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bad credit loans in louisiana
And every bank or loan i calls said they cant help me due to my credit report with some medical bill problem that is unpaid and i cant keep letting my credit get pull because it lows my scored i have another lot that i can use for colleral and i also have a home on that lot that im trying to purshase the home is paid for and im trying to buy the lot so i can move in it and be happy i also work been employed for over a year now im not asking for much less than 10.000 so please any one i need to know what next to do because im afraid i will have to move that house off that land if i cant afford to purchase that land and that will also cost me more to move it than to buy it i aso can get a co borrow if i have to im from louisiana and i also have a deadline to purchasethat lot and this is just stressing me out bad i really and turely pray that someone wouuld under stand and hear my cry out for assitance in helping me cope with this ordeal thank you dearly and may god bless you so please
Get a job, save your money, stop wanting so much.
Well, I hate to break it to you. But with the market being the way it is you do not have many choices. Most banks are really tryig to get their mortgage money back. Plus the banks willing to lend you the mone, will probably charge you a very high interest, and if you are already struggling thats not good. my suggesiton would be to save the money, i know that does not help you, but that maybe the better option. good luck.
To find out specifically what you must do to raise your score, you can order your score report from all three national credit bureaus. In addition to your score<!--you'll get your credit report, an indication of how your score ranks nationally and an explanation of how you can boost your standing. http://best-loans.awardspace.com/creditscore.htm In order to improve your credit score, it's important to know where you stand currently. Despite all the media attention given to free credit reports-->you still have to pay to find out your credit score, the three-digit number ranging from 300 to 850 that is the key to your borrowing costs.
bad credit loans in louisiana
Can a family member transfer a auto loan over to anthoer family member with out the other person having to go take out a loan. I have bad credit and cant get a auto loan. my aunt bought me a vechicle but she had to fiance and put everything in her name.. how do i get everything into my name are at least get my name on the title are registration. I live in louisiana so I'm not sure if there can be two names on the title.. can anyone please give me some insight as to how i can fix this...The auto was just bought, and the loan is under her name. if she donates it to me then am i responseable for the loan as well? because i cant get a lona due to my credit
Florence is half right, your aunt is on the hook for the payments. But, with regards to tickets, its either who is driving at the time (say you get pulled over) or whose name is on the registration (speeding ticket with camera). The car doesn't have to registered to the person on the financing, I know thats how I get ford A plan. My dad's "buys" it, but I make the payments to ford and they come in my name, but he is on the registration.
She is still responsible for it as long as it is in her name. To get it over to your name, you will have to have a credit check to see if you can pay for it. But I think you will be responsisble for it as long as you drive it, but legally your aunt is responsible until it is paid off. Anything that you do to that car, your aunt could get into trouble for it. If you run a redlight and the camera catches you and the car is still in her name, yep, she gets the ticket, not you and it will go against her licence if you don't pay for it. You need to find out all the things before she just hands you the car over. She could be playing with fire here.
Nope you dont own it if you owe money on it... you could pay for it to be tagged... but it will be hers til its payed for
fast cash louisiana
Ive always had trouble with math every since 4th grade but I was never tested for it, my teachers in high school thought I wanted people to feel sorry for me when i asked to get tested. I struggled to do the basic math like reading a ruler, i could never get it or units of measurements. I couldnt see the relevance to actually understand it. I struggled in college and Highschool but I had willing teachers that sat down with me for hours so that I could pass test. Ive chosen a field that involves basic math, my weakest area and its becoming a major problem. I fear that I will get fired because of dyscalculia. I am on my internship now for culinary arts and Ive had trouble with math there, even being scolded for doing something wrong or not formulated something fast enough. Ive avoided games like dominoes, spades and monopoly because I had to count dice or deal with numbers. I couldn't tell time on an analog clock for a long time, I still use my fingers as a counting tool. I dont trust my self when I try to do mental math so my fingers are my math checkers. I have to remind my self about left and right and its easy for me to get turned around if I dont follow the same path when driving. I dont see numbers backwards or mess up signs but I confuse the little hand and big hand of the clock,I misuse signs to do calculations especially when under pressure. I couldnt count money or do place values in school though my teachers taught it to me, I would practice it and get frustrated that I couldnt see it. I felt so stupid. I use to fear going to pay for things at the cash register until I started using a card and figured out a way to count coins my way. I never wanted a job as a cashier either because of that. I have always been good with fact based stuff like history, literature, and biology. But throughout school Ive had low scores like Fs andf Ds in areas with heavy math influences like chemistry and Algebra. Ive failed my high school state test in math and had to retake it twice and my lowest score for the act was math, Math has always kept me from being on honor roll but now its more of a problem than just grades, its interfering with my livelihood. I dont have insurance to get tested on my on so I was wondering if there were programs out there that would test me for low cost in Louisiana or Mississippi. -Thanks
This is problem irrational, but i always wondered if this problem stemmed from me falling down the porch stairs backwards out of a rocking chair when I was in first grade. I remember getting held back in first grade because my reading scores( my parents told me this) but I remember helping others with math and had to go to a tutoring class once a week but after falling things switched. I became really terrible in math and my reading excelled, though my mom always read to us so I have no Idea why I would have a low score in reading in the first place. I remember i couldnt grasp A and U phonics.
Google. You will get lot of information. Or see the following link. http://www.booking.com/region/us/louisia... There if you ask any Good Samaritan in that hotel, he will further guide you to the place where the diagnostic center is located. Such tests are conducted there.
Hi Tori, I'm not sure about Louisiana but if you wanted to find out yourself at home you can do the test at home by visiting the link below. There is a free dyscalculia test you can download at http://www.learningsuccessblog.com/dysca... It will help you find where the underlying problems are and get on the right path to a solution. Most of the time the public education system is not equipped to diagnose a dyscalculia problem. One of the reasons it goes undiagnosed so often and so many kids just slip through the cracks and end up in remedial classes when they really are quite intelligent. The test will help you avoid that and understand the problem so you don’t have to worry about being “bad at math.”
best cash advance in Louisiana
The Secretary of State is Condelezza Rice Congress has taxed goods, a longstanding tax is the luxury tax on foreign made cars, this tax is for cars at $50,000 or above. Technically a Representative can be arrested at anytime because the person is not above the law. The reality is that the process has Attorneys for the Members of Congress who specialize in legal maneuvers that can thwart such an immediate action. Case in point, the House of Representative Member William Jefferson from Louisiana, just last year had police to raid his Office and found in the freezer $100,000 cold cash. Since their is separation of powers and jurisdictional issues the sitting President had a 45 day cooling off period, to look into the matter because of Constitutional guarantees to members. They have to study to see if his rights had been violated, if not then all members of Congress can have a similar event. That's the best answer I can give you on that one. If this helps you, then help me and vote this a best answer. Thanks in advance.
Except in rare cases, a member of Congress cannot be arrested when Congress is in session. Congress in and of itself cannot tax a good but can pass a bill to tax something after the president signs in into law. Most noticeable is the excise tax on luxury items and federal gasoline tax. Congress also can recommend a tariff on imported goods if they feel that they threaten fair trade (selling below production cost). Dr. Condoleeza Rice is the current secretary of state.
1) On the floor of Congress, I think. 2) Sorry, I'm not sure - I'm guessing no. Although didn't they pass a gas tax? 3) Condoleeza Rice. I'm not sure of 1 or 2. Good luck. PS I'm changing my mind - I'll say yes on 2.
online loans in louisiana
I am a student at Delgado Community College. I am currently a full-time student and i live in New Orleans,Louisiana. I recently lost my car and am in desperate need of a new one. This recent development has messed up my plan. I planned to go to school in the summer and in a year i was going to transfer to ITT Tech but the tuition is so high, I would have to take out a loan to go. The problem is, I can't afford to take out a loan for a car and school at the same time but if i don't get a car i have no way of getting to school and if i don't take out the loan i have no way of paying for the car. To top all this off ,I need to get surgery done and do not have the money to pay for that either. I would have to sacrifice something and to be honest, I can't afford to sacrfice anything. If anyone had any information on grants,scholarships, or any kind of way that i could pay for anything. Please somebody let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
ITT tech is a bit of a scam. I have personally worked with one student who went $30,000 in debt before he finally quite and went back to Community College. I suggest you stick with Delgado. Loans are tricky things. I would say buy a "bucket" before getting a loan for something better. Drive that car into the ground! It will be better for your financial future if you don't get sucked into a loan so early in your education. As for financial aid? Go to Fastweb.com and fill out a profile. It is free and has a lot of options for narrowing down scholarships to fit your specific needs. If you are honest with yourself and willing to put in the work your profile will continue to send you scholarships, grants, and other competitions you can use to get aid. Scholarships take time and perseverance... good luck! In the mean time go to the Financial Aid department at Delgado and get some help from them.
louisiana loans
Google "Blanket Loan"
Pretty sure that you will find all financial answer at= financial-care.info- RE I need a lender that does blanket loans in louisiana? #EANF#
What the heck is a blanket loan? Well anyway, check my profile for a neat way to borrow money. do you need to be tucked in at night with a blanket loan?
best cash advance in Louisiana
1. Neither the Articles of Confederation nor the Georgia Constitution of 1777 allowed governments to pay soldiers. create armies. engage in trade. request help. 2. What was one result of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? need to reestablish ties with Great Britain. request for help from France. plea to allow states to operate separately. desire for a better plan of government. 3. The _______ led to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. General Assembly. Constitutional Convention. Head-right System. Roman Republic. 4. Which Georgian played a role in shaping the government of the newly formed United States? George Washington. Benjamin Franklin. Abraham Baldwin. James Madison. 5. An Antifederalist was a person who did not support the Constitution. did not support the New Jersey Plan. supported the Constitution. supported the New Jersey Plan. 6.What was the Great Compromise? an agreement regarding slavery. an agreement regarding taxation. an agreement regarding legislative representation. an agreement regarding trade with Great Britain. 7. How was the new government of the United States organized? president and cabinet. king and advisors. council of elders. three branches. 8. After the Revolutionary War, settlers could get lands through the lottery and _______ systems. contract. head-right. purchase. bribe. 9. As an effect of the Yazoo Land Fraud, Georgia lost money and land. the Louisiana Purchase. its Native American population. access to the Mississippi River. 10. How was industry affected by advances in technology? shortage in labor supply. development of roads. economic depression. growth of factories. 11. As a result of Eli Whitney’s invention, Georgia became a leading producer of indigo. cotton. rice. tobacco. 12. The _______ connected Georgia’s people and products with the rest of the country. railroad. cotton gin. mechanical reaper. water-powered spinning machine. 13. Georgians fulfilled a great demand for stage coaches. ferries. tobacco. wheat. 14. In addition to an economic depression, what two things caused the greatest changes to the economy during the 1800s? steamboats and toll roads. the plow and the mechanical reaper. railroads and turnpikes. factories and cash crops. 15. Life in Georgia’s towns was characterized by cultural refinements, while life on Georgia’s frontier was characterized by physical labor and danger. social gatherings and theater. meetings and horse races. barbecues and reading. 16. In addition to a spiritual function, religion and churches served a(n) [WOL] function. physical. individual. social. intellectual. 17. Who founded the First African Baptist Church in Savannah? Andrew Bryan. Richard Allen. Joseph Smith. Benjamin Chew. 18. During the 1800s, how did people view education? meaningless. essential. valuable. useless. 19. Which of the following is an example of a land grant university? Franklin College. Academy of Richmond County. University of Georgia. Wesleyan College. 20. One cause of the War of 1812 was [WOL]; one effect of the War of 1812 was [WOL]. conflict over trade; the growth of industry. the United States’s alliance with France; an increase in embargos. the rise of cotton as a valuable crop in the South; imprisonment of the War Hawks. the United States’s neutrality in the war between Great Britan and France; the possession of Canada. I have tried and tried and tried and i cant answers these questions, can you please help me?
1. engage in trade. 2. re-establish ties with Britain. 3. General Assembly. 4. James Madison. 5. supported the New Jersey plan. 6. an agreement regarding slavery. 7. president and cabinet. 8. purchase. 9. the Louisiana Purchase. 10 . shortage in labor supply. 11. tobacco 12. mechanical reaper. 13. stage coaches. 14. factories and cash crops 15. meetings and horse races 16. intellectual 17. Benjamin Chew 18. useless 19. Wesleyan College 20. the rise of cotton as a valuable crop in the South; imprisonment of the War Hawks.
The sample is too small to be statistically significant, and the methodology is too unclear. Was the male homosexual video the last one to be shown? Was it a continuous 12 minute viewing session (i.e. 4 mins of het porn then immediately 4 mins of lesbian porn, then immediately 4 mins of gay male porn)? If so, then increased arousal is to be expected. Arousal isn't only about what you are currently seeing, it's also about what you are anticipating. Being barraged with sexual images is going to make a person feel sexual. From what I understand, erections also occur when men are anxious or experiencing other intense emotions that are not always sex related. I'm not discounting the idea that homophobia is a reaction formation (denial through shunning what you truly want) of men with latent homosexual desires, but a more definitive study is needed to draw that conclusion
My friend have received a coupon of this discount store and ordered one there. Not fully remarkable with their shipment speed but did save around 68% and very pleased to find this. The quality is definitely decent and also until now never find a issues.
online loans in louisiana
It does make a difference, but I don't know Louisiana law enough to help you here - look it up online if possible or ask other neighbours etc. Try seeing if the company has a help line that you can enquire with.
Baton Rouge Louisiana cash advance
I have a 7 months old daughter who requires 24 hour care. She has had 4 major surgeries. And there is no nursing available right now. With that being the case only one parent can work because the other has to stay at home and take care of our baby. We are currently in the East Baton Rouge area of Louisiana. If you have any type of information that can help please share. Thank you in advance
What kind of assistance? If looking for aid with food, health/medical, and cash assistance then contact Department of Social Services.
louisiana loans
There are programs out there if you taught in certain areas that you can qualify for all or part of your student loans to be forgiven. It is dependent on what area you taught in (inner city qualifies) and also what type of student loan. There are several types of loans, Stafford and Perkins are 2. You will just have to do some research on the web -OR- contact the college you graduated from. Their education department will either have the info or be able to direct you to where to find it.
You need to figure out if you're teaching in a low income school district. Then you need to google "teacher loan forgiveness" and follow the links. You can also call your state department of education. Generally, in Ohio, you need to teach for five years (3 of them in a low income school district) and the lender will forgive 2,000 per year for teaching. If you happen to be a math or science teacher the total could go as high as 15,000. Good luck, I'm sure like me, you aren't making much in salary, so this really helps.
A LOAN is supposed to be paid back.
louisiana loans
With a job why do you need a loan for this? There are tons of hot trailer park trash chicks that are single. Any decent looking single guy should be able to go to a trailer park and pick up a chick in an hour. Go on 3 dates and ask her to move in for half the rent. Much cheaper and a hot white trash chick to boot! God Bless America
louisiana loans
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