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bad credit loan arizona
Let me see if I have this right? If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years or more hard labor. If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefinitely. {I believe we have three students there now} If you cross the Afghan border illegally, you get shot. If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally, you will be jailed. If you cross the Chinese border illegally, you may never be heard from again. If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally, you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed. If you cross the Cuban border illegally, you will be thrown into political prison to rot. If you cross the United States border illegally, you get: 1. A job. 2. A drivers license. 3. A Social Security card. 4. Welfare. 5. Food stamps. 6. Credit cards.. 7. Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house. 8. Free education. 9. Free health care. 10. A lobbyist in Washington .. 11. Billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language. 12. And the right to carry your country's flag while you protest that you don't get enough respect. I received this from a friend in Arizona: I just wanted to be sure I fully understand the situation. So Arizona's new law is bad because??????
Sounds about right. Since I am hispanic (not mexican) it seems that we get treated like racists because we are against illegals. and most people here in NM are against them and they give all hspanics a bad name
Given the state of our country's today, I think a revolt is the only way too fix this problem the seven tribes have perpetrated against us. If you look through this sight and others, you we see that about 98% of the people agree this forced genocide is WAY out of control against white European peoples. It is time to shed some crimson starting with all government officials, Then Israel should be dealt with accordingly !! After those maggots are dealt their justice, the rest of the problem with the human parasites will be relatively easy to fix. If you think Im being harsh given what's going on around you, then you too should be dealt with, and will be in time I pray... HA HA JUST KIDDING, PEACE AND GOD BLESS!! Let them all come in, their just GOOD people
When the bomb goes off and kills a loved one of yours are we still going to be willing to allow anyone to enter our country without our knowledge or do what I am doing. Joining a tea party to express my dissatisfaction with a government that is preferring all other races rather than American. Yes American is my race and until we all feel the same way we the people shall continue to divide ourselves from one another.
The only answer you will get is "it's racial profiling". It doesn't matter to them that AZ law enforcement has been doing this for decades and has had no civil rights violations. The cost of illegal immigration doesn't matter to them. The impact of illegal immigration on our schools and hospitals doesn't matter to them. The fact that BP, law enforcemen officers and US citizens are being attacked and murdered by illegal aliens doesn't matter to them. They believe all the propaganda LaRaza spews about the positive affects of illegals and how we're just being mean to "immigrants" when we blame them for dying when crossing the desert in 100 degree heat with no water. The illegals are blantantly standing along the border waiting for their "ride" into the US. Tents are erected and they have "camps" set up. I support SB 1070 and I am an AZ native.
Christopher, good question: It ISN"T "Arizona" that has the law, it's the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that enacted the law, Arizona just decided to use their collective "cajones" to ENFORCE the already enacted law, as too many folks were "turning a blind eye" to the "immigration" problem I looked back in your answers and you got BA for your "thought" on what we can do to combat it: "Lets all become Mexican citizens, sneak back into the US, and get Everything from free!! No more co-payments on drugs, free dental, vision, etc. If I were destitute, I would come to this "free everything" country. Helps everyone coming in, but screw the government's constituents....
Send him this: Attorney that helped draft SB 1070 Arizona’s tough new law rebuts the major criticisms• April 29, 2010 Why Arizona Drew a Line ================================= Suggesting that Arizona has been doing this for decades and never received a violation would mean that the web is neck deep in links to the stories referred to. There are no stories. But even more important, you are at least a bigot to suggest you are correct in spite of a total lack of evidence. At best... a bigot. ============================== They say the illegal aliens don't get any of those benefits up there. But in fact, if you add one of those excellent Mexican Mafia Forged I.D.s, they get ALL of those benefits up there. And don't be telling me anyone doesn't know about them.
It will save lives (I have had 2 neighbors lose children to illegal aliens!) 16,000 per year! Crime will be greatly reduced! (over 50% in AZ) Less child molestation (illegal aliens have the highest rate of child molestation in the US) The list goes on! WAIT those things make it a GOOD law! My bad! FYI: Federal law states that illegal aliens can NOT collect welfare, etc. FBI states that more illegal aliens are on welfare than Americans! Another law ignored!
I live in Arizona. Even in the small town I live in, there are illegals here, standing on street corners waiting for work to come and find them. Ever since this law passed, I have not seen one gathered at their usual spot. While I support this controversial bill, I cannot blame illegals for trying to create a better life for their families. It is the crime, drug smuggling, and human trafficking that I am concerned about. I sincerely hope that this will not cause instances of racial profiling- but from what I have heard from law enforcement officials is that any instances of racial profiling will be severely punished... Because persecution of a person soley based upon his or her race is against the law. If any of you has TRULY read the bill, any officer cannot inquire about a person's immigration status unless they are connected to, or commit a crime. Being here illegally in this country is considered a secondary offense, not a primary. A considerably large majority of Arizonans support this bill- not because we are racist, not because we are cruel and bigoted, but because we care about our state and the LEGAL citizens in it. I am white, and I speak Spanish fluently as a second language; I love the culture and diversity that legal immigrants bring to our state... The ones who truly love our country and want to becomre productive citizens. But we have laws that need to be followed; if we illegally immigrated to their country, you had better believe that we would not be treated with respect and dignity... We would be immediately prosecuted. Comparing this law to Nazi Germany's "show me your papers", could not be more grossly offensive and unsubstantiated; it is state law to carry any form of identification: driver's license, passport, etc. If I were to be questioned by the police and I do not have identification readily available, I will be slapped with a fine. It has nothing to do with race- it's a law. To boycott and financially burden legal citizens of this state in order to protect illegal immigrants who technically have no rights in this country as citizens, in my opinion, is hateful and bigoted in itself. If you haven't already, READ the revised version of the bill and come to your own educated conclusions- instead of hearing about it from "word of mouth".
It is amazing that one who posted here dares to demand you get your facts straight when they continually post inflammatory questions using the term, "anti immigrant people", a ridiculous, made up, nonfactual term. Then bans anyone from posting who challenges them. ("Purely" infantile). To answer your question, illegal immigration is against the law and without enforcement, demeans even those that are illegal.
To answer your question an illegal immigrant in the USA does not have all the benefits that you listed. Show your links to support those. it is only American citizens the ones who have those rights. regarding health care any person has the right to have them and for illegals they are limited, many USA citizens in this country don't speak English, our nation is full of diverse cultures and they can wave their flags any time they want to. Get your facts straight. And Arizona's new law is bad because can go into racial profiling on their own USA citizens that are also minorities
cash loans in mesa arizona
I'm a freshman in high school and we have seven kids in our family and definitely don't have enough money to pay for college even for one of the kids let alone all seven. I am very smart and I'm in one grade higher math class passing with a 97% what are the requirements to get a scholarship? What different types can you get? Which one(s) pay for your full college tuition and everything ? How do you get these do you have to sign up and what kinda grades must you have? I obviously know nothing about scholarships, by the way I'm not interested in sports scholarships I suck at sports. I live in Mesa Arizona if that matters, MPS school district
Where do you get this idea that everyone pays for college in cash. Only a handful can actually afford college at the time they're going. That's what school loans are for.
You post a great question. You can get financial aid for college in a variety of ways - just start with FAFSA. I am impressed with your inquiry into early preparation for college applications at such a young age. I was born and raised in rural Arizona. I have worked in Tempe and went to ASU for graduate school. I played pick-up basketball at Kiwanis Park. I jogged Papago Park many times. I rode my bike to Fiesta Mall from ASU a lot. I am very familiar with Mesa to the point where I even know where the now defunct Tri City Mall had been located - lol (by the tri rail station). I remember being driven by my family by the set of "Used Cars" when it was being filmed in Mesa a very long time ago - so I'm a middle-aged Arizonan. I used to like getting groceries at Smitty's in Mesa. In early childhood I went to Frank Kush games around age 5 and used to get GI Joes at the Mesa Kmart before the ASU football game - great times. I watched "Wallace and Ladmo" - a children's show of the 70s on Channel 5 of Phoenix. They often performed stand-up comedy at the AZ State Fair. I even went to "Legend City" when it was still open - an amusement park in Phoenix. Answer: Go to a community college first and get a job that is in extreme demand after the associate's degree. With great grades and a low cost a good degree can get you a great job immediately if you choose the right major. Then you can use the associate's degree to transfer into ASU, U of A, or NAU for a bachelor's degree. I have 14 years of experience as a biomedical engineer. Here are majors I recommend: * medical billing and coding * accounting * computer science (java, android, HTML5, objective c, C++) * physical therapy * dental hygienist * MRI tech * sonagrapher * HVAC (air conditioning) The key is to ask the students who graduated which majors realistically led to success on the job hunt. Do a job search on Try some search terms. * clinical * engineer * radiology * accounting * HVAC * medical billing * allied health If you take AP courses in HS you can get college credit and enter a community college as a sophomore and finish early. Then you could transfer into ASU or just work. Since you come from a large family you can apply for FAFSA and may be able to get a grant or a small loan. Meanwhile, I often reminisce about the malls that had existed in Mesa and Scottsdale in my childhood - LOL. I still remember when there were drive-in theatres in the area. I am middle-aged now. Enjoy your youth. It only happens once. This classic Arizona song came out around the time I was born. My dad was a copper miner at San Manuel near Tucson. I am now a biomedical engineer in Miami, FL. I have multiple graduate degrees and am about to get a 3rd. I work with medical devices and software. KEY: Do not choose the wrong major that leads to unemployment. Those college graduates who don't have jobs after graduation simply chose the wrong major. Find out the right major you like that will get you a job immediately. Back in the 70s there were no freeways in many parts of Mesa and Apache Junction. It was just like this. Now the 101, 202, and other free ways form a network around Metro Phoenix which no doubt will someday reach Superior to the east.
Different scholarships have different requirements. MAny dont even need a high gpa
You're online........................look. Otherwise, you're old enough to get a job - so save your money. Additional Details: You say "don't be rude" and that you're "a young girl" - and yet you're obnoxiously rude and openly use profanity. Grow Up!
arizona small loan company
Why won't the Corporations help Americans by cutting their CEO pay 75% so they can hire hundreds of thousands of Americans? Why won't the American Corporations shut down their plants in China, bring those jobs back to America? Why won't the banks loan any money to the thousands of struggling American small business owners?????????????????????????? Why do the titans of Capitalism hate America and American workers so much???? Why does it look as though their love of greed far outweighs their love of country? Are the Corporations colluding with their buddies in the Banking Industry to kill small business in America? Why do conservatives believe it is better to preserve a CEO's ability to purchase a new mansion and a new Ferrari this year than cutting their pay so the company can hire 100 Americans who would be happy just to be able to put food on the table for their family? When is Capitalism going to step up and help fix the economy they broke? Do they love and trust Obama to do it for them? That must be it!!!!
Because the very people that were bailed out by the United States is on a mission to ruin Obama. Guess they did not like it that the Obama administration did not blindly turn over the money to them with no strings attached. It is up to the American people that are able to boycott these people. If I find that my mortgage company is part of this sham.....withholding loans to businesses in the US but loaning money to business is gone! I will refinance with a local bank that benefits it community. Steve Forbes told it all. It is all about the money. As to patronizing companies in extremist states like Arizona....I don't do business there. The immigration law is to fill the prisons that have been privatized. Pierce worked for years on changing the law and wrote the final draft. Capitalism of old has been overtaken by greed.
No. What extra approximately this have been greed and stupidity, yet generally stupidity. Stupidity on the area of the homebuyers who took out loans they by no ability would desire to are turning out to be and greed and stupidity from banks that prolonged those subprime loans so as that they might understand each and all of the money as gross sales and then motivate the customer to refinance so as that they might push the undesirable paper onto somebody else and recoup the thought, to that end popping out forward. The plan failed whilst the comparable banks chosen to take a place in loan sponsored securities that have been being buoyed by ability of that comparable undesirable paper they thought they have been rid of. regulation isn't the respond - it particularly is not any longer the activity of the government to be a hero for the stupid. the respond is to be clever like the folk who observed this coming years in the past and get out from under it in the previous it collapses. do no longer hardship, the losers who made those blunders will fail and study their lesson, it quite is exactly the way it might paintings.
When Obama gets his act together on taxes on business, investments, costs of health care to businesses and many other details that businesses have to consider before investing in more employees or products. All the investing has been done this year because of the fear of what is going to happen come January with the tax increases. Government AND banks had a hand in the what happened to our economy. Greed is a human condition.
It's a global economy now. I like living in North America but I would fire every single American and their wives and their kids if it would put even one additional dollar in my pocket. It's a Doggy Doggy world and anyone over minimum wage is wearing a milk-bone collar. Sincerely, The TOP 50 Executives in the United States of America who collectively "earned" $598,000,000 last year while firing 145,000 Americans.
Soviet America would be as similar to the oppressive USSR as 21st century Democratic America is to 19th century Tzarist Russia.
Rhetorical question when will government get out the way of businesses and people to grow our economy instead of taxing and regulating them out of existence.
You have a horribly naive concept of the world.
I say we start a revolution-the people vs the corrupt
How do you think they are making more profit even now?
arizona small loan company
I really tired of people calling me racist or ignorant for not wanting Obama to be my president. So I am ready for some input of why I should want Obama based solely on personal reason. My parents took a huge risk and were absolutely broke for a long time starting a health insurance company and now they are being run out of business by the government. I spent a ton of money going to one of the top schools of the country (Trinity University, in San Antonio) worked my @$$ off to graduate with honors only to find myself graduating probably with no job or maybe I will get a job but have to pay back a ton of taxes. I was in the Air Force for a while and a ton of my friends are in the war right now and one got shot because even the though the war continues, the funding is being cut because we are spending money on other important issues like Cash for Clunkers,suing Arizona and running my parents out of business. So I am guessing I should just say.... yeah my parents took huge risk for nothing I took out all these loans and busted my *** in school for nothing and my friends are dead but w/e Obama is a great president. Some one please enlight my racist ignorant self.
This is for the crazy guy below: "Fail! Fail! Fai!" First sir, I am incredible surprised you know more about my life than I do! I mean everything I said was a lie! Look up thesis on line "The Deformation of Panama with the migration of the Tripple Junction" authors Danny Davidson (Thats me!)Kristin Morrel, Tom Gardner, and Allison Teletzke I went to the air force academy for a year and a half Squad 34 animalistic sky raiders Obama has voted as senator against funding the military you think as president he won't cut their budget when we hit rock bottom? My parents own hapiamerica small company in fortworth. I will send ya my taxes I working for oil company right interning Your argumentative fallacies are as follows: Ad Hominem Generalization Poisioning the well Dismissal I am adding these two because it is kinda true Pigheadedness and Cliche thinging Finally really my point of the question is that typical liberals can't understand other povs thus you proving my point.
Sounds like you've got it all figured out.
Bozo is correct, although you have added some interesting detail of your life experiences, the significant deductions you make are all based on false premises. 1) No one is calling you racist. No one that I know criticizes people who criticize the President a racist unless they deserve the term. Despite repeating this charge everyday, no pub has every proved it. 2) Once again, Bozo is correct, the government didn't put any insurance company out of business. In fact, by requiring 30 million new customers, the demand for insurance will skyrocket. 3) Blaming your unemployment on Obama is ridiculous since Bush began the recession with the greatest financial panic since the Republican Great Depression. 4) Obama increased, by an incredibly large amount, the amount of resources going into Afghanistan where we now know it is so desperately needed. He has also voted, while senator, of Bush's attempts to increase medical and other fees unfairly born on military personnel, and other attempts to simply cut their pay. There is simply no evidence that he has endangered the troops by spending less than is necessary. If and when he does cut the military budget, I am confident he will cut the fat, not the muscle.
FIRST: If you are going to rant AND make specious claims about your parents business, your education, and service you need to write much more clearly. SECOND: The government did not put ANY health insurance companies out of business. I am in the industry and the only insurance companies that are out of business are those that were mismanaged. What your parents probably own is a brokerage. NOT A COMPANY. If you were actually as educated as you claim you would know the difference. THIRD: Congrats on finishing school...but when you finish school you usually end up owing a lot in LOANS NOT TAXES. This is why I figure you are lying about your education, because NOT A SINGLE STUDENT ON THE PLANET WOULD EVER MIX UP THEIR TAX DEBT WITH THEIR LOAN DEBT. FOURTH: The war was originally underfunded by the Dumbya Administration. The Democrats in Congress have been re-funding the war, at HIGHER levels than the GOP ever did. President Obama has made that abundantly clear. if you payed more attention to reality instead of Faux News talking points you might actually understand more about the world around you. FIFTH: A vote for Democrats this Fall, insures continued improvement to the economy. If the GOP takes control of ANY branch of government it means a return to the FAILED policies of the DUMBYA Administration. FAIL FAIL FAIL on all your points
I can't.. unless of course you are a college kid with no experience and think he's cool.. or you are Oprah Winfrey and think he is the Messiah.. of Joy Behart, who thinks by sucking up to him she will keep her cushy new job after pushing out a serious news person. Or maybe if you are the blacks and latinos who actually believe he is your God and you haven't realized yet that Barry is out for Barry only. Or maybe if you are a muslim and don't mind that he denies you but is in power, so that is a good thing. No, I cannot see why in God's name America would put themselves up for another turn of this communist.. unless perhaps they are looking for civil war.. and that is exactly what could happen.. he is dividing this nation as bad as it was before the civil war.. thanks Barry!
Why? Because not every liberal or every conservative is bad. Let me give it to you straight: when it comes to politicians, it doesn't matter if they have a D or an R next to their names, they all suck the public dry. So in the future, you will likely find out that Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress is pretty much on an even par as any previous Republican-controlled government. In the end, you should always vote for whoever you think would be best in that particular office, and not based on party lines. Or, if you want to use reality, you should vote for whoever you think would hurt you least. Arguing between Republicans and Democrats is like asking whether you would like to be shot or stabbed to death. Either way, you'll be dead but you aren't going to like it. It's a matter of preference.
First of all, you are not racist i know so many people who didn't want Obama as president. Second of all how many things that you stated are actually his fault. All he can do is take troops out of the war only congress can end it. Second of all not all liberals are in favor of some of the things Obama has done. Also, the universal healthcare WAS MADE BY REPUBLICANS so people need to stop complaining. Also that was another congress decision. Also he wasn't the one who put us in dept. It was George Sr. who started it with Kuwait. Because of that one action it has put us in all the dept. If we did not go in and minded our own business we would have no dept. As to your parents its not Obamas fault that your parents took that "huge risk". According to Cambridge hospital 67% of bankrupts where health related this bill can be good for a lot of reasons. Also he is creating a bill upping the requirements for ecological advancements in the home helping out the World.
Way to take thing personally. You're right - I'm sure President Obama's key goal is to run your parents out of business. If he can do that, he'll see himself as a successful and effective President.
Ohhhh, the American Dream; You are living it! Dude, it doesn`t matter who you vote for sine each of your 2 parties only serves the corporate elite (2 parties, what a democracy!) And seriously, what makes america "great" anyhow? Perhaps it`s your TV and bloated War Industry (cause everything else is going down the crapper)
Conservatives believe in themselves, Liberals believe in Government.
If the Conservative option is worse. It's about the lesser of two evils. Until we get rid of the two-party system, that is. =]
bad credit loan arizona
I ask this question as a big snow storm is hitting me in Arizona. Haven't they already established that there isn't global warming and hasn't been for over 7 years? I read an article that said scientist concluded that it was sunspots not man who makes the climate change. Your thoughts Your knowledge Your conclusions
Thanks for some great answers, it is evident that both sides have facts and not just "opinions" I like the fact that those who gave good answers have based their opinion on facts.It appears there was warming and now it is cooling. What no one has proven is what is the cause. Politicians in my opinion are using this "warming" to tax the American people and punish them for driving a car.
I love that those who think global warming is our fault can site these "facts" and speak "intelligently" and kind of put down those who think differently and act like Science is on their side. This holier than thou attitude is belittling and nasty. On the other side, there are just as many facts and Intelligent people who do not share the same opinions. The supporters of this belief will not listen to reason and put down the others as idiots, Rednecks and whatnot. I'm tired of babyish name calling and certain people trying to act so superior. That gets me angry and defensive. I'm somewhere in the middle. I do think that are some minor things that man has done that might contribute to what I would refer not to as global warming, but pollution. I think the tree huggers would like to have us believe a hoax in order to get their environmental cause furthered, though. There is a great deal of money to be made and the selfish ones like Michael Moore and Al Gore take full advantage and make themselves millionaires using this entire charade as their shield, while laughing all the way to the bank. I remind people constantly that where I live in NH, there were once glaciers covering the earth and they receded millions of years ago. Where are those glaciers now? Gone. I live here and we are having relatively normal, if not cooler than usual weather. The weather isn't trending all that much different from what is has in the past 100 years. In fact, we are "due" for a major hurricane in this area as it's been awhile. I can guarantee that when this hurricane comes, there will be finger point and it will be blamed on global warming. As for me, I do not think we need any more government controls and things like Crap (oops, excuse me) and Trade to tax us further and make the government more powerful and intrusive in our lives. I think we need to educate people and give people tools (knowledge and good conscious) to do what is right by our environment. I think the government can facilitate good environmental choices by offering tax credits and even low interest home improvement loans so that people can afford those replacement windows, insulation and new furnaces. Why does it have to be forced on those who can't afford it? I'm not a person who drives a Prius but I do own a vehicle that has a special emission reduction control on it. I do not waste. I recycle and I do not do truly bad environmental things. I think it's up to us all to do what we can and not be so militant and angry about it all. If people are educated on what is right to do, most behave intelligently. I do not need an over-reaching, controlling and corrupt government taking control and digging deeper into my pockets to further a believe that a very small percentage of the far left feel is accurate.
They haven't established 'no global warming for 7 years'. There are natural cycles on top of human global warming. Eg day/night, summer/winter, El Nino southern oscillation (caused 1998 to be exceptionally hot), and solar cycles. Right now we're in a deep solar minimum (think of it as solar winter) and El Nino has recently been through a cold spell and is just swinging back to warm. We've had the warmest ocean temperatures on record for any summer: you can see from the graphics, the US has been cooler, but the rest of the world warmer. Imagine what it would have been like if the Sun was at its warmest like it was 5-6yrs ago and will be again in 5-6yrs! One way of accounting for this is to take an average temperature over a cycle. Eg you can smooth out summer/winter effects by averaging over a year. You can smooth out El Nino/Solar cycles by averaging over about 10 years. 2000-09 is 0.17C hotter than 1990-99 (HadCRUT3) or 0.22C hotter (NASA). NASA includes the poles, which is why its number is bigger. There was some evidence that sunspots causing the climate change, but that's pretty much dead after more research was done. The first paper had a maths mistake in it which was later corrected (Damon & Laut, 2004). Then scientists used satellites and ground stations to test the theory for the last 30 years and found that sunspots should have cooled us slightly, whilst instead we warmed quickly (Lockwood & Frohlich, 2007). Recently, researchers in my department tested the hypothesis and found that the clouds and temperature changed BEFORE cosmic rays do, so cosmic rays clearly couldn't be causing it! They think they know the cause, and show that it can only account for up to 14% of warming (Erlykin, Sloan & Wolfendale, 2009): Scientific papers:
If "they" is the scientific community, those who conduct research and publish in scientific journals, then "they" have established that global warming has continued unabated. It is only those too ignorant to consider the oceans and air together that believe there had been no warming during the last La Nina pattern. Anybody who tell you there is no warming is looking only at air, is not knowledgeable of there being lots of water on the planet, and has not been watching the monthly reports of global average temperature. They are ignorant of the science. The idea that sunspots cause warming is indeed true, but we are getting warming now, this summer and fall, despite a quiet sun. Naturally, we should be cooler than any time in the past century precisely because the sun is in a deep solar minimum. This proves that something unnatural is overwhelming the natural processes. No climatologist disputes the cycles of the sun. Warming has been at a rate that averages about .07 degrees per decade. This is incredibly rapid for the earth, but not so rapid in a person's life that we will suddenly stop getting freak snow storms or early winters. Weather still happens.
Global warming is more real than the grass roots of the tea-bagger movement, that is not saying much.
The sun obviously has an effect on climate, and the "experts" denying this truly makes me wonder if they are scientists at all. Al Gore never encourages debate, and I can't recall one official debate he's ever had on this. Also, all the people pushing climate change have something to gain from this (more revenue via taxes, more control via carbon legislation etc.). Now I personally am cynical, because I question everything put in front of me. My understanding was that carbon is the basis of life, and that it being toxic is a ridiculous notion. That's my informed view, but many of my friends from the environmental movement disagree with me, thinking that extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is warming the planet(note that carbon dioxide makes up only 3-4% of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, and most of it is natural). Regardless, I'm glad debate is raging on the internet, the last high tech media medium with a degree of democracy left in it. I honestly wish people could just start debating the real enviromental issues like toxic waste being dumped in our water sources, ruining our water and our fish. Or the destruction of rain forests, which are vital biomes in earth, containing vast amounts of life, biodiversity, and resources, essential for all the animals that live there(including the humans who's daily lives are being invaded by irresponsible globalism). But alas we have to spend our time debating the plausibility of man made global warming. I guess if the people could be convinced that Dihydrogen Monoxide was a dangerous toxin, and must be controlled and taxed, the magistrate would have unimaginable powers.
There are also articles that say man did not land on the moon and that smoking does not cause lung cancer. Don't believe everything you read. 2009 is shaping up to be one of the warmest years ever recorded. Here is a table from NASA: scroll down to 2009, look at the temperature anomalies for each month. Compare them to previous years. It is very, very warm. said "snow in Arizona". Maybe Arizona is relatively cold this month. Do you really think this can tell you anything about the entire planet? Arizona has a surface area of 295,254 square kilometers. Earth has an area of 510,072,000 square kilometers. So Arizona represents about 0.06% of the planet. Why would you think the temperature in your backyard today can tell you anything about the entire planet? That's like asking your neighbor how much money he has in his wallet right now, then using that to try to make a conclusion on the trend of the global economy.
It was caused by sunspots as anybody who actually studied the science in school would of course know. Those who goofed off in school and paid someone else to do their tests for them of course would not understand this simple fact. But a few intelligent moderates or conservatives who did those tests for liberals for a few bucks just did not realize what damage they were doing to real science. I admit that back in the 60s I needed money and did a few tests for some less than intelligent liberals and got at least 5 real idiot liberals their masters degrees, but hey they paid real good because they did not have the brains to be in collage kind of like most of the silly liberals that hang around here promoting their silly religion instead of science. Some scientific information revealing the truth about global warming, when it happened and what probably caused it. Where the heat came from and why it was abnormally cold previously
Global temperatures peaked in 1998 and have been going down since then. There is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming. The climate always has and always will change due to the precession of the Earth, the change in the orientation of it's axis, or a wobble that takes 25,800 years to complete. We are just about as close to the Sun as we ever get right now and will soon be 'wobbling away from it. So realistically, we are more likely headed for another ice-age than we are to burn up. Global warming is a fraud perpetrated by criminals like Al Gore who are heavily invested in "green" companies. Scientists are jumping off the global warming train like rats off a sinking ship. Of course, the liberal media won' tell you this - you have to do the digging yourself.
Well, my thoughts are that there is science, there is politics, and then there are conspiracy theorists. There is a ton of research, data and evidence that suggests long term and significant climate change is occurring, and then there are people who contradict the scientific knowledge/research/data and make claims about what is going on without sufficient evidence to support their claims. Most often, the logical breakdowns in those claims are big enough to drive a Mack truck through. This leads me to label people who make such obviously illogical claims as 'deniers.' My knowledge and experience is substantial, but my expertise and education is NOT scientific, but in related or affected fields such as alternative energy and agriculture, although not limited to just those two endeavors. I see a large volume of questions and answers related to both of those fields that are factually incorrect, and from time to time the opinions and commentary are directly linked to incomplete and sometimes sensational media reports or obviously influenced by disinformation spread by organizations and groups with vested interests. This undercuts the credibility of people I would otherwise describe as 'skeptics,' but many of the people who base their beliefs off of these claims or reports are amenable to discussion and examining the facts and issues. My conclusion at this juncture is that significant changes are occurring in weather patterns that will ultimately lead to regional climate change. I think within a couple of generations, we will see changes in growing seasons, temperate zones and rainfall, etc. that will affect many areas around the world and alter geopolitical stability. I do not know enough to say exactly how and where those changes will occur, but for one example, we may start to see a shift in North America that could affect the vast arable midsection of the U.S. and have a very significant effect on agriculture. I believe that shift will be toward warmer temperatures with less stability in weather patterns, and I believe that we'll have more issues with rainfall, drought and water supply in specific areas. I believe that we will see increasing competition for limited energy supplies, and this will increase geopolitical instability. I believe that all of these issues are already having a cumulative impact that will only get worse if we do not adapt via new technologies, alternative energies, and progressive methods of agriculture, and the smart money seems to agree with me at this stage of the game. My final conclusion goes back to my thoughts and knowledge-I am uncertain in terms of the significance of the impact of mankind's contribution to climate change vs. natural forces, but I do believe we are contributing to the speed with which it is occurring. I do not know how much we are accelerating the trends, and I am not an alarmist or denier...I would describe myself as a skeptic as a result. I think that we need to continue to invest in research and technology and we need to approach climate change as risk management based on the statistical probabilities that science is telling us are in evidence. This means whatever political course we choose has to have multiple benefits and return on investment. For example, alternative energy-we already know what a globally volatile and competitive situation we have with regards to oil, and that is a huge factor in the growing geopolitical and economic instability we have been alternately avoiding and facing for decades. Our use of fossil fuels and limited resources in general has environmental and geopolitical consequences that we need to anticipate and plan for. Therefore, alternative energy-from wind to solar to bio fuels to nuclear-are all areas we need to research and develop. That investment has multiple benefits-it will help to mitigate our 'carbon footprint' in the event that AGW turns out to be a major player in climate change-as many already believe with some considerable reason...however, even if we find out that mankind's impact is not as significant as some fear, we will still get a major return on the investment for multiple reasons. Good question-and I totally empathize with looking out the window in Arizona to see snow and going WTF is going ON here?
It's not just global warming but the over all effect that mankind had been giving to mother earth. It should had been perfectly designed by our creator but had been slowly being wasted by people. Technology is good but beyond such modernization something had to be sacrificed and that's human nature. So, man has to adapt to it and bear the consequences.
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I am in deep poo. I feel like I have exhausted every option I've had to try and save myself from the debt I'm in, and I just can't get away from it. Here's why: I'm a single, 22-year old college kid that has just moved into a new state (Arizona) and I've been struggling to live on my own for about a year. I am not getting support from family, and will not. Last week, I made the decision to drop out of my classes to get a second job because I'm in real hot water as it is, but that means in six months my loans will go into payment mode. Unfortunately, nobody is going to hire a 22-year-old skill-less girl who can only speak one language around here. I make about 1200 a month (I apparently make a lot more, but Uncle Sam makes sure he takes out about 400 a month for taxes and Social Security, something I don't even think I'll get to enjoy) or a bit less. By the time my "essential" bills are paid -- cell phone, rent, car note, car insurance, and the gas I require to get to work at my first job, I actually OWE the bank money in overages. But it doesn't stop there -- that estimate doesn't even include groceries, renter's insurance (which I've been avoiding getting because of this), internet (essential for various reasons), vet care, car maintenance, or the 5 thousand dollars of credit card debt I have. :( Yes, I was a stupid college kid, and my dad told me to live off of them because he couldn't support me and it took me that long to find a job. And the student loans are coming.... I need to be making TWICE what I'm making now just to break even. I've tried refinancing my car. No one will touch me - again, 22 year old with no past history in the state. My bank will not offer help, and the credit card companies (even though I've called them and they've lied to me on multiple occasions) are refusing to lower my APR from 29.99% and won't work with me to get the cards closed or put me on a payment plan. I can't even afford the minimum payments with an APR like that, how can I ever even hope to get it paid off??? I don't qualify for food stamps (I make too much money) or any federal aid that I know of. Going bankrupt will ruin me for the first seven years of my life, I'll be 30 before I can twitch financially again. If it were an option, I would break my lease and move further out where the rent is half as costly. I'm in my lease for another 10 months, but the owners announced the property was listed in bankruptcy only one month after I signed it and I have no idea what that means for me. Anyway, I am really looking for serious advice... maybe there's some programs I haven't found out about, or something. This is just stupid.
See the affiliated site is an Experian company BBB approved so very safe. They might or they might not have you on with such a small debt but it's worth trying anything.
How close are you to getting your degree?? If you are within a year, seems like you should continue, because when will you ever get the chance to go back?? Don't most colleges have a student aid dept?? My brother went thru 5 yrs of college (all on student loans) - Univ of Nebr, so I don't understand why you are unable to do the same. Have student loans been discontinued?? I wonder about some things here. Why are you at an out of state college, which is more expensive? Why aren't you living at home & going to a local college?? Why wasn't your student loans set up before you went to college??
Well first off bankruptcy won't help because you only have 5k in credit card debt. Have you tried fast food or simple jobs like that. Or how about collections, or customer service you don't have to have much if any experience in those fields. If you have a two bedroom get a roommate or see about getting in a smaller apartment at the same complex.
Maybe my advice might clash with the American way but perhaps as a student on a low budget it would make more sense to live with your parents, drive an old banger on your parents insurance, have no cellphone, pay no renters insurance, no bills and just concentrate fully on your education instead of dealing with bankrupcy issues when 22 year old. Maybe your parents won't/can't help nevertheless choices and decisions would still need to be made and taken according to what you can/cannot do. In your case you just have to redimension your expenditures as you are clearly trying to live beyond your means.
Call 1-800-213-9968 ext 112 to get out of debt fast
And... I am a skilled 24 year old...with work anytime license...quit complaining and figure it out (and u have college education?)
Check this out it's not perfect, but it should help
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My brother bought a house that came with a car in the backyard. The house was sold by a young lady who moved (somewhere) in Arizona, the car however was in her mothers name who is now dead, the car also has a lean on it. I renewed plates online but they are being sent to the last address her diseased mother lived. If I cannot get the plates from that address they will go back to the bmv and I will need a power of attorney from the title owner (the young ladies dead mother) releasing me to get the plates and sticker. I have no leads on how to contact the the young ladie for more information or to find out which bank has the lean on the car. Please help! =) thx
First step is to contact the lien-holder (that info should be on the registration--I know it is in CA) and find out what the status of the loan is. If there is no registration in the vehicle, contact the bmv to see what steps you need to take to get title of an abandoned vehicle. The exact definition of "abandoned" will vary from state to state, and the fact that the last registered owner has died will complicate things, so you'll need to talk to the bmv to get accurate information.
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To make a long story short I inherited money from my father 8 years ago. I wasn't expecting this...or at least as much as it was. I was not rich my any means prior I made about 80K at my job and I quit...I make several times that on interest alone and it really made more sense to quit and pursue things that I liked doing. Anyway...I couldn't believe how many friends and other family members started to behave around me...everyone and I mean EVERYONE was obsessed with my money. When you meet a new person they usually ask what I do, you tell them and within 5 minutes they all ask...HOW MUCH? Friends & family have all asked for loans or just ask for the money for free...I never imagined some that have...the nerve. I bought a house in Maui last's the only place I can go where I'm not hounded about my money. I have given several million away, a friend, family members and charity. I feel like I'm in a glass bowl of amusement. I never thought it would be this way. wisdom anyone?
I grew up in a family that always struggled financially. I married a man who's goal was to be a millionaire by the time he was 30. Why I ever married him is beyond me. My goal was the work for a couple of years in a third-world country. I would deliver baby's & teach well baby & mom classes. We were the two most opposite persons on the planet. I went in to marriage forever. But, when I figured out he lied about everything & made more money than it told me. Then he was diagnosed as being a narsistic-sociopath. I came from a family that didn't lie to each other. Well, when I left him...I left a huge 4100 sq feet house that I have designed. It was warm & homie. When I realized that the man I married was a con man ...etc. I got away. I gave up a comfortable life. We had four cars.. A swimming pool and was customed designed. I often teased that I picked out every nail that went in to the house. We went to Hawaii often. My X was obcessed by appearences. I was the pretty wife. The kids were his show pieces...until they rebelled in the teen years. Then he just pur them out of his mind. It was really an amazing home. The bling bling was not me. I am dow to earth and homey. When the two youngest kids were rebellous teenagers I realize the depth of my husbands betrayl. I had no clue that hte man I loved & I knew he was difficult, but I did all I could to save the marrrieg. When I moved out of the big house I knew what I was giving up. I moved in to a tacky apartment. I hadn't worked because I was both mother and father to the kids and my X moved us every 2 or so years. Eventually companies caught up with him and he would be fired. In his personal explaination he said that he gets hired to whilp things in to shape. He would say he need to be there was gone. Or that the company redorginized it's structure of upper end bighshots and he worked his way out of a job. my point. I gave up the righ life and don't regret it. Sinse he lied to the courts about his income I get around $1,400. short a month. He basically took the money, hide it and ran. He is getting older and it is harder to keep his lies straight He juggles money & gets himself in to a bind. The key here is that I gave up my career to be the housewife/mother while he climbed the excutive ladder. I am so glad to not be married to him any more. I have been asked why I left such an easy life with all that money. I have no regrets of what I did. I am much happier without the money. Money isn't what life is all about. I have learned to be content with very little. sure I have my self pitty moment, but all in all I am happy. I was jipped out of a great deal of money. But, I continue to be healthy inspite of my poverty. Point doesn't buy happiness, you can learn to be happy in all situations/ My mother has a cousin whos son won a huge amount of money in some state wide prize. They said that they had faimily come out of the woodwork. At first they helped some people and orginatizations that were important to them. Then they moved from Minnasota to Arizona. Kept their hone number unsearchable. They didn't pass out notes of new addresses. They found a way to make it work. Enjoy it. Find people in your new area who arn't impressed at who he was. There were other sports car. They learned to say no.. family has kept the new address under wraps. They started a new life where people loved them for who they are and not what they have. Meanwhilw. I made the decision that I would rather live in a coardboard Box whti a good man and I know for a fact that with all my x husbands big money & trips........the material things felt hidious compaired to a beauty. I drive a Neon now. I often shop at goodwill orf clcothing. I would much rather live under a freeway over pass then to fight. Money is nothing without love & purpuse. Learn how to say NO and stick to that. Do some charitabe work. Invest money. Give gracously to those you choose to help. Make sure your windfall isn't common knowledge among you new friends in Hawaill. Just be who you are. Give when you want to and don't give if you don't want to. I keep falling asleep at the compputer, I hope I made sense. My wisdom is your generous when you want to be. Find orgainzations that is non profit and truely need your money for a cause that is near you heart. A move might be good for you. And don't tell people about your winning anything. I would recommend that you do some volenteer work so that you are giving to the community because your time and effort and just as important as the money. Sometimes give some money away anomonously. Watch out and don't over spend. Many of thisespiooooooooooo LOL falling asleep again. I wish you the best. You are not defined bt your money, But then give freely. Your spirit to love & enjoy money will be much greater if you use them for the good. In all things search for balance - peace - contemtment. Make sure if you are single that if you met a lady she will be more interested in you and being gracious & givinddddddddddddddddddd LOL I fel asleep. I am off to bed. one more thing. Change your name if you have to. People will continue to come out of woodworking looking for a handout. I wish you the best & that you can find some peace & some wonderful ways to spend your money. God Bless
I do no longer think of you're perfect, yet whether you have been, I communicate for myself! And the tea events are not almost taxes. they're on the subject of the out of control spending besides! Even liberal journalists are admiting that Obama will ought to improve the taxes on everyone to pay for his spending! the only decision may well be to print money, making our dollar weaker. meaning you may get a pay improve, yet once you communicate approximately the identifying to purchase means of the dollar is weakened critically (which might take place to a super degree if Obama keeps printing money) then you will have the skill to purchase much less with your money. We might get to a time the place middle type must be making $one hundred twenty five,000 to make ends meet. you will likely no longer be prosperous, yet because of the fact the dollar is devalued a lot, you earn sufficient to be categorized as 'prosperous' & you get the severe tax fee. that's the type of factor i'm protesting. And the wide-unfold increasing length of the government, no rely if a republican or a democrat is in value!
Maybe you put yourself in this position. You are the one who has announced you quit work. When asked why, you tell. You haven't made it a secret about your wealth. It brings the worms out of the woodwork. As far as what to do? Now you have to enact damage control. Simply say "NO". Tell them your remaining inheritance is invested. But for the most part, I'd say the damage is done.
I can see how that could happen, but you are in control of your money. You now know who your friends are and you can choose not to be friends with them. When you meet new people, don't tell them about your money. You are living the life most people only dream of. Concentrate on the good.
Without wishing to be unpleasant, it is difficult to have much sympathy with someone complaining about the side effects of wealth. I can understand it might be disappointing when someone you like turns out to have financial motives, but just count your blessings, and try and be tolerant. People can't always control their baser instincts, but it doesn't mean they are bad people.
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I haven't paid the HOA in over a year now. They don't do anything at all. It is just a big expense for me to keep paying them $100 a month for nothing. Anyways I received a letter today saying that I owe them $2600 and that they referred my account to the law firm and that I have until August 26 to pay in full or pay over a 3 month period. I cannot do either one as I don't have money to keep paying these guys. I just finished a loan modification process with my mortgage company 4 month ago and I am now comfortable with my mortgage payments. I can't afford the HOA payments but I want to stay in this house. Anyways knowing that the house is now worth only $176,000 as compared to $395,000 when I bought it in 2007, am I safe from the HOA? I mean even if they put a lien on the house, how are they gonna collect their money. I don't even know if they could just foreclose on me after they put a lien on the house, but why would they do that. They won't get a dime out of this right. How does this process work exactly and can I just continue living in my house without paying the HOA. I don't care about my credit. My credit is terrible as it is and I have stopped paying my credit cards well over a year now and I did receive judgments against me from these credit cards but it doesn't matter because they can't garnish my wages since I am self employed and I don't have any money in the bank. So going back to the HOA situation, I am in Arizona, what is the law regarding the HOA here in this state? Even if they put a lien on the house, knowing that the house has gone down by $200k, what can the HOA do? Please give me all the details. I really need help and I want to stay in my home. Thanks
You assumed an obligation to pay HOA fees when you purchased the home. By not paying the HOA fees, you are reducing the pool of funds available to pay the expenses of the community, resulting in higher assessments to be paid by your neighbors. The HOA documents you signed at closing likely granted the HOA the right to place a lien (and foreclose) on the house for unpaid dues. Here's where your plan to simply stop paying goes awry......the HOA can take title to the house, and collect rents to fund outstanding assessments. Senior secured creditors frequently approve of this tactic by the HOA, particularly when the mortgagor is insolvent. The HOA can also sue you for any fines and penalties assessed but not paid. If successful, the HOA can obtain a judgment lien on both your real and personal property (car, bank accounts, stocks, etc.) Unless you file for bankruptcy, unlikely you'll escape your obligations.
The HOA will place a lien on the house and foreclose. You won't be able to get another mortgage or rent anywhere that does a credit check. Start making arrangements now to live with friends or family for a few years, or start looking for naive private landlords in your area. If you apply to rent, don't tell them you stopped paying HOA fees to see if you could get away with it.
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Hi! I live in Arizona and I am considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the accumulated debt that I have. I currently have four payday loans (which are current and have not ever been in default). I am finding it harder and harder to pay the fact the fourth loan I took out so I could pay the extension fees on the other three! I started out with two, because I had to go back to my home city and needed the money, then it became three, and then four. My question is, is it true I can include the payday loans in a bankruptcy? I have considered my options for months now, and all I do is fall deeper in debt with these loans. I have a title loan out too but that I have to pay back so I don't lose my car. Can anyone give me some serious advice? I am going to go to a BK lawyer but not for a few weeks.
When you're in quicksand, stop struggling because going down you are. Bundle them in with your other debts. If you can payoff your car before you file, do so but as for the loans - list every one of them.
For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. http://LOANSANDFINANCES.INFO/index.html?...RE :Payday loans? Hi! I live in Arizona and I am considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the accumulated debt that I have. I currently have four payday loans (which are current and have not ever been in default). I am finding it harder and harder to pay the fact the fourth loan I took out so I could pay the extension fees on the other three! I started out with two, because I had to go back to my home city and needed the money, then it became three, and then four. My question is, is it true I can include the payday loans in a bankruptcy? I have considered my options for months now, and all I do is fall deeper in debt with these loans. I have a title loan out too but that I have to pay back so I don't lose my car. Can anyone give me some serious advice? I am going to go to a BK lawyer but not for a few weeks. Update: I just wanted to thank all of you who answered my questions! I appreciate your suggestions! :) Follow 12 answers
For Finance and credit solutions I always visit this site where you can find all the solutions. ogxrmJL75 RE :Payday loans? Hi! I live in Arizona and I am considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the accumulated debt that I have. I currently have four payday loans (which are current and have not ever been in default). I am finding it harder and harder to pay the fact the fourth loan I took out so I could pay the extension fees on the other three! I started out with two, because I had to go back to my home city and needed the money, then it became three, and then four. My question is, is it true I can include the payday loans in a bankruptcy? I have considered my options for months now, and all I do is fall deeper in debt with these loans. I have a title loan out too but that I have to pay back so I don't lose my car. Can anyone give me some serious advice? I am going to go to a BK lawyer but not for a few weeks. Update: I just wanted to thank all of you who answered my questions! I appreciate your suggestions! :) Follow 11 answers
For Finance and credit solutions I visit this website where you can find all the solutions. ogxrmJL75 RE :Payday loans? Hi! I live in Arizona and I am considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of the accumulated debt that I have. I currently have four payday loans (which are current and have not ever been in default). I am finding it harder and harder to pay the fact the fourth loan I took out so I could pay the extension fees on the other three! I started out with two, because I had to go back to my home city and needed the money, then it became three, and then four. My question is, is it true I can include the payday loans in a bankruptcy? I have considered my options for months now, and all I do is fall deeper in debt with these loans. I have a title loan out too but that I have to pay back so I don't lose my car. Can anyone give me some serious advice? I am going to go to a BK lawyer but not for a few weeks. Update: I just wanted to thank all of you who answered my questions! I appreciate your suggestions! :) Follow 10 answers
When filing for Chapter 13, you are agreeing to pay some of your loans in payments. Meaning you have to come with a payment plan thats right for you and your budget to pay back the creditors you owe, and then present that pymt plan to the judge. However, Chapter 7 gets rid of ALL your debt...but the NOT luxury items you can still pay and not worry they will take them away (such as your car, house) because that's stuff you need everyday to live N go to work. Either way you decide to go, payday loans you can file for bankruptcy because they are not part of the government. Good Luck
Payday loans should always be a last resort, and you should pay them back as quickly as you can, otherwise you will find yourself in the vicious cycle of this type of debt. Before jumping in to file bankruptcy, consider the following options. If you own a home, a secured debt consolidation loan may be right for you. This type of loan is essentially a home equity loan, which is used to pay off your payday loans. Secured consolidation loans help many consumers by consolidating all of their debts into a single monthly payment with a lower interest rate and payment amount. If you do not own a home or other property to offer as collateral for a secured debt consolidation loan, there are several other options you should consider. You may be able to transfer your existing debts to a credit card with a lower APR, or one with a 0% introductory rate. A balance transfer could help you by consolidating all of your unsecured debts into a single account with a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment. A card such as the Discover Platinum, with a 0% APR for 12 months, and 10.99% thereafter, is certainly a good deal as far as credit cards go. You could also look into an unsecured personal loan to consolidate your debts–check out the loans section of the Savings Center for unsecured debt consolidation loans that may improve your situation. However, if your credit history is less than perfect, you may have difficulty finding a lender willing to extend you credit, and if you do find a loan, you should expect to pay a premium in interest. In fact, a conventional unsecured debt consolidation loan, such as those I mention above, may be impractical and cost-prohibitive if you have credit problems. A possible alternative loan resource you may want to explore is, a site which puts private lenders in contact with private borrowers. A private lender may be more willing extend you a loan than a traditional bank. If one of these options will not work for your situation, offers a wealth of information regarding the various debt help options available to consumers–visit for more information. Finally, if none of these options work out, you can always request for some help from your family and friends bearing in mind that you pay off the amount that you borrow as soon as you are able to and thereby stop the cycle of payday loan debt.
Before you jump into a Chapter 13, you should contact the lenders and try to get them to agree to pay down you loans and either freeze the interest or reduce the interest rate. Most of these lender will agree to this because they are getting some money, if you go Chapter 13 the will get nothing.
Approximately 8 months in the past I have been given a payday very own loan for college without subjects at.not sure what you adult men are speaking approximately paying it back in 2 weeks.I in basic terms checked the positioning the OP is speaking approximately and you get a 365 days to pay it back.
If you go bankrupt, file your bankruptcy under Chapter 13. Chapter 13 permits an US resident to reorganize and restructure their finances. It allows you start afresh and get your finances back on the track. The bankruptcy court will supervise and authorize the entire process of overhauling your financial situation.
I am in the same situation you are! The interest is so ridiculous that I cannot pay back any of the principal and the interest is causing me to go negative in my checking account. I'm sorry I cannot help you, but if you find anything out, please let me know!
arizona and payday loans
I need a payday loan until July 1st. I tried doing an online payday loan but advised me they no longer can due to Arizona Law. Can anyone tell me where I can get a payday loan-short term in Arizona. I know that a check is needed however, I dont have any checks and I believe most places won't accept temporary checks. Does anyone know where I can get a payday loan in Arizona, for short term and accept temporary checks.
You can't. the legislature is letting the law that allows these expire.
For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. :Payday Loans -Arizona? I need a payday loan until July 1st. I tried doing an online payday loan but advised me they no longer can due to Arizona Law. Can anyone tell me where I can get a payday loan-short term in Arizona. I know that a check is needed however, I dont have any checks and I believe most places won't accept temporary checks. Does anyone know where I can get a payday loan in Arizona, for short term and accept temporary checks. Follow 6 answers
For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde... grnstUT56 RE :Payday Loans -Arizona? I need a payday loan until July 1st. I tried doing an online payday loan but advised me they no longer can due to Arizona Law. Can anyone tell me where I can get a payday loan-short term in Arizona. I know that a check is needed however, I dont have any checks and I believe most places won't accept temporary checks. Does anyone know where I can get a payday loan in Arizona, for short term and accept temporary checks. Follow 5 answers
For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde... grnstUT56 RE :Payday Loans -Arizona? I need a payday loan until July 1st. I tried doing an online payday loan but advised me they no longer can due to Arizona Law. Can anyone tell me where I can get a payday loan-short term in Arizona. I know that a check is needed however, I dont have any checks and I believe most places won't accept temporary checks. Does anyone know where I can get a payday loan in Arizona, for short term and accept temporary checks. Follow 4 answers
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In my online research, when I research "car registration loans" the results always came back as a "car title loan". So, what you may think you have a registration loan, you really have a title loan with the lender having a 2nd lien on the car. Your question is the 1st one I've ever seen referencing a car registration loan. A registration is not an ownership document, the car title is the ownership document. The registration does not prove who owns the car.
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For the best answers, search on this site I am surprised that a lot of our "top contributors" are the first ones to go at this guy's throat. Shame on you guys. Listen, my advice may not be the best, but here is what I would do based on the information you have given me. First I would find an apartment nearest to your work. Sell the car, you don't have much time, so taking it to a dealership and letting them take it would probably be the best option to make quick change. Do not under any circumstances loan out the title. In the end you will be just paying back almost triple. If this doesn't work, you need to move in with a friend/family. Even if it is just short term until you get back on your feet, you gotta find someone that will help you and help you save money. This way you may still be able to keep the car if you are living with someone. Also, have you thought about applying for a line of credit or perhaps a loan from the bank? I know your credit is bad, but it is worth a shot. You may be able to get something with a high interest, but at least you won't have to sell you car.
For Credit and finance solutions I always visit this website where you can find all the solutions. http://SMARTFINANCESOLUTIONS.NET/index.h...RE :Can they reposses your car for a registration loan not a title loan in arizona? I got a registration loan in phoenix and they are threating to repo, but I do not think they can on a registration loan only a title loan. Not sure please advise. Update: I do not think they can because they are not the lien holder. There is a lean on the vehicle from the bank. I called the bank and they said they cannot repo the car. So I am not sure because the payday loan place is telling me they can. 1 following
I have had both on a vehicle. The "Title loan"is a lien and, generally, you must have a clean title (no liens) to sell it. A "registration loan" is ALSO a lien on the car. But here's the simple answer: the "title loan" company can repo your vehicle because the have the title as collateral. The "registration loan" company can repo your vehicle as they have your signature on the paperwork and usually ask for you to handover a spare key before they consent to it. Anyone you give a key to can take your car - with or without permission, right?
How can they repo a car that isn't yours? The Car belongs to the bank not you or them. A registration loan is a payday loan in disguise.
If you put your car up as collateral, and you don't make the payments, I'm not sure why you would think they couldn't repo it...
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You can be taxed up to 35% if you actually work for a living as opposed to 15% collecting "rent" income from investments (capital gains) like Mitt Romney and many others which only require you to sit on your ***. That means we poor / middle class carry a MUCH higher burden of taxes than the rich which is totally the opposite of what it should be and defies common sense. I have a "solution." Make EVERYthing a capital gain. I think there are creative ways to do this. Labor / salaries / payroll are now called "HUMAN CAPITAL INVESTMENTS," and we get paid as a return on that investment rather than "payroll." To make it a long term capital gain we get deferred payment (next year or whatever), however we are given a "loan" at let's say 10% interest that is secured by our capital gain payment, which is increased by the amount lost to interest in the "loan." There can also be made ways to make these valuable to trade (sell) to anyone so that they are legitimized as investments. My goal here is actually to change the tax code so the wealthy pay their fair share-- to influence legislation. This is just a means to that end. In other words if the poor / middle class no longer subsidize the rich via taxes then something has to be done-- raise taxes on the rich as they should be in other words.
To Shoredude below: I said nothing about having a corporation and one doesn't need to be involved, and yes I have heard of double taxation. Also, US corporations are sitting on more money in the bank than ever and they are not using it to hire people. Therefore giving them more money via lower taxes will not help anyone. No corporation ever does what we might like just because we give them more money. Republicans argue this constantly and history has borne it out again and again. Remember years ago Hewlett-Packard successfully got a "tax holiday" to bring hundreds of millions home from offshore corporations? It was argued that they needed that tax holiday to bring back the money and create jobs. You know what they did with the money? They bought back their stock with it and laid off thousands more people.
Pascal, you are the one who has no idea-- NONE. Once again no common sense. By your logic we should give all the money to one person right? Then we can worship him as King because he pays "all the taxes" and you pay none-- because you have nothing. Of course 47% pay no taxes-- they're POOR. Too poor to pay taxes. Romney pays LESS, much less. Here is a common sense example: Let's say Romney makes $10 million and pays 14%-- that's $1.4 million in taxes right? Say 50 people like you and me make $200K a year-- a good "upper middle class" salary and we get taxed at 35%. That's $3.5 million in taxes-- more than DOUBLE what Romney pays AND it's helping 50 people (and the public) benefit, not just one person. That's how the middle class subsidizes the rich. The same $10 million from Romney is only worth $1.4 million, and $10 million from the middle class is worth more than double that-- $3.5 million. The middle class is subsidizing Romney to the tune
To Bobbie: Not just going to dream here; I intend to influence votes. Anyone capable of simple logic gets this. If you are earning less than $500K/year you are getting screwed. You are subsidizing the rich via your taxes. See this video: They have you convinced. They are afraid to tell you who they are. A group in Arizona wants to anonymously finance a union busting initiative in California. If they had any balls at all they would reveal who they are. Why don't they? Because they know nobody will vote for it if they do.
Also, what do you think Warren Buffet's motivations are in suggesting we bring taxes back to progressive? He will lose money if we do, right? So why would he want that? He knows it's the proper thing. It's common sense for God's sake. I am 100% convinced that future historians (everyone in general actually) will look back on this period and say "That's when the sheep once again forgot. Voting against their own interests because they believed the lies." Have you guys learned ANYthing from history? Do you remember the Big Lie, NAZI Germany? Let me tell you this again: You are making obscenely rich people even more rich by voting Republican, and making yourself poor. I wouldn't otherwise care but you're dragging me along with you!! You are sucking away your money and mine and giving it to rich people. Soon this will be Mexico or Brazil because of you! Gov't will give up on you cuz they don't have money to help you any more-- not for sewers, w
To Quick Answers: Somehow the New York Times and everyone else got 14% and you got 22%. And are you saying that the rich really don't pay less? If that's true then tell Warren Buffet. Maybe he has been misled? Your arguments regarding retirement aren't so convincing since retirement income gets its own tax breaks. If the investments are risky you're only getting taxed when you succeed. Keep in mind most of the country has little or nothing to invest, and there is no equality of mobility-- much less than in the past. I understand your concerns about retirement however. Consider my situation-- I lost both of my houses and all investments and now yes I can only use $3000 a year of those losses. This tax structure that benefits the rich and keeps anyone from advancing means I will never get back to where I was unless something changes. You may already be there and concerned about earning more (you have to have money to benefit from investments), but I and others like me wil
Your post is poorly organized and compares apples to oranges. You make broad generalizations without showing any math. First, people don't pay taxes on their Gross Income. They pay it on their taxable income. (Which, oddly, Romney inflated by not claiming all of his legal tax deductions.) Romney's line 46 (tax + amt) was $2M. Dividing by taxable income, that was a tax rate of 22.4%. If Romney's tax had been using just the ordinary rates, he would have paid 34.7%. So, now, let's compare this to a MFJ couple who make $250,000 from just wages and do NOT itemize, have kids, claim credits or anything else. Their tax bill would have been $53685, or 23.2%. (Hint, their income isn't high enough to even be in the 35% tax bracket.) Or, let's take something I think of as middle class, MFJ with $100,000 of just wage income. Then the tax would be $12,500 or an effective rate of 15.4%. Thus your argument that the middle class is paying more, percentage wise, than Romeny is just plain wrong. And, no, you can't add in fica/mc as they'll get all of that back when they retire. Second, while you could make an argument that tax rates should be on gross income, not reduced by schedule A, you didn't make it. You could also argue that the amount of schedule A deductions should be capped, but you didn't. In Romney's case, the AMT form added back most of what he claimed on schedule A anyway, giving him a marginal tax rate of 28% for non capital gain income. The only argument I actually see you making that you think there should be no such thing as a capital gains tax rate. Had that been true, Mitt would have paid $3,122,570 (35%) instead of $2,015,346 (22%) that is shown on the tax return. The claimed reason that capital gain income gets a lower tax rate is RISK. If I put all my money is super safe savings accounts, like my bank, the interest rate is a piddling .2% right now. To be middle class, retire, and replace $50K of wage income from just interest would require $25,000,000 right now. Obviously this isnt' going to work, so I then turn to the stock market. The historical rates have been roughly 5%--assuming I pick the right stocks--which would still require $1,000,000 in assets. If I guess wrong (or choose the wrong year to retire), and lose money, I can't even deduct it all due to the $3000 capital gains loss limit. This RISK is real. Many retirees are extremely happy right now that they get social security checks because that has been income they can actually rely on. Once you get past 50, finding a good paying job--and being able to work full time--is increasingly iffy. One can certainly argue that the cap on capital gains should be, say, 10% off the ordinary rate, not 20% off that Mitt gets. One could also argue that dividends shouldn't get the better rate. (Both of these would happen if the Bush era tax rates expire.) Edit. You get 14.7% if you divide the tax by AGI. This is his effective tax rate on his AGI. You calculate actual tax using taxable income, which is AGI minus the itemized deductions. Most people calculate their tax rate from their taxable income only. Using my $250K couple and my $100K couple, their AGI rates are 23.2% and 12.5% respectively. But you tried to compare a 35% marginal rate on Taxable Income with a non-existent 35% flate rate on AGI. As I said, apples and oranges.
1. Capitol gains tax reates apply to you too. So you could do the same. Don't be mad just b/c rich people have money and don't have to work. Sour grapes is not a good look. 2. The rich pay VASTLY more than poor and middle class people. Many poor people pay NO federal taxes, and many actually take money out of the system via EIC, etc. "My goal here is actually to change the tax code so the wealthy pay their fair share--" - The top 10% of earners in the US pay close to 50% of the personal income taxes collected. You are delusional. " In other words if the poor / middle class no longer subsidize the rich via taxes then something has to be done-- raise taxes on the rich as they should be in other words." - The poor and middle calss do NOT subsidize the rich, not even close. You simply have no idea what you are talking about. NONE. Romney's 14% effective rate? $7 million in federal taxes paid.
A capital features tax is a tax on each person invested in the stock market. You would be taxing each ones 401k. With an unwell economic system raising corporate or capital positive factors is a certain approach to hurt it worse. Should you really want to tax the rich then we need to re-due the tax code in order that it is a consumption tax no longer an sales tax. Humans would simplest be taxed on what they purchase and considering the wealthy purchase extra they'd pay extra. Suppose trade not extra of the equal.
Income is derived from wages, such as working or from self employment income is also derived from interest and dividends that one has either put in saving or invested in some other income producing property rent is an income that is based on the use of your property by someone else, and very generally rental income is not a huge money generator then there are capital gains which is derived from your investment in some money generator, that through the efforts of someone other than yourself, a profit can be made when you sell the investment, resulting in 'capital gains'--this was not income generated by you but merely an increase from your investments your idea of your efforts being a capital investment are not new, this has been promoted before and has proven to be invalid
Most people have never heard of double taxation. It sounds like you are one of them. When you have a corporation, its profits are taxed TWICE. The first time the corporation is taxed. And the US has the 2nd highest corporate tax in the world (behind Japan). Then when what is left is passed onto its shareholders, those shareholders have to pay tax on the same money again. So if you want your "human capital investments" to be considered capital gains, be prepared for them to be taxes twice. Also capital gains do involve more than sitting on your ***. You have to invest your money. When you invest, there is always the possibility that you will never see it again. Imagine if you went to work for a salary or wage and were told, "Sorry, your work wasn't profitable so you won't be getting paid".
Dream on and one day ypu will really get this all figured out and the problems solved for every one RIGHT. Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 11/03/2012
"Is Romney a profitable businessman? If so why does he pay 14% in taxes?" You're too stupid to vote.
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How many people right here on yahoo answers are going to apply for the bailout for homeowners? Please state the political party you identify with and what tax income bracket you are in. Please do not state whether you agree with it or not. I am not interested in those answers because that is not the question. Barack Obama promised the guidelines would be released on March 4 when he unveiled his proposal to help keep up to nine million people in their homes at a housing event in Arizona last month. The officials said the guidelines will include tests to help banks figure out whether individuals homeowners who are "underwater," or have homes that are valued less than the mortgage, can be saved by the president's $75 billion loan modification program. Under the administration's plan, those homeowners considered viable under the new guidelines could have monthly housing payments lowered to 31 percent of their gross monthly income to help prevent foreclosure. The plan aims to help a second group of homeowners in danger of facing foreclosure who do not currently have enough equity in their homes to take advantage of historically low interest rates through refinancing. Only people who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac — about 40 percent of homeowners — are eligible for this part of the plan. According to the officials, these homeowners normally can usually refinance only with a loan-to-value rate of 80 percent, so that there is at least 20 percent equity in the home. Given that many of these homeowners have dramatically lost equity, they will now be eligible for refinancing at a loan-to-value percent of up to 105 percent, according to the officials.
It will never ever reach us.
Does Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Own Your Mortgage? Probably Most people may not realize they even qualify for the Obama housing plan that offers refinancing options to homeowners whose loans are owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Many people assume if they didn't apply for a loan through Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac the current housing crisis has no ties to them. WRONG. More than half of all American mortgages are owned by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. It's called the "Secondary Market". Homebuyers apply for mortgages from primary mortgage lenders such as banks, mortgage companies, or credit unions. Then the lender you got your mortgage from can sell your loan, usually to an institution like Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae. The lender takes the proceeds of the sale to offer more loans to other homebuyers in their community. Homeowners who make house payments to companies like Countrywide, JP Morgan Chase, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, etc, etc often only have their loans serviced by those companies while your loan is actually owned by Fannie and Freddie. It's all in the fine print and most people never know who really owns their loan because you continue to deal with the company servicing your loan and until now have had no reason to question who owns your loan. Here's a great explanation of how it works: To find out if your loan is owned by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac: 1. Call your lender/mortgage servicer (the place where you send your house payments) and ask. 2. Check online with Fannie and Freddie:
I will with slightly of luck get $950 lower back on my tax, which will go instantly to the non-public loan. even even if i love getting money for doing no longer some thing, i imagine that's a nasty theory for the authorities to dig us into debt in this manner. i imagine the money might want to be more beneficial effective spent subsidising wages in some industries so as that individuals might want to artwork, fairly than getting a handout. interest fee cuts are large for those with domicile loans and different money owed, yet they're a intense indicator of economic issues. the actual undeniable truth that they have got reduce prices this seriously is alarming, because it shows that the economy has no longer spoke back to previous measures. they're operating out of prices to shrink, in an attempt to communicate. So at the same time as i'm satisfied to get an advantage and some alleviation on my homeloan, i imagine they're going about issues the incorrect way at the same time as they offer people handouts on the cost of the funds. it really is going to take years to recuperate that deficit.
I built my own home with money I earned and saved. No mortgage for me. Middle class Republican.
No. I paid off my mortgage 6 months ago...after 7 years of sacrifice. 28%. Republican.
No, I already own both of my homes.
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Much of this will be decided on September 25th with a congressional vote. ( I detail this further in my reply) Otherwise, appreciation will average between 4-5% in 2007. With the falling demand and increased supply, home prices still realized slight appreciation though it was less than 1 percent, where over the past few years homes were appreciating at double-digit rates. “While recent developments raise concern, it is believed that we should still have an appreciation of 4-5% in 2007. One-third of the country (by population) is still seeing rising home prices, including Alaska, New Mexico, Vermont and many states in the South, excluding Florida. States that experienced the greatest increases in home prices in recent years are experiencing significantly lower sales, such as Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Virginia. Contrary to many reports, there is not a ‘national housing bubble. We were seeing home prices and mortgage debt servicing cost-to-income ratios increase to unhealthy levels in some housing markets, which precipitate an adjustment. Also contributing to the cooling housing market is an increase in mortgage rates of nearly one point, speculative investors pulling back and first-time buyers being priced out of the market. Adjustments to the housing market are not unique and can often times be necessary. In addition to the rapid appreciation of years past, the rise in mortgage rates affects a homebuyer’s ability to finance and purchase a home. Pressure is being felt in the housing market due to rising mortgage rates. With rising interest rates, homebuyers have become exhausted financially which explains why sales have tumbled in higher-priced regions of the country. The actual wild card which none of my esteemed colleagues mentioned was an upcoming vote in Congress which could cause interest rates to climb again, and then would cause the housing market true concerns. The US continues to have a hearty appetite for foreign goods...the US Balance of Trade for July scored another record trade deficit, this time ballooning by 5% to -$68.0 billion and above expectations of -$65.4 billion. The previous monthly deficit record was -$66.3 billion set last January. The trade imbalance between the US and China continues to grow with a -$19.6 billion gap in July compared to July 2005’s gap of -$17.6 billion. Regarding the trade deficit with China, there is an important Congressional vote coming on Sept 25th that could impact mortgage rates. In order to help close the trade gap with China, Congress will decide whether to impose a 27.5% tariff on Chinese imports. Why is Congress voting to impose such a tariff? Because China has not allowed their currency, the Yuan, to float higher against the US Dollar. The present agreement with the US calls for China to allow their currency to float up 10% against the US Dollar. China has only allowed a 3.8% move. Congress is not happy about this because it keeps Chinese goods very inexpensive in comparison to US goods, which hurts corporations and employment in the US. How does China manipulate their currency to keep it weak against the Dollar? By purchasing massive quantities of Dollar denominated Bonds...including Mortgage Bonds. The more Bonds they buy, the stronger our Dollar...and in relation, the weaker their Yuan. So the threat of this upcoming vote to impose this large tariff on Chinese goods might just prompt them to allow their currency to strengthen or float higher against the Dollar, in order to avoid such a huge tariff being imposed. What does this all mean to us? It means that the Chinese may back off on their massive Bond purchases...and anytime a huge buyer steps back from the table, prices will generally decline. And as we know, when Bond prices decline, home loan rates go up. Rates have been held low partly due to the large extent of foreign purchasing of Bonds, so this is an important story to watch in the coming weeks - we'll be watching closely to see what the Chinese do in advance of the vote. Today, San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen speaks on the economy, and this is the same “Yellin'” Yellen who voiced some concerns over inflation last week and created a bit of a reaction in the financial markets. Any further comments today about inflation by Yellen could catch the attention of Traders and create a reaction. Technically, Mortgage Bonds are continuing on the "bumper bowling" path between a solid layer of dual support provided by both the 25-day and 200-day Moving Averages at $99.89 and $99.86 respectively and overhead resistance at $100.19. Bond prices will likely stay trapped between the "bumpers" until a strong market-moving catalyst comes along to propel prices out of this range. More than likely, this is one of the largest and most important financial transactions you will ever make. You might do this only four or five times in your entire life. but we do this every single day. It's your home and your future. It's our profession and our passion. We're ready to work for your best interest.
Things are still falling somewhat in San Diego, and we're on the bleeding edge of this thing. On the other hand, there is clearly support for prices in general not too much further down. In San Diego, the sellers are finally seeing reality. Further north, in LA and the Bay area, denial is still in full force. We're a little more than twenty percent below peak prices now. I'd be very surprised if it went over thirty. As to how long it'll last, I'm going to say Spring 2008 is most likely when it'll start to reach buyer/seller equilibrium, but it could be as early as January 2007. If the buyer's market goes past Spring 2009, I will be astonished. Ironically, the further down it goes, I believe the sooner and faster it will recover.
I think most markets are shifting from the sellers markets in the past 5 years to equillibrium rather than actual buyer's markets. It has mostly to this point been an increase in the time on the market rather than an actual reduction of sale prices. At least that is what we are seeing on the East Coast.
20 to 30% is the estimate. How to value a property during market downturn? Housing market continues to slump. Now we can calculate true value of a property easily. As price decline, we don't need to guess and factor in the potential price appreciation while calculating home value. Without the guesswork, figures are more accurate. Let's use following example: Today, a typical 15 years old, two bedrooms condo/townhouse is priced around $500,000 and $550,000 in Sunnyvale, California. Rent for similar condo/townhouse is $2000/month. If you are a home owner, $2,000/month in rent means $20,000 a year in profit ($24,000 per year in rent, minus $4,000 maintenance costs). A $20,000 income is equilevant of owning $400,000 bonds or CDs, because current yield of 30 Years U.S. treasuries are 5% (5% of $400,000 is $20,000). Bank CDs have similiar yields. In our example, the two bedrooms condo/townhouse is 20% to 25% overpriced. They should be priced at $400,000. It is interesting to note that if we redo the calculation from buyer's perspective instead of seller's perspective, the figures are even more shocking. Mortgage payment consists of two parts: mortgage interests and mortgage principal. The interests portion is similar to rent. If you pay interest, it disappears and doesn't add equity to the property. To fully simulate characteristics of renting, we assume buyer will apply for a zero down, interest-only loan. It turns out that rent of $2000/month is equivelant to mortgage payment of a $340,000 loan at 7.0% APR. And comparing $340,000 loan to $500,000 or $550,000 price tag, from buyer's view, the two bedrooms condo/townhouse is 30% to 35% overpriced. One may ask, why is there a discrepancy between two perspectives of the buyer and owner? The discrepancy is a result of 2% differences in interest rate that buyer borrow comparing to yields of bonds and CDs that owners would get. We understand that buyer would always pay more. That is the premium of buying to own. However, looking from home owner's perspective, current housing market is probably 20% to 25% overpriced. We recommand investors to wait for a better entry point.
The market in Los Angeles isn't exactly going any lower. It just isn't going a lot higher. Its flattening out. New housing prices are dropping a bit in the inland empire though. It all depends on the interest rates. If they keep going up, the prices may drop a few percent, but they aren't going to go into the toilet. There is still a lot of demand in Southern California.
Inhabitants will proceed to outstrip housing for a minimum of the subsequent 15 years. it extremely is envisioned that our inhabitants will boost from the present 35 million, it relatively is 35,000,000 to fifty a million in 2015. Low income domicile would be non-existent. i do no longer suspect average or much less costly housing will pass down in any respect. extreme priced housing, over $1million will pass flat and perhaps pass down 5 to 10%, yet I doubt it relatively is going to pass decrease.
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I graduated early and started working right after I graduated.I already have my own car amd pay all he bills that come with a car but now I want a house. I have money saved up for the downpayment and make enough to pay all the monthy bills and house expenses (all ready did the math). Also the houses are really cheap in Arizona but im not 18 yet... Would I have to wait or do I have a chance of buying a house already. P.S: I really want a house cause we never had one we always ened up moving every six months.
Normally you would not be able to legally enter into a contract because of your age. Normally the age of majority in most states is 18 years of age, unless you have been legally emancipated by your parents and a judge has agreed and issued such a decree. You would have to find out the age of majority in Arizona. Having a down payment is just one of the requirements to purchase a house. There are other qualifying requirement in order to purchase a house. You must have provable income for at least 2 or more years. This can be in earnings, retired pay, social security income, stock returns or other passive income that is provable. You would be required to produce income tax returns. You must apply for and be approved for a mortgage loan. FHA is currently offering a good rate and the qualifying requirements are not as great as a conventional mortgage loan. Your down payment is also less. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
I am hoping you recognize the unavoidably great quantity of discipline it takes to possess your human being position. if you're confident about transferring out (that you quite won't be able to do until eventually your 18, besides), i does not reccomend a house until eventually you recognize you'll have the funds for to positioned into domicile coverage, maintanance, each and each and every of the domicile expenses, and somewhat for personal loan. Why somewhat? because paying only 10% will earn you tax deductions. i'm assuming you'll opt to pay it off right away, yet if you find yourself putting each and each and every of the funds into it, you received't have any left for different domicile emergencies, quite in the experience that your not a healthcare professional... and also you should move domicile broke. So in case you favor a house, note that a private loan is personal loan adverse to YOUR income, and % a 30-year personal loan on the bottom share you'll get. An domicile is rather low upkeep yet my suggestion? stay with a roomate! solid success! P.s., you may provide your father an Ax&Hammer product as a so long present, lol. Babe
At 17 you aren't eligible for a mortgage loan and can't enter into a purchase contract without a parent being involved. But there is nothing holding you back from getting prepared to buy on your 18th birthday. Go to your local bank and ask them specifically you can do to get approved on your birthday or what would be necessary for you to get a co-signed loan. You will have to work on developing a credit history before you will be qualified for a loan.
Not in USA or even AZ. even at 18 u will not qualify for loans. u need working 1- 2 yrs fulltimes. u need an income over 30K$ yr. u need to earn 1/4 of the total mortgage. ie 40K$ will barely get u 160K mortgage. u will need 10% down payment cash. ie 160K house- 16K down. u will need 3000 -7000 for closing costs. u should read and study these. house buying for dummies, Collier. Total money make over, Dave Ramsey. great intros will save u decades and 100,000s$ in hard painfilled costly life lessons by learning from others mistakes. good knowledge is good luck.
Until you reach the age of maturity no one can hold you accountable to any contract you sign. That is why the mortgage company will not loan you money and the seller won't sell you a house.
You are unable at this time to sign a contract for the purchase of a home. Sorry need to be 18 for that purchase.
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Keating 5- Savings and Loan scandal from the 1980's. Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s and John McCain had been named as one of the 5 The U.S. Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s was the failure of 747 savings and loan associations (S&Ls) in the United States. The ultimate cost of the crisis is estimated to have totaled around $160.1 billion, about $124.6 billion of which was directly paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. ( gee this sounds familiar) The core allegation of the Keating Five affair is that Keating had made contributions of about $1.3 million to various U.S. Senators, and he called on those Senators to help him resist regulators. The regulators backed off, to later disastrous consequences. McCain and Keating had become personal friends following their initial contacts in 1981, and McCain was the closest socially to Keating of the five senators. McCain considered Keating a constituent as he lived in Arizona. Between 1982 and 1987, McCain had received $112,000 in political contributions from Keating and his associates. In addition, McCain's wife Cindy McCain and her father Jim Hensley had invested $359,100 in a Keating shopping center in April 1986, a year before McCain met with the regulators. McCain, his family, and their baby-sitter had made nine trips at Keating's expense, sometimes aboard Keating's jet. Three of the trips were made during vacations to Keating's opulent Bahamas retreat at Cat Cay. McCain did not pay Keating (in the amount of $13,433) for some of the trips until years after they were taken, when he learned that Keating was in trouble over Lincoln. After a lengthy investigation, the Senate Ethics Committee determined in 1991 cleared Senators John Glenn and John McCain of having acting improperly but were criticized for having exercised "poor judgment".
Keating owned a chain of savings and loans (a bank-type of institution where people deposited their money to save up for home downpayments). His institutions were in trouble because of some bad investments that Keating had made, and the federal regulators were looking into it. McCain and four other Senators improperly influenced the regulatory board to look the other way for a few years more. In the meantime, the depositors lost more money. After the institution crashed, McCain and the other 4 were called on the carpet by the Senate Ethics Committee.
Savings and loan scandal.. 5 senators were involved in assisting Charles Keating of cheating 124 billion dollars from the American people. John McCain was part of the Keating 5 but did not serve time cause of his political connections.
"The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The five senators, Alan Cranston (D-CA), Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ), John Glenn (D-OH), John McCain (R-AZ), and Donald W. Riegle (D-MI), were accused of improperly aiding Charles H. Keating, Jr., chairman of the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, which was the target of an investigation by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB)."
The Keating 5 have been 5 u . s . Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a significant political scandal as part of the greater beneficial reductions and private loan disaster of the late Eighties and early Nineteen Nineties. The 5 senators, Alan Cranston (D-CA), Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ), John Glenn (D-OH), John McCain (R-AZ), and Donald W. Riegle (D-MI), have been accused of improperly supporting Charles H. Keating, Jr., chairman of the failed Lincoln reductions and private loan affiliation, which become the objective of an learn via the Federal homestead mortgage economic enterprise Board (FHLBB). After a protracted learn, the Senate Ethics Committee desperate in 1991 that Alan Cranston, Dennis DeConcini, and Donald Riegle had considerably and improperly interfered with the FHLBB in its learn of Lincoln reductions. Senators John Glenn and John McCain have been cleared of having acted improperly yet have been criticized for having exercised "undesirable judgment".
Five politicians: mccain, deconcini, reagle, glenn, cranston Took "donations" and looked the other way when charles keating bankrupted the now infamous "keating savings & loan". The bailout cost US taxpayers over $2 BILLION and when it came to light that these five scumbags made decisions that allowed keating to steal people's life-savings, the five returned the "donations" and tried to claim that they had done nothing wrong. They were "cleared" by their fellow scumbags in the "senate ethics committee".
Yes, McCain was heavily involved, but he was the only corrupt Senator let off the hook because he claimed it was Cindy's money, not his. John uses Cindy McCain's money to commit crimes. I thought a husband and wife's money were theirs, not his and hers. Marriage means nothing, I guess. In a desperate move to save his political career he asked a Democratic Senator Feingold to allow him to cosponsor Feingold's Reform Act. This action by McCain, riding the coattails of a Democratic reformer, has served as the basis of McCain's claim to be a maverick reformer. In fact McCain continues to be a corrupt, shady character using his seat in the Senate to peddle his influence for lobbyists.
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"While Sen. John McCain's wife and father-in-law were investing with Charles H. Keating, Jr. in a shopping center, McCain was helping Keating battle federal regulators who questioned his operation of Lincoln Savings and Loan . . . [photo caption] Documents show that Sen. John McCain's wife, Cindy, and father-in-law, James W. Hensley (second from right) are the largest investors in Fountain Square Shopping Center. Their partnership is managed by subsidiaries of American Continental Corp., run by Charles H. Keating, Jr. (right). But John McCain contends there was no conflict in his helping Keating battle federal regulators." The Arizona Republic - October 8, 1989 "Sen. John McCain had more than a constituent relationship with Charles H. Keating, Jr. prior to 1987 . . . the McCains - sometimes with their daughter and baby sitter - made at least nine trips at Keating's expense from August 1984 to August 1986 aboard either Keating's American Continental Corporation's jet or chartered planes and helicopters owned by Resorts International. Three of the trips were for vacations at Keating's luxurious retreat in the Bahamas." The Arizona Republic - October 8, 1989 "McCain, in a radio talk-show appearance last week condemned disclosures of his family's ties to Keating as "irresponsible journalism." The Arizona Republic - October 17, 1989 " . . . both in telephone conversations with reporters and on a live radio talk show, the Republican senator was far from calm. He was agitated. Angry. And the way he dealt with unpleasant questions was to bully the questioners . . . 'You're a liar,' McCain snapped Sept. 29 when an Arizona Republic reporter asked him about business ties between his wife, Cindy McCain, and Keating . . . 'That's the spouse's involvement, you idiot,' McCain sneered later in the same conversation. 'You do understand English, don't you?' ". . . Not content with just bullying reporters, McCain tried belittling them: 'It's up to you to find that out, kids.' . . . McCain wasn't talking to liars. He wasn't talking to juveniles. The senator was talking to two reporters." The Arizona Republic - October 17, 1989
Did George Bush Sr's involvement in the BCCI scandal back in the 80's (a hell of a lot bigger than the Keating Five) and Iran/Contra affect his candidacy, incumbent or not? It didn't, and there's your answer for McCain. Personally, I think John McCain is a warmonger Vietnam vet who still suffers from PTSD after all these years. "Di De Mao! Di De Mao!!" He still refers to Asians as 'gooks' me that's a hell of a lot worse than any piddly financial scandal. I never said he was corrupt...
It disgusts me the way the Republican establishment will look the other way on almost everything with John McCain. You have the Keating 5 savings & loan Scandal back in the 80's and all the flip flopping he's done ever since... and the establishment wants to say he's grown? I'm voting for someone with a clean record, who doesn't have scandal in his past, who's worked in the real economy, and ran an entire state... I'm voting for Mitt Romney!
I'm sure the voters will be reminded of that scandalous fiasco if every few minutes of television and radio advertising as soon as McCain gets the nomination.
If McCain wins the nomination, this is one of the episodes in his past that the Dimocrats will exploit. McCain is weak on immigration, so he cannot use that issue against the Dimocrats as Romney or Paul could. McCain will not get the support of those opposed to amnesty for illegals or many evangelicals for who he has shown contempt in the past, so he would easily be defeated by Nobama or Clinton.
I think we can all agree it's important to have all the facts. All the other candidates would say "I did nothing wrong, the investigation shows that", because they have no character. McCain calls the Keating scandal "my asterisk." - even though the investigation showed he did nothing illegal. Over the years, his opponents have failed to turn it into a period. It started in '87. Charles H Keating Jr. was in trouble.The government was going to seize his Lincoln Savings and Loan He had spread a lot of money around Washington, and he "called in his favors". (he'd already made contributions) He went to Sen. Dennis DeConcini, D-Ariz., whom he had given a lot of campaign money, and a loyal friend of Keatings. Keating got DeConcini to organize a meeting with regulators to tell them to get off Lincoln's back. The senator set up a meeting with five other senators and the regulators. One of them was McCain. Keating had held fundraisers for McCain in the past. DeConcini wanted McCain to fly to San Francisco with him and talk to the regulators. McCain refused. Keating then went to see him, and McCain said he would attend the meeting to see if Keating was getting treated fairly but that was all. The first meeting was in DeConcini's office. Those attending were Ed Gray, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, as well as four senators: DeConcini, McCain, Alan Cranston, D-Calif., and John Glenn, D-Ohio. At that meeting Gray said that he worried about the big picture and he didn't have any specific information about Lincoln. He said bank regulators in San Francisco would be versed in that, not him, so he set up a meeting between the senators and the San Francisco regulators. The same four senators attended, along with Sen. Don Riegle, D-Mich. Also at the meeting were William Black, then deputy director of the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp., James Cirona, president of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, and Michael Patriarca, director of agency functions at the FSLIC. McCain had refused DeConcini's request to meet with the Lincoln auditors themselves. In Worth the Fighting For, McCain wrote that he remained "a little troubled" at the prospect, "but since the chairman of the bank board didn't seem to have a problem with the idea, maybe a discussion with the regulators wouldn't be as problematic as I had earlier thought." Black said McCain started that meeting with saying "One of our jobs as elected officials is to help constituents in a proper fashion," McCain said. "ACC (American Continental Corp.) is a big employer and important to the local economy. I wouldn't want any special favors for them. . . . I don't want any part of our conversation to be improper." The meeting went on. McCain was quiet. DeConcini carried the conversation. When the regulators announced they were going to recommend criminal charges against Keating, they didn't respond. Their purpose to was make sure treatment was fair, not to get involved in a criminal case. "In the case of Senator McCain, there is very substantial evidence that he thought he had an understanding with Senator DeConcini's office that certain matters would not be gone into at the meeting with (bank board) Chairman (Ed) Gray," Bennett said. "Moreover, there is substantial evidence that, as a result of Senator McCain's refusal to do certain things, he had a fallout with Mr. Keating." The investigation that followed found that McCain was the least culpable, along with Glenn. McCain attended the meetings but did nothing afterward to stop Lincoln's death spiral. Lincoln was the most expensive failure in the national S&L scandal. Taxpayers lost more than $2 billion on the bailout. In the end, McCain received only a mild rebuke from the Ethics Committee for exercising "poor judgment" for intervening with the federal regulators on behalf of Keating. Still, he felt tarred by the affair. McCain is known for telling the truth, even if it doesn't put him in a good light. All he had to do was point out they found he didn't nothing wrong. But he has more integrity than that. He said "The appearance of it was wrong," McCain said. "It's a wrong appearance when a group of senators appear in a meeting with a group of regulators because it conveys the impression of undue and improper influence. And it was the wrong thing to do." He said "I was judged eventually, after three years, of using, quote, poor judgment, and I agree with that assessment." That just makes me trust him more. He didn't try to cover up his mistake. He didn't try to save Keating, he looked into the situation to make sure things were done fairly. That was his mistake.
They really don't want this piece of information to get out. The news media prefers to sweep this under the carpet for now. Wait till he is picked for the Republican candidate for president. You will see everything he has ever done. It will be to late then. I hope people that nominate him enjoys either Obama who is apparently affiliated with Ellison, or Clinton, record already known. That is why I am voting for Mitt Romney. McCain is for raising gas taxes, illegal immigrants, and just about anything else that the Democratic platform is for.
The Republican party as whole seems to not care. Nor do they care that he has the opposite stance on immigration than that held by the rest of America. His apparent stance to stay in Iraq is a mind bender too. He strikes me as being way to dangerous to let into the oval office. I want my son home from Iraq and I won't count on McCain for that!
This is why they keep saying Romney isn't electable. they have dirt on McCain and are ready to use it.
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Yes? You sound like you already know the answer to this... If your car gets reposed, they will sell it for CURRENT MARKET VALUE. If that is less then what you still owe on it, then you will need to make up the difference. So, to make it easy... You got a loan for $1000.00 You pay off half of that but then can't make the remaining payments. You have $500.00 in equity. They repo it and sell it for CURRENT MARKET VALUE which is $250.00 You owe them $250.00. You don't get any of the equity back... You need to pay them the remainder of the loan. BUT Since it is repo'd... You will prob default on the remaining balance and it will go to collections... And they will threaten you and harass you. If you are LUCKY, you will get a person on your account that gives enough of a damn to actually help you work out a payment plan that you can live with. What I don't understand is that THE COMPANIES DON'T WANT THE CARS! They want the MONEY! So why won't they WORK WITH PEOPLE and come to terms that BOTH can deal with? They ruin your credit... They have the added expense of having to hire repo people and collection agencies... When if they were to just work with you, they would end up tacking on some extra interest and some fines to the end of the loan and come out AHEAD! We have a VERY broken system... One that works against itself... Try to talk it out with them… TRY to reason with them… They won’t be reasonable but it is ALWAYS worth a try… Sears and Kmart are in debt to American Express for Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars... Yet they never get their full debt ‘Called In’. Yet Small Businesses and individuals get their terms changed with no notice… They get harassed… They get screwed because we don’t have the lawyers to keep them out of our butts… We owed AmEx under $10,000 (Business Account) and they changed the terms from a Credit Card to a Line of Credit without telling us so we kept sending in our monthly payments and they said "No no no! We need ALL OF IT RIGHT NOW!" We couldn’t' give it to them and offered to keep making payments... They said no and sent it to a collections agency that actually threatened our lives! Us - "So, your telling me that if we can't pay you $2800.00 a month you will send our account to your lawyers?" Them - Mike from OSI Collections - "You'll never SEE our lawyers... You'll never even make it to court!" Us - "Are you threatening me?" Mike from OSI Collections - "Like I said... You'll never even MAKE IT to court." Us - "OK, so I guess that means that we will be expecting a call from your lawyers. That means that we don't need to talk to you any more since you are unwilling to work with us on coming up with a payment arrangement we can afford. I'm glad these calls are recorded Mike. Good bye." What Mike from OSI Collections, call center located in Phoenix Arizona near Sky Harbor International Airport, telephone number 1.800.280.3377 ext. 8217 did was HIGHLY ILLEGAL and NOW I record every conversation I have with anyone from collections. I will NEVER be treated like that again. Now I go around telling EVERY ONE I KNOW… Individual and small business owner alike… all about American Express’s predatory business practices, unethical business practices, and overall unwillingness to follow their own terms then attempt to strong arm the customer into coughing up hundreds and thousands of dollars in fee’s and fines.
Yep. Nothing like missing a few car payments to get you back on your feet. (that's how it works. you owe money on a car via a car 'loan'. You make payments to repay the loan. If you fail to make payments, the car gets repossessed, and probably sold at auction. The problem, as you now know, is that if the balance owed on the car is more than the car is worth, you PAY anyways! So if you own $5000 on a car (by that I mean the PAY OFF on the loan), but the car can only bring $2500 at auction, the lender retrieves the car, cleans it up and sells it. If they get $2500, and you still owe $5,000 you are STILL responsible. Having the car repo'd does not relieve you of any financial obligation, UNLESS they could sell the car, for say, $7,5000. Then THEY make money, because, well, you made payments (interest included) all that time, and they got the car back anwyays and made $2500 on top of that. So in that case, you'd be OK, except maybe to pay the repo fee.)
After they sell the car you might be able to make a deal with them for a lower payoff amount either way it will go on your credit record as a repossession but better voluntary with a payoff than a total loss to the loan company. This will be reported that you surrendered the vehicle and paid the balance after repo sale much better on a CR report.
The loan company gives you so many days to pay back what you own, and sometimes it isn't the total amount of what you owe, alot of times it's just a couple of months plus the repo mans bill, give them a call , they might surprize you. The bank doesn;t really want your car, they will settle for some money , make a deal, who knows it might work. It worked for my daughter.
You will have to pay the balance you still owe even when the company sells the car for less than what your balance was.
If you are not putting the balance into a Bankruptcy proceeding then I guess so. That is how I had to do it, the balance of the loan after the car (voluntarily) repo'd was in a case, and discharged in the end.......
That's exactly how it works. The bank auctions the car off in an attempt to recoup their loss. If the price at auction falls short of the loan payoff they come back to you for the balance. The bank is not going to lose money on this willingly. They will aggressively pursue you in court for the money.
Yes thats exactly what happen to my friend. She got a new car but, still has to pay the car company back
Yes you do, you are responsible for all fees incurred during the repo, like the tow, and the difference between what it sells for at auction and what is actually owed on the note. I hate to say it, but you could have called them to work something out and saved yourself thousands. good luck. and to shojo: pay your bills and this stuff doesn't happen. we ask for credit, they don't just stop at our house and give it to us, it's our responsibility to pay. pay up.
You got it Einstein. You signed a contract and the bank will hold you to it. Especially since they did almost the same thing with the mortgages and now they are paying the piper.
money laundering arizona
Just your typical fraud, money laundering, etc. They sure know how to pick em in Arizona.
It is good that they remove corrupted politicians from Washington. Why is it that the Senate majority leader has not been prosecuted for his land deals in Nevada?
Because it is illegal but some are immune to "getting busted" like Willam Jefferson. Guess it depends on many factors
Another Republican, you betcha. Washington?? Not it's Arizona Republicans.
We know it wasn't having his freezer stuffed with bribe money - the press would not have even bothered with that.
Using his power to make money for his partner and his father in land deals.
Money laundering, attempting to hide his money laundering, corruption, conspiracy, real estate fraud, insurance fraud, you name it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely...
Republican idiots

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