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bad credit loan iowa
It depends on your State law. Like in Oklahoma the max is 21% but in Iowa it's 27%.
It will very by the length of the loan and the area you live in. You can go to and type in your zip code and the length that you are looking for, it will pull up several different lenders with rates and any charges. You can also go to there people can bid on your loan and you get the lowest bid. You can also give loans there for a better rate than what you get in interest at the bank. I think it is pretty cool, cutting out the middleman (the bank) who would just take more from the person getting the loan and give less to the person who puts there money in the bank. If you go that way. let me know because if I recomend you we would both get $25.00 and for anyone you recomend you and them each get $25.00. I am new to the site, I have loaned out money on it but I found the site myself told my friends and they joined before anyone of us realized you get money for recomending someone. If they either get or give a loan. They lump a bunch of would be bankers together so your loan can be for as little as $50.00. There are many different sites that do this they are called people to people lending. I went with Prosper because they are the largest and have a high approval rating. If you do use Prosper email me so i can refer you. If you already know someone who uses it or want to do it yourself its cool, im just saying if you dont. I am not a part of them or work for them or anything like that, but i have loaned money on there. my email is
I have a score of 572 and I was given 18% at a Ford dealership. Outrageous, but if you have bad credit ya pay pay pay. You also didn't mention if this is your first car loan or not. This will also have an effect on the rate the bank gives you. Hope this helps a little ; )
Assuming if someone is daring enough to load you at 572, it will probably be the max your state allows. As the last answer, 21% in Ok, 27% in Iowa. If your credit is 572, improve it first which happens with time.
It depends on the bank. Good luck getting one.
bad credit loan iowa
I'm 17 and I've been looking to buy/lease a car. don't know yet. well, my guardian is telling me that leasing a car would be better than buying a car, because then you don't have to worry about havin car problems. It'll cost a lot to fix it and stuff. and he said just find one that will cost me less than 200 bucks a month (doesn't seem that bad) and if I want to buy it in the end I can. *which I might depends well buyin doesn't seem that bad besides having problems with the car and crap. I just need the car to get me through college and last year of high school. it's summer and I'm taking multiple jobs, and will still work during school year. I have NO credit history, I don't think I do anyway I mean I'm only IDK. but my guardian has like SUPER AWESOME credit history. so I guess my question is well is leasing a car kinda like taking a loan out on a car? I know not for a fact that he can co-sign the loan for me. but i'm not sure about leasing... He probably will co-sign it for me but we're just not sure if I can even lease the car. I won't look for a super expensive car, just looking for a good car with awesome MPG, and the up side for leasing is that it'll be under warrant so it shouldn't break down or have problems. Any help/info will be greatly appreciated. I'm in the state of Iowa.
No, not likely until you are 25, read the lease, they all state 25 or older because you have no driving history for them to check.
Leasing is the same as taking out a loan. With a lease your payments are a little lower than with a regular buy loan (but not by much) and then at the end of the lease (usually 2 or 3 years) you have one really big final payment which you can either re-finance to pay off the car or just turn the car back in to the dealership. The thing is when you return the car they might not give you enough to cover that last big payment because they only give you what the car is worth and most of the time it's way less than what you owe. The car is going to be under warranty for the same amount of time whether you lease or depends on what kind of car you but most are for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first). If you are under 18 you cannot sign for any kind of lease or loan no matter if you have a co-signer or not. That's just the law. If you're going to do it now the only way you can do it is if someone over 18 gets the lease or loan only in their name. You might want to consider a used car. A lot of times you can find a car that is only a few years old for much less than a brand new car and as long as it's still newer than 3 years and has less than 36,000 miles on it (or whatever the warranty is for that particular car) you still have the warranty on it. Dealerships also sell extended warranties that cover longer periods of time if you're really worried about having a warranty...just make sure you know exactly what it does or does not cover because these warranties are not the same as the manufacturer's warranty.
Leasing would be a terrible idea, you are responsible for all costs associated with the car, repairs, maintenance, and collision. Mileage is also a limiting factor, so no going home every weekend if you live 600 miles away and no random trips. You are better off buying a used/offleased car and finance it (w/ cosigner), you can buy a certified used car such as a honda or a toyota, they usually come with warranties and tend to have less aging problems than the other brands.
One at under 18 you cannot purchase or lease a car, Next purchasing you usually get a bumper to bumper warranty so repairs costs you nothing, last insurance is higher on leased, and you have to watch the miles you put on the car and any and all damage to it including stained carpets
A minor cannot sign a contract so the answer is no. Did your guardian also tell you that you will need to carry full coverage insurance (probably $200 per month or more), mileage is typically limited to 12,000 miles per year, have to pay for normal wear and tear repairs (tires,brakes, etc.), and you will have to pay for any damage to the car when you return the car (small body scratches and dents)?
Probably not, in most states the ago of Majority is 18. If you sign a lease agreement, it is voidable at your discretion later. A dealership- finance company is not going to put themselves in that position.
You certainly need a lot more information on this matter before you jump into the fray. I recommend that you visit and check out some of the deals they have.
bad credit loan iowa
How does one pay off a mortgage, when real estate market values, which are based on assessed value by the Tax Man in town, have dropped to below what you need to pay off the loan? The good news is that my property taxes will be lower for next year; the bad news is that no one here pays much over assessed value when purchasing real estate, so am I stuck in this house until the day I die -- at which time, it will be my kids' problem to pay off the mortgage? I live near Des Moines, Iowa.
I am trying to get the house ready to sell, and my question concerns market value I can expect to get when I sell -- which as I said around here is usually just at the assessed value and no higher. If I don't sell it for enough to pay off the loan, because of the depressed market, how does one make up the difference to the lender?
You've gotten some great answers already, but I'll answer the one from the "additional details." If you sell for less than what you owe, then you have to bring the difference to the closing table -- basically, you pay the difference. The other option is to ask the lender if you can do a short sale -- it's completely up to the lender and it will have some affect on your credit, but not as bad as a foreclosure. Good luck to you -- I sold two months ago and had to bring some money to the table, but luckily not too much. In my area, the tax assessed value is typically less than the actual appraised value of a home -- and homes are sold for the appraised value (or less depending on negotiations). My house sold for the appraised value (the offer was originally more, but the appraisal came in lower thanks to quite a few foreclosures in my area). However, my tax assessed value was 22% lower than the appraised value.
Real estate market values usually are not based on the tax assessed value. It will never be your kids problem to pay off the mortgage, they will never be obligated to do so. But the answer is yes, unless you feel like taking a loss, you are stuck in the house.
Your assessed value has nothing to do with you making your mortgage payments. You continue making payments and by the time your loan is paid off, the house should have at least come back up to purchase price or better. If you are struggling to make your payments, then you can look into the Federal program aimed at such homeowners you die before the mortgage is paid off, then the *estate* will have to pay off the loan before the home can be transferred to one of your children. The child that inherits the house will have the option to pay off the mortgage (cash, HELOC, whatever) or the estate will have to sell the house to pay off the mortgage. Your heirs will then get whatever reamins after paying off all your outstanding debts. If the house sells for less than the mortgage, the bank writes this off - this kind of debt does not normally transfer to your heirs.
The assessed value/market value does not affect your mortgage. You continue to may your mortgage until it is paid - usually 30 years. If you die before the mortgage is paid, the estate sells the house and pays what it can of the mortgage.
Mortgages are not "based on assessed value by the Tax Man." They are based on how much you borrowed.
The tax fee the county places on it would not mirror quite fee. The very own loan being underwater isn't what's making you have a problematic time with your charge. The charge is what it constantly replaced into, except you acquire an ARM and counted on refinancing....which wasn't a reliable diea interior the 1st place. so which you knew what the charge replaced into going ot be in those in easy terms did no longer plan nicely for it.
bad credit loan iowa
I am looking to purchase a vehicle in the next couple of months, and my credit score is not all that great. I haven't had problems such as filing bankruptcy, just cellphone bills, utility bill (which is in current standing now on agreement but late payments were reported from when I was laid off), and a tax lien that was paid off this year. I'm trying to get an idea of a worst-case scenario for an interest rate, even if my credit doesn't call for it. I'll be looking to put 3500-4000 down, my net income is $2000/mo, and my current expenses are roughly $800-1000/mo.
Auto finance is what I do for a living and while I'm not sure about WI interest rate varies by State and can be very high. In Oklahoma it's 21% in Iowa it's 27%. Good luck.
For Credit and finance solutions I visit this website where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde...RE :Is there a MAXIMUM interest rate that can be charged on auto loans in WI? I am looking to purchase a vehicle in the next couple of months, and my credit score is not all that great. I haven't had problems such as filing bankruptcy, just cellphone bills, utility bill (which is in current standing now on agreement but late payments were reported from when I was laid off), and a tax lien that was paid off this year. I'm trying to get an idea of a worst-case scenario for an interest rate, even if my credit doesn't call for it. I'll be looking to put 3500-4000 down, my net income is $2000/mo, and my current expenses are roughly $800-1000/mo. Follow 6 answers
Interestingly all states have a max interest rate on cars and homes that rate varies from state to state Wi purchase rate is 21%. Title loans are limited to 264% :)
Under a variable rate loan, I don't see how there can be a maximum; the lender can raise the rate to whatever they want, unless their contract specifies otherwise (in which case it would be a variable rate with a ceiling). On a fixed rate, however, I would probably (only guessing here) assume that about 10% is the max you can expect on any kind of loan in this market (assuming it's through a bank). If they want to charge you any higher than that due to your credit risk, they simply won't give you a loan at all. However, with your income far exceeding your expenses like that (over 100% more), I don't expect you to have to pay nearly that much, nor be denied - as long as last year's tax return shows that kind of surplus. By the way, I'm a Wisconsin native and former resident myself, but I don't see how being in WI versus any other state would make much of any difference.
No limit.
online loans iowa
I started going to Kaplan University Online last year and this year after much consideration and looking at finances and the education i was getting i decided to transfer to the University Of Northern Iowa.... (GO PANTHERS) i have taken out student loans from both institutions so i can finish getting my masters degree in accounting. I cant seem to find what i am looking for in my books or online so i am wondering if i will get two 1098-T forms for my loans that i have taken out. please let me know. my education is very important to me and i am trying to soak up as much knowledge as i can when it comes to accounting and taxes.
Yes, you will get a 1098-T from each school you attended. It will show the tuition you paid to each school. They are not consolidated because each school produces its own 1098T for its students. Similarly, if you had worked for more than one company during the year, each company would send you a W2 showing your earnings and withholdings related to that company only.
You should get two 1098Ts, one from each institution, but not for the loans you have taken out. Rather, the 1098T will detail tuition and fees paid to each institution (even if they were paid using loan proceeds).
The 1098 T is for tuition, not interest on loans and yes, you possibly will receive two
fast cash iowa
John Newmerzhycky was traveling down Interstate 80 in Iowa with his pal Bart Davis when an Iowa State Trooper pulled them over. Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero asked Newmerzhycky, “Were you obeying all the traffic laws, were you doing the speed limit?” He replied, “I had the cruise control set. I wasn't doing anything wrong.” He was pulled over anyway. The entire stop was recorded on the trooper’s dash cam video.
The officer could be heard saying, “If y'all step out here, I’ll write you a warning real quick and get you out of here.” The officer seemed friendly enough, and gave Newmerzhycky a written warning for failing to signal when changing lanes. Newmerzhycky thought he would be on his way, but just as he was heading back in his vehicle the officer can be heard asking, “Can I search your car?” “I don't see any reason to, no,”
Newmerzhycky replied. The officer then asked, “Can I run a K-9 through the car?” Newmerzhycky answered, “I'd prefer to be on my way. Do I have a right to say no?” “You do,” the officer responded. Newmerzhycky was detained anyway because the officer said he appeared nervous. After the incident, Guerrero asked Newmerzhycky, “Did you feel intimidated?”
“Yes, I didn't feel it was any of his business what we had in this car. I didn't do anything wrong,” he replied. A drug sniffing dog was brought in and supposedly signaled an alert for drugs. No drugs were found, however, $100,000 in bills wrapped in plastic, were located in the trunk. Why all those wads of cash? Turns out, Newmerzhycky’s pal Bart Davis is a professional gambler. He explained they were on their way to a casino in in Las Vegas to play poker.
“Yes, I didn't feel it was any of his business what we had in this car. I didn't do anything wrong,” he replied. A drug sniffing dog was brought in and supposedly signaled an alert for drugs. No drugs were found, however, $100,000 in bills wrapped in plastic, were located in the trunk. Why all those wads of cash? Turns out, Newmerzhycky’s pal Bart Davis is a professional gambler. He explained they were on their way to a casino in in Las Vegas to play poker.
In the dash cam video, the officer told the guys, “Here's the deal, we haven't found anything illegal, so you guys are not arrested.” Good news, right? Not so fast! The troopers confiscated all the money because they claimed it was connected to illegal activity. Bart Davis told Guerrero, “They robbed us. Highway robbery is what happened to us.” What happened to the poker players was not unique.
They technically can, but it's not like it goes straight into their pockets. If I were a cop I don't think I would bother unless they're holding onto $5000+.
Nonsense. They would never know how much cash you have, unless you were arrested.
From the news reports just surviving the encounter is a bonus.
Not true, you have to have been found with drugs on you or in your car Now before you post more crap on here, learn the law
Actually they can't, you just got jacked.
fast cash of iowa
In the state of Iowa servers are paid $4.35 / hour. plus tips. Servers rely on 99% of their tips to make money. So do you think it should be mandatory to use gratuity on all checks? We aren't guaranteed to get paid. And if we get stiffed we have to pay tip out, out of our own pockets, losing money instead of gaining. So should gratuity be mandatory or should people be required to work for service industry in order to graduate high school?
I think that for large parties, mandatory gratuity is fine. Some people are simply unreasonable, I know, I've served a woman who complained to the manager because I set her food out for other people to "breathe on" while she had stepped away a moment, simply by setting it into her place. Here? I made 2.13/hour, you think you got it rough? HAH! I would have killed for 4.35, because the people here are just cheap. I know it wasn't my attitude, I was pleasant, and fast. However, as I said, some people are unreasonable. Some people want you out every five minutes to check on their table, some just want to be left the hell alone, some want regular refills, some want their glasses untouched, because they might change their mind on what they want to drink halfway through the meal...yes, that last one actually happens. To be frank, I think that servers should be paid the same way the cooks, hosts/esses, and so on are. Minimum wage. Let the price of the food differentiate. That way tipping is purely optional, since some people don't believe in tipping unless a server goes "above and beyond, giving a BJ while using her eight arms to get everything." Pardon my crassness. But yes, servers should be paid minimum wage, that way gratuity isn't required, and customers can't dangle it over the server's head as if a couple dollars for their two hour meal is going to cover all the extras they expected you to do. Hmm, I'm extra bitter tonight. Nice. As for the stiffing, yeah. If you get a walk out, you end up having to pay for it. Additionally, those mandatory tips? They may have some money taken out of them to pay the expense charge that the credit card companies make the business pay to use a credit card. So, you get cheated that way, too. It's completely illegal, but they still do it. I'd rather be tipped in cash, however, because at least then I know I'm getting the cash I deserve....even if there are people who stiff, don't believe in tipping, and...yeah, servers need to be paid minimum wage, that way tipping really is incentive for a good job, a perk in addition to the paycheck. Who knows! Might lead to less bitter servers. Because I can think of NO other job where you have to kiss that much rear end in one day, bending backwards, fulfilling whims, dealing with the anger from the customers, AND the cooks, then possibly a bitchy hostess on top of it (been one of those, too). You NEED incentive with some of those people not to react. Edit: After reading through Waiter Rant a bit, I came to an amusing conclusion. Due to the lousy pay by the restaurant, I have figured out that servers are not paid by the restaurant to be nice...they're paid by the restaurant to take your order and bring your food and drinks. Essentially, they're a contracted gopher. They're paid by the be nice. I'll quote another server: "I have worked in many jobs and professions over the years ( I am currently a physiotherapist) and in no other job have I experienced the breathtaking rudeness and meanness that I have as a waitress. In essence, the restaurant customer is in charge of your paycheck, and they know this, and hold it over your head, making you jump through ever higher hoops for the implied promise of 15%. Customers who don’t believe in tipping take advantage of this. They know that waiters are anticipating a tip, and they knowingly enjoy all the benefits of “above and beyond” service that a waiter does to ensure said tip. If you don’t tip, then why don’t you say so upfront? Because you want the “extras” but you don’t want to pay for them. Customers complain that they shouldn’t have to tip us for “doing our jobs”. You’re not! The ( paltry) paycheck is for doing our jobs. Our job is to show up, stock and clean, and take orders and bring you what you ordered. That’s it. The tip is for not just being polite, but reading the tone of your table and acting accordingly. The tip is for being “fun” and joking around, or being discreet and giving you space and privacy. The tip is for anticipating that you want another drink/more bread/extra napkins/more butter before you know you want it yourself. The tip is for rushing out your children’s meal before yours and cleaning up their mess and bringing them crayons and joking around with them so they won’t be fussy and you can enjoy your meal. The tip is for making you look good in front of your date, making a fuss of your mother on Mother’s Day, giving directions, suggesting bars/or shows you might like to see, singing Happy Birthday, replacing a meal, or drink, or glass of wine that you “just didn’t really like” without a fuss….and the list goes on. Because tipping is so ingrained in the culture of eating at restaurants by not tipping you are essentially breaking a contract. It is understood that good service is rewarded with a tip. By accepting said good service, and not leaving a tip you are breaking an unwritten rule."
You're not guaranteed to get paid, but you could also make a substantially larger sum per hour than others working at minimum wage. It's part of the gamble of working as a server. Just provide the absolute best service you can and you'll be rewarded. If it's a slow day, chalk it up to not having to work too much. If you hate the wage, go into retail, instead. I do not believe it should be mandatory to include a gratuity to all checks. It takes away the incentive for the server to do their best to do their job; ie serve; providing mandatory gratuity simply encourages the owner to increase their wage to the minimum wage and not accept tips. You never lose money. When was the last time you had to pay for someone's meal? You simply get stiffed out of the bonus of a tip. Let's not confuse the two. To answer your original question, they are completely incohesive. Graduating high school has absolutely nothing to do with working as a server or gaining mandatory gratuity. I know you're probably personally miffed about your job, but honestly, you elected to accept the job and it affects you personally. Sit on the other end of the table again to answer your question.
Ha.... in most of the US you get $2.13 an hour as a tipped employee. And how are you paying out of your own pocket for tip out.... are you making that little? Try going to England or something and see how horrible service is. There is no incentive to give good service or try harder to make more money. Yes there are those who have no clue how to tip and won't even if you totally kick butt. But on the flip side if you are really good at serving in the end you can make a ton and most of it will not be taxable. It is cash so know one knows how how much you made. Every place is different of course but when I was doing it I would make $300 on a good night. But sure there were crappy $100 nights. I learned real quick that those who did not make money were those who had the I'll probably get a crappy tip so whatever attitude. It is all in how you play the game. Though for large parties there so has to be a gratuity built in.
No, it should not be mandatory and I'll say why. What about the people who do an absolutely horrible job? If tips were a mandatory thing then they would be rewarded for that horrible job. I've been a waitress and a line cook. I've seen waitresses drop cigarette ashes in the plates(and told them and the management what I thought of it) and treat customers like crap but still expect a big tip for standing there. Some places make everyone lump their tips and then everyone gets a share including the dishwashers and table cleaners. Is that fair? Yes, it is unfair to get stiffed, but it's unfair to ask me to leave a tip as pay to someone who is a crappy server. Why should I give a tip to someone who wants to stand and talk while my food is stone cold in the window and I have to end up going and asking the manager if I can get a new plate or at least have it heated up since it's been 45 minutes since I saw it go up? That happened last Tuesday. I would suggest you find a job where the pay is better and/or the tips are handled in a better way. There are a lot of great restaurents to work at. I also don't think people should be required to work in food service. A lot of them are not suited for it, would hate it and why make the customers suffer for those who should have other jobs.
A "mandatory gratuity" is not a tip it is a bill. I generally tip 20% or more. I have been at restaurants that have mandatory 10-15% tips for large groups. I always ask the waitress/management if they want to bill me the set amount or trust that I will appropriately reward good service. I have never had the policy reversed so I "tip" the exact amount they charge. The policy saves me money and I assume everyone is happy. If you want a maximum tip: 1) greet me quickly and be friendly 2) know the specials 3) know the cooking practices - fried, low-sugar, salt-free etc 4) keep my drink filled 5) check back at least twice beyond filling the drinks 6) ask about dessert 7) have the bill available immediately 8) check back again after leaving bill - thank me for coming there I used to travel for work and ate 3 meals a day out. I have left 50% tips at times. I gave one wonderful waitress $20 for a cup of coffee on one evening. Long story, but I will remember her professionalism always.
How about just getting paid a decent salary for the type of work you do and the law of supply and demand, and not having any tips? We don't seem to need an "incentive" program for any other type of worker, why the food server? The other way to go would be a commission on the amount of food you sold and served? Of course, in either of the above, the costs would be added into the price on the menu, so the customer would still be paying. And the really BIG bonus would be for the American taxpayer, because servers would actually have to pay taxes on the money they receive, not having it figured on a phony 9% as it is now.
That's a sticky situation to be in. Here are some objective thoughts/questions/opinions/concerns on the situation: 1. If the woman were to take the position, would she be physically safe in the country? 2. Who would her clients be, men from that country or foreigners outside of the country or ex-pacts. 3. Where is the corporate headquarters? If US based or European based, sending a women could be great PR for your business (selfish but true). 4. Would it be possible to send a man as an assistant with the women? The woman for the brains, the man for the face (know what I mean). 5. Go on-line and find an ex-pact web site in that country and get their opinion. Very easy to do, they have chat rooms. They will be able to give you a more realistic answer to your question. GOOD LUCK!!!
That is bogus. paying a sharwe of a tip you do get is one thing but having to sub the others when you got crappy customers soundslike it has to be illegal but making tips mandatory is just a licence for every server to be as bad as the worst ones. it takes away all motivation to work harder. sorry but if you want to make some real money the lesson here is to find better work for yourself or at least a better class of restaurant where the food is better and the customers are richer.
cash loans in iowa
In the state of iowa what age do you have to be to have a car in your name. i am going to a dealership soon and am going to buy a car on cash. so i asked my parents if i could have the car in my name. they said you have to be 18. so i was wondering since i am not going to have a loan on the car can a kid at the age of 17 have the car in there name?
iowa money
I can't tell from your question whether you want to know how the state raises money or how individuals in Iowa earn money. If it's the former, most of the state revenue comes from a variety of taxes (such as income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on corporations, gasoline, cigarettes, gambling, etc) and from fees charged by the state. If your question is the latter, most individuals in Iowa work for someone else - either for a private or a public employer. The rest of the working population own & operate their own businesses and work for themselves.
Lets reword the question so you may understand it better. "What is the main method your state (Iowa) uses to generate the revenue it needs to pay it's bills." States do not make money. They have to obtain it from some other source. Only nations print money which is why all 50 states have the same currency. Common methods of generating revenue for states are taxation, fees, lotteries, transfer payments from the Federal government and possibly donations. Which is the most common in Iowa?
I do not know, but it seems that many places with apparently little industry do quite well out of tourism. Worth checking out ? An example in England ( I am English so no no offence meant to other Brits ) would be Stratford on Avon .
Abortions are not free. however, you could get one at lower cost if you go to planned parenthood. they will charge on a sliding scale if you cannot afford the procedure. good luck with your choice and don't let the lifers upset you. they like to think they have the right to tell others what they can and cannot do.
I don't like you
iowa loans
I am a representative of CollegeInvest and am happy to explain our relationship with Iowa Student Loan Servicing Corp. Iowa Student Loan Servicing Corp is CollegeInvest's loan servicing partner for federal student loan consolidations. CollegeInvest is a not-for-profit division of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. As such, our only goal is to help students get an education beyond high school. We provide expert information, simple planning tools, scholarships, savings plans, and low-cost student and parent loans to take your education dollars as far as they can go.
iowa money
Every presidential campaign starts with the Iowa Caucus. So every presidential candidate of either party promises huge amounts of money to corn farmers to buy off the Iowa vote. No one in congress is willing to cut off the feeding tube because they might want to run for president themselves some day. Why should Iowa have so much power to dictate the actions of the federal government? Wouldn't it be more fair if the position in the primary dates rotated to give every state a chance to be first? Or perhaps have all of the primaries on the same day?
I like the rotating primaries idea. The way it works now, many states never get a chance to contribute to the debate in any meaningful way because the candidates are all but signed, sealed and delivered by the time some states have their primary. It should rotate on a totally random methodology.
I do no longer think of so. I hate corn ethanol. I even have stated a 10 to 12 % help in my (suggestions-blowing) mileage on account that they began including that crap to the gasoline. So gee, they amplify the provision, yet I ought to burn greater of it to get the comparable result--how is that "environmental?" And the fee of foodstuff is going during the roof by way of fact there's a shortage of feed for the chickens and livestock. i think of caucus states must be final in line....surprisingly while they have not got any controls on who's allowed to caucus. all of us understand finished properly that Iowa became a cheater's paradise--and it became a finished humorous tale, too. in line with possibility it quite is time for national primaries--that would placed everybody's knickers in a knot. a minimum of, we ought to do away with SUPERDELEGATES interior the Democratic party....all of those self-significant jerks did no longer signify me, and that i resent their going against the will of the persons in my state. till the DNC fixes that device, they don't seem to be getting yet another cent from me, nor a minute of my volunteer time. Howard Dean can kiss my aaaaahsss, frankly.
It is not Iowa that is causing that friend it Al Gore the chicken little of the modern day.
Sheep do stampede after the first one takes off.
Democrats would find some other fraud to make Al Gore rich.
The squeaking wheel get the grease.
All on the same day would be better.
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No. But since you said out in Iowa, I'm just guessing you don't live there. The laws apply to your state of residence, not the loan state of origin. I am surprised they wouldn't accept half payment. If there is a default and they seek a future judgment, there is a statute of limitations on how old a debt can be to be collect. By accepting any partial payment, it extends the date to when a payment was made. If you haven't made payment say in 3 years and pay anything, or even if the debt is beyond limitations, any payment refreshes the loan. But no. Once you are late, miss a payment, violate the agreement in anyway, they can demand payment in full (plus any interest or penalty)and refuse anything less. Although most will get whatever they can. If it is collateralize, like a car loan, house mortgage. They can foreclose, or repossess. Then sell it at action. If they do not get whatever amount you owe (they rarely do). They will sue for the balance plus whatever it costs to take back the collateral.
The only thing that pays off your loan is payments. If you are asking if you attempt to make half a payment, and the bank refuses it, then shouldn't you be given credit for trying to pay, then the answer is no. Loans just don't work that way.
If there were such a law, don't you think that everyone would attempt to pay half of their payment? If you agreed to a payment schedule, then you are legally obligated to pay according to that contract.
There is nothing that says anyone "has" to accept less than you owe them, unless you successfully file bankruptcy.
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I live in iowa too! Lol but idk u should check with the loan agencies!
Unless FHA has singled out Iowa for special restrictions, you should be able to get a home loan for a home with a swimming pool. All the other states in the U.S. can.
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On secured loans, car, houses, etc, once they repossess, they will sell at auction. They will then sue you for the difference between the balance of the loan, and what they got at auction. Bankruptcy would be the only protection if they get a judgment.
According to the weblink at, Iowa requires a judicial foreclosure. It takes about 6 months. If you owe money after the foreclosure and the redemption period, then the bank can obtain a deficiency judgment. Consequently, you will continue to owe them a lot of money. Have a nice day.
The bank may look into your assets to see if they can recover the loss from other financial holdings you may have. You may want to put assets in a trust. This will allow you to take assets from being recorded in your name to them being recorded as a trust number.
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Http:// MOINES, Iowa - A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the state of Iowa cannot fund an evangelical Christian prison ministry program because doing so advances or endorses religion, violating the Constitutional separation of church and state. Prison Fellowship Ministries, which contracts with InnerChange Freedom Initiatives Inc. and other organizations to conduct faith-based programs, must repay about $160,000 to the state for money received between June 2006 and June 2007, said Mark Early, the group's president. He said the ruling would clarify how faith-based programs could work with government agencies. "We're pleased because in this opinion there are some clarifying guidelines to help us and other faith-based organizations working in government settings, such as prisons, to be able to fashion a program and make sure they do comply with current understanding of constitutional law in this area."
That's absolutely NOT persecution. No government monies should be spent funding any religious program. If _____ group wants to come in on their own dollar and preach and counsel people, by all means please do so. But not with government cash.
Nope! Not persecution! If we want the prisoners to have books, pamphlets or (approved) religious items we have to supply them at our own expense because California won't fund any religion. If you want your state to pay for prison outreach ministries - how much money should go to which religion? If they favor one over the other, wouldn't that state be advocating one religion over the other? Separation of Church and State
Good grief no. NO religion/faith based groups should get money from the gov't. Not Islam, not Christian, not pagan. If Islam is spreading in the prisons because the GOVT is paying (which I REALLY doubt) THEN it's persecution. But they aren't so no it's not the same thing by far.
I don't think they're persecuting anyone, but simply misusing public funds. I'm not all that sure that they understand what's objectionable about that, though, and I'll bet that at least some of the Christians believe that _they_ are the ones being persecuting when the separation of church and state is enforced. We certainly see enough complaining about that. It shows mainly that we need MUCH better civics education.
Any person asking for money from the government for the spreading of Christianity is too stupid to be a pastor. And I mean that no matter how many are offended.
Turn that question around and ask how you'd feel if a Wiccan ministry program was using government money to advance their religious agenda. No religion should be favored over any other.
Just another example of how a minority of extremist push their separation of church and state on the majority...the ministry helps many people but because some intolerant person hates religion they want that program to much for helping prisoners...its all about who point of view should the mass follow...
They shouldn't have received any government money at all. I don't object to missionary work in prisons, but they should pay for it themselves. I also think it's wrong that in this case, the inmates who participated in the religious activities got privileges that the others didn't.
No, this is the governmnt keeping their nose clean. If you want religion, fine, just don't let the taxpayers fund it. Find it yourself. Faith is free and so is the library.
If the state gave them the money...then it should not ask for it sounds like the state does not know what it is doing.
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I agree with the previous answer you received. After looking at the information on the Univ. of Iowa financial aid web pages, get on the telephone and talk to a real person in the univ. financial aid office regarding financial aid options for you and what you need to do to be considered for Univ. of Iowa financial aid. Best wishes
I would look on the schools scholarship website and see if there are any listed. It is doubtful it is an "automatic" thing, you would have to apply for it. No schools (in this economy) just give money out to folks who don't apply. lol
Unless that's a new thing they're doing, that is not true.
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Yes, anything over $417,000.00 will be a jumbo loan in Clive, Iowa
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Les s. brings up some valid points (and plays some tiresomely familiar trump cards as well) regarding the differences in the two situations. your questions have a way of making people attempt to get into the heads of the other answerers... why is that? having spent much of my life in the upper midwest, i can attest that many (not all) iowans and minnesotans have a respect for society, a resiliency ('sisu') and a lack of individual showmanship that isn't always found in all parts of america... might be the predominantly scandinavian upbringing. these traits can manifest themselves in different ways, but it seems logical that those who historically respect authority and put the good of the society over that of the individual (a scandinavian tenet for many, but again not all) will not take advantage of an opportunity to steal from their fellow man. the timing and pace of the disasters differ as well; the new orleans flood came on almost instantaneously, giving its citizens little time to formulate plans and think things through. even the criminal minds acted in the spur of the moment (they often do)... what is the sense of stealing big screen tvs while there won't be any power to use them for the forseeable future? the iowa floods were predicted, orderly by comparison (with the exception of the levee break in des moines) and planned evacuations were largely successful, along with the orchestrated presence of law enforcement and media. this negated much of the opportunity for chaos. town psyches: the community that bases much of its culture around a party that never ends (the music! the food!) might have a harder time grappling with the disaster that DOES end the party, its citizens less able to cope because of poverty, politics, and geography, than does a community with a stoic mindset, intact info infrastructure, and working class roots. too, the percentage of gun owners is higher in the south than in the midwest, leading to increased opportunity (weapons easily at hand) for looting and crime. even if the reasons aren't known why iowans seem to be responding as well as can be expected to these disasters, we can all be pleased that they are, and eager to lend a hand in any way possible. perhaps a lesson was learned from watching the coverage from katrina and rita, and people as well as government can better cope... one can only hope it's not put to the test again so soon.
For joe forget that people in new orleans didnt take the warnings seriously and thought they could just ride it out. There were far too many cars underwater to say they didnt have a way out and also the stupid mayor could have used the buses that ended up getting ruined, had a whole fleet of them under water and then they go and reelect him again after his complete incompetence. Also in the days after people were dying from lack of water and the idiot could have used the food on the grocery store shelves but instead he sent his people to get copy paper and things like that NOT WATER, and don't forget how half the sorry a#$ police force abandoned their jobs. It's pathetic and the people there should take a hard look at THEMSELVES before blaming anyone else. Makes me wonder why we are wasting time rebuilding it, it is just going to happen again new orleans has been sinking for 200 years and it's only gonna get worse. The city should have been relocated............What she is trying to say is quit waiting for the gov. to do everything for you, the truth hurts also!
People in Iowa have learned to take what the government says with the smallest grain of salt possible to avoid getting too much into the wound, We have always been and will be self reliant state with great wisdom and interlocking peace. you cannot tread on this state. Department of Homeland just shows up to look good and apply for photo ops, but as for survival that is all basic instinct for the people suffering in Cedar Rapids.
The flood in Iowa, despite it being bad, is in no way comparable to the devastation caused by Katrina. The Iowa flood is comparable to other floods while Katrina is comparable to nothing in the history of the United States. Now, if you want to talk about the people, then you have to realize that the community hit in Iowa is small and middle class. The community hit in New Orleans is probably 100 times larger, which means that there is a higher chance of crime. Furthermore, the New Orleans residents were in poverty, which means that they were going to get whatever they could. The people in Iowa were probably better off. Additionally, The people in New Orleans had no way of getting any resources. No food or clean water. People in Iowa have plenty of ways to get to other places and high ground. They have the ability to ship supplies in by ground, making it easier to get aid. If you were in New Orleans, I am sure you would have broken into a 7-eleven to get clean water too. Even more, After Katrina, FEMA revamped its emergency response teams to better respond to natural disasters. The progress in Iowa is due to the improvements made after Katrina Look, I believe this question stems from some sort of desire to paint black people as crime ridden filth. It sounds like this question is designed to try and convince people that black people are inferior. It is racist and wrong. How are you promoting unity and brotherhood by pointing fingers at these two catastrophes and comparing them to one another? These two events are like apples and potatoes, not even close to being similar. EDIT: Smelly, You can mask the question in "self reliance" all you want, but listen to your answers. You have people in here suggesting that Black people are lazy and criminals, and that looting and crime aren't occurring in Iowa because white people are "self reliant and good". Ask yourself, honestly, do you think there was crime in New Orleans because they were black people there? Do you like or trust people of color? Would you become best friends with a colored person? Would you date one? Do you see color when you look at people? Why compare these two disasters? It serves no purpose.
1. They aren't as overly stricken with extreme poverty, as the people the government abandoned in New Orleans were/are. 2. You want to say because in Iowa they are mainly white, in New Orleans they are mainly black, so I'll say it for you. 3. The people in Iowa have vehicles and have left. Nobody left to loot. The people of New Orleans didn't have vehicles. They were largely abandoned by an uncaring government at local, state and federal levels. In their desperation, lawlessness abounds. My family had work in South VietNam. As a child I was there in from June 1973 to December 1974. Siagon fell to the communists in April 1975. December was the beginning of the major communist offensive. At first the government held up against them. Within a month, chaos and panic were spreading all over the country. While in no imminent danger, my father sent my mother, my sister and I out of the country in December 1974. He left in February 1975, two months before the end. Things were pretty much out of control by then.
Because Iowans are generally decent, self-reliant people who have respect for the law and for other people.
The quality of the people is MUCH higher in Iowa!
People in Iowa are too low key self reliant to do anything of the sort...... I doubt the government can take any credit for that.
Because the flooding was widespread over the state, not confined to one city where the people who came to help were not allowed in the city. Meanwhile, the people who were trapped were dying of dehydration and lack of medication. Some people did not get help for a week because the FEMA idiot was confused about whether it was a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. He used the wrong procedures.
Definatey the quality of people self reliant starts to cover it I hate that that sounds bad but so I believe
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Pop tabs are aluminium. You can get money for them at a recycling center, but you'd need a whole bunch of them to make even $1. For instance it takes about 12 pop cans to make a pound the last time I weighed them to get money at a recycling center here in Illinois. Recycling Centers pay by the pound.. Since a pop tab is much smaller than a pop can, its gonna take a bunch to get any amount of money from them.
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I need somebody i have coconuts, peaches, pears, cherries and will be getting even more fruit soon and my info is name:kali town:CoolTown code:4597 2982 5060 i will bring fruit to your town in i could please go there and you can come to my town after! thanks! o i live in IOWA so that is my time... if you could please tell me the time you will be on that would be very helpful!!!!! i should be on prettymuch all tonight and tomorrow for a long time!
I live in Iowa too, but I lent my game to a friend... When I get it back I'll add you. I have cherries though.

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