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Banaszak is a dimunitive form of the Polish name Banasz and ultimately means blessed. While the immigrant family listed below for Schroetlin was born and raised in Russia, they appear to be of German origin. See the reference books mentioned below. banaszak Polish: from the personal name Banasz, a pet form of Benedykt, vernacular form of Latin Benedictus (see Benedict). Benedict English and Dutch: from the medieval personal name Benedict (Latin Benedictus meaning ‘blessed’). This owed its popularity in the Middle Ages chiefly to St. Benedict of Norcia (c.480–550), who founded the Benedictine order of monks at Monte Cassino and wrote a monastic rule that formed a model for all subsequent rules. No doubt the meaning of the Latin word also contributed to its popularity as a personal name, especially in Romance countries. Ship Name Lessing Place of Origin Rohrbach,Russia Port of departure Hamburg, Germany Port of arrival New York City Date of arrival 31 Aug 1885 Name Estimated Birth Year Gender Birth date from census Anna Schroetlin abt 1878 Female Aug 1881 (her birthdate appears to be switched with Heinrich's on the census, also Katie on the census, not Anna) Cathl Schroetlin abt 1856 Female Oct 1856 Russian parents Heinrich Schroetlin abt 1882 Male Sep 1878 Jacob Schroetlin abt 1880 Male Not listed on the census. He is probably married and the name was misspelled. Michael Schroetlin abt 1853 Male Mar 1856 Russian parents This family settled as farmers in Hamberg, Wells county, ND per the 1900 federal census. They own the farm. While this family originated in Russia, the names appear to be German. While the Father is listed as Michael on the passenger list, his name is listed as Gotleb on the census. But the wife and children are the same. They have additional children: Fred June 1886 south Dakota Rosie Sept 1889 South Dakota Johanna June 1891 South Dakota More information might be found in the book below. It may be available through interlibrary loan. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Record about Michael Schroetlin Name: Michael Schroetlin Year: 1884 Place: Nebraska Source Publication Code: 2093.9 Primary Immigrant: Schroetlin, Michael Source Bibliography: FODE, HORST. "Obituaries from The Dakota Freie Presse, 1903-1947." In Heritage Review (Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Bismarck, ND). Vol. 21:3 (Sept. 1991), pp. 41-48; vol. 23:1 (Mar. 1993), pp. 30-34; vol. 23:2 (June 1993), pp. 13-17; vol. 24:2 (June 1994), pp. 61-64. Another piece of evidence that this is a German name is this: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Record about ??? Schroetlin Name: ??? Schroetlin Year: 1753 Place: Pennsylvania Source Publication Code: 1031.8 Primary Immigrant: Schroetlin Source Bibliography: BURGERT, ANNETTE KUNSELMAN. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America. Publications of the Pennsylvania German Society, 16/19. Birdsboro, PA: The Pennsylvania German Society. Vol. 1: The Northern Kraichgau. 1983. 461p. Page: 328
Banaszak is a Polish name that means something like "Ben's name". Banach is an old nickname, so to speak, from a variant form of Benedykt, and when the suffix -ak ("son of") was added to it, the guttural sound modified to the "sh" sound of sz: Banach + -ak = Banaszak. I'm sorry, I couldn't find anything on the last lame Schroetlin. says that it has five families in the U.S. listed as having emigrated from Russia, if that helps, but I'm sorry, I couldn't find anything more concrete. However, there are genealogy sites out there that may be able to help for a fee. Best of luck in your search!
Hey Sandee M, I found family information for both names on the internet. There is a lot of information, and potential for you to hook up with others researching these names. The usual name searchs did not turn up the meanings of these names. Being Polish and Russian, respectively, I suspect the meaning would be lost in the English spelling. One site has "Antony BANASZAK was born in 1860 in Poland - Prussia. He died on 26 Oct 1913 in South Bend, St Joseph, in."
The name Schroetlin (Schrötlin) is german. Looks like the Schroetlins from Rohrbach, Ukraine, cames from Wurtemberg. Schrötlin itself has no meaning. Maybe it is a derivation of Schröter Excerpt from SCHRÖTER: often says in the Middle Ages the cutter, the cutter of cloth ("cut off" from the Middle High German schröten), low German Schröder, sometimes the beer and wine Schröter (the shippers and suppliers) SCHRÖTER: häufig, meint im Mittelalter den Schneider, den Zuschneider des Tuches (von mittelhochdeutsch schröten "abschneiden"), niederdeutsch Schröder, zuweilen auch den Bier- und Weinschröter (den Verlader und Lieferanten) Can also be a derivation of the german word Schrot or Schroth (wholemeal) My friends name is Schroetlin. Her parents also came from Russia
The first name is either Polish or a Slavic name and the second name looks like it might be German
Sounds polish or german
nebraska fast cash
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My friend and I made a list of things to do last number! I got most of the things off the Internet. Some of the things were: Dance in someones sprinkler Get a piercing done,Temporarily dye your hair, Make a you tube video, Go camping, Go visit the hot fire fighters at the station and get a t-shirt, take a nap in a neighbors hammock,do a fire walk, volunteer somewhere We had over 300 things on our list <3 good luck
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Ive danced in a busy street and rolled around and my cousins said "we're being recorded" and I look around and someone has their phone out recording us and as we ran they were yelling stuff to us. I checked utube to make sure they didnt upload the vid. You stop cars in the middle of the road and say go around another way, i just washed this road! or on a busy sidewalk tell people to take their shoes off on the sidewalk, you just vacuumed it!
Make smores and sell them like a lemonade stand drive an ice cream "bike" and sell popsicles for a $1 make an outfit out of a garbage bags and paper bags, then have a fashion show volunteer to walk people's pets have a sing-a-long at a grocery store in aisle 5 learn to juggle eggs while blind folded
Wait patiently for the city bus, ultimately deciding not to take it. Sleep in by 5 minutes. Don't match socks, and not tell anybody about it.
Kiss someone get a lifeguard that you know and catch him/her when on duty and pretend to drown eat alot vote me best answers go on like and make an outfit draw eat paper plat truth or dare with friends freeze bra a then wear it ect.
nebraska cash loans
Yes you can deed it to as many people as you want. The borrower on the loan will still be solely responsible. for repayment
. . . .as many names as will fit. . . .however, lender may not want to give you a loan if not everyone on deed is liable for loan. . . . . . . .and you have to decide if you're tenants in common, joint tenants with right of survivorship, tenants by the entirety (married couple only), etc.
nebraska cash loans
Yes, this is correct, the 20% was cash you put in your pocket, you still have to repay it. You will also pay income tax on any deficient to the other mortgage holder too.
Yes you are still liable for your 2nd mortgage (unless you get out of it in bankruptcy). Whether you have to pay income tax on any deficiency that might be forgiven on your 1st depends upon whether it was your principal residence:
bad credit loans in nebraska
No such thing in this real estate market. If you have such a great job, start with a HUGE down payment.
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