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bad credit loans alaska
Im a new soldier in the army, im getting stationed in alaska in two weeks.. I want to buy a pick up truck when i get there. But im not sure if i have credit because i didnt pay off a student loan.. But i heard about a way that you can get car loans with out a credit check, and they just take the payment directly out of your military paycheck.. Is this true and how do u do it and what is the interest rate
USAA is an awesome bank. I highly recommend it to any military member. As far as your credit, like any other bank, USAA will run your credit. If you have bad credit it will affect your interest rate or your ability to get the loan at all. When you refer to taking it out of your military paycheck, that is an allotment. An allotment is merely a convenience for you to have a payment for an existing loan or service taken out of your paycheck and automatically forwarded to your creditor. An allotment is not a loan from the military.
Thank you for wishing to serve your country. You do NOT want to take out a loan to get a car. Period. You don't make enough as an E1-E2 to pay that, plus have money for other expenses. If at all possible buy a used vehicle from a private party. But since that enormous salary Uncle Sam gives you is burning a hole in your pocket. 1- USAA WILL do a credit check, and yes they are absolutely excellent. YOU set up the allotment, not the bank. You can check interest rates on line just go to their website. 2- Your credit's going to suck because a. You defaulted on a student loan b. You only make about $12-14K a year c. You're not a college graduate d. You're single e. You're most likely male f. You will have no money for a down payment. Ergo you won't get the interest rates quoted. They will probably deny you credit. Remember that whole defaulting on mortgages thing? That has GREATLY tightened up money for loan. 3- Anyone who offers you a "no credit check" loan is going to charge the maximum interest rate allowed by Alaskan law. That could be up to 30%. Whereas average car loans run about 0.9 - 4.5% for folks who meet their financial obligations. I STRONGLY advise you to find an online car loan payment tool so you can see how differing interest rates, and down payments change your monthly payment. If I sound harsh, good I am. I've counseled more than my fair share of young enlisted troops about buying ridiculously expensive cars (which depreciate immediately after you drive it off the lot). I also booted a couple for not being financially responsible. It's your career.
You heard wrong. They will do a credit check. They are not going to give a loan to just anyone, even if they are in the military. And they do not take it directly out of your paycheck. You will have to set up an allotment for the payment, just like any other payment. Just like when you set up an allotment to have some money go into your savings account, or into a different bank. Same thing. The interest rate will depend upon your credit rating, just like with any other bank. It could be high, it could be low. It just really depends!
USAA offers good rates but they still check your credit. All you can do is apply and see if they approve you or not. I would highly recommend using their Car Buying Service to find a car since it'll show you the place with the cheapest cost in your area versus getting ripped off by one of the dealerships that's five feet outside of the front gate.
You might want to call a USAA banker directly about that one...In my experience (my dad is ex-military) they have excellent customer service and, because they were founded specifically to support the military, are able to assist in a wide range of issues.
They are great, been with them since the day I hit OCS.
fast cash alaska
There are about 38 States out of 50 in the US with fairly relaxed gun laws. You can rent full auto guns at many places in these States. Texas,Florida,Vermont,Kentucky,Oklahom... come to mind. Bring some cash but, a hour with a uzi plus ammo is not that expensive depending on how fast you can reload......:)
Arizona, Alaska and Vermont have the best gun laws. Vermont actually doesn't have any gun control laws and they also have the lowest amount of murders. In Alaska and Arizona you can carry a firearm openly or concealed without a permit. There are no state restrictions on assault rifles or handguns. It actually doesn't matter where you go in the United States because there are people with all kinds of guns just about everywhere. Show up at a gun store or gun range and many people would gladly take you shooting [if you are willing to pitch in for ammo of course!] ;-)
Depends on what the dreams are. Alaska, Arizona and Vermont are the most relaxed when it comes to handguns (you can carry openly or concealed without a permit). This applies to anyone over the age of 18. If you want to walk down Fremont Street in Tombstone with a Colt Peacemaker strapped to your hip, it's legal. Enjoy. If by "assault rifle" you mean the real thing (i.e., a modern, select-fire military rifle), you may have to do some checking around because no full-auto rifles made since May 1, 1986 are illegal for civilians to own unless they have a dealer license allowing them to have the gun for display to authorized government agencies (military or law enforcement). However, if you're happy with the standard semi-automatic EBR (evil black rifle), most states have no restrictions on them other than passing the standard NICS check to purchase. Incidentally, if your fantasy includes owning the guns, you're out of luck. You don't have to be a citizen to buy a firearm, but you do have to be a resident alien with all the necessary paperwork.
You have choices. Alaska has the most lax firearms laws. In Alaska there are no permits for CCW, machine guns and silencers are legal - and you can build your own without need to send $200 to Uncle Same. You would want to visit the little town of Anderson, Alaska on Memorial Day weekend at the end of each May. This is when the Alaska Machine Gun Association rents the town and people from all over Alaska come with machine guns and all sorts of other Unusual guns for a 2 day even. Visitors are encourage to load a few mags and shoot them off. Saturday is submachine gun/suppressed pistol competition, Sunday is belt fed tripod mounted machine guns, and in the afternoon and explosives demonstration. Most people fly into Anchorage or Fairbanks and rent and RV for the weekend. The 600 range is co-located next to a big camp ground. Both Las Vegas and Dallas Texas have public ranges where you can rent a variety of machines guns for $30 a half hour. You must use their ammunition bought at the range.
Using stats from the BATF, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (you say explosives) is way silly as this agency of the US government has been under scrutiny for decades and has been slated to be eliminated by many in Congress for many years because of it's (BATF) abuses and high handed activities toward lawful citizens. I would rather trust stats from any other agency than the one (BATF) you so expertly have chosen. Remember the Branch Dravidian's, it was the BATF that went to the Waco, Tx. ranch and chose a frontal assault rather than to catch David Koresh on the road or in town. The BATF is an overly aggressive and even dangerous law enforcement organization that has long outlasted it's (BATF) beneficial place in today's US society. Is that a knock at my door I hear, oh heck the BATF doesn't knock, they just crash right in!
The Knob Creek shooting range, to which another poster referred, is in Kentucky. It's just a few miles south of Louisville on State highway 44. They have machine guns available, if you're interested. Bring lots of money, because the use vast amounts of ammunition. There are some similar places in Florida, but I can't recall where at the moment.
Regardless of the state you go to, you still have to deal with the Federal law which states the as a non-immigrant alien, you cannot have a firearm.
I'd definitely say Alaska and Vermont. In either of those two places, it seems like if you're not doing anything to bug anyone else, then no-one is going to bother you... hell, in Vermont you can just tuck a pistol in your belt and walk down the street! Wish we could do that here in CT...
Seeing as the "assault rifle" is a non existent gun, touted by the liberal press and used to support the failed Clinton Gun Ban, you're going to have a long wait to find one of those. Please don't fall into the United Nations push for an "assault" weapons ban. Assault is a behavior, not an adjective.
I don't know that I would rank it as high as Vermont or Alaska, but Oregon does have some fairly good pro-gun laws.
fast cash alaska
Hello! I'm 23 years old and currently live in L.A. My family is moving out of the states and my brother is going to Australia. I really want to leave too! I've been wanting to move to Alaska since I was 18. Soo my question is, with 4000 dollars saved up and a toyota tundra that I might or might not bring, would it be realistic for me to head up to anchorage, find a decent place to live and find a 8-5 job? I know many young people ask questions like this without thinking it through thoroughly, but please just try to give me honest answers please! I'm very serious! thanks for reading : ] Also, what are you thoughts on anchorage as far as living and such goes? thanks!!!
Whats the Toys Gas mileage? It is a l o n g way to Anch. Get a Topper for yr truck any cheap one .(or build one if ya can) and enuf 2 inch High Density Styrofoam to line the inside. glue it on. Run a Power Inverter (2 plug) to the Box area for yr TV, Coffee pot, lamp, Laptop, single-burner stove coil, alarm clock, etc...(Get a "battery booster pack", these are VERY handy) Use a twin mattress or a pile of blankets. Sleep here ..or ...Buy a tent and gear. Stay in KOAs and State/Federal Parks. These are safest. Some have elec outlets Buy all yr food at grocery stores as you go.. 2-3 days worth at a time. Don't forget the charcoal. Don't go there at the wrong time of the year. Could be a Disaster. Gets cold fast there. Bring a Bicycle, mount it on a back rack. Carry 10 Gl of extra gas--at least. And 10 Gl of water. Bring TWO PACKAGES of toilet paper with you. Bring a sharp axe and file to sharpen it with. A 10 X 10 foot sheet of plastic will be invaluable to you. Bring 2 more Blankets then you think you need. A dozen 3 inch diameter candles in jars. 2 lighters and 6 books of matches. If you have 4k now keep 3k for when you get there. Continue the truck living until you start a job. Then get a place. Let yr bank know b4 you leave so they don't cancel yr Credit Cards because of the sudden distance traveled.---Keep 200 dollars CASH stashed in the truck somewhere at all times. You can contact the Better Business Bureau in Anch to get info you need. Newspaper office phone number is all you really need. Contact them And buy a local newspaper NOW. Read it thru COMPLETELY and take it with you to look over as you travel. Papers contain a ton of info. Don't take "short-cuts" in Alaska---you could die. Easily Get more them one companys newspaper if you can. You can get job, housing, campground info etc...from the papers. After you get there, Grab a Phone book from somewhere, you will need it. They also usually have maps of the area in them---handy. Buy Cheap and Travel Light will become yr way of life for awhile. Get used to it and embrace it. Good Luck and a Safe Future to you.
Job prospects will depend on what your qualified to do for work. Could you find a job washing dishes, probably. Would that provide you with a living wage, probably not. You will need a vehicle in Alaska, and a Toyota Tundra would be a good choice (assume it's a 4x4). You can take the vehicle up on the Alaska ferry system (google Alaska Marine Hwy). I'd recommend doing that vs driving the AL-Can hwy. Anchorage is a big city. It's not unlike Seattle or Portland, OR. $4K won't go far, I would save up at least $10K buffer.
If you persist with your weapons at the seafood and mountains, then Juneau or *possibly* Anchorage (if it's not too enormous). If you'll be able to depart off the seafood bit and do not brain the mountains being a bit of extra off, Fairbanks is wherein I might propose. The jobs are there (principally the 2 you designated!), and they have a tendency to pay good (to stability the top price of dwelling). Having a army base (2, particularly) is helping preserve the economic system steady, having a vital place maintains Fairbanks in touch with all Alaska (and extra), and having a college approach plenty of movements. Winters might be chillier, but additionally much less windy, than you're used to, so more often than not a wash in that subject. Long summer time days and lengthy wintry weather nights can hassle a few (I observed summers worse, as individuals do not sleep sufficient and come to be cranky).
I would say get a job lined up first, then move
best Alaska cash advance
The best time to trade in a system at GS is to trade up to another system. They often run deals when you are trading in towards another system/console/handheld. Wait for the special that has to do with each, and depending on what the offer is, you can expect another 10-20%. The Edge card does NOT apply to any system, handheld or console. It only applies to games. If they are in working condition, with all components, you will get these approximate values: ps2 - $30-40 ds lite - $50-60 advance - $15- 20 (depends on where you live, what deal you get, the condition, and credit versus cash) Values are also very different in Hawaii or Alaska.
Maybe around 70-110.. MAYBE because gamestop prices pay the bare minimum.. you would make more selling it on ebay or amazon.
Probably 100 bucks maximum, gamestop is a ripoff, you will get more on ebay or selling it to friends.
best Alaska cash advance
My friends and I are all 18-19 and we were planning to go somewhere together this winter break. We're freshmen in college in the state of Washington. Would it be cheaper to take a plane or train to California and go to Disneyland and stay there for a week and maybe visit LA, or to take a plane to Hawaii and go to the beach and do activities like snorkeling, etc. there for a week? We'd be staying in hotels, but I understand that there are some age limits for that. Please advise and thanks in advance for your time!!
I'd say it'd be cheaper to fly down to Disneyland. Buy your tickets way in advance to keep them cheapish, and until the day save save save! My two friends and I made a trip down there when we were all 18, we each wound up spending about $600 BUT we stayed in the DISNEYLAND RESORT, so that's, like, our life spendings down the toilet to begin with hahaha. You're not going to be able to get a rental car because the age limit is 25, but research your hotels, some of them have free shuttles to and from the airport, and depending on the hotel, they either have a shuttle to the park, or you could walk from your building. For us, the $600 came mostly from the hotel, closely followed by food, then we spent the least amount on souviniers. My friends got to borrow Alaska Air miles for their plane tickets, so see if you can find away to do something like that. Oh, and you're not going to be able to visit LA without dropping twice as much cash as you could (believe me, we tried). Without a rental car, you need to take a cab or a tourist bus up to the area, and both are inCREDibly expensive, not to mention everything to do IN LA is pretty pricey. If I were you guys, do your research on your plane tickets and get them while their cheap. Secure a hotel early, too, especially if you're going all out with the hotel AKA Disneyland Resort :P. Honestly, if you spend your money right, you're most likely to spend most of your money on either the plane ticket, or the hotel. Once you pay for those, try to have at least $500 in pocket money, and you'll have a BLAST at Disneyland :)
First off age limits: you won't be able to rent a car under 25, unless through Enterprise, who'll attach a ridiculous $80/day additional fee. Cheap hotels usually let anyone in over 18, though some have 21 and 25 age limits. So check and plan ahead on those. Travel to LA would be cheaper, and the price youd spend on activites would be about the same. Hawaii is hard to enjoy without car access, as many of the attractions are spread out among the different spots on each island.. LA would let you travel by bus. Comparing attractions, disneyland is expensive, but so will be any tours you do in Hawaii. It's really a toss-up about what you want to do, as both will cost about the same in the end run. My vote would be Hawaii, specifically Kono on the big island, as there is prime surf spots, snorkling, bottom boat tours, reef tours, and a daily tour going to the volcano. There's plenty to do that is free, hulu dances, snorkling, and the wildlife refuge.
I'm going to tell you that it's going to be cheaper to go to Disneyland than it's going to be to Hawaii. All the tourist spots in Hawaii are just that, tourist spots. That means that everything is more expensive, including food at the grocery stores as well as restaurants etc. Disneyland is expensive too, however, they have many pay plan options. If you look online, they have all sorts of deals & coupons to do the trip with. I suggest that you do A LOT of online research. Search prices for all these things, and pick a time when not as many tourists are going to be there, like during the middle of Summer. Try to get a little ahead or behind the big masses. Go to places like, etc. and compare these prices. AND SEARCH FOR DISCOUNTS!!
You can book your vacation in minutes at You get compared prices and you can book you flight,hotel,and Disneyland tickets. save you money you can book a trip to Hawaii under 400 money for food.. etc
best Alaska cash advance
I know people should be looking into the laws of the state for open carry. I know that tip. But I'm asking for different types of tips. I want to know a few things: -Best gear for open carry (holster, belt, specialized pants, etc.) -[to the people in the Dry Heat states] if stores doesn't allow open carry or just has a sign for no weapons allowed, do you keep it in the car? --I'm also worried about the heat, so is it safe or don't bring it at all if you're just going to the store and going home? -do you recommend a conceal carry license just in-case you happen to be wearing something the obstructs the viewing of the gun enough to be considered "concealed"? Thank you in advance
You should post this again in the hunting section - we discuss all kinds of concealed carry questions there. I have carried concealed in Mass, Maine and Alaska. First - you need to choose a holster that fits the kind of clothing and lifestyle you have. Once you have found a holster you can conceal - then go play Cinderella - and find a suitable gun that fits that model or style of holster. This - is by far - the smartest thing to do. Avoid generic holsters like Uncle Mikes 'one size fits nobody'. Look at higher quality shoulder holsters and other holsters offered by Galco, Bianchi, etc that fit so well and are so comfortable after 10 minutes you will totally forget you are carrying a gun. I learned about these from my then girlfriend and current wife who used to work in a casino cash cage. She made big $$ in tips dressing sexy like the casino wanted - but - you had no idea she had a gun. (her choice was the smaller Walther PPK/s) I have a kings ransom in Galco shoulder rigs. You can look at the covert t-shirt holster and quick draw cover shirts old by 5.11 tactical. Get the black t-shirt, no the white one that is bright white and cannot be bleached. The t-shirt has left and right pockets for your pistol. The 3 different model (in 4 colors) short sleeve shirts have hidden snaps that look like buttons - they let you snap open your shirt and draw the weapon. They can be found at and ebay. I have these. You don't always need a holster. Galco makes a dayrunner that is a pistol case..... just exactly like a regular day runner. For $40 more they make the 'Hidden Agenda' this is a fully functional day planner with paper, pens, calendar, address list etc - and a hidden locked side that holds a small to med pistol and spare mag or suppressor. I own both of these. I have several pistols I carry concealed. I grab the wife's PPK/s for business meetings, carry the XD in 45acp spring and summer wearing jeans and button shirt, and the FN FiveSeveN in winter because it is great for personal defense, but, makes and awesome varmint gun - I can nail wolf, coyote, and fox sized targets to 200 yards with it. (I live in Alaska now). They do not make one gun that does it all. Nor do they make one holster either. Having choices will keep you both armed and concealed. Back when I spent allot of time on the beach - I packed a Baretta Minx in 25acp - when wearing just a pair of cut off pants and nothing else....... you need to make sacrifices in power. When I encounter a place I should not conceal carry - I remove the mag and take that with me - then stash the pistol somewhere out of sight in the car.
It really does matter what state you live in - some states don't allow open carry at all, some allow stores to legally post 'no guns' some states signs have no legal weight. For many open carriers, if a store is anti-gun they just shop elsewhere; some people mail register receipts to the no-gun stores showing how much business they've lost. :-)
Some cargo pants , Or probably a blazer and some jeans , Depending in what you're trying to conceal,
best Alaska cash advance
Hey everyone, I'm a 20 year old female, I plan on hitchhiking across America this summer (relax a little, I'm going with my guy friend who has done this before), from the DC area to Alaska. Does anyone have any tips or warnings for me? What necessities should I bring? How should I plan my route? What should I expect? Any advice at all would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
Well I know around where I'm from hitchhiking is illegal... so be careful when the cops show up. Definitely should not carry cash on you. Bring a credit card or debit card with enough money to get you around.
Bring a gun so you can kill all the weirdos that try to rape and murder you. Have a GPS tracking device on you so your parents will be able to find your body. You should really not do this... take a bus across the US, it's pretty cheap and 100X safer.
cash advance Alaska
Given the additional information, my advice is to shop for rates on hotels in advance and book in advance. Give a credit card to hold the room so you don't have to scramble in the middle of the night to make alternate arrangements. Ask the front desk employees for good local eateries, where they like to eat and what items. Local dining is always an experience. You say you will be on the road for a long duration. I'd consider Extended stay or courtyard type places -- the ones that have cooking facilities in your room. Grocery shop and make your own meals most the time. You can have a taste of home on the road and wile your time at the stove, instead of just at the TV. Find coin-op laundries. The hotel laundry service will cost you a lot more. The front desk employees will have the info where to find these services near the property. If not, see if you can get on the Internet in your room and use to find whatever you need.
Sorry if I get wordy, but I do a lot of road trips and have found some things that work for me. Budget/plan on a hotel every 2 or 3 nights to rest up, clean-up, rinse out your socks, etc. If you sleep in the car sometimes, you'll make better time and save money, but it is very hard to do legally and safely near big cities. Do it out on the interstate in a rest area or on a dirt road in a National Forest or in a KOA campground. You can grab a $5 shower at a KOA campground or at any truckstop. A very few want you to be a trucker (put on a Catepillar hat <G>). Most just want $5. Washing my face, hair and neck in a sink in the am does a lot to feel fresher. Public libraries have internet access terminals. Increasingly, their parking lots let you access free wireless. Web search on interests in advance, ("aviation museum Dayton Ohio" or "chocolate factory tour california"). Print out maps, hours, etc in advance. Travel with a small ice chest and grab free ice at hotels. You can keep a quart of milk and sodas cold that way. Lunch meat, bread and some fruit from grocery stores will keep your dining bill down a lot and you will be eating healthier. Keep a box of Cheerios and some apples for breakfast - that's about 1200 calories less than a Denny's Spam-and-Ham Grand Slam! And a roll of paper towels. Minimal clothes - the people you see each day don't know what you wore yesterday. But bring enough undies and socks to make it between wash days. Consider handing your laundry over to a laundromat that offers wash & fold service. You're on vacation and you can look around town for a few hours. Just walk up to interesting looking people and ask them what there is to see, where the hikes are, etc. Most people are happy to share what they know. Try to settle into one motel or campground for a few days in a row every once in a while. Moving on every night gets tiring and having even a temporary home eliminates the uncertainity about where you'll spend the night. Bring a pillow per person. For rest area sleeping and naps while the other person drives. Bring a towel per person - to wash up in restrooms, swim in a stream, etc. Join AAA for the free maps if nothing else. Driving the Alcan is no problem - it is paved the whole way and unless you take the side roads, there are gas stations every 200-250 miles.
Camp grounds. State and National. Some are free. Some charge fees. Take a tent and bedding. Some have shelters. Use your browser, "Campgrounds" You can map them all the way.
best Alaska cash advance
Well, for this short analysis of Russia’s defense and power projection capabilities we need to look at their equipment and their record of recent operations. Air Force. Russian tactical aircraft are decent, but pilots are consistently hamstrung by a lock of funds. Up until this year, things improved and Russia has started flying long-range TU-95 patrols in the Pacific and North Sea. However, the Russian Air Force has had very little combat experience since the end of the Cold War. Their long range bombers and maritime patrol aircraft can provide a significant stand-off capability though. Army. The army did well enough in Georgia last year, though I have read several articles that claims that man-for-man the Georgians fought much better than the Russians – they just ran out of units first. The Russian Army, even for elite regular units like paratroopers, has not been able to meet its goals for recruiting professional soldiers and reducing its dependence on conscripts. Alcoholism and abuse of recruits is still widespread and they still lack a truly professional NCO corps. That is their biggest shortfall in personnel management – and when you look at the other top-rate armies in the world, they all have mature professional NCO corps. Cash from oil and gas should allow Russia to upgrade its staple military equipment: tanks, IFVs, helicopters, etc., but they lack the heavy lift and global supply network like the US military that you need to operate large formations of troops outside your home territory. In Exercise Talisman Saber-2005, the US 501st Para Infantry flew nonstop from Alaska to NE Australia and dropped an entire brigade (I think it was that big) in the drop zone with only one injury. Russia does not have that capability. Its paratroopers that have fought in Chechnya walked/rode into battle. Navy. The Russian Navy is a shadow of its former self and while they are reinvigorating their training, especially with their submarines, you are talking about a handful of vessels capable of full operations. The Russian Navy is still primarily focused to the West and its Far East Squadron is till only a handful of ships and submarines. The Russian Navy has also traditionally been one of the few Navies to have a real marine corps-like capability and while their Naval Infantry Regiments are well trained, they also have little experience in recent amphibious operations. Additionally, the Russian Navy lacks the amphibious lift and logistics capabilities of many western navies. The logistics problem still persists from the Cold War as Russia lacks a large fleet of oilers and still resupplies by going dead in the water while the US and all of its allies can resupply while making way. I have seen USN carriers resupply while launching aircraft. Finally, without a viable aircraft carrier, the Navy’s power projection is limited to the range of its strategic bombers. These aircraft can fly thousands of miles, but they are vulnerable to carrier launched fighters and would not have escorts capable of coming the whole way if they were to try to support the Russian fleet thousands of miles from home. Russia has conducted several major exercises with China as well as within Russia. However, these are land-based and do not exercise true power projection capabilities. The access to domestic rail and road networks allows these exercises to take place, whereas the US military can move two brigades and two carrier battle groups to Australia for combined training as a routine operation. Russia’s advantage is its long history of providing capable advisors and technicians. In their current iteration, there is no longer the political rhetoric of the Cold War and the government’s official position is often apolitical in regards to others’ political systems. This method allows them to project power on the cheap as other countries foot the bill. In the end, Russian interests are still advanced and the interests of competing nations in the same region are often thwarted. Therefore, I would conclude that the Russian military is still ground-centered with limited truly long-range power projection capabilities, but they are still capable of influencing others through their generous use of funds, provisions of advisors, and their willingness to send decent quality systems and missiles to anyone with the necessary cash.
The Russian military is very capable of defending Russia. First, they have a seasoned corps of combat tested troops who are very good and second its a big, big country. Second, just what are the threats? The US? The US has its plate full in Iraq and Afghanistan and would never risk nuclear war. I know that the US is still the boogey man to some Russian radio hosts, but if the US doesn't have the belly for that sort of war. China? Relations are good right now, but the Chinese military is growing. However, it seems unlikely especially with growing commercial ties. There could be friction with the Ukraine or some of the other FS states, but, as the case of Georgia shows, why poke the bear? The biggest threat is from Islamic extremist in Southern Russia, but they are probably past high tide. However, this is not going away any time soon, at least not as long as oil powers the world economy. There is always the possibility of internal issues, but those are more political than military. So, given the threats, it is obvious that the Russian military is more than capable of homeland defense. As far as projecting force around the world Russia is not in the same league as the US individually or the NATO countries as a group, but it is capable of sending and supporting its forces almost anywhere depending on the situation. In fact, other than the US and NATO, no other country is AS capable of force projection as Russia.
In the way of defending Russian military is capable enough. As for deploying around the world - it's too early to speak about anything serious. The previous contributor has given a detailed description of the matter. I'd just like to comment on some points. Firstly, Russian paratroopers rode into battle due to their tasks, however in the second campaign in Chechnya they often landed on top of hills from helicopters. A large-scale landing from cargo aircraft along with APC, light tanks, artillery and supplies is not a frequent, but regular exercise. The poor state of Russian Navy is so obvious only in comparison with USN, which has been designed for impressive offensive operations and, therefore needs to be big. I need to point out here that modern Russian subs of the Improved Akula class, for example, are not detected by US anti-sub equipment and a single such sub can paralyze a whole aircraft carrier group. This fact alone makes any potential offense of the US against Russia impossible and Russia doesn't have any other really strong potential enemies.
This came about because after the ww2 America was twice as rich at the end of the war as they were at the start, you had more food than your people could eat and more clothes than your people could wear, yet your so called allies starved and had food and clothes rationed even into the 1950's 5 years + after the war finished a good allie you lot were, hence the UN built there building there and since then the US has took on the self proclaimed world police force because you would rather have 11 super carriers and 2 building rather than zero deficit on your countries lending You were caught with your pants down with Pearl Harbour and said it wouldn't happen again, but you haven't won a war since and Iraq since you have left which 2 of your presidents said was safe and under control is still at war in its self, so failed there as well
I think russia is very capable of defending their sovereign territory. i think their power projection ability is limited. they have a pretty good sub fleet.

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