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bad credit loans in oklahoma city
Wilson - League of Nations /United Nations , The Federal Reserve FDR-The New Deal , Myriads of Alphabet Soup Agencies, Social Security LBJ- Vietnam, Welfare and the Great Society Carter -failed domestic and foreign policies created the Dept of Energy which has failed at everything, Ditto the US Dept of Education a trillion dollar boon doggle and waste, Clinton -------pushed for and got preferred trade status for China, pushed for loans to bad credit risks in the home market, WACO and Ruby Ridge which led to the back lash of Oklahoma City Obama- Government run Health Care, Cap and Trade, Fairness Doctrine, illegal immigration amnesty, loss of national sovereignty by trade and global agreements
They are disasters to the american people,but to the democrats they did exactly what they intended them to do so they are not failures in their eyes.democrats only pretend to love this country tehabwa,on what planet did the UN do good?.the federal reserve has caused every economic mess we have had since it came into existence social security takes away 15 % of GDP . welfare has destroyed the inner cities and created a dependent class of people ,has has brought nothing but harm to america
UN isn't a failure; it's done tremondous good throughout the world. The Fed isn't a failure; it's prevented massive amounts of suffering. The New Deal wasn't a failure; it prevented massive amounts of suffering. Uh, dunno what you have against "alphabet soup" agencies. Many of them have done much good -- from making sure our food doesn't kill us, to helping disaster victims. You seem to think that preventing death and suffering are BAD things, rather than GOOD things. Not all such agencies were created by Dems. Social Security -- prevented massive suffering and needless death. Vietnam wasn't LBJ's - it actually started with Eisenhower, and Nixon extended it; they're Republicans. Nam was wrong from the start. Welfare -- prevents massive suffering. skipping because I'm bored with this idiocy Uh, there's IS not "government-run health care" -- the people who keep telling you this have been lying to you. No one with any brain believes everything proven liars tell them. Failure to reform health care will bankrupt every family, business, and level of government; most Americans don't want tens of thousands to continue to die every year from preventable health problems. Only sub-humans think that's a good thing.
I Agree with the Issues but I don't see them as Failures, I see them as Missed Opportunities, Point Anyone at War with Government will Lose Its worse then Failure.
bad credit loans in oklahoma
I'm 19 years old, I make around $220 a wk, I have no credit, and nobody to co sign for me. I have no bills. I live at home. I have $2000 right now to put down on a car. I would have already went to a buy here, pay here, but I really wanted to start my credit/ build it. But from what I read online, I'm not going to be able to get a loan for a car through a dealership. I'm scared to get ripped off at a buy here though. I really don't know what to do but I need a car bad. My motor in my car blew last wk. It was a junk car when I bought it. I don't wanna get ripped off again.
Auto finance is what I do for a living and your wasting your time going to normal dealerships due to your income. Minimum income even for a first time buyer is $1,500.00 a month. B.H.P.H. should be a last resort. I know I used to work for a few. Most don't report to the credit bureaus so your made as agreed payments will do nothing to establish your credit and the vehicles they sell are vastly overpriced and the interest will be whatever your State maximum is. Here in Oklahoma it's 21%. Having said that, try your own local bank or credit union first. If that fails and you must go to a B.H.P.H. lot find one that reports to the credit bureaus if you have one in your area. With your trade in and down payment you should be able to get something decent even with your limited income. Good luck.
I'm 19 years old, I make around $220 a wk, I have no credit, and nobody to co sign for me. I have no bills. I live at home. I have $2000 ----- So....you have no credit history, have no financial responsbibilities, make poverty wages....but, you want a loan? Please. If you need a car, go buy yourself a late 90s Crown Victoria. No, it won't get Prius MPGS, but it'll do everything you throw at it. Besides, fuel mileage isn't a concern when you make $220/week, since you can't afford to go everythwere, anyway. Otherwise, don't be silly. BHPHs don't always report your history to credit agencies. Go knock off a department store card with a $300 limit, use it occasionally, pay it off...or pay your cellphone bills on time. THAT builds credit and it's not a complete waste of time like buying a car with high interest would be. Building credit takes years, so why overpay to do it?
I have no doubt that the 'buy here pay here' place will take full advantage of you. Avoid it. For $2000 you should get a drivable reliable car, or put a used engine in your old car (even though you are upset with it right now.) Go to the bank borrow $1000 and put your $2000 up for collateral. That is fool proof, they can not lose on you. Pay back that $1000 and the few dollars of interest and repeat the exercise, The bank will have a solid record of borrowing and repaying the money and then you wil have credit. But you can not spend your money on a car and use it for collateral too
Buy here pay here, are only a last resort. they will charge you anywhere from 13% to 16% interest rate. and you can't miss a single payment, or they will come and repo the car. try and save a little more and find a car to just buy. even with 2500, you can still find a good car. and start building up your credit as soon as possible. credit cards and gas card are really good for building credit fast. spend a little and pay it off at the end of every month. and in a few months, your credit score will go up.
You do not have the income or the established credit for an auto loan. You need to buy a used car with the cash on hand that you have, just have it checked out by a certified mechanic before you make the final purchase. Good luck.
loan companies in oklahoma city
I got arrested in Missouri on 8-23-12. I had originally gotten pulled over for not displaying a license plate. The reason for no plate was because i had just picked my car back up from a title loan company that had reposessed my car and they had removed the plate along with my belongings and i forgot to put it on before leaving. The title loan company is in Missouri and i live in Oklahoma. Anyways, the officer ran my license then came back and asked me 2 step out and step to the back of the vehicle...i complied. He asked me 2 turn around and put my hands behind me...i complied and asked y. He said because i have a revoked MISSOURI license...my problem is that 1, my current valid license is an OKLAHOMA license, and 2, that i have NEVER had a license issued in Missouri. I asked how this was possible and replied with, it could be child support, warrants in missouri, etc and that some times when u have warrants in Missouri, they issue a temporary license and revoke it?!?! Anyways, is this situation legal? I would prefer 2 hear from police officers (active or retired) and attorneys (active or retired). Please dont answer or comment if u r not 100% sure. Thank u.
Referring to Artemis Agrotera's answer: With that being said, i had prior issues in Missouri in 2008 which i did not appear in court for which lead to warrants. I took care of the issue in March of 2012 by paying my fines, pleading guilty, and the charges/warrants were dropped...i have all documentation to verify this, which i had told the officer, and in return he said it was irrelivant since i did not have immediate posession of the documents. But since i do have the documentation, does that change any aspect of the arrest? Also, are officers (city, county, or highway patrol) from other states required to inform you of any warrants, revocations, etc that you may have in another state? Example: Ive been pulled over for speeding in Oklahoma by a city officer, and an Oklahoma highway patrol officer for no seatbelt since the issues ive had in Missouri...neither of which mentioned anything about my driving privledges being revoked in Missouri. Last, should the arresting officer in Mis
Requarding Kat Mandu's answer: Ok, im getting closer to being satisfied. The way im understanding ur explanation is that officers (if they so choose to run my name) only find out about THEIR states DMV report, correct? In addition, can a license be revoked state by state or is it nationally revoked once its revoked? The reason i ask is because im clear to drive in Oklahoma. Thank you ALL 4and ur help
Because you have the documentation, you might be able to get the arrest dismissed. No. Officers aren't even required to run your name. If I ran your name, it wouldn't tell me that you were revoked in another state. It would only show outstanding warrants. As long as you have a valid license issued from my state, I would have no basis to even question whether or not you were revoked anywhere else. My state says you can drive, then you're legally permitted to drive in my state. If your question was about to be whether or not the Missouri officer had any obligation to try to figure out if you should still be revoked, the answer is no. The Missouri officer is allowed to rely on the information provided.
Yes. It is standard to suspend driving privileges even when the offender didn't have a driver's license to begin with. Since you didn't say anything about never having any issues in Missouri, I'm guessing that you have had previous issues? Since there was presumably a valid reason to revoke your driving privileges in Missouri, the fact that you may have had a valid Oklahoma license did not give you the legal right to drive in Missouri. This situation is 100% legal. The only legitimate defense to this arrest would be that the original suspension was incorrect or improper - not that you have a valid license in another state or that you didn't know Missouri had revoked your privileges.
loan companies in oklahoma city
JUST THE FACTS! THE COUNTRY of TEXOARKLA In case things get a little tougher during the next few months, we In LOUISIANA, TEXAS , OKLAHOMA & ARKANSAS have a plan. Maybe you don't know it, but LOUISIANA , TEXAS , OKLAHOMA & ARKANSAS have a legal right to secede from the Union . (Reference the Texas/Louisiana-American Annexation Treaty of 1848.) Us TEXOARKLANS love y'all Americans, but we'll probably have to take action since Barack Obama won the election and is now the President of the U.S.A. We'll miss ya'll though. Here is what can happen: 1. Barack Hussein Obama, after becoming the President of the United States , begins to try and create a socialist country, then TEXAS , LOUISIANA , ARKANSAS and OKLAHOMA announces that they are going to secede from the Union . 2. George W. Bush becomes the President of the Republic of TEXOARKLA . You might think that he doesn't talk too pretty, but we haven't had another terrorist attack and the economy was fine until the effects of Barney Frank and the Democrats lowering the qualifications for home loans came home to roost. So what does TEXOARKLA have to do to survive as a Republic? 1. NASA is just south of Houston , Texas . We wil l control the space industry. 2. We refine over 90% of the gasoline in the United States . 3. Defense Industry--we have over 65% of it. The term "Don't mess with TEXAS ," will take on a whole new meaning. 4. Oil - we can supply all the oil that the Republic of TEXOARKLA will need for the next 300 years. What will the other states do? Gee, we don't know. Why not ask Obama? 5. Natural Gas - again, we have all we need and it's too bad about those Northern States. John Kerry and AlGore will just have to figure out a way to keep them warm... 6. Computer Industry - we lead the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment - small companies like Texas Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Intel, AMD, Nortel, Alcatel, etc. The list goes on and on. 7. Medical Care - We have the research centers for cancer research, the best burn centers and the top trauma units in the world, as well as other large health centers. 8. We have enough colleges to keep educating and making smarter citizens: University of Texas , Texas A&M, Texas Tech, University of Oklahoma , Oklahoma State University, UL-Lafayette, UL-Monroe, University of Arkansas , LSU, Arkansas State University , Baylor, Rice, TCU, SMU and MANY more. 9. We have an intelligent and energetic work force and it isn't restricted by a bunch of unions. Here in TEXOARKLA, we are a Right-to-Work State and, therefore, it's every man and woman for themselves. We just go out and get the job done.. And if we don't like the way one company operates, we get a job somewhere else. 10. We have essential control of the paper, plastics, and insurance industries, etc. 11. In case of a foreign invasion, we have the TEXOARKLA National Guard, the TEXOARKLA Air National Guard, and several military bases. We don't have an Army, but since everybody down here has at least six guns and a pile of ammo, we can raise an Army in 24 hours if we need one. If the situation really gets bad, we can always call the Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over the Texas Rangers. 12. We are totally self-sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs, and several types of grain, fruit and vegetables and let's not forget seafood from the Gulf. Also, everybody down here knows how to cook them so that they taste good. We don't need any food from somewhere else. 13. FIVE of the ten largest cities in the United States and THIRTY TWO of the 100 largest cities in the United States are located in TEXOARKLA. And TEXOARKLA also has more land than California , New York , New Jersey , Connecticut , Delaware , Hawaii , Massachusetts , Maryland , Rhode Island and Vermont combined. 14. Trade: FIVE of the ten largest ports in the United States are located in TEXOARKLA. 15. We also manufacture cars down here, but we don't need to. You see, nothing rusts in TEXOARKLA so our vehicles stay beautiful and run well for decades. This just names a few of the items that will keep the Republic of TEXOARKLA in good shape. There isn't a thing out there that we need and don't have. Now to the rest of you folks in the United States under President Obama: Since you won't have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only President Obama will be able to drive around in his big 9 mpg SUV. The rest of the United States will have to walk or ride bikes. You won't have any TV as the Space Center in H
AMEN to you and your post! I for one am not a supporter of the anti-christ we call our president who hasn't done jack s*it since he got elected but think of ways to spend MORE money that we DONT have! Oh wait ..... we're all supposed to share right? I work every day and save every penny and pay oodles in taxes so that ppl who sit around on their a** and dont do anything can slide through life .... its BULLs*it!!!!!!!! Not to mention that all the "illegal Aliens" have taken the work away from our workers .... my fiance is having a hard time even keeping his business open. I could go on and on .... TEXOARKLA here i come!
The Presidential Proclamation declaring peace between the United States and Texas after the Civil War, dated August 20, 1866, states very clearly in the following passage that no state had the right to leave the Union (emphasis added in all capitals): And whereas, the President of the United States, by further proclamation issued on the second day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six, did promulgate and declare, that there no longer existed any armed resistance of misguided citizens, or others, to the authority of the United States in any, or in all the States before mentioned, excepting only the State of Texas, and did further promulgate and declare that the laws could be sustained and enforced in the several States before mentioned, except Texas, by the proper civil authorities, State, or Federal, and that the people of the said States, except Texas, are well and loyally disposed, and have conformed or will conform in their legislation to the condition of affairs growing out of the amendment to the Constitution of the United States, prohibiting slavery within the limits and jurisdiction of the United States; And did further declare in the same proclamation THAT IT IS THE MANIFEST DETERMINATION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT NO STATE, OF ITS OWN WILL, HAS A RIGHT OR POWER TO GO OUT OF OR SEPARATE ITSELF FROM, OR BE SEPARATED FROM THE AMERICAN UNION; and that, therefore, each State ought to remain and constitute an integral part of the United States;
I think it will work and I pray it will happen. I would finally have a place to go where it would be safe. I already have more than six guns including an AR-15 (Civilian version of the M-16 used by US troops). I may move there just on the hopes it could happen.
OK, I'm in. Even though I'm not too high on Okies and Texicans it might work. By the way a Presidential proclamation is not law. Since when and where in the constitution does is say the President can legislate by proclamation.
Well count me in but we have to change the name...lol oh by the way to the ones who say mexico will invade texas,texas does have a state guard that would be our first army.
Count me in. If not that there will be a war between Socialists and Conservatives soon.
What do you use as a army(oh a terrorist militia) ? that's war you typing about..do you exterminate all the minorities? or make them slaves (or bring back them no coloreds sighs)? we been to this place be for.will you blow up government building and kill american like terrorist?i believe they still have day care in them...i guess killing babies take a back Seat to your unAMERICAN ENDEAVOR...what if a republican was to be president in 4 years....timothy McVeigh would be proud of you.. i see all the states you name i guess the rest of the south would follow...terner diary how many times have you read that unholy book? i guess that will replace the bible,in your ungodly land 9-11 HAPPEN ON G-O-P WATCH.
As a member of the Louisiana State Militia and a long haul OTR owner/operator, I am at your service.
Sounds wonderful. I would legally immigrate there the minute it became a reality.
This pistol packin mama wants it to happen! I will move there in a heart beat.
cash loan oklahoma city
I found a 2010 Cheverlet Impala with 54000 miles for 9750 here in Oklahoma City. I'm going to put $2000 down. I have no credit and I financed through the dealer since I was rejected by my bank. he got me an approved loan that payments of $195 for 72 months with a 12.9 intrest rate. Here is the link to features, carfax, pic and etc:
72 months is too long for that car. And you are paying a high rate. But with no credit, you cant really be picky. Your bigger concern is what happens when the car needs a repair ? You better start saving because you still have to pay even when the car has a problem. If you haven't bought it yet, I would walk away and pay cash for a clunker.
Price is about right, interest for one with no credit is about right. Get them to throw in a 12 month power train warranty for free and call it a deal
You realize, of course, that this is costing you $16,040, exclusive of tag, title and tax. (12.9 sounds horrible, but there are much worse deals out there; you probably can find someone paying over 20% within a couple of Page Downs.)
online loans oklahoma
Here goes, Im tired of this job market mess. So my plan of action is. I enrolled in a small college NOC Northern Oklahoma College. I have to get so many credit hours before im able to transfer to Osu in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Im 29 and i have a 3 month old son. I pretty much will have him to my self.(here very soon) but i just don't know if i can swing doing it all. He is a hand full himself. But school is to. I have a very good friend that lives close by that will be helping. But I just don't know if that is enough, Im very great-full for her and everything she has done is doing and that she will do for me. She is heaven sent, But my deal is. If Im not at school ill be taking care of him. And if neither of those two ill be working. It sounded good when i jumped in. But then i got the what the **** was i thinking, feeling and face. I hear of single mothers doing it all the time. Im just wanting general feed back from people that are doing this, that have done this. People with insight to fasfa, student loans. Tricks and or what ever to help and try to calm my nerves a little. And like always, be nice and no rude or unhelpful comments. Thanks Jesse
No, you are not crazy -- and yes, it is possible to raise a child on your own, go to school full-time, and work full-time. It's exhausting and hectic and sometime's you'll want to scream because you're so busy... but it's doable (lol ~ can you tell it's finals week for me). Fill out the fafsa application to see if you qualify for federal and/or state grants (this is based on financial need). You will qualify for federal student loans to cover any costs that the grants don't cover (school-wise). If it gets to be too much, then drop to part-time schooling (since it's probably necessary for you to continue working full-time). There's nothing wrong with taking a little longer to finish your degree. Good luck! ** Many schools offer distance education or online classes. I've been taking a mixture of "traditional" classes and online classes. The online classes are nice because I don't have to find a babysitter so that I can go to class.
First of all, apply for Fafsa, and speak with the school's financial aid office. Second, find out oif your school has a daycare program, since many colleges do. Student loans aren't bad, but if you don't have a job immediately after graduating, they'll haunt you.
Well in newjersey being a single parent entitles you to alot of federal grants. and i know how you feel. im a single mother.. im working, goin to school full time and have a 4 month old daughter.. im always doing one of the three. you get stressed alot at first but then you start to get in the swing of things. ps im only 20 above all keep your patience with the baby.. recognize why your doing it all. you can get through anything..
oklahoma cash loans
I recently received a check from my college that I attended for half a semester then dropped out. It says it's for Oklahoma's Promise (Or rather, OHLAP is on the stub attached to the check). The thing I'm worried about: If I cash this check, Does that put me into some kind of loan? Or since I'm no longer a college student, am I not entitled to cash this in the first place? Nowhere on the check does it say anything about a loan. It does say "PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE OF THE STATE TREASURER" In slightly small print near the top of the check. Should I cash it or trash it?
Contact the registrar at your former school.
You can instanly get a quick payday loan as much as $1000 using this service: http://loans.servermatrix.org I got my payday loan despite the fact that I have really poor credit rating.
check into cash oklahoma city
I'm planning on going to Santa Monica college because they're number one in transfers to a big university, and I can't do what I want to do living in Oklahoma. Obviously the cost of living is a huge difference. I'm working two jobs, and applying for all the grants I can just to take care of myself. Anyone have some tips for me? Not planning on moving until July, but best to get started now don't you think?
Well obviousman, That's why I asked the question, So I can have a plan. Obviously I live in Oklahoma City, so I don't have to worry about getting a visa. That's what I figured about rent, I've been looking online just to see what the rate is, I have a car, no worries there. The job thing is a problem now, but hopefully I can find something better in the future. I know it's going to be tough, and no I don't want to be an actor or singer. If that was the case I'd start now.
Just so you know, the difference in transfer rates in LA area community colleges is not that different, very similar. I've seen the official study on it. It's really up to the student, more than the college. You'd be fine at LACC, PCC (Pasadena), Glendale, LAVC (Valley), or any of the others. Which school has the courses you should take toward your goal? PCC is well known for their cinema and music depts, LACC for their professional acting and theatre program. The courses differ amongst colleges. Santa Monica is very expensive. Many of the kids who attend SMC are kids who live with their well-off parents and screwed up in high school so they couldn't get right into UCLA or USC (even by full pay). Apts in SM are costly, and if you find one that isn't, it's probably in a bad area -- not all of SM is nice. SMC is a really good community college, my second choice after PCC (found the students more serious at PCC, liked my professors, attended after having my degrees), but the other CCs around LA are fine, too. In big part, it's likely SMC has a top transfer rate (which isn't that different from the others) because of the local population it serves. Like why SaMo High is pretty good for a public school. Do you realize you'd likely have a horrible time finding a job out here? I have friends that are using family connections to get jobs working in a movie theatre (in SM)! There are just so many applications per opening. These are good responsible kids, but there aren't any jobs, and most of the young people I know are getting their minimum wage jobs through high family connections. You would probably want to have 4 to 6 months of living expenses in cash, because it may take you that long to find a job, realistically. You may have problems becoming a CA resident since you're planning to move out for school. That doesn't usually fly to work for the one year previous residency requirement. The cost for a CC is almost 10x per unit for non-residents - $26 per unit vs $247 per unit. Are you sure that there isn't a community college or 4 year college that you can attend in OK that will get you the education you need for what you want to do? Have you really checked? It's better to come out here ready to work at your profession than to try to go to school if you aren't on scholarship or have someone helping you financially (parents). If you are sure you want to move out here, be realistic and consider other CCs as well. Living in someplace like Pasadena will cost you less than SM for similar safety, etc and will likely get you on your path. One of the most important factors in your college success will be living very close to your college and work. Showing up is a big part of success. Traffic here sucks, especially in Santa Monica and the westside of LA. What do you want to do? Something in the entertainment industry? Maybe mention it and someone can give you specific advice. Sorry to seem so negative. It's just good to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Have you spent any time out here? It would be good to come for a visit to make sure it's right for you. I have a friend from OK in the entertainment industry and he has major culture shock every time he's out here. He chooses not to live here, and has a nice career anyway. Safety Info http://www.lalife.com/ Good luck!
Most people who ask this question are unprepared, unrealistic, with no money, no experience, no skills, (no visa), and no plan. If you are outside the United States, you will need a visa. The nice folks in the immigration forum can help you with that. Next, you need a plan: First item on the agenda is rent. A decent 1BR apartment in LA currently goes for $1200, give or take. Nicer areas and areas closer to the beach are much higher. Don't expect to move to Santa Monica and get an apartment on the beach for that much. Or Toluca Lake, or Beverly Hills. Rent can be up to double the normal rate in those areas. Next, you will need a car. Los Angeles is VERY spread out, and train service is extremely limited. If you don't have a car, you will have to take a bus, which takes 3 times longer to get anywhere than a car. All told, it generally takes about $3,000 per month to live here. If you don't have a job that pays that much or skills that can get you that kind of job, stay where you are. If you are unskilled and work for minimum wage (or for tips like bartending or waiting tables), you'll only make about $1200 per month. And speaking of jobs, they are rather hard to come by now. College grads seeking employment are having a very tough time of it right now, since the job market is flooded with experienced people who were laid off. Unemployment is over 12% right now. Not exactly the kind of job market you want to move into. Finally, you will need money. Landlords want first month's rent and a security deposit up front. You'll need money for food, transportation, utilities, etc. The consensus in this forum is that you need about $7500 to start out. So there's your plan. And please don't tell us that you have dreams of being an actor or singer. That sets off another alarm. We already have a million (literally) wannabe actors in this town. Don’t even get me started. ---------------- Don't feel picked on. We get this same question in here at least ten times a day, so you got a stock answer which I copied and pasted from my own database of frequently asked questions. This one is #2 in popularity. It's so common, I don't bother taking out the parts regarding the visa.
You will have three MAJOR problems to overcome. 1. California is one of the MOST expensive states to live in. EVERYTHING you need or use will cost about 50% more than it does in Oklahoma. 2. California has the second highest (behind Michigan) unemployment rate it the country. Jobs are almost non existent. Finding work may take many months if you can find a job at all. 3. The non resident tuition for California schools is roughly 2 1/2 times what a resident (or illegal alien) pays, and for 2010 they will increase another 32%. California is nearly broke, and colleges have taken a big funding hit. They are VERY suspicious of students moving here from other states and trying to beat the system to get the lower in state tuition. Unless you are planning on a career where a diploma from a prestigious college is required for advancement, such as Law, or Medicine, most employers don't care where your degree came from, only that you have one.
They tell they are number one to get the money,you can transfer from any community college its up tp you though.rent is very expensive in santa monica you should look to rent in the mid city area its cheap there and somewhat safe.
loans oklahoma city
Attend a cheaper vocational school that has beauty school below rather than attending one of those "private for profit" schools. If you get into one of these and apply for federal grants at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov you probably won't have to take out student loans to get into this low paying profession. CADDO KIOWA TECHNOLOGY CENTER Ft Cobb CENTRAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER Drumright KIAMICHI TECHNOLOGY CENTER-ATOKA Atoka MERIDIAN TECHNOLOGY CENTER Stillwater METRO TECHNOLOGY CENTERS Oklahoma City MID-AMERICA TECHNOLOGY CENTER Wayne MID-DEL TECHNOLOGY CENTER Midwest MOORE NORMAN TECHNOLOGY CENTER Norman NORTHEAST TECHNOLOGY CENTER-AFTON Afton NORTHEAST TECHNOLOGY CENTER-PRYOR Pryor PIONEER TECHNOLOGY CENTER Ponca City SOUTHERN OKLAHOMA TECHNOLOGY CENTER Ardmore TRI COUNTY TECHNOLOGY CENTER Bartlesville WESTERN TECHNOLOGY CENTER Burns Flat
Option viewpoints could desire to study. And that's because of the fact of this that I call for that MY faith study interior the Oklahoma public faculties technology training! The universe replaced into created via a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Please inspect my source and study the letter of my non secular government to the Kansas college Board in this comparable question.
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I have a 97' Ford Thunderbird LX and since buying it from a family friend (who was the original owner) I have put almost 6k (of my school money) into it in the past two years of owning it. Every time I fix something, something else goes wrong within days. It's like I can't win!!! I have replaced everything besides my air filter, engine, and transmission. Looking under that hood looks like a brand new car! And I even have a brand new suspension. At the beginning of the semester I used all my extra student loan money to fix my ball joints and get it aligned and balanced, etc. Ever since then my car has been doing really weird things. It's hard to speed up, especially when at a stop, and sometimes slow down. Also, you can hear things under my hood squeak like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes when I turn on my car my engine with shake and my rpm meter will jump up and down. I suspect it's my motor mounts since I have had these problems before, but I wanted some other people's thoughts before I take it back to the mechanic, since I just had those fixed six months ago!!!! Also, I'd like to know opinions on how safe it is to drive. I just graduated college and am moving out of state and didn't get a lot of money. I need to live on my grad money till I can get a job, and really don't want to spend all of it on motor mounts or whatever else may be wrong. Could it make it the 300 miles trip from dallas, tx to oklahoma city, ok?
I would advise you to try and sell your car and buy a new one before you go n your 300 mile trip to Oklahoma city because it isn't worth you spending all your grad money on trying to fix a car that probably has either a permanent problem or can be repaired but costs loads to repair.
Like Mikey and frank f have stated. You did not get the complete tale. There is NO WAY the police or any person however the proprietor of the vehicle goes to have got to pay for damages and prefer mentioned this is why. If spikes are used on a automobile, it was once certainly in a pursuit. This implies that the motive force is breaking the regulation for now not pulling over. (Even if it was once the mistaken vehicle) At this factor the motive force goes to be arrested and is committing a criminal offense. The police use spike strips to give up the automobile, and motive force is arrested. Any harm to the automobile that's triggered is the accountability of the motive force or proprietor at this factor.
It is hard to resolve the problem for you not seeing the car to properly diagnose the problem. This is a judgement call you would have to make. IF you dont feel its safe take it to a car garage for them to look at and give you a free estimate. It never hurts to have it looked at
Dude, your better off selling your ford and buying something else. a car is supposed to save you money, not eat up all your grad money. sell that POS and buy something else, toyota or nissan, and make sure you take someone with you who knows about cars when buying a new one.
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It's not a "bill of rights", it's just the G.I. Bill. It was devised by Congress in the waning days of World War Two when they realized some ten million men were soon going to take off the uniform and return to civilian life - and that unless some means of easing that transition were provided, there would be a severe economic downturn when these people began looking for jobs. It was decided that providing funds for housing and education was essential. The funds for housing were not gifts, they were in the form of guaranteed housing loans. A fellow could apply for a loan through any lending institution, and his application would be given greater weight through the knowledge that if he defaulted, the government would repay the loan. That wasn't the end of it, however: the government would then go to the fellow who had defaulted and extract payment from him. The education funds were given to the college or university the ex-GI was accepted into - that way, he couldn't go out and blow it on booze and broads. The school made sure it was spent only on tuition, fees and housing. My father got his degree from Oklahoma State on the GI Bill after World War Two, and I got mine from St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing in Elmira, New York after the Vietnam War.
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I work at an Italian food restaurant as a hostess, i sit people and do the cash register. Well, today He told me that i needed to put up my hair and that i need to put on make up that i just over all look BAD. I am wondering if there is anything i can do to file a complaint. I live in oklahoma. I have also seen the cooks there picking bread they dropped on the floor and putting it away for others to eat. I need advice on what to do. Possibly some helping links.
Start by taking a shower, clean yourself up. I was there, and he was right. You represent the restaurant, not just the trailer park. Use some makeup, maybe a lot of makeup. Your appearance and presentation is the primary determinate factor in your success in that position. You will not advance, your pay will stagnate, you will go nowhere unless you change yourself for the better. Your boss has every right in the world to simply dismiss you for acting/being the way you are. He is actually doing you a huge favor by giving you advise on improving your appearance. In this job market, a job will be increasingly tough to get and keep. Best advise here is to swallow your pride, spit out your tobacco and shape up.
That is not discrimination, unless you belong to a protected class of people who do not wear make up for religious or other reasons, and your boss made it clear it was because of your religion that he made the comment. Nonetheless, there is something you can do. Quit the job and get another one. If you have concerns about cleanliness, you can call the board of health with your proof.
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I want to go to the art institutes for two reasons, I don't want to go to a huge state college, and also I want to have flexibility to choose where I want to live. But my cousin who is a fashion designer went to OSU (oklahoma state university) and it's a really big school and she says I should go their and my art teacher says I should go somewhere like that, instead of the art institutes. Is something wrong with the art institutes?
Avoid the Art Institutes. They are smoke and mirrors. An elaborate corporate scam set up to funnel government money out of poor students and leave them with the bill. They do this in the form of Pell grants and Federally guaranteed loans. The programs are trash wrapped in pretty buildings full of 'the latest technology." Most students think they're awesome until the time comes when they realize its just to lure them in and stick them in debt. The degrees are worthless in the real world. The schools have no real leads into the job world. They care about money and shareholders first, the students are just a cog in the wheel. If anything, start at a community college in the fine arts major, much cheaper. And, if you want more experience, with all the money you save, you can pay your cost of living and follow around a real fashion designer. If you go to AI, you'll have a $90,000+ degree in Fashion just to be folding clothes at Target for $8.25 an hour.
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My finace is legal here in the United States from Mexico. He has a resident alien card as well as a valid social security number. We are trying to get a martgage loan on a home, but I was told by one company that since he was not a US Citizen and that since we live in Oklahoma, we can not get a home loan because people who reside in Oklahoma who are not US Citizens (although they are perfectly legal and have a valid social security card in this country) can not own any land in this state. Does any one have any help or information that they could provide me on this situation? It would be greatly appreciated. (additional information: He works 2 job, but I do not work at all, just a SAHM..therefore I have not established much credit (only one account), so we can not put the loan just on my name.)
I was thinking the exact same thing about discrimination, but I am not sure. I am looking right now trying to find laws and regulations in Oklahoma about owning land , but so far, I have not found ANYTHING about not being about to own land in Oklahoma if you aren't a US citizen. and..we the mortgage company that told me this was quickenloans, I may try and contact someone else who works for them. Not sure yet what to do..if you have any advice, I need it! Thanks for your reply to my question! I appreciate it!
I am in banking and I have never heard of a permanent resident not qualifying for a loan based on the grounds he/she is not a naturalized citizen. In fact, it sounds like that may go agst the federal lending laws like RESPA, Fair Housing Act etc......Typically federal law supercedes state legislation where there is an inconsistency.....very strange!!!
That's not quite true. He may be able to incorporate and acquire title that way. Or he could be considered a resident of the state. Go see a good real estate attorney in OK who can advise you on how to handle this. It's not "discrimination". Certain privileges are reserved for residents or citizens of a particular state, county, town, country, etc. Citizens have certain rights that others may or may not have. OK isn't the only state that has land ownership restrictions. About 30 states have restrictions ... and as far as crying discrimination to the government, the US government has more restrictions of these types than all the states combined. Just read this article for a list of regulations and restrictions regarding foreign investment: http://www.thelenreid.com/index.cfm?sect... Here's the OK law that deals with this: Laws 1971, c. 139, § 4, eff. Oct. 1, 1971. §60121. Alien may not hold land Ownership of personalty. No alien or any person who is not a citizen of the United States shall acquire title to or own land in the State of Oklahoma, except as hereinafter provided, but he shall have and enjoy in the State of Oklahoma such rights as to personal property as are, or shall be accorded a citizen of the United States under the laws of the nation to which such alien belongs, or by the treaties of such nation with the United States, except as the same may be affected by the provisions of this act or the Constitution of this state. And this is from the Oklahoma State Constitution: Section XXII-1: Aliens - Ownership of land prohibited - Disposal of lands acquired. No alien or person who is not a citizen of the United States, shall acquire title to or own land in this state, and the Legislature shall enact laws whereby all persons not citizens of the United States, and their heirs, who may hereafter acquire real estate in this state by devise, descent, or otherwise, shall dispose of the same within five years upon condition of escheat or forfeiture to the State: Provided, This shall not apply to Indians born within the United States, nor to aliens or persons not citizens of the United States who may become bona fide residents of this State: And Provided Further, That this section shall not apply to lands now owned by aliens in this State.
I have no idea what your state laws are however, I resided here (USA) on a permanent resident alien green card. I have purchased and sold may houses since I have been here. Personally I think your mortgage company is full of it and it sure sounds like discrimination to me.
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Ok has alot to offer. you have the sooners. Not to mention the best way for a single mom to get an education for free..... help buying a car... free daycare... help with an apartment finding a job,,, cash to live.. and of course the mighty mighty Kirtland Afb
I am an Oklahoma native and there are a lot of things to offer here. There are a lot of things to do in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa. I think that it would be missed and no, I would not love for Oklahoma to be its own country.
How about South Dakota? Or how about we move Mount Rushmore to the east coast and sell the Dakotas to Canada? At least Oklahoma has college football teams worth watching.
There are way worse states than oklahoma...(i live in kansas, but even it is better than OK) like Idaho, or Delaware??? Has anyone even met anyone that lives in Delaware? I think its a myth, it doesnt exist.
Might as well people avoid driving through it anyway
No... please don't hate i was born in Oklahoma however, i moved because there was nothing there
**** ya
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I was sent a title when I paid off my car (in Texas) this past February. I got married in February also. My legal name was changed over the course of the next several months. And I have a new driver's license in my current state where I live (Oklahoma). My mom is a co-owner on the title with me. I went to get my car registered, and they said they needed a title, that they always do in Oklahoma which I thought was very weird since you don't even get the title until you pay it off. They said they could "hold" my registration and let me get tags in Oklahoma if I provided my current Texas registration which I can do, no problem. But how in the world do I do this by mail to retrieve my lost title from DMV in Texas. Do they have a record on file of my previous names/adresses or linked to my social security number? I have my current Oklahoma Driver's license with my married name, a marriage license, and my expired Tx driver's license which they cut the top off of, which expired right before my last Tx DL which Oklahoma confiscated from me to give me an OK DL. Any experience with this? I've torn my house apart about 4 times and it just got up and literally walked away. I never put it in my car since that's dumb if my car got stolen so it hasn't left the house to my knownledge since it was mailed to me. Can Honda Financial get me a new title?
Since you and your mother were the titled owners in Texas only one of the owners need go to the Texas MVA and order a replacement title. If the lien is still showing then the title must be taken to the lender and have it declared satisfied. Then you and mom must transfer the title to you singularly and with that title Oklahoma should issue the new title.
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Your lender may require it but the State Of Oklahoma does not. I live in Oklahoma and have a mortgage through Prime-America and I have no escrow account. I do, however have a money market account with checking that I have set aside to pay property taxes and insurance. That way I draw the interest and not the mortgage company. Just something to consider.
Also depends on the lender as well. some won't even let you have the loan unless you escrow. not sure about OK law but might wanna check with your lender first and see what they say
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We're coming down from Oklahoma and looking for a nice beach community/resort area. We would like as short a drive as possible (meaning something located at the Northern tip of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Just for a 2 night, weekend trip and we're leaving in 7 days so the weather should be as it is now and there's little time to get a room in advance to save cash. We were thinking about Galveston but would like something both a little less touristy and a little cheaper. We were looking at Freeport but it's hard to find good info. on the web. Any thoughts on Freeport or Galveston or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Galveston, west beach. Rent a house on the beach or canal. It's quiet and fantastic. We go in October when most of the crowds are gone. Don't each on Seawall, as you'll pay A LOT. Go in town; there's some great eateries there. Here's a link that rents houses & condos; we always go with them. Enjoy! http://www.bayreef.com/
The Atlantic is extremely tough. not something conserving the waves from crashing in. The Gulf is high-quality, whether it relies upon the place you land. the dissimilar Gulf coast is extra airborne dirt and dirt seashores than sandy seashores. suited around the l. a. and TX border previous Galveston, the seashores are not outstanding.
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Sounds like a scam. I tried the website address you gave and there is no such site. Oklahoma has a legit site for homebuyer assistance that lists programs and lenders who can help. http://www.ohfa.org/HDT/HOME1/homepage.h... Here's another site that might help also:http://www.downpaymentsolutions.com/stat...
oklahoma lenders
Sounds like a scam. I tried the website address you gave and there is no such site. Oklahoma has a legit site for homebuyer assistance that lists programs and lenders who can help. http://www.ohfa.org/HDT/HOME1/homepage.h... Here's another site that might help also:http://www.downpaymentsolutions.com/stat...

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