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bad credit loan minnesota
1. Why did the US economy collapse? A: Because we had a huge housing bubble which collapsed. 2. How did we get the housing bubble? A: Because the banks made a lot of bad loans. 3. Where did the banks get the money to make all the bad loans? A: It certainly was not through savings since the saving rate in America was negative. The money came from the FEDERAL RESERVE in the form of easy money off the printing press at 1% interest rate. You see it was NOT capitalism or greed that caused the economic collapse but rather central economic planning of the FEDERAL RESERVE. Thanks for taking the red pill. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji_G0MqAq...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPU8w7Bxc...
Notice that qncyguy and brown never actually answer the question, they just go into a mindless blather about credit markets and wage increases. qncyguy doesn't know the first thing about economics if he thinks those banks loaned money from "their own savings", lol! Banks don't loan money from savings, and anyone who understands Fractional Reserve Banking would know this: “[W]hen a bank makes a loan, it simply adds to the borrower’s deposit account in the bank by the amount of the loan. The money is not taken from anyone else’s deposit; it was not previously paid in to the bank by anyone. It’s new money, created by the bank for the use of the borrower.” - Robert B. Anderson, Secretary of the Treasury under Eisenhower, said in an interview reported in the August 31, 1959 issue of U.S. News and World Report In 1969, a court case took place, “First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Daly” in Minnesota. Daly argued that the bank could not foreclose on his house as the bank did not give him money to finance his home. Associate Justice Bill Drexler, present and keeping order in the case, was pretty much uninterested in the case until the bank’s president L.V. Morgan, made a startling admission on the stand. Morgan admitted that the bank created money “out of thin air” and that it was a standard banking practice. Presiding Justice Martin Mahoney said: “It sounds like fraud to me.” Apparently, the jurors agreed. Daly was acquitted. The bank lost it’s case. In his memorandum, Mahoney stated: "Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, . . . did create the entire $14,000.00 in money and credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry. That this was the consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note." It was the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE that created the root cause of the collapse by inflating our money supply through fractional banking and devaluing the dollar out of existence. It now takes $23 to buy what $1 could buy back in 1913 when the Fed was given the power to issue our currency. You think maybe that has something to do with our inability to save, or to pay off mortgage and credit debts. People are so busy rambling about the symptoms that they completely miss the cause. Oh, and before anyone tries to argue with me about the Fed being private, here is Alan Greenspan ADMITTING the Fed is Private and answers to no one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3mEe8TH...
Looks like you answered your own question, but I'll throw my 2c in... Here's the same answer from earlier - I got 1 thumb down. Let's see if I get more love this time... "The Wall Street Casino is more to blame than the mortgage crisis. Wall Street caused this, enabled by the government, allowed by a public of sheeple, abetted by the fractional reserve Federal Reserve and the rest of the banksters. The derivatives markets are measured in the hundreds of trillions of US dollars. This much wealth only exists in the magical fantasy world of the imaginations of these 'financial wizards' (?). This is the heart of the crisis. This is the engine which drives the entire world's financial markets. And it's running on fumes." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You could argue the real estate bubble and accompanying sub-prime collapse simultaneously bursting was what made a bad situation worse. It's kind of a chicken and egg thing. They're closely related and they made each other worse. Bottom line, the real cause of this mess is the Federal Reserve. It's a Ponzi scheme by any definition. They created money by fiat. It was always meant to collapse. What goes up...
The banks were able to do what you say they did, at least in part, because of a law sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans and which was signed into law in 1999 by President Bill Clinton. And let's not forget about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac helping to make even more of those risky sub-prime mortgages available to people who can't afford to make the payments. It was the collapse in the Sub-Prime mortgage market. I have two links below which will let you read about both. One in Wikipedia and the other is an article from the New York Times, 1999
DERIVATIVES. Anyone whom isn't familiar with the term "derivatives", needs to google it. The underlying cause is the fractional-reserve system of banking. The economic collapse is being engineered by the bankers, working for the British Empire. The empire, aka new world order, aka globalism, will use the collapse to suggest that a world central bank is the solution to the problems of the financial system.
You have a lot of it right.... blame lies as follows All that you said Democrats pushing Freddie and Fannie and bad loans through OVER regulation of loans. Republicans for getting paid off by Freddie and fannie to go along with this garbage. Greed plays a role yes but it was the private morgatge companies that wrote bad loans and sold them to freddie and fannie without ever spending a penny of their own money. Here is a starter list of individuals... Barney Frank Chris Dodd Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George Bush and any Republican that argued for more regulation then backed off after freddie and fannie spent millions in lobbying to stop that regulation. We were sold down the river by BOTH parties and now they are making us pay out the botty to fix it!
Well, you're right about the genesis of this, though you oversimplified it. Banks only make money if they make loans, and they got greedy. With the crazy real estate price escalation of the housing bubble, push from the left to support low-cost housing, and push from the right to create Bush's "Ownership Society", all they had to do was make as many loans as possible -- NO ONE (well, not many... a few Senators did try to call shenanigan on this back in '06, including then Senator Obama), but there was no support) said "no". And what if the loans failed, as was likely -- the properties might double in price in five years (the typical term of the balloon loans), eh. What could possible go wrong. Of course, any decent history major (and a few of us engineers) could have pointed out this was one of the main factors leading to the Great Depression.. but hey, we weren't the guys making the money, were we. Now, where did that money come from. If you don't know, you're not going to like the answer... they create it. Out of thin air. That's what banks do, and that's precisely why banks have to lend money -- that's the act that creates money, and it's the primary way they make money. Ok, here's the deal. I only really understood this last year... my ex-brother-in-law is a financial software guy, and he revealed this to me (well, it was on a beach, and there was alcohol involved). Basically, when a bank makes a loan, there's no real cash involved.. they make a debit on one ledger sheet, a credit on another... poof! Money appears in one place, debt in another, where before was a big fat goose egg. There's no cash, no printing, no borrowing.. they invent money. You will hopefully understand this, reading below, but that IS the truth. The Fed allows this practice, and under the Republicans, they have lowered the reserve rate for some banks, but this practice goes way, way back. It was one of the main factors in the Great Depression, in fact, when, as recently, balloon mortgages collided with a huge drop in property values and a dramatic loss of income. Certainly you're saying, "no, they get this money from deposits"... well, sort of. Every financial institution is required to keep a certain amont of "real" money (more on that later) on the books, and naturally, they take some kind of collateral for that loan... like a lein on your mortgage. So it's all cool, right. Regular banks can only loan out 90% of any deposit (with some, it's more like 97%)... so you deposit $100,000 into your savings account, and the bank can directly issue a $90,000 loan on that money.. that's means that bank has a 10% "reserve rate". So you borrow $90,000 to buy a house (or 4-5 hours in Detroit), and so you seem to deposit $90,000 in the bank of the seller.. but of course, that's only a number on a ledger somewhere. That bank, of course, sees that as real money -- there aren't different kinds when it comes to deposits, so they can loan out another $81,000 based on that deposit. Now you have $100,000 of real money, $171,000 of virtual money. And this goes on and on, until you realize that a bank multiplies real deposits by 10x or more. They really do just create money out of the ether. Yes, this sounds insane, and I'm not asking you to trust me, read here for more: http://www.nomoneylimitsblog.com/2008/1/...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractional-...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIo7IYVCI...And yet, it works fine, when everyone's paying their bills and collateral, like your house, is worth something. But sell a bunch of people on balloon mortgages (you pay only interest... in five years, you refinance the orginal full price of your house), drop their property values by 25%-50%, and give them 8 years of flat or negative salary growth, and ... well, they're just walking away once those mortgages become due. And hey... just this is what's happened. And even with all that, it wouldn't have been all THAT bad if the banks of the 2000's were like the banks of the 1990s... if the banks just did these things, it would have been bad, but it wouldn't have been what we saw, dragging down much of the US financial infrastructure along with the bad mortgages. But Congress has repealed the Glass-Steagall Act under Clinton (he wasn't all that in favor, even as a moderate, but he was being political, or "bipartisan" if you want that term): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass-Steagall_Act This was one of the many laws put in place, right after the Great Depression, in an attempt to prevent the same kind of domino effect that caused the Great Depression's Greatness. This prevented investment companies, regular banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions from being ALL types of financial institution. So if you're a bank, you can't be a securities broker... that kind of thing. With that barrier now broken again, banks gobbled each other up, and became all these thin
Once again... The problem right now is that CREDIT is not available. The big banks and investment firms were deeply invested in the derivatives market. When trading credit default swaps (which are alleged insurance policies) they did NOT have to put up any collateral...just their good name (ha, ha). The market grew to way more liabilities than there is money on the planet. Then when the housing bubble burst, it pulled one card away from the bottom of this "house of cards". Now the big banks have lost more money (way more) than they ever had. Bush tried to bail them out to free up credit...but they have debts that they will never be able to pay. Therefore they paid themselves bonuses and squirreled it away in the Camens and will soon disappear. Unavailable credit is the problem. Businesses take out short term loans for expansion to make payroll, increase inventory etc. But the big banks are dead so they can't lend to smaller banks who can't lend to business and investors. Okay now...here is the tricky part, so pay attention. The recovery plan is two-fold. First...the part that everyone biches about is the stimulus which is introduces money at the bottom as job creation and spending in the lower realm of the economy....AND...tax-cuts for the middle realm of the economy. Secondly the top must be fixed before money can flow down instead of into the black-hole of debt they have created. The choices are...another bank bail-out with strict oversight OR nationalizing the banks so that we know that the money will go toward freeing up credit...AND...leave the bankers holding the bag for all of the debt they have created. Obama says he wants to keep the banks in the private realm....but the smart money says that the government takes them over.
The Fed caused the credit and housing bubble and then it burst right before the election. Next bubble to burst is the bonds bubble...thats all thats left and then we have Depression times
THERE WAS NOT ANY ONE THING. The Fed contributed. China's manipulation of capital flows contributed. Bush's tax cuts contributed. The Iraq War contributed. Deregulation contributed. Wall Street greed and recklessness contributed. Personal irresponsibility contributed. All of these things and more are to blame. It is a SYSTEMATIC failure. It is a failure of government AND a failure of the market.
Crooked Evil Greed .
loans for bad credit in minnesota
Two years ago my recent fiance allowed a truck in which his brother purchased to be put in his name. The brother has had legal problems, no driver’s license and doesn't want the government knowing his address, etc. So he asked my fiance to put a truck in his name for him to which my fiance obliged in helping him out. I was disgusted initially by this as if something happens my fiance is liable for it. This is when we first started dating and it was “none of my business”. However, now that we’re getting married it is my business. Subsequent to the vehicle being put in my fiance’s name his brother got a DWI in it. Thankfully nothing happened however his brother does have a drinking problem along with other legal problems. My concern at this point is if this truck were to be driven by his brother or someone else (he supposedly hasn’t been driving it since it rendered whiskey plates) that if he were to get into a wreck and either injure himself and/or someone else or heaven forbid kills someone they will come after my fiance AND myself for some civil suit because his name is on the title even though he wasn’t driving the car. I told my fiance that if this car doesn’t get out of his name by the time we get married in a few months that the wedding is off which would be unfortunate as my parents have put down a significant amount of money on the wedding thus far. My fiance has repeatedly advised his brother that the title needs to be changed, as I won’t marry him until it does to which his reply is always, “yeah I know” and nothing ever gets done about it. Fiance refuses to contact an attorney to make this title transfer legitimate and to see what his options are. However at this point I feel that this won’t get done and I’m up to my eyeballs in stress with worrying about this being handled more than my own wedding planning details. It has caused major problems between my fiance and I for the duration of our relationship on different things and I refuse to be held liable for a shady dealing with a title of a truck that I had nothing to do with. Can someone PLEASE help in how we would go about getting this title transferred without having to kidnap his brother at this point and taking him to the DMV? We live in Minnesota. Thank you!
Well, first of all, too little too late,but he shouldn't have done that in the first place. . I do not live in Minnesota, so I don't know how specifically the laws are, but other states, well: Just because it is in your fiance's name, I have no idea what that has to do with anything. His brother should be held responsible because he is driving drunk, without a license, and in someone ELSE'S car. Because his name is on it should be even more of a reason to not worry so much. Why would they come after him? He wasn't the one driving it. Just because his brother is driving it doesn't necessarily mean that he has permission to drive it. What he could do, if wrose came to worse, is tell a judge, lawyer, cop , whomever that he was driving his vehicle without your fiance's permission ,which is essentially what it amounts to, as it is in his name. There wouldn't be much the brother could to do contend it, as he has a DWI, DUI, no license, whichever. Actually, if he's gotten caught driving without a license they should fine him bad for that, and honestly from my experience that gives a police a reason to stop the vehicle again just to SEE if the same person is driving it. And married or not, it shouldn't affect you at all. It's not your fiance that's driving around without a license and under the influence, it's technically someone else in HIS vehicle, not yours. And I think you're worrying too much to be honest with you, God forbid there would be an accident, I'm not sure your fiance would be affected too much simply because his name is on the car. Do you know how many people sign for loans, by cars for other people for whatever reason? I mean millions. People buy cars for their kids for lack of credit, insurance reason, etc. This isn't that uncommon. He needs to tell his brother, "Take my name off of the vehicle ASAP, or next time something comes up authority will be notified you are driving my vehicle without my permission." He doesn't want to end up in jail, so I think that should do the trick. Driving a vehicle without someone's permission, family or not constitutes stealing,. I know it's his brother, but he needs to realize that he's not helping his brother at all by doing this for him. He has to learn one way or the other, and if he keeps it up like this he'll end up in jail, or heaven forbid worse, dead. And I know nobody wants that, right? Good luck, and stop worrying.
Your brother just needs to sign the title over to his brother as a gift and send the title to the state, the new owner generally does not need to sign it but only enter his home address. You are correct to not get married to a known liability and the promise of killing someone is very real due to the fact that you may not believe in God but Lucifer does the most damage and he is going to show up and destroy you with all he has. leave the boyfriend because if he cannot make the hard decisions now then your future is full of the promise of failure. Good luck you are correct in thought, purpose and direction. You don't need help being poor.
cash loans in minnesota
I know you need to look at similar values in the neighborhood, but this is a hoarders house with cat pee soaked carpet. Half finished walls. Needs a new deck. The acreage may be worth what they are asking for the house 20 acres in Minnesota. It could be a nice house. They are asking $135,000. I want to offer $120,000. It is a cash deal.
It doens't matter what the short-sale seller is asking. Make your offer to the seller. First they must accept your offer and then forward your offer their lender. The lender will contact a couple of Realtors in the area and ask for a "brokers price opinion". The lender will base what they will accept on the BPO. Making an all cash offer is a strong offer and often a lender will accept an all cash offer even if it is a little bit low. In addition if the loan is either a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac the lender is required to either accept or reject the offer within 60 days. This has stopped the long and drawn out short sale time periods of the last several years.
It's still based on comparables in the neighborhood. If a pristine place in the neighborhood is $190K, then $135K could be a fair price. Additionally, you can offer whatever you want... If you really want it, it's best to make your first offer "fair".
You may offer any amount you choose to offer. A short sale is painful for everyone involved. Only masochists get involved in short sales.
It depends if the bank has already approved the $135k or not. If yes, your cash offer is irrelevant
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I just graduated with my degree in English and minor in photography at a top-tier college in Minnesota. I'm having a hard time finding work that pays at least $10/hr with benefits, which seems reasonable to expect with a degree and student loans coming! Does anyone know of any good places to work with current vacancies that pay at least this for someone with my background? (Though it doesn't have to be related to English [writing, reading, secretarial, etc.] or photography, so long as I don't need a degree in something else, like nursing.) I am interested in the Duluth and as much as two hours South of Duluth area.
This place doesn't mention benefits but while you're still looking for a full-time position, you might be able to make up a nice portfolio with this company. Good luck! Content Writer for Associated Content Company Information Associated Content is a unique online community that pays writers to contribute content. We’re looking for writers to contribute articles, reviews, instructional essays, interviews and more. Please visit us at http://www.associatedcontent.com Requirements * Can work at home or where you have an internet connection * No quotas need to be met. Work part-time and submit content at your leisure! * No application/interview process involved * All topics welcome! From healthcare articles to customer service tips to entertainment to fictional content! Video and audio content is also encouraged! You will be paid per unit of content submitted, average pay $10 for a 500 word article. Members also receive calls for specific topics of content that pay more.
I have an English degree, but didn't study photography - but it's what I do. It took me about 3 months to get a freelance photography business going. The steps I took were: 1. Volunteer your time to photography events for organizations and local events. 2. Assist other photographers to learn the ins and outs of owning your own business. 3. Build your portfolio and get business cards and establish your own "brand" 4. Once you've got a portfolio, some business knowledge and a brand, you should be able to market yourself as a photographer and start charging money for your services. I'm sure you're aware that there are many market niches for photographers - weddings, night clubs, reunions, pets, babies, birthday parties, ... Looking into a professional organization (such as ASMP, association of media photographers) would also be good to help you get business and legal advice. Also, the SBA is great to get info on how to file and get your business started. To make ends meet in the meantime, I'd recommend working at a photo lab because you *will* be using their services while doing your freelance work and the discount helps!
·Hey, today there are many ways in which you can work from home and work online part/full time on your computer and earn extra money without being duped by frauds and scams– Online data entry, Medical/general transcription, write articles, sell on eBay, make a website, take surveys.. and much much more..and all of these options do not need any kind of investment ever!!! There are international positions-ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE IN WORLD CAN DO MANY INVESTMENT FREE JOBS! REMEMBER-ANY COMPANY THAT ASKS YOU TO PAY FOR A JOB IS A SCAM! more details at- http://www.pcworkathome.net
online loans minnesota
I checked my online Banking in the morning, and it said I had more than enough money to cover my bills etc.. I wasn't worried.. When I got home I double checked it to make sure, and it said I had $29.00... It had a Garnishment fee for 100$ and another withdrawl for over 600$... I called the bank.. they didn't tell me much except it was linked to Minneapolis Minnesota Collections Revenue.. About a month ago I got a letter saying MN revenue took my federal return to pay part of my student loan.. I was okay with that.. I received my state loan, and have payments set up to automatically come out of my checking FOR my student loan.. I finally got through to someone @ MN revenue and she said they sent out a letter a year ago (I asked what the address was and she said one that I haven't been living at in over 2-3 years) I never got the letter... And since they "heard no reply" They thought i was ignoring it... My account is now going negative as all my checks are trying to clear.. rent.. car loan & insurance.. everything. What can I do??? I need that money they took w/o prior notice.
The bad news is that all the prior notice legally they need was the letter they sent you a year ago. It doesn't matter that it wasn't your address, as long as it was the "last known address" they had. If you had filed between the time you moved and the time the letter was sent with your new address, perhaps you might have a case.
There is very little that you can do, unless you think you do not owe the money. All tax refunds are fair game to be withheld to pay back taxes etc.
best cash advance in Minnesota
I am trying to find a used toyota tacoma ext cab truck? i am very interested in buying a small truck under $4,000 prefferably a toyota tacoma, that is in good condition and not to high of miles and that runs good and won't give me any problems.so anyone out there that lives in minnesota between elk river an milaca i would be very appreciated if you would answer this thankyou.
I apologize in advance if this information is not useful. i would have the car thoroughly inspected / reviewed at a toyota dealership and maybe an independent reputable car repair shop prior to purchase. price complete servicing while you are there (mileage service, all fluids and filters, and repairs needed). with my experience looking for a similar vehicle in texas, you may want to reconsider year of production and price range. your demands are very high for such a high demand vehicle. have you consider financing a vehicle in the 7000-9000 price range and using your cash as downpayment and for initial maintenance and servicing? best with your search michael
cash loans minnesota
We are looking to buy a townhouse. Its in really nice condition but there are three things I am concerned about with our FHA financing and the appraisal (in Minnesota). First there is a light fixture in the kitchen that is missing. The wiring is there but no light fixture. Second, the hand rail leading to the unfinished lower level is missing (they started finishing it but its not finished yet). Third, the bathroom vanity in the second bathroom upstairs is missing. The house was lived in so I know the water works, but for some reason they either took the vanity or were replacing it and never finished. The house is a foreclosure so the bank doesn't want to make changes but we want to put in an addendum to have them allow us to make changes needed to get it to pass FHA...which of these three are going to be hangups for us that we need to fix beforehand??
If you are getting a FHA loan as your financing you might inquire of your mortgage consultant if they now can change the financing to a FHA 203. This will allow cash for minor repairs of the townhouse. You would need to get an estimate of the cost of repairs and submit them. From what you have indicated these are minor concerns and could. The other part is that you would have to get a professional to complete the repairs. The other solution is that you can add to the proposed contract of purchase that these repairs be made or money be set aside to do these repairs or reduce the sale price of the townhouse to accommodate the repairs. These items you listed are not deal breakers and easily repaired. I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
The safety issues FHA will require be addressed. The owner may not even accept FHA because of these issues. The bank will not agree to fix anything. If they have other offer that is not FHA they will accept the other one.
This one might break it for you, "hand rail leading to the unfinished lower level is missing ". Sorry, the bank is not going to allow you or anyone else in to do repairs. The liability is too high, you will not be allowed to do anything until the deed is in your name.
Let the appraiser see it as is. then let the lender say what they will accept
minnesota credit
We have the most consecutive sell outs and have sold out every game since we became the Wild. Not only that but we don't have the strongest team year after year which just makes us more dedicated and loyal unlike bandwagon fans like many of the stupid penguins fan sucking crosbys d. Our fans might be the best because we aren't going to the games to get attention but rather to actually watch the game. Our stadium is one of the nicest in the world. We don't get many outside support from other states but u travel to Minnesota and close to every Minnesotan is a fan (there are close to 5 million people living in Minnesota and obviously not every one is a fan but most are). And let's clear this up- Minnesota is not a snow covered state- we don't have snow yet but NY and Wisconsin do and we only have snow from like late November/December- March and it's pathetic when people talk crap like that so no answers like that.
Panel Bure- No it is a fact that Minnesota has the most consecutive sell outs not Toronto and have you ever watched a canuk-wild game? The teams HATE each other and it's evident when they play toronto does have a BIGGER fan base but im talking about BEST. Oh and sorry bout that 5-1 blowout btw Dilligaf- Ottawa hasn't been around much longer than the wild unless you consider Their seasons fro 1917-34 but they went bankrupt and didn't start a new franchise till 1990- only ten years before the wild. But I do love the sens (by far favorite canadian teams and one of my fav NHL teams) and hope to see them improve soon. Howe #9 yzerman #19 kilns #85- evidence to show how much bigger Minnesota hockey is over Michigan- you have 2 D-1 teams minnesota has 5 (most in NCAA) and many players go to north Dakota. The Vikings and the twins are terrible this year and you can't even make a comparison to the twins since they play in different parts of the season. And don't tell me more people in Michigan
I agree. Minnesota is the heartland of ice hockey just as much as Canada is. They share a culture. I'm not sure about your climate observations, from what I hear Minnesota is arguably the coldest area of the US outside of Alaska. Which is why it's hockey mad. If New York has snow now it's a freak thing. I live in Canada and I don't have snow either. I've heard people from Minnesota say what you're saying right now. That Minnesota is as crazy about hockey as Canada is and there really is no border distinction in terms of the hockey culture. It's evident at the college and other levels. If there's a reason why people don't give the fan base there credit I think it's partly misconceptions on why the North Stars left, and partly because the Wild have been such a boring team over the years. People have a tendency to lump them in with the central and mid-western teams like the Blue Jackets or Blues when the hockey culture is actually quite different.
Minnesota is the heartland of hockey in the states? Ha! That's a laugh. Minnesota cares far more about the Vikings and the Twins than they care about hockey. The North Stars averaged 7,000 fans in the early 90's before they left for Dallas. Minnesota does have a good fanbase, I agree. But just like Detroit with these silly nicknames "state of hockey", or "hockeytown", neither can compare to Toronto and Montreal. They don't hold a candle to them. Minnesota, Michigan, and Massachusetts are tied in the United States for loving hockey. But if I had to say one was more into it than the others I would give Michigan the edge. I have met numerous people from Minnesota who say they are shocked when they come here to Michigan and see how much hockey is bigger than in Minnesota. Why doesn't the Wild get more credit? Simply because they haven't been around long enough. That's all. They are viewed as an expansion team still. Of course your stadium is nice,,,it's still new, LOL. The Joe Louis Arena is over 30 years old, LOL. If the North Stars still existed you would have a point. But I'm sorry, you lost an NHL team. Michigan and Massachusetts can't make that claim. We are part of the Original Six.
I'm a Wild fan from NYC and I agree with you. I work at the NHL Store and you'd be surprised how little Wild stuff they have for sale... it's like, one t-shirt and the jerseys. That's it. I asked them to try and get more Wild stuff because I want to support my team. I think, since they're a fairly new team, is why they don't get a lot of credit. Also they've never won a cup yet they're the "State of Hockey." I feel like if the Wild won the cup, people would give them the credit they deserve. Oh yeah, and NY had snow for like, one day at the end of October. It doesn't snow regularly here until about mid-December.
The Wild get decent attendance but My Ottawa Senators have been around longer and still get better attendance and are never given any credit to our situation. You may have 5 million people to draw from but we have under 1 million here. We are always criticized for not having as big a fan base as the two biggest hockey city's in the world that were situated between. Montreal and Toronto. But continue to draw 18,000 per game even during a rebuilding season.
The Excel Energy Center is one hell of an arena! It's loud and proud. Wild fans are awesome, they do support their team very well and sell out most home games. But so do Blues fans, just to bring it in here. I agree, it's not fair they don't get much credit, but one day it'll pay off...Hats off to the great state of Minnesota aka "The State of Hockey!"
We hear these stats all the time but the fact remains, most of the rest of the country could care less about the Minnesota Wild. When they becone a contending team maybe that will change. I might not live that long.
It did sicken me as nicely yet because of the fact i had bbq ribs and that they've been rather tasty i had to maintain them down as i didn;'t have the desire to make a multitude of myself. dude! c'mon now i'm an avs fan and it particularly is rather like the third time you published we are able to would desire to visual reveal unit the wild play the avs lower back the tip of this month and with a bit of luck the hockey gods will smile on us this time!
Most consecutive sellouts = Toronto Maple Leafs. Best fan base = Toronto Maple Leafs. And maybe you aren't given credit because one of your main rivals (The Vancouver Canucks) don't consider you rivals. Watch the 2011 entry draft where wild fans start chanting "USA! USA! USA!" when the Montreal Canadiens announce their pick in French. Now am I saying the Wild fan base sucks? No. Am I saying I hate them? No? Are they the worst in the league? No, sadly that "Honour" belongs to my teams fan base. Signed a Vancouver Canucks fan!
When did Minnesota become a State? That must have just happened... Also, what is your question?
Minnesota doesn't sell out any more, that consecutive streak ended long ago.
checks cashed minnesota
The below lists the offenses and penalties for the State of Minnesota. Without more information concerning the event I can't elaborate in more detail. Check Forgery or Credit Card Fraud ($250 or less) Up to $3000 Fine &/or Up to 1 Year in Jail Check Forgery or Credit Card Fraud ($250 to $2500) Felony, Up to $10,000 Fine &/or Up to 5 Years in Penitentiary Check Forgery or Credit Card Fraud (over $2500) Felony, Up to $20,000 Fine &/or Up to 10 Years in Penitentiary Check Forgery or Credit Card Fraud (over $35,000) Felony, Up to $100,000 Fine &/or Up to 20 Years in Penitentiary Hope this helps....best wishes!
Well if he knew the check was fake then he could be charged with fraud. If he didn't know and can make them believe him then there really isn't intent and he should be out soon...all of this depends of course on whether or not he has a record and the amount of the check. Did they arrest your stepson's neighbor for forgery?
Did your step-son know that it was a fake check? Did he work for the company that the check was issued to? I am sure that it will all come out as the investigation is completed. If he did not know it was a fake check and the neighbor was giving it to him because it was money owed to him, then things will be easier on him than if he went to the bank and tried to cash it knowing that it was fake. My advice to you is to get him a lawyer right away. Good Luck.
Wow. No way to know - so many charges I can think of. It's going to depend some on if he's been in trouble before. Amount of the check. My magic 8 ball says he's in a lot of trouble however.
You've answered your own question. at a minimum he's going to go to prison for check fraud. The amount of the check could be a determining factor in his sentence.
It all depends on the amount of the check, which determines whether the crome is a misdemenor, or a felony.
Get him an attorney. Did he know it was fake? This is not good and he can get some real time out of it.
Thank you everyone for the answers!
Got o jail...go directly to jail...do not pass go...do not collect $200....
minnesota money
Well i like to take these people to court. we live here in ny and the other people live in Minnesota. The people in minnesota have my fiance's money its in a trust fund. they have had his money for several years now. the money belongs to my fiance not the people in Minnesota . My fiance wants to buy a car or go on vaction with his money. So I have not choice to take these people to court up here in ny. any advice/ its in Camphill Minnesota trust fund.from his dead mom.
+1 for hondo, this is what trust funds are for, so unruly kids dont waste the money on cars and other junk.
You clearly do not know how a trust fund works. You would be suing the trust, not the people, and you would probably not win. The reason the money is in a trust is probably because your fiance's mom did not want him to waste it on a vacation or a car.
You need to get a copy of the trust fund and see what it says. It might say that your "shack up" was a "shackup" in real life and maybe he won't get a dime of this "trust fund". Why are you claiming your "fiance's" money... When is the wedding date? IOops, he died. I would have sent a toaster... oops, you already have one since you've been together for several years.... Get off your greedy *** and support your wife... or.. were you looking for her trust fund to support you?... GC f
SUE! sue the living **** out of them!
minnesota money
Here are a few links to the State of Minnesota and tax information. Just type the words: FEDERAL TAX into a search and you might find what you're looking for.... Every municipality is authorized, subject to the provisions of section 360.0161, to accept, receive, receipt for, disburse, and expend federal and state money and other money, public or private, made available by grant or loan or both to accomplish, in whole or in part, any of the purposes of this act. All federal money accepted under this section shall be accepted and expended by the municipality upon such terms and conditions as are prescribed by the United States and as are consistent with state law; and all state money accepted under this section shall be accepted and expended by the municipality upon such terms and conditions as are prescribed by the state. Unless otherwise prescribed by the agency from which such money was received, the chief financial officer of the municipality shall, on its behalf deposit all money received pursuant to this section and shall keep it, in separate funds designated according to the purposes for which the money was made available, in trust for such purposes.
minnesota money
Host a big tournament if u can. takes money to make money u no wat i mean. charge lik ten dollars to enter. lik have a five on five tournament. buy some trophies for the winning team and use the profits to get urself to minnesota. also try to get local sponsors to donate a bit of cash. have ppl pay money to enter a a shot contest or a dunk contest with cool prizes. and good luck 12 grand is a lot of money
Well, in order to raise that amount of money, you probably would have to do many things. You could maybe do a silent auction at a bar and you could sell raffle tickets. However, your team would have to donate and put a lot of effort into it. You could also do a car wash. Another big idea i have is you could maybe have a tournemnet with 12 teams. Each team would have to pay about $800 to enter. 12x800= something over 9,000 dollars. Then, you can take some money out of your team budget. You'de probably take about 3,000 dollars out of the budget and you would have enough to go on the trip to Minessota. I hope you get to go! Minnesota is really fun to be in! Lots of things to do!
If you're on a female basketball team, you and your teammates could turn tricks. If not, you could trick out your sisters, moms, girlfriends, etc. Just remember, pimpin ain't easy.
I'm sorry but that does not sound like a good idea, I don't think many people would be interested in donating to that. They would rather donate to people who need it.
Steal it from your parents.
Pimp some girls out
checks cashed minnesota
I just received a check from the University of Minnesota of Mankato, Has a US bank address, university address, ect. Looks like a real check, says instant cash in the memo, and ALL of my information; address, name, everything is correct and looks legit... But I dont attend this university, nor have I applied. I was just wondering if this is a scam. Thank you!
100% SCAM As the poster above says, this is a counterfeit check. Once you deposit it, the scammers know your bank account number and your account will be emptied within days A call to the Financial Services office http://www.mnsu.edu/contact/ will confirm that they did not send you this check and that someone has counterfeited their checks to scam people. You should at least call to inform them that someone is sending out checks using their name
Hi Yes it is a scam what they don't yet have is your bank account details that is what they are after, not to put money into your account but to take it out....see the scam now.
If it sounds to good to be true it probably is...... so i think it is from your description.
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Hi I live in Minnesota and I am currently being garnished for child support and student loans. That takes up about 25% of my paycheck right now. I only make 10.64 an hour and get 70 hours every two weeks at one job and get 7.50 at my second job and get about 30 hours every 2 weeks there. I am now finding out that the state has taken 125 dollars out of my account for a past medical bill and it is making it so i cannot pay my rent. What can I do? Please no stupid responses like "pay your bills and this won't happen", If I could pay I would.
Past medical bill for you or the child? http://ChildSupportRights.org/WhatPayers... ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬... Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents http://childsupportrights.org/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬... To learn a father's rights, join Dads House Educational Groups. It's free to join and access all materials. You also associate with other fathers going through, or already gone through, the same issues. We have an Educational Manual that teaches everything that needs to be known in addressing your legal issues. http://dads-house.org/ http://dadshouseedctr.qhub.com/ http://www.youtube.com/DadsHouseEdCtr ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬... For 22 years, I have volunteered my time working with divorced/single fathers dealing in family law issues, such as child support, teaching them about what the states are not telling support obligors. -------------------- Posted to Dads House Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/DadsHouseEdCenter ♂♀
You could be sent to jail instead spare us the crap about if i could pay i would your wages are being Garnished because in the past you were not looking after your responsibilities buying junk food having cable tv and internet and cell phones are not necessary feeding your kid is your luxuries are way less important than the necessities needed by your kid and his mother Grow Up change your lifestyle until you can afford more when your bills are gone
A million) in the adventure that your spouse isn't modern at her listening to, they gets a default ruling & with which would be garnishing her wages 2) a decide can no longer postpone a garnishment.. except the two one in each and every of you jointly stay nicely under poverty point (in line with gross earnings)... regardless of the situations... it grow to be her loan, she signed a criminal settlement to pay it & that's going to be paid -- in maximum states they are allowed to garnish as much as twenty-5% of her gross salary 3) in some states... in basic terms the very shown fact which you acquire married makes you in charge for spousal debt.. whether it handed off earlier the marriage 4) they do no longer look to be obligated to "paintings with you" previous besides the fact that fee settlement they are keen to allow.. in the event that they are federal loans, then she might have utilized for earnings based reimbursement.... yet they be sure the fee (no longer her & no longer you) based on the family contributors contributors earnings... and there is not any negotiating for funds under what they be sure.... in spite of the shown fact that, that's no longer an option as quickly as in default 5) as quickly as in default, the loan must be introduced modern earlier there is any room for negotiation of any sort 6) if her call is on your financial enterprise account, then they are in a position to place a lien on it.. they are in a position to place a lien on something together with her call on it -- -and returned, in some states, in basic terms via being married, they are in a position to place a lien on something that's the spouses EDIT to characteristic: you reported those solutions suck... sorry if in fact harsh.. you had additionally asked what's the worst that could ensue... you had to be attentive to in the event that they might garnish your verify or take your components... you defined what the loan employer grow to be doing, yet it style of feels you do no longer probably comprehend why, so we defined the legalities i'm specific you have been hoping for some experience-good answer that should tell you each and every thing is secure & each and every thing would be ok & a decide will in basic terms make the loan circulate away if the lender tries to garnish... yet those issues are not fact Sorry that the very fact sucks & fact is terrible.... why take your concern, that got here approximately via undesirable judgements on the area of your spouse, out on us?
minnesota money
I've read many articles stating that marrow donors can receive upwards to $100/hr as marrow donors are not common and the experience is less than enjoyable. I donate (without getting paid) blood and plasma regularly, however money is tight and for the pain I wouldn't feel bad for helping out while getting paid, and it sounds pretty lucrative. Does anyone know where in Minnesota I can get paid for my bone marrow? Preferably somewhere in the Eagan/Burnsville/Appley Valley area or the Saint Paul area. Thanks!
Well, its illegal to sell bone marrow for a transplant. You probably could find someone on the black market to do it, but I wouldnt trust their medical skills. It is possible to find someone buying it for research, but still unlikely. Bone marrow costs a lot of money to harvest, because you have to be put to sleep, and it takes a little bit of time and such. Plus, they give you shots the 5 or so days before donation. The shots stimulate your marrow into making extra cells so that there are plenty to donate, and enough left for you after. The shots are quite expensive as well. So, its unlikely you are going to find anyone harvesting marrow for research that is willing to pay over and beyond the medical costs of the procedure. They might hand you money, but if they have handed you money they probably havent paid your medical bills for the donation....
Sell Bone Marrow For Money
loans in minnesota
I live in Minnesota and am looking for a full 203k loan for approximately the dollar amount of $200k. We know Wells Fargo does one, but they also require a 20% down payment which isn't quite attractive to us. Are there any other places near the Twin Cities, Minnetonka, Delano area that do these types of loans? Would appreciate help. Thank you. -J.S.
Yes, there will be several financial institutions in the Twin Cities area that offer loans of this magnitude. Since you're talking about a down payment, sounds like you're wanting a mortgage loan. Please note: you will not get "real" answers to a question like this on Y!A. Sorry, but despite the 'get answers from millions of real people' tag line, Y!A is an entertainment site. It's also a hotbed for Nigeria advance fee scam artists. If you're looking for reliable information, you are much better advised to work with a real estate agent that knows the marketplace where you are buying.
fast cash minnesota
Without a doubt Craigslist. Skip the dealer and their overpriced cars and just go hunting on CL. If you are patient and search often, you will find a killer deal. Lots of people list vehicles there who just want to get rid of their car fast and at a low price. Get your cash ready though because the really good deals do not last. I bought my last two cars that way and bought them within the first couple of hours the ad had opened. The phone was ringing at the guys house when I was signing the papers which told me I got a good deal. Be patient but ready to strike when the right one comes along. Good Luck.
Cars.com autotrader.com best one kbb.com craigslist.com backpage.com kijiji.com
loans in minnesota
I have a lender that would possibly do this loan. Depending on the state (condition) of the mobile home & overall credit, you may have to put down more money. rbiggins@arbormortgage.com
720 is "average" for credit scores on mortgages. Your score is very close to "subprime". Mobile homes are at the absolute bottom of the desirability list when it comes to home loans. Mobile homes are more like refrigerators than houses. They are worth a little less every year. The 5 acres is attractive to a lender. It could end up being worth more than the home. Your down payment is attractive to a lender. You have a good record of saving money (unless it's borrowed money which is not so good). With current mortgage rates at 6.5%, i would say that you will get a loan for 30 years at 8.75%. No one wants to do that but you will get the loan. The alternative is to go to a "hard-money" lender. THis is just a person like you or I , not a bank. They will loan you money at 18% interest (or the limit in MN). YOur goal is to pay this loan off as soon as possible by making the payments on time and then going (in 3-6months) back to a regular banker and showing that you can pay on-time for 18%, you can surely pay them on-time for 6.5%. It might work. Good luck. Having 5 acres would be wonderful.
That is pretty old for a singlewide. Most lenders don't even do singlewides at all (even brand new). Even doublewides are harder to get loans on than a regular home. 620 is fairly low score for what you are asking for. Does the home have a permanant foundation (block or brick) around the perimeter of the home? Most lenders require this. Sorry I can't be of more help- maybe your local bank- but I think they would require a higher score.
Yes, I can. I have a lender lined up and ready to service you. email me or call me today. (888) 751-2606 x 2626 Chase Turner. cturner@shortrefinow.com
If you make this deal take the mobile home out of the equation ,deal for the land only ,what would you pay if it had no home on it,the home has limited or no value,can you sell it tomorrow for 50,000 ?...........tom
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Good question! I think you should be asking for mortgages that line up with the Bible.
Well, this is a start for Sharia Law in the United States. The Islamic goal is to impose Sharia Law in the US. They first started by wanting foot baths in Indianapolis Airport to wash their feet before prayers and at the Kansas City International Airport. This was back in 2007. So now Islamic home loans is another one. Before you know it, they will try to convert you to Islam and then women will have to wear a jihab or a burcah! That will not happen, I am sure this is what they want. Keep your eye on the organization CAIR, they are bad news and they do support Hamas. You can probably find CAIR on Youtube. Council on American-Islamic Relations.
I believe the issue lies with the loaner, not the person receiving the loans. I could be wrong, but I believe there is nothing wrong in Islam's view of taking out a traditional western loan, just not making it. Islamic loans work on the principle of paying back the loan and also tying in some of the profits made, such as in a business. I assume a home or car loan would work by paying part of one's paycheck instead of interest.
Sharia law here we come la, la, la, la, la its a scary thing study Sharia for yourself and you'll see what I mean
Would it be ok to have christian or jewish mortgages?
I wish everyone who ran a bank was a Muslim. :D
loans in minnesota
There are loans that lend off the future appraised value of property. For Example if you where going to put 100k in improvements in the property with your loan we would have the property appraised with those improvements and lend off that value. We do these types of loans and the rates are standard conforming rates. Matt http://www.minnesota-mortgage-rates.net/
Contractors have financing available so that they get business. Typically start around 9 to ten percent. There are such things as 125% equity loans, but I'd put the money on my credit card first. The terms are that bad. You can also get personal loans through banks and credit unions. But real estate financing is dependent upon the value of the property *right now*. Lenders do not lend based upon the property as it might be someday, and any method that falsely induces them to do so is fraud. As in go to prison for years and be a convicted felon for the rest of your life.
You basically have your local lenders and your mortgage brokers to assist you in determining what is available and what you can qualify for and how much it will cost you. To get you started here is a link that talks about all the programs available from the US Government. Buena Suerte

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