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cash loan anchorage
I've never used one before. I am looking at flipping a home in Anchorage, AK. and it needs serious updating. I am pre-qualified for regular loans and have good credit so my mortgage payments would be very low if I could buy the home as-is. The home is being sold for 135,000...I can afford to pay for the improvements myself but I have a feeling my lender would want me to have a 203(k) because it would ensure contracted repairs...I mean I guess I can get that type of loan, it's not a problem. But do I really need it? Is there a reason I wouldn't need a 203(k) loan? Here's my thought process. It's nice to think that you could wrap up to $35,000 in a single home mortgage to pay for repairs but I don't want to do that because I don't want to pay interest on repairs for the rest of my mortgage. The only way you really break even is if you are estimated for x amount of repairs and do it all for half that so that the excess goes back to pay down the principle, otherwise you are stuck with a higher mortgage. At least that's how I understood it. So in essence these loans really help the lender by making your mortgage higher in trade for a repaired home.
Most buyers use the 203 because they have no choice. They don't have the cash and no bank will loan on a house in disrepair. If you can avoid the 203 , do so. It is the most frustrating loan that you can ever imagine. Endless bureaucracy and rules.
Well, here are a couple things to think about. If you buy this house and spend all your cash fixing it up, and don't have any cash, then you have to hold on to it for 2 years because it won't sell, then you may be in trouble. If you are able to flip it really quick then it will be such a small amount of interest that you have had to pay it isn't really worth spending your money. The rule is Keep your Cash!! Because the cost of using up all of your reserves is not worth the cost of a couple months in interest. If you flip it quickly that is great, if you don' becomes very expensive very quickly. Also, remember that what ever you think the repairs will cost. Add 30% to might come out close, it will always be more $$ than you think in the beginning. The before and after is the best, so take lots of pictures, and good luck!
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fast cash anchorage
I live in Iowa atm but will be relocating to Anchorage here very soon and I just have a few questions about driving there. 1. Do I have to change my cash over to canadian dollars once i pass the border? 2. What's the safest/fastest route? 3. How far are the hotels/gas stations fom one another? 4. The possessions that I plan to take with me, will they cause any problems when i try to pass through the border,like do they need proof of ownership or something or do they not really care.
1. Only if you want to buy something. Seriously, though, if you have an open bank account, your ATM/debit card will work fine. 2.Can't help you on that one. 3.Won't be a problem in the lower part of Canada, but remember that 90% of the people (and probably 90% of the services) are within about 150 miles of the US border, so once you get too far north, there may be quite a drive. Also, I don't believe the road is paved the entire way. 4. Probably your best best is to asks the Canadian Border Services Agency.