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bad credit loans connecticut
OK so this is the story. sad but true. About a year and a half ago my girlfriend (at the time) named Amber, and I purchased a 2005 dodge stratus from a car dealership. The car was purchased through an auto loan. On this loan I am the primary signer, and Amber is the co-signer. 6 months later give or take, Amber and I decided to go our separate ways, ie breakup. At this time we were both living in Connecticut. Amber wanted the car, and since I didn't want two cars, we agreed that she would take the dodge stratus back to her hometown in New York. As part of this verbal agreement Amber was going to remove the loan from my name, and get the car registered and insured in New York. Almost a year later now. Amber has not been able to remove my name from the auto loan, and the car still remains registered and insured under my name. Payments have been repeatably late (albeit still up to date). Although I was growing increasingly more and more frustrated about this situation, I was repeatedly made the promise that soon the car would be removed from my name. The tipping point in this situation came two weeks ago. I received an email saying that the car's insurance had been canceled due to non-payment. So now the car is in a lapse of insurance. I tried to renew the insurance only to find out that Amber has a suspended license and they couldn't! To top off everything the very next day I found out that $400 dollars in back property taxes were due on the Dodge stratus and was forced to pay it in order to renew my own car registration. Needless to say, I became very frustrated with this seemingly bad situation in which I was losing three things. My credit was being hurt, I was paying out of pocket for taxes that Amber would not pay, and also fines from the DMV for being in lapse of insurance, and also possibly hurting my own insurance rating for being in lapse of insurance thus making it possibly more difficult for my car to be insured. I called Amber and said, "this is it, you have had more than enough time to remedy this situation you have a week to find another signer for the loan and get this car out from under me." Still nothing has happened, and the car is in her hometown, uninsured in my name and registered in connecticut. I have told her that I will come get the car and forget about the $600 hundred dollars out of pocket for taxes and fines that she has caused but she says that she refuses to give me the keys. If I make the 20 hour round trip to get the car I want to make damn sure that I will return with it. Basically my question is how do i proceed to legally obtain the keys from Amber and take the car back to Connecticut where it seemingly belongs. Who do I need to contact to get help?! Also, am i being unreasonable or is this girl being ridiculous?!
It doesn't matter what the loan says. It matters what the title says. Since the title says you, tell her you will report it stolen if she doesn't give you the keys -- and go to the police if she refuses. Understand that you are responsible for the loan, either way.
I used to work at a car dealership. Sorry to hear this but it does happens a lot. What you should do is call the loan company on the car and tell them that you want her name out of the contract. They will have you signed the papers and her. but you can got get the car and drive it back home. take it back to the dealership and surrender the car. if she calls the cops saying it is stolen or whatever. Your name is on the title and explain you story to them. But have all your papers on you.You have to protect yourself and your credit. But sadly she already screwed that up. What I would do is sue her in small claims court for all out of pocket expanses. Have all your paperwork stating that she didn't pay. You can call the dealership and talk to the financial office and they can tell you how handle the problem. Good luck with this crazy girl.
You don't need the keys to start that car my friend, and YOU ARE on the loan AND you are on the title, and you did pay all that... make sure when you hot wire YOUR car, and have the insurance on it and are driving it, drive it STRAIGHT to the police station and tell them this car will be called in stolen, it is NOT stolen, the rightful owner has it, show them all documention. You are still liable if she gets in a wreck with that car my friend and she sounds just unstable enough to drive it off a bridge or put it in neutral no brake, on a hill and jump out. Go get your car. Then go to the police and tell them and show them. And don't warn her. Just take someone who knows how to hotwire. And next time don't go buying a vehicle with an acquaintenance, and don't go putting them on the title, and don't let them take it out of state.......
The loan papers just identifies who has to pay. Title is what determines ownership. If the car is titled to you, or to you "or" Amber, you can just take it. With or without keys. if it says you "and" Amber, you are going to need a lawyer as you contracted with her but probably did not retain a security interest that would allow you to repo the car.
Wow, sounds like a legal nightmare. I was going to say just go there and drive it home but if you don't have the keys you can't do that. It sounds like you're going to have to get the police to go there with you to claim the car cause she isn't going to give it up otherwise. Look into getting some kind of legal warrant or something.
If you are paying regular child support through the courts, then you have a right to stop her from moving if it is in the custody papers. If you only have a verbal agreement, there isn't anything you can do, other than file for joint custody in the court system.
I would contact the police where she is. You own the car and could be liable? They should be able to help you get the car back.

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