returning the puppy and getting another puppy from the litter, OR keeping the puppy even after it's diagnosis and be left with the medical bills. We were faced with a similar scenario with our breeder and our boxer pup. Per the contract, we took her to the vet within 72 hours and the vet diagnosed her with a significant murmur (that may shorten her life!) as well as a Protozoa infection. She wasn't eating and having massive diarrhea and was severely malnourished. As first time pet owners, we did not see these warning signs because our decision was clouded by our pup's cuteness. We opted to keep her despite the huge amount of medical bills for her meds and cardiology consults and echocardiogram as we had already bonded very much with her. Fortunately, we nursed her back to health and the cardiologist said her murmur was an innocent murmur, but will have to be monitored periodically. My main point is: your friend must check her contract! If she indeed signed such a contract and notified her breeder of the puppy's medical condition, she should be able to get another puppy (which I will discourage! other puppies from that litter may have the same condition) or contact any of the dog associations that her breeder is a member of so that she can get her money back. Tell her breeder to give back her money and reimburse the medical bills she paid or else she will contact the professional dog association and file a formal complaint about their business! Good luck to your friend! She must stand up against these unethical breeders who would sell puppies in such poor conditions!
No, you can't get your money back AND keep the dog. It's your own stupid fault for handing over money to a careless breeder for a sick puppy without any proof of vet care or even knowing how old the pup was in the first place. If the puppy was still nursing then clearly she wasn't weaned.... You can report the person to their local animal authorities though.
Poor puppy. I don't blame you for wanting to keep the puppy so you can get her back to health. But You cannot keep the "merchandise" and get your money back too. That's if they will. I'd cut my loses. Post wherever you can about the so called breeders to warn others. The meds the vet gave her for worms will make the stool loose. Also, if it is a very young pup it will need more wormings then the breeders gave her to break the egg/worm cycle. How did the pup look physically? How did the momma look? Were they all thin or skeletal with pot bellies?
I feel so sorry for this pup. You care more about money than her. Ring the vet and ask for advice on how to look after her or take her back in- she deserves so much better than this.] You bought a dog from a puppy mill. Now he will go and pay for another stud with that money and bring more puppies into the world- people think they are "saving" puppies from conditions, but actually they are just making the situation even worse.
You paid him 200 dollars to let him give you the pit bull puppy. I don't think he will give you your money back and still let you keep the dog but if you charge in there and angrily tell him you want your money back he might give you the money back in return for the dog. He just wants to make some money on the dog so if you still want it you can offer 50 dollars (or something) for the puppy if you tell him about the puppy sickness. It's either a yes or no depending on your attitude and effort on doing it
A puppy having worms isn't "sick". My son got a pup that was rescued from a puppy mill and she had worms coming out of her butt. They took her to the vet, she was de-wormed and fine. The chances of getting your money back and keeping the pup too are slim to nil. Enjoy your pup.
They gave you no health gaurantee or return policy, they won't refund your money. You could go to court, but ultimately it will cost more than what you spent on it, and since they didn't give you any documentation you probably wouldn't win anyway. You acknowledge that there were plenty of red flags, but you chose to ignore them anyway. This is the risk you take buying from a backyard breeder. You should count yourself lucky if worms are the worst of her problems.
You were scammed, plain and simple. It is doubtful you will ever see a dime back. This is why we keep telling people either buy from a reputable breeder that does the genetic testing and wins titles OR buy through a shelter. does a great job. Take your sick pup and a fresh stool sample to a vet. You can bet she had no vet care. She is now your pup and you are responsible for her health and safety.
You can't have it both ways. You either keep the dog or keep the money you can't keep them both. You can get your money back but you can't keep the dog. The breeder isn't going to give the dog to you for free. If this is a licensed breeder you need to turn them into the local authorities and to the AKC or whatever agency provided the dogs registration papers. This breeder should be shut down. If this isn't a licensed breeder you should be ashamed of yourself for dealing with criminals who are selling innocent animals for profit with no regrd for their health or safety.
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Hi! I am looking for info on school counseling positions with Fairfax County Public Schools. I am looking to move to the NOVA area and hear that Fairfax has a great school system! I really would like to live in Arlington, but have heard the schools there are not so great. I am wondering if I worked in Fairfax could I afford to live in Arlington? and is it close by or too long of a commute! Also...just in general how is being a counselor in Fairfax...or Arlington? I currently work in Baltimore. Thanks!!
I am insulted... Quote "Arlington, but have heard the schools there are (not so great)." Last time I checked, Arlington was directly referred in Forbes Magazine as one of the top school systems in America, I am an Arlingtonian and is insulted by this comment. Fairfax is no competition. Nor is it better than Arlington. Yes the rent and living taxes are much less, but the education and community is significantly different and rather lacking. I know many students that attend schools in fairfax, and i have receive many complaints. Recently the government with drew money from fairfax schools due to test scores. If you do attend fairfax schools you will find that their will be no sports teams, very few clubs , gifted services would be cut, resources and other educational benefits that help promote a healthy learning environment. The government cut these out 3 years ago. They let arlington keep their resources and suspended financial cuts in the Arlington school system. the education provided by arlington is the pride and joy of the Washington D.C area. Arlington is an investment, but is a damn good one if your looking to raise a family or live a comfortable lifestyle. Everything in arlington is an arms length away and has a steady, happy flow. Busses are on time, grocery stores are right down the street, playgrounds and parks are here and there and we have many trees and vegetation in this rather urban neighborhood. We are friendly to all and have a tight knit connection between neighbors and friends. buildingare clean cuts , nice houses there is no reason to not live in arlington
Who told you that the schools in Arlington "are not so great". They are feeding you a line. Arlington has one of the best school systems in the nation. The only advantage of the Fairfax system over the Arlington system is that Fairfax has the Thomas Jefferson program for those gifted in science and technology, otherwise Arlington has better schools.
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Please rate these DC areas according to... 1. SAFETY, 2. prox. to subway, 3. prox to DC, easiness to get to DC., 4. Generally nice place to live? 1. Brookland/Petworth 2. Marshall Hts 3. Falls Church, VA 4. Alexandria 5. Arlington Im a young female probably going to be doing some walking alone at night, living by myself. Thanks
Alexandria and Arlington tied for first Brookland third (there are some very nice neighborhoods here, you just have to check around) Falls Church and Marshall Heights tied for last Parts of Falls Church are actually getting kind of dangerous; there is a lot of MS-13 gang activity in some neighborhoods of Falls Church. And traffic is abysmal. Marshall Heights will be a great neighborhood in a few more years. If you are buying, i would totally go for Marshall Heights--- property is still affordable, you will make money from it over time, there is good public transportation, and there is a lot of economic development going on. It's not the best neighborhood now, but there are new shops, bars and restaurants being opened all the time, and with the new stadium close by, that just means more people going into that area.
I am also a young female living in DC, so out of the five places you've listed, I would only consider Falls Church, Alexandria, or Arlington based on safety when walking alone at night - which is most important. Secondly, the closer you live to the metro (subway) the more expensive your rent will be. But if that is not much of an issue, I think Arlington is the best place to live since it is most metro-accessible and most walking-friendly. Falls Church and Alexandria are more suburban compared to Arlington. Arlington is the closest to DC out of the three places in VA. Falls Church is just west of Arlington, but it is not difficult to drive to DC from Falls Church once you get familiar with the area. In my opinion, if money is not an issue I would recommend living close to a metro in Arlington because you will not need to drive or park your car -- which can be very stressful and expensive in the DC area. Also, since Arlington is mainly urban, everything you want/need (shopping, grocery, coffee shops, restaurants, etc) is close by, and if not, you can easily hop on the metro to get what you want. If you don't mind driving, then Falls Church is also a nice place. But it is more family-oriented than Arlington and does not have as much of a nightlife, so you might feel lonely if you do not know anyone when you first move to the DC area. Also, most people share housing to cut down on high rents, and I think it is worth it to have a roommate in order to live in a safer area. (I've been in DC for about a year, and I'll be moving to Arlington this summer.)
Arlington, Falls Church or Alexandria for safety--probably in that order. The problem is there are pockets of neighborhoods that are sketchy in each of those burbs. They all have Metro stations, but you would have to consult your landlord to see if they are in walking distance. Arlington is right next door to DC, very easy to drive in, and is more like the "city" with lots of stuff--bars, shopping, etc--in walking distance. If you want a generally nice place to live, check out Vienna, seriously. It's at the end of the orange line, so you don't have to stuff yourself onto an already overcrowded Metro car; the subway commute into D.C. is reasonable (varies depending on which part of DC you are heading for); and it is a very safe place to live. However, it is more suburban, so you would want a car to go get groceries or hang out.
Best: Safety-Falls Church Close to metro-Brookland/Petworth, Arlington, & Alexandria Close to DC-Arlington Easiest to get to DC-Brookland/Petworth & Marshall Hts General great place to live-Falls Church & Alexandria brookland/petworth 2.falls church 3.alexandria
1. Arlington 2. Falls Church, VA ------------------------------ every place below at your own risk! ------------------------------ 3. Brookland 4. Alexandria 5. Marshall Heights
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I got a parking ticket saying "permit zone violation", remarks "z06 all times" for 50$. It says there that I can contest the ticket and the court charge is $61! And even if I change my mind later and decide to pay the fine, I still will have to pay the court charge! Anyway, my story is that it was late at night and it was my first (and now due to this stupid ticket and stupid Arlington parking rules - the last) time I was there and apperantly you have to have some kind of permit to park on the streets? I did not see any signs saying that and there was other cars parked there. There was no meters there either. I parked on the street, there was residental houses. So, I have no idea still what permit I was supposed to have. My question is - is there a chance for me to have the ticket dismissed/ dropped? Did any one try to contest such ticket? Thanks!
Thanks for the answer. This is not clear in your advise though - sending summons along with the money, so what's the point on contesting it then? Also, my ticket is not signed by the officer, I read online that this could be a reason for a judge to dismiss the ticket, is that true? Or in Arlington, the tickets don't have to be signed? Thanks
Yes, I see your point. I realise that the chance to win is very thin. So what I was hoping for is to reduce the fine. But it seems like in order to even ask about it you have to pay $61. It really seems they designed it so you would just pay it and shut up and not even bother to try fight it. Have you actually try fighting a praking ticket in Arlington? What was the result? Do you think it's worth trying in my case? Thanks
As a resident of Arlington, VA for several years... First, many residential areas of Arlington do require a permit to park between certain hours. Signs are posted, although it may have been at the end of the street. You can contest by going to court. What you have is actually a summons to appear, and you can waive that by signing (admitting guilt or pleading "no contest") and sending in your money. If you go to court, you could have the charges removed, especially is you take photographs of the street showing no signage. But, as you point out, your costs of going will be higher than the ticket. Since a parking ticket incurs no points, it won't affect your record, your insurance, etc. So, it's cheaper to just pay the ticket. Consider it a parking fee (if you parking in a garage or lot, you won't pay $50, but you'd have to pay something). It's not worth you time or the risk of paying court fees PLUS the fine. Just my experienced advice. UPDATE: Will try to answer your questions. "This is not clear in your advise though - sending summons along with the money, so what's the point on contesting it then?" If NOT contesting, you just pay the fine. I didn't mean to imply that you send money AND contest. One or the other. The point in contesting, if you win, is that you don't have to pay the fine. But, what I was saying (based on your data -- I didn't look them up myself) is that it costs more to go to court and contest, so it's not financially beneficial to contest. "Also, my ticket is not signed by the officer, I read online that this could be a reason for a judge to dismiss the ticket, is that true? Or in Arlington, the tickets don't have to be signed?" I actually don't know off the top of my head. Generally, I'd say that it needs to be signed, but that may not be necessary here. Reason is that it's still marked with the police officer's ID, so that it can always be traced back to officer. If you go to court, officer must attend, so that testimony is more significant than signature. And if you just pay the fine (i.e., plead guilty by paper), then you are confessing and the officer's citation is irrelevant. So, unless you do find the actual Arlington County statute on this, I wouldn't rely on it. Anyway, in the end, unless you can show that there is no signage, you're unlikely to win. All the officer needs to do is show one sign and you lose. Is it worth you time (even forgetting the money) to go back to this location and take dozens of photos? That's up to you.
Arlington Parking Tickets
Arlington County Parking Tickets
Jay gave you good information. Yes, you could fight the ticket, but your chances of winning are low. As you point out, the area had zoned parking. The fact that you didn't see the sign wouldn't be a winning argument. For your background, Arlington has zoned parking in the residential neighborhoods close to its commercial centers such as Ballston, Virginia Square, and Clarendon. The idea (right or wrong) is to keep the parking spots in front of the houses available to the people who live there. To park in those neighborhoods, you need a special sticker. Now, if you can go back to that street and look up and down (with a video camera), and prove that there was no sign about the parking restrictions, that might get your ticket thrown out. I doubt that the lack of a signature would matter--there's probably a code somewhere in the ticket identifying who the officer was who issued the ticket. If it was me, I'd just pay the ticket. If you don't, Arlington will report you to the credit bureaus and possibly put a block on your driver's license, meaning you couldn't renew it the next time it expires.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Did any one try to contest a parking ticket in Arlington, VA? I got a parking ticket saying "permit zone violation", remarks "z06 all times" for 50$. It says there that I can contest the ticket and the court charge is $61! And even if I change my mind later and decide to pay the fine, I still will have to pay the court charge! Anyway,...
arlington money
Life isnt going your way, but your best friend's life is perfect? How do you cope with this, and become happy? Ive been having ALOT of family issues(mom cant walk well)specificly health issues. My dad is the only one who makes money.. im the youngest in my family (16). My sister(20) just went back to college) and im the only healthy one in the family.and the only one that doesnt have a type family and i have been so unfortunete for the last almost 9 years. financialy and stuff like that. My best friend usualy gets what he wants. He got a 600 doller bed, thats better then some adults. He randomly gets a 200 dollar laptop. He gets to go to spain, or italy, or any other amazing country. While, ive never ever been out of the country. He JUST. got a credit card, because his parents are tired of giving him cash every weekend. he can only use it, with permision. but still. ITS A CREDIT CARD!. He is about to get his liscences in 4 weeks. Even though im 7 months older then him. were both 16. Reason why i dont have one by now. is cause of my parents, wont let me drive. cause of grades. The only issue, hes had in the family, is his mom with cancer. Which is big. I know this will sound mean, but cancer is very common and treatable, but what my mom has is just as bad as cancer. its SPS. Having cancer, means u can still have a job and live a normal life. Having SPS. U dont live a normal life. And u treatments Alot more often.(its an auto immune disease, and its rare as hell) its not as bad as ms. They have tons of money to burn. and they buy everything online. they got everything, I want my family to have. cash, nice cars, a nice house, they dont have to worry about money. and there happy most of the time. My question is. How do I keep myself from getting to upset about this? Im not mad or anything right now. Im totally happy right now :) but I get ticked off, everytime I herd him about his driving. Ive only driven for 2 hours. since august. while, hes all done with test. and about to get liscense. And im always jealous, seeing a 50 inch tv, with fancy verizon fios( i have basic cable)no hd tv. I know this might sound riddiculus. but where I live. (Arlington Virginia) its really hard to be thankfull for what you have. because there are so many kids, my age, that have ALOT of nice things. i mean look up arlington. Were close to the top of the list, on being rich. I want to be happy with what I have. the only thing, i got, that he doesnt have. is a gf. What are some ways, for me to cope with my jealously? What can I do. to make myself happier, and more thankful for what I have? I do help out with the homeless already.
Be happy you got the air in your lungs and your health. I'm pretty sure just because he has everything doesn't mean he's always happy. Be thankful for what you have right now. Because all that can be gone and you can be left with nothing. It's not always easy when you know your struggling and other people are enjoying life. Don't be so hard on yourself. Breathe and relax. Hope i helped :)
I want to call u a ungrateful little brat. I had to read ur story twice to try and c where u coming from. At 16 i no u don't understand this. I'm about to come at u hard, hate to do but it may help u understand some things. First all families have some kind of issue going on. U don't no everything that takes place behind a closed door. Get it out ur head that material things means happiness. The love ur family, self respect and respect for others is more important. I myself grew up poor with both parents in the home. The best time of my life. I"m now married with kids. I am always talking about my childhood with my kids and they ask, Why do u always talk about ur childhood, and i tell them, besides having u that was the best time of my life. I always had a roof over my head, a place to sleep and food in my stomach. My parents, myself and my sister played board games, listened to music while singing and dancing. Me and my sister would put on show for our parents. We walked to the neighborhood park and bring snacks. That is the love I remember and will cherish forever. As u get older u will learn what's importand in lift. No matter how bad things r for u they could be worst. Remember that. Material things come and go, the love of family and good friends last forever. Think about it. Good luck And good luck to u
I know it sucks being less fortunate than those around you. I did not get my license until I was 20 years old, and even though my parents had money to take care of the bills, it was not as though they had money to burn on laptops and fancy trips. Not everybody has that. You know what makes me realize and appreciate what I have now that I am an adult? I do not drive a BMW, but I have a car. I do not make six figures a year, but, I have a job (which in this economy is better than a lot of people.) I have a medical problem, but, I have access to the medical care that I need. There are so many people that do not have money to even take care of their bills or their rent, who do not have medical coverage to see the doctor, there are people in this world who lose their family and grow up with absolutely nothing. I was fortunate enough to have parents, to have a place to sleep and live, no drug/sexual/emotional/physical abuse in my home, etc. Who knows, maybe when he gets older, he will not appreciate the things he has in his life (as many who just has things handed to them don't) whereas you can appreciate the value of money, and respect the things you have that you worked hard for. It is okay to be jealous, as it is a human emotion. Just remember the little things in life that really are not that bad :)
Jealously is always going to be there..Stop comparing yourself to anyone if you always do this you woill never stop and your entire life you will feel this way. Find ways to make it better. Help your mom with what she needs your 16 find a job to start makign your own money you can buy what u want. While your dad is getting money for your family and saving what could be going to you then you guys can gain money faster. Or you can add your money and you guys will gain money faster. Calm down on what you ask for, use coupns or cut back on what you do buy. Driving-- Pull your grades up it will be hard work but it will pay off. you will be able to drive and it wil be one less thing to worry about. Plus our family will be proud which leaves you happy and unstressed. Your girlfriend you guys need to see eachother more because if thats what makes you happy you should spend more time. Dont do things that cost money go places to spend time not money. Tell your friend that you understand how happy he is but ask him if he canhelp you do your school work so you can be able to get your license too. Life is unfair it just depends on how you take it. Dont let jealousy get to you your a teen and you have mnay yeas to come you dont wanna feel like this forever so dont let it get to you. let me no if you have any more questions
This Site Might Help You. RE: How to appreciate what you have? Please help me? Life isnt going your way, but your best friend's life is perfect? How do you cope with this, and become happy? Ive been having ALOT of family issues(mom cant walk well)specificly health issues. My dad is the only one who makes money.. im the youngest in my family (16). My sister(20) just went...
Never compare yourself to someone else. The way I do it is i think. I had a place to sleep which many people don't. I had food to eat which many people don't have. I had a parent that was loving and caring. There are also things i wish i could change in my life. for example i wish i could have grown up with both a mother and a father, but I was not so lucky. But then i think there are people with neither a mother or a father and i count myself lucky.
Wow, youve been through alot. jsut because they seem happy doesnt mean they are. and money does not equal happiness. you have a very loving and caring family. family is really all you need to be happy. i dont know if this makes sense but your friends parents could be neglecting him or maybe they dont have enough time for him, etc. family is all that mattters.
Take some things that are important to you and let someone have them for a week or if you have a cell phone go without it for a month. You will see how to appreciate things these ways
Seriously? do you really have to ask that question? Appreciation isn't a technique to learn... Go back and re-think what you said? Think of consequences or sacrifices people make for you. If you CAN'T appreciate then you DON'T appreciate... simple as that.
Be yourself. be honest that's all.
arlington money
I have been there many times and I think its the worst place i would want to live other than the rangers and six flags and the new cowboys stadium, its a horrible city they need to build more side walks so we have a safe place to walk. i live in denton but you know what i mean any one who lives there but can't wait to leave i feel your pain so all you people save your money and get out of there if you can.
I maybe wrong but it seems to me most of dallas/fortworth have no sidewalks?. Only in nice neighborhoods and new growing areas. Arlington has a lot of cool things but at the same time the high crime rates on streets like cooper or anything surrounding UTA really brings the city down a notch.
Late to the game to answer, but I just moved to Arlington TX (from Richardson / Plano TX area) about a month ago. There's several things that make Arlington suck. 1) Traffic. Arlington is basically a huge cross-roads for major freeways going between Dallas & Ft. Worth. The place in inundated with traffic. Add to it several major attractions (dfw airport, six flags, cowboy stadium, ballpark in arlington, univ of tx at arlington) all crammed within a 10 mile area of each other, and it makes the traffic even worse. THEN toss in the absurdly designed road system. To transition from 30 to 360 you can't just take a ramp and smoothly transition ... you curve around, go over a bridge, curve around again, then go through TWO LIGHTS, THEN you can get on the next highway. The road system here is just awful. The civil engineers really dropped the ball, b/c it's confusing (the signs are even confusing or missing or blocked by trees most often), and it causes a LOT of wrecks. I sat in traffic for 30 minutes trying to get back home, b/c an accident on 360 blocked ALL LANES. There are major accidents every day... b/c people here don't drive well. I regularly see people cutting across several lanes without a blinker, slamming on their brakes in front of others, and doing other reckless things that endanger many others ... all because they're trying to get around on this poorly laid-out roads around here. 2) People. Since Arlington is a hub of "attractions", there are a lot of ghetto / trash people living here. Arlington itself is a nice-looking city (lots of trees, stone work, etc), but you can't go anywhere without seeing someone's trash all over the place. All of these folks working these "attractions" (airport, six flags, stadiums, etc) are min wage workers that don't give a crap. They crap all over the place. There is this constant dichotomy of seeing very nice shopping malls and attractions and things, and then seeing the white-trashiest, ghettoiest, nastiest people hanging around every where making it look like loser-ville USA. Drove by a nice hotel... bunch of black folks dressed ghetto and thuggish hanging around. Drove by an outlet mall... bunch of redneck white trash folks wandering around. The hispanics are the few "poor" folks arond here that actually take pride in their appearance. They're constantly trying to move into poor neighborhoods and fix them up, but white & black trash living next door just keep trashing places faster than the hispanics can fix things up. Even UTA is in the middle of a trashy neighborhood, and it's a major state college! Basically, Arlington is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here. My gf and I are gonna move out as soon as our lease is up. Move towards Bedford where her job is, and I'm going to commute to UTA for the rest of my tenure there.
I also think Arlington sucks! I didnt know they didnt have side walks, thats crazy! Arlington is also the largest city in the nation without public transportation! I like taking the train to the AAC so I dont have to worry about parking, I wish I could do that at the new Cowboy stadium!
Um...................I don't think it sucks............I live here!!! You must have only been in North Arlington, okay there are lots of venues up there but not all areas of Arlington are unsafe! I live in SW Arlington and we have sidewalks and we are close to everything we want to do and we are out of traffic, it is unfair to judge a whole city based on one location.
I'm in Houston, I was sad when they demolished our Six Flags Astroworld. Be careful not to get your legs chopped off like that one girl. Or get decapitated like that one guy.
I don't think so. It may have too much crime, but it has a ton of fun stuff to do.
I would never want to live there. I live in Dallas.
Wtf.... we have sidewalks lmao. ????
arlington money
Arthur goes to work at NASA, where he works in optics, and helped in designing the camera on the Viking Mars probe. He finds he has been rejected from the astronaut program due to the fact that he failed the psychological exam. Norma goes to her job as a teacher at an elite private school teaching literature, where they are discussing Sartre's vision of Hell. One of her students remarks on her limp, after which she shows her class her disfigured right foot, missing four toes. After class Norma is informed by her boss that she will no longer be getting a discount for tuition and wont be able to pay for school for her son. Later that day Norma returns home and Arlington Steward appears at their door. Half of his face is missing. Norma looks at the clock and realizes it is 5:00 pm. Arlington says that if she or her husband pushes the button, someone in the world that they do not know will die, and they will receive one million dollars. Arlington hands Norma a $100 bill from the brief case of money, and says she gets to keep it if the button is pushed or not. Arlington leaves and tells her she has 24 hours. Arthur returns and Norma tells him what has happened. After much discussion whether or not they should press the button, and some tinkering with the box (Arthur finds nothing inside it), Norma suddenly jerks forward and hits it. The button rises slightly. Arlington returns and presents Norma and Arthur with the million, without asking whether they pressed the button or not. He informs that they will not know who will receive the offer next, and implies that Arthur, Norma, or their son will be the ones to die. Arthur storms after Arlington and attempts to return the million, but Arlington drives off. Arthur gets his license plate number. A 911 call is shown, where someone has been shot. The police enter the house and find a woman shot through the heart, and a little girl locked in the bathroom upstairs. Arthur and Norma then attend a wedding rehearsal dinner, where Arthur is instructed to select a present from a table (secret santa). A waiter (who happens to be the student of Norma's who prompted her to reveal her disfigurement), holds up two fingers to Arthur. Arthur then sees a box much like the one left on their doorstep, with the button in it, and chooses that one. He and Norma find a poor quality picture of Arlington inside. Norma's sister tells Arthur that the student Arthur saw was the one who made fun of his wife's foot. Arthur meets and asks Norma's dad (who is a police officer) to run the license plate number of Arlington's car. Norma receives a phone call (she is informed by a waiter whose nose begins to bleed as he's leading her to the phone). It is Arlington, who scolds her for allowing her husband to make contact with the police (Arlington somehow knows Arthur has spoken to Norma's father). Arthur angrily approaches the student from Norma's class and yells at him for making fun of Norma. He then storms out of the party, with Norma following him. As they start their car, they see "No Exit" (the title of the Sartre play they went to see earlier) written into the frost on their windshield. When they get home, Arthur takes their babysitter, Dana, home. Dana had earlier gone down into the basement with their son Walter, to see Arthur's Mars collection. She notices the picture of everyone who worked on the development of the camera. As they are driving, Dana acts strangely, asking Arthur strange questions such as Whats pushing your buttons? and comments like look into the light. Her nose begins to bleed and she passes out. Arthur attempts to wake her up and finds her drivers license, which shows her name is not Dana, but Sara, and she is from Boston. He reaches the motel, where "Dana" has been staying and she wakes up with a start. She tells Arthur it's not safe for him there, and to look in the mirror because that's the only place with the answer. She then hurries away. In the motel, every door she passes opens and a startled looking person stares her down. She reaches her room, where she has a large map and pictures of Arthur, Norma, and Walter. At home walter looks at the large picture in the basement, and sees that arlington (prior to his injury) is in the photo. At a supermarket, Norma is approached by a panicked woman who tells her to look up a certain call number in the library, and not to trust her husband, before passing out with a bloody nose. Arthur finds out that Arlington's license plate is registered to the NSA. He asks Norma's father if he can go with him to see the house where the shooting mentioned earlier took place. Once there, he finds pictures of Arlington and a picture of a Human Resources book, and a library call number. Arthur learns that the woman was shot at 4:55 PM, the same time Norma pushed the button. Norma and Arthur both visit the library, separately. Norma avoids Arthur, as instructed by the woman in the supermarket. Norma find a film reel
arlington money
I know it's bad. I gave him ONLY my credit card number and name of the bank. That's it. He did transfer to my Credit Card account 3,760. Now my balance is (-3,760) WaMu MasterCard® credit card Description: Payment Recvd Thank You Arlington Tx Transaction Date: 12/11/07 Posting Date: 12/11/07 Amount: $(3,760.00) Reference Number: 60000000000043000003600 I didn't use this credit card, yet. Please explain to me WHAT'S THAT? Is it SCAM and FRAUD? What do I need to do?
It's a fraud and you are about to be scammed. If this is a Credit Card(not tied to your bank account). He made a payment of $3760 to your credit card, so you have a credit of $3760. He probably said something like he wants you to purchase a laptop and send it to him(probably a PO BOX or out of the country) that is around $2,000 and wants you to keep the rest as your fee. But DO NOT purchase the laptop. Eventually that payment will be found out to be fraudulent and WaMu will reverse the payment. If you purchase the laptop and sent it you will be out that money. Immediately contact WaMu Credit Card and ask to speak to the Fraud Department. Let them know what happened.
What did you do and what did you promise? The way I look at the scenario, you might be the one who will be accused of a confidence scam because he could say he gave you the money and you took a long time/did not purchase the laptop he wanted you to buy. You see, in fraud cases, all you do is trace the money. Where is the money? Do you have it.? Why is your bank account in the negative. That means there is no money there. If it is a scam, this guy initially put in the money and took out the money right away. Ask the bank what happened or trace the money now. Make sure you can trace where the money came from, all the communication between you and this person. Follow through with your promise to purchase the laptopif the money is still there. It is not illegal to buy a computer. Make sure that the shipping comes from the store, and not from you. In that way, the bill of lading will be irrefutable proof that the goods was purchased and shipped. Keep copies of the receipt and shipping documents. Close that account and never give personal information to anybody again
What man asked you to do this? It looks like he scammed you.. you definitely should be more careful.. NEVER EVER give anyone your credit card number or bank account number. Heck, I don't even do online banking anymore.. it's too risky. Scam artists do a lot of things.. Your scam sounds like a Nigerian 419 scam.. here is some information: it is when someone asks you to receive money for them so that they can repay you in a larger amount.. or in your case, get him a laptop because he probably said he didn't have an account.. or something. Then once they get your account number, they drain your funds and then they disappear. You need to call your bank and file the dispute now but it's going to be really difficult to catch the person. Good luck to you.
Well i'm not for sure what he did but this seems like something ive heard of before, not in a good way. it seems like he could ve wrote a bad check for 3,760 and then taken it out of your account. So when he takes it out of your account, you now owe 3,760 because the check never clears. The 3,760 posted long enough for him to take out. I'm not sure if i explained this correctly but it does seem to be a scam. I think he got one on you!
His payment may bounce, don't do anything about spending on him for several months in case it was on a bank in another country. File a fraud alert since you gave a scam artist your credit card and bank information, close the accounts and hold the money until the deposit bounces.
You aren't serious are you? You actually gave someone your credit card information CC number and the name of the bank only????? What else would they possibly need? Your blood type? You were absolutely owned!
Call your bank and ask to have that transaction explained. IT may be correct if he deposited money but if its a withdrawall I would challange it as fraud.
I have no idea. You should hurry and call Washington Mutual and see what's going on.
Who is this man????
arlington money
The film begins with a CIA internal memo being typed across the screen. It states that a man named Arlington Steward has recovered from severe burn wounds and is delivering units related to the Mars project. The film then opens up in 1976 Richmond, Virginia with Norma and Arthur Lewis cuddling in bed after a night of passionate lovemaking (this scene has been removed from screenings in North America to obtain a PG 13 rating), and awaking at 5:45 am as the doorbell rings. Norma goes downstairs and looks through the peephole seeing a black car drive off. Upon opening the door, she sees a package on her doorstep. Inside, she and her husband find a wooden box with a button protected by a glass dome, locked with a key, and a note, reading Mr. Steward will come at 5:00 pm. Arthur goes to work at NASA, where he works in optics, and helped in designing the camera on the Viking Mars probe. He finds because he failed his psych exam, he has been rejected from the astronaut program despite good test scores and glowing recommendations. Norma goes to her job as a teacher at an elite private school teaching literature, where they are discussing Sartre's vision of Hell. One of her students remarks on her limp, after which she shows her class her disfigured right foot, missing four toes. Later that day Norma returns home and confesses her fear of losing their home, due to lack of money. That is when Arlington Steward appears at their door. Norma looks at the clock and realizes it is 5:00 pm. Arlington offers them one million dollars if they press the button sealed in the dome. The catch is that someone they do not know will die. Norma and Arthur contemplate whether they would be able to cope with someone's death on their hands. After much discussion as to whether they should press the button, and some tinkering with the box (Arthur finds nothing inside it), Norma suddenly jerks forward and hits it. Arlington returns and presents Norma and Arthur with the million, without asking whether they pressed the button. He informs the couple that whoever receives the offer next, they will surely not know them, implying that if the next people press the button, one of them, or their son, may be at risk. Arthur storms after Arlington and attempts to return the million, but Arlington drives off. A 911 call is shown, where someone has been shot. The police enter the house and find a woman shot through the heart, and a little girl locked in the bathroom upstairs. Arthur and Norma then attend a wedding rehearsal dinner, where Arthur is instructed to select a present from a table. A student of Norma's, the one who prompted her to reveal her disfigurement, holds up two fingers to Arthur. Arthur then sees a box much like the one left on their doorstep, with the button in it, and chooses that one. He and Norma find a poor quality black and white photo of an unidentified man inside. Norma's sister tells Arthur that the student Arthur saw was the one who made fun of his wife's foot. Arthur meets and asks Norma's dad (who is a police officer) to run the license plate number of Arlington's car. Norma receives a phone call (she is informed by a waiter whose nose begins to bleed as he's leading her to the phone). It is Arlington, who scolds her for allowing her husband to make contact with the police (Arlington somehow knows Arthur has spoken to Norma's father). Arthur angrily approaches the student from Norma's class and yells at him for making fun of Norma. He then storms out of the party, with Norma following him. As they start their car, they see "No Exit" (the title of the Sartre play they went to see earlier) written into the frost on their windshield. When they get home, Arthur takes their babysitter, Dana, home. Dana had earlier gone down into the basement with their son Walter, to see Arthur's Mars collection. As they are driving, Dana acts strangely, telling Arthur to "look into the light" to solve his problems. Her nose begins to bleed and she passes out. Arthur attempts to wake her up and finds her drivers license, which shows her name is not Dana, but Sara, and she is from Boston. He reaches the motel, where "Dana" has been staying and she wakes up with a start. She tells Arthur it's not safe for him there, and to look in the mirror because that's the only place with the answer. She then hurries away. In the motel, every door she passes opens and a startled looking person stares her down. She reaches her room, where she has a large map and pictures of Arthur, Norma, and Walter. At a supermarket, Norma is approached by a panicked woman who tells her to look up a certain call number in the library, and not to trust her husband, before passing out with a bloody nose. Arthur finds out that Arlington's license plate is registered to the NSA. He asks Norma's father if he can go with him to see the house where the shooting mentioned earlier took place. Once there, he finds pictures of Arlington and a picture of a Hum
If your talking about the Tech N9Ne song then the rapper is referring to a Lady's area when he says that box
Well if you mean the movie then its about a test a guy does that he wants to see if ppl will pass it and not preess the button to get the money and someone they dont know will die and so it repeats but i dont want to give the movie away so u will have to see it to find the rest out;)
You can check it out what the movie is all about at it is free and maybe later you can buy the dvd.
Its what you are supposed to think outside of. ;)
arlington money
Certified copies of Texas birth records are available at the Arlington Bureau of Vital Records. Copies of birth certificates are confidential under Texas Law for fifty years, and can only be obtained by Qualified Applicants. Certified copies of birth records may be obtained by either: Applying at the Bureau of Vital Records, 101 W. Abram St. 1st Floor, City Hall Arlington, TX 76010, Monday – Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.; or writing to: Bureau of Vital Records Mailstop 63-0700, P. O. Box 90231 Arlington, Texas 76004-3231 You may either complete the Application for certified copy of Birth Certificate (pdf) or include the following information in a letter: The name on the birth record being requested. The date and place of birth Father’s full name (last, first, middle). Mother’s full maiden name (maiden last, first, middle). Purpose for obtaining the certificate. Relationship to the person whose certificate is being requested. Your daytime telephone number with area code. Your handwritten signature and complete return mailing address. A photocopy of your picture ID, such as your driver’s license. You can expect to receive your certificate within 1 to 2 weeks. Failure to provide the purpose for obtaining the record and relationship to the applicant in the request, when the applicant is not the person named on the record, will result in the application being rejected or delayed in processing. In addition to your written request, you must include the necessary fees. Make your check or money order payable to the City of Arlington. Please do not send cash. .
Birth Certificate Arlington Tx
Go get the white pages telephone book. Go to the blue government pages. Look up vital statistics or bureau of vital statistics office/department. It may even just be listed under birth certificates. There is an office somewhere in the city that will reissue a certififed copy of your birth certificate to you. You need to go in person and bring some picture ID and money. They should take Visa and if not it is about $25 a copy probably. If you were born IN Arlington itself, that is what you do. If you were born in another city, go to that city and do the same thing. They will issue the birth certificate while you wait. Good luck.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where to get a birth certificate in arlington texas?
If the person was born in the city of Arlington, Texas then you can get a birth certificate from the City of Arlington Vital Records Office. Located on the first floor of City Hall.
You can go in person : Bureau of Vital Statistics 101 S. Mesquite Street Suite 720 Arlington, TX 76010 Or pick up the phone and dial 877-262-1069 (VitalChek for Arlington, TX) Service is really fast...
Get a No Cost Background Check Scan at a sensible way to start. The site allows you to do a no cost scan simply to find out if any sort of data is in existence. A smaller analysis is done without cost. To get a detailed report its a modest payment. You may not realize how many good reasons there are to try and find out more about the people around you. After all, whether you're talking about new friends, employees, doctors, caretakers for elderly family members, or even significant others, you, as a citizen, have a right to know whether the people you surround yourself with are who they say they are. This goes double in any situation that involves your children, which not only includes teachers and babysitters, but also scout masters, little league coaches and others. Bottom line, if you want to find out more about someone, you should perform a background check.
For the best answers, search on this site you were born in Texas ,Go to the county clerk office and pay 23 dollars. You need to bring DL.. It takes a few minutes. If you born outside Texas. Call that state and they will help. It take a bout 2 weeks. GOD BLESS
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Here are some sites to visit. You may find some general info and an email address/phone # so you can get in touch w/ someone at the plant.. The one says the plant is adding a third shift (this past June.) so it sounds like there are jobs! GM Arlington Assembly Plant (817) 652-2200 2525 E Abram St, Arlington, TX More Info » GENERAL MOTORS We're the new General Motors. We are a company of diverse brands, selling ... airwaves later this month to give a behind-the-scenes look at the engine plant ... GM News - United States - Company Information Arlington, Texas. 76010 United States . Year Opened: 1954 ... GM pays $1 Million in wages every day at the Arlington Assembly plant– this is new money coming back into the ... Find GM Assembly Plant Arlington TX jobs at GM ... Search results for "GM Assembly Plant Arlington TX jobs" GM Arlington, TX Assembly Plant Tour Feb. 2011 - YouTube Here is a video of the tour at the GM plant. It really is amazing to see it all being built. All the employees are very friendly, seem to love their job ... Official web site for UAW Local 276 located in Grand Prairie, Texas, representing the GM Arlington, Texas, Assembly Plant since March 11, 1954. GM adds third shift at Texas plant, 800 jobs - Jun. 22, 2012 NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- General Motors announced plans Friday to add a third shift at its SUV plant in Arlington, Texas, as the company continues to ramp up ...
Gm Jobs Arlington Tx
Yes the plant in Arlington builds the Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Yukon XL, and also the Cadillac Escalade.
arlington money
Ok so i am 18, a senior in highschool and the ever important decision of where to go to collage is swiftly approaching. I applied to UTA (university of Texas at Arlington) because they offer the degree i want, and it is somewhat close to home, so therefore a good choice for my freshman year of collage. However, i also applied to Texas Tech because they have a duel degree that i really want and since entering freshman have to live on campus, thats an added bonus. so the problem is that now, i am really leaning toward Texas Tech because i really want to go for the duel degree and i just found out that a couple of my friends are going to be going there as well, so it would be good to know some people right from the start. I already got accepted and got a $2500 scholarship to Tech. Now my dad is pressuring me to go to UTA simply because i can get a higher scholarship (eligable for a 10k and possible 20k if i bust ***). He is all about the money and since he is footing the bill for collage, it is hard to simply say "No, I want to go to Tech" So idk what to do about it. I haven't even gotten anything from UTA about scholarships (i have been accepted) and inorder to get the 20k scholarship, i would have to write a multitude of essays and get my gpa way up (i have a 4.29 right now on a 5 point scale rank 30 in my class) to around a 4.5 or something like that.... so i really want to go to tech now, but i cant say no to my dad or i am screwed for money, im almost to the point where im just gonna say screw it and take out a loan or something but i would hate to have debt before i even have my career established... P.S. Major in Computer Engineering (at tech is is Computer Science/Electrical Engineering)
Okay, first lesson of college... it's collEge, not collAge. I mean I knew some chicks in college who enjoyed making collages of like them and they're other friends or boyfriends or whatever, but geez. If you looked it up, I would imagine that over 50% of traditional college students, basically those in the 18-24 range and graduate before 25, leave college with debt. The idea is that you get a good job that lets your pay off all the loans. You can't make a decision based on scholarships you're eligible for b/c you have no guarantee to get them. So, a $2500 scholarship at Tech is better than a $20,000 scholarship that's only prospective b/c if you go to UTA before they commit money to you, then you might wind up with a $0 scholarship. As for the money... when you're in a position of being able to get money from your parents it's nice b/c you avoid some of the debt. But I found at school that the people who were getting all their expenses paid for weren't working as hard and most of the freshman I knew freshman year in that boat partied out... in that they went to parties instead of class and failed all of them, went on academic probation in the Spring, got mad, partied more, then failed again. Not saying that you'd do that, but I think you value the experience more and appreciate it better if you contribute. For me personally, I'm not the type of person who would be partying out and my parents knew this. They could've afforded to cover me 100%, but they paid tuition and student fees and I was responsible for books, housing, and meal money, including the college's pricy meal plans. They did allow me to deduct the money I received from scholarship from my portion of the bill while I was living on campus by force my first few years. (school policy was you had to be a junior or over 21 to move off campus). That would've ended had I failed to keep my grades up (and my family and I's expectations for me are private and beside the point). Anyway, what my point IS is that I was initially a little upset about having to pay for parts, but looking back on it (from a few years ago cuz I'm only 24) I think that my experience was better b/c I was investing my own money into it. So, don't let money stop you from going for the best fit. And don't fall into that flawed logic of thinking that, "I don't want to have to work b/c I need to focus on school." The realism is that while engineering degrees require a lot of studying, what you're really doing is exchanging less party's for a paying job. You won't be avoiding the parties all together, so work a little during the semester, a lot on breaks, study hard, party when you got the time and have fun at Tech.
Once you actually do have an offer from UTA, you can approach the financial aid office at Tech and ask if there's anything they can do to make your decision easier. The worst they can do is say no. In the meantime, do what you can to see about making up the difference on your own. Look for independent scholarships, ask about work-study, and if worst comes to worst, research loans. But as long as you're willing to pay your own way and you really do think the degree program will be better for you in the long run (having current friends there probably won't be as much of a factor as you think after the first few months or so), your dad should respect your decision.
I think you need to just be honest with your dad and tell him that you won't be happy at UTA and it would be a waste of money to send you there anyways, or maybe 'pretend' to apply for the scholarships and say you didn't get them. I kinda have the same situation with my parents wanting me to go to a cheaper college that I got accepted to, but I want to go to the other one because not only did I like it a lot more when we visited, but it's also just all-around a better school. Either way, even if you have to go to UTA, be happy that you get to go to college at all because a lot of people never get the chance.
Well, I really don't agree with letting my parents pay for my college, I pay for it myself (what my scholarship doesn't cover), so if you really want advice, I'd say get a job and pay your own way through or take out loans. Or, since I'm sure you don't want to do that, just tell your dad that you really want to go to TX Tech. and hope he's willing to dig out the extra cash from his retirement fund.
I would have to say if he has used the "You are amazing" line then, Yes more then likely he does like you. However the best way to find out is just to Ask.
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We are so in debt to China and many other countries. The last 8 years has cost Americans their lifestyle including many are loosing their homes and their jobs. While non/low tax paying (due to loop holes and Bush tax cuts) CEO's of many corporations receive bonuses of $60 million. "I'm not in favor of financing tax cuts with borrowed money," Greenspan said during an interview with Bloomberg Television. "I always have tied tax cuts to spending." McCain has said that he would offset his proposed cuts — including reducing the corporate tax rate and eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax that has plagued middle-class families — by ending congressional pork-barrel spending, unnecessary government programs and overhauling entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Democrats pounced on Greenspan's comments, in part because McCain professed last year that he was weaker on economics than foreign affairs and was reading Greenspan's memoir, "The Age of Turbulence," to educate himself. "Obviously he needs to go back to that book and study it some more," Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said during a conference call arranged by the campaign of Democratic nominee Barack Obama. McCaskill said eliminating congressional earmark spending — estimated at $17 billion annually — cannot offset McCain's proposed tax cuts. "That's a huge amount of money, but it's not even a drop in the bucket to pay for $3.5 trillion in tax cuts," she said. "So, every time he throws up earmarks and he's asked how he's going to pay for it, he knows he's being disingenuous, he knows he's not being forthcoming." McCain campaign officials dispute the $3.3 trillion figure, saying it assumes eliminating 2003 tax cuts made by the Bush administration and then cutting from that higher level. They say McCain is proposing tax cuts worth $600 billion from current levels. "John McCain opposed President Bush's tax cuts in 2003, because they didn't include the necessary spending controls. Sen. McCain's proposed job-growing tax cuts are modest in comparison to his plans to slow the exploding growth of federal expenditures — meaning that contrary to Chairman Greenspan's assertions, this relief isn't proposed on borrowed money," said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds. While McCain opposed the 2003 cuts and previous Bush administration tax cuts from 2001, he now says he would leave them intact. Obama has said he would repeal Bush tax cuts benefiting families making over $250,000 annually to pay for programs and provide middle-tax class relief. Meanwhile, organizers of a conservative summit in Washington said McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, missed an opportunity by not addressing the gathering. Some 2,100 activists from 44 states, plus another 10,000 people who signed up to watch online, participated in the three-day Values Voter Summit. On Saturday, McCain was less than 10 miles away, working in at his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Va. Palin was leaving Alaska and traveling to a rally in Reno, Nev. Last year, McCain and seven other GOP presidential candidates spoke at the summit. "I think there is some disappointment that he's not here. I think there's greater disappointment that Palin is not here," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a key sponsor of the summit. "I think people would have liked to have heard from her." Activists attending the summit were unanimous in their enthusiasm for Palin, including several who said their support for McCain was lukewarm before he selected her. Gary Ward, pastor of the Rocky Point Church in Stephenville, Texas, said he supported former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for the GOP nomination but that his enthusiasm for McCain has been increased by his choice of Palin and his recent statement that he believes life begins at conception. "That was absolutely the right answer," Ward said. Elizabeth Kish, an administrative assistant from Gainesville, Fla., said she was put off by McCain's record on immigration and was considering voting for Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr until Palin's selection. "Once he chose Palin that was it for me," said Kish, who was wearing a "Pro-Life Pro-Palin" button and another button featuring pictures of Chief Justice John Roberts and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito under the slogan, "The Kind of Change I Believe In." ___ Associated Press writer Joan Lowy contributed to this report.
America is indebted to enough countries (such as china)...... if we made love and not war then maybe we would not be in such debt
It's a long 'story,' but now just about everyone in both Parties agrees, no we would not be in this mess - alas, there is more to this game of taxing the poor and enjoying the rich. Presidents Reagan, Bush 41, and 43 raised the Debt Limit to an enormous total -- over and over again for Reagan in fact. It's shocking now that the American voters have so quickly forgotten how we got into the mess that "met" President Obama on his Inauguration Day. Frankly, it's a wonder he accepted Office with the mess the country was in, much brought about by the deregulation of finance in the US, "Wall Street" permissiveness, and control of our lives by the banks. Few Americans realized when their mortagages were being sold and re-sold that in every such transaction there is a buyer and a seller at each end, both earning commissions for selling simply paper, pure and simple, paper with a mortage on it, yet each amassing fortunes that spread across the world. Not many home owners objected and refused to let their mortgages be sold - this writer did, and won! As the wealthy grew, and the Middle Class became obliterated, the tax for the richest in America dropped, leaving the brunt of a shaky economy on the poorest, but hardest working Americans, as the profits of the corporations and richest grew, and multiplied. Now it is very interesting that the Party hollering the loudest about no jobs, is the Party refusing to help the jobless survive by increasing the tax of the richest and corporations making the greatest, shameful profits, and preserving health care, and benefits than enable people to survive on a day to day basis, and educate the children. Greatly ignored by the Tea Partiers, and others is the fact that the jobless can't afford to contribute to politcal campaigns, so those same legislators now fighting against raising the Debt Ceiling, and any increase in taxes for the wealthy are fawning for the contributions by our nation's richest, and carrying out those 'donors' wishes to keep obliterating the working class - our Middle Class is gone, but the basic poor are only getting poorer, and needier. Thus, right now, those running for re-election don't care about the ill, seniors, the disabled, or the poor - they only want dollars from the wealthy for their campaigns, while the American public continues to believe their rhetoric.
Well McCain has a good partner now because she kept money Alaska borrowed and went on a save the harp seals crusade with some of the money. LOL. But no we are in enough debt. We need to stop spending the money on the war and start working on our war we have going on here.
Borrowing is just future debt! We need to cut the powers of the Federal Reserve (that admitted to prolonging the great depression), cut taxes to keep the money in the economy, cut the government oligopolies that have been created like "raise the minimum wage" Wal-Mart as well as government contracted Enron, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae,..... You think we are a free market? Farthest thing from it....Until we get back to our civil liberties and economic freedom our country will continue its decline!
The tax cuts that went out this year came from two different sources. The tax cuts that went to the morbidly wealthy was bc US gov't borrowing money from China to pay for them. The tax cuts that went to the middle class and the working poor came from the US gov't. ...directly out of their pocket, they didn't borrow from anyone to pay for them. Since the morbidly wealthy, typically anyone making at least 5 million dollars a year or more, don't deserve tax cuts then no, we obviously should not be borrowing money from any foreign country to give money to ppl that don't deserve it!
We should cut government benefits for those who are only in their position for 2 to 4 years as they have not earned it. We need to get rid of congress and senate retirment programs that are better than the normal working people have. What is good for one is good for all. THey are there to serve the people and it was not intended for them to make a career there.
NO!!! There should be a Congressional bill to prevent any more borrowing from foreign powers! And another one forcing them to prepare a balanced budget - every program somebody can't do without has to have a special tax to pay for it - PERIOD!!! If you can't find a tax for it then it must not be that important!
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Hello, my name is Simon and I work for a sub-department of the Department of Homeland Security. If you want a lot of cash, the two best fields to go into right now are Medicine and Finance. The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, and hospitals are either expanding or popping up everywhere in metropolitan areas. I myself live in Dallas / Fort Worth in Texas, and Arlington Memorial, Harris Methodist, and the Medical Center of Arlington have all expanded brand new wings and sections to their main buildings. Also USMD hospital was built not too long ago, and the government is also building a new Veteran's Affairs hospital in Arlington within the next couple of years. Clinical managers, doctors, nurses, OR Techs and many other jobs have opened up in this field. Clinical managers can make up to $200k ++, nurses make anywhere between $60k and $80k, doctors can make $300k ++ a year. In Finance, you have probably heard that social security has hit some rocky spots and that eventually, it will be unable to support today's youth when we get older. Also, Americans have horrible debt issues. Financial advisors, stock brokers, accountants, and investment bankers make TONS of money. However, their income is very customer-reliant. People dont NEED financial advising, but they do NEED healthcare. Here's 1 more alternate route. Try to get a job within the Federal Government. you get paid sick leave, and paid annual leave. After you work for a couple years, you get 8 hours sick leave and 8 hours annual leave for every 80 hours you work. (just 2 weeks of working and you get 2 days off). The pay is not that bad, and if you calculate all the PAID holidays you get and all the annual and sick leave, you only work 11 months out of the year, and the rest is paid leave. good luck
I've got a freind who has a Bachelors in Accounting and she temps for $30 an hour. She was working for Fidelity while she was in school but had to quit for extra study time. She was making $50k anually there. Accountants can also free lance for small businesses and non profits to bring in extra cash. Or you can just become a mercanary contractor in iRaq for about $200k anually.
I agree with you♥ child support is a must have.......and some money...........but gee......millions? Just because Paul is rich shouldn't be a reason for the court to grant her so much money! Now if they were married while he was making the money........that would be different..........but he was a wealthy man when she married him..............and he was vulnerable.............and she took advantage of a lonely aging man........♥
Contact me I am Willing to Pay $1,000 Per Hr
Physical Theraphy. Just go for a hour and see how much u get charged.
Be the person that puts people to sleep when they're getting surgery. Easy enough job, loads of cash.
I suggest you get your focus OFF money and onto SERVICE which is more rewarding and fulfilling. Money is useful but NOT a place to put your goals. The love of money is the root of all evil. (Read that again - the LOVE of money . . .)
I don't know what is right for you only you can decide that, but it should be something you enjoy doing.
Medical transcription. you can work from home and they either pay by the hour or by the report.
A nurse or doctor!
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I got my tax return and needed the cash to transfer to my other bank. So I went to 1stcb to withdraw the money and they said they were low on cash and i'd have to do money orders instead... ghetto right? Well I went to Wells Fargo to deposit them into my new account there and they said sign them and make them out to us and we will deposit them, so I did. As soon as I finished they said oh your account is new so the money won't be available for 5-7 business days.. WTF?!? I need that money and they are withholding it from me.... any advice?
Hey how about advice LIKE I ASKED FOR and not a rant and lecture on banks and what a business day is. Call first convenience bank in Arlington and see that they are out of cash! I hate people who just want to look down at people and try to show how smart they are. And why would I ask for advice on yahoo answers if I was pulling a scam. Thanks to those of you who actually tried to give advice.
Banks always move much slower then you'd think. Unless you're cashing a check, doing a withdrawal or money order, the transactions can sometimes take days to complete. I'm sorry I don't have more helpful info for you. 7 days seems like alot even for a new account, but it could just be how Wells Fargo rolls. Is there someone who could give you a 7 day loan?
You should have READ the sign that is at every tellers window that says that deposits are not always immediately available. How do they know that these money orders were not cooked up by you in your basement on your printer? They are only protecting themselves from YOU ripping them off. Since this is a new account, they have every right to put a hold on anything but cash that you bring in. They don't know you from a hole in the ground. The bank you should be mad at is the bank you cashed your tax return at or that told you they were *short on cash*. How much was this tax return that the bank didn't have enough to cover it? That's odd. There's a thing in most banks called a vault that holds literally thousands of dollars. LOL I would have pitched a fit at the other bank and asked for the manager to get at least enough cash to cover whatever it is you wanted to have access to with Wells Fargo immediately. Now, you are stuck waiting the 5 to 7 BUSINESS days (it isn't 5 to 7 regular days, you can't count weekends or holidays) to access your money. Unless you can go into Wells Fargo and speak to a manager and tell him your issue and how much of the deposit you really need to pay a bill or whatever and get him to release it, you are stuck. Now you know next time to READ or ASK when will I be able to USE the money I am depositing. ***************************************... Also, refrain from going to another category and whining about us here who answered your question. Using members names to slander them is not allowed on this forum. We did NOT violate the TOS here, we gave you answers, you just wanted to be a big baby and go whine and put our names out there. I don't think I would have amassed close to 140k in points here and countless Best Answers if I was not being helpful. Be a grown man, tattling is for 2nd graders. You will notice that question was removed by the way.. wonder how that happened. LOL
You got your tax REFUND, you filed your RETURN and your story is a crock of crap! So why did you not just write a check from bank 1 to bank 2 for deposit, you would still have the same problem of the hold on the funds. Banks are never low on cash and you could have just cashed a check at bank 1 for some cash on hand. IF you need to pay bills you can write checks off of the account you just can not get cash. But again I don't believe a word you are saying. Oh and the bank did not screw you, YOU did.
Your story sounds fishy as no financial institution is ever 'low on cash'. Doesn't happen. As to Wells Fargo putting a hold on money orders in a new account. Perfectly legal and part of the agreement you signed when you opened the account. Why didn't you send the funds to Wells directly or deposit the check into Wells so there was no need to transfer?
I would like to say thank you to Destiny kings Loan finance for all the things they have helped me with. I have a large family, and every time we have had a crisis Destiny kings Loan finance has helped us out. I thank God for the help they have provided to me and my family,email them today at{ {}
Never heard of a bank "low on cash"
Most banks do not cash money orders due to the amount of fraud invilved. You are SOL
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Hey guys, Here's my situation: I'm 28 and work in town (Boston) as a Software Engineer. My current salary is $95,000/year and I also have $120,000 in savings not including retirement accounts. I also live at home with my parents and I have been living here for the past 3 years so I can save for my own place. My issue is that I STILL find prices to be way too high in the areas I want to live. My optimal housing arrangement would be a townhouse/condo somewhere close to work such as Waltham, Watertown, Arlington, Woburn, etc. I absolutely do not want to move far away and have a rough commute to work each day. To me, time = money and money = freedom and I don't want to be a slave to my commute. I also do not want to be a slave to my mortgage payment, either, and the maximum i'm willing to spend is 300k and ideally a little less than that. I've seen some decent places in this range but they all seem to have a fatal flaw(s). For instance Repton Place in Watertown seems nice (modern, laundry in unit, good commute location) but the buildings abut an industrial park... There's been places in other areas like Medford or Somerville but the affordable units are invariably located in slummy locations. The conclusion that I'm arriving at is that I should continue to live at home for a year or more and hope the market declines while I continue to save more money. Eventually it's going to become a little "weird" that I live at home with my parents while being late 20s and earning a reasonably good salary... Does anyone else have any insights about the condo market in the boston area?
It is already "weird" that you live with your parents and make a reasonable salary. No I would not date someone that still lives under their parents roof when there is no good reason why they could not live independently. What ever happened to living within your means and climbing the housing ladder. So you can't find a condo that is perfect for you. Buy one that is imperfect, keep saving, and buy your dream condo sometime in the future. I cannot believe the sense of entitlement that people have. What makes you so special that you think you can live off your parents for ten more years than everyone else usually does with theirs. I fully expect, no, demand that when my children finish school and are working that if they want to continue living with me that they will pay the same rent as a stranger off the street would. When I had children I did not sign up for supporting them for almost 30 years. Maybe your parents have their own plans, want to save some money for their retirement, have some privacy and their own space. They have earned it. If I was them, I would have booted you out years ago.
1. I have a very good friend that lives in the Boston area with his mom. After living in TN for 15 or so years, he moved back to Boston to start over. He's 34 and cannot swing rent or owning a home on his income so he stays with her. From what he tells me, the cost of living is ridiculous there. 2. My boyfriend is 29 and lives with his dad. He is going to school and plans on staying there after to help his dad pay off the mortgage on the house as a repayment for living rent free now; so yes, I would date someone in his late 20s that lives with his parents, lol. I think it just depends on the person and the situation; however, you do have a good amount of money saved up. It is possible to refinance down the road if the mortgage payment is higher than you would like.
I think you are very fortunate that you have parents to fall back on so you can save money to get what you want. I think you should stay where you are. 1) it's not weird. 2) the economy is bad, no one cares if you are 28 and live with your parents. It's not like you are 40 and live with them. 3) I bought a house 16 years ago when things were good, thinking I'll stay here for 10 years and leave. Guess what? I'm still here, the neighborhood borders on a ghetto and I'll probably never be able to sell. I wish I would have sold the house 6-8 years ago and moved!!!! Some place where I want to live; some place where I can walk around and feel OK aobut it where I don't have rap star wanna bes walking up and down my street with their pants hanging off their butts! But now I'm stuck. Hold out, til you find what you want!!!
Seriously, stop pinching pennies and rent a damn apartment until you can afford a house. Honestly, it doesnt look good for you to be living at home considering you are doing quite well for yourself. I dont think many people would want to get involved with someone in your position. You say money = freedom, so set yourself free! Spend that money on an apartment! there a reason you've ruled out renting? 'Cause I'm pretty sure you could manage that on $95k in Back Bay, let alone Arlington. Also, where do your coworkers live? Maybe you should get some tips from them. At the very least, they might be able to recommend an agent.
Nope, sorry. You are living off your parents and you have no reason to be. You could share an apartment or rent a studio apartment. If I ran into you on a date, I would think of you as very spoiled and as taking advantage of your parents. And as not leading an interesting life.
You make 95,000 a year and have 120,000 saved up?? Just how exactly do you not "have enough" to get your own place. You are ether a moron or Trolling.
I left home when I was 18. 1) I would not have wanted to live with my parents 2) My parents would not have let me live with them
Eventually its going to become a little weird? It's beyond that. There is a price for independence, and although you wouldn't be able to save as much money, it is worth paying that price. Get your own damn place and quit leeching off your damn parents you bum.
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Groups that vet charities are raising doubts about the organization backed by Haitian-born rapper Wyclef Jean, questioning its accounting practices and ability to function in earthquake-hit Haiti. Even as more than $2 million poured into The Wyclef Jean Foundation Inc. via text message after just two days, experts questioned how much of the money would help those in need. "It's questionable. There's no way to get around that," said Art Taylor, president and chief executive of the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, based in Arlington, Va. Taylor reviewed Internal Revenue Service tax returns for the organization also known as Yele Haiti Foundation from 2005 through 2007. He said the first red flag of poor accounting practices was that three years of returns were filed on the same day — Aug. 10 of last year. In 2007, the foundation's spending exceeded its revenues by $411,000. It brought in just $79,000 that year. "Here's the bottom line: for an earthquake of catastrophic proportions, do people really believe that this organization is in a position to do anything right now?" he said.,2933,5831...WASHINGTON, D.C. — Inauguration weekend had a proper kickoff Saturday night, when Wyclef Jean performed at the Green Inaugural Ball. "It's important for me to be here in D.C., to be part of this event, 'cause all you gotta do is Google 'Wyclef,' man," he told MTV News before the show at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. "I'm like an Obama groupie from the very beginning. Every Wyclef song, I remixed it with 'Obama': 'I'll be gone with Obama ... ' "
I'm not surprised. Watch this interview with him from the other day and just listen to how sketchy he sounds:♠
Although it is true that Haitian leaders had dedicated that nation to satan (do a simple search on the web for the history of it) I do not necessarily think that the 7.0 earthquake was due to the curse. If anything is due to the curse, it is the fact that the nation of Haiti is inundated with voodoo occultism and also the absolute poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere! Not to mention has the worst (worst, mind you) soil erosion, pollution, and de-forestation problems in the Americas. A stark contrast to the Dominican Republic, which is the nation right next to Haiti that shares the same island. Haiti's problems are caused by their own poor choices, as in judgment. The earthquake however, was an occurence of tectonic plate activity...and yet the Dominican Republic was unaffected. Makes you wonder, does it not? Think about it.
Some low lifes always will of this or any other catastrophe. It's really sad but so it is. Choose a reputable org when you want to make donations. But even that's not completely safe. I remember the controversy at the red cross when 9/11 happened because they didn't release all the funds they got top the victims and instead used it to get out of some debt i don't remember exactly but google it. Found it: Local Chapters Kept 9/11 Money Instead Of Sending It In For Victims
I like Wyclef and think he's a genuine person. But, that said, I would never send money to a foundation run by a rapper or an athlete who doesn't have a college degree. They surround themselves with people who are shady and have no clue what they are doing in the first place.
When ever there is big money being raised for something like this there is going to be corruption or misuse of funds if the money is not being carefully watched and used. also I hate to say it but it also brings out the greedy guys too who will think nothing of price gouging for their services or products.also if you give to a charity in the past you could write it off on your taxes. In my book if you give something you don't expect to see it returned so this has a double edge to it. If you want to donate I would donate to doctors without borders or the red cross but I would specify on my check just what it was to go for.I know in some cases if you earmark your donation for something the organization has to use it for what you if you put on your check for example For Medical supplies In Haiti they would have to use it for that and nothing else.
I remember one year the Marine Toys for Tots collected a ton of money and didn't give out a single toy. " much as 75 percent of the money the charity raised went to expenses, and it acknowledged that none of the money raised in a $10 million campaign had gone to buy toys for needy children." I haven't given to a "charity" since.
Yeah of course. Anytime a tragedy like this happens that causes people to donate money, goods or times, there is always going to be some sociopathic narcissistic individuals who will exploit it and use it for their own financial gain. They are disgusting, but that is human nature really at it's most basic with these people.
Interesting Zaza. I was wondering that when I saw him bloviating on "Is Larry King Still Alive?". I sent mine as usual to the Salvation Army and Docs Without Borders. EDIT: Still no answers??? LOL.
Wyclef Jean is a native Hatian who later IMMIGRATED to America. In his 15+ years in the music business, he has ALWAYS shown a deep love and passion for his native country, anyone who's familiar with his music can attest to that.
Why would someone send money to a rapper. Are people really that dense?
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Her - Thanks for the mail and interest in the little girl... .. First of all here are a few pics of her,hope you like her . She is 18 weeks old and her name Diamond. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a few questions: Do you have kids? Do you have any experience with pups? Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her? Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures? Where are you located?????? I am just being concerned about the type of home she will be going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love her and we want to make sure she goes to a family that will show her the affection she deserves. She is health guaranteed,AKC and CKC registered and will come along with all her papers,puppy blanket,play toys, crate and food menu. She is very playful,energetic and goes along with kids and other home pets. She loves to be held and cuddled and sometimes wants all the attention for herself. She is also well house trained and does not mess around the house.It would cost you 120$ to get her over to you and she is adoption free(not for sale). But i am sorry i first of all need to know the answers to my questions so let me judge if you are fit to provide a good home for her before we can proceed... Nina Me- She's absolutely beautiful. (: Do you have kids? one, 14 year old daughter Do you have any experience with pups? Raised 3 (Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Labrador Retriver Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her? Nope. Never would, find it unnecessary when we have shelters putting dogs down. Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures? If you request. Her- Hello , I am so glad to get all that from you and i think you would provide a great home for diamond. The reason i am giving diamond up for adoption is simple.I would be going to hawaii to commence my treatment that would last for 6months and i have no close family to keep diamond with, so i just have to give her up for adoption, but i had to make sure she goes to the right home. I am not selling the baby but looking for a place to re-home her so the 120$ is for her flight fee and nothing else.In addition,you would be paying the money directly to the delivery agency so that they ship the baby to you. In case you want some assurance on my location, here is the address Arlington (Village) 204 N Main St Arlington, OH 45814 Without which there is every means for the baby being shipped over to you so if you are willing to get the baby all you have to do would be to provide me with the following information .This information comprises of Full names......... house phone number state city zip code house affiliation(like street address and house number) ,and the nearest airport to your location you will like to pick up the baby but from my information it would be a door step delivery ,and that would costs extra $20 (optional).This information will also be used to reserve a flight for the baby at the delivery agency where you would be paying the 140$ for the delivery of the baby to your door steps.. waiting on you
100% scam. There is no dog. There are stolen pictures of someone else's dog. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "pet shipping company" and will demand you pay for shipping fees, in cash, and only by Western Union or moneygram. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. You could post up the email address and the emails themselves that the scammer is using, it will help make your post more googlable for other suspicious potential victims to find when looking for information. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. If you google "Cameroon pet scam", "fake puppy sale scam Western Union" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims of this type of scam. There are sites where you can look up pictures and find the site or sites where the scammer stolen the cute pictures of the puppies.
YES YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. This is a very well known and well publicized scam. There is no puppy. She is sending you pictures taken from the Internet. She is sending the same picture to everyone who responds to her and she is telling them ALL the same story she's telling you. If you send her the money she asks for, she'll come up with some phony story about why she needs even more (special vet bills? special travelling licenses? special immunizations required to ship across state borders?) and she'll keep putting you off until she's made enough money, at which point you'll never hear from her again. If you want a dog, BUY ONE IN PERSON.
It's a SCAM That same address has been used in pet scams for more than a year to mention a Google Street view of that address shows it's the Arlington Municipal Building, not a residential address time someone wants to ship a pet to you it's a scam UNLESS this is a legitimate breeder you found listed on the AKC website and have been on the waiting list for 12-18 months for a future litter
I agree with above complete scam. There another one where scam artists search the "lost and found" sections of papers for people who lost pets. Then contact them saying they found their pet (in another town) at a gas station so it must of jumped on the back of a truck or something. They tell the owner the description of the pet (taken from the lost and found ad they read) and offer to either drive the pet to their home or ship the pet. All they need to do is Western Union the funds to cover costs. Once they get the $ they disappear. Scam
arlington money
Pros: 1) One of the nicer, cleaner areas just across the river from Washington DC. 2) Good public transportation system, including access to the Metro subway system to take you around the DC metropolitan area. 3) Again, Washington DC is just a short bike ride across the river, with plenty to see and do there. Cons: 1) It is expensive. Apartments, condos, homes will cost a lot of money. 2) Traffic is a bit of a pain. The 495 Beltway starts to get backed-up with morning rush hour traffic at 6 AM. The traffic on the nearby streets of Arlington does not make it a very pedestrian-friendly town. 3) Along with the traffic is the traffic noise. Plus it is along the glide path for National Airport and the jet traffic can also add to the noise pollution.
You've gotten some good comments, and I'm glad that Veggie pointed you to the "Arlington Rap". What hasn't been mentioned is that Arlington has some of the best public schools in the nation. Also, some very nice parks, several bike trails, good public libraries, lots of "20-somethings", excellent ethnic restaurants, two very large shopping malls, a highly regarded county government, and lots of things to do for all ages. It's very eco-minded, and heavily Democratic in how it votes. Also a secret: traffic within Arlington isn't all that bad--it's the traffic on the Beltway and in Fairfax County that's really bad.
Arlington is a typical suburb. Most parts are very safe. It's also very expensive. Public transit in Arlington is pretty good, especially if you live near a Metro station. The further out from DC you go, though, the buses get less reliable and/or less frequent. And like much of the DC area, traffic is just awful. Here's a rap about Arlington, just for laughs.
There is lots of stuff within walking distance. It's a quick subway ride into DC. They have a good public access station with Arlington Independent Media.
Pros: Arlington National Cemetery. Pentagon. nice place to live outside the troubles of Washington, DC. Wish I knew what you are asking for.
arlington money
I'm planning to live in Arlington; as I'm a candidate for working at the Smithsonian Institution in NW DC. I may also be lecturing at Georgetown University and studying at the Library of Congress, Dumbarton Oaks, etc. My question is: Are these places safe to live and work in? How safe are they? BTW, what are the advantages and disadvantages of living there? Please explain...
I live in Arlington, and visit DC often, and can provide the following guidance: --Arlington is a safe place to live. It has some crime, generally from folks from DC who cross the river, but on the whole it is a nice place to live and to raise a family. It's also a good place for young singles, with lots of good restaurants, shopping, and hang-outs aimed at them. --The Library of Congress, and all of Capitol Hill, are heavily patrolled and safe. Go some distance beyond and you'll run into more iffy neighborhoods. --Dunbarton Oaks is in Georgetown, a very ritzy area. It's safe. --The Smithsonian Museums on and near the Mall are all in safe areas. No need for concern. --Georgetown University is also quite safe. About the only other advice I'll add is that despite all of these areas being safe, it's always good to be street-smart. Know where you are. Don't flash large amounts of money. Don't walk by yourself late at night through unfamiliar areas. Don't leave your keys in your car. In short, use common sense and you'll be fine!
Personally, I do not care for Arlington. It is crowded, expensive, and traffic is horrible. However, you are from southern California so the cost of living might actually be cheaper, and the traffic is comparable. If I had to live in that area (and could afford it), Rosslyn isn't a bad place. The benefits are that the metro has a station in that area so you won't need a car. Just get on the metro, scoot across the Potomac, and you pull into a major transfer station where you can get to about everywhere in DC. A second good thing is that you will be close to stores, restauraunts, nightlife, museums, everything! Sure, everyone is packed shoulder to shoulder, but there are enought stores to supply everyone with everything they need! I have been told that the dating scene is very good in Arlington and DC. Just take everything with a grain of salt. The odds are good, but the goods are odd. Another drawback is that if you do have a car, you may end up with no place to park it. Very few apartments have garages. On street parking is short term only, you may have to move your car before going to bed and as soon as you wake up in order to avoid a ticket or a towed vehicle. Overall, I do not think that you would go wrong with renting in Arlington for a year. Good luck!
This Site Might Help You. RE: Is Arlington, Virginia a safe place to live in? I'm planning to live in Arlington; as I'm a candidate for working at the Smithsonian Institution in NW DC. I may also be lecturing at Georgetown University and studying at the Library of Congress, Dumbarton Oaks, etc. My question is: Are these places safe to live and work in? How safe...
For the best answers, search on this site Very safe (I'm a woman and I walk around at night). Lots of good restaurants, shopping, etc. Can walk everywhere. Easy Metro ride into DC proper. Close to Georgetown (if you're on the Orange line). Close to Pentagon City mall (if you're on the Blue/Yellow lines). Lots of apartments are very accessible to Metro. I live a few Metro stops from Rosslyn - it's a great area. Very convenient to the Metro (Blue and Orange). Walking distance to Georgetown, where there are fantastic restaurants, shopping, bike paths, etc. Easy trip into the District. Most apartments in that area have parking, if you have a car. Disadvantages: Housing is insanely expensive - although maybe not for a current SoCal resident. Lots of preppy people (not super diverse in most areas). Some parts of Arlington are NOT Metro-accessible. Overall, I recommend - email if you have questions. Good luck with your move!
Congrats dude! i'll ask my teacher, he used to live there also ask ur fellow lecturers if you know them already
arlington money
Football fans think no price is too high for a players salary or a new stadium, and the tax payers of Arlington, not Dallas, had a choice and they voted for the stadium. I wouldn't give you 2 cents for the whole team, including coach & owner, but I know it's a sin to talk like that in Dallas.
Getting the Cowboys in Arlington is a huge coup for the city and will help bring millions of dollars in sales tax revenue. The city has experience with this type venture, having had taxpayers approve a similar measure for the Rangers' baseball stadium which was actually paid off early. With a major theme park and two major league facilities, Arlington has become one of the centers of entertainment in the entire state. I think the citizens for the most part are ecstatic about having the stadium and the team in town and the facility is, without question, state of the art. The city of Dallas continues to have nothing to do with the team or its facilities.
Dallas didn't pay a penny for the new stadium and in retrospect, I think Laura Miller did us a favor. I was totally against her decision to drop the stadium, but geeze, what a waste of Arlington taxpayer's money.
Dallas didn't spend a dime. ARLINGTON wasted money. Hopefully Arlington can break even on what they spent. Irving told Jerry to **** off when he came with his ridiculous deal.
Money is not waste, lot of ppls earned that money
arlington money
I've been on craigslist looking for a car to buy and I've recently come across a 2005 Lexus ES 330 with very very low miles at about 22,000 for $2,900. This seemed a little strange to me because it is so inexpensive, especially for a Lexus with not a lot of miles. I contacted the seller to get more info and they said if I purchased the car they wanted to use Google Checkout. There was also a 2004 Audi with 87000miles for $2,390. This seller wants to use Ebay motors for the payment because the car is in Arlington, VA at a shipping company. Could these be a scam? Is there anything I should do that will help me find out if these are legit? thank you!!
100% SCAM. Both of them Craigslist is ONLY for face to face CASH transactions. Period. Their scam warnings cannot be any clearer so I don't know why people willing choose to ignore them, especially the big bold letters across the top of every single page saying "AVOID OFFERS TO SHIP VEHICLES" as well as this whole page"How to recognize a vehicle scam attempt on CL: Shipping a vehicle to you is suggested by seller eBay Motors or another intermediary is specified by seller Payment by Western Union or a money wire is requested Price is unusually low (fraction of blue book value) If you see these tell-tale signs, flag ad as "prohibited" and avoid Offers to ship a vehicle are virtually 100% fraudulent eBay has no involvment in craigslist for sale ads, and any eBay or similar emails or web pages you receive are fake Never use Western Union or wire transfer to pay for goods - only a scammer will ask for this, and any funds sent will be lost Do not buy vehicles sight-unseen, regardless of low price. The vehicle does not exist, and any money you send will be lost. Stories about divorcees or departing servicemen needing to sell quickly at a low price are generally fraudulent If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Google Checkout is a payment system for online retailers who are registered with Google. If this is not a car dealer who has a website and a Google Checkout badge on his payment page, then Google Checkout would never be involved. Google Checkout is not used for person to person transactions and never for Craigslist transactions. Ebay is NEVER involved in any sales where the vehicle is not listed for auction on Ebay, you bid on Ebay, you win the auction on Ebay and you pay through Ebay's checkout page with your linked Paypal account. Again Ebay is never involved in any transactions listed on Craigalist EVERY time you cannot see the car in person, test drive it, have a mechanic check it out and verify in person that the seller's ID is the same name as on the title you are going to get scammed. You are either sending money to a Nigerian scammer who copied pictures of a car off a legitimate dealer's site, buying a lemon that might require $5000 worth of work or buying a stolen vehicle Report both of these ads ASAP to Craigslist to get them removed There is NO way anyone could get a 2005 Lexus for $2900 unless it was a stolen car that thieves were trying to quickly sell to some sucker before the police catch them. The first one has already been reported as a scam in Georgia
100% scam. There is no car. There are stolen pictures of someone else's car. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be "Ebay Motors" and will demand you pay for "shipping costs", in cash, and only by Western Union or moneygram. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of cheap vehicles, great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. You could post up the email address and the emails themselves that the scammer is using, it will help make your post more googlable for other suspicious potential victims to find when looking for information. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. If you google "fake car shipping scam", "western union shipping fraud" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts of victims and near victims of this type of scam.
PLEASE READ THE FRAUD WARNINGS on Craigslist!!! Both of these ads are SCAMS. They are trying to steal your money. Anyone who mentions shipping a car to you. It's a SCAM Anyone who mentions a third party escrow account to pay through. It's a SCAM. Shop locally and deal only with local sellers.
Please answer mine, and I'll answer yours right away.
arlington money
Rangers, I am a Cardinals fan, and although I don't dislike the Brewers, I don't want to have to play against my favorite team often. I definitely would not be pitching, so I would have better stats as a hitter playing at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
I would take the stability and money in Washington. Forget about how competitive the team is I am confident enough that if I'm worth that money I can help turn that team around. Also I would much rather play in Washington, D.C. a larger media market then Milwaukee where no one wants to play and Arlington, Texas. Anyone who honestly says otherwise unless they have a special reason are crazy to say differently.
Nationals. Great farm, have a great future, will win in the future, Semi-long contract. They will win in a couple years, good farm system, and long contract, more money, and eventually become a contender. Will get great money, 114 million is great.
The contenders--you mean the Yankees, if the deal were 5 years 300 million? I would go to Texas or Milwawkee, never been to those places. I don't care for changing teams just because they are winning.
Brewers They aren't bad(made post season last year) They are offering 48 mill for 4 years Who else is offering?The Natinals and the Rangers(where have they been?)
Rangers is my home town team and I don't feed the need to be totally greedy so I pick them. I'd actually play four years for $20 million actually...I mean what are you gonnan do with that money anyway? Gold floors? Helecopter to fly you to the mail box..I mean really..
Nationals-that is guaranteeing me money for the rest of my life no matter what. I would not pass up that opportunity to get that high amount of money. I might only get that offer once.
Nationals. A couple good players away from being better
I would go Brewers, I think that in the next couple of yrs., they will be winning the series..
Nationals for the moneys
arlington money
Having rejected calls for a guerilla or partisan war, Lee returned home after the surrender. The Lee family owned several homes there were inherited from George Washington Custis, Lee's father-in-law. However, these homes were all destroyed or taken (unlawfully, the Supreme Court would later find) by the Federal government. Their main home, in Arlington, was used during the war as a cemetery. It became Arlington National Cemetery. You can still visit the Lee home to this day, and it overlooks Washington and the National grave sites. So after he returned from Appomattox, Lee moved in with his sickly wife and unwed daughters to a small home in Richmond. He was repeatedly offered money in exchange for using his name (for life insurance companies and other business ventures), but he declined out of honor, saying it would not be right to get paid for doing no work. The family did not have much money, as most of their belongings were stolen during the war by Federal solders. In fact, Lee's only suits to wear were his old uniforms, but he had his daughters remove all the insignia to avoid being accused of trying to act as an active Confederate. Most post-war photos you see of Lee are in these grey suits. Lee took several trips south for the benefit of his wife to visit warm springs that would help her arthritis. Interestingly, on one of these trips, while passing through Augusta, GA, the future president, Woodrow Wilson, met Lee. Lee eventually was offered the presidency of a small college in Western Virginia, Washington College. Lee, in fact, was related to George Washington through marriage - Mary, Lee's wife, was Martha Washington's great granddaughter. It was beginning to get students home from the war, and it needed a new president. Lee, having been superintendent at West Point earlier in his life, felt this was a good fit, and he moved his family to Lexington, VA. The college provide Lee with a president's home, and he began to focus on rebuilding the school, raising money for much needed buildings and a chapel, and instilling discipline in the college. Lee served with honor and distinction while here. He took a few trips, including one to Washington, DC where he met with U.S. Grant in the White House. It was even suggested by a New York newspaper that Lee be nominated for President of the United States. Lee had filed for his citizenship after taking an oath of loyalty to the Union, but it was "misfiled" and never acted upon until discovered in 1970 and approved by Congress. Lee suffered a blood clot to the brain in October 1870, and he died in his home on the campus of the college on Oct. 12. His last words were recorded as "Tell (A.P.) Hill - He MUST come up!" and later, "Strike the tent!" Lee was later honored by all Americans and seen as the ultimate gentleman, husband, public servant and soldier. The college was renamed Washington & Lee University, and Lee is buried there (along with Traveller, his horse) in the chapel which was renamed the Lee Chapel. The authoritative book on the subject is Charles Flood's LEE: THE LAST YEARS.
Robert Edward Lee returned to Richmond as a paroled prisoner of war, and submitted with the utmost composure to an altered destiny. He devoted the rest of his life to setting an example of conduct for other thousands of ex-Confederates. He refused a number of offers which would have secured substantial means for his family. Instead, he assumed the presidency of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia, and his reputation revitalized the school after the war. Lee's enormous wartime prestige, both in the North and South, and the devotion inspired by his unconscious symbolism of the "Lost Cause" made his a legendary figure even before his death. He died on October 12 1870, of heart disease which had plagued him since the spring of 1863, at Lexington, Va. and is buried there. Somehow, his application for restoration of citizenship was mislaid, and it was not until the 1970's that it was found and granted. CREDIT AND SOURCE
Arlington House which now sits in the Arlington National Cemetary was never owned by Robert E Lee. George Washington Parke Custis had the house built as a living memorial to his grandfather, George Washington. He lived their the rest of his life, until 1857. Under the terms of her father's will, Mary Anna Custis Lee was given the right to inhabit and control the house for the rest of her life. Custis' will also stipulated that upon Mary Anna's death, full title would pass to her eldest son, George Washington Custis Lee. Contrary to popular belief, Robert E. Lee never owned the Arlington estate. George Washington Custis Lee filed suit and won against the US Govt for taking his property and they paid him the value of the estate. Lee was indicted for treason in several states and his case was finally thrown out when USSC Chief Justice Chase ruled that the 14th amendment barred further punishment of the confederates. Lee lived out the remainder of his life as President of Washington College in Lexington, VA and is credited with having established the first university programs in the fields of commerce and journalism. whale
Robert E Lee put down his gun and took up the rod. He became President of Washinton College and devoted the rest of his life to keeping education alive in his native state.""Lee returned to Richmond as a paroled prisoner of war, and submitted with the utmost composure to an altered destiny. He devoted the rest of his life to setting an example of conduct for other thousands of ex-Confederates. He refused a number of offers which would have secured substantial means for his family. Instead, he assumed the presidency of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia, and his reputation revitalized the school after the war. Lee's enormous wartime prestige, both in the North and South, and the devotion inspired by his unconscious symbolism of the "Lost Cause" made his a legendary figure even before his death. He died on October 12 1870, of heart disease which had plagued him since the spring of 1863, at Lexington, Va. and is buried there. Somehow, his application for restoration of citizenship was mislaid, and it was not until the 1970's that it was found and granted. Source: "Who Was Who In The Civil War" by Stewart Sifakis "" Peace...
I found it sad that he couldn't return to his original home in Arlington. During the war, the Union took it over as a base and it was later turned into Arlington National Cemetary.
He surrendered & went into retirement. I believe he suffered from a bipolar condition.
arlington money
They lost their money. Confederate dollars lost value rapidly as the war went on. People who bought Confederate war bonds and such lost a lot of money. Robert E Lee saw his family fortune wiped out because of this (he also had the family estate, really his wife's estate, confiscated and turned into Arlington National Cemetery). Confederate slaveowners also lost massive amounts of wealth through emancipation. The end of slavery was, at the same time, both the greatest humanitarian act in American history and the greatest destruction of property. Prior to the Civil War, the South had been the wealthiest part of the country. After the war it became the poorest. It remains the poorest region to this day.
I haven't heard about the tax, but people holding worthless money are stuck with it. The result for a time was widespread hardship.
They lost the war and they lost their money.
Those who bought the war bonds and other forms of paper money were ruined. Those who had gold and silver coins still had some precious metals.
The people with confederate dollars were fcuked. The 14th amendment specifically made confederate money and bonds worthless. They were simply pieces of paper with pretty pictures printed on them, worth nothing. Ha ha ha stupid racist traitor fuckbags lost everything ha ha ha. As to your second question, no, there was no such indemnity imposed on the former rebel states. Some members of the US congress advocated such a tax but it was not adopted.
When the Union blockaded its ports in summer 1861, exports of cotton fell 95 percent and the South had to restructure itself to emphasize food production and munitions production. After losing control of its main rivers and ports, it had to depend on a weak railroad system that, with few repairs being made, no new equipment, and federal raids, crumbled away. The financial infrastructure collapsed during the war as inflation destroyed banks and forced a move toward a barter economy for civilians. The government seized needed supplies and livestock (paying with certificates that were to be paid off after the war, but never were). By 1865 the economy was in ruins.
I have a New Orleans gold $20 from 1858 and Philadelphia gold $10 from 1800. Even Confederate Southerners had physical gold and Silver then. Most Southern people would not use or accept paper money. I have seen gold $20 double eagles engraved on the reverse with writing from New Orleans in 1855. Not only that but wealthy Southern women wore $10 gold coins in necklaces from as early as 1797. Before the Civil War many Southern people were wealthy. I am a numismatist. If you are looking for some good investments put some money into New Orleans gold. Best years are 1854-O and 1856-O ($20)
They lost that money, as it was basically an investment in the confederacy winning.
arlington money
If Jerry Jones and the Cowboys want a new stadium then they should be welcome to get a new one. That is beside the fact that 62,000 Arlington residents all voted for it back in 2004. Now about the arguement about AIDS, starvation, and so forth, it's all not valid. Do you really think that the money being spent by Arlington and the Cowboys organization was going to go toward those causes if they were not going toward the stadium? The answer is no. So to make such that arguement is trivial and a waste of breath. The age of the current stadium was mentioned as well. The stadium has stood since 1971. Since then they have rebuilt Three River Stadium, Mile High Stadium, and other stadiums that have been around for about the same time period as the Cowboy stadium. So why should these other cities get new stadiums, and not Dallas? It also appears that the location of the soon-to-be former Dallas stadium will soon be the home of a new Urban District. The officials from Irving have announced that they plan to build "an expansive urban district, complete with a DART rail station, hotels, civic buildings, residences and a park above State Highway 114 on the current stadium site." So it's not like the land from the old and new stadiums will be tied down by the Cowboys. Finally let me dispute something that neepo13 stated: "The NFL is supposed to be a tuff league and its amazing to me that they want to have pampered stadiums." Apparently she has not been watching football recently, if ever. If she had been watching recently she'd see that the more "tuff" days are well behind the NFL. With the new rules that all but make two hand touching the quaterbacks illegal, you cannot hardly make any contact with wide receivers anymore off the line, and get flagged for horse collar takling people, the NFL is becoming as tame as a baby kitten. It's still a tough league, but nowhere near what it used to be in years passed. Also with new technology of course stadiums will improve just as everything from the uniforms, the field, and communication equipment will.
Yes they do. And to all those that said Texas Stadium is fine have no idea what they're talking about. Tyler, the Cowboys have been playing in Texas Stadium for over 30 years! not 9.
I don't think there's anything wrong with there current one. If anything, their current one is one of the nicer ones in the league. I agree w/db that stadiums that are used for just the football team (ie: not one shared by a baseball team) should be payed for by the team owner ---or even if it's shared w/baseball, if it's not totally decrepid, then they should pay for their own if they want an upgrade. (I also agree with emminent domain crap ---- communism anyone? It's very bad out here in south Cali where people get the original value of their houses and then are expected to use it to get another house here (getting around 100-200K to buy a house at 500k+, and that would only be tiny, cracker-box track home.)
It truly is extremely cool! yet because the stadium is so massive, how faraway from the sphere are the better element seats?? it appears that evidently on the overhead view, that the stadium is football formed, and the only end plaza has a trapezoidial structure, forming what looks the lombardi trophy. not particular no matter if that is coincidental, yet an extremely wonderful contact besides!
The Arlington tax payers have a capped 'obligation' of $325 million. The remainder of the cost comes out of the Cowboys/Jerry Jones pockets. One can argue if they deserve $325 million from Arlington or not, but if they want to spend another $600-$700 million of their own money , more power to them.
One billion dollars can be better spent than on a football stadium. The NFL is supposed to be a tuff league and its amazing to me that they want to have pampered stadiums. To answer the question, no, they dont deserve it.
Jerry Jones is spending more money out of his own pocket than any owner in NFL history, if he wants to spend his money to create the most state of the art stadium in America with the ability to hold super bowls, final fours, huge concerts, democratic or republican national conventions, and have a cash cow for himself and the city of Arlington...... more power to him
The new ny york stadium is one bill too. and the stadium isn't just going to be used by the cowboys. do you really think it's going to be in non-use in the summer? with that humongous screen and malls and junk, it will be used for concerts and stuff.
What for? Out of taxpayers money, do they really need a new stadium? What the hell is wrong with Texas stadium where they play? Not good enough for them? Tell Jerry Jones to build a new stadium out of his own pocket for once!
Not on my (the taxpayers) dime. Jerry should have paid for the new stadium out of his own pocket. Joe Robbie (the late owner of the Miami Dolphins) paid for Dolphin Stadium on his own. What is even worse, is that they claimed "emminent domain" and forced some people out of their homes, as they were living in the area that Jerry Jones wanted to build the new Cowboys Stadium. Of course they claimed they were paying the people more than fair market value for their homes, but if you have lived there for 30+ years, do you really think these people care about getting $50k for a home that might be worth $45k ? Are they going to be able to go and buy another home for $50k, when this one was fully paid off?
arlington money
My husband and I are from New Orleans LA, But we now live in Fort Worth Tx. After Hurricane Katrina, it has been hard to find the right church. Our old Church in New Orleans is no longer there. I visited my friend church and it was very nice but it is in Arlington Texas and our Car is broken and we have no way of getting there. We want to pay our tithe. So my question is, where do we pay our tithe? Can we pay it to a Church we don't belong to, or even go to?
Yes. Any church will accept your tithe. However, I think it is supposed to be your local area church, at least that is what my church said. I think God would approve of you using some of your money to fix your car too though :)
Your tithe can be given anywhere, but where I worship, we do not believe we should pay a tithe, but should give liberally and from the heart what we want to give. Often that is more than 10 percent. Although, under the Law of Moses, the dues were 10 percent of all you own, not of how much you make during that year. The suggestions listed by others to fix your car is a much better suggestion for the use of the money. It is as important to not forsake the assembly as it is to pray or to give. You don't want to forsake the assembly and give a tithe to someone you do not even know, when you need it for your car so you can go to worship sounds like the infidel that does not take care of his own family but say it is corban (gift for God), You should never give money to something you do not believe and that is quite possibly what you would be doing by just paying the money to anyone. Some churches have preachers that take all the money donated and only pays the utilities from it. It is your responsibility to place any money you desire to give for the spread of the gospel to someone that teaches the gospel and not self seeking individuals. There are a lot of Tammy Faye Bakers out there.
Where you tithe is between you and God. However, it's been taught that the tithe should be given to the church you are regularly attending. An individual wouldn't eat at one restaurant and pay their money to a different restaurant. Likewise, I believe the tithe should go to the church in which you are being spiritually fed. Pray about it and seek God's direction. Good luck.
You can but wouldn't you feel much more at peace if you paid it directly to a poor family in need? Choose a different needy family every month and I'll tell you metaphorically, that there will be more cheers in Heaven among the angels than tears on the faces of children going to sleep on an empty stomach. Better yet, if you don't wanna pay in cash, buy food for them and pay your tithe that way.
I believe that the tithe should be given to the church in which you are an official member. I believe giving to other churches is considered an offering or love gift.
Pay your tithe to the Church where you go. It pays the lights, programs that you benefit from ect... It has nothing to do with being officially a member, but where you are getting fed spiritually..and you should be attending some church somewhere, even if you can´t get to the one you want to be in..
Pay tithe church member
Any money you give to God is money you give to God. He will always put it to good use. Tithing is touchy ground and all Christians do not agree it is even a Biblical requirement anymore. But we know God loves a cheerful giver and we know God looks on the heart. And there is Scripture in the New Testament which says that a person who doesn't provide for their own family is worse than an unbeliever. Based on this, I think God wants us to use common sense. We take care of our families, because that is part of how God takes care of them.
Just a suggestion and my opinion only i would find a church home and become a member first before you tithe..but if you would like you can donate offerings to the churches you visit. i am sorry to hear about your loss from the storm but glad to hear you have re-located and are safe.. May God continue to bless you and your family and may GOd direct you to a church that you can adopt as your home church stay blessed
I've tithed in churches where I wasn't "officially" a member.
arlington money
I have been a ranger's fan forever, and every year it is the same story...they always need pitching. what i dont understand is, why havent they ever shelled out the money to basically outbid everybody else like they did when they got A-Rod? I know they have had failed attempts with signing fairly big name pitchers (chan ho park and Millwood), but why didnt they just outbid everyone else for a superstar pitcher? I definately do not want them to do this now with all the good young players they currently have. and i know that most pitchers dont want to pitch in arlington, but i really think if the price was right, they would have. anyone know why?
They have opened up the wallet in the past only to have it blow up in their face, ala Park as you mentioned, so they're a little bit leary of trying it again. The bonafide superstar pitchers simply don't want to pitch here without an outrageous "who cares what it does to my Hall of Fame chances because I'll never have to worry about money again" type contract, because it will inflate their stats and make it tougher for them to get a good contract when they finally decide to leave the 'cozy' confines of Arlington. The Rangers have actually been in the bidding for an established ace a few times: Mike Hampton, back when he was all the rage, rejected the Rangers' offer and instead signed with the Rockies because "They have great schools for his kids" <rolls eyes>. Randy Johnson on two occasions used the Rangers to drive up his market price -- first when he left Seattle, and second when he left Houston. Roger Clemens played Rangers' management like a fiddle on several occasions by intimating that he was interested in coming here when his only real interest was causing the Yankees and Astros to fall over each other with their next bid. That one left a sour taste in my mouth and is one of the main reasons the 'Rocket' can kiss my freckled tush. If there's one thing that uber-talented, shallow MLB pitchers care more about than money, it's their personal statistics. I think we just need to develop our own pitching (and stop trading them away!), throw them out their when they're young, and see what happens. It's worked out pretty good this season, even though it was due to desperation more than any plan. Failing that, the only hope is to tear out the Gold Club behind home plate. It's the main reason we have the 'Jet Stream' effect that causes so many shaky knees among pitchers.
Atlanta falcons: the reason the braves have a losing record is because the offense hasn't been consistent, but their pitching has been great. funny thing is most of out losses have been by 1 or 2 runs, aka lack of run support. im not saying the braves have the best overall pitching in the league, but i think they have one of the most balanced staffs in the MLB, up there with the giants. i personally think atlanta have a better pitching staff, but the rangers have a better offense. doesnt mean texas doesnt have good pitching though & youre nuts if you think beachy sucks, no offense. he had a rough outing yesterday, but remember last week when the only run he gave up against the brewers was a solo HR against the brewers? every pitcher has a rough start at some point, huddy did wednesday and hanson did this first game, doesnt mean they suck
Part of the reason was that they were still paying for A-rod when he was traded to the Yanks, until he opted out during the off-season. Another reason is that they shelled out alot of money for another bust, Chan Ho Park. Park was supposed to be a number one starter for the Rangers. The powers that run the Rangers may be hesitant in giving big contracts, especially to pitchers. From what I understand in why players don't like to pitch in Arlington is the weather.
Well they did trade away possibly the best pitcher in the NL, Edison Volquez. Although you did get josh hamilton out of the deal so you cant really say it was a bad move. So to answer your question, I dont know why they dont shell out money, maybe theyre just trying to play to the strength of the home ballpark.
We don't want bedard he has a lot of injury problems and is a not a good teammate from what i hear although thats what they said about Bradley. One of the biggest reasons is cause no pitcher wants to pitch here so even if we have one of the highest offers they're not likely to come here, they're too worried about their precious era which would sky rocket in our ballpark. that being said if we tried to sign anyone i think we should go after ben sheets.
Pitchers dont want to play at the ballpark, even if we had good pitchers they wouldnt be as successful as they were because of the ballpark. what we need is to have are pitchers healthy so they can pitch solid outings with our offense we will be fine if they can do that.
When 80% of the DL is pitching, thats not good. Texas has never had great pitching from what I remember. The bullpen is still a mess...dont you think their worn out when they have to come in to ball games in the 3rd inning? The bullpen was so messed up yesterday they had to put Wilson in and he still gave up 2 runs. Why do you think our offense has been so good? Its not because we just have great hitters...its because the guys know we have to get a lot of run support for the pitching. Sorry if I went off topic for a minute. To get a decent starting pitcher, we'd have to give up someone like Murphy or Boggs and some of the other prospects. And for one of the top pitchers...good bye Kinsler and Murphy! I really wish I understood why they don't offer money for pitching like they did for A-Rod. As a Rangers fan, that really frustrates me. WIth Nolan Ryan on board I'm hoping he can get us good pitching. I'd like to see someone like Bedard, Lackey (evem though we got 15 hits outta him), or even Lincecum on our team. We have the money...we aren't paying Alex Rodriguez's ridiculous salary spend what you would pay him and buy us some pitching. edit: thumbs down? **** off.
They should join forces with the Dodgers, who have the 1st-ranked pitching in the NL but only the 26th ranked offense in MLB. It'd be like a superteam.
They should have kept john danks. i think the hamilton/volquez trade worked out for both sides, so i'm not faulting texas for that.
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Mass graves.arent they a group of death bodies buried together.? Arlington has them spaced apart in a single coffin per body in contraxt ,mass graves in iraq, bodies are together without and no coffin,?However, the similarities on both are that they were killed by their leaders , ones with the best armor money can buy and the others wihtout uniform or advanced weaponery. Both should be mass graves,shouldnt?.
Arlington was owned by Robert E. Lee. It was converted to a cemetery during the Civil War by a Union officer looking for a place to bury Union soldiers killed by Confederates. He wanted to make sure that Lee would never be able to return home. After the Civil War, it was converted into a national cemetery. The soliders buried at Arlington killed in the line of duty died in defense of this nation. They died in France, Italy, Africa, on Pacific Islands, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. You may not agree with some of the wars they died in -- I don't see how you could disagree with our stance against Hitler in World War II -- but they died willingly for a land and people they loved. Others buried in Arlington are veterans who survived the wars they were in and died of mostly natural causes. Men such as Lee Marvin, who was injured while serving in the Marines at Iwo Jima, earned the right to be buried under a simple cross at Arlington. Buried side-by-side in Arlington are generals and privates, seaman and infantry, pilots and tankers. Three graves at Arlington honor those who never came back, either on a troop transport or body bag. The Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers symbolize those left overseas or never identified. It's not a mass grave, hidden in shame by a government or military force guilty of murder, but a cemetery created by a grateful nation to honor those who gave their lives for their country or who put their lives at grave risk, serving their nation and people with distinction and honor.
Mass grave is the term given to a grave site where bodies are often dumped just for the purpose of convenience. It does not necessarily mean anything malicious, as mass graves often come about in third world countries because of disease or famine. On the other hand, Arlington is a sacred place where people are laid to rest with honors.
I'm a little sad that you would make that connection. I have joined the military myself and it wold be no greater honor for me to be stationed at arlington as apart of the old guard, nevermind be buried there. Please just remember one thing, the people in that cemetary and the others who died fighting, Died so that you can have that opinion without fear because we live in the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.
If you visit a National Cemetery tomorrow, you will see the difference between it and a mass grave. That being love and honor. I fully plan on being at the Leavenworth National Cemetery when they open the gates tomorrow. There is not doubt number one in my mind that I will be brought to tears.
I don't think you could be more offensive if you tried. I suppose one day you will grow up and realize that in order to provide for the safety of the citizens of our country, to win and protect our freedoms (including the one that says you're allowed to post questions like this) there is a cost to be paid. Fortunately for you, brave soldiers and civilians in generations past were willing and EAGER to make that sacrifice, because they saw the big picture. You, unfortunately, only see the dumbed-down, simpleton, why-can't-we-all-get-along side of things... My guess? One day you'll grow up enough to realize how totally naive you sound... and you'll be mortified that you posted this publically.
What a disappointment to have senseless questions like this which are meant with nothing but disrespect. May you receive that which you so richly deserve.
Are Your really that Obtuse? It amazes me that you even have the oppose-able thumbs to type in this tripe you really should be ashamed of yourself , but then you would need a conscience to feel that
You're wierd. It's a burial site, so people can go and honor their memories.
You pathetic lost soul. you have no idea what your posting about. your ignorance and arrogance is sad and tragic.
They are completely different, you are a moron if you believe this.
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17 Ways Government Wastes Your Money Elmo: The U.S. Agency for International Development provided $10 million to a Pakistani arts organization to adapt “Sesame Street” for Pakistani toddlers. The money will also help pay for the creation of 130 episodes of the show. 2.Dragon Robots for Preschoolers: The National Science Foundation spent $131,000 on robot dragons designed to mimic human responses to help teach preschoolers language skills. Apparently interaction with real humans was deemed inadequate. 3.Virtual Mummies: Thanks to a $25,000 federal grant, visitors to the Milwaukee Public Museum will now be able to experience a “3-D high-definition, full-color true holographic or holographic-like exhibit of a virtual mummy unwrapping.” 4.Dead Man’s Party: Those who complain federal employment benefits are already too generous won’t be pleased to learn that many government workers keep receiving payments long after they’ve died. The Inspector General for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management says “the amount of post-death improper payments is consistently $100-$150 million annually, totaling over $601 million in the last five years.” 5.Cowboy Poetry: It’s hard to recall John Wayne reciting verse in any of the many Westerns he made, but cowboy poetry is a big enough phenomenon to have its own annual celebration. And this year taxpayers helped pay for it courtesy of a $50,000 contribution from the U.S. government. 6.Promiscuous Quail: The National Institute of Health gave the University of Kentucky $176,000 to determine if Japanese quail are more likely to have sex when high on cocaine. The study is scheduled to last through 2015. 7.Happiness is… Social Media: Another National Science Foundation grant for $198,000 paid for a University of California-Riverside study of “motivations, expectations and goal pursuit in social media.” Among the questions the study seeks to answer: “Do unhappy people spend more time on Twitter or Facebook?” 8.Guilty Pleasure: The federal government gave the Hawaii Department of Agriculture $50,000 to help pay for the 2nd Annual Hawaiian Chocolate Festival. The goal is to “highlight the culinary talents and products specifically linked to Hawaii’s chocolate industry.” 9.O Christmas Tree: The U.S. government spent $74,000 last year to help the state of Michigan “increase awareness about the role Michigan plays in the production of trees and poinsettias.” Michigan’s $40 million Christmas tree industry already ranks third in the nation.
10.High on Pizza: A private company was given $484,000 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to build a Mellow Mushroom pizzeria in Arlington, TX. Mellow Mushroom is a national chain known for its use of hippie and drug themes. 11.Tips for India: The National Science Foundation wants to help politicians in India do a better job. So it is awarded a $426,000 grant for research to determine the effectiveness of communications to citizens from officeholders. The U.S. sent $126 million in aid to India last year, even though it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. 12.Art for Italians: The State Department contributed $350,000 for the United States to be part of the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice, Italy. No word on how much the exhibit enhanced U.S. international relations. 13.Jobs for Barbados: The mixed success the government has had creating jobs here in America did not discourage the U.S. Agency for International Development from spending
Our government has been wasting our money for years. What the people need to do now is listen to what our politicians are promising and figure out where the money is going to come from. Taxes are not the answer wasteful spending is the problem. We are a Country in financial trouble, near bankruptcy so additional spending must stop. The cold hard facts are if we continue to spend like drunken sailors we will be bankrupt and everyone of us lose. Like it or not concessions must be made and some services will have to suffer. Our wants must give way to common sense and realize we can not Spend our way out of this mess. Each of us regardless of party must take a small lump now or have nothing later. Our Greed plays right into the hands of our political Arena causing both side to promise the impossable. It is time for america to stand up for what is right. Question is How?
Some politicians wasting money by duel role but some doing and sacrifies their wealth and health to the public. Corruption, fraud, cheatng is our natural food to our body. But selection good,bad and ugly in our hands. Govt. with a good intention introduces a new schems to the benifit to the public, but the fruits not really reaches to the public. Those are eaten away some politicians, not all. Only to some extent the schems reaches to the public. Take bonous issued by the govt. to the farmers Rs. 50/ - to the crop of paddy. But in some areas farmers directly benifted but in some areas millers eaten away. Some farmers dont know there is subsidy of Rs. 50/- ssued by the govt, to the farmers. Really what is going on here is the policy of govt,schemes implemented no body knows stll day. Those benefited GO"s are not coming to the public.. There is big gap to the public with the govt. Ths gap is subsidy schemes GO"s and the public have no chance to know except and until the news came into news paper. For example: Govt. wants fertilizer to stock for future necessaties. This information revealed. Immediately one man came into picture, and given offer and got order 1 lac tonnes of UREA. All the information completely run in secreat. He approached so many countries from a MP phone and fnalsed the deal with Russian govt. They supplied the worst powdered UREA at cheaper rate. The price difference in millions, the person enjoyed. But after allegations raised by the opposite parties, the case handed over to CBI. What CBI does? As per contract he supplied, and earned profit and paid taxes to the govt, then what wrong? , his contention. Crores of rupees changes hands. The case still CBI, BUT nothng happens, The case fnalises only when all r main culprit died. What about BOFORS? Biggers does fraud n big way and smallers does fraud n small way. You sure that u r perfectly doing duties? same way think. The entre world s corrupt. India in 5th place n corruption in this world. No 1 - BRAZIL So INDIA is good country more than others
Here is the way i think of it, I’d like to talk about some things that bring us together, things that point out our similarities instead of our differences cause that’s all you ever hear about in this country is our differences. That’s all the media and the politicians are ever talking about: the things that separate us, things that make us different from one another. That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society: they try to divide the rest of the people; they keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the ******* money. Fairly simple thing… happens to work. You know, anything different, that’s what they’re gonna talk about: race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other so that they can keep going to the bank. You know how I describe the economic and social classes in this country? The upper class keeps all of the money, pays none of the taxes. The middle class pays all of the taxes, does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the **** out of the middle class… keep on showing up at those jobs.
These all sound like the pet projects of some Senator or Representative. That being said, you are pointing out mere drops in the bucket. When our government spends trillions of dollars annually, a couple million dollars of waste is insignificant.
I'll take Murray Blum as Council of Economic Advisers Chairman.
Ah, another utterly ignorant conservative. Remember when Palin complained that the government was wasting million of fruit fly research? Of course she had no clue that work on fruit flies forms the basis of modern genetics. I'm more concerned with the billions to buy jets the Air Force says it doesn't even need.
Maybe because we have some level of control over OUR government (unless we just waste our time yelling at trees and cars and clouds)? Maybe because what you think is a waste I might think is a good use of money, and OUR government belongs to all of us, not just to you. Many of us outgrow foolish, self-centred greed and pointless resentment as we grow up, but clearly a lot of us never actually grow up.
You failed to mention the over one trillion dollars spent on the Iraq cluster fu*k/war.
I agree. Trillions on fake trumped up wars.
If you don't like it GTFO no one is keeping your stupid unpatriotic *** here
arlington money
The idea is to write to companies to sponsor me for an expensive trip next year. First of all, is this a good idea? Anyway, here's is the letter. Thank you ahead of time My name is Nickolas Urzua and I am a 13 year old student at Castle Dome Middle School. This 8th grade year, I am presented with the opportunity to attend a field trip to visit Washington D.C, Philadelphia, and New York. This field trips is available to all 8th graders thanks to School Tours of America. This field trip will introduce me to many great historical places and things that would influence me greatly. This trip will inform me on the major events happening in American History, for instance, Capitol Hill, Ellis Island, , the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Statue of Liberty Going here would also build leadership skills as well as self esteem, important aspects in life. I maintained a steady 4.0 GPA all year, and have been very motivated to learn more about our great country. Unfortunately, there is a fee to be paid to experience all the joys they offer, which is $1700, due March 3, 2009. . Currently, I am organizing other ways to raise money for this trip such as selling various items and doing different jobs. I was hoping you would assist me in covering a portion of this cost. Any type of sponsor at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much ahead of time Nickolas Urzua
You do have a few typos - make sure you have someone proofread before you mail anything off. The letter is okay but it could be better if you found a way to grab the reader's attention. I'd start with the first sentence even - you want to get them reading and you want to get them interested in who you are. Why is this trip so important to you? What do you specifically plan to get out of it? Why would it help you now and in the future? You say it will influence you - give specifics. You mentioned leadership skills - are you currently active at your school? How? You mention at the end you plan on doing some things to raise money. Have you done anything yet? Can you show someone what you are planning and what progress you have made? Show them you are committed and this is a priority. Who knows how many letters they get similar to yours? Make yours stick out somehow. I wish I had specific suggestions, but my brain isn't working too well at this time. You might check online for stories of kids that have raised money - recently I remember seeing something about a guy raising money for his college in New York. I can't remember what his hook was however, but he was/is successful. Most people don't want to give something for nothing. What could you do for potential sponsors? Keep a journal with pics and provide it after? Could be good PR for them. I'm not saying it's horrible, just that if your letter is one of many asking for money, find a way to make yours top of the pile. Good luck!
Edit: I think you wrote a really good letter. I made a couple of adjustments that you can either use or not. My name is Nickolas Urzua and I am a 13 year old student at Castle Dome Middle School. This eighth grade year, I am presented with the opportunity to attend a field trip to visit Washington D.C, Philadelphia, and New York. This field trip is available to all eighth graders, thanks to School Tours of America. By introducing me to many new places and historical sites, it will have a positive influence. The trip will inform me about major events in American History as we visit Capitol Hill, Ellis Island, the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Statue of Liberty Visiting these places will also help me build leadership skills and boost my self-esteem, both of which are important aspects in life. I have maintained a steady 4.0 GPA all year, and I am very motivated to learn more about our great country. Unfortunately, there is a fee required in order to experience all the joys this educational trip offers, totaling $1,700. It is due on March 3, 2009. I am currently taking several steps in order to raise this money, including selling various items and doing different jobs. However, I am regretful that my actions alone might not suffice. I would be very grateful if you would assist me in covering a portion of this cost. Any type of sponsor at all would be wonderful, and no amount of help is too small. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter, Nickolas Urzua
Young man, you are very articulate. I hope you will be successful in your efforts. I suggest you get a couple of letters from persons in authority in your school or with the "School Tours" group to confirm the validity of your position, citing, as third parties, the particulars of the trip as well of the expenses YOU need to raise. Again, Good Luck, and best wishes for a successful fund raising campaign.
Great job this is one of the most professional letters I have seen in a long time. You did fantastic. You are very bright and this letter clearly shows your level of intelligence. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you get your financial assistance because you deserve it.
I thought that was very good! I could not have done better myself. I thought it was convincing and it did not sound like you were begging for money. Good job! For a moment there, after I read the first paragraph and thought about your personality, I swore to God I knew you in real life, but then I read on and realized no... LOL.
Thats good dude, sounds like you worked out that proposal you wanted from a while ago. it sounds good to me dude and take this from someone that makes a living as a freelance writer you have some good skills bro your going to be the next steven king hands down
Sounds great-have a great time on your trip!
I think that's really good! But posting your school, Age and last name on the internet. -Not smart. Your gonna get raped or something. "You don't look 13" HAHAH!!! You're like "Dumbass" ahah that made my night!
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Ok, my dad received this alarming letter in which said that if we didn't pay this large sum of money soon, he would be put to jail. I am so scared. Anyway, my dad is hispanic and mexican so you can imagine he knows only the most basic of english. He told me to look at the letter myself and tell him what it meant. I have no clue because I know next to nothing about court situations and such. pLz help. The following is part of the letter: " THE ARLINGTON MUNICIPAL COURT HAS ISSUED THE ABOVE LISTED WARRANTS FOR YOUR ARREST AND HAS FORWARED THE WARRANTS TO THE ARLINGTON POLICE DEPARTMENT WARRANT UNIT TO BE SERVED" . It also says my dad has to contact this investigator that is listed to obtain a complete list of all warrants and fine amounts owed. If anybody knows anything about this or a similar situation, plz let me know. I am available for IM and email. pLZZZ this is a very serious matter and I really do not want my dad in jail.
Under the circumstances that you described, and sort of reading between the lines a little, I think that if you wanted to provide the best service for your father on this one, you can do a few things. Firstly I think your father should reasonable have an idea or gut feeling what this is all about. He may not agree with it and he may fee not guilty about it, but he probably has an idea of what it's about. And if it's a criminal matter - not just parking tickets or failure to appear on some traffic tickets - he should contact a spanish speaking lawyer now and inform the attorney about the letter. The attorney will call the police and find out more about the warrant and arrange for a 'self surrender' on the warrant. The warrant has to be served and it will be (eventually) served, so self surrender is the best and least intrusive way for your father. If your father simply has no idea whatsoever what it's all about then since you speak English, you can call the warrrants unit and tell them you're father speaks only Spanish, he received the letter, he wants to comply, but he'd like to know what it's all about. If you hear that it's very serious, again....have him go to an attorney first. If the warrants are for traffic, etc, it's a choice he has to make - either go in and take care of it himself or get assistance from an attorney. If it were ME....I would consult with an attorney and try to work out something more organized and structured for my self-surrender and scheduling of future court dates.
Yes it can be a serious matter and failure to comply can have even more serious consequences. I would contact the Sherriff's department for details of these warrants. If this is Arlington Virginia that number is: (703) 228-4460. But there should be a number on the warrants also. Many local law enforcement offices have Spanish speaking personnel. It is also imperative that your father consult with a lawyer as soon as possible before turning himself in so he can get proper advice on his rights. Whatever you do, don't ignore these warnings. These issues do not just go away. :-(
Since the letter asked for money it means that he has failed to pay a fine. If he pays the money he will probably not go to jail. Most of the time you can even set up payment plans so that you don't pay it all at once. If your father believes that there are no reasons that he would owe fines he should call the number (usually on the letter) or go to the court house to straighten it out.
He needs to contact Arlington Police Dept. to find out about the warrants. There has to be a reason the warrants were issued. If he is arrested (and if the warrants are valid he will be) he needs to contact a lawyer. If he cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint him one if he asks.
What this sounds like to me is an arrest warrant meaning the police have the judges permission to come and arrest your dad for not paying his fine. He will be in jail until he pays off the money owes.
This actually sounds like a scam to me. If I were in your shoes, I would take the letter to the Arlington Municipal Court and ask the clerk about it. If it IS legit, they can tell you how to deal it. If I am correct about a scam, the court will deal with it.
Tell him to pay the outstanding fine(s) and for get about the warrant, lol........This is why he has a warrant.
That means if a cop ever catches him like say pulls him over for a ticket, theyle do a check on him and that warrent will pop up and theylle arrest him.
arlington money
As you are probably already aware, michigan and texas are completely different. but i am familiar with the arlington area and it is a great town. for starters, it is in the dallas/fort worth area, not houston. that in itself makes it a little bit better. arlington is home to six flags, hurricane harbor, the texas rangers, and eventually the dallas cowboys. like most cities, arlington has its good and bad areas. there are parts of arlington that are beautiful and good neighborhoods. as for the bugs, you will have those anywhere. the best thing is to keep your house in good condition and do what you can to prevent these pests. even if your wife works in arlington your family could live in bedford, mansfield, burleson, etc. perhaps a good idea, if possible, would be to come visit and see for yourself. it is very hot here, 100+ temperatures during the summer. but with all the central a/c you will have no problem staying cool. there are tons of malls, movie theatres, and entertainment sources. the museums in the dfw area are wonderful and they have tons of concerts, festivals, and other events each year. i dont know about michigan, but texas is a place where your money goes a bit further. the economy is strong, there are lots of nice places to live and good schools for the kids. find time to visit and see if it might be somewhere you could live. lots of people come here thinking the worse and just love all that texas has to offer. :)
1) It is a Red State 2) Bush was once Governor 3) Bush is still a Resident With that being said, I was actually in Texas for a while, and the people are very friendly. I did also find that the pace of life was slower than other parts of the country. What I didn't like is that there is still a strong undercurrent of racism, it sometimes gets VERY hot, and there's always the threat of tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc. I've also included a link below to a site at the University of Texas that has (unbiased) statistics on the State of Texas, including crime rates, demographics, community profiles, etc. I hope this helps! "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!" PS. I will admit that my answer IS biased, I didn't like Texas very much. That doesn't mean that you won't. And the U of Texas website I've included should give you some straight-forward, unbiased information.
I've lived in Texas my entire life, in all parts of the state. (Gainesville, El Paso, Houston, Seabrook). And I would never live anywhere else. People are friendly, the cost of living is less than other parts of the country. There's alot to do and we have it all, mountains, deserts, beaches, etc. Plus, the weather is great if you are not into alot of snow and freezing temperatures. However, the spider thing is a real threat. My husband got bit by a brown recluse spider a few weeks go. Within two days, he had a hole on his finger the size of a quarter, where the skin had been eaten away. They stopped the infection with antibiotics, but he's going to have to have a skin graft. So, other than spiders, Texas is fantastic!!!
I grew up in TX. I lived in NY/NJ for work for 10 years. I could not wait to get back here. The only real drawback is the heat. Every place in the US has some crazy weather. Once your children get used to the "drawl," they will like playing outside year round. My son still thinks everyone talks funny. In Arlington, you will have slight seasonal changes. There are so many things to do and see in Texas. As for an undercurrent of racism... Unfortunately, racism is everywhere. Other parts of the country may claim to be enlightened, but it is there, just a little deeper. I hope this helps. Welcome to Texas, maybe, and Hook 'Em Horns!
Just a thought....maybe you should have asked about the good things in TX. I don't live in TX, but I do live where there are brown recluse spiders. I've never seen one that I know of. In general, I steer clear of spiders. Texas will be fine and your kids will love it.
Nothing here that's not elsewhere. You'll like it here in Texas. It's a big state so there's lots of differences everywhere you go. There's beaches, forests, deserts, prairies, cityscapes, everything. Different people too, from cowboys to business monguls. There's lots of attractions at Arlington including the Ball Park, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, wax museum, whatever.
Texas is a great place, You will like it their. So much to do and see, the winters are not bad at all, some ice on roads, heat in the summer, people are good to you. The roads are well maintained. The City is great. Plenty of choices to buy a house and your money will buy more their. Check with Henry S.Miller to find you a house, he's a Broker/ agent there.
General Sherman said "If I owned hell and Texas I'd rent out Texas and live in hell." But then everyone has an opinion. It's a big state, I'm sure there are plenty of things to like.
Bad about Texas: heat and humidity in Houston, but if you don't like it, wait for ten minutes,... and enjoy the storm or the hurricane. Good about Texas, food, people, low cost of living and housing, great wages... Don't worry about the bugs, we have also alligators, snakes, armadillos....
arlington money
Joe one of the greatest heavyweight champs in boxing history, owed over $1 million in taxes. To bring in money, he appeared on quiz shows and welcomed people to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He developed a friendship with former rival Max Schmeling who offered financial assistance to Louis during this period. Joe even done some wrestling in the 50's and 60's. His health began to deteriorate to the point that he needed a wheelchair and he suffered a stroke about a year before he died. Eventually his heart gave out and he died at the age of 66 in 1981. President Reagan waived the eligibility rules for burial at Arlington National Cemetery and Joe was buried with full military honors. I had the honor of seeing the legendary champ when I was stationed in Little Creek, Va at a boxing event there. The whole place stood up and cheered Joe as he was wheeled in. This is something I will never forget.
Well he was unfairly taxed by the IRS until he was given a pardon some years back after his death. He had to pay James braddock a percentage of his purses for 10 years just so he could get a SHOT at the world title. His sickness was due to Puglist Dementia(punch drunk) and the lack of proper medical care. Remember most boxers during that era fought 6 times a year sometimes and the gloves and medical attention were not of the best quality. As always in boxing your "friends" leave when the money leaves so it it easy to be alone after a while.
Unfortunately it is true. Louis was deep in debt to the IRS and after his boxing career ended, he dabbled in professional wrestling and then later in life serving as a greeter at a Las Vegas casino. A few people close to Cus D'Mato (Mike Tyson's original mentor) said the only time they ever saw him cry was the day that Joe Louis died.
Unfortunately yes it is. He didn't know anything about paying taxes and racked up millions worth of back taxes. He was also blowing money on stupid things like it would never run out. He started his own baseball team and sent them on an all expenses paid trip to europe. With no money to pay the back taxes interest rates kept going up while he tried to get money to pay it off and his debt soared. He got sick and hurt his spine and was confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. He couldn't afford doctor visits or medicine with all his oney being seized by the IRS. So all his money was taken by the IRS and he died still in heavy debt and he couldn't take care of his sickness with no money and it got worse and worse. Also with no fame or money his "friends" left him.
Yes. You are right. He got a dirty deal from Uncle Sam. He donated during WW 2 most of his purses to the Navy. In later years he abused cocaine and ended up in a mental hospital. A sad story for such a beloved and classy guy. He died at 66 years of age in 1981 nearly penniless.
Yes joe louis past with out a penny he owed the irs big time dollar so the story goes but i was not there so dont take my word for it and lets remember how he lived heah what a fighter dont you think
It's sadly true. He wasn't a pauper, ... but definitely deeply in debt to the IRS. Think of the countless millions he would have made in today's world. The heart of a true champion.
Professional athletes didn't get paid very well back then. Regardless of color all were basically slaves to their promoters. Almost all had to hold second, normal jobs to make a living.
arlington money
Ash, sorry... arlington is NOT open to all veterans. There are rules. Purple hearts. Silver stars, MOH, etc. You bashed me but you're wrong. Feel free to go to their website. The rules are there. I guess the military views some men as more heroic than others since you have to do something more than just serve to get into arlington. By the way, the Combat Infantry Badge was created to recognize those who put their lives more at risk.
He was spending his family money and driving drunk and drowning women. He's a hero? Maybe to those people who don't know history. Now that said, he did serve his country by serving in the senate. Does that qualify him to be buried next to thousands who gave the ultimate sacrifice, probably not. But to those who think he is a "national" hero, I guess they qualify him. He bad mouthed the military for years, and then wanted to be buried next to them. Oh well, you and I know he doesn't belong there, but he's dead and we should let him rest in peace. Maybe Micheal Jackson should be buried there too lol
Burying Edward Kennedy in Arlington was an insult to America and the men that fought for it's freedom.
Avoiding Korea through family influence. Then he spent the last 10 years slandering our military. If I were in charge, there is NO WAY that he would be buried at Arlington.
He served in the military. He was in the United States Army from 1951-1953. On op of hi military service, Ted Kennedy was strongly prop military, attending the funeral of every serviceman and woman from Massachusetts who died in Iraq. The Kennedy family have been ver active in the military with Robert and President John F. Kennedy both serving in the Navy. Both of his brothers are buried in arlington, he served his country in military and as in office for 47 years.. Arlington is for those men and women who serve our country.
The battle at Incheon, Korea was a decisive UN victory with few casualties. 33,000 Americans did not die at Incheon
I believe he was 18 or 19 at the time so he might have been in college drinking it up where he developed his taste for booze.
Avoiding combat. Our leaders have a long history of avoiding combat (Bush and Clinton never went to VietNam did they now) I believe Arlington is for all veterans; apparently you feel that some of our veterans are not as heroic as others. Get a grip please.
Shots of Chivas Regal.
He drank alot and was in the army drinking and he got in arlington because he is a kennedy and the tax payers pays for all there expenses
The same thing Lt. George W. Bush was doing during Vietnam: Getting drunk, snorting coke and not doing his job.
arlington money
Were driving our car down, but I realize there's not going to be much parking space. Were going to be down in DC from Sunday the 26 to Thursday the 30 and were hoping it will be less busy as usual. I want to go to the national mall, Arlington cemetery, international spy museum and the museum of natural history. Should I just drive my car around DC or take the bus/metro. I don't have a lot of money and I'm afraid of the fares being expensive or missing the bus.
Definitely take the Metro. Although it's more expensive than most subway systems, it's FAR easier than driving around downtown Washington. Finding metered parking won't be easy, and probably not much cheaper than taking the Metro. And if you end up having to pay for parking, you'll spend more money, plus if you end up with a parking ticket you definitely won't save any money. Not to mention you'll spend a lot of time in traffic and looking for parking, plus money for gas, plus risk getting lost, etc. Even though downtown DC is on a grid pattern, traffic is still difficult and it's more confusing to drive in than people realize. I grew up there and still refuse to drive downtown. So I'd definitely take the Metro. And since it's Memorial Day weekend, it'll actually be MORE busy than usual (at least on Sunday and Monday) since it's a long weekend. And since the rest of the week are work days, you'd be dealing with rush hour and commuter traffic and parking.
Sunday in DC is fairly quiet, but Monday through Thursday it's a busy place. Parking any day of the week in DC is close to impossible and what you do find is pretty expensive. The Metro is your best bet for the National Mall. You will need to exit at Smithsonian Station. The Smithsonian museums are all together and admission is free. The war memorials are within walking distance of the Smithsonian's if you're also interested in those. Admission to the National Spy museum is $20 for adults. To reach it, exit at Metro's Gallery/ Chinatown station. FYI the Spy museum is almost right across the street for the National Art Gallery which is home to the presidential portrait collection and admission is free. Arlington Cemetery has a parking lot. The fee is $2.50 an hour. There is a metro station near by if want to leave your car there and take the train to the National Mall. One more thing you may want to see, is the National Archives. The original Declaration of Independence and Constitution are on display there. The Archives building is on the National Mall. Enjoy your trip!
Metro is by far the best choice to get around DC's downtown, monuments, and Arlington National Cemetery, especially around Memorial Day weekend, when there will be street closings and large crowds for the parade, Rolling Thunder, and other events. For weekend travel, you may want to check to see which lines will be slow. Cost won't be too bad, especially with a SmarTrip card which saves $1.00 for each leg of your trip. Costs for each leg don't tend to be more than ~2-3 dollars, especially if traveling within the generally close downtown area. For a lot more metro information, check out this guide:
Take the Metro. It's a city bus/subway system. If you miss one, you just wait a few minutes for the next one. Worst case scenario you're waiting 15 minutes. On weekdays during rush hour, the Metro trains run pretty much continuously, so if you miss one, you're only waiting a minute. In the the downtown area, traffic is very congested and parking is extremely scarce and in many places, extremely expensive. And if you're staying in DC, your hotel is probably also going to charge for parking and it may be valet-only. You're going in peak tourist season. You can hope it won't be crowded as much as you want, but don't plan on it.
If you get the prepaid tap card you save $1 on each fare. After merely 5 rides, this pays for itself. Parking is expensive in DC and the roads are often busy. Take the metro !!
METRO, hands down. during the week you will have to pay for parking at those Metro locations that have lots, but it is actually fairly reasonable. the Smart card can be used to pay for this as well as all fares. just load it up with as much money as you think you will need. ( doing it this way also saves to $2 a round trip over a paper ticket)
I travel around washington in national mall, arlington cemetery,international spy museum and of natural history
Metro should work.
arlington money
I made a lot of money by selling raider armor and weapons, because those guys are everywhere. I repaired some of their weapons and armor so I could get more money from selling them. Also, like someone else mentioned, there are a few people in the game who buy common things for extra caps. - Walter at the Megaton waterworks will give you extra money for scrap metal (10 caps, I think). -A ghoul called Murphy in Northwest Seneca station will give you 15 caps for sugar bombs (30 if you pass a speech check). - Scribe Yearling in the Arlington Public Library will give you 100 caps and 10 xp for Pre-War books. And don't forget to scavenge and sell anything you don't need. Cartons of cigarettes, for instance, can go for a lot of money, and so can a lot of the odds and ends used for inventing. Finishing quests can net you caps sometimes as well. By the way, a quick and easy way to build up Karma is to get bottles of purified water and give them to beggars outside of Megaton or Rivet City. EDIT: These are the directions that the Fallout Wiki gives to the Arlington Library: "Arlington Library is easily found by following the Potomac River south past the Citadel, then turning west to follow the road just south. It is directly across from Alexandria Arms and about two miles west-southwest of the Jefferson Memorial." luck!
Fallout 3 for 3 motives. a million. Fallout 3 is an historic interest, the appropriate combination of shooter and RPG. Fallout 3 is the unique, New Vegas is only a shorter version with very few updates. 2. for an identical cost now i think of you will get Fallout 3 interest of the three hundred and sixty 5 days, with all of the dlc, exceptionally broken metallic, which lengthens the interest and makes it that extremely extra relaxing. 3. devoid of any spoilers, enable's only say there are some explosions on hand in Fallout 3, to declare the least.
Well....... If you have good speech, and you haven't disarmed the bomb in Megaton yet, or you haven't nuked them, you can convince Sheriff Lucas to give you more caps, with the bonus of giving you more Karma. Also, you can sell all your scrap metal to some dude in the the Megaton Waterworks. You could also, just explore. If you want straight up Karma, trying killing some evil characters, like Mr. Tenpenny.
If your karma is at least neutral you can get the Law Bringer perk and sell the fingers off raiders for lots of caps and gain good karma. Giving water to beggars will give you good karma - there is one outside Megaton and entrance to Rivet City.
You can try looking for other side quests to do. I was having that same trouble. I was down to like 20 caps and I didn't want to do the main quests too early. If you look around for different locations, you'll find many people that want favors done for you in trade for caps (and usually good karma) like the Nuka-Cola challenge side quest. Where a girl gives you 40 caps for every Nuka-Cola quantum drink you find.
Just do the good deeds in quests instead of killing innocents and stuff and don't steal and easy way to get alot of caps is to 1. sell what you don't want and when you get enough money go to like a weapon or clothing vendor. 2) if they (the vendor) have 2 or more of the same item, buy it then sell it then buy it again. once you buy it again it should be at 100% repaired (if not sell then buy it once more) so its worth more when u sell it back, when u go to buy it its condition resets so repeat the buy and sell process to take the vendors money and there ya go, ya get loads of caps every time you do this to a vendor. (KEEP IN MIND) there are a handful of vendors this won't work on tho so your best bet is to do this in places like Megaton or Rivet City
I usually got caps by killing-stealing-shoplifting...but my karma was not good!! you can go to the wastland...kill the raiders and grab there stuff nad go and sell theme...and increase your barter skill if you want to do good business.
arlington money
Okay. I am 20 years old and in major need of a JOB. (I know that probably sounds lame, being 20 and still never had a job in my life, but I went too College right after school, which was a very bad idea cause i cant even use my Degree in Pharmacy Technician cause I am not officially certified yet and wont be until I get a job to pay for the test. So basically I need a Job to get money to pay for certification, i need a certification to get job, unless i dont put that i took a Pharm Tech course, but then it'd be like I have no experience, see my dilema here.) Anyway, I need a job that pays well is around Arlington, Texas or Hurst, Texas, I have a bad back so it cant be one of those jobs where you have to lift a lot of heavy stuff. I have looked on a lot of job sites and aplied to alot of places but i keep getting turned down due to no experience. I also dont have a drivers licences (yeah kinda need money for that too). So here are my traits. Good Qualities: Very Creative, Organized, a Good Listener, Multi-Tasker, Friendly, Good with Animals, Have a trainee licence in Pharmacy Tech. Can do things on my own once i know what Im doing. Bad Qualities: Kind of Shy, May take too many sick days (unless I go to doctors and get health check before hand), Nervous to ask questions, Dont ever take charge, Dont have an official Pharmacy Tech licences. So does anyone know how to help me. ( I desperately need to get out of my current living situation within the next couple of months). PS. I do have experience in Cashiering (if thats a word) at a fast food resturaunt (it was really slow, only about two or three customers at a time), but that was mostly under the table get paid with free food kind, so im not sure i can put that.). Okay :D
A few quick suggestions: (1) Put that fast food restaurant experience on your applications and on your resume. It was work experience. The question of how you were paid or whether you got free food (lots of fast food places offer that, by the way) doesn't matter. What matters is the work experience. (2) Borrow the money to take the pharmacy tech test. Take it as soon as possible, regardless of how you have to do it. (3) In the interim, you might be able to make money as a virtual assistant. Go to sites like Fiverr and Elance and see what's involved, what you do, and how you promote yourself. Hope that helps.
Don't just phone. Go to a prospective work place in person. Also, dress how you would if you were going to start working there right when you walk in. Be confident in the interview, and look the interviewer in the eye.
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arlington money
Can anyone tell me about the cost of living in Arlington, VA? And, would you be willing to chat with me about it? I'm considering taking a job there. The problem is, it would be a 30% cut in my salary. But, it is a job I would love to have. I'm trying to decide if the work advantages might out-weigh the income decrease.
I lived in Arlington for 2 years and just moved away in July. It is a great place if you are a young professional. Tons of bars, fun restaurants, shopping, etc. Arlington is full of young professionals who work for the government or government consulting/ contracting firms. Public transportation is easily available. You can take a cab or metro into DC or around Arlington very easily and inexpensively. If you're looking for the happening part of town, look in Ballston, Clarendon and Courthouse. The living cost is high. A one bedroom apartment will run you around $1,000 per month to $1,800 per month based on quality. Buying a place isn't cheap either. A one bedroom condo (that needs work) starts at around $300,000 and townhomes start at around $650,00. If you have children, I would look further out of DC (Fairfax, Louden County). The schools are better and you can get more house for your money. Good luck!
You may want to check out the Arlington VA website of living in Arlington is high -- Northern VA is expensive and Arlington is definitely one of the more expensive areas because of its proximity to Washington DC. A 1 bedroom in the Ballston area can cost you $800 upwards. You can of course opt to live in other counties near Arlington (Fairfax, Loudoun farther to the west)
You can't even THINK about buying a house for less than $500,000. I live there. e-mail me at
arlington money
Her - Thanks for the mail and interest in the little girl... .. First of all here are a few pics of her,hope you like her . She is 18 weeks old and her name Diamond. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a few questions: Do you have kids? Do you have any experience with pups? Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her? Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures? Where are you located?????? I am just being concerned about the type of home she will be going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love her and we want to make sure she goes to a family that will show her the affection she deserves. She is health guaranteed,AKC and CKC registered and will come along with all her papers,puppy blanket,play toys, crate and food menu. She is very playful,energetic and goes along with kids and other home pets. She loves to be held and cuddled and sometimes wants all the attention for herself. She is also well house trained and does not mess around the house.It would cost you 120$ to get her over to you and she is adoption free(not for sale). But i am sorry i first of all need to know the answers to my questions so let me judge if you are fit to provide a good home for her before we can proceed... Nina Me- She's absolutely beautiful. (: Do you have kids? one, 14 year old daughter Do you have any experience with pups? Raised 3 (Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Labrador Retriver Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her? Nope. Never would, find it unnecessary when we have shelters putting dogs down. Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures? If you request. Her- Hello , I am so glad to get all that from you and i think you would provide a great home for diamond. The reason i am giving diamond up for adoption is simple.I would be going to hawaii to commence my treatment that would last for 6months and i have no close family to keep diamond with, so i just have to give her up for adoption, but i had to make sure she goes to the right home. I am not selling the baby but looking for a place to re-home her so the 120$ is for her flight fee and nothing else.In addition,you would be paying the money directly to the delivery agency so that they ship the baby to you. In case you want some assurance on my location, here is the address Arlington (Village) 204 N Main St Arlington, OH 45814 Without which there is every means for the baby being shipped over to you so if you are willing to get the baby all you have to do would be to provide me with the following information .This information comprises of Full names......... house phone number state city zip code house affiliation(like street address and house number) ,and the nearest airport to your location you will like to pick up the baby but from my information it would be a door step delivery ,and that would costs extra $20 (optional).This information will also be used to reserve a flight for the baby at the delivery agency where you would be paying the 140$ for the delivery of the baby to your door steps.. waiting on you
100% scam. There is no dog. There are stolen pictures of someone else's dog. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "pet shipping company" and will demand you pay for shipping fees, in cash, and only by Western Union or moneygram. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. You could post up the email address and the emails themselves that the scammer is using, it will help make your post more googlable for other suspicious potential victims to find when looking for information. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. If you google "Cameroon pet scam", "fake puppy sale scam Western Union" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims of this type of scam. There are sites where you can look up pictures and find the site or sites where the scammer stolen the cute pictures of the puppies.
It's a Cameroon puppy scam Craigslist is ONLY for LOCAL face to face cash transactions. PERIOD. Why would they list a puppy in your town if they did not live in your town? And it costs about $1000 to ship a dog by air Nobody but a scammer refers to a dog as a "little girl" or "baby" and a dog cannot be both ACK and CKC registered -- that's not possible. NEVER give your home address or full name to anyone on Craigslist for any reason Want to prove it's a scam, write back to say that your uncle lives in Lima Ohio which is only about 15 miles away and he'll just come by after work today to pick up the puppy and will bring it to you as he is coming to visit in 2 weeks. NEVER agree to any pet that you cannot pick up in person from the breeder and pay AFTER you get the dog or you will get scammed.
YES this is a scam. They are trying to steal your identity and want you to keep telling them about yourself. Their emails are way too long and go into too much detail and ask too many questions to be real. Dont buy this dog from them or whatever they are selling! SCAM! Stop all contact immediately. Ignore them. They arent a real seller!
Notify CL about this person. They will try to get money from you upfront. Then you will never hear from them.
Sounds really "suspect", I would be careful if I were you!
arlington money
Five months ago, two Vietnam veterans, brothers, both in their late 60s with deep roots in Minnesota, ­ set out to walk across the country for democracy and against the corporate personhood. They recommend local resolutions for a Constitutional Amendment to counter the court decision to legalize corporate take over of the U.S. Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, Laird and Robin Monahan disagreed strongly with the January 21, 2010 decision by a one vote majority of the unelected Supreme Court in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. They were distressed that only five Justices could overturn decades of campaign finance laws, democratically enacted by Congress and state legislatures, and upheld by prior Court rulings. As Laird says when speaking to local groups: "By allowing unlimited corporate money to dominate the political process, including the election of judges, the Supreme Court is silencing the voice of the people and delivering a fatal blow to democracy. In effect, the Court 'legalized' political bribery, a criminal act." The Monahans disagreed strongly with the Court's confirmation that "corporations are persons" and have the constitutional right of "free speech" under the First Amendment. In this regard, clearly, the Supreme Court's attribution of constitutional rights to corporations is unsupported by the U.S. Constitution or the writings of the Constitution's authors. The invention of corporate personhood was an act of raw judicial activism that undermines our Constitution's promise of a republican form of government. "Corporations have preempted the debate on all other social issues with bags of money. Citizens have lost their voice and their sovereignty. This is the defining issue of our time." Laird said. Laird and Robin decided they were done with letter writing and phone calls, and rather than do nothing, they got walking. Starting in San Francisco on May 16, they headed east along Highway 50 taking their message to people and communities across the country that a Constitutional amendment to deny corporations and constitutional rights is vital to restore democracy and assert the inalienable human right of "We the People." On October 20, the Monahan Brothers end their historic walk by crossing the Arlington Memorial Bridge into Washington, D.C. 10:00 am: Meet Laird and Robin and walk with them to the Lincoln Memorial. Starting point: The Women in Military Service for America Memorial at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery near the Arlington Metro 12:00 to 1:30 pm: Rally at Lincoln Memorial and walk to the U.S. Capitol Building 3:00 pm: Rally at the U.S. Capitol Building and the U.S. Supreme Court 6:00 to 8:00 pm: Celebration and Reception at Busboys & Poets at 5th and K Streets How many REAL PATRIOTS will turn out to show their support? More here:
As you know, Brother Gandhi, I always try to be fair and balanced in my answers, and when I believe you're right, I always tell you so. And here, you're right again. This decision by the Supreme Court is an utter travesty. I have to say I was extremely dismayed as this decision means that special interest money (from both the right AND the left) will dominate and squeeze out every other voice. I see this as the most idiotic decision since Plessy vs. Ferguson. It will only serve to increase the polarisation of political debate, and reinforce the stranglehold, not only of special interests on government, but of the Democrat and Republican parties. I hate this decision. (Have a star)...
He sold for the $$$$$....He was a crook and he sold it without even letting the Mexican people know. What were Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, California, Arizona were sold to the American govt for a pennies. Thats like half the US, a huge chunk of land. I guess the reason some think it was stolen was because the people living in this area and own land, once being Mexico became USA. Many were furious and could do nothing. So many did leave, they didn't want to belong to US and they lost their land.
I can't join them but I sincerely wish them all the success in the world. You are so right on this, and it really scares me to think about the outcome of this next election. Anyone who uses this money to get elected should go to prison too. "By allowing unlimited corporate money to dominate the political process, including the election of judges, the Supreme Court is silencing the voice of the people and delivering a fatal blow to democracy. In effect, the Court 'legalized' political bribery, a criminal act."
They should. The decision in Citizens United is a disgrace. Corporations are not real people with the rights of real people, no matter how tortured a defense of this outrageous theory the justices on the Supreme Court offer. Allowing the concentrated wealth of corporations to determine who our elected officials will be through massive funding of propaganda ads is outrageous.
Sure, but first, clean up the other side's benefactors, you know all those entities exempted from obamacare solely on the amount of financial support given to the DNC candidates, where in 2008 receipts totaled in the hundreds of millions. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is regularly audited by the way.
I agree that the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission decision was a travesty.
Unions must be prohibited from using money collected in dues as campaign donations for rich Democrat politicians, when it's the poor hard working union members who need it most. If Harry Reid is a millionaire, how wealthy is Nancy Pelosi?
The media was low keyed about id this is the first i have heard about it how many liberals have said bad things about the vets?
Who owns corporations? Do corporations pay taxes? Do corporations have to abide by the ridiculous regulations that are forced upon them by the government? Do American citizens own foreign corporations and pay taxes in the USA? Enough said. It has nothing to do with Vietnam.
They claim to oppose a decision that does not exist. I "support" educating them.
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On November 25, 1963, John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. At that time, Mrs. Kennedy insisted that an eternal flame be maintained at the grave site. Her idea was inspired by the eternal flame that is part of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the burial site of the French Unknown Soldier. I think it is highly presumptuous for the Kennedys to have insisted on an eternal flame. He was a womanizer, and he was largely ineffective on civil rights, Soviet relations, and other important issues that arose during his presidency, and his sacrifice, while tragic, does not compare to those soldiers who died in the military service of their country. No other President of the United States has an eternal flame at his burial site. Do you think we should maintain an eternal flame at the Kennedy grave site? Please be specific in your comments. Thanks.
Honestly... I don't see why it's there. Not because I'm "disrespectful" of presidents or don't think anyone should receive recognition if they've done well. But JFK is not living anymore. We essentially put a lit flame to "honor" him...but which he will never be able to see. So it is, without being disrespectful - useless. It's a waste of taxpayer money and who knows how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in gas that thing uses up. A flame for a dead person? Use that money for food for a LIVING person. If JFK was a decent guy (I don't know that much about him, being a new generation person who wasn't taught a lot about the older presidents), he would want that money for the "eternal flame" to be used for a better purpose that would actually benefit someone. Edit: I figure the people who are going to thumbs-down me are either A) Unhappy and the typical and infamous "thumbs-down" people that Y!A is full of and they thumbs down everything just because they have nothing better to do. B) They support wasting their tax dollars on useless things that bring no benefits to them, yet want to whine about the government "wasting money" elsewhere - while condoning things such as this waste of natural resources. How many homes could that gas feed over the years? C) I need someone to post a *reason* - not just the "out of respect" b.s. - but a REAL REASON as to what real and beneficial purpose having an "eternal flame" on top of a dead presidents' grave is accomplishing. D) I want one on the grave of every "good" person who has died, as well as the sites of the World Trade Center. Oh many would disagree with that and call it a waste of tax dollars? But you have no problem with it being on this man's grave...which again, he's dead. He can't see it. He doesn't know it's there. He doesn't know it "honors" him. He doesn't miss his loved ones. When someone can answer that - then and only then will your thumbs down mean something.
Hello there. Well, the answer to your question can only be an opinion by anyone. There is no prescribed procedure for burying a president who was assassinated. No matter whether you like President Kennedy's qualifications, his record in office, or his personal character, it is immaterial when it comes to a deceased president. No American president should every be assassinated; for it threatens the entire institution of the American Presidency. Politically, no member of the Congress would cast a vote against Mrs. Kennedy's request no matter what they thought about it. It would have been political suicide to deny it. Right or Wrong. No wife of a deceased president after President Kennedy, President Johnson, President Nixon, President Ford, President Reagan requested this. Probably because it was already done, or their husbands privately told their wives not to do it for them, or because they were to be buried not in Arlington National Cemetery. Well, you can look at it as a "statement" to the World that we take the Office of the Presidency seriously and no matter who is the leader of our country we do not appreciate anybody who would assassinate him/her. So, in this light, the flame can serve a purpose. Thousands of people visit Arlington National Cemetery each day, year after year. Best wishes, Larry Smith SMSgt, USAF (Ret.) First Sergeant
No, I do not think he deserves to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. A man who drove off a bridge and killed a woman and left her under the water unreported for at least ten hours does not deserve to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. He did live a political life and did many good things in his life but this does not erase the fact of the dead woman under the bridge. He needs to be buried under the bridge.
The one truly great thing he did was steer us away from a war with Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Other then that, he failed during the bay of pigs, he increased American presence in Vietnam, and he slept with other women. Other people on here will defend him no matter what, and that's mostly because he was a movie star president and they don't know any better. That generation will always believe he was great. That's mostly because when someone dies we tend to only look at the good, just like with Michael Jackson or Ted Kennedy. Of course, his death was a national tradgedy, and it shaped the course of history. So I think the eternal flame is there because of jfks overall impact on our country, not just because of who he was
Irrespective of your personal views about John F Kennedy, he was a United States President, decorated veteran and a source of hope for millions of people. He wasn't assassinated because of his character flaws, but because of his character strengths. His death wasn't an attack on him personally as much as it was an attack on the office of the United States Presidency. The eternal flame should remind us that that office is much bigger than the man who sits in it. I can't agree with you that we simply blink it out, although Osama Bin Laden might.
You are an absolute moron to even suggest this. Is that specific enough for you?
We should blow your head off instead all in favor?!?!?!?!
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Be exceptionally careful with charities soliciting on the street or in a store, Taylor said. "You have no way of knowing where the money will end up," he said. "The sad thing is that while there may be some reputable groups that solicit that way, it opens up opportunities for scam artists who know some people will give some pocket change. " Some tips to remember: Be leery of charities that are vague about their missions, such as "promoting world peace," Borochoff said. Seek a clear description of what the charity has accomplished recently, and what it plans to do with money you're considering donating. Ask a lot of questions, said Art Taylor, president ofthe Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, a charity watchdog in Arlington, Va. "Donors must realize they are the most important line of defense against charity fraud," he said. Avoid charity appeals that resort to high pressure tactics. Reputable charities don't pressure people. to give money immediately, said Therese Harris, chief of the charitable trust bureau of the Illinois attorney general's office in Chicago. "Bottom line, don't feel pressured," she said. "Don't feel pressured to give cash, to have someone stop by and pick up your check, to give immediately or to give because you've given in the past." Don't give money until you determine what percentage of your donation actually goes to people who need it, Borochoff said. On average, eighty (80) to ninety (90) percent of money donated in response to telemarketing appeals winds up with people other than those the charity purports to help "
What is worse than incentives to charities is when people are forced to be charitable. Because it does not change the person inside. What it amounts to is stealing from him. People feel good about donating, Is that considered an incentive of donating to charities? Monetary incentives is not a bad thing. The restriction of monetary incentives is what is killing people waiting for organ donations. The idea it stifles charitable donations is nonsense. The act of donating is voluntary, as is the act of giving something away while refusing an incentive. It's like the hero at the end of a story, when the citizen asks how can I repay you? And the hero says "nothing:. More people may opt to be paid for something than give it away, but that is their choice. And the more people who decide for themselves how much they charge for giving it away, the more of that product gets into the marketplace and thus the product becomes more affordable. A win-win. People who are charitable in the first place would still give with no incentive. What constitutes an act as selfless? A person needs to make money, in order to give it away. I'd argue the selfish acts help as much people as selfless acts. If it wasn't for the business owner who wants to make money, he would not be able to afford to hire help. Effectively providing for a person's wellbeing. Overall, I don't think I am answering your question, but that is because I can't picture a charity incentive that would theoretically work, because an incentive is a kickback to the donator, which would be impossible to achieve because no one who donates expects an incentive. Perhaps a photo of the poor person you are donating to. Or even a thankyou note for the person you helped. How can these specific incentives be bad? Especially if it leads to more donations? Edit: 50/50 raffle is an incentive. :)
By incentives, do you mean something like, "If I donate $5.00 I get a bracelet or pin?"
arlington money
I've ignored these emails theres one that i almost went to jail for .First i'm looking on the net for work from home website then later i received an email that it was company in london that needed an bookeeper to accepts payments ffrom their here in U.S then iwas to recieve clients payments by money order then cash them or deposit in my bank after deducting my 14% plus transfer fee then wire them the rest through Western Union. As curious and surprise i received the payments by money orders and tried cashing it at check cashing place they almost called the police because it was COUNTERFEIT boy was i embarrassed and explained everything and i got there was no number to contact them it was only through email but they never responded so how would try contacting or who else can i tellZ?
Never EVER, give one iota of credibilty to the hundreds of thousands of phishing scams attacking us on a daily basis. All they're looking for is a few bits of info (banks, address, S.S.# etc.) Believe me, there is not one, (ZERO NADA NIL NOUGHT ZILCH) South African/Mediterranean/Jordanian or Egyptian royal in need of filtering money thru the states via some 3rd party they've never met. When in doubt visit the "inboxer rebellion" forum at Snopes: ONE will send you money for simply clicking a link, or forwarding a chain letter. Not Bill Gates, not the Coca'Cola Co., and definitely not Disney, AOL or Old Navy. Penny Brown, Kelsey Brooke Jones, Shawn Hornbeck, Chyanne Josephine, are NOT missing., It would do no good to send them money. Nor is there a Russian boy named Sergei, that needs your money. Or girl named Rachel Arlington, in need of an operation her parents can't afford.. And Suzanne Cramsey doesn't need medical and financial assistance to treat her rare spider bite. ~M.N. (having bookmarked to my desktop)
Never open an email unless you know the person or institution - delete them as soon as possible. I have been reading about the counterfeit checks and money orders and people in the US are getting ripped off. There is also a telephone scam coming from out of state, telling you relatives are ill and one call cost you over $2,000. Do not trust unless you know the person or institution.
Oh How Scary !! In the future you need to call or search the net for the Business Bureau. There are so many scams out there. I got one from Fla. one time and I sent a e-mail to the Govenors Office and told them what was going on. They e-mailed me back and Thanked me and they told me they knew of this and was trying to catch this person. I just wanted other people to be aware.
Be very careful of these. The most famous of these are the Nigerian scams. Some of the scammed people were killed because the con artists claimed they wanted to meet them in person. Forward all types of emails like this to the Fraud unit for the FBI. Here are two sites to go to read up on more about these types of scams: = Good insights here! luck!
I am sorry about that, and I do not know who to tell except the police and let them investigate from there if they want to. I just want to thank you for this question tho. I have received the same e-mail. Be careful out there is all I can say.
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People don't fall for this do your research if it sounds to good to be true ! here is an email i received after posting an add on craigslist stating that i am looking for a toy Yorkie or Yorkie mix Re: Yorkie 3 Hide Details FROM: nina sky TO: ************ Message flagged Sunday, August 14, 2011 10:33 PMMessage body Thanks for the mail and interest in the little girl... .. First of all here are a few pics of her,hope you like her . She is 32 weeks old and her name Diamond. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a few questions: Do you have kids? Do you have any experience with pups? Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her? Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures? Where are you located?????? I am just being concerned about the type of home she will be going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love her and we want to make sure she goes to a family that will show her the affection she deserves. She is health guaranteed,AKC and CKC registered and will come along with all her papers,puppy blanket,play toys, crate and food menu. She is very playful,energetic and goes along with kids and other home pets. She loves to be held and cuddled and sometimes wants all the attention for herself. She is also well house trained and does not mess around the house.It would cost you 120$ to get her over to you and she is adoption free(not for sale). But i am sorry i first of all need to know the answers to my questions so let me judge if you are fit to provide a good home for her before we can proceed... Nina i answered questions but was not specif thank god i stopped and did my Research
Hello , The reason i am giving diamond up for adoption is simple.I would be going to hawaii to commence my treatment that would last for 6months and i have no close family to keep diamond with, so i just have to give her up for adoption, but would have to make sure she goes to the right home. I am not selling the baby but looking for a place to re-home her so the 120$ is for her flight fee and nothing else.In addition,you would be paying the money directly to the delivery agency so that they ship the baby to you. In case you want some assurance on my location, here is the address Arlington (Village) 204 N Main St Arlington, OH 45814 Without which there is every means for the baby being shipped over to you so if you are willing to get the baby all you have to do would be to provide me with the following information .This information comprises of Full names......... house phone number state city zip code house affiliation(like street address and house number) ,an
100% scam, you are correct. There is no dog. There are stolen pictures of someone else's dog. There is only a scammer trying to steal a victim's hard-earned money. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "pet shipping company" and will demand you pay for shipping fees, in cash, and only by Western Union or moneygram. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. You could post up the email address and the emails themselves that the scammer is using, it will help make your post more googlable for other suspicious potential victims to find when looking for information. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. If you google "Cameroon pet scam", "fake puppy sale scam Western Union" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims of this type of scam. There are sites where you can look up pictures and find the site or sites where the scammer stolen the cute pictures of the puppies.
Craigslist Yorkies
I recieved an email just like this but from a different name....Rev.James Moore.Almost identical wording. Was a scam. I backed off and found him online on a scammers list. He had adds listed in public newspapers. Watch all ads. Stay with legit breeders. Word of mouth is best.
LOL whose stupid enough to believe Arkansas is a country! Sadly, I know people who were convinced Utah was a country -_-. I guess its people like this who buy these poorly bred dogs they think are "special". Too bad everyone is apparently going to die from the spreading plauge of malaria.
What exactly is your question? also, by the price they have asked for the dog, it is very obviously a scam
So what is your question??
arlington money
1. Do not loot stuff which is worth nice caps but is heavy, that way you get little for each pound you are carrying, e.g. some armor can fetch you 200 caps, but it weighs 30 pounds, whereas laser rifle can get you even more than that and it only weighs 7 (or 10, cant remember) Basically, think a lot about what you take and what you leave behind, absolutely best from the value/weight ratio point of view is AMMO, take all of it, even if you dont use it, it WEIGHS NOTHING, lets say missiles cost 30 each and they dont take any of the valuable inventory space, the same goes for DRUGS, STIMPACKS, PRE-WAR MONEY. Very good are also cartons of cigarettes, radscorpion glands, deathclaw hands - these all cost from 25 to 50 and weigh only 1 pound. 2.Get your REPAIR SKILL very HIGH - this way you can save a lot of inventory space - by repairing two broken items you only get one often worth more than the two you made it from combined. 3.FAST TRAVEL TO MERCHANTS A LOT - as soon as you inventory's full and the fast travel is available, clear it out by selling your loot and then fast travel back where you were originally - this is a huge money maker. 4.INCREASE your WEIGHT CAPACITY - when levelling up, choose STRONG BACK perk (extra 50 pounds you can carry) or INTENSE TRAINING and then improve your strength stats. 5.Like someone else here already said - Enclave outposts usually repopulate with Enclave Soldiers in about 3 days, so regularly visit Arlington Library or Raven Rock to harvest power and tesla armors and plasma or laser rifles, repair them and sell them for big buck. This however applies only for high level character. Hope it helps, I've made like 35000 caps this way with my house already pimped out and another 50000 in loot stored.
There's a lot of good advice from people here, but I have another suggestion for easy caps with no fighting required! (Possible Spoilers ahead) If you didn't blow up Megaton, did the water leak side quest, and met the "vampires" at the Arefu quest, you can do this: During the day at the Mereseti Train station (where the vampires are), the people will go to sleep for obvious reasons. In the shop under te balcony is a open container with a lot of scrap metal. If you steal it all, leave and go to Walter at the water purification plant in Megaton, he'll buy the scrap metal for 10 caps for each scrap metal you give him (plus XP). It may cost you karma, but you can get that back easy by giving the thirsty guy water in front of Rivet City. OR, if you find Girdershade and pass the Speech check with Ronald Laren, you can give him 30 Nuka-Cola Quantums for 80 caps each, meaning you get 2400 caps from him. But... getting 30 Quantums is tough and requires a LOT of searching. If you have the perk that turns Nuka-Colas into a Quantum, then this is easier to do. If all else fails, sell any Pre-War money at shops while wearing any clothing that increasing Bartering and/or Charisma so you can get a few extra caps out of it. I did that when I needed extra caps for repairs or ammo early in the game and it worked pretty well.
Without cheating - repeatedly raid any Enclave outpost, as their equipment is worth quite a lot of money. With cheating - the best glitch to earn money is to get your barter skill to 30 or higher, although lower still works. Then do these steps: 1. Obtain 2 identical weapons (i.e. 2 lazor pistols, 2 Assault Rifles, etc.) 2. Make sure one is as repaired as possible and the other is nearly broken. 3. Go to a weapons dealer 4. Make sure they don't have any of that weapon in stock (you can buy any of the ones they have and use them to repair the high-repair level item) 5. Sell them both of the guns 6. Buy the low-repair-level gun from them. 7. It should cost you very little, but then it will become fully repaired after the transaction, and the one the merchant has will become unrepaired. 8. Repeatedly buy and sell the low repair item, earning you caps every time.
The best way to make caps is to loot places you go to, but loot the stuff that give you more money so you can sell anything you find useless at shops, merchants, etc. There is a guy named Walter that takes scrap metals in Megaton at the Water Processing Plant, and you can make a profit off of that also, because there are scarp metals all over the wasteland. You can do a lot of side missions also. The best way to find Dogmeat is to go to the lady named Moira Brown at the Craterside Supply in Megaton and do the Minefield mission for her. When you reach the Minefield first do the mission, then after it says to go back to Moira head to the place that is South (very close you can see it from there) of the Minefield called Scrapyard. Head threw the gate and look for around for raiders hurting the dog and help him out and then he is all yours. Another thing to add on is you don't need to heal him with stimpacks unless he really needs it while in battle, because he heals over time after enemies are taken care of. I suggest saving a lot more often, so you can load from you last save in case he dies.
Nuka-Colas Killing Monsters Missions Selling Items Searching in old abandoned houses Pick-Pocketing Stealing and last but not least, eat human flesh to save money. All those and you should be set
If your high Enough Level make it to the end of the game(just before you kill the final boss, can't remember his name, captain somthing.) and head over to the jefferson memorial. kill the enclave soldiers and take their laser rifles. make sure your repair skill is up high, and repair the rifles. they will fetch around 800 caps fully repaired, and 250 in bad condition. If you don't have live, or if you plan on deleting updates(if so i will explain to you, IM me) get bad karma, then head on over to paradise falls, and talk to one of the mercs near the entrance. he will say " a badass like you deserves a lil' something! and will give you random stuff(caps ammo, etc) it will let you repeat this over and over!
Searching in places for items and selling them, killing enemies and selling the equipment that they have.
arlington money
Check out
The previous posters are right that you are likely going to have a hard time finding a 1 bedroom or studio for under 800, but don't give up hope. The DC area has the lowest vacancy rate for apartments in the nation, but has a very strange market (as far as I can tell) because it has changed so quickly that no one knows exactly what an apartment is worth; and so the rent varies wildly from building to building in any given neighborhood. This is particularly true in the City itself, where you'll have much better luck at finding affordable housing in some of the older buildings than in the newer developments in the near suburbs (Arlington, Alexandria, Montgomery County, MD). I don't know about some of the farther out places (Shirlington, Reston, Chantilly). However, judging by your price boundaries, I'm going to guess that you're fairly young in which case the quality-of-life benefits of being in the city more than make up for added cost of rent. Still, you might be better off expecting to pay something closer to 800-1200 / month for an apartment in a hi-rise. You may be able to find a basement apartment for less than that, but it might require some tradeoff on amenities. Otherwise, I would consider looking at getting roommates, either in a group house (of which Washington has many) or looking to share a 2-bedroom place. Besides Craigslist and the City Paper posted above, my favorite site is , which overlays Craigslist with a google map of the city. Hope this helps.
Unfortunately you will not have much to choose from in the DC area in that rent range. Even basement apartments in Arlington and other parts of Northern Virginia are renting for over $1000. Your best bet would be in the city itself (and even then it will be difficult as efficiencies in even marginal neighborhoods are going for $1000) or to look for a roommate situation. Check the Washington City Paper ( for group housing situations. Your money will go much further in Richmond but that is over a 2 hour drive to DC even in the best of traffic. If you do look that far south, check the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) web site for their train lines. It is the big commuter rail system to DC. It does not go all the way to Richmond but you can find information about commuter bus lines that connect to the VRE and plan your house-hunting that way. I wish I had better news for you, but really it has been over 5 years since we have seen rents that low anywhere in the DC area, and more like 10 years or more for the NoVA suburbs. I have a friend who has a very small house in Arlington and rents a single bedroom room for $1100 plus utilities. it is a very, very expensive place to live.
Apartments In Dc Under 800
Don't even bother with Richmond, like someone said earlier that's not in the DC area. I lived in Prince William County and our townhouse with 2 bedrooms cost $750 a month. PWC is a 30-45 minute drive to DC, but that's if you're not driving during the rush hours. Right now I live in College Park, 10 minutes away from DC and I'm paying 1200 for a shitty 2 bedroom apartment.
It may be hard to find an apt for that much in Northern Virginia. And just so you know Richmond is no where near DC, its about 1 1/2 or 2 hours away. One bedrooms in Northern VA go for around 1000 at least, even in okay neighborhoods they are 1200-1400
In the start, you're going about this backwards. You dont have a pastime as yet and also you'll choose some money in the back of you beforehand you even evaluate shifting everywhere. An residing house is fantastic - what about furnishings, gas, electrical energy, telephone and so on and so on. not basically that yet an residing house would recommend a 6 month employ. What in case you lose your pastime or cant have the funds for it, you're lower than a employ settlement then that may recommend all forms of issues. remove the charge playing cards, pay them off. remove the student personal loan in case you may. that is the way you artwork it out. information superhighway income a week = Hourly fee x hours a week - tax. expenditures. (record them) motor vehicle reimbursement Loans nutrition (did you recognize how a lot that's going to fee you to devour a week?) Petrol (in case you pay off a motor vehicle i wager you want petrol) clothing, haircut or the different belongings you want on a weekly foundation. Going out money income - expenditures = how a lot money you've with out employ. Multiply that with the help of four to get a difficult month-to-month parent. with the help of now i wager you've found out you cant have the funds for an residing house your self. that is severe priced. If I the position you i'd keep up as a lot as a chance over the subsequent few months & use that on your bond, first & very last month or maybe if you call it there. I dont understand how previous you're or a M/F, so I dont understand what's going to be proper for you. when I first moved out I lived with a a lot older female in her residing house & we shared the fee of the expenses. I did it this kind because I wasnt the loud get at the same time variety man or woman, and basically wanted an section to stay. It replaced into more cost-effective to percentage the employ & expenses besides the indisputable fact that it replaced into nonetheless a lot of money. in case you percentage with others, evaluate the range of human beings they are. Your bedroom will be accessible and your deepest issues. you want to stay with human beings you think. good success with it.
Rents are high all over the DC area but you should be able to find something, it just might not be your typical apartment building apt. You may want to think about renting a basement apt, or renting a room in a house. craigslist has lots of postings for different types of housing. if youre not sure if this will be a permanent move, or you're just trying things out, you may want to consider a sublet or temporary rental. Good luck!
arlington money
Some sold me a stolen car, Arlington County Police came and impounded my car.? I bought a 2010 Toyota Camry off of the craigslist and paid $15000 cash for the car. Three weeks later Arlington County Came and impounded my car. Basically I am left empty handed, I have no money and lost the car. I been calling the person who sold to me, he told me he pay me back in 2 couple of months, but it has been over 6 months now. He doesn't answer my phone calls now. WHAT SHOULD I DO?? I don't have a car to go to school and work! My school starts on Tuesday! I don't have money to hire lawyer! 1 day ago - 3 days left to answer. Additional Details Yes, he did give me the title. Police the VIN numbers were altered...I did do car fax report on the car with the VIN he gave me and it came out to fine 100% perfect. I asked why he selling for such a good deal, "I GOT THESE FROM INSURANCE AUCTION". Police not resting him for some reason! He telling the cops someone else sold it to him like this..I thing I am pissed about is how come DMV wasn't able to track it when I went to register the car. If they had than I would of cancelled my payment on the check!
You can get him charged with grand larceny if you can give physical evidence linking him to this matter. Good Luck To You!
You should have immediately given his number to the police and not contacted him yourself. Now he has probably thrown that phone out and will never be caught by the police. You are lucky if you dont get charged with a crime because it is illegal to buy stolen property. So be glad if they DONT charge you with a crime (theft). All you can do is give all the info about the man to the police and hope they catch him. If they do find him then you can try to sue him for the money back. Sorry to say, most likely the man will not be caught and even if he is caught you probably will NEVER see a dime from him, even if you take him to court (he wont show up to court). So now next time don't buy a used car from a stranger. And as the old saying goes "if it seems to go to be true then it probably is!". He sold you the car way less than it was worth.
Tell the cops you wish to charge the man with grand larceny and fraud. Tell the guy you will drop the charges if he returns your money.
How many times you going to ask this? You lost your money and it is not up to you to have him charged with anything, that is the prosecutors job an dif it has been 6 months chances are nothing is going to happen to him
That is a sad story! There is no one that can help you to return your money but a Lawyer. you have to hire a Lawyer. There are lawyers that wont give you charges unless you win the compensation or litigation.
arlington money
My Dad has always insisted I be in the military and even says he would be proud if I died for the country like a relative of his did in Vietnam (his uncle). Ever since I was a little kid he has talked about how I will be in the military (he was in the military as was my grandfather). I am only in high school right now but the last thing I want to to after high school is join the military. My father is like obsessed on it. Since my parents are divorced I don't have to as my mother says she will protect me from it but what do I do so my Dad isn't forever mad at me? He has long talked about how I will not get anything from him when he dies if I don't join the military (I am the only son). He is like Military obsessed with me as early as 5 learning details about war and my great-uncle's death and going to his grave in Washington, DC's Arlington section and hearing I would be in the army. I am 15 so the whole 9/11 war thing has seemed scary and war is always going on. The last thing I want to do is go to war. I even have a 2nd cousin who went to Iraq and is now a heroin addict. So what do I do?
Be prepared to do something else. I made the plans in advance, Graduation in June, 18th Birthday in July, Basic Training in August. You want a similar plan that does not involve the military, but which does get you out of the house and on your own. i treated my own children in a similar way. Once they had finished High School and passed their 18th Birthday, they were no longer my children, but my room-mates and if they were still in the house, I expected them to pay their fair share. Do you have any idea what the per person cost of running a household is? Your share will be severl hundred dollars each month and you will still be expected to help with household chores. If I allowed on of them to use one of my cars, they were expected to pay for the mileage. That is about 54 cents a mile at present. When you get ready to move out, you will learn another funny little fact. All the furniture and clothing that you use is not really yours, it all belongs to your parents. You can only take what they allow you to take. Joining the military is probably the easy way out. My wife and I have eight children. Our funeral plans and burial expenses are already paid. We have made arrangements to have all our assets go to charities. We do not want the children to have anything to fight over when we are gone. The various family Heirlooms have already been divided amongst them. Such plans are common these days.
You put up with this until you're 18, and do your own thing as an adult. Your dad might cut you off from all parental support at that point, but that's the price you pay for going your own direction.
Get a job. Save some money. Be ready to move out at 18 if you need to do so. I'll also point out your Dad is gung ho to have you join, but only served in a period where he wasn't going to get deployed.
Put effort into excelling at something in high school that can result in a scholarship for college. It is ironic that your father wants you to do be his version of a man but to really be a man, you have to make your own decisions. Perhaps eventually he will see the logic in that. Most likely you will have to have had some success at supporting yourself before he comes around. If that doesn't do it, a grandchild will, provided you are able to support it.
Be prepared to do something else... i made the plans in advance, graduation in june, 18th birthday in july, basic training in august... you want a similar plan that does not involve the military, but which does get you out of the house and on your own... i treated my own children in a similar way... once they had finished high school and passed their 18th birthday, they were no longer my children, but my room-mates and if they were still in the house, i expected them to pay their fair share... do you have any idea what the per person cost of running a household is? your share shall be severl hundred dollars each month and you shall still be expected to help with household chores... if i allowed on of them to use one of my cars, they were expected to pay for the mileage... that is about 54 cents a mile at present... when you get ready to move out, you shall learn another funny little fact... all the furniture and clothing that you use is not really yours, it all belongs to your parents... you can only take what they allow you to take... joining the military is probably the easy way out... my wife and i have eight children... our funeral plans and burial expenses are already paid... we have made arrangements to have all our assets go to charities... we do not want the children to have anything to fight over when we are gone... the various family heirlooms have already been divided amongst them... such plans are common these days...
Its your life, if you don't want to join he cant make you. Your dad can do what he wants with HIS money when he dies, even not leave it for you. Whats more important to you, your fathers money or your free will to do what you want in life?
Don't join. If you are 18, you can always move out get a job etc.
Great long story except for one tiny detail. You're full of s---. NO man or women that has ever served in the military would say what you claim your "daddy" said. Also, your intelligence level must be on par with a fruit fly. You contradict yourself three times. Try harder next time cupcake. UPDATE- BULLS--- ! You're a liar. And I happen to be a retired FDNY firefighter. And if a firefighter gives his life rescuing a civilian. He made a mistake. While he might be a hero for trying, he's still a dead firefighter that made a mistake.
Don't enlist and put up with it. Expect not to get any inheritance money when he dies. Because it's his money and he can do what he wants with it. BTW- How can you be the only son if you talk like he has another son, daughter and step daughter?
Its your life, if you don't want to join he cant make you... your dad can do what he wants with his money when he dies, even not leave it for you... whats more important to you, your fathers money or your free shall to do what you want in life?
arlington money
I have one goal so far and that is getting into The University Of Texas At Austin!!! No other school but that one. I am 100 percent texan i live in arlington Home of University of texas at arlington. But i just want to escape and move down to austin for the dank,girls, partying and future. But idk if i can get accepted money isnt a problem my parents have been depositing money in my bank account for college before i was born i have over 40,000. And i work at a cinemark i get clothes on sale and dont waste alot. I put the rest of the money in my savings. So i want to pay cash. But im not a football star never made varsity. But i have done wrestling,powerlifting. Never played because of my grades i am bariely getting by. I am going to graduate on the minimum plan where i dont have to take algebra 2 and science 4 i never took an ap class. But i am good at spanish i have had a 90-100 average ever since high school. I try hard at school i really do. i am bilingual in spanish. But i want to graduate from uta i am not going to drop out. I havent even tooken the sat's and act's. But i dont have a criminal record. i pray every night that i will get accepted but its my junior year and im worried. i am about to be a senior. i am willing to risk it all to wear my clothes from my junior year in senior year to save money to move to austin. use all my money in that city. And do sidejobs to move down there and hopefully get accepted! Leaving my friends and family which needs my help financially. so what should i do.
Make sure that you have enough math and science to meet the UT-A requirements. You probably know that admission will be very difficult if you do not make the top 10% cut off.
Piece of advice - UT Austin is filled to the max with the required top 10% of graduating Texas High School classes - 70% I believe - while Texas A & M only has about 24% top 10% Freshmen. UT Austin is overflowing and is VERY hard to get accepted to. If I were you I would consider Texas A&M where you would have a much better chance of getting in. And don't worry the night life at A&M is great. If you have the issues you do then I would use a shot gun not a sniper rifle to find your college. In other words - send out many applications and not just the one. If you don't get accepted you might have to do a community college and then transfer in to the 4 year college.
Sorry bud, but I go to one of the most respected high schools in Austin and have a SAT score over 2000 but my GPA is mediocre at best (86 unweighted) so UT pretty much laughed my application out of admission since I wasn't in or near the top 10%. UT has a pretty unforgiving admissions staff towards in-state student. However, you could always apply to the CAP program. You'll have a much better chance of getting into it and you'll spend your first year or two at UT San Antonio and as long as you maintain a certain GPA you will automatically be granted a transfer to UT Austin. If that doesn't work out, you could always go to Austin Community College buckle down and step up your game and transfer from there. I have a lot of friends that are taking that route. Good luck, bud.
1. Focus 2. After this summer quit your job. 3. Study for the SAT and ACT (This is not an option) You need to be aware of what your in for. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 4. Wrestle. It makes you stronger, keeps your endorphins flowing and all around happiness up, which will make school easier. 5. Do your homework! I am sure by now you have noticed that if you turn in the damned assignment you get a grade and if you don't you don't get anything. Do the best you can and turn them in. PERIOD. 6. Go to the study sessions after school. (Typically a college kid, or some high school know it all will be there coaching you on your study skills.)(It is not embarrassing, its training, you've got to start somewhere)( You weren't always physically strong, right?) 7. Be social. Everyone else in that school is going through a similar situation. Talk to get it off of your chest. 8. Apply to the school. Do not just dream about it. 9. Email an University Of Texas admissions advisor ASAP High School Requirements Page: They have guide on their prospective students home page that will find your high school and find an admission counselor for your specific school. Talk to that person. They will give you the truth about your situation. No BS, no pulling your chain, just straight up what your chances are and what you need to do your senior year. 10. Talk to your high school counselor. Mainly for scholarships and reference letters. 11. Have fun. It is going to be work, but think about how quickly that last few years have gone by. Don't make the mistake of taking fewer classes this coming year just because. Get the education while its free. Your a strong man, you shouldn't be scared of a high school. It should be afraid of you and your intelligence and determination to get into University of Texas at Austin.
Well i don't see the appeal in dank girls, but its your life. Why not go to school locally for two years, possibly to a community college, to save money, work on your grades, then apply to transfer for junior and senior year? That's my recommendation.
arlington money
Like in the National Assoc. of the Chambers of Commerces. Isn't that the organization all our small businesses belong to throughout this country?. Do we not have almost 10% unemployment. Isn't small businesses the biggest employer in our Nation? Why is Obama attacking small businesses? Is Newt right the Democrats are the party of food stamps?
WHY doesn't anyone remember Bill Clinton renting out the Lincoln Bedroom or trying to sell plots in Arlington Cemetery to his CHINESE donors? WHY doesn't anyone remember Hilliary Clinton getting $100K donations from a $20K/year chinese janitor??? Chinese money FLOWED into the Clintons' pockets and the Libs DEFENDED him. WTF Obama!?!?!
"Isn't that the organization all our small businesses belong to throughout this country?." No, all our small businesses don't belong to it.I contract with several businesses who aren't members. We have no idea who is a member unless the member wants to tell so. This is from their FAQ: <<< Q: Is [COMPANY NAME] a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce? A: Membership in the U.S. Chamber is open to any company, and does not imply our endorsement of the organization. We will not confirm the membership status of organizations. To find out if a specific company is a member, you will have to contact the company directly.... Q: Can I get a list of U.S. Chamber members? A: It is the policy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce not to distribute or make public information about our members. To find out if a specific company is a member, you will have to contact the company directly. You can also view our privacy policy. >>> "Why is Obama attacking small businesses? " Associations who funnel foreign money into the United States to promote outsourcing are attacking small businesses.
You saying "Isn't that the organization all our small businesses belong to throughout this country?" is showing you are not up to date with current events. "In recent years, the Chamber has become very aggressive with its fundraising, opening offices abroad and helping to found foreign chapters (known as Business Councils or “AmChams”). While many of these foreign operations include American businesses with interests overseas, the Chamber has also spearheaded an effort to raise money from foreign corporations, including ones controlled by foreign governments. "
Because Obama, Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney are all power hungry corporate sell outs. What I find sad is that the people above me are using this information to justify themselves in voting for Obama. In no way does that justify anyone voting for Obama and all that shows is how people are so psychologically trapped in the false two party dichotomy. He is just as evil and corrupt as they are.
No he isn't attacking small busines he's given them 8 tax cuts so far. He's trying to get the Chamber to say where the money is coming from. And it's foreign money.
Where do you get this stuff? Every day, it's another FOX News troll spewing more lies about Obama. Don't you think you should check out the left wing sites before you swallow this Fox news or whatever site your looking at? And Newt is wrong - Republicans have spent hundreds of billions on Food Stamps. They are just cheap about it. Another thing that I detest about Republican politicians.
No one seems to remember when obama was running, he said he would take public money and the changed his mind and took privte donations. He woudnt disclose any of where the money came from. when they investigated his "online donation center" they showed hetook millions from overseas people. He even had groups in Gaza campaigning for him. the dems seems to have short term memory. especially obama! it was ok for him to get "undisclosed" donations, but now he is against it! LOLOL heres proof from Gaza TV station of his supporters over there that he bought computers for and had them digging up donations for him.
You got that talking point down to a know they are and by attempting to inject small business is shameful.the small business to whom the cons refer to are rich billionaire small don't even try it.the cons are selling us out.i don't think they're americans anyway.
He is giving a clue on what he will do when the Democrats lose, he will call for a recount because Democrats are sore losers
arlington money
The film revolves around "Bronco Billy's Wild West Show", a run-down traveling circus, the star of which is Bronco Billy McCoy (Clint Eastwood), the "fastest gun in the West." For the show's finale, a blindfolded Bronco Billy shoots balloons around a female assistant on a revolving wooden disc, and for the last balloon, he throws a knife. However, the assistant's leg is nicked, so she quits. The show is not making any money, and nobody has been paid for months. The show moves on to a new town and Bronco Billy goes to city hall to get a permit. While there, he bumps into Antoinette Lilly (Sondra Locke) and John Arlington (Geoffrey Lewis), who are there to be married. Antoinette despises her future husband, but has to marry before she is thirty in order to inherit a large fortune. Afterwards, their car breaks down at the motel opposite the Wild West Show. The next morning, Arlington steals all her money and their repaired car. She is left to fend for herself. Bronco Billy eventually talks Antoinette into becoming his new assistant, "Miss Lilly", though she only agrees to do one show. The show of her first performance is unusually successful, although Miss Lilly irritates Billy by not sticking to the script. Leaving the show, Antoinette discovers that Arlington has been arrested for her murder (framed by Antoinette's stepmother and her scheming lawyer friend, who stand to gain her inheritance). Seizing the chance to get even with Arlington, Antoinette rejoins the Wild West Show. She discovers that none of the performers are real cowboys: they are mostly ex-convicts or alcoholics (or both). Bronco Billy was a shoe salesman who shot his wife for sleeping with his best friend. Nevertheless, Miss Lilly begins to warm to the troupe. Two of the show's performers announce that they are going to have a baby. The crew goes to a bar to celebrate. One of them gets himself arrested by police who discover that he is a deserter from the Army. Bronco Billy uses the show's meager savings to bribe the sheriff into letting the man go, swallowing his pride and enduring the sheriff's verbal humiliations for his friend's sake. Then the circus tent burns down. Everyone blames Miss Lilly for their bad luck, but Bronco Billy defends her and proposes that they rob a train. They try to do this in the standard Western way (riding alongside and jumping on), but a modern train proves to be resistant to such an approach and they give up. Next, the troupe travels to a mental institution at which they have previously performed pro bono. The head of the institution, who is obsessed with the Wild West, agrees to provide them with accommodation and to supply a new tent, and the inmates sew one out of American flags. Miss Lilly and Bronco Billy spend the night together. By chance, one of the inmates turns out to be Arlington (he had been paid by the crooked lawyer to confess to being mentally disturbed when he "murdered" Antoinette). When he sees her, he raises a fuss and gets himself released. Bronco Billy and the show depart without Miss Lilly. Antoinette returns to a luxurious lifestyle, but she is bored and misses Billy, who drowns his loneliness with alcohol. The two reunite when Miss Lilly returns to the circus. Production The film was made in autumn 1979 in the Treasure Valley of southwestern Idaho, from Boise to Ontario, Oregon. Cast Clint Eastwood as Bronco Billy Sondra Locke as Antoinette Lily Geoffrey Lewis as John Arlington Scatman Crothers as Doc Lynch Bill McKinney as Lefty LeBow Sam Bottoms as Leonard James Dan Vadis as Chief Big Eagle Sierra Pecheur as Lorraine Running Water Walter Barnes as Sheriff Dix Woodrow Parfrey as Dr. Canterbury Beverlee McKinsey as Irene Lily Doug McGrath as Lt. Wiecker Hank Worden as Station Mechanic William Prince as Edgar Lipton Pam Abbas as Mother Superior Eyde Byrde as Maid Eloise Douglas Copsey as Reporter at Bank John Wesley Elliott Jr as Sanatorium Attendant Chuck Hicks as Cowboy at Bar Robert F. Hoy as Cowboy at Bar Dawneen Lee as Bank Teller Don Mummert as Chauffeur Lloyd Nelson as Sanatorium Policeman George Orrison as Cowboy in Bar Michael Reinbold as King Tessa Richarde as Mitzi Fritts Tanya Russell as Doris Duke Valerie Shanks as Sister Maria Sharon Sherlock as License Clerk James Simmerman as Bank Manager Roger Dale Simmons as Reporter at Bank Jenny Sternling as Reporter at Sanatorium Chuck Waters as Bank Robber Jerry Wills as Bank Robber Other cast listed alphabetically: Merle Haggard as Himself Alison Eastwood as Child at orphanage (uncredited) Kyle Eastwood as Orphan (uncredited) Danny Jensen as Reporter (uncredited) Arlis Tranmer as Photographer (uncredited)
Bronco billy.
arlington money
I get email from YAHOO inc. which says From: "YAHOO LOTTERY" Sent: Friday, May 25, 2011 7:10 AM Subject: Yahoo Lottery Yahoo Lottery, Inc. Arlington national Semetry House, Military Operation Nigeria, This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Fifty million, US dollars ($50000000) for the month of MAY 2011 Lottery promotion which is organized by YAHOO LOTTERY INC. YAHOO LOTTERY INC OFFICIALS WITH PARTNERSHIP OF CELEBRITY CHUCK NORRIS, collect all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that have Yahoo id we only select five people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying,we congratulate you for being one of the people selected. You are to contact the events manager on or before your date of Claim, Winners Shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Centre.Yahoo Lottery Prize must be claimed no later than 20 days from date of Draw Notification after the Draw date in which Prize has won. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited. These are your identification numbers: Batch number.....................YM 09102XN Reff number.......................YM35447XN Winning number...................YM09788 These numbers fall within your Location file, you are requested to contact the events manager approved by Obama administration, send your winning identification numbers to him,to enable him verify your claims. How ever you will have to fill and submit this form to the events manager for verification & direction on how you can claim your winning fund. 1. Full name.............. 2. Contact Address....... 3. Age.................... 4. Telephone Numbers....... 5. Marital Status......... 6. Sex.................... 7. Next Of Kin............ 8. Zip Code............... 9. Occupation............. 10.State:................. 11.Country................ 12.Nationality............ 13. Your Reference and Batch number at the top of this mail: 14: Your bank routing number and account number to enable direct deposit of $50 million from yahoo lottery Inc. (a not for profit and tax exempt organization approved by US dept. of commerce) (CONTACT EVENTS MANAGER) =============== Name: Mr Chuck Norris E-mail: Tell: +447774551734 ======================== Thank you and Accept my hearty congratulations once again! Yours faithfully, MR. CHUCK NORRIS (Hollywood icon and partner of Yahoo Lottery Inc).
100% scam. There is no lottery. There is no Nokia, Shell, BBC, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, MSN, Microsoft, BMW or any other company in the entire world that sponsors a lottery that notifies winners via email, phone call or text. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money. Any phone number that starts with +44-77 or anything similar is not based in the United Kingdom. It is from a UK based cell phone redirect service that can be answered by anyone anywhere in the world. It is a favorite service of scammers who want to pretend to be in the United Kingdom but are really half way around the world from there. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "lottery official" and will demand you pay for made-up fees and taxes, in cash, and only by Western Union or moneygram. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check ID and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. If you google "fake yahoo lottery", "lotto Western Union fraud" or something similar, you will find hundreds of posts of victims and near-victims of this type of scam.
The lottery releases the names to the media and the media does report it, but if you wait about 60 days, its no longer news, so the publicity still isn't that great. I would make a xerox copy of the ticket for myself and place the original in my lock box and then contact an accountant and a lawyer to advise how to invest and who to tell and who to split it with. All lottery tickets are valid for 90 days, and some for a year. Before I put it in the lock box, I would call the state lottery and have them verify that I have the winning ticket and tell them I'll come in after I speak to my lawyer and accountant. Then, I think I would get about $100,000.00 turn that into quarters and roll around naked in them.
Did you ever hear the P. T. Barnum quote, "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"
Yahoo doesn't have a lottery - they have a whole page about this scam and how you can report it for investigation
Wery good Please report to your regional IRS office at once
Yeah. Good luck with that one.
Don't forget to forward that email to ten friends. If you don't, you'll be cursed to lose all the money.
Fill out the fricken form dude, Congrats!
arlington money
I was supposed to meet this guy & he was going to trade me some Jordans for 60 at Six Flags. Basically , we agreed on 70. But , I only came with 60 because he said that would be fine. That's when he asked me for the rest & told me he would wait for me to get it, so I went to my sister who was inside Six Flags to get the rest. When I came back out , he had ran with my 60 dollars & the shoes. The Six Flags security guard told me she saw him running back to the car with the money & the shoes. The Arlington Police were called & I knew his name , number , & highschool. He is also on the football team of Bowie High School. The officer has filed the report & I would like to know what happens from here on out.
I am not an attorney, what I am about to tell you is NOT legal advice and it should not be considered legal advice. As always, consult with an attorney before doing anything with law enforcement or anything to do with courts and cases. Well, you have a whole lot of options here. You can wait on the police officer to get back with you about the theft, and you can also sue the guy who stole your money. Small claims cases do not cost a lot of money especially if you are indigent and you cannot afford to pay the filing fees that come with filing a small claims lawsuit. You are in luck, too, because you know the name / number / school / address of the guy who stole your money. And, you have a police report, and you have the guy on camera stealing your money. You can take all this and file a small claims lawsuit real easily. If you live at your parent(s) home, consult with them about filing a small claims lawsuit. Filing a small claims lawsuit will be really fun if you are a minor or very young adult. Doing this will teach you so much about the power that courts and city and county business assistance has for you. It does not cost a lot, especially if you are indigent and cannot pay the filing fee, and your local court house can show you more things than just filing suits; they can teach you about filing documents to start your own business, and much more. However, you could just wait for the officer to contact you back. Know that the officer may not come back to you with a favorable decision. But with your issue here, and without more details and information; it looks like the guy stole your property outright and the officer should either get your money back and / or get the guy into trouble. Lastly; please consult with your parents and an attorney regarding doing anything with legalities, cases and law enforcement. All of the above statements written by me are NOt not legal advice and I am not an attorney.
I've got self assurance there is extra to this than have pronounced on your question. although, if it somewhat is actual which you made a useful furnish to return the settee in a million week's time, then your pal became into stupid to record it to the police. I doubt if the case will bypass in the previous a decide by way of fact it has no advantage. If, although, you have been delaying returning the settee, and your former pal has contacted the police in simple terms after asking you plenty situations, then you somewhat've a case to respond to. i think of there is extra to this than you have advised us, as I pronounced. in the adventure that your pal needs her settee returned, then you somewhat get it returned to her, pronto!! She shouldn't might desire to save asking and asking.
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My husband is 41 years old and has a college degree. He has over 15 years of banking experience and 10 years of management experience. Two years ago we had a big disagreement over a used car that we purchased. It was a lemon and we made the stupid decision to put a stop payment on the check. Well he had to go to court and now has a felony conviction for passing a bad check. We have three little girls and my husband is working at a hotel making $9.00/hr. Between him and I our income is very small. We live in the Cleveland area and the work force is slow anyway, but with his felony he can't find anything that will allow him to utilize his education/experience. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do? We are so depressed. We are still paying on student loans and so far behind.
A program sponsored by the US Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration called the Federal Bonding Program helps ex-offenders find jobs. The bond is given to the employer free of charge and serves as an incentive to the company to hire ex-offenders. The bond, issued by the Department of Labor, is a business insurance policy that protects the employer in case of any loss of money or property because of employee dishonesty. Either the employer or the job applicant can request the bond. To learn more about this program, visit the website There are some very good training and placement agencies for ex-offenders. One private, nonprofit organization that provides a range of services to ex-offenders is called SPAN Inc., 110 Arlington St., Boston (617-423-0750). SPAN provides services including: job placement and referral, work readiness, and a reintegration counseling group. Lyn Levy, executive director of SPAN, provided some tips to ex-offenders seeking jobs. Write ''will discuss on interview'' when the application asks if you have ever been convicted of a felony in the last five years (which is asked on almost all employment applications). Be prepared to discuss your incarceration on the interview. Be truthful on your resume and application about your situation. If you were in prison for behavior that is now under control (for example, substance abuse), say: ''I was in prison for behavior that happened as a result of a condition that I am now cured of'' (or ''that I am in treatment for'' or ''that has been addressed''). STRIVE is another organization that assists ex-offenders. Ben Thompson, executive director of STRIVE, said they realized that at least 30 percent of the participants in their regular programs were ex-offenders. Thus, beginning in January STRIVE designed a five-week, 40-hour computer and job readiness program that is located at 154 Forsyth St. inside the Ruggles MBTA station. The phone number is 617-437-1441. The program just graduated its fifth cycle of participants. What made this cycle unique is that all 10 graduates had jobs when they completed the program. Thompson encouraged ex-offenders to contact STRIVE. At least half of the staff are ex-offenders and understand the barriers that people with prison records experience when they are searching for work. A third program for ex-offenders that has an excellent reputation is at St. Francis House, 39 Boylston St., 4th floor, Boston (617-542-4211). An ex-offender will spend the first week in a program called First Step that is run by Cara Doherty. If the individual makes it through that program, Doherty refers them to the 14-week Moving Ahead Program. The first seven weeks cover job readiness and job skills; the last seven weeks are spent at a paid internship ($50 per week). When the participant has completed the program, there is an employment specialist dedicated to placing the graduates in full-time positions. MAP boasts of a 90 percent placement rate for graduates.
Okay, with his felony conviction, even though it's probably classed low, he'll never work in banking or with sizable amounts of money again, but you know that, right? He's not bondable. Yet, it's not the end of the world. As the other person who answered said, go to the court and petition to have the conviction sealed or expunged after a certain period of time. You don't say whether you work. If you cannot affford to, because of childcare issues, I understand. That means you hotfoot it down to the local social service agencies to see what they can do for you and your husband. Keep pressuring them. And, bring all three kids with you!!!! Each time. My sister works for the state welfare agency here. You'd be surprised how fast people get help when there's kids running all over the place! Especially if they are smiling all cute and everything. You're not using the kids, but you are pressing home the fact that they need you, and you need your husband to be making a decent wage. I wish you luck. The social services agencies might be able to provide childcare for you, so you could work, get your husband a better paying job, and then everything would be much brighter!
WGAR 99.5 Cleveland, Ohio Tuesday 04/13/10 Dice -Where do you think the next major cyberattack on the U.S. will originate from?(cyb) HSW - Cadillac Escalade - Found under Ultimate Sports Scandals (cad) AOL Travel -big Sleuth - turn (tur) Artist - George Strait (geo) Mantel's Video - Red City - Kirtland (kir) Flashback - This Kiss - Faith Hill 1998 (thi) 5 trivia - Martina McBride (mar) R U more ...? -c) To raise money to reduce the national debt Champions -c) Ricky Henderson Country Music -a) 1966 Country Video -Violin and Cello (pick and submit) Games n' eCards -7 Pop Goes -a) Northwestern University This Day in History -a) Lilies of the Field cadcybigeokiredthimar7tur
Luthern ministries might be a good place to start in cleveland. their community reentry program is for felons returning to the community from prison, but they might be able to provide referrals or have workshops that your husband could attend. your husband will not be able to work in the banking industry until his legal issues are resolved. I would suggest that your husband make a list of all of his job skills. I am sure that most of his skills would transfer to another profession. when preparing a resume, do a skill based resume instead of a chronological (examples can be found on the internet) when looking at a potential job, determine what skills would be required to perform that job, and list them on his resume. swallow his pride and tell everyone he knows that he is looking for a job. research has shown that personal contact is the most effective way to obtain employment. lastly, has he considered looking in the social services field? Drug treatment centers etc. are a lot more understanding about criminal records and usually have difficulty finding high quality applicants for managerial positions since they don't pay as well as the private sector. However, they do pay more than nine dollars an hour, so it might be worth thinking about.
That's to bad... sorry to hear about what happened. i've thought about canceling a check after writing one to someone i'm disputing with... trust me, i won't ever consider it again after i read what happened. there are a lot of places that will still hire your husband. it's not a violent felony. he could apply to work as a college professor... hell, my local video store is looking for a manager and the sign says it pays $40K per year (thought about applying myself... :) it's true, he won't be able to work for a bank, or an elementary or high school... but my ex-husband has a felony for child abuse and then applied for a job with the federal government, he's there newest addition to "payroll and finance". yep, the federal government will hire a felon! try not to get to down, i know this is a rough time but pull together. with a little luck this will be the hardest thing you will ever have to go trough! BEST OF LUCK! oh, in 7 years the felony can be erased from his record if he never gets charged with another crime and this felony is his first crime ever. i can't believe your attorney didn't plea bargin for a lessor charge...
I know what you're talking about. He was not only convicted of a crime, but convicted of a financial crime. And for someone whose job experience is handling other people's money and being in a position of trust, it will be extremely difficult for him to re-establish himself in the same field of work. That's just one of the unpleasant results of getting into that kind of trouble. The probation report probably referenced that also - just guessing, but they often do. If I were I were in his position I would try to re-educate myself, get retrained in some other field that does not involve money handling like banking, investor operations, real estate agents, loan brokers and the like. He has to literally start over and develop a new skill. And you've already described a man smart enough to do it and maybe even succeed in something new better than he did in banking. He can do it, but now needs to set it in motion.
That is an awful story. I can't imagine that passing bad checks will ever go over well in a banking job. Obviously it would be tough to move to a more conservative (and by definition more prosperous) section of the country because money is tight. I wish I had some good ideas for you, hopefully things will get better soon.
All you can do, I think, is have him explain when he goes in for the interview what happened. If the company chooses not to hire him for that, there's nothing he can do. If you can at all, get away from Cleveland. I'm from Akron, so I know how it is around here. Somewhere else (anywhere really) will have more jobs period, and will increase your chances of finding a job that will accept him. Good luck.
If what you said is accurate without distortion, I would recommend filing an appeal. It does not appear as though your defense was strong enough to warrant the "stop payment" of the check. As far as your employment situation, I cannot offer any assistance with that. I can only wish you good luck.
Try to get the conviction sealed or expunged from his record. It will take time though. He could be up front in any job interviews too and they'll hopefully take the circumstances into account when making their decision.
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I live in Arlington and all my life, basically, Ive wanted to go to UT Austin. Im in the IB program, take AP, am in the top 3%, and I got accepted to UT Austin in early November. Everyone wants me to go to UT-Arlington though :( I had friends in my classes who all wanted to go to UTaustin and A&M but now everyone just talks about UT arlington. My mombrings up everyday how UTA has everything and how all her co-workers say its stupid for me NOT to go to UTA consisdering its here. Everyone thinks its stupid for me to go to UT-Austin and now i just feel no one supports me.. its my dream school and i went to the campus tour and it felt perfect and money isnt an issue.I just really want to go :( but im having doubts cause of everyone's negativity, especially my mom's :(
If money's not an issue, go to your dream school. You will make new friends that will be more in line with your interests, and will be more interesting to you because they're not the same as everyone you grew up with. Even if you stay in Arlington, your old friends will drift away (and you'll drift away from them). Your mom, well, she wants you close. That's understandable. Arlington and Austin are very different towns, with a very different feel. If you felt Austin was more comfortable for you, you should go. If you hate it, you can always transfer back to Arlington.
Both campuses are "B" rated by ACTA — meaning it is possible to get a good comprehensive general education at both schools. However, UT-Austin has an 81% graduation rate, whereas IT-Arlington has a 40% graduation rate. Many lower division classes in UT-Arlington will be full of slackers and droolers. The only problem with UT–Austin is a certain obsession with "political correctness", which earns the school a Yellow Light ("Caution") from ISI, which tracks intellectual freedom on USA campuses. [ISI]: "A student says of the political climate at UT, "Any outspoken conservative thought is generally regarded as unenlightened, racist, and narrow-minded. Intelligence is gauged by how few convictions students hold, how often they 'experience' other cultures, and how quickly they denounce traditional moral values." One professor agrees, "Lots of students drop my course when I tell them I am conservative and Republican. . . . I have over the years been called a Nazi, UT's Rush Limbaugh, and so on, although my evaluations are very good. . . . Students have told me about being penalized [in other courses] for their conservative writings or about having to write what the professor wants, not what they really think." (UT—Arlington is not evaluated by ISI). Baylor, U of Dallas, and Texas—A&M (CS), are also rated "A" or "B" by ACTA, but are better schools for intellectual diversity than UT–Austin.
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For employers that hired illegals? I think it's great they lost all their money but they should have received more jail time! --------------------------------------... Man gets prison for hiring illegal immigrants at Wheaton restaurant By Liz F. Kay | 8:38 AM EDT, September 30, 2008 A Montgomery County man has been sentenced to 15 months in prison and three years of supervised release for money laundering and hiring illegal immigrants to work in his El Pollo Rico restaurant in Wheaton, according to the Maryland U.S. Attorney's office. Juan Faustino Solano, 57, of Kensington is accused of hiring illegal immigrants and paying them cash, according to a news release from the office. His sister, Consuelo Solano, 69, of Arlington, Va., last week received two months in prison and eight months of home detention for money laundering, the release said. The two must cooperate with the investigation to determine back taxes owed on the restaurant. Both also were ordered to forfeit $7.2 million, including 13 bank or investor accounts, a life insurance policy, eight properties in Wheaton, Kensington, Germantown and Silver Spring, three vehicles, collectible coins and jewelry. The amount also includes $2.1 million in cash found in Consuelo Solano's home during a search in July 2007. Juan Solano plead guilty to conspiring with others to employ illegal immigrants at the restaurant from January 1999 to July 2007, paying them in cash, according to the release. He and his sister also conspired to conceal the proceeds, depositing more than $7 million into the business account from 2002 to 2007 and transferring the money to personal accounts of their own, as well as those of other accomplices.
I agree totally that the teachers sentence was way too light, but the boy who was illegal ended up with a sympathy green card, how disgusting is that fact too! yes citizens commit crimes, and we have to deal with them, we do not have to deal with illegals crime because they should not be here in the first place! big difference, why can't you illegal pro's get that point, they are not suppose to be here period!
Yes way too easy based on the fact that it was fully intentional as opposed to the man that unknowingly hires illegals. I just hope that the monies confiscated are dedicated to stopping illegal immigration. It would be nice it it went toward educating our youth to the dangers of illegal immigration.
Way too light but where are you going to keep them? Here in AZ over 40% of inmates are illegal Mexicans. The jails are full of illegal aliens! Tony over 25% of murders in the US are committed by illegal aliens. Yet they only represent 4% of the population. This does not make them sweethearts! Nor does the fact that Americans commit crimes mean that we should import more criminals!
They derseve to spend more time in jail. Make it at least five years. And kick the illegal out of the country.
They should take there business from them and bank accounts, they made the money illegally why should they get to keep anything, put them in jail and keep them there for the 8 or 9 years they did this
WOW! that's right behind the School Teacher that only got 6 years for having sex with a 13 year old! HOW SAD IS THAT ONLY 6YEARS? what is this world coming to? gets 6 years for sex with boy, 13 and what about this guy who killed for BEER MONEY! Do you think his crying will get him a really light sentence? even after decapitating his neighbor? 16-Year-Old Appears Before Judge On Murder Charges PALM BAY, Fla. -- A crying Brevard County teenager faced a judge Tuesday morning for allegedly killing and nearly decapitating his neighbor. The 16-year-old boy, who calls himself a psychotic killer, was arrested Monday for allegedly breaking into a Palm Bay woman's home and then slashing her throat. WHO ARE THE REAL SICKOS IN AMERICA?
It's justice starting to work. i think it's wonderful. how ever i think they should get longer jail time, like 20 years. this is great news. thanks.
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Have you seen the laudry list of donations he has made to DEMOCRATS? Since 1991, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities spent $372,100 in campaign contributions – mostly to Democrats – and $590,000 in lobbying – mostly to the firm of Arlington, Va.-based Lent, Scrivner & Roth, which has represented oil, telecom and pharmaceutical companies. Among issues lobbied on Madoff’s behalf, according to lobbying records: money from Interior, National Park Service, and housing appropriations for a “tenement museum” on the lower east side of New York City. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee received $100,000 in donations from Madoff during the past four years. Sen. Chuck Schumer, who headed the DSCC until stepping down this year, separately has received $39,000 from Madoff since 1998. Sen. Frank Lautenberg received a $7,600 donation from Madoff to his Victory Fund in 2007 -- Other Democrats who received Madoff money include Jeff Merkley, the incoming Oregon Senator, who took in $2,300 in donations this past April; Ron Wyden, the Oregon incumbent, who received $4,000 in donations in March 2003; Dick Gephardt, the former Speaker of the House, who got a check for $2,000; and Rep. Ed Markey, who was sent two checks of $2,000 each in June 2004. Peter Madoff, Bernard's brother, was even more lavish with his contributions, spending more than $66,000 on candidates and committees in the past decade, including to Sens. Hillary Clinton ($2,300 in 2008, $4,600 in 2007), Chuck Schumer ($6,000 in total) and Ron Wyden. think.
This is but the tip of the iceberg and will ultimately be proved to be the main reason why our economy is on the verge of collapse. The answerer MaryJes is right on and pretty well sums up the money connections with congress and the feds. The SEC should be investigated from the top down and Cox should be indicted. Hank Paulson should be indicted for failing to show where $2 trillion went even after a judgment requiring him to do so. Charles Schumer should be investigated for fighting every piece of proposed legislation that involved oversight of Wall Street. The judge who ruled that the victims of Madoff's follies be eligible for up to $500k in reparations under SIPC should be investigated as well because Madoff's hedge fund was not a qualified fund. Now the taxpayers can reimburse people like Steven Spielberg for their bad investment choices. And where does George Soros fit into this fiasco? Somewhere, I'll guarantee it. The whole system is broken and transcends political party boundaries. Greed, corruption and money has destroyed our countrys economy and the morons on this site are more worried about partisan bashing, shoe throwing, what Palin is doing and how good Obama looks. We are in deep sh*t folks.
You did not buy that garbage that Obama raised $1 Billion in campaign contributions $5-10 at a time. Madof was just "Investing" in the Obama garage sale of Political Appointments. Just look at the list of donors to the Clinton Trust--all that Middle East money so they could get their favors from Pres. Hillary. But the Arab money was not wasted-Obama has given her Sec State and she can now pay the Arabs back for their contributions to the Clinton Fund. The Dems are up to their neck in corruption!
Because you are a partisan Republican and falsely imply that this type of thing is exclusively done by democrats and that republicans have never tried to make a quick buck through fraud -- ever hear of Enron, Saving and Loan Scandal, etc.
Why does it not surprise me that you think his political leanings are relevant to his fraudulent activities? "On the surface, Madoff's funds were supposed to be low-risk investments. His largest fund reported steady returns, usually gaining a percentage point or two a month. The funds' stated strategy was to buy large cap stocks and supplement those investments with related stock-option strategies. The combined investments were supposed to generate stable returns and also cap losses." That isn't making a quick buck genius...low-risk does not equal quick buck, it usually equals long-term investment... But I wouldn't expect someone with your sterling mental abilities to figure that out.
If he is, why did your Republican President and his minions in regulation not stop him? I thought you guys rooted out all evil Democrats in all corners of the government, like you did in the Justice Department.
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Could I get your input on this? My husband got this letter in the mail from the Records Dept. here in Arlington and it says that he has been a winner in the Instant Gold Giveaway. I asked how he was entered and they said his name could have been entered different ways...surveys, a friend or relative entered him in a sweepstakes etc. Is this for real? Is it worth looking into? It sounds legit, but I mean do these things really happen to people?
Its a SCAM.. Think about it.. If you won a Lottery... Anywhere in the WORLD..... Don't you think they would fly you out there so, they can have you on TV and whatever else... Think about it.. Here in the US.. If anyone wins anything even near a million.. Its all over the newspapers and TV... There probley going to try and steal your identity or after you fill out Payment Processing.. There going to say please send us (about) $5,000 for the taxes and processing fees... So, I wouldn't do anything but, just ignore them.. Or write back and say.. Send me the money and I'll send you the info back once I received it.. They will never answer you back.. and I would try and call you Internet provider and tell them about it... Good luck with everything and let us know what happens... Jay
Something similar happened to my boyfriend's family. They went ahead and checked it out, but the company really just want people to show up and spend money on certain items. Does this letter say what he has to do to claim "his prize."? If he dosen't remember entering in a contest, raffle, etc. it's probably a scam. It turned out that the money my bf's family had supposely won was if they purchased a car and then they could enter a contest. It's all for money. Be cautious!!
Maybe....look into it more, call the company? And see what you have to do. Why gold and not money? They ususally give money away....
I think its fake!! my dad once got this letter from A MEXICAN LOTTERY!! it said that he won something IT WAS TRASH!
Its just rubbish
No it is a scam
NOT legit !!!
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Hi if I join the US military & if I got myself into KIA or MIA in overseas, does the US military cover my burial expenses like my own burial,coffin,new uniform, & honors? Because I heard that only "officers & general officers or admirals officers" get all this for free buy the government? Is that true?
MIA usually means Missing in Action which does not necessarily mean that your are dead. Arlington National Cemetery is one of many cemeteries that honor our military dead. It just happens to be the most famous cemetery. There are many other National Cemeteries around the USA that family of service members can bury their dead, By an act of Congress,additionally there are others individuals that can be buried at National{military} cemeteries. For instances members of congress.Spouses of service members,etc As for military funerals the military does not pay for everything. You are allowed a basic coffin. You are allowed to be buried in a National Cemetery. They will provide a head stone. And the ceremony that is provided by the military is free. Such as the twenty one gun salute is free What the military does not pay for: say you want to upgrade the coffin .If you choose a private cemetery you have to pay for the plot or if you want the body cremated you pay for it .Additional Autopsy for cause of death you pay for..Lavish funeral services are out of your pocket. So before you go spending the money to honor a fallen hero make sure it is covered. Please, I know. I buried my husband. He was a naval Officer.
Yes. The military provides a funeral for you at their expense. All mortuary and burial services are handled by Graves Registration and Mortuary Services. It doesn't matter if you are a buck private, you die in the line of duty, you died as one of us. If you are declared missing, you are not given a funeral as the military holds out hope that eventually you may be recovered, or at least your remains might be returned home. Arlington is Arlington National Cemetery. Located in Arlington, Virginia, on the site of Robert E. Lee's old plantation, it is the largest of the US National Cemeteries. Over 300,000 people are buried here, including Presidents, freed slaves, and of course veterans of every war since the Civil War. I served in the US Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and did many funerals at Arlington. It is an impressive and sobering place. The Department of Veteran's Affairs runs the National Cemetery system. National Cemeteries are reserved for service members and others federal officials who die in the line of duty. There's probably one close to where you live. However, if you or you heirs specify burial in a private plot, or you choose to be cremated, or whatever, the military will honor those directives.
Of course the cover your burial. If you wear or have worn the Military uniform and served Honorable, you will get proper Military Honors. Your surviving beneficiary will not even half to spend your SGLI. If you die in combat, you can get buried in Arlington. There is a waiting period if you want full honors. If you die in combat and want to be buried in your hometown, you can still get the full honors, not just the Officers. If you are a Veteran and die, it does depend on your rank on what type of honors you will get. If you die in Combat, no special rules needed. You get everything First Class. Its a way to honor the fallen.
The protection tension will help pay for you guidance in the process the ROTC software (a protracted time 17-31) additionally, you ought to use your G.I bill. purely verify you prepare for it before everything b/c you could no longer replace your techniques approximately it. The AF has sturdy tech careers. it relatively is accessible for public college scholars and enlisted protection tension very own. while you're ending your GED, you could prepare for a ROTC value the place you could attend college, totally paid for with the aid of protection tension, to earn an undergraduate degree and serve in the protection tension for no less than 4 years as an officer. teenagers out of highschool can prepare for it purely like an enlisted. even although, it relatively is aggressive. yet this would not advise you could no longer get in. purely save attempting your terrific and you will succeed. do no longer enable those human beings placed you down b/c each officer or maybe colonel has been the place you're at now. keep in mind, each experience starts off with only one step ;)
If you are MIA, there is no funeral until they recover your remains. But yes, you get a full funeral. You can even get a free plot in a national cemetery.
Kinda hard to bury an MIA .
If it happens during active duty they pay for your funeral but if it's after you get out then they only pay a portion.
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I'm 17, I live in Arlington TX, I have A's and B's with a few C's (my parents told me they look at grades. True?) I'm Looking at buying either an older honda shadow, probably around 750 cc or an older Kawasaki Vuclan (same). THe bikes will be pre-2000, and I will be getting bare minmum insurance. Can anyone guess at the rate?
False: The DMV only cares if you passed an approved MSF course, you have the money to pay for the license, and that there are no wants or warrants outstanding for you. You can not get insurance in your name, you will need to go under Your parents insurance until your 18
I would recommend you to try this web page where onel can compare rates from the best companies: :Tee Motorcycle insurance? I'm 17, I live in Arlington TX, I have A's and B's with a few C's (my parents told me they look at grades. True?) I'm Looking at buying either an older honda shadow, probably around 750 cc or an older Kawasaki Vuclan (same). THe bikes will be pre-2000, and I will be getting bare minmum insurance. Can anyone guess at the rate? Follow 7 answers
I would recommend that you visit this site where onel can compare quotes from different companies: http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=2Y...RE :Tee Motorcycle insurance? I'm 17, I live in Arlington TX, I have A's and B's with a few C's (my parents told me they look at grades. True?) I'm Looking at buying either an older honda shadow, probably around 750 cc or an older Kawasaki Vuclan (same). THe bikes will be pre-2000, and I will be getting bare minmum insurance. Can anyone guess at the rate? Follow 6 answers
I suggest you to try this site where you can compare rates from different companies: http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=2Y...RE :Tee Motorcycle insurance? I'm 17, I live in Arlington TX, I have A's and B's with a few C's (my parents told me they look at grades. True?) I'm Looking at buying either an older honda shadow, probably around 750 cc or an older Kawasaki Vuclan (same). THe bikes will be pre-2000, and I will be getting bare minmum insurance. Can anyone guess at the rate? Follow 5 answers
I recommend you this site to get quotes -http://HELP.INSUREQUOTE.INFO/-dmqsdNT701 RE Tee Motorcycle insurance? I'm 17, I live in Arlington TX, I have A's and B's with a few C's (my parents told me they look at grades. True?) I'm Looking at buying either an older honda shadow, probably around 750 cc or an older Kawasaki Vuclan (same). THe bikes will be pre-2000, and I will be getting bare minmum insurance. Can anyone guess at the rate?
For free insurance quotes
I might suggest that you visit this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: :Tee Motorcycle insurance? I'm 17, I live in Arlington TX, I have A's and B's with a few C's (my parents told me they look at grades. True?) I'm Looking at buying either an older honda shadow, probably around 750 cc or an older Kawasaki Vuclan (same). THe bikes will be pre-2000, and I will be getting bare minmum insurance. Can anyone guess at the rate? Follow 8 answers
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The track.. From the Rake.. Here is a list of percentages taken from pools diff. tracks.. varies by state and by pool. The takeout from the win/place/show pool is usually the smallest, and the rake gets bigger for exotic bets (exactas, trifectas, etc.) and multi-race bets (pick-3, pick-4, and pick-6 wagers). Racetrack Takeout Percentage by Bet Type Racetrack WPS Exacta Tri Pick 3 Pick 6 Arlington 0.17 0.205 0.25 0.25 0.25 Aqueduct 0.15 0.175 0.25 0.25 0.25 Belmont 0.15 0.175 0.25 0.25 0.25 Churchill Downs 0.16 0.19 0.19 0.19 0.19 Del Mar 0.154 0.207 0.207 0.207 0.207 Fairgrounds 0.17 0.205 0.25 0.25 0.25 Gulfstream 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.2 0.2 Keeneland 0.16 0.19 0.19 0.17 0.17 Monmouth 0.17 0.19 0.25 0.25 0.25 Santa Anita 0.154 0.207 0.207 0.207 0.207 Saratoga 0.15 0.175 0.25 0.25 0.25 Woodbine 0.17 0.205 0.283 0.263 0.263 As you can see from the takeout chart on the left, the WPS pools (Win, Place, Show bets) have the lowest takeouts. At Churchill Downs 16% of the money bet in the WPS pool is taken out before odds are shown or payouts made. The takeout for the exotic bets are higher - 19%. The more difficult the bet is to win, the more money the tracks take. Hitting a pick-6 is difficult enough, but at Woodbine racetrack in Canada they are taking over 26% of the money bet on the pick-6 before making a payout so take that into consideration when you are trying to hit the big one! These takeout percentages change often with new tax rules, so check with your local racetrack to get the latest and most accurate information. Horse Racing Future Odds and Proposition Bets So if an exacta pool has 100K bet .. The track rakes 25K off the top.. That's where claiming purses come from.. Also entry fee club house admission.. Stakes and Allowance are a bit different. If your wondering what those percentages are.. OK.. First is the WPS pool Second is the Exacta pool Third is the Trifecta pool Fourth is the Pick 3 pool Fifth is the Pick 6 pool Hope this helped..
Yes, the purse money?..... It goes into my pockets. :- ) ...Billy Ray
The purse is the total monetary amount distributed after a race to the owners of the entrants who have finished in the (usually) top four or five positions. Some racing jurisdictions may pay purse money through other places. Most comes from bettors.
In horse racing, purse distribution may refer to the total amount of money paid out to the owners of horses racing at a particular track over a given period of time, or to the percentages of a race's total purse that are awarded to each of the highest finishers. Generally, a track’s purse structure comes directly from the projected amount of handle (the total amount bet by the public). :) For an in depth answer see Mr. Longshot's answer...nice detail !
arlington money
The federal government spent billions of dollars in 2011 on some unusual projects. Here are some that seem utterly outrageous to me... 1. $764,825 for a study on how college students use cell phones and social media The National Science Foundation awarded the University of Notre Dame this grant to study the mobile and social media habits of college freshmen. I can tell you exactly how college freshmen use mobile phones and social media: for 3 a.m. texts and phone calls to that guy in American History. I could have saved the government a lot of money. 2. $136,555 for teachers to retrace Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in England Ads by Google This grant, awarded to teachers from Kent State and Eastern Illinois Universities, allowed Middle English lit fanatics to take the trip outlined in Canterbury Tales. I'm betting £10 that the tour guides just make up half of the landmarks. 3. $55,660 on butter packaging Kriemhild Dairy Farms received this chunk of change to package their grass-fed cow butter. The funding isn’t the only thing that’s too big: The butter itself is 85 percent fat. 4. $606,000 for a study about online dating Columbia University researchers received over a half-million dollars to study online dating. Maybe the Ivy League nerds who conducted this study should put down the lab coats and go to a bar — or at least the library. 5. $484,000 for a pizza restaurant Arlington, Texas has one more beer and pizza joint, thanks to this grant to a private developer. The groovy Mellow Mushroom, a national chain, is known for its hippie theme. 6. $48,700 towards the Second Annual Hawaii Chocolate Festival These funds were awarded to promote Hawaii’s chocolate industry. The Aloha State is already full of sandy beaches, clear blue water, and sun. Why do they get all the good stuff... (That’s the mayor of Hershey, Pennsylvania on Line 1.) 7. $147,138 to build a magic museum Maybe the wizards at the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Mich., can make the federal deficit disappear. The grant was awarded to promote the “history of magic entertainment.” 8. $96,000 on iPads for kindergarteners One school district in Maine was awarded this grant to buy every kindergarten student the latest Apple gadget. These kids can’t add yet, but thanks to Uncle Sam they’ll never need to. 9. $175,587 for a study on the link between cocaine and the mating habits of quail The funding for this super-important scientific study is down from its 2010 level of $181,406. But I think the amount is ridiculous for research that proves what the film “Blow” already did: that cocaine is linked to high-risk sexual activity.
In short the research that comes from space exploration is incredible. Space research gives us insight to solutions we could not obtain on earth. Its a great technical advantage we can use to benefit or technology companies so they can make better products and new products that other countries do not have the capability to produce. It is a wise investment. If you spend money on poverty by offering free food or something that money is just consumed with no return. We need growth so poor people can get jobs and get out of poverty,
I'm with spirit_of_tom_joad: Oil subsidies Even worse than welfare, it not only takes all of our tax dollars, effectively forcing us all to buy something before it even hits the market (Edit: read: unConstitutional forced purchase of goods/services). But, it also encourages abuse. I fail to understand why so many advocates of "the free market" don't like the idea of letting unsubsidized oil products stand in the marketplace on their own. Though, as another answerer pointed out... Is it really stupid if it plays into their agenda?
Wow. So many choices. I think the worst one is welfare. It has ruined generation after generation of citizens. The government may waste more money on more useless things, but the most damaging is definitely welfare. It has created a class of citizen that truly believes that they are OWED a certain lifestyle (not just food and shelter) simply because they exist. .
Subsidizing food production to keep the prices low. They tax you and add in the cost of administration so in the long run you pay more than if they did nothing.
The federal government pays interest to borrow its own money.
Paying Congress huge salaries for obviously no work to help Americans.
Using foreign aid to promote gay rights in other countries, giving illegals free money, education, food stamps, etc. Basically most things democrats do.
Paying a salary to a do nothing congress
Subsidies for oil companies.
arlington money
It apparently does if you're in the illegal alien business. Read on... LAS VEGAS & ARLINGTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LAT Money Centers, a Hispanic-owned financial services company, has introduced the industry’s first nationwide financing program for undocumented workers that want to buy homes. This lending program will offer loans to potential homeowners using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) and Matricula Consular IDs in lieu of social security numbers. The company announced the new initiative at the 2006 Hispanic Marketing Convention & Expo hosted by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals this week in Las Vegas. “NAHREP’s 2004 study estimated that the market potential for these loans is conservatively $44 billion in new mortgages,” said Timothy Sandos, NAHREP President and CEO. Contact your elected officials to protest and inform them about this flagrant abuse of America's laws.
Well then someone needs to be arrested and thrown in jail. The amnesty bill passed in the 80's contained employer sanctions. Now providing home loans to ILLEGAL immigrants is at a minimum aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise. What's next? Loan programs for drug dealers, terrorists and the like. The feds cracked down on the dealers laundering money by purchasing homes for cash. They should crack down on this too. Think about it. Most Americans cannot afford to buy a home. If you believe the pro-illegal bleeding hearts, those poor illegals are over here doing jobs Americans won't do for less than minimum wage. If that is the case then where in the **** are they getting all of this money to buy homes? Should we believe that they are just so thrifty at saving money out of their $3.00/hr jobs that they can afford to buy homes? I think not. Something is definitely awry here.
It could seem from the situation you've talked about that certainly crime right here in Britain does pay. I believe that at the same time approaches fail us, politicians and law enforcement officials are mostly stuck dismissing the regulation and rampant media sensationalism making us suppose that we are living in a criminal offense infested society on the point of crisis, then folks will usually suppose extra willing to devote crime, specially that of the white collar form.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Bucky! I hope people will be contacting their elected officials to report this activity. As well, it would seem to me that that company will suffer big-time if we ever get on the ball and do mass deportations (something I hope to see happening, especially as the fence is completed). And, I would like to see the government confiscating all property and assets of people deported (ill-gotten gains?) and the property and assets should be sold/auctioned and the money put towards the cost of the increased border patrol, deportations, construction and monitoring of the fence, etc. When someone is busted for being involved in the illicit drug business, the government confiscates the assets as "ill gotten gains." Why not the property and assets of illegal immigrants? They would NOT have these assets if not for having committed crime after crime in the USA, starting with entering the country illegally and so on.
Yes, crime does pay for illegal aliens. They come illegally, they steal some Americans ID and commit identity theft to get a job and get paid at that job. They get multiple stolen American identifications and use one to work with and use another to collect welfare with they get money and food stamps and free public housing. I think they're double dipping in more ways than one!!!
Contrary to what you've implied, it is not illegal to finance a home owned by a non-citizen nor is citizenship required to own land in this country. Non-citizens are free to buy real property, so this program is not a crime. Whether someone is here illegally is a separate issue and even if a person is here illegally, he isn't guilty of a crime until he's been convicted in a court of law. Until then, there's no reason he's shouldn't be able to get credit and buy a home, or a car or whatever. And frankly, helping illegal immigrants own homes and establish themselves and build wealth creates tens of thousands of new jobs in finance, construction and real estate services which is good for the overall economy, so stop complaining.
Does crime pay? Extremely well! Politicians, TV evangelists, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, auto mechanics, bankers... well, you get the idea.
These are the peoples who this government need to stop and put all in jail for breaking the laws of this land
Loans for illegals wow , no surprise i knew a illegal guy who bragged he was going to get a credit card with his fake id and then if he wanted no big if he didn't pay . now this is crazy!
I am willing to wager that this is a "La Raza" backed enterprise, using American grants and subsidies to economically break a nation. Can you say COMMUNISM boys and girls?
If the Americans don't stop it and deport them, then it pays. But we are still fighting and the fight is not over yet. Keep the course.. and we shall win.
arlington money
I love to go to the races several times each racing season, and enjoy both thoroughbred and harness races. Here in the Chicago area we have several tracks; Maywood, Hawthorne, Balmoral and Arlington Park. I always limit myself to $20 each time I go, or $2 on each of the ten races of the day. I do not recall ever leaving the track with more money than I started, but $20 is worth it for the entertainment. What winnings there are will usually pay for dinner.
You can bet at the racetrack(the best way),an off track betting shop or online if you don't want leave the house. However you should first learn how to read a racing form so that you will know how to pick out the horse or horses that should have the best chance of winning any particular race. This is not something you learn in a short period of time and it never hurts to see who the experts like in a race and use that as a guide when you are studying the racing form. There are also many good books written on handicapping horse racing. Unless you are very serious it will take quite awhile to become good at picking winners. The top experts only can only pick about 28 to 33% of winners most of the time so it is not easy. The best advice is that no one can consistently win by betting every race on a race card on a daily basis. This means you have to pick your spots like a professional gambler would do and then bet a a lot of money on one race. Real gamblers may go for several weeks waiting for the right situation to come up. The average racing fan like myself who doesn't go to the track every day wants to bet every race on the card when they do go and that is ok as long as you don't go crazy and bet more than you can afford to lose. It is fun but try and learn how to read the form and you will enjoy it even more. Ask someone you know who goes to the races a lot to explain the form and past performances to you and what everything means. I learned from my uncle when I was about 7 or 8 years old but of course it took a several more years to get decent at it. I haven't bothered much for many years now so I am just an average Joe when I go to the track. It's something you have to stay on top of if you want to be real good at it. Just take it easy when you first go to the track and make $2 dollar bets to place or show depending on the odds until you get more confident. Good luck.
In 2004, I dated a guy, who worked for the "Daily Racing Form" in NYC. If you're into racing, you'll know what that is. He was BIG into betting on the horses. He came to Ohio, where I used to live, & we went to a horse race in the Cleveland area. (Northfield Racetrack) I placed a bet for the first time, but I didn't win. I did however, have a great time. :)
When we moved to our current home we discovered that there was a track just near us, so we went to an evening meeting, just for the heck of it. It was a really odd experience - nothing like I'd expected. The area around the race track was completely devoid of people - everyone was inside the eating / betting area, and they just stopped eating to watch each race on the television screens dotted around the room. I did feel sorry for the poor horses and jockeys, who were out there giving their all, with no spectators to cheer them on. And no, I didn't win, either. This was 3 years ago, in Brisbane, Australia.
When I was kid, one of our neighbors would wave at me on the way to Harrington Downs and I would wave back. He would then bet my age on the Daily Double. 1 for the first horse in the first race and 2 for the second horse in the second race to win the Daily Double. When he won he would offer me half but Mom wouldn't let me take it!!! He always gave me a couple dollars though. He said I always gave a glad hand when he waved and none of the other kids in town would wave back!!! He did that when I was 12 and 13!!!
I went to a racetrack in West Virginia ( The Meadows ) and yes I won over a grand . I'm not a big gambler , I used to go with a freind and eat dinner and bring a small amount of money and usually did win . If I didn't I would just look at it as a night out .Last time was in 1994 .
Santa Anita racetrack is about a mile down the road. I've only been there once in 52 years. That was back in 1987. My landlady gave me money to bet for her. I didnt have a clue how to do that and I lost her money, She was not happy and I never wanted to go near there again. I love horses-but not with some stuck up jockey sitting on top.
The last time was at last years Kentucky Derby,in Louisville Kentucky. I bet on quite a few races that day and lost quite alot of money
Never did do that, but when I was young my cousin and me rode horses all summer long at my uncles Ranch in Colorado. My horse was too old to race, but my uncle bought my cousin/his daughter a retired race horse in Denver. Oh....To be young again riding a horse in Colorado.
I have never been to the horse races. They are just a few miles from where I live. Maybe someday.
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I think it is an amazing stadium. That being said, I do no think that a sport is worth demolishing people's homes. That is never right. The area can not handle the traffic and parking. They could have chosen a much better location for the stadium. I am very glad that I do not live in Arlington. The money that the city is spending on the stadium would be put to much better use to improve the schools and to fight the high crime in the area.
It looks impressive from the outside....however, have not been inside. It is in an odd location. Arlington does not have any public transportation, so the only option is to drive to it and pay an exorbitant amount to park. Which I read is creating a problem for hosting the Super Bowl, when due to security reasons, many parking spaces will be eliminated in order to make the facility more secure. I drove by the other day just to turned around...and ended up on a bunch of very small two lane roads....could be a nightmare during a major event. It is in a weird, older part of town....20-30 minute drive west of Dallas. Not a lot of current infrastructure. And, due to the old, existing neighborhoods...would be hard to increase infrastructure without demolishing existing structures. And, the only points of interest in the area is the Ranger Stadium and Amusement museums, few restaurants, bars,, not much of a destination to entice one to spend the weekend there....and, again, even if you did want to spend the would have to use your car to get from point a to point b.... Most of the growth in population in the metroplex is to the north....Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Plano are the fasting growing cities in Texas...however, the stadium is probably nearly an hour away from these highly popluated areas, (areas that have greater wealth than Arlington, and people who can afford the higher ticket prices). So, it seems an odd choice to put the stadium so far from these population centers. I live in Addison...and, there is no way I will drive there for any event. It would take longer to get there and park, than enjoy any event that is held there. I think they would have done better to locate it near the AA Center....lots of options for other entertainment in downtown Dallas...lots of options for public transportation....that runs from the north to downtown. Or, second choice would have been in some of the still undeveloped areas to the north...near the population centers of Frisco, etc...where infrastructure could easily be built, and added to existing.
The new Cowboys stadium is huge. I agree with the person who posted that it is fitting for it to be in TX. The location in Arlington is fine, it is near the ball Park and six flags. I am personally glad it is not in the Frisco and mcKinney area because those cities can not handle any traffic. The population within 30mins of the stadium is larger than Frisco and McKinney put together.
I don't like The Cowboys but I HATE The Steelers. So tell SteelersGirl to shut up.. Stadium is pretty appropriate for that state, team and more specifically Jerry Jones. Kickers hitting that screen is an issue though - plus the team should throw a few dimes at their dangerous practice facilities...
I guess you mean the new stadium in Arlington where the Cowboys play? This is a tremendous facility, it's too bad there aren't any teams of the same quality.
Its big and great and im glad we have it now, but honestly i think its gotten all the glory at the beginning of this season over all the players and the team itself, and i know they kinda suck this year but still. Its an amazing stadium.
I live in area. Traveling East toward it it appears like a giant UFO over the tree horizon. I hope all the revenue collected pays to keep the roads maintained as traffic has doubled.
Im not gonna lie its bad *** but the thing is the team who plays in it isn't i think if romo dont prove himself they should get rid of him cowboys have potential but at this point a waste of money
Y'all won't like my answer, but I think it's ostentatious, pretentious, and pompous. Certainly not something the Cowboy team deserves.
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We will be in town for a few days and would like to have a full "Texas Experience" as well. Not sure if we would be missing that if we stayed near the Stadium. If you think we should stay in Dallas which part do your recommend? We have never been there before. We are just worried about traffic/access to the stadium on game night.
The All-Star peripheral stuff is in Dallas near and in the American Airlines Center where the Mavs play, but the All-Star Game itself is in Arlington 20 miles west of the AAC. I still would reccommend staying around there because most of the activity will be around the Dallas area and its more fun. If the money is not a problem, I would suggest the W hotel because its nery nice and in the heart of the Victory Plaza complex that the AAC is in. Others in that class is the Crescent hotel, Zaza, Joule, Hyatt, Anatole, Mansion on Turtle Creek, The Warwick Melrose. If you are more budget conscience, Springhill Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn and Suites, Sheraton Dallas.
When the stadium first opened June 6 for the George Strait concert there wasn't a vacant hotel room in Arlington. If you really want to stay in Arlington, reserve a room really early. However, it sounds like you'll want to spend more time in Dallas than Arlington so I'd suggest you stay in Dallas. There are so many hotels in every price range, that you won't have any problem finding what you want.
In your project do you address the amount time needed to commute to your job from Arlington? Driving would need add extra traffic jams times or take the commute Dart train. Where you park and catch train is becoming more popular. The city limits zig and jag. It sits between Fort Worth and Dallas.
You wont miss out on a thing if you stay in Arlington, it is also a big city with plenty to do and see.
The finals wont be in dallas..........Losa!
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Hey everyone, I'm actually moving to Boston this January of 2010 and am not very famaliar with the areas surronding Boton since I'm from Rochester, Ny. I only know Boston from a tourist-y point of view :P Can anyone please describe the various areas of Boston and what they are like? I'm 29, single, play guitar, love indie music (I know what a cliche) & video games and am a grad student. Is there a certain area that hosts great rock shows? Along with cd/record shops? Oh and I've been looking in Arlington, beacon hill jamaica plain. somersville, north end, south end, brighton, etc.. Thanks guy - Elle
Beacon Hill: very expensive, old money. Hard to walk in heels (cobblestones, old trees moving the concrete sidewalks). Not for you. (Also don't bother with Back Bay unless you have a trust fund.) North End: Expensive, very touristy. Must like Italian food. Better for yuppies. South End: Expensive, gay-friendly, great restaurants, artsy. Better for yuppies. The part near Northeastern is fine if you go to Northeastern. Arlington (It's a town on it's own): a bit far, but parts are affordable. Depends on where your school is. Plenty of buses to the Red Line. Good to consider. Allston/Brighton: Student-land, maybe too much so. Plenty of music. Concentrate here. Somerville (Also a town): pretty diverse, affordable. Davis Square sounds right up your alley. Concentrate here. Jamaica Plain: you need an expert to tell you if the block you are interested in is good. Far from most grad schools except Northeastern. Also look at (depending on your school): Fenway, Cambridge esp. Porter Square, Central Square. Rock venues: Central Square Cambridge (TT The Bear's, Middle East), Fenway (House of Blues), Allston (The Paradise). Berklee Performance Center has a variety. Get the Improper Bostonian (free on busy corners, look for the boxes) every week as they list everything that's happening. The Metro (free, same places) has daily options. CD/Record shops: Newbury Comics (various), Weirdo Records in Central Square, Planet Records in Harvard Square, CD Spins in Davis Square.
I'm pretty sure every Bostonian male likes indie music and video games, you'll feel quite at home. Anyhoo, Arlington is more detached from the city than it looks on a map. It's fairly suburban, it's where middle class Bostonians go when they have babies and need more room. Beacon Hill / Back Bay is old money. The South End is new money. Brighton a mix of college students and lower income housing. There's a couple indie areas mixed in - Brigton ctr is nice. The north end is the old Italian neighborhood. Fairly urban. It may remind you of parts of NYC. JP and Somerville are probably the most indie neighborhoods. They both have their bad parts, so be careful. JP is a little more suburban, Somerville has a lot more in the record shop and whatnot department. Most of the larger shows are in the Fenway area by Landsdowne St, though Cambridge does host a few too. Where you live should be rather dependent on which grad school you plan on attending. Boston traffic is epic, and and the public transportation system is really aimed at getting downtown and back out. You wind up with a lot of "can't get there from here" type scenarios.
I would say your best bet is in Dedham, MA. About 8 miles from downtown Boston and the hotels should be about $100/night. There is an MBTA commuter rail station closeby and can have you into Boston in 20 minutes.
Arlington and Somerville (not Somersville) are suburban towns, not parts of Boston.
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I am not 1 to complain but I have been away for a while & moved down here orignally in 1998 & I feel like I live in an entirely different city. Can some1 please explain why to any of these?'s 1) What the hell happened to Astroworld & Waterworld? It's too exp to go to the REAL Six Flags in Arlington & Fiesta TX sux? 2) Whose NOT SO brilliant idea was it to make the Compaq Centre into a church? 3) Minute Maid Park? Need I say more? 4) Everywhere is under construction if you live in Tanglewood, River Oaks, West U. Place or anywhere else it takes twice the normal travel time? 5) Why are MOST of the clubs dowtown or up/midtown over priced & you have to park 3 miles away to get anywhere? 6) Last but not least ? CRIME? Is it ALL b/c of Hurricane Katrina that this city is even MORE dangerous than when I left 2 years ago? Any answers to my questions will helkp clarify why it seems TO ME Houston has gone all "bass ackwards" in the last 10 years
Six flags ran Astroworld into the ground and let it go to "sh*t". the original owners should have never sold out to six flags. (sorry I grew upgoing there when the original owners had it and it was clean and nice, once six flags took over, it got dirty and looked run down) Six flags sold it for the land it was on, that now sits as a vacant lot. Mintue Mail park was a waste of money. No One has ever been able to sell out the astodome for either baseball or football, so the new stadiums shouldn't have been built in my opinion. Houston is known for it's construction. If you find a quicker route around the construction zones, keep it to your self, once word gets out you found a good route, they will start construction on it whether it needs it or not. Downtown is still not ppl friendly but they are trying to work on it. Crime has always been high, long before Katrina ppl showed up. It spiked when they first got here but has since gone down. Houston has always been this way and will always be this way. Ever since I graduate highschool and left for college, I have never lived there again. I visit enough but won't live there. I am about 30 minutes from them and in the country (well hopefully it will stay country for a little while longer before Houston tries annex it and make it a concrete jungle)
As a Houstonian I was mad when they tore down Astroworld the Compaq Center was old a was pretty much useless when the Toyota Center was built and Lakewood Church attendance was becoming so high they needed a new building so they made a lease with the city for the Compaq Center so it is the cities fault for that. Minute Maid Park was built because the Astros threatened to leave the city they wanted a new ballpark. The construction going on could be gentrification or urban renewal but river oaks is just redevelopment tanglewood is getting rid of homes in the 60's and building new custom homes which is probaly happening to other places around Houston. I no nothing about the club problems I don't think you have to park three miles though. The crime I should no first hand grew in the late 90's to the early 2000's before moving to California dealing with crime in the Westbury Area on a daily basis alot of the problems people say are the illegals and a lot of single mothers raising there kids and have no father figure so they start crime always been like that before Katrina. I left before Katrina so I have not seen the New Orleans effect first hand but my relatives told me Katrina is raising the crime rate especially near Jones High School were the refugees been talking about taking over Houston. I think it has got worse but I belive everything will get better.
Astroworld is for kids, so i could care less Compaq Center was useless Minute Maid Park was a great addition in the continuing of making downtown more people friendly than it ever was. Improvements are being made to some of those formerly run down places, Kirby St. use to suck and the improvements were well needed Pony up some money, and park closer,....never a problem for me.....and in any other big city the nightlife is way more expensive like $30 parking, $15 drinks In any big city crime is a problem. Houston is the 4th biggest city in the U.S. You sound like you want to live in a cow town, which is fine, but I love Houston's diversity in people and nightlife. Not to mention Houston's economy and job market is still rising in the face of the rest of the nations distress. I hit the scene every weekend and am rarely disappointed, But then again I'm not a constant complainer like someone...... I completely disagree about going backwards. I think it is continually growing and moving up the best places to live in the nation.
Did you live in some small, middle of nowhere town? if you lived in any decent metropolitan area, these things are COMMON. not the first two, but everything else is pretty much common. construction, new stadiums, expensive clubs (that is to try and keep the ghetto out), and crime increasing and decreasing. these are all things that just happen with major cities. deal with it or leave it. part of the six flags problem is people were not going and spending enough money there to make up for how expensive the land was. people were dropping off teenagers for free babysitting and teenagers dont spend money. just cause problems. so why would anyone put money into a park that is overrun with gang members and riffraff? and if you look at all of the six flags parks, local theme parks struggle in general. fiesta and the original in arlington were probably worth keeping up. it seemed that no one went until they said they were closing. then everyone showed up and started complaining. too little, too late. and wanting to live in northern california will just make you confused every time you come near a big city. so just accept city life and get what you need together to live somewhere that makes you happier.
1.Astroworld was shut down & the land sold off. 2. Joel Osteen bought the Compaq Center, because he needed a larger place to preach, "Can anyone say....Greed". 3.Nope. Sold to the highest bidder. 4.Houston has always been underconstruction. 5.Clubs are for the ages 20's and maybe 30's. Because they can get people to pay the high prices, to get in. 6.Crime is no higher by stats, than it ever was, you are just witnessing more. Always has been 700 killing a year in houston. There's now 5 million people living in & around the Houston area, it's got jobs and people want them. Just like a bunch of ants.... Most of the Katrina people moved on from here, it has taken about 1-2 years for that to happen.
Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and the overdue singer's mom, Cissy Houston, have not been on the perfect words presently. Whitney Houston might want to were one proud mom at present. The overdue singer's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, shown her engagement. Whitney Houston's Daughter Voluntarily strikes Out of domicile After lawsuits ..... substance abuse houston
Houston graciously accepted about 100,000 Katrina refugees from New Orleans. We can never thank you enough, and just hope that no similar disaster ever happens to Houston. However, that was three years ago and most of the Katrina refugees are gone. Even then, 100,000 people won't make a city of more than 5 million noticeably more crowded. The crime rate in Houston was increasing BEFORE Hurricane Katrina. Houston politicians simply blamed the already-happening increase on the refugees, which is a very common thing for local officials to do to refugees around the world. Move to New Orleans if you want a nicer place to live!
Haven't you been in Houston a while now or do you just have the same pic as someone else? B/c you have been asking questions about Houston for at least a year now... You were not complaining much before, so don't start now!
The day they took astro world down was the worst day ever here in Houston...but six flags couldn't keep up with the payments for the land so yea
What got up your coffee cup? Sounds to me like Houston isn't good enough for you. Well, there's the door. Don't let it hit you on the way out.
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In all honesty, I just want to know why you think Obama is doing anything close to a good job. Why do you think he's doing okay with illegal immigration? Why do you think the health care bill is anything other than a disaster? Why do you think the fact that his administration seems to think that they can dodge questions and not explain their actions is okay? Why is it okay for Obama to do nothing better than work on his jump shot instead of going to Arlington on Memorial Day? How is the oil spill not a blatant example of how inexperienced he is? Why can't he give a good speech without a teleprompter full of rhetoric? I don't want any kindergarten arguments comparing him to Bush, such as "well yeah he's screwing up by doing this but look at what Bush did". That's just a feeble attempt to take a stab at someone else without defending the person in question. Don't give statistics without reasoning behind them, and site any sources. If you spout statistics without any sources, your comments will be disregarded. And please, don't get on here and just blast the right or the left unintelligibly. It's just a waste of time, and I really do just want to know what the other side's reasoning is on these things.
@ David H What I meant was don't just talk about something Bush did wrong, as if that is a good reason why Obama doing something wrong is okay. FOR THE RECORD, I'D JUST LIKE YOU ALL TO KNOW (WHILE YOU'RE BLASTING ME MERELY FOR QUESTIONING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION) THAT I WAS IN NO WAY A MCCAIN SUPPORTER. I THOUGHT BOTH CANDIDATES SUCKED BACK IN 08.
I would just like to say thank you to KYWildcat for actually getting on here and saying something intelligent without mindlessly bashing the other side. Out of 16 comments so far, he's the only one who's actually addressed the issues instead of taking a shot at me for questioning the president. It's sad that I couldn't honestly ask for the other side to explain why they think their guy is doing okay without being called things such as a "condescending douchebag" (and thanks buddy for giving such an informative answer, that really helped me to be able to see things from your point of view). I figured you all would be happy to see a conservative American who actually just wants to see things from your point of view. I suppose that was my mistake.
@ David H So I didn't question any of their policies when I asked for you to explain why you think their policies on health care and immigration are working? Sorry, but going on yet another vacation to Chicago on Memorial Day is a hell of a lot different than another president going to Europe for a WW2 ceremony. (Once again, I asked that you not just site Bush as an excuse for Obama. I'm not some super far right fanatic who worships Bush, in fact I really didn't even care for him, so slanting him makes no difference to me. I'm only concerned about what's going on now with Obama) How would I have handled the oil crisis differently? Well, I wouldn't have waited about 2 months to actually do something, and I would have tried to have done something more useful other than going down there and making an *** out of myself by saying something as stupid as "well who's *** do I have to kick?". Please, just stop replying to me until you actually say something to back up your own beliefs.
@ Candi It's obvious you support Obama, so tell us why. You didn't answer the question, so do you not know what to say or are afraid to try and back up your beliefs? I firmly believe that Obama and Congress are taking our country in the wrong direction. It's not because he is a Democrat, I could care less what party you are from as long as you do your job and do it right. President Obama was hailed by his supporters as some sort of "Christ-like figure" who could solve most (No, I didn't say all. No one expects him to be perfect) of the country's problems. But look at all he hasn't done. He didn't repeal the lax laws that allowed BP to have faulty mechanisms in their pipes, and yet his supporters continually blame Bush. While yes, it is true that Bush helped pass those laws, Obama could have just as easily gotten rid of them the moment he took office. He bailed out the banks, burning through billions of taxpayers' money, along with bailing out the auto companies. But his supports claim our nation's money problems are due to Bush and "his unnecessary war." And let's not forget the travesty that was the Obamacare bill. Remember when Nancy Pelosi told the American people that they "have to pass the bill so we could know what was inside it"? What happened to Obama's stance on government accountability and transparency? And of all the things he has done, the one that bothers me the most is he actually had the audacity to stand next to and applaud Felipe Calderon of Mexico, a country with a major drug problem and extremely draconian border laws, criticize our country and call every last one of us a racist. So let's take a look at what we have here. Obama is a president who has accomplished many things in his first two years. Not only has he fallen through on many of his campaign promises and spent money like there is no tomorrow, but he has also refused to ever stand up for our country when leaders of other nations say terrible things about us. People saw him as a George Washington, but now that the shades have been pulled back, and many people are back to reality, we can clearly see that he is nowhere near that. If I had to compare Obama to his political counterpart, I would say he is very much like Neville Chamberlain. For those of you who don't recognize that name, Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of England who allowed Nazi Germany to walk all over Europe, while failing to keep Britain's economy going great. He was succeeded by Winston Churchill, who led England out of their problems and, with the help of the allies, to victory. History repeats itself, and in November 2012 we will see just that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edit~~~~~~~~~~~~~... Oh, come on. Surely one of you, who were so quick to jump the man for asking the question, can respond to what I have to say? You called him ignorant and heckled him, yet none of you have the intestinal fortitude, let alone the ability, to even respond to his question or my response. The fact that all the people who support Obama on here can do little more than harass those who have legitimate questions, while those who do question Obama can generally present a concise and well thought out answer is very telling.
"I don't want any kindergarten arguments comparing him to Bush, such as "well yeah he's screwing up by doing this but look at what Bush did". That's just a feeble attempt to take a stab at someone else without defending the person in question." We measure things by COMPARING THEM. This question is just a feeble attempt to bash the current president while comparing him to NOBODY. Why do you think John McCain would be doing a better job? "WHILE YOU'RE BLASTING ME MERELY FOR QUESTIONING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION" You aren't really questioning any policies of the Obama administration. You are WHINING and bashing him. Example: "Why is it okay for Obama to do nothing better than work on his jump shot instead of going to Arlington on Memorial Day?" He wasn't working on his jump shot. He was at a different ceremony in Chicago. Bush did the same thing in 2002. He was in EUROPE. Nobody whined. "How is the oil spill not a blatant example of how inexperienced he is?" Once again, how would you have handled it differently? No president has any experience handling a gusher a mile under water. "Well, I wouldn't have waited about 2 months to actually do something, " He didn't wait 2 months before doing anything. You are misinformed. All you can say is what you WOULDN'T have done. That's not a solution.
Some jobs are really difficult, there is no easy way to do the job. All you can do is get the best guy for the job and support him in doing it. I rarely see anyone saying (if ever) saying McCain would have done better. Its a mess that Americans cannot believe they are actually in. Think of the tortoise and the hare, America ran ahead of the world, now it has no option but to wait for the world to catch up.
I do not have the finances to be had to make crusade contributions and am now not competent to paintings on the crusade headquarters close me because of time schedules. However, I had been emailing many men and women to aprise them of information they won't realize. This would possibly sound lame, however I even have despatched my candidate, Obama, crusade recommendations seeing that I was a Marketing Director in Manhattan for a few fundamental companies and desired to present valuable recommendations he has now not but performed.
He is doing better. Economy is in a better shape Passed health care bill that insures every legal American Country hasn't been attacked since he took office Unemployment rate is considerably down ( When he took over the office the unemployment rate was 12 % now its 9.5% ) I think he is doing an OK job if not good but I know you don't want to hear his accomplishments you just people to tell you what you want to hear ie Obama bashing out of no reason
It's really way to early to tell how Obama is doing... history will determine that. I just know that as a member of the middle class, I do much better economically with the Democrats than with the Republicans. If I were rich, maybe I'd think different.
Why is it okay for Obama to do nothing better than work on his jump shot instead of going to Arlington on Memorial Day? (YOUR WORDS) and for some reason, you don't think that is a kindergarten arguments? where are your statistics, where are your sources to your allegations??? why would anyone take you seriously?
I just don't understand Conservatives. The oil spill was a direct result of the de-regulation of these oil companies. The people who should have been regulating the oil companies during Bush's term were found sleeping with, and doing cocaine with the oil executives. The healthcare bill is not a disaster, and you have given no reason why I should assume this. It is a huge improvement over our previous system, though I would have preferred a single payer system.
Under the GOP gas prices were over $4 and unemployment was high, we were fighting stupid wars. under Obama gas is under $2 and unemployment is low, we are not seeing American soldiers needlessly dying daily. Then there is affordable healthcare, So yeah, Obama wins !!!
I care about people, so Obama is doing fine by me. If all I cared about was money, maybe I'd feel differently.
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O gosh where to begin... so I just received this summons for court in the mail -a Warrant in Debt. I am to appear in court in December in Arlington, VA. It is from Dominion Law Associates on behalf of HSBC credit card. They claim I owe a little more than 3k. Please I know the obvious answer is to pay so I dont need to hear that. I have 0 savings, 0 cash, and on the date that I am suppose to appear in court i have a final exam that i cant miss. I'm affrid that if i go to court they will make me pay total amount. So my question is what do they expect me to do if I really don't have money? I mean I work full time and part time and go to school full time, any extra money i do get i have to pay school because financial aid doesnt cover my whole tuition and I start school again in january. Please help, I plan on calling pre paid legal for advice on monday. Also what happens if I dont show up, will I get arrested? will they clear out my bank account, take my car? Some advice on what I am suppose to do next? Thanks.
Your options are limited. If you do not show up for court, the plaintiff will win by default, will have a judgment against you, and can begin aggressively collecting that debt. I'd recommend you contact the clerk of court and ask for a continuance - ask that the court be reset for a different day so you can take your test. If the court won't cooperate, start working on the folks at school to reschedule your test. You will not be arrested as this is a civil matter. We stopped dragging people off to the poor house a long time ago. However, they can freeze your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and make life pretty miserable for you. Better to make an appearance in court and try to get the judgment down to a lower amount than just surrender and have this more painful than it needs to be. - Stuart
If you do not appear, and the proceeding goes on in your absence, judgment will be entered against you. With such a judgment, the creditor may they seek to garnish your wages or seize your assets (which could include your bank account, cars, etc.). If you absolutely cannot appear on the scheduled date, your best bet is to contact the attorney on the other side and/or the clerk of court and request a continuance to a date that you are available. When you do appear, you should offer plans for some sort of payment. That may be sufficient to the judge, otherwise, he could order garnishment/forfeiture.
It is almost always better to appear in court. If you're not there, the credit card people will get everything they want from the judge, including fines and penalties. If you're there, the judge will listen to your story--that you are a poor student with no savings--and is likely to go easy on you in terms of what you have to pay. With the judge's help, you might be able to negotiate a repayment plan that is workable, and that doesn't destroy your credit. I've heard that the credit card companies hate it when the defendant (you) shows up, because it means they have to negotiate, rather than automatically getting everything they want. Because of your exam, you might be able to contact the court to get a slight delay in your hearing--it's worth asking. As long as the court doesn't think you're stalling, your chances of getting a new court date are good.
Jane, in Kansas they have to serve you a summons to your door by someone with the court system. I don`t know but I thought all states were that way, like on TV and stuff, this might just be a trick by the debt collector to get you to show up. I would call your City Attorney there in your home town and see what they tell you. I might be wrong, but how do they now you even got the letter? did you have to sign for it? hope this all works out for you.
Dominion Law Associates
Unless they hand deliver you a warrant they cant hold you accountable. If you do go to court over this they will not make you pay full amount. They will set up a payment agreement between you and the company based on your income. Do check with a legal adviser. I am not one. I am speaking about personal experiance with same situation.
Your wages will be garnished, your bank account could be frozen, your tax returns could be seized, and any property you have could be seized and sold And if you do not show up, you will NEVER have a chance to dispute it once the judgment is entered against you
PAY your bill, you obviously have a computer, have an internet connection, etc...which cost money every month so you should be able to pay your bill. Send them some good faith money, explain your test day problem with the court day, and tell them how much a month you can pay them each month and do it. If nothing else file for bankruptcy, but remember this will be on your credit record for 7 years.
If it is your debt and you know it is your debt, then you need to pay it. What if you took off school for a semester and then used that money to pay your debt? You benefited from borrowing the money, you should have to pay it back. And get this monkey off your back.
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Depends on your age... Cordova...the bottom is dropping out, and your purchase won't have the best resale value. Olive Branch MS...Nice and closer to other suburbs, like collierville and cordova Southhaven MS...nice and closer to the downtown area. Arlington...beautiful homes, not close to anything (something to think about with high gas prices) Bartlett...A nice stable area. Good choice Lakeland...see Arlington Collierville...Most up and coming suburb. Lots of things to do here. New mall. Nice choice Germantown...Very stable, very nice. Watch out for the police though. They will pull you over for going 2 miles over the limit. I'm not exaggerating. I know you said suburbs, but east memphis is one of the best areas. Especially the Shady grove area. Very expensive homes though. Well, it depends where you are moving from. In memphis you get great homes for the money. Welcome to memphis!
Cordova,Lakeland,Arlington,Bartlett,Germ... Cordova-The schools have recently turned to city schools.And no one wants to attend so many are moving to lakeland,arlington,and bartlett.Many nice homes sell in Cordova though and are relatively cheap with everyone trying to move out. Cordova by far has the most shopping and restaurants. Lakeland- It doesnt really have anything except nice schools. The houses are beautiful and have a vast price range. Arlington- There isnt really anything out in Arlington. Again, just more nice homes. And nice schools, too. Bartlett-Its pretty built up and has nice homes too. Germantown-A bit pricey,but nice schools and nice shopping. Its aimed at the upperclass. So basically, if you dont need schooling for children,any of these are great choices,but if you have kids in school,make your choice wisely.
South Haven or Horn Lake Mississippi just 15 minutes outside of memphis and a great location.. We do not live there but stay there every trip to memphis Buisness or vacation...Good luck
Try Cordova, Collierville, Germantown, or Lakeland.
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Next year, I will be faced with a dilemma. Because I will still be 17 until the end of my freshman year I am contemplating on living at home for the duration of the year. By living at home, I can commute to UT Arlington and then transfer to UT Austin during my sophomore year. Not only will this save me money, but it will allow me to mature before moving onto a better university. Based upon my 30 ACT I automatically qualify for their highest merit scholarships; 8000 dollars a year. On top of pell grants, and an essay scholarship I will win, I can receive over 25000 dollars a year in financial aid. The cost of attendance at UT arlington would be around 9000 dollars. What would I do with the remaining money?? Can I put 16,000 in my bank account for my own personal use?
You cannot receive more financial aid then the calculated cost of attendance. If the cost of attendance is only 9000 then that is all you can receive. They do take books and living expenses into account when calculating cost of attendance and in my experience it is often a little higher than the reality. However, do not expect to receive 16,000 over the cost of attendance. It just doesn't work that way.
The school will apply the money towards your tuition and any money left over they will cut you a check for as a disbursement. You can do whatever you want with the disbursement (the idea is you use it for living expenses but you can use it for whatever you want.)
The scholarship funds is sent to your school, not directly to you.
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There are quite a few nice places to live around DC. I prefer Arlington. I would not want to live anywhere to far out, the traffic is extremely bad and the money you may save on housing you lose paying for gas to sit in traffic. Arlington is kind of divided into different areas, Crystal City/Pentagon City, Ballston, Rosslyn. Myself I prefer the Crystal City/Pentagon City area. All of these areas are served by Metro (the subway) so no problem commuting in. As far as what it's like there. There is a lot to do, so don't worry about that. The weather in the winter is not real bad, cold but not real cold compared Idaho. The summer can be somewhat hot, not extreme like Texas. Overall not terrible weather. Parts of DC and Maryland do have violent areas, for the most part places like Alexandria and Arlington the crime is not bad. Lived in both Arlington for 7 years and never had a problem. As far as trashy people, I don't think so, most people are highly educated compared to many other cities.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Are the cities around Washington DC, nice places to live? I'm in college and the career I want will most likely have me relocating from Idaho to the east coast, probably in or around Washington, DC. I was just wondering where are some nice places to live that are a short drive from DC? Also what is it like there? High crime? Lots of trashy people?
Seriously, the people who say the city isn't safe haven't been in the city for years, clearly. The area immediately adjoining the Marine Barracks on the east side, and on the west side all the way to the Capitol is very nice. Quite safe also as there is lots of security for the Capitol and otherwise. The areas to the north of the Marine Barracks are nice as far north as Constitution Ave. NE (maybe a touch further north the closer you get to the Capitol). Anything more than a block east of the Marine Barracks is bad news for people who aren't familiar with the area (there are some very nice neighborhoods, but you have to know what you're doing). Anything more than 2 blocks south of the Marine Barracks is also bad news, totally and completely. The area around Nationals stadium is growing quickly, but filled with large condo buildings full of small units, not really good for a family. Outside of the immediate area of the Marine Barracks, Glover Park, Georgetown, Palisades, Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, 16th St. Heights, and Chevy Chase (DC side) are very nice. Outside of Cleveland and Woodley Parks, however, public transportation is more limited (buses only, no direct access to the subway). All of these areas are expensive. A 2-bedroom on the Hill (all the areas around the Barracks) will run you between $2100 and $2500 a month to rent, and $400,000+ to buy (that would be a steal, btw). Georgetown, Palisades, and Woodley Park are even higher. The best deals I have seen in the city are in Glover Park, but you're still talking about $1700+ to rent and $350,000+ to buy a 2-bed. The suburbs might be best for a family looking for space on a limited budget. Even a $1M+ home in the city won't get you a yard. But don't let the "DC is like the Gaza Strip" chorus fool you.
The Maryland suburbs just outside of DC are really nice areas to live although just about as expensive as living in the city proper. Montgomery County in MD is popular and is well connected to DC with the Metro system. Bethesda is just 2 stops away from DC, has lots of interesting restaurants and several trails, and is quite safe. It's also home to the NIH and to the Naval Hospital. Rockville is just north (roughly) of Bethesda and has more of a suburban feel, but it's also on the popular Metro Red Line and a great place to live. I would recommend relocating to the DC area.
Mclean Va is a nice town, but it has really impatient people there. I prefer my town , Ashburn Va it's an hour away from DC though. Arlington is nice, Alexandria, Falls Church is amazing, it has many places for jobs and there are lots of things to do there. DC does have poor people along the streets and it does have some trashy people. but then again its where you are in DC, if your in the suburbs then no, it's not that bad. but if your like in the heart of DC then yeah there are some bad things
Go with the MD suburbs such as Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Derwood, Silver Spring, Potomac, any of those are good. And they are all well connected to the metro and provide easy acess into DC. Also the MD suburbs are a little bit cheaper then the VA suburbs.
I live in DC good suburbs are alexandria look it up on google earth its literaly right next to DC place to live although pricing is high fredricksburg is farther away and cheaper too is also expensive like alexandria but its in MD not VA like the other 2 is colonial if you didnt already figure it out ... the city is big but doesnt have alot of skyscrapers. just like any city there are bad parts of it (which is aviodable). interstate 95 completly sucks the signs going there are confusing for people who dont have it memorized. cops hide on the exits of the HOV lanes too so dont try to sneak by because its a big fine. good food (my favorite is mikes american grill and old ebbit). there are tour in "ducks" which is a vehicle that can go in the water and land. kings dominion is a good theme park although is like a hour from DC
The suburbs are expensive, with lots of rich people. The city has two areas, the politics area, and the area with really high crime.
I lived on the VA side of DC, and i would stuck to fairfax, burke, or the fairoaks area, they have really good school, low crime, and not many trashy people/
I'm in Reston, VA (No Virginia) and love it.
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All the hatred towards the military? I originally came from Virginia, where there isn't nearly as many military families, and am now at Fort Lewis, WA where everything around me revolves around military. I was in the pet section when I saw countless ads bashing the military and people telling others not to adopt to military families because they'll just "dump" their pets because of PCS or deployment. Uh, hello? Yes, some do want to deploy, but a lot of people don't have a choice. Even still... Why on earth would you bash the military for keeping you and your country safe? I admit, I have a soft spot when it comes to things like this, not only because my husband is in the Army, but my father and my brother were as well. And another thing, yes we DID have to get rid of our pit bull (although she is staying at my best friends house, so it's not like we totally abandoned her) but we did not get rid of our other dog due to PCS. But whether we moved here or ANYWHERE else, we finally realized that keeping a pit bull was becoming increasingly difficult due to bans all over the place. We miss our baby, but I mean seriously, even if we weren't military related, that doesn't change the fact that people are stupidly banning pits everywhere. I just think it's ridiculous how much people sh*t talk the military when they have NO idea what it's like. I contemplated emailing some of those people and giving them a piece of my mind, but then I realized they're probably all very narrow minded people and I would be wasting my time. Not to mention the things said in the RnR section. Gah, people upset me. Sorry, totally unrelated to babies, but I had to get it off my chest and I'm way more comfortable here than I am in any other section. To make it more related to babies... I haven't been on here as much the past couple months due to the fact that I moved across the country. My son now has two teeth, crawls, and can pull himself to standing. What have all your babies been up to lately? :)
Gabrielle's mommy: I came from Fort Myer, it's in Arlington... Right outside of DC. There were a good number of military considering we were close to Belvoir and a couple others, but not like I've seen here! And congrats on your LO! Alyssa's mommy: I've also noticed that pets are more important than kids, money (even though you sort of need that to take care of a pet), yourself, your dying grandma, your house, etc. in that section. It's ridiculous. I just hate that they have to specifically target the military. Too cute. :) I love baby+daddy moments. They're my favorite.
Rachel lee: yes, it can be difficult to keep a pet while in the military, but it CAN be done. a lot of people THINK they're going to have a dog forever, i mean why else would you adopt one? but even after planning and saving money, the circumstances aren't always perfect, and things don't always work out - we've been there before. that does not mean military should be banned from owning a pet. i mean geez, we're still people with families, should we as military families be banned JUST because there's a chance we may not get to keep our beloved pet? in that case, everyone should be banned. it's possible in all cases, especially with the economy the way it is right now.
Jackals: nice to meet another Ft. Lewis wife! haha. i understand not wanting to get a dog from him. my husband and i don't take well with people being rude, especially if it were about him being in the military! we hate the fact that this post is civilian run. i mean, i know i'm a civilian, haha... but, seriously. if Fort Lewis wasn't here, none of those people would have a job here... yet they don't care what happens to the military as far as their money as long as THEY get their paycheck. i hate that. they don't cater to the military like they should. like they NEED to, i mean, that is their job, correct? GAH. i'm frustrated. lol
~*BB*~: i agree. i hate a lot of the people who post on craigs list. it IS wrong for people to ask for handouts. i mean, we also live on only my husbands salary (who is also an e-4, but we're always broke somehow... dang bills. lol), but he worked for that money to support his family, why should he support random people and their pets and what not when those people are perfectly capable of doing it themselves!
Cj's mommy: haha, aw. thanks man. i hated leaving her behind. she was our baby. glad to hear you're taking good care of her though! maybe your dad's fiance (girlfriend?) will warm up to the idea of her staying there... :) gaby: yes! i hate it. i hate that they have to defend the freedom of IDIOTS. i mean, i guess that's their job. it just isn't fair that they're fighting to protect people that are against them and bashing them all the time. it's ridiculous. and good luck. my son and cj's mommy's son just started crawling, and our sons are 8 and a half and 9 months old. but then again, all babies are different. :) and smart to wait til AFTER he gets back. my hubby is going in september (to iraq) and i'm already 5 months along with my second pregnancy. whoops!
Reading back, I noticed that one of you said that you would never get a "fighting" dog. Let me clear something up: I got my dog before I had my child. My husband is in love with the breed, and pit bulls by nature are loving dogs. They used to be called the nanny dog. My dog absolutely LOVED my son... If he cried, she would immediately run over to his swing and sit in front of him, lick his toes, and then look at us like "hello! crying baby!" So before you go on saying you would NEVER get a "fighting" breed dog with a baby, just remember that maybe the breed has a bad rep, but not all dogs come out of the womb wanting to rip your face off. They HAVE to be trained that way because most dogs by nature are extremely sweet and just want to please their owner. So before you go looking down on me for having a "bad" dog... Just know that my dog would probably kill anyone who tried to harm my baby.
Girrl!!! I know what you mean! Hehe love you! Don't let it eat you up people are just ignorant. You took great care of Kara! Its not your fault you weren't able to take her! It wouldve been horrible if she had to drive from here to Washington! That wouldn't be fair for her or sweetpea! Oh btw we are taking Kara with us tomorrow to my dads so she can run around. Ill call you later tonight hollerr.
Im sitting here with my friend and we live in germany and our husbands are in the army, my dad was in the navy and i have numerous amounts of family members in the military. I agree that its not easy keeping a pet in the military, however i don't blame the people for talking ****. Even if its not easy, its irresponsible to get a animal that you may not keep, especially being in the military beforehand i knew from growing up in the military life it was hard to get a dog and keep it. we are planning on gettin a animal, but we have to financially ready to ship the dog etc, and we wouldnt get a dog that is listed as a "fighting" dog. Especially if we had a baby!!! I'm sorry you dont understand how people feel and cannot accept their feelings. However, i love animals and would rather not get one and fall in love with it and be "forced" to give it away. Like i said i think its irresponsible. You didnt completely give yours away, so its really not that irresponsible on your part! :] anyways, idont have a baby but my friend does and her baby is almost 5 months old, and hes teething like crazy! but he is such a trooper! he rarely crys, but you know when their cutting in!! Thanks for supporting the military! And thanks to your husband and family members for serving!
Myhusband and i live in 29 palms and WOW i see a bunch of cars with bumper stickers just bashing on the military. it isn't easy being married into the military and these people dont make it any easier my husband willbe deploying to afghanistan this november and i just wish these people knew what it is like to have to let someone go and being scared that they might not come back why? because they are fighting for these idiot's freedom my son is 6 months old and im trying to get him to at least start crawling before my hubby leaves :) maybe even walking!!! im also trying to convince him to us having a girl(or boy!) as soon as he gets back from afghan i just want another one already!
I noticed it. I just have seen a lot of people asking for hand outs and blaming it on the military not helping them. I've written to a few of the people that have posted, saying its wrong to expect other people to take care of their family especially since my husband is an E-4 and we do way more than okay on just his salary.
My husband is stationed up in Fort Lewis, Wa, and when we first moved up here, we went on craig's list to find a dog. we finally found a litter of black lab puppies, and the guy was really nice and all eager for us to come and look, until he found out my husband was military. and then he was like, well you guys move a lot and blah blah blah. uh....actually we plan on taking our dog with us wherever we move and since labs aren't banned anywhere, it wouldn't be an issue. even overseas, we're willing to pay, or our parents will keep her until we get back. it was so rude and ignorant. i wasn't happy. thanks for treating my family like crap just because my husband is fighting for your right to be an ***! i even tried to nicely talk about the moving, cuz i can understand how people have misconceptions or worries, but he just was stubborn. we decided not to go look, even though he didn't outright refuse us, he wasn't very nice and amicable once we mentioned the military and i refuse to pay anyone for their dog who treats my family like that....or anyone who treats the military like that! ugh! it made me mad because we did plan on a breed that we would be able to keep for it's entire life and planned on paying extra money to move it with us, yet the guy was such a stubborn ingnoramous that it wasn't worth it and i'd rather do business w/ someone who has a bit more respect.
Thats utterly a phishing rip-off. The largest factor that offers it away is: one million) How frequent the terminology is. No wherein does it say the phrase sofa or any style of furnishings for that subject. two) Hes within the army, on a challenge? a sensible im stationed out of the nation, or im deployed, and so on. Someone that claims on a challenge is obviously now not within the army. three) Cannot acquire calls? If you'll use a pc to seek for furnishings on craigslist you'll get on skype and affirm the order... I wont even contact on the truth that he requested to your complete identify and cope with which in the event that they requested for that it ninety nine% of the time offers that away.
The people in the pet section of craigslist are obsessed. They put pets over humans, they put pets over everything. If your grandma dies and you try to get her pet adopted they will all spam email you saying you are the worst person on the planet for not paying $5,000 to break your lease and move to a pet friendly place. Don't let them hurt your feelings, most of them are a bit psycho. The brave men and women of our military are heroes :) Right now my daughter is curled up on my husband's lap fighting sleep.
I don't know where in VA you lived, but I live in a highly military populated area in VA. I am a military brat too and I HATE military bashing. Those soldiers sacrifice their lives for us and deserve our utmost respect! I just had my first baby and she's doing great!
Yes I have!! Now I am afraid to use it because anyone could find the thing part of military. Aaron is doing good.Its 4:40pm & he is eating his snack right now.
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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (March 18, 2012) –Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the “Slammiversary 2012” pay-per-view event in Arlington, Texas. This will be TNA Wrestling’s first televised event from the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area. The annual live, anniversary pay-per-view extravaganza is scheduled for Sunday night, June 10, at The College Park Center in Arlington. Tickets for “Slammiversary 2012” start at $15 and go on sale Friday, April 20. TNA Wrestling was founded in Nashville in the summer of 2002 and this June marks the 10th year anniversary. The internationally televised “Slammiversary 2012” pay-per-view event will be one of the biggest night’s in TNA’s history. The reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode, leads the invasion of Impact Wrestling stars including Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair along with “Cowboy” James Storm, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles, Rob Van Dam, the lovely and lethal Knockouts, and more. Fans can celebrate 10 years of body-slams with TNA’s weekly flagship show, Impact Wrestling airing every Thursday night on Spike. "I can't wait to bring this big celebration to my hometown area," said TNA President Dixie Carter. "I've been trying to make this first televised show from Dallas-Ft. Worth special and ‘Slammiversary’ won't disappoint. I'll be announcing other exciting things around this pay-per-view event in the coming weeks." Tickets for “TNA Slammiversary 2012” go on sale Friday, April 20 at 10:00 a.m., at, The College Park Arena box office or charge by phone at 817-272-9595. "TNA Slammiversary Fan InterAction” will be taking place on Saturday, June 9 with details to be announced soon. “Fan InterAction” is a popular fan friendly event giving fans a chance to meet many of the stars of TNA Impact Wrestling. TNA will also be offering a limited number of travel packages that will include lodging and tickets to Slammiversary. Full details of the travel package will be announced soon at
Texas is Von Erich - Funk country. Dallas was home to WCCW. In other words, good old-fashioned hard-hitting "smash mouth" southern pro rasslin, where the likes of Steve Austin and Rick Rude (among MANY others) cut their teeth in the wrestling business. The Texas fans should love TNA's brand of wrestling. It's much different from the WWE's "sports entertainment" and closer to what the Texas fans enjoyed from Fritz Von Erich's and Dory Funk Senior's promotions. As Dixie commented at Victory Road last night, Texas is an untapped market for TNA; hopefully this will be a very profitable (in terms of money and new fans) venture for TNA. I'm happy to see TNA expanding it's market into other parts of the U.S. This is good, not just for TNA, but for the wrestling business as a whole.
I agree with Dragon,that this is the type of "wrasslin" Texas liked,but I think this Anniversary show should be held in Nashville,seeing as how that's where it was founded.This is a hell of a way to say thanks to their original fans.But whatever,only time will tell if this is a good idea or not. It's too bad WWE doesn't try to tap this market themselves,seeing as how they now own World Class Championship Wrestling.
Wow. this is the anniversary of 10 years of tna. this will be good show. i had been watching tna since 2002. this business had been good this year. to spend their money to go to the pay per view. it is very good.
On your challenge do you handle the quantity time needed to commute on your activity from Arlington? making use of might choose upload extra site visitors jams circumstances or take the commute Dart prepare. the place you park and seize prepare is transforming into in popularity. the city limits zig and jag. It sits between citadel worth and Dallas.
That's cool for TNA and their fans who live in Arlington.
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So in may i'm going to new york city and washington d.c. with my school. i don't know what suitcases to bring, what clothes to bring, or even how much money to bring!!!! can someone help me? this is our itinerary and we're going at the end of may : please be realistic with how much money i should bring....i'm a 14 year old girl who LOVES shopping and buying snacks and souvenirs!!!! I was thinking around the $250 range. after all...this is my first time going to the big apple!! ALSO, THE PRICE THAT MY PARENTS PAID INCLUDES BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, TRANSPORTATION, AND ALL HOTEL FEES. THE ONLY EXTRA MONEY I WOULD NEED WOULD BE FOR EXTRA SNACKS AND SOUVENIRS!!!
I've been to all these places lol! Okay: Arlington Ntnl. Cemetary: $15 for souvenirs Smithsonian (I only went to air and space): $20, $40 if you want a shirt! And you should buy the astronaut ice cream there, it's gnarly. Chinatown: $30 for snacks and souvenirs Central Park Walk: $20 for random snacks on street carts and such lol Fifth Avenue walk: I'd say safest is your parent's credit card. Manhattan is EXPENSIVE so if you want some couture, do NOT carry that much cash around! Statue of liberty: $20 for souvenirs, maybe extra if you wanna buy stuff for family and friends, they had the best souvenirs there! And if you're going to Planet Hollywood in NYC for lunch any of those days, bring money for there. They have souvenirs there too :D xx HAVE FUN :D
Hmmm yea i think the price range u got would be good enough ! or maybe like 350? as far as clothes go lol BRING AS MUCH AS U WANT HAHA cuz omg u know u gotta change and look cute =P not to much tho heavy to carry
Maybe lots of money like $300 i no lots bring stylish clothes like look really fresh ya kniow skinny jeans hightops vest scarves stylish tees uggs northface (maybe bout the uggs & northface) yure so lucky i wanna go to nyc my family went but left me && ma cousins :(
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So, this year (July 3rd) is going to be my first Warped Tour. Not my first concert however. Therefore, I'm not a complete newby. I just have a few questions on what to expect and stuff like that. 1.) Should I wear Toms?--I know they might come off and stuff but they're really comfortable and I don't really wanna get any of my other shoes all crapped up (I'm kind of a shoe addict haha) 2.) How much money should I bring?--I'm planning on buying quite a bit of merch. I just don't know how much merch usually runs for. 3.) How early should I get there?--I live in Arlington (like 30 mins. away from Dallas) so distance really isn't an issue. Oh, and I got pre-sale tickets, which I know act as a jump-the-line pass. 4.) Where do I look for when&&where bands are signing?--Idk if it's a part of the big blow up with set times on it, or if it's posted at their tents. 5.) About how many bands will play on any one stage throughout the day?--For example, about how bands will play on the Glamour Kills stage throughout the day? Does that make sense? 6.) What kind of free stuff do you usually get?--Pretty self explanatory. 7.) Besides bands, what other tents will be set up this year?--Also self explanatory. 8.) The Cab or Hey Monday?--For those of you who are fans of both bands, who should I choose if faced with the dilemma of having to choose between the two. Sorry for those of you who aren't fans, just had to get some opinions. 9.) How much does food/water usually run for? 10.) What's the deal with the bottle caps?--I heard that some venue security takes up water bottle caps, is it true? If so, should I just bring some extras in my pocket or shoe? 11.) I've heard alot of people say that they just bring in one factory-sealed water bottle and refill it throughout the day. Where do they refill it at? Any other advice/tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Ah good 'ol super pages center. I'll be at Dallas this year as well :-) I go to about 10+ shows a year, however I still consider warped a lot different. But here's how it generally works for Dallas. You're going to want to get out to Dallas early, simply because of traffic and getting in line early. The earlier you are the better parking spot too. Parking has been around $15 but if you go through the back door (through Pennsylvania ave) early enough you can get it for free. I was able to do this last year with no problem. Wear your toms, Wear comfortable clothes cause it's going to be really hot, especially in the crowds. Bring Sunglasses sun block, Bring a hat if you'd like. Also make sure your phone is fully charged as well. Food at the venue is pricey. Drinks are $5, water bottles are $4. When you get inside the venue get a map/layout from someone, they're usually handing them out or selling them as soon as you enter. You'll find that the entire tour grounds are expanded into a good portion of the parking lot. The area with the massive awning is where the nice restrooms and water fountains are located and usually held the Smarpunk stage and the stage. Once you enter you should go to Giant inflatable that lists all the bands, the time they play, and the stage that they play at. This can also be a good rendezvous point if you get split up from friends. Band T-shirts usually are $15, although the bigger bands may charge $20-$25, Bands typically sign/hang-out at their merch tent. Although sometimes sponsors have them sign at their bus/tents. Band members or merch guys can be seen walking around holding cardboard signs saying what time they sign or play, or the band will announce it on stage. Either way be prepared to wait a while! Vans will have a few tents set up as well as Sponsors, record labels, some Rastafarians merchants, and indie clothing lines. Also keep a look out for contests ran by the sponsors for free stuff. Water bottles are not a problem at SuperPages center. I mean, for one they sell them inside lol. They won't allow aluminum cans or glass containers. They will search your bag but just don't bring anything that obviously could be a potential hazard. Feel free to ask me anymore questions, I feel confident about answering them all for you. I posted the map with directions that I use every year getting there. I hope this helps!
1.) Should I wear Toms?--I know they might come off and stuff but they're really comfortable and I don't really wanna get any of my other shoes all crapped up (I'm kind of a shoe addict haha) Toms should be fine...if you don't love them too much. No flippy floppys or any shoes you really like. 2.) How much money should I bring?--I'm planning on buying quite a bit of merch. I just don't know how much merch usually runs for. If you want to buy a lot then probably $100 to be safe. Food is also a expensive. Hoodies: 30-40 dollars Shirts: 15-20 dollars CDs: 10-15 dollars Posters: Free-10 dollars 3.) How early should I get there?--I live in Arlington (like 30 mins. away from Dallas) so distance really isn't an issue. Oh, and I got pre-sale tickets, which I know act as a jump-the-line pass. 10:00 4.) Where do I look for when&&where bands are signing?--Idk if it's a part of the big blow up with set times on it, or if it's posted at their tents. They usually announce it or have it on a poster outside their merch tents or set. 5.) About how many bands will play on any one stage throughout the day?--For example, about how bands will play on the Glamour Kills stage throughout the day? Does that make sense? Wikipedia this 6.) What kind of free stuff do you usually get?--Pretty self explanatory. Condoms, stickers, CD samplers, flyers, posters...nothing amazing. 7.) Besides bands, what other tents will be set up this year?--Also self explanatory. There might be some charity tents like PETA or music saves lives...not too sure. Also maybe tents for record labels. 8.) The Cab or Hey Monday?--For those of you who are fans of both bands, who should I choose if faced with the dilemma of having to choose between the two. Sorry for those of you who aren't fans, just had to get some opinions. thank you. 9.) How much does food/water usually run for? Expensive and not good. Food sucks. Like 4 bucks for something like a hot dog. 4 bucks for water too. Just eat a lot of breakfast and bring like a granola bar. 10.) What's the deal with the bottle caps?--I heard that some venue security takes up water bottle caps, is it true? If so, should I just bring some extras in my pocket or shoe? Just put it in your shoe. 11.) I've heard alot of people say that they just bring in one factory-sealed water bottle and refill it throughout the day. Where do they refill it at? Water fountains...maybe. Or those water cooler things you see at football practices. ...I will be going to warped, but I'm not stoked.
I like that you made an entire list! :] Anyway, my advice, is to dress comfortably, bring a lot of money. stuff there is pretty reasonable, but that means that you can get a lot of stuff. maybe a little less than 100 bucks. i would also get there early to scope out the sets, stages etc. check out the bands you wanna see, you can even do that before hand. just have a plan! Also, there are tons of video games, dj/dance booths. its awesome. tents are also where bands will hang out to meet and greet and sell merch. next, Hey Monday all the way. I love the cab's music just a tad better, but Hey Monday puts on a great show! and yeah they dont want too many alcohol related incidents and stuff like that and they dont want you to throw caps at the bands. its weird but i hang out at concert halls a lot lol, and as a musician, ill tell you nothing is worse than getting hit with crap while youre playing. finally, there are water stations EVERYWHERE! that way no one will die! :] Have fun. I live in CT and ive seen most of my favorites except for reel big fish but im busy when theyll be near me :[
1.) Should I wear Toms? Yes. They don't look like they will be too easy to get off (not flip flops, and unless you are going with morons who would take and throw your shoes... :\ ) Plus you're right, you don't want to risk getting other ones you like better getting trashed and dirty. And comfort is pretty important given it is an all-day event. 2.) How much money should I bring? Depending on how much merch and what kinds you want to get. Like some are expensive (Warped Tour hoodies are like $40) but T-shirts are around $15 or $20, it depends on what you plan to get, how many, what tent. HOWEVER, I do say that often they sell their CDs/EPs for a LOT cheaper there, like $5/EP or $10/CD. And it is always cool to make a dollar or two donation to get a poster or sticker. :P But keep in mind that if you bring too much you might have it stolen or get lost (my first Warped Tour I think $20 fell out of my pocket). 3.) How early should I get there? Not too early. If you are good at finding the right line and finding where you are supposed to go, I wouldn't get there more than half an hour early, even getting there on time isn't so bad unless your favorite bands are playing first. It depends on if you are getting dropped off, or having to park, or anything like that. 4.) Where do I look for when&where bands are signing? The big blow up area and the main tent by it (Vans or something) for signing are for big bands that you need passes for ahead of time, with a limit of around 200-300 people, that many passes given out, and they go fast, so any really super popular bands that might be at that main signing place you need to go to the tent with the passes directly or you won't get in on their signing. Otherwise, their merch tents will have signing times posted usually on a dry erase board, so find out what times signings will be at, if they are doing signings, and they will usually be at the tents at that time, but get there before then cause lines will generally be long for that. Lots of bands will say "after the set," meaning after they are done playing you go to the tent directly, quickly. 5.) About how many bands will play on any one stage throughout the day? Well I know for mine it looks like up to ten. The big stages have 10 (the main stage, etc.) and others have a bit less than that but it varies. 6.) What kind of free stuff do you usually get? Only what you seek out, pretty much, other than people handing out ads for upcoming shows and stuff like that. Going to people who are handing out stuff and tents that are not band tents can get you free condoms, free CDs, free DVDs, promotional stuff like that. There is typically an area of tents just of stuff like that. 7.) Besides bands, what other tents will be set up this year? As I say above, ones like PETA, and record companies, and other ones promoting stuff, that will have free stuff, and contests, and email signup lists, stuff to attract your attention. 8.) The Cab or Hey Monday? I like both around equally, but I would say Hey Monday personally, given that I have seen The Cab before and just seem to like Hey Monday's stuff the slightest bit more. But really, it will come down to competing set lists of times and stages, who will conflict with set times of other ones you want to see? Cause until the day of, you generally won't know who conflicts, and if they don't conflict with others or each other, why not both? 9.) How much does food/water usually run for? A lot! Too much. Bring food, snacks, that are unopened and not going to spoil, crackers or fruit snacks or something. And you can either try bringing an unopened water bottle (which they may take the cap off of when you enter) or keep buying water or Gatorade throughout the day. But please, drink plenty of water! Stay hydrated, or it will end badly. Lines for food are typically long so yeah, you need to eat and drink enough, but be smart about it. 10.) What's the deal with the bottle caps? Water bottles with caps and full of water can be dangerous and used as projectiles. Without the cap, the water or beverage will splash out when thrown. A full heavy water bottle with cap will definitely hurt someone if it is hurled by a moron. 11.) I've heard alot of people say that they just bring in one factory-sealed water bottle and refill it throughout the day. Where do they refill it at? Often there are drinking fountains. I know the venue I go to have a few, if you walk a bit to get to them. And that's another smart thing, if you locate any drinking fountains, drink and refill from them as much as you can, that's always good to deter dehydration. Any other questions or comments or discussion about Warped Tour, message me! :) Have fun and good luck!
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Well, .. the old Texas Stadium is dreadful (the parking is horrible.. the the surrounding area is hideous). So I am looking forward to having a new venue. Going to the Ballpark in Arlington.. it is such a refreshing experience (so clean, nice), so I am expecting that and more with this new stadium. As far as the money, I say.. its worth it. People want to have nice facilities in their communities.. also.. more jobs, more tax revenue.. and plenty of tourists.
N order to pay for the stadium, in November 2004, Arlington voters approved a tax increase to help Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones build the $650 million stadium in the North Texas city. Voters approved a measure that would raise the city sales tax by a half-cent, hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent. Work at the stadium site, near Ameriquest Field home of the Texas Rangers, began in May 2006 as workers began to excavate the site.
I think Jerry Jones is wasting him money. I know there are a lot of rednecks you like Texas Stadium because thats were alll the "memories" are but to send 1 billion dollars on a stadium is not really needed.
I think its about time for one and For Two Cowboys Needs to be Closer into an area where Theirs More Attractions that's where Arlington TX, fits Got a College, Shopping Mall, Amuesment Park, Water Park, and a Baseball stadium, this is a Perfect Spot for the Cowboys.
It is simply a beautiful stadium. The designs look perfect, and it is coming along nicely, I hear. It is the perfect stadium for the perfect team. I mean seriously, how do you top this stadium? It has everything. Even the locker rooms are massive and have thickly carpeted floors, individual spaces for players, and other great things. I hope I am a Cowboy oneday so I can play in that stadium.
It's time...Texas Stadium is becoming an eyesore. Arlington is such an up and coming place, very nice. The Cowboys have brought a lot to Texas and it's time to put something wonderful into them! They deserve it!
It looks like a beautiful design for America's Team. If they can afford it, then I have no probem with spending a billion dollars. I'd like to see a game there, in fact.
Americas team needs to have a stadium to fit their image you either love em or hate em and yes they really are americas team who'll be the first to have 6 COWBOYS believe it
Personal i think you should't spend 1 billion dollars on anything expact cures for cancer and AIDS wast of money
"jerry jones is building a monument to his huge ego" not my answer but somebody's else when I asked a question similar to this one.
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Ted Kennedy was no America hero, he should be buried in Moscow, where his true loyalty lies. Teddy has led a long, sordid life, filled with arrogance, elitism and hypocrisy. Ted does not deserve to be buried in Arlington, its a disgrace for a politician who did not serve the American flag, Ted carried the Socialist flag. What an insult to the American heroes that gave SO much more to this country than this bloated, perverted coward.
The Army makes those decisions. Incidentally, I have family members who joined TO FIGHT, also during the Korean War, and one wound up in Germany, 1950-53, at Bad Tolz, another training riflemen at Fort Bragg for three years, then a year in the Panama Canal Zone. An uncle, a WW2 veteran and a junior officer, re-enlisted and wound up supervising a radar station in Greenland. And none of those had to do with money or political clout. He did show up, and while we KNOW Joe, Senior, tried to keep his sons of World War II age out of combat, we also KNOW they found ways around that, and as a result, one was in a PT boat that got rammed in the Kolumbungaro Straits, and the other blew up in a PB4Y-1 Liberator flying a very dangerous "Operation Aphrodite" mission. Oh. And he DID volunteer, by the way. How about Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity???? You seem to have no support, evidence, corroboration, or anything much but paranoia. So unless you have some fairly solid proof, you might want to pipe it down a few decibels. Reality doesn't quite line up with your very weak and demented assertions. Of course, 45 years in the Senate qualifies him for Arlington, if he never did anything else.
Disagree with his politics all you wish, but Ted Kennedy served this country honorably and well for the majority of his life. He didn't do it for the money (his estimated net worth at the time of his death was well in excess of $100 million) He could have easily retired to private life after the death of both his brothers and an endless stream of death threats throughout his entire career. He could have left public life after the stupid way he handled Chappaquidick (sp?) rather than endure twenty+ years of attack. But he didn't, he stayed on because he genuinely believed what he was doing was for the good of the people of this country. One need only hear the hundreds of testimonials over the last week of how deeply involved with his constituency he was, to show he was the real deal. One doesn't have to agree with his political positions, but one cannot deny that he served this country well and with his whole heart. Further whether or not one served in combat is not a factor for burial in Arlington. I have an uncle who served at the same time as Teddy. He served as an officers attendant at the pentagon (essentially a waiter), he pulled no strings and had no family influence, but he too is buried in Arlington. In closing, I disagreed with almost everything the Ronald Reagan believed in, but I do not doubt for even one second that believed in this country and what he stood for. For that reason I respect his memory as you should Senator Kennedy.
You're an ignorant, arrogant *** coming in here and posting crap like that. First, both his brothers are buried there. To expect him not to be there is silly. Second, to insinuate that you have to be a veteran to be a hero is insulting to thousands of Americans, past and present. Third, he was 18 when the war broke out. A war that happened on the heels of WWII and was a fraction the size. People were sick of war and nobody was rushing to enlist like in WWII. That being said—he enlisted anyways you dumb ****. He could've been deployed in Korea. He could've been killed. But he enlisted at 19 years of age anyways which is in complete contradiction to "refused to fight alongside his fellow American men". If that's how he felt, he WOULDN'T HAVE ENLISTED. What happens after that has nothing to do with his personal integrity nor his courage. He didn't enlist and then immediately request for daddy to shelter him. He tried to get into other areas. It was the people around him protecting him. So take your self-righteous, hypocritical face and shove it up your ***. I'm not even an American and you're pissing me off.
Well to be fair he did enlist. But the dummy enlisted for 4 years and needed Papa Joe to pay the right people to get him to Paris, France and a 2 year term. Just like Papa Joe got him back into Harvard after he was caught cheating on a Spanish exam the first time.
He still served, are you going to hate the tens of thousands that of people that were stationed in Europe He's done a lot more for this country than you have Let the man rest in peace Pick on someone who can defend himself Did you serve?? Have you ever put your life on the line?? and if so where??
He was expelled from Harvard twice for cheating. The second time he hired a guy to take his exam in Spanish.. When he was expelled that second time he enlisted for four years. He lied and and said he thought he signed for two. He cheated on his OCS exam and got kicked out of OCS . Then old Joe the Nazi got his time cut back to two years, The scum then was sent to Paris and never got past private while heroes were dying in Korea. Kennedy is a stinking turd soiling our heroes in Arrington, Even if the cowartd had never been responsible for leaving Mary Jo to die. Go piss on his grave. The guys woud like that.
Interesting. Did Bush serve in the war?
Are you serving in Iraq? Afghanistan? Don't do sht like this troll! Did you EVER serve this country? I didn't agree with Ted, but at least respect the man.
If anyone intervened it was his father, and it was not necessarily at Ted's request, but rather because he'd already lost one son and nearly lost another during WW2, and didn't want to chance it with Teddy. So... what was Dubya's excuse for not serving in Vietnam again??
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I attend school all semesters of the year, including summer and wintermesters. I am waiting to be called in for a job I recently obtained, but I am no where near to getting paid. I owe somewhat of a big amount, $600. I really dont want to get kicked out, it will destroy my credit, and it will cause many problems, problems that may disable me to continue school. Please people, if yall have any ideas, or if yall know of anyone or anything, please let me know, Please, please. Jose Contreras University of Texas, Arlington
Most colleges have an emergency assistance fund, that they use to loan money to students who are having temporary financial problems. If everything you say is legitimate, go to your college's financial assistance office (all schools have them) and ask if they can be of help.
Hi Jose, 600 bucks is not a large amount of money. You don't mention how soon you have to pay the money, so I can't comment on that side. However, here's what you can do. Although you are school all year round, you must get some down time from classes and school work. What are you currently doing with your free time? Going out with friends, playing sport, etc? What about getting yourself a part-time job? If you're earning a wage, albeit a small wage, it's better than nothing! It will improve your future employability, and at the same time help you to raise the money for your $600 bill. You should be able to pay this off quite easily, with a part-time job in about two months. Once you've settled the bill, any other money, is then yours to spend, save or do as you wish. I hope this answers your question.
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...drinks, salads and desert? I made the point that when I do that I tip as if I had ordered two meals. But the restaurand critic said some places are charging $2 or so for this service. One reader said this: "Arlington plate splitters: OK - now I get it. The Arlington plate splitters are a bit on the side of things. They probably also bring their own lemon wedges for their water and deduct money from the tip because they did the work themselves for splitting the platof it! While applaud their cost-saving measures (who amongst us couldn't stand to save a few more $$), but maybe people like you need to stay home, or at least eat a restaurants that are a bit more "do it yourself" (e.g., KFC or McDonalds) Or if you are going to eat at a real restaurant, suck it up and pay the advertised and expected cost." What do you think of that? I tried to comment, but they do not print all the opinions. Not mine, anyway. But he does get a lot of comments and has to use the best.
My wife and I have begun to do this very thing - we go to a restaurant and we order one meal and split it between us. We do this for a simple reason - we weren't eating the entire meals that we ordered... (and, like you, we tip as if we were eating two meals...the wife is in the industry and understands that these people live off the tips they earn...) Here in the USA, obesity is an epidemic. And, recent studies have shown that the obesity in this country has nothing to do with the lack of physical exercise that Americans are getting - it has to do with the HUMONGOUS portions that we tend to eat. My wife recently obtained her degree in Nutrition, and I have been trying to eat better, more healthy foods (okay, she is kinda having to force it on me...but Im trying!) As I have been working on controling my portions, I have noted that whenever we go out to eat, serving sizes at typical restaurants is well above what we actually need... And, I am one of those people that cannot stand eating left overs - probably because mom used to make a huge pot of whatever and then force us to eat it for three days, then make another pot of whatever and do it to us again and again. So, because I cannot stand left overs, what is the point of ordering a huge meal that I am not going to eat all of, when I know Im not going to take it home either? Sure, in the end, Im saving money - but Im realy doing so to try to save my waistline and my heart. The money savings is just a bonus. So, just ignore this person who thinks we are cheapskates.
Yes, we have our own side dishes and drinks. we had only got charge for one meal. we got charged for the extra salad and drink. either don't know we were splitting the meal or they don't charge extra. however, i know my friend would lower the tip, if they tried to get extra money.
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By the Republicans claims that any form of the government redistributing the wealth is socialism is not Sarah Palin a socialist governor? And lets not forget all the Federal funds Alaska politicians like to rake in. Such as Stevens building a Federally funded paved road to the business of one of his friends. Is that socialism or at least pork barreling at its worst?
Well if Alaska has all that much money why does it need all the Federal monies it draws? Lets recall the total state population is less than the combined total of Fort Worth and Arlington here in the metroplex. But per capitia Alaska draws more Federal monies than almost every where else. If you can afford this at the state level surely you could forebear your yearly windfall and pay to pave your own roads. Correct? How popular would the famous bridge to no where be if you had been paying for it with your yearly checks? Would you been angry about Ted Stevens pal getting his paved road to his bar if that had been how it was paid for? Seems an awful lot of squirming and splitting hairs in the far north...doesn't it?
Thank you Mark H. (see below) "And Alaska—we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs. … It’s to maximize benefits for Alaskans, not an individual company, not some multinational somewhere, but for Alaskans." - SARAH PALIN ---In fact, Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share (ACES) program, which manages the redistribution of oil wealth in Alaska, brings in so much money that the state needs no income or sales tax. In addition, this year ACES will provide every Alaskan with a check for an estimated $3,200. --- Share the wealth??? Really Governor? ...ENOUGH SAID!
Our constitution gives us rights to our natural resources. The PFD was established in 1976- not by Sarah Palin EDIT- No, we still need the federal money for roads so you all can come up and "experience" Alaska on vacation. Have you ever BEEN to Alaska? Outside of Denali, it's gravel roads, no 4 lane highways, most shipping is done by plane or barge. Why on earth would we spend money that is given to our citizens to fix roads? Do your construction crews drop by for payment before they fix the potholes in your roads?
Yes, and can you believe all the other scary socialistic things we have like: -Public Schools -Public Roads -Public Libraries -Airports -Military -Social Security -Medicaid -United States Postal Service -Police & Fire Departments/911 Emergency Services -National & State Parks -Public Beach and Boat Access
The Constitution of Alaska gives ownership of the mineral rights to the people of the state. They are receiving fair compensation. No one's earned income is taxed and then given to someone else who didn't earn it.
No it is not. The People own the land of Alaska and therefore they own the natural resources. So when the oil companies make huge profit on the states resources the people get money.
That`s distribution of profits from natural resources, not REdistribution of one persons wealth to another person but nice try!
Pork yes, socialism no. Speaking of pork - how does a good muslim like Barack justify taking $1,000,000 of pork per DAY in the US Senate? I thought Islam forbade pork.
Far more socialist than anything Obama proposes.
My god .. . sentences ... words ... they're learning .. . they've learned to think. . . call w we've got to call off the strike team.
GREAT POINT! Plus, it explains why she has such a high approval rating.
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I have a younger brother who owes a lot of money to a cartel ( hispanic)) and they have threaten his life and his kids life and my mom life they know where he live and my mother.. and they keep calling about their money (over $4,000) i have contact the detective the sheriff of arlington texas and called the police several times. and even help get additional Information on this man. that is threaten my family lives. and my bro was eve afraid to go to the police station and report it because the person he owes money to said they'll put a hit out on his head which they already did. and when my brother decided to go in and report and cry out for help they accuse him of killing a 86 yr old lady and took dna, and did nothing about the fact that his life and my family life is being threaten. what can i do about this situation to make sure this gets tooken care of and my family is ok. so that i can know that this situation is being took into concideration.
You didn't really say "why" the cartel is expecting $4000 from your brother...if he has a "product" of theirs perhaps he can simply return it??? If not, or if he sold it all and spent the money, perhaps he could work off the for the cartel for free until the debt is paid off? There are certain "tasks" that would be worth that amount of money to the cartel, a while some of these things may be distasteful and "immoral", if the lives of his family are at stake I'm sure that god would understand and forgive him if he asked for forgiveness. Or maybe they will accept a payment-plan?
Thats what happens when you steal from a gang. If your brother hadn't been working for them selling drugs none of this would have happened. The mexican cartels are the most ruthless of all and they usually do kill everyone in the family. Your only choice is to run far and fast and never return.
There are a couple of old Clint Eastwood films out there that deal with just this little problem. Take an example from them and in a couple of days there won't be any problem anymore.
You can STOP TROLLING and that will make you feel better because you will have more time to get your summer school studies done
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My cousin is from Chile an she sent me , an email about a little girl who has brain cancer. The parents cant afford to treat her , so they solicited the help of AOL and ZDNET. For every three persons who recive the email , those two corporations will donate 32 cents too the family ! So if i could send it to you an you too all your freinds we can do a good deed ! Just keep forwarding your email to your freinds ps its in spanish though . Additional Details 45 minutes ago Almost forgot you can PM your email addres to me if you want too. You can't answer your own question.
Rachel Arlington Claim: AOL and ZDNet are donating 32¢ to the care of Rachel Arlington, a child with brain cancer in need of an operation her parents can't afford, for every e-mail forwarded. Status: False. Example: [Collected on the Internet, 2000] Hi I am a 29 year old father. Me and my wife have had a wonderful life together. God blessed us with a child too. Our daughter's name is Rachel, and she is 10 years old. Not long ago did the doctors detect brain cancer in her little body. There is only one way to save her: An operation. Sadly, we don't have enough money to pay the price. AOL and Zdnet have agreed to help us. The only way they can help us is this way: I send this email to you and you send it to other people. AOL will track this email and count how many people get it. EVERY PERSON THAT OPENS THIS EMAIL AND SENDS IT TO AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE will give us 32 cents. PLEASE HELP US. Origins: Once again the on-line community has seen the extended circulation of a heart-wrenching plea to help save yet another fictitious dying child. This appeal from "George Arlington" began circulating on the Internet in August 2000. In common with similar hoax entreaties, a benefactor is said to be poised to help a sick or injured child to the tune of so many cents per e-mail forward. Rachel Arlington, the child mentioned in the e-mail quoted above, is fictitious. As for the notion that AOL and ZDNet are the benefactors bankrolling an effort to help a child stricken with leukemia or a brain tumor, a quick look at their home pages reveals that they're not trumpeting such a fact. Keep in mind the benefit to corporate donors is increased goodwill as their customers come to identify them as caring and community-spirited entities. That benefit doesn't kick in if the good works are done in private, hence corporate sponsorship is almost always a very public thing. Even when it's not, what kind of responsible corporate entity dangles the promise of funding a desperately ill child's cure in front of her grieving parents' eyes, then makes that assistance contingent upon a bunch of strangers' pointlessly forwarding an e-mail message all over the Internet? This e-mail has changed many times as it passed through a variety of hands over the years: In February 2001 another hoaxster thought to modify this appeal on behalf of a fictitious child by altering the text to indicate the family in need lived in Zimbabwe and the 32¢ per forward would be sent to them in Zimbabwe dollars. The following horrific heart-tugging glurge was added to the beginning of the e-mail: To my child — Please DO NOT delete — it is being tracked Be sure and read to the bottom portion..... Some versions of the standard "Rachel Arlington" e-mail come with a different picture attached to them, a photograph of a child with neurofibromatosis or some similar condition.
Ahaha thats soo humorous motive i just did the distinct identical factor!!! Aahaha but i thinkit must be... Footballjm17@...Haaha isk what onee you can want like comcast or verizon or goal or yahoo ahaah. And inform him the jm stands for joe mccabe. Thats what i stated hahah.
Its spam. There is no way to track how many people actually recieve an e-mail so since they can't track it, they can't give 32 cents for every three people who recieve the e-mail.
Ahaha thats soo humorous reason i purely did the very similar ingredient!!! aahaha yet i thinkit should be... footballjm17@...haaha isk what onee you may pick like comcast or verizon or objective or yahoo ahaah. and tell him the jm stands for joe mccabe. thats what i discussed hahah.
Ahaha thats soo humorous intent i simply did the specific identical factor!!! aahaha however i thinkit will have to be... footballjm17@...haaha isk what onee you could wish like comcast or verizon or purpose or yahoo ahaah. and inform him the jm stands for joe mccabe. thats what i mentioned hahah.
Scam BTW, my email address is
Most likely that is spam....not true. a lie. (not on your part but the email)
Looks like spam
Yes y not if u use it for donation purpose for Ngo's etc.
Not really, i'm suspecting this is one of GNAA, as should you.
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I'm going to DC for 2 days on a field trip the hotel is paid for along with dinner the first night and breakfast the next morning. Their is also a few tours paid for along the national mall. How much should I bring for food, and how much should i bring to souvenirs or other tours that are not included. Those included are: Hazy Udvar Air and Space Museum WWII memorial Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington Monument The white house and major monuments FDR memorial Jefferson memorial arlington national cemetery Scheduled food stops are: pine grove McDonald's (breakfast) on our own (lunch) U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center cafeteria (lunch) capital mall food court Harrisburg (dinner) these are the ones that we pay for
I always like to error on having too much than too little. So here is a breakdown of what I think... 1) You may wish to ride the Metro (subway) system. I would suggest that $7 a day would be enough on average. For 2 days, that is $14. 2) Food inside Washington DC is expensive. Even the McDonald's food court inside the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum is more expensive than other McDonald's locations. I would say that you need to budget $15 per meal. That is 3 meals a day for $45, times 2 days, for a total of $90. 3) Most travel groups will like to have a special "feast" before they leave town. This usually involves going to a nice eatery for a sitdown dinner and spending time together. That can cost you $50. Better add that in, just in case. 4) Trinkets are not cheap. A T-shirt will cost at least $15, maybe $25. Sweatshirts more. Keychains at $5 to $10. I personally don't believe in buying that "stuff", but if you insist, you need to budget between $100 and $200. We will say $150 to be on the sane side. 5) Always stuff that you need but don't have. Extra batteries for your digital camera on the mall cost $8. A bottle of asprin at the hotel gift shop is another $8. A tube of toothpaste is $4. I like to have about $50 in extra money just in case I NEED something. Subway/Metro Fares - $14 Meals - $90 Fairwell Dinner - $50 Trinkets - $100 Emergency - $50 You need $304 to cover all expenses on a trip to Washington DC. I would suggest getting a Visa Debit card with $100 on it, and then the other $204 in cash. Chances are, if you budget your money, you will actually go home with $200 that you never spent. A better way to remember your trip to Washington DC is to take a good digital camera with a huge memory card (maybe several). Snap as many photos of yourself at the different monuments, memorials and buildings as possible to document your trip. Also be sure to get the names and email addresses of others on the trip to share photos afterward. That $25 Washington DC Tshirt is going to fall apart in about 2 years. But some nice photos of you next to all of the important structures in the city will bring back memories for years to come.
I have been to D.C. a few times for three days each. I usually take about 250, but I don't typically spend more than about 150. However, I do not buy souvenirs, because in the end they really are pretty worthless and over priced. Do not buy from the road vendors, basically they just charge you way too much and the food really isn't that good. As much as you spend at the hotdog carts, you're better off to save your money and get a good meal somewhere. I kind of enjoyed the Capital Mall food cart, but I'm from a small town and for me it is more for the novelty of getting food I can't get where I live. I ate at one food court, I think it might have been in or around the old post office. It did not seem very clean. I don't recommend it. I have also ate at the U.S. Capitol Cafeteria a few times. It isn't the cheapest place ever, but it was pretty good.
Washington is a large and all know city and is unquestionably worthwhile deliver a holiday or simply visit that city. with hotelbye you'll learn more. One of the symbols of Washington and the whole America is the famous White House, the official house of the President of the United States. The house of every leader except George Washington, it had been formerly built by James Hoban in 1792, and following being burnt down by British forces in 1814 was rebuilt in 1818. Even though tours of the inside offering the East, Blue, Green, and Red Rooms; the Ballroom; and the State Dining Room should be reserved effectively beforehand, every tourist to Washington would want to see that famous creating, at least from the outside. Nearby to the White House are the complex 1833 Greek Revival Treasury Building and the 1871 Executive Office Building, one of the most striking old government structures in Washington.
I would go with about 200 - 300 dollars. Some of that money can be used for food that you want to pay for on your own and others things that you would like to buy at the museums and along the National Mall. However everything is basically free, the souvenirs are quit expensive! Enjoy your trip!
Most museums are free. The pay ones aren't even worth seeing compared to Smithsonian. The shirts will run you between $10 - $20. I recommend avoiding the museum stores since it's all junk. Food will run about $10 a lunch and $20 for dinner but they got subways and mc'd and bking.
I would'nt suggest carrying a large amount of cash, maybe $60 or so, especially if you have a credit/debit card that you can use. Plastic is safer (in case it's stolen) and often more convenient. Most (if not all) of the restaurants you will go to will accept credit/debit. Also, DO NOT carry your wallet/ money in your back pocket! You will make yourself an easy target for pickpocketers!
I would image quite a lot.
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Okay, so I want to become a actress/singer. I am 12, and I live in a small town. But, i'm not afraid of singing/acting infront of people, I sing infront of people all the time. And (when my mom and I had more money and could go on them...) I sang on crusies all the time. And people would come to me and tell me that I was good....Not bragging, just saying, that im not bad or anything. I dont want to get with any scams, I've already tried "Pro-Scout" its a rip off! And I want a agent, but I don't think my mom and I could afford one right now... And I REALLY REALLY want to work with Disney, so if anyone knows of anything to do so i can meet up with Disney, or "Hollywood records" that would be amazing! =D My questions are... 1.How much is a good agent? 2.Who should I stay away from? And any other ideas, would be helpful. =D
Thank you all for the ideas. I didnt think about it, but I guess I should add a little bit more details, sooo... I've done dancing for 6yrs. I live in Virginia...(incase anyone knows about anything around the VA area?) and....I am gonna beg my mom to let me do singing lessons. But she already said she'd get a program...
You live in a great place for acting!! I'll list some links I think you should look into: AUDITIONS COMING UP FOR SOMEONE YOUR AGE: me in St. Louis - there are a couple of roles you could be considered for - and they're singing roles.) ~*~*~ Winnie the Pooh Dates: April 7th & 8th Times: 5:00pm to 7:00 pm Company/Location: The Children's Theatre Breakdown/Description: The Children's Theatre holds cast and crew auditions for boys and girls ages 9-18 (ages 12 and older for crew). Audition/Casting Address: Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre 125 S. Old Glebe Road Arlington, VA 22204 Contact Information: Phone: 703-548-1154 Email: Website:*~*~ Feature Film may need extras: Piranha Pictures is casting for a Victorian horror film shot in a theatrical style like "Sleepy Hollow" or the classic Universal horror movies. Shooting will take place primarily on weekends in March and April, and possibly into May. Weekday shoots are possible, depending on actors' schedules. Locations for the film will be mostly in the Washington DC area for exteriors, with interiors shot in a Victorian mansion in Baltimore. Examples of the style for this film can be found here: roles are unpaid, but you will receive copy, credit, and copies of promotional stills. FURTHER QUESTIONS: Piranha Pictures has played major festivals such as Sundance, one of the top festivals in the country. We have been featured in magazines such as Variety, Fangoria, The Dark Side, and Femme Fatales. Our movie Shockheaded had a nationwide release on DVD and received a large number of reviews. We are currently negotiating the release of our latest movie "Fifth City". Trailers and clips of our films can be found at ~*~*~ *********************** AGENCIES IN THE DC AREA THAT HANDLE KIDS: - I know people who were represented by her when I was a teen - she's been around for a long time and legit - but I believe she is exclusive, so you may want to think about that before joining up - they're currently auditioning. I don't know anything about them, though. ******************************* Places that have GREAT classes for young people: (When I did a show with one of the big DC theatres - they found the 12 year old boy for our show from Imagination Stage - he had taken one of their summer classes.) (When I was a kid and teen, I took classes with them. My teachers had recommended me to theatres looking to hire a young actress - my parents wouldn't let me audition for those, though.) (I used to teach here. They sometimes hire young people for their main stage productions as well.) (I know the people who run this theatre and teach the classes - really top notch!) ************************* AUDITION RESOURCES: FREE: If you want Film, Video & TV Acting Jobs, Training, Premier's & Networking Events make sure you are a member of Dragonuk Connects Acting NewsLetter. To join (or have someone Else join) send a blank e-mail from the address you want the e-mail to be sent to: If you want Theatre Jobs, Training, Show openings & Networking Events -- Make sure you are a member of Dragonuk Connects On Stage Newsletter To join (or have someone Else join) send a blank e-mail from the address you want the e-mail to be sent to: BriansTheatreNews-subscribe@yahoogroup... (These are both fantastic free e-mail newsletters filled with audition information and other useful stuff for actors.) ~*~ This is a great thing to join if you are really serious about being an actor. There is a yearly fee. The Actors' Center Online Hotline is loaded with information on auditions, workshops, non-acting (but mostly performing arts related) employment and funding opportunities, discounts, Actors' Center events, external industry and social/networking events, member classifieds, and announcements and services available to members. The hotline information is exclusively available in the members-only area of AC Online and is updated throughout each day as listings are submitted. Last-minute "Emergency" or "Urgent" casting notices are immediately sent to the membership via email. The Actors' Center sponsors free workshops for its members both daytime and evenings throughout the year at a number of locations. All workshops are taught by professional actors and or educators from the Washington, DC market. Held each November, the AC Lottery Audition is open only to members and is the only mid-season audition of its kind! The annual League of Washington Theaters audition is undoubtedly the largest audition in our region. The "Leagues", as they are known, attract casting directors for all media including theatre, non-live media, voice and more. Actors’ Center members have the priviledge of signing up (along with members of one of the professional actors unions) on the first day of registration. There are a lot of benefits of being a member - and I have gotten a lot of jobs from their audition notices and I've attended several of their free workshops - and they have been great. Getting to sign up for the League auditions on the first day is invaluable. Plus being a member is a great way to network. It's worth the money, if you're ready to be serious about an acting career. ~*~*~*~ I hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me. Washington DC is my market, so I know it well.
First off, you're not going to get anywhere if you don't get some experience. Acting/Dancing/Singing classes are a good start. You start to get some talent under your belt, and grow your confidence. Plus, if after about a year of classes if you realize you really don't like it, it'll be easier for you to back out. Since you didn't say where you live, I'll suggest you look online or ask your friends at school where they take classes. Once you've had some training, you need to start building your resume. Do Community Theater, act in your school play, get in some student films, etc. You'll want to do as many productions as possible. After you've got a good resume built up, you'll need to get an agent by sending in a headshot and a copy of your resume. Use this to help: you can see, you're going to need to spend at least two years (At the VERY least. Usually you'll need three to four.) building yourself up. You'll want to make sure this is what you really want to do before you start getting into this. Also, you should NEVER have to pay for anything when it comes to getting an agent. If an agent tells you to take special classes from them or a website asks for a credit card number, that is a red flag that it is a scam. A legit agency would instead get you jobs and when you get paid, take a percentage of your check. Good luck in whatever you do. ETA: It's very good that you want to get into this so young. If it's Disney Channel you aspire to be on, you'll need to be very young. When Miley first got with Disney Channel, she was eleven.
First up, you need to go to auditions in major cities if possible. You say youre short on money yet you have sang on cruises. Cruises cost money. Save it and plan a trip to southern Ca, The east coast, ( new york). For now sing where ever you can. You'll become popular, people will notice you, word gets out and next thing you know, youre gettin recognized. But try, try, try to get outta the small town to get better exposure. You dont have to pick up and move. You need exposure if youre that good.Someone will notice and youre on your way. Good luck kid-o....
In all honesty if you feel like there's no point in living, I highly discourage that way of thinking. I used to be in your position but I manned up, grew a pair and worked toward making my life better. But hey, it's your life, and you have the decision to end it as you wish. I don't think you should end it, but if you choose so just know what is at stake.
Agents should NEVER ask for money until you get a job and get paid otherwise theyre a rip off. all they should do is find you a job,, then when you are paid, they get like 10%. i recommend a few acting classes. they look good on resumes.
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My wife donates her eggs and gets paid to do so. The money has helped her pay her way through school. I would like to surprise her and our two children with a trip to Disneyland and need to make extra cash every where I can. She knows I am doing this just doesn't know what the money is for that I am saving. Can you help?
I am in Arlington my husband and I both were interested in donating his sperm and my eggs yes us women can make some good money donating our eggs because it's uncommon and less popular than sperm donation so here's what I learned during our research you can donate sperm but you only get paid $50-$75 IF/WHEN your sperm is choosen.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Does anyone know of somewhere to donate sperm and get paid in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? My wife donates her eggs and gets paid to do so. The money has helped her pay her way through school. I would like to surprise her and our two children with a trip to Disneyland and need to make extra cash every where I can. She knows I am doing this just doesn't know what the money is for...
Donate Eggs Dallas
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I recently discovered that the basement apartment I'm living in is not legal. After doing some homework, and questioning the landlady, I found the following things The "reason" we don't have a stove, is because she's only renting rooms to students. At least one person living here isn't a student. If you rent rooms separately, as she was doing, you are not permitted to charge utilities. Everybody is charged for utilities. This is a single family neighboorhood. Zoning forbids more than 4 unrelated people from living on a sinlge family property. We have six unrelated people living in this house. After confronting the landlady, and requesting some of my money back (2,000 - 1200 for the security deposit, and extra charge for my boyfriend, plus the 800 for utilities), she started ranting about how ashamed of me she was, and saying she doesn't believe in money, but in Jesus. What are my options at this point?
She later brought her son into the euquation, as he speaks better english than she does. He informed my boyfriend and I that we will not be getting ANY money back, because our reasons for wanting out are not valid. He said that if we want to leave, we should just leave, that he and his mother won't care, but that we won't get anything from them because they don't have it, and will in fact, be giving the house back to the bank becuase they can't pay the mortgage. I'm not sure how much of this to believe, but at the very least, she IS required to refund the security deposit, right?
I did sign a lease, but it was a "standard" lease like you could get off of a website. No special provisions had been made for anything different. All the laws we found were straight off the Arlington county website, from speaking with county workers over the phone, and from talking with the IRS. We told her and her son all of this, and his response was that she's giving the house back to the bank, since she can't pay the mortgage, so anything we say or do doesn't matter to him.
Court and reporting her to the city/county. I would go straight to the city about that one. Thats totally illegal. She will get fined and everyone will need to find new places to live. I would threaten her with that before you do it and see if that doesn't make her get her butt in gear and return some of your money. Did you sign a lease with her out of curiousity? Also what state are you in? When you ask questions like this it helps alot to provide that because you will get more detailed answers that follow whatever the states laws are. But either way this one is pretty much the same everywhere. Her property isn't zoned for this! She's breaking the law. Go straight to the city or if your only county go to them about it. Good luck.
Are you sure you got those laws right? Not the same here but it would all depend on where you live. Sounds like shes a pain in the butt, I would suggest you move out ASAP and take her to small claims court. I'm sure it would rule in your favor, plus if she doesn't show up it is automatically ruled in your favor.
Get a lawyer.
I suggest you consult an attorney.
PEOPLE'S COURT!!!!!!! take her sorry *** to court, that is your only option.. or jerry springer.. beat your money outta her! he he he he =0)
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I owed Chase about $6,000 on the credit card but I couldn't pay so they wrote it off as bad credit. Now Wamu is switching for Chase, can Chase now take my money from me since I owed them? Should I close my account with Wamu just in case? Thanks. Additional details: the account that I have with Wamu is joint, plus it is a business account.
Yes, I say I have a company and it sounds funny why can't I pay right? well because we registered the company as we intended to have a business but it is not going anywhere as we need investors like many others who start businesses, so it doesn't matter if we do have business account if I only got $100 in there that is all. Chase has already wrote off my account as bed credit it is already on my credit report it is already screwed, the only hope that they won't take my $100 bucks now as Wamu becoming Chase.
Ouch! I see your point. You mean they wrote it off as a bad debt. But I get it. In reality they probably wouldn't get the connection. It is just too hard to merge one system with the other. And just so that you have it straight, JP Morgan Chase is acquiring WAMU (Washington Mutual, formerly Provodian) not the reverse. WAMU screwed up. When they bought Providian they dried up their liquidable assets and that was that. They are a bunch of idiots anyway. Back to your point; you'll notice a couple of things with regards to their new terms agreement with you. The main thing is their inability to merge records completely. JP Morgan Chase is trying to shove their "information sharing" clause upon anyone and everyone with WAMU. So here come the robocallers. If you read it, they offer no choice of privacy whatsoever. That's not right. I already wrote the OCC and the BBB about that. I also mentioned to the OCC and the BBB that JP Morgan Chase failed to send us an opt-out cluase. That is flagrantly against the law. Add that to the fact that they are attempting to jack up every card-holders rates 1.5% across the board, and well you know what you need to do. You need to close that piece of trash account with them. They are amoung the worst and trying to be the extreme worst. In order to opt out, write WAMU at: Reference CH P.O. Box 99606 Arlington, TX 76096-9606 Include your name, address and account number. Send it with mail tracking of some sort. Sign that document. Do this well before the March 6th deadline. Today comes to mind. And do feel welcome to drop a line to the OCC here: http://www.occ.govIt is obvious that they lost their shirts on the mortgage mess that they created and are trying to make you and I pay for it with increased interest rates. We need all complain. Be sure and mention that JP Morgan Chase failed to offer an opt-out option (if that is the case for you as it was for me). These slimebags are all in a hurry to change their rules while they have a chance. The focus is not on them now. But it soon will be. They bully us by making us think that without the credit, our FICO's will go down. Poop on them. Try getting a better credit card. At a time when they are getting bailout money for free and borrowing at 0.0%, how is it that Jp Morgan Chase wnats to try and charge us the highest interest rates in history? Go to and check around for a more competitive rate on a CC that makes more sense. If you are afraid that you will not qualify for anything else, then call WAMU now and DEMAND a better interest rate. Insist upon speaking with a Supervisor. The Supervisors are the ones that do not have the Philipino accents. Sometimes they try and pass it to their co-worker and say here is my supervisor. Don't fall for it. They are all idiots until you get to the Texas people. Then get that better rate. That works about half of the time. Good luck.
Well, I am with wamu and chase sends out promos sometimes a cash benefit for changing, I asked the chase mgr are they still going to be doing that and she said if another promo comes bring it in and the bank will start my new account. They are not mixing account numbers. I doubt they would take the money, they have no court order giving them permission. It would be theft if they took the money, but then again until you pay chase back youve stolen their money. I wouldnt worry, but I would start paying. Your credit is on the line here and you say you have a company,.
I would because Chase is really a dirty company from my point of view.Just to be on the safe side move the account.
I guess you need not close the account with Wamu.
Yes cancel it cuase they could take more then wat you owe
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State Funerals A state funeral is a public funeral ceremony held to honor heads of state or other important people of national significance.  President Roh Moo-hyun’s state funeral = approx. $2.95 billion Won  President Kim Dae-jung’s state funeral = approx. $2.5 billion Won  President Ronald Reagan’s state funeral = approx. $400 million US dollars  Harry Patch (oldest surviving World War I veteran from Britain) declined a state funeral. Although their significance as national figures is unquestionable, is it necessary to provide such elaborate funerals, which are paid with taxpayers’ money? Please don't give short answers.I want some logical reasons please
They aren't all that expensive. (Nancy Reagan planned Ronnie's funeral for years.) But almost every important political figure gets one. There's something in us that loves pomp and circumstance. Please note re Kennedy's services: He lay in repose at the Kennedy Library, a privately-owned institution, with a civilian honor guard. The family held a private service at the library, and will have a private funeral mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Saturday. There will be a private burial at Arlington. Doesn't sound expensive to me.
I believe it is necessary when the person in question was an important figure in our country. Ted Kennedy was a Senator for 47 years! That's impressive to say the least. Even though I didn't see eye to with him, I believe he deserves a state funeral. After all, he has played such a pivotal role in our country's history and legislation passed.
AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!! Is there any end to government spending OUR MONEY on whatever the heck THEY want?!! Okay, my answer is NO! To a degree, let's respect them with an honorable funeral, but it doesn't have to cost a million dollars! Gee ... Ted Kennedy is ONLY A SENATOR and he's being treated like a President.
MJ is supposed to cost 2 mill(roughly) and i think it comes outta his money even the pay of the cops i am fed up with seeing some dead fireman or cop and there is a 500 car procession for them...and this area is rural meaning not even 75 city vehicles what a waste of gas time and resources
Washington D.C. has wasted money on things that are a hell of a lot worse than a state funeral. I don't mind state funerals for certain people.
No! these are ALL VERY rich people.. the elaborate funerals should be paid for by THEIR money. they're dead now, they don't need it anymore anyway. :)
Sure. Why not? Look in the real world. Decode this lyrics " You'll see " "You raised me up" After so many years in raising us up in time? Even last expenses also don't want to spare for it in time? Luke 21.30-36 Luke 24.44-45,47-48 Leviticus 19.32 Exodus 20.12 Exodus 20.1-18 What do you think?
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If I remember correctly, these two suburbs are next to each other. In general, the two are very similar. I have heard that Arlington Heights tends to have lower taxes because the city receives tax money from Arlington Park Racecourse. you will have to look into specifics. Quality of schools is very hard to measure objectively. Students in some parts of Arlington Heights go to Rolling Meadows High School and students in other parts go to Hersey High School. In my opinion Hersey is the better school. Most students in Buffalo Grove go to Buffalo Grove Highs School. Honestly I do not know much about this school. I believe some residents of Buffalo Grove go to Stevenson High School. Stevenson is an excellent school. Hope this helps.
Others may disagree but both suburbs are very close in price and in stature. Of course Arlington has the race track nearby.
Go with Arlington Heights. It is closer to the airport and city and it has a lot to do.
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Well the university of az is a bigger school and if its the main campus then your going to meet A LOT of people. The UT of Arlington is a cornerstone of UT and its not as big. I would have to say it depends on where you live and how your paying for it. If you live in texas its going to be cheaper to go to UT because of out of state costs. I went to the University of Tennessee and the University of Texas Austin both were great schools a lot of fun and excellent enviorment. If money or location werent an issue i would rather go to the bigger university at univ of az just for the experiece with all those students and organizations. Either way have some fun while your there.
It depends on what kind of Atmosphere you want...I liove really close to the UTA campus and there is a lot to do, but at the same time the campus is small enough to get great teaching at an excellent student to teacher ratio, on the other hand if you are looking for a big greek atmosphere with sports and partying instead of education go for AZ, but in my opinion the program and area is better in Arlington!
University of Arizona UTA is alright, especially since the campus has alot of newer buildings but have you drivin in Arlington? The traffic sucks and since Collins runs through the campus it's not all that pretty. If you go to Arizona, at least you've got the mountains.
I would choose to go to AZ and get my degree in engineering, because I think it is a more well known university. UT would be cool if it was the main campus, but I feel like in Texas if you wanna be somebody you have to join a fraternity, and in AZ you don't.
Texas hands down !!! Arlington is awesome & right there for the jobs, nightlife, everything, Dallas & Fort Worth Great School i went there for my freshman year
I have heard UTA is a good school for science and technology but that is from the DFW area, not sure nation wide.
Never visited arlington, but tucson is a cool city.
Nevada reno mining school -a whole new mother lode has been discovered in virginia city and they are hiring everyone to work the mines
Http:// you can get much information in this website,kindly stay a minute in website and check anyone link at a time
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My fiance just got a job in Arlington, VA. I have never lived anywhere near there in my life but I am learning fast that its way pricey in the city. can anyone tell me cheaper cities within 30 miles that we could look into living at? Maybe some cities in MD or some good apartment names. (Trying to stay under 1200 for rent and utilities for a 2 bedroom)
You sort of have a dilemma. While you can find places for that amount farther out, your fiance will have the commute to contend with. Traffic is the worst in the nation...period. Additionally, the farther out you are, the more difficult it will be to get access to public transportation. Both of these conditions eat into your cost savings on an apartment. At the very least, you won't get to see your fiance much since most of the time he will be at work or commuting. Suggest you try for the DC area (Arlington zip code for starters) and your price range and see what pops up. Centreville is a good place to look, as well as parts of Herndon, Chantilly, Ballston, and possibly Fairfax...all in Virginia. I won't suggest any places in Maryland for that cost because the cheaper you go, the worse the neighborhood gets. So your choice is cheap or safe and safety costs money. You may want to look for 1-BR places since you are just starting out in this area if money is a problem. That will give you more choices of areas that you can afford. One last thing, pay close attention to the places on that seems unbelievably low as they are usually set aside for older folks on fixed income and you will not be allowed to rent there. Additionally some places have income caps. If your fiance makes too money, he won't be able to live there either.
Centreville is your best bet. Very nice place about 30 so minutes from arlington. You will love it.And yes you can find 2bedroom for$1200. Look for Lakeside apartments or Benttree circle or Leeoverlook. Good Luck
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I was just trying to understand the policy my main thing is in the unfortunate event of my death. Who gets the money? How much do they get I've seen it's up to 400,000 but I'm sure you don't get all of that. I've also read that you would have had to be active duty for more than 24 months to receive the insurance. What happens if you die during your first few months. How is your family taken care of. Again I'm not trying to be all dreadful but the reality of death is very real you could be going back to base & get hit with a roadside bomb. Thank you service member who risk your life so I can enjoy mine. Thank you
SGLI starts Immediately meaning as soon as you sign the paperwork and it's in the system (they do it while you are standing there) it is active. If you where killed in action 72 hours later then you would be covered and your family would get the benefits from it. You will do it for the first time while in reception and then just update it every time you do an SRP or PCS to another duty station. You don't have to make changes at that time it's just to update the address if needed and confirms the info so that everything is up-to-date. The person who gets it is who ever you put as the beneficiary. You MUST list the person you want to get it. Meaning.....It is not given to someone automatically just because you are married to them (this is something that some "the barracks lawyers" will try to tell you ... that you don't need to put your spouse there that they are automatically your beneficiary that is WRONG!) Additional misinformation you will receive about beneficiaries is that they must be blood relative and this is also wrong it can be anyone that you see fit. The person does get the $400K along with all of this: Immediate assistance. In the wake of the death notification, family members often are in shock and may be too upset to think about financial issues. So that bereaved survivors won't suffer from a cash crunch, the law requires that death benefit payments be made to surviving family members within 72 hours of the death notification. This includes insurance payments from Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance, which depend on how much insurance was purchased, and a death gratuity payment of $100,000 Funeral benefits. Members of the military killed while on active duty are eligible for burial in any national cemetery or at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. If survivors prefer burial to take place at a private or local cemetery, their casualty assistance officer will help. The government will reimburse up to $6,900 in burial expenses and assumes the cost for transporting the remains to the burial location. Monthly payments. Basic benefits under the dependency and compensation program for a surviving spouse are $1,033 per month. There is an additional $247 benefit for each child under 18 or up to age 23 if studying at a VA-approved educational institution. For two years after the death of the service member, a spouse with at least one dependent child under 18 gets an additional $250 per month. Social Security makes a one-time payment of $255 to the surviving spouse. Spouses or divorced spouses of deceased service members that have children under the age of 16 qualify for monthly benefits with the amount to be determined by the Social Security Administration. In addition, surviving spouses get Social Security benefits based on their service member's Social Security wage history. You must apply for both VA and Social Security benefits, which might be influenced if you remarry. Survivor benefits might be available to parents of those killed on active duty, especially if they are low-income. For more information, see Education benefits. Educational benefits are available to both a surviving spouse and children. For spouses, benefits are available for 45 months of education or training, and spouses who have not remarried remain eligible for 20 years. Children are eligible from the ages of 18 to 26. For those attending school full time for a variety of programs, the benefit rate is $803 per month; less for part-time attendance. More information is available at If your deceased relative participated in the Montgomery GI Bill education program, you're eligible for a refund of payroll deductions that were not used toward educational purposes. Health insurance. TRICARE is the military's health insurance program. Survivors are covered by TRICARE under several different categories. For three years after the death of a service member on active duty, survivors receive benefits given to active duty family members; after three years, you get benefits equal to retiree family members. Benefits include dental, prescription drug coverage and mental health services. Details about applying for benefits, frequently asked questions and fact sheets can be found at Many other benefits are available, including housing and relocation, pay for unused leave, tax benefits, commissary and exchange privileges, and recovery of the service members' belongings. Survivors may remain in base housing for a year after the death of their service member and will receive housing allowance benefits for that term even if they choose to move. In addition, surviving spouses may be eligible for VA Home Loans. For more information, see Survivors are exempt from paying taxes the year that their service member died. In addition, VA benefits are tax-exempt. Children and widows/widowers who haven't remarried can
I might suggest that you try this internet site where you can get rates from different companies: http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=2Y...RE :Life insurance in the military? I was just trying to understand the policy my main thing is in the unfortunate event of my death. Who gets the money? How much do they get I've seen it's up to 400,000 but I'm sure you don't get all of that. I've also read that you would have had to be active duty for more than 24 months to receive the insurance. What happens if you die during your first few months. How is your family taken care of. Again I'm not trying to be all dreadful but the reality of death is very real you could be going back to base & get hit with a roadside bomb. Thank you service member who risk your life so I can enjoy mine. Thank you Follow 5 answers
Not sure about a time waiting period before you get, I honestly do not think that's the case, once you sign up for SGLI your family OR the one OR more that you designate as getting all or some of it, get it. For instance when my husband was active duty I was the sole beneficiary of the entire amount, it was mine to do what I pleased with. Now that my son is now active duty, again the entire amount comes to me BUT he has left instructions as to how it is split and to whom, now he is currently over "there" but I would also get that money should he die in a car crash coming home from work one day, the way they die has NO impact [unless it is suicide I believe but again NOT sure] The entire amount comes to me until such time as he sees fit to change the person that gets the pay out on his death, this is ALWAYS his choice and only he can change it.
The money goes to whoever you named as your beneficiary (or beneficiaries, if you want more than one person to get it). Your insurance starts the day you arrive at reception after you leave MEPS and the only way it would be forfited is if you was found guilty of treason, mutiny, spying, or desertion, or refused, because of conscientious objections, to wear your uniform or serve. If you died during basic training your family would still get paid unless you opted out of the insurance.
You chose ur amount up to 400,000 it cost around 30 a month. You chose who gets it, but if its noot ur wife or husband they will get notification that they are not the recipient.You do not have to b e active duty. Also theres another 100,000 you get for free so you can have up to 500,000. It's not a bad benefit.
I recommend that you visit this site where onel can get rates from different companies: http://INSURANCECOMPAREQUOTES.US/index.h...RE :Life insurance in the military? I was just trying to understand the policy my main thing is in the unfortunate event of my death. Who gets the money? How much do they get I've seen it's up to 400,000 but I'm sure you don't get all of that. I've also read that you would have had to be active duty for more than 24 months to receive the insurance. What happens if you die during your first few months. How is your family taken care of. Again I'm not trying to be all dreadful but the reality of death is very real you could be going back to base & get hit with a roadside bomb. Thank you service member who risk your life so I can enjoy mine. Thank you Follow 6 answers
When you go in they ask who you want your beneficiary to be, i put my sister and brother. if something happens to me while i am fighting for our country then my sister and brother get 100,000 and my last paycheck
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Loudon County, Virginia - DNC Fairfax County, Virginia - DNC Howard County, Maryland - DNC Somerset County, New Jersey - DNC Hunterdon County, New Jersey - GOP Morris County, New Jersey - GOP Douglas County, Colorado - DNC Arlington County, Virginia - DNC Montgomery County, Maryland - DNC Nassau County, New York - DNC
Republicans counter to Fabian / Progressive Propaganda are NOT the rich. Democrats make more money, have a hell of a lot more money, CEO most fortune 1000 companies, Most who work on Wall street are Democrats, almost all in fact. Republicans are the majority of independent contractors & small business as well as most non Union workers. Democrats are the very wealthy, the very poor, and the parasite class made up mostly of lawyers & Union workers, and Government "employees"
Because many rich people vote on cultural issues just like everyone else, and Rich people are cultural liberals except in the south. Your religion and how often you attend church is a much better predictor of how you will vote than your income and as been for at least a decade. The worst effect of the realignment of the parties under Reagan is that we now have two parties that look after the welfare of the rich, and no party of the working class.
There are more Rich Liberals than Conservatives. Now, they probably made their money off of Government Contracts. The stimulus will probably create more rich liberals. Now, more conservatives give of their own money and time to charity than do Liberals. It is interesting how the rich liberals can be against themselves like that.
Most wealthy, and educated people are Democrats. Just because you are rich does not mean you are a crook. The rich people that run the Republican party got that way by stealing tax dollars from the middle class.
I live in the South Western part of the country but I see that as positive news .
Yeah, that's strange considering CNN and MSNBC says the GOP are the party of the rich?
Laffin----i thought libs said the republican party was for the rich. Maybe its the dems who lie in bed with the money----I always knew they did
Education level of voters in those counties? Please consider that Republicans cater to the rich, but their number is too low to swing elections, even in the richest counties.
Because the "new" rich are liberal democrats that suck off our government. 99% of the mortgage mess was lead by liberal democrats.
Because two of the county's may not have been big liberal crooks.
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Does anyone know of any organizations that may donate a clean used car for a single mom? My daughter works and has an 8 month old child, but desperately needs a vehicle that is reliable. She works full time and barely makes enough to get by. She will lose her job if she cannot get to work. We, her parents, (we live in a different state) help her as much as we can, however, we are not wealthy people and are only able to help in small amounts now and then. If anyone knows of someone in the Arlington TX area that maybe could help her out with a donated car or extremely easy payments with nothing down on a good used car, please send me an email with the information. Thank you so much!
In response to fire4511, I realize everyone must work for what they need, and she is working and trying to provide a good home for her child. Everyone needs a little help now and then, and I would rather help someone who was trying to help themselves than to give to people who sit on their butts and EXPECT handouts! Thanks again to all the great people who have emailed me! God Bless You!
Sorry to break it to you, but the only way she is going to get a vehicle is to work for it. She has made choices in her life that may have not been the best, and now she has to work her way out of the situation she is in. She chose to have a child. Is the father paying child support? Does she have good credit? If not, how do you think she is going to get a no money down loan on a car? She (and you) have options. She can move closer to work, so that she can walk, or take a bus. She can work a part time job to pay for a car. You want her to have a car, but say that you can not afford to give her much money. You, her parents, could also both take part time jobs, if you wanted to, to provide her with a car. Life is hard, and we should not expect things to be given to us. We all need to take responsibility for our actions, and the consequences of those actions!
The Salvation Army will help.... But I think the main key here is that she get a real job that will allow her to buy a reliable $1,000 car. That is all she needs. They can be found everywhere. You might get her the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey so she can learn to handle money better. Good Luck and I hope things turn well for her.
She gets taxes back at the end the year right use the money to get and car what my friend did she work and low wage job got back 5,000 at the end the year calming 1at the Begin the year and 2 at the end she used 2,000 of it to get and car and the rest to pay off bills and what was lift she saved to case something happen and had to fix the car. she all so used an free bus that was for plp how don't have cars and need and ride they well take you to work doc opponent's and all u have to be on state funds like Medicaid and and stuff to use it
Wish I could help but I am not living in TX. If she has a case manager for housing assistance check there. They might know something. Here in GA we used to have a thing through DFCS called "wheels to work". They had to pay for the car but very little,
Will she have enough $$ for insurance, gas and maintenance? Perhaps she should be looking for a job closer to public transportation.
Perhaps she could look into ride sharing or check with a local church.
Let her move back home if she cant take care of herself. sorry life is so tough!!!!!!!
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I need info on touring DC. I've been there once about 28 years ago with a school group...but we're thinking about taking our children there (13, 7 & 6) this summer. Everything I read talks about the Metro being easy, safe, etc. But if is practical when you're dragging 3 kids AND you have a knee problem that doesn't allow you to move too quickly? I've been looking into the Tour Mobile buses, where you get on and off at your leisure and thought this might be the way to go. Also, would you recommend staying in DC or perhaps in Arlington or Alexandria and drive into the city to the spots where the bus tours commence? ANY info you can share will be greatly appreicated...
I took a family of seven (2 adults, 5 kids ages 22-6 at the time) to DC two summers ago for a week and came in $1500 under budget. We drove from a far western suburb of Chicago to Monmouth Cave, Williamsburg, VA, Washington DC and then Gettysburg, PA and back home. We were gone 16 days and spent less than $5000 including all of our expenses. (This also included a car repair we had not anticipated having when our A/C went out between Williamsburg and DC) We saw every single thing we wanted to see and did not feel we missed anything. Here's how we did it. 1) Look for a condo or a timeshare in Alexandria. I highly recommend Fairfield which is now Wyndham. You can usually find accommodations online at Ebay for around $500 a week for a one bedroom condo. You probably want what we had, a two bedroom condo at Old Town Alexandria. Condos are a significant savings because you will have a full kitchen and can have a good breakfast, pack a lunch or eat dinner in your condo as you prefer. We ate a cooked breakfast and either packed snacks or a picnic lunch depending on our schedule for the day. With kids, we found that we needed a break for an hour or two during the day so we were better off to eat a big breakfast and leave around 9, return around 2 and eat a good snack, then venture out again around 3:30 or so. The condo we stayed at was in Old Alexandria a blocks walk from the transit station and quite nice. 2) Get a transit pass for the time you are there. The public transit system is wonderful. It is clean, user friendly and on time. If you travel off rush hour times, you will not have any issues getting a seat. Their system was easy enough to use that our teenagers could use it to get themselves from place to place with the 22 year old for supervision. There is no need to have a car in DC. The traffic is terrible, parking is high and gas is higher. Parking near tour mobile stops will just not happen at a reasonable rate if you can find any at all. Do not under any circumstances drive in DC. I am from Chicago and I have never seen such terrible traffic in my whole life! You will eat up all your vacation time in the car and looking for parking. The transit system will take you places the Tour Mobile buses won't. Tour Mobile is expensive and only operates in the monument area. You can do the same thing at your own pace with the transit system and planning. Yes, the Metro is very practical if you have kids the ages yours are. In fact, our kids thought the Metro was an attraction. They loved riding it. If you work your itinerary correctly, you can have a sit down rest for at least a few moments during the day when you are getting from one location to the next. As far as the bad knee, most stations have elevators for handicap access. You won't need to do stairs. You will find the metro the least of your issues with your knee problem. 3) Take one tour in the beginning of your stay to get acquainted with the layout of the city. It will really help you get your bearings. This will save you time and money during the remainder of your trip. It will give you good perspective on which monuments you want to see up close and personal and which ones you can take a pass on. It will also help you see which ones to see on the same day. 4) Do your research before you go. Make a list of what you must see to make you feel like your trip is a success. Then make a B list of what you would like to do. If things on your must do list require reservations or arrangements with your representative, make those well in advance. For instance, we arranged to have a tour of the House of Representatives through our local representative. The kids got to see Congress close-up, his personal office and got a personal tour rather than the mass tour most get. It was free and all I had to do was write or email my congressman in advance. Plan your vacation around the special things you want to do rather than trying to squeeze them in. The more time you spend planning, the more you will see, the less money you will spend and the more successful you will feel your trip was. is a good resource for online planning as is It is often helpful to look at tour bus routes or tour packages. They try to be economical and to provide many sites on a specific time frame. This means they are often close together and you can group some activities and sites in the same way but do them on your own. 5) Dining in DC and neighboring areas is very expensive. Even a Happy Meal or Meal Deal at McDonalds can run $7-8. It is often cheaper to get a hot dog from a street vendor than to eat at a fast food restaurant. Drinks are expensive. Plan on $3-4 for a bottled water. Take your own from the condo. We drank some water out of each bottle and then I froze them. As they thawed out throughout the day, we always had cold water and saved a bundle over buying it on the streets or in the museums. A picnic lunch shared on the lawn of the National Mall is something the locals do for fun and a great way to rest and get have lunch at a reasonable cost at the same time. Dining with kids is always an adventure. By having the condo with a kitchen, you save yourselves major bucks and hassle because you can fix what your kids like to eat. Plan to dine out at a nice restaurant at least once. DC has some well-known restaurants and many of them offer early bird dining specials. One of our nice evenings was an early bird dinner followed by a moonilight tour. By doing the tour in the evening, we also avoided many of the crowds (especially at the Lincoln Memorial) and the kids were not as hot. The Roosevelt Memorial is quite nice at night as is the Korean War Memorial. 6) Take a look at becoming members of the National Park Service. ( We bought a family pass that gave us free admission to all sorts of National Parks and sites. Things like Ford's Theater, Old Stone House, Fredrick Douglas House, etc were all free admission. Because of the number of kids we had, this saved us a bundle. You would need to look at your want to do list and compare pricing with single admission prices to see if it will save you money. It will save you time. Many locations will not make you stand in line to buy tickets as they have a special window for members. Also, the NPS offers Jr Ranger programs for kids. They are targeted at the ages of your children. For each National Monument, the kids are give a list of questions or activities to find out while they are there. It teaches them about the monument and the history rather than just "visiting." The adults in our party were pretty historically aware and we all still learned something. At the end of your stay, you take the booklet back to the ranger station and the kids are given Jr Ranger Badges or Patches depending on the location. These make great souvenirs. Our girls came back and sewed them on jeans jackets to make a great living memory souvenir. Now when we plan other trips, they want to know what National Parks or Monuments are near so they can add to their collection. 7) Plan at least one day for "rainy day" activities. If it rains, or in July is too terribly hot, you do not need to feel like your trip is ruined. You simply pull out your rainy day itinerary and the day takes care of itself. (This also works well if your husband doesn't listen and put on his sunscreen on day. ;-) ) It also saves a lot of money because you have a plan instead of taking the kids to the mall or the game room. 8) Dress in layers when you leave in the AM and take a tote bag with you. The bag will be invaluable in carting your souvenir purchases and bottled water for the day. Dressing in layers will keep you comfortable and also save you trips back to your condo. Take a clean shirt for your 6 year old and also some wipes. Definitely pack sunscreen. We opted to take an umbrella stroller for our then 6 year old. At the beginning she did not want to ride in it. By the end of day one, she was willing and ready due to the walking. It also saved my back from hauling a tote bag a lot because I could hang it on the stroller handles. FYI, the Washington Monument walk is a killer. If you take a tour bus, make that one of the stops you see from the bus because the walk from the metro station is nasty. (a lot of uphill) 9) If the US Treasury or the Washington Monument is on your to do list, get your tickets online. I think it is a dollar more per ticket but you don't have to stand in line to get them. The Washington Monument sells out frequently. Mt. Vernon and Monticello also offer online ticket options. Both are reachable by public transit so there is no need to pay for a tour to those areas. 10) Groceries are higher in DC than what we were used to paying in Chicago. If you are eating in your condo ( a substantial savings over dining out) plan out what you are going to have. Pick easy to cook things as you will be tired when you come home at the end of the day. We found that we ate two meals - breakfast and lunch - and had popcorn, a frozen pizza or fresh fruit for a late night snack. If you drink, keep beer and a bottle of wine in your room and have them there. Alcohol costs in DC are ridiculous. Beers and wines run from $7-10 a glass with mixed drinks higher. Our kids LOVED the trip - all ages. It is important to make sure that you all have input into what you see. With the younger ones, the Jr Ranger program really helps as done explaining what you are going to see before you get there. There is also the National Zoo for the younger ones. Do not, as one poster suggested, sell your kids short and take them to a theme park. At six and seven they are more into learning new things than at any other time in their lives. Take advantage of it!
Metro is easy. With knee problems or without! Get on, get off and your there. I'm not a fan of toura, but the Tourmobile busses are okay and they have an open compartment on top of the bus with seats, which children enjoy. I would stay in a cheaper, but nice hotel in DC. (NEAR a metro station). (Omni, Matriott, Hyatt, etc.) The 13 year old will like these museums- Spy Museum Air and Space Museum of Natural History And Possibly the Art Gallery The 7 & 6 year olds will enjoy- Air and Spacde (Huge hit for all ages) Spy Museum- hands on and places to touch and climb through Monuments- Lots have Fountains which littler ones REALLY like Washington Monument- ride a elevator to the top and look at the veiw up to 60 miles. You will all enjoy- Mt. Vernon (25 minutes from DC) Monuments Fords Theater and Peterson's Boarding House- fords is closed for renovations, but peterson's is open to look into three rooms, TAKES 5 minutes. Great gift shops in the Air and Space and spy museum. ALSO!, you have to go to The Zoo. The little ones will love it and it is an okay relaxing place. I was dissappointed at the Zoo... Orangutangs walk the O- Line above your head at 11:00- 11:30 am. Natural History Museum is a must see. And carry a small bag with water snacks and entertainment for long times. The National Archives will be cool. You can just see teh Decleration and leave, but it is so mysticla to the littler ones. Email me any questions at Liliana
I just came back from a trip to Washington D.C. Places to stay in D.C. are pretty expensive so we stayed at the Residence Inn in Arlington, VA (near the Pentagon). Its a great place. There was a free shuttle from Reagan airport. From the hotel we could walk to the Metro- if you have a knee problem it might be too much walking, but the hotel offers a free shuttle to that Metro station. It is safe, cheap, convenient and easy (and if you get confused the people there are really helpful). The traffic is really bad and the road are very confusing, so I would suggest taking the Metro and not driving on your own. The Smithsonian is a neat place. You should visit the Capital, and go near the White House. National Archives are cool too. There are too many monuments to name, but my favorites are the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial, WWII Memorial and the Washington Monument. Washington D.C. is a gorgeous place! I hope you have a wonderful time!
Ok the 6 year old wont enjoy it maybe the 7. 13 year old definetly if you dont take them to the white house. the white house is the boringest thing
Go to the Extras section of m and click on Tickets and Attractions in the middle. Then, go to Washington D.C. there are all kinds of things that you can go do/see.
Go to this white house tour or go to bush gardens, that was my favorite place to go.(its a theme park)
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I want to get a gift card. how much money should I put in there? she is a coworker/ friend. we Do not hung out outside work but at work we are great friends, support and everything. she is going to Washington to get her Masters degree. Can u please help me and say how much money should I put on her gift card? (no more than 50$ please)\ p.s. we work in the college were we both study. (If that makes any difference)
$20 would be a good gesture. Tell her to use it for a couple drinks in Georgetown. That is a nice area in Washington. She could even go across the Potomac and get some coffee in Arlington. It's really nice over there, too. You're a good friend and I'm sure she will be missed. Good luck!
I don't understand the belief at the back of present enjoying cards. the cardboard expenditures approximately $2-5, then you certainly could function money to it...? why do not you only purchase her a intense high quality card, write some thing in it(possibly some memory you 2 have had, whether it replaced into only interior the artwork place), and placed the cardboard and a few money in an envelope? not purely is this a greater 'touching' present, yet you do not could rigidity approximately procuring a present day card that'll be thrown away after the money in it rather is used(possibly she'll shop the cardboard you wrote in, longer than a present day card.). i come across that to be greater suitable than a present day card. :)
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Ok, im bored of life. i have a great paying BORING job. Ive got a great BORING wife. Ive got cash to do anything I want, but Im BORED! I really need some GREAT NON BORING vacation ideas. Ive been many places around the world and am comfortable wherever I end up, but someone save me from BOREDOM. I want to feel like Im alive again. Ideas from totally sick to bat **** crazy would be greatly appreciated. BTW Im a 51 year old man in good health and shape. THANKS IN ADVANCE, yahoo answers always comes thru!!!!!!! ps, the wife and kids are NOT coming.
Something not boring for a 51 year old man? I would say Washington, DC. Plan a few weeks in advance and you can tour the Capitol and White House (contact your congressman). Add that to the Smithsonian museums (there are over a dozen - choose your style. History, air and space, art, portraits, etc), Arlington National Cemetery, the Supreme Court, etc. If that bores you, I can't help.
I would recommend one of the following: Honolulu, HI Las Vegas, NV Niagra Falls (Canadian side is better) Amsterdam, Netherlands Frankfort, Germany London, England San Antonio, Texas (My Favorite)
Go to florida and go to almost every theme park there all the disney park,busch gardens,aquatica,seaworld,island of adventures,and universal!
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Dates are going to be 21-24 August, with a budget of about 1000 dollars (plane ticket already purchased), for one person (myself). I'm in the US Army and so will probably have discounted or free access to museums or whatever. I'll be on foot the whole time, taking a subway or bus wherever I go. My question is, will 1000 dollars get me a decent hotel for my stay (nothing particularly fancy, as long as its clean), and be enough to get around for an enjoyable long weekend? I mainly want to visit art museums and war monuments, and just blow some cash on fun stuff.
Have been there 3 times already this year and think $1000 should be more than enough money. Look for hotels in the Crystal City/Arlington area. My preference is the Marriott in Crystal City which can be booked in advance for $100, maybe even less, per night depending upon days of the week and advance purchase. The hotel is located immediately above the Crystal City Metro station, which is a huge plus if flying into Reagan National, as Crystal City is the first Metro station from the airport. So if you add in $20 for a Metro card, you're only additional expenses would be for food and any souvenirs that you may purchase, as all of the Smithsonian museums & zoo, as well as the national monuments are free.
Here's a site where you can find discounted hotels a swell as attraction and tickets. Museums and monuments are mostly free. Most government and monumental buildings give away all tickets by 9:00 get there by 7:00 and you'll be set. I recommend The Liaison Capital Hill. It's modern, eloquent, non-expensive, fun, non-expensive, and non-expensive. You can defiantly do DC with 1k but you do need to watch out for food. Food is what will kill you in DC. I paid $25.00 for a hamburger that I didn't even like. Your bests are Dupont Circle, Old Georgetown, or the snack vendors on the mall. Get used to hot dogs and lemonade buddy. Also get used to having to toss your food and drinks (even bottled) water at government or monumental buildings. Be sure to see the Capitol, Washington Mon, Lincon Mem, War Mems, Spy Mus, Buero of engraving and printing,an Smithsonian's.
Hotels in DC are VERY expensive. I would stay in alexandria or arlington which is a little cheaper and very close, especially when taking the metro into DC. As far as museums and monuments, most are free. You will find a couple of museums that are pay but most are not. Defiantly take advantage of the Metro. A thousand dollars is cutting it close especially if you don't have a hotel yet. Good Luck.
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Expect to pay 200-400$ monthly for insurance if u got a loan on it. be DECADES smarter, go get a cash 3000 -5000$ car = will save u 10,000s$.
I had a full bolt speed 3. At 18 you're going to pay a fair amount. Turbo 'd car known for trouble making. Good luck. Make sure you do a lot of research before you bolt or you'll blow the engine like I did. My problem was there was no research to be had too new. They've come a long way. Guys easily making 400-500whp with cobb
Go on an insurance compare site n you'll find out lol no1 here can quote an insurance cost
You will have to ask an insurance company. How could anyone here or anyone but an insurance company possibly know?
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Hi,she will have a tremendous need for security throughout her entire life,family will be very important to her,she wont have a huge desire to be popular,but she will have close friends.i do see alot of reading around her,she will also do something with music,i am also seeing "piano she is inclined to have very sensitive skin,and rashes.As far as money,she will have no problem making money at all,she will do very well with that and more than likely have a job by the time she is 17. I do see a male sibling that may give her the blues,but they will get along all in all.she will travel at some point in her life in her late 20's early 30's.She would just have to guard not to be too trusting with others,friends may turn on her.She will have a positive life.
A brief reading that covers all mentioned topics is pretty difficult. Here are a few of the things (most important for a parent to understand) that 'jump out' at me. With a first house moon in Cancer, she is pretty emotional and sensitive. However, Cancer rising gives a tendency to put up walls, and mask true emotions. Have patience when she seems upset, or has temper tantrums. You might have trouble finding out what's wrong, or the reason she gives might not seem to justify her reaction. Don't think the emotions aren't real (despite what your read about Leo-Sun dramatics). She just has trouble opening up. Make an extra effort to build trust and show compassion, while gently letting her know she can't always have her way, and you can't help her if you don't know what really upset her. She has some potential (this isn't a certainty, it's a potential) for food allergies or other stomach problems. Don't be paranoid, just pay attention if you see signs of trouble here, so you can catch it early. She certainly shows signs of being intelligent. You may find that school and typical studies ore her, though. Encourage her in the subjects she shows an interest in, support her unique outlook on things to give her incentive to want to pursue academics. She may not be an artist in the conventional 'brush and canvas' sense, but she is very creative. You may find she has interest/ talents in acting or music. Prepare your self, this child has a stubborn streak! I've noticed a few responses saying that she will have abundant money. While it's true she has very good financial aspects, she also has her 2nd house Leo Sun/Mercury opposing her 8th house Aquarius Neptune/Chiron. This could lead to debt or credit card problems. When she gets older, as you are teaching her about finances, make sure she understands the implications of getting in too deep of debt, or being careless with credit cards.
I did this brief intrepretation based on the TOB 2:43 am standard time ( = 3:43 am Day Light Saving Time in the summer ) I didn't look at the period from age 1- age 9 Here is the brief interpretation just to point out something. Your daughter has a lot of talents, smart,and generous. She can write very good writing. Her talents cover a variety of things, but she doesn't stick with any of them and end up knowing all of them but not mastering any of them. Quite a controlling person which may hurt her marriages. Very good in entertainment business or career related to art or showing business and has strong sense of money making ability. Always has creative idea but doesn't take action to realise the plan. Because she is smart, sometimes she has the ego. She can't work in government department, even if she works, would stay there just for short time, nor can she work under supervision. She is best to run her own business through her talents. After year 19, she will be completely independent and work her way up without the helps from her parents or anyone until age 60, a lot of helps will come along. Her romance starts at early age around 15 years old and will have number of relationships (living with a man) in her early age, 15-19. She will also have multiples marriages in her life. Make sure to watch her from year 15 - 19 those men she hangs around. At age 30- 31, she may marry with a man, not the same men of whom she has been living with. She loves this man crazily. Her husband(s) will be a very capable man. Her money starts from early age 15-20, good money. The real big money, either through her business or her investments, will start from years of 60 onward, really good money. Age 10-14 although gets a lot of love from family, not really great period of her. Very talented. Age 15-19 a lot of romannces, watch out those men hanging out with her. Will make good money in this period. Her talents become useful in this period. From 20-59, she will be in a make some and lose some money situation, and the money she makes will not be easy money which involves quite some energies. Age 40-45 another romance or marriage. Business turn to be going well, and be able to make good money, but a lot of stresses. Age 46-50 new romance. Busy in business, a lot of stresses, still can make money but not as easy money as the previos period. Money comes and goes At age 55-59, other woman comes to fight with her over her husband. Not a good period for her. Everything seem not going well for her. She has a not of business idea but don't work. May have law suits. She will have new romance after 60. Age 60 onward, big money and new romance. All her talents come back. very good period of time. A lot of guardian angels. Age 65, either lose money or her dad has serious sickness. Either one of them will happen. Afterward, money continue to come. Live until 85 The problem of her marriages mostly come from her personality, quite controlling and with egos which end up men walking away from her in most of her relationships, although she is able to get back new relationship, she still suffers from each course. Because of her talents, she tends to look down upon her boyfriends/husbands who are less capable than her and for the more capable men, because of her controlling personality, the capable boyfriend/husbands don't want to stay with her. Regardless boyfriends or husbands, they tend to adore other women duing the relationships with her.
Oh mon döö! She's just a baby, and you can't tell her future about astrology, just her personal bases. She can be a president of Bhutan or bum in NYC, there are more thing influensing than silly stars! Try tarot and numerology the you know more. What if stars tell that she'l be psycho? Or prostitute? Maybe slaughter or maneater, would you still love her?
DANG!! she's gonna have tons of money thats for sure! Her sun is in the second house!! Mercury is also in her 2nd house in her sign of Leo. I dont think i like her Saturn in house 3 and then having neptune retrograde in aquarius in house 8 oposite from 2. I suggest you visit and/or it will give you a good long read of her chart for free. also i would suggest you participate in the forums your daughter's chart looks fascinating. make sure the hour she was born is correct!
I just cpoy and pasted this-sorry it's long! This birth chart shows the positions of the planets of your daughter The sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality and outward-shining creative energy. Sun in Leo She is masterful, likes authority, aspires towards an ideal. A little too pretentious and always wanting things. She likes to give advice. She is honest, frank, loyal, open and sincere. Weaknesses: pride, vanity, arrogance, presumption and disdain of others. Leo ascendant Cancer Sun in II Financial ambition. Lucrative job, she satisfies her needs, which are substantial. Moves money about a lot and sometimes spends recklessly. 438 Conjunction Sun - Mercury She is intelligent and knows what she wants. Is a good organizer, she likes moving, travel. She likes literature. -225 Opposition Sun - Neptune Her imagination turns to internal day-dreaming: she is easily influenced, and complicates life unnecessarily. She does not bring plans to a conclusion. The dream-world is enough. The moon represents a reaction, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image. Moon in Cancer She is likeable and sociable. Very sensitive to environmental conditions and surroundings. She likes home, habits, comfort and her little world. Large families. Weaknesses: subject to family circle, indolence, inertia. She is impressionable and too sensitive. Family problems. Moon in I Very sensitive. Fantasizes. She is easily frightened, she is fearful, shy, prudent and emotional. 126 Trine Moon - Uranus She is imaginative and has the Moon's intuition complemented by Uranus' independence and originality. Her life is out-of-the-ordinary, with lots of changes and a great knowledge of the world not through reading but through personal experience. She likes the sensational, new things. She acts instinctively, but fortunately has a good sixth sense. She likes to be surrounded by original people, artists. 109 Conjunction Moon - Ascendant She has a good influence on the family, which loves and helps the person. She likes travelling, movement, change. She likes contact and is open to other people. Mercury represents communication, Cartesian and logical spirit. Mercury in Leo Ambitious, sincere, loyal, friendly and full of good cheer. Great sense of organization. Likes children and leisure time. Weaknesses: likes to play games too much and can go too far, in spite of herself. Likes to play-act and do about-turns, which surprise and upset those concerned. Likes to take risks in jest and for amusement. Mercury in II Intelligence geared towards ways of making money, becoming rich. All methods are good, sometimes she is on the borderline of honesty, with a tendency to be fraudulent. 159 Trine Mercury - Jupiter She is intelligent, has big ideas: she is tolerant and has a strong sense of justice. She has good judgement, good sense and has her feet on the ground. She has the "gift of the gab", and likes to speak, she also likes literature. She is erudite and will normally be successful socially. Venus represents an interest for emotions and values, exchange and sharing with others. Venus in Leo Sincere, frank and warm affections. She is full of tenderness. High hopes of love. She likes to live and satisfy her passions to the full. Protects and makes friends with those who can be useful. Weaknesses: excess in pleasure and amusements. Haughty, boastful, pretentious: she is affected, and seduces for the sake of seducing to prove to herself that she is attractive (this gets worse with age). Venus in III Likes everything that is beautiful, likes decorum. Outstanding intelligence. She works in a trade linked to beauty, fashion. Numerous select friends. -73 Square Venus - Mars While she is passionate, she likes carnal desires and voluptuousness above all. She goes to excess, is unfaithful and often unsatisfied. Serious family quarrels in view. 237 Conjunction Venus - Saturn She has a good grasp of reality and of duty. She is thrifty, reserved and does not show off. She likes truth and justice. In love, her sentiments are sincere and deep, she never plays false. She is, of course, faithful in love and friendship. She can love a much older person and appreciates her intelligence and good sense. 52 Trine Venus - Pluto Her emotional and sex life is powerful and rich. She lives out truly passionate love affairs. Mars represents the desire for action and physical energy. Mars in Gemini She speaks a lot, likes to spar verbally, discussions, disputes, polemic, criticism. Weaknesses: she scolds and declaims. Words can be bitter and aggressive. Mars in XI She achieves her ambitions. She is impulsive and presses on without thinking. She starts something new without necessarily finishing the last job. She likes to dominate and lacks diplomacy where friends and professional relations are concerned. Jupiter represents expansi
She's a baby. Enjoy her. Her possibilities are ENDLESS. Give her a good strong foundation and be the best parent you can be. That's all any of us can do.
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I think I just answered your question prior to the ACL surgery. Wow, things keep happening to you. When is the surgery due? Well to answer this question for you I don't really know what your interests are, but I can share with you what my husband and I have been doing for the past six years during his surgery recovery time and now. My husband and I started our home based business over six years ago. We both wanted to work out of our home and be together raising our children. Not only that, but thinking he was going to be down for six months in the near future, wanted to be able to contribute to the family. We also didn't want to send them off to a daycare center. Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting down daycare providers. They work hard. But I just didn't want the traditional family lifestyle of one or both parents having to work out of the home and really not be a part of our children's life. I didn't want that lifestyle. I wanted to be with my kids. The company we chose made the most since to us. A product that is and always will be in high demand. There are a lot of products and services out there that are good. We decided to partner up with this company because it was things that people will always use and pay for anyway, pretty much no matter what. We didn't have to worry if money became tight that they could easily run to the store and purchase on sale or be able to buy it at the dollar store. So, we got involved in the world's largest direct selling telecommunications service provider that was started back in 1993. It's now a 15 year old, world wide international company. With headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Charlotte, Amsterdam, Sydney and Montreal. They have been featured in several magazines like USA Today, Success, Fortune etc. Inc 500 rated them the 22nd fastest growing company in revenue in it's first five years. They are registered with the BBB as well. They market in services people use every day and pay for anyway, like I had said. Services like Local and Long Distance telephones, Internet, Digital, video phones, Satellite TV, and all the major cellular phone companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextell, Altell etc as well. We save people money and make money at the same time. Every single month these people pay their bills, we make a percentage over and over again each month. How many people do you know, or know of around the world that uses one or more of these services or products? . A lot of money involved in this industry. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
My prayers go to your Mom to get well again. The offers you are getting here are NOT Home Based Businesses. They simply market products of somebody else having no control over these companies. One of the worst are the malls of all kind where you push merchandise of hundreds of companies but in order to make any money you have to spend a lot. Providing there is an offer that appeals to you, ask how long have they been in business and most of all what is their level of monthly income after expenses. Their income should be on the increase for at least one full year. Be not surprised by not receiving any answers. The fables like "I am making only a $1,000.00 a month but I know somebody who knows somebody making ... should be dismissed entirely. Providing you are serious in your attempt, you need to establish your own HBB that you control, with products and services you select using combination of targeted marketing with a portfolio consisting of direct sales, several affiliate programs and perhaps one very carefully selected Network Marketing Company. There are not more than a dozen that have a Compensation Plan rewarding you for your efforts. Your website must be designed by a professional who will also provide you with service that will bring steady traffic of qualified BUYERS 24/7/365. Anything short of that and you will just be another marketing tentacle among hundred's of thousands of people who do not make any considerable income. And one important thing ... anybody claiming to have lucrative HBB must not have any job they have to go to every day. Consider only those who are already successful and accomplished in what you want to achieve. There is no shame in copying success.
I'm Sorry to hear that your Mother is ill. It is very good of you to be there for her. I love what I do and it helped me get in shape, be healthier and really help others! You do not need any special training. All you need is a commitment to your own fitness program and the desire to help others. I make money every week and I get Free customers directly from advertising that the company does. I know you have seen the ads for Power 90, P90X, Turbo Jam or Hip Hop abs, Slim in 6 etc. Here's some info for you: cost is so small (under $40.00 to get your business Kit and then 14.95 per month for a website). I can help you get started and it is real simple. The business can build itself after just a little effort on your part. Anyone can do it. You just need to support people and stay consistent with your own fitness program. Let me know if you want help with this. I am so happy I found something like this and get very excited to share it with people. I get paid every week and still can't believe it! Have a Great Day! Keith
Join a company that has been around for 60 years and offers a Lifetime warranty on its products! Stop throwing you money away in this uncertain economy! Why waste your money on a product that does not offer you a guarantee and is detrimental to your health (Glad, Ziploc, Rubbermaid)?? The plastic used in those CHEAP containers breaks down and leaches into your food & can cause cancer!!! Tupperware spends Millions of dollars in research & adhers to not only US guidelines but all foreign guidelines as well!! Not to worry about toys made by Tupperware either, NO LEAD!!! Check out my website for more information on becoming a Tupperware Consultant and call me with any questions! Debra Hache 727-771-5200
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. My mom is sick, too. She's well enough to take of herself most of the time, though. My husband and I shop for her and take care of her during the bad times, so I know what that's like. If you're looking for a home based business, you should check out the one in my profile. It's free to join and you receive a ton of training and support. I'm always there for my team members, too, so you're never alone. I hope this information helps you and that your mom gets better!
Be very careful when searching online for ways to make money or how to make money from a home based business. There are many scams online. There is a free training site that teaches you how to start an Internet business that you will own (yourself). I started my own Internet business (a dating site) after getting scammed once by some make money program. I learned how to start an Internet business free at
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If you are interested in working for a health and wellness company without having to sell products visit The company has been around for 24 years and is in good standing with the BBB. You will be provided with 2 free websites to help you run your business and well as free ongoing training and support. We work as a team and its alot of fun! Good luck with whatever you pursue and I wish you and your mother well.
Mama Wass is completely correct, and you and she can check out www.shaklee,net/trailblazers to discover the rest of the story, since every other participant has named their site, I figured I shouldn't be shy about mine. You may be surprised to learn that my mission with Shaklee is not only a home based business, but a HOPE based business. (HOPE is short for Helping Other People Endure (like your Mom) and Helping Other People Enjoy (like you) Life. The site you have the link to is already dedicated to one family in need of HOPE, so check it out.
Wow you have a lot to sort through!! Roger Barnett spent $20 million dollars of his own money researching your question. Listen to a three minute call by him to see what he found: 1-925-924-3333. If it what you are looking for - let me know:
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Uh...with your parents you can sell something on eBay or sell candy. A local farm during the summer will hire ages 13 and up. Also (believe it or not) kids can model as well. If you are a genius then note that there were 13 year old entrepreneurs in the past. And they are rich. If not then sometimes if your super responsible a store can hire you for stuff to do on the back. Check out some local greenhouses too.
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50 dollars a week seems pretty ambitious for the ripe age of 13. Just find out what you can do in your community for money and go from there. I.E. Wash Cars, mow lawns and other various handy work.
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Depends on where you live, and how high social moral values are there.
You can buy candy and stuff then sell if for more when u get to school thats what i did when i was your age it works (skittles work tha best)
arlington money
In that area just based on schools, I would look into something just north or northwest of there such as Grapevine/Colleyville, Southlake (which will likely be pricey, but excellent schools), or just to the northeast in Coppell. A little further out would be Hurst-Euless-Bedford and Keller, there are some great schools within those districts, particularly in Keller. I personally would not live in Arlington nor in Grand Prairie, although there are some nice areas in each, it is spotty.
Actually Arlington is one of the best cities to live in. Just stay in the SW part of Arlington. Martin HS is an awsome school. If you want to be stuck in traffic for 2 hours every day then live in Keller, Southlake, Eulless or Bedford. I am a Real Estate Agent in South Arlington. I can help you find a perfect place if you need me to. As a matter of fact we have a listing on Ave K. I would stay in south south grand prairie, Next to Joe Pool Lake. That is an Amazing area. Also southern Mansfield is a good place. The worst parts of town would be. North and mid grand Prairie. North and Mid arlington Anywwhere in fort worth except Westover hills. North mansfield up to I-20. All the areas north like keller and southlake are more expensive homes. She is right though it is very spotty in Arlington and Grand Prairie. An Southlake Grapvine and Keller are all great schools. It just seems like the drive would not be reasonable. If you find the good parts of Arlington it is Great. (Lake Arlington)
arlington money
The links below show the relative humidity of various cities in Texas. Arlington would be included in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Generally, the further West you travel in Texas, the less humidity you have. However, the elevation of the city also affects the humidity. Higher elevations have less humidity. Humidity of Texas Cities Today - June, 24 2009 Wichita Falls - 32% Amarillo - 34% Arlington - 33% Fort Worth - 33% Frisco - 36% Austin - 37% Plano - 37% Allen - 38% Las Colinas - 38% Grapevine - 38% San Antonio - 39% Dallas - 40% McKinney - 42% Houston - 42% Southlake - 44% I would recommend that you take a look at the city of Richardson, TX. The city has good diversity, low crime and good schools. The University of Texas at Dallas is there, and Richardson is one of the densest high tech areas in the nation. Nursing jobs can be found anywhere in Texas, but Richardson is right in the middle of an area with many major hospitals. Richardson particitpates in the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) public transportation system. They have buses and four DART Light Rail stations. All Richardson residents live within minutes of major business areas so living and working in Richardson is easy. My favorite thing about Richardson is the fact that they plant wildflowers in the green areas along I-75 which is the major highway that runs North to South through the city.
It's diverse and it's less humid than Houston if that's what you mean. It's has the same humidity as Dallas and Ft. Worth. They seem to get more severe storms than Dallas though. I would only recommend moving some place if you already have a job lined up.
I currently work for the city of Arlington, and I don't know of any cuts to our benefits. Yes the city is short on police staff, the the crime rate is very low for a city of this size. I know because I used to be a 911 operator for the city. The city is currently increasing its police staff at this time. As far as the fire dept Arlington is rated very high, even on a national standard. People from cities across the country used to come to visit our 911 center to take notes and build their system and response scenarios similar to the city of Arlington. There is a pretty large mall and a lot of attractions in Arlington.
Arlington is right between Dallas and Ft Worth with the 3 cities running together, so the humidity is the same in all 3, it's high. Every large city in the nation is diverse in regards to people. Is there any particular race you're referring to? I wouldn't live in Arlington. It is the largest city in the nation without public transportation. There is a bad gang problem. The roads are in poor condition. The hospitals are awful. The schools are mediocre.
The Weather in Texas is always different I would only recommend moving there i you want to live in a big city and to have Hot summers every year today it is supposed to be over 100 degrees.
To answer the second part of your question, it is marginally diverse and mainly suburban. Nursing positions are available but IT jobs are in short supply due to the number of IT layoffs in the area.
It's not as humid as Houston thats for sure.
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Ok, guys, if y'all never heard, I live in Richardson, Texas (Suburb of Dallas) and I'm gonna get my own place soon, and I was wondering what cities do you recommend for me? My choices are Downtown Dallas, Duncanville, Arlington, Richardson, and maybe DeSoto. Or Houston, but I totally doubt that! I love Dallas. I need help on deciding a city to live. I want one with a lot of stuff to do and lots of sports grills... Thank you. Sincerly, Texan Boy
Richardson is one of the best places to live in the DFW area. It has low crime, good schools and plenty of shopping and restaurants within a short drive. While there is more to do in Arlington as far as sports, the crime is worse. websites below will help you with your search. They provide statistical information on schools, real estate and crime for any city you select.
It sounds like you're moving out on your own for the first time, which means you aren't interested in finding good schools for your kids and family friendly neighborhoods. I wonder how you came up with your list of places you'd like to live since they don't seem to have much in common. Downtown Dallas would be the most expensive place by far. Both Dallas and Richardson would have the most going for them. Other than Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Cowboys and Rangers, Arlington has little else. It's hard to believe you even have Duncanville and DeSoto on the list. What's there? If you really want to move out of your hometown of Richardson then try Dallas, but not necessarily downtown Dallas.
Dallas and Arlington are definately the best places if you want a lot to do. In Arlington, you got Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, the Ranger's Stadium, the Cowboy's Stadium, and LOTS of sports grils. Dallas is the place to be if you like downtown life and bars and such. Honestly, Dallas is a LOT more dangerous though. There are places in Dallas that you can't go without getting shot. Hate to add this in, but there are a lot of schizophrenic homeless people wondering around. My friend's mother is a probation officer down there and she has to walk with police just to get across the street to her building for work. Ducanville and DeSoto are pretty quiet little places. Not really quite the nightlife you seem to be looking for. Houston is awesome. I've been there only once and love it. There are seagulls EVERYWHERE. It is extremely humid though. It was cloudy the entire time I was there and rained periodically throught the week. Sunny one minute - misting the next. I guess that's because it's next to Galveston. It was a fun city though. Gorgeous.
I can only say about Arlington, that's it's a lot more farming and old style country living. MY family has business there and we've thought about moving there(since I live in the Grapevine-Colleyville area) but it doesn't have the greatest schools, I mean if you have kids. Other than that it's great with what you're looking for (: Hope it helps my fellow Texan;)
Downtown is too expensive and you don't get a big bang for your buck. All of the rest are good but I personally would stay in Richardson or perhaps Duncanville. More towards my taste in places to live.
Stay in Dallas!!!!!!
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Dallas World Aquarium Horseback riding at Widowmaker Trail Rides in South Lake Tour Cowboy Stadium in Arlington Six Flags Amusement Park Arlington Ft Worth Zoo Traders Village in Grand Prairie Ranger baseball in Arlington Old City Park Heritage Village in Dallas Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Arlington Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving tour in Ft Worth Palace of Wax in Grand Prairie Lone Star Park horse racing in Grand Prairie Ripley's Believe It or Not in Grand Prairie Dallas Zoo Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas Rodeo in Mesquite Reunion Tower in Dallas Zero Gravity Thrill Park in Dallas
Fun things to do in Dallas....... = Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth = Six Flags has their "Holiday in the Park" during this time. My family goes every year. There are a zillion restaurants. Find one that sounds interesting to you and go there. You might try Medieval Times in Dallas or Rainforest Cafe in the Grapevine Mills Mall. Ice skating at Arlington Parks Mall or the Galleria. Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine. That's a fun place to wander around and look. Ft Worth Stockyards - the human maze is hilarious! And cheap. This is definitely something different. They also have a train ride you can take. Dallas Fair Park - lots of museums, something for everyone, and affordable prices.
Here are some places yall could go:*I really liked the Aquarium, but it can get pricey. **The Dallas Zoo is okay, but if you don't mind driving 30 minutes or so, the Fort Worth Zoo is much, much better. Here are some free things yall can enjoy:, I live in Arlington, which is about 30 minutes away as well, and in my opinion there are more fun places to go to here. 1. Six Flags -*they have an online special where you can buy tickets at kids prices 2. Hurricane Harbor, which is the same link and same ticket prices 3. Texas Ranger's Stadium - *not sure if they'll be playing home or away, but tickets start at $15 And here is more if you're interested: Hope yall enjoy the trip! I'm warning you though, today it got up to 110 degrees, so be prepared for hot weather!
Walking around the Downtown Dallas Westend is a great way to pass the time. It's a great place to walk around, but make sure you go in the evening hours because Texas is hot. I suggest going out around 6-7pm if you're going to walk around.
Nrh20 - Water park!! Its only 19.99 is you take a Dr.pepper can. - North richland hills really fun! & good places to eat. hmmm, Crowns burgers located in Oak cliff. And COuntry burger also located in Oakcliff.
Sam moon eat out shop west end zoo
arlington money
Just read the poem, and it's a good question. My guess is, he's talking about life purposes right? Medici and the idea of a soul-less man seeking power, or the medieval ideals of honor or romance...but he lives in the modern day, and his life is about gold (money) and he scorns (criticizes) it, even though he is working just to get money. He hated to be without the modern conveniences that money provided. That he was "sore annoyed without it" also shows that he really is a modern man, even though he'd never admit it. He'd rather spend all day dreaming about devoting his life to things more fanciful than money.
It means that even though he didn't want the gold, he was annoyed without it... Maybe not having it was making his life harder. So even though he sought it (to make his life easier?) he personally did not want it.
He was too proud to accept what was offered to him (gold is used figuratively) and later found himself hard up for the thing when he needed it.
I think it means that he didnt like the gold itself, but he was used to having the luxurys it offers
He hated money and the way people people had to be so focused and devoted to getting it. On the other hand, he desired the things money can buy, and was depressed he couldn't obtain those things.
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We found outt thatt myy dog has a tummor growth thing on her leg && It's possiblyy cansorous. Butt all the vets thatt we have been to need $600 to fix her. && we justt don'tt have thatt kind of moneyy. Butt this Is a VERYY serious Issue for me, so please help me outt as bestt you can. Please && Thanks.
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