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cash loan in rhode island
I had bought a car in 2005 and had it voluntarily repossessed in 2006 after a divorce and no job. I heard through the grape-vine that if i didn't settle the old account that if i bought another vehicle it's possible they can repossess my new car to settle the debt on my credit at any time. Is this true? Rhode Island, resident.
Not at all true. You had a contract to repay loaned money for the first car (a loan) which stated that if you pay all their money back with interest, the creditor will give you clear title to your car. By not keeping up your end of the deal, they have a right to repossess the car, and sue you for the unpaid balance after they sell it. If they don't get their money, they can file a lien against you, which in all likelihood will mean you can't purchase real property (land) for a period of time. They have no right to any other possession you own, including money or any subsequently purchased car. Your current car doesn't even belong to you (until you repay the loan), so "the grapevine" is suggesting the first lender could take property belonging to the second lender to satisfy your debt. Good idea on paying cash from now on - let compound interest work for you, instead of against you!
This is a general answer; Rhode Island law may be different. When you did your voluntary repo, you probably did not extinguish the old debt. It is possible that you also signed a confession of judgment. That is a document that has the same effect as if you were sued by the first bank and they won a judgment against you. If you did not sign a confession of judgment, the bank may or may not be able to sue you now--it depends on how old the debt was, when your last payment was, and the statute of limitations (10 years on a contract in my state--Louisiana.) Once a creditor has a judgment, they can execute on it. This can be done by garnishing your wages, or in some places, by seizing property you own. This could include automobiles, unless they are specifically exempted by state law. Whether or not they would choose to do so depends on several factors--which can be boiled down to the question of whether they can net enough money from seizing and selling the car to make it worth their time and trouble. Your best bet (and the morally correct thing to do) is to pay off the debt. Hope this helps.
No! I,ve had several Voluntary repos' and they have nothing to do with your past other than causing you most likely higher intrest rate , How can a previous bank come take a vehicle another bank owns? It would have to be done in court then only if you did own the vehicle not the bank, It appears you may have a loan on your current vehicle? either way under the circumstances you've stated that is not true, those loans are now on your credit report as charge off etc.but collection agencies can still harass you as they do me but I just bought a new vehicle high apr but can't no past bank come take it ,It is not mine
No, that is absolutely not true! You will keep your current car as long as you pay for it. However, the previous creditor can file a judgement against your social security number which will haunt you for as long as they pursue it or until the state mandated statute of limitations runs out.
Laws vary from state to state. Your best bet is to talk to the Rhode Island Bar Association and ask to speak to an attorney who specializes in laws dealing with personal finances and bankruptcy issues.
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Who's they? Surely you didn't borrow money again from the same bank.
They can't repossess your new car if they don't own it.
bad credit loans in rhode island
Hi, I am looking for students or former students from Katherine Gibbs. It doesn't quite matter what state you're from, but if you have attended the Cranston, RI school and you got screwed that would be even better! I was a student at Katherine Gibbs here in Cranston, Rhode Island. I have about 50 credits towards my AS Degree in science for Medical Assisting. As most of us know, Katherine Gibbs is now closing. An advisor at Gibbs pushed me to transfer to CCRI, as they were on a list he provided me with of "schools that would accept credits from Gibbs." Apparently, that was a crock. I withdrew from Gibbs and all summer long have been in a battle between the two schools. CCRI says Gibbs lied, there was never any agreement, etc. Gibbs stands by their story. I am not alone, there are other Gibbs students who couldn't transfer their credits to CCRI also. So as time has wasted, with no other way to turn, I decide I have to go back to Gibbs. I wrote a beautiful letter to their Department of Academic Reviews and guess what.... I GOT DENIED to come back! After I've taken out thousands and thousands of dollars worth of loans! There was nothing wrong with my grades. They lied over and over, misinformed me, and now leave me with no place to transfer my credits!? How can a school close leaving you with thousands of dollars in student loan debt and nowhere to transfer your credits to!? I'm almost complete with my program - which makes it even worse. I'm filing a complaint with the Department of Edcuation and I'm looking for others who have suffered so we can have a Class Action! Thank you! <3
No I'm not a former student there, but what about going to the media. Threat the school first that if the issue is not solved you will go to the media. They could help in issues like this.
cash loan in rhode island
I have a plan. I am in intense debt with my bank and also about to be expelled from my university for another reason. I am planning on taking all of my financial aid out as cash (about 5000 bucks), getting a rental car and driving to New York/ Rhode Island area. Over there I plan on playing saxophone in the streets for money. I want to stop all communication with friends/ family and start a new life. I know my credit score will be destroyed, but I don't really care. Any tips?
I've worked with a number of senior citizens who are having their social security checks garnished because they did something like this years ago and never paid their student loans. It's pretty hard to disappear completely--sooner or later the feds catch up with you, and by then, your debt has doubled or tripled. If you're having trouble paying your debts, contact the servicer of the loan. If your loans are federal student loans, there are repayment plans that are based on a percentage of your income (even if it's only the meager income you'd get from playing saxophone on the streets). Some of those plans come with loan forgiveness at the end of the loan term. So explore your options for dealing with your debt, and maybe you'll find that you don't have to drop out of society to avoid it.
You'd be better off moving out of the country. If you stay in the states then everything is linked to your social security number. Unless you plan on living off the grid then sooner or later your debts will catch up with you.
You will regret that the rest of your life. Don't do it. Go back and live with a relative, pay off your debt if possible,hell, declare Chapter 11 if you need to, find a job and enroll in Jr. college.
Whatever you do, don't post your plans on the internet. If you do, that will be proof of willful premeditation and will increase the penalties when you get caught. If you don't post, you can always say that you were suddenly overwhelmed and panicked.
You should move out of the country if you aren't planning on filing for bankruptcy
Don't do it. A life with debt is never happy so just pay your debt. Once you pay your debt, you will feel so much better.
At that point you can't exactly use your real name or social security for anything
Playing your sax for $$ works for maybe half the year, but when the temperature gets to -15, then what are you going to do ???
Sounds good. Carry toilet paper with you.
fast cash rhode island
I've been wanting birth control for awhile, but I have no insurance and lost my job and even tho I live with my parents I am still responsible for paying my way(which I understand and have no problem with) So cash is tight with me, my boyfriend said he'd pay but I feel bad so I'm looking for the cheapest way! My boyfriend and I have had a few scares and I really want to go on the pill but I dont know how and my mother wont help me at all, shes not against me having sex or anything shes just not that great of a mother and we are not close. I live in Rhode Island I dont know if that makes a difference :/ I want to find the fastest and cheapest way, I'd also like to avoid a check up, I have a huge fear of doctors,hospitals or anything like that :/ Thank you for any help, and I'm sorry if I seem very dumb and clueless even tho I'm 24 yrs old lol
I suggest you save money and get a IUD. The cost of the IUD up front is about a thousand, but over the period of time that it works compared to birth control pills, you save nearly 2,000 dollars. You can also go to planned parent hood and get birth control. I would let him pay for it. Also, keep in mind that 2 boxes of condoms cost as much as birth control, and they aren't as effective. You should try to get a health care insurance that covers just gynecology visits. They are cheap and get right to what you need.
Go to your local community center. There should be local birth control helpline. Look into yellow pages or white pages. They will give you free advice and may even offer you free birth control pills.
Go to your local planned parenthood, they should be able to help.

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