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pay day loans available in georgia
Good Evening, I was the sales/branch manager for a local bank in Athens, Georgia. I was employed with them over a year but have been in the banking field for over five years. When I took this position the branch was very much in the red. I had a loan goal my first year of 350K. I exceeded that goal and made 890K worth of loans, as well as exceeded every other goal I was given. This year I was told I would need to make 2 million in loan goals to pay the bank back for my 36K a year salary, which I was working toward. I was discharged from the bank in Mar 09 for doing a loan for a family member the beginning of Jan 09. The reason they gave for my discharged was due to violating policy. I was never told in this locally family owned bank that I was unable to do loans for family member, and as the officer over the accounts for this family member no one had ever said I could not be an officer of anything concerning a family member or process family loans. I do fill I followed procedure because I did pick up the phone and call 3 other loan officers to see if they could handle the loan request because it was indeed a family member. I left a message for all 3 officers to contact me, I never heard back till the next morning. Since I did not hear back from them and did not realize I was going against policy I underwrote the loan like I would anyone. Since they qualified for the loan I approved it and allowed my ops manager to write and sign the proceeds check. The loan was for a surgical procedure that was going to take place the next morning. The loan amount was $3500 and I got confirmation from the insurance company before doing the loan that they would pay this claim with the next 120 days. I even gave the insurance company the address, loan number and payoff amount for the loan to send in to pay off the loan in full. The next morning I received a call from one of the officers. I let this person know I had done the loan and what the underwriting looked like for the loan. The officer asks was it within my loan limits, which it was, and he stated the loan should be fine. I sent the loan to loan operations and did not think anymore about it because I did not realize I was doing anything wrong. The next thing I know I got a call from my manager regarding the loan in Mar 09. My manager asks was the loan made for a family member, and I replied yes. Because myself, the officer I had spoke with regarding my family members loan and my manager where suppose to talk the next morning regarding another loan, my manager just said we would talk about it the next morning. When I come in the next morning my manager took my into human resources and himself and the human resource manager informed me that I had violated a major policy and that I was terminated. I told them I was unaware of the policy and the steps above that I had followed, which is what I was told to do by my manager in case I had any questions regarding any type loan request. After I let them both know what I had done my manager said I just was not a good fit for the bank. Not once had I never been reprimanded for anything neither verbally or written. The branch that I was the manager for is also an in store location. There are 3 total branch locations that are located in a local store, out of those 3 branches 2 of the branches are being shut down by the end of this year only leaving the branch I was managing to remain opened. They are also not hiring another sales/branch manager for this location and there is now a firing freeze going on throughout the bank. This in my option is why I was terminated, and this gave the bank a way to let me go without having to pay and unemployment claim. I went to the unemployment officer and request an unemployment insurance claim be made available to me. I received a letter in the mail stating I would receive benefits unless an appeal was filed. I received a call last Friday from an unemployment claims specialist. I got a call back today and she asks me several questions. I seen it was not going well so I went up to the unemployment office and ask what I would need to do regarding an applies process. When they pulled my claim they said I had been denied my unemployment benefits since the 20th of Mar and I had not spoken with anyone until today Mar 24th. I went ahead and submitted my request for an appeal review due to me being unaware of my policy violation as well as in my sales training manual does not say anything against or for doing family loans; I still have the manual showing to that effect. I wanted to see if anyone had any kind of advice or suggestions for me regarding what I can and cannot do regarding an unemployment claims appeal as I have never went through something like this before. I am a single mother of one child and without my claim being granted I am unsure what I will do as the job market in the area is extremely limited. And I would have never done something to violate policy an
Christie Whilst not familiar with your state laws (UK based) there are some unilateral facts that remain similar. firstly any case you want to bring against the employer for either wrongful/constructive dismissal will likely result in advice from an employment law specialist who will request certain stats from you. In the first instance it will be a requirement to locate/produce all written documentation between the employer and you the individual; this should include ANYTHING that you will have read or have been shown by way of company policies intranet or displayed, in other words your contract of employment, terms and conditions, hand book, special considerations will form the basis of your defence and subsequent claim against them for compensation. if on the other hand you did a loan to family when this is prohibited and that information has been communicated to you in one provable way por another I would suggest that any compensation you may be seeking will be next best thing to impossible as you will have been in violation of the T's&C's appertaining to your employment. My feelings based on similar cases I have seen is it will be an involved one and you really do need some external help on this one (IMPO). Good luck, I wish you a successful outcome. Curtis
The first key to an appeal, is to keep it simple and straight. When you first applied, you should have said that you were let go because of economic reasons. You believe the real reason you were fired was they were planning layoffs. Evidently, either you volunteered the information, or the bank shared it with the unemployment agency. The unemployment agency is required to you why they denied your claim. If they agency claims that you were fired for cause, you have to carefully state that you did violate company policy one time. You had verbal approval to proceed, but as it turns out, your supervisor was not authorized to give you permission to do this loan. In different economic situations, you would have received a reprimand, not dismissal. If you can bring someone from the bank, who was laid off, you might win.
bad credit loan companies in georgia
I have a goal and that is to pay off my credit card debt. i have been sitting out of school for about a year or more now because i work 2jobs and take care of my own household. I'm confused because i want to go back to school and finish my education, but i want to have good credit as well. i thought about not paying the credit , but i heard if you don't pay the credit card company they could garnish my wages here in the state of atlanta georgia?
They can't just garnish your wages for not paying. They would have to sue you first, then win, then perfect the judgment by instituting another garnishment specific proceeding. It would take years, if they even bothered to sue you and didn't just write off your debt. If you decide that you're not going to pay your credit cards anyway, then you should just file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This will discharge you from your obligation to pay these debts and your creditors will never be able to come after you. It won't get rid of your student loan debt though, if you have any. However, if you can reasonably pay off your credit cards you should do it. If you pay them off and your payments are always on time you will have very good credit. Also, if you have good credit, it will be easy for you to get private student loans. You'll still be able to get them if you have bad credit, but you'll need a co-signer. If I had to weigh the two, I'd say that school is more important than perfect credit. Especially when you're young. *I wanted to make one more comment, yes your credit report will say Bankruptcy for 7 years (you can get it removed after 7) but it's your credit score that matters. If the last bad thing on your credit report is a Bankruptcy, followed by about 2 years of good credit, then your score will be competitive. Also be careful about debt reorganization companies. Many of them are very shady and can get you into more trouble than you are already in.
Your wages can be garnished for your credit card debts if not paid. Yes, Bankruptcy is an option but remember that it will be on your credit for 10 years. There are many free debt counseling agencies in your area that can sit down with you and look at the whole picture with you and see what your options are and can sometimes even get your payments knocked down to a lower monthly payment without any repercussions. I understand your concern as my credit was affected very negatively a few years back now due to medical expenses and other debts and I wish I would have known more about all the options out there. Your education is very important. Depending on your debt, realistically it takes the majority of people many, many years to pay off their debts. You should not have to put your goals on hold while doing this. Please try and seek all your options so you can do both......even if you have to go to school only part time for now. There are many web sites. You can try and and this will bring up many if the first one does not help you in your situation. Good luck~
Don't mess with your credit or you'll have an even harder time getting student loans to finish your degree. You won't get ahead by making minimum payments on credit cards so continue with your goal to pay them off as quickly as possible. You may want to reduce your expenses wherever you can and pay as much to your credit cards as you can. It makes no sense to continue using those cards so put them away. Unless you are paying annual fees, do not cancel those cards. If you can consolidate different cards at a lower rate, do it but ONLY if you have the means to pay more than the minimum. Keep your credit history in tact of showing tenure. If paying your credit card debt is a goal, focus on it and then continue with schooling or do a little of both. If you can take a class or two do it but concentrate on getting rid of those high interest rates and worry less about low interest student loans.
If you do not pay your debt most company's will presure further.... could be collections, could be bringing you to court. I do know if any of the debt is medical or student loans, you will be stuck paying them. Most cases you cannot include them in any kind of a bankruptcy. Also it depends on what you went to school for and if you already have a job in that field. alot of places look into your credit history before hireing you. Theylike to see how responsable you actually are. If you are thinking about letting your credit go, you probably will have no chance of ever getting any kind of student loans again.
Are you working two jobs to keep up with your credit card payments or because of your cost of living? Would you be able to get by on one job if you went to school on grants/scholarships/loans and made reasonable payments (let's say two times the minimum payment) on your cards? If that's the case, quit one job and go back to school. Otherwise, if you need the two jobs to live, finish paying off your debt first, then start going to school one or two classes at a time or taking online classes. This way, when you're more financially stable, you've already gotten a start on your education.
Please pay what you owe. You are the one that created the problem and working two jobs or three is just fine. Keep it up until all is paid and learn to live with less. Then you can finish school and I sure hope you do not ever get in debt again.
bad credit loan companies in georgia
My parents bought me a car in 2007, but I have always paid the payment. When it was originally bought, I owed $18,000; now i owe $7,000. I am moving to GA in 6 weeks (I HAVE TO because of my job) so I need to put the car in my name. I tried to get a loan (refinance it in my name) but they will not give it to me because of limited credit history. I also cannot get a co-signer because all of the people who would do it have bad credit (including my parents). So how can i take the car to GA, (I live in FL) if it is not in my name, or how can I get it in my name? Please dont say buy a new or used car; i cant get a loan and i cant afford to pay cash, but I HAVE to move in 6 weeks, and I HAVE to have a car (obviously). Please any advice or help would be much appreciated.
The only way to change ownership of a title that has a bank lien on it is to either pay off the balance in full or refinance, which you have already said isn't possible. But, the title does not have to be in your name to get the registration changed between states. The title will remain a FL title until it's paid off, the bank mails you the title with lien release, and you turn it into whatever state you are living in at the time to file for a clear title in your name. When you get to GA, either go to the local tax accessor (or look it up through the State of Georgia government website) and ask what the steps are to get the registration changed over and what you need to pay each year. Each state is different. Hope that helps. Call the insurance company that has the car covered now. As long as the vehicle has the standard coverage that is required by the lienholder, and you are the primary driver of the vehicle, you should be able to have the insurance in your name even if the title isn't in your name. My first car was in my parents name too, but I had the insurance in my name. This is TX though. If your insurance company cannot do that, I would suggest calling a few more insurance companies.
I'm afraid you will have to continue payments until the loan is completely paid. The loan was originally in you parents name, and that will not change. Sounds like the finance company wants the car to resell if they denied you to place the car in your name knowing you have made the payments all this time. I would get the pay-off on the car (less interest of the loan agreement) and try a reputable finance source such as a bank. The car should stand for the amount of the loan "pay off" . Poor credit from friends and parents has placed a road block in front of you that's going to be hard to get around. There is no law that say's you cannot take the car to Georgia, even if your parents are the contract owners after the loan is paid. Until then the owners are the institute that financed the loan in the beginning, who refused to assign you over. I would sell the car at fair market value + $300.00 and pay off the loan. You should have enough to purchase good transportation in your name.
When the car was bought there was a form that was filled out called a "transfer paper". That transferred ownership from the car-lot to the signees(in this case your parents) when they made full payment on the car. It now belongs to them. You are making payments on it so that you can own it(because I am assuming that was the arrangement). Now your parents would be "silly" to transfer ownership over to you when you owe them $7G for it. Not saying you wouldn't pay them back(but you could get away with it and it is they that are out 7 big ones. Am really wondering why you are not talking to the insurance companies (Fl and GA) they have their own set of rules so it seems. As far as I know, the owner of the vehicle must reside in the same state as the vehicle for the insurance to be valid. Guess what? You don't HAVE to have a car(there is no obvious reason) Make your JOB supply you with a vehicle while you pay off your other vehicle. They are the ones that are causing this disruption; and I definitely will not use my vehicle for the company to gain a profit from it.
My mom presently surpassed directly to the excellent beyond and left a vehicle and a house that I had to preserve. I discovered that they'd relatively care much less who sends the money as long using fact the money have been made on time. whether, some lein-holders wanted to be paid in-finished precise then-and-there! if your be certain-in-rules did no longer circulate away any money to pay off bills (even those they made for you), then you may attempt to be certain if the non-public loan is transferrable into your call. in the event that they'll do it then you could word and be approved. (it is been some years so which you by no skill understand, you will get approved). If the non-public loan isn't transferrable nonetheless attempt to make money (they gained't refuse them) and attempt to preserve an small (signature) loan and pay off the lein-holder. i'm hoping my adventure and proposals may lead directly to a pair solid techniques on your end. i'm sorry on your loss.
It is possible. He can call the insurance company and tell them the situation. the vehicle can remain in your parents name. you will be listed as the driver and the rated location of the car will be where it is kept (GA). you can choose to keep the mailing address the same or have it switched to GA if you want. Your license will remain in FL. the rate may even go down depending upon where you live in FL. (Miami has high rates) but you will loose the multiple car discount b/c the car is being kept someplace else.
I'm sorry but I don't understand why moving to GA means that you have to put the car in your name!?
Forge their signature on title now ur car congrats
I need to sell my son s truck that is registered in his name only in Nebraska. What form of permission do I need him to sign in order for me to sell the vehicle
Can anyone tell what is the correct answer for this question?
bad credit loan companies in georgia
My mother works for Publix here in Georgia. Today, they sent out a letter stating than any employees without a checking account (to direct deposit their pay into) will be fired in two weeks time if they do not set one up. My mother has bad credit and is poor--the banks here won't give her an account because of her poor credit. She takes care of my grandparents and works two jobs and still has trouble making ends meet. Her credit is bad because she's been unable to pay on loans and credit cards (her second job has been helping her get caught up) and she will not make it without the income from her second job. Does anyone know if this legal?
The reason they are denying her a bank account is because she owes money on credit cards and on loans. They don't want to give her a bank account because she's a "liability risk". I don't get why someone would think I would make this up. It's not like it's funny or humorous in an way. I asked because I wanted advice, I am a stay at home mom, so obviously I know nothing about employment laws.
My employer requires Direct Deposit as well. They don't fire folks for it, what they do is set up a savings account at their bank and deposit your check into that account. I'm told that this saves them umpteen thousands of dollars over the year, instead of printing and processing 1,500 checks every two weeks. Anyway, have Mom see if the company is willing to do this, or if a bank will let her open a savings account instead of a checking account. Direct deposit will go into that just as well.
In America, you can be fired for absolutely any reason at all or no reason at all, unless you are protected under Equal Opportunity. So, yes it is legal. Second, credit has nothing to do with opening a bank account. There is a system that banks use to monitor a person's checking account history that could prevent her from getting accounts opened in some banks. In other words, if a bank tells you that you cannot open an account, it is because you have really screwed another bank over in the past or still owe another bank on a closed and overdrawn account. But there will still be banks that she can open an account in- she'll just have to keep going around to little independent banks in your area until she finds one that is desperate for customers and will open her an account. There is no such thing as "not being able to open a checking account". The people who don't want to use that as an excuse because they don't want their money taken when they overdraw the account. Edit: I'm not saying you are making anything up- I'm simply saying that you are mistaken or have been misinformed by your mother. Her credit is irrelevant to a bank- it is the fact that she has defaulted on LOANS (which have to do with BANKS) that is causing her the trouble. Again, if she visits enough little independent "First Bank of Mayberry" banks, she will fin one that will help her. Or, like one of the other posters said, have someone else deposit it in THEIR account-payroll companies don't care whose account it is. YOU have a checking account, right?
In the absence of an employment contract that says otherwise, you can be let go for no reason at all in most places. I used to work for a large retail chain who also had their own financial services. They would only pay you by way of deposit to their account. (well, your account with their financial institution.) To the other posters, there are plenty of banks that will deny you a chequing account due to poor credit. Does she not have a family member that she trusts enough to have the money deposited to their account? I don't believe it has to be in her name, just a valid chequing account.
Your credit rating has nothing to do with opening a checking account.
This is BS. You don't have to show your credit report to open a bank account. Sorry, not buying your story.
First, they can't fire her for not having a checking account. Second, Your credit rating has nothing to do with opening a checking account.
I think you're BSing us. You don't need good credit to open a demand account.
They cannot do that!!
pay day loan companies in georgia
When I was in college, I developed Credit Card debt trying to pay for school. I am not paying on my collection, I lived in Michigan, but now reside in Georgia, how long will it take for my debt to be erased without me paying. I know someone who's debt was erased in seven years, now they have no credit and they are starting over.
I am a loan officer and Debt does not just disappear without you repaying in some the previous person answered you will get a 1099c form which means you would have to count that debt as income. It's never wise to not pay off your debt but I understand where you are coming from because I have been there!! (Ironic I know) You want a way out. There is no fast way out of debt, sure there is bankruptcy but we all know how that can affect your credit and your ability to get loans. You should call your credit card company and set up a payment arrangement. These days debt collectors are really flexible on payment arrangements, even if you can only send them $20 a month that's better than nothing. Then you would have the comfort of knowing that you are getting it paid off responsibly.
If it were as easy as you propose, everybody would do it and all the credit card companies would go bankrupt. As I look around, credit card companies are not going bankrupt. They will continue to look for you and they will find you if you have a bank account or any kind of credit. Once they find you, they will squeeze all the money they possibly can out of you. Attack your bank accounts, garnish your wages, etc.
And your friend is going to get 1099-Cs for the debt they never paid and yes, it's taxable income in the year they get the 1099-C.
That's just sad. You should seriously get things under control.
bad credit loan georgia They will provide bad credit car loans.
More people than you realize have bad credit and good jobs. And even though you are now ready to make good faith payments, lenders still are skeptical. There is a company called SAFCo (Southern Auto Financial Company) that will finance people with bad credit but only up to $12,000. Im not sure what the exact interest rate is but Im certain its high however, it is definitely an option. The only catch is that you have to get this through an Independent dealer or Franchise. My suggestion is to find someone with a dealer card, and get them to finance you through this company and then let that dealer take you to the dealer auction where you will get more for your money. Remember, a dealer can get a $17,000 car for about $14,000 sometimes even lower on a good day so your even with a higher interest rate, you aren't paying twice as much for your car.
I would check the classifieds for a cheap used vehicle. If you finance you will get a high interest rate that is not worth buying a vehicle. Not to mention you'll be upside down real quick because you'll owe more on a car than it's worth. I would look for something you can pay cash for and drive that for awhile. In that time maybe you can get your credit turned around and when you go to buy a car you'll get a better interest rate.
If you have a steady income, Carmax will finance a vehicle. I have a bankruptcy and recently purchased a car from Carmax and currently pay 15.45% interest. There are a few Carmax stores in the Atlanta area if you can get there. Buy here, pay here dealers will screw you over with over 30% interest rates and GPS based repo systems that require a code in order to start the car every month if you make payments on time.
Live columbus georgia bad credit find car
You CAN get a decent car loan, even with bad credit. I've done it, but you'll have to look around. That's one of the BIG mistakes people make...just taking the first offer that's given to them when they go to the dealer. Be smarter than that. WARNING: DON'T GO TO BUY A CAR WITHOUT HAVING THE LOAN FIRST. The auto dealers will eat you alive and give you a crappy rate. Shop around with lenders who specialize in bad credit car loans. It's a better option, you don't have to take what they're offering if you don't want it, and it's better than dealing with the car dealer's people. There are usually some nationally based car loan companies who specialize in bad credit car loans who advertise on the page linked below...
This Site Might Help You. RE: I live in columbus georgia and have bad credit please help me find a car?
For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. http://SMARTFINANCESOLUTIONS.NET/index.h...RE :I live in columbus georgia and have bad credit please help me find a car? Follow 5 answers
I would suggest calling local dealers asking if they have some sort of credit acceptance program. however, do not give your info to a dealer unless you are sure on a car and that they can get you approved.
bad credit loan companies in georgia
My husband is relocating for a job and we currently own a town home. We bought it new and have only lived here 2 years. I am willing to stay behind for a month or two not any longer. We would be moving from Minnesota to Georgia so rental option wouldn't work. We do want to buy a house down there so I know a short sale would most likely hinder that. I don't know what other options I have. Please help!
We can't rent due to high property taxes which make the mortgage payment more than what a renter would want to pay plus utility's on top of that. We also don't have the funds for a property mgmt company. And We don't get any relocating funds from the company so we have to pay for all those expences. So renting is not an option.
Obviously your best option is to sell the townhome for more than you owe. Second best option (from a credit score point of view). Sell the townhome for what you can - bring cash to closing if necessary. Short sales and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure are both loss mitigation techniques for banks (they think they'll lose less if they do this). Because of that, there needs to be an appearance of distress in the loan (usually missed payments). This trashes your credit and will not let you buy in Georgia. You also need bank permission to do either one of these types of sales. A full foreclosure would be worse for your credit. Unless you sell for enough or sell and bring cash to closing your credit will no longer be good enough to purchase a home in your new area... good luck!
In most instances in order for your mortgage lender to approve a short sale, you must have missed several monthly mortgage payments. Once you have missed several monthly payments, you would be required to list your town house for sale with a local real estate agent. A short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, foreclosure is about the same as far as the credit bureaus are concerned when it come to this type negative credit. Also when you apply for credit, how these negatives are interrupted by the company you are applying through would determine your interest rate or even if you are approved. If you allow one of these negatives to become a part of your credit report. You are looking at approximately 24-36 months before a mortgage lender would consider allowing you to be approved for another mortgage loan to purchase a house of any kind. If your town house does no sale in a few months or so after being listed, you may then request your mortgage lender authorize a short sale. Once your mortgage lender approve the short sale you may continue to market the town house for sale a reduced cost. You may not unilaterally decide to have your mortgage lender declare your town house and request a short sale. There is a procedure before a short sale is approved. You might inquire the procedure of your mortgage lender as to their procedure to approve a short sale. The time frame in which you want to allow a short sale is not adequate. The procedure to request a short sale would be approximately 3-4 months of missed mortgage payments. You would also have to have the town house listed with a local real estate agents for approximately 3-4 months. Your options currently are #1. Lease/rent with an option to buy. You seem to have or want to eliminate this option. There must be a reason. #2. Sell the town house with you as the mortgage company (owner will carry the mortgage). You would need to find someone that is able to explain these options to you. They might be the best options currently available, as either would prevent you from ruining your credit, because of this job relocation. You might find a book that would cover how to prepare a contract to sell your condo and carry the monthly mortgage, eliminating the taxes and insurance payment also. You would also need to find a local title company to assist you in completing this potential sale. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
Investigate creative financing options in the new city that avoids the use of traditional lenders. Attempt a short sale but be prepared to rent and bleed a loss each month if the short sale can not get approved. You do have a true hardship in the relocation and your budget with two households may help in justifying the short sale.
You will be very difficult to purchase another home after a short sale, as well as getting any kind of future credit = car loan, credit car, etc. Why aren't you considering renting for a couple of years until the market improves for you to be able to sell. You can hire a property mgmt company and it wouldn't matter where you are located.
Short sale is your only answer. And you are right, it will hurt your credit. try to do it while you are current so at least the mortgage lates will be few.
bad credit loan georgia
December 1999 I had to transfer from Virginia to Penn. I asked to be released from my apartment lease and they agreed. I payed my rent and left in December. I now live in Georgia and have since August 2000 in a rental house. Recently I applied to an apartment complex and was refused. On my credit report there is an eviction from the Virginia complex. Before this I never applied to anything so I never thought to check my report. This eviction was last reported in 2002. Being alittle over 6 years ago I do not have any of the papers from the Virginia apartment. WHAT DO I DO TO REMEDY THIS? Considering it's been 6 years and it's my word against theres. AND LEGALLY HOW MANY TIMES OR HOW OFTEN CAN THEY REREPORT TO THE DREDIT BUREAU? WHAT'S THE LEGAL AMOUNT OF YEARS IT CAN STAY ON A CREDIT REPORT? Thank you for any help given, this is wrecking my life.
First, I must correct misslabeled's correction. (Some people just refuse to research their answers). The Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 605(a) clearly states that the reporting period for debts begins on the date of the delinquency. NOT the reporting date. NOT the charge off date. NOT the date of last activity. Please go to the link below and do your research! And read the WHOLE THING! There will be a test later. To answer this question.... This landlord has now trashed your credit history for the past few years, and probably has caused you to be denied loans, or received higher interest fees. It certainly has affected you, as you claim you were denied a lease based on this report. First, get a letter from the landlord who denied you the lease, and make sure it gives the reason that your credit report was bad. Once you have this in hand, let's begin playing the "game". Make sure all of the letters you send are by certified mail/return receipt. You need evidence that these letters were sent. Send letters to each of the credit reporting agencies and dispute this item. Was this listing placed by the land lord or by a collection agency? If an agency did it, send them a demand to validate the debt letter. They have 30 days to either produce evidence that you owe this debt, (contracts, bills, receipts, everything!) or they must remove this listing from your credit report. Then send a letter to the old landlord. Inform him that you are disputing his claim that you owe him, and you want this debt "validated". Remind him that you were released from the apartment lease and that his negative report to your credit history was in error. His error has caused you to be damaged financially. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if someone places any un-validated entry to your history, they can be held liable for all damages that result from it. They can also be sued for $1000. If they don't respond back, or don't have proper validation evidence, then file a claim in small claims court and sue the. I sure wish you had kept your old records though....that would have locked your case.
Hmm, that's a tough one. The good news is that in one more year, it will be wiped (7 years is the magic number.) Sounds like you have every right to protest this with the credit reporting bureaus. If you haven't done so already, request a copy of the report that shows this info -- you are entitled to it for free since something in it caused you to be denied credit. You can protest the info right on the internet, or by snail mail. Just provide whatever info you DO have, and the credit bureau will ask the apt. complex to substantiate their claim. Often, they will remove it for lack of proof. If the bureau does not remove it, you can add a message to this section of your report explaining the situation. If you do this, tread carefully. Make sure you are to the point and sound professional (and spell "renter" correctly...;-) This shouldn't "wreck' your life if your references for the last six years have been positive. You may have to stay with private rentals for the next year until this falls off your credit, that's the worst-case scenario.
To correct the other people, the seven year count begins when it was reported, which is 2002, so it won;t fall off until 2009. But you really should dispute it with the reporting agencies. If the company doesn't respond, it's automatically removed. If they assert that the report is valid, enter a personal statement on your reports. These are seen by anyone who pulls your report. A good point to make would be whether you received your deposits back. If you're evicted you would not have gotten them.
At the initiating, why did you move a house that replaced into infested with roaches contained in the first position? And certain, once you've mildew and insect infestations, then they could fix those issues because you've a acceptable to a liveable surroundings. yet, ethically talking, that's your fault too because you for sure knew all about the themes, yet moved with the help of any ability? EDIT: i do not want to understand the specifics to bypass judgement. Your circumstances do no longer count number. you chosen to flow in; no one positioned a gun for your head. this does no longer advise they do no longer ought to fix it, yet all i'm saying is that per chance next time you should look at an section in the previous you flow in and ***** about it later.
This is why it is so important to get it in writing when you are released from a lease. Try contacting your old landlord and ask for a letter explaining the situation. You could also try submitting a written explanation to the credit bureaus to be included on your report.
Dispute it with the Credit reporting agencies. If that dosent work it will fall off in the 7th year.
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Because of the interest rates.
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Probably a usury provision in the state constitution. Very high interest rates.
Because the interest they charge is termed usury in that state. Many states are following suit on this.
Because it's a scam. A lot of states are moving to ban them.
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This is something i have been slowly pulling my hair out for a couple of months over now. apparenlty there is the possiblity there is a loan out for a morgage 2003 in my name. i just turned 23. i can verify for the last three residents i lived in, my drivers license, banking info, birth certificate and social security. all of this was done over the phone and via fax machine which scares the hell out of me personally. i have checked with all three crediters to no avail. i can not get my report!!! ilive in georgia and i can damn well get one free report a year as legislation grants me from these dipwads so if anyone has some advice, i am all ears, becuz at this point i dont know what to do. i cant file a police report or anything till i have this information, and then well... i can't do anything.... so HeLp!!!
I dont think i am forgetting anything, and i am telling you everything but the actual content of information provided... for practical reasons. all three places tell me that there is an inacuracy (and there friggen isnt) or that there is not enough information in my report at this time to varify through the current channels i have been trying to utilize. there is one of two reasons that: 1.) obviously, if there has been bad things going on with my identity then i am not going to be able to verify history on it. 2.) there really isnt enough information becuz i hardly ever use my formal i.d. to do anything that involves developing a credit history other than living. no credit cards, no outstanding bills in my name, i practically dont exsist for all senses and purposes. thank you all, more informaiton is always good!!
Here is an article that deals with a couple of different methods of getting the free credit report. these don't work for you then there is something to your story that you are not sharing. I can get mine within a couple of minutes with the same types of information that you have.
This makes no sense. If you know your social securty number and your name and your address you should be able to get a free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies. You can mail in one form or go to one web site and apply. The FTC has a lot of information on their web site about dealing with identity theft, which may be what is going on here.
If you think that there's something fishy going on, then you need to first protect the identity you got left... go enroll in LifeLock or LoudSiren... google them, they are great services that help you protect your identity. They will send you free credit reports so that's a way to get them... the services range anywhere from $8-$10/month, so it's affordable for everyone. You can also call the credit Bureaus directly and see if they can help you.
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Fill out the form in a PDF file below and send it in. They will mail you a copy of your report and it will include ways to dispute incorrect information.
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Bills Would Extend Waiting Time for Divorce, Add Adultery Penalty Associated Press, January 13, 2005 ATLANTA—Lawmakers are pushing bills that would make spouses seeking a divorce wait longer and punish those who commit adultery by causing them to lose their rights to marital property. A Senate bill introduced yesterday would extend the waiting period for divorce from 30 days to six months for an uncontested divorce of a couple with children; the wait would be extended to four months if no children were involved. The bill is being introduced by state Senator Mitch Seabaugh—a Republican from Sharpsburg. A similar bill was approved in the Senate last year but died in the House. The divorce bill has a good chance of passing this year with Republicans in control of the House. In the House, state Representative Nikki Randall—a Macon Democrat—filed a bill that would prohibit people seeking a divorce from receiving any marital property if they had committed adultery. Georgia Divorce Law --------------------------------------... Notes: This summary is not intended to be an all-inclusive summary of the laws of divorce in the State of Georgia, but does contain basic and other procedures. Grounds for divorce A divorce may be granted in the State of Georgia on the following grounds: 1. Incest; 2. Mental incapacity at the time of marriage; 3. Impotency at the time of marriage; 4. Force, menace, duress, or fraud in obtaining the marriage; 5. Pregnancy of the wife by one other than the husband at the time of marriage, unknown to the husband; 6. Adultery by either party; 7. Willful and continued desertion by either party for one year; 8. Conviction and imprisonment for at least two years for a crime of moral turpitude; 9. Habitual intoxication or drug addiction; 10. Cruel treatment; 11. Incurable mental illness; 12. The marriage is irretrievably broken. CGA 19-5-3 Waiting period A divorce based upon the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage shall not be granted until at least 30 days have elapsed from the date of service upon the respondent. CGA 19-5-3 Residency requirements The party filing for divorce must have been an actual and bona fide resident of the State of Georgia for at least six months prior to the filing of the petition for divorce and such divorce action shall be filed in that party's county of residence. If the filing party is a non-resident of the State of Georgia and the other spouse has been a resident of the state for six months, the filing party may file the petition in the county in which the other party resides. CGA 19-5-2 Name of court and title of action/parties An action for divorce is filed with the Superior Court. The action initiating the divorce proceeding is the Petition, while the action granting the divorce is referred to as the Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce. The filing party is called the Petitioner, while the other spouse is referred to as the Respondent. CGA 19-5-1,19-5-5 Simplified divorce proceeding There are no provisions within the State of Georgia for simplified divorce proceedings. Legal separation When the spouses are separated, the State of Georgia permits either party to petition the court for support on that party's behalf or on the behalf of any minor children of the marriage. CGA 19-6-10 Conciliation/mediation In any county with alternative dispute resolution programs, the court may refer all contested petitions for divorce to those programs. In addition, in counties without such programs, the court may still refer any disputed divorce case to participate in any reasonably available alternative dispute resolution program as it sees fit. CGA 19-5-1 Alimony Alimony may be awarded to either spouse on either a permanent or temporary basis in accordance with that party's needs and the other party's ability to pay, although a party is not entitled to alimony if the court determines that the cause of the spouses separation was due to that party's adultery or desertion. The amount of alimony will be determined by the court after consideration of the following factors: 1. The standard of living established during the marriage; 2. The duration of the marriage; 3. The age, physical and emotional condition of both parties; 4. The financial resources of each party; 5. The time necessary for either party to acquire sufficient education and training to find suitable employment; 6. The contribution of each spouse to the marriage; 7. The condition of the parties, including the separate estate, earning capacity and fixed liabilities of each party; 8. Any other factor the court deems relevant and just. Distribution of property The court will distribute the marital property of the parties between them as it deems equitable and just, after setting aside to each spouse that party's separate property. Child Custody The issue of custody of any minor children of the marriage will be determined by the best interests of the child. The court shall not prefer one party over the other on the basis of sex. The court will consider instances of domestic violence in determining custody and may also order a psychological or medical evaluation of the family as it deems necessary. CGA 19-9-3 Child support Either party may be ordered to pay child support. Georgia has enacted child support guidelines which establish the presumptively correct amount of support to be paid. Deviation from these guidelines require a specific written finding on the record of the proceeding that the application of the guidelines would be inappropriate or unjust in the particular case. The record must further state what the amount of support would have been under the guidelines. Justification for deviation from the guidelines include such things as: 1. The ages of the children; 2. Educational costs; 3. A child's extraordinary medical costs; 4. Day-care costs; 5. Shared physical custody arrangements; 6. A party's support obligation to another household; 7. Income that should be attributed to a party because of that party's artificial suppression of income; 8. In-kind income for the self-employed; 9. Other support a party is willing to provide; 10. A party's own extraordinary expenses; 11. Extreme economic circumstances; 12. Historical spending in the family for children; 13. Cost of living factors; 14. Any other factor the court deems to be required by the ends of justice. The duty of support shall continue until the child reaches the age of majority, dies, marries or becomes emancipated, whichever occurs first. The court may, however, under certain circumstances, order the continued support of a child who is enrolled in a secondary school until the child reaches the age of twenty. The court may also order a party to provide medical insurance for the child if such insurance is reasonably available. CGA 19-5-3 Name change In all divorce actions, upon request, the court may restore a party to a former or maiden name. CGA 19-5-16
I see you write at a college level, and obviously can read well......girlfriend what are you confused about. He's not husband material for YOU. You need a man that understands his Biblical, Legal, and ethical role in the marriage. He can't be an effective loving husband/leader (1Cor7:3) cheating on his wife, and not working. That's just backwards. Now if you feel this fool is worth that hassle I'd suggest religious marriage counseling, otherwise, seek and find a REAL MAN.
He goes back to her so he can avoid taking responsibility for himself, is there some kind of legal aide where you live that could help you? he is not really willing to work on the problems. there is no law that punishes adultry, it is just morally wrong, and shows the true character of the person doing shows where his heart is,and what he is really thinking. it's easier to just get a divorce than go through all the pain and rejection. his actions speak much louder than any thing he is saying.
Sure, send them an anonymous note. Give them each others' phone number. You'll be doing them both a favor. If I were one of those women, I'd love to know before I got too hurt. Rats deserve to have lightening strike them from no where!!!! Tho I think revenge erodes the soul, sometimes rats really do deserve to be proven that they aren't all that smart. Go girl.
I'm not sure of the specifics in your state, but I know that in California, nomatter if there is infidelity or not, it's a community property state, so in a divorce, things get split evenly--unless you sue afterwards civilly. With that need to get out of this relationship. He is obviously a deadbeat, because he won't work, and the fact that he is actually in a relationship with another woman makes him not worth your effort. I know it's sad, but you need to leave him and make a clean break NOW!
..and you take him back? Look...adultery has been off the books as a crime for years. So has "lascivious carriage". Although in Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana who knows what archaic laws still exist. But I doubt it. Civilly it is an issue...hence the reasons for divorce court. So forget about having him or her arrested...that does no good. File and get the ball rolling.
I don't know about against the law but I'd divorce him so fast it would make his head swim. He's doing whatever he wants and playing games. Cut your loss and show him the road and let the other one have him. You'll come out the winner.
As far as I know it is against the law everywhere. Here where I live if you commit adultery legally the adulterer is entitled to nothing.
Check your state laws. When I got divorced (many years ago) in Mississippi, adultry was a criminal offense there...other states, it's not as much of an issue...
Cheating is not against the law but it is morally wrong. As for your divorce, start saving! Dump the jerk!
Well he is making no progress, action speaks louder than words, the police will not enforce that law, because the jail would be might want to start moving on with your life , and he will come running back.
bad credit loan georgia
I see it like this: Stock market tanked in 2000. Alan Greenspan (not a politician) lowered interest rates to ridiculous levels and held them there. That led to money being easy to get, which led to more people than normal wanting home loans, which led to a real estate bubble. The bubble popped and those people dont want to pay back their loans because their homes values arent worth what they paid. So how come the parties are pointing fingers at each other when the culprit is never mentioned?
I absolutely believe he is the major problem. The cause of our current economic situation- the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto Are the politicians and the media so foolish to believe that the bailout scheme is the answer to our economic woes? Apparently, yes. I’ve seen everyone blamed for this fiasco; Wall Street, the President, and Congress, however very few are looking at the horrible policies and extreme power of the Federal Reserve. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernacke are the chief culprits of this debacle. By using such powers as the discount rate and fractional reserve banking, among others, they have the power to send our economy, and the world’s economy (the dollar is the reserve currency of the world) into a recession or depression at their whim. Why would the Congress give the power over money over to this institution that was created in secrecy on Jekyll Island, Georgia? Why do the American people allow it? The media not report on it? The answer is either ignorance of the system (The people) or they are in bed with them (some politicians and some in the media). I believe the latter want it and need it to finance the overseas and domestic mischief they get us involved in. It would be impossible for them to tax the citizenry enough to do all this. They know this; it would be like a scene out of the movie Frankenstein with people going after the politician with torches and pitchforks. And they would never gamble their political careers on it. Are we a socialist nation? Most would say no, however, in 1848, Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto. In this he writes of the 10 planks to turn a nation to socialism. Number 5 states; “Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.” Congress needs to overturn the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It may be our last hope. I would ask the readers of this opinion piece to Google the 10 planks of Communist Manifesto and judge for themselves where we stand as a nation. A recession is here, it can’t be avoided. So is printing and/or borrowing 1 trillion dollars going to make things better? Do you really believe the people and methods that caused this mess are going to fix it using the same methods that got us there? Temporarily at best. The market must clean up this mess, home values must drop to market values, and bad debt must be liquidated. We have to take our lumps in this matter. If not the power to be, the Federal Reserve will ultimately destroy our currency, and then times will get really tough. It’s going to be very destructive to the middle class. Couldn’t we learn anything from recent collapses in Argentina and Brazil? Is the United States stronger than that? Is it stronger than the market? I believe we are getting that answered now. I would encourage anyone who has a congressperson with a seat in the House Committee on Financial Services to deliberate and vote on H.R. 2755, the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act that was introduced by Rep. Paul on June 15, 2007. Compare the quotes of two very influential men in history: “Give me control of a nation’s monetary system and I care not who writes their laws.”- German banker M. Rothschild “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied. The issuing power of money should be taken from the banks and restored to Congress and the people whom it belongs.”- Thomas Jefferson
Hi Lioness, I tried to find "objectified" and "objectification" in the dictionary and no joy. Well, I'm not exactly sure I understand your queston, but think I might have an idea. Anyway, have you ever heard of the "bell curve"? It's a curve that is shaped like a bell and does a good job of representing statistics. As for beauty, at one end of the curve we have the least attractive and at the other end the most. The same would be true for income ... poorest on one side and richest on the other. In the middle of the bell we have all the average folks. I think what you're saying is true, but just simply a fact of life. We have the full spectrum for both genders. As for why guys don't protest ... I guess they realize that it's just the way things are and protests are unlikely to change anything. Hope this helps!
You need to get the facts straight. First off we are not in a economic crisis. We have had growth over the last two quarters of 3%, the median income level has risen 20%, and the September consumer confidence ratings were high. So lets get off the myth that we are in a recession. Judging by your question you are taking about the mortgage crisis. Lets look at the facts: Jimmy Carter brought us the Community Redevelopment act which said that banks had to make a certain percentage of mortgage loans in poor areas. Then along came Clinton who basically put the Community Redevelopment act on steroids and made the banks give even more subprime loans. Janet Reno even gave a speech saying that any company who didn't comply would be prosecuted. Clinton appointed Jim Johnson a CEO of Fannie. Some time later Acorn (who has many Democrat politicians in their pocket) accused banks of redlining because they were racist. Acorn said that if the banks did not give out even more subprime loans then they would be branded as racist and they would make it impossible for them to do business. Because banks didn't want to have to deal with either Acorn or the government coming after them they basically relaxed the loan processess so that you didn't even have to show ID or prove what your income was. Several Clinton administration people found their way into Fannie such as Franklin Raines and Jamie Garelick. Franklin Raines cooked the books to give millions of dollars of bonuses to Fannie executives. Both Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson left Fannie amid scandal. Jim Johnson then went to CountryWide where he gave sweetheart loan deals to Democrat politicians including Obama. He served on Obama's VP selection team and is currently one of Obama's economic advisors. Chris Dodd (D) is the chairman of the committee that regulates Fannie and Freddie and was the top recepient of campaign funds from these companies. Obama received the second highest and John Kerry was third. The blame for this lies squarely on the Democrats who benifited with compaign contributions, money, and sweetheart loan deals. The Republicans bear some blame becasue they blew the whistle on this and then did nothing to change it even when they had control of Congress. This whole mess is because of greed, corruption, ill conceived government policy, and poor regulation. There should be no tax payer bailout of Fannie or Freddie they should declare bankruptcy, and either closed or sold to someone in the private sector. There needs to be investigations into at the very least Chris Dodd, Jim Johnson, Franklin Rains, Jamie Garelic, Acorn (who Obama has ties to) and Barney Frank with most of them being sent to jail!
Because we don't see it like you do. The lower interest rates kept money moving. It was offset by low yield on savings. If you compare this to the Carter years, it was the other way around and our economy tanked, inflation skyrocketed and unemployment was high. You have to account for many factors in this finger-pointing game. Look at the RE markets first hit, and you will find increased environmental regulations, insurers pulling out due to natural disasters and "flippers" who over-heated the markets. In other areas, you don't see anything but the people in foreclosure who probably shouldn't ever have gotten loans in the first place.
He has a part of the blame but not the most part. If Frannie and Freddy did not buy the loans from the bank, they would not have lent them no-matter how cheap the money was. The flush of money is a larger contributer ot high Credit card debt, car debt, ect. which has an indirect effect on the housing crises.
Many of us have. Many of us think the Fed Reserve should be done away with also.
You are correct. The reason most people don't see it is simply their lack of basic understanding of economics.
georgia pay day loans
I live in the state of Georgia. I brought a used 2002 Honda Odyssey and because of credit issues from previous husband STILL on my report, I did not qualify for a bank loan so the car dealer ran me through a group called United Auto Credit. My payment is due on the 21st of each month. Since May of 2006 I have rounded my payments up by a few dollars and paid $400 a month. (reg pymt is $397.11) I have always mailed my payment between the 15th (paid day) and the 17th. United Auto is in the same state but about 50 miles from me. ONE time.....I mean ONE time....I was out of town at a continuing Ed class and told my husband to mail it. Check was done, in envelope; ready to go. He forgot and didn't mail it until the 22nd. I started getting harrassing calls 2-3 times a day until they got it. And then the next payment I sent they sent back and told me I had to pay by Western Union or money order for 12 months. That was back in October 2007. Is this legal?
It would make sense if they were requiring it because I bounced a check but that's not the case. I have worked really hard to pay off those old debts but they are still on there but for the past 5 years...I pay everything on time. I just can't catch a break! What about refinancing? It's been two years since I got this loan, what are the chances a more reputable place would take me now?
Pay it as they request and shop around for a new loan. You're probably paying about 25% for the loan anyway. Try a credit union to refi.
Companies who deal with people with bad credit are strict because they don't want to get burned. Chances are, that stipulation was included in the fine print, so yes, they can go ahead and require that. Besides, they don't care what your reason is for making a late payment, and it doesn't matter if you normally pay extra because your regular payment is still due. So, just pay with a money order for the next year, but get the money orders from a pharmacy, not your bank because they are MUCH cheaper!
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The problem with this school is that very little information about it is readily available. For-profit schools like this are, as an industry, under a great deal of scrutiny these days for abuses in admissions and financial aid practices. So, while the lack of information could be perfectly innocent, it indicates that you should be cautious. College Navigator is a reliable source of information for comparing colleges. If you enter the name of a couple of more traditional colleges, you will get a list of options for all kinds of information that you can click on--retention and graduation rates that show how satisified students were with the college, breakdowns of costs and sources of financial aid, etc. There are many campuses for Strayer, so I picked a Georgia campus at random, but there was very little information provided....which is suspicious. Also, at College Prowler, which has student reviews, most of the reviews were written by the same person, at monthly intervals, and all gave glowing reviews with comments targeted toward common concerns that students have. It is not uncommon for employees of for-profits to post reviews as if they were a student in order to give a positive impression of the school. I'm not saying that this is what's going on with this school, but ....... The few statistics that were available indicate that this college costs about $17,300 per year, so a four year degree will cost about $69,198. That's a little steep for the type of majors offered. There is very little scholarship aid available--apparently the average award was only $2862 and only 3% of students received it. The remaining aid came from loans and Pell grants. 54% of students received Pell grants averaging $4132. This is a fairly high average, indicating that many of the school's students are low income--typical for a for-profit school. Even if you received a full Pell grant and the $2862 average scholarship, you would probably have a significant amount of loan debt if you choose this college This information is from the College Prowler website. You could probably find programs that are similar to those offered by this school for much less money. Many of their programs are readily available at community colleges and state universities where there may be greater opportunities for financial aid. Most of these schools also have online options these days, so it may be worthwhile to explore that option and compare what you're getting for your money. It may be that this school is perfectly fine and just what you want. But, the lack of easy access to information about it is troubling. If you are considering enrolling, I would ask many questions and get everything in writing before signing anything.
If you want facts..... simply contact your local community college or university & ask them if they will transfer credits from Strayer University when they tell you NO they don't, then you can ask why... and what they will try to explain is the difference in the type of accreditation that state schools must go through vs the type of accreditation that for-profit schools go through then, for further evidence that Strayer isn't worth your money... contact all the major employers in your state... ask them if they were to compare 2 candidates for a job.... one with their degree from in-state Uni & the other from Strayer who would they pick & why then you will be able to get factual information on how worthless a degree is from any of the for-profit schools
If you want proof, look it up yourself it's not right asking others to do research you should be interested enough to do yourself.
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The actual car payment is only a portion of the total cost to operate a vehicle. If you are in a state that taxes cars yearly, like we have here in Georgia the tax is based on the value of the car. The newer the car, the more tax you pay. Insurance can run several thousand dollars a year for a young inexperienced driver. It all depends on the car you own and the city you live in. There are also maintenance costs and of course fuel costs. Maintenance can be anything from a simple oil change 4 times a year to new tires, wiper blades, hoses and belts all the way up to mechanical breakdown of major components like the A/C, brakes, transmission or electrical system. If you can afford it you need to pay cash for all of these expenses. If you must get a loan to buy the car, make sure you use a reputable small Bank or Credit Union for your financing. The ONLY THING you should use the loan for is the actual cost of the car. DO NOT finance things like registration and tag fees or insurance. Those costs always come out of your pocket.
I suggest one to visit this site where you can get quotes from different companies: RE :The costs of buying a car used? So im nearly 17 and for my birthday am getting driving lessons after i pass my test i am planning to buy a used car. But i have no idea about the cost of having a car.. like taxes, insurance or how they are paid or anything! any help would be really useful thanks! Follow 5 answers
Buy a low-cost, fuel-efficient USED car outright. There are plenty of used cars and vans out there big enough for a family that still get 25+MPG. If you finance a brand new car with $7-8K down, you lose most of that value the minute you drive it off the lot and you wind up owing as much as the car is worth. Over time you will go "upside-down," and when you realize that your little financed car isn't big enough for a family you're going to go deeper into debt to buy something that suits your needs. I realize that our society tells us that a car payment is "normal," but if your MBA husband has been paying attention to his classes he should be able to figure out that borrowing money to buy a car is a poor financial move.
Well they are all paid by you as for taxes that is done at time of sale at your dealership or if you buy from private owner when you register to apply for tags at the DMV you pay your taxes then,, as for insurance i live in maryland so for a new driver that is costly ask your parents if they will add you to there policy or if not talk to an agent they will give you an idea of cost and payment plans.
I guess you shouldcheck the insurance quotes for the car before buying one, for example here: Young drivers usually have higher rates because they have much higher risk of accident.
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I could not find him in the US Census as a child. I did find him in later years, but that doesn't give you his parents, unfortunately. There is another Hugh Walker Arnall, but he is a white man in Georgia. There's quite a bit of info on him at, if you would like it. (There could be a link, regardless of race, since other black Arnalls are also found in Georgia.) Also unfortunately, I think the official Fayette County birth records only date back to 1893 (see website BUT there is a source that may be able to help you: "Birth returns for negroes and mulattoes, 1788-1826" compiled by the Fayette County Prothonotary. You can rent the microfilm of this through the LDS Family History Centers. Go to, click Library, then Family History Centers for the location of the one nearest to you. They do charge a fee. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh also has this microfilm. They might loan it out via InterLibrary Loan. Contact them to see: Also, in the future the records you seek might be available online! Fayette County is in the process of digitizing its records: There's another record that MAY help, although it's a bit of a gamble: "Index to Fayette Co., Pa., wills, 1783-1900." You could use this to see if an Arnall died during the late 1800s and then obtain their will. Several libraries in the US have this (see Also at type in Fayette County PA Genealogy and you'll find other sources that could give you clues. I hope this helps in your search! Good luck!
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Im really Worried, I'm Being Evicted From my apartment in 30 days, I have no money to go find a new place, And I have no one, I am Being evicted because of the condition of my house, I got a letter at my door today that the manager typed. I live in atlanta georgia and I dont know what to do, If you have any answers please help, Anyways thanks.
Start those resumes but see whats near you (local shelters, churches, even those online have programs willing to lend a helping hand to those in need but i'd recommend choosing government funded companies offering those services as opposed to complete strangers) even finding a roomate willing to wait or even getting a loan as colateral for the first few weeks until you find work ( never search the newspaper just go to each business personally you'll have a more personal chance of success instead of competing for positions) all else fails theres always labour ready... hope you will be ok take care of yourself :)
I have some advice. Get a job to pay for a place, and then keep it clean. If I rented a place and the people didn't keep it up I'd kick then out with 3 days notice. Maybe you have a car to live in? I mean your in Atlanta, its not like your going to freeze to death.
Some cities have a free legal aide. It would pay you to see if your city has one. If so talk to them on your problem. If not see if a local church can help you. Has your manager ever talked to you regarding the condition of your apartment before. To find legal aide in your city call any local attorneys office and ask.
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Home Equity Loans Pros and Cons So what are really the home equity loans pros and cons. The definite number of pros is equated evenly with its cons. But it is more favorable to be aware of all the cons before venturing what home equity loans can do for you. Losing your Homes The most dreadful circumstance is losing your homes. And losing your home this way is the most dreadful if not embarrassing. Your insurance won’t be triggered this way and some home equity loan plans include all the furnishings on the time of the survey. Facts about foreclosure are real. They happen. In fact high foreclosure rates happen on Georgia, Nevada and Colorado. One out of every 422 households is in primary stages of foreclosure in Georgia, 1,795 properties entering foreclosure in Nevada, 3,747 properties in Colorado. This is because of home equity plans gone awry. The most common culprit? Lost jobs. Endless Debt Cycle It’s easy to spend for everything you need when you have money; or rather when an accessible means is readily available. It could happen in a fixed rate home equity plan, but most victims are line of credit types home equity plans. Why? When you have a ready check available, you tend to dispense it faster than you could count your receipts. The outcome is endless piles of bills, coupled with your mortgage, PLUS your home equity charges. So you draw more amounts from the home equity loan to offset your existing bills, digging yourself deeper into debt. In the home equity loans pros and cons, I’d like to point out that the cons should be highlighted always. Learn about the cons before committing something as valuable as your property. If you have mastered the art of cautious spending, the home equity option will be your best friend yet.
A loan based on the amount of equity a homeowner has in the property. The interest paid on a home equity loan is usually deductible. Unlike a home equity line of credit (HELOC), the home equity loan features a fixed rate, payment and term, usually five to 15 years. If you don't repay the debt, the lender can take your collateral and sell it to get its money back. With a home equity loan or line of credit, you pledge your home as collateral. You can lose the home and be forced to move out if you don't repay the debt. There are two types of home equity debt: home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, also known as HELOCs. Both are sometimes referred to as second mortgages, because they are secured by your property, just like the original, or primary, mortgage. Home equity loans and lines of credit usually are repaid in a shorter period than first mortgages. Most commonly, mortgages are set up to be repaid over 30 years. Equity loans and lines of credit often have a repayment period of 15 years, although it might be as short as five and as long as 30 years A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, works more like a credit card because it has a revolving balance. A HELOC allows you to borrow up to a certain amount for the life of the loan -- a time limit set by the lender. During that time, you can withdraw money as you need it. As you pay off the principal, you can use the credit again, like a credit card. A HELOC gives you more flexibility than a fixed-rate home equity loan. It also is possible to remain in debt with a home equity loan, paying only interest and not paying down principal. A line of credit has a variable interest rate that fluctuates over the life of the loan. Payments vary depending on the interest rate, the amount owed and whether the credit line is in the draw period or the repayment period. During the equity line's draw period, you can borrow against it and the minimum monthly payments cover only the interest, although you can elect to pay principal. During the repayment period, you can't add new debt and must repay the balance over the remaining life of the loan. The draw period often is five or 10 years, and the repayment period typically is 10 or 15 years. Those are generalizations, and each lender can set its own draw and repayment periods. Lenders have been known to have draw periods of nine years, six months, and repayment periods of 20 years With either a home equity loan or a line of credit, you have to pay off the balance when you sell the house If you or anyone you know needs advice or quotes on this type of loan please feel free to email me.
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You will receive the Actual Cash Value for your vehicle. The check will be sent directly to your lien holder. If you owe more than the ACV, you are still responsible for the balance unless you have GAP coverage. You can probably roll the balance over to another loan.
You will need yo look at the "fine print" on the loan. You may have a section that pays off the loan if the collateral is destroyed. Probably not though. If the loan was secured by the vehicle, then you either need to pay the loan off, or surrender the collateral, the car. Once again you need to look at your loan docs. You may be able to give the loan company the wrecked vehicle to fully satisfy your obligation. There may be a clause in the loan docs that says "if the value of the collateral is less than what is owed, you are responsible for the difference". If you had full coverage insurance on the vehicle and you named the loan company as a lien holder or if they placed a lien against title with your local DMV, then your insurance company may pay them off. If you were not at fault in the accident, and someone else's insurance is covering the repair/replacement/damages etc. of your vehicle, then make sure that insurance company is aware of the payoff amount of the loan against the vehicle so they can include that amount in any settlement you may receive. If none of the above, then you will still have to pay for it. Otherwise I am sure the loan company will nail you to the wall with collection fees, interest, etc. and report all to the credit reporting agencies. Good luck!
Of course its your responsibility if you had a loan you should have collision on the car the insurance company will pay the loan holder book value if it less than what you owe you pay the difference or pocket anything left over
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Most of my contacts are probably sick of my rants on how hard things are on me.. but I cant help myself. To say the least, I'm 16 and a mother of a very hard to handle 6 old. I do everything I can for our little family, I work two jobs, while going to school. He has everything plus more. It's hard, because I do it on my own. I live on my own, and I pay for everything myself, no child support, no WIC, no cash assistance. That alone is draining. My son has had a very complicated 6 months of life. He was born 2 months early. He had meckles diverticulitis at 4 months old, and had to have a major surgery to realign his intestines. He has colic, so he's always very very fussy. And now, he's had 4 seizures in the last 3 days. Were sitting in the hospital, because their running tons of tests thinking that my son has epilepsy. So for the past 3 days, I havent been able to work, stressing because I'm not making money and I'm worried about my sick son. I can't sleep because of any of this. If I dont make money, I wont be able to pay rent, my son wont be able to eat, I wont be able to eat, or pay for gas, and it's like I'm watching this happen. I guess what I'm asking is, when it gets too stressful, how do you maintain yourself? I try to look at my son and just smile, but I'm scared for where I'm going to end up.
In reference to the last detail-edit you added, hunny I am in the projects. I know how people can be so judgmental, but it's not worth feeling bad over. You don't have to be 'the best' and you aren't always going to be praised for the things you do because everyone has an opinion on something, and there are a lot of people out there who look for things to nitpick for (and it is usually a way to defer attention away from their own shortcomings). I have been on WIC, and it isn't just for helping people who can't afford food, but it helps teach parents nutritional values that they can use in their parenting skills. You are never too smart to learn something new and no matter how old you get - there is always more to learn. I am on food stamps and I have been since my daughter was born. I made a 'mistake' with the wrong person, and I can't even sue for child support... but what is done is done. I can't run myself down trying to make ends meet, I need help. I'm not ashamed of that at all. Growing up, I had nearly nothing... things just weren't afforded to me. In 8th grade I wore the same pair of jeans every... single.. day... I was picked on harshly for that, I lived in a very 'rich' area in North Georgia and I didn't fit in at all. For 5 years I lived without running water and electricity, do you think I got regular showers? Nope. I had to be extra careful with the clothes that I did have, not to get them dirty because I couldn't wash them regularly. I grew up in foster homes for a while too. It was my dad's fault, long story that I won't get into. My point is, I have learned to be very thankful for everything I have and if I need help I can ask for it. The reason we have food stamps, wic, and families first are to help you because no matter how good you are at what you do, chances are you will need a helping hand sooner or later for something. The services provided by the government are there for temporary assistance, so that while you are trying to reach your goal (like finishing school) you will have a better chance of succeeding and eventually you won't need any help. People look down on you because they are standing on your toes - they aren't any 'higher' than you unless you let them make you feel they are. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Get help if you need it. You are doing very well, and doing all the right things (and you ARE breaking the mold of the average teenage mother) but that doesn't mean that if you get help you will be less of a good person.
Who are these people that will be looking down on you? Why do they matter so much? These are questions that you might want to ask yourself and the answers will help you realize what has been fueling you. God and my family are my fuel because this is a positive force that keeps me going. However, when I start focusing on what other people think about me than I have fuel, but I lose some momentum because it's negative energy that's pushing me to prove them all wrong. ** Keep on doing what you need to do, it sounds like you have ALREADY beat the odds. I mean, I knew many teen moms and some may have been through similar situation as far as their parents, but you have a desire to succeed and that already puts you above the rest. The fact that you DON'T want to be a statistic means you won't if you stay focused on whats important. Just do the best that you can because that's all that matters at the end of the day. So, if that means that you may need assistance's, don't be ashamed just have a game plan.
Big Picture People: Very idealistic and a day dreamer. You prefer theories over facts. You probably enjoy philosophy and sociology. You're very creative and a global thinker. It's also likely that you can see all aspects to a particular problem or issue. It's easy for you to see both sides of a political debate, unlike the detail oriented person who is probably either strictly left or right. However, some people may claim that when you go "try" to go into detail, you are too vague. You are more visually stimulated. When you need to learn things or make notes in school, you're likely to prefer the "bubble" or "cloud" approach rather than sticking to an outline. Pisces Sun Libra Moon Gemini Rising Aries Venus Cancer Mars
You're young. You're still in school. It's not like you're planning to make this your entire life. Go apply for assistance from the government honey. No one will look down on you. You're working 2 jobs, going to school, and raising a son. You're doing a great job. That's what the assistance is there for. You will be able to get it, and then if things come up and you have to miss work it won't feel like the end of the world. Good luck. My prayers are with you.
Honey by working two jobs, going to school, and taking care of your son you've already proven you're not a statistic. There is nothing wrong with taking help when you need it. That's why it's there, to help you out in your time of need. It will relieve some of that stress you're carrying around and help you enjoy your life with your son. And if anyone looks down on you just remember that you owned up to your mistakes and you're doing the best you can for your son. I hope the seizures stop and i'll be thinking about you guys. Email me anytime you need to.
I've been through a lot too, and it's not always easy to just look to brighter days sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong...but there is a way to do it. You just keep doing what you need to do for yourself and for your son. Not being able to work can put a strain on you, on your fiances and in the end your son as well. Please remember one simple thing... You are paying taxes just like the rest of us are, and if you need some help, even if it is small and temporary...There is no shame in asking for it.. That is what it is there for.. People who go through life situations like you are going through right now, that are actually trying to make ends meet, then something comes up. If you need any help with finding some help contact me! Always look to the light in the darkest of situations and know that they will get better!
Theirs nothing wrong with getting assistance in a situation like this were you need it! You work and you will not be abusing the system like some mothers do. Its there if you NEED it and in times like this you DO. At least check in on WIC, I know Bray-Bears formula, well any for this matter is expensive. EDIT: Im not trying to be rude, but if Bruce was paying child support you shouldn't have to work 2 jobs, and you could focus more of YOUR time on Brayden. Hes growing up so fast & after all your his mother & father.
There is no shame in asking for help would feel so much better if you took the assistance that is offered to you ... here we have centerlink benefits for sole parents , you also get rent assistance and a card for cheaper medicines and so on ... these systems are designed to HELp you maintain life... you do not need to struggle along lifes road , IMO if i were you id take all the assistance there is avail maybe then you could only work one job relax a little and enjoy your time with Brayden ...before you know it he would have grown and you never get this time back ... you really need to assess the help that is out there ... you are doing a great job as it is but life for you could be so much eaiser ...please think about accessing the services that are available to you... much love , hope hes feeling betta soon xx
Hon...taking assistance while working is not a bad's people that abuse it that are the problem. Look into getting some help...WIC at the very least. If you have a little help maybe that will take away some of your stress. I am sorry your little guy is sick and I hope he gets better soon...anytime you need to talk please email me okay? Send me a message and I will send you my email. Edit: hon, you won't be looked down on because you are a working mom and just need the extra is not like you stay home to mooch off the government. Look into WIC at the very least....they help with formula and it is a HUGE HUGE help.
There's NOTHING wrong with taking assistance when you need it, like in this situation. you're not planning to 'live off' assistance. but it is there for people like you to help you stay on your feet. go get some, and relax a little and take care of your son. and when you've straightened things out and he's well you go back to work and your routine. life's hard enough, don't make it harder. hope your son is doing well.

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