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bad credit loans in south carolina
I live in South Carolina. My name is on the title and mortgage and my husbands name is on the title only due to bad credit. we purchased the home 1.5 years ago and currently have around 25k in equity. will i be forced to sell the home we share with our two children in order to give him half of the equity. he refuses to leave unless i give him 12.5k. i can't afford a lawyer. he has one of my credit cards ran up to 2k with business expenses. divorce is necessary. i don't know what to do. any advice would be appreciated.
Well I worked in mortgage loans over the past 10 years. What you all can agree to do in the divorce decree is when you refinance your home he can get that amount out of the equity. No you will not have to sell the home. There is also public legal aid that can help you settle your divorce. The judge can also order him to pay the credit card off. Let me know how it goes.
Nope, cannot be done. In most states, the wife own half the property, regardless of how the deed or trust is set up. The VA part of this is meaningless, it is only a guarantee to the bank that the loan will be paid. The real mortgage is held by a bank, and that paper has both signatures on it. IF she wants to keep the house, she must pay him 1/2 the equity in the house, AND get a new loan without his name..does she qualify for a loan of that size with just her salary? IF not, she takes her half of the equity and keeps it after the house is sold. REmember, realtor fees are coming out of the sale, so after only two years, I doubt that there is any equity to be split. IN any event, make sure that all paper work is processed, that the house is sold in one way or another (to her, if she can pay you out), and new papers are signed for the mortgage without your name, without your VA....That VA may be able to be used again by you, but not by her. IF you leave things as they are, there will come a day when your credit is ruined because of foreclosure should she default on the loan. Do not leave this up in the air or you will be very sorry for a very long time.
If the divorce goes into equitable distribution, then you would either have to sell the home and split the profit, or refinance and give him his fair share. In order to get a divorce, a lawyer is required. It can be as little as $500 if it's simple and agreeable, or well over $10k if you guys want to argue it out over what belongs to who. You have no choice but to get a lawyer in order to get divorced.
Use some of the equity and get a lawyer, you have kids involved and some assets. no smart person does this alone. *Hate Machine said it best last week, "a person who represents themselves, has a fool for a client".
A lawyer is cheaper than 12.5K, so I would consider finding a way to hire one... Seriously.
Well, if your state requires an equal split of assets and debt - looks like you will have to buy him out if you want to stay in the house.
All martial property that was bought while married must be evenly spit. So yes you could find yourself selling the home.
are online loans legal in south carolina
Larmarine makes some very good points and is correct, it probably exceeds the allowable amount for small claims. The rules of law differ in most states. I was a paralegal and assisted in preperation of a friends documents.(I did not at any time act as his legal representation) *disclaimer* You can do it yourself, but you'll need the documents that larmarine mentioned. In my state (South Carolina) a verbal contract is binding, but you must prove that there was an agreement or "meeting of the minds". You can go to westlaw to research the Statutes of Civil law that are applicable for your state. You will need to prepare a Complaint, wait on the answer, (there is a time limit once filed with the clerk of court) If they don't answer in a timely manner they can be found in default,and you win. if they do answer you must also prepare a request for documents. If you do it carefully (I have sample documents, and you can sometimes find samples online) a proffesional looking document that is delivered by certified mail that they must sign for, is sometimes enough for them to take you seriously and come up the money before they have to get a lawyer and go through the courts. In my freinds case he was awarded $17,000.00.
Since that most definately will exceede the small claims court maximum ammount, you will probably have to take it to superior court, and that means you HAVE to hire a lawyer. And if you plan on doing this, you better have some bulletproof evidendce that you: 1) Gave her the money 2) It was for a loan 3) Had an agreement on the time period in which she would pay you back. Remember, if it was verbal agreement, you may have some problems. Most state laws require that any verbal agreement must be able to be fulfilled withing 1 year of the agreement to hold up in court, with the ammount you are talking about, it is unlikely that it would have been able to be repaid within 1 year. If you think you have a strong case, contact a lawyer to pursue this case.
You probably won't come close to getting it all, but small claims court is your best bet... the limit depends on where you live. some as low as 3,000 some as high as 10,000. the benefit here is that you don't have to pay a lawyer... that's why small claims courts are here. Otherwise because of lawyers and court costs you could pay twice as much in legal fees than you are seeking... that would defeat the purpose.
Start with talking to an attorney. He/she can advise you from there. Unless you have something in writing, you may have a hard time proving your case. Even though you know it was a loan, she may say it was a gift. God luck.
The court of stupidness
cash fast in south carolina
A couple weeks ago I went down to beach in south carolina with my family. I met a girl down there and I hung out with her pretty much all week. It was the last night around 1 A.M. we were hanging out 1 last time before we both left. She had to go to the bathroom so we both went to this out house, she went in the women's room and I went in the men's. She cracked open the men's door to see if I was still there; while I was washing my hands when security followed her in, and accused me that i brougth her in there. Anyways, I was fined for 275$ for disorderly conduct by a South Carolina Police Officer when taken back to security headquarters or whatever. But this guy was very undereducated, he wrote it on a Uniform Traffic Ticket, when I was not driving, I didn't even have my ID/Car on me and he wrote the disorderly conduct under "Owner of Vehicle" and he just wrote "275" on the bottom of the ticket & there was nowhere to put charge on bottom. He was private first class officer.
Here is a similair copy of what the ticket looked like, . As you can see it's clearly only a ticket for traffic type charge. If any police officer knows, for the simple fact he wrote it on a incorrect ticket could charges be dropped? Also is he just trying to pull a fast one on me for quick cash? I'd like to point out as well on my ticket it says in fine print "THIS TICKET IS WRITTEN FOR A TRAFFIC VIOLATION" also I cannot make court because I don't live anywhere near South Carolina. So Anybody who has experience or knowledge in this area of law enforcement please enlighten me.
I write all summonses on the same form (UTT) traffic or not, driving or not. But that's in Missouri
Most magistrate level offenses in SC can be used on the uniform traffic ticket. Public disorderly conduct is one of them. On the other hand the officer could have arrested you for this since at the age of 17 in SC you can go to jail. So count yourself lucky that you did not spend an evening in a SC jail cell.
I'm in Missouri as well and most anything can be written on a traffic summons. But it doesn't mean it's a MOVING VIOLATION, which could result in losing your license. I guess it could depend on the state or jurisdiction. If you want better answers, call the police dept for the officer that wrote the ticket.
Stable previous Southern justice. the only element i'm able to discern is that there could be some type of regulation prohibiting everybody from ingesting or being intoxicated at an underage function or some thing like that. they could have thought you have been some random creep scoping out inebriated 17 12 months olds given which you're somewhat older. yet regardless of the case, confident sounds choose you got railroaded. i could combat this each and each of ways.
The officer will testify against you in court. The ticket has the information concerning the offense. The official papers will be used in court.
cash loans in south carolina
I live in ohio was involved in an accident with someone visiting ohio from south carolina. driver of other car was driving grandmothers vehicle. grandmothers company wants to pass the buck on to drivers insurance company. i have hired a lawyer to represent me for my personal injurys. my wife was driving and had few minor injurys. the vehicle is a total loss so i need to settle it asap. (or keep making payments) my lawyer told me to settle the vehicle portion, my wife to settle her claim, and refer them to him about my severe injurys in which he will settle. this driver ran a stop sign and was ticketed for failure to yield at stop sign. i had to call her own corparate office about what was going on and they were unaware. after they talked to her they called my insurance company stating they had accepted liability. when i call her insurance back to settle the vehicle they told me they wouldnt talk to me about it . my lawyer is only settling my personalinjury/ medical. my wife didnt obtain an attorney, yet they refuse to speak to her, to settle her claim. now what?
Call your Insurance agent, give him your claim , pay your deductible, to repair your vehicle. If you have underinsured coverage or overinsured coverage,your insurance agent will get this done for you. if this isn't done you must you may need to have your lawyer sue your insurance co for the liability. As for your car, your insurance, call your insurance co in the home office and ask for the claims department. Ask who is handling the claim,get the value ,the loss value that your car is worth,tcv. Find out what your car is worth to buy a replacement car of equal value Find out what is the pay off on your loan,-the cash value of your car that the insurance co will pay to total your car out. Go to a dealership, find a car, If the insurance Co don't want your car,you have the dealer see your wreck and buy you car from you.and pay that to the bank also find your car, put the value of your total payoffof your loan,minus payoffs to your car and that will be the amount of your new loan, make sure the value of your new car is the total of everything you need to to get the loan. Now when it comes to liability matters, Don't do anything,let your lawyer handle this,he should sue for Pain and suffering,If your wife was on your plan your insurance covers her ,the driver, If you took out medical payment to others your wife may be covered or you up to the amount of coverage if this was done by your agent or your insurance co will have to be sued by your attorney.Once you get a attorney they no longer deal with you,LEAVE IT uP TOO YOUR ATTERNEY. Hope this helps
Having been though this and the Insurance Company is playing dodge ball, the only way to handle this is with a lawyer. This makes lawyers richer for what the insurance company should have paid in good trust anyway. However that is how they play the game. Remember do NOT sign any waivers or releases period. Ever. Period. Send them all to the lawyer you hire for review or you may get the short end of the stick after medical bills and what the call current value of the totaled car. Your lawyer will get paid per settlement and it will not come out of your pocket for this type of claim. However you may have to keep paying on the car till settled and raise the price to cover rentals or loaner cars. etc.
online loans for south carolina
I am seventeen year old ,high school junior who dual enrollment program at greenville technical college in greenville, south carolina during the summer. Can I get a pell grant or any other financial aid. (a dual enrollment program means I'm attending high school and attending a two year college at same time.) My family income is WAY under the poverty line, is there any way I can get help pay for tuition and books.I really don't have any money to pay for college. thank you I appreicate all your answers :)
I would complete the online FAFSA you would use your parents tax information to process the application so you may need your parents help. Once your eligibility is calculated they will send it to the schools you listed. The school will then create an award letter and let you know what you are eligible for. Remember grants are based on your financial need and that is calculated based on your parents income and number of people in the household. I am not sure if you can apply for federal grants or loans if you are doing dual enrollment but check out for more details
cash advance in south carolina
I can safely say that the only rap I really listen to is j cole, lupe fiasco, wiz kahlifa, b.o.b, and some lil Wayne but b.o.b lupe and j cole are the only ones I listen to most. But anyways I've taken quite a shine to kanye's album graduation, it's my favourite hip hop album. Any artists songs albums I can download that are similar to those artists and that album (more so the album lol)? Thanks in advance!!!
I'd recommend getting into a southern producer/rapper called Danny! He is literally Kanye's South Carolina equivalent and has a similar production style in that he meshes r&b flavored samples with soul-tinged beats. The only crucial difference is that his music is slightly rawer and he tends to lean more towards the conscious side of hip-hop, but he's well worth listening to and his debut, The College Kicked Out, is a great place to start... Apart from him, some similar enough artists: All Natural Black Milk Blu & Exile Common Consequence DJ Shadow DL Incognito J. Dilla Kardinal Offishall Kero One Kid Cudi The Knux P.O.S. Ray Cash Rhymefest Spank Rock Talib Kweli Twista I know the question specified a similar album to Graduation, but why limit yourself? Kid Cudi's debut and Common's Finding Forever would probably be your thing...
cash fast in south carolina
Once established, the thirteen British colonies could be divided into three geographic areas: New England, Middle, and Southern. Each of these had specific economic, social, and political developments that were unique to the regions. " THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES " Colonies: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. These were known for being rich in forests and fur trapping. Harbors were located throughout the region. The area was not known for good farmland. Therefore, the farms were small, mainly to provide food for individual families. New England flourished instead with fishing, shipbuilding, lumbering, and fur trading along with trading goods with Europe. The famous Triangle Trade occurred in the New England colonies where slaves were sold in the West Indies for molasses. ==================================== ==================================== " THE SOUTHERN COLONIES " Colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Southern colonies grew their own food along with growing three major cash crops: tobacco, rice, and indigo. These were grown on plantations typically worked by slaves and indentured servants. The main commerce of the South was with England. Plantations kept people widely separate which prevented the growth of many towns. The reason for being mainly in the south was that the southern colonies emulated England more than the northern colonies did. This was also the major foothold of the king’s authority. Thee British officials tried to impose their beliefs on the rest of the colonies, but they put up a strong opposition to it. The northern colonies were Congregationalists, which had come from the Puritan church. ===================================== " ONE MORE THING ----" By 1700, the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. The Southern colonies developed many characteristics differing from the New England colonies. The focus of the two regions was different. Their society varied greatly based on the people who settled the regions. The government differed because New England had town meetings and the South had county government. These differences were mainly based on the very reasons settlers came to the New World. Homework by Shitstainz, the Homework Wizard
Well first of all thats not a formula to start with

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