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bad credit loans idaho
I agree with Judy with the exception of purchasing a home in your name. You can purchase a home alone when you are married the catch is if you live in a community property state the spouse may not be on the loan but will go on the deed. My husband and I purchased our first home without me being on the loan but I am on the deed to the property.
It will not affect your personal credit, but all shared debts will be affected. So, you ever want to buy a house together, or get another car together - the issuing loan bank will run both credit reports and average the score to determine your eligibility. Don't let him do it unless you plan on putting EVERYTHING in your name for the next 7-9 years.
Letting the car be repossessed is a bad idea all around. There will be a big hit on his credit report. If it is repossessed, it will be sold at auction for pennies on the dollar. Your husband will then be sued for the difference between what he owed and what the car brought at auction. I have seen $20K cars sold for a few hundred dollars. It is far better for you to sell the car yourselves for as much as you can get and then pay the difference between what you sell it for and what your husband owes on it. He will have to either pay the difference or get a personal loan for that amount. For example: Husband owes $10,000 At auction the car brings $1,000. Your husband still owes $9,000 Husband owes $10,000 You sell the car for $7,000 Your husband still owes $3,000 It is better to owe $3,000 than $9,000 and there is no hit on his credit report.
It will not affect your score in any way. BUT - if you ever want to buy anything together like a house, both your reports will be pulled up your interest rate on your future home will be higher or you may not qualify. Unfortunately, if you are married, you can not have a home in your name only. The bank will want to see both husbands and wife's reports. This will last on his report for 7.5 years. /
As long as your name is not on the card loan your credit should be fine.
fast cash idaho
Well i worked there when i was 16 and all they really have you do is run the cash register, take orders, prepare the sandwiches or prepare french fries because if you are under 18 you are not allowed to cook, or do anything that could basically get you hurt but if you are over 18 then you would be cooking, cleaning the fryers which is really gross or cleaning the grill etc.... but for the most part its pretty easy work but if business is slow then you may get bored or they will have you wipe down and clean things like the counter or drive-thru area get ice etc... best time is lunch time you stay busy and less cleaning for you and sometimes if its really hot outside its twice as hot inside because your around all that cooking and you may smell like food at the end of the day.
Does McDonald make you pull potatoes too since the restaurant is in Idaho? haha.
Fast food restaurant are alike, I have friend and know people in the past that worked at fast food, and it very a face pace environment when it's busy. You have to deal with heat, pressure, and time managing. For starter job as your age, I think it's OK. However you could work at retails as cashier or customer services and advance yourself up.
Theres nothing wrong with working at mcdonalds. dont let these people tell you there is. my friend worked there for a year and became a manager all while goin to school. good luck at your new job!
I have a problem with McDonald's ethical and moral practices so I wouldn't suggest them. I worked at Arby's and it wasn't bad...that was 18 years ago but it wasn't bad. As a matter of fact that's how I got into management.
Just do your best and dont goof around. Mky D's is a great place to start. Learn, move up if you want and then you have experience to move to something else. Good luck!
You'll get chubby, smell of chips and grease everyday and you got to work really fast. Don't sweat on the food though.
Please don't do the 5 second rule!
Idk about idaho but here is like nooooooooooo you should not work here
Don't do it!!!!
cash loan idaho
I live in idaho. and with 4K you can get a decent ford focus or maybe even a ford ranger if you have cash. at used car dealerships be leary that they usually dont offer a warranty after it leaves the lot. you may want to look in to using the 4K as a down payment to buy yourself small monthly payments and a lower rate on a car. say you wanted to buy a pickup truck that is 10K (you can get a decent vehicle for 10K!) you put your 4gs down, mo/ pmt on a 6k loan couldnt be more than around 150-200 a month! but if you just wanna buy straight across, look for a honda or a ford. civics and accords are very easy to fix and last FOREVER.
The first concern you should have when purchasing a vehicle is the milage. Most people today will trade or sell thier vehicles before or right after it hits the 60,000 mile mark because they do not want to pay as much as $3,000.00 to get the service done which includes replacing the timing belt. Check and make sure that the timing belt has been replaced and replaced by a professional or you may be buying a pile of junk. A timing belt goes and you may need to replace the entire engine and if not your valves and rods if not more. Timing Belt would be my first concern. Than I'd find out how much it will cost to have it replaced by a professional before I would even consider buying a car...
First 4000 is nice but i bought a 900 dollars car and it work like new and i case you are wondering its a 1986 honda civic it only has a 4 cylinder but i can do 160 km\h in it and the nice part is i could put so much into it i could beat a sports car and thats the nice part about a 4 cylinder so thats the way id go like a 1000 dollar car and put porformance parts in it and the km thing mine only had like 200,000 kms on it p.s i have had to replace a few engine parts but it is 23 years old
Well in my world a 83 to 87 BMW you can't go wrong.
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