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Differences between exams. aama, nha, etc. my school we took ccma through national health career association but i see jobs stating certified preferably cma through aama. Any idea on the differences? National vs stae certs, county cert vs national cert? Also any advice on heald graduates? how much you pay back in loans monthly?
National standardized certification is always the best one, there are several. They have slightly different requirements to keep certification. Regional cents are the worst as they may not be accepted outside of the area.bState cents are usually limited to that state.
concord loan
I'm wondering how you settled on RT ? It would help if you could talk to an actual RT in your area and learn more about the field. It's all about hard science, so you would need to be good at science and math. As for Concordia, I have no clue. They are a for-profit trade school, and it seems suspicious that they can't even say what the program costs on their website. I would look for other schools in your area and talk to them as well, don't settle on this one trade school. You could find yourself saddled with tons of debt from student loans.
concord loan
First, you don't earn enough to get a loan on a $75,000-$100,000 house. If you bought a $75,000 house with 20% down, you'd need $15,000 for the downpayment plus maybe $5,000 in closing costs. Do you have $20,000 available. Then, you'd have a $60,000 mortgage. Very roughly, that would cost you $600 a month, adding in taxes, insurance, etc. That's marginal, even with a solid job. See a mortgage broker to get a better idea on what you might qualify for. What you'd have to do to prove your income is just what anyone else has to do: Provide evidence. That would include bank statements showing the income. That would also include, most likely, the past two years of your income tax returns. (Hopefully, you've been declaring your actual income on your tax returns.) Hope that helps.
Report your income truthfully on your income tax statements for two years. The lender uses your tax returns to determine your income, not your checks and not you word.


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