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nevada short term loans
I have 5 documented loans ranging from $11K to $65K totaling a current balance due of aprox $90K. The person I lent it to died late July. His sister was / is his business partner and I have documents stating she is his partner, yet she lives in Asia and the rest of the family lives in Nevada. He was also married and his wife, mother, brothers live in Nevada, too. He was traveling to Asia to sell land when he died, the same area his sister lives. Should I stick with going after the deceased estate and or also go after the sister in Asia, and or try to contest the land in Asia. The loans were not made to the business they were made to the person, although the purpose was for the business, with the exception of one loan for the purpose of going to the sister as a short term loan
Unless the sister co-signed the promissory notes, or issued a guarantee of the notes your claim is only against the estate. You need a good attorney to help make sure you file property. You may be able to file a lien against the property in Asia if this is part of his estate and they don't settle the debts with you.
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Seven of 11 former Panda Express employees charged with criminal impersonation were sentenced Monday by Superior Court Judge Frank Dawley to time served in jail, $400 in attorney fees and a $25 indigent fee. Eight pleaded guilty, admitting they used fake Social Security cards to help them gain employment at a Tucson restaurant. Isabel Garcia, Pima County's legal defender and the attorney for Marlen Yobana Moreno-Peralta, 23, said her client used someone else's valid Social Security number to get a job and a car loan. The car she bought has been repossessed, Garcia said. "I submit to you (this case) is a waste of taxpayer money," Garcia said. "Someone at work (at the restaurant) called (the Department of Public Safety) to report them because of a poisonous atmosphere at work." "There is not one penny of harm to anyone involved in this case," Garcia said.
Isabel Garcia is a Public Defender in Tucson, she is co-chair of a pro immigration group. We have questioned her ability to adequately defend people who are legal citizens. she has organized several demonstrations in our city in support of illegal immigrants. Would you want her defending you? McDonald's corp in Nevada was fined $1,ooo,ooo.oo for providing false documents to illegals. What do you think the sentence would have been for an American? Do you think the felony charge would have been reduced to a misdemeanor? Just another reason why illegals won't obey our laws. The judges let them off easy. After all they're just here for a better life. I think the true owner of the social security card would feel that she had been grievously harmed.
Hmmm, no one was harmed. Well I have to disagree with that many millions of Americans each year are harmed by identity fraud. How about the persons identity that was stolen and used by the person to buy a car and then have it repossessed? Do you really think that person is not going to have to prove that they didn't buy this car to get it off of there record. Those illegals also took jobs that our citizens could take. Since 9=11-01 over 50 thousand good American Men, Women and Children have died at the hands of illegal aliens. Many thousands others have been harmed by violent crimes and . Millions are harmed each year due to identity theft. Every aspect of our economy is harmed by the burdens they put on our systems. Is this a waste of Taxpayer's funds? I think not and it should be happening more often all over this nation.
She is a criminal, as is anyone who aids and abets illegal aliens. I am including the mayors and city council members who provide sanctuary to illegal aliens as ciminals too! Here's another sob story: ICE let most of the women go for “humanitarian reasons.” They had to go home to take care of their many anchor babies and illegal alien children. ICE Arrests 57 at Mills Manufacturing, Find Stolen Documents by Bill Fishburne Senior Editor
I completely disagree! Of course her name could be a possible indication of her hispanic leanings. They committed Identity theft, and fraud on many levels to gain their employment, which 7 other citizens could have been paid to do! They should have been imprisoned and then deported!
I completely disagree! What is a waste of tax payer money is giving these criminals free health care and education.
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In some states like Nevada you pay a Real Property Transfer tax. In Nevada the seller pays $5.10 per $!,000 in sales price when the property sale is recorded which goes to the state. Other than that you pay a real property tax each year based on appraised value calculated on replacement cost of the home.(Other states may use value) Cash or loan has no effect on any calculation except a possible interest rate deduction for the mortgage.
There is not a sales tax on home sales in most of the 50 states. I live in CT, where lawmakers are trying to put one in effect - of 1%. There are other fees and charges at closing. The mortgage loan will have an INTEREST charged on it. The loan fees apply only to the loan part. The bank will not involve itself or touch the other $100K. Unless you ask them to, but still no sales tax or loan interest. Example, they make put it an account for you, pay you interest on it while held, and maybe charge you a fee to publish a cashiers check if you want one. Your mortgage payment every month is then figured based on the loan. Again, only the loan amount. You will be paying principal (an amount deducted from the base amount of the loan), an interest charge (which can change throughout 30-60 years), and probably mortgage insurance. Also, banks will typically include any town property or excise taxes in your monthly payment, as the bank pays the town annually on those for you. Based on your question about "taxes" and amounts of $1-200K, I strongly suggest you take yourself to a bank, sit down with a rep, and figure what it actually takes, and what it would actually be. Also, consider that with mortgage loans, you often pay back the principal and then more than that in interest over 30-60 years. That means your borrowed $100K costs you $200K in the long run.
Your question is agonizingly unclear. I'll have to assume that you're asking about the transfer taxes that apply in some states. Those are assessed on the selling price of the property, regardless of how you pay for it, so would be on the entire $200,000 purchase price.
You don't pay sales tax on purchase of a house. Transfer tax depends on the purchase price, not the amount financed. Property taxes are the same no matter how you pay.
You don't pay tax when you buy a house. You will pay property taxes every year to your city or town, but that is based on the assessed value of the home and has nothing to do with how you paid for it.
Income taxes you don't pay when you buy a home Sales Tax charged by a few states you pay whether cash or check Property taxes every home owner pays
Your question makes no sense. Property taxes are based on the assessed value - not your financing (or lack of it).
Property taxes go by the value of the property and home. Not by how much you financed it for
Neither you are taxed on your income, a loan is not income unless you default on it and receive a 1099 C
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I am going on a trip through my school and they refuse to break down the loan for me financially so I can see what all my money is being spent on. I could have sworn there was a law that made it illegal to do that. I thought that loans have to be issued with a kind of break down recipe that tells you what the loan is being spent on/applied to. Do you know of this law and if so do you know where I can find it online so I can show the school this and get my proper receipt? I am located in Nevada if that helps with state laws.
"I am going on a trip through my school and they refuse to break down the loan for me financially so I can see what all my money is being spent on. I could have sworn there was a law that made it illegal to do that. I thought that loans have to be issued with a kind of break down recipe that tells you what the loan is being spent on/applied to. Do you know of this law and if so do you know where I can find it online so I can show the school this and get my proper receipt? I am located in Nevada if that helps with state laws." I don't know how I can be more specific... If a school loan is going towards the trip and the school doesn't give me a break down for what the money was going towards, is that against the law? If so, where can I get proof of this so I can get my rights upheld?
Your question is unclear. No, a lender does not have to "tell you what the loan is for". They are lending you money. You are the one who decides what to spend it on. Now, if you are paying the school for a trip (using the loan money or not) that is a whole different contract. If you are paying them for a trip then they ARE required to tell you, in detail, what you are paying for. Richard
cash loan nevada
PAHRUMP, Nev. -- Nevada's banking community is worrying that a proposed local law in Nye County's largest community would make it illegal for illegal immigrants to open accounts or cash checks. "How do I do business in Pahrump with an ordinance like this?" Bill Martin, president of Nevada State Bank, said of the proposed "English Language and Patriot Reaffirmation Ordinance." The law would prohibit accepting foreign identification, offering housing, or loaning or giving money to undocumented immigrants in this fast-growing town 60 miles west of Las Vegas. It would make English the official language and prohibit flying a foreign flag by itself. Officials said the identification provision could stop the town's banks from accepting as identification a card that since 2002 has issued by the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas." So.... how do foriegners open accounts? How does this work w/ ATMs? I use those in Mexico... I'm against illegal immigration, but see issues. U?
Sounds like it will just hurt the bank.. unless the whole state of Nevada has the same law they will just go to the next town over..
Interesting. I would like to see where this goes. They could still cash that check with a direct deposit or at a Currency Exchange (for a fee). And I am sure business will find a way to help them cash it (they have records to keep and they too want a true balance at the end of the year). And yes someone has that right--they is always somewhere else to go.
Im not sure about other states and counties, but here is S. California, people, illegal or legal dont even have to have a bank account or even an CA Id to cash their checks. Those who are not getting paid under the table are getting paid in personal checks or even company checks but there are all kinds of places where you can cash them now, hispanic markets, liquor stores even cash/loan places. Its probably not wise to assume that because they cant open a bank account theyre not gonna get their money.
Works for me! I think laws like this would stop Illegals from having oppurtunities to get money but then again most of the Illegals get paid in cash and dont worry about banks anyway. Not sure what would be the best solution but it definitely wouldnt hurt anyone who is a citizen
I think its about time. i know in my town banks dont do back ground checks on illegals and they can open a account, and get a credit card with their fake id, and then get a loan for a house, cars etc . and also i dont think we should be accepting these Consulate cards from them as well . i know a illegal who used his new credit card and went crazy and then he got scared , then went and just got a different id problem solved for him amyway . so yes i see major problems with the way things are being handled
Gotta go with Nancy on this one. Less fees for the banks and more business for the banks surrounding this town. Also it does seem a little "big bullyish" and self-absorbed by the officials.
Lots of issues. In rural America long years ago people buried money in their gardens in Mason Jars. Now what. So if these laws pass we are opening ourselves up to a whole new set of crimes..... these people being targeted by criminals also breaking into their homes demanding their money because they know they can't put it in a bank...... in essence putting women and children in those families in danger by overly exposing them to home break ins......................FOOD FOR THOUGHT HUH?
I think it is a very good solution. Maybe it will discourage those that are here illegally to go somewhere else. I see where you are coming from and its a good point but the fact stands they are breaking the law by bieng here and as long as its easy for them to stay then why shouldnt they.
I think it's a fantastic idea. Sure, there may be a couple of difficulties, but those can be overcome. Foreigners who are in the US legally could use their Visa (not the charge card) or green card to allow banking...
Be reasonable. The banks could use pesos for these illegals.
bad credit loans nevada
Once again.There are no grants for starting a business unless it is a defense firm, a scientific firm, or technology firm. And usually the grants are for R&D. research and development. You need to contact your local microenterpise organization in your state to get the microloan. They usually loan money to startups with little, no and bad credit. They offer additional services to support your business until it is successful. Good luck! click resources and then click find an AEO member in your area. About Microenterprise Microenterprise Defined AEO and its members have defined microenterprise as a business with five or fewer employees requiring $35,000* or less in start-up capital. AEO estimates that there are over 20 million U.S microenterprises, which represent 17% of all private employment in the U.S. In addition, microenterprise represents a path from poverty to financial security for many low-income individuals. * Loans of $35,000 and under are known as microloans. Microenterprise Development Industry The estimated 600 microenterprise development organizations (MDOs) operating in the U.S. exist to support disadvantaged entrepreneurs as they start or expand their businesses. MDOs can increase the chance of business success by bridging the gap between disadvantaged individuals and the tools they need to start and grow successful businesses. MDOs offer business training, technical assistance, access to capital, and other services to entrepreneurs to assist them in realizing their dream of business ownership. For many low-income entrepreneurs MDOs represent the only opportunity to access the capital and business tools necessary for business start-up. Source(s):
You got some great information on grants so I thought I'd pass along some hair salon information: Associations may be a good avenue to explore. These organizations will address many of the thoughts, questions and concerns you'll inevitably have as well as many you haven't anticipated yet. See the source box for some relevant links. Research, research, research – this cannot be stressed enough. Read as much as you can about the industry. Here are some book titles that are relevant: * Spa Business Strategies: A Plan for Success by Janet M. D'Angelo * SalonOvations' Day Spa Operations (S Business Series) by Erica Miller * Start Your Own Hair Salon and Day Spa by Eileen Figure Sandlin * 101 Media and Marketing Tips for Salon Owners, Stylists and Managers by Nanette Miner * Successful Salon Management, 5E by Edward Tezak * Beyond Beauty: Cosmetology Business Information and Resources by Janie Buchanan There are plenty of free informational resources out there. Check the source box for links to articles. Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!
Hi, i might advise against re-bleaching the hair returned as you're susceptible to reason greater injury. Heavy bleaching will go away the hair somewhat porous and susceptible to snap because of the shortcoming of keratin. it must be properly worth attempting to apply a colour corrector, you could ask you salon to try this. Or nonetheless, you should use colorb4 colour remover at abode, this might do away with the colour as certainly as obtainable. I surely have not in my opinion used this product till now notwithstanding it seems common between splendor bloggers. it is probable the main decrease priced skill on your concern yet please not greater bleach! you ought to to start employing a hair reconstructor or keratin remedies to augment the hair additionally. attempt and use products which contain hydrolysed keratin to make up for the lost protein as a results of bleaching.
You stand a greater chance of getting a government-guaranteed loan through the Small Business Administration than a government grant. Read the SBA Financing page to learn about criteria needed for borrowing It is hard to find grants to start a business. Unlike the myths that some perpetuate, federal government and even private foundations hardly give grant money for a for-profit business. And yes, grants mean PAPERWORK - lots and lots of it, that is why a cottage industry of grant writers was born. Nonetheless, you can go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and - these are two sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants. Browse through the listings and see if you can find any grant that would support a for-profit venture. Even SBA does NOT give out grants. From the SBA website "The U.S. Small Business Administration does not offer grants to start or expand small businesses, although it does offer a wide variety of loan programs. (See for more information) While SBA does offer some grant programs, these are generally designed to expand and enhance organizations that provide small business management, technical, or financial assistance. These grants generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state and local governments." Here is a listing of federal grants for small businesses. See if there is any available for individuals for starting a business -- THERE'S NONE. Most of the federal grants are given to specific target groups with specific requirements (e.g. minority business owners involved in transportation related contracts emanating from DOT - Grant#20.905 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Short Term Lending Program Grants are also often given to non profit groups or organizations involved in training or other similar activities (grant 59.043 Women's Business Ownership Assistance that are given to those who will create women's business center that will train women entrepreneurs I suggest you read the following books to get ideas of how to finance your business: Financing Your Small Business Small Business Financing: How and Where To Get It Financing the Small Business: A Complete Guide to Obtaining Bank Loans and All Other Types of Financing The SBA Loan Book Angel Capital : How to Raise Early-Stage Private Equity Financing Financing Your Small Business (Barron's Business Library Series) For private grants, you may want to check the Foundation Center's Foundation Grants for Individuals Online . It's a subscription based website ($9.95 per month) but their opening blurb only says that the database is ideal for "students, artists, academic researchers, libraries and financial aid offices." Entrepreneurs are apparently not one of them, so I take it they also don't have listings of private foundations who give grants to would-be entrepreneurs.
pay day loans in nevada
We are about 3 months into foreclosure. How expensive is deficiency judgement? Can I sue for monies from nonpayment of monthly payments, insurance and taxes that I had to pay? Once we have the auction, whether it sells or we take the house back, how soon do they have to be out of the house? What do I do if they don't leave? Do I keep their belongings? What if there is major damage to the house now? I will NEVER, EVER carry a loan for someone, nor would I reccommend anyone else to do it. We needed to sell the house, we took a loss on it, and every month we lost money on it. Thanks
Just to be clear I am not an attorney, but have been involved in real estates for sometime. I will take each question in order to make sure that I get them all: While a deficiency, judgment is a concern. more often then not lenders will not pursue legal action, many people file a bankruptcy after a foreclosure and lenders figure that they will likely not see and money anyway. I am assuming that you are talking about the people that you carried the loan for when you are talking about suing someone, I would have to say that you may be able to but you would need to get legal advice from an attorney, I am not one sorry. Generally, an eviction can take 30 days or more once the ownership of the property changes hands, the new owner is responsible to file the required paperwork to evict someone Leaving will not be an option they will be removed by the sheriffs office in the event that they do not vacant when required, you will not be responsible for that As far as belonging, I think they become the property of the new owner if there is property left in the home after the eviction has been executed Damage to the home is again there responsibility, if the home is foreclosed and up for auction, you are no longer responsible once the ownership changes hands I hope this helps, and I am sorry to hear about the circumstances.
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I was planning to travel to Europe with Ef college break during summer. However, I don't know if i should do it. With the economy being so bad. Do you think is a good a idea? The trip is one month to Europe we will visit 7 different countries. Cost:4 thousand dollars I don't have the greatest job: workstudy student and I live in this state that sucks so much right now: Nevada! Also my mom did lost her job so don't know what to do. The trip is in the middle of July.
I think if you can spare the cash, and you think your mom will get a job soon, I think you should go. But, if this trip will cause you and your family financial hardship in the future, I think you should put it off until next year. Hopefully, with the stimulus plan you will get a bigger tax return. (I'm a poor college kid too.) But honestly, I don't know about your financial situation- only you do. I think you should sit down with your mom and discuss it- there is always next year, because for EF College Break, you can book a year in advance for the same price. I actually got a job working for EF College Break, and I can get you $50 off any trip with the discount code West2009- but contact me, and I can get you a bigger discount, because I understand money is an issue. I really don't usually give away bigger discounts, so please contact me if you want it. I really hope you are able to go because it is such a great experience, but at the same time I understand right now might not be the best time. Good luck!
I would say that if you can afford it and afford to miss the time from work then go for it! I traveled a lot on college trips abroad and they were the best things I've ever done in my life! You will never get the opportunity to see and learn so much about the world! I even took out student loans just to study abroad.. and I would do it 1000 times over!
Well, if your economical situation is difficult, calculate how long you can live off four thousand dollars at home and how that compares to one month in Europe. Hope this helps
nevada personal loans
So next year I will attend either Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas( hometown) or East Oregon Univ. So my question is how much is the total cost of going to college, please include tuition, books, suppies, any fees be specific please. UNLV says 3,692 for full time but that is not all that much i dont understand how people go broke going to college 3,692 with a job is not that bad, others tell me it accumalates to about 15000 a year????
Ok-here is the breakdown for UNLV,assuming you live with your parents: Direct costs: Registration Fees (Tuition) $5,130.00 Indirect costs: Room $1,700.00 Board $2,150.00 Loan Fees $80.00 Books $1,000.00 Transportation $2,530.00 Personal $1,800.00 If you live on campus, room is $7,640.00 and board is $5,690.00. Colleges are required to estimate your cost of attendance with your living expenses included. (Even though you would have these whether you went to college or not.)
Type "cost of attendance" on each schools website under the "search" feature and it will give you an estimate of each schools costs. But understand that these are just estimates and your choices will determine how much it costs. Books will generally run you 500 a semester. Your housing options will also depend on if you live at home or dorm or get an apartment. But yes, you are right... this isn't much and with a bit of preparation (and a job) you can do this without going broke!!!
Well you have to go to their website and see how much a year for ungraduate,graduate, international students have to pay. They have an estimated amount. I think the 3,692 is for full time and one semester/trimester, or quarter. Universities should be around 20-30,000 a year!
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The recent break up of my boyfriend and i has made me think that in college i should move out on my own, make me happy and be independent. would this work? im going to go to a community college where my classes are either online or on the same two days per week. so i was going to work two jobs a day and a more evening job and attempt to have those two days off for school at both jobs. with the money by the way i am moving to arizona or nevada i can afford to comfortably live alone if i play my cards responsibly through college.. using college loans for school books and tuition. is this doable?
cash loans in las vegas nevada
I am 16 years old and I am trying to start a mobile car wash business in Las Vegas, Nevada with my friend who is 17. I am trying to start my own summer job. My mom said she will buy us a vehicle and the supplies as long as we pay her back. What kind of supplies do I need? And how much will it cost? So far I estimated that the supplies will cost around $1000 (Is that about right?). We will probably spend around $3000 on a vehicle. The thing I am worried about is permits and licenses. How long does it take to get a business license? Are there certain things that I need to know about regulations such as water drainage and where I set up my car wash? If so what are they???? (The licenses will probably be under my mom’s name)
It sure appears to me between your mom and you inexperience you might wind up in debt to your mother and broke as well. First off you're so fortunate the person who gave you the detailed information of licenses spent the time and effort to help guide you. Where's your own initiative? Go to those who have similar work already and get the whole picture down pat first and then initialize after you've a year or two experience before trying to establish your own mobile car-wash business. It's a cut-throat ,dog-eat-dog world out there commercially speaking and the lower your overhead the better. When you have a good concept of the seasonal income generated through this sort of business venture and you have earned sufficient funds to start your own venture, then by all means do it. Otherwise you are pretty well set up to fail and in doing this not too likely your mother will continue with her initial generosity. The best business people are those who first gain their own experience with others around them more experienced and do their homework and footwork as to the viability of any venture time and expense wise as far as investment goes. Dependent people usually are immature and don't take the opportunity to use their own heads and this takes time experience and a resolve to manage on what they d earn. Then, you could go to your mom and say I have a solid plan and here's the details of it I am earning such and such and you could invest in the venture at such and such a % interest for your input and have a solid repayment plan you stick with as mothers are people and the business world will look at the records f the venture including your repayments recorded with credibility for a potential larger loan later on such as with a bank or some institution of the like.Mobile car-washes do not generate a lot of business as a rule.You might be better off staying in your home yard and doing what you can from there to start off with. See what is possible to generate interest locally with flyers to your neighbor's doors and local shops willing to advertise your flyer in the window or other location such as a laundry-mat. Once you get known for this service and it takes off generating a reliable income you could then potentially ask a Church or other parking lot area to rent to you the space on the week-ends only and again balloons and posters with a single balloon or two with the directions to your car-wash would be advisable. Local charities frequently do these fund-raiser events with a car-wash so is is another competition for you. It is also I suspect a very seasonal job and therefore you might just be investing into something which will not turn over a lot of revenue for you. I think personally you could do better. What do you have as fa as skills and what do you really enjoy doing that would be a potential cash income? Before getting into debt to anyone, research, talk to others in similar lines of employment and get your basics down pat before heading off in one direction or another. Meanwhile take any good paying part-time or full-time work available. Good-luck !
Instructions 1 Contact your city and state government to obtain the licenses and permits that you need for a mobile business. Even though you may not need an office outside your home, you should make sure that you are aware of any regulations that apply to your service. Find out if you need special insurance. 2 Decide what days, times, and neighborhoods you will work. Estimate your costs for supplies and transportation to your customers, including maintenance of your primary vehicle. 3 Arrange to have your business phone calls answered while you are washing cars. It will be difficult to efficiently complete your work and take phone calls. 4 Draft a marketing plan that identifies your potential customers and their locations. Figure out the best way to let them know about your services. Choose one or two marketing methods. You can begin by passing out business cards and flyers, using direct mail or start knocking on doors. 5 Consider contacting business and residential customers. If the businesses in your area don't have vehicle fleets, the owner and employees may be potential customers. You will have several repeat customer cars in one location that you can easily schedule in one time block. 6 Purchase supplies and equipment for your car wash. Select an insurance carrier, if needed and purchase coverage. 7 Establish a base of repeat customers. Offer them discounts for referrals. Continue using the most effective advertising method on a regular schedule. Your customers are mobile too. They move and change jobs. Be prepared to expand your business if demand is greater than anticipated.
I think its a great idea. My husband and I deliver the newspaper early in the morning, and we are to tired to get early in the morning before the rush to get a car wash. I would love someone to come detail my car at home. go for it
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If you live in California you will not LEGALLY be allowed to buy a firearm from a dealer OR private seller in the state of Nevada. The firearm has to be shipped and sold through a FFL in YOUR state. Now if you live in California AND Nevada and reside at either for a period of time you may purchase a firearm in either. A person may sell a firearm to an unlicensed resident of his State, if he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law. A person may loan or rent a firearm to a resident of any State for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes, if he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law. A person may sell or transfer a firearm to a licensee in any State. However, a firearm other than a curio or relic may not be transferred interstate to a licensed collector. [18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3) and (5), 922(d), 27 CFR 478.29 and 478.30] A person may only acquire a firearm within the person’s own State, except that he or she may purchase or otherwise acquire a rifle or shotgun, in person, at a licensee’s premises in any State, provided the sale complies with State laws applicable in the State of sale and the State where the purchaser resides. A person may borrow or rent a firearm in any State for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes. [18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3) and (5), 922(b)(3), 27 CFR 478.29 and 478.30] A person not licensed under the GCA and not prohibited from acquiring firearms may purchase a firearm from an out-of-State source and obtain the firearm if an arrangement is made with a licensed dealer in the purchaser’s State of residence for the purchaser to obtain the firearm from the dealer. [18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3) and 922(b)(3)] If a person maintains a home in 2 States and resides in both States for certain periods of the year, he or she may, during the period of time the person actually resides in a particular State, purchase a handgun in that State. However, simply owning property in another State does not qualify the person to purchase a handgun in that State. [27 CFR 478.11]
Jack is incorrect here. If his friends are purchasing long guns and taking possession of long guns outside of the state of California as California residents, they are breaking both state and Federal law. As A.J. pointed out 18 USC 922(a) prohibits the transfer of firearms between anyone that are not in compliance with the laws of both states, and California state law requires a CA FFL, DROS, and a 10 day wait. Now technically you may purchase the firearm in another state. But you cannot take possession of it from anyone else except a California FFL. However the easy solution to your problem is to purchase a CA-legal bullet-buttoned Saiga 12 in California, take your CA-legal shotgun over to Nevada, remove the bullet button inside of Nevada, and store the shotgun in your Nevada residence. That should satisfy California and Federal law, and I think it works for Nevada law but I'm not familiar with Nevada stuff.
You can certainly possess or store a firearm in Nevada, it is one of the more gun-friendly States. However, if you have a Calif ID Nevada can't sell you guns or ammo. At least not FFL dealers. You can always buy one from a private party but most States (maybe all?) require that the seller check your ID to make sure you live in the State you are buying in. Be careful about that, sometimes "private sellers" are undercover cops, so you would have to treat it like a drug deal: know your seller. And if you consider looking them up online, remember that governments (State and Federal) keep a record of all your online activities. So, how to solve this? Do you know anyone in Nevada? U.S. Mail (USPS) is the most private form of communication these days. That's all I can say but you can figure it out....
Sure. California gun laws only apply within the state of california, they do not apply outside the state of california. gun stores outside of CA however may refuse the sale because they may believe you are planning to bring the gun back into CA and they don't want any problems. If you explain to them you will not bring the gun into CA; you will store the gun in NV they may allow the sale to complete. the only type of gun you cannot purchase outside your state of residence is handguns. all the other answers I believe are wrong- AJ is wrong, the Saiga shotgun is not a handgun, it is a long gun and if you got to NV to buy it there is no problem. you won't be able ot take it back to CA until you have a bullet button installed or otherwise make it CA AWB compliant. federal laws only prohibit purchasing a firearm across state lines- meaning you're in CA and you order the gun from NV, it cannot come directly to you, it has to go thru a FFL first. federal also also prohibit purchasing handguns outside your state of residence, but like i said before, Saiga is a shotgun, not handgun. if you are in NV to buy & receive the firearm, there is no law against it.
Do you live in Nevada or California? Because the laws that will apply to your purchase, no matter where you live, will likely be the laws from the state where your permanent address happens to be.
They got it right. Theoretically, you can do it in Nevada, but since you live in California, they will be reluctant to sell you things that are restricted in your home state. It may even be illegal to do so.
If you live in Nevada yes. If you're a kalifornistan resident no because you are not a Nevada resident.
nevada money
Easy, special interest groups live outside nevada. this isnt a question of politics, but of PACs.
Not many people in Nevada have any money left they have over 11% unemployment and more than most states have in foreclosures. That said he is the current Senate majority leader, but after Angel's ad release today he may not be, because it is a campaign against Obamanomocs, and Harry is one of the biggest contributors to Obamanomics.
The effect does seem to defy all the polls and if Sharron Angles camp has any valid documents to help voter fraud she could modern-day it. even nevertheless if she is purely spewing bitter grapes then she could settle for defeat. Polls oftentimes have a margin of blunders of +/- 3 to 4 %, realclearpolitics shows that perspective had a median lead of two.7 factors. consistent with that for the duration of a worse case state of affairs Reid would have gained even nevertheless it is going to have been by way of no greater effective than a million.3 factors. i wish that Sharron does have some evidence of incorrect doing and that an analyze is finished, if I have been Harry Reid i might call for an entire analyze as a fashion to maintain my call clean. Now if perspective is purely annoyed then i might say that this could be resembling the Bush vs Gore incident in Florida. Did Rory help out his dad? did Jeb help out his brother ? the only element all of us be attentive to for valuable is that for the duration of Florida the votes have been reported and reported and reported lower back and every time Bush became into the winner.
Probably because the outcome of this election is of nationwide importance. Perhaps the individual states should consider limiting outside campaign contributions; but at least the voters should have full disclosure to where the funds are coming from. It is good to know who the candidate's friends are. That might have been helpful in the last presidential election.
West Virginia Support Harry Reid , he Nevada best chance of getting heard
Nobody has any money left in Nevada, due to Harry Reid and his band of thief's they are suffering with 14.4% unemployment and many are just hoping they wont be the next foreclosure! I would assume that they won't contribute to his campaign because they know he is responsible for their pain.
Because more than 75% of Sharon Angle's campaign funds plus all of her PACs are from OUTSIDE Nevada, some outside the USA. in addition, all of her ideas are being fed to her from outside Nevada. Do you really think Sharon Angle has a chance when she has said that she wants to ban alcohol in the state? z
Lets face it, if you lived in Nevada would you give that fool money? Neither would anyone else. Reid is hated in Nevada, his incompetence is legendary. He has done everything but serve the people of Nevada. Even if he wins, he loses. This election is a referendum on how much the people of Nevada despise him. Let be honest, Reid must really suck a** if Angle can give him a run for his money.
I wonder how much of any politician's campaign comes from out of their district. Each party claims the other is taking funds from a foreign country but that is just as bad as Calif. influencing NY campaigns and vice versa in my opinion.
Gosh! Weren't the dems complaining a while back about how most of Christine O'Donnell's money was coming from out of state?
lender nevada
Timeline: 120 Days Redemption: 12 months if Judicial Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments: Yes Judicial Foreclosure: Yes, although not common Non-Judicial Foreclosure: Yes Security Instruments: Deed of Trust, Mortgage In Nevada , lenders may pursue either a Non-Judicial or Judicial Foreclosure process. The Non-Judicial process is the one that is most commonly used. The Judicial Foreclosure process is used rarely in Nevada, and only when there is no “power of sale” clause present in the original loan documents, or if the lender is suing the borrower for a deficiency judgment. The lender must sue the borrower in court and obtain a decree of foreclosure and order of sale. The court may give the borrower up to one year to redeem the property. The more commonly used process in Nevada is the Non-Judicial Foreclosure, which requires the original loan documents to contain a “power of sale” clause. This clause authorizes the lender to sell the property in the event of a default by the borrower. If the clause specifies the time, place, and terms of the sale, then those procedures must be adhered to. The sale process in Nevada is begun with a notice of default and election to sell being recorded in the county in which the property is located. When it is recorded, a copy is also sent by certified mail to the borrower. The borrower then has thirty-five (35) days to cure the default and bring the loan current. If the borrower plans to cure the default, he must file a notice of intent to cure no later than fifteen (15) days before the sale. The amount to bring the loan current is due by noon on the day before the sale date. The entire amount of the loan may be called due in the notice of default and election to sell. This is only possible if the terms of the loan documents allow for acceleration of the loan upon default. If the borrower is able to cure the default within the thirty-five day period, then acceleration of the loan by the lender is not permitted. The date of the sale can not be less than three months from the date the notice is recorded in the county. The notice of default and election to sell will designate the time and place of the sale. The high bidder receives a trustee's deed once the sale is completed. The lender will usually bid the amount due plus costs. If there are no higher bids on the property, the property will revert to the lender. The borrower has no redemption period if the foreclosure was Non-Judicial. The lender has the right to sue the borrower for a deficiency judgment within three months of the date of the sale.
nevada money
The Amir Khan vs. Paul Malignaggi fight is not taking place in Nevada because it is better suited to take place in New York: ~ Malignaggi is from Brooklyn, so he has a fan base in New York and not in Nevada- people will go see him fight at Madison Square Garden because it is close to where he and his fans are from but they will not travel across the country to somewhere like the MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay to see him fight because it would simply cost too much money. ~ This is Khan's U.S. debut and what better way to make a debut in a country than fighting at what has been considered the "Mecca of boxing" for a long time- Madison Square Garden? I'm sure that Khan would get his supporters to go anywhere but considering that his opponent is from Brooklyn, a fight at MSG makes more sense. Plus, there's the whole aspect of beating a guy in his own backyard and if Khan can beat Malignaggi at MSG, he will have accomplished that exact feat and it will help build his name up in the U.S. a lot more compared to if he fought in Las Vegas. And as far as Mayweather goes, he has actually fought in numerous states throughout his career but now that he is one of the biggest stars in the sport and the fact that he lives in Nevada, it makes more logical and more importantly more financial sense for Mayweather to fight in Nevada (due to all of the betting at the casinos). When fighters reach the ultimate pinnacle of boxing like Mayweather has, they almost always fight at a Las Vegas casino (most likely the MGM Grand) because there is just so much money to be made (and lost) in Vegas; if Khan ever reaches the level that Mayweather is currently at, I guarantee you that he too will fight all of his biggest fights in Vegas but he's not there yet.
Co'z this is the only boxing venue floyd want to fight, nevada is a gambling capital of the world. that's why they want floyd here. paulie and khan they don't have big number of fans in this state.
Xylocaine is banned in other states, but not in Nevada. The truth is, there's more money outside Nevada. Floyd can not just venture there bcoz he can be caught taking illegal substance.
What difference does it make? Most of the major fights are in Las Vegas. Why?
nevada lenders
Nevada is a full recourse state until October 1, 2009. This means that the foreclosing lender has six months to file a complaint against the borrower seeking the recovery of the deficiency after the sale. After the six month period lapses the lender is barred from filing suit to recover the deficiency. Full recourse means that the borrower is liable for the deficiency regardless of the purpose of the loan. There is no exemption for loans used to purchase an owner occupied residence. Effective October 1, 2009, Nevada becomes a limited recourse state similar to California. Loans made after October 1, 2009; by a financial institution to a borrower who continuously occupies the property as a primary residence are nonrecourse. This means that the lender may not pursue a foreclosed borrower to recover a deficiency.
I think that if the market keeps going the way it is Obama will finance another plan for those like you. I also live in Vegas and I was lucky enough to qualify to refi my house due to my decreasing income but my bf is in the same situation as you. We are going to be renting his house ,we are not letting it go but we do plan on staying here and we do know that it would be different if we were wanting to leave Vegas. You have a house in a nice area and if any ,those will go up in value first. Seeing your price tag I am guessing it is also not the smallest so I would go with keeping it and see what happens a year from now, if you do see a potential in it as far as value increase then don't fear the refi but if you see no change then live in it or another year...and then let it go and go ahead and move closer to Texas. Good luck
STAY, wait it out for a while, since you can afford to do so. May take some time, as LV was overbuilt and overpriced. Contact lender for Loan modification, to switch from ARM to fixed rate. Govt is encouraging lenders to do so. Call and keep calling, asking for Loan Modification. Since you are upside down on the home and able to pay your mortgage, modifiying your loan will make them look good at little cost. Generally loan modification will only change interest rates, but in a few, rare cases, they can also adjust principal. Ask for it, anyway. Call and talk to many people, sit on hold, keep calling to get that loan modified. Loan modification is CHEAPER for you than a Refi.
Talk to an attorney. Determine what the long term effects will be. I suggest an attorney who is knowledgably about bankruptcy. You may be able to get 2 or 3 free 1/2 hour sessions with various attorneys. Just keep it to yourself about 'shopping'. There is a lot of free and solid information for you. There may be a way to get some of the loan written off. Asking won't cost you anything.
If you try to walk, you'd better have a great deal of money. If you sell the property, you either owe the lender @$130,000 difference, or you will have to pay income taxes on it. A loan that is not repaid is income, therefore taxable.
Yes, you should walk.
lender nevada
It all depends on what state you reside in. I am in Nevada and as a general rule of thumb closing costs run approximately 3% of the loan amount. That includes lenders fees and Title and Escrow fees. Make sure that your lender gives you a written and signed Good Faith Estimate, you will want to make sure that you understand each and every fee on it. Good luck!
There are no such 'standards'. Ask any lender for a GFE (Good Faith Estimate) and go from there. You can freely shop around for mortages without it affecting your credit, as long as all you do is shop around. Watch carefully all charges that a lender might charge to you, as well as 'origination fees'. Lenders many times lower the origination fee, and then nick you with other charges. Feel free to ask, and feel free to negotiate. The fees are NOT carved in granite.
I just had a situation where I went to a mortgage broker who was charging me 1.5 points plus $500 for origination. Which was fine. when I asked to see his rate sheet he said no (Major Red Flag for me!!!) Since I have my resources too I checked the current rates for a few lenders and found out that the average rebate for my type of loan was 2 points. When I called him on it and gave him a chance to be honest about it he never called me back. Needless to say I have a new broker and I have laid all my cards on the table and hope she is honest... Always remember they cant screw you if you know their tricks!!
lender nevada
Yeah, it is not that easy to rob the bank in NV, you will have to repay the money.
Yes, lenders can do so in Nevada, as they can do in nearly all states. That being said, I have to take some level issue with your username. You think YOU are the one screwed over ? Who is going to take the monetary loss here ? You or the lender ? NO ONE screwed you over. You borrowed money which you are expected to pay back as agreed. If you went in 'over your head', that is YOUR fault, not the lender's fault.
I think they can come after you in Nevada. I, however, do not think you are doing anything wrong in wanting to foreclose on your house. The banks have screwed SO many people over, and you have a right to live the way you want to. Ignore the rude posts and good luck.
NV is a recourse state, so YES, they can, will and SHOULD come after you for the difference.
Yes it is money you owe on the loan.
They can, they have and they will.
nevada money
Ok ok ok. Im planning a trip to Las Vegas for me, my cousin, auntie and her friend in 3-5 years! and right now we need to save money. like in the t1000's! how much money should we save up in the 1000's? considering the cost of expensive hotel, casino money and spending money, and resturant? and we ALL need to save the same amount of money! e.g. Me- $2000 Cousin-$2000 Aunt-$2000 Friend-$2000
First of all, it is hard to say what everything will cost in 3 to 5 years. Hotels are actually pretty cheap in vegas, because they are competing for your business, hoping you spend money on food, gambling, and entertainment at thier hotel. You can stay on the strip from $60-$160 per night for a basic room. Food can be cheap or expensive, just depends on what you like. Gambling and entertainment can be anywhere from $25 per day to $2500 per day, again depending on your interests. Most people spend around $150-$250 per person per day on top of hotel and airfare. $8000 should be plenty if your stay is less than 1 week long. Do a lot of research at and
I have no idea what the **** Bryan is talking about. A room at Palms only costs $100-200/night. I stayed at Paris and Mandalay Bay. Not overwhelmingly expensive like the $500 that he mentioned. if you're planning to stay for a 5 days vacation save up about a little over a grand for that long of a stay. It won't be much considering that it is the four of you going. Here are a few tips that I'll share with you. I live in the west part of Las Vegas, so my bedroom window faces the strip. The strip looks small yeah. But it's not. So if you are say.. trying to get from Mandalay bay to the Stratosphere within a day, you'll be dead tired before you can make it 3/4 way. So try to plan your route while you're there. A lot of tourists wear tennis shoes for these long walks. The best buffets (in terms of quality) are The Wynn and Bellagio. I prefer The Rio buffet though, tastes more like home food to me. Food will be expensive, especially if you eat on the strip every day for every meal. Opt for some cheaper food close by the strip, possibly rent a car to drive around for food. Renting a car may even help you save from the taxi drives back and forth. The amount of money that each and every one of you are saving up is a good enough money to head into Las Vegas with. Make sure you have most of it in your checking/credit cards though. They take cards everywhere. I suggest you look into the newly built City Center hotel. They just finished building it last month. I went there, the structures were amazing. So yeah, take it from me. Try not to listen to the poor boy from North Las Vegas. Let me also bring to mind that Bryan is only in 10th grade. So a lot of what he said seems to be an exaggeration. *Source: Google "Bryan Erquiag" It's not so smart if you leave your full name in your profile.
I live in Nort Town Vegas and though I know that 8000 as a total is A LOT of money you are going to need more my friend! Stuff down here is EXPENCIVE because we get so many travelers so Mayor Oscar Goodman raised prices of things thiinking that he could get more money for them. Though he was right, does not mean it is fair. Point is, hotels down here can be as LOW as $500 PER NIGHT. And if you want a nice one say at The Palms it may be around $1,200 per night. Not to mention food, casino money (goes quick), airplane, parking prickes (can be as much as $50) and gas you are going to need roughly $12,000 in total to have a nice, relaxing trip. Hope that I could help.
lender nevada
When you signed your loan docs for the house it was listed as collateral. Normally the lender will only go after the collateral that is on the loan docs, that is the house that you purchased with the loan proceeds provided by this loan. If you have another property, it will not normally be touched. Normally lenders use the non-judicial foreclosure procedure in foreclosure. This allows them to take the property immediately after an unsuccessful foreclosure sale. After all the legal papers are complete they can then sell the property to reclaim as much of the loan balance as they can. Using the non-judicial foreclosure procedure the lender normally will not go after a deficiency judgment against you for any reason and most states will not allow them to. They just want to sell the collateral and get back as much as they can of the loan balance. If the lender use the judicial foreclosure procedure then they would normally have the ability to go after a deficiency judgment. Under this procedure you normally would have from 30 days to a year to reclaim your house depending on which state you reside in. Since you can reclaim your house the lender can not sell or do anything with it until the redemption period is over. Even though the lender using this foreclosure procedure can normally go after you for a deficiency judgment, they will not. The reason being is that they would have to go through the court system to get a deficiency judgment. With the court system being the way it is it would be to expensive and time consuming. I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
Only if they go to court. a court would have to order the lien

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