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bad credit loans in north dakota
I live on cash and hidden assets. It's a throw back to my drug dealing, my shrink calls it anarchism, a bad thing - I guess he gets paid the big bucks to know. Many or you know I'm neither theist or atheist but having a wad of cash makes me feel spiritually secure. I distrust banks but I have an unused Visa card issued by the Bank of North Dakota (only state run banking system in the US) with a $10,000 limit. I'm paranoid to use it as "big brother" is watching. I have a debit card with about $1,000 and a burial account at my local credit union. I have a positive Pay-Pal account with about $500. I own all my vehicles and home and haven't had a loan in over 25 years and because of N.Dak. law, I no longer pay property taxes. Now the crazy part, "cash" - I never have less than $1,000 in my wallet and another $1,000 in my truck. Hey, a good Boy Scout is prepared. And there is about $11,000 cash in the gun case earmarked for my sun room or a month in Belize this winter. I haven't decided. Is my shrink right? BQ- With all this going for me and a fully functioning mouth and groin, why can't I find a woman? RScott
So this was all about "I'm lonely"? Sheesh!
It's a good idea to have a couple of thousand put back in case of an emergency. You might be taking it a bit too far though. Who cares if big brother is watching, I'm not doing anything illegal. I don't like to be responsible for loosing cash or getting robbed. I might feel secure with 2 credit cards with about $6,000 limits. $100 is plenty of cash to carry around for me, but then I don't drink or gamble. Most everything I do can be paid for with a credit card, and then pay it off at the end of the month. There are no interest charges and be sure to get one with no annual fees. The woman you can't find is probably because you don't want her helping to spend your money. The wrong one could cost more than you want to pay.
He he. Not bad. Still keep that gun snug and secure? :) Sorry, I learned slightly different lessons. I'm not fond of US money. I prefer gold and silver. Spread out in various locations, kept in my head. Never fell for the computer era too much. No pay-pal, CC, or any of that. All traceable. Besides, if you are unlucky and caught in a raid, you lose it all. Much better ways to travel. If you count on money and not your mind, you're screwed. A well trained person with a knife can do more than the richest man in the world if he's targeted by the wrong people. Remember Panama? What about Iraq, and a very strongly armed family who are now memories. Dress like crap, no cash, smell like you haven't had a bath in a year, don't shave, well, you can go anywhere you feet will take you, and most people won't pay attention to you, or want to. Now that, my friend, is freedom. :) I'm a Christian in the truest sense of the world. Just like Christ. I have nothing to tie my down but my relationship with G-d, and that's the only way I would have it.
Isn't that interesting. I would be a nervous wreck if all my money was in cash like that. I get nervous when I have more than $300 or $400 in my wallet. I suppose, if I no longer had access to financial institutions (post-apocalyptic scenario perhaps?) then I would have to devise some system of keeping my money safe. I would need maybe $15,000 at least to feel okay and that's assuming I still had a steady source of income. BQ: True story. Many years ago I dated a guy I worked with. We were both waiters/waitress and he kept all his tip money in a shoebox in his closet. There were just rolls of cash in that shoebox. Each roll was $100. When we went out, he would reach into his shoebox and pull out a couple of rolls. I put my money in the bank. I thought his system was weird. I broke up with him partly because of that. And partly because he suffered from.... mind is betraying me... what is it called when a guy doesn't last in the sack very long at all? Whatever that is, that was the other reason.
GETTING rich materially requires focused effort and sacrifice. So does getting rich spiritually. This was implied by Jesus when he said: “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” (Matthew 6:20) Spiritual riches do not gather themselves. Merely having a religion will not make a person spiritually rich any more than just having a bank account will make him financially wealthy. Cultivating an intimate relationship with God, developing as a spiritual person, and becoming rich in spiritual qualities require determination, time, focused effort, and sacrifice.—Proverbs 2:1-6. But can you have both? Cannot one have both spiritual riches and an abundance of material things? Perhaps, but only one of these can be successfully pursued. Jesus said: “You cannot slave for God and for Riches.” (Matthew 6:24b) Why not? Because the pursuit of spiritual riches and material riches implies a conflict. The one interferes with the other. Thus, before telling his disciples to store up spiritual riches, Jesus said: “Stop storing up for yourselves treasures upon the earth.”—Matthew 6:19. Each Christian does well to consider such Bible counsel seriously before deciding where he will focus his time, his attention, and his heart. Just because God does not provide specific limits on how much a Christian can acquire does not mean that His warnings against greed carry no penalty. (1 Corinthians 6:9, 10) Those who disregard Bible counsel and cultivate a determination to be rich suffer spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, as we have seen. (Galatians 6:7) By contrast, Jesus said that those who are sensitive to their spiritual needs will be happy. (Matthew 5:3) Certainly our Creator and his Son know what is best for our happiness and welfare!—Isaiah 48:17, 18.
As much as God sees fit to provide for me. Whether its $100b or 1 cent. That said, I still pray for such peace, and yearn for the day where I can declare like Paul: "Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." ---------Philippians 4:11-13
I assure you that you have no reason to physically fear me. In fact, it has been almost 50 years since anyone felt the necessity of being armed in my presence. And that poor person is now a paraplegic because he got in a gun fight with some cops over an ounce of grass. There are no weapons in my home and, if you come to visit, I hope that you will honor that.
I was driving around with close to $10,000 cash last week, and I felt anything BUT secure. Spiritually or otherwise. I'm cool with about one or two hundred in my pocket at any given time. That's more than enough security for me. Unless I'm on vacation or something. But then it's traveler's cheques all the way..
I can be down to my last dime, without visible means of support to pay my bills or feed myself or carry out other financial responsibilities and still feel spiritually secure. That's because I know God supplies everything I need to live a full, rich, joyful life - He always has, He always will. BQ: with all what going for you?
300 bucks. Enough for eating, enough for drinking some booz or scoring some drugs, enough for getting home if my motorbike dies. But it's not feeling spiritually safe, it's feeling materially safe. It'd be a hundred bucks, but I commute 35 miles to work.
I never have cash. I get twenty bucks maybe every three weeks. Anything over two bucks I use the debit card. I couldn't tell you the last time I had more than twenty.
north dakota loans
Not only did we not even GET a recession here we GAINED jobs. Lowest unemployment rate in the country at 3.8. We have the ONLY STATE BANK (socialist bank) and it's one FEW banks that is SUCCESSFUL right now and did NOT suffer from the banking crisis. The Bank of North Dakota is PROOF that government run banks are BETTER! It's one of the reasons we did NOT suffer from the recession OR a banking crisis.
You're a little late. This was news back in 2008 and the economic leftists attempted this argument back then. It is an interesting situation, though. I read and participated in several economic studies regarding it at the time. More economists agree that it was North Dakota's unique, conservative culture that prevented a crisis than the fact that it's a state run bank (which does not equal socialism, btw). The banks just didn't issue loans like crazy, for example. Other factors in this situation was a huge surge in oil production, excellent turnouts for farmers, and the small population. While, in a very general sense, I agree that government run banks are more responsible (even though they are still technically profit driven), the general consensus in the economic community has nothing to do with the fact that it was a state run bank, but many combined factors that left ND in such a good situation. Frankly, given the complexity of the economy, it's irresponsible to assume, "state run + no failure = proof that socialism works".
North Dakota Population, 2009 estimate: 646,844 U.S. Population: 307,006,550 Less than two thirds of 1 percent of the population lives in North Dakota. No. It isn't proof that it works. 600,000 people is too small a sample size compared to the U.S. population, and it's only 1 instance. People in North Dakota have options other than the Bank of North Dakota anyway. And you are posting this before we can see how North Dakota's state taxes and services have been affected by the economy. I'm betting good money every university out there has had to lay off a few professors or deny them tenure. And ESPECIALLY no when you compare with the only OTHER similar institution the U.S. has: the Peurto Rico Government Development Bank. Which proves that this kind of institution creates economies that rely on tax incentives and increase debt. Could you imagine how many trillions of dollars of debt we'd be in if a bigger state like California did this? We are all very lucky North Dakota's the only one.
It is absolutely proof. I'll add this other proof, which shows that organization missions "to benefit society" rather than "to earn profit" offer stability and longevity (not to mention don't accumulate all the wealth into a few hands). But, state ownership is not prerequisite - only the organizational mission is prerequisite. ---------- The perpetual game (not an end game) of liberalism can be exemplified nearly perfectly with the best government in the world - in Japan, where I have lived for over 15 years. Far freer, far more economically blessed, and far safer, Japan is the model you seek with your question. I do, however, get weary of answering questions such as yours again and again - so I kindly ask that you retain the below data for your files. By the way, Japan's is a socialist system. Cooperative corporatism is the method of economy, and there are no rich factions controlling corporations (hence, the rich provide no jobs here). > free and open national and local elections which are very competitive across several parties, ruling party provides prime minister in the Diet > national health care, full coverage at $125 per month (upper middle class income level compared to US), no rejections > 3%-5% unemployment ongoing, during most recent US-caused recession maximum at 5.6%: > under 10% personal income taxes (mine are 6%, above-average income level) > 40% corporate income taxes > 22,000 licensed lawyers as a cap with little to nothing to do (0.01% of population) (while US 1,200,000 lawyers or 0.4% of population) – people solve their own problems rather than working-class leeching courts > public transportation provided at no charge to all workers – paid by employing companies (PLUS - I have never needed nor wanted an automobile, and instead save ALL the plethora associated costs, taxes, and fees) > oligopolized, inter-cooperative banks operating under missions “to benefit society” rather than “to earn profit” (no working class gouging ATM fees) (no checking accounts to gouge workers) (low interest and generous forbearance) > setting 10% product price mark-up typically across-the-board by sellers (voluntary based on honor and missions “to benefit society”), heedless of fluctuations in demand – effectively discourages consumer price gouging > subsidized staple food products to the end consumer, regulating ongoing fair pricing > no abusive sin taxes (cigarettes at ~$3 a pack since 1997, exact same brand price at ALL vendors) > most equitable wage distribution in the world ([a] of course extracts threat of executive thievery/ [b] worst is the US and UK) (executives earn double staff salaries across the board) > lowest crime rate in the world (due to no rich class oppression) (AND only 1.8 police per 1000 people vs. 2.85 per 1000 in the US) > even the very, very few homeless in Japan WILL NOT beg – perfectly debunks vacuous accusations that socialism creates dependency, and rather displays that socialism heightens personal honor: > free to carry a beer into a theatre or onto a train (just threw that in to exhibit daily freedom from fascist abuse) (Why can we do this? We can because (1) law books are logical rather than oversized for working class thievery, and (2) competition is not a forced philosophy here. The theatre doesn’t force their product down my throat, nor get their panties in any wad over what I do. I’m FREE here.) And here's the clincher: > $28 trillion in national savings ($13 trillion of which held by households): So, it's not an end in any measure, as this society continues its improvements and perfections daily and annually. Therefore, it's perpetuity - or an "organism" which grows and develops. Have a nice day! [ Some talk about high public debt in Japan, which is a reality due only to the low tax rates as listed above, however - Japan's public debt is written only (most nearly only) to its own public. That is, Japan owes its public debt to itself:; “As far as government debt is concerned, we should not worry about it for at least another three to four years. Accumulated government debt is very large, close to 190% of GDP, but the financial wealth of the Japanese household is 300% of GDP in gross terms. Even in net terms it is around 240%, so we still have room to finance government debt… The Japanese purchase 94% of Japanese government debt, so this is not an unhealthy situation at all. It is much healthier than the United States situation where close to 70% is being purchased by foreigners. However, the Japanese savings ratio has come down; it is below 5%, and the amount of government debt is increasing much more rapidly than savings, so we cannot have this kind of situation for long. Maybe within the next five to ten years we need to have fiscal consolidation. Within the next five to ten years we should raise the consumption tax.” - Mr. Eisuke Sakakibara (a.k.a. “Mr. Yen”) / Former Japan Minister of Finance / July 2010 ]
north dakota loans
Here in the United States, the state of North Dakota has a wholly state-owned bank that creates credit on its books just as private banks do. This credit is used to serve the needs of the community, and the interest on loans is returned to the government. Not coincidentally, North Dakota has a $1.2 billion budget surplus at a time when 46 of 50 states are insolvent, an impressive achievement for a state of isolated farmers battling challenging weather. The North Dakota prototype could be copied not only in every U.S. state but at the federal level.
When the state creates the credit (money) it is to return to the state. When the Federal Reserve creates credit (money is created at the inception of a debt) the principle and interest goes to a private for profit corporation (The Federal Reserve) Huge difference... Most people think the Fed is part of our government and don't understand money creation.
North Dakota is a state with a tiny population. The entire state has 2/3 the population of Detroit.
No, because unlike N. Dakota the people of Michigan do not have the core values of right and wrong. ie; you borrow, you pay back. your word and handshake are a binding commitment. and with the Fair Lending Practices that are required from banks, Michigan would be belly up in a year. THE CITY OF DETROIT! need i say more? think man! think!
Our bank has been around since 1919. Our people are conservative by nature, and we overall didn't invest in subprime mortgages or take a lot of risks with the housing bubble. So we don't really spend more than we have, and that's the main reason we are solvent. That, plus oil. Lots and LOTS of oil.
Not coincidentally, North Dakota also has much lower social spending that Michigan, not to mention lower taxes. state owned bank? what does that have to do with success?
north dakota loans
Ayn Rand called crony capitalism "The Power of Pull". Obviously the bankers and insurance companies, Wall St mutual funds, etc who finance the corporations, unions, etc, own the government so laws and tax codes are designed by the legislature to benefit the established moneyed interests. They could not do that if they had not bought off the Legislature which makes the laws and designs the tax codes. Let's call all that "The Establishment"; maintaining the status quo, against all evidence that they have become counterproductive dinosaurs which only impede economic growth at street level and among average Americans. Since Americans can't vote in reformers (given the limited choices the 2 main political parties allow us), what to do to avoid the day when we wield axes, pitchforks and torches to kill the monster? Revolutions are always very ugly. Millions will die as the fragile infrastructures of cities are disrupted. How can we avoid that? What is a good solution, other than moving to North Dakota?
Feel free to come to North Dakota for the ten years the oil boom lasts and then move on. We will not be using our budget surplus to spur a false housing economy that will crash when the workers leave and they will leave due to our weather. That's why housing is so scarce, local governments are putting a cap on new home starts to force the oil companies to construct temporary man camps. When they're done punching holes in the ground, the land will go back farming and ranching and housing will go back to normal. Our state bank (it drives the Fed.Reserve nuts) has the lowest interest on loans and highest on savings in the nation but you have to be an established resident to benefit.
It has been that way for a while. Large economic entities, like corporations spend a lot of money convincing politicians to skew laws and regulations in their favour, and they spend a lot of money to ensure that their candidates get elected to office. There are a ton of regulations in place that ensure the Big 3 automakers won't get competition from an upstart car company, because it would be too expensive to compete against them, and that's just the expense of complying with regulations.
It has to do with sustainable development and global climate change. It also has to do with spreading our wealth to developing nations. Their goal is equal economies, environments, and societies globally. That means we are going down. Every country will have different scenery but will be much the same even as white people begin to move to countries of predominently other races. The president just signed some agreement to make all regulations in the world the same. I don't know if there is any getting out of this. All of our presidents since George HW Bush have written executive orders to fulfill this purpose. W was the least involved in it and look what they did to him but even he wrote some exec. orders for it.
No, it isn't. For one thing "government" isn't a monolith. Rand. Geez. She thought businessmen had the right to poison everyone's air and water, and destroy every living thing they couldn't profit from. (BTW, have you ever caught the contradiction at the heart of Atlas Shrugged? LOL -- It took me quite a few readings to spot it, but now it seems so obvious to me.) If we took money out of elections, then money wouldn't own the government. Education would enable us to vote our true interests -- since the educational system and mainstream media won't do that, we have to do it ourselves. Funny you mention North Dakota, isn't it the state with a State Bank? That would actually be part of the solution. Although it wasn't perfect, things were VASTLY better when we had things anathema to Ayn Rand: a strong regulatory system (that prevented economic disasters for 50 years, until the right dismantled it), strong unions, and a progressive income tax. People didn't understand the importance of those things, and let them all be reversed. There's now a web, which means we have access to news, analysis, and an ability to share same that wasn't possible before (it used to be said that freedom of the press was for those who owned one; that's no longer true). I truly don't know exactly how sanity can break through the cacophony of trivia and lies most people are bombarded with and have no defense against. That's a lot of what OWS is about.
Right now, without a doubt it is. Romney plans to fix that by vacating ALL the regs the Obama administration has so foolishly put in place thus, getting govt out of the way.
You're exactly right. Free enterprise and individual economic freedom is what raised the standard of living for rich and poor alike and made the U.S. the envy of the Free World in the first place... NOT government bureaucrats doling out OUR hard-earned money.
Yes, look at building codes, zoning laws, and littering laws. These regulations prevent growth. "for the people, by the people" Democracy is as big as government can get. People like clean water, clean air, safe homes, and clean urban areas. That is their government, protecting their values. If you pay taxes and vote, then you are "The Establishment". Sorry people, you can only blame yourselves in a democracy.
Ronnie Reagan said the scariest words in the English Language are 'I'm from the Gubbmit and I'm here to help', I have to agree with him!
Ni the government isn't the problem it is the lib who are inside the government that stops progress and starts more regulations.

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