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bad credit loan hawaii
If his school in Hawaii says that he's eligible for a Federal Student Loan (but not $80K), all of the debt and bad credit doesn't matter. Federal Student Loans aren't based on credit history or ability to repay. Any private education loan that is on his award letter will be severely impacted by his debt and bad credit (read: he probably won't qualify). Good Luck!
Hello Everybody, I am Paul Smith, a Reputable, Legitimate & an accredited money Lender. I loan money out to individuals in need of financial assistance. Do you have a bad credit or are you in need of money to pay bills? i want to use this medium to inform you that i render reliable beneficiary assistance as I'll be glad to offer you a loan at 3% interest rate to reliable individuals. Services Rendered include: *Refinance *Home Improvement *Inventor Loans *Auto Loans *Debt Consolidation *Horse Loans *Line of Credit *Second Mortgage *Business Loans *Personal Loans *International Loans Please write back if interested. Upon Response, you'll be mailed a Loan application form to fill. (No social security and no credit check, 100% Guaranteed!) I Look forward permitting me to be of service to you. You can contact me via e-mail: paul.lenders@yahoo.com Sincerely, Mr,Paul Smith.(C.E.O).
There are two sources for student loans -- the federal government and private lenders. In order to obtain most federal student loans, you will first need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In most<!--instances the FAFSA is required for all federal financial aid including federal student loans. Deferment options are available while you are still attending school at least half-time. There are four main federal loan programs. http://best-loans.awardspace.com/student-loans.htm Federal loan consolidation is for students who are in repayment status or parents who wish to extend the repayment period on their current PLUS and obtain a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan-->you can combine all of your eligible federal student loans into one loan with a Federal Consolidation Loan. Consolidating also locks the interest rate you pay on your loan.
I would think impossible unless it is a federal student loan.
Sure it's and if you have not already recognize, the diversities among scholar mortgage and scholar support is that scholar mortgage YOU MUST PAY BACK!, in the event you cannot the overdue charges will rises so becareful with how much cash you going to borrow.
Um, im surprised hes not in jail. there is no way he can get a loan.
If he has gone bankrupt then it would be 99.9% unlikely
bad credit loan hawaii
The amount of money you would have to pay and the damage to your credit would probably be worse than the shipping charges. Regardless whether it's voluntary or forced repossession, it's a repossession and you will owe the difference between what you owe on the car and what they can get for it at auction (plus any admin fees and the cost to have the car repossessed). Until you pay off this deficit, you will have a non-payment of debt on your credit, which will not come off until 7 years after you pay off the debt. Besides, you will need a car when you're in Hawaii. And, to buy one there is more expensive than the mainland, because of the cost someone else had to pay to get it over there. And, with that hit on your credit, you wouldn't be able to buy another one on credit, anyway.
There is not any distinction in any respect. One has you voluntarily "surrendering" the vehicle, the different has the lender coming and picking the vehicle up. the two way the tip consequences are same. A Repo is a Repo regardless of how the vehicle gets back to the lender and sure it is going to likely be stated to the credit Bureau and you will nevertheless be in charge for paying off the very own loan. A repossession does no longer relieve you of the legal accountability to pay back the money you borrowed. It only relieves you of your potential to savor the vehicle you at the instant are not paying for.
Auto finance is what I do for a living and let me explain what will happen. There is no difference a repo is a repo is a repo. First your lender will sell the vehicle at auction for far less then it's worth and then come after you for the difference plus all fees for towing, storage, reconditioning, interest, lawyers, auction and anything else they can think of. This will amount to several thousand dollars and if you don't pay they will take you to court and get a judgment, at this point they can attach bank accounts, garnish wages (if your State allows it) and file liens on any other property you may own like cars, boats, land and homes. All of this will show on your credit for the next 7-years making it very hard to get any other type of loan without making massive down payments, paying huge fees and State maximum interest rates. And as far as your credit goes you can look for a lose of between 100-150 points as soon as the repossession hits. You would be much better off to sell the vehicle and take out a loan for the difference your payments would go down and you would save your credit.
Pretty much the same bad effect on credit. They will sell the car at auction and then hold you responsible for the rest. I guarantee "the rest" is going to be more than the shipping cost, not to mention the bad credit that will end up killing you on future loans. Better off sucking it up and shipping it. You'll need a car there anyway as the transportation system sucks there. Used cars there are rusted junk, too. Get lots of quotes on shipping. There are sites you can put in the job for bids as well as contacting directly. My last shipped from HI to GA was $900.
The bank will want to call it a "voluntary reposession" but the credit bureaus will show it as just a reposession. My husband did this with a car loan nearly 10 years ago. It took me 5 years after I found out about it (he did it before we met) to help him rebuild his credit. Ironic part is, now his credit score is higher than mine!
Yes it is. the only difference is that it's a voluntary repo vs. a forced repo. in the eyes of the bank and your credit, there is no difference. your credit would take a significant hit if you did this. you could also be held accountable for the shortage when the car is sold. they could take you to court for that and obtain a deficiency judgement. better think twice before you go forward with this plan...because it won't be the "no consequence" plan that you think that it might be.
It's best to get the right procedure from your bank before doing anything yet, find out which is the best opportunity. They will have some options that you can use.
bad credit loan hawaii
I just got a job offer to work at a hospital in Hawaii. To me it seems like a sweet deal, but I have heard horror stories about people moving there and not being able to live like they are use to in the mainland. Is the cost of living there very high? How are people surviving with such high expenses? I have 5 years of clinical experience as an ER nurse. Does this seem like a good pay in hawaii for a person with my experience? I am currently making $28 an hour here in South Dakota. Also I have a lot of student loans and credit cards bills I need factor in. Thank you.
Hey, welcome to Hawaii, ok? You know, hospital try to hire you little bit cheap, ok? Not uncommon to see that hea, cause payment from medical insurance so bad hea, ok? My suggest, ask for at least 42.50, give you little cushion, and you worth difference, ok? So, hospital go to cheaper areas of country, try to hire nurses with sperience for less money than they pay local nurse, ok? Now, nothing wrong with that, and Hawaii really great place to live and work, but also very spensive too, ok? Now, most nurse hea work 12 hour shift, which mean you gonna work close to 13 hours before you finish shift, not that ok, cause most place do that, yeah? So, let say you get 7 day work in 2 week period, which gonna include least one weekend, yeah? So figure average of 12.5 hours a day, give you bout 87 hours, gross pay gonna be bout 3K eva 2 weeks, ok? Now, you know you own payments you gotta make, but 6K a month lotta bucks gross, but State Hawaii take bout 10%, and Feds do nother 15%, so leave you with bout 2K every 2 weeks, ok? Now can get pretty good apartment for 1500 month, getta room mate, cut down cost, yeah? So, can you live on that? Sure, but can you live hea? Cause live onna island very different from live onna mainland, not inna hospital, they work bout the same, but if you not a beach person, and can go to beach on most every day off you have, or not like ocean, then maybe not great place for you, ok? But for sure, job gonna make it easier for you to live hea, ok? Peace and aloha to you!
As a single person, you should live comfortably on $35 an hour. As most nurses work more than 40 hours a week you'll probably be making around $90K a year (median household income in Hawai'i is $68K). However, with those loans and credit card bills, (and presumably no $100K+ in the bank for a down payment on a house) you will have to be a renter until you pay them off. Although gas, food, and utilities are much higher than South Dakota, there are no heating bills and no snow to shovel off your driveway! And, distances are so much shorter here ... people think of a 25 mile trip to the north shore as quite a distance. Most folks only put a couple 1000 miles on their car a year and many just use the awesome public bus system instead. Car insurance rates in Hawai'i are cheaper than the mainland too.
You can use a cost of living calculator to compare what you're used to to Hawaii. On a practical real-world level, $35 / hour in Hawaii is going to got a LOT less far than $28 / hour in South Dakota. You would indeed likely need to anticipate a drop in your standard of living -- smaller living arrangements, perhaps lower quality, perhaps needing to use more public transport, dealing with a smaller TV (or none), and so on. And if you need to travel back and forth to the mainland for friends and family, that chews up a lot of funds very fast. People in Hawaii often have to work multiple jobs, or share living arrangements with others when they wouldn't normally. You also have high numbers trying to make ends meet with government support systems (aka welfare) which can be a nightmare of hoop jumping and paperwork. Many people don't survive well, and many do indeed flee for the mainland when they get the chance. If you have debts like student loans and credit card bills, do definitely factor those in. Hawaii already tends to have some of the highest average credit card debt in the country from people running up charges trying to make it month to month. Anyway, I expect you'd do decently on your $35/hour -- at least not living out of dumpsters -- but you could indeed have a lot more difficulty ever purchasing a home, etc., etc. And it's good if you're very much into the sun and beach activities, etc., so that you're not frustrated by there otherwise not being a ton to do compared to the mainland. If finances are your number one concern, you would likely have greater savings, more affordable real estate, etc., at the end of the year in South Dakota than in Hawaii. Hawaii's cost of living across the board (housing, groceries, transport, etc.) is almost double that of South Dakota, and you're not doubling your salary.
When i was in hawaii (oahu) i was making 22 dollars an hour working full time as a computer tech and i was barely able to take care of myself and put gas in my car im single and have no kids my studio apartment was $900 a month, and that was the cheapest one i could find 35 dollars an hour is enough to survive, but comfortably, not really i would stay in south dakota earning 28 dollars
Hawaii is the most expensive place to live out of all 50 states. Unless nurses over there make over 100,000 I a year I wouldn't move there especially since you have all those extra bills.
I think what part of Hawaii makes a big difference, which part are you looking at?
pay any day loans hawaii
My ex bf & I just broke up about one week ago. I couldn't trust him. We used to be inseparable, but things changed when I found out by a text msg on his phone, that he'd been leading another girl on and his apology to her for his 'deceitfulness' about not telling her about me. Another reason, because he allowed and stayed friends with a female friend from HS (said he used to have a crush on) who physically threatened me, and flat out told me that every time they spoke how she wanted to have sex with him, and this went on for several months & he never stood up for me. I've been asking him to cut her off, completely, or I would leave. He told me he can't cut anyone off, and this went on for months and I put up with it. Tonight he sent an email saying he'd 'fade' from her life, but slowly on his time. I found out on my own he was meeting other girls for lunch dates on campus, nothing related to school. Another reason, because he created a fetish dating ad after we were officially together until I found out one day (3 months later!...) I didn't feel like he really wanted to be with me or loved me even though he said he did & I feel no one should be treated like this in a loving relationship. Tonight, I broke down and called him. I've been struggling paying for college, and have had the opportunity to take a year off and work so I can pay for school because I already have some student loans. My boss is moving to Hawaii, and offered to give me a job there & place to live. I am a piano performance major, and have a couple auditions coming up, and ONE official transcript to work with because the school I owe $, won't release any more official transcripts until I pay off ALL the fine. So, this limits my choices were to send the transcript. So, even if I don't get into the school where I send the transcript, I will end up working for one year where I am living currently. I thought about working for one year to pay off the fine, just to apply for admissions to a conservatory/university ('official' transcript required to get into school), it doesn't matter if the school of music accepts me, I still need the transcript. So, I called him to tell him about possibly moving to Hawaii to work. I wasn't calling for anything, but just because I wanted to talk to him about this adventurous plan. He was against it, and told me he just started this high paying job, and wanted to 'freely' pay the thousands to get my transcript, and also to pay for my schooling... ??? !!! He would not back down from his offer, and I totally didn't call for $, and told him that and he said, "I know. I want to help just like if you were a friend, but I care more for you than that." This is out of character for him. Also, before he hung up the phone after making that offer, he said he'd never talk to this 'friend' again. Mind you, we've broken up so much before and fought a lot after I discovered the dating ad and daily flirting and secret meet-ups, & so much more I can't type enough. (can you tell I'm a little bitter?! lol.) So, now I am SOOO confused! What do you all think? A part of me wants to be prideful, but the other one says, "never look a gift horse in the mouth... (or bite the hand that, feeds you?)" What is he up to? Why would an ex do this? Any thoughts, ideas... (no mean comments, please.) Thanks!
NEVER EVER!!! accept money from someone you won't be able to pay back...EVER!!! no matter who it is.
Sturdy question. Nonviolent offenders who're not likely to copy and characteristic rather short sentences (5 years or a lot less) must be presented the prospect to attend college instructions in penitentiary. there's no reason prisons couldn't employ 2 or 3 educators, ideally with some regulation enforcement or psychology historic past, to paintings contained in the penitentiary both as educators and wardens, and grant some instructions. The warden must be there besides, and so do the prisoners, so the cost must be minimum - absolutely purely paying extra effective salaries to employ extra effective knowledgeable wardens. i don't think of the taxpayers ought to pay the freight on that, although. i imagine the prisoners must be presented a low instructions and if truth be told granted an interest loose "personal loan" from the state which must be repaid, and that the teachings reimbursement must be deferred until eventually one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days once they go away penitentiary. those instructions loans want to be familiar in the kind of fashion with the intention to be nondischargeable in financial ruin. That way they are making use of their time in penitentiary constructively and they have an education for use at the same time as they get out to help them hit upon a occupation direction which will lead them faraway from crime. the alternative is that those human beings sit down in penal complicated and imagine about how society failed them, and they have not something to do with themselves as well discern out how now to not get stuck next time they commit a criminal offense.
Take the money but make sure it is marked as a GIFT. Also make sure this does not tie you to him. As to why he is doing it, who cares, probably because he feels guilty. Have you had yourself STD tested recently? Either way, free money is free money and as long as you don't let him hold it over your head or feel bad about it take it and run. Also, don't make any plans with it until the check clears, you know what I'm saying.
HELL NO. Do not take his money. Especially if the money amount is in the thousands. I don't care how much you guys loved each other. The day will come when he is gonna ask for that money back. Get student loans.
pay any day loans hawaii
My original car loan was consigned by my father in law. I recently refinanced with another bank in just my name. The process is almost complete and I'll have to go to the dmv to switch the title over as well as change the lienholder on the vehicle. I'm concerned as the current registration only has my signature on it (if that's even relevant) and I'm unsure if I'll need his signature somewhere as I'm in Washington and he lives in Hawaii. Will this cause issues with my refi?
Sorry this is a odd, why is lender B asking you to do the paperwork? Usually they have you sign a form, mail it and fill payment to the lender A , and have lender A send them the title, and they place a lien on that. Does not matter, except they are at risk if they pay off the loan and hope you bring them the clear title, or what if you goof something up. Any way. If Dad is on the title and loan A is paid off then, a clear title will be in your and his name. He would need to sign the title over to you only and you would need to get a new title in your name only. Again I think the lender should be doing this work, they do this every day and know the system. Go to your states DMV site, look for a power of attorney form, mail it to dad or have him print one, he then signs it (notarized most likely) and sends it to you.
You're confused about the terms you're using, and evidently so are most of the people who answered your question so far. A loan agreement and the title to a vehicle are two completely different things. One is a contract where you borrow money and agree to pay it back with interest, the other is the legal document proving ownership of the vehicle. You're interested in the title document, not the new or old loan contract. If your cosigner is also a co-owner, their name will be on the title along with yours. If their name doesn't appear on the title, you don't need their signature for anything. If they are on the title, you'll need their signature or a court order to have their name removed. Ignore the answer with the "and / or" thing, that's a pure myth that just refuses to die. A cosigner is just a guarantor on the loan, someone who agrees to take over the payments in the event that you die, disappear, or are unable to make the payments for any reason. Nobody automatically becomes an owner of your vehicle for any reason, it can only be done by filling out the proper paperwork with the proper authority (ie: DMV, courthouse, etc). Same deal with a lien on your vehicle. Borrowing money doesn't automatically give the lender any ownership or authority over your vehicle, you have to agree to that as a written condition of the loan contract. If your new lender registers a lien on your vehicle, which they will if the vehicle is used as security on the loan, it will be listed as a condition of the contract that you signed. They'll take care of the registry process on their end.
Usually the Bank processes the DMV change so they get the title to hold until the loan is paid off.
Hello He will have to sign over the old Title before you can get the new one Andy C
If the current title has both of your signatures you will need his signature to transfer it totally to you.
If there is an "and" or nothing between your names, you will need him to mail you a limited power of attorney releasing his interest. If "or" is between the names you won't.
The title still belongs to the dealer. when you finish paying it will be issued in your name
The dealer has it and when your done with this note they will mail it to you
lowest personal loan rates hawaii
Are school one of the major reasons for the foreclosure rise in the county? In your answer discuss Higer property taxes caused by Rising salaries of teachers rising cost of useless services (sensativity training) useless training of teachers increased security at schools encouraging everyone to go to college (for personal gain of principal and guidance counselors at the expense of students) therefore taking money out of the economy Colleges tuition raisign at 2 times the rate of inflation for the last 30 years not providing low cost loans to students lying about job statistics outrageous costs to sent professors to "conferences" in Hawaii millions spent on sensitivity programs and patronage programs high cost loans the resulting student loan payments reduce the number of people with money to buy houses. 20 years ago a 30 year old could buy a house now educational debt has made this nearly impossible therefore less potential buyers +baby boomers wanting to leave the north east leads to lower house prices leads to foreclosures and recession. Thank me for showing you the ligh
The recession is a combination of factors from all sectors. To fault recession on one entity is not intellectual. It is like a math problem you cannot look at just one variable and try to solve a problem. You must look at the entire equation to figure it out. I am not taking the time or wasting my energy on answering each of your questions. Within these questions there are some legitimate questions when you rephrase them accordingly. However, this line of questioning should be applied to politicians, CEO's, banks, etc. That should be your starting point then work your way down. Your issues with the educational system does not validate blaming it for the state of the economy.
easy loan hawaii
I have the luck that when i make a plan for something, it always gets ruined. i was planning to move to hawaii and that went down the tube, i was planning to go to school in the spring but i moved and havnt been able to find a job. i was thingking that if i dont find a job, i might have to get a student loan to go to school. i know i shouldnt but if i dont ill never go back to school. and i want to get a short career like medical assistant or something like that. does anyone know of any good ideas of who i should go with? ideally i would like to start goin to school in the summer if possible.. thanks
There are some people on this site who are loan-phobic; they would do anything to avoid debt, including sacrificing a quality education and their futures. I think a loan, especially if you are going somewhere relatively inexpensive like a community college (beware of for-profit programs which advertise heavily on television), makes a lot of sense. If the college you have in mind is a not-for-profit, you can start by going to their financial aid office and getting information on financial aid. This is very different if you are thinking about going to a for-profit program, because they tend to make money by issuing their own loans, which are often a very bad deal. In that case, go to some of the banks in your area to ask about student loans, or to the websites one of the other posters gave. Do not, under any circumstances, contact people like the person who contacted you here wanting to loan you money himself! This is an obvious scam!
Student loans are only a good idea if you have a solid career goal and the education will get you there. Medical assisting? That's a high-demand field. You can do it with a 2-year degree from a community college. Public community colleges are fairly cheap. So that seems reasonable. To get full information, go to your nearest public community college. Go to the student services office and ask for career counseling to confirm that you're well placed in medical assisting--maybe a different career would be better. Then visit the financial aid office and get the FAFSA--that's the universal financial aid form that qualifies you for federal grants, loans, and work-study. The financial aid office will also know about other sources of money for you (do not ever pay anyone to try to find financial aid; the FA office knows as much as they do and the FA office is free). I completely agree that students who run off to a private college with no clear goal and end up with a hundred thou in student loan debt are making a big mistake. You aren't planning that, you have a real plan, and going a few thousand in debt as an investment is a wise plan.
What's so bad about a student loan? I am taking student loans out.. that's what most of America does. Enjoy your summer and go to school this fall, you won't regret it!
Go online to fasa.org fill out the fasa, its easy and fast. and fast, if you are single and working paid little you should get a lot of student aid at a public school like osu or iu. watch out for community colleges though, most are lowcost so the goverment won't help... this summer you are out of luck for student aid, and for colleges, unless you go with a community college, all colleges need to have there applications in soon, for fall semester. look online for comunity colleges, or search the town you live in web site for educational persuites. student loans are not evil or the end of the world, federal ones from the fasa are easy to defear (postpone payments) for unemployement and under employment, medical reasonsand bills etc, just do not look for private loans... aka thru wells fargo bank/ educational services, us bank, all the magor bank places out there. their rates are high, with no deferments availiable, they also usually cost alot more per month than federal ones... perkins and stafford loans... seriously i and my husband attended the same private school, i had federal loans perkins and stafford, he had private loans, he waspaying 800 a month for the same loan amount , i waspaying 250... fill out the fasa, look at the college you whant to go to. good luck, if you have any other questions feel free to email me. but don't worry student loans are not evil, check out nelnet.net, i got out in 2003 , on a ten year repayment plan at 65$ a month- i'm totally paid off with that loan now.
This Site Might Help You. RE: should i get a student loan? i have the luck that when i make a plan for something, it always gets ruined. i was planning to move to hawaii and that went down the tube, i was planning to go to school in the spring but i moved and havnt been able to find a job. i was thingking that if i dont find a job, i might have to get a...
Student loan
Have you tried to see if you qualify for financial aid? That might help you with some of the costs.
If you think putting yourself in massive debt for whatever education you'll dredge out of there is a good idea, sure.
easy loan hawaii
You only live once right? And if i was to ever go to Hawaii, now would be the time to do it, right? I have no responsibilities, no children, and I can sell my car. Can I do it? What is Hawaii like, besides expensive? What things would i need to know? I am going to be going to school for pharmacy. What island is best for a college student? Do you have any community colleges to start out at? I used to live in Australia, and i live in Oklahoma now, and i hate it!! Its so flat here! And the it just feels dead, like the actual land itself. Some info: I'm 18. I have a GED (I didn't drop out, i was kicked out from absences. I didn't care about my education when in high school.) I would be living mostly off of student loans. (I hear its difficult to get a job?) I have two little dogs. (Would it be expensive to bring them, and would they be quarantined?) Thank you!!
Why don't you get your undergrad done where you can do it more inexpensively & come here for pharmacy school, which is actually not at Manoa, but at UH Hilo on the Big Island. http://pharmacy.uhh.hawaii.edu/ We do have community colleges all over the state. Oahu has 4: Kapiolani, Honolulu, Leeward, & Windward. There are jobs, but most will be minimum wage (which does not equal a living wage) and they will most likely not let you work > 19 hours a week so they don't need to give you benefits. It won't be easy. To be honest, our colleges are nothing to brag about. I'm still going with my initial suggestion. Re the dogs, if you do your homework & jump through all the hoops it is possible to avoid quarantine. http://hawaii.gov/hdoa/ai/aqs/info
This is my standard answer that I give. There are good things about living in Hawaii and there are some not so good thing about living in in Hawaii. Living here is not a 24/7 vacation there are no grass shacks on the beach. I say this because people come here expecting it. And when they find out the truth they go back to the mainland disappointed and complaining about Hawaii. Don't come here to be homeless. it is illegal and annoying.Have money saved.Donʻt come here to escape. If you are not happy where you are you probably will not be happy just because you move here. Life will be different and you will have to change and adapt. If you have pet and are moving here they will be quarantined for a few months. Oahu is the most populated. There are areas where it really crowded. And other areas where it less crowded. The weather great it does not get bellow 60 degrees. Hawaii is expensive. Ninety percent of everything is shipped in this is the main reason it cost more. Gas prices are in the high three dollar range. Visiting Hawaii is different then living here when you visit you don't pay rent or utilities. Right now our unemployment rate is quite high . If you want to work in tourism it good to know another language. With out an college education you will need to work more than one minimum wage job to survive. Our Public Educational system is lacking. It goes way beyond the Furlough Fridays. Hawaii is just as safe as anywhere else maybe safer. That is not to say Hawaii does not have crime. One of out biggest problems is with illegal drugs .We have everything the mainland has except for a few restaurants and stores. The water that surrounds us does not make much of a difference. No Daylight Savings Time we never move out clock forward or back. We have an excellent bus system on Oahu. If you are willing to take the time then it will cut down on gas costs. You can have car but you might want to take the bus most of the time and use a car only when really needed. Right now gas is in the mid to high three dollar range. I have seen gas at $3.49. Hawaii is one of most culturally diverse place in America. We have several cultures here. Hawaiians being the most obvious. We also have a diverse Asian population; Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese (sp?). All these culture differ. And it is best if you learn the differences. If you love food Hawaii is one of the best places to be. Due to our many cultures we have many different kinds of food. Try them all. Since we have many different cultures in Hawaii there are many set of "rules" all of them slightly different. Make an effort to learn. When you make an effort to learn the the differences then you will be accepted. There is racism in Hawaii, racism is everywhere. Some of the racism is aimed at Whites. Racism at White is not all that common so you will get Whites saying that all Locals and or Hawaiian are racist. That is not true. The Locals and Hawaiians who are racist toward Whites tend to be racist against other cultures. Racism is not right. But it does exist. Not everybody who lives in Hawaii is Hawaiian. To be Hawaiian to must have Hawaiian blood. Or be of Hawaiian ancestry. If you are like me and have lived in Hawaii all their life but have no Hawaiian blood you are considered a Local. Do not call any in Hawaii "natives" if you have to say Native Hawaiian. We also have a dialect of Pidgin Creole English. Or it is called Pidgin for short. This language was created during the plantation days. We had workers from all over Asia and the Pacific they all spoke different languages and the needed a way to communicate. So a new language grew and was created.There a some who hear Pidgin an the equate it with lack of intelligence. Do not do this! Then there is what can be called "Rock Fever" some people tend to feel trapped because they can't drive anywhere else but Hawaii. There is no way you can drive into another state. If you need to fly home to the Mainland then 1) take more time because you have to fly over an ocean first. 2) Will cost more because you have fly home.
I live here, so let me help you out. 1. Yes, you can. 2. It's warm all year long, there is heavy traffic and okay public transportation. People are generally friendly and everyone is polite compared to other big cities. 3. You will need to have a car. You need to have a place to live and you need to get into the U-H first. The only school that would support pharmacy is University Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu. We have community college, but why do that here when you can do it at home for cheap. Out of state tuition is super expensive. 4. Oahu is small, you can drive around it in a few hours, and there's not much land. If you like space and lots of places to go, you won't find any. We're an island. I am highly concerned about your GED. That makes things tough. go to school in OK, get some good grades, and apply to UH. Jobs are available if you can serve in restaurants. the only thing near UH is Waikiki, and it's all tourism. Dogs are okay, but they will go through a battery of tests before they're allowed on the island. I don't have a pet, so I don't know. Go for it! Any other questions, email me at ghostbear1111@gmail.com
Get your education on the mainland. Go someplace like California or Texas or Florida instead. On Hawaii with a GED you'll go homeless and eat your dogs. I kid you not.
As advantageous as Hawaii is, it incredibly is approximately two times as high priced to stay there than the mainland, and employment is much extra scarce than the mainland. talk along with your college preparation counselors - they're there to help scholars such as you :]
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My family and my cousin's family are planning to visit Oahu, Hawaii this labor day weekend . we would like to know when we are there for 6-days, whats the best way to see everything and enjoy our stay there. we also wish to know which other island wud be a good choice to visit in this 6-day trip. We wud luv to know which r the best places to dine and major attractions to see while we are there.
HI Kaylan, Some interesting stuff I put together for someone awhile ago and thought you could benefit from it as well! There's a lot of cool stuff in it so hope it helps! Have a great trip. I am a nature nut and hawaii is a great place to enjoy our beautiful planet! I put this together earlier but wanted to share it with you cause there are some things here that will help you out! Hawaii is definately worth it! I just can't get enough of that place! I have been 6 times and I have found enough on Oahu to do that i haven't even ventured out to the other islands yet! Here are some things in Waikiki and around the island to do;Dukes is def cool and right on the beach, and if you want to dance you can head over to scruples. If you like to drink then do it in your room cause it is way way to expensive at the clubs. Clubs are generally 21+, but you can get into some of the hotel beach bars prob.There are a ton of eating places down on the strip but the real hawaii is out of town. Take the bus or drive up to manoa and experience the rainforest and a natural waterfall! Take a trip to the north shore and go to waimaia valley and see some of the most spectacular fauna anywhere! If you adventurous hike along the ridges and see paradise from 4000 feet! I did that and loved every second of it..ok well it was more like 8 hours of it but anyway..lol. Diving and snorkeling are pretty awesome too! Hanuama bay is touristy and with good reason. You are guaranteed to see tons of fish and have a nice afternoon at a beautiful beach! Diving can be done just off shore and runs around 100 bucks for 2 tanks and you don't need to be experienced. Not far out of town you can jetski or parasail. Wouldn't really bother with the jetskiing cause they have too many rules in hawaii but the parasailing is something you should atleast try once. After that it gets kind of boring. In town the international market place is def cool and worth strolling through...a tip..go to all the kiosks and then go back and don't be affraid to barter..that's how it works there! On the weekend a really cool thing to do it go to aloha stadium for a huge flea market!!! I mean huge the tents go all around the stadium and everything you find for suviners in waikiki you will find there for way i mean way cheaper!! Oh one last thing, you have to go to a luau and the paradise cove luau is the best. oh crap...just thought of something else that will help you out. Go to Entertaiment.com and buy the book for hawaii and it will give you so many discount coupons it will pay for it self right away. I did and it worked great. Don't forget that part..really do it you won't be sorry. Many 2-1 coupons on dinners in waikiki which is really expensive.I have been to hawaii 6 times now and would love to live there. I hope you make it cause you won't forget it! Aloha! Some more stuff: Must See Attractions Paradise Cove Luau - Best on the Island (get entertainmetn coupon" Polynesian Cultural Center - North Shore ( can catch show here) Make sure you get the "entertainment coupon" Diamond Head - Cause everyone's doing it Waikiki- Can't go to hawaii and miss the strip Manoa Falls - An easy hike with views and feel of the jungle and it's free! Hanuama Bay - Best tourist snorkeling in the islands! Drive the Pali Highway and go to the lookout Makiki Heights drive - Tourists don't find this gem and it's amazing! MUST SEE. Check your map to get to Makiki Heights. Great views of the island Restaurants: There are tons of restaurants in Waikiki. If you are young and like to drink then drink b/4 you go out! The Pacific Beach Hotel has drink specials all week long and there a good deal. There are Mai Tai specials all over but DIXIES has the screamin Mai TAi which comes in a 32 oz glass and is about 6 bucks!!! Good Eats there too! For cheaper eats go outside of town over towards the Kaneohe side. If you do want to eat in Waikiki then i would highly recommend that you go to www.entertainment.com and buy the book for hawaii. This coupon book will save you a ton on the island! Seriously everytime i go i get the book and use all the 2-1 deals in it! Check ebay for it too sometimes you can get it dirt cheap! Hotels; Best hotel for the money is the Ocean Resort Hotel on the east end of the strip. Very close to the beach, decent rooms, service is good and you will pay under a 100 a night for most rooms and the parking is much cheaper than the other hotels
Definitely you should do the Road to Hana on Maui (it is an all day trip, plan to take snacks and rent a SUV or something so you can do the road beyond Hana also where it is unpaved but the sights are spectacular) Stop on the trip about half-way at a stand called Halfway to Hana for great banana bread. Try to catch a sunrise/sunset from the top of Mt Haleakala on Maui. On Oahu, take a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center (you can spend a couple of days here). The Dole Pineapple Plantation is worth seeing. If you like history a trip to the Punch Bowl (Arlington of the Pacific) and the USS Arizona Memorial are great to visit. There is also the Iolani Palace in Honolulu which is the only royal palace in the US. Take some time to just enjoy the beaches and a luau, too! Hope you have fun!!
A few of my favorites are waimea falls park, the polynesian cultural center, and diamond head. it's been a while since i've been back, so there probably aren't too many beaches left undiscovered by most tourists (i lived there for a while), but when i was there my family found a few beaches out behind polo fields and we were the only ones there. VERY nice, peaceful and relaxing. Also, get away from waikiki. there are a lot better beaches! one of my favorites was sunset, or the north shore. there are helicopter tours all over the places... they're pretty nice. **also, our first few days in hawaii, we played "tourist", which was fun, but we had a much better time talking to the locals and getting a more personal view of Hawaii. Do the tourist-y thing for a few days, then check with the locals for more unique and original ideas and places to go
The Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial, Dole Plantation. You can go by tour buses, or rent a van and go see the diffrent places. I have only been on Oahu (six times), I have not been on any of the other islands.
At the airport when you arrive check out the pamphlet section of your baggage claim area for this magazine it shows you how much fun you could have. Plus how many activities you could fit in your schedule of 6 days. All I can tell you is have fun and you might not want to leave here and return to your home. Plus ask the front desk when you check into the hotel what is their best way of making your stay the most enjoyable one. Aloha!
Habush Beach is a nice place! Just be careful of the Hawaiians that live there on the beach. They hate white people!!!
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My husband and I got buddy passes to Hawaii about 6 months ago from one of my husbands friends. Since then I have lost my job and we are running really low on cash. We considered canceling, however we know that if we don't go then we will never get the opportunity to go back. So, to get to my question. One of my husbands friends suggested that we go and just sleep on the beach in a tent. Is that crazy? Does anyone out there done this before? If so any input would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!
Alright, so after everyone's input of thinking that we are crazy we have decided to stay away from sleeping on the beach and I am now looking into staying at a hostel. I am especially interested in the Banana Beach Hostel in Maui. Has anyone stayed there, or have any input regarding hostels. We have never stayed in one before so I am curious what others think about them.
There are homeless people living on some of the beaches in Hawaii. Some of them are from families who have been living in the islands for thousands of years, and they are not eager to have company from somewhere else, especially since it's people from somewhere else that introduced this crazy idea of land ownership and bid up the prices to the point that working people can't afford to buy homes in Hawaii anymore. It's also illegal to sleep on the beach in Hawaii, day or night. So the cops could totally come and harass you. Dragging a tent and sleeping bags on the plane with you would be a real humbug, but if you apply for camping permits in advance, you could camp for five days out of seven.
In Hawaii will energizes you the fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters will refresh you and the breathtaking, natural beauty renews you so now is about the time to know this amazing place, starting from with hotelbye because look around! There’s no place on earth like Hawaii. In Hawaii, the six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveller. In Hawaii you will discover your ideal travel experience. Waikiki is one of the Hawaii islands and is the Hawaii's biggest tourist attraction. A suburb of Honolulu, Waikiki is easy to reach and offers all the amenities and entertainment of a modern city. At the end of the crescent shaped beach is the extinct volcano known as Diamond Head Crater, adding a spectacular backdrop to the incredible sun drenched beach.
Are you in the military? If so search for and contact Bellow Recreation Centre. You can camp there for around $10 a night. If you are not military there are other public camp sites around the island that you can use. The facilities are usually pretty good. Don't think that you have to stay near Honolulu. The prices are higher there because of tourists etc and Oahu has an excellent bus system that you can take advantage of. O and don't buy souvenirs from shops in Honolulu, go to Walmart. They have the same stuff at half the price. Just check everything out first and you should be fine. Hope that helped :)
That is crazy. If you cannot afford to sleep, how will you afford to eat? What about transportation? Medical Emergency? What would be the point of going somewhere to be miserable? Hawaii is a beautiful tropical island, but there are plenty of mosquitoes roaches, rats, fleas...plus the sun is very strong and living outside covered in dried seawater, sand in your underwear and nothing to eat might Seem romantic, but is it really?
If you sleep on the beach on the beach then you could get arrested this could solve your problem of having no where to stay. If you buy you souvenirs from Wal-Mart they will be made in China or the Phillppeans (sp?). Please buy souvenirs that say "Made in Hawaii".
It's a crazy idea. Look for a cheap place to stay instead.
Would be interested in knowing more about this too
Thanks to each and every one of you for the answers.
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This month (November) she said "I may be able to pay in 7 days please wait." I really do not want to keep doing this. I know I can ask her 5 days to pay rent or leave. But i'd like to ask her to leave on this month (end of November) Am I able to give her 30 days notice cause by late rent. or do I have to give her 45 days notice. (it's month to month rent) What can I do to legally move her end of this month?? Thank you.
Ask her to pay in 5 days or evict her. You will going trough for ever. Month to month is 30 days. Give her notice to either pay in time or quit. Ask for your rent on time or evict her. You simply cannot comply to a tenant that will always be late, it is not your problem. Read below: http://www.landlordguidance.com/eviction...
You can still bill her for the late fee, add it to the November rent, demand payment within 5 days, file for an eviction next week, if she hasn't paid, and (in any case) ALSO give her the required written notice of intent to evict at the end of December (assuming you missed the deadline for November) REGARDLESS of her ability to pay. She's a bad risk to your business profit.
Today is Nov. 1. Give her 30 days today, in writing. You can take the late fee out of her security deposit. Check Hawaii state law on some of this stuff. Every state has their own laws. HELE ON
You give her the notice required by law.
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Aloha, Hawaii Island has never been hit by a hurricane in "recorded" history and is radically different than a tiny island called Kauai. People in Rochester New York are not forced to buy hurricane insurance. Rochester is in the same State as Long Island which has been hit twice recently. In 1934 the "Great Hurricane" hit there. People in Rochester can't prove their city was never hit, and it is closer to Long Island than Hawaii Island is to Kauai. When people tell me I should buy it for Hawaii Island why do people in Rochester New York get away without paying? If your reply is simply "Obviously you know nothing about geography and how hurricanes work", then guess what...you helped prove my point. My point is people that don't understand geography and how hurricanes work are buying insurance when they really don't need it. Hawaii Island is geographically different and hurricane tops get ripped off by the jet stream when approaching too close to Hawaii Island. I heard there are pictures of the latest approach showing the top being sheared off. Now what I really need help with is fighting a lender that, probably has an insurance division and conflict of interest, is finding evidence I can use. Please do not reply I should continue to buy this insurance because I am in the same State as Kauai. It is my opinion that all I am doing is subsidizing people that live in areas with greater risk...and no...I'm not suggesting anyone in Kauai not buy it. What banks allow me to get a mortgage without hurricane insurance? What evidence is out there? Where are the reports of jetstreams ripping off hurricane tops? Your answer concerns thousands of people and millions of dollars in insurance policies...so please don't post answers not based upon facts. Aloha
There's no "law" that says you have to buy hurricane insurance. The only entity that can make you buy it, is a lender who writes a legal, conforming loan. So, if you don't want it, you'll have to find a private lender to finance your loan - like a family member - or pay the property off. You agreed to those terms, up front, at the time you signed the mortgage papers. The way out, is to sell your property and rent, until you have enough money to pay CASH for your property and not carry any kind of insurance at all. CONGRESS passed laws that require ALL banks that have "conforming loans" - meaning, they're transferrable, and allowed to be insured through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc - MUST require wind coverage within 25 miles of the coast, and flood insurance with high hazard flood zones. Period. Your opinion doesn't matter, frankly. This is how standard mortgages ALL work. You won't find a BUSINESS willing to refinance you, without standard terms - because then your loan can't be counted as an asset to them, and is NOT transferrable, or insurable.
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If someone who has experience related to this question could answer, that'd be great! I just finished working abroad for a year and now I'd like to send most of the money I've saved back home to Hawaii. What is the best way to do this? By best, I mean, safest, cheapest, best conversion rate, etc. Thanks in advance for any helpful hints!
Wire transfer. You'll need to provide the orginating bank in Japan with your US bank info to include a SWIFT code, ABA/routing #, account number, account name, bank name and bank address. Probably cost you $60 total fees. Japan bank will charge a fee and the US bank will charge one to receive the wire. But it is the safest. You'll need to do this while you are in Japan.
Well, it won't be as "cash" because the U.S. Federal authorities watch cash transfers closely and require financial institutions to report transactions in excess of a certain threshold. The safest (and, probably both the cheapest and best-exchange-rate) method would be a direct bank-to-bank transfer. You need an account in Hawaii (hopefully you have had one since when you lived there last) and to just go to the bank you use in Japan. They will know how to handle all the U.S. legal requirements and will probably give you the best exchange rate, since they welcome the opportunity to unload dollars.
Bank Transfer.
Might be old-fashioned but nothing beats the reliable mule for this type of transcontinental action.
Fedex or mail or suitcase or pocket or in a hat
Western union money transfer
Emmm through your bank?
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I want to know what kinds of food I should eat the day before and the day I fly...What to wear, what should I bring so I wont get bored. I know the usual stuff like the ipod, books, laptop ect. Some creative things...Also I will be taking my dog with me what should I feed her and when. Can she walk in the airport on a leash? What about shoes what kind of shoes...flip flops,,,tennis shoes,,,flats ect. What to have on my carry on? Just everything you can think of 10 points for BEST ANSWER!!! Try to answer all questions please! And maybe more than I have put!!!!! Would be great! Thanks in advance!
I've flown alone a couple of times. Don't eat anything that might not sit well in your stomach or will give you gas, like beans or something. Wear something comfortable. Don't wear a belt, because you'll have to take it off for security. Wear shoes you can easily slip on and off, again for security. If you wear flats or sandles, wear socks too. You don't want to be barefoot on that dirty airport floor, do you? Feed your dog before you go on the plane. Just her regular food is fine. I've flown with cats myself. Take her food in a small bag (just enough, you can get more there). Oh, and try to make sure she "goes" before flying. My cat peed in her box on the plane, and it didn't smell too great...Keep in mind that when taking off, entering or exiting the plane, she might get scared and start barking. Just comfort her and wait it out, she'll settle down. My cat got freaked out and started meowing really loudly when going on the plane (it was outside), and also taking off. Later on during the flight she started rolling around in her carrier, lol. Now, for the flying part, take whatever entertains you. Laptop, books, and they allow some video games as long as they don't use wi-fi. Battery-operated ones are best. If you have magnetic mini games, like there's magnetic checkers and chess and scrabble, take those, but avoid taking anything that requires a lot of pieces, like don't take markers because you might drop them and they're a pain to retrieve. They allow iPods as long as you don't surf the web with them. Definetely take headphones if its a long flight, because they might play a movie, and it's better (and cheaper) if you take your own headphones instead of having to buy one of theirs. Take all this in your carry on. Take some cash too, in case you get hungry in the airport. Take some kind of debit card too, because some planes don't allow cash to be paid with and require a debit or credit card. You might know this already, but you can't take outside food or drink into the airport. They make you throw it away. Bring some cash even if you don't think you'll get hungry or thirsty while you're there, because you might on the plane, and the plane lets you take stuff you've bought in the airport. If you're sitting next to someone on the plane who is just awful, you can ask to move to a better seat if you want. Don't say it too loudly, you don't want to offend them. If it's not a full flight they'll have no problem with you moving. Ask any flight attendant after you're in the air. On my way to Hawaii I sat next to a fat smelly guy, and luckily, the plane wasn't full, so I asked if I could move up one. After I did, I looked back, to see if he was offended. He wasn't, he moved over to my seat to avoid sitting so closely to the other woman next to him. Haha, they might be grateful you moved. Have a safe flight and have fun, if that's possible for you on a plane. If you're scared of flying, it's not the best idea to ask the person next to you if you can hold their arm or hand. But if you get lucky and sit next to someone cute, by all means, if they flirt with you and ask you if you'd like to hold their hand, go for it! Who says you can't have fun with a person on a plane that you'll never see again?
For the major restrictions to activity in the airport please see the TSA web-page and note that this bit would not even exist, if not for that MYTH about 19 suicidal hijackers. I shocked that ANYBODY takes air transport at all these days. Do YOU personally approve of being MOLESTED by sick kinkie twisted "security agents" ?
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I am going to Hawaii for a month in about 6 weeks and was wondering what my best bet for accommodations are. Renting a vacation house/condo on craigslist or similar vs hotel room. I know for vacation rentals for the whole month I could have started looking earlier(some people say 6 months o_0 ) however I just decided to go. Also I'm 21 with no rental history or credit score so I don't know if that would make it hard to rent a vacation rental. I have a bank account(US Bank) but no credit card. I know if you just go to Kayak and type in a month as the dates it comes back with prices starting at about 3 grand for the month, which I can afford but obviously I would prefer it to be cheaper or a slightly nicer hotel than the base ones. I'm going to stay on either Oahu or the Big Island. I know generally hotels will give you lower rates for longer stays but how much am I looking? Can I rent a vacation property with no rental history or credit check? Thanks and sorry for the long question!
You're going to have problems only 6 weeks out. Hotels generally have no problem filling up, and they have no real incentive to do monthly rates. You may get lucky since October is the transitional tourist time, but don't hold your breath. If you find a monthly rate, it's likely nothing more than the daily or weekly rate multiplied out. The main question is if a hotel will even let you stay that long. Your best bet is likely to find a month-to-month rental somewhere, but that can be difficult to coordinate from the mainland. And anything that looks too good to be true on Craigslist is likely a scam. Scammers know you can't see things in advance, and they're going to try to get you to put down deposits, and then say they'll send you the keys, or have them for you once you get here, etc. In reality, they're going to be off in Nigeria, and telling you to wire money to New York or similar. You're also going to have problems with no credit card. Anything like a hotel is going to mandate one. And any monthly rental that wants a deposit and takes it in cash or debit card is... going to disappear on you. Sure there are places that will rent to you without a credit check, but you're going to be putting down a month's "rent" in advance as a deposit before you even show up. The best you can probably do is try to find a hotel with a decent rate for you. But without a credit card, good luck. Also don't forget to plan airfare. Those rates are also going to vary with the days and times you can fly... which are dependent on how you can arrange housing at the same time.
A $100 a night hotel in Hawaii is going to be a pretty crappy place. Without a credit card, I don't see any hotel or homestay place renting to you. I would guess that craigslist will have a lot of scams like in most places of the country. I don't think your vacation is very doable, if you want to be safe.
If you're looking for flexibility & affordability, you should definitely check out Tripping.com: http://bit.ly/1rb8y0G It's a search engine that easily pulls together vacation rental deals from tons of websites (Homeaway, Flipkey, Booking & more) for you to easily compare prices & reviews. And because you're comparing homes from various websites, you're bound to find listings that are available to rent (that are not so strict on rental/credit history), given your time constraints. So it's definitely not too late to start booking; you'll for sure find an affordable place that's open to rent since there are so many options to choose from. Hope that helps!
Long question yes, but the process of finding the kind of place you are looking for is not so long-drawn, fortunately. I am sure you would have heard about location insights app. It is a smartphone-based app that provides you detailed information about hotels that fit within your budget. You can also get details about the kind of people frequenting the place and what the short-listed hotels can offer you in terms of amenities and specials. Trist is used by a lot of travelers to find their way around in a new place.
You can rent a room in someone's apartment or condo. Everything else may cost you too much.
Watch out on Craigslist! I knew a guy, who had a property and someone else put it up on Craigslist! It didn't cost him a dime but cost some one else! That was on Oahu!
Homeaway.com or airbnb are great places to rent, feels like home, has more windows, a kitchen, and cheaper (you can stay longer) than in a hotel.
Hey brah my name stay Kono Kahoko and I'm one fake Hawaiian eh I try act all bad. Shoots den bah.
Anw yere
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I mean - John McCain was part of the whole Enron collapse and that is what started this whole banking and loan collapse. The fact that he says anything about the economy and offers advise is a joke. John McCain wanted to privatize Social Security - if that had happened everyone of us would have lost our money in the vey banks that are now falling apart! You Social Security retirement fund would now be going down with the ship! I believe John McCain to be as much of a business failure as George W. Bush, and we all know where that has taken us in the last 7 1/2 years! What do you think?
I am not voting for African born (not Hawaii) Obama either! So I have no motive for saying the truth about McCain, just trying to warn people. The people who support McCain are the very same people who allowed all this to happen. They must be content with failure, so be my guest and vote for the man along with his inexperienced woman and her bridge to nowhere. I am sure they will make everything better. lol
I think you're either a fool or a liar. No one was ever going to privatize Social Security-- God knows no one in our government would ever suggest you stand on your own two legs and be a freeman-- they were only going to give you personal control and autonomy over 2% of what they take from you for SS. But, like I said, you and your collectivist cronies made it very clear that personal liberty and freedom over only 2% of the 14% of your income they take was far too frightening a prospect for you.
Just more of the same "blame game" of the super parties. McCain had no problem with going into debt for the Wall Street bail out. McCain's top contributors: Top 5 Contributors, 2003-2008 Merrill Lynch $371,745 Citigroup Inc $308,451 Morgan Stanley $262,777 Goldman Sachs $255,345 JPMorgan Chase & Co $226,307 Congress did not have a mojority of Democrats untill 2006 so it will be 2011 before they will have had it for at least 5 years. McCain couldn't even remember how many residences he owned (7).
I think Obama's higher taxes would be very wrong for this economy. Fannie and Freddie higher ups (Dems) is what got us into this mess by forcing lenders to lend money on mortgages to people with poor credit and no money. And Obama got his share from Fannie and Freddie as well to the tune of $120,000.00 for his campaign.
Obama is the only hope for the future. Most American's are too stupid to see it. McCain really is McBush. I'm afraid our country is done if this man is elected/
I think Obama who is supported and funded by Fannie and Freddie high ups is an even worse idea! McCain is thinking about the people of this country, unlike obama who is supporting his financial backers who are donating a bundle to campaign.
No Obama will be the worst thing for our failing economy. I have news for you , you may have already lost your Social Security. It should have been privatized years ago so the government couldn't get their hands on it.
Yes hes absolutely terrible if you hate lower taxes, higher employment, more money in the pockets of Americans to pour into the economy. Sounds aweful..
Bush is responsible for our failing economy. McSame will continue Bush's unsuccessful policy.
Yes, and he was a member of the Keating Five. Read up on that! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-rom...Also, Phil Gramm is almost single-handedly responsible for the mess our economy is in today, and he is McCain's top financial advisor. Many think if McCan won he would make Gramm his Secretary of the Treasury. Now THAT is scary.
No i don't believe your right..but even if that is right..id still rather have him in than obama..obama has no experience and dint have what it takes to be our president..especially considering hes muslim..much less a democrat..
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My bestest friend EVER moved to hawaii 10 monthes ago and it was devestating, i want to help fly her back to great falls, i can put in 300 dollars, she can do 361 and the ticket costs 661 roundtrip, shes flying alone as a minor if this all works out, we checked with the airlines and she CAN fly alone, she will stay at our house with me, is there anything were missing, shes flying here to greatfalls, is this a good choice? And also how can i earn money easily and fast, somthing like leminade stands or selling crafts? Thanks!!
Sounds like you've done your homework as far as the plane ticket. Here's an idea for earning extra money: My 13-yr-old neighbor comes over twice a week for a few hours, and does whatever I need done. She vacuums, dusts, washes windows, polishes furniture, sweeps the deck, washes the patio, walks the dog, pulls weeds, washes the car, moves rocks, stacks firewood, paints, etc., etc. I pay her cash, so there are no deductions. She's glad for the extra money, and I'm certainly glad for the help! Maybe you have a neighbor who can use some help. You could print up flyers saying that you are looking for odd jobs, and listing what you can do, and go to your neighbors asking for work, leaving them a flyer. Many times, if people know you are willing to work, they will find a job for you (maybe even your parents!). If you work for someone, be sure your parents talk with them, and know what your hours will be, and how much you will be paid. Good luck, and have fun with your friend!
Well first of all I don't think is a very good idea. If you two are trying to round up money that means your parents don't know about this. Do they? If they do then wouldn't they be paying for this trip? Anyway I would say this is a bad choice. Alot of things could go wrong in this situation. If you truly are going to do this a fast way to make money would be a paper route (pays pretty decent) or a dog walker. Or if your into making stuff, make bracelets and sell them to some kids in your class.
Mow lawns, wash windows, help the elderly in your neighborhood, weed gardens, walk dogs. Make sure all the taxes and landing fees are included in the cost of the ticket. Often those are the same price as a ticket, so they can almost double the cost you expect to pay. Get your parents to help you.
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Right now I am a student at Kansas State University. I want to transfer to the University of Hawaii at Manoa at the end of this up coming school year. Because I want to become some type of Japanese translator. The Japanese program at Kansas State is not very good, after doing some research I decided I liked that schools Japanese program the best. I need to tell my parents about it though. I still live at home, but I pay for most of my school. My parents help sometimes like if my loans didnt cover everything and I dont have any money then they will help pay for some expensis. What is the best way to talk to them about this? I think it would be easy to talk to my mom. But it might be hard to talk to my dad about it. He will probly say that I didnt think everything through and I am just being stupid. I think I have thought everything through though. I have talked to my advisor at school and I also talked to my moms brother and they both told me they think its a good idea. But it is really hard for me to talk to my parents about it. How should I go about it?
I think you should openly talk to your parents about what you plan on doing or want to do. But, before talking to them, make a list of pros and cons of your final decision. In this way, your parents will know that you did think about your decision and that you did not make your decision on a whim. Furthermore, you may want to provide them with a list of others (credible sources including internet resources) who are in agreement with you. And, finally, tell them that you want to be in control of your destiny (life) and that you are willing to take full responsibility of your decisions and actions (and follow through your promise). Do ask them for their blessings and that you will respect them no matter what.
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Yes, Comcast is available in Hawaii. I found this for you. I hope it helps. Comcast High Speed Internet in Hawaii We are an authorized retailer for Comcast High Speed Internet serving the Hawaii area. Hawaii Comcast High Speed Internet brings you 100% Pure Broadband that is up to 6x faster than DSL and over 70x faster than dial-up Internet. Also, when you sign up for high speed Internet service from Comcast, you will have access to online photo sharing, online gaming, video email, Disney's kid activities, and so much more. Plus, in Hawaii, Comcast High Speed Internet is offering special introductory offers and special promotions which may include cash back, free equipment after rebates, and free digital music and movie downloads. Please complete a free service availability check to see if you qualify for Comcast or call us. Comcast Digital Cable in Hawaii With Hawaii Comcast Digital Cable, you can get over 275 channels, including the best of premium movie channels, like HBO and Showtime, Digital Sports packages, and OnDemand content. HDTV and DVR is also available from Comcast in Hawaii. Call us to speak with a Hawaii Comcast Digital Cable representative. We will be glad you answer all of your questions and tell you about our latest promotional offer for Comcast cable television in Hawaii. Comcat Digital Voice® in Hawaii Comcast Digital Voice® service lets you make unlimited local and long distance phone calls from Hawaii to anywhere in the USA - all for a low, flat monthly rate. Hawaii Comcast Digital Voice is a great phone service alternative and comes with all of the features you would expect: voice mail, call forwarding, caller ID, and more. Plus, you can keep your existing phone number. Call us to speak with a Hawaii Comcast Digital Voice representative today.
Do you dream of living in Hawaii? Stop dreaming and start taking action! Life is good here, and it can be yours as well! http://bit.ly/RNJROP
Hulu isn't on the xbox. i dropped my cable television a together as decrease back. and am useing only hulu and netflix for my television viewing. what i could recomend it look up the shows you particularly need to computer screen on hulu and notice in the event that they have them, if so then it must be worth it to you. however seeing it is not any longer on xbox you will could desire to apply a working laptop or laptop to computer screen them. i got here across that for me it develop right into a thank you to save money. however i do hate it from time to time while i'm informed of a few super new prepare and discover hulu would not carry it and am no longer able to computer screen it. however some shows you will discover online to computer screen on different websites by utilising doing a seek for the prepare. yet once you haven't any longer have been given any comfertable thank you to computer screen shows on a working laptop or laptop i could recomend protecting the cable. as for zune i got here across it to be an fairly pricy thank you to computer screen television, and seeing i'm attempting to save money I even have not used zune seeing you may desire to pay consistent with episode. additionally if your no longer careful what you purchase on zune ought to actual excide the low priced quotes.
Make sure you find out of they have it in your zip code.....we do not have it in Kahuku
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Can I use student loans to pay rent for an apartment? I've already completed two years of college and have a pointless Associate's degree. I'm gonna need to go to school 2-3 more years for my Bachelor's. My parents are happy to pay for community college and cheap university but they refuse to pay for housing like dorms or whatever. I think mainly because they are gonna be lonely when I leave because they hate each other. And my little sis has already moved out cuz she just didn't go to college lol. But that's not fair to me. I'm 20 years old and I'm going crazy living out in rural Colorado. It's already a 40 minute commute to community college and when I transfer to my Univeristy it's gonna be like 2 hours both ways. I just spent my life savings on a new car and I don't wanna put all those miles on it either. So my question, can I get a student loan and use that to just pay rent on a cheap studio apartment (approx 600/month) and for gas and what not while I'm going to school? I plan on working part time at some crap job but that's not gonna be enough to support me. Also, worth mentioning, I got some BS harassment charge from my crazy ex last year. It got DISMISSED in court I got convicted of NOTHING, but the arrest still shows up on my record, I still have to go through the process of getting that sealed. Will that prevent me from taking out loans? Also, I have no credit. Any advice is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to award best answer! Thanks in advance!
Hi, YES you CAN use your student loan to pay for housing. Especially dorms! The student loans go to the school, and whatever you have left over goes to you. I have been to school in California & Hawaii and both states allowed me to use my Fin Aid & Student Loans to pay for both dorms & off campus housing. I am not sure about Colorado, but I am sure you can use it. If you can get a co-signer, you can get a bank loan and use it on whatever. Try to get dorms, or off-campus housing like sharing an apartment with someone. My loans & fin aid go directly to my bank account after the school takes out the tuition and fees. Go visit you school's fin. aid office, even if you don't qualify for fin. aid, they will help you with your housing situation. Hope I helped! :)
1) You can not get a student loan without a co-signer. 2) Student loan funds are sent directly to a college/university, to be applied first and foremost to direct academic related expenses (tuition, fees, books, etc.). 3) You can not get a student loan that will be given directly to a student, to do with as they please. 4) Most landlords/apartment managers will not rent/lease to students that rely on financial aid (student loans or grants) to pay their rent. The will demand you have some other sort of income to pay your rent each month.
The extra you borrow and the longer you're taking to pay off your loans. The extra you ultimately end up overpaying for the advantages you get. contained in the destiny you'd be extra effective off financially in case you pay off your pupil personal loan and stay away from borrowing to any extent further money. yet in case you do not have the endurance to keep money and purchase in spite of the indisputable fact that you want with money. Then I advise that you reduce the quantity of money you borrow. purchase a more competitively priced apartment incredibly of a house. And once you keep sufficient money, then promote the apartment and purchase a house.

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