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pay day loans in delaware
Is there a way to handle the sale so I will be protected, and if so, what is it? I have always bought new cars from large, authorized dealerships so this is the first time I've planned to buy a car from a private seller. I prefer not to consult a lawyer for a matter like this, but I also want to make sure my interests are protected. If it makes any difference I live in Maryland & the seller lives 100 miles away in Delaware. The seller is the original owner and her auto loan is with Chrysler Financial since it was purchased at a Chrysler Dealership. (Note: I posted a similar question two days ago but now need to rephrase my question. I welcome any answers, even if you answered my similar question on August 6.)
It can be done, but it's a little complicated, and it's going to depend on the laws in the states you're dealing with (Maryland and Delaware). So yes, that makes a BIG difference. It's not a simple transaction; you're actually talking about doing two transactions: buying ther car in Delaware, and importing it into Maryland. First, find out what it takes to import a car into Maryland. You'll probably need a clear Delaware title, and proof of insurance. You may need other documentation. Don't confuse the issue for the Maryland folks, tell them you will have a clear Delaware title. Then get it. You need to make sure the loan is paid off before you can get a clear title; it might be necessary to close the deal at the finance company, so they can be sure to get their money. Another option, which might actually be a requirement, is to have the sale done through a local (Delaware) car dealer. They will charge a fee, of course, which could be anywhere from $25 to $1,000,or more. In some states you will need a lawyer, in some states it has to be done through a Notary Public. On the other hand, it might actually be very simple and painless. You need to pick up the phone and ask lots of questions, and I would start with the finance company.
Your believe in her is lost. She's the two mendacity or some thing is heavily incorrect. once you purchase a motor vehicle, you're REQUIRED via regulation TO take transport of THE call. inspite of money due on the automobile. you may no longer sign in a automobile and get it insured devoid of the call. that's supposedly a sparkling motor vehicle that she have been given from a broking and she or he's claiming she would not have the call? Uhn hunh, some thing isn't basically right. the two she's lost the call and she or he's attempting to make it your mess, or some thing else. in case you purchase it, you would be wanting a motor vehicle which you would be able to no longer use legally till she factors the call. And if she would not have it now, I doubt she'll have it later. call the dealership directly to ascertain this. the only thank you to get a sparkling call if the different is lost, is to circulate to the dealership (she could in the previous you provide her a cent) or to do a call seek. And if it would not arise, you're caught with a ineffective motor vehicle. There are rules that word to truly previous automobiles and getting a undeniable call, yet they could be a minimum of ten years. i've got seen greater proceedings over human beings attempting to declare lower back funds for a ineffective motor vehicle they could't get a call for than i'm able to count selection. whilst she tells you i'm incorrect, get the address of the broking and get in touch with it your self. do no longer take a telephone selection from her.
Not shore of the best way,however don't give the seller any money to pay off the loan. How about using a car dealership as a middleman? I know that you properly are trying to get the car at a good price,maybe offer the dealership some money for there horse trading expertize
I would do the deal directly with chrysler financial. apply for loan etc. ya can't get burned with no money down...right???once vehicle is yours.. plates ok and such. you receive payment book..then pay it sends you the title...
She should have a title but it will have the banks lein on it..if she hasn't got title in hand forget it ..
I wouldn't risk it if i were you.
bad credit loans delaware
Name: Christine O'Donnell Objective: Win the U.S. Senate seat for Delaware Employers: None Experience: Has run for U.S. Senate 3 times Achievement: Defaulted on student loan Lied about graduating from college Had an IRS lien on her home Illegally served as her own campaign treasurer pending legal actions Think raped victims should be force to have the rapist child Promoted legal actions against sex out of marriage and masturbation . Has never been employed Has been living off campaign donation Don't pay campaign workers their salaries Have extremely bad financial credit. Association: The Republican Party, and Tea Party Anything else? Has she filed for welfare too? Wow!! Almost makes me want to become a conservative. I mean she is one fiscally responsible candidate. You republican really have a winner there ; ) What say you?
No no... she hasn't filed for welfare. She STOLE campaign funds so that she would not have to. People that go on welfare she considers scum. People that don't keep (or even try to keep) the 10 Commandments..... she apparently joins that crowd willingly.
Since you are an expert on this tell us how you you were a student at Oxford at the same time O'Donnell allegedly was and you never saw her there.
The only reason the TPs like her is because she is a fanatical Christian that is anti science, just like most of the TPs are. They couldn't give two shits less about fiscal responsibility, that is just the claim they make so they can garner more support for their cult. Outside of her being an avid supporter of right ring religious views, and an anti-science stance, they could care less what she has done in her past.
Obama worked at Baskin Robins (As far as I know his only real work experience, Community organizer NAH) and he became president. With no real work experience you can only go for the Senate/Congress. If she got a part time job at Dunkin Donuts she could run in 2020 for pres.
This, from the guys who put people like Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and William Jefferson in office.
Oh good, shes a normal American...majority of americans have student loans and loans many have mortage problems, the rest are allegations. Never knew you crdit history had to do with politics
She may not be perfect but she is a better choice than Coonst who is from the far left and you can be sure he will vote for more government regulations, more government spending and higher taxes
There are few openings for Batshit crazy, except the lecture circuit.
Still better than the Bearded Marxist.
You did not care that owe-bama had hardly a job why does this bother you? silly season in politics i guess.
cash loan delaware
It depends on the State, regulations do vary. In Columbia/Tennessee and other states usury limit can be 24%. In Alaska and other states like Delaware the general usury limit is more than 5% above the Federal Reserve interest rate on the day the loan was made. You don't have to take the loan anyway, change bank or buy a cheaper car and pay cash. Try even
You desire a vehicle, no longer a vehicle very own loan. it quite is in no way a solid thought to borrow funds on a depreciating asset. think of roughly it. You borrow ten thousand funds. In 5 years, you're transforming into paid approx 15000 to the financial enterprise for a vehicle which will then be worth (while you're fortunate) 5000 Use that $2000 to purchase a immediately sound older used vehicle. A 'trusty rusty' gets you to artwork basically besides as a vibrant greater moderen vehicle. Then, each and each month, deposit an volume such as a vehicle cost right into a reductions account for the specific purpose fo paying for an improve in a pair of years.
Most states no longer have usury (interest rate) limits for consumer loans. How else could anyone explain the outrageous rates charged for payday loans. If your credit is bad, just like a credit card could cost over 30% interest, a car loan could be over 30% interest. But those are usually the dealers that advertise loans for bad credit or no credit.
I don't know about the banks and what they charge as an interest rates. But yes you can go for the Financing companies. They are quite cheap and interest rates charged are also low.
Here's a page with usury limits for all states
delaware fast cash
In a few weeks I'll be flying from Birmingham, AL to Washington D.C. From there, I'll be driving straight to New York City. Which states would I pass through to get there? I'm not familar with that part of the country, and I cannot tell from looking at a map. From what I can see on a map, it appears that New York City is actually in New Jersey, which is obviously not possible. Anyway, I was also wondering if anyone knows the approximate time it will take to travel between these two destinations. And one last question: I know that Washington D.C. is not a city, and neither in Virginia or Maryland, but is it basically located right between the two? Thanks for any answers(:
You will be passing through Maryland, Delaware, and NJ in that order. You will be taking I-95 if you plan to drive from DC to NYC. Just be careful when you are in Delaware. I-95 will split. If you keep left, you will go north on I-95 into Pennsylvania and you will be making a huge circle around Philadelphia to get into NJ. If you keep right, you will go east across the Delaware Memorial Bridge and into NJ, which is the route you want to take. Either way, both routes will get you to NYC, just that the route around Philadelphia will take longer. So pay attention to signs. Oh yeah, expect to pay several tolls. I don't remember the total cost, but its probably going to be around $30, so make sure you bring cash and some change. Depends on how fast you drive and the time of day, it can take between 4 to 5 hours. I got there in 4 hours. With rush hour traffic, add 2 hours to your driving time. Washington DC is a city and its is located in between Virginia and Maryland. It has the same functions of every major city. It has a mayor, schools, residents, and so on. DC is a district and the only of its kind in the entire US. If you were to mail to Washington DC, you would write "Washington DC, DC" and whatever the zip code is after that.
Washington is really a huge and all know town and is certainly worthwhile deliver a vacation or simply visit that city. with hotelbye you'll find more. One of the icons of Washington and the whole America could be the popular White House, the state residence of the President of the United States. The house of each leader except George Washington, it had been actually created by James Hoban in 1792, and following being burnt down by British allows in 1814 was renewed in 1818. Although travels of the inside that include the East, Blue, Green, and Red Rooms; the Ballroom; and the State Dining Room must certanly be reserved well beforehand, every tourist to Washington may wish to see that iconic building, at least from the outside. Next door to the White House will be the intricate 1833 Greek Revival Treasury Building and the 1871 Executive Office Building, one of the most striking old government structures in Washington.
Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Contrary to other answers, you will NOT go through Pennsylvania, unless you want to detour through Philadelphia. The drive will take you about 4 to 5 hours, depending on traffic. Washington is in District of Columbia. The US Constitution allows for the creation of a special district, "not to exceed 10 miles square" to host the new US capital. The district is not part of any state. The selection of exact location was left to President George Washington. George Washington chose a plot of land straddling the Potomac River which forms a border between Maryland and Virginia near his home. In 1846 the Congress returned the portion of the District south of the Potomac to Virginia.
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina.
The states you pass on your way to and from NYC are Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Now, instead of driving into New York City, why not park your car in New Jersey and take the train into the city, which will be cheaper and less of a hassle. The link below has all the information you need to know about parking in NJ, including train fare information to and from New York City. I hope this infomration is very helpful. Good luck
From Dc To Nyc
Maryland. Pencilvaina. New jercy
delaware online loan
I need help with understanding online website that shows the property tax document of someone and how much someone paid for a home. When it says a $1, did the person really get it for a $1? And how does that work when a person gets devorsed, do people really get the home for a dollar from their x? When it says DEED instead of Mortgagee or Mortgagor, does DEED mean they own the home? Also, do you have to show notice in a newspaper? Thanks ahead of time if you can help me with this! :)
No, it does not mean they bought it for one dollar. However, mthe transfer tax stamped on the deed will allow you to determine the price. The documents filed vary from state to state. I am former Recorder of Deeds. The deed in Delaware is independent of the mortgage. It give name of seller, buyer, location, etc. The loan documents are filed separately in Delaware. Those are used to attach a lien on the property, and are removed when loan is paid in full.
Usually that means that the price was undisclosed. The divorce should go either off the assessed tax value of your county, or get an indipendant appraiser to value the house. Yes a Deed instead of Mortgagor means they paid cash, and there is no lein on the house. and Show notice for what? the final question is too vague to answer.
delaware online loan
I can't decide between Umass Amherst, SUNY Binghamton, and University of Delaware. I live in New York so I have reduced tuition to Binghamton but with scholarships and financial aid they all end up costing somewhere in the $20,000 so money is not too much of a factor. All three schools are really nice so I just can't decide which one to go to. My major is undeclared engineering. I visited all three and I liked and felt comfortable at all of them so I just want your opinion of which one is the best.
I'm not so familiar with these Universities since I live in UK but since you are comfortable in all and liked them, it may not matter which one you choose, as long as you like it. Speak to people at the Universities and see which University offers the best for YOUR course. University is a lot of money, so unless you KNOW you'll be able to pay all of the loans etc., try and be reasonable about it. Binghamton seems to have the best rating (4.5) as well as Umass Amherst (4.5). Binghamton has a smaller enrollment and a LOWER ACCEPTANCE RATE (41.7%) meaning that it is quite hard to get into compared to the others (61.3% for Umass & 63.4% for Delaware). *PLEASE check the professor ratings for your course or overall in Binghamton, Umass & Delware. This is a highly important. I'm sorry I couldn't be a big help but I suggest checking online to see reviews, ratings and about your courses in those Universities. Type in "Umass Amherst VS Suny Binghamton VS University of Delaware" etc.
installment loan delaware
I originally took out a loan at First Bank of Delaware, and the repayment amount was $1500. I stopped paying my installments for a while, and it got sent to DRS/BONDED. It was at $971, and now it's at $601.88, can this be sent to court to get my wages garnished? I missed a whole month of paying it. I've been threatened to be taken to court over this and my wages garnished! IDK What to do
Yes they can and if they do and win there case you wages will be reduced by 25%!!! suggest you settle and get this behind you!!!
By themselves, debt collectors have absolutely no legal power over you. To garnish wages, they'd have to serve you a summons and on the court date they'd have to win a judgement...only then could any wages be garnished.
Try to work out payment arrangements, don’t let them scare you. Its best not to hide or avoid them be up front let them know what small amount you can pay. If you’re paying something, however small, they won’t to take you to court.
Try this should help, helped me. Mate gave me this link, try it.
cash for gold delaware
The Middle Colonies were a part of the original Thirteen Colonies that would later become The United States of America. The region was originally New Netherland, which was later divided into the western half of Connecticut (which today is part of New England), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. Today, these areas are described as the Mid-Atlantic States. The Middle Colonies were the most ethnically and religiously diverse of the thirteen original colonies because of the influence of their English, Dutch, French and German origins. This influence included tolerance and cosmopolitanism, and resulted in New Netherland's success as the commercial center of the eastern North American colonies. This was evidenced by the fact that they had more agriculture than the New England colonies. The Middle Colonies were also known as the "bread basket" colonies because of their large grain export. It was also the mid-Atlantic colonies that expanded into other areas of commerce before the others. The Southern Colonies were the Province of North Carolina, Province of South Carolina, and Province of Georgia, Province of Maryland, and Province of Virginia. Some reasons for colonists to move to the Southern Colonies were gold, resources, and land. But most of all, colonists who wanted to reap huge profits started plantations. Their economy was supported by plantations, mostly run by Slavery in the United States, except for Georgia, where most plantations were run by debtors. Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, also traded with Great Britain, slave ships from Africa, and the Caribbean. Their cash crops were tobacco, cotton, indigo, rice, and sugar cane. Colony and Dominion of Virginia and Province of Maryland are sometimes considered part of the Southern Colonies. The government was dominated mainly by planters and farmers.
loan delaware
Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield Cooch’s Bridge Battlefield is an important location for several reasons. The first significant engagement of the American Revolution occurred here between General Washington’s troops and British troops led by General Cornwallis. The heat of the battle occurred on September 3, 1777. The area was protected by woods and dense brush south of the bridge where the Americans waited for the British Army. It is also noted in various historical accounts that this was the first battle in which the original “stars and stripes” were carried. It was the only battle of the American Revolution to be fought on Delaware soil. The fight began on August 30th about two miles south of the bridge. Using skills taught to them by Native Americans, the Americans continually fired but soon ran out of ammunition as they neared the bridge. They were sorely outnumbered. The special group of soldiers formed by General Washington and under the orders of Brigadier General William Maxwell, consisted of 100 men and was the first employment of a truly national unit. It is said that about thirty men on each side died in the fight. After the battle British General Cornwallis ordered the troops to burn the Cooch mill. Cornwalis then proceeded to use the Cooch home as his headquarters for ten days while his troops regrouped before the Battle of Brandywine. The land, originally zoned for commercial use, will now be preserved as woodland and glades due to the actions of Edward W. Cooch and his children. They arranged for a sale of the property to the state of Delaware, which includes 200 acres of land and the site of Cooch’s Bridge. They also set up a fund to support the renovation and maintenance of the bridge, grist mill, and the surrounding property. The original owner, Thomas Cooch, Sr., a colonel in the militia during the Revolution, purchased the property when he came over from England in the year 1747. It wasn’t until 1910, however, that the Delaware Societies of the SAR and DAR led the effort to create a monument and plaque at Cooch's Bridge. It is now surrounded by four cannons from the War of 1812, on loan from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Cooch’s Bridge is located in Newark, Delaware.
The Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes was built to honor the 300 year anniversary of the first European settlement in Delaware. Also, Barratt's Chapel in Dover is the oldest surviving Methodist church in America. Hope this helps!
You can go to and type in delaware and then monuments. There are many in Delaware Don't know which you want. You can find pictures also.
Type in Google "famous monument Delaware" and you will find several.
Take an Acela from ny Penn to Wilmington De. lease a vehicle on the practice station once you arrive (Hertz). once you pull out of Hertz's vehicle parking lot, stick to the signs and indicators to Rt. 13 South. stick to Rt. 13 South for variety of 80 minutes to Milford. on the different hand, whilst pulling out of Hertz vehicle parking lot, stick to signs and indicators to I-ninety 5 South, stick to I-ninety 5 South to go out 4 for Delaware Rt. a million South for variety of 40 5 minutes and take go out ninety 5 and stick to signs and indicators to Rt. 13 South in the direction of Milford. Takes approximately quarter-hour to get to Milford.
delaware money
Delaware!! If your main concern is money, then Delaware is the best choice. As the other person said, car insurance is cheaper. There is also no sales or food tax in DE which is great. Northern DE is more city-ish if you like that aspect. Otherwise, i recommend lower Delaware which is commonly referred to as "Lower Slower Delaware" You've got the beaches with plenty of bars and boardwalk (traffic in summer if you live in the beach area is a bit of a down side). But in the off season it is laid back. A nice quiet area if you get away from the beaches theres a more country feel. The only down side is theres nothing to do. I mean in the summer the beach and boardwalk is all you need. If you are over 21 then theres always bars in Rehoboth, Bethany, and Dewey, plus Ocean City isn't terribly far. Other than that there is the outlets shopping centers. But overall its a quiet place in the fall and winter.
Delaware. As someone who has lived in all 3 states, Delaware is generally the cheapest of the 3, especially if you have to insure a car. Plus from Jersey, you have the $4 toll every time you go to Philly.
delaware loan
I need help from anyone who is familiar with.or lives in this area (Sussex county) in Delaware! My husband and I are looking for a simpler life and would love to move to this area. We keep saying we're just going to do it and figure it all out later but I think we're finding out now what a life of trying to live the american dream can do to you. We are just under 30 so were young but both of us went to college got good jobs and have been spending the last almost ten years trying on keep up. We live in upstate New York and have decent jobs but nothing ever seems like enough to pay our hefty student loan bills and afford to live in a decent place/pay for groceries. We find we're sacrificing doing things we enjoy just to make ends meet. I'm working well over 50 hours a week at a stressful job and my husband doesn't mind his job but there's no potential to move up and the money isn't the best. Needless to say all these things led us to look around for a simpler way of life and we came up with the plan to move to Delaware. We go there every year and love it and have met locals that did the same thing we want to and love it. Only problem is finding a job that pays the bills. We know we're going to have to sacrifice our 4 bedroom house (currently Renting) for a small mobile home in a park setting but we are okay with that!! Truth is our house is to big for the two of us and our 2 dogs anyway and my dream has always been to live close to the beach. BUT we have $700 in student loans!!! So we need a job that can pay for those and the cost of a trailer and lot rent &I don't know if we can do it. Lot rent from what I'm seeing is around 500 a month. We have 4000 saved up but its not enough to buy a trailer and we can't fin an apartment that will take our dogs! We know once we get settled there we can make ends meet, hoping my husband can find a job in banking & I can work at a local restaurant, but are we too young to live there, will we fit in? Where do we live at first? Help!
I've considered moving to Coastal Sussex a few times in my life. I've never done it. There aren't that many good jobs down there. If you work in a restaurant (or many hospitality jobs), you will work full-time for 3 months. The rest of the year it will probably be part-time. And if you work a tipped job, you can expect very few tips the rest of the year. And the banking jobs are all in Upper Delaware. There aren't that many in Lower Delaware. Plus the jobs that are available pay horribly. I never saw a way where I could make it work financially.
delaware loan
I know it sickens many Americans we can be slightly fascist in having 61% of GM owned by the US Department of Treasury. (Fact Check it please) Now that Joe Biden has paid over 500 million to a GM plant in Delaware to make hybrid-electric cars, in the state he is from. **IMPORTANT TO ANSWER PLEASE Can anyone justify why or how he can use tax payer money (Which was spent to own 61% of GM), to greatly enhance a GM Plant, in Delaware to which he is from? I know his approval rating is low but it certainly doesn't reflect a symptom of desperation. Additional Details to avoid the idiot congestion of the brain by opinion answers: Joe Biden is a Senator from Delaware Joe Biden's $528.7 million government loan in his home state.
It's been happening for a long time...quid pro quo...politicians ONLY care about themselves and getting re-elected. Biden is making some people in Delaware happy, they will go vote for who he supports. Those elected will make similar deals to continue support for themselves and for Biden.
When in Detroit he promised to open a factory and give them jobs , What he didn't tell them was that it was in his home state. Delaware. So move if U want the job.
delaware money
Delaware is a great place to live. It is a lot cheaper, so you won't have to worry about money problems. Just make sure to find a job and an apartment before you move. I wish you good luck!
Delaware is great place to live. The real estate market has leveled off some now, so it's a buyer's market. Property taxes are low, especially in Sussex County. Do some research, I think you will find that Delaware is both affordable and great place to live.
Delaware is a great place too live! Not only is it cheap when it comes to taxes and stuff, but you're also close to many other places like NJ, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Depending on what your looking for housing is not that expensive either. I hope this helps with your decision!!!
Somewhere near Wilmington or Newark. You'll be about 90 minutes to the beach. Both areas have lots of retail and restaturants. So does the stretch from Lewes to Rehoboth, but it is very expensive to live there with those kinds of jobs. Most of the restaurants in Dover are the chain restaurants.
Yes. Very calm and nice. I want (am going) to live there in fact ! Very historic too and very close to Philly :D
delaware payday
Here is the answer directly from the State of Delaware website: •Whenever an employee quits, resigns, is discharged, suspended or laid off, the wages earned shall be paid on the next regularly-scheduled payday(s) either through the usual pay channels or by mail (if requested by the employee) as if employment had not been suspended or terminated.
A historic past verify is honestly a criminal historic past verify. They publish a familiar request to the state company which keeps the information of arrests and convictions. they might additionally publish a request to the nationwide DoJ database, which keeps the comparable element different than from all states. So inspite of a sparkling record on your very own state, if there have been any arrests or convictions in yet another state, they are going to nevertheless happen in a federal historic past verify. no longer all agencies struggle by using that greater effective price. Your situations of employment or termination isn't an merchandise in a public database. Your ability company can touch your former company who would, or won't, divulge the situations of your previous employment. that doesn't require any type or permission. while you're traumatic relating to the type you signed, end stressful. till you have a criminal record, it is not going to electrify your destiny employment. or perhaps then, it nevertheless won't. site visitors tickets and such do no longer happen.
I am not sure of the law in Delaware but in NY an employer can certainly make you wait until the next payroll run.
There's no federal law on this. Some states do have laws on it though - in most, including DE, it's the next regular payday.
According to the State of Delaware website (link below), they have until the next regular pay day.
delaware loan
I got a $350 car title loan in Delaware. I live in Pa. My contract made me pay a $5 title lein fee to make the loan company a lein holder on title. The fee is actually $75 which they only paid $5. Pa sent title back to me without them on it as lein holder. I HAVE A FREE N CLEAR TITLE. Loan company wants me to bring title back n they pay the rest of lein fee. AGAIN I AM ONLY 1 ON TITLE !!! CAN THEY STILL GET LEIN OR THEY NEED TITLE ? ALSO NOW LOAN NOT SECURED N I HAVE TITLE CAN THEY TOW CAR WITHOUT TITLE?? AGAIN I HAVE THE TITLE WITH NO LEIN HOLDER ON IT ! AGAIN...... I HAVE THE TITLE IN MY POSESSION WITHOUT THEM AS THE LIENHOLDER !!!
They probably can not reposses the car, but they can sue your pants off in small claims court.
delaware fast cash
Marriage Licenses Applications in Delaware County The definition of Marriage in the Commonwealth of PA is as follows: “Marriage,” A civil contract by which one man and one woman take each other for husband and wife.” 23(Pa C.S.A.1102) Both applicants must appear together in person before the marriage license clerk. A $60.00 cash fee is required when applying for the marriage license. Both applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone who is under the age of 18 must have their custodial parent accompany them to sign a permission form, and there is an additional $20.00 fee. If there were any prior marriages dissolved by death or divorce, proof of death or a certified copy of the last divorce decree must be shown. You cannot apply for your marriage license unless a divorce decree was granted at least 30 days before you apply. The marriage license will be issued at the time of application, but is not valid for three days after application. The marriage license is only valid for 60 days. If you are a Citizen of the United States of America the following documents are required. Photo Identification when applying, such as a driver’s license or passport is acceptable, also social security numbers are required. If you are not a citizen of the United States of America and are applying for a marriage license while visiting our country, you must present to the Marriage license clerk valid proof that you are of current legal status; such as, a valid Passport with a valid Visa, and or Green card. If you have been married before, you must present a certified document proving that the marriage was dissolved by divorce or death. If these documents are not in English, it is necessary that the document be translated into English. A notarized affidavit of the translator is required as verification in support of the document. It is the responsibility of the couple to bring to our attention any other particular circumstances regarding their application, in order for our office to assist you in the process of acquiring a marriage license from Delaware County. The applicants will also be responsible for providing an independent interpreter (i.e., a third party) if either applicant does not speak English. (An extra fee of $20.00 will be due.) Office hours are 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday. There are no weekend hours. For further information, please call 610-891-4548.
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I really want to go to Brown because I feel like I would benefit from their open curriculum. However I just feel like that naive junior in high school that lacks reality in their top school choices. Here is more about me: I moved to Delaware from long island, New York, my junior year I expect to graduate with 23 credits in core subjects (math, science, history, language, English) In New York I was within the top 35 out of about 275 in my class. In Delaware I really feel like I could graduate within the top 10 out of my class of about 275. By the time I graduate I expect to take about 9 APs, and I expect 5's and maybe fours on all of them. I am in all honors classes and a member of National Honor Society I used to run track and cross country, prior to moving I was a member of key club, model congress, and chess club in my old school I plan on graduating with at least a 3.8 gpa My probable SAT score would be about 2000 or more I know Brown puts an emphasis on that essay, and your ability to show your true colors and I feel like I would fit in well with their diverse campus I was adopted from china and I was brought up in a Jewish household I plan on doing missionary work in Cambodia this coming summer All my past teachers know me as the girl who would come out of nowhere, and give the class insight from a whole new perspective. I don't feel like i'd fit in at a SUNY school or a school that doesn't have that independent feeling Starting this year, to the best of my ability I want to help other people in other countries, after college I plan on moving out of the u.s and doing some form of aid for people who are impoverished, orphaned, or people who had their rights stripped away from them by their governments. This too, may not be realistic, but I feel like the possibility of it happening is just as small as the possibility of me getting into Brown. I already have other schools in mind to apply to. NYU, which is unrealistic due to their extremely expensive price, meanwhile Brown has some kickass financial aid. Also Binghamton and Albany, which are also very good schools, but not my first choice.
You're doing great so far, but don't focus so narrowly on just one college. This country has literally thousands of terrific colleges. Try the Cappex "What are my chances?" calculator in the "Find Out About Colleges and Universities" section of my website Student review of Brown Don't rule out a college just because of cost. Some colleges have high prices but offset that with generous scholarships. The only way to find out is to apply to the college and see what kind of financial aid package they offer you. What counts is the NET cost of attending (tuition minus scholarships NOT INCLUDING STUDENT LOANS OR ON-CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT). If you're willing to travel, you sound like you might be a good candidate for Reed College in Oregon or Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz. Be aware that these are VERY liberal colleges. However, they are also quite flexible about what they allow you to take.
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Me and my girlfriend are looking to buy a house in delaware. the home is a 1971 modified double wide that is bank owned. so we cant get a mortgage through any banks including fha/va. the house is only 65,000 is there any way to get a loan with a 30 year contract. so i can stay around the same low payment. any info is a help thanks
You are not getting financed on this, period. I have never heard of a lender offering a mortgage on a pre-HUD MH, which is exactly what you are looking at. Any MH built before June 14, 1976 is not subject to the HUD rules and you are not getting that financed. The only way this is going to happen is for the owner to finance, but bear in mind, when you go to sell down the road, you are going to be facing the same challenges on finding a buyer.
Particular...It basically occurred to me 2 weeks in the past. My husband and that i've got been looking at homes for a month and on his day without work, he went to bypass seem at homes, with the genuine property guy. He knew what i wanted in a house ect. He suggested he stumbled on a house and suggested it grow to be so ideal. I relied on him. i've got no longer considered the domicile or something and each week later i bypass to verify the domicile thinking it grow to be basically a ability domicile, and easily to verify he bought it already. He signed my call on each little thing. I knew he had an inspection and all and it grow to be ideal, yet nonetheless. fortunate it grow to be each little thing I ever needed in a house and greater. Its ideal! we actual circulate in on the thirteenth. So yeah it is so achieveable in case you forge the signature.
Why can't you get FHA? They finance mobile homes.
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I doubt Delaware has such a law, as it would be unnecessary, since there is such a federal law. Basically it means that a borrower can have three days to change their mind and back out of a loan, IF it is a refinance, or investment property. If you're purchasing a home to live in, it doesn't apply. If you back out, you may still have some costs you have to pay, like the appraisal. You will not be given access to the proceeds until that period expires. Any more you want to know, or does that cover it?

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