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bad credit loan pennsylvania
We have bad credit but are currently working on it, should we get preapproved for a loan then go house shopping or find a house and then try to get a loan...considering we have bad credit i think we should get preaprroved first, also we live in pennsylvania anybody know any loan officers that could help us. we make good money.
You should get preapproved first... nothing worse than falling in love with the perfect house and getting turned down for a loan... you can try banks, but you can get better interest rates with Mortgage brokers/lenders. We actually started with our bank and then negotiated with another lender for the lower interest rate just before we went to settlement. We ended up with Chase Mortgage.
Clean up your credit. Check your credit score. There is not point looking at houses if you aren't preapproved. You'll just be wasting everyone's time and money. Also, if you can show a decent amount of time where you have paid your bills and worked on paying creditors you still have a good chance. What you should be looking for is a mortgage company that does its own underwriting. These are companies that look at the person and Make a DECISION. Most lenders plug your numbers into a equation and that's it. Mind you, do not go to a sub-prime lender. They will charge you a huge interest rate or try to get you to take out some ridiculous adjustable rate or interest-only mortgage. You want a 15 yr fixed mortgage. Otherwise, bide your time and pay your bills. Your time will come. It takes time to get into a financial mess. It will take time to get out.
You may want to check out : theres no down payment, no closing cost and no application fees. You are guaranteed a 5.5% int rate. They work for the consumer not to benefit the mortgage industry. Although they look at your credit, your credit doesn't determine whether you get a home or not. Everyone is a given the same rate because they can't discriminate based on your credit. You have 10 steps to ownership and if you can prove you can pay the mortgage you can get a home. They make sure you get and are approved for a home you can afford. No matter how much you make: great or small. this is an excellent won't be disappointed.
Before you go for pre-approval - which won't happen if your score is below 640 - you need to clear up your credit. Too many loans fall through at the end because the DTI - sorry, debt to income ratio - or some other foolery is all off. You need to fix stuff (or wait at least 60 days if you have paid the bad credit off), then apply for a home loan. This is the best way to get the best interest rates on a home loan.
It makes sense to go for preapproval first, especially if your credit isn't real good. That way you'll know where you stand, and won't be disappointed by looking, finding a house you love, then getting turned down. If you're in the Pittsburgh area, Howard Hanna is a huge real estate company with many offices, many listings, and they handle getting your financing also. Good luck.
I think you'd be better off getting pre-approved first too. That way, you'll know what you have to work with. If you go to a good mortgage agent they'll pull your credit report and tell you what you need to get paid off in order to qualify. We were in pretty much the same boat a few years ago. We worked through Countrywide and they were great.
Well I would call Washington Mutual, and see what they could do for you. They are really good to work with you. 1-866-926-8937 That is there phone number. Or there website : Me and my husband have a mortgage loan with them. We really are pleased. Good luck
Pre-approval first. If you bank with a local bank go there first..they can see from your bank statements that you make good money and may be more willing to help....otherwise I have found GMAC Mortgage to be helpful .. go to this site and enter your zip code to find a local office..
bad credit loan pennsylvania
I am 24 years old and had to take time off from college to work full time so that i could afford my little, overpriced one bedroom apartment. i have been struggling to make ends meet for the past 2 years, and i have been working. i have been having problems the past couple of months making my car loan, credit card and student loan payments. Every "consultant" I talk to is cocky and degrading and talks to me like it's personally affecting them, and downright unhelpful. I fear my car is going to be repossessed and don't know what even happens there. I have my own stereo system and security systems installed on the vehicle (gifts from an ex boyfriend), what happens then? What if you somehow come up with the money when they come to take your car? What if you come up with the money AFTER they repossess your car? I have moved out of my apartment last week because I was facing eviction, and am now living with my parents 2 hrs away...not the ideal dream for a 24 yr old. My credit score is gone down the crapper, thanks to having student loans (yes, surprise, your score can apparently go down because you have outstanding student loans). My stomache is constantly in knots. I have noticed i am starting to turn to bulimia/anorexia again after having been in recovery for about 2 years, and have been drinking heavily and having daily suicidal thoughts. I have always been strict about paying my bills on time, and have now gotten to a point where I feel like i can't even control anything anymore. I am well aware that many others are probably going through the same thing since the economy is going terribly right now. I am currently unemployed and have applied for AT LEAST 20-30 jobs in the past 2 months. I don't know what else to do. I am fairly uneducated about bankruptcy, car repossession, defaulting on credit cards, repairing credit score/how long it takes to get something taken off of a credit report, or how I can tackle my debt. I know the more it adds up, the worse it's obviously going to get. I can't keep living like this. Please don't read this and think I am looking for pity...i am well aware that this is all my own problem. I am just trying to be specific about my questions and where i am coming from. Any advice,info is greatly appreciated. I live in Pennsylvania. Thank you in advance.
Put college on hold, talk to your bank about the car and give it up. (the car!) Go to a temp agency - perhaps you can get a job through them. Find someone to talk to - don't think that you are so alone in the world - you'll get through it.
Hi, Do you have any family to turn too that will be supportive of your feelings of hopelessness right now? If not I would go to your pastor if you do not have one find one! As far as your bills call the car co that holds the loan and try and get an extension on your payments they will work something out with you most of the time. If they will not and it will be taken get all of your personal belongings out asap! Although bankruptcy should be your last option it does provide relief that is why it is there for people like you that have been dealt a bad hand and are sincerely trying. You are young and it will be off your credit report in 10 years. You will be able to live a normal life,buy a house and another car it will just take sometime. I know you feel alone you are not you can always get things back but not your life. Trying to pay bills etc... is not worth your health!!!! Talk to someone get a plan .if you have to file chapter 13 so you can save your car but do it asap it sounds like you need this sooner than later! Just remember you ARE NOT alone. Good luck to you.
The first thing you need to do is get a job. Anything. Even if you get 2 part-time jobs. Gas stations and restaurants are usually always hiring. So are supermarkets. About your credit cards. If you can't pay them, it will eventually goes into collections, it takes quite a few months. If you account gets handed off to a collector, quite often you will be able to negotiate a lower payment or a partial charge-off. Not great for your credit, you will have to learn to live as a cash only customer for a while. It's not all bad. You definitely will not buy what you cannot afford. If you're more than 20K in debt, you may want to consider bankruptcy. Your first priority should be to keep your car! Once you give it up, it'll be YEARS before you will be able to get another car loan. Once it's gone, you may be without a ride of your own for a long time. If they repo your car, they will eant what you owe on it in back payments, and probably more to get it back. Don't even worry about your credit score right now. It's tanked. it will take a while to get to a point where you can rebuild it.
Look, this is what you need to do. Stop stressing out. Everything is going to be okay. So what if they take the car, ride the bus until you get back on your feet. So what if you live with your parents, at least you don't have children to support (I'm assuming) it's much more difficult when you have to think about what your children are going to eat tomorrow...You need to focus on finding a job. Don't worry about the rest, you did what you could. And definitely with the suicidal thoughts, look your still young, as soon as you find a job try focusing on repairing your credit. It's not the end of the world. You're not a criminal. Now about finding a job, go through a temp agency, fix your resume, get a job at the mall now that the holidays are coming up, don't worry. Keep your head up.
You may be wondering how to get your ex back when he has a another if you're still in love. Go to see more: there anything more difficult than seeing the man you still love with another woman? It's emotional torture and for many women it's something they have to deal with on a daily basis. Wanting him back after the break up is one thing but when he's already moved on and is dating someone new, it becomes a much more challenging situation. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle a situation like this if your goal is to get back together with him. Understanding the steps you need to take and what you have to avoid at all costs, will allow you to have the best chance of becoming the woman he loves again.
How do you get ex back? How do you convince that what the two of you had together was special? This is your “get ex back” guide of all, you have to recognize that whatever happened, you were both at fault. If you cheated, he wasn’t giving you what you needed so you looked elsewhere. If he cheated, you were the one not giving what he needed. Yes, the cheater is morally culpable for the cheating. The moral responsibility does not lie with the person who was cheated upon. But the fault lies in both party’s laps. Given that, it is important to forgive and forget. True forgiveness means that you let go of all of the anger related to the incident. You never bring it up again. You never let it cloud your relationship. If you cannot do this, you won’t get ex back for any period of time. If you were the person at fault, apologize – and mean it. Too many times, after people say “I’m sorry,” there’s an “Oops I did it again,” moment. You’re not Britney Spears. It’s not cute. When you say you are sorry, you have to commit to changing. Otherwise, you don’t mean it and you won’t get ex back. Be prepared to chase him/her a little bit. This doesn’t mean sending him/her hundreds of text messages or stalking him/her, but you have got to show him/her that you are still interested if you want to get ex back. You can’t expect him/her to come running back just because you have sent out some modest signals that you are ready to re-start the relationship. Put your ego in check and put your heart on the line. You may have to settle for something less than you wanted. It may be that he is only ready to be friends when you want a full fledged boyfriend. It may take time to rebuild the trust. If this is the case, you need to give him/her the space he needs to get to know you again. Accept that you have to take what he is offering right now if you want to eventually get guy back. Finally, you have to know when to give up on the get guy back strategy. Sometimes, you just have to move on. If your boyfriend is unable to forgive you, you are in a position where the best thing you can do is move on and enter into new relationships. While this will break your heart right now, it may be the best thing that could have happened to you. Whatever went wrong in this relationship, your soul mate is still out there. Get ex back may stop
I don’t have the answer to all of your questions. However, there are some things that you CAN do to repair your credit. In fact, sometimes you can indeed get negative items removed; depending on the situation. This might be a good place to start. I recommend trying the free course at They provide a lot of great information for improving your credit score, and it worked well for me.
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Try and find a free debt management agency and see if they can help if you have 100 dollars a month disposable income they can help
bad credit loan pennsylvania
My credit is very bad, like around 550.. I am seeing ads for carlots who do Buy Here, Pay Here.. But I have no money to put down. would I still be able to get a car with no down payment? Also, I live in Pennsylvania and if anyone knows of any car lots who deal with customers with bad credit, no down payment, and no cosignor, I would love to check them out!
I wouldn't buy a car at those lots. The interest rate will be high beyond belief. Try joining a credit union and see if they will give you a car loan. Credit Unions are easier to work with than banks.
As the rest of the poster stated You will pay an extreme interest rate. That needs to get cleaned up first. The other fact is Car insurance is now basing rates from credit scores as well. They may even not insure you if fico score is too bad. Please weigh all the options before purchasing from a bhph dealer. You can find more info on the by googling "buy here pay here autos". If you decide call for insurance quotes before signing any papers cars or loan. Please protect yourself because there are a lot of money hunger dealers out there. Good Luck
Many of these guys really stick you with the interest rates and overprice their cars but you might not have much choice, a 550 score is pretty low. Do you have a family member that would either sell you their old car or loan you some money. One alternative I thought of might be leasing a car. You still go thru a credit check but the price to finance would be lower.
My friend was in the same situation a year ago, we live in Texas. I am sorry to say it will be hard to get a car in your circumstance & if you find a dealer that is willing to work with your situation you will be paying a HIGH interest rate. The only way out of this is time, make your ALL your payments on time & after a year you could refinance & get a lower rate. Otherwise you will wind up paying way too much for any car. Good luck!
Thats a splash like paying for something out of a adult men trunk on the line isn't it? ok. so right here is a few fundamentals a million) call or no longer, you could verify to work out who owns it. only reproduction the VIN and bypass to the dmv or a place which will do this. 2) you could locate out that the vehicle is greater then a repo waiting to take place (ie: Stolen).. it is significant in case you intend to restoration up the vehicle as a results of fact a) no count if it is stolen and you do an excellent activity of restoration, the previous proprietor will somewhat savour it whilst the police ultimately get better it (once you bypass to sparkling up the call). b) comparable difficulty for the financial enterprise who could nonetheless very own the vehicle c) Or the police, if the vehicle grew to become into utilized in a criminal offense and that they opt for it as data.. etc.... as quickly as you detect out who legally owns it, touch them and make an grant. To make it straightforward you will additionally could get the 'previous' registered proprietor to sign off or you face an identical attainable problems. extremely paintings, ordinarily paper paintings, yet based upon the vehicle and the aptitude it somewhat is properly worth it to you. If that doesnt paintings... touch the dmv approximately moving or acquiring call to an 'deserted' vehicle. the two way... i does not pay all the money to the employer till you get the difficulty resolved on your delight. .
I wouldn`t do auto dealers, they always try to finance you && considering your credit yu don`t exactly wanna do that. go with a friend who knows about cars car shopping whenever you see cars while you`re out.
Basically your are going to those crap corner dealers....that sell bad cars overpriced?..just because you have bad credit doesnt mean your stupid..
U should buy a car and car insurance.
Me too we are like sisters
can you get payday loans in pennsylvania
Yes, of course, they don't do it for charity, they want their money.
For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. :Oans can payday loans attach your paycheck to get their money in the state of pennsylvania? Follow 7 answers
For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde... vrpaeLU37 RE :Oans can payday loans attach your paycheck to get their money in the state of pennsylvania? Follow 6 answers
For Credit and finance solutions I visit this website where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde... vrpaeLU37 RE :Oans can payday loans attach your paycheck to get their money in the state of pennsylvania? Follow 5 answers
Here you can get the best rates on your area: WWW.LOANSVAULT.NET RE:Oans can payday loans attach your paycheck to get their money in the state of pennsylvania?
Find the best solution
fast cash pennsylvania
I am sending a letter from Arkansas to Pennsylvania, and I need to know how many stamps to put on it. It is a regular letter sized envelope and will have some cash with paper wrapped around it to conceal it. There are 9 bills total. It is a 4.5 x 9.5 inch size. The stamps I have here say "USA First Class" on them.
That's quite a ways. I'd say 3 or 4. The more stamps you put on, the faster it will be delivered.
Should be the usual 39 cents. Not a good idea to send cash in the mail, though. EDIT: Whoops! I've just been reminded that first class stamps are now 41 cents. The price changes too fast for me to remember what the latest is!
Anything that is mailed in a package is done by weight. usually if i mail a packet i put 3 to 4 stamps. with something that's not so heavy or thick might only take 1 to 2. best bet would be to take it to the post office & let them weigh it that way your mail person doesn't leave you a note saying you owe anything.
I,d say just cover the whole envelope with stamps,then use a red marker and (BOLD AND BRIGHT) use the words CASH INCLOSED,,,uhh i dont think we put cash in the mail anymore unless your a drug dealer
One 41 cent stamp. Most people do not send cash by mail; they send a check instead.
You just need one 41 cent stamp
It costs 41 cents to mail a letter. go to the post office and they can help you.
41 cents, but if it feels heavy then double the postage or better yet, take it to the post office and have them weigh it.
Call the post office and ask. sending cash isn't a good idea...better to send check/money order
I would put two just in case. Like some guy said, "Measure twice, cut once."
cash loan pennsylvania
I live in Pennsylvania. Another investor and I were going in together to purchase a foreclosed home and then flipping it. We had found a property that we wanted to purchase. But "supposively" the other investor said "they are not allowed to use an FHA loan to do so, and that they would need a capital loan and would have to pay 33.3% of their profit." Is this true and can anyone help me with any tips and/or facts about flipping homes. (My investment is my own cash so that would explain my novice knowledge in this case with the 33%)
There is still plenty of opportunity in "flipping homes" even today. However the fact you submitted this question ensures your chance of success is abysmal. Really. If you use a venture capitalist to finance it you already lose 33% of your initial return on investment. That alone kills the deal. There is a science to flipping and it requires a lot of education. Once you read about 10 books cover to cover on the subject and then read them again would that give you a shot and still only do it with money you can afford to lose. You need to be generally experienced and trained on at least the following to start: home financing general real estate law housing market analysis all aspects of home construction local building code tax implications current buying demographics current selling demographics total selling fees (taxes, realtor, holding, unforeseen, etc.) general contracting and on and on There are pro's at this who have given up. Good luck if you want to but be prepared to educate yourself to a much higher level or that money is gone and then some.
FHA loans would not be good to purchase a fixup home. FHA demands that repairs be done prior to closing. The reason for the low price on this home is that the seller will not do any repairs prior to closing. Get a loan that does not demand fix up..
This may well be an somewhat perplexing industry for a amateur flipper to go into. i might propose speaking to an adventure flipper & buying a number of the books obtainable on the concern. you need to instruct a house quickly; so all advancements might desire to be accomplished in some months and you need to the two do lots your self or have get admission to to the wholesale industry & a solid contractor. you will ought to understand shape codes & be able to renowned a house which will want better than only cosmetics. only slapping on some granite counters won't do it. in lots of circumstances layout defects ought to be re accomplished, pass and format; besides as area making plans. you besides might might want to take some indoors layout instructions.
Now is not a good time to do this stuff unless you have the cash to sit on these homes if necessary. So borrowing money for homes that might sit a while? Not good. You're late to this party.
You're doing this without a lawyer to cover your butt? And be sure you guys are doing quality work. Too many amateurs are using third rate material and slipshod work in the re-hab and leaving themselves open to future lawsuits.
A really, really bad time to be buying property for any reason at all.
cash loan pennsylvania
I'm interested in buying a 2006 Civic. However, the owner has an outstanding loan which he can't pay off without the sale cash (11,900). I would have to wait several days or weeks for the title, and he's not willing to allow me to take possesion of the car as long as it's still in his name. I'm not willing to plunk down 12 thousand dollars and not take the vehicle home. Does anyone know if there is another way which would protect the interests of all parties? We're in Pennsylvania. Thank you.
Initiate a bill of sale laying out terms and conditions. Satisfy the lien payout by makeing the certified cheque to both the lein holder and the owner. The owner will present the cheque to the lein holder and sign over the back. The owner cannot cash the cheque on his own... Receive a copy of the lein release from the finance co, and have the owner transfer title to you as per the terms and conditions of the signed agreement. Hope this helps Cheers
You will discover that banks do no longer make loans on automobiles that are greater effective than 5 years old. %. up automobiles for some reason 7 years (do no longer ask). additionally they'd turn down automobiles with intense mileage. And your age has plenty to do with this. You pronounced you have been employing a credit card, if it is the case, i wish you have been paying it in finished each and each month and not donning balances. After re-interpreting your question: you will no longer qualify for this loan on your person. you will pick a powerful co-signer. If that vehicle is 5+ years, you may ought to do a private loan which incorporates greater rates of pastime. commencing at sixteen.ninety 9% Oh, how dissapointed i'm to work out which you would be waiting to no longer save up and purchase this vehicle for funds.
installment loans in pennsylvania
I got a speeding ticket for $129.50 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This is my first speeding ticket and I have no criminal record. The officer said that I was going 16 mph over the speed limit, but that he would write the ticket for only 10 mph. Is there any way that I can get around this ticket? Could I just go to the traffic court and ask the judge to let it slide as a warning? Someone also told me that I wouldn't have to pay it if the police officer failed to show up in court. Right now, I don't have any monthly income I don't have a paying job (I'm a full time college student). I wouldn't be able to pay it, even if the judge gave me an installment plan because I don't have a job right now. Does anyone have any advice?
You were speeding, I do not think you will "get around" the ticket ... it's going to be paid. My advice, do not ask your passenger to commit perjury, no matter what they say, it will not match the dash-cam footage. You have a car and gas money ... you have money to pay the fine! Tell your parents about the ticket and ask for a loan, sell the car, or park the car for a while and use the money you would have spent on gas to pay the fine. If you DO decide to contest the ticket (the judge usually does not "let the ticket slide") ... be advised, the officer has notes as to your REAL speed! The charge can easily be amended (more points, higher fine).
Slow down and get a job? Other than that throw yourself on the mercy of the court and see if you can do community service in lieu of a fine.
Go court or just dont pay it be like i wasnt speeding b.s a little
loans in pennsylvania
Taking your house. In my situation, the house has been placed as collateral for a loan, but there is supposed to be a law in Pennsylvania that prohibits the company from taking the house. So I need a Pennsylvanian law that states something like, a Maryland company can not take your house as collateral for a loan. The loan was a commercial loan. It is important that someone answer this for me. Please Help! It could mean if my parents lose our house or not.
This was a business loan, not a mortgage or home equity. It was a business loan in Maryland for a business in Maryland. The reason that the house is under collateral is that they were not comfortable with just the business as collateral and so put a second lean against the house which is in Pennsylvania. And we heard that such a law existed and are trying to prove that Pa has such a law.
From my quick research, it does not appear that Pennsylvania has a homestead exemption. If the house is in both your parents names and the loan is in only one name then there might be an exemption but it would be odd for the mortgage company to let something like that slip thru. You probably need to actually find a lawyer in Pennsylvania to truly get an answer. Loan companies generally would not give a mortgage or home equity loan in a state where they could not foreclose. However, it could be a company that does not care about the law. I do not see any protection though.
This situation is your fault. You put the home up as collateral and cannot afford to pay whatever loan you took. I can see no way they cannot take the house. This is not like filing bankruptcy and such. You agreed to the terms and now you need to pay the price. Do you really think any company would agree to take the house for collateral if there was a law preventing them from collecting?
I don't believe there is any such law that prohibits repossession of collateral used for a commercial loan. If there were, no one would use such property for lender's collateral they need a real estate atty.,
money pennsylvania
Now Romney is in Pennsylvania campaigning. Pennsylvania is lost. There's no way he can win this state. Even the latest Rasmussen poll (which Cons swear by) had Obama up by 12 points there. In the realm of politics, a 12 point lead is huge. Who is running his campaign? It makes me think they're trying to lose.
I think that Romney/Ryan campaign events in PA have more to do with raising money with some affluent Philly voters and influencing local elections than with a misplaced hope they'll actually get those electoral votes.
I heard that 1/3 of resources on both sides are being spent in OH now If he is in Eastern OH it dont take much to cross the state line and get some free air time - it's a little desparate - but airwaves cross the border too. UPDATE: he is raising ro-MONEY PHILADELPHIA — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned Friday on an uphill battle for Pennsylvania, acknowledging it would be a "shock" if he were able to overcome President Barack Obama's lead in the state. Facing a narrowing path to electoral victory, Romney courted donors at Philadelphia's exclusive Union League Club before a midday rally in suburban Wayne. The state has not supported a Republican presidential candidate in nearly a quarter-century and his campaign is not running any television ads in Pennsylvania. "We really would shock people if early in the evening of Nov. 6 it looked like Pennsylvania was going to come our way and actually did come our way. That can happen," Romney told about 200 donors who paid as much as $50,000 to attend his morning fundraiser.
What is it that do not understand? This is elementary! He must go to Pennsylvania and any other state he is down in according to the polls. Every state has voters that are undecided and both candidates must appeal to them. A waste of time would be throwing heavy duty campaign stops in states that favor him but even there...he still must go. No candidate concedes a state...that would be political suicide!
We shall see after the debates and after the Benghazi thing plays out. In light of that we appear to have an highly dishonest president. This thing is like Watergate except nobody died at Watergate.
Obviously, there are people there who support him, whether or not its a majority. He can go where he wishes. If he wins, he'll be President over Pennsylvania, just as any other state. Virginia isn't as supportive of Obama as the polls state. We're getting ready to see countless lay-offs next month, due to Obama's stance on coal.
No the more money he spends the more it helps our economy and the more it helps President Obama get reelected.
Romney is just plain wasting time and money......this whole thing is a joke...100 billion total is being spent on this.....100 billion......and yet, we argue about taxes and spending....think about it for a one second will ya....
Romney actually can win Pennsylvania! He is within margin of error. The polls you cite are not correct. I predict Romney takes P.A. Momentum is beginning to swing opposite of Obama. His foreign policy is a disaster.
Anything is possible and polling data at this point means nothing. Look at the Carter-Reagan contest. Carter was ahead in every poll the week before the election and lost by 10 points.
It is so refreshing that people have campaign advice for their political opposites. LOL! He has a legitimate chance to win that is why is is campaigning there. LOL!
loans in pennsylvania
I have been trying to find out more answers to this question by googling it, but just keep coming up with "they've been suspended from giving out loans". What I am wondering is if you already have a loan out with them, do you have to pay them back now that they are halted from doing their loans in Pennsylvania? Any answer would be great. And I can't do the obvious "call them and ask" because they want money, so they will tell you the opposite. I can't find the article that was in our news paper a few weeks ago either, so any information would be greatly appreciated :)
You'll have to make the decision that's best for you, but here's the background. On July 31, 2007, Commonwealth Court in Pennsylvania ruled that Advance America's "Choice Line of Credit" product, which for a $149.95 "monthly participation fee" provides loans of up to $500 in return for 6 percent interest and a $20 pay down of the balance, should be discontinued. As a result, the Court ordered the company to suspend operations at its 101 storefront loan centers throughout the state. The company said that it will appeal. Courts in other states have ruled similarly. You have several options, including continuing to pay per your contract. A different option is to consult local counsel (a Philadelphia lawyer is the best) for advice on whether to continue to pay per your contract. The risk, of course, is that your failure to pay may hurt your credit rating, especially if the company wins on appeal. Hope this helps.
cash advance in Pennsylvania
I have strong construction skills, and have some extra money right now, and I want to try to "flip" a house for some money to put into my savings. (basically buy a old house fix it up, and resell it). Is this legal? Do I need a real estate license? Or does it vary state to state. (from Pennsylvania) Thanks in advance. Thanks.
You need all cash.....In today's market only a cash buyers have a chance to get the real bargins on foreclosed properties. Just watch the show "Flip This House". If you can't buy the property right you will lose your rear-end.
First of all you need good money and a descent location. You can buy a house at any goo location. But flipping house is not that easy. You need to be careful and a lot of money will be spent on it.
You need a lot more real world knowledge b4 u lose your money trying to 'flip' a house. visit library for the books to show u what the TV doesn't tell you b4 we visit . good knowledge is good luck. u need more of both.
No license. You need money and good credit to obtain mortgage financing. Flipping is not as easy as it sounds.
are internet payday loans legal in pennsylvania
They add on late fees and send it to collections. It will cost you way more in the long run. Those guys are legal loan sharks, pure and simple.
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I need to go on vacation but im short on cash. i just want to go somewhere, anywhere! is there a website where i can just select the city im flying out of (detroit) and itll give me a list of cheap flights? i know that sometimes you can fly r/t vegas to detroit for $80, but i never know when that price is available until i hear someone snagged it months before. i just flew one way to vegas and it was almost $200. i know its cheaper if you book it early, but since i have no specific date or even month i want to vacation, i've searched months and months in advance for trips to anywhere and they are still in the upper 200's-300's r/t. i'm not set on flying. i took a 50 hour bus ride back from vegas a couple weeks ago and that was less than ideal, but i'd do it again in a heartbeat to see somewhere new. but the bus ride cost more than my plane ticket! i rode greyhound. i know there are many other bus systems in the country, but i dont know of any that will pick up in detroit and take me somewhere far. i've looked at megabus, but they only take me as far as pennsylvania if i remember correctly. i live relatively close to an amtrak station, but train prices that i've seen are always more expensive than flying or bussing. i don't want to take my car or rent a car. any other ideas? i'm open to anything other than driving myself. or if you have any tips on getting low prices i'd appreciate that as well.
Some top travel websites offers cheap air tickets all over the countries. You can book your travel deals from these websites.
There is no one website, you could run a search on
Different sites have different deals. Look for deals on .
money pennsylvania
I filled out all forms. I am unemployed have been for a while, homesless, but I have 3500 in my bank account. My father gives me money every month, I am 30 years old, but he helps me survive. I think it will suck if they wont help because of having 3000 in my account. They want a copy of my statement, which will show them how much I have. But that will all be gone in 2 months, and im in trouble. Basically my question is is there a certain amount of money you can not have over in your bank account, like $500 or $1000, will i be denied?
Your bank account balance really shouldn't matter because there could be outstanding checks that haven't cleared. If you have a recent bank statement that shows less money in your account, send them that one. If you can't do that, withdraw some of the money and tell them you paid cash for some bills and groceries.
You cannot have more than $2000.00 in assets and even if you have that much,they might still deny you. You cannot take it out of the bank and then apply,they will find out. With that much money in your account,you won't qualify for welfare. You will have to wait to apply until you have spent almost all of it. You will also have to claim the money you are receiving from your father as income.
Your father gives you money every month. So why should the people have to pay for you? They don't. If you are an able bodied adult with no children then there is no welfare for you. If you have all that money in the bank - yet choose to be homeless - I will not feel sorry for you. Good luck.
I heard the interview of the US consul on tv that bank accounts are not a guarantee that an applicant for a US tourist visa can get one.
You have money, in the Bank and are appling for welfare. WHY. Get a fkng job you lazy piece of ****. 3500 would keep me afloat for three months, More than enough time to find employment.Or move, to find a job.Hell use a grand and start your own cleaning business.Buy a Mower and a weed eater and go out and mow lawns.with 3500 in the bank. I see endless opportunities.You are looking at this as the End I see just the opposite.Hell you are geting money from your father. you are far from needing help.
money pennsylvania
It really depends on the bank. Most regular accounts you will be able to put money into and take out of with an ID. However, there are some "children's" accounts that do not allow kids to withdraw without their parent's permission/signature. This is to help kids learn to save money, earn interest, and not take the money out to blow on something frivolous. Call the bank and ask them - have your account number ready when you call. Best wishes.
You can definitely deposit money into the account provided you have the account number. If you have proper ID such as a state ID you may withdraw the money from the account provided its a savings account. Age doesnt matter if your name is on the account and you have ID you can withdraw the money.
Depending entirely how the account is set up -- my niece and i have a account together and she can do it!!!

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