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bad credit loans in maine
So I bought a used car from a dealership and found out well after the fact that I got screwed. The car was sold to me illegally and it was never disclosed that it was a rebuilt car and had previously been totalled. So here I am a few months down the road, problems are piling up that are more then the value of the car and I am stuck with a car payment for a long time. I can make the payments no problem, but putting thousands into repairing the shoddy rebuild is a stretch especially when it will be more then the value of the vehicle. I am thinking about telling the finance company to just come get the car but I am left with no down payment for another vehicle and I am worried about my credit which is already not great to begin with. How do I keep from getting screwed even more then I already have?
Given that the rear end of the car has so many new parts, the door of the car does not belong to the car, and the front end of the car had all new parts when I bought it, ya it was completely totalled to the point I don't know why it was rebuilt. The dealership sent me a BS picture of the car and it was delivered by a couple halfwits who had no authority or intelligence to do anything. I can't afford to pay a lawyer to take the case which is why I was thinking about trying to find a way to dump it. The car at the time of purchase was illegally inspected, and sold without legally telling me all the information about the car they are required to disclose in the state of Maine. But ya, I can't afford to pay a lawyer so if I can't dump the car I guess I'm screwed. Homelessness here I come!
Telling the finance company to come get the car is a "voluntary repo". It carries the same stiff penalties as the one involving tow trucks at 3AM. The car will be auctioned off by the lender, and you'll be responsible for the difference between what you owed and what it brought at auction. Can't pay that? The lender will then sue you. Depending on what state you live in, you can have wages garnished. So, when you're done, you have a judgment and a repo on your credit. Still sound like fun? If the vehicle has a salvage or rebuilt title, and the dealer knew about it (more on that in a second), then they have to disclose this to you. Also, most lenders won't loan $$ out on salvage-titled vehicles. However, a mechanic telling you that it was in a bad wreck doesn't mean it was "salvaged"... a salvage vehicle is one that an insurance company deems as "totalled", meaning it's not worth the cost of the vehicle to fix. You need to call the DMV and see if the title is "salvage" or "clean". Now, there are instances when a salvage title doesn't catch up to a vehicle until after a dealer sells it. It happens. If a dealer purchases a car at auction, and the auction company doesn't even know, then the dealer is in the dark... sometimes, it takes weeks/months for a "salvage" designation to catch up. If the title is indeed "salvage", then you need to go back to the dealer and work this out. However, if it isn't a salvage vehicle, the dealer has no obligation to refund your money or take the car back. From what I'm hearing you say, you're dealing with a wrecked/rebuilt vehicle that is not an actual "salvage-titled" vehicle. ***ADD -- Does the title have a "salvaged" or "rebuilt" designation? If not, you have nothing to go by. Doesn't matter if it was rebuilt after a wreck... if the title is still deemed as "clean" (and this happens all the time), it won't mean squat. You're talking about taking legal action, but have no proof, which is what matters. "I don't know why it was rebuilt" means nothing in court. You need proof that they sold you a salvaged or rebuilt-titled vehicle and didn't tell you. "Illegally inspected" and "sold without telling me... required to disclose in Maine"... I understand that, but you need PROOF. If the title was salvaged, the dealer has to provide a document showing they informed you of this. You can go in there and say, "they didn't disclose the issues". They can fire back with, "yes, we did". What proof do you have that they didn't? It's a tough road to go down. HOWEVER... let's assume the dealer didn't know the title was "salvaged" and sold you the car unawares (a situation I mentioned earlier... happens, rarely, but it happens nonetheless). If this happened, they need to know. If they don't do anything to remedy this, you can go down to the DMV, find the division that licenses and monitors motor vehicle dealers, and put a claim against his surety bond. That will get his attention... if you need more info (if this is the case), let me know via email through my profile page. I'll help you.
Giving it back to the finance company is the same as a repo, and counts as such on your credit. Also, keep in mind that your mechanic might not be right. I once had a car I was the only owner on appraised for sale at CarMax. The mechanic appraised it lower than I expected, then told me it was because he could tell it was in an accident. But....I was the only one that had ever driven or owned this car. One owner. I knew darn well it was never in an accident, but there was no convincing this guy of that. I went somewhere else. You didn't mention what the title says. Have you checked the CarFax, are you even sure it's a salvage title? If the dealership knowingly sold you a salvage vehicle as a clean titled vehicle (and you can prove that), you've got a legal case. If you can't or it was just in an accident (not a salvage title)'s buyer beware, and not much you can do. Good luck!
Most states have "Buyer Beware" laws where you take on all responsibility of the choice of the purchase. If you where given a clean carfax car history yet it was a fraud fake carfax...then you might have a case. Other than that you are the owner of a crashed car.
Even if you tell the finance company to come get the car, it still counts as a repossession on your credit which is bad but it saves you the repo fees when they go to auction the car. There was nothing on any paperwork you signed indicating it was a rebuilt title before you took delivery?
Well if you got proof that the dealer sold a total car to you, then you can try and get them to buy it back from you or you can seek legal recourse, and get it settle that way.
maine buy here pay here
I live in Alabama and I bought my car from one of those 'buy here pay here' dealerships. Which means I didn't borrow the money from a bank, instead I pay them directly until they car is paid off for Anyway, i got like a year and a few months left to pay but here is my problem. I am graduating in a few months and I am moving back to Maine. When i get there I will have to find a new job. So my question is, If I reach to Maine and I cant find a job right off the bat what would happen? I know they can repossess the car, but how does that work since I would be FAR from Alabama? I understand how banks do it since they work with repo companies in every state, but we are talking about a small road side dealership who probably dont even know anyone in Maine. So how can they get this car from me and get it back to Alabama? BTW I have intentions of paying off my car and owning it since I already paid the majority. I just asked this question in case I get into a bind and they decide to repo my car. the LAST thing I want for them is to report it stolen because I live too far (I think thats illegal and impossible for them to do anyway once the owner is giving it up voluntary). Its not my fault they cant come to my state to get.......or is it? So if you own a car dealership then let me know what you guys do in situations like this. Or if you are a repo man then let me know if an out of state dealership ever contacted you to do a job. Thanks
They car dealership does not need to find someone in Maine to repo your car they can send a repo person from Alabama to get it if they want it but they could also use a local repo company in Maine but as long as they cant find the car the cant take it if it was me i would not register the car in Maine so the repo guys cant get an address on you after you find a job pay the back payments and its all good
Legally your dealership can't report your car as stolen because the car is registered in your name, at least I assume it is and not in your name AND the dealership's name. if it is in both names this is a different scenario and a tactic employed by buy here pay here types of dealerships. Be sure to understand your references are going to be called in order to track you down. If the car is a VALUE to them, once they have your new address, you can be sure it WILL be repossessed when you least expect it. You could even be sued for the retrieval fees plus legal fees. I don't want to scare you but they could sue you if they do have your new address and can't repo the car. The court location would likely be in Alabama and if you don't show up it would be an automatic judgement against you. If you do get in a bind you should call your references and instruct them to not give anyone your new address, but you can stop them from calling your references... keep reading... First thing you want to do is read your contract, ALL of it to the letter and take a look at your vehicle registration is the name of the dealership also on it? If you do find yourself in a bind call your dealership and work something out with them, and do not give them your address. It is within their legal right to set up a payment arrangement and still repo if they desire. At that point of making payment arrangements with you they could begin calling your references if you "break" your agreement in any way with the goal of repo of your car. Last but not least if you get into a bind with paying start parking your car in a LOCKED garage if you can, but as I said AFTER you've called them to "buy" yourself some time. Good luck and God Bless.
I understand your situation, however, you probably do not realize it, but in my state of TN, I know a few people whom own a buy here, pay here lot and down in TN, they put GPS units in every car so that way the dealership knows where the car is at all times. If your dealership installed a GPS unit in the car you have, you would probably never find it. So, to answer your question, if they do repo this car in the state of maine, they will probably sue you for the charges plus the balance of the car note.
Can I move out of state with my car can they repo it even if my payments are up to date and not behide on them.
I can find anyone anywhere. But I do not share my techniques.
loan rates maine
Anyone ever use TD Banknorth for auto loans? I never have seen them "advertised" on tv or radio or even in my bank, but their website talks about them. I have been a long time user of both there checking and saving accounts, and im now looking to purchase a new-used car. I think I have pretty good credit as well, just a little over 700's Anyone ever been through it with TD? Was it a hassle ect? How were the rates? Can you do it right there in the bank? Thanks all, I really hate going into banks and asking them a million questions because you have all sorts of people watching/listening and it gets akward for me. PS: Never got a loan before, so how does it work? Do I go to a dealership and apply, or do I go to a bank and apply? Or do I apply at the dealership with my bank? Im a newbie to this so if anyone has any inputs, let me know! Thanks all.
Hi, I actually use them know for one of my auto loans, and I have to say that they are awesome. I only say this because they are honest, reliable and upfront. They shared with my and my wife information on paying the bill within certain schedules to avoid unnecessary charges. I feel that they may not advertise much for, they are concentrated in Canada, Maine, and the general North Eastern states. Unfortunately my credit situation was not as well off as yours and the truck I purchased was used by 4 months so that permeates higher rates more off than not yet, they worked with me admirably in terms of my rate my expectation was at least 10.5% considering with perfect credit used cars normally start at 8.3 - 9% I walked away slightly above 95 and there web pay and customer service really rocks. Good luck and enjoy your new car. Just
For Finance and credit solutions I visit this site where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde... RE :TD Banknorth Auto loans? Anyone ever use TD Banknorth for auto loans? I never have seen them "advertised" on tv or radio or even in my bank, but their website talks about them. I have been a long time user of both there checking and saving accounts, and im now looking to purchase a new-used car. I think I have pretty good credit as well, just a little over 700's Anyone ever been through it with TD? Was it a hassle ect? How were the rates? Can you do it right there in the bank? Thanks all, I really hate going into banks and asking them a million questions because you have all sorts of people watching/listening and it gets akward for me. PS: Never got a loan before, so how does it work? Do I go to a dealership and apply, or do I go to a bank and apply? Or do I apply at the dealership with my bank? Im a newbie to this so if anyone has any inputs, let me know! Thanks all. Follow 2 answers
This Site Might Help You. RE: TD Banknorth Auto loans? Anyone ever use TD Banknorth for auto loans? I never have seen them "advertised" on tv or radio or even in my bank, but their website talks about them. I have been a long time user of both there checking and saving accounts, and im now looking to purchase a new-used car. I think I have...
Here you can get rates: CREDIT-AND-FINANCE.COM
maine buy here pay here
I want to buy my sister a maine coon kitten for Christmas, she recently lost the one she had for 9 years. We live in CT and don't want to have to ship the kitten over here, but if we have to we will. Does anyone know of places selling maine coon kittens? Preferably a breeder, I'm not fond of the pet-shop deal. We want to get all the deatils figured out before Christmas and there's only 27 days left to find a kitten! Please if you know of any breeders close to CT, or any breeders at all, let me know! Thanks!!
If your sister is seriously wanting a new cat, take her to get one and pay for it. They won't give you a cat to give as a gift. Lots of breeders require home visits to make sure your pad is worthy of their cat. The ones in NJ are great looking cats. Could she take them both?
Just keep in mind that they can be VERY large. Mine is 16 lbs, and people are always shocked when they see him. "What is that, a dog?" is what I'll often hear. It's amazing how many people are awe-struck at his size. But they have great personalities, and beautiful fur, especially their tales. They are what is classified as "semi-longhair" and most times, they have a particular kind of fur that, although pretty long, actually does NOT require frequent brushing. THey don't tend to "mat" like Persians. I don't know if it's a maine coon thing, but mine has a SEVERE liking for fruits and vegetables. If I'm eating a piece of fruit, he won't leave me alone. I cannot leave tomatoes on the counter to ripen. Couple summers ago I would pick okra for an hour or two in the mornings, and I brought home one that had grown too big to eat (they get tough when they're big). I brought it home to show my mom (who was visiting) how big they'd get if we neglected to see and harvest them for a day or two. This one was a whopper (about 6 inches long and fat). I was shocked when I found it later half-eaten on the floor. Moses (my maine coon) has also eaten half of a corn COB before. THe COB, the part WE don't eat! He dug it out of the trash. Don't know what's wrong with that cat, LOL.
No reputable breeder would sell a pet as a gift and pet shops are NEVER an option to anyone who even remotely likes animals. I recommend visiting the Maine Coon cat fancier's website and finding a breeder. Offer your sister a gift certificate good for one kitten of her choice from this breeder. A good breeder is going to want to check out your sister and make sure she has an ideal home, so the GC would be perfect. Good luck to you. : )
Actual good breeders of Maine Coons would not have kittens available on a moments notice. I know three, one in CT, and they have a WAITING LIST. The wait is usually several litters!!!!
I know of two lovely kittens in New Jersey at a shelter. Please consider adopting them. They are gorgeous animals! We recently lost our Maine Coon cat, and I am falling apart about it. He was a big handsome teddy bear of a cat, and a wicked good mouser to boot. Check out this link. I'm sure you'll find these kittens to be perfect.
Yay some1 adoptin a kitten!!! Did u check out yet? They have a search bar where u can type in maine coon or any other kitten u want & it gives u a lil info on the cat. My kitten was on there when i adopted her! Have fun & good luck:) btw plz don't adopt form a breeder bc as u may already heard those ppl have bad rep=/
Maine Coon Kittens Ct
You might check to find some local breeders or one that you can rescue.
Try these 21 web sites my dear. and I am from Maine and I do know these 2 web sites are the best. good luck.
Try can fancy magazine
cash loans in maine
OK, there are some very scary answers on here so far, haha, don't take that advise! I am a broker, you are in a very good position paying cash! Here is what to do. If you don't want a buyer broker, which is free to you in many cases, then you can do this yourself but you need to protect yourself with at least a real estate attorney. You will need to be sure the property is worth at least what you are paying, that's an appraisal, You will need a title search done (very important) title can be a real nightmare if you miss something , Title ins is something I wont let my clients go without. One time pay, and covered for as long as you own that home! Let the attorneys do all this. Title search, and closing with HUD statements and ll is around $650 here in Maine, title ins, is different all over country, Attorneys can tell you based on the appraised value of home. If you have Cash, and no need for mortgage, these one time fee's are worth their weight in gold! Good luck!
If the property you've got your eye on is a foreclosed property you are for sure going to want to have a title search done, I've seen them come to about 275$ but every price varies & trust me it's worth it sometimes if the home was a foreclosed property & they don't do a title search when you purchase the property there can be other liens on the property which.. since it's now yours.. your liable for ( I know, I asked the same thing.. how can they do that? ) but they can.. so definatly do it! Other tips... don't get an ARM.. even though interest rates are going down a tad dosen't mean they'll stay down. FHA loans... meh... they are good in some aspects BUT when it comes to assistance programs through your lender.. they are way more strict about even little things like repayment plans! Good Luck!
Get an FHA loan so you only have to put a 3% down payment. Don't worry about a title search. That's something escrow will do. Just make sure you get Title Insurance, usually the lender will require it anyway but it doesn't hurt to confirm.
Title search is part of title and closing costs which average about 3% of the amount of your home loan You will most likely also need 3% down payment Get a realtor - they can get the seller to pay your title and closing costs mentioned above, less money out of pocket for you Get title insurance (tell your loan officer you want it) good luck
Don't do it now, whit all this mess going on....
fast cash maine
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cash advance in maine
Fall Away, Darling: By, Haggard Laggard (Me) Fading away over the dusty hills of Maine, Propelling forward towards, The smokey mountains ahead. Trying to find themselves in a song, Searching for their souls among writings, Ideal upon ideal, Bringing forward a new view, Of their worlds, Dancing among their thoughts. Racing minds trailing along, Thumping the hard cover of days, Burning stacks of cash to show rebellion against, Forlorn proverbs of society. Throwing their slapstick out, of the rickety building tops, Endings for-bringing endings, Seen over the roofs, Mending into the asphalt with pandemics, of disease and mounds of mindsets. Rebound; Bouncing along the hallways, Calling for your reaches, These thoughts; Come and thrive. ----------------------------- I need to know what you think. Is it at least kind of understandable? I want people to be able to find their own meaning. But I don't want it to sound like a mindless ramble. Also, sorry for the length. Thank you in advance for your input.
It sounds like life in a book... or as a book, and one needs to break away from the norms of greedy society and open up to themselves. That's what I see though there are some parts that seem a little random... but i'm not really in a 'diving into the poem' kinda mind set, so i'm probably just half seeing things right now.
This is very beautiful express your views and thoughts so nicely.thanks for this good poem.
Hey, i think thsis poem was pretty good. i got a lot of different meanings. btw thanks for the answer (:
maine buy here pay here
I just bought this beautiful kitten from a lady who said the kittens were maine coons...her mother had the parents and she was dying from cancer so she re-homed the liter for her. There are no papers but she claims they are purebred....can anyone tell from these pics if she looks so far like a typical maine coon? thanks !
I will obviously love this kitty either way and do not care that she has no papers. And no, I did not pay a lot for her, I only have my profile pic for viewing...have dial up and it takes forever to attach pics. I just wanted an opinion if her face looks like a main coon or not. Please do not be snooty in your response about "pedigrees", if I was willing to pay 800$ for a cat I would have. Thank you and have a great day :)
Where are the pictures? With out pictures it hard to tell. Maine coons are fairly big solid cats, with a heavy thick fur, and a fluffy tail, I hope you did not pay to much for the kitten, especially with out papers. And as R P Cat has a reputable cat breeder will not sale a cat with out papers, especially if its a pure breed, and usually the kitten is fully vaccinated and de-sexed, and very rarely sold under the age of three months. Cat breeders MUST have their cats registered, and if selling their kittens as pure breeds, then the kittens MUST be registered too and and the breeder MUST give the purchaser papers as proof of pure breed, I believe it includes the name of the parents of the kitten. A close friend is a breeder or Australian mists & Main coons, and she screens everyone person who wants purchase a cat, she has them come to here home, to look at the kittens (she checks the people out while they are looking the kittens), and if the people are suitable, she organizes for them to pick up their kitty in the next week, after money has been paid, they must have a suitable cat carrier to take the kitten, no carrier they cannot take the cat. Edit; I am glad you did not spend a lot on your cute kitty. It may have been crossed with a general moggy, which is why you did not get any papers. The kitty in my profile is a Manx (tailless) and but she was crossed with a general moggy, so I did not get papers for her. But her nature and size is very much a Manx, loves water, growls like a dog at people she does not like or know lol. Enjoy your new kitty
How many times are you going to post this? Till some idiot says "YES DEFINITELY!"?? Did you pay $600 or more for her? Was this person a breeder of TICA, CFA or ACFA registered Maine Coons? If not - sorry - no way this kitten is a Maine Coon kitten. They don't just "happen". They only come from the mating of pedigreed Maine Coon to pedigreed Maine Coon. And breeders don't just hand out unaltered cats to just anyone. So how would this person have two pedigreed, unaltered Maine Coons and yet be giving them away "for a small fee"? She wouldn't be. Besides that - other than what looks like a longer coat in that avatar pic I don't see other Maine Coon traits - the VERY distinctive muzzle, the VERY long ear tufts, etc, etc.
Well there are no pictures. I can tell you as a Maine Coon Breeder of over 11 years. No papers, not a purebred Maine Coon. It is very simple. She can look like one but as long as you don't have papers on her she is not a Maine Coon. They always come with registration papers because a breeder does want you to know the pedigree of the cat and wants that kitten registered as proof it came from her cattery. A honest breeder will give you papers and have you sign a contract, they will have given the kittens their first and second set of vaccines and most will spay/neuter, and will give you a copy of the vet check up the kitten just had and a copy of the kittens pedigree so you can trace the family lines back at least 4 - 5 generations. R P CAT Sorry no papers no Maine Coon
Without papers, they are not pure breeds. As much as any breeder will push that they are pure breeds, they most likely are not. Maine coons are big sturdy cats who can go beyond 20 pounds when they are fully grown. They have a full coat but the color always varies. One way to tell if they are a maine coon is above the eyes, approximately where the brow is, you should see the letter 'M' However, judging the breed of your cat from your picture is a bit difficult...
Looks like it. Can't know for sure though. My kitten looks like a maine coon and it's mama looks like an American shorthair. Not a kitten any more 5 years old.
Purebred means you are ment to have papers for them i dont see any links with your question to view the pictures ?
Doubt if purebred can claim anything if no papers
maine money
Me and my father are looking to buy a cat. We live in a semi small apartment in Vermont. We have looked all over the internet for local breeders, but have found no results. We don't have that much money to spend, so we wanna buy it kinda cheap. And yes, we do have experience with cats. Me and my dad have owned a mixed breed cat, which was mixed with a Maine Coon and possibly an American Short hair. Now, we just need to buy the cat... but where? Please help us, we really want a friend to help fill our lonely apartment. :)
A purebred Maine Coon cat that comes with a pedigree will cost you a lot of money. If you ever find one that doesn't, I can bet you that the cat is either a non pedigree or from a backyard breeder. You need to set aside a substantial amount of funds to be able to care for your Maine Coon, or any other cats for that matter. Your best bet is to go to your local shelter and look at the residence cats, and adopt one that has the features and characteristics of a Maine Coon instead.
This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I buy a Maine Coon cat, without spending a lot of money? Me and my father are looking to buy a cat. We live in a semi small apartment in Vermont. We have looked all over the internet for local breeders, but have found no results. We don't have that much money to spend, so we wanna buy it kinda cheap. And yes, we do have experience with cats. Me and...
With only 3% of cats on this entire planet a particular breed and breeders tending to sell kittens ALTERED your father's cat wasn't "part Maine Coon and possibly an American Shorthair". It was simply a "domestic" - a cat of no particular breed. Why "buy" a cat? Go to a shelter and ADOPT one. You won't likely find a cat of a particular breed but you will be saving a life. The only way to buy a Maine Coon cat is from a breeder and kittens START at $600 for pet quality and go up from there.
I agree with other posters that you should buy a rescue cat with the characteristics of a Maine Coon. My friend got a purebred Persian from the SPCA for the normal stray cat price. Also, you could ask breeders if they have a "reject". My mom got a purebred Siamese cat for free because his nose wasn't long enough for show or something ridiculous. If the cat doesn't meet exact show standards but is otherwise normal and healthy, I think they sterilize and sell them.
Maine Coon cats usually do cost alot. I would suggest looking in the classifieds in the newspaper; usually you can find a good price. You could also try shelters; but you are probably NOT going to find a maine coon cat for free; so you might want to save your money for awhile. They usually cost 100-150 to 200 dollars. (Where I live) Also, try This website will let you look at a huge selection of cats.
You can go to and search by breed. They have many of the local shelters and rescue groups listed and you can search by breed, age, sex, area and more. Some have fees but you would be rescuing a cat that needs a home and I have seen a few maine coons on the site.
I agree with the first respondent who said you need to have money to properly care for a cat. That said, there are rescue groups for every breed of cat. Just do an internet search and see what you find.
You could look at a local shelter or ask around for people who breed them. You could probably fly one in but that would be WAY expensive. Maybe if you are going on vacation you could pick one up from a breeder. Just a thought. Actually purebred cats are quite expensive... you should probably save some money.
Purebred cats aren't cheap. Expect to pay over $800 for a Mainecoon from a reputable breeder .
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Maine Coons sold as pet also get registration papers, there should be no ifs, ands or buts about it. Pet or not! A reputable breeder will give you papers once they are neutered or spayed, and if they sell them spayed/neutered you should get papers to register the kittens. This keeps track of the litters and the lines of the cat. They should be over 12 weeks old, have had their vaccines started and vet checked before leaving, they should also give you the papers stating this information. If it is a reputable breeder then yes they are worth the money, one the parents are vet checked to make sure they are healthy to breed, they have been shown to a title Females Champion and Males to Grand Champion if possible. Showing one cat cat cost up to $100 a show. They start showing kittens at 4 months and they can not get a title till they are 8 months old. This can cost lots of $$$. They are very careful who is bred to who and do not let their cats breed outside the breed and usually have to purchase a new outcross from another cattery so there is no inbreeding. They should have had the HCM echo and DNA testing. The kittens if get goopy water eyes all go to the vet for medical attention, momma kitty also. There is never a time when if needed they don't go to the vet. They are feed high quality food. You also know what cats are behind your kitten, I can trace my cats lineage back many generations. I know the temperament of the kittens and the parents, the health of the lines they are out of and so on. The kittens are raised with their health and well being in mind. To some it is worth it knowing this, but if the breeder does not show you litter registration papers, the parents registration papers and is not a legit breeder I would stay away from them, they should give you papers to register your cats. If you don't register them then they might as well be a domestic long hair cat. You have no proof they are Maine Coons at all. Find out what association they have their Cattery registered with. R P CAT
There is no such thing as a pure bred Maine Coon without papers. So the question is what is a domestic long hair cat worth to you? That's what you're purchasing, not a pedigree cat. Maine Coon's - or the ones that are sold as them - can be plagued with HCM and hip displasia. Have your kittens/cats been genetically tested for either of these? The HCM generally means death at a young age. Purebred kittens from a reputable breeder are not cheap - a pet quality one may start at $400 but is more likely to cost $600 or more. But you get the 'real deal' with a health guarantee. And don't buy that crap about saving you money from no papers - it cost a breeder either $10 or $12 to register the entire litter! So the real answer - the price should be no more than what your local shelter charges to adopt out any domestic cat - generally $40 - $100, and that means spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines.
Please explain "purebred without papers". Where's the proof they're Maine Coons? You shouldn't pay anything because if they don't have papers they're probably just longhaired domestics some evil backyard breeder is CLAIMING are Maine Coons. Understand this - only 3% of cats on this entire planet are a particular breed. And pedigreed kittens START at $600. So the odds of these cats really being Maine Coons that just oops don't have papers? Slim to none. If you want a Maine Coon go to a TICA, CFA or ACFA breeder. If you just want a longhaired domestic that you - or they - THINK looks like a Maine Coon - go to a shelter and ADOPT one.
Without papers? The same I would pay for any vet-treated domestic short hair. (Aka around 150$) Without papers, they can be passed off as Maine Coons just because they may have some blood in them. But I have heard they make beautiful and loving pets and are worth the money for one with papers and from champion parents.
Maine Coon Cats Nz
WithOUT papers? However much it cost for their first checkup and shots. They arent proven pure without papers. I have a registered coonie. I pd $450 for him. His parents are GCH. He was cheaper because he is head shy. Red, beautiful boy. Met his breeder at a cat show a year before he was born and we became friends. I expected to pay twice that, actually and was surprised when she gave me the bill. LOL He's amazing and wonderful and my baby. He'll be 9 on May 28th.
Without papers cost of shots given or what ever the shelter fee is if they are at a shelter. No papers means no proof they are pedigree so worth no more than a DLH which is most likely what they are in the first place.
I prefer hair that is shoulder length or longer, And also since that men who like women are more often then not straight, they like long hair because this looks more feminine, as most guys have short hair.
Without papers to prove they are purebreds - no more then the cost of spay/neuter, shots and worming. Probably about $100 max.
Well I'm a boy but I consider on us boys, short hair will be always better. Long hair doesn't ALWAYS show a sign of dominance. You see most other guys with very long hair that doesn't look like they will can fight. For example there will be a boy in my school along with very long blonde hair.
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