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I have been thinking about my career because I'm going to Boston College High School and I really want to find out what job is best for me. The jobs I had in mind were Intellectual Property Lawyer, or An Investment Banker. I enjoy economics a lot, And the stock market. But I want the money the most. So I can't tell which job would pay more, But I know that I'm Better at economics, although I am good at argueing. I'm equal in both fields, so I just want whichever makes the most.
Our oldest son is only 30 and lives/works in London UK as self employed Java guru consultant for French Investment Banker <= he refers to as Cash Cow and Life is Good! He has your same gifts, is strong in all subjects and though he had high SATs and great high school GPA but maybe bec he did not get into his Top Choice, he tended not to apply himself as well as I would have liked while in college and got a BS Accounting degree. He is also so good on his feet verbally thanks to being on the High School debate team that I would have gladly pay his way through law school. Life changed when I sent him to IT transition course and later placed the carrot in front of him to make it worth his while if he passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam <= it took 2 tries as he worked his first year as a Cost Accountant but he had learned the MS Visual Basic skills so well he would often convert mainframe data into MS Excel spreadsheets for the CFO. Then he got his dream job as KPMG (Accenture) gave him something he always wanted but guess what, he worked only a day or two bec UNISYS made him an salary offer he couldn't refuse. From there they sent him to Oracle training courses and our son worked hard <= time was money to him bec he still socialized way too much making sure he knew the info inside out and I'm not sure how many Oracle courses he took but he did sit & pass the exam and became an Oracle Cerified Professional Developer and then went to Borders Books and self taught himself to again pass & become a Sun Java Certified Professional Developer. I won't bore you with the details but "Life Is Good!" when you have Self Determination and Perservance bec I forgot to mention my son's views have also changed regarding what college is best for his younger brother & sister as at one time our son was an IT Team Lead in the front office at BARCLAYS INVESTMENT BANK in London UK and he actually has witnessed graduates from the highly acclaimed Britain's finest Oxford and Cambridge Universities getting fired on the spot bec his view is it only gets your foot in the door faster, but the clock starts over again to prove how valuable and good you actually are! Hope the Info Helps!
I'm a Combo Pipe Welder. Here Local in North Carolina, I make $22 an Hour, Gotta Travel to make the enormous dollars. Single Hand $26-35 Per Hour $seventy five-a hundred and forty according to Diem a Day 1800-4000 every week take residence, all is determined by hours. Per Diem is Tax Free If you'll Stick weld, you'll mig weld. Learn methods to weld 6G SMAW then transfer directly to TIG, Like the whole thing in reside, Gotta Have a Passion for it and make critical sacrifices
You're never going to be happy or successful if you only care about the money. I have not always had much but I am still happy. I really suggest you go more with what will make you happy and can be successful for you.
Stock broker. Go for it.