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are pay day loans legal in maryland
I live in the Maryland/DC area and I was recently employed by a company that sold mortgage loan my initial interview I was a little sketched out because the company had just opened, did not really have any sort of history, I couldn't find anything about them on the internet. The man who interviewed me showed me a chart of the earning potential (there was no salary-straight commission) and it seemed way to good to be true. I was leery. He also said "you can have any sort of life you have ever wanted making this kind of money' I felt he was selling me on the position almost, I should have gone with my gut instinct. After the interview, like I said, I attempted to do some research, I have a background in mortgages, I was employed as a loan officer straight out of college several years ago before the bubble popped and made quite a substantial living for a person straight out of college. I found little on the company so I researched the industry and came across some red flags, such as it was illegal to charge a fee to do a mortgage loan modification in the state of Maryland. The next day the man that interviewed me called me several times to offer me the position, another red flag. I finally took the call and told him my concerns that I had learned during my research, naturally he had an answer for everything, the "used car salesmen" that he was. He said it was illegal to charge for loan mods in Maryland but they got around it because they were headquartered in a state where it was legal. I had been interviewing for weeks, with companies offering as low as $10 per hour, I am a college grad with a decent amount of successful sales experience, so I caved in and took chance with this company. I ended up staying with them only a few short weeks. During that time I did sell a client on a loan mod, my boss whom interviewed me assisted in my first closing, but I obtained the client and sold her. The week I was supposed to be paid I finally got fed up and quit. There was technical glitches and the phone system was down and I wasted 5 days of my life playing poker on FB out of boredom with nothing to do. So I quit. I contacted the owner of this company, or president, whatever you want to call him, and asked him if they could send my commission check to my house because I had quit and explained why..he first tried to convince me to go back saying the glitches had been worked out, but at this point I was beginning to see the whole thing as a scam and was over it. He told me he would look into the status of my deal, and check to see if they had received the payment from the client and contact me the following day. After I got off the phone with him I emailed a former coworker who was actually the only employee to stay with the company for more then a few weeks and told her what had happened..she looked into it and discovered that they had received the payment from the client and the deal had indeed went through..she even provided me with a Fed Ex tracking number, but then asked me not to let them know that she had given me this information as it may be deemed unethical or a breech of security, I agreed to protect her by not saying anything about it. I contacted the headquarters two days later after not receiving a call back , I identified myself to someone else who answered the phone and asked to speak to the boss, he put me on hold and returned to say "yea he said we have no of that file or that client. sorry' and hung up on me. I have looked into filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but learned that they only deal in consumer complaints and not with employee-employer issues. My commission was only a few hundred dollars so I can't see hiring a lawyer. At this point it is not even about the money. I spent over 100 hours at this establishment working my tail off chasing this imaginary dream of financial success that the man had pitched me. Looking back I should have followed my gut and not taken the position, now I just want to let people know so that no one else falls victim to this b*llshit scheme and wastes there time in already difficult economic times. My question is: Is there a way to even go about getting my money? ( I doubt it) OR is there a place or public forum I can file a complaint so that others when researching the company can be made aware of what they are, and not fall victim to the same thing? --I should also note that the coworker that I mentioned has since quit from not receiving payment on at least 4 deals that she closed and is considering taking legal action and that she found out that the last company that this man ran was shut down by the FED .. I know this was a long post so I greatly appreciate anyone that takes the time to read it and provide feedback.
There is nothing you can do - you can prove that the money was received. You can't prove it who earned the commission. It's a slimy company might guess is they are going to say "yeah, we closed the deal but it wasn't because of you. after you left the client walked away... we had to start from scratch rebuilding the relationship until it finally closed).
It depends on your situation. If it's pretty simple and straight forward and you're good at research, then yeah, it is cheaper to do it yourself. However, if your situation is complex, then it might be worth looking into consulting an experienced and reputable firm. Out of various types of loan mod specialists, a loan attorney is probably your best bet because he or she can not only help you with your application, hardship letter, and negotiations, but will also be able to scrutinize your original loan documents for loopholes and errors, which can be used as leverage. This is especially helpful if you have a ARM or interest-only loan, particularly if it originated between 2004 and 2007, because many of these loans were not properly done. If you do your own modification, prepare to be on the phone a lot. Each lender has their own eligibility requirements, so talk to your lender's loss mitigation department to find out what those exact requirements are. Furthermore, be aware that you will need to show how you will be able to pay your mortgage if it's modified, so even though you lost your job, prepare an explanation for them. If you're still current, you may qualify for Making Home Affordable, so look into that as well. Best of luck!
bad credit loan companies in maryland
I have recently been involved in a terrible real estate deal and am now faced with having two mortgages on homes that are not worth the amount of the mortgages. I am currently seeking legal action on those two properties but my attorney has advised me it could take over a year to resolve. I am considering filing bankruptcy and would like to know what I would be able to keep. I have a primary home with a mortgage and home equity line. I also have serveral credit cards with small balances. Would I be able to keep my primary home and one or two credit cards ? The bankruptcy filing would be strictly due to my inability to pay the mortgages on the investment properties, and I do not want to go further into debt to keep them.
Additional information on the investments; the properties were sold under fraudently pretenses. Meaning there were suppose to be rehabbed properties and after purchase, and when i filled with the local muncipal for an occupancy permit, it was found out that the prior owner performed the rehabbed without the necessary building permits. Soi the local muncipal is requiring that the work be torn down and redone. My attorney believes I have a good case againist the seller, but it is just that it can be very drawn out. Unfortunately with the real estate market, I am unable to obtain second loans for the I am in the unfortunate situation of having to pay for the properties to save my credit, but I am not receiving any cash flow for the properties. There were also building violations againist the properties that the title company failed to find on a title search. According to my attorney it was part of public record, so a possible title claim will also be filed.
First, Bankruptcy law is a federal law, so it does not matter what state that you live in, and you might actually go to court in another state based on where you live or do business. If you have equity in your home, and you file chapter 7 ... you will lose it. If you file chapter 13, and take on a repayment plan, you will keep it - UNLESS you pledged your home for a business purpose - which might include taking an equity line to buy investment properties. Regarding your credit accounts: You can not elect which debts to include ... except in some cases your primary residence and your automobile (if financed or leased) are considered undue hardship. If your auto is owned outright, you might lose that too, but your attorney should be able to make a case for keeping it if it is necessary for you to earn the money to make the plan payments. I really think that you need a new lawyer as well ... if you bought properties and there was fraud involved, you might be able to recover damages, but it would be doubtful at best. Buying an investment property is speculative and has definitive risks. Since you have mortgages, I am positive that the bank used a certified appraiser to consider your application. You invested, you lost money. It happens. I am assuming that your investment was speculative on reselling negative cash flow properties at a profit, and now that the market has changed, there is no profit, but instead a loss. I don't think that too many judges are going to be sympathetic to the "they told me the property would go up in value, so that I could make money" argument. There would need to be real fraud. What you are experiencing is the result of borrowing money on speculation. In the eyes of the court, I doubt that you will get much sympathy. Your best bet is to work with your creditors to resolve the issue ... arrange financing for the deficiency once the properties are sold. If you just default, you are in for a rough ride. Make like a real business person and take your loses. I am sure that you would have taken a profit with a smile. Unfortunately, in business it works both ways. I am sure that this is not what you wanted to hear, but your best move is to work out the debt and avoid bankruptcy, default, or the silly hope that someone else will be responsible for your bad investment. You are walking on thin ice at best. Create a plan and execute it. If you leave it in the hands of the banks or the courts, your are in for MORE than just disappointment - you may end up without much of anything. Investments are risky, or so you have learned. A solid plan of recovery will help to create a positive financial outcome.
You should visit SAVEFINDER.NET- I am sure here you can find the best option for you RE Filing Bankruptcy in Maryland? I have recently been involved in a terrible real estate deal and am now faced with having two mortgages on homes that are not worth the amount of the mortgages. I am currently seeking legal action on those two properties but my attorney has advised me it could take over a year to resolve. I am considering filing bankruptcy and would like to know what I would be able to keep. I have a primary home with a mortgage and home equity line. I also have serveral credit cards with small balances. Would I be able to keep my primary home and one or two credit cards ? The bankruptcy filing would be strictly due to my inability to pay the mortgages on the investment properties, and I do not want to go further into debt to keep them.
Hi, I used "Credit Solution" to settle my debt and avoid bankruptcy.They managed to reduce my debt up to 58%.It's legitimate. I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition.Check it out here:
are pay day loans legal in maryland
I graduated last Spring, took and passed the Maryland Bar, and am currently clerking for a judge. I have excellent academics, but no law firm or journal experience. I do have several years of non-legal work experience. I've been sending out a few cold call cover letter/resume packets a day, plus responding to ads calling for less than 2 years experience in the local papers, bar assoc website, and even craigslist. I still can't seem to get anywhere though. Any suggestions? Thanks for you time and thoughts!
It is important to network. What you should do: 1) Join your local County Bar Association (many times, the first year is free or at an extremely reduced rate). Attend all the meetings and, if possible, join the Barristers (a group for attorneys younger than 35 or with less than 10 years of experience). Barristers may be included in your membership fee. Also, if possible, join your local chapter of Inns of the Court (there, you will meet more experienced attorneys who may know of openings); 2) Sign up with a Temp Agency who specializes in legal staffing positions (it's contract work, but it is a "foot in the door"); 3) Sign up with a headhunter (you don't pay; the potential employer would pay if you were hired by the employer). The headhunter will help spruce up your resume to make it look good to potential employers; 4) Did you clerk at any law firms while you were in law school? Are you remembered fondly? If so, contact them to see if they have any openings. If they don't, they may be willing to create a position for you. Hopefully you got along well with everyone. If not, can the judge you currently work for hire you on as a staff attorney/research attorney? Also, you may want to try applying for other clerkships (paid, of course) now that you have experience clerking for a judge. 5) Don't have high expectations about the salary. It's a MYTH that you can earn the six-figures just coming out of law school, especially if you didn't go to a Tier 1 law school and graduate in the top 1-2% of your class. 6) Can you get waived into practice in the District of Columbia? That way, you expand your areas of where you can practice law and perhaps there may be positions available in the DC area. 7) Try a small firm - yes, you won't earn as much as a large firm, but you won't be stuck in the basement doing "law and motion." You can actually get more experience working at a smaller firm; 8) Try both plaintiff's and defense firms. You may want to do one side of the law, but if there is an opening at the other side (and they want you), take it. You'll gain valuable experience and, after a few years, can make a lateral transfer to another position in a different firm; 9) See if you can sign up with a firm that handles only special appearances. There are lots of them (at least in CA) and you can start out that way, by making appearances at court; 10) Last, but definitely not least, see if anyone will hire you as a paralegal. I know it's a step down, but at least you'll have a foot in the door when they want to expand. And, that way, you won't have the billable hour requirement that most attorneys have and make sure you don't get sent to court (unless they want to pay you more $$).
There's an option for lawyers to get practice right on this page somewhere: Any suggestions for finding an entry-level attorney position? I graduated last Spring, took and passed the Maryland Bar, and am currently clerking for a judge. I have excellent academics, but no law firm or journal experience. I do have several years of non-legal work experience. I've been sending out a few cold call cover letter/resume packets a day, plus responding to ads calling for less than 2 years experience in the local papers, bar assoc website, and even craigslist. I still can't seem to get anywhere though. Any suggestions? Thanks for you time and thoughts!
I agree with anyone above that said Nurse Practitioner. It sounds like it would be a good fit for what you are looking for. You've got your experience, apply, and go do it. You'll get the pay raise. Oh by the way, I shoved my wife into this profession not because I have a great deal of respect for it, but because I looked at the epic hole of demand for nurses that is coming. I don't know where you live that they are getting away with paying you 40,000/yr. That's a joke. You need to look around, or move. Your pay, as with the nurses in general, should be going up much faster than 3% a year. My god every hospital in St. Louis is looking for 30+ nurses, and it's like that everywhere! With demand like that, it drives wages up faster than just a cost of living increase. You should've negotiated better.
The job market is bad where I am, I can't imagine it being any better in Maryland. Job search through the people you know. Many small firms will be happy to grant you an interview but many of them won't be able to pay you anything. Your income will depend on how many clients you can bring in and how many cases you settle. It's not unlike a job that's 100 percent commission. I feel your pain and I am currently in contract attorney land. Thankfully there are enough temporary projects to keep me busy for years and pay the bills, but I really would like something permanent.
Go back to school and become a nurse. USA needs more attorneys like it needs more Herpes.
day in loan maryland pay
I recently got accepted into University of Maryland, College Park (in-state) and Virginia Tech (Out of State). I got into the University Honors program and housing at Virginia Tech and would love to go there, but its a little of $40,000 a year. I received a $6,000 scholarship and $5,500 Federal Unsubsidized loan. I got into the College Park Scholars program and UMD, and received a $5,500 Federal Unsubsidized loan. I would rather go to Virginia Tech, but honestly I don't have the money. I don't have the money for UMD either really and I am in state, and because I am in state UMD is more affordable even though I got more money from Virginia Tech. My problem is I want to go to graduate school right after I graduate from undergrad, and because of that I don't want to rack up a lot of undergrad debt. So I don't know if I should go to Virginia Tech where I would really want to go but it is more expensive, or UMD where it is cheaper but I don't want to go as much. How can I pay for college? Should I just rack up the debt at Virginia Tech or play it safe at UMD and save as much money as possible for Grad school? Also, my parents are going to try and appeal both schools to see if we can get the price down, has anybody successfully got more money by appealing the financial aid? Thanks!
It sounds like you applied to and were accepted by two schools you can't afford. Your bad. Step back and reconsider: you don't want to take on a lot of debt; ideally, you don't want to take on any debt. If your parents don't have savings available to finance your education, and don't have income/assets high enough to pay as you go, consider alternatives. Look at the community colleges in your area that are close to home, to which you could commute each day; "going away" to college is expensive and only a small percentage of freshmen actually do so. Consider a CC that has reciprocal agreements with one of your in-state schools, allowing you to get an AA/AS degree and complete all your basic course requirements, transfer them to State U. and save a lot of money in the process. If grad school is your ultimate goal, DO NOT GO INTO DEBT for undergrad school. Good luck.
Hey, I'm currently studying in Poland and I can tell you by far this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I think Russia might not be the best place for an american to live, there is quite much violence, extremely cold winters and some cities are really not well maintained. Now on the other hand, the european educational system is really just wonderful, the government is actually worried about its citizens, and educational is a loot cheaper than in north america. I go to the Jagiellonian University, the second oldest in Central Europe, and study in Kraków, which to me is basically the coolest city in the whole world. I'm not sure if you've been to Europe at all, but it was just such a big shock when I first came here. The city is absolutely amazing, magical, fairy-tale like. The kind of views you see in movies with princesses and princes, but with a cosmopolitan vibe to it. It's the town in the world with the highest number of restaurants, pubs and clubs per square meter. Also, it was recently the European capital of culture. Poland is the sixth richest country in the EU at the moment, one of the fastest growing and a really beautiful place to live at (relative cost of living is also a big plus if compared to most other developed countries). I waste about 150 eur per month with food, and I'd say I eat out very often and take the bus at least twice a day. I pay about 220 euros per month to live in an apartament I would consider really comfortable and modern, in the city center (close to the most amazing market square I've ever seen), and pay 3650 euros per year to study in an university considered one of the elite colleges in Europe, really well known and praised for Copernicus and other brilliant minds having studied here. My classmates come from all over the globe and it just gives it such a great atmosphere to study, especially in my field, which is International Relations. The teachers are extremely intelligent and well trained - I just love going to classes and highly recommend you to take a look at the university page:… (the new programme above is a mix of all the best humanistic courses that already exist in Polish in the university, with the best professors and staff, so it's supposed to be really good) and that's the university page: I would tell you to take a look at Poland first, if you haven't made up your mind yet. A lot more english speakers, more foreigners, more modernity combined with tradition (and that's just a perfect mix). By the way, unlike in America, in Europe there is no SAT's. Europeans mostly go to tuition free studies, but when they pay (in the case of programmes in English), you have to max. have an interview with the dean and proove you can speak English fluently. Such are the social benefits of living in Europe! If you're good, they'll give you discounts after the second semester at the Jagiellonian University, which can get up to 100% free studies. Getting a visa to live in Europe is really straight forward, especially if you're a student, and living here is a wonderful experience! Anyway, the best of luck to you and if you have any questions let me know :) - Highly recommend Kraków and the Jagiellonian University!
You're not going to get more money because $5500 is the federal limit for a dependent freshman to borrow. Your parents will have to take out parent PLUS loans for the rest and/or cosign on private loans. Your choice in schools is limited to what your parents can handle financially, and credit wise.
Join the army
day in loan maryland pay
I am a 18 years old boy who has been thing about becoming a teacher, but something is always bothering me. According to my calculation, a teacher works from 7 am-4 pm. A first year teacher's salary is 11 dollars a hour and that's 99 dollars a day, a teacher works 180 days a year because of the weekends and other breaks. that's 17.000 dollars a year. I know teaching is a noble job and money is no importance. However, will I be able to feed myself with 17,000 dollars a year? 17,000 dollars a year is nonsense, any job in my sate can earn more than that. Besides, I have to pay off my 4 years student loan. Is my calculation correct? Any suggestions?
If you go to the district website of your chosen school it should have a page with the salary of teachers in the district according to education and years of experience. I will send you a link to the school I work for. Scroll down and look for teacher salary scale. I do not believe that there is a district in this country that pays as low as 17,000. The lowest I heard of was 24,000 but the area was much cheaper to live in then here in Maryland.
Depends on the county. I just read a newspaper article on it like a month back. The average was like 32 or 34 thousand a year for a first year teacher. I was shocked to learn that the western shore and the eastern shore are kind of the same on the first year salary. Because certain countys have more money.
It depends on the county or school system you are working for. There is a job fair at Timonium Fair Grounds this week for teachers, by the way where you can gather information. At least they had it today - not sure about tomorrow. Best thing to do is get a master's degree, as the pay starts much higher. As far as your student loan, you can always get a deferment.
I would say that your estimation is too low! I live in OH and I know the starting salary for a teacher at my high school is around 28,000...also, the high school i went to is one of the lower paying ones in my district! So I'm gonna take a good guess and say Maryland is no lower than that!
best personal loans in maryland
Contact the banking commission in the state u reside in, each state has different laws and requirements for licensing, tough career field but it is very lucrative and u can make a good living at it, JUST BE FAIR AND HONEST WITH ALL CLIENTS, DONT SCAM, AND DO TO THEM WHAT U WANT TO BE DONE TO AND FOR U. MOST OF ALL BE HONEST AND UPFRONT, TELL THE TRUTH, ECUCATE THE CLIENT AND HELP LEAD AND GUIDE THEM IN THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION FOR THEM FINANCIALLY LIKE IT WAS YOUR OWN PERSONAL FAMILY. have to add steven d is wrong, maryland for one has a very demanding course you must take and pass, each state audits each year for compliance, new york is hell on wheels, etc. a mortgage loan orginiator knows more about the business than most realtors, or the realtors would be doing the job and making the extra money, most have no clue as to what goes on in the financing world.
You may elect to grow to be a private loan officer, this entitles you to artwork below somebody else's license. some companies practice you and furnish a earnings, others are only at modern-day fee and assist you to return and circulate as you please. advice: a million. you may desire to earnings relating to the corporation, the verbiage etc. get a private loan thesaurus and learn the somewhat some words. 2. come across a corporation to artwork for which will enable the scheduling which you like. from time to time they provide leads . 3. learn as you circulate. Being a private loan officer is exceedingly ordinary. You exceedingly lots take an utility , submit it to different creditors, attempt to make funds on it and close it. There are sales skills in touch too:) in case you're good on the telephone and continual you will succeed. good success!
There are Zero qualifications to become a Mortgage originator. ( Unfortunately). Hopefully one day they will be regulated. Most are 100% commission. All you need to do is find a mortgage company to hook up with and pay you.
University, Bachelor of Commerce maybe? or something in that area. Set up an appointment with a college/university advisor.
Depends on where you live. Check with your state government.
My only advice is don't!!!
cash loan places in maryland
I loaned an ex sister in law 5,000 dollars for a down payment on her house in Maryrland. I didn't have her sign anything as she had verbally agreeg to pay me back with her income tax. once I started to get divorced it went out the window. She started by saying that I paid her in cash and that because her car insurance went up after the accident her sister and I got into I owed it to her. She had asked me to send a letter to her mortgage broker saying that I gave it to her as a gift so she could get the loan for her house approved because she could not get it with an outstanding loan, so I did. She never once tried to pay me back not even in small payments. Recently she got divorced re-married and purchased a brand new home in Maryland again. I have three children that this 5,000 dollars would help support them. What do I do now?
Since you signed a document stating it is a gift that is exactly what it is. You can not force her to return a gift, that was the whole point of the letter. You are not entitled to that money.
You have to sue her and win before you can place a lien on her property or wages. And, since you have nothing signed, it's not likely that you will win.
Until you take her to court a win a judgment, you can not place a lien against her home.
bad credit loan maryland
I am trying to buy a home. I am also pregnant and trying to buy it before I have my son who is due in may. We are paying just as much in rent as we would for a mortgage so we really wanted to get the house now instead of paying just as much for something that isn't ours. My question is I am trying to figure out my options. We both have credit scores around 600 and we are only able to save around 2,000 dollars. We will be first time home buyers I live in maryland and cant find many options we have a lender we have been talking to but he has not been very helpful so we have to try to figure out as much as we can on our owns because we are in such a time crunch.
Since the credit lending process has significantly tightened up over the past year it is highly probable that you will not qualify for a loan. The bank will look at your assets - how much do you have in savings/investments and how much debt are you both carrying today? Your credit scores aren't good either so that won't help much. Unfortunately, this is why so many Americans are forced to rent. There are people worse off than you who are paying outrageous weekly rental prices because they cannot save enough for a security deposit. These days you will most likely need 10% - 20% down, credit scores above 700 to qualify. If you are both skimming by, have you both calculated the true cost of home ownership such as property tax, HOA fees, home insurance, and any repairs that might be needed? Don't forget closing costs equal nearly 3% of the purchase price of the home. It might be better to wait another year, improve your credit scores and save more money.
You can own property without a down payment. There is 100% financing. Look into 80/20 loans which is a loan for 80 percent of value and another loan for 20 percent of value. I personally like to pay as little as possible to get into a piece of property and ride the appreciation and tax write offs while letting the bank deal with inflation. Everyone is different in the risks that they are willing to take. Some like the comfort of a fixed loan while others like the flexibility of an option ARM loan. Find an online mortgage calculator and find out how much your payments would be if you put 0, 3, 5 or 10 percent down. Good luck and I wish the both of you well. Regards
First of all you are going to have to likely change your time line. Your best bet with such low scores and very little money to put down is going FHA. Not all lenders offer government loans but usually you larger local banks can help you out. The good news about FHA is that don't pay as much attention to credit scores as the others and consider the past 12 months over everything else. You can research FHA loans on the HUD website, but you would be better off speaking to a mortgage broker who is well versed in the ins and outs of the loan program.
Sorry, with that credit rating, you will have to continue to rent. Please don't rush into buyin a house. You can wait until he gets into kindergarten. Step 1 - forget your credit scores and sweat your reports. What is making your reports so horrible? Ask here on how to fix them. Step 2 - Do you have any credit card balances? Revolving balances (credit cards) are horrendous for your credit worthiness. Pay credit cards in full each and every month for top 800+ scores. Step 3 - Leave student loans and car loans alone. They are installment loans and do not reflect as badly on your reports as credit cards. Notes: Never open new credit 6 months before buying a home. Check your credit reports once a year at Put 20% down on a home. This way you will avoid that nasty PMI that is not tax deductible, and does not go towards principal or interest - it's like throwing thousands away each and every year. Even with 20% down, make positive you have at least 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses in a savings. /
600 is WAY too low of a score to get a mortgage. Also, you will need to put down AT LEAST 3.5% with an FHA loan, which you do not qualify for with your FICO scores, or 20% for a traditional loan...which you also do not qualify for. Lastly, you will need not only money to cover closing costs, but NO BANK will give you a loan unless you have 3 months of mortgage payments in the bank, AFTER you account for the down payment AND closing costs. Sorry, but with your credit scores and you inability to even afford a down payment, you owning a home right now is a dream. Home ownership is a privilege to those who have EARNED that privilege, not an entitlement.
You need to continue renting somewhere. Your credit scores are not adequate to be granted a mortgage, and you simply do not have enough for a down payment. There's a reason your lender has been of little help. There is nothing he can do for you.
YES YOU CAN. You didn't say where in MD. I would go with a 100% loan program like USDA and have the seller pay your closing. We have done many sales with the USDA loan and we pay the closing. The buyer really didn't need ANY CASH to purchase. If you want, email me for more information.
Not qualified. Your scores are way too low, you lack enough money for a down payment plus the 5k for closing costs.
Definitely get a good mortgage broker, they can help you
maryland lost money
I filed a while back through turbotax, apparently i owe maryand 200 nd sum dollars. welll i thought that mayb it would of been smart to take that money outta the fed taxes i filed through them as well but they didnt. i tried to call them to figure out how to pay maryland and they pretty much said to contact maryland. but i dunno who or how to contact them. i googled how to but i find this one site, nd i dont wanna pay them cause i dont know if they are legit or if its jus some scam
You can copy and paste the below enclosed website address into your browser and get to the information about paying the amount of tax that you owe to Maryland. On left side of page under individual taxpayer choose Refunds & Payments Refunds and Payments Most people expect to make a payment or receive a refund, when filing a tax return. This section provides details pertaining to both options. Payment Information Tax Payments You can pay your Maryland taxes with a personal check, money order or credit card. You may also choose to pay by direct debit when you file electronically. If you file and pay electronically by April 18, you have until April 30 to make the electronic payment, using direct debit or a credit card. Electronic payment options eliminate postage costs, the potential for lost mail and possible penalties for late payments. If you have an existing tax liability, you may be able to pay online. You can also use our income tax interest calculator to figure the interest on your unpaid Maryland tax. If you are unable to pay the full amount due, you should still file a return and consider making payment arrangements. We will process your return and then send you an income tax notice for the remaining balance due for nonpayment of taxes. Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful for your situation and good luck to you with this matter.
Pay Maryland Taxes
You need to file a Maryland state income return, an Oregon state income tax return, and a DC return. You would be liable for Oregon-sourced income, the DC-sourced income, at least. Also, clear up your state of residence with Starbucks HR.
Here is 502 Maryland Resident Income Tax Return, look at the end of page 2, on the right hand side, you will see the address. Good luck!
Your state does not take your Federal refund unless it is for child support thinking they work together on your behalf to take one refund to pay another is dreaming go to the Md website for the income tax agency and search until you find the address where you send in payments
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Not that we needed any more proof, but I thought this was nice. From the Wall Street Journal. Millionaires Go Missing Maryland's fleeced taxpayers fight back. Here's a two-minute drill in soak-the-rich economics: Maryland couldn't balance its budget last year, so the state tried to close the shortfall by fleecing the wealthy. Politicians in Annapolis created a millionaire tax bracket, raising the top marginal income-tax rate to 6.25%. And because cities such as Baltimore and Bethesda also impose income taxes, the state-local tax rate can go as high as 9.45%. Governor Martin O'Malley, a dedicated class warrior, declared that these richest 0.3% of filers were "willing and able to pay their fair share." The Baltimore Sun predicted the rich would "grin and bear it." One year later, nobody's grinning. One-third of the millionaires have disappeared from Maryland tax rolls. In 2008 roughly 3,000 million-dollar income tax returns were filed by the end of April. This year there were 2,000, which the state comptroller's office concedes is a "substantial decline." On those missing returns, the government collects 6.25% of nothing. Instead of the state coffers gaining the extra $106 million the politicians predicted, millionaires paid $100 million less in taxes than they did last year -- even at higher rates. No doubt the majority of that loss in millionaire filings results from the recession. However, this is one reason that depending on the rich to finance government is so ill-advised: Progressive tax rates create mountains of cash during good times that vanish during recessions. For evidence, consult California, New York and New Jersey (see here). The Maryland state revenue office says it's "way too early" to tell how many millionaires moved out of the state when the tax rates rose. But no one disputes that some rich filers did leave. It's easier than the redistributionists think. Christopher Summers, president of the Maryland Public Policy Institute, notes: "Marylanders with high incomes typically own second homes in tax friendlier states like Florida, Delaware, South Carolina and Virginia. So it's easy for them to change their residency." All of this means that the burden of paying for bloated government in Annapolis will fall on the middle class. Thanks to the futility of soaking the rich, these working families will now pay Mr. O'Malley's "fair share."
“Lets give them all Tax Breaks so they will all come back Because that was working so well my Guess is they lost more Money selling there homes than they would have payed in Taxes” Sorry FRED, they didn’t sell anything, they just changed their state of residency so that they no longer pay income tax in Maryland.
First, we are talking about people WITH ANNUAL INCOME over a million. These aren't just millionaires but are the ultra wealthy. Second, these millionaires didn't just disappear or relocate, they are just tax cheats. So the tax plan is not a failed plan because the taxpayers choose to cheat. The answer is the same as it has always been. Close the tax gap. Too many people choose not to pay their taxes which increases the burden on the rest of us.
The problem is not the rich, or those that "work" as you call it for a living. It is those not working. Welfare, health care, and food stamps destroy our economy, as we pay them out to people who, most often, but not always, can work, but choose not to. The wealthy in our nation, who on average put in 48-70 hours a week at their respective jobs, meetings, and negotiations, and usually sign you "working" peoples paychecks as well, put in their fair share plus some. On the turn around many pay nothing and receive everything. Our economy is our own fault. We give benefits to non-citizens, no other country does this. We put no drop dead dates on welfare and food stamps, no other country gives hand outs like this without a limit. And we allow people to exploit our health care, which I do not complain about, because everyone is entitles to health care, but still we have no checks and balances to secure ourselves that these systems are not being abused. I saw a woman in an Escalade go to the free clinic. Her outfit cost more than my car, but there she was getting free health care. We need to hold people accountable.
If those people still own residence in MD they will end up paying a lot more for not filing. People try these games with the states, especially millionaires. They could end up in worse situation than if they just paid the taxes to begin with, but they still do it. Also you will always see a reduction in millionaires during a recession.
Lets give them all Tax Breaks so they will all come back Because that was working so well my Guess is they lost more Money selling there homes than they would have payed in Taxes
But hasn't the last eight years proven that simply "providing incentives" is a loser? Perhaps the problem lies with Florida, Delaware, South Carolina and Virginia rather than Maryland.
You're citing the Murdoch Street Journal. I give credit to ol' Rupert because he loves newspapers. If only he loved journalism. Next time, cite a source that gives a damn about the truth. Like in California, where a bunch of right-wing activists have refused to let the legislature raise taxes to the point where services can be properly funded.
Yes and the same thing is happening in New York right now. Millionaires are packing up and moving..
Millionaires leaving? Who cares?
Indeed what will America do without its rich and famous. Who is gonna run the multinational companies. Who will give us have nots jobs to subsist. We should all run to Mexico! Get a grip. 9% tax are you sh@!@^$!! me?
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I am asking this again since people do not know how to answer questions right. Are there any reliable real money online poker sites that still accept Maryland players? Betonline and yogapoker do but they have very bad reviews and people say that you won't get paid. Please only answer the question if you are positive that you know for sure that site accepts Maryland players. Please do not say bovada cake poker, lock poker, intertops or America's card room. They do not accept Maryland players!
Thank you for your answer. I know, it is a tragedy that betonline is the only place that allows maryland players. I have seen too many bad reviews for betonline to play on them again. I've deposited about $300 on that site and lost it all. On the bright side, they have given me a royal flush on that site before, of course, my opponents folded though. Nobody knows any other place allowing maryland players?
BetOnline looks to be the only one that I know of that it appears will let Maryland residents play. On their sign-up form Maryland is an option while it isn't on several other states, it also doesn't say Maryland residents are banned so check that site out. I have played on there a little bit, it's alright although the player traffic wasn't all that great. The site I play on mostly, Carbon Poker, will not accept Maryland residents.
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Hello - Our mortgage was recently sold from National City Mortgage to Green Tree. Most of the National City mortgages went to PNC, but a handful were sent to Green Tree, as in our case. A quick note, we have had this mortgage since 11/2007 and have never had a payment late or any issues. We are located in Maryland. Here is our problem now…. The amount that they are attempting to collect for our November payment is wrong (a couple hundred dollars more than what we should be paying). A gentleman called at the beginning of Novemer app. November 10-12 and asked how we were. He verified the payment and said he had not yet received our November payment. He told me the amount and I told him that that was the wrong amount. That amount was what it will be in January when our buydown expires. He then said to wait about 10 days and that by that time all of our paperwork would be in. If I did not hear from someone in 10 days, I should call back. When we first noticed this, we called immediately to speak with someone at Green Tree to explain why they were showing this amount. They told us that all of the documentation hasn't been transferred from National City and that they were waiting on more paperwork to come through. This paperwork inludes all of our loan information including escrow and previous payments made.We explained to them that we had a 2:1 buydown mortgage (our rate started at 5.35% for the first year, went to 6.35% for the second year, and then the third year through the life of the loan it would be 7.35%). We waited the week as we were advised by Green Tree to allow all the paperwork to come through, and called them back. They received all the paperwork but had no information on our mortgage being a 2:1 buydown, hence the reason they were showing the inflated payment. No one directly stated this until November 24 when someone finally pulled up the contract. Kayla, who I spoke to, looked at the information and compared it with the contract I had. Our contracts did not match. This is when she then said to fax the information. Previous people that I had talked to said that there MAY be a time when I would have to fax in proof of a buydown. Also, at this phone call and a previous one, Kayla and Rob were able to look at our payment coupons from National City and said Wow, you were paying a lower amount. They checked to make sure it was not an escrow increase and realized the escrow had stayed the same. In addition, our November payment was due at the beginning of the month, but the transfer of all our information wasn't in, so we weren't going to make the payment for the wrong amount, so we decided to wait, knowing our payment wouldn't be marked late yet…. Today is now 11/ 25 and they are still not budging, actually being quite miserable to deal with. We have spoken to about 8 different people and we have heard about 8 different things. I faxed them over documents from our contract showing proof of our buydown mortgage. The woman I spoke to today, Debbie, assured me that there is no way Kayla or Rob could have looked up my previous payment information. I assured her I was not l y ing and that they both had access to the information. She continued to tell me there was no way and I asked her to talk to Kayla or Rob to corroborate my story. She then said that I was in fact right and found the information under miscellaneuous. She did not realize we had used coupon books at National City. She said there was no way we could expedite loan processing and that we should make the payment if we could. I told her that we could not so her answer was that we would be reported and that I should call back next week at this time. Our #1 concern right now is we do not want our November payment to show as delinquent or reported on our credit as such, since we haven't made the payment yet, as it is the wrong payment. However, our faxed documents that I mentioned above, are now in Green Tree's loan processing department and that requires a 3 day turn around to make an adjustment if a discrepancy is found. This puts the decision coming through next week after 11/30, and thus our payment will show as delinquent, which we can't afford! We have asked, and asked, and asked, if this can be expedited to show the proper payment amount so we can make the payment before 11/30. Another wrench in this whole ordeal is the fact that we have recently applied for the Home Modification program. Since our rate will jump to 7.35 in January, we tried to go the refinancing route, but our home didn't appraise for what we needed it to so we had to go the modification route. All the paperwork is in and all information is being analyzed, however, we will not get a decision for this until at LEAST the first week of December because they do not have our escrow amount from National City yet. If we are approved our payment will be adjusted immediately. One of the reps at Green Tree, who has been extrem
Legally they cannot report you late to the credit bureau for 60 days after your loan is transferred/sold to another lender. That doesn't mean they won't but legally they are not supposed to even report during the first 60 days. You just need to keep doing what you are doing- I would make the payment in the amount you know you are supposed to (not the overpayment). Good luck on the modification- I bet you won't hear anything about that for several months- they usually don't do them if you are paying on time anyway.....
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I am seriously considering divorce but want an opinion of protection of MY ASSETS(at least thats how I view them).We keep our finances SEPARATE (no joint accounts).I estimate the equity in our house is 200K. My wife lost her job about a year ago and am pretty sure she is drawing money off her 401k.Most of the year she hasn't paid towards mortgage or bills.Probably owes a good bit on cr card and will owe some taxes on unemp and 401k withdrawals.I'm a saver and investor and she is a spender. She says she will be hard pressed to get as good a job (Med sec'y for 30+) but is sort of still looking.She is now getting interested in MARY KAY(eeecch).Should have tried that 8 months ago.Est worth besides house-me $400k(stocks and IRAs) her 100k (401k).To me I'd like to split the proceeds from the house and give her $25k to pay her debts/taxes and should still leave her 7k (guess).I'd like to think that the spirit of the deal would be upheld.What is considered "marital assets" I guess is the qstn.
I went through the big "D" in Maryland. Your soon-to-be ex can claim anything accumulated during the course of the marriage. You can also stake a claim to her 401. Trust me, she will make a claim for any money she can if she has a lawyer that's not asleep at the whell. They usually will go back 6 months to a year to review all your financial activities, e'g' hiding money. However, your wife would also be responsible for half the marital debts, also. I put my "unemployed" ex on an allowance for the months until we separated, that was encouraged by my lawyer to curb her prolific spending. Further, I'd start taking out sums of cash, about 200 or so a week, nothing huge and buying "groceries" and "lunch", other smaller items with cash. No way this can be verified and you can amass quite a hoard in several months. Even though she's not working the court will determine her employability by her work history and assign a salary fugre to that when ruling. Mine refused to work and we hired a vocational expert to assess her market value. That got her off her butt and working. Good luck, my bottom line advice is that all bets are off when money is involved, she'll rake you for as much as she can!
Anything you have is considered an asset. House, Bank accounts, savings, stocks, bonds, mutuals, IRA, 401 k, pensions, income, car, Taxes -(state and federal) even down to the family dog or cat. Furnishings in your home and also all of the debt will be jointly shared. If your state is a community property state assets will be split and divided. It's all marital property. I'd think 2x (twice) before filing for divorce. You could take it in the shorts financially. Sounds to me like you have what I would call a married divorce any way. Nothing is jointly owned. You lead seperate lives and the communications between the two of you is also nil. What you have is an emotional divorce and you're married. How on earth did you both get to that point? don't you still love her? Maybe if you would put forth the effort and rationalize what you have and maybe if you would not be so focused on the $$$$$ issues, net worth and assets you would be a happier person. Maybe your wife sees that she's just a money crunch # to you and feels she's worth more than a # in a portfolio of acquired assets!
In case you get married in an area components state, there is not any protection. inspite of prenups, there's a shrink to what may well be special. you're relatively intelligent finding at those subjects pre-marriage. no person seems to break up or plans to get one. I tell all my consumers "stay waiting so which you do not could get waiting." the superb factor you're able to do is have a unfastened consultation with 3-5 divorce criminal experts interior the state you intend to get married and stay in and ask them this question. they're going to inform you what style of pre-nup you may might desire to guard your components. in the adventure that your fiance does not like the belief of that (and a lot of do not), your factor of argument is this: if we are under no circumstances going to get divorced besides, why does not signing this is counted? you fairly can not argue with that from a logical perspective.
Are you serious ? you are divorcing her cause she lost her job? what a sleezy thing to do . I am so glad she ran and married you to take you off the market before I met you or someone like you. I hope your wife is aware that you want a divorce because if she does i hope she takes you for everything that you are worth . I would tell her to rip you a new one when it comes to the divorce . do you really think that 7 ,000.00 is going to get her through ? You really are a sc--bucket . I hope you get what is coming to you and let us just hope it comes to you soon.
Usually, retirement funds are protected in a divorce. talk to a lawyer and he can explain what you have to lose.
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My husband and I are are contemplating divorce. We live in Maryland, where a one-year separation is required before either party can file for divorce. In order to protect the interests of everyone involved, I will pursue a legal separation. I had given my husband the impression that we would share custody 50/50; however, after careful consideration, I believe it is in my daughter's best interests to seek primary custody with visitation. I would also allow him liberal visitation. It is not my intent to keep her father out of my daughter's life. My reason for wanting primary custody is so as not to interrupt her routine (school), as well as for the reason stated below. My question is this...would I be favored over her father given that my daughter is only 11 years old (12 in Sept.), hormonal and on the brink of puberty? (She hasn't yet started her period.) I've done a bit of research online, and according to Maryland law, a mother and father are treated equally in terms of custody. Thanks in advance...
OK first things first. You need to be open and honest with your husband. You have given him the impression that custody is 50/50. So.... you have lied to your husband about what you want. You need to rectify that immediately and have an adult conversation with him about what is the best course of action. The fact that you are planning out a custody case before disclosing your intent to your husband sounds, (No. Is.) devious. If you are planning for a custody battle without first trying to resolve this issue in the most reasonable way possible (a conversation with your spouse) then you are already in the wrong. However, if you want to pursue primary custody, the best way to do so is exactly as you described it. You don't want to interrupt her school and living arrangements. I'm assuming here that the father does not live in the same school district. What is she going to do, spend one week in School A and one week in School B? This is not good for the child. Also if the father's work is more time intensive/demanding than your job, you could argue that in this arrangement he has a surplus in cash (over time) whereas you might have the surplus of time (over cash). Therefore, you provide what is your strength, and he provides what is his strength. Make sense? Careful though. Some divorce lawyers are unscrupulous, and will tell you to file restraining orders, make false claims, anything it takes to "win" and tell you that "this is just how its done in child custody matters". Those lawyers are either lying or NOT looking out for your best interests.
The courts will look at several factors in a legal separation, and they aren't the same factors that are looked at for divorce. #1: Who makes more money, you or your husband? #2: Can either of you afford the house payment? #3: Who takes care of the child's day to day needs, dr. appointments, school meetings, getting her to soccer practice...etc. The person who gets the kid, typically gets the house for the separation.
What matters is what is best for the child like not upsetting her routine as you put it. The other will not make a difference at all.
The final ingredient you're able to do on your daughter is to not go away your husband or seek for a divorce. you will possibly be able to desire to place your daughter's desires previous to your own needs and your daughter desires the two her father and mom to stay married and stay at the same time.
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1. As per the under noted site, in Maryland, you will have to have a bank account for Payday Loans: "The Maryland payday lenders in our network require that you are at least 18 years of age, maintain a regular source of income, and 'have a direct deposit system set up with your local bank'."
You are able to instanly acquire a payday loan as much as $1000 by using this service: I acquired my payday loan despite the fact that I have a very poor credit rating.
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Hello. I am currently renting a townhome in Maryland. I have had several issues with my landlord. I had asked about moving out due to a job offer in another state for an Army base. I had asked my landlord about terminating the lease so I could move to the other state as it was a significant pay increase. My landlord said she needed to speak to her leasing agent but to this day never got back to me and I lost the job... We also do not have a carbon monoxide detector and she had promised to provide one when we moved in but still hasn t. I want to know what my rights as a tenant are in this case? Since she cost me my job and has yet to install a smoke detector in the home.
Thanks for the input guys. Just as an FYI though: I did not deny the job. I told them that I was waiting to hear back from my landowner. In only a matter of a few days they gave it to someone else since they wanted a response ASAP. I understand I could have just accepted the job then told my LL that I was moving but I was trying to respectfully find out if I could even move out and it not cost me more money in the long run to do so before accepting the offer.
Don't blame your LL about losing that job. You could have accepted it and given her the date you would be moving out. Even though it isn't covered by the lease I've never had a problem and I've transferred from one state to another 3 times. I simply showed the LL proof of the transfer when I gave my notice. Never had a problem and I doubt you would have either. If you are interested in promotions/transfers or just moving to another area then don't sign a year's lease when your current one is up for renewal - simply go month to month. You will have to pay more but then you don't have to worry about breaking a lease. My state doesn't require carbon monoxide detectors; only smoke alarms. If your state doesn't require them and you want one then you will have to fork out the money for one yourself. If Maryland requires them in rental units (I see that they are required in private dwellings) then you need to contact the fire marshall.
Basically, you really have no rights here. Only in certain circumstances are CO detectors required in Maryland (houses/apartments that burn fossil fuel). You received a verbal promise which is not worth anything. You could have broken your lease by either paying whatever early termination penalty is in your lease or by providing 30 day notice, moving out and paying rent until the apartment/house was re-rented. It was your choice not to do so. Any damage suffered by not accepting the job is all on you - neither the landlord nor the agent did anything wrong.
Does it state in your lease or is it required in your state itself that there must be a carbon monoxide detector in your residence? You could actually put one in yourself for less than $25. You cannot blame her for not getting back to you. Did you call her again saying it was important? Did you call her again to find out why it was taking so long? Maybe she did not hear from her leasing agent. You could have gotten out of your lease but it would have meant a penalty for breaking it early.
You probably have a right to have the detector installed. You do not have a right to terminate a lease to move to another state unless you are IN the military,moving under orders, not if you're just taking a civilian job on a military base.
You have a choice to break a lease, read your lease and you can see the cost. It isn't her fault you applied for a job to far to commute and didn't choose to take it. The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are cheap not worth arguing over you can buy both for you can buy a combo on Amazon for 17.99 and install it in 5 minutes.
If you have a current lease, the LL was under no obligation to you to allow you to break the lease. when the ll didn't get back to you, you had a responsibility to follow up. as far as the co detector, if it is required as per the lease or local codes, contact the city apartment inspector and file a complaint.
Your landlord is not obligated to terminate the lease. Your landlord is obligated to provide a carbon monoxide detector. If they don't provide one, keep asking, or spend $14.99 at Wal-Mart to get it yourself and then it will be over.
They have no obligation to allow you to terminate the lease. I don't believe CO monitors are required by MD law. Smoke detector and CO detector are not the same thing. You could have broken your lease and left for the job. She didn't cost you a job, you cost it for yourself by inaction.
You lost the jobby not showing up for work....spen 5 bucks and get a smoke detector moron
The fact that she would not let you out of the lease isn't illegal.
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She lives in Miami, I live in Maryland. She's in NYC traveling and wanted to meet in Philly. I hapenned to have just lost my job, and told her I really couldn't b/c I have to save money since I have no clue where my next paycheck is coming from. Well now she's ignoring me and acting really really hurt, like I've done something wrong. Am I wrong for feeling like she's being a bit selfish? I told her as soon as I get a job we'd meet up somewhere or I can go visit her (I have before and she never has visited me). I mean, the job I had I was just there a month, it was just a part- time but I was paying my bills. And she even asked me to ask for my Dad for a loan so I can go see her! Isn't that like, a little selfish, getting into my personal financial matters! She tends to be really controlling and pushy at times, and I sorta feel like she's trying to force me into meeting up with her, when I've told her no and clearly explained why. So, is she being selfish or am I being the selfish one?
It would be different if you were intentionally ignoring her. But you're not, so you're not the one to blame. Your friend I would say is just misunderstanding, maybe she doesn't know how bad your financial problems really are. This doesn't mean you have to go pleading for money all the time, just tell her straight out that you would if you could and that you still value her friendship.
Probably don't have the answers but my opinion is, friends care for u more then u think they do and its easier to tell sumone else come here then to go to them, getting into ur own personal stuff means she probably thinks she is a close enough friend to be trusted getting into that stuff, ur not being selfish in anyway u stated the problem and how u need a job to fix it, if she truly wanted to c u, she would send u money to come c her. She's is being a little over dramatic at this point and needs to look at the situation from your side, put herself in your shoes and I think she might think differently. Also u said she's controlling and pushy, so probably she lost the control of something somewhere in her life, and is now trying to control u in place of it, its a habit to feel needed and wanted. I hope this helps keep strong and good luck on getting a job! U sound like an amazing friend.
No she's the one in the wrong, not you. Unless she is either offering to pay for your trip or for you to live with her until you get a job then there is clearly no safe financial way to go visit her. I'm sorry that she doesn't understand this but that's the way it is. Money doesn't just come out of no where and travel isn't cheap. I hope your friend will realize this and you two will be able to see each other soon :)
She is being selfish. You are unemployed, and unable to afford things, she needs to understand that. As for her telling you to get a loan just to see her, that is ridiculous, a loan should be used for food, housing, utilities, not for frivolous things such as driving out to meet a friend for lunch. She is being unreasonable, and if she wants to see you so badly she should offer to pay for your drive and visit. To treat you like that is childish and selfish, she is only looking out for her wants not your needs. You're not being selfish, you're being responsible. She needs to realize this.
Maybe she miss u alot but yes, she is over reacting it tough times in the u.s.a
No. she is selfish...not you. don't worry, his angry will not last forever. just patient to have your income and get well with him soon.
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Ok, lets just say my friend has a 3 year old misdemeanor warrant from Florida. He lives in Maryland and caught the charge on vacation. He went to court down there and was put on a 3 month out of state probation, $150 fine, 150 hrs community service. No big deal. Before he left Florida he stopped by the local probation office to give info on how they can reach him at home in Maryland. They told him they were going to send out paper work for him to fill out. 2 months go by with no paper work or phone calls and my friend just dismisses it. It is only a 3 month probation anyhow. Well come to find out they violated him because they swear up and down they sent it out. They ordered him to show up in Florida for court, didnt show (couldnt afford to pay $500 just to go to a Florida court) and now they violated him and sent out mailer saying "you have a warrant... turn yourself into the local Florida jail". Weird thing is my friend has been pulled over a few times for speeding, showed up in Maryland courts for local traffic fines, even had to spend a couple days in jail for Maryland traffic fines for something completely different...But nothing ever came up about the Florida warrant... There wasnt even a phone call to Florida to see if they want to come up and get him. His warrant didnt pop up on their system at all. Now im sure if he goes to Florida they will arrest him if they have to run his name for something... Im not disputing if the warrant is real. We know it is... I guess my question is... i heard about states refusing to make requests through NCIC for warrants if they deem them to be unnecessary. Too costly i suppose. But how can my friend settle the dispute with the courts without having to travel to Florida...No one wants to spend a $500 one way ticket just to go to a Florida jail! He tells me he had a Lawyer but i guess the lawyer dropped him... wrote some scornful letter to him about not showing up... So the lawyer is kinda out of the picture... i guess im wondering anyone else was in the same kinda predicament and has a good answer... Trying to do this the most inexpensive way possible...
Many issuing counties put geographical restrictions on minor warrants. You are correct, they just do not want to pay the costs involved. The restrictions can be within Florida also, for example his stuff was in Dade County and he is stopped driving in the panhandle, the restriction may be for those area also, you don't know. They could also have nearby states included so if he is driving in Mississippi it is possible that they will extradite from there, again no way of knowing. Find out what court he got the warrant in then contact the states attorney that handles that court, I mean the specific states attorney, not just the county office. Talk to him/her and try to work something out. Usually the judge will accept anything the prosecutor works out. It will cost him money, likely more than $500 in fines.
In an extradition warrant, you will be held until the extradition is resolved, at which point you will be tranported (free of charge) to Indiana to face the charges. Often, bail is not allowed in extradition cases. For extraditionn cases, you have two defenses: (1) you are not the person identified in the extradition warrant; and (2) a defect in the warrant itself. These are issues for which you need an attorney. You can waive extradition, in which case you will be transported back to Indiana in a "reasonable" amount of time. What is reasonable? No firm and fast rules there. Meanwhile, I would suggest you get your ducks in a row in Indiana, for you could be in jail there for a substantial period of time (hard to get bail if they think you are a flight risk, even for a misdemeanor). Good luck
No cause t could be any one calling no u got to show up so u can see the judge they want arrest u cause ut shows u r trying and dont trust that over then Phone cramp cause there is no proof u call ur word against theirs
Yep. States often do not extradite people on minor crimes. He'd be fine if he never went back to Florida.
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Ive ran out of idea's... im having to sell my phone... my camera... my nfl jerseys...saving cans... and work all the time just to save money for when i need it on bills and the move to maryland im having to make... please feel free to leave any suggestion as long as it doesn't have something to do with making fast cash online.
If you've already sold most your stuff, then it's getting to the hard part to raise cash. Working extra jobs is the classic route, although not fast. I worked up to 3 part time jobs at a time until I graduated college. Of course, in this economy - it's not easy to even find a part time position. Have you tried selling services on Craigslist? Handyman, computer-fixer, personal chef, private bartender, DJ - whatever you might do as a hobby. Likewise, you can use sites like Elance if you have a true marketable skill, I've rented myself out for "on the side" VBA programming and Excel work through them.
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fast cash maryland
I live in Westminster Maryland. I am trying to help my boyfriend out with making some extra money. He just got a kindle so he really doesn't need all of his books anymore and he only has a ps3 but has games for all different systems. We also have TONS of movies that we brought watched once then never watched again. Its to cold for a yard sale and we need to get rid of this stuff ASAP. Any ideas?
If you want to sell them fast, try Craigslist. Remember to only sell them IN PERSON, FOR CASH. Anyone who wants you to ship the items to them is likely trying to scam you. Amazon will take more time, and will cost you more, but is a lot more reliable.
Confident blockbuster does sell used ps3 video games. you may probable hit upon a greater desirable style of used video games nonetheless at the two a interest loopy shop or interest supply up shop. they are able to additionally verify all the inventory at different shops on your section if ur searching for a particular call. If this can be the sole interest which you would be able to have i desire to advise the two: Resistance Fall of guy, Uncharted Drakes Fortune or Assasins Creed and for sure GTA IV

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