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bad credit loans in new jersey
Well, I'm 16 soon to be 17 in April and I'm very responsible for everything never late and I see that my family has bad credit. My sister is 22 and has student loans and car loans that she defaulted on and is just a mess, my mom is getting better with her credit, my father filed for bankruptcy a few months ago, and my step dad has good credit. (My real father and I have almost no relationship and parents are divorced). I don't want to be like them when I'm 18 and get older. I'm always looking for the best interest for my future and I was questioning some things so can anyone check if they can help me. 1. I live in New Jersey and I hear that parents can have a child under the legal age of 18 in my case which would be me be placed on an account meaning they use my credit ( I would want my step dad to have me under his account) which in turn would build up mine so when I'm 18 I already have good credit instead of no credit.? I know for a fact that the way the economy is life is getting harder for people with no credit and people that have okay credit. I want to advance myself in this field so what can I do to see that I can have great credit and not just average. I know that its best to never use a credit card unless you're able to pay it in full so it doesn't charge interest and carry an even bigger balance. I also know that having too many is also a bad thing.
You could be added as an authorized user to a parent's credit card. The account would show on your credit report and count in your score -- authorized user accounts only count in the score for spouses and children. Being added to your step father's account may not work (different last names). In any case at 16, really don't need to worry about credit. It's more important that you learn good fincial management skills -- budgeting, living within your means, paying bills on time. Think about opening a bank account and saving money.
Your credit file does not start until you are 18 and are able to sign a binding contract. Getting a credit card as an authorized user of your step dads' account will only accumulate you credit if the credit card company actually still goes along with this practice. Because... they don't have to and most of them simply don't do it anymore. You would never be held liable to make any payments but only have the right to charge on your uncles' accounts. Why... should that privilege give you a credit history? Your stepfather has good credit.... and I can guarantee you that one of the reasons is that he does not have "authorized users" on his accounts. (because... it is an extreme stupidity to allow anybody to charge anything they want and you have to pay for it...) What you can do to establish your credit: Get a teen checking account and savings account. For this you need to convince a trusted adult to open the accounts for you. Both you and the adult will be on the accounts until you are 18. Then... get a job and have that paycheck direct deposited into your bank account. Start saving... and fill up that savings account. By the time you are 18 you should have a sizable amount in your savings account and handled your checking account flawlessly for at least 2 years already. That is convincing proof to your bank that you can handle your finances and they are more likely to give you a credit card when you are 18.
#1 DO NOT get added as an authorized user. Doing that is asking for your credit to be destroyed by somebody else. My brother is an authorized user on my dads card. My dad keeps the card maxed out, goes over the limit, etc., and it has destroyed my brothers credit. He tried to apply for a card on his own and was denied instantly. They said he was delinquent on payments, carried to high a balance, etc. etc. etc. He explained that he isn't responsible for the payments, he is just an added user to the card. It didn't matter, it only matters what is on paper. So he is 24 with ruined credit and finally found a credit card company that would give him a $350 limit, lol. #2 The best/safest/easiest route is to apply for a secured credit card. This means you pay money up front and select your own credit limit. For example, you pay your bank $500 and they hold that and grant you a credit card with a $500 limit. You make payments just like a normal credit card. And after roughly 10 months your bank will return your $500 collateral (or whatever amount you give them) and give you an unsecured (normal) credit card. The downside is you have to come up with the money up front but I think you can start with as low as $250...Inquire with your bank. #3 Actually the very first step is to open a checking account with a bank. You end up linking your checking account online to your credit card in order to make online payments. The first thing you should attempt to do is build up a checking account balance by working and saving $.... Good Luck!
While it is great that you are thinking about your future, until your eighteen you can not start building credit. If you can get a credit card with a low limit to start building your credit (when you turn eighteen). Pay it on time and keep the balance low. Learn from your families mistakes and just don't go down that road. Good luck.
The #1 factor in your credit score is bill paying. If you really want to build your credit when you get a bill in your own name (power/water/morgate/car loan etc) make sure you pay it on time and in full. Sign up for auto pay! While this may not help you now, it will in the future. Good luck to you. Very good to be looking out for this at your age.
fast cash new jersey
I owned my jeep cherokee for four years continuously registered and insured but just recently moved to California from New Jersey and out of necessity just let the truck sit for a few months during which the reg and insur. just expired about three months ago. So now can I still use this as a redeemable option on a new car.
For auto insurance the fastest way to get a cheap quote is do a auto policy comparison. Be sure to choose the same coverage amounts, you can get an fast quote to compare against others. Use the same zip code, car make/model, mileage and driving history to ensure you get an apples to apples comparison. To get fast auto quotes, go to and you can compare the major auto insurance companies.
At - INSUREDEAL.INFO- you can get quotes in just a few minutes RE Under the new Cash Allowance Rebate program is my vehicle eligible if the registration and insurance ran out? I owned my jeep cherokee for four years continuously registered and insured but just recently moved to California from New Jersey and out of necessity just let the truck sit for a few months during which the reg and insur. just expired about three months ago. So now can I still use this as a redeemable option on a new car.
You can get quotes in just a few minutes at http://COVERAGEHELP.NET/belgsIC523 RE Under the new Cash Allowance Rebate program is my vehicle eligible if the registration and insurance ran out? I owned my jeep cherokee for four years continuously registered and insured but just recently moved to California from New Jersey and out of necessity just let the truck sit for a few months during which the reg and insur. just expired about three months ago. So now can I still use this as a redeemable option on a new car.
I suggest that you try this web page where onel can compare rates from the best companies: http://PROTECTIONQUOTES.NET/index.html?s... RE :Under the new Cash Allowance Rebate program is my vehicle eligible if the registration and insurance ran out? I owned my jeep cherokee for four years continuously registered and insured but just recently moved to California from New Jersey and out of necessity just let the truck sit for a few months during which the reg and insur. just expired about three months ago. So now can I still use this as a redeemable option on a new car. Follow 7 answers
Don't you think that the real answer would come from the auto dealer you are going to use to trade your vehicle with?
Compare insuran ce quotes
This site can help you finding the best deal in your area: QUOTES-FOR-INSURANCE.NET
loan rates new jersey
I own a rental property in New jersey which is paid for outright but i live in florida presently. I'm looking to get a loan against that house to start a business but banks won't give me a loan against that house because it is not my primary residence. Where can i turn to, to be able to get a load against that house
Normally, you should be able to get a loan for at least 50% of the appraised value of that home. Investment properties generally require lower LTV values and higher interest rates than loans on primary residences, but lenders will make these loans. That is, if your credit is good enough, and you can exhibit enough income to make the loan payments, and the property is in decent condition and does not require repairs. Also, if the home is only worth 90,000 and they will only loan 50% of that, then a 45,000 loan may be below their minimum loan amount (this is because the states have imposed maximum percentages that all fees can be of the loan amount, and the lender may not make enough in fees to cover their actual costs in making the loan). A good starting place is the lender who has the loan on your primary residence, or the bank where you keep all your deposits.
loan rates new jersey
Zerox Copying Company plans to borrow $156,000. New Jersey National Bank will lend the money at one-half percentage point over the prime rate at the time of 8 1/2 percent (9 percent total) and requires a compensating balance of 28 percent. The principal in this case will be funds that the firm can effectively use in the business. This loan is for one year. (a) What is the effective rate of interest? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) (b) What would the effective rate be if Zerox were required to make four quarterly payments to retire the loan? (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.) Need explanations on how to do this homework question! Thank you!!
(a) What is the effective rate of interest? Determine interest: 8 1/2 % + 1/2% = 9% 9% x 156,000 = $14,040 Determine the rate: = [$14,040 / ($156,000 - 43,680*)] x 1 = $14,040 / 112,320 = 12.5% *(156,000 x 28% = $43,680) (b) What would the effective rate be if Zerox were required to make four quarterly payments to retire the loan? = 2 x 4 x 14,040 / (4 +1) x 112,320 = 112,320 / 561,600 = 20%
new jersey bad credit
I'm personally taking some credibility away from Jason Kidd on this one. He could've won that ring when he was with New Jersey Nets or in his earlier years as a Dallas Maverick. I wanted him to beat the Los Angeles Lakers back then and he failed. I know the Lakers had Kobe Bryant and Shaq, but when the odds are against you, you step your game up even higher. Then he wants to win a championship and intervene in Wade getting his 2nd ring. I was "heated"! Miami "Heated". LOL
I pulled for the Heat, which was my team. There was a time when I pulled for Jason Kidd, but his timing was bad with my team. LOL Now, if it had been the New York Knicks, Jason Kidd was playing against in last year's finals, I'd been for Jason Kidd then most definitely. It all depended upon who he was playing.
Kidd still played a big role in that championship, and he definitely deserves some credit for what he did in New Jersey, taking that sorry franchise to the Finals twice.
Since he was the starting PG I would say no. Although I do not feel that he contributed to much on the team. One player stepping their game up doesn't change the fact that their team is garbage. J Kidd should of won 2 MVPs back in those New Jersey days.
No he wont becasue his group does no longer have a stable finisher. He himself isn't a finisher he's a mind-blowing factor safeguard, yet in spite of each little thing triumphing a hoop comes all the way down to triumphing video games and getting abode courtroom benefit. except he includes the Lakers, he doesnt have a huge gamble.
Even had he not won a Championship ring, he would still be a top five point guard of all time. As it is, since my Spurs got knocked out early I'm happy for him.
Yes. A ring is a ring. Of course, we have to look at productivity as well. Very productive players sometimes don't win rings, and very unproductive players sometimes win rings. But nobody can take away D. J. Mbenga's rings.
Hey, that's your opinion but you have to give it up for the man. He's been in the league for years and finally won the big one at his age, and is still able to do the things he does.
A ring is a ring, now matter what year you get it, or with what team helps you get it. Rings are earned not given.
Adam Morrison.
It would have meant so much more if he won in NJ, he would have been the finals MVP.
pay day loans in new jersey
Why? It depends if you don't pay after the grace period they will file a 3 day notice to pay or quit. If you fail to pay after the 3 days then the LL will send a notice to pay or vacate. If after that you don't pay after 30 days the LL will file eviction on you which could take anywhere from 30-90 days depending on how back logged the courts are. But don't think you'll get off scott free and live for free for 90 days, if the LL wins the judgement you will owe him for all the days you lived there plus court costs and attorney's fees and filing fees etc, they can and will turn you over to collections and file a judgement on your credit which will prevent you from getting a loan or renting another apartment or buying a car, a house etc. Pay your rent.
Depends on how long the landlord takes to file for eviction: In NJ once the rent is late and legally due and owing then no notice to pay or quit is required, so the landlord goes down and file in landlord/tenant court, gets a court date in three weeks, then if the tenant does not pay the landlord receives a judgment, then landlord has to wait three days before filling for a warrant for removal, then in about 7 days the sheriff will come out and post a notice that in three days the sheriff will return and remove the people from the unit
As long as it takes for the landlord to evict you through the courts. Since NJ does not require the tenant to be served with a pay or quit, the process starts as soon as the landlord files. After the eviction, the landlord will then sue for a money judgment and you will owe for every day that you stayed without paying. Your credit and rental histories will both be wrecked for several years.
The lease governs everything. There are usually penalties for paying late or not paying at all. If the tenant continues to not pay, then eviction follows which is a HUGE black mark on the credit report. Doing a formal eviction process can take a couple of months though.
Legally 0. When a formal eviction is filed the tenant will still be responsible for the rent owed.
. . . .in all states, the answer is the same: NONE you sign a lease, you make promises to pay, you are bound you enter into a month to month lease, you make promises to pay, you're bound to pay Why should LL have to pay his mortgage and not get rent from you??? The LL owes you the premises agreed upon, you owe him rent and there's NO entitlement to free room. And LL can sue you for the back rent, sue for eviction AND back rent. Get a judgment, garnishee your wages or bank.
Depends on the landlord. If he's on top of things he'll give you a 30 day notice about 5 days after your late
Zero. You owe for every day you stay. The landlord can sue and will automatically win, as long as he follows the law.
Rent-To-Own Homes -
new jersey coins
Iya :) So I'm writing about a fictional character that comes from New Jersey but then lives in England, I'm mainly focusing on how different American accents are to British and the cultural differences too (if there is any). Any way I want to know how to describe a New Jersey accent or a typical New York accent, I am from England and have never been anywhere close to America and have never heard a New York accent so I'm pretty clueless on this:') Thank you x
It's a bit of a hard question to answer because in my experience there seems to be a large diversity of accents even within the confines of the state itself, especially between the northern/northeastern part of the state and the southern part of the state. (In fact when my cousins moved to from north Jersey to south Jersey their pronunciations of words were often "corrected" by people who were native to the area). Perhaps this article and video could shed a bit of light into the nature of New Jersey accents: The guy presenting the story in the video and the man in the blue shirt that he is talking to both speak with what I, (a native of north Jersey), consider a "normal" accent. But as you can see, there are quite a few other ways that you may hear New Jerseyans talk. Many people speak in ways the are very similar to New York accents, often resembling the Brooklyn accent that the other poster mentioned, but they are not in the majority (it is prevalent enough to be heard on a daily basis, but rare enough to be noticeably different). One of these noticeable differences is that those with a Brooklyn/New York [City] accent is that when a word ends in "er" they will change it to an "a" sound (like the sound of the "u" in "luck"). People in New Jersey, for the most part, will not do this. It would not be unreasonable, though, to give your character that sort of accent if he/she is from a town such as Hoboken or Jersey City that is along the Hudson River and very close to the boroughs of New York. In my area here are some ways that I notice I and other people may pronounce or use words differently: "Where are you going?" sounds like "Where ya goin'?" (Again the "a" at the end of "ya" sounds like the "u" in "luck") "What are you doing?" sounds like "Watcha doin'?" ("Goin'" and "doin'" should sound like the full word except with the "g" dropped and NOT like the word "coin.") Dropping the preposition "to" is not, as far as I know, common in any way, but for some reason I and everyone I know say that they are "goin' down the shore" rather than "going down to the shore," or just "going to the shore." In fact, one way it's easy to tell that someone isn't from Jersey (we'll occasionally drop the "New" in "New Jersey") is if they use a phrase other than "down the shore." For a better idea of what a New Jersey accent sounds like listen to the sound samples on this web-page (one of them has a text transcription you could look at too). The first two samples are from Newark natives and sound like the average person in my area. Again, they have what I'd consider a "normal" accent because it is what regularly surrounds me (I live in a suburb less than 10 miles away from Newark). The third example, spoken by a girl in Princeton, (which is in the southern part of the state) displays an accent that I almost never hear where I live but hear quite a lot when I visit my cousins near the southwestern edge of the state. For comparison you may want to listen to a few of the many New York accents available:
Very much like a new york accent. Coffee is said- cawfee Ball is - baawl Anything with an "er" at the end turn to an "a" Walk- wawk Talk- tawk. I have a huge NY accent so ive been told since ive lived in Brooklyn all my life
I am Australian so I don't really know what our accents sounds like but I love Yorkshire accents.
Well the R's are very slurred or sometimes not said at all. I'd describe the R's as sounding more like an "oi". And everything else is very over-pronounced :P
new jersey coins
I think all coin collectors are looking for the same. There is no guaranty that at least some coins in bulk lots have not been cleaned or at some time the coins were gone through. A dealer may say he did not and is telling the truth, but what about others before him. You need to buy single coins for your collection and learn to notice cleaned coins as well as to grade coins. I am sorry there is no free lunch in coin collecting, people that take the time to learn make out, those that don't do not. I made it a point early on to by the book before the coin and to know more about the series of coins I collect than the dealer, without letting him know I do. I have done well getting rare varieties for a common price. Go to different dealers and see which ones treat you fair and are willing to help you out. The ones that help you without you buying anything are the best. Remember U.S. coin dealers and World coin dealers are not the same. Ancient and World coin dealers have a vast store of knowledge, where most but not all U.S. coin dealer, know the hot items of the day and their values but little else. Ask a dealer who has all the silver dollars and modern coins in his store about say A New Jersey penny and he will give you a dumb stare.Coin collecting is a lot of fun and if done right you will learn a lot about history as well.
I have asked cashiers if I can have the darker/older? coins as my change back. They are very complaisant all the time. The bank also has traded their $1coins,and fifty cent pieces. You have to ask before they close their drawer or you might not get them to open their drawers again. This way you won't be spending extra in buying them. Another way of getting unpicked coins, is by buying stamps, candy bars, soda from vending machines. I once got change back, all in Susan B. Anthony coins -from a post office machine- I fed it a $10 dollar bill! The bigger the bill the more coins back for you :0)
You can get some at stores that sale antiques. But be careful they are usually crooked. There is also hobby stores that sale them too. If you go to a place that sells stamps, trading cards and other stuff that is considered retro, you have a good chance to find coins for sale. I also suggest that you get a book that tells you the real value of coins if you don't already have one.
My brother has collected coins his whole life and got most at local coin shops. That may be a good place to start.
Consider metal detecting. Coins you find in this way were last handled by the people who lost them!
Http:// hope i helped you good luck
financial companies in new jersey
Hi all. I am 25 years old and I have 250k saved up from working in the Software Engineering Field. My parents are going to sell their home in about 2-3 years, and I will get 150k and they will keep the rest. That means, I will have 400k ready for a downpayment on a house. I plan to move to a city around Princeton, maybe South Brunswich, or something like that. I want a nice colonial home with 4 bedrooms around 440k-460k. I know my payment will be around 1500 a month with taxes. I am planning to look for jobs around new jersey, remember I live in new york. Are jobs very plentiful in new jersey? I know nj is a pretty good places with a lot of jobs, but I don't know since I don't live there. Also, how is new jersey different from new york. Since I face some anxiety problems, and I have small symptoms of OCD, i want a place to live With quietness and No tension and traffic. I know these parts of new jersey where I want to move are pretty quiet, but I want some reassurance. Any advice? Thanks
There are parts of New Jersey that are quite beautiful, with horse farms and quiet, sleepy little towns. What you do for a living will absolutely impact where you live. The Princeton area is wonderful and there are some businesses/companies in that area. Although New Jersey has a lot going for it, one huge word of caution would be the property taxes in this state. It is well known that they are the highest/worst in the nation. You may be much, much better off looking for a home in Pennsylvania, along the Delaware, finding a job there or commuting into NJ. The taxes and overall financial crisis that New Jersey is currently in would be enough for me to not purchase property here. I rent, yet I am military so I will be transferring in 3 years anyway. Best of luck.
What do you plan on doing here? how much money can you save? how do you plan on working? what about your college education. If you really want to go here, why dont you just graduate high school, apply to college, and get into a school in NYC, then you will have a reason to be here and actually do something worthy like get an education. I am 23, i moved here, and i live with my fiance, and let me tell you something, i dont like it. This place is just not fun if you have to do the day to day making a living type of things. its great to party in but you cant party 24 hours a day.
L've heard that New Jersey is basicly a sh*t hole all around
fast cash new jersey
I am flying in to JFK and need to get to New Jersey. If you look at the map or ask your GPS the suggested route is Belt Parkway, over the Verrazano Bridge then west to Interstate 95. However I'm told that you pass through some shady neighbourhoods and if you are not familiar with the route it is best to cross into Manhattan and pick up the 95 further North. Time of travel would be mid-week and around 4pm. Any advice ?
Do not go thru Manhattan, anybody that suggests that you do so has no idea what the hell they are talking about. Don't worry about the shady neighborhoods of Brooklyn Use the Belt Parkway West - It's a 2 lane exit right getting on the Verrazano Bridge from the Belt. Use the upper deck bc the view is better Keep right bc you will have to pay a toll -It will say something like "Cash only " Have $9.00 in cash available for the toll If you hit traffic on the VZ bridge it will be as you get on the bridge proper and the source will be from the SB -BQE It will also be comprised of a lot of trucks It will be slow going across Staten Island If you're going to Southern New Jersey use 440 SOUTH !!! over Outerbridge Crossing It's both faster and cheaper than using the Goethals Br.
No matter how you get there you will be going through some questionable areas. But if you are on free ways the whole time this will not be a concern to you. Only if you were to leave the freeway and go into the streets and start trouble would you have problems. Anyway, you can be just about anywhere in NYC during the day - just mind your own business and treat everyone with courtesy. It is only after dark that there can be some problems. There is no magic best way to get to New Jersey from JFK. Geographically, this is a small area. However it is very densely packed and there are a lot of traffic problems at any one time. You need to evaluate the situation as it is at that point in time. So here is my advice. 1) Get your self a good map and plan a few ways to get to New Jersey. You already have one worked out. Maybe plan a way over the George Washington Bridge and then either the Holland or Lincoln tunnel. 2) Listen to the traffic radio stations. They give up to the minute traffic reports every 10 minutes. 880 am on every minute ending in 8 and 1010 am on every minute ending in 1. Find out which ways are clear and which are blocked. 3) If you don't have an e-z pass, have plenty of cash on hand for the tolls. You should be good to go if you do all this.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Safest and easiest route driving from JFK to New Jersey? I am flying in to JFK and need to get to New Jersey. If you look at the map or ask your GPS the suggested route is Belt Parkway, over the Verrazano Bridge then west to Interstate 95. However I'm told that you pass through some shady neighbourhoods and if you are not familiar with the route it...
Impossible to tell you the best route without knowing where you're going -- New Jersey is large! If you want to end up in far northern Jersey, Palisades area, etc., then *geographically* it makes sense to take the George Washington Bridge rather than starting out southward into Staten Island....but what you're proposing is to drive into Manhattan around *4:30-5 pm on a weekday*, and that just doesn't sound intelligent.
Drive To Jfk Airport
Eww, thats brutal, right in the heart of rush hour. Leaving JFK, if you can get to the Grand Central Parkway and take that to the Long Island Expressway (head west), you will lead right into the mid-town tunnel and then manhattan. From there, take 34th street or whatever to Lincoln tunnel. Also, leaving JFK, look for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (head towards queens). Follow that until you exits for Manhattan Bridge. Take Manhattan Bridge through Manhattan to the Holland Tunnel. Also, leaving JFK, take the Van Wyck parkway to the Grand Central Parkway to the Tri-Boro Bridge into Manhattan. Once in Manhattan, take the FDR Drive uptown (becomes Harlem River Drive eventually) until you see signs for the George Washington Bridge. Follow until on bridge. all these are alternates to get to NJ.
The Belt Parkway is isolated from the neighborhoods; it is an actual highway not a city road. At about 4pm traffic going from JFK in the direction of NJ would probably be less since everyone from Manhattan will be going the opposite way.
You're on highways the entire time and the drive is fine. Going to South Jersey, the Belt to Verrazano to NJ Turnpike South makes the most sense.
Any city driving busy all the time , follow GPS directions , just drive as you would Thur any city alert and with traffic don't get off main rt if you happen to get lost pull into a busy service station on the main hwy don't go wandering around same as you would anywhere you travel !! A Taxi will cost you big lol stay with your plan and follow Rt directions you must have planned you trip and know your destination already !!
Belt parkway is best no shady neighborhoods. It is a beautiful drive. Hope it is off hours. Parts of the belt are two lanes. After 4 p.m. is great.
new jersey bad credit
I just received a summons to answer for a credit card that was closed back in early 2006 for nonpayment. It was my fault on the nonpayment, however, I also had another card closed on me at the same time which I was sued for last year (I never answered the summons). So, I now owe the suit from last year about $4,000--and I'm still trying to make payments on that and take care of that one. My question is, how would I answer this current summons? Can I be sued more than once? Do I need to get an attorney? If so, how much are they? I really don't have a lot of money. Actually today is my last day of school and I'm trying to get a job to take care of my debts. I was hoping to maybe get help on answering this myself without spending money that I don't have. So any laws/statutes/anything at all would seriously be greatly appreciated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
You can be sued as many times as you have different debts you haven't paid. Not responding to a summons is about the worst thing you could have done. You now have a default judgment levied against you which may have been much less if you had actually appeared in court and proved hardship. Getting a job with those judgments on your credit report is going to be very difficult. Most places (other than temp agencies and minimum wage places) run credit checks. If your FICO is in the toilet, no one will hire you. My advice would be to get an attorney and explore bankruptcy options. The credit card judgments will be dismissed in a Chapter 7 and if you file Chapter 13, a reasonable repayment plan implemented. Make sure to include all of your debts if you file. A bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 7 to 10 years but at least your wages and/or bank accounts won't be garnished. Your FICO is already trashed. You have nothing to lose.
Disclaimer:3rd year law student, not a lawyer yet. Find a certified lawyer for legal advice. Lawsuits over credit cards: Yes, each credit card company may sue you. Though you cannot be sued twice on the same debt, separate cards may lead to separate suits. Debt solutions: See an attorney. You can either negotiate debt settlement or declare bankruptcy if you can't pay.Bankruptcy comes in a few forms: Chapter 7 (liquidation), and Chapter 11 or 13 (reorganization). Bankruptcy can be of some help if you are otherwise out of options and there are lawyers who specialize in it. I truly think you need a Lawyer from your area. Show him or her the summons and all your debt. They will then advise you on a course of action. Note: Chapter 7 isn't always the answer sometimes you'll loose less in Chapter 11 or 13. A bankruptcy lawyer can do the math to see which one you're better off in.
First off again some piss poor answers at the begining. Now for your question, are you 100% certian that your last payment was in 2001 pull your credit reports for all three bearaus' it should tell you your last payment, once you see a thirty day later that is when your SOL starts. I am betting this debt is not even on your credit report, or they re instated it "illegal by the way". New Jersey has a 6 year statue of limitations to win a suit, with you not making any payments past 2001 this is past the states SOL. The other thing that concerns me with this case is where did you live at the time you took out the debt? ALL states have diffrent SOL's with 5 years as the average, but if you lived in another state with a longer SOL at the time you took out the debt, they can use the state with the longer SOL. But only a handfull of states has SOL longer than 6 years. type in a search "SOL debt" So here is my suggestion, i am betting that this debt is out side of the SOL and you most likly will not have to pay a dime. Providian has nothing to due with this, and sold it to a Junk debt buyer. They bought this debt for little as 100 dollars, most of the time they just scare the crap out of people. Now with you they filed a law suit hoping you do not show up "even if it is passed the SOL" they will win. Then they can garnish your pay. It would not hurt to talk to an attorney on this issue first thing on Monday morning, it may cost you a couple of hundread dollars much better than 6k. They will send a couple of letters and get this case dismissed in a real hurry. Again i think you got a clear defense with the SOL, the worst thing you can do is not show up and forget about this.
DO not Put your Head in the Sand it will not go away>Do you have a Citizen Advise Bureaus where you live.They can put you in touch with Personal debt managers , You should never have let it go so far. As long as you make regular payment on each debt you have a way of avoiding bigger Trouble. It is the collection cost that will keep mounting What age were you when you started the cards Did you not have a guarantor. Being allowed to get your debt so high while in School and having little or no way of making repayment that prevent running on interest is certainly grounds for talking with a Lawyer. If all else fails go down to the Court offices that deal with Debt and ask a Clerks advise. Some are still "Good People" despite their Job. Try asking in your Library or a Church office do the know of Free or low cost Helper to help you dig yourself out.
Learning to manage credit card debit can be a stressful process but it is necessary. When you chose to take on these credit cards you made an agreement with the banks that any charges you ensued you would pay back. It is clear that you have made some poor choices in managing your credit cards. Don't be to hard on yourself just remember to look back on this as a learning experience. I commend you for taking steps towards clearing up your debts. It will be a difficult process but the key things to remember are to always pay on time and pay more than the minimum balance. Find out if their are any lawyers willing to take your case for free. You may also need to research a place that can help you manage you debt and get debt counseling. Another idea you can actually look into contacting the credit card people you owe and work out a payment plan. However keep in mind they may not be open to this considering your past payment history. I highly suggest you seek a professional debt management opinion. Suze Orman books are very helpful. **** luck
Do NOT fail to show results in what is known as a default judgment (yes you can be sued again - different debt, different suit). This is what happened the first time (and no, you won't get thrown in jail - this is a civil suit, not a criminal suit, but the judgment goes on your credit report). You'll need to plead to the judge that at the present time, you can't afford to make payments due to the earlier judgment but that you intend on graduating and getting a job - ask for a continuance so you have the opportunity to graduate and find employment. If you don't do this, the default judgment will take affect and you will be expected to pay on that one also. are going to get thrown in jail. You actually skipped a summons? Don't get pulled over because you'll be going away in handcuffs. I guarantee you there is a bench warrant out for your arrest right now. What a FAIL.
Look these were 2 different accounts so yes they will sue and get a judgment and then once employed expect a garnishment order soon after on your wages to satisfy these debts
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I'm a new-comer to coin collecting, and I still have much to learn, so I needed help with this. I just need to know if this is fake. I've searched and searched and searched all over the web, and I can not find a single thing about it. It's a shiny, 2000 D penny, and directly in front of Lincoln's face is the shape of the state of New Jersey and inside of it, it says NJ. I don't exactly understand what the deal is with this coin, and I thought "Well maybe there's no info about it because it's either very very rare, or it's some kind of fake" so I just wanted some insight as to what exactly it could be. Any kind of help would be very appreciated.
Your coin is a souvenir piece that was altered after it left the US Mint. It is a real coin but is considered defaced by a coin collector. I have been a collector for a long time and my experience is that you can never have too much knowledge about your hobby. I suggest that if you have a real interest in coin collecting as a hobby, you try to gather as much information about your interests. There is a vast amount of knowledge on line. Learn how a coin is produced and where. Join a local coin club. Most of the members will be old but they are always willing to share their knowledge and experience. One of the greatest organizations about coin collecting is the American Numismatic Association ( They have a vast library and great programs for young collectors. Good Luck
Starting back in the 1960's private companies have made sets of cents with the outlines of states and sold them. Some saying they were an investment but that not being true. They are just a novelty item. It is not very rare and even if it was, it is not a coin collectible for coin collectors consider it a damaged coin. One does not usually find them on coin sites, however eBay may have some. Looks like a company used the 2000 date as a century marker even though it should be 2001. It has no added value and is they type of item that is hard to trace to who actually made them. It was not the US Mint. they make a good conversation item like the colored state quarters or gold plate state quarters which are in the same boat as your cent.
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You'll need a lot more information to get an accurate quote for mortgage rates. Here are several things the will affect your rate. 1) Type of loan - FHA, VA, USDA or Conventional 2) State 3) Credit score 4) Loan to value 5) Purpose of the loan - Purchase, Cash out refinance, rate/term refinance, streamline refinance
Rates vary from region to region across this great land. Then it will also depend on the type of loan. Fannie Mae FHA and VA as well as USDA have different rate structures even though they are close. Call a local mortgage banker or broker in your area to find out I am a mortgage banker in TN
You would be a to deduct a number of you interest on a apartment in case you lived in it for a definite quantity of time that 365 days. uncertain in case you have gotten the flexibility to depreciate it for that 365 days? Your coverage will pass up. Your loan will stay the same. If the economic corporation seems and sees which you would be paying on 2 properties that perhaps a controversy on your new domicile loan, finding on your earnings and credit historic previous.
I THINK today's 30 yr fixed rate was around 5.04% but that is assuming you have a few things going for you.
I haven't thought about this
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The estate is responsible for paying the Federal Estate Tax. However inheritance may be subject to the New Jersey State Inheritance Tax. The amount of the tax depends on the heir's relationship to the deceased. The grandson should speak to a CPA or Tax Attorney before spending any of the inheritance so that he can be certain that enough money is set aside to pay the tax if any is due. Certain tax forms must be filed if a tax is due. I believe that a grandchild is exempt from the Inheritance Tax in New Jersey but I am not a Tax Professional and I am not sure. Seek the advice of a licensed Tax Professional familiar with the tax law in the state of New Jersey.
The estate is responsible for paying any taxes. Depending on the size of the estate and any gifts made during the deceased person's lifetime, there may not be any taxes due. The beneficiary shouldn't have to pay anything if the estate was handled properly. If you put the money in to a bank, mutual fund, or stocks, then income taxes may be due on the earnings of the money invested. I hope this helps. Gary
Estate is federal. Some states DO have an inheritance tax. New Jersey is one of them. If this isn't info, call the state.
Yes, says that "You may or may not owe inheritance taxes depending on your relationship to the decedent. In addition, usually inheritance taxes will have to be paid before you can receive your inheritance check, so the amount that you are paid will already be reduced by the taxes that were due". Thanks for sharing..
Where can I find the inheritance tax law
She may have taken back her answer. The answer to your question is no unless it is over 3.5 million.
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Http:// David Stern ""The one thing I'm certain of is New Jersey has no idea what it's doing and doesn't care because all it's interested in is making a buck or two, and they don't care that it's at our potential loss," Stern said when asked how the advent of sports betting in New Jersey would harm the NBA." I don't quite understand what the negative impact would be on any of the big 5 leagues if sports betting was legal in New Jersey.
I believe the fear is this. People who wager money will only care who wins to the extent the point spread is beat or or not. All they will do is wager and hope to beat or cover the spread. They won't be fans of the team or fans of NBA basketball. Losing fans can lead to lower game attendance, lower TV ratings, and lower sales of NBA gear,
There will be no loss ,You only have to look at what has happened here in the UK to know what will happen.Sports betting (especially football) has increased dramatically in recent years .These people want to watch the match ,The tv companies want to broadcast to such large audiences and pay a lot of money to the football league,advertisers pay a lot for the half time slots and also to the clubs directly via shirt sponsorship etc.The number of people attending the matches has not dropped. The English football league is now by far the richest in the world.The only downside is the match times are now dictated by the tv companies.All this because people like to have a little bet?
Do you want to follow a winning sports betting system but don't have time to analyze the stats and probabilities yourself? Are you tired of losing by following so called sports guru's that have no clue what they are doing? Imagine if you had a fully automated Sports betting robot that not only calculates all the stats and probabilities but also gives you EXACT picks you need to place to win? With EXACT unit sizes! Yes, complete No Brainer. Nothing to calculate Nothing to worry about Human error free winning picks Then check this out:
I've bought from various dealers before but the under one in particular is certainly my personal favorite. They own a lot of unique jerseys contains unusual ones which you could hardly get from all other online stores. The quality and support is the best that you can get online with such a cheap price. With this distributor, I think you shall not let you or your customers down..
Sb, in any state in this United States I can bet on sports, weather it be on a card with a whole lot of teams and point spreads or an office pool, it depends if someone who starts the office pool is profiting that makes it illegal. Now the cards with all the teams and point spreads I'm sure are illegal.
I wouldn't be surprised if their outcry was all fake, just for public image, and if they already knew they're gonna lose the lawsuit (or already knew NJ wouldn't be allowed to pass it regardless) but are going through the motions just to make it look like they're against gambling. Because it's true, all the leagues would benefit from more gambling, they wouldn't lose in any way. And big businesses like them don't suddenly care about morals, they care about their bottom line.
Si usted está interesado en hacer dinero con las apuestas deportivas que usted debe buscar en este sitio Usted encontrará todos los consejos y trucos de los principales expertos en apuestas deportivas y comenzar a hacer la misma apuesta que les Fano para su beneficio.
They wouldn't. They'd make more b/c TV ratings would rise. He doesn't say why it would lose them money b/c he knows it wouldn't.
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I am a landed immigrant in Canada, living in Edmonton. I have tried to get a home equity loan on my property located in Morristown, New Jersey. I have approached several major US-based lenders. I have been refused the loan because I am not a US permanent resident. I need your help to locate a financial institution (American or foreign) willing to work with me. I have an acceptable US credit score and my job in Canada is steady and well paid (I work for the Government of the province of Alberta). I want to use the funds to consolidate my debt. Thank you for your assistance!
Wongmartines, I may have something for you. I cannot go into second position behind any other mortgage, but the loan I have could make sense. Even if you have tried Wachovia, still contact me because the loan I'm thinking of is fairly new to the bank and many of the bankers aren't familiar with it yet. I recently did a refinance for a non-resident alien with this particular loan, so I know that it is possible. As always, you can contact me at the branch. 813-681-2866 Good Luck! Frank
Effective, in case you do now no longer own a house and want to bypass out of renting, a debt consolidation corporation would honestly help. the basic way is likewise to in my opinion artwork which includes your lenders to contruct a cost plan. they are remarkably versatile with consumers at the same time as they understand they try to pay off charges in truly little at the same time as. Remeber customer credit Counseling reads on your credit list only about precisely as in case you declared a financial disaster 13 financial disaster. financial disaster even notwithstanding, does help those who really haven't any diverse decision to debt mediation.
I think you are going to run into this problem from every lender. Most of the time you have to be a US Legal Resident or have a green card, etc. to get loans.
Rent To Own Homes :
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Ok on March 15th I put down the first months rent and security deposit for a 2 br condo in a building with many other condos located in New Jersey. Since then I've googled the address and found a sheriffs sale or foreclosure sale notice scheduled for public viewing on 4/08/09 so next week. I asked my landlord about this and he says he's in the process of restructuring his morgage and that this posting was an error. I'm set to move in on June 15th and am a bit worried that if this property some how does get foreclosed on.. on the set date do I have a leg to stand on? I have a copy of our lease and my bank account shows the check he cashed for the rent and deposit. I understand that since I'm in NJ there's a lot more of a chance my lease won't be found void since theres already a lease in place. My main questions are since this is in NJ if this place gets foreclosed on that shouldn't effect my move-in in June right since NJ the lease is not voided because of foreclosure. Also if for some reason the bank does become the new owner and I can't move in would I still have a civil case against the landlord for the rent and deposit or is their a loophole for him since he's no longer the owner? Any information you could tell me would be much appreciated. And I feel that I should mention that I do think this guy is honest and has never stopped communicating with me since I signed the lease. Is it possible that he really is restructuring his morgage and it won't be foreclosed on even though the date is set for a week from now?
There's really not much you can do. I don't know the laws in New Jersey, but your landlord is supposed to give a tenant sufficient notice before the property is seized. Most certainly, he or she should not have taken on a new tenant without first taking care of the lien on the property. I'm not sure but I don't think the bank or any new owner can evict you right away. I think they have to give you a 3-4 month notice. Ask an attorney, but there is nothing you can do to your landlord. He is one of the hundreds of thousands of real estate owners that have defaulted on loans they hope to refinance. Good luck with that!
It is a tenant's responsibility to check out a place BEFORE they pay or sign anything. You should have checked the area out before this. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to take the place if you qualify. When you agree to take a place and back out you lose any deposit paid. You only get the deposit back if they do not accept you not if you change your mind. You have not signed the lease so you are not obligated to pay any rent or move in. You just lose the deposit. This is all pretty standard.
Check with Sheriffs Dept., attend court as an interested party .. get an attorney ..
I'd pass on this apartment. And I'd google BEFORE I gave any money in the future.
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My fiance was recently arrested on the day after thanksgiving day for being stupid driving with no insurance, suspended license, and no registration. He was on his way from work on Friday, when he was supposedly pulled over and apparently there was a bench warrant for not appearing in court. He recently purchased the car a day before thanksgiving and now he's out of a brand new car. What is going to happen to him now. I'm so scared, he is going to be spending a long time in jail. We're suppose to get married in May of next year and I'm pissed off. Please help someone, I really need to know what is going to happen to the idiot.
I will provisionally disagree with the poster above who says to sign the title of a new car over. That will work ONLY if the car was completely paid for in cash. If it is on a loan, the owner is not free to sign the title at all. He will only have an abstract of title, which is not transferable/. One thing he can do is grant a power of attorney allowing another person to get the car. That would now depend on the charges and whether the police will release the car. There will also be towing, impound and daily storage fees that must be paid for the car to be released. As far as the other situations here, he will have to answer for the bench warrant, but you did not state what that charge is, so that is unknown as far as what might happen.With no insurance, DUS and no registration, he is looking at a revocation of his license, a very heavy fine and more than likely at least 6 months in jail. Just a couple of thoughts here that don't add up. When a new vehicle is purchased ( at least here in Ohio, where I live), you can't drive it off the lot without valid insurance and the dealer places a 30 day temp tag on it until the title can be changed over. He only owned this car for two days, so how was it not insured nor registered? Regardless, best of luck and I hope this is useful to you
Would have been a lot cheaper shopping for insurance by phone or internet. With that said I suspect he was doing more than just shopping for insurance. Read between the lines. You can not purchase a new car and drive off the lot without a policy number on your purchase agreement. The dealership has to be crazy to let a brand new car off it's lot uninsured. If he were to have an accident they would have a lawsuit against them. You say the police is targeting him. How did they know about the "NEW" car. Police can not target anyone that is called profiling.
Depending on the charges for the bench warrant, I'm sure he'll be out before May. As for the car, he could sign the title over to someone else and they could register and insure it; after paying the towing and holding fees, I think. Good Luck to the both of you.
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Insurance is EXPENSIVE in jersey. but, without knowing what kind of car and her driving history, i wouldn't even be able to give her a ballpark quote. My husband and I both have good credit, clean driving histories (no accidents/tickets), he's 28 and I'm 25. He has a 04 avalanch and i have a 00 chevy lumina car. we pay around 200 a month for our insurance through state farm, which was the cheapest for us. that includes our multicar discount and everything. when we were in pa we only paid about 75 dollars a month for the same coverage on the same cars... yikes. if she has good credit and wants to buy a car with a loan, she wouldn't have to save up too much. but if she wanted to get a car without credit, she will be looking a quite a bit. it really depends on what type of car she wants. tell her to start doing research and go to used car websites to look at prices of cars she's interested in. that way she has a good idea of how much money she needs. then add a whole bunch more for insurance and registration. the nice thing about jersey is inspections are free and registration lasts for 2 years.
Hi, If you just need a price, go here: http://comparecheap-motoring-insurance.i... after you input your data they'll come back with prices from different insurers in your area. It's very quick and free of charge. There's no need to go ahead and buy anything. If you are asking for an explanation, car insurance rates are individually determined, so factors such as age, driving record, type of vehicle and marital status are considered. Each person's situation is unique, and car insurance rates will vary because of this. Any form of ticket you receive can potentially raise the rate of your car insurance. Although these are the most important factors in determining your rate of car insurance, remember that Insurers can vary their prices a lot so it pays to do some good searching and online comparison sites make this job way easier. Here's more tools, input data and they returns many prices: http://comparecheap-motoring-insurance.i... and this is another one: http://easily-cheapest-car-insurance.aut... Hope I helped, best of luck and drive safely. RE: how much is car insurance in New Jersey? my sister lives in new jersey and she is wondering how much is the insurance going to cost. She doesn't have a car yet .. she is 17 .. what does she need in order to get a car. Like how much should she save up in order for her to be able to buy a car.. ..
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It can only be the Dutch West India Company in New Netherland founded New Amsterdam. Here is where it gets "funny" though. The English capture both NY and NJ in 1664 but it takes the Dutch 10 years to either vacate or verify the property by 1674. The interesting thing though is that you sort of answer your own question. When you ask "From what colony from New Netherlands"? The English had three forms of "colonies" as you know; the Dutch really didn't have any of that categorization. The English Colony types were: a) Royal colonies were owned by the King. b) Proprietary colonies: such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, NY and NJ were basically land grants from the British government. Individuals were awarded huge tracts of land that they would then supervise and govern, usually in return for political or financial favors. These colonial governors reported directly to the King. c) Self-governing colonies: including Rhode Island and Connecticut, formed when the King granted a charter to a joint-stock company, and the company then set up its own government independent of the crown. The King could revoke the colonial charter at any time and convert a self-governing colony into a royal colony. Additional Information: NY and NJ became "Royal Colonies" after the King had abdicated his thrown. Why this happened I don't know but it did in fact happen.
A proprietary colony is where a proprietor was given the right to do what he wanted to with the land and make all laws subject only to the "advice and assent of the people." In a royal colony, such as Virginia, the colony is ruled by a governor and a council named by the king.

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