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bad credit loans in new mexico
1st time homebuyer..went to mortgage co.(had the "good Faith") found a house, put my earnest money down. Now the mortgage co needs 3 lines of credit on my husband. if he dont have it, and the contract fails to go thru, will we get our money back? He has 3 lines of credit (barely), but having trouble getting the payment history. We were late on our cell phone pymt a couple times. Will that effect our mortgage loan too? so i guess i have more than one question for you. We are getting so frustrated.we want this house so bad. They are not doing it in my name because i am unemployeed at the moment. (had back surgery). we paid off all my husbands old debts, I think mine are to much for us to pay right now...if you can understand all this and answer all my Q, i would feel so much better..sorry we have alot of Q. thanks for taking the time to read all this, and any answers would really help...
New Mexico answered the P&S part of it. You should have a financing contigency on it and you will get money back. As for your trade lines, it sound like they are asking for Alternitive trades. They can not have late payments on them so the one you mentioned will not work if you have been late in the last 12 months. Try daycare payments, utility bills, auto insurance payments, anything you may have auto deducted from your account....there are a lot of alternatives...dont give up!
As to your earnest deposit: The ability to get the money back is found on your offer to purchase agreement language. Obviously your agent made the purchase contingent on financing (or it should of been done that way) which means that if you do not get the required financing you will get your deposit back and the contract to purchase becomes extinguished or if you will voidable. As to the loan process: Each lender's requirement is different so don't give up if one turns you down. However know that each time a lender requests your credit report your credit score goes down so you might want to go to the link provided and get your own reports to provide to other lenders just in case. Once per year free credit report from all three credit reporting agencies: to be on the safe side here are some links you should have Credit Dispute Reporting forms: Lending information from ABA: Consumers links for real estate and other information Buena Suerte
Your agreement of sale should specify under what conditions you would get your deposit back. If that does not clarify this for you..... then at some point (at least in New Jersey) you will need to consult an Attorney as it is a Legal Question and real estate practitioners are forbidden to "practice law without a license in the State of New Jersey." Good Luck though!!!
You should be able to get the money back since everything is contingent on the financing. I don't require 3 tradelines. Give me a call at 1-866-597-2968 x11 and I'll see if I can beat the other guy.
Frequently, a freelance for the sale of a house is contingent on the customer having the flexibility to safeguard financing (how many residing house purchasers can actual arise with the money for to purchase a house with funds?). in the event that they can't safeguard financing and the contract must be broken because of the fact of that, you won't be able to shop the deposit, till the sale contract in particular says which you will. If the customer had signed the contract, replaced into able to get the non-public loan, yet then desperate to no longer complete the sale, then you ought to maintain the deposit.
I think no
new mexico small loans
I moved to New Mexico in Oct of 2007. I took out 3 small loans to get an apt. (2 were $200 and one was $100). I got my apt and admittingly couldnt keep up with my payments. I had trouble even paying my rent. In January 2008 I was served with papers for all 3 loan companies saying I would have a civil suit against me. I fully expected to pay, but had a family emergency and had to relocate to a different state. My apt place also had a problem with me breaking my lease and wants to charge me the rest of my security deposit ($220) plus 2 months rent ($780). He told me if I didnt pay before I moved (I had 3 days notice) he would also file a civil suit. My question is... can they still file these civil suits if I am no longer a resident of New Mexico? I am aware they can file in the state I live in, but what else can they do? And in advance, please dont lecture me on how to handl money or that Im stupid for not pau\ying. I ONLY want an answer. Thanks.
Its called a long arm statute, to wit if they file in their state in civil court, where the action took place, they can go and serve you in your state to appear in their state of New Mexico Now in many states small claims does not have a long arm statute, so they either will have to file in civil, and use the long arm, or maybe give it over to collection which can go after you in the new state or even themselves go to your state or wait to you return within the next three years for a visit
This is just my opinion, you should pay back the loan. Because if it was you and you loan someone money, you would expect it back. If you cannot make payment right now you should call the loan company and make some arrangement. Also I think the landlord should not charge you for addition months because you break the lease. He should keep your security. Good luck in your decision!!
Yes you can still be charged, and if they win the suit REGARDLESS of what state you're in, they can attach your bank account and garnishee your wages in perpetuity until the debt is paid, not including possible penalties you might incur for being delinquent. On TOP of that your credit will be ruined for some time and the bad debt information will be something that businesses or individuals could discover with some small effort. Keep this in mind and act accordingly.
They can file the suits where the transaction took place. That transaction being the loans.
I would venture to say yes and rightfully so. If you move and they filed then I would think you also have another violation if you knew you were to go to court.
fast cash new mexico
In a time when this country needs to be rebuilding infrastructure and creating jobs, is this not a tool to close businesses down. This new bill is being pushed through to put cash in the trial lawyer's pocket at a bad time. The administration claims it will help some families out. All it will do is help some law firms make money while either closing some businesses down or increasing the cost of their products to the public, because we all know who pays for law suits.
This just gets my wheels turning. Time limitation statutes be damned, full speed ahead! The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act sets a dangerous precedent by allowing anyone receiving a check, including pensioners, to sue. Concevably, a woman in her 90s could sue a company she began working for when she was 15 yrs old, 75 years ago, if she still gets a pension check. This could certainly be defined as "change" coming from the new government. I wonder if this is just the first move in that new direction? Could this be the beginnings of no time limitations of any kind in civil matters? If it goes that far, I'm going to have to quit working and hire a full time attorney. This is what he'll be doing for starters: 1. Five decades ago a doctor, while working at a prominent hospital located in my home town removed my tonsils, thereby severely hindering my ability to ward off the common cold. I can see some punitive damages due here. 2. Exactly five decades ago another doctor in the same hospital used his scalpel to cut into my eardrums to insert draining tubes. Today, my hearing is failing, due in part to the scar tissue on my eardrums. 3. I'm certain that the generally stiffness and soreness my back today is due to that city-owned vehicle that rear ended me three decades ago. After all, that was the seminal moment for stiffness in my back. Wonder how much that would be worth? 4. Two decades ago I spilled hot coffee on my lap at a fast food drive-through. No one warned me the hot coffee was hot! Stella Liebeck received 2.7 million in a case like this from a McDonald's in New Mexico. What could I get? Who's going to remember the incident other than myself? How could the defense attorney possibly bring any witnesses? Maybe I could get even more than 2.7 mil? Getting back to the Ledbetter Act, I'm sure that retired and working women everywhere are celebrating today, but so are the attorneys. Talk about shooting ducks in a barrel! I hope the first judge that graples with this new law strikes it down, and every judge after!
I dont think a British newspaper reporter understands the subleties of our politics here. The Daily Mail in England is a right-wing paper and supports Romney, and is probably owned by Murdoch. The story is too intellectual for America. People here dont even know the statistics mentioned in the story and dont care. What is the Peoples House supposed to be? How about a link to the report you cite about White House salaries for 2011 ? Very weird story and much of it is history. Why doesnt it give the salaries of women who worked at the Governor's office in Massachusetts and compare those to the White House? That would make sense.
Of Course Obama wants this bill to be passed through, so that way his "Black/African-American Family" can still collect on their ancestors and the "slave" issue that ended way before anyone filing a claim was alive. Or any woman can sue any man just for looking at her. And time for everyone else just to kiss their A** goodbye to the big government programs that Hussein Obama wants......Didn't you notice in his inauguration speech he stated he wanted to "rebuild" America? He wants to destroy America and make it another nation just like his Kenyan nation is. Say "Hello" to the new Africa/America world of Obama.
Yet another Democrat bill NAMED with a lie. As you described, it is actually the "go back in time and sue" bill. It allows lawsuits that CANNOT be defended because the people allegedly responsible for the claimed discrimination are DEAD. There is a 100% chance that 100% of such claims, even overtly imaginary ones, will be winners since the plaintiff's story automatically gets accepted as fact. It is verily the "Pad Democrat Lawyers' Wallets" law.
You know I keep hearing about how top priority is going to the economy but I keep seeing other bills getting attention like this one and the lifting the ban on abortion foreign aid, Gitmo closing, etc etc etc. If the economy is such a big thing, why haven't a seen any results?!
Obama is putting more small business out of business than Walmart
The private sector should pay people what they want,it is a bad thing to have government deciding what companies have to pay employees. as a business owner if i want to pay someone more then another it is my right,the person does not have to take my job if they don't like how i treat them
Yes--and its long overdue. The only businesses who will have increased costs--or "have to shut down" are ones who are discriminating against women. Those who get sued deserve it. Bigotry is bigotry--and that is all sexism is. .And it's only bigots who are trying to use the economic crisis as an excuse to criticize this bill. Most employers have been making good faith efforts to be fair to their employees--and they have nothing to worry about. The rest can damn well clean up their act or suffer the consequences. The time of the right-wing support of discrimination and prejudice is OVER.
Yes lets allow company's to just ignore environmental laws too. All Hail the mighty corporations!!!!
Is there any "good" time for you? Fair is fair. Any time is good for that!!
fast loan new mexico
Okay, I really don't wanna hear how I should do my own homework, you could have finished it by the time you finished typing this. 1, History is my worst subject so it takes me forever, and 2, I type fast. Basically I have had a really bad week and I haven't slept in over 2 days now. I am working on this as well right now. Already got some answers but my brain just really isn't here today, or for the past week for that matter. So please please please if you like history or are good at it please help. You deffinately would get 10 pts best answer. Thank you so much in advance. I really mean it.. Ps... I think I need coffee.... :P --------------------------------------... 1. Which of the following was NOT a contributing factor to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914? A. a policy of militarisom B. a complex system of alliances C. a growing sense of nationalism D. a shift in public opinion toward isolationism 3. How did German's U-boats violate international law? A. by disguising themselves with flags of neutral nations B. by stopping vital supplies from reaching the front lines C. by attacking merchant ships without letting passengers flee to safety D. by conduction surprise searches of merchant ships in neutral waters 4. How did President Wilson respond to the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915? A. by demanding that Germany stop unrestricted submarine warfare B. by calling on Congress to approve a declaration of war against Germany C. by sending navy ships to patrol Atlantic waters and sink any U-boats they found D. by warning American sitizens that they traveled on foreign ships at their own risk 5. In the Zimmermann note, what did Germany promise Mexico in return for its support during World War I? A. Germany would cede territory in Africa to Mexico. B. Germany would not attack Mexican merchant ships. C. Germany would help Mexico regain terriroty in the United States. D. Germany would loan Mexico money to jumpstart its economy. 6. How did the U.S. government build the large fighting force it would need to enter World War I? A. It encouraged women to enlist as well as men. B. It allowed blacks to train and fight alongside whites. C. It offered high wages to anyone who volunteered to fight. D. It established a national draft for young men aged 21 to 30. 7. Why was the timing of the arribal of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe crucial to the Allies? A. The Germans had recently enlisted Italy as an ally in the war. B. The British had recently lost all their battleships in a large sea battle. C. The French had just retreated from the battle front after heavy losses. D. The Russians had just signed a peace treaty with Germany and left the war. 8. Which of these statesments BEST explains the development of trench warfare in World War I? A. U-boats cut off supplies to the troops. B. Airplanes made it easier to spot enemy positions. C. The invention of tanks made ground assault impossible. D. New long-range weapons turned battlefields into death traps. 9. Why was the Meuse-Argonne Offensive a significant battle of World War I? A. Nearly 1 million Americans died in this battle. B. Germans agreed to a truce shortly after this battle. C. The ccity of Paris was destroyed as a result of this battle. D. The Allied victory in this battle convinced Russia to leave the war. 12. Which of these was neither a push factor nor a pull factor in the Great Migration? A. increased job opportunities in the North B. growing racial tension in cities in the North C. widespread pooverty among sharecroppers in the South D. fear of lynching and violence against blacks in the South 13. What power did the Sedition Act give the federal government during World War I? A. the power to spy on new immigrants B. the power to draft young men into the military C. the power to fight dissent that could damage the war effort D. the power to control what and how much factories produced 15. On what grounds was Charles Schenck's conviction for promoting draft resistance upheald as consitutional in Schenck v. United States? A. Free speech does not include all forms of symbolic speech. B. Free speech does not exist during a time of national emergency. C. Free speech can be limited to protect the safety of the speaker. D. Free speech can be denied when a clear and present danger exists. 16. Which of the following was NOT part of President Wilson's Fourteen Points? A. requireing reparations from defeated nations B. protecting freedom of the seas in both war and peace C. establishing a League of Nations to ensure world peace D. encouraging European nations to reduce their armaments 17. What was the fate of Germany's colonies at the end of World War I? A. They were given to the Allied nations as part of reparations. B. They were allowed to exercise their right to self-determineation. C. They we
Okay, 19. According to President Wilson, how would the League of Nations maintain peace? A. by excluding from its membership any country that started a way C. by providing collective security to handle any threats as they arose D. by outlawing war and requiring all nations to help create a world police force I know it's not B. And they all make sence. The definition of it is... League of Nations: an international organization established by the Allied powers at the close of World War I to promote international peace and security And the paragraph I have is... It called for setting up an international organization called the LON to ensure world peace. Member nations would agree to protect one another's independence and territorial integrity. Under the principle that territory, nations respect on another's borders and do not try to gain another country's territory by force. Working together, Leage members would resolve conflicts before those conflicflicts escalated into war
Hi, I think I can help you with a few of these: 3. C 5. C 8. D I hope I helped you out if at least a little - I took American History last year so I remember clearly some of these things. :-) Good luck.
1. How is it going to "help you" learn the material if we just give you the answers? Did your professor just give you the answers? The reason why there are people who can answer some of the questions is because...hmmmmm let me think about it...oh yeah AT ONE POINT THEY STUDIED! This is the reason why America's educational system has fallen behind many nations these days. I hope your professor gives you a test with short answers and and essay. That way he can separate the students who know their poop, and the ones who don't. Ok, you said you didn't want to hear people telling you to do your own homework. Well, I could care less whether I get ten points or not, because I know I will get 2 points just by answering. Look, the reason why you have no clue as to what the answers are to these questions is because you didn't study. Plain and simple. Don't give me that "i did study, but this is my worst subject" nonsense. Professors at the University don't care about all that. It is YOUR responsibility to study for class. You should be studying 2 hours for every one hour in class. You also should be reading your textbook prior to attending class, that way the information is re-iterated in your brain TWICE. Now, if you do all of that, would you be asking these questions? I guarantee you wouldn't. Stop being lazy and study! FYI, I am a finance major in college at the moment, have four classes (Management Fundamentals, Marketing Fundamentals, Business Law, and Managerial Finance) and this past week had FOUR EXAMS. One on Mon, one on Tues, one on Thur, and one on Fri. And for the record, two of those exams were multiple choice 100 questions. 2 were Fill in the blank. The point is that you have it easy. I bet if I studied for two hours, I could look at your questions above and answer them all correctly. Why can't you??? Don't even try to tell me I don't understand.
3000 mormons walk across great plains to join their leaders in utah? ... well the first Mormon pioneers arrived in Utah in 1847 and more continued to come for some time. My best guess would be 1847 is the answer. I think the gold rush was in the same year but not sure on that, actually there were Mormons over there at Sutter's Mill i believe where the gold rush started.
new mexico quick loan
FDR's new deal and another reforms saved capitalism at a time when it was down and red was getting set to be a hot color in spring fashion in America. These programs convinced Americans to give capitalism a second chance. Now Obama has gone further and saved capitalism from itself a second time and is convincing America to give it one more chance. Without intervention the American people would have lost all faith in capitalism and America really WOULD be vulnerable to alternative systems? Are you grateful? Or do you think Americans would be quick to forgive losing everything they had while doing everything they were told was right?
Bankruptcy, anarchy, invasions by Canada and Mexico, was not an option. Progressives feel bitter because we've been warning about this reckoning for decades. But conservatism had damaged the country so badly we had to stop the bleeding. Now we are thinking about treatment plans and rehabilitation (health care and financial reform) and there are people in Washington who are bravely doing some of the right things. It's one step at a time.
"FDR's new deal and another reforms saved capitalism at a time when it was down and red was getting set to be a hot color in spring fashion in America." lmfao....oh the misinformation out there is incredible. You picked that up in the government run public schools, didn't you? The New Deal prolonged the Great Depression. The depression of 1920 was worse, the government did nothing and it corrected itself in a couple of years. FDR's socialist programs prolonged the depression for a decade. "Now Obama has gone further and saved capitalism from itself a second time and is convincing America to give it one more chance. " Really? What has he done? It was government regulations that forced banks to make loans to lower income people who couldn't necessarily afford those loans, but Fannie and Freddie bought them up from the banks so there was no risk to the bank. If you're paying attention, you're well aware that the bank bailouts have done absolutely nothing to improve the economy. "Without intervention the American people would have lost all faith in capitalism and America really WOULD be vulnerable to alternative systems?" ....OK now you're just trying to be funny
Macroeconomics dont fix microeconomic problems. The dollar is going to collapse. And did FDR build so many roads? I've never seen so many new roads in my entire life....expecially for $300 billion dollars. All his waste is headed overseas. The double dip is almost here. California declares bankruptcy and the dollar is finished. Someones gonna take Obamas head. And it'll happen before hes out of office.
...and each economist concurs that the guidelines of FDR surely prolonged the large melancholy by potential of seven years. Why everybody (rather Obama) might desire to repeat ANY of FDR's rules isn't something below an incredible secret. Why everybody might even attempt to idolize FDR is a extraordinary larger secret.
Bush did start the bailouts.. but obama has not gone far enough (at least not yet) to undo all of the mistakes of deregulation over the past 30 years. like breaking up the banks.
new mexico cash loans
The answer from New Mexico is correct and well written, but there is a 3rd way rent-to-owns (Lease Options & Seller Financing in general) work. That is by use of a conventional first position loan for a down payment with a seller-financed second mortgage payable over a period of time and/or as assigned to a 3rd party. In this scenario, you get a bank loan for say, 50% of the purchase price and the seller agrees to let you make payments on the remaining 50% as a second mortgage holder. You then assign the contract to a 3rd party by selling the property at a higher purchase price than you bought it for, giving the bank and the seller their cash and keeping the profit. Be sure in this case that you are aware of any pre-payment penalty that could eat into your profit margin.
There are two basic rent to own type contracts and then hybrids stemming from them. Here is a simple explanation 1.) Rent with an option to purchase 2.) Rent with a right of first refusal Under #1 you have a rental agreement as if nothing else is going on and you rent the property under that agreement, however under this contract you also negotiate the purchase of the property at the same time as the negotiated rental agreement and a purchase agreement is agreed upon and to be exercised at a later time. The payments are usually the amount of the rent plus an additional amount that will be credited to the renter/purchaser when the purchase option is exercised. If the option is not exercised then the extra amount becomes rent. Under #2 you negotiate a lease as if nothing else is going on but a clause is added to the agreement showing that the property owner gives you the right to purchase the property by matching any offer that they receive during the life of the lease. Payments are usually only relating to the cost of the lease. Needless to say the paper work is paramount and should be handled by a licensee and or an attorney. Buena Suerte
Ok say you are buying a house for 89,000 you would pay your montly rent for how ever long the ballon is lets say 2 years. so if you are paying $900 a month you will have $21,600 payed off and your landlord would give you a choice to keep paying $900 a month for another 2 years or pay te rest of it off. good luck
cash new mexico
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado assembled an enormous expedition at Compostela, Mexico in 1540–1542 to explore and find the mystical Seven Golden Cities of Cibola as described by Cabeza de Vaca who had just arrived from his eight-year ordeal traveling from Florida to Mexico. Over 50 years after Coronado, Juan de Oñate founded the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico on July 11, 1598 and was made the first governor of the new province of Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico. The Native Americans at Acoma revolted against this Spanish encroachment but faced severe suppression. Pedro de Peralta, established the settlement of Santa Fe in 1609 at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. As the seat of government of New Mexico since its founding, Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the United States. of France sold the vast unsettled and undeveloped Louisiana Purchase, which extended into the northeastern corner of New Mexico, to the United States in 1803.[4] In 1819 the Adams-Onís Treaty set the border between the United States and the Spanish North American territories leaving present-day New Mexico on the Spanish side. As a part of New Spain, the claims for the province of New Mexico passed to independent Mexico following the 1810-1821 Mexican War of Independence. During the 26 year period of nominal Mexican control, Mexican authority and investment in New Mexico were weak as their often conflicted government had little time or interest in a New Mexico that had been poor since the Spanish settlements started. The Republic of Texas seceded from Mexico in 1836 and claimed but never controlled territory as far south and west as the Rio Grande. While most of the northwestern territory was then the Comancheria, it would have included Santa Fe and divided New Mexico. Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848, Mexico ceded much of its mostly unsettled northern holdings, today known as the American Southwest and California to the United States of America in exchange for an end to hostilities, the evacuation of Mexico City and many other areas under American control. Texas was also recognized as a part of the United States under this treaty. Mexico also received $15 million cash, plus the assumption of slightly more than $3 million in outstanding Mexican debts. New Mexico, the name given to the territory between Texas and California, technically met the population criteria to become a state. But congress declined to make them a state. The Congressional Compromise of 1850 halted a bid for statehood under a proposed antislavery constitution. Regardless of its official status, slavery was rarely seen in New Mexico. Statehood was finally granted to New Mexico on January 6, 1912. WASHINGTON Washington, D.C. , formally the District of Columbia and commonly referred to as Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States, founded on July 16, 1790. The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district and European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 member countries,located primarily in Europe. It's not federation. Federation is a type of sovereign state characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions united by a central (federal) government. In a federation, the self-governing status of the component states is typically constitutionally entrenched and may not be altered by a unilateral decision of the central government. The European Union (EU) is based on supranational principles which are neither confederal or federal. Robert Schuman, the initiator of the European Community system, wrote that a supranational Community like the Europe's founding European Coal and Steel Community lay midway between an association of States where they retained complete independence and a federation leading to a fusion of States in a super-state. The EU possesses all the elements of a federal system, but each of the EU states is far more sovereign than in any other federal system. The EU has responsibility for important areas such as trade, monetary union, agriculture, fisheries. Nonetheless, EU member states retain the right to act independently in matters of foreign policy and defense, and also enjoy a near monopoly over other major policy areas such as criminal justice and taxation. OK...I hope this makes it little more clear.
Washington DC is the capital of America. Every country has its own capital
New Mexico is a state, part of the USA. Washington DC, not a state but an area in the USA, is the capitol.
Neither stupid! It's a state in the United States!!! Capital of America is Washington DC! Every country has a capital! God! How stupid are you? Did you not pay attention in your class of geography?
Yep, it rather is whats significant, forget the rest, Mexico is going to conflict with the U. S.. and then the U. S. surrenders, and turns right into a colony of a rustic who won't be able to save its very own human beings secure. perchance we are able to all grow to be participants of the drug cartels too. it sort of feels you have been commencing that occasion incredibly early
No no washington, d.c.
new mexico payday
I would like to know what would be a safe city to move to in Mexico. I speak some spanish, and plan on moving to become fluent, and also as a new experience. Here are the cities that i am considering: 1. Monterrey, MX (1st choice) 2. Mexico City, MX (2nd choice) 3. Any other good cities you suggest (either inland, or on the gulf of mexico) What what i need to do to stay safe, what areas should I avoid, and how safe are the nightclubs in these two cities? I plan on living and working in this city for at l0+ years Thanks a lot and 10 points to the best answer! =)
Oh my friend you have a lot of other factors to consider here. You will need your FM3 card to legally work here. Impossible to obtain. The employer must furnish proof that he has tried , and cannot find a Mexican to do the work. Most Mexicans would rather have a Jalapeno enema than mess around with the Govt. Second is there is no work here - they are not coming to the states for the weather I can assure you. This also is taken into consideration when your boss need to write a letter to immigration for you. Many Mexicans are w/o work - your at a disadvantage. Third - I don't think you have the street smarts to make it through your first year. Con men that appear to be your friend one minute will steal from you blind and are gone before you know what hit you. You will then have no money until next payday and hunger suck's. Fourth- is the pay scale. Expect to make about $20 a day if your lucky. 6 day work week as well. You won't make enough to go to a nightclub - THAT"S FUNNY ! Trust me.............. Fifth - no spanish - your at another disadvantage..........How can you compete with the immigration issues , then your lack of Spanish with a 35% unemployment rate ? I suggest you read ALL of this website and reconsider.........Please read his section on FM3 . You will see. Vacation - come on down. Retirement - live like a king. work and live - forget about it.......
I worked in Mexico City for a year in 1980 and had none of the problems suggested by the others. In fact, I had a blast. The availability of work is very dependent on what your skills are. If you have nothing to differentiate you from the Mexicans, well you're not gonna get work. I have a computer degree from Berkeley and was able to land several contracts down there. I tried to extend my Spanish while I was down there but the Mexican engineers I'd work with always wanted to practice their spoken English when I was around. I'd enter a room and the conversations would all switch to English! I don't remember what the legal requirements are but you really need a sympathetic contact down there. You may want to develop a contact or two in a series of visits before you finally move there. There are lots of companies doing cross-border projects. Find one, contact the US side of the effort, and tell them your background and desire to move to Mexico. As an example of 'cross-border' business activities, try Google with "electric cars mexico". Lots happening. As for the cities you mentioned, there should be lots of opportunity in Monterrey as it's a big industrial hub. So, too, Mexico City. San Luis Potosi has become a very successful industrial city in the last decades and it's high enough in the hills, like Mexico City, that the heat isn't terrible. I'd find a way to stay at the higher altitudes because of the heat. North of Mexico City is a big, extended plateau which should work. I'd visit the beaches when time off and temperature allowed. As for safety, I had no problems. I understand the northern-most 12 miles of Mexico are rife with drug shootouts (include Chihuahua in that assessment). I'm a pilot so I just fly over the problem areas now. The people were very friendly. I still love Mexico.
There are some large areas to stroll around in Condesa (an area in Mexico city) and Polanco. additionally, there's a save (for loss of a greater effectual word) in a mall in Santa Fe referred to as "Museo del Nino" (i'm undecided if there are placed in Mexico city) it is an exceedingly typical spot for toddlers. once you first get there, it is seems to be a value tag counter for an airline and the youngsters can gown up and faux and that i've got heard good issues approximately it. additionally, there's a Six Flags and there's a topic matter park typical as "l. a. Feria" which has a lot of rollercoasters and there are various rides which would be large to your daughter.
Monterrey has a VERY bad weather, its hot as hell and cold as siberia in the winter, the society is very close, the 99.9999999999% of them are cristian and they accept almost no one from outside, what i mean is that they arent open minded. PLUS, they have almost no cultural activity at all, almost no concerts, just 2 museums, so it can be pretty boring, PLUS it is considered to be the MOST expensive city to live in Mexico, services there are TRULLY expensive, such as (Gas, Electrycity, Rents, etc). Lately, Monterrey has been victim of violent drug crimes more often, it is common to listen now that they were shots with guns on the streets more often. So, for me, truly its NOT a good option AT ALL. (I know what i am saying, i lived there for long time) Mexico city is waaaaay cool, but it can be dangerous if you have absolutely no idea in how to move in it, but it has TONS of cultural activity, LOTS of museums, restaurants, bars, nightlife, galleries, music concerts and millions of activities of all kinds. Services aren`t that expensive. Rents can get quite a bit expensive. Its a very large city, and traffic jams are very common. There are large crowdes of people and it can get quite dangerous sometimes. Since its the capital, most people come here to make complains and its usual they block streets for hours and hours. It can get chaotic. If you make me chose, definetely I stall in Mexico City.
Stay out of Mexico City!! Too much crime. Not sure about Monterrey. I live in Playa del Carmen and recommend Playa and the Riviera Maya. There isn't much crime, but stay in lighted areas if you walk at night. With the current economic situation, jobs are tight everywhere. To work in Mexico, you have to have a special visa. Check with your closest Mexican consulate to find out the specifics. Know that the Riviera Maya gets REALLY hot in the summer.
Puerta Vallarta
Really, Mexico? why would you do that... i don't recommend it, its not a good country
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Citizens in New Mexico will be receiving an additional tax rebate from the state if they filed their 2007 tax returns, here is the link to the website confirming this: My question is this: will my rebate be applied to my defaulted student loan? This happened with my 2007 federal tax return and stimulus check as well. Now, I DID receive my 2007 state return from New Mexico, as it was not applied to my loan. So, is it that only federal tax returns and rebates are applied to student loans or does it also apply to state returns and rebates as well?
The way it is supposed to work, the student loan will get it. But frequently the IRS misses things like this. As one hateful, insignificant detractor to another.
In life things happen. A defaulted loan does not make you a bad person. It would be better, however, for you to take care of this before it becomes extremely problematic. This is the information I have found. I hope it helps. Quoted from website: It is extremely important to contact NM Student Loans before missing your first payment so that arrangements can be made before your loan becomes delinquent. If you don't make your payments, your loan may go into default. There are many options available to help meet the repayment obligation on your student loan. Some consequences of default may include, but aren't limited to, the following: You may have litigation brought against you. Your wages may be garnished. Part or all of your state and/or federal tax refund may be intercepted. Due to legal judgment, you may have a lien placed on present and future properties. You will lose eligibility for any additional federal student financial aid You will lose the cost saving benefits of the Advantage Program Deferment and forbearance will no longer be available to you. Your default will be rarrangementsall national credit bureaus and your credit will be affected for many years. I have heard horror stories from people I knew who defaulted on student loans and did not contact the Student Loan people to make payment arrangments. As you can tell from the NM Student Loan quote (listed above) there are long reaching and serious consequences. When you get a chance visit their website, default recovery, to check out your options. Good luck.
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My cousin and I got caught with $80 worth of stuff from walmart and I just turned 18. The officer said it was larceny and another one said it was petty theif it's a first time offense and I know that the judge might be more leniant to me since I've never had anything prior. I was reading that what happened was only a misdemeanor but the police said it was a 4th degree felony and another said 2nd degree and I would need $5000 for bail. But I got out with $50 o.o It was kinda just household supplies rather than the typical movies, tvs, etc. I know it was dumb but what can happen and what kind of trouble can I get into?
Well, pretty much anything can happen. Depending upon the actual charges they file against you. If you google "new mexico court case lookup" you can find out information about your case as it develops. In New Mexico, if they plan to indict you with a felony the prosecutor will first have to present the evidence to a grand jury who will decide whether or not the prosecutor has enough evidence to charge you with the crime. If you receive any information regarding the indictment, you are being charged with a felony. A felony in new mexico is any crime that is punishable by a year or more in prison. (not jail) Soooo, depending upon whether you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, the punishment can vary greatly. I would suggest consulting an attorney immediately. Explain the entire situation to them and ask their advise. If you are charged with a felony, you need to scrape together as much cash as possible to ensure that your best interests are represented in court. Since it is your first offense, perhaps an attorney will be able to work out a plea bargain for you whereby you have to attend some sort of program and abide by the rules of probation. Considering that you were involved in theft, I am going to offer some very basic fundamental advise that you need to follow in absolute compliance: 1. Consult an attorney. 2. Abstain from alcohol and drugs, if you drink/do them. 3. Stay away from any of your friends who are involved in ANY illicit activities. Keep a low profile. 4. Seek counseling from a licensed professional to discuss the nature of your crimes/behaviors. 5. Do not break ANY laws. I am talking ANY at all. Speeding, jaywalking, failing to use a turn signal. Abide to every law that there is and start being on your absolute best behavior. Pretend every day is Sunday and you are at church. 6. If your facebook/twitter/myspace or any other social network profile has any illicit pictures, posts, or information about you, DELETE them. Delete the accounts immediately. Prosecutors can use those pictures/posts to build a case about your character. 7. If you have not already, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. First and foremost this needs to be your top priority.
Properly your question is voluntarily dissapear.. in assessment to human beings answering here approximately dissapearing because of the fact getting killed/abducted definite that's rather person-friendly for a guy or woman to stay in Mexico and no person understanding. The passport requirement would not word in case you enter by using strolling or using... as quickly as in Mexico, you may actual detect a guy or woman who will hire you an residence or room while not having to have economic enterprise bills and formal employment... you may person-friendly discover an apt... merely pay funds for all ... and seem for a guy or woman no longer a corporation to hire from, considering a guy or woman in Mexico who rents out an apt.. commonly an exterior addition to their residing house (never checklist it for taxes or to the govmt) ... in case you go with a job for this i might advise you recognize Spanish, yet you may actual artwork for your self illegally .. many roles, assisting a close-by shop, plumber, wood worker, copnstruction guy, waiter, and so on ... in case you stress , then your motor vehicle tags and your motive force's license could be from the comparable state and not expired... properly seem on the U. S. ..if an unlawful guy or woman can stay here, it constructive is undemanding to stay in Mexico illegally and dodge being detected .... do exactly no longer commute some distance ( in case you're in Baja do no longer bypass into mainland Mexico or you will choose evidence of who you're) In Baja there may be random police checkpoints (merely checking DUI, gun administration, and so on) they'll ask on your motive force's license or identity.. yet on the grounds that's a freezone you do no longer choose a enable to bypass there... merely as long is under specific ammount of days) playstation . in case you get asked how long are you interior the rustic merely say the weekend traveling some friends or figuring out to purchase and say which you got here the day previous or something like that .. or merely travelling All could be great,
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I live in Mexico, and am an American. So I speak fluent Spanish and have a business here in Mexico. I have heard that 2 of the fastest growing economies in the world are South Korea and Colombia. I am thinking of opening a store in Colombia with a new partner. He has a home in Colombia and came up with the idea as an investor after seeing my store here. I own a leather company and he wants to fly me to Colombia to show me all the great cities and work out a business proposition to open another store there. I am a little nervous about going and wanted to know what peoples experiences and thought are. I live in Mexico, so I know all about living in a place that is known to be dangerous, but normally is not. And I wonder if Colombia is the same. Any thoughts or ideas?
Colombia can be dangerous if you go to Choco for example. There are SOME cities controlled by Las Farc and others. However, Bogota - with 8 million people - has less crime than New York City. Cali -right now - is probably the least stable, Medellin is a great place. Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Villavicencio are all safe, also. Your host will know where to go and not to go. Dont flash a lot of cash. Be smart and to Colombians, you WILL have an accent readily identifiable as Mexican. Use common sense and you will be fine.
Hi, I´m Colombian and I have been in bogota many many many times, IT IS A SAVE CITY with wonderful places, all of the problems in Colombia occurs in the tropical rain forest or small towns controlled by Las Farc but cities like Bogota, Medellin or Cartagena are very safe. Colombia, with president Uribe is geting better each day and more companies are doing inversions here. Although i think Bogota is not the best city in Colombia for industries and companies as there is a lot of competition there, I think (although there are some frontier problems with Venezuela) that Cucuta is the best city for that right now, Cucuta is changing from a small town into a great city, two comercial centers were recently opened here. Good luck!
Colombia has improved considerably in terms of security. Cartagena is still the mosrt visited city, and it is worth the while staying there at least a week. As for investment, now is the time. For the first time in 30 years, the country's GDP has gone up to 7.2% (DANE) Leather is a very common export too. Cities like Medellin and Cali are leaders when it comes to leather goods, but I believe that it's in Bogota where you get the highest profits due to the weather and the amount of foreigners residing there.
I lived in Panama which tended to be dangerous at times. My family is also fluent and we passed off as cubans when needed. So speaking fluent spanish is a plus. However my Mom goes there each year to hold a conference in Bogota and says that things there are still dangerous. If you know people they should be able to feel out the situation and keep you safe. However they also readily admit that kidnapping is #2 (only to drugs) on the money making list. Just be safe!
Well, i am not gonna be mean, but honest, right now, mexico is the same, or if not more dangerous then colombia, colombia has changed a lot, its way more safe, cleaner and prettier, people are less scared of going there, i am colombian, and i can gurantee you that u'll be safe, stay in high areas that are safe. dont wear jewerly so you are more safe, and just be sure that you will be safe, you'll be ok, and i bet you will like colombia a lot.
I am married to a Colombian and travel to Pasto (in Narino) frequently. It's beautiful and pretty safe and getting more so all the time. They make great leather goods there. Cattle ranching and dairy farming are important in that department. Doing business may require the same patience and care that you exercise in Mexico. Most Latin countries do not have the same rule of law as the US, and bureaucrats and police are very underpaid.
I hate to point out the obvious, but you didn't mention if you feel comfortable with the guy who is proposing to take you there? I am assuming you have checked him out or have a long-standing relationship with him? People have given you great advice about the country (I have not been) but to me, there is a red flag with the guy who wants to take you there. I am not being paranoid and don't want to put fear where it doesn't belong; but I am a volunteer spokesperson for human trafficking, and there are red flags all over this situation. Forgive me if this is a mute point and you trust this guy; but if you don't know him, PLEASE think about this, and don't go alone. If you are female, don't go. Plain and simple. Even if you're male, it happens to men too. Again, I don't know your situation, but from what little information you gave us, I would just be cautious. With Columbia being known for kidnapping, and with nearly 1 million people PER YEAR worldwide being kidnapped and sold into slavery, I just think you should do your homework. And really, don't go alone! Good luck!
Vivo en Colombia, y tengo muchos amigos mexicanos que viven aqui. A todos les encanta y nunca me ha pasado nada. No es peligroso en las ciudades ni en la mayoria del pais, pero es ovio que uno no deberia salir ssolo por la calle con un ipod a las 12 por que te pueden atracar, pero solo te quitan las cosas nunca hacen nada. Igual, he vivido aca toda la vida y estoy bien y nunca he visto nada malo. Es totalmente seguro y en bogota hay muchos negocios y a todos les va muy bien, especialmente ropa y restaurantes.
Bogota cartagena} Santa marta San gil
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I live in Houston Texas so I called the court today to find out how much the fine was? They told me they could not give me the fine amount until I made a Plea. Well, I would like to know what the fine is before I make that decision.. Does anyone know? The statute was 66-3-301 (A) Non resident registration violation - display of tag...??? This doesnt even make sense because in TX our registration tags are on the windshield, not the plate.... And does any one know what will happen if I dont pay the ticket? It is in New Mexico and I could survive if I never went there again?
What does a license plate have to do with a registration tag? Your license plate must be visible at all times. If it's not, you can be pulled over and ticketed for it. It's not as simple as not going to Nex Mexico again. Several things could happen. New Mexico WILL issue a warrant for your arrest that will be placed in a national database. Any time you are pulled over, the police will see this and may arrest you for it no matter where in the U.S. you are. It will harm your ability to get a job, renew your plates, license or even get a loan or apartment. You will see additional charges of failure to appear which brings their own fines and penalties. Another thing that could happen is New Mexico will suspend your license until it is taken care of and Texas will honor that request. Your license will be suspended in all states. Only ignore the citation if you want to deal with all of that and have that on your permanent record.
This is illegitimate to imprecise a license plat in Texas so i'd guess this is the comparable in maximum states. purely flow the plate no count if this is a issue or distribute the luggage around the plate while driving.
It's illegal to block your license plate ANYWHERE. Plead guilty, pay the fine, whatever it is. You can't fight it and win, the ONLY defense s that the plate was not actually covered. If you don't pay, NM will suspend your license. yes, your TEXAS license.
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I know it is very sad isn't it. Your dentist is in a business first of all. He/she went to school a long time to have a "good paying" job. Think about all the student loan bills he has Dentistry I think could be cheaper, but it is just like everything else in this great country of ours. Someone is always trying to make money. The suppliers that dentists have to use to provide them with the great new products out there charge ridiculous amounts for these supplies. Why? Because they can. A small part on some of our equipment can cost $200-300. The labs charge high amounts to finish the work for the dentists. Why? Because most dentists don't want or have the time to do their own. It is a get it done fast kind of world and just as you've noticed when you go to a "convenience store" you pay more for that convenience. Your teeth are a good need them to maintain good health. It is all about priority. Is a car, TV, boat going to give you good health. I know that sounds lame. I'm just trying to make you feel better about doing the right thing concerning your health. Maintain a good hygiene routine concerning your investment. Get your teeth cleaned regularly, brush and floss regularly and don't bathe them in sugary soda pop....Good luck and smile!
Emmalue gave a very good answer and I just want to expand on it. Yes, in your case the dentist is making gross (before taxes or expenses) $1000 per hour. Now let's see what he gets to do with that $1000. Pay his assistant: approximately $16 plus her benefits (insurance, etc) So that's total around $25/hour. His hygienist: With salary and benefits, around $35/hour. Pay his office staff, depending on how many he has, probably total per person $20/hour. He also pays rent for his building, utilities, insurance, etc. And the equipment he actually uses on you. Have you ever had laughing gas (nitrous oxide)? That one little can cost him around $5000. Each x-ray machine depending on if it is analog or digital cost him between $10,000 and $50,000. Everything down to the patient napkin they put around your neck is costing him money. I guarantee he isn't going home with a paycheck for $1000/hour. Probably more like $200/hour. Still a lot you say? Well, he went to school for 8 years, is a DOCTOR, and earns it. Added note: A dentist's malpractice insurance is JUST as much, and sometimes more, than a regular doctor's. Just because they work on teeth means nothing. No, they don't need to buy new equipment after each patient, but they do finance them and take loans. I was just giving examples of their costs.
I assure you, your dentist is not making $1000 an hour. Many factors drive high medical costs - insurance, staffing, labs, supplies, energy, continuing education, etc. It's a huge problem in this country and you should not blame dentists. Because some people don't want to pay the $200 or so to go in for regular checkups and preventative care, they end up paying thousands to save a tooth, or they lose them. The best way to save money is to take good care of your teeth and invest a little to save a lot!
Yes, dentists do have many loans and staffing, etc expenses. I do agree with all this they still charge too much. I never saw a dentist who lives in a tiny little house or drive a cheap car. Many of us do not make the type of salaries they pay their staff and have to sacrifice to live day to day. How many dentists perform needless procedures to make money. Any professional person like a dentist or doctor know they will have these expenses before they enter the field. They do not buy new instruments or equipment after each patient's visit. Heck, I know a dentist who performed a root canal free of charge (on my cousin) because they are neighbors in a swanky neighborhood. Would your dentist do this for you? Each dentist can charge what they want because they know you need them. There insurance is not as high as a medical doctor since they treat teeth only, not the whole body.
Gosh I wish I knew the answer, I had a tooth pulled last year, it was $120 or pay $2000 to save it. Now i have ANOTHER tooth that has to be pulled right next to it, at least they are uppers in the back so not noticeable but still, can you imagine paying $4000 out of pocket to save two teeth, unbelieable! I could buy a used car with that money. Get this a friend of mine needs his 4 back teeth implanted (he had them all pulled due to cracks from grinding), his dentist wants $14000 to replace these four teeth. MY GAWD!
Because of the fact organizations are grasping and that they comprehend all women individuals will ought to purchase them interior the top. as quickly as i'm finished with having young toddlers ... i'm in basic terms gonna take the pill back to back or get the injection as then I won't have classes then I won't ought to pay for the stupid issues. I often purchase a container or tampons (18 in a container that's around £3.40 ... approximately $7 on your funds) and that they only final a month!!! i think of all sanitary products must be loose on the NHS (or on your case from the coverage that gets paid for scientific appointments etc)
Debt from dental school could be up to $400,000 which means the monthly payment on a 30 year loan will be about $3,000. Buy into a practice for another $300,000-500,000. General dentists especially have a very high overhead. I believe most will take home about one third of what you actually pay them because they have to pay the people who doe the lab work which will take about another one third of what you pay and pay for staff and the operation of the office, another one third.
Sameas during the Great Depression. Suffer with pain and/or lose their teeth Cost $1.00 to pull a tooth, and many times no one had a $1. Like all docs, malpractice insurance is one culprit
I just paid $15,000 to get my teeth fixed
I don't know but i'm w/ you. the dentists often don't even do very much!
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Tony Resco put behind Bars. Cold Cash Jefferson convicted of Corruption. ILL. Governor Blagojevich tries to sell Obama's seat! Al Franken and supporters under cloud of suspicion for miscounting Shenanigans in Minnesota election recount! Now,... New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdraws his nomination as Commerce Secretary after corruption investigation reveals high ranking NM Democrats and Dem PACs in NM accepted huge contributions from CDR Corp. after this company was awarded $1.48 Million state contracts. Who's the next corrupt Democrat official? And what will they refuse to stoop to? Obama and the Dems coming into power under an avalanche of corruption and dirty politics. Is there no shame on the left side of the esle in Washington? What say you America? Please opine if so inclined. and please be pithy in the No Spin Zone!
Its only been a little over two years that the Democrats have been in power, and they are wallowing in a cesspool of corruption! And now they want Pelosi as Speaker of the House they can continue to pay-to-play, reject Black folks in the Senate, stash $90,000 in their freezer (ala Cold Cash Jefferson) and cheat behind their dying wives back. The Democrat party should be ashamed, except that the sheeeeep out there continue to vote for them! Perhaps this is acctually a statement describing America! Good core moral beliefs are in the toilet, and the Dems only prove this out everytime one of them gets caught! Like cockroaches, you catch one, theres a hundred more still hiding in the walls!
Well there is still that question about all that foreign money raised for the Party! What is that estimate 200m+? Even if the Feds "officially" clear them of wrongful acceptance of illegal contributions, that much money will cause a public backlash. My fear is that the Dems are willing to take extraordinary measures to save themselves. They're talking about 20k~40k troops for domestic deployments, and recruiting a 500k+ para-military answerable to Obama and the Dems, but not controlled by the DoD? This is making me very nervous!
Obama himself ! What did he know & when?! It's his ship and the captain goes down with the ship . But of course he'll lay off the blame on the system and not those directing ! That's right America it's the tax payers fault in the Dem's view. He couldn't even handle the 1st scandal forthrightly in his senate election. The live birth certificate vs. a birth certificate. Good Night & Good Luck
Richardson is going against the choose of his state (New Mexico went for Clinton) and the choose of the latino vote (which overwhelmingly votes for Clinton). No ask your self even with the incontrovertible fact that he suggested who ever became forward interior the common vote became who he could help. I basically ask your self if he's getting telephone calls threatening his pastime if he does not change back to Clinton. because of the fact the Obama camp calls super-delegates whos human beings voted for Obama and threatens them, why no longer?
The Democrats apparently think they are beyond reproach and wont be held accountable for their actions. Blagojevich tries to sell a Senate seat and suddenly he is "mentally unstable" and needs help. Jefferson gets caught with a bribe in his freezer and some on the left explain it away as a Republican conspiracy. This is the tip of the iceberg in regards to the total corruption in both body and soul of the Democratic party they have sold themselves out to the highest bidders.
I've got no defense for Resco, Jefferson, Blago, or Richardson. I'm almost certain that they're guilty as sin. Franken and Coleman's race will be decided in court and would have been had the recount gone the other way. Nobody has clean hands in Minnesota. (PS you still got it in for Stewart Smally -bitter much?) Emanuel is clearly the next dem to go, by the way. His convenient trip to africa and internal reports not withstanding, I'd be surprized if he didn't have close dealings with Blago. That's it for the left how about the right? How about Palins in-laws fighting drug charges. How about trooper gate. How about cold cash stevens. How about that magic *****. how about Vickie Iseman. how about bernanke giving out $$$ with no strings attached. how about haliburton and cheney's war profiteering. how about cia leaks, libby's pardon, and shooting people in da face. how about water boarding, wiretapping, Ant. Gonzo firing those lawyers. How about guantanomo, abu gharib, and the last 8 years. I can't wait for Rumsfeld to visit Europe so they can ship his butt to the hague. Whew, sorry for being a jackanapes. By the way you have his "speak" down pact.
I fully expect Hillary to have a skeleton fall out of her closet any day now. Or maybe the right is waiting for a better time to get maximum exposure and better results.
Obamas not even in office yet and there are already scandals and questions...Oh this is going to be one hell of a ride the next 4 years.
I say Rahm Emanuel.
And the list gos on...............wait till he is sworn in more corrupt stuff will keep flowing. the Dem's will find some way to blame the reps , they always do .they never take credit where credit is due.
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Why are they saying the Democrats had something to do with the gun walking operation to Mexico to gain support for tougher gun laws, when they're fully aware that the F&F was a covert operation with The ATF and Attorney General Micheal Mukasey. A letter that the head of the ATF sent Mukasey has already been revealed were he asks the former Attorney General for permission to step up gun operation to Mexico. I guess their trying to blame Eric Holder and the President for not stopping the operation soon enough because the documents they want pertain to what they knew and what the discussion was leading up to the termination of Fast and Furious. In these documents would be wiretapping subpoenas, advisory briefings, ATF intel, stuff that is traditionally classified by law. I believe these contempt hearings is an attempt to distract voters from the fact that Republicans are about to let student loan interest rates double this month and on a wider scale to distract voters from the fact that they're holding up much needed legislation on jobs and transportation bills. This whole thing only reminds me how Fox News rentlessly ran that Shirley Sherrod Story as Obama was passing wallstreet banking reform laws. Remember this. And then theres what Romney said about President Obama not passing immigration reform when he had majorities in both chambers of congress, when FOX is fully aware that Obama passed the Dream Act in the house and the senate and the Republicans filibustered it. On FOX News today they were airing clips of Romney saying this as if the President didn't try to pass immigration reform. Not one single news anchor on FOX News mention the Dream Act that was filibustered. Are their viewers so unsavy that they only see politics through the prism of False News ?
Faux News is pure emotional propaganda - nothing but non-stop lies and hate-mongering, with the aim of turning the middle-class against its own economic self-interest so the super-rich can continue decimating the middle-class America that was once the envy of the whole world. Good-bye my beloved America, hello 3rd world Amerikkka. "Fair & balanced" my @ss!
It sounds like you're buying into the idea that Fox News and CNN are credible news sources. They were bought and paid for a long time ago buy the same people who founded the federal reserve. The cooperate media networks serve a purpose and it is not to provide the people with knowledge. It is to make money. They exist to make you feel bad about not owning an ipad, or not believing in god , or in any way not conforming to their capitalist driven society. Are they trying to convince us that we're living in an alternate society? You bet, and there's a great documentary called "Outfoxed" which will enlighten anyone who's so inclined as to what Rupert Murdoch considers "fair and balanced".
The fact is, prior to Fast and Furious being made public, the Obama administration was publicly calling for more gun control because American guns were ending up in Mexico. After being made public, the Obama administration shut their collective mouths about American guns to Mexico and calling for more gun control.
Magnets lacking one sure one where scientific community has no knowledge of magnets .strange it has heard of magnetic poles so in theory . ah well . the other alternate reality is page cannot be displayed and web spider 404 errors or that is not correct response statement on internet .ah if only the media had that happen to them imagine writing an article and getting the message not correct response you must stroke harder .if computers had personality instead of ones and zeroes would say that.
Government and media construct the views which in return reinforces what we deem right or wrong in society or in this nation whether it's regarding issues such as, gay marriage, abortion, drugs, and what we deem masculine and feminine roles. It's all predetermined by the minds of directors and writers alike who create music videos, movies, magazines, radio, news outlets and much more. Everything in society is based of story-driven beliefs that are based on moral, emotional, and religious considerations rather than on facts!
You sure seem to know a lot about what FOX has to say, if you are so critical of it but still watch it well it makes me wonder.
Darn you and your facts!!!! I will not dignify your question with a response! Not until after Fox and Friends. Now good day sir. I said good day!
I don't know any liberals who take fox seriously. I do watch Bill o'reily from time to time for some good laughs though.
-Well, that certainly would Explain where IT's "Coming from..." ;)
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I am tired of life in Indiana so I want to move. Me and the hubby really like the idea of new mexico but we are ready to go now. My landlord said she will let me out of the lease whenever I please (they are trying to sell the property) and I am about to start college (community college so it isn't a big deal to just go to NM college). We want to sell all of our posessions and start over new and simple. I will be getting school loans for $9,500 per semester so in a month I will have about $11,000. So basically I just want to sell my junk, pack up a few belongings in the car, drive down there and rent a motel room for a week or so until we find an apartment, and go from there. His job is crappy anyways and I already lost my job because my baby got sick and I missed a lot of work. What do you think? bad idea? good idea? would you do it? I'm personally not worried about material junk or even if I have to sleep in the car for a few nights and my baby isn't going to care either. Point is...I will have a good chunk of money to pay at least 7 months of rent until I can find a job. It' just an idea..I dunno.
Im not your mom so do whatever you want your plan seems pretty straighforward
I have no idea why you would bash Indiana considering A it has one of the best job markets in the country and with this economy you should stay where the jobs are. Not to mention the amount of Illegals and Drug smuggling along the Mexico Border because Congress hasn't done anything to really strengthen the border and stop the drug smuggling. If you think a family getting massacred is bad enough in Arizona imagine living in fear of that everyday because of the Mexico border crossings. If you don't live in Indianapolis and want a more exciting place to live in Indiana then move down to Indy. Plenty of jobs available and the big city atmosphere provides endless entertainment.
U are like every other person that has no plan...ohhhh im gonna get some money..that fixes everything.u need to research how the job market is,what rent costs,commodities..ppl move and then find out cost of livin is to much...u are gonna spend ur grant money...duhhh bad move homer..the key to succes is moving forward..not goin backwards...if oppertunity is not greater u will only be a prob to society and not a leader
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You can do this. But you have to get a letter from the bank that has your loan, saying that you have permission to take it into Mexico. You might want to contact the bank you will be using before you buy the car because all of them won't agree to this. Then you will have to pay $400.00 at the border to import your car. You will also have to keep your U.S. insurance on the car as well as Mexican auto insurance. If you have enough money to keep that up then good for you but personally think it would be better if you just bought the car in Mexico.
You have been given some correct, some incorrect information. Yes to the bank letter. Discuss your move with the bank before you get the financing. Get a car that can be serviced in Mexico. We don't have all brands here and trust me, getting parts for a car that doesn't have a presence in Mexico is a royal pain. No to a $400 import fee. You just need to show a credit card that they can charge if you don't comply later on. Yes to Mexican car insurance. Most of us cancel our US car insurance with the provision that we can temporarily restart it if we travel back NOB for a short time. Your import sticker will be good for the length of your FM3 Visa. Get a copy of "Head for Mexico" by Don Adams and "People's Guide to Mexico" by Carl Franz. Both will tell you more than you need to know to get started.
Contact your bank for a letter of permission to leave the country with it. IT doesn't matter that you owe on it still. They will write you a letter to get you through the border and back. Just contact your bank and tell them the dates you plan to be gone. I'm doing the same thing..leaving for Mexico City in December.
Mexico doesn't care, but your bank might. Especially if you have gap insurance, they may not cover if out of the USA.
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I am not asking this to be sarcastic or anything, I just need a list of the policies and bills and other things Barack Obama has passed in his first year as President. I am writing a paper. I am a sophomore in high school and have not kept up to date with what is going on in politics, though I should be. If you can please tell me your perspective on how you think the President has done in his first year. Thanks:)
On the environment: * Included funding for "green" jobs in the stimulus bill * Initiated first steps to develop a legally-binding treaty to reduce mercury emissions worldwide * Dedicated more than $60 billion for clean energy * Instituted "cash for clunkers," getting more fuel efficient cars on the street * Acknowledges reality of climate change and his desire to work on an international policy like Kyoto * Emphasized the value of science (not political opinion) within the EPA * Allocated $2 billion in stimulus cash for advanced batteries systems (for automobiles) * Declared (via EPA) carbon dioxide a threat to health, the first step towards regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act * Funded Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, which gives $2.8 billion to cities * Put over 2 million acres of wilderness, thousands of miles of river and a host of national trails and parks under federal protection, the largest conservation effort in 15 years * Funding a $475 million initiative to restore and clean the Great Lakes On healthcare: * Overturned the federal funding ban for stem cell research * Instituted better standards for comparative research in medicine and an agency to handle this * Added staff to the FDA and brought back emphasis on science * Allocated over $1 billion to the National Institutes of Health, whose budget Bush let stagnate * Eliminated funding for abstinence-only education * Signed an executive order repealing the "Mexico City policy" or "global gag rule" that withheld U.S. funds from organizations that discuss or provide family planning services abroad * Announced US would resume contributions to the UN population fund for family planning and more than double the previous contribution made in 2001 * Appropriated $19 billion in the stimulus package to help implement an electronic medical record system * Set aside billions in budget to overhaul the health care system * Enacted Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization, providing healthcare to 11 million children * Established 65% COBRA subsidy for 7 million unemployed Americans * Allocated $1 billion for prevention and wellness programs * Provided $87 billion to states to bolster their Medicaid programs during the downturn * Increased funding for urban HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness On Education, Equality, Public Safety, Families, etc.: * Expressed a desire to overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell * Described the Defense of Marriage Act as "unfair" and "discriminatory" and said they supported it being overturned * Includes atheists in his definition of Americans * Extended tax credits for mothers to return to college, for tuition, and for college textbook purchases * Has agreed to make the visitors' lists to the White House public * Signed executive order requiring Guantanamo to be closed within 1 year and allocated funds/personnel for that purpose * Included provision in stimulus legislation that, for the first time, supported the ideas of Net Neutrality-like non-discrimination and openness for the Internet * The administration demonstrated a new commitment to fighting for change on the UN Human Rights Council by announcing it will run for a seat next year, reversing the Bush administration boycott * Announced that the U.S. will support a United Nations declaration urging nations to decriminalize homosexuality * Created office of Urban Policy * Gave Department of Justice $2 billion for Byrne Grants, which funds anti-gang and anti-gun task forces (cut during Bush years) * Allocated $5 billion for early learning programs, including Head Start, Early Head Start, child care, and programs for children with special needs * Signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act to protect Americans from unfair and deceptive credit card practices * Enacted the Making Homes Affordable Program * Boosted credit flow to small businesses * Increased focus on funding for high speed rail * Funded the Community Oriented Police program (COPS) * Appointed first Hispanic justice to the Supreme Court and most qualified Supreme Court candidate in decades On foreign affairs (see link for more complete list): * Secured $5 billion in aid commitments "to bolster [Pakistan's] economy and help it fight terror and Islamic radicalism" * Foreign affairs experts insist that Obama's engagement with the Muslim world has been at once remarkable and under-appreciated..."He has been able to dramatically change America's image in that region" * Led global response to the economic crisis through the G20, obtaining commitments of $1.1 trillion to safeguard the world’s most vulnerable economies * Esta
You just want the positive stuff -- not the 1000 horribles on the negative side, so to save time I'll give you my top three in descending order of importance: #1 The Bank Bailouts -- If they hadn't happened it would be 1929 breadlines and soup kitchens and tent cities and bodies in the streets. Are the banks bad? Yes, they are horrible, greedy thieves, monsters. Was Washington bad in over-seeing them during the Bush years? Yes, criminally negligent, impeachable dereliction of duty, utterly asleep at the switch, worse than the Captain of the Exxon Valdez. So were the bank bailouts right? Yes, they were necessary to stave off even greater evils, hardship, amd loss of life. We would have seen cities burning, and the Army (not the National Guard) out in the streets -- I've seen that so I know it can happen. Is everything that's necessary right? Yes, pretty much. Do I mean that necessity justifies terrible recourses? Yes, I do mean that. Bailing out the banks was better than the alternatives that would have ensured. The bailout will eventually be reversible. The harm from a 1929 style crash in modern America would not have been reversible. Harm from which we would NEVER have recovered. #2 Predator strikes in Pakistan have gone well, as Biden said they would. Also, to a lesser extent in Afghanistan, and Yemen. Using this weapon is extremely smart compared to sending ground troops in to tiny mountain villages packed with Islamist Militants. That would have been the Way of True Stupidity (The G.W. Bush Way). Obama saved a lot of American lives by finding a smarter way. Being smart is good. Obama is no Einstein, but he got this one right (because Biden was there, everytone else was telling him to send in the ground troops.) #3 The Cash for Clunker Program was moderately successful. It was extremely uneconomic -- cost about $43,000 per clunker, but that does not matter -- the whole idea of stimulus money is to get it out there. Keynes said bury wads of cash and pay people to dig them up. The Clunker program may be followed by another decent program Cash for Caulkers (pay people to insulate their homes, windows etc). Any part of getting any of that Stimulus Bill money out there to anybody except more ACORN people and more state bureaucrats, Obama should get credit for. This means he should not get credit for how 3/4 of the money has been spent so far but Clunkers and Caulking is at least ethically sound and gives the middle class guy a shot at some of the money (his only ones so far). Short Answer: Bailout, Predators, and Clunkers/Caulkers [Personal note to you: You should notice that your teacher's question is one-sided brainwashing agitprop that is being done on you in lieu of educating you. Please write an essay on how wonderful Obama has been and the good things he has done --- that is brainwashing agitprop -- it should be illegal for teachers to abuse their positions by indoctrinating students into their PC political world views and leftie notions. Do not mention this in your essay. Anybody that's ready to brainwash you is also ready to give you a D minus if you cross them. Lefties are tyrannical fascists, and whatever power the teacher has will surely come down on you if you are so bold as to point out the bias inherently built in to the question and the indoctrinational motive for making you write a paper that way. Please write a paper on the wonderfulness of dolphin314etc and how thankful you feel for all the amazing things he has taught you. You get it, right? OK it's a personal note, keep your mouth shut, just graduate and get out of there, OK?]
He'll look GREAT on camera!.... But just like the promises the Republicans made when they got both house and the president nothing that was promised will come to pass. All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. They're lying politicians get over yourselves.
I cant answer your question without giving you the truth .Obama has done far more damage than he has done good. One thing he had done is made millions of Americans realize this is the "peoples" government and not either political parties cash cow .People who once voted parties are now voting policies and they want action on so many issues. The majority of legal Americans dont want Obamacare,Amnesty for illegal aliens or excuses. They want our tax money spent on Americans and America. Obama has brought shame to this nation by his genuflecting to the leaders of the world and made America seem weak. We are a super power,a first world nation and I want a president that loves this country and respects its Constitution..Not someone that wants to nationalize our corporations and bring us to our knees. America first then we help other countries.
Hey Little I am sorry that I will not list accomplishments that you are looking for BUT,There is something that he has done that most will not give him credit for, and here goes......... Barack Obama has done something that is really great that no other recent president has been able to do. WHAT he has done is he has genuinely pissed off and scared more people than he will ever imagine.. And the good thing....Republicans, independents, democrats people with no political care or opinion at all before, all of a sudden they realize government is out of control, they no longer are serving the people but it has become us who must be servants to them. So So I give him thanks for that***He has woke the sleeping giant, the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best part about that HEADS WILL ROLL!! And hope you don't mind a lil THOMAS JEFFERSON QUOTE :} A government big enough to give you all you want, is a government big enough to take all you have. Thanks for asking, RANDY
Sparked a new movement, the 9/12 project made billions of people realize the complete disregard of the Constitution in the previous (and current) Presidencies increased the national debt more than any other President... ever lol, the list goes on and ooooon.
He's managed to tick off pretty much the entire country and a good part of our Allies, for one, and set racial relations back 40 years in the process.
The idiot has accomplished nothing good in his first year as president. His Hope and Change turned out to be Hoax and Chains.
Can't we all just get along? i mean, Obama is an OK guy, but as a president he pretty much sucks, in fact, i think we should elect one of those chess playing robots to do the job, it couldn't be any worse right?
He has increased the national debt by 3 trillion dollars, he actually did that in his first three months. On a more positive note he is campaigning for his liberal sidekicks and his support has been the kiss of death for them allowing more competent candidates to be elected. Keep up the good work Barry!!
Barack Obama has completed his first year as our President. In almost every regard, his actions and the actions of his administration have been disastrous for the long-term future of this country. The things he’s done correctly can be counted on one hand: • He set up a commission to cut $100 million from the federal budget. It was a small amount, but the effort was worthy and should be repeated, albeit with much larger numbers. • He went to Dover Air Force Base to witness the return of some of our soldiers killed in action. Whether you believe it was a photo-op or not, he did it and deserves credit. • Obama has effectively used drone technology to attack Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists – even though he refuses to call them terrorists. • On two occasions, he sent additional troops to Afghanistan. In the second instance, he dithered in a seemingly clueless manner and unnecessarily questioned his own commanders, but he made the correct decision and hopefully will now allow them to run the war as they need to do. In almost every other decision, Obama was misguided and – in utter contrast to his campaign promises – materially misled the American people regarding his intentions as President. The most significant events of this voluminous list are detailed below: • Disregard for Primary Concerns of Voters – A President has to strike a balance between leading the country and listening to his constituents. It is always difficult, but rarely has a President been so out of touch with the people of this nation. While Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about high unemployment numbers and enormous government deficits, Obama has ignored the basic economic issues, instead choosing to focus upon his own political agenda. • Transparency – The President promised that his Administration would be the most transparent in history. This promise appears to be just as accurate as the Clinton Administration’s commitment to be the most ethical in history. Obama repeatedly stated during the campaign that bills would be posted on the Internet for all of us to review. Well, neither the Americans citizens nor their elected representatives and senators got the opportunity to review the bills – at least before the votes were taken. Congressional meetings were supposed to be held with C-SPAN cameras turned on, but that never occurred. The Health Care Bill was originally discussed in committees, but then completely rewritten in back rooms and now will be finalized in secret conferences between Obama and senior Democrats. On this point, Mr. Obama has seriously misled the American people. • Cap and Trade – A bill that would give the federal government near-complete control of the American economy passed the House by the slimmest of majorities. It has been stalled in the Senate, but that hasn’t deterred the Obama Administration’s attempt to use the environment as an excuse to control all aspects of our activities. The EPA has stepped in saying we are going to do what Congress appears unwilling to do – establish federal control over all decisions made by manufacturers and most other businesses. Of course, the Administration will then be shocked – shocked! – at the loss of thousands of jobs to foreign countries. • Security – We’re being told that the Obama Administration bears no responsibility for the rash of recent incidents that challenge our national security. For seven years after 9/11, the Bush Administration kept us safe, but now all hell is breaking loose. Don’t underestimate how much of this has been caused by the tone of appeasement set at the top and disseminated throughout the Administration. Obama has learned to talk softly, but forgot to carry the big stick. • Bi-partisanship – Mr. Obama promised us a new bi-partisan era. At least George W. Bush made a legitimate effort at the beginning of his term by negotiating with Ted Kennedy and other Democrats on important bills (such as No Child Left Behind). Obama abandoned any pretense of bi-partisanship the day he hired hyper-partisan Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. Since then, he has made little effort to work with Republicans, and in fact went more than six months without meeting with Republican leaders on his most important legislation – health care. In this regard, Obama again seriously misled the American people, and it has severely harmed his performance as President. • Deficits – There’s no doubt that Mr. Obama inherited a significant budget deficit that was growing because of necessary expenditures and reduced tax collections. Nevertheless, the President intentionally misled the American people by including his $800 billion Stimulus Bill with President Bush’s prior year numbers and then blaming it on Bush. Looking ahead, the deficit will be staggering. Fortunately, there are fewer earmarks in the current budget bills, but there are still 5,000 of them! Another failed Obama promise. There is so much more but I have reached max words allowed. o_O
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The American Veterinary Medical Association accredites veterinary technology degree programs and they keep a list on their website: Of all of the distance learning programs, San Juan College in New Mexico is one of the least expensive.
Here is a list of Vet Tech schools for you. Maybe this can help you out: If you want to look strictly at online- you can go here and narrow down by program to Vet Tech: Hopefully this can help you get moving in the right direction. You mentioned financial aid also. Here is a good resource page: There are tons of places on here that can help you out with aid or scholarship opportunities. Good luck!
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Check this little tid bit of info out…im sure you fox fans already were aware of this The Most Honest administration ever. If Bush had done this it would be headlines in every paper and news cast. Obama for offshore drilling in Brazil This is a perfect example why many refrain from watching the news on ABC, NBC, CBS, or MSNBC. On a recent segment of the "Glen Beck Show" on FOX (Fox Cable News) was the following: "Today, even though President Obama is against off shore drilling for our country, he signed an executive order to loan 2 Billion of our taxpayers dollars to a Brazilian Oil Exploration Company (which is the 8th largest company in the entire world) to drill for oil off the coast of Brazil ! The oil that comes from this operation is for the sole purpose and use of China and NOT THE USA ! Now here's the real clincher...the Chinese government is under contract to purchase all the oil that this oil field will produce, which is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil". We have absolutely no gain from this transaction whatsoever ! Wait, it gets more interesting. Guess who is the largest individual stockholder of this Brazilian Oil Company and who would benefit most from this? It is American BILLIONAIRE, George Soros, who was one of President Obama's most generous financial supporter during his campaign. If you are able to connect the dots and follow the money, you are probably as upset as I am. Not a word of this transaction was broadcast on any of the other news networks ! Below is the Wall street Journal article to confirm this.
Obama is hyping the Gulf spill to push cap and trade. That is why he prevents efforts to stop and clean up the spill with red tape. Obama, Al Gore, George Soros, Fannie Mae and Goldman-Sachs all make trillions if cap and trade passes. If it doesn't pass, their Chicago Climate Exchange shares are worthless.
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If you're going to quote someone like Glenn Beck as proof, at least spell his name right if you want anyone with a brain to take you seriously.
GREAT POST--------If people would investigate the truth themselves, they would be amazed what this administration's agenda is. obama and this administration is dangerous to America------FACT

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