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pay day loans in tennessee
Again im a motorcycle tech in the state of Tennessee were i own my own "private" performance shop and I repaired a friends atv for him after we agreed (with a signed invoice) on price for parts and labor of $1000.00 (1/3 of the total value of the atv) I collected $100.00 from him 3 months ago and havent seen or talked with him since, (Therfore im charging $15.00 a day storage since date of last payment) we agreed on weekly payments which he has made only one (3 months ago). he wont return my calls and dodges me. I have been finished with this atv and it has just been sitting for 6 months. And yes he does own it outright, There is no outstanding loan on the atv. I am Not a licensed business, I build custom performance sportbikes and ATV's.
Yes you go down to the county court and file a mechanics lien with the Clerk there. Once the lien is filed and he has been notified, he has only a certain amount of time to pay for and pick up the ATV. if the person fails to do so after that, you can file for a title in your name as an abandoned vehicle. it does not matter if your licensed or not, you both entered into a signed agreement and even if it was verbal, it is still legally binding. you will find the proper forms to fill out and file at the clerks office.
Unless he signed an invoice for the services, you have no proof of what you are claiming which makes this a civil matter. You can try suing him. But, you may lose for not having documented proof of what you are claiming. I would send him a demand for payment letter via certified mail and if he does not pay you, then file a case in small claims court. If you watch any of the court TV shows like Judge Joe Brown or People's Court, you will understand what I am saying. If not, and you have the time, start watching them!
bad credit loans tennessee
What do you owe them for -- a loan, overdraft fees, bad checks, what? If you have enough to open an account at another bank, you really should pay off what you owe to First Tennessee. You don't want things to get delinquent and show up on your credit record.
Most banks use chexsystems to monitor delinquent bank payments. If the first bank reported you, the second bank probably won't allow you to open an account.
bad credit loans in tennessee
You won;t be able to get any new credit for car loans, mortgage, you could get sued
Paycheck garnishment. That is the end of the road. That happens after a court hearing. Personally I think that you and I have been loan-sharked enough. If we could stand together, we could put things back to normal. At one time, the max limit on a CC was 10%. Then it climbed to 18.5%. And at some point there became no limit. I do not remember voting on that. And you can bet that the credit card explosion is inevitable - early in 2009. Hopefully we get some justice then. According to my calculations, I have paid more to the CC'es than I ever purchased. So they already have their money. I will take great pleasure and watching them falter. There will be no bail-out (or hand-out) for these companies as despised as they have become.
You will be subject to penalties, your credit history and record will be trashed and the credit card companies may eventually send collectors after you. This will ultimately make it difficult for you to secure any other credit such as financing a car or buying a house or even renting a house in the coming years. Try to at least pay your minimum on time and you can avoid all of these problems.
You get sued. Credit is trashed. Judgement against you and garnishments/levies on your accounts. At a minimum your credit is trashed. The rest depends on the balance and whether it's worth it to them to go after you. It costs them money to do all that and they probably won't if it's a few thousand. The bad credit will cost you in many other ways. Insurance rates are now tied to credit scores, like auto insurance. Opening accounts with some companies will be costly if they'll let you at all, cell phones/utilities/leases. You'll have to cough up more security deposits at places that run credit, like gas companies, etc.
They can take you to court and get a judgment against you: put liens against your home or any sort of property you might own, garnish your wages, attach your bank accounts. They can force you into bankruptcy and foreclosure. Your credit will be destroyed for at least 10 years: foreclosure, bankruptcy, and court judgments are public records which will out-live you, although they only continue to be recorded on your credit report for 10 years. You will not be able to get credit for anything: huge cash deposits required for all utilities, difficulty and extra costs in renting an apartment, no car purchases for years. You will have to live on your cash earnings -- or what's left after the court & creditors & taxes leave you.
You can't go to jail. They can get a judgement to take their money from your paycheck, trashed credit, pay huge deposits on cell phones, cable, electricity. Not be able to use the credit system for purchases. A lot of phone calls from collection agencies. But if you can get through 7 years without a judgement, the cards will come off your credit report.
online loans for tennessee
I was arrested for embezzlement from a company I worked for. They had me right down a statement and everything. At the time I was arrested, the cop that took me in never read me my rights or anything; not even during the booking process were they read to me. I know they don't have to be read anymore for a misdemeanor, but i have been told and have read online that if it is a felony charge that they must read me my rights. I was also told by a clerk that I was not allowed to speak with my public defender until the date of my case which is Dec 10th, 2013. Do I have a chance of it getting thrown out because of these mistakes or am I still facing serious jail time?
"They had me right down a statement and everything" Who is "they"? The police? The employer? When did you make that statement and why? "I know they don't have to be read anymore for a misdemeanor, but i have been told and have read online that if it is a felony charge that they must read me my rights." I really wish that people would stop including in their questions statements like the one above - which are completely wrong. Whether you have to be read your Miranda warnings or not has nothing to do with whether you've got a misdemeanor or a felony. You don't have to be read the warnings at all unless 1) You are in custody. This does not require a formal arrest - the definition of "custody" is a legal one which could be decided by a judge. You are legally considered "in custody" for Miranda purposes if you are being held by the police under circumstances that an innocent person would believe meant he could not leave. 2) you are being interrogated. Miranda does not apply to statements made spontaneously, in response to an innocuous question (do you not feel well?) or otherwise not meant to elicit incriminating information. 3) You are being interrogated by the police - Miranda does not apply to statements made to others (but the hearsay rule might kick in here) 4) You make statements that a prosecutor would like to use on his primary case. (If you later testify to facts that contradict what was earlier told to cops, some courts allow your prior statements to be used against your later testimony) " I was also told by a clerk that I was not allowed to speak with my public defender until the date of my case" In what way were you prevented from speaking to a public defender? "Do I have a chance of it getting thrown out because of these mistakes " Your question lacks enough detail to determine if there were mistakes. Even if they were, based on the info you included, the case could still go forward. This isn't TV where it's normal for a single technicality to kill an entire case. The worst that prosecutors would have to deal with is that they would not be able to use that statement against you in their case-in-chief (the part of a trial where they give the evidence showing you committed the crime). They'd still be able to use other evidence against you (esp. if you made any incriminating statements to non-police officers or coworkers), and even the statement made to the police could be used against you if you testify and contradict what you said in the first statements. "am I still facing serious jail time?" Jail time? Incarceration is pretty severe, but you need to stop focusing on that like that's the only problem you're facing. People posting on this site tend to worry only about jail time - not the fact of the conviction, especially if it's a misdemeanor. In your case it's a felony and the fact of a felony conviction can leave you with severe and permanent civil disabilities - like employment, getting a loan, etc. A conviction is forever - there is no general right to expungement of a conviction after a few years (or ever). You need to deal with the facts of your case and not go looking for some technicality.
Don't know if Tennessee is a Commonwealth state, But most commonwealth states three strikes your out. Never write or said anything when being arrested until you have a lawyer, it's your rights. And when ever you are being arrested for misdemeanor or felony you have the right to be silent. You also have a right to be read your Miranda rights, but most police don't care about ours rights now days, and get away with not reading them(more involvement into the laws and rules that our states and government make will stop this). Go read Miranda warning at police crimes.com Embezzlement is a serious charge 18.2-113, but if this is a first time charge , you may get slap on the hand, if it a second time you may get time and slap on the hand. But if you can pay back the money you will put yourself in good standard with the court. If it's a third time, just take the pay back money and get yourself a high paid lawyer. I will not put any money on your case being throw out because of the violations. Because they are not going to tell the truth that they violated your rights ?
Your rights, commonly referred to as Miranda Warnings, only have to be read to a person when they are in custody and when they are being questioned by police whose questions arae likely to lead to incriminating statements. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony makes no difference. If you were in custody and were then questioned, if you were not given your rights and then made a statement, that statement could be tossed. However, that doesn't mean that your case is over. I would imagine that the police have more evidence than your statement.
Verifying criminal record database can really helps to find your required data online. It wont takes more than a few seconds to show any record you need. Moreover its an easy way to find out if someone has a criminal record. Reports key features includes : Arrest & convictions Felonies & misdemeanor Sex offenders Mug shots Criminal driving infractions Court and probation records And lot more. Visit Here : http://CriminalRecords.InfoSearchDetecti... 100% Confidential & Super Fast Results!
Adding to Lawman's answer. Some judges have found that the reading of the Miranda warning isn't necessary, because thanks to Hollywood, they're now common knowledge. The average american can recite the Miranda warning Verbatim thanks to their favorite cop drama, so being reminded of your rights (that's all they're doing) isn't necessary.
Criminal Record Search Database - http://InfoSearchDetective.com
online loans for tennessee
I'll be a senior next year. I haven't taken the ACT yet, I was sick when we took it this year. This past year (my junior year), I made 5As, 2Bs, and one C. My sophomore year, I failed Algebra 2 times but finally passed with a C this past year. Also, I made a D in physcology, but As and Bs in everything else. My freshman year, I made all As and Bs, possibly one or two Cs. I am very serious about my school work, and I know about the paper you fill out to find out about what scholarships you qualify for (I forget the name of it -.-), but I'm wanting to know a little something now :/ I've looked into many tech schools online (I want to get a bachelors in IT Systems Tech, and become a Network Admin. I don't want to take a bunch of core classes, which is why I'm choosing tech school). I'm willing to take out a loan if I have to, but I AM going to make something out of myself. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated, as it's summer so I can't speak to my guidance counselor, and I'll be a first generation college/tech student. Also, I want to move out of state. I live in TN, and the ignorance of this state is something I'm ready to get away from.
I'm not sure why you think Tennessee is an ignorant state. You can not judge an entire state by limited experiences you may have had. I assure you there are many intelligent, open-minded people in this state. If you stay in TN, the Tennessee Technology Centers in various parts of the state have good programs in IT. Google "Tennessee Technology Center" and it will list their locations. I have a friend studying at the one in Shelbyville. There is also ITT Tech and programs at state community colleges. I'm glad that you are determined to be the first in your family to attend a tech/college. Your determination will be a valuable asset in succeeding. As soon as school starts, see your guidance counselor about scholarships. I believe there are some for first-generation college students. Good luck to you and your future plans.
Hello , Try this company : http://EducationFindr.com They offer the largest database of universities and colleges. I think that will help you
best cash advance in Tennessee
I hit the concrete base of a light pole in a post office parking lot going about 15 miles an hour ( didn't even seem to be that much ) and it made my airbags deploy. When the air bags deploy the seat belts also lock down. I called Honda to find the solution and they said it would be around $1080 for them to fix it. I reside in Tennessee and it's illegal to drive around without seat belts. I can NOT even begin to afford paying them $1000 to fix the seat belts. This is a nightmare. This ought to be illegal or criminal for them to force me into this situation. The seat belts ought to release after something like this. My bumper only has a scrape on it but now they want $4000 to fix air bags and seat belts. What a travesty. My wife and boys ride in the van mainly and I really need some help from somebody as to how to overcome this problem. I took out one of the seat belts and took it apart but one side will not come off and it's still locked after taking apart what I have. Not having the knowledge needed I can't figure out how to fix it. Can someone tell me what to do? If I buy some salvaged belts can I just connect them back to the electronics and they'll work fine? If not can I just install salvaged ones without hooking back the electronics and it will still at least protect my wife and boys? The back seats didn't do this. Just the front and driver's side. Help help help please. Broke and without many options. I even called my congressman about this because it ought to be criminal for them to charge you $1000 for two seat belts and safety! Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the first two replies already. The impact was 15 mph at best and they blew! I think that's a bit much...don't you? How badly can someone get hurt at 15 mph? I'm not trying to be cheap here...it's called BROKE! I work hard every day and my wife stay's home and we don't have cash to burn like some. I can't claim it on insurance because we only had liability on it. The van is only worth $3500 ( has 200K miles on it ) and they want $4000 to repair air bags and seat belts? Come on man....again, that's a bit much. It ought to be law that NO manufacturer can render seat belts useless after any kind of impact. That's crazy. Honda has us over a barrel. Just because "insurance" pays for 95% of the collision repairs out there...what about the 5% that can't afford full coverage. They have rendered my van illegal and useless...and 100% safety hazard by rendering my seat belts useless. It ought to be illegal to charge $1000 for two seat belts...plain and simple.
You know what? I'm sick of the flippant replies. I'm well aware of the dangers and if I weren't concerned about the safety of my family then I wouldn't be on stupid yahoo answers trying to find help now would I? When people get on here and give stupid answers about how I'd gladly pay if my family were killed...then you reveal you don't even read what I wrote. I said I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY. How many ways can I say it? Sheesh. It's not that I don't care about my family......stupid. I can't PRINT MONEY LIKE THE GOVERNMENT DOES! When I need money I have to work for it....and I don't know about you but I'm not making money hand over fist these days....but when the government needs it they just PRINT IT. So again, keep the smart comments to yourself if you don't have any help to offer.
Your car is fitted with seat belt pre tensioners and the sensors all need to be replaced it may seem harsh to you but it is designed to save lives and you say your wife and sons travel in the car why didnt you make a claim on insurance they would be covered
There are specific items that are required replacement items when a deployment occurs or when an airbag light comes on...and there are some items that are "check only". Check out the websites below for the EXACT answers to your questions including fault code charts and reset information. This site tells you exactly what needs to be replaced and how to access them (seat belts & all) on over 3500 cars. It's a pay site ($14.95 / day), but it's little money well spent to get the correct answers and to see exactly what you're after...it uses pictures, not text, so you can see what you’re looking for. This is the same website insurance companies and body shops use to determine what needs to be replaced. Good Luck...it's not too bad of a job & if your state allows it, used parts or parts from ebay should be ok Lastly, here's a page in this site that tells you which cars need a scan tool to reset the system and which ones can be done without it.
This is essential work for safety. They got you over a barrel cos if your family were killed in the car, I bet you'd happily pay that money if it would bring them back! Try shopping around for best price or buy another car. If you want to do it yourself, then why not give your wife and kids some gas and a naked flame to play with while you do it. Hey, I know it stinks but sometimes you gotta look at things through different eyes
After an impact severe enough to deploy the airbags, you need to replace the belts. they have pyrotechnic pretensioners built into them that are a one shot deal. part of why your van has such great safety ratings. sorry. if you find good used ones, they should function as regular seatbelts. but you really need to repair it all. as far as calling your congressman, you can thank him and the rest of the government for requiring these in the first place.
Right it quite is an internet site for a employer which will help clarify airbag failures, unintended airbag deployments and different vehicle suitable claims. This employer works with legal specialists and assurance companies to be sure the circumstances that led as much as those events and helps be sure if there is existence like reason for criminal action. to be sure that an airbag to setting up, specific standards ought to be met and each producer designs their automobiles in any different case. The investigations are executed by utilising expert technicians who've been engaged on airbag structures because they began. My first suggestion is to touch a criminal expert and confer with them the situation of your case. maximum of them supply you a loose consultation. Then, in case you're searching for a employer that does airbag deployment investigations and can examine the airbag module after an twist of destiny, try this employer. they are in a position that can assist you you with your declare in case you be sure to circulate forward legally. They paintings with assurance companies, regulation companies and persons related to all styles of vehicle claims and investigations. they are an self sufficient employer so the solutions they supply after an study are impartial and real, in spite of whose case it helps. Sorry approximately your subject. solid luck i desire this permits
easy loans in tennessee
I am currently in school to be a professional pilot. The costs to get my CFI2 rating alone is about $30k. This is not including tuition, which is ~20k per year (I study at Middle Tennessee State University. Can't afford out of state tuitions.) Now, scholarships cover all but about $2k a year in tuition, so I cover that in loans. Now there are a few scholarships for the program alone, but I still see myself having to pay probably $20k in loans. So all in all, I see myself ~$28k in debt when I graduate. I know as far as airlines go, in order to make big money, it's all about seniority. So my question is more geared to the early years. How much money does the average Joe make as an instructor trying to earn his way to the necessary amount of hours? Also, how long does it take? Also also, what is the pay scale from the bottom of the totem pole to the top? Roughly of course.. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Sorry to say, many flight instructors are very poorly paid, and often have to work second jobs. With the airlines, new employees are often assigned to regional feeder subsidiaries, which offer very low pay. Of course, if a pilot makes it up the ladder to a top spot, the earnings can exceed the pay of the President of the United States. Why aren't you going for your flight training in the military? That is where the VAST majority of professional pilots are trained, and they are preferred by the airlines and air cargo businesses. They also don't start out with massive debt! Personally, I would be extremely reluctant to go into debt for flight training when it is so easy to bust the medical exam and be grounded -- and that is every 6 months for professionals carrying passengers for hire!
online loans for tennessee
I have never gotten a scholoarship before so I need some help: I have registered for my classes for Motlow State Community College (Tennessee) and this is my sophomore year. I have to pay for my classes TODAY online. Online it says that I do not have the student requirements that I need like the Tax Return Copies.in order to get Financial Aid, but I turned those in to Motlow like 3 or 4 weeks ago. Motlow is closed right now too, so I can't ask them. So if I pay my balance- Do I still have a chance to still get Financial Aid for this semester?
If you haven't yet filled out a FAFSA form you're probably not going to be able to get any financial aid for awhile. Every college has their own deadlines for filling out the info and getting verification documents to them. But ALL financial aid except any scholarships you may be awarded comes from the FAFSA form. Scholarships, grants, and loans are three very different types of financial aid, also. You should go to www.finaid.org and educate yourself on the processes and procedures.
For financial aid or scholarship questions, I just tell my friends to visit http://www.FinancialAidQuick.com and take a look around.Its great mini directory with several good sources of info.
I answered your ques at 1705 MDT, Denver. Little late to answer. only resources I have for you is http://www.ed.gov/offices/OSFAP/DCS/repa or http://www.nslds.ed.gov has records of all financial aid good luck w your studies.. I'm sure you'll get it straightened out tomorrow....when do your classes start....
online loans in tennessee
I am currently in school to be a professional pilot. The costs to get my CFI2 rating alone is about $30k. This is not including tuition, which is ~20k per year (I study at Middle Tennessee State University. Can't afford out of state tuitions.) Now, scholarships cover all but about $2k a year in tuition, so I cover that in loans. Now there are a few scholarships for the program alone, but I still see myself having to pay probably $20k in loans. So all in all, I see myself ~$28k in debt when I graduate. I know as far as airlines go, in order to make big money, it's all about seniority. So my question is more geared to the early years. How much money does the average Joe make as an instructor trying to earn his way to the necessary amount of hours? Also, how long does it take? Also also, what is the pay scale from the bottom of the totem pole to the top? Roughly of course.. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Flight training is only half the battle. The other half is flight time. In other words, experience. No airline will hire you without about 1500 hours and all your ratings up through ATP. There are simply too many better qualified candidates out there. Oh sure, they might say the minimum is 1000 hours, but they don't have to hire the minimally qualified, only the best qualified. A working pilot can make as little as $8 an hour, especially when you are just starting out. Or $200,000 a year flying 787s when you're 59 years old. There are many choices. My favorite and best advice is to fly in the military. It's very tough to get in and even tougher to land a flight school slot. Then it's tough to graduate. But they pay you instead you spending your money. Then they send you out into the world to fly for them in the most advanced and complex aircraft in the world. Oh sure, you might have kill people in some foreign country, but that's pretty rare. Besides, you might like it. Be sure to get a regular college degree, not an aviation only degree. The airlines don't care what degree you have, as long as you have a four-year degree. Besides, you need something to fall back on, like business or computer science. You should check out Professional Pilot Rumor Network online. It's a good place to go to read all about the industry. Do some research before you ask questions there.
Instructor: Consider yourself lucky if you can make more than $15,000 / year. New hire regional airline first officer: About $20,000 Regional airline first officer with 2 - 3 years seniority: $20,000 - $35,000'ish depending on the airline. Senior Regional Airline FO: Expect to top out at around $45,000 at the better regional airlines. It could be closer to $30,000 at the bad regional airlines. That covers the first 5 or so years of your career. The dream isn't as cracked up as it initially seams. BTW, making the big money isn't about seniority. It's about knowing the right people and getting lucky enough.
Depends who he works for
Http://thetruthabouttheprofession.weebly... Everything you need to know.
fast cash tennessee
I live in Tennessee and even most fast food places aren't hiring. I only need a job for about a month and a half before I have to go back to school....because I need a little cash to help pay for it. What are some suggestions besides "apply,apply,apply"? What are some things I can do that I maybe haven't thought of?
Check with temporary staffing agencies...or day care centers. Some day care centers need subs for regular employees who are going on vacations.
Already schools are open
easy loans in tennessee
5 years ago when i was married I purchased a car in my name (loan), my then husband and i were having issues, he abandoned me and our 3 children a month later. It took a year to find him to get divorce finalized. (Back-up)..when he left he took the new car with him...4 counties away...& 6 weeks later, found him an the car, had police escort, got it back, I had by then obtained another car loan and new car with payments. The first car i could not now afford, I returned it to the dealership with the keys, told them what happened, i cant afford it, "here's the keys". Not the best way to have done it I know. Anyway this happened nearly exactly 5 Years ago. Recently I received a letter from a collection agency asking for deficiency payoff from me. )I assume they found my name on a magazine catalog list somewhere). They are asking outrages methods of paying this off. I'm not opposed to settling with them, but, is it possible this debt is no longer valid? Or don't they have to have re-sold this car using proper methods? I'm just looking for my rights and any loopholes these sharks may have screwed up on to make this easier on me. I'm still single with 3 children. Any info is helpful...I live in tennessee
Short answer is you are stuck. You've posted nothing that might make the debt invalid.
Here is what usually happens on a repo: The vehicle is sold at auction, where it will be sold for less than book value. The money from the sale is applied to the outstanding balance of the loan. If there is still an outstanding balance remaining, you are responsible to pay this off. So yes, the debt is valid.
Ok my spouse works for a finical employer and he or she is in all probability between the people calling you approximately your repo. you're in charge for the steadiness from what the monetary employer have been given on your motor vehicle and what you owed them. once you took out the loan you signed a settlement with the monetary employer. whether in 3 years it falls off your credit it does no longer mean you do no longer owe the monetary employer or the lender the money ultimately they're going to sell the loan to a set employer. And there legal specialists will locate and sue you and garnish your wages. in case you declare financial disaster you will nonetheless ought to pay it returned only no longer the entire volume and it will take longer. My advice consult with the creditors chatting with you maximum of them will want to artwork something out with you and in specific situations you may good purchase with them and get them to settle for much less because of the fact they might particularly no longer sell the debt for pennies on the greenback or hire a legal expert.
loan tennessee
Regarding the loan, no, you are not liable. Regarding the property taxes, you bet. If someone is injured or killed on the property then you are liable. If the home is sold for a profit, then you are liable for any capital gains taxes that result from the sale.
No, you're never responsible for a loan you didn't make. The house is the collateral so if he stops paying you stand to lose the house. It's possible but not likely that the lender will object and the mortgage or deed of trust would explain if that's a possibility. You say friend. Do you mean boyfriend? I'd be wondering why someone would give me a share in his house without also wanting to share the financial responsibility for it. You would be liable for taxes and other maintenance expenses, just he would be.
No of course not. you will own half the house but never have to pay the loan. perfect! you will now own this house equally with him. he cannot sell it without your signature.
On the loan, no. if there is a "slip and fall" accident on the property due to owner negligence, etc. -- yes. and/or other similar effects -- yes.
All good for you other than tax consequences; all bad for them.
loan tennessee
I had a loan with the credit union from dec 2000. they are fixin to start garnishing my wages for $400.00 a month. I went to the court house and ask them about it since no one told till my boss told me they serve papers on her. The court house said that the statue of limitation is up in 10 years and the 10 years is almost up. Everything i have researched on loans on internet saids 6 or either 7 and when i was at the court house today i ask the court lady which statue of limitations is up in 7 years and she told me she never heard of a 7 year limitation, just 10 so i think she was lyin to be cus its posted all over internet web sites 7 but im not for sure if the 7 is pertain to my load but still makes me wonder why she lied so just wonderin if anyone can give me any info on statue of limitation on loans with credit union in TN. Thanks for any comments or good suggestions....please dont post that i should have paid it cus iv spent the last 10 years of my life catchin up and tryin to keep up with 2 kids and bein single cus my ex husband couldnt act right. thanks again for any help.
It doesn't make a difference. That limit is from the time of the incident, to when court proceedings start. It's not to when they try to collect the money, otherwise a defendant could delay judgment past the time limit.
Couple of things here: The statutes of limitations start when you become delinquent, not when the loan was taken out. So if you made payments for a couple of years and then stop, the SoL started the day the next payment you missed was due. Making a payment or payments after that time can reset or pause the SoL. If they are going after you to garnish your wages, they may already have a judgment. The SoL on judgments is different than the SoL on debts and starts when the judgment is issued and is not based on the SoL for the original debt Take a look at http://www.fair-debt-collection.com/stat...
Why don't you ask a lawyer? Sorry, but your excuses don't cut it. You had 10 years to make arrangements, I don't care how freakin busy you think you were.

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