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bad credit mobile phones
I was divorced last fall, in Texas, where I still reside. My attorney refused to ask my x for disclosure, so I did not know that my x had $15,000 in credit card debt. The divorce papers say she's liable for debts she incurred from the day I walked out on her, and for all debts that are in her name, which these 3 revolving accounts are. But, she hasn't paid and yesterday, after getting turned down for credit, I checked my credit online and found out that two of her credit card companies have put charge-offs on my credit, a third one is about to, because she's 190 days past due on it, and she never paid the phone bill so Embarq has put a charge-off on my credit, too, for $150, which is the least of my worries, but my credit score is barely over 400 now. Everything else on my credit shows "paid on time/as agreed". I've never made a late payment on anything my whole life. I'm considering bankruptcy, but I own two homes (one is a rent house, both are mobile homes). The industry I work in is winding down and I had planned on moving into the landlord business. I'd planned to purchase an RV park, not only as a new career, but as my only retirement income, as well. I'll be 50 years old in a few months. I don't have years left over to build more credit. Suing my x for whatever she owes me will not do any good, because she refuses to work, doesn't have a job skill and will surely never pay me once I win in court. My income is excellent, and I may make too much for Chapter 7. Also, one of my homes is in a mobile home park inside a city limits. My main home sits on 2 acres in a subdivision, outside of city limits. I'm concerned that if I file bankruptcy, I won't be able to keep both houses. I also have two cars. One is a junker that my X trashed and gave back to me while the divorce was still pending. I owe less than $2,000 on it. The other car is very nice, only 2 years old, and I owe a lot on it. I'm paying on all this, on time. My only concern is losing my homes and the good car. Personally, I have no other bills besides the two house payments and the two car payments & their insurance. I have no revolving accounts. Given my plans for retirement and my unsteady job security right now, which do you think I should do, file or consolidate just her bad bills and pay them off over time?
Greg...Chris C's post was a help....adding to that...first things first....the credit card debt...if it is not in your name, you need to find out if she put you on as an authorized user, if so, you are not responsible, if you signed on the dotted line to get the credit cards, yes you are responsible. If you did not sign, you need to contact each credit bureau and have them remove the incorrect information as in fact they are hurting your credit. As posted and as I mainly advise, bankruptcy should be your absolute LAST resort. If you make over the median income to qualify for a chapter 7, the only alternative is a chapter 13, which takes an allotted amount of money determined by the courts to pay for the debts. They would most likely have you sell the other home to pay for some debts, the chapter 13 plan runs either 3 or 5 years, depending on income. The payments are sent to the US Trustee of the bankruptcy court who then distributes the monies to the secured debts first, un secured last. While in a plan like this, anything financed you have to have the trustee approve. I'm not a fan of the chapter 13 as it leaves you with very little money to survive on. Debt consolidation, well...scam if you ask me..I'm not a fan of that either. As far as the vehicles, sell the beater and get the money to pay the debt if you are responsible for them. The trustees of the courts could make you sell the mobile home and pay off debts with the money. Best advise, you could contact a bankruptcy attorney to find out what your options are, most will see you free the first consult. You can check in is a consumer credit counseling that I have heard is excellent. What you need to keep in mind...A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years, the debts for 7...If the debts are not paid, they can garnish wages and or bank accounts up to 100%...sounds like you have done well, and know how to pay your bills and are just overwhelmed with knowing she has left you with this debt. Here is another website that I found excellent information for credit, debts and bankruptcy issues... a good friend led me to that link and it provides excellent information. Good Luck!!
Do neither. You are not bankrupt and debt consolidation is a con. Did you sign up for those cards yourself? Are they in your name but you did not apply for those credit cards? You are not responsible for debts you did not sign for. Period. If your ex-wife took out those lines of credit in your name without your consent she has committed fraud. If that has happened, here, you are not responsible for a penny of those debts! You may need to file a police report on your ex wife if that is the case. Sell the stupid cars, dude. Pay cash for a beater and drive it for a little while until you can pay cash for something better. Get your life back. Get rid of the crummy trailer, you are losing money on that anyway.
I do not see a problem. You have a judgment that shows the 15K in debt is all hers.Explain that to the credit card companies. So she has messed up your credit. That is no reason to go bankrupt. You can live without credit. Also you should be able to patch up your credit.
Bankruptcy is the last option if there are no hopes. I would suggest you to go with debt consolidation website. If you wipe out all debt you can live debt free life.
For Credit and finance solutions I always visit this site where you can find all the solutions. http://SMARTFINANCESOLUTIONS.NET/index.h...RE :Bankruptcy or debt consolidation? I was divorced last fall, in Texas, where I still reside. My attorney refused to ask my x for disclosure, so I did not know that my x had $15,000 in credit card debt. The divorce papers say she's liable for debts she incurred from the day I walked out on her, and for all debts that are in her name, which these 3 revolving accounts are. But, she hasn't paid and yesterday, after getting turned down for credit, I checked my credit online and found out that two of her credit card companies have put charge-offs on my credit, a third one is about to, because she's 190 days past due on it, and she never paid the phone bill so Embarq has put a charge-off on my credit, too, for $150, which is the least of my worries, but my credit score is barely over 400 now. Everything else on my credit shows "paid on time/as agreed". I've never made a late payment on anything my whole life. I'm considering bankruptcy, but I own two homes (one is a rent house, both are mobile homes). The industry I work in is winding down and I had planned on moving into the landlord business. I'd planned to purchase an RV park, not only as a new career, but as my only retirement income, as well. I'll be 50 years old in a few months. I don't have years left over to build more credit. Suing my x for whatever she owes me will not do any good, because she refuses to work, doesn't have a job skill and will surely never pay me once I win in court. My income is excellent, and I may make too much for Chapter 7. Also, one of my homes is in a mobile home park inside a city limits. My main home sits on 2 acres in a subdivision, outside of city limits. I'm concerned that if I file bankruptcy, I won't be able to keep both houses. I also have two cars. One is a junker that my X trashed and gave back to me while the divorce was still pending. I owe less than $2,000 on it. The other car is very nice, only 2 years old, and I owe a lot on it. I'm paying on all this, on time. My only concern is losing my homes and the good car. Personally, I have no other bills besides the two house payments and the two car payments & their insurance. I have no revolving accounts. Given my plans for retirement and my unsteady job security right now, which do you think I should do, file or consolidate just her bad bills and pay them off over time? Follow 6 answers
I used "Credit Solution" to settle my debt and avoid bankruptcy.They managed to reduce my debt up to 58%.It's legitimate.I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition.Check it out here:
Myth: Debt consolidation saves interest and you have one smaller payment. Truth: Debt consolidation is nothing more than a "con" because you think you've done something about the debt problem. For more information on the truth about debt CONsolidation, visit The only surefire road to financial freedom isn't an easy one, but with the right discipline, it is very effective. Watch this video:
bad credit mobile phones
I'm 18 years old and a college student, and I'm about to get a new phone with the Amp'd mobile service. I heard that if you don't pay your phone bill, they'll cut off your account, but you can still use your phone (texting/calling) as if nothing happened. If that happens, will it mess up my credit?
First off, I would discourage getting Amp'd. Everyone that I know that has had it from different parts of the country hated it, and cancelled their service within the trial period. If your account is cut off with any carrier, you will not be able to use the phone for texting or phone calls, except for emergency calls to 911. The provider can report it to a credit reporting agency and if they do it will ding your credit. How bad it is depends on how far you let it go. If you let it go too far without paying it, they will turn it over to a collection ageny, and it will definitely be reported to a credit reporting agency. The longer you let it go, the worse the damage. You're young, and messing up now can be hard to recover from.
Your credit score is very important. It determines the interest rates you will have to pay on loans. More interest means less money in your pocket in the long run. If you miss a month here and there it will not impact your credit score, however, if you completely neglect your payments your phone provider will sell your debt to a credit collection agency. Once they get a hold of things it will dent and ding your credit score. What you do now will determine if you are approved for home, car, and anything other thing loans. Try not to live beyond your means and you should do fine.
In case you call them and attempt to artwork with them, they are going to. each and every thing is going to credit employer even your electric powered bill in case you do not pay on ;time each and each month. it ought to finally harm you when you're searching for a clean pastime as in recent times employers verify credit histories. It tells what style of an worker he/she will be able to be. So perfect to pay all expenses on time. in case you could't, be efficient to call them and exercising uncomplicated a plan. maximum businesses are prepared to artwork with you in case you do not enable the bill get too intense or enable it pass to a series employer. also, once you do get the element paid off make efficient it truly is removed from the credit record.
Bad credit is one of the worst problems to have... however there exists a solution. I will hereby talk from my personal experience. I did debt consolidation a couple of years ago, however If I had to do it again I would pay to some minor details, if someone wants to get out of debt today it is pretty easy with a debt consolidation plan, however it may get a bit tricky at times, I suggest you get as much information as possible online on this first, a good place to start in my humble opinion is astraight to the point ebook with question and answer I found : it helps kindly remember me in your voting!.. cheers!
I worked for cingular and have told customers this many times, the goverment considers phone bills as a luxary, unlike regurlar bills like electric and car loans, Cell phones bills are not reported. its ok to pay your cell phone bills past due and not worry about your credit. now if they cancel your cell phone plan and send what you owe to a collections agency then yes it will be on your credit report.
YYYYYYYEP!! ANY BILL NOT PAID OFF, ANY CONTRACT NOT FULFILLED will screw you in the Credit-hole.....and believe me you have one. My wife is truly screwed because she CONSISTENTLY is irresponsible and wants it all NOW! Then she can't pay her bills on time and her WORST offense is the Cell phone...Stupid people call her and she blah blah blahs allllllllll dayyyyyyyyy long! Then craps her pants when the normal $60 bill is $400 for a month......happens all the time.... Thank God it's not in my name.... You know want a Phone Card to call your parents, not a cell phone...every ****** you meet will want you to text them, call them and for what....a stupid "How R U" every 30 minutes? Especially those cheesy guys that want to get into your pants....It's just not worth it!!
Yes, it can effect your credit if you are a month past due. A few days past the due date wont hurt you, but most likely there will be a late fee usually ranging from $15-30, them on time!!!
I don't believe that they will still let you use the service if you don't pay. that's just like the electric company letting you use electricity for the rest of your life free. "there's no such thing as a free lunch". of course it can ruin your credit because the cell phone company will eventually hire a collection company to come after you!
YES ! Always pay you bills ! You'll save thousands in interest fees.
bad credit mobile phones
My Sprint contract has been fulfilled. I want to get my two lines onto a prepaid service but am not sure which is the best deal. I would like to hear some feedback from people who have used these prepaid services or know someone who has. I have two LG Rumor 2 phones and know they are compatible with Virgin Mobile, but also know for Net10 or Tracfone I'd have to purchase the prepaid in a store/online - in that case I could sell my two LG Rumor 2 phones.
That's a very general question. You don't specify at all your usage. Talk, text, web? Are you a heavy user or light user? Do phones matter to you? I'll give you some overviews of different companies and you go from there. Tracfone: Pros: Cheap phones, double minutes for life/bonus promo codes increase value of minutes by double or more, international calling to many countries no extra charge (mostly landlines), best coverage of any prepaid carrier (uses over 30 different carriers,not just one). Minutes generally last 90 days. Cons: Not for heavy users. Can get expensive . Poor customer service. Very difficult to port numbers. Cannot use other phones on this network and cannot take phones to other network. No unlimited plan. Selection of phones is mostly basic and low end. No real web. Net10. Take Tracfone and make the phone lineup a little better on the high end, change their complicated price varies per minute depending on size of card bought (the more you buy from Tracfone, the cheaper per minute/text) to 10 cents a minute talk and 5 cents a text all the time and you have Net10. Regular Net10 is almost exactly like Tracfone for other pros, cons . International calling is an extra 5 cents a minute though and their expiration time is generally 60 days. Plus Net10 has a new offshoot called Net10 unlimited which uses three phones made especially for that plan . Net10 unlimited is unlimited talk/text/web for $50. Runs on Tmobile. Only available at Target and you have to pay with credit cards for the airtime at Net10 unlimited's website. Tracfone owns both brands. As well as Straight Talk and Safelink brands. Virgin Mobile Pros:. Good unlimited text plan. Sprint network. Has kickback program that can earn you up to 6000 free minutes a year (I earned over nearly 2400 since April). Cheap phones. Flexible. Wide range of plans from casual to heavy users. Bought out by Sprint. Your Rumor 2s are the best phones in their lineup. Cons: Bad customer service. Unlimited talk plans . Does not allow outside phones. No smartphones. Known for overcharging credit/debit cards. Per minute rates and plans starting to be surpassed by other companies. Short expiration time (30 days). None have good customer service in general but Tracfone/Net10 has a couple of special phone numbers (which I can give you if you go with them) that can bypass their regular crappy CS. Virgin Mobile CS is a nightmare. Virgin Mobile has the shortest expiration time. Both Virgin Mobile and Tracfone have the cheapest phones. Both Virgin Mobile and Tracfone have ways to get bonus minutes. All of them have limits on web (Virgin Mobile has only one 3G capable phone and Tracfone/Net10 regular have no real web capbilities. Net10 unlimited is unknown. They may or may not have real web. ) None of them can use phones from other systems or vice versa. I also recommend these alternatives: Mingo Wireless. Allows any Verizon phone on their network (which has Plus monthly plans with full postpaid Verizon coverage with roaming but no contract). Excellent customer service. Both paygo plans and monthly plans. No unlimited plan though. Platinum Tel. Runs on Sprint network. Excellent customer service., has good range of inexpensive phones. Has a wide range of plans including monthly, unlimited and pay per minute plans. Page Plus . Similar to Mingo , a Verizon network reseller. Has a very cheap unlimited talk/text plan, can use any Verizon phone. Good range of plans both monthly and pay per minute/text. No unlimited data like Platinum Tel though. Inconsistent customer service though. All three of these share flexible plans, no contracts, a wide range of phone options , good prices and nationwide networks running other them (under their own brand name). Take care.
Virgin Mobile is more expensive, usually $35/mo at least. You can make that $35 stretch out 2-3 months with Tracfone. But VM often has more generous data plans. So if you surf the web a lot, Virgin Mobile is likely best.
Best Tracfone
I would advise to really look over the way they charge. i used tracfone a few years ago and i only got 44 minutes for what should have been 60. i would go with some like cricket or pocket phone. $40 for 1 month no contract and get unlimited call and text and more. i use cricket myself.
bad credit mobile phones
Hi, I am almost 15 and in July my mom bought me a phone while I was with her as a surprise. I didn't realize youtube on my phone wasn't free and my dad, sisters and I took a road trip 4 hours away and so I was entertaining myself from getting car sick. A week later I got a text that said my data reached over $250 and to call my phone company. I showed my mom the text and she was pretty mad at me (who wouldn't be?) I think the phone bill was $500, including long distance charges because my little sister wanted to call her. My parents are seperated by the way. And I didn't realize in November & December that downloading wasn't free either. When I went into the app store I thought I was using wi-fi for free but apparently I went over my MB usage. My mom and I both don't understand this but downloading "free" songs on my phone didn't turn out. The guy at the phone store said he could only get the bill down to $950 which would've been $1050. My mom's phone, mine and my older sister's are all connected to eachother's and my older sister doesn't use her phone so she's making me feel worse than I already do because she doesn't mess up. Now she's telling me how her credit rating is going to drop and she needs to pay bills to keep our house running and how that money from my phone bill could have gone to me going back to camp this summer, which would be my fourth year. I am so disappointed in myself. I never think before I do. I do feel bad. I feel guilty and terrible. My mom won't understand this and last night at my sister's soccer game my parents talked about me while my little sister and I were in the washroom and my mom took my phone away from me today when I was having a nap. I asked her when I woke up where it was because I needed to ask my friend about homework and my mom was just asking why I couldn't use my home phone. She pretended like she didn't know where it was because she was busy when she took it. I called my phone and found it and then called my friend and my mom was being sarcastic when I came back downstairs about how I got my phone back. I thought we had a close relationship and it feels like I can't trust her with anything anymore. She has taken it away from me before and that was the day after she told me her and her friend that's a guy were talking about how he takes away his daughter's phone sometimes because she doesn't "need it". I wish she understood that my messages on my phone are my messages and privacy and secrecy are different. I don't do anything bad on my phone but my messages are private with my friends and I and we talk about everything together. I don't disrespect my mom or yell at her like some children do but I have tried sitting down with her to have a calm talk and she just ignores me. How can I get her to trust me with my phone again and for me not to feel like I have to hide from her and keep multiple app locks on my phone? I feel like I'm walking on egg shells right now and I am so stressed with exams coming up. I manage my time studying and still take time to have a break and text aswell. I also keep a private message on my phone from myself and type up a diary entry everyday and because my little sister and I (she's 13) share a bedroom she tells my mom that I was up "texting" at night, which I wasn't. PLEASE HELP ME.
Okay, so this is really messed up and it reminds me of a similar fact that happened to me years ago! You totally understand that the problem with the bill was really rough for your relationship with your mother and that's when she lost her trust for you! But this is normal for her, I mean she has to pay bills and now that this happened to you, it looks like you're immature and irresponsible and it's going to be hard to gain her trust again! But there is something you can do! 1) You need to tell her that no matter what happened you wanna sacrifice other luxuries like buying new clothes or going out with your friends often etc..And you actually have to do this! It's like your offering yourself a punishment to show you've learnt your lesson. 2) I totally get the whole "privacy" issue that you're worried about and I'm pretty sure she thinks that it has to do with a boy...You can explain to her that you're willing to make the phonecalls from your home phone but you need to get your mobile phone for a few hours a day! Otherwise you can let her have it and show that you're not addicted to it. 3) You can help her with the housework she has to do without reminding her that you're doing this to get your phone back! 4) Get informed about the reasons why you're phone charged you with such a sum of money and explain to her as well why this happened! Don't let her believe that you were doing something "forbidden" .. Truth is, it's gonna be a looong way till you gain her trust again but you have to be completely honest from now on and try to ispire her to feel this conection between you two!! Good luck!!!!:D
bad credit mobile phones
But in order to do that i need good credit and that is something i dont have....i need a credit card that i can recieve ASAP and that will approve me for sure without prepaid stuff....and i need a new phone plan...and i dont have a good credit history for that....please dont answer this if your not gonna give a helpful answer...thanks
I feel your pain in the world of bad credit!! Its almost impossible to get an unsecured credit card with bad credit(believe me I know) Atleast one that isn't ripping you off with activation charges or one with 300 limit but but they have allready taken 3/4 of it before you even get if for "charges", leaving you with a 75$ limit. Those are not worth it! If you need a phone that bad there are companys now that do have decent pay as you go plans, for instance Liberty Wireless. This company is pretty new and they do run off the Sprint PCS network. Liberty offers deals with like 1000 anytime min local and long distance for 48.00/no credit check no contract. You pay 48.00 every month and you get the mins, if you don't pay you don't get the mins. Then there is the newest company ampd mobile. This place also has some real good no credit check no contract deals and some pretty nice phones too! You can go online and check it out or If you have a Best Buy where you live, check them out there. Take my word for it and use your energy on finding your phone ! Thats the easy part. Finding the credit card is a lost cause! I hope I have offered you an answer to your urgent plea for help. Good Luck
I had a Premier Bank credit card. It is for people trying to rebuild their credit. I got a $250 card, but it had a balace of $175 or so in non-refundable fees on it. Not a great card to keep, but easy to get. Try (but I'm not sure) As far as the phone plan, do you mean cell or home? There are all kinds of local home service companies that don't check credit, but you don't get long distance. I'd look up something like "bad credit local phone service".
Unless you can find someone to make you an authorized user on one of thier cards you're going to have a hard time getting an unsecured credit card. As for the phone, same thing, you're going to have to either make a large deposit or get it in someone else's name if you can find someone, a relative or something.
Pay all of your month-to-month homestead invoice on time, have more effective money on your checking and reductions acount, stay on your good paying activity for a minimum of two more effective years, then note for a substantial mastercard. i'm very certain you'd be licensed. do no longer keep on checking your credit status - this may pull your score down. in case you won't be able to be licensed for any mastercard - then you extremely probable haven't any income for the quantity that you want to borrow on the time you're making use of. (insufficiency is what they call it)
Read tips on debt/credit and more on this site
bad credit mobile phones
There are currently 3 national unlimited plans that are easy to find. I will give you the pros and cons. 1)Virgin Mobile. Their unlimited $50 is ONLY for talk/voice. Unlimited text is another $10 extra. Virgin Mobile runs on the Sprint network but has no roaming so coverage is less then regular Sprint. They do not have unlimited web. You can only use Virgin Mobile phones on Virgin Mobile . Advice: Never buy minutes/time from them with credit/debit/paypal because they have been known to overcharge.Keep an eye on your plan when you topup to make sure it is what you ordered. Customer service is either substandard or nice but ineffective. 2)Boost iden Unlimited. You get talk/text/web/walkie talkie for $50.. No taxes. Limited selection of phones but growing. Has developed a bad reputation for unreliable texting and inconsistent call quality service. But apparently has improved since the first reports. Still not without issue. Have heard that their customer service is similar to VM, not the best.Same thing with overcharging. Recommend topups only. 3)Straight Talk. Owned by Tracfone, runs on Verizon. $45 unlimited talk/text/411 and 30 megs of web. Only three phones available at this time. Best network coverage of all the unlimiteds. No international call option. Can only receive international, can't call out . Available only through . Some physical Walmarts also carry it. $30 a month 1000 minute/1000 text /30 meg version also available. Mediocre customer service. Supposed to have a six month trial date on it. Verizon has the right to stop the trial after six months if they don't like the results. That could mean killing the entire brand (which is a stupid business move and costs Tracfone a total loss which means this is not likely to happen). Or they are just going to kill the unlimited, keep the $30 plan going and have everyone downgrade to that. Or, they will keep it all going, but they won't take any more new signups after six months. I'm hoping that Verizon likes this program and lets it live forever, not just six months. There are other unlimited plans like Metro, Cricket (no true national coverage but you can flash many phones over to their networks) and Page Plus (more then $50 unlimited but you can use any Verizon phone on their network /runs on Verizon) and even Net10 (more then $50 and limited phone selection/runs on Att network.), Platinum Tel/Ready Mobile (nobody's ever heard of them/runs on Sprint network/web options. limited or expensive. ). The three above seem to fit your bill the best. Straight Talk has the best coverage, VM has the biggest number of the cheapest phones (I heard the Jax is a good cheap phone but the TNT is not so hot), Boost has the walkie talkie and gives you the most for the money (supposedly no taxes).
Virgin Mobile is great, Customer Service sucks, but once working, your good. Buy the optimus F3, super smart phone, $100 at Best Buy
Hi friend,I think you and Virgin Mobile would make a great match.So if you've been looking for a new wireless service,check out you buy a Virgin Mobile phone, input this personal Kickbacks Code:ETMsILP6
Um.. I use to have virgin mobile, and it depends on exactly where in SC you live. I know with virgin mobile it doesn't drop calls as often as boost. so i would go with v. mobile:) good luck with everything.!!
Use think link and Promo code to get $25 FREE Credit to your account!!
No that is not true, a couple years ago it was but at this moment its ntot free, its about 5 or 10 cents.
Yea it sucks get a Verizon 3g or i phone
bad credit mobile phones
DONT DO IT!! virgin mobile company is CRAP! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CRAP!!! if poor credit is a problem, u can still qualify for a tmobile phone!!. try their SMART ACCESS PLAN...depending on your credit (bad or worse) your activation fee will be $35 or $75 (added to first months bill)...they have plenty of FREE NICE phones to choose from and great packages (like 39.99 600 min w free nights & weekends!!) 4.99 extra will get you 400 text'll pay more than that with any plan @ VIRGIN
Compared to phones from contract plans they are not as good. Compared to other prepaid phones I think they are very good. In fact, if your phone stops working during the warranty period and the store you purchased it from won't take the phone back, just call them up and they will give you a new one via mail. I work in a store that sells multiple prepaid providers. I always recomend Virgin mobile when customers ask me which one I would choose. I have found their customer service is far superior than the rest; hence, when you have a technical problem it's faster and easier to figure out if the problem is with the phone or with servie.
Virgin Mobile is a company of cell phones that you use only you need like virgin mobile cell phone is only for emergency for you... i have virgin mobile i use only for emergency i dont talk a lot.. virgin mobile is the best prepaid cell phone.. i have them like 2 years and when you active they give you free minutes and sometimes also... Good Luck! To buy it... =p
The phone isn't the thing to worry about, a lot of providers carry the same phones for around the same price. It's the provider that you gotta really check out as far as coverage, prices etc
I've never heard of and have no opinion of the Virgin Mobile Phone.
I liked mine a lot. They're really upgrading their services; they have monthly plans consisting of free nights and weekends and such as that. They have very decent coverage, and it's perfect for people who talk on their cell phones but don't live on their cell phones. The only reason I don't have mine is because it fell into the bath tub one day.
They are pretty good, I have had mine for about 2 years, and you only gotta put money into them every 3 months, or when you run outta minutes
The phones are decent. but their plans are all pay-as-you-go (i think) which i always thought was a rip-off.
Man they work my nerves mines is gay I'm switch in networks to sprint
bad credit mobile phones
Ok, so on i found a prepaid cellphone for $50.00 that also comes with 60 free minutes of airtime. It's only available online, not in stores. I have a $70 dollars right now, but i would need a credit card to purchase it and give the money back then. When i told my dad, i started my sentence with: "I was on and i saw this really cheap prepaid phone, and..." and then he just cuts me off with: "Don't need it. I mean, why would you need a cell phone? You don't have anybody to call, and you would be irresponsible." I was going to explain him all the good things about having a cell phone, and how i need one to communicate with him and my mom, because we don't even have cell phones yet, and this is the 21st century. I don't know what he thinks is gonna happen if i get a cell phone, but he's just contradicting everything i say. First i say i want to be a singer, or a surgeon, and he's just like no no no, those jobs aren't good. HE'S SO UNFAIR!
Ok to all u peeps who write the longest answers in the history of long answers, STOP!!! she just wants to know what she should do about the phone, NOT HER LIFE!!! and she doesnt need a newspaper article to read either!!! ok well u should definatley stick to not begging, otherwise ur dad'll think ur still a kid. try giving him all the good points about geting a phone. and make sure u let him know that there are things that can go wrong too, to make it seem like you've thought all of this through. hope this helps! P.S. those really are very good careers!!!
You should try sitting your mom and dad down and really spilling your heart out. I think it is good for kids to have a cell phone IF they are responsible enough. You sound like a very smart responsible girl, and they should let you get one. I got my Brother a "Firefly" phone just in case something happens. Crazy things are happening in this world today and its better to be safe than sorry. So you should talk to your mom and dad about a "Firefly" that's a real good phone for a teenager. And if he thinks its gonna be a problem about you calling alot of people on the phone, he can program it at the store. But try doing alot around the house, and make sure you get good grades every time. And your dad might let you have it. Good luck.
Well first off you can get a nice phone for 20 bucks, they have nice Virgin Mobile phones for 20 bucks at and You can tell him that if you are to get out of something early you can call him or your mom to tell them so they can come get you or if you get stranded somewhere you can call them or if something bad happens you can call them..Here are two examples Last night I had a class that was suppose to be from 4pm-9:30pm and it ended up ending at 8PM, my cell was out of minutes and there was no phone in the building so I had to sit there till 9:30PM and by 8:30 everyone was gone and pretty much all the lights were out so it was really creepy. Not long ago they had a case on Americas most wanted about two teen girls who were abducted by gun point and forced into the woods and the man who took them raped them then went out to a bush near the van to use the bathroom, one of the girls had a cell phone and used it to text message her mom and tell her where she and her friend were and what was happening. The police arrived not long after and the girls survived but if that girl had not had a cell phone both her and her friend would of likely been shot and killed.
You have $70 now, which means you can make the initial payment of the phone and shipping & handling fees, plus pay for some extra minutes. But cellphones are a continued expense, so how do you intend to pay for the upkeep? Maybe he feels that you haven't thought it all the way through, that you are only considering the positive aspects of having the cellphone and not the negative ones. He sounds reluctant to allow you to place yourself into a situation that you haven't fully considered which he might have to bail you out of eventually, even if you are using some responsibility in starting out by using your own money.
If you want a pre-paid phone without a credit card they have them for $20 at Wal-Mart and the minutes are the cheapest around. They also sell pre-paid phones for companies there, so you could probably find the one you want from T-Mobile, or Cingular or whoever. Ask your dad if he would be ok with you doing that, so that he wouldn't be responsible for it. Depending on your age (can you drive?) you could just go get it yourself. If not, eventually I am sure your parents will go shopping at Wal-Mart (who doesn't?) and you could pull them over to the display and show them, and even have a sales rep tell them about it. At most Wal-Marts I have been to it's next to where they develop film in the electronics department. Good luck honey, and I think you do sound very reasonable but remember that your dad probably wants to pretend you are still his 5 year old little princess who's never going to grow up, you just have to show him you are growing up no matter what!!!
No he's no longer being unreasonable he in simple terms ares approximately and needs to be sure everthing is cool and that the little ones mothers and dads would be residing house so as that no longer something can pass incorrect. in simple terms relax slightly thats how mothers and dads are and whilst u have little ones u will comprehend. i never understood why my mom did what she did to me as a young person untill i had a newborn of my own. you're yourr dads existence and international so he will do all he can to maintain u secure and shop u on the the main suitable option music he needs no longer something yet stable issues for u. a be certain does all they are able to to maintain there newborn out of hassle and trys to make it so u dont get harm in existence. nicely wish all is going nicely have exciting at your sleep over
Okay... 1. Be kind to anyone around you mostly your parents.(dont try too hard or else you'll blow it) 2.clean around the house once in a while(dont let your parents tell you) 3.If you say"well then ill give you a dollar!" (SURE THATLL WORK FOR 5 YEAR OLD BUT ADULTS...NO!) 4.make some kind of deal...if your parents are into that kind of stuff.5. list all the posotive facts! 6.(i dont have one either but if i keep my grades up..yay!sorry i was just being a retrd(by the a girl
How old r u?...if ur in high school then ya u should have one but if ur still in public shool then no, do all ur friends have cell's? tell him that if he ever needs u when ur not home he can call u and get in touch with u when ever he wants, and thats good like if mabey ur out with ur friends and something happens to u and ur friends then u have a phone to call for help.... so hopefully that will get him to think about it.. and mabey u can pull the "but everyone has one" trick lol....good luck
Use the old what if im out sum where and i need to call you in an emergancy. Tell him that you are feeling left out as all your friends want to ring you and you are upset if that doesnt work just get it its ur money chik <3
Maybe your dad thinks of them as a "fad" because these days it seems like everyone needs a cell phone. I have one but I rarely use it. If you want one, maybe you should get a job first..owning one can be very expensive.
bad credit mobile phones
Honestly? I have the SAME coverage from Boost mobile Cdma with unlimited talk text for less then their talk alone. I can run any Sprint phone on Boost mobile cdma (this isn't the crap Boost mobile walkie talkie one but its unknown sister line). With Virgin Mobile you are STUCK with their dinky little lineup. And you CAN'T use other phones on their network, EVER. I have way better customer service then Virgin Mobile. I don't have texting issues like Virgin Mobile. Yeah, Virgin Mobile has the ONLY text only standalone packages in the industry, but they've been having nationwide text problems since May that are still unresolved. My credit /debit card NEVER gets overcharged like it does on Virgin Mobile. With Virgin Mobile, I got them four new customers this year and for that I'm supposed to get 60 free minutes per referral. I had to go bug them for the second and third referrals (Hey guys, I did MY part, now do YOURS like you promised). The fourth referral was the deal breaker, they made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get my free minutes. That was it. Now , I refer people to OTHER companies which won't rip you off. Virgin Mobile USED to win customer services awards. Their last award was like two years ago, which ain't bad. BUT, They FIRED ALL USA people and sent the jobs ALL OVERSEAS , this April. Customer service quality is an ALL TIME LOW. They won't win ANY MORE awards. On they have three times as many complaints as Tracfone and Boost mobile COMBINED even though there are THREE times as many Tracfone and Boost users as there are Virgin Mobile users. people with Real problems caused by Virgin mobile. Hundreds of them. They are known to consistently overcharge debit/credit cards on file as well as Paypal. I have hundreds of reports on file that verify that point at consumer affairs. They lost 133,000 people last quarter alone. That is over half a million people in ONE year alone. thing is both Virgin and Boost mobile are run by Sprint, which is a company which usually runs things into the ground. Boost mobile iden/walkie talkie is just as bad as VM in its own ways. They have equally rancid customer service (believe it or not, Boost cdma and iden are the same companies but the customer service depts are like night and day.). They BOTH have texting issues. Boost iden also adds dropped calls /calls not going through to the mix. Both are services which will tick you off. What about Boost cdma? They tried to kick us off and go over to the CRAP iden/walkie talkie side and we made such a fuss (they were charging us $70 for unlimited everything while iden newcomers were only being charged 50, that they gave us a $50 unlimited everything plan too. They don't like to talk about us, but there are a million of us still around and we bring them over $600 million a year, so they let us stay.(One million times $50 times 12 months a year equals 600 million). Boost cdma is harder to sign up for (they don't even advertise it any more) but it BLOWS away Boost mobile walkie talkie AND Virgin Mobile out of the WATER. Virgin Mobile needs to get their act together or they'll just keep on losing people. In this day and age and in this economy , especially with prepaid wireless (where we customers can walk in one month),business goes something like this. Screw your customers, screw yourself. Very Simple.
I had virgin mobile for two years and i Absolutely loved it. i highly recommend getting one :)
bad credit mobile phones
Okay, so I've been back and forth looking for a pre-paid phone and provider. My current provider is Virgin Mobile. The service works fine and I'm happy with the monthly plan. I pay $34.99 + tax a month for 300 anytime minutes and 1,000 nights and weekends minutes...all of which I usually don't use up. I dislike the phone I have, and they honestly don't seem to have a phone that doesn't look like a little kid's phone. The Slider Sonic...I've read bad reviews about it. Same thing with the "Snapper". I don't really like either of them. I want to go pre-paid, definitely. I'd like to have a set monthly pre-paid plan similar to what I have now, with so many anytime/nights and weekends minutes on that set paid amount per month. Not this 10 cents a minute stuff that I have to do the math in my head for each one. I make the monthly payment...delete my card info, and if it's used up...I don't get charged more. Looking for another service like that with better phones.
I've looked at T-Mobile. The Nokia 6101 doesn't look too bad. I definitely want a flip-style phone. They don't seem to have monthly pre-paid set plans like the one I have with VM. With VM I can add whatever amount I want to (in respect to the amount of my plan), when I want to. T-mobile and most of the others have refill cards and only set amounts you can credit online, but it's much more absurd: $10 for 30 minutes. Yikes. $25 for 130 minutes. $50 for 400 minues. With VM only $44.99 gets 400 anytime minutes and 2,000 nights and weekends minutes. Is it me, or are these more well-known companies absurdly upping their prices (along with lowering the amount of minutes) because of their popular name? I've looked at cingular, but they seem to be a hassle. Can I just buy any Cingular GoPhone in a store and get online to activate my pre-paid plan without purchasing a 'set' monthly pre-paid plan along with the phone?
Will all GoPhones (any store-bought) work, whether you want the pre-paid monthly plan or the charge-by-the-minutes plan? From some people's questions on here...Cingular seems to be ripping people off by advertising phones on their website and they don't seem to have those phones?? One of my managers I asked at work said he tried a few times when he ordered on Cingular's website, because his order got cancelled or something; but they apparently sent the phone to him anyway. I like the rollover minutes idea. T-Mobile is pricey at $50 refills a month, and the lesser amounts wouldn't be enough minutes; yet no in-betweens. I like Cingular's $39.99 Pick Your Plan. Do they charge an 'activation charge'? I've found many companies do, even though it's pre-paid. Sad. I've also read about Cingular's "merging" with AT&T and telling people who are on pre-paid something like they have to change over to a regular plan because of it. How can I get a pre-paid phone that is 'ready' for this change?
Alot of prepaid companies are coming out with that but the problem is they are ridiculously high (you could just get a plan for what they are charging. lol.) So I'd go with a Cingular GoPhone. They have an option exactly like what you're looking for. I think the plan is 39.99 for 600 mins and texts are paid for each text you send (not sure though) and it's Cingular which picks up anywhere. LOL. Does that help?
You didn't say what state/area you live in. I have T-Mobile and as soon as the contract runs out I'm switching back to Cingular/ATT. (I had them for 12 years and they really do have the best coverage.) My wife went for years and didn't want a cell phone. I bought her a phone and the Metro PCS service. (It's here in Northern California and a lot of other places I guess.) With Metro PCS, the coverage isn't as great as other companies because they use the old CDMA/TDMA systems. The good thing is that there are no pre-set minutes a month. You can use as many or as little minutes as you want. The catch is that you have to ONLY call from your regional area. You CAN call anywhere in the US for free though with no extra charges and/or long distance charges. (The basic plan is $30 a month with no long distance free. If you pay an extra $5 a month to the $35 plan you do get unlimited nationwide long distance though.) They have some pretty decent phones but none of them are free like the other carriers. They have phones from $49 for a Samsung to $199 for a Razr. I bought my niece in South Carolina a phone and got her hooked up with AllTel. They have a plan where you can be anywhere in the US and make calls anywhere to the US for $49.99 a month. I have the bill sent to me in California every month. I know that AllTel is in a lot more states than Metro is too. It just depends on where you make your calls from. The Metro "Bay Area" plan has a pretty big region as the home region. They also have the "Sacramento Valley region and a lot more in Southern California.
You might want to look into the Go Phone by Cingular. It looks like a pretty good deal. I had Virgin Mobile and I actually think that they are one of the better Prepaid cellphone service providers. Yes, I understand about the "childish" looking phones. Have you looked on their website to see what they had to offer? Good luck!
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Well I just discoverd it. I haven`t used it at all yet. But I have a few questions about it... See, um, the site is where you fill out some surveys, and stuff and you get rewarded with minutes or something and you`re able to use that for your prepaid phone. Sounds WAY to good to be true. So I have some questions... 1: Will it send me annoying messages about offers and stuff to my phone? 2: Will I be able to take this out of my phone if I ever decide I don`t like it? And how will I be able to? 3: Will it send annoying messages about offers and stuff to my e-mail adress? 4: Is it safe to use? 5: Does it work? 6: I hear it takes a long time for the minutes are whatever to go inter your phone. How long does it take for it to go in your phone? 7: Will it crash or mess up my phone? 8: What are the bad sides of using this? P.S: You need a facebook account to use this. But here are the links if you wish to look at this your self.
Here are some answers to your questions: A1: No annoying messages will be sent to your phone. The company tries to block offers that you initiate from the web to your mobile phone, but if you do, you are accepting the offer and messages that will follow. A2: There is no client or software installed on the phone. The service provides credits that you can use for talk, text, music, games and more. A3. Embee is not responsible for the emails that you will receive once you sign up for offers. From Embee, you need to sign up for Email Alerts and Notices and we limit the number of emails we send. A4. Well over 150,000 Users have registered for Embee Mobile to date and it is safe to use. A5. It *does* work. Take a look at the comments and feedback. People everyday are discovering that Embee is a good way to pay for their monthly phone plan. A6. Once you earn Embee Points, they are not instantly translated to your mobile phone in the form of minutes. You need to earn enough points to reach certain thresholds (for example 100 Embee Points for a $10 USD credit). Once you have enough Embee Points, you can redeem for an ePIN that you can add to your mobile phone. A7. It will not crash or mess up your phone. We are helping to add credits to your account. A8. We currently do not support Post Paid mobile phone accounts, only Prepaid at this time. Any further questions, please contact
I hate to assert it, regardless of the undeniable fact that it feels like a manner-too-cutesy/fluffy call a 12 365 days previous lady might arise with. Embry, as reported above, or Ember might make great possibilities that are actually not so undemanding as Emma, Emily, etc.
bad credit mobile phones
I tryed to get a contract with t mobile and they told me that i had to pay the full price on the phone( wanted to get they sidekick lx) does that mean that i have bad credit or something?? and a month before that my brother switch to t mobile he got a good deal he got his phone for only 40$ and got the other one free and i was thinking why did he get that deal if we both have our money in the same account and i make much more than he does
Do you have any credit at all? Does he have credit? Was the phone he wanted the same one you wanted? Did you go to the same place? These are all factors that would affect the price of the phone. It doesn't matter how much you make or have in your bank account. He could have gotten two crappy phones or phones that were part of a promotion. The LX is a popular phone, so they will charge as much as they can get for it.
You do not have bad credit if they were going to give you an account with them. The reason you have to pay full price for the sidekick is because the phone is not one of the free phone with activation promotion phones. You can get a great deal on a phone but each carrier has their own specials.
Most cell phone companies will either require a deposit for service, or not, depending on how good your credit looks. Most likely your credit did not effect the kind of phone rebates they would offer to you.
bad credit mobile phones
So i had a refurbished s4 i bought from att which i had a problem with, the LCD kept breaking and i kept changing it, i changed it 3 times, and i finally decided to just buy a new phone. I decided to buy the s5 or 650 from a seller on amazon but i read on google that hes not very reputable despite the hundreds of positive reviews, seller is non responsive because its a Holiday weekend. So i was going to just go ahead an buy a brand new s4 from Walmart, im not really concerned about the differences i just dont want to waste anymore time in the case that the amazon seller might send me a non original samsung phone and then i would have to return it, im in desperate need of a phone since i work and go to school online. I need to be mobile. Not having a phone is like the end of the world. if order from Walmart i can be guaranteed that the phone will come brand new and original, even if the seller ends up shipping the amazon s5 i can still return it and im covered by amazon, money is not a problem since im purchasing by credit, does anyone have any advice im really confused as to whether i should just buy a new s4 from Walmart, and in the case that the amazon seller actually ships the item and doesnt cancel the order i can just return it and get a refund. advice anyone?
You have to be careful if you are buying through Amazon and the cell phone that the seller is selling might be stolen. The majority of used celll phone sold online are stolen or have bad IMEI number. I would email the seller to given you the IMEI # which is found inside the phone behind the battery. Then you would call the cell phone company of that phone to see if that phone is good or bad based on the IMEI #. Cell phone companies will not activate any phone that has a bad IMEI number. That phone can not be reactivated again based on the bad IMEI number.
Definitely want to request the IMEI number. Run the IMEI number through Swappa will tell you whether or not the phone has been blacklisted or not.
Heres the one i bought from amazon
bad credit mobile phones
Ok I've been doing alot of research on prepaid phone plans. Im looking for a prepaid phone plan that has a phone with a keyboard (hopefully camera too ^.^) and doesnt require me to have to use the internet to pay my bill. Like a minute card. Im looking for a plan that also gives me the most minutes (im a texter >.<) for as little money as possible. So i came down to two plans: Virgin mobile and net10 (unless you have any better ideas and facts to back it up) but im not sure which one to choose and which one would be less of a hassle. So if you have any information that would help me in making this decision i would be very grateful. (by very i mean EXTREMELY) By the way i have a tracfone: and i think its a piece of . . . . ! almost no minutes for alot of money, pain in the *** to access anything regarding ringtones and no internet as it, also they dont have a good selection in phones. Not that i mind that much about the internet part but it does bug me. Its the pure beginners phone and im far past that, and im past paying that much for that little.
If you hate Tracfone, you're gonna hate Net10 as Tracfone also owns Net10. Net10 has qwerty phones but they charge 3 cents a text. That adds up. Virgin Mobile has unlimited texter plans for only 19.99 with text/pic/vid/im/email . Net10 has nothing but plain text. At 19.99, you get less then 700 texts at 3 cents a pop. Not much. Net10 does have better coverage as they run on 30 different networks, but VM isn't too bad as it runs on Sprint (no roaming). VM has a lot of texting phones, three in all on their current lineup (Net10 has two). The Rumor 2 is their best one. Three ironclad rules I tell every Virgin Mobile newbie. 1)Pay with TOPUPS ONLY. Virgin mobile has been known to overcharge credit, debit cards and paypal accounts . It is very hard to get a refund. Topups protect you . 2)Make sure you have ENOUGH MONEY to cover taxes and extra charges (like the Federal Emergency 911 number tax). If you want the $19.99 plan, your $20 topup will NOT be ENOUGH. But you won't know it if you don't check. The extra penny won't cover all the taxes. Virgin Mobile will then change your rate from the unlimited plan to 15 cents a text, their per text/non plan rate because you couldn't pay for the plan and the tax. No tax, no plan. That comes out to 133 texts per $20. Far from unlimited. Topup with a $30 card the FIRST time to cover the taxes. Then topup the month after using a $20 card, the leftover balance from the $30 covering your taxes. Just pay $20 per month till your leftover extra runs low and then topup with a $30 card again and go back to $20s until you run low again. 3) Make sure you get what you want. This is connected to number two. If you topup, CHECK your plan. Make sure it is what you ordered. The first day you are using it. CHECK. And the day your topup time is coming again , CHECK. That way, you get what you want, not what Virgin Mobile is giving you by default. Do these three things and it will save you some potential headaches down the road. For 20 % off their top phones with free shipping, order here: Enter the promo code : HAPPY2009 for discount. Don't activate via phone, do it online as they will charge you $10 if over the phone. Online is free. When you do activate, enter this kickback code: copy and paste it: bOJUQIop You will receive 60 free minutes if you activate a new account with at least $20 ( I recommend $30 the first time) and enter the code under kickbacks. 20 percent off, free minutes and advice. You can use regular Topup cards, no need messaging only cards from Virgin Mobile. As long as the dollar amount is high enough and you punch in what you want into the website clearly and carefully , it should go allright. Take care, btw, if you are interested in the future, I can show you how you can get up to 6000 free VM minutes a year . Happy Holidays!
It's s good thing you are asking before you buy the phone ( i wish i did the same thing) If you are a texter then you should go for a virgin, but if you like to call a lot then you should go for optus as you get free minutes. You might also consider how many of your friends/ family have the same plan (virgin or optus?).
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I am from America and I am going away to Israel for over a month in the next couple of weeks on birthright. I will not be spending a lot, but definitely enough for a hotel room for 20 plus days, not to mention food, and maybe souvenirs. I was wondering if anybody has any opinions on how I should go about spending money there. Would it be ideal to use a credit card, if so I heard Capital one does not charge you a foreign transaction fee? I was told that using a credit card gets you the most accurate and up to date exchange rate. Otherwise would it be best to consider using cash, and exchanging it at the airport either in Israel or America for Sheckels? I have several credit cards American express, discover, visa, citi. Which would give me the most value and practicality there? My other question was a cell phone, Birthright is giving me calling within the boarders of Israel for free. But I do have the ability to call abroad for a price. I was thinking if I just have 3g on my phone, I will be able to use a free text app. I have an I-Phone. I was told that I will need an unlocked phone, what might that mean exactly, I was under the impression that if it were unlocked you can just download free stuff, otherwise what would the best way to go about unlocking the phone in order to be able to have it working there. If I choose not to pay for the 3g will my iphone work if the hotels have Wi-Fi? I know I have asked a broad range of questions but any information you can help me out with from your own experiences would be awesome. Thank you for your help!
Credit cards are the most convenient, but give you a very bad exchange rates. You should also take cash and exchange in exchange places in the street, who give the best rates. Don't use the ones at the airport or in banks. Visa is the most accepted in Israel. Mastercard is also OK. Your iphone need to be unlocked ("jailbreak") in order to download non sanctioned apps - this has nothing to do with using in Israel. You can unlock the phone and download the app in the US as well. If you don't find a place in US to do it, most phone stores in Israel can unlock your iphone. Once unlocked, you can also put an Israeli SIM into is, and make direct calls much cheaper inside Israel and to US. Golan is the recommended phone company for voice and international. Hot Mobile is the best for web and app data access.
I've NO clue about most of your question because I've just always dreamed about going to Israel and I hope my son will go in the next couple of years when he is old enough via Birthright so I pay attention to questions asking about this. I'm responding to churro..the only thing I'm concerned with regarding his answer is this part "You should also take cash and exchange in exchange places in the street, who give the best rates. Don't use the ones at the airport or in banks" I've recently been watching the TV program "Scam City" that shows this fellow traveling around the world and the different scams common in different cities across the world. On a couple of the shows he advises to NOT use the currency exchange places in the streets UNLESS you are very familiar with the current legal exchange rate as they are far more likely to screw you over on the currency rate than the banks. So, perhaps you can find some more specific information such as thename of the best place to go to for currency exchange and find out before you walk in exactly what that rate is. Is there an "app" you could download to help you make sure you're not being taken advantage of with regard to the exchange rates? And did churro mean that you must download a program/app onto your phone in order to use it in Israel? I didn't know I phones had SIM cards to change? ( shows how ignorant I am)
Hi there, So my family and I made Aliya to Israel in '99 when I was 5 years old. Back then there weren't as many programs as there are now to help with the Aliya Process. We just sold almost everything we had, packed a couple of suitcases and shipped over a few things. Now most people I know make Aliya from the USA (I don't know if that's where you are but for the sake of the conversation...) with "Nefesh BeNefesh". A lot of people who have made Aliya with them are really happy, because they can bring almost everything with them, get deals, and have stuff to help them later on. I'm not sure whether you are considered Jewish like you could automatically get citizenship...I should know though because I have a test soon about the Israeli laws and government. haha.. What site did you find? Maybe I'll know it of be able to check out the Israeli info about the program you saw... Kol Hakavod for wanting to make Aliya! It's not easy... Ask me anything you want :) Sorry I couldn't be of more help...
Go to your bank and get your bank's exchange rate. What Yahoo says is the current exchange rate will not be the ACTUAL exchange rate you get from vendors i.e. your credit card company! The best way to exchange currencies is to surf various outlets prior to your vacation and try to find the best rate. Use cash on your vacation. Don't use your credit card because the rates fluctuate.
I use my credit card to get shkalim from the ATMs, but yes, there is a charge. My understanding is that it's cheaper to book your hotel and other big expenses from the USA - less tax that way.
Dont use only a credit card and always keep some emergency cash around you in case you wi lose your wallet and keep always a copy of your passport so you wont lose it
Use your credit card and everything will be fine. Amex is widely accepted, but Visa and MasterCard are better.
bad credit mobile phones
The thing is that,he said he doesnt want to pay for everything and pay for my fone and my brother's fone too since HE claims its too expensive..ok fine,so my brother started working a week ago and hes 17,i'll be starting in less than 2weeks propably and we can both get fones but there must be a credit check and my dad doesnt want to do it even though WE will pay for it by giving it to him which is a fair deal,so me and my brother are both 11th graders and we still dont have fones,should i get virgin mobile, a camera one too and it doesnt require age right?and wouldnt be a waste since im going to turn 18 in 3 thinking of keeping the virgin mobile until im 18,what do you guys think? thanx!
You want one THAT bad then get a prepaid. then whenever you hit 18, pawn that one off and get a regular plan phone. check since their deals are pretty good.
You just answered your own question... you're 15. No offense, darling, but you're young and probably irresponsible. If he gets you a cell phone ("contract") right off of the bat, you're going to be like a kid in a candy store. He doesn't want to pay extra for text messaging, internet usage, and you will probably want to download every screen saver and ringer under the sun. You have to SHOW responsibility in order to get benefits such as a contract phone. I definately understand your dad's reservations. It probably happened with him and one of your siblings before hand, so he's being cautious. As for "prepaid," it's not as bad of a deal as you think it is... I would go with Cingular's GoPhone, it's not like Vigrin Mobile where you pay a flat rate. You reap the benefits of regular "contract" cell phones: you can add internet, text messaging, and get real minutes with nights and weekend minutes. The phones cost a little more upfront, but it will give your dad the peace of mind that you're not racking up a huge bill. If you run out of minutes before the end of the month, you will still have your night and weekend minutes. You won't be able to access the internet or text messages unless you have the funds to do so on your account (which may suck for you, but not for Dad's wallet). It's pretty much the best of both worlds. I would run that by him and see if he'd give that a shot. Good luck!
You don't need one. Grow up and stop being a selfish spoilt brat. Getting a phone contract off your dad's name and credit is NOT fair. He would then be LIABLE for your expenses. Period. Sure, you say you'll pay him.. maybe you will, maybe you won't. If there are overages or phone loss, you might not be able to afford it. Cancel it? He's stuck with the bill. Ask him if you can get a prepaid phone.. and realize how much of a brat you've been towards him.
I have a 5 yr old girl. As soon as she is old enough I am going to get her a cell phone. I want her to have one so I can talk to her whenever I want or if she needs me. I do not know what your fathers financial situation is so I do not know if money is an issue. Money is not an issue with me but here is what I do know. Give you Dad lots of hugs and tell him you love him every day and believe me you will get your way more often. Good Luck
I personally think anyone still in school up to high school shouldnt have cell phones. Having a cell phone isnt cheap and kids abuse them so if someone else is having to pay for it, then its definitely not fair for them. Kids have no reason to have cell phones. Besides you can do everything pretty much with a landline. Having a cell phone only get kids into trouble.
Get a prepaid phone
bad credit mobile phones
I turned 18 not too long ago, and I want to get a cellphone. Do you think at&t would be a good company to go with? I used to have verizon with my bf and we had a hugggggge bill, it was bad. But I've grown up since then lol, and I don't want to text or anything, I just want to call like 3 people, one of which being an at&t customer also. What do you think?
Since you are so young no matter how good your credit is you will proba;y have to put down a big deposit with any company be careful with t mobile because even though they advertise no deposits you will still have to do a credit check and the reason they do that is because the worse your credit is the more you will pay for your phone the better it is the cheaper it will be now having said that the fav 5 is a good thing if you will use it like you say the thing i dont like about att is that their customer service sux and if you buy a really nice phone they will not let you get insurance on it because they dont insyre phones over 280 bucks sprint has a good plan that i have which is free incoming its like 50 a month and as long as your friends call you its free so you could text em to call you which is what i do and my bill never really could also look into boost mobile or virgin mobile which are prepaid phone there service is good as they run through sprint towers and there are no contracts or deposits hope this helps good luck
Depends on how many minutes a month you talk. Really some of the prepaid plans are cheaper for some people if you work them right. Go to and search forums for Tracfone and for Net10. Tracfone has a deal now to buy a phone with two 60 min cards for the price of one card. So, the phone and one card are free. If you buy 3 phones, included are 6 cards for the price of 3. You can use the cards on any of their phones if you don't like the one that comes with the cards. You can use bonus codes to double the minutes, too. If you use a lot of minutes you can buy the basic phone from Net10 and get 600 minutes for $30 that don't expire for 4 months. Sometimes Target has that phone on sale for $20 which is less than 3.5 cents per minute. But of course some people wouldn't be caught dead with a basic phone, either.
Try T-moblie they have "fave 5" free call to them no matter if its a home phone or anything Totally free. I have verizon though lol. im pleased with what they serve.
bad credit mobile phones
So I had to cancel my phone line and was charged the 200 dollar fee plus my phone bill of 80 dollars. And I had a phone I had just bought from them through an upgraded plan, but I returned it back because I didn't want the extra upgraded fees adding to the 280 that I already had to pay. Well I returned it a couple weeks late and they charged me an extra 460 dollars for the phone that I already returned. So not only did my bill come out to be 816 dollars but I didn't get to keep the phone, plus I paid the extra money to buy it in the beginning! I called tmobile because they kept trying to bill me and two months later i got connected to this lady and she said the bill had been written off to a collection agency and that I would have to talk to them to try and consolidate, but she didn't even have a number for me to call or a collection agency. She told me to wait until a bill was sent to my house.. my question is what can I do about this? and will the collection agency consolidate the amount? please help.. I dont want to get super bad credit because of a phone I should have just kept anyway
It sounds like you acknowledge the bill is yours and you want to take care of the obligation. Once T-Mobile or any other company assigns your account to collections, they are the company you work with. Collection companies can be difficult to work with and will probably ask you to pay the entire amount all at once. You most likely already have an unpaid collection reporting on your credit bureau. Approach the collection company and see if they will settle for half. If they say no, that is the beginning of the negotiation process. Your credit is already messed up so they can't use that against you. Pay it back and it should report paid or settled if you get them to take less than the total amount owed. I have written a couple of blog articles on the topic in case you are interested.
This Site Might Help You. RE: should i pay the collection agency for a tmobile bill? So I had to cancel my phone line and was charged the 200 dollar fee plus my phone bill of 80 dollars. And I had a phone I had just bought from them through an upgraded plan, but I returned it back because I didn't want the extra upgraded fees adding to the 280 that I already had to pay. Well I...
For the best answers, search on this site it doesn't go on your credit report right away, its probably been at the collection agency for a while. I know this because while back i was behind on my bills and when the time came to pay they will tell me that it has been sent to collection agency and if you contact them very soon, they will work with you not to report to the credit reporting agency. To answer to your question, yes they are correct, they have no control over removing an item from your report. When you look at the credit report, when did they put that on your credit report? If they put it in 2003 it should be coming off your report soon, but if they did it in 2011, you got a while to go.
You can try sending a "payment for deletion" offer/letter. They don't have to agree. If I were you. I'd do the following Step 1: Dispute this item and state that it's from 2003 and is 7years old. That should be grounds for removal. Step 2: If that doesn't work send a debt validation letter....they have to validate that this is your account (see examples on google) Step 3: If nothing works and they won't remove it...make a settlement offer. This way you pay less than what you owe. If it's gonna stick on your report, why pay them the entire amount.
T Mobile Collections
You have no contract with the collection agency, do not allow them to intimidate you, make them an offer you can afford, they will more than likely accept
Everyone has their own opinion, but I don't think so
cash for old mobile phone
If you are not from the US (Virgin Mobile exists in several different English speaking countries) ignore this. IF you are VM USA . Read on. ALL cell phone companies are mandated by FEDERAL LAW and the FCC to allow you to port your number. Even land lines. But, that doesn't mean there can't be screw ups. However, there are ways to minimize the chances. Don't tell your old company you want to port. Tell Virgin Mobile you want to port. Give them the info. Keep your old carrier's account active. Virgin Mobile will do all the work. They are the ones getting your business so will do what they can to keep you happy as a new customer (This is prepaid wireless, they get ONE month to prove that their worthy of your patronage.) Wait until the new Virgin Mobile phone works with your old number. Then and ONLY then should you officially cancel your old carrier account. Other wise it could get lost in between transfers. Virgin Mobile has a rep for porting fast. Good luck. Oh yeah, three rules about Virgin Mobile USA and maybe even some free mintues. 1) NEVER pay them with anything but TOPUPS ONLY.They have been known to overcharge credit/debit cards and Paypal accounts on file. 2) ALWAYS MAKE SURE you have enough money in your account to cover taxes/surcharges/etc. If you buy a 19.99 plan, make sure you topup initially with at least $30, not 20. The penny ain't gonna cover all the taxes, no way. What will happen is that you will still be able to use your phone . But they will be charging you their expensvie basic non plan rates (20 cents/min , 15 cents /text) until you run out. Then you find out the hard way your plan never kicked in because you didn't put in enough to cover the extras. But since you still had money, it kept charging you anyway. 3) This is related to rule 2. CHECK YOUR PLAN. Make sure you check it once in a while , especially around payment day, to make sure you are getting the plan you want, not what VM gives you. Also, if you would like a free 60 minutes of airtime and $2.50 cash credit. Upon activating your new account for the first time with at least a $20 topup, punch in kickback code bOJUQIop (copy and paste it ) and promo code purple for your free minutes and credit. VM has a lot of strong and weak areas. I am merely pointing out the not so great areas so you can enjoy its many strong points even more. All cellular companies have different strong /weak areas. VM is no exception.
Certainly this is the case in the UK. I've had the same mobile number for more than 15years, during that time on four different networks (Orange, T-mobile, Virgin, and currently O2).
Activate you new phone before canceling the old service. They will call your old provider and set it up.
bad credit mobile phones
I'm new to virgin mobile! So I was reading reviews about it. I saw a lot of bad reviews that virgin mobile takes money from your bank account without asking. Can I register my pay pal and put certain amount needed on it so they can't randomly take my money from my bank account? Can pay pal overdraft too? If I registered pay pal, would it still take money from my bank account?
Three ironclad rules I tell every Virgin Mobile newbie. 1)Pay with TOPUPS ONLY. Virgin mobile has been known to overcharge credit, debit cards and paypal accounts . It is very hard to get a refund. Topups protect you . 2)Make sure you have ENOUGH MONEY to cover taxes and extra charges (like the Federal Emergency 911 number tax). If you want the $19.99 plan, your $20 topup will NOT be ENOUGH. But you won't know it if you don't check. The extra penny won't cover all the taxes. Virgin Mobile will then change your rate from the unlimited plan to 15 cents a text, their per text/non plan rate because you couldn't pay for the plan and the tax. No tax, no plan. That comes out to 133 texts per $20. Far from unlimited. Topup with a $30 card the FIRST time to cover the taxes. Then topup the month after using a $20 card, the leftover balance from the $30 covering your taxes. Just pay $20 per month till your leftover extra runs low and then topup with a $30 card again and go back to $20s until you run low again. 3) Make sure you get what you want. This is connected to number two. If you topup, CHECK your plan. Make sure it is what you ordered. The first day you are using it. CHECK. And the day your topup time is coming again , CHECK. That way, you get what you want, not what Virgin Mobile is giving you by default. Do these three things and it will save you some potential headaches down the road. Now my presents to you. When you buy the a phone, if you order it online, use this promo code: FALL2009 and submit. It will knock 20% off select phone models. Shipping is free. Don't activate via phone, do it online as they will charge you $10 if over the phone. Online is free. When you do activate, enter this kickback code: copy and paste it: bOJUQIop You will receive 60 free minutes if you activate a new account with at least $20 ( I recommend $30 the first time) and enter the code under kickbacks. 20 percent off, free minutes and advice. You can use regular Topup cards, no need messaging only cards from Virgin Mobile. As long as the dollar amount is high enough and you punch in what you want into the website clearly and carefully , it should go allright. Take care, btw, if you are interested in the future, I can show you how you can get over 5000 free VM minutes a year with some effort as well as how to get other freebies. Legal , free and easy.
You can go online and click top up using either the top up card or credit card OR you can call the number on your top up card OR you can go to a virgin mobile store and use your credit or top up card
Use this link and code to get $25 FREE Credit to your account!!
bad credit mobile phones
No....never do this. They probably have horrible credit and they want the latest smartphone/ they are in essence paying to have someone with a qualifying credit get a phone for them. If you do, they'll inevitably default on the account and you'll be stuck with a $2,000 collection account and bad credit. If they want a smartphone so badly....refer them to Virgin Mobile...which has smartphone plans with no credit checks/contracts.
No, it is a very bad idea to lend your credit to someone else. If you put the cellphone in your name, that is what you are doing. You will be responsible for the bill, no matter how high this other person runs it up. Why does this person need to put the phone in someone else's name? Why can't he get it in his own name? Is it because he already trashed his credit? They didn't care about their own credit, why would they care about yours? What will happen is that this person will run up a huge bill. They may pay you at first or only make partial payments. In the end, you will be stuck with a big bill and the balance of the contract.
That someone else would not pay their bill. They don't have to. Your credit will be destroyed. Employers check, so do landlords and car insurance companies. You might won't even be able to get a cell phone plan in your own name for years to come.
Anyone even bad credit can get a cell phone with a large enough deposit. The only reason is fraud or stupidity
bad credit mobile phones
My husband is in the military, deployed overseas to Bahrain for 6 months, and the cell phones that he uses over there cost about $60 for 700 minutes, and we tend to go through that pretty quickly. Before he left, we set up ventrilo (kind of like Skype) on our computers so we could talk for free, but when we tried, his connection was so bad I only heard every other word he said. His friend didn't have any better luck talking to his wife with Skype. :-( Even our phones are difficult to talk with, he has to try to call me 6 to 7 times before we get a connection where we can both hear each other. Is there an easier, more cost efficient way to talk, or are we just stuck with that stinky expensive phone, email and chat? Thanks!
From BAHRAIN to the USA, VOIP is my Suggestion: VoipBusterPro Get 1 YEAR OF UNLIMITED FREE CALLS to LOTS of popular destinations for just € 15,- . This offer includes € 10,- of calling credit. TO United States (Landline & Mobile) > FREE (Registered users get max 300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded the normal rates apply. During your Freedays you can call all destinations listed as "Free" for free. When you have run out of Freedays, the normal rates apply. You can get extra Freedays by buying credit ) TO Bahrain (Landline) > 0.060 € System requirements: * PC running Windows Vista, XP, 2000 (with SP2) * 300 MHz processor * 128 MB RAM * 10 MB free disk space on your hard drive * Sound Card, and headset with microphone * Internet Connection broadband: Cable, DSL, with minimum 64 kbit/s up/downstream) This software is user friendly, is light to the web and computer, work very well and the calls low budget or free. 1 € (Euro) = 1.28918 US Dólar 1 US Dólar (USD) = 0.77569 € (Euro)
Production junk in China may be interior your potential from the viewpoint of a transnational corporation, quite while those companies use a shrink-out so they in no way promptly get their palms grimy utilising new child/slave or underpaid hard artwork. If some chinese language production unit seems numerous pollutants alongside with it is lead painted products, the corporate honchos can plead ingnorance. What a sturdy deal for them! If a mass merchandising and marketing corporation like WalMart buys products from China, made by new child/slave or underpaid hard artwork the least they'd do is definitely bypass on their 'mark downs' to the customary public.....yet oddly, they do no longer try this. the fee of a chinese language made T-blouse at WallyWorld is merely pennies under the fee of the comparable blouse made interior america of a by union hard artwork. The income margin is a lot greater to WalMart, yet there is quite no longer that lots mark downs to the buyer. If assorted the stuff made in China became made interior the U. S. the same old may be greater, synthetic with much less pollutants and due to the magic of technologies the fee may be comprable to that of China. additionally on the plus area there may be extra average paying jobs meaning extra human beings paying taxes and procuring products impressive right here in River city. enable's positioned the Ameircan salary-earner first and the trans-national companies 2d and enable China purchase up its very own junk!
I'd check out and see if Bahrain is one of the countries they work in. We are in Germany and it's like $19 a month for unlimited min and 21 different countries. I am not sure however if Bahrain is one of them. It's similar to Vonage, you have to have internet service and they send you a device to connect with. But it is cheaper and includes a lot more countries.
Skype doesn't always work for people in middle east for a couple reasons. Some countries block Skype calls because it is competing with their telecom services. Some Internet services "throttle" down their Internet data connections for certain types of data like VoIP. Skype uses High Bandwidth connection (wide-band Codecs). So, if your connection has limited bandwidth, Skype will not be reliable and break-up frequently. Try using a VoIP service like CallCentric that allows variable bandwidth selection for when low-bandwith VoIP is required. CallCentric provides a free down-loadable SoftPhone that installs on your PC. By default, it will use a low-bandwidth VoIP codec. CallCentric has very low world-wide rates. Their rate to Bahrain is only 7¢/min to Bahrain landlines and 9¢/min to Bahrain mobiles. No contracts, no commitments, no minimums, No Gimmicks, just pay-as-you-go. If you both use a CallCentric Softphone on your PC, you can call each other over VoIP network for free. (In-network, pc-to-pc calling) If VoIP connections aren't working for you, CallCentric also provides Calling Card access to their network. If they have local access numbers in your area of USA, then you can call through a local gateway at VoIP rates listed above. If there is not a local gateway in your area, you can create your own. Just purchase a CallCentric local area phone number (called a DID) in USA for only $1.95/month. Set the account to have this number set as a Calling Card gateway. Now, just call that local private number and you will have instant calling card access. Your husband can do the same thing in Bahrain. He can purchase a CallCentric local phone number in Bahrain and then use that number as his own private calling card access number to make calls back to lthe USA. A Bahrain phone number (DID) with CallCentric costs $11.95/month. Now, with that phone number, he can set it for use as Calling Card access and then make calls to anywhere in USA for 1.98¢/min. Learn how at
You can connect on webcam for free through aol instant messenger.They have MWR phones for free (overseas) or you can send him phone cards and he can use the AT&T phones...only thing is, he may have to wait in a line...but as for the bad reception, theres nothing you can do about it unfortunatly. If I were you I wouldnt waste money, time and patience on those pricey phones. Hope this helps! hang in there!!
Autovon. He is entitled to use Autovon for MWR calls from Bahrain to the states. as long as the call from the closest base and you as not long distance it free. I think it is restricted to once a month but really no one is counting. It is one way from Overseas to ConUs but it is free.
Try using and a webcam and some form of messenger or
bad credit mobile phones
I'm currently living in the USA. When I moved to the area I live , Comcast was the only cable, non-dish provider. I have Comcast HD cable,phone and internet. When AT&T U-verse came to my are, several people told me that I should switch to AT&T for my cable/internet/phone package. So, I went to the AT&T store to find out more about it. I was offered a great deal. Much cheaper, for the same package that I have with Comcast. Signing the deal gave me immediate store credit of $250.00. So, I took the deal. I couldn't save the store credit, it had to be spent immediately. So I got a new mobile phone and Accessories. :) It was 11 days before a tech could come out and install the cable. I had to take the day off work in order to be there when he arrived. When he did, he said that the signal was not Strong enough. He said that he would call ANOTHER tech, who did nt do installation, but could fix the signal. The new tech arrived 3 hours later. He said that the signal didn't actually go to my area, but that he had tried to re-route it. When the installation tech came back, we would see if the signal worked. I had to make another appointment for the installation tech. One week later, the installation tech returns. I have to take anther day off of work for this. After abut 5 minutes he tells me that the signal is still not right. He will call for the signal tech AGAIN and then I will have to make a THIRD appointment and miss a THIRD day of work for the installation tech to return a THIRD time to attempt to connect my cable. So, the signal tech arrives and tells me that he cannot tell if the signal is working because the installation tech has not left a signal box (and didn't last time) for him to be able to see if the signal works. Thus, the third appointment will probably be in vain. apparently, the two techs cannot be at the same place at the same time. This would solve everything. But, it's just not possible. Something to do with "the AT&T system" which appears to have been designed by the three stooges. So, I am upset by all of this and I call AT&T to see if this can be sorted out. Perhaps they CAN both be at my home at the same time. Perhaps The installation tech could leave the signaling box for the signaling tech to use. You know, something logical. I get on the phone. After 90minutes of being routed to operators all around the planet, repeating my phone number and details and telling my story over and over; I give up for the day. First thing in the morning, I go back to the AT&T store. I am loathe t take another pointless day off from work. I am wondering if I can't give-up and just stic with Comcast, they never did this crap. I then learn that if I d quit I will have to pay back the store credit. IN FACT,even if I let them try a hundred times, and they cannot get a signal in my area (bearing in mind that they were advertising that they did) they will STILL want the store credit money back, even though it is not my fault, but their own failure to check for a signal in an area before signing up it's residents! WTF! So,if I quit AT&T,it will cost me $250.00 and three days wages, for nothing. I'm stuck. This has taken so long,I can't even return the merchandise. They called customer care from the shop and I am on their phone for 45 minutes. I get no help and only confirm my worries. There are no techs available on any of my days off of work for a month,so I am forced to take another day off. Paramedics schedule in advance,this is not cool. I am quite sure that this next visit from the installation tech will be a failure, because the signal was not checked,just like the time before. What a huge mistake. Is there anything I can do? What's going on with AT&T?
Your experience is certainly outside the norm. While it's not unusual for an on-site technician to discover that the line to your residence doesn't have the bandwidth needed for U-Verse, even though the company's engineering data says that it does, it *is* unusual for the techs to be unable to resolve the matter with finality one way or another. For example, an associate of mine had your experience (the line wouldn't pass U-Verse), but in order to keep the customer, AT&T rigged two cable pairs to his residence from the neighborhood DSLAM node, instead of the usual single pair. That provided the extra bandwidth and resulted in a satisfied customer. Alternately, if there are no tricks they can do in order to make it work for you, it's unreasonable that their test apparatus won't tell them that, and that they don't have the expertise to use it properly and come to that conclusion without inordinate delays and repeated site visits. In your circumstance, I would approach the problem in two steps. One, call 800-288-2020 and ask for "Tier 2" tech support. Don't accept the first rep you get, who will be Tier 1 and unequipped to deal with a problem of this scope. Be insistent. Once you get the Tier 2 rep, explain your story as you've related it above, emphasizing the repeated annoyance and inconvenience re taking days off for no good outcome. Tell him that you want a definite, final determination as to whether U-Verse will work on your premises or you are dropping U-Verse and going with a competitor. If he says it's do-able, tell him you want it in and working with ONE site visit, by a tech or techs who are fully equipped with the necessary gear and really know what they're doing, otherwise the deal is off. If that approach leads you to canceling U-Verse, tell the Tier 2 rep you do not expect to be billed for the $250 promotion, as compensation for the company's bad faith in failing to provide you what was promised. You may have to give back the new mobile phone if they go along with that, which is only fair. Step two for me, if that didn't work, would be to cancel U-Verse, and stick with Comcast. I'd visit the AT&T store, bring them up to date, and refuse to pay back the $250 for the reason cited above. (I'd offer them the new phone back, to demonstrate good faith.) If they insisted on billing my credit card for the $250, I'd contact my bank and have them block it as a disputed charge. (Be prepared to document your story in detail if you have to go that route. Success will be assured only if you gave back the new phone.) My U-Verse package works great, as it does for several people that I know. Unless your residence is totally beyond the range for satisfactory bandwidth from the nearest DSLAM, there is no reason why it can't be just as great for you. And yes, it's all cheaper than what I was paying Comcast.
Well, I'm afraid U-Verse IS a disaster! My neighbor has been having the same problems as you are with AT&T. He has called them over to his house 21 times in the past year, and they still haven't fixed the problem right. If you don't want Comcast (another lousy company), go with Dish or DirecTV.
Just write a letter telling them they have failed to "perform" under the contract while you have fulfilled your side and give them ten days to complete their side and provide a service or you will consider the contract null and void, you can keep the store credit as you have done nothing wrong, it is quite clear that there is NO cable service from AT&T in your area there is no such thing as a weak cable signal , you either have service or you don't and you don't, go back to comcast , it is doubtful AT&T can do anything and no court would back them in a breach of contract case, you should also ask for compensation for the days you have taken to deal with their "technicians" who obviously know they can't install a service
Definite. i became into out of stream for final 3 days very just about. Server limping back. nevertheless slow, yet plenty greater advantageous. It became into detrimental. humorous isn't it. fortunate i did not witness it. It became into overconfidence on the part of shall I say "little ones". I observed replays of those sought after photos. And Dhoni observed because it a prepare game!
mobile phone no credit check
They do not. But the Blackberry on Virgin Mobile is nowhere near $300.00. It is only It is only $179.00. Virgin Mobile uses the Blackberry 8530 with 2MP camera and wifi. Again, no credit check. Blackberry on Virgin Mobile can only be used with their "Beyond Talk" plans ... meaning a minimum of $25.00 per month for unlimited text, web and email - with 300 minutes of talk time. It goes up from there. If you are not signing up for a "Beyond Talk" plan on Virgin Mobile, you can't use their Blackberry - must buy one of the "PayLo" phones. No credit check required before, during or after the activation process - just keep paying up each month to keep the account alive. Good luck.
From what I understand, Virgin Mobile doesn't require credit checks, because it is a prepaid cell phone. As long as you buy the phone and a plan, you should be fine.
They dint check me. I bought a basic V phone & $20/200 min card at a retailer for cash. I dint give em my real ID either when the V system asks for it. I was Bill Smith, 101 River St, etc., and I gave em a PIN I made up w/ secret question & answ.
bad credit mobile phones
I have used four different phone services. Here is what i found. US CELLULAR.. good connectivity , range and sound.. BAD BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE TMOBILE: Good connectivity, prepaid services are fairly good. Voicestream sound..clear, Prepaid minutes double upon purchase. You buy $50.00 worth.. they give you $100.00 worth of time. Thats good VIRGIN MOBILE: Amazing international connections, local in the USA not so clear, but that could have been the phone. I live in Chicago. I dialed a number in Prague, chezlovokia, and reached my daughter immediately.Virgin gives you terrific international access and connections.( if you have a student traveling abroad. .use it!) I think their prepaid time runs out too fast, They have alot of extras like ringtones , games, and other features. Its kinda lame what they offer though. BAD BAD Customer service, and lots of LOST TIME, where somehow the prepaid minutes get WIPED OFF your phone without use. Virgin doesnt give you that time back VERIZON WIRELESS: Doubles your prepaid time, but the connections drop off alot and the sound isnt so great. You dont need a credit check to get a contract with them..Less convenient for the number of places you can go to BUY your time for your phone on the prepaid. That becomes an issue when you run out of time in an area where there are no verizon stores. Does this help you. Peacheswrites
I don't know what you are talking about, Verizon is great! I have been using that service for a while and had NO problems.And if you haven't noticed people don't care if you get a thumbs-down, it is just peoples opinions. And this is my opinion, Verizon is great and to you Verizon sucks. It doesn't matter what people think, it is what you want to do.
Depends on what is good in your area. Even though most plans are "Nation wide." Does not mean you actually get them in all areas. Also ask your friends and family what they have. If you stick with what everyone else has you might be able to talk to them for free, because they have the same carrier. I'm looking into a Sprint phone, because almost everyone in my family, and lots of my friends have it. So it will save me minutes every month. Oh and make sure they have a return policy, that way if you don't like it, you can return it and not get penalized.
I have been with verizon like forever and they havent been a problem since. it mite be the phone that u got and not the service, cause i no a lot of peeps with that problems and they are in cingular, alltel and other services. all they had to do was buy a different type of phone and things went perfectly without having to start a new contract with anyone.
I use Verizon now but ONLY because it's the only service available in this rural area and can be used in any state (the only other service locally serves just the surrounding areas). IF I could, I would go back to Sprint/Nextel because they do offer an unlimited minutes plan and other benefits (such as their walkie talkie feature just to mention one) and they are nationwide like Verizon. I don't like Verizon because of their limitations (I have service in my house IN THE BATHROOM ONLY!)
Verizon for 13 years. The service plans may not be that great; however, their customer services surpasses everyone elses and that is priceless to me. They are also the only service that worked when a group of us went to Puerto Rico.
I have virgin mobile. it's okay for as little as i use it, and it really has been good service. we have verizon land lines here, and sometimes it seems it would be better to go back to a string and tin cans, i wouldn't go with verizon just because of that.
Verizon sucks come to the Cingular side we have rollover
Verizon. I maintained cellular service during two atlantic hurricanes last year, all of our neighbors temporarily lost service!
I have verizon; and i really like it because all of my friends have it so we can talk on the phone as much as we want for free. if you talk on the phone alot and alot of your friends have cingular, go for that.
bad credit mobile phones
So i just got a replacement phone. lol I have a motorola razr. Ya so i don't have like any of the ringtones i bought. lol I bought about like 3 ringtones. ALL AMAZING! lol. Will my company replace them or give me credit or something. lol. I have the amazing company Cingular. None of you can beat my company FOR SURE. lol. Just kidding. Actually its not that bad of a company. But do i get my ringtones back. If i don't then the company def. sucks! lol. XOXO
Get 10 Complimentary Downloads for your mobile Free! - Availability: Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, United States,
Usually once you download the ringtones into the phone there is no other way to redownload what you have already done to your old phone. But it would be worth a shot to call customer service and tell them that you just got a replacement phone and would like to know if they would give you credits to redownload everything. My friend did that through Verizon and she got full credits. You might also look into creating ringtones with your own music, transferring them over to your phone using Bluetooth or a USB cable, and saving yourself a lot of time and trouble. I transfer all my ringtones into my phone by Bluetooth or memory card, depending on what phone I am using.
Im sure cingluar will do it and i have t-mobile my phone broke 5 months ago and they wont send them to me and i got really mad with them and i even sent the ceo a letter and 2 weeks later they called about my letter and they have a good amount of credit but i learned my lesson now never buy ringers or wallpapers for youre phone company just google search or yahoo onesearch on youre cellphone and theres alot of free stuff out there
If you bought your ringtones from Cingular, they will probably resend the ringtones to your phone for no extra charge. Call customer service and explain your situation, with any luck you'll get a nice customer service rep. and he/she will do it.
Hai friend , u can try to get back your ringtones by Latest ring tones free lovely wallpapers Look in http://www.dingdongringtones .com search the tones
What??? Your weird. Then answer to your question: Yes, you'll get you ring tones back as long as the downloadable time frame has not past. If so, then you are out of luck.
bad credit mobile phones
So I want to go to T Mobile's two year contract and my mom said we need a credit card and she has some kind of card she uses that has money on it. Maybe it's a debit card. I'm not sure, but anyways she said that her credit is really bad and that's why we can't get it. Can we just pay in regular money or do we HAVE to have the credit card?
You don't need a credit card. Also, as of April, T-Mobile essentially eliminated 2 year contracts. They have a plan called "Simple Choice" with unlimited talk, text, data. It's all essentially prepay. The plan ranges from $50-70 depending on how much 4g data you want. They don't do a credit check for the plan. However, you do have to pay the full price for the phone. There is a payment plan you can enter into for paying for the phone, and that is what will pull a credit check since they are essentially giving you a line of credit.
T-mobile offers no contract option. Your mom would have to sign up for you since you're under 18.
Her credit is so bad, she doesn't even have a checking account. Now, that's bad. I would not co-mingle anything with her. And careful she does not steal your credit / ID theft. Desperation can make a parent do this. Get a pay as you go phone if you guys are having such financial difficulties.
bad credit mobile phones
I went to best buy to sign up for AT&T to buy an iPhone. its much closer than the corporate AT&T store or the apple store and I didn't have much gas in my car the day I went. I already verified with AT&T on the phone that I would not require a deposit to set up an account. When I got to best buy however, They said I needed Two forms of ID to set up the AT&T account. I had my Drivers License and my social security card. He said the social security card is not acceptable, it has to be a credit card. I showed him my GreenDot Prepaid Debit card, and he said, no, it has to be an actual credit card that extends you a line of credit. I demanded a manager, because to require a credit card is a ridiculous policy and not one of AT&T, but one best buy added. the manager wouldn't budge off of what the sales man said. I think its unfair because Only rich people can get credit cards, or "snob cards" as I call them. I saved up for 7 months to have an extra $300 to buy this iPhone. Im not rich and im not like those people who make 50,000 a year or more who have their money just handed to them. Im a victim of society and nobody will give me a job that pays more than what I make. I dont have it easy and I have bad credit because i am low income. not by choice but because no business out there will give me a job. its just the way fate has it in store for me. I had to create quite a scene before they would let me just buy the phone and sign up for AT&T and after that I was told that to do anything else with the account I would have to go to the corporate AT&T store as they wished not to deal with me, even though I was paying CASH!. So was I treated unfairly? or do you agree that only rich people should be allowed to shop at best buy?
If you don't have a good job why are you buying an iPhone? Paying almost 100 bucks a month is dumb. Save some more money and get an iPhone off Virgin Mobile website. They're between 500 to 700 depending if you want the 4 or 4s. Credit cards are not oly for rich people, I'm 18 and I have a credit card. Although I only use it when I make a big purchase, it's usually normal to need to have credit to get a phone on a plan.
The desire to learn is a good step to making money online. The next step is to look for free resources that will give you the correct information that you'll need to get started. You can check out here It gives free training on how to make money online
Get yourself a secured credit card so that you can start building credit. The situation you describe is less about your being low income and more about this becoming an automated world where retailers just don't want to deal with cash. The banks penalize them for cash processing and things are quickly moving to the point where soon you won't be able to buy anything major with cash. A secured card is one where you deposit money to an account then you can use the card like a debit card. You don't need much money upfront to set it up and you'll be grateful later because it's becoming nearly impossible to live a cash only life. Also I would guess most of the people you see shopping at Best Buy aren't rich and in fact are worse off than you since they're incurring debt whereas you're only spending what you've saved up for this one special purchase.
Welcome to the "free world." You and a lot of us are fed up with working our arses off for very little and being denied things we try and work hard for, while others sit higher on the food chain turning their noses up at us hard working people that made them what they are.
bad credit mobile phones
I found lately that someone is tampering with my cellphone and messages - there is a constant noise when I try to speak and yesterday there was a voice in the background and noises that I couldnt finish my conversation. When I tried to phone again I could not get through to the other person's mobile. I have already complained to my service provider which tested the line and surprise! there was nothing wrong - but I still have this annoying problem. I dont get my sms messages. I try to phone from a landline to my cell, because friends try to phone and cant get through, there is this voice saying the mobile phone you're trying to contact is swithced off or out of the reception area, while it is on in my hand with good reception. This is really getting me frustrated especially because it seems to me that the service provider cant/wont help me. Please is there somebody, any body out there who can help me?
You need to upgrade to digital. You have analog, and that means that it uses radio channels to work. A digital phone uses a different system, which cant be heard by police/ radio scanners. Complain about the service to your carrier, if you are on a contract program, and tel them yu have a faulty phone. Bring the phone into a dealership, and tell them you want an upgrade, but refuse to pay anything other than the difference in cost. If this has cost you money, like your monthly fee, complain about that, to customer service, and tell them you dont want the service anymore- tell them you wont renew the policy if they dont credit your account whatever amount you think you are owed (25% for each month of bad service is fair, if one out of four calls are dropped, disrupted, etc) If all this fails, you can also take the provider to small claims court over it, for failing to provide phone service properly, efficiently, safely, etc. Good Luck!
Chances are your cell is tapped or your phone's crypto has been broken. See:,1...If you want to secure your communications I would recommend high cryptography PGP e-mail or some form of segonography, however, if you must use a cell then get a pay as you go cell, use cash to purchase and false information to register. With the expansion of the patriot act in 2001 the government can tap any phone in the country and track you by the GSM transmitter within it. In addition, whatever rights that they have with the patriot act, the NSA is sure to abuse and step over. Hopefully you are not partakeing in any illegal activities, if you are I would recommend you change your daily habits and drop any communication devices you might be using.
I would go again and have someone look at it again. but go somewhere esle. when I needed to get my cell phone fixed. the first guy blew me off so I went to another store and they easily fix the problem.
Check your owners manual for your phone. There should be a security feature in there and you can set it to high. Good luck.
Hey man u must have stated the model of ya fone.k dude its hard to tell if ya dont tell the model of a fone k?
bad credit mobile phones
I want to cancel my T-Mobile phone plan, but they won't let me without me paying the termination fees, which is 200$ a line, even when I told them that I don't get service at the place where I work, which is also where me and my family spends 80% of our waking hours. But what if I just don't pay the bills, what happens then? Doesn't it automatically cancel then? P.S. Its under my parents account, and my new phone is now under my account, and my parents don't care about "bad" credit. We just don't want to have to pay like 1000$ (we have 5 lines) to cancel.
They'll give you the fees whether you cancel yourself or they cancel for you by your non-payment. I'm proud of your parents for not caring about bad credit, thank them for me since them and people like them are partly to blame for the economy going so bad!!!! You all should have read the contracts more thoroughly before choosing tmobile. My hubby got sprint when he was in the military, and when he got out and came home he had no service, so he called them and was able to get the account cancelled without the early termination fees because he moved out of their range, but it sounds like this is not the case for you.
Not paying the bill will result in cancellation of the contract, but that doesn't mean that you won't get charged the cancellation fee anyway. If I were in your shoes i would be pestering (every day) your provider to try and get them to waive the cancellation fee because you can't get service where you need it.Don't just deal with whatever agent answers the phone; insist on speaking to a manager. Explain that you feel that the provider isn't living up to their end of the bargain and you don't want to pay full price for 1/2 service. Technically you could go to court and sue the provider for non-performance of the contract. This would ,however, be time consuming and cost money. Just the threat of doing so would get the provider edgy. In terms of letting the contract get canceled, I would advise against it.The provider will send the debt to a collection agency and they will start harassing you. The debt will also be recorded at the credit bureau and make getting credit at a later date harder.
Tell them that you should be let out due to the overage charge from 40 cents to 45 cents go on google and research tmobile new rates or tmobile raising rates i also want to cancel but they dont let me until 2010 if u got ur phone on 2008 u can cancel!
You get more than just bad credit, your past due bill will be turned over to a collection agency. They will try their best to get the payments. Try talking to a supervisor about the lack of service. Good luck!!!
You will need to call t mobile in order to do anything with the account. As you have a contract with them, you may be in for a rude awakening as to the penalty for breaking that contract. So call them and good luck
T - Mobile its not good... i hate T Moblie
bad credit mobile phones
So i was in the city today, to keep things short... my phone ran out of credit, and there was no public phone to use, so i asked around 30-40 strangers on the street politely if i could borrow their mobile phones to make a quick call. I even said that ill give them a 2$ coin if they let me use it.. But NONE of them was nice enough to lend me a hand! IDK, im 6,1 and im 17. I guess they were intimidated by me, since teenagers get a bad name in media...not to mention im tall but slim.. Anyway it kinda made me lose hope, I mean ive just recovered from anti-social and depressed illness about a week ago, (for 3 years ive stayed at home in the weekends playing video games) until last week where im no longer shy from the world... but now i think my shyness and mood is really getting a toll, simply because around about 35 People were not kind hearted enough to lend them their phone, just so i could make a quick calll. Why did they ignored me despite my politeness and ofference of a 2$ if they let me make a call?
It is because most people think teenagers will rob them of their cellphones, I mean why would a teen come up to you and ask you for their phones? I once had to do the same thing and got a middle age woman to let me use her phone and she did I stayed right there in front of her using the phone and talking. A $2 coin isnt worth anything in New York , if thats where you're from. People dont trust others with their phones, there are more crimes for phones and people getting mugged for them.
This is sad, but as we read at 1Timothy 3:1 "But know this, that in the lst days critical times hard to deal with will be here." Because people are experiencing the effects of these times, sad to say we are just no trusting. And yes maybe your looks had something to do with it. maybe next time instead of asking to hold phone,as they may think you will run off with it, you could ask them to dial number and pass massage.
OMG, that's just mean..! I would definitely give u my phone to call! U could try going to a shop to call.. But I think it's because there are many thefts around these days..
People can be really rude and heartless especially in the city :/ just don't let it get to you.
Cuz you can just run away with their phones
bad credit mobile phones
10 years ago I made a mistake of taking over payments for my mom and step dads mobile home. (like I'm buying it) (yes I'm living in it) I tried to get it in my name but was told No I couldn't. My husband said he does not want it in his name. And we could not trade it in either because of too much money owed on it. I did not realize it before because I had never lived in a mobile home before and had no experience with mobile homes. But the thing is totally falling apart and keeps tearing up. Insurance don't want to pay either, insurance just sends a 30 dollar check. So its hard. But its a nightmare and I can't do anything with it. It just keeps tearing up. Its too small. Its a nightmare. I told my mom this and that I was thinking of moving out and getting something better. Like a House. Which we can get. Then all hell broke loose and drama. The stepbrother ( who I have not heard from in 10 years) suddenly calls me out of the blue raising hell about us not wanting to keep paying for the trailor. And all this other drama. But they Fully expect me to pay for it for the next 20 years until its paid for. Should I? They had a chance to put it on bankruptcy and I told them to, but they did not. And want to Lie about it and say I never said that. And Lie and say we never took care of it. When we tried all we could. And the stepbrother said his dad was in bad health and didn't need this causing stress. But they are not my family even though they think they are. Just tired of it. Should I be stuck here or move out? I doubt anyone will buy it for the payoff, its not worth it. What to do?
Also my mom and step dad live in the house they want in the next town. And step dad said he did not want to live in a mobile home any more. And the stepbrother and his wife called me a freeloading bum who got a free ride in life and under the impression I got a free car from my mom and his dad too which is not true at all. All lies. They also said I never took care of the mobile home. When they have never visited me. So they must have heard the bad talk from my stepdad of what he thinks behind my back. we did try to take care of it but junk is junk no matter what you do. Its the way the thing is built of cheap materials. But they blame us for it. Thank You all for the great answers so far... still checking back. (they wanted to make it an issue of me doing my mom wrong and doing my stepdad wrong) like I'm a bad person. bumming off them. taking advantage of them and it would be my fault for it to be on their credit. and my fault for every phone call about the bill they receive.
If they filed bankruptcy it may not be theirs. Bankruptcy is an 'all or nothing' deal. You can't choose what to include in a bankruptcy. It's absolutely everything or absolutely nothing. It may not have been listed but it was included. So, if they filed a bankruptcy, the mobile home was in it. And because it's a secured debt they should have gotten something from the lender asking them to reaffirm the debt. If they signed the reaffirmation agreement, and the court approved it, they are back on the note and owe the money. However, if they are seriously upside down, the judge may not have approved the reaffirmation agreement. If they didn't sign the reaffirmation agreement, the lender may foreclose at any time. The lender may not have foreclosed by now because they know the condition of the mobile home and don't really want to. As long as they are receiving payment they know they are getting more than they would if they tried to sell it at auction. That could explain why you couldn't get it put in your name. Either way, you and your husband need to walk away from this. ________
You're being used. On the one hand it is commendable to help your parents in time of need. But ongoing for the next 20 years? That's not reasonable. Really. If I were in your situation, I would tell the stepbrother to butt out. I would say it politely but firmly. Why isn't HE helping financially? If he isn't, then ethically what right has he telling you what to do? If you can buy a home, buy a home. Just about any home, it sounds like, will be bigger and better than where you are living. Do you think you will have children? Do you want them? Then how are you going to do that and pay for school clothes, braces, eyeglasses (if necessary), and many other things, including food? Why cannot your mother work and help? In other words, you are being used. I would do what you can to help, but only within reason. As far as the situation causing your stepfather stress and thereby maybe making his health worse, it's the situation that's the cause. You are only trying to make sensible decisions. So, avoid false guilt trips they are trying to lay on you! Your responsibility is FIRST to your husband and your marriage, second to your parents. I doubt that the two of you are happy where you are right now. So do what is best for your immediate family (the two of you). Best wishes.
Only YOU are goin to look out for YOUR best interests. Dont lie, be honest and simply tell them you are going to move into a better place. If there is no paperwork making you legally responsible then you are not legally or morally responsible for other peoples assets. Sounds like these people merely want to take advantage of you so that their own dealings with the mobile home arent an inconvenience to them. Most importantly, dont argue, whatever argument they have will be unreasonable anyway. Just move your stuff and be done with it. Either they will continue to be unreasonable or they will get over it, either way you will still be in a better place for yourself.
You are not tied down to the mobile home in anyway walk away and save yourself the frustration because it is not worth it. If your Stepbrother or other siblings are raising hell let them pay for it they are equally responsible for your parents.
You are not legally obligated to pay for this mobile home. You can walk away from it. If your other siblings are upset about it, they can pay for it. This is business, not personal.
bad credit mobile phones
Hey I'm looking to get a None Contract Service and those are the three options I have because I live in New Jersey. I'm looking to be using around 400-1000 minutes and more than 1000 text amonth and web is not a must. Metro Pcs. Phone that I want is the Samsung Messenger R450 (Red) Price~170 Plan~45 dollar a month unlimited everthing. I herethat people always get dropped calls so thatswhat is keeping me from getting this service. Virgin Mobile Phone I want is the kyocera X-Tc~89.99 Plan. 39.99 for 400 wheneverminutes and unlimited nights (Starting a 7PM) and weekends. And 9.99 for unlimited text messages. 5 bucks for internet. Total is 55 a month and 145 upfront. Around 40 less than metro. Keepingme back from this is that I think only can pay threw check and credit cards. No upfront cash like boost or metro. Boostmobile 50 dollars unlimited everything. Phone I want is the i776~100. Bad Phones is what's keeping me from getting this. Which one is the best plan to go with? I'm a texter so the boost might not like I said its a option.
I have a virgin mobile phone and with virgin mobile you have an option to get a plan or buy a minute pack. You can buy a minute pack (cash) from a store at the mall like f.y.i or a store like Walmart or a drugstore like Walgreens. since you said that the minutes are $39.99 and the texting is $9.99, buy the $50 minute pack and put that money on your account. You can use the $50 for other things instead of just minutes which means that you can use that money on your account to pay for the plan that you want. I hope this helps. You can also call Virgin mobile and ask a live advisor at 1888-322-1122
How about none of the above? Try looking at Page Plus. They resell the Verizon prepaid network under their own brand name. They have a new unlimited plan for 39.95 a month,no taxes.Unlimited talk/text/20 megs web for that price. They can use any just about any Verizon phone including the prepaid Verizon phones you can buy for cheap at Walmart /Best Buy. If you have problems with a credit card , get a 18 year old or older friend to help you buy getting something like a Walmart Money card or other prepaid debit card. That way, you can give yourself a lot more options then then just cash. Verizon's coverage is better then either VM (runs on Sprint), Metro (their own non nationwide network) and Boost (runs on Nextel). And the price is cheaper. As long as you are not a heavy web user, you are set.
Pick virgin mobile!
bad credit mobile phones
At the beginning of an affair, the husband may actually be more affectionate than usual due to guilt feelings. Later, after the affair has been going on awhile, he often starts finding fault with the wife as a defensive mechanism (i.e., to justify the affair in his mind). Cheating husbands often lose interest in domestic activities, such as spending time with the kids, fixing up the house, lawn care, etc. Cheating husbands may have a change in sexuality (i.e., more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests. The cheater's relationship with his family will almost always change, that is, he will tend to become more distant, cold, or fault-finding (i.e., he starts to blame the family, especially the wife, for his behavior). Financial changes may become noticeable. The wife may notice unexplained credit card charges or withdrawals from the family's checking account. Grooming habits change. A cheating husband may buy a new wardrobe or a lot of new clothes, or may just suddenly start to become more attentive to his personal appearance. The wife may notice frequent bathing, more careful grooming, a new cologne, a new exercise program, etc. Physical clues to the affair may start appearing, such as lipstick on shirt collars, perfume odors on shirts or jackets, secretion stains on underwear. Or the wife may discover pieces of paper with notes or phone numbers, unexplained match books, receipts, condoms, etc. The husband's driving pattern may change. The wife may find the car needs gas more often than before or she may monitor the car's odometer and find the husband is putting a lot of unexplained miles on the car. Brown recommends that suspicious wives keep track of the mileage on their husband's car and even monitor the time they leave for work and the time they come home. "Keep a calendar and note the times," he says. "This should help establish a pattern. If your mate claims to be working late, check paycheck stubs to verify this overtime." On occasion, the wife may notice her husband whispering into the phone. He may look alarmed when he sees her observing him and may hang up suddenly. There may be abrupt hang ups when she answers the phone herself. (Want to know who called? If you have touch tone dialing in most parts of the U.S. you can dial *69 to get the number.) The wife may find unexplained, repetitive charges on her husband's mobile phone bill. Often these will be calls her husband made right after leaving home in the morning and right before coming home in the evening. According to Brown and most other PI's, the mobile telephone bill is one of the best ways to catch a cheating husband. The reason is that the bill for mobile services lists every single call made (unlike a bill for conventional phone services, which list only long distance charges). Thus, if you suspect your husband is cheating, and he doesn't have a mobile phone, it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy him one.
Signs Of Your Boyfriend Cheating
1. A sudden loss of interest in you. 2. Makes excuses for not being able to spend time with you. 3. Not answering your phone calls or returning your messages. 4. Suddenly wanting to spend time with his guy friends. 5. A dramatic change in the way he dresses or grooms. 6. A hicky on his neck. Come on sister...boys grow on trees and there are thousands just waiting for you to pick them. Don't waste too much time on a guy that cheats on you.
So as to add to the countless signs posted through everyone else, I also need to add: when you call HIM AND HE answers YOU WITH A textual content. Also, plenty of persons ignore their gut feeling telling them whatever's no longer correct. You must consistently go along with your intestine due to the fact that it is going to by no means fail you. Ultimately, what's done in the dark will come to the sunshine.
Some signs that he is cheating might be that he isn't around as much, or maybe he smells like a perfume that isn't yours. He might also be "going somewhere" but will refuse to tell you where or maybe it will take him longer than it should for him to think of where he is going.That MIGHT mean he is going to see "someone else".But as a piece of advice, don't accuse him of it.CATCH HIM IN THE ACT!!!!!Trust me on that.
To characteristic to the assorted signs and indications published with the aid of anybody else, I additionally desire to characteristic: once you call HIM AND HE solutions YOU WITH A text cloth. additionally, a great variety of folk forget approximately approximately their gut feeling telling them some thing's no longer suitable. you need to constantly bypass with your gut with the aid of fact this is going to by no ability fail you. ultimately, what's completed on the hours of darkness will come to the mild.
First thing is Sex, if he doesn't want to have it, or if he doesn't do it like before, if his mind if out of his body. Body language, the way he talks to you.... there's a lot of changes. My best advice is sit down and talk. tell him how you feel and what you would like to do.
Without playing games, don’t be available 100% of the time or let your life be an open book. A man that comes on too strong or doesn’t have outside interests will scare a woman away just as much as it would if the circumstances were reversed. Read here don’t want to feel as though they are completely responsible for your happiness and that is what it feels like when the other person has no outside interests. Men who are overeager or jump when the woman says jump are the ones who are more likely to end up in the friend zone. This doesn’t mean that you should play the game of not calling for a few days; it means that you should set healthy boundaries until you both naturally find a spot for the other in your lives.
Interested in going to single functions with or without you.
He stops calling, always makes up stuff so he can leave. always jumps when the phone rings, always watches the clock. he doesn't want to be bother with you. picks fights so he can leave. doesn't want to sleep with you. always comes home and take a shower first things. grumpy. i been down that road. good luck i hope this helps.
bad credit mobile phones
I see everyone around me trying to fix their credit and I wonder why they need to fix their credit. If it is so that they can get into debt again, they might as well NOT want to fix their credit. Why don't they just save their money instead of paying interests? I have saved up almost half a million on $55K a year, it took me just over 20 years. I do live comfortably, too. I have a car and a bike and a small boat and take a month off each year to go sailing. And everywhere I look there's people wanting credit so they can borrow to get back in debt again. These are often people that have gone to school and have degrees. Why do they do this? Could it be something in the food they eat ??
The people you are talking about are the "cool ones", driving "cool cars", wearing "cool clothes" and impressing one another with "cool mobile phones" and looking down on the "uncool ones". You need them to do what they do, they are the "buffer". If things get real bad they'll be the first to go and by the time help arrives 45% of them have gone, "buffering" the rest of us :) And yes, we all are what we eat, (and many of us look it!) "Credit is simply a way of bridging gaps between revenue income and revenue expenditure." Yep, you live paycheck to paycheck, that means that if you lose your job you'll be poorer than any refugee and just like the rest of these desperados we see everywhere. I'll then buy your house for 20c to the dollar.
The fact that you use credit facilities doesn't necessarily mean that you pay interest. Even if you do, you can budget so that the interest paid is not significant in relation to other expenses you may have, and then use the credit to leverage other benefits that you might want to achieve. This idea that any credit facility is bad is extremely misguided and a very amateurish way to approach finance. I have used credit facilities for the past 20 years, and generally I work it so that the interest I pay is either zero, or extremely close to it. Credit is simply a way of bridging gaps between revenue income and revenue expenditure.
90% of them are just pawns, don't let them bother you that's the way of the world. I congratulate you on achieving what you achieved. Good luck.
That's because most of them have the same brainpower as eggplants.
Definitely in the food! Ps: I got more dough than you :)
Maybe because they have other obligations, like parents, children, paying for college loans. Maybe because they have medical bills, maybe because they buy different things than you do. Maybe because they aren't you. Maybe it's because they were fed hotdogs as children. Maybe.
bad credit mobile phones
I have a prepaid phone right now. I have a LG Chocolate form Verizon Wireless. It sucks I absolutely hate it! I do not want a prepaid phone anymore. My parents do not have good enough credit to sign for me. Prepaid phones are horrible. I hate Tracfone, Verizon is stupid, Virgin Mobile does not have coverage in my area. I got one from AT&T and it had a bad smart chip! So I want a real one. I love texting. With prepaid phones it takes away all of your minutes or money on your account. I want a real one so I can have unlimited texting. I won't have to worry about buying minutes every week because I through them so fast!
To get a contract for a phone I believe you have to be 18. You have to have a credit rating etc. So if you want one with a bill you will have to get one of your parents to sign for it.
You can't sign for a phone on your own. You aren't old enough to enter a legally binding contract. You'd have to have your parents sign it. Most carriers (I know T-mobile and AT&T do) offer a FlexPay deal which works much like a contract, without actually signing a contract. The catch is that you pay for your service before the month, and not after the month like you would on contract.
They usually ask for a driver license, and say it's to run a credit check. This whole setup doesn't look promising for a 14YO. Maybe you could just go to the store and ask about it. You will certainly need some way to establish credit for the account you're asking about. Sorry, that's probably not what you wanted to hear.
14 is too young even with a cosigner. You have to have at least established some credit. Maybe when you get around 17 or 18.
If I'm not mistaken in most states you have to be 18 to sign a legal binding agreement a.k.a a contract. You can sign it with someone of age signing it with. Good luck
Get a pay as you go... you need to get a (real) job to get income to pay for the bill.... its not worth it...... so pay as you go doesn't have any feess
bad credit mobile phones
I wanted to get a new phone. I wouldn't mind T Mobile, Alltell, or anything else. But my credit is bad. (Score = 675) I still have payments that I need to take care of that have been sent to collections. I started off not paying them at all, but I am handling them now. In fact, I've taken care of one of the three credit cards I need to deal with. Point is, is there any way I can avoid making a $400 dollar deposit. And I don't want to go back to MetroPCS. I hate the service. Help please!
Get on someone you trust plan and you can get the phone you want. I had the same problem. So I got on with my friend and now I have the phone I want. I pay my own bill and it works out fine and I didn't have to pay a $400.00 deposit. And we've had this plan for 5yrs now. Try it it just might work.
Honestly if you have had things sent to collections you do not have a 675 score in addition if you have things over 30 days late on top of that lets face the facts your score is now in the lower 500's If those collections and lates are recent then you will have a problem and cannot change that
The FIRST thing you should do is build up your credit score. There are many ways to do this. The one is make your credit history clean but if you have a stigma of your credit score. You must use the special technique to build up check this for all
675 is really not's average...but certainly not bad. T-Mobile has flexpay for people with less than perfect credit...try that. VirginMobile has some decent no-contract plans.
Check all providers in your area, one of them should be able to hook you up.
bad credit mobile phones
A mobile phone company sent me a bill of a contract phone without discussing that contract with me or even discussing the price plan with me and wreorst of all not even sendind me a phone.I refused to pay the bill after contacting them.They explained they ASSUMED i will like it because they had contacted me on phone to discuss the contract and unfortunately i was busy and promised to contact them and i did not.I think that it is the customer who should decide on a price plan or whether he/she wants the contract.My problem is that i have been taken to a debt collector and i was threatened by them to idea pay it or have a bad credit history.I paid immediately and yet still they went ahead and took the decision to give me a bad credit rating.What should i do?
Gather up all the information you have: e.g. dates and amounts, and any paperwork the mobile 'phone company sent you, and find a lawyer. If you were an Australian, I'd say, go to legal aid: I don't know if that is an option where you are. There are also financial advisors attached to some charities, normally they help people to work out how to handle seemingly overwhelming debts, but I think they would also consider taking your case on. Do you have a department of consumer affairs where you live? They also might be very interested to hear what this mob of daylight robbers has done to you. Depending upon the laws where you live, it may be possible to prosecute these people for obtaining money fraudulently. I hope it is. Good luck.
First, legally they must have a signed agreement. Even if they contacted you on the phone, they needed to send you a hard copy agreement to sign and return/fax. If you did not sign this agreement, or initial something on-line, then they have no right to bill you for it. However, this is voided if you use the equipment they sent you or don't respond within 90 days. Call Customer Service, firmly, but politely ask to talk to a manager... then tactfully ask that they fix you credit, credit your account or you will have to take steps through your legal team.
I think it was a bad idea to pay them because by you paying them that's giving them the okay that you said yes to the contract and everything that comes along with it. But in the mean time call them back, (be very firm) telling them that you never agreed to the terms of the contract and, if need be tell them that your lawyer will be contacting them (make it sound real good.) Then see what happens then. Good luck because they may brush it off because you've already paid......
Its a communal section, you've each good to be there ........... in my opinion if i replaced into you and that i said that the fifth floor replaced into empty and also you need to listen someone on the sixth, identity basically end on the fifth and get better there.
Speak to a solicitor you may want to take this further as they had no right to do so and you deserve to get your money back
bad credit mobile phones
Okay, me and my ex went to the movies tonight before I move to Virginia this weekend to be closer to my husband. So we went out, blew it up, set up a really good time at one of the best theatre's in the area to go waatch the nightmare on elm street midnight matinee. So I'm stretched out across 2 recliners, leaning against him and hiding my face during the scary parts, and my legs were curled up beside me on the chair, also, I put my purse in the chair by my feet. So we were about halfway through the movie when this guy started getting up from a few rows in front of us and going out the door right beside us. About the third time he did this he didn't go back to his seat when he came back in, but instead sat in the fourth and only chair left in our little sub section in the back . First off I thought that was rude as hell and second, a little fishy. Then I saw that he had his cell out and figured that's why he was moving around so much. Well, he finally sat still and quit running in and out for the next little bit and I pretty much forgot about him. After about 20 min I noticed him again and it felt like he bumped my shoe with his hand, then I started paying attention to him out of the corner of my eye and quickly realized that he did bump my shoe but not because he was trying to get comfortable or anything- but because he was rummaging through my purse! I snatched my purse out of his grasp and asked him what the **** he though he was doing and he leaned to his other side like he was watching the movie and gave me no response. Still in shock after catching this guy red handed and even worse, getting no response or retreat when I confronted him and wasn't sure what to do so I proceeded to tell him he needed to get the hell away from me before I beat his *** and I also reached down for my purse at the same time (come to think of it, I hadn't yet remembered the pepper spray my mom insisted I keep on my keys.. or the knife my husband makes me carry.. maybe he was aware of that though after fumbling around.. I wonder if that's why he took off so quickly..) and that got him moving. All of the sudden he was on his feet and around the corner and my first thought was he saw me getting ready to check my purse and wanted to get away with whatever it was that he thought he made off with- which was not my credit card or wallet or any cash, nor my xanax, or my knife or mace. I hadn't realized how well armed I was so that explains why he gave up so quickly, bu tI was so taken aback I never even thought to use the things I had, hell I didn't even remember having them. My date was shocked as well and we both saw the guy on the way out (in the theatre Eddy had had no idea what was going on, he just thought the guy way using the phone too) and as we passed him I asked him what the hell he was looking for and he held up his hands and ducked his head in surrender with still no reply. So my question is this: what would you have done? *By the way: as soon as I remembered the mace I immediately wished I had used it, not only because he was a thief who deserved it (he was obviously willing to try again seeing as how he remained there until my behavior seemed threatening, perhaps just waiting for a chance to snatch my whole purse instead of looking for something) but also because I don't get to mace people very often :(
I was only on a date with my ex because we are all very good friends seeing as how I met my husband because of him. My husband is in the military and our friends and family are used to having both of us but things are different in the army. Friends and family are all you have when the person you love the most is 600 miles away. And I waited till I got home to post on yahoo answers- DUH. Why would I sit there and do all that mobile? I was pissed enough that the dude tried to jack my **** while I was watching a kick *** movie! lol
I don't think I'm the right person to ask
I never used to sit through them but now they often have outtakes after the credits, to make you sit and wait for more entertainment. People scramble to get out of the theatre to be first in the toilet queue or to be first to get out of the carpark. I then went to work in the film industry and went to the movies with my coworkers and one or some always knew some person whose name would be in the credits, so they would all sit and watch the credits so they could tell the person they saw their name. After I left that field of work, and went to the movies with boyfriends, I would want to sit and watch the credits because by this time I had met a few minor movie actors and crew and wanted to tell them I saw their names (and their work too, of course). But the boyfriends wouldn't have it. If I told them why I wanted to watch the credits, they would say I didn't know anyone connected with the movie and that I was just showing off. In some movie credits there are funny things inserted here and there, to keep you on your toes. I think the first outtakes I ever saw during or after movie credits were from the film BEING THERE. After that, it became common, especially for comedies. I get engrossed in a movie and when it finishes, I can't believe I have been sitting amongst a whole lot of people in a movie theatre. I am shocked that I am not actually on the set with all the actors! So I need a few minutes of credits to adjust to reality. If I have been watching a film set way back in the past or future I get a bit surprised when I get into the street afterwards to see that I am in a different time period.
The theater manager would have been happy to help you catch him. next time, you photograph him with your cellphone and then call 911. optionally, you could yell 'PURSESNATCHER!" and chase him out of the theater past the ushers and refreshment stand so everybody can get an additional look at the guy. or, even easier, slip away to the lobby for help after you whisper to the friend what is going on and to watch the guy. there may be previous evidence about this guy that is known to the theater, and it's always good business to help put the bad guys out of business. please report this as soon as possible. i'd skip the mace in this case; for indoor use it's messy stuff and quite an irritant to you as well because you are so close to its fog.
I'm not going to ask why you went on a date with your ex when you're married, so I would have just given him a quick elbow to the nose and then proceed to beat him until I'm sure he's done for the night. Then I would have called the cops/ambulance.
Hey dumbass (1st person who answered) its not the same time as where you are everywhere DUH! As reply to your question what did your ex do? I would have went off on the ****** that was ******* with me! Or went and got secutery at the theater! Why was you on a date with you ex?
I would have taken a knife and stabbed him in his stomach and sent him to the hospital to take rest for a month so that he will completely stop the art of stealing.
You lost me at Virginia!
Great story. Maybe I'll have time to read it later.
How'd u type all of this on your phone and arent you wasting $10??
bad credit mobile phones
We have these ghastly I-things that are phones and music players and web browsers and texting gizmos and can probably cook a small chicken. We have music players smaller than credit cards that can hold 982 billion hours of music. We have laptops about an inch thick. We have digital cable with 900+ channels [half of them devoted to shopping, it seems]. So what more can we expect? What happens when things become so compact that they're permanently lost if you drop them on a carpet? How much more "convenient" and streamlined can life get before we're just lying around 18 hours a day being entertained? Do you think we have too much techonology? By the way, people look at me like I'm from a distant planet when I tell them I have three friends in England and Europe with whom I still exchange letters -- actual physical, hand-written, and mailed letters. I'm certainly not anti-technology, but I do grieve that simplicity and effort are becoming extinct. Your thoughts?
I always think this. I'm quite young so I've never really been into the whole letter writing thing so I don't miss it but there are so many things my parents tell me about what life was like in 'their day' and it seems so much better! Friendlier and more fun! I do love technology like the computer and my mobile phone, but I wish I was alive when things were much more simple, just to compare the two. I also wish that all these inventors would slow down making new technology and focus on making things actually work. Things like the phone seem to be pretty bad quality, and I'd rather have waited 5 years for it to come out and have everything work properly.
I think technology and simpliicity are not necessarily opposites. In almost all cases, technology (which isn't limited to small, handheld consumer electronics) was developed specifically to REDUCE effort for users versus the previous method...ence the technology was adopted (who would use something that made a task more difficult?) Insofar as how far it can go, who knows? I am certain people of 100 years ago could not have even fantasized about the things we take for granted who knows where we will be in 100 more years. or...even twenty...wireless / cellular technology for example is only 25 years old...and when I say that, i mean since it was is perhaps only 20 years old from a stand point of being relatively common place. And even then...20 years ago...we NEVER DREAMED (and by "we" I mean those of us in the industry, as i was) that phones would one day be smaller and thinner than a deck of cards, that you could do real time video over them (at that time video calling BARELY worked for line land phones, and you needed a wall of equipment to do it) or that EVERYONE over the age of 12 would have a phone (then we were predicting penetration rates of 3 to 6% of the population). There is no predicting where things will end up...all you can do is presume (hope?) that each advancement adds value to our lives via added convenience and reduced effort...
The way technology has been in the last few years, all I will say is that I can't wait until they come up with an affordable all technology based, Kitchen! Or have they? I do think technology is getting crazy, BUT OMG! Look at how many amazing things where created within a year! Those Iphones, Amazing if you ask me. And Flat Screen TV's... Love them! And in hospitals, better check ups, no sticking your tongue out and no listening of your heart through some cold piece of metal... The technology in Hospitals are getting so good that the waiting times for a check up are decreasing slightly, as I heard on the news on Sunday. So I think Technology is great! As long as we use it right and not abuse it. Like with kids... The internet versus going outside and hanging with your pals until sunset... That's the only area in technology that gets to me...
I think that that is a very important question. I mean how much complicated can things be.Like back when our parents or grandparents were kids, they thought that they hadthe best technology there could be and thought that there was no more technology coming out they were so wrong.And it is the same thing with us because some people probably think thatthere cant be anything more extrordinar than the thins we have today but I am sure they will come up with many more cool and strange things in the future. (Sorry if there are many words put together because my space bar isn'tworking so well.)
No end to that..but even faster than now...much faster.. u won't have to write letters or send e-mails but personally visits ur friends and lunch with them and be back soon enough to have tea with ur children and leave again go half the round of world sign a business deal and be present at home for dinner, enter into sleep room for 5 minutes to sleep and refresh and come out to have night holiday at a distant place.. this is not fig of my imagination but achievable when vacuum tunnels are designed and vehicles will be pulled by magnetic forces so that speed of trains reach as much as 8000 kms per hour.. Now tell me whatever i said above is possible or not..
I have to agree. I don't have a mobile phone, I have no need for one. You can call me on the land-line. I don't even own a TV (I have more interesting things to do with my time). I'm fairly competent on the Internet though. I keep in touch with friends around the world by radio. I have held an amateur transmitting licence since 1971. The 1970's technology still works so expensive upgrades not required. So choose the technology that suits your needs. It may be 21st century but it may be not what you need. Ian M
Wow there really is no limit to how far technology can go the coolest thing ive heard about so far that is coming out soon is the water powered cell phone samsung is expected to release in 2010 i cant wait im getting one lol. letters are nice but e-mail is still alot faster that is the purpose of technology to mske life easier and more enjoyable - but still i think it CAN go too far. every now and then i do wish i could live with simplicity like the people from the earlier years did - and they survived fine!
The next phase is to start integrating it into the human body. I watched a TV show on a doctor who is working on replacement eyes. He can already replace the human eyes with very low quality (black and white shades) artificial eyes. He hooks the device directly into the brain. Can’t be long after that until people start customizing their body. A 600G game/video/audio player implanted directly into the brain would allow people to completely shut out reality. Extinction is the next logical even.
Technology advances at an exponential rate. If you look at a graph of the number of technological advances made each year, you'll notice that it forms a shape similar to the right side of Y=X-squared. Now, if it's not a parabola, won't it double back, meaning we invented time travel? Actually, we'll probably just hit singularity and do away with our bodies, become fully integrated into computer systems, and achieve technological Nirvana by accident. Then some aliens will stumble upon us later and be aghast at what our species did to itself. Nah, lol, I love technology! Go trigabyte harddrives!!
I guess it's too much for you & I. I have a hard enough time keeping my computer up & running without viruses, worms & now trojans! My uncle gave me a digital camera (because he had a newer one) & I printed out the instructions about a year ago & still don't know what to do with the darn thing! I have a phone which takes pictures, & I can get them into a file into a computer and even print them out, but I haven't figured out how to send them to anyone yet (I print them out & mail them!) WOW! This is like true confessions for tech dinosaurs! It's nice to know I'm not alone.
bad credit mobile phones
I am 23-years old and would love to hear people's input on how to live frugally in every aspect of life (cooking, childrearing, grocery shopping, health, automotive, pursuing one's education, to better one self, etc.). I am looking on how to cut costs in every avenue of the household, including my mobile phone which is a contract not prepaid that's for emergencies or keep in contact with my father. I also would like to know (starting next Christmas rush) how people plan financially for Christmas and if homemade food gifts are really worth the frugal hype. My goal is to save wisely and don't use credit unless it's for home ownership, educational and medical purposes or to start a business. Please keep in mind I'm finally starting out on my own. Your suggestions and input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Here is what I've found is the cheapest way to go about everything. I am 30. The first piece of advice to give you is to write things down. Always write down or keep receipt on how much you spent on everyday stuff like shampoo, deoderant, conditioner. That way, when you see a bargain, you can buy it up and save money. The cabinet under the sink is your best friend. Try to fill it up with stuff you bought extremely cheap. Shopping Wal-Mart .50 two liter soda. I buy 10 at a time. I put 3 of them at work. Always have stuff at work you can make for a meal. This avoids the temptation of getting fast food. Fast food will make you fat and broke. .67 pack of hot dogs. I buy three or four at a time. I put one in fridge and two in freezer. $5 toilet paper. The more you buy, the cheaper it is. So buy the super pack. Freeze everything because it will go bad if you don't use it!! Chicken is cheap, fish is much more expensive. I eat more chicken than fish. I buy chicken when it is on sale and buy a lot of it. Only eat out about once every three weeks to save money. Always bring the rest home for another meal. Dollar store $1 32 oz. shampoo - I buy 10 at a time. I have not bought shampoo in over 3 years. $1 20 disposable razors. I buy 5 packs at a time. Always check out the dollar store for good buys. They also have things there you can get for gifts such as $1 for a 2007 calendar and planner. Medical If your company has medical benefits, use them!! If you are going to be switching jobs or are getting fired, make sure you use as much as you can. Try not to have hobbies that will injure you. Car If your car breaks down, don't rush into taking it to the auto repair shop. Find out from friends, co-workers and research what is wrong with it. Buy parts from the junk yard and then have a pro put them in. Stay away from the dealerships unless your car is under warranty. Always buy the cheapest gas, no studies have ever found that more expensive gas benefits your car in any way. NEVER BUY A NEW CAR!! Always buy a car that is at least one-year used. If a car is used one year, it should not have more than 12,000 miles on it. If you can find a car that is one-year used and has less than 10,000 miles on it, that is the absolute best way to go. Try to get a car that has decent gas mileage. Credit Cards Always pay off the balance in full every month. If you can't always pay off the card with the highest interest first. Get a debit card instead of a credit card. That way, the money comes right from you checking account. Try to avoid borrowing money from credit cards. Watch for promotional APR's. Sometimes they are only for balace transfers and not purchases!! Saving Always save 10% in your money in a seperate savings account. I always put $100-$500 away a month in an Ameritrade account. I research stocks and buy them. People always ask why I have money and I tell them that I pay myself first. I will be making more money in the stock market than I make in my job in 3 years. I only started with $1000 and it's the absolute best hobby I have. Put as much in your 401(k) as you can. I am putting 12% in my 401(k) now and it reduces your income so you also pay less taxes at the end of the year. If you have lots of extra money that you don't intend to use, open a Roth IRA. You can't touch the money (without penalty) until your 59.5, so I think it's a waste of time. If you buy a house, then you can touch the money without the penalty. Most will tell you it's a good idea, but I tend to disagree. Clothes I like to buy T-shirts from the thirft store. They are only $2 and I like to buy 5 of them. I wear them around the house or to work out in. Make sure you check everything you buy from thrift store for missing buttons, stains. People think I'm pretty cool for having a wide range of shirts and clothes in general. Electronics Go to the local pawn shop when they are having a sale and you will not beleive the bargains you will get there. I bought a CD changer for $13 and it has lasted over 3 years now. Make sure you have the person test it for you before you buy. They are always happy to do so. Do NOT buy high-end stuff from pawn shops like cameras or computers. Always buy the best warrantied electronics for big ticket items such as big screen TV's, computers, refrigerator. It works out for the best if you spend a little extra for these things. The best thing about electronics is that the longer you wait to buy them, the cheaper they are!! Never buy Apple products. Check books out from the library and read them instead of buying them. You can reserve a book via the internet in my area. If you decide you like the book, then go buy it. Amazon and Ebay are the best two places to buy books. If you are a female, make a male friend so that you can have him help around the house/apartment. Friends are always good to have in any situation and they are good to lean on in times of need. Don't get a boyfriend/girlfriend that is broke. If electric bill is killing you and you live alone, buy some candles and use them instead of lights. I've never personally done this, but it will certainly help with the electric bill. Sell the old things you don't use on Ebay. No need to have junk laying around. It's just more stuff taking up space and more stuff you have to move. Don't be cheap on everything. Shower the ones you love with gifts at this time of year. Give thanks for the things you have and spend time with your family. Make sure to remember your mom's birthday. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!! Erik
Some good ideas already. Paper chains really take me back to primary school (it was skule then) days. Get the 8 and 12 year olds to make them and the 13 and 16 years olds to hange 'em up. You'll play games too. Play a variant on the Radio 4 panel game "Just a Minute". If you've never heard of it imagine a panel of four people + a chairman (not just you - use the 16 year old, or take it in turns). The person who is "on" is given a subject by the chairman and they have to talk about it for 1 minute without Repetition of any word (except the little ones like The, a, It etc); Deviating from the subject (it's easy to ramble); Hesitating (that means pauses of more than 1 second and 'um'). It's difficult and fun. If anyone else notices a Rep, Dev or Hes then they shout and, if proven, get a point. The chairman's decision is final. At the end of half an hour the one with most points gets first dibs on the Quality Street box.
Congrats on starting out life on the right foot. The first thing I would advise is that if your cell phone is just for emergencies, switch to prepaid. My cell phone is only used for emergency purposes and is on contract and I find that I'm paying for way more minutes than I'm actually using (and I have the lowest minute plan) You might have to wait like me for your contract to expire before you switch but it'll be well worth it. The cheapest pre-paid option I've found only requires $20 every 90 days, which comes out to about $80 a year (about what I'm paying for one month now) For cooking and shopping- don't eat out or buy snacks from vending machines or quicky stores. I see people at my work spend about $5/day on just junk food snacks. Brownbag your lunch and snacks. If you live by yourself and have friends that live likewise, you guys might want to buys things in bulk and split the cost between yourselves for things like paper towels, potatos, laundry soap, ect. Automotive savings come from actually spending money on your car. Follow the manufacturor's guidelines when it comes to oil changes, tune-ups, ect. Spending a little bit now will help avoid spending a whole lot later on. If you're going to buy a car, research the hell out of it. Go with something that has good reliability and gas mileage. As for credit- it may sound odd but get yourself a credit card. Get one with no annual fee that you can pay online. Buy something on it (I buy groceries with mine) that you know you already have the money to pay for. Pay it off the next day, in full. If you build credit now, and do it responsibly, you'll save money later when it comes to interest rates when you buy a house or car. Good luck!
Cut up your much too exceptional credit card. Boycott xmas and refuse to partake in cumpulsory spending. Yes homemade food gifts are worth it. not so much monetarily but everyone appreciates something you made and that they wont have to find a place to put it. Don't have a kid...that will save you not only money but stress (thus less doctor visits...stress costs alot). Limit your living space to under 1000 sq. ft. Thats less home to heat/cool/insure/maintain. Learn to cook. Go vegetarian...meat is expensive up front and later in life when you're paying for drugs to lower your cholesterol or having triple bypass surgery or fixing a blocked colon. Take a cloth bag when you may get stares at first but that only cuz they wish they had thought of it first. Good Luck!
Umm, my dad is the frugal king-LOL..he buys hand me down clothes from goodwill..he buys store brand names instead of the better ones, he always looks for sale items..if he doesnt need to spend credit card for something so small, just buy with cash..also, clip out coupons for when you go out to eat or go shopping-i do that all the be it 50 cents or 2.00 off-saves extra money in wallet..also try shopping for bulk items at warehouse stores like costco
bad credit mobile phones
Im only 15, but ive had alot happen in my life that shows (to me) the difference between a good parent a great parent and a BAD parent. first of all, it depends on what age your children are, say between 0-5 years of age, just make sure you teach them all the right rules, manners, what to do, what not to do, but dont OVER teach them, or they will get too big for their boots, i know many 10 year olds that may seem mature, but if you get them in a room full of older children, they will try to up the others, and seem snooty. anyway, thats off the subject. if your child is a teenager, or between 10-16 say years of age, dont be OVER protective, but make sure that thye understand there asre guidlines to follow, life isnt like how the movies show you, say your son/daughter wants to go to a friends birthday party, dont GO to the party halfway through just to check if theyre having fun. make sure that your child and you have alot of TRUST between each other, this si just an example. but someone i know went to sleep over at her firends house, and her mother didnt know the friend or the mother, her mother didnt even know if this girl acctually existed, so the girls mother let to girl go, then she asked her for the address, and her daughter gave her the correct adress, the mother went to the correct adress later that ngiht just to check if her daughter was acctually there because her daughters phone had died, and the mother was panicing, the mother of the daughters friends answered the door, and everything was alright, the mother paniced, which you would so if you couldnt contact your child. but the daughter was angry and embarassed, she yelled at her mother, because the girl took it as LACK OF TRUST between her mother and her, the mother simply didnt understand and got angry at her daughter, ^ bad parenting. another thing is mobile phones, if your child is spending too much money of their phones calling or texting friends, switch to prepaid, and make sure that you have an agree ment, that you will always keep the credit topped up BUT, if excess usage occurs, then the parent wil take the sim card away. i over used my phone, now my mother has my simcard, which is undertsand able, but its NOT okay because I paid for the credi tmyself. my mother didnt pay for the credit, so if your child is paying for the credit with money that they have earned, then thats fine, let them do what they like with it, but if its your money, then make sure they understand that they only have a phone to keep in contact, and incase somthing terible happens oneday and they need to make and emergency call. i think that you can even set up some sim cards now, that they will never go under $10, and that it the user make sit go under ten dollars they are notified, i always made sure that my phone had $15 in case of an emergency so that i would contact people without any trouble. anway, im rambling, oh and another thing, if you and your hudband/wife/partner separate, dont make it harder on the kids by fighting all the time. and if you get a new partner/wife/husband then dont let your love for that person overake your love for the children, i HUGE problem in the worl today is child NEGLECT. all children have experienced it at some point, except the VERY lucky ones.. =[ anway.. hope that helps.. :S i dont know if this has helped you at all, and if not, then sorry for wasting your time.. but if you have any more questions that you would like me to answer, please let me know, :)
Letting them know they can come to you with anything. The child should feel as if they can go to their parent(s) crying or excited or mad or whatever the case may be. The parents needs to find that balance between having a friend like relationship and parenting. Make sure that you give the child the feeling that you truely love them and are there for them but you must be strict at the same time because after all you still are the parent and need to watch over them.
Unconditional Love, the willingness to put your child before yourself and your own life, Teaching your child the more important values of the world such as respect and willingness to help others in their time of need, Patience, Stability (not financially but emotionally). The list is endless. All loving, caring parents are great. Some are just greater than others.
Love, patience, understanding. all parents will love (most parents will love) their children, but it's the special ones that know that love is patient and love is kind. a good parents will do what is best for their kids, even if they may not know it at the time. A good parent will always put their kids first.A good parent will do everything in their power to create a good life for their child (ie: education, comfort, love...) a good parent will be there for the tears, the fears, the successes, the accomplishments, the giggles, the tickle fights, the bed time stories, and will always have open arms, open minds, and open hearts <3
A great parent is attentive to their kids at every stage of life, believes in quality time with the family, keeps a balance between family activities and work responsibilities, has great communication with their spouse, tries hard not to get angry too fast or lash out at the kids, is consistent with discipline, believes a part of discipline means explaining to their child why something must be, not just "because I say so"., doesn't set their child up for failure (ie: if the parent knows a certain life style is dangerous or risky, tells them it is, and explains why. I'm grateful for my mom for teaching me to respect my natural human boundaries, and for giving me self-esteem by telling me I can do better for myself than just follow the crowd), helps their kids to understand the purpose of life and the importance of not ignoring ones spirituality.( These two go hand in hand, and can't be avoided. Children have questions, who better to answer them than ones' parents- their mentors, and trusted friends. ), and tells the truth to their children, under all circumstances.
Not always. But having terrible, drunken, druggie parents or parents who were not prepared to step to the plate and be parents is for sure a disadvantage to kids.... You can google this information... kids from uneducated parents tend to as well, not strive for education. Kids from parents in prisons, regard prison as normal. Kids with alcoholic parents regard its use as routine. All of this you can google for the statistics. Having great parents who provided private art, music lessons, summer camp and a great childhood for sure allow kids to become all they can be. Today in the US 30% of white kids grow up with just mom.... 62% of black ones do. No wonder we no longer have a middle class
Acceptance. Im in my early 20's and am clashing with my parents because im afraid to be who i want to be (which is a good person by the way not something rebelling against them) They give nasty looks and say horrible things that i dont need to hear when i mention something about my life. My parents are wonderful, but would be greater if they could accept all of me.
I think anyone can be a great parent. It's not for other people to judge. If that child thinks their parents are "great", then there you have it. As nobody really knows what they're doing and all parents learn as they go, I would say using common sense is a first step.
-Going to all of their dance recitals, football games {and practices}... -Letting them express themselves...take guitar lessons, etc. {let them try new things and not get mad when they discover they don't like them} -Hold back your temper when they come in 10 minutes late, but still be compassionate -Support their decisions in life and provide unconditional love {like a puppy dog-lol} For more detailed things: -Get one of those "Letters from the North Pole" sent to your kids on Christmas to make them more excited about Santa -Help plan activities and allow them to have pajama parties with their friends -When you come home exhausted from work and they ask if you will play with it for once {go outside and throw a football until the sun goes down or play Candyland 5000 times even though they may not understand all the rules} -Have mother daughter days...or dad/son days...where you get a pedicure or go indoor rock climbing -Set the tent up outside and have a "camping adventure"...marshmellows and S'mores included {or go do it for real} -Bake sugar cookies...and let THEM crack the eggs open and stir {and don't get mad about the mess} Always make time for those little extras {doesn't have to cost money...put a short note in their lunch box so they know you're thinking about them}. LOVE is the KEY...everything else will fall into place!
A great parent would never have a bad day or a splitting headache or be tired or burn dinner! A great parent is always available and their days are 27 hours long, all the time.
bad credit mobile phones
Right, here's the thing. I've been playing since my brother told me about it about 4 or 3 years ago, when I was 8 or 9 years old. First it didn't seem so bad, when you only used 1 credit for 1 coin, and there was cheaper HC prices etc, but since everything went all modern, everything is more expensive, there's less credit offers, you have to pay for VIP and HC and it wastes loads of credits, if they don't think that you sound old enough off the phone you don't get anything, no credits, no VIP, and you still have to pay for the call, not that I have called but my brother who is now 20 did, and they did not accept his call (typical, really). I spent all my call credit (£50, and what a waste now that I realize!) of my own pocket money buying all this before you had to speak to somebody to top up on VIP and credits, which is ridiculous considering the fact that now I need good money like that to finish my RE project. I keep going on retros like Fresh and Paradise Hotel, and Fabbo. My mum saw me yesterday and banned me from going on those sites, but I can't help but go on at night and early in the morning in secret! It's driving me crazy! I keep going to events and things, wasting and wasting my time day after day on Habbo, and I'm not even old enough to play it! I hate faking my age now and I can't live like this.. I don't know how to take my mind off Habbo and I have come in a cry for help. I don't want to play games like Poptropica, Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin, Girlsense and Stardoll, and gaming sites like Go Girl Games, because they seem baby-like and silly, and to be honest I think I am old enough to move on. I don't want to play games like Sims 2 & 3, even though I quite like them, because you have to buy them, and I end up getting bored with them stuffing the people in super small spaces watching them starve and pee themselves and die. Go-Supermodel is now closed, and I tried going on the Go-Supermodel in Portuguese. I speak English, so I have to keep going onto Google Translate, which really frustrates me. You also have to pay for things like Woozworld too.. everyone is playing it but it soon gets boring. I think Movie Star Planet is okay but there is practically nothing to do unless you become a member and there aren't many places to explore. Do you have any online chat and event games and stuff like Habbo that can fit my age range and can be as fun? Are they likely to help me get out of this habit for good so that I can concentrate on things and study, but still have something exciting for me to go home to and play? Help me?!
I had the same problem.... I started 4 years ago when i was 12 i was just addicted i met some good people and kept using my mobile to get credits. I think it was stupid when i look back to it now :( My mates said come out play out etc so i started going out and i started to know it was better, i used to get told of for wasting my mine. but what you have to do is be live in yourself limit yourself to 1 hour per day or at least 1 hour morning, then afternoon then evening. cut them shorter.... hope i helped you out... belive me it works
Try and limit your time on the game. Say to yourself that you will only play on it for half an hour or so. Organise to see your friends so you can socalize in real life instead of online. Get a new hobby, listen to music, play a musical instrument, draw, make stuff, design things etc. Or if your aloud have a pet like a gerbil or hamster to keep you busy and have something fun to come home to and play with. If you still want to play computer games look around online and you will surely find something to play. Just mke sure you don't go on it too much or the same thing will happen with the new game and then you will have another addiction. It not good for you to spend lots of time on the computer as it strains your eyes and you get no exercise. Sorry if this isn't the anwser your looking for but I hoped I helped :)
Http:// Virtual Popstar is a new website where girls of all ages can talk in the forums, have fashion contests, or play games!
I used to play this game when I was around 7-8 years old.I always use my mobile phone to purchase Habbo Credits.Years later,I got bored and finally decided to stop from playing it.Seriously,It's just waste your money! Just play it for free! :)
Be really bad in Habbo so they ban u
bad credit mobile phones
I have this job offer which sounds too good to be true. i am located at australia, and this company is HQ'd at romania, and its got offices in other european countries. They sell science software for data analysis, graph plotting, assays,kinetics, teaching etc. Basically it takes too long for a credit transfer from romania to a client in australia, so instead: "From now on, our clients send money to a Local Payments Agent (LPA) who is located in the same country. In that way, a bank transfer takes only 1 business day to go through and we can provide the client with the product or service as soon as our LPA confirms the receipt. Then our LPA sends the amount to our office in Romania, Ukraine or Latvia using Western Union or MoneyGram (both systems are immediate)."
Then they go on to say: "Now let me describe the requirements and benefits for LPA. 1. You must be responsible, honest, attentive and punctual. 2. You must be available from 9 AM to 2 PM Monday thru Friday. 3. You must have a home computer with Internet access. 4. You must have a cell phone so your supervisor could contact you anytime. 5. You must have a bank account with ATM card and online access." "This kind of work is hard and requires attention and punctuality which will be fully rewarded by MaxSoftLab. We offer annual salary of AUD 60,000, paid biweekly by your choice of check or direct bank transfer." I asked them if i would be working in an office, and they say its more self-employment, where i get info off the net then go to a bank branch to do transfer. The exact work i would be doin: " You will be receiving transfers from out Australian customers and then you will be forwarding these payments to our office in Europe."
I personally think it is way too good to be true, as i am only a uni student and if you work out the rate per hour, its about $50aus an hr, which is even more than what my dad makes. I wanna know how i can make it work with the least risk as possible. some of you have already suggested a seperate bank account. I may purchase another mobile phone for this use. However other than this, i don't see any other visible risks.
It is a scam. The way it works is that this "company" (not real customers) will make "sales deposits" into your account based off of bad checks and/or credit cards. You will take your ATM card and withdraw the money, and send it to them via Western Union. This is why you need an account with an ATM card, and online access - you go online and use Western Union online to send the money. When the credit card customer gets the bill with the bad charges on it a month later, they dispute the charge... 30-60 days later, you get the money withdrawn from YOUR account (because it was sent there). In the end, YOU have sent money from YOUR account via Western Union, which is untraceable. And the bank holds YOU responsible for the overdrawn bank account - to the tune of 1000's of dollars.
Personally, I would be very cautious of any job where you need to have your own bank account for something other then receiving your paycheck. Also, if you are thinking it is too good to be true, then it probably is... trust your gut. However, if you do decide to take this job, there is a few things I would do if I were you; 1) Get a totally separate/new bank account that has ABSOLUTELY NO TIES to your personal accounts. Make sure that your personal checking or savings account don't "cover" for any overdraft on this new "business" account. That way, if this is a scam, your own accounts are not drained. 2) Check with the bank and maybe a lawyer to see if there is a way that you can be held personally responsible if the company you are working for is a scam.
Personally I don't think this sounds ok. Your phone, your account ..... your risk. Why wouldn't a business set up a business account and phone number? It's just a little to "personal" to sound like a legitimate working situation. I'd tread carefully on this. In the US there is the Better Business Bureau and other ways of checking out which businesses could be a risk to deal with. Do some research if you can before "investing yourself in something that could land you in hot water with the authorities - especially if you're talking international dealings"
I think I would take all that information to a government ran employment agency and let them investigate it. For me, I see too many red flags. 1) Your paycheck is distributed by a different company than the one you'll be doing the work for 2) That you have to have an ATM card and on line banking 3) Being on call Granted, you are considered a sub-contractor. And what they are saying is that you don't get paid until they get paid. And they are wanting you to use your cell phone for a business phone.
1. You fill out all the application paperwork, including the bank account details of the account you intend to use. 2. They empty your account. 3. You try to find them again, but they seem to be "gone"...
It sounds like something you shouldn't be involved in. Why they need you to have a bank account and an ATM card is what is weird. Sounds like money laundering to me.
bad credit mobile phones
I can't get a phone because my mom has bad credit and im underage. Tried at&t...can't get a plan.[i have a Go phone; sucks] Tried T-mobile...Can get Flexpay but you can't get texting at all with that. Can't get any Local places Because they don't offer free roaming...and i travel all the time between two states. Sprint...i know isn't gonna work, same with verizon. Can't get Cricket because it's not local,,,and doesn't have free roaming. Can't get US Cellular because it's not local. So im screwed right? I don't want a prepaid phone either. They suck and cost a fortune.
Unfortunately, ur in a tough spot at the moment. Have u looked at the possibility of the pick ur plans with AT&T GoPhones? Or maybe using some of the new features they have so u better use the phone the way u want? If u have a GoPhone already- does it suck bc phone doesn't work well, or plan not working for u? U can change ur phone anytime if that's the problem, and u can get unlimited texting now for 19.99 on the pay as u go-and 3000 night and weekend minutes- as long as u keep any balance on the acct at all, even a dollar, u can use the texting and nights and weekends The pick ur plan does give u more minutes to use than the pay as u go- and if u don't have a bank acct for them to bill, if u can afford it, u can get a prepaid visa and use that- no credit check just like pay as u go- so age doesn't matter. If you got a plan, you'd be spending at least 40.00 monthly, to get unlimited texting with most companies, it would be closer to 60.00 and that's before taxes. If you spend 50.00 to 60.00 to add minutes to a GoPhone Pay as U go plan - u can take 19.99 and use on the 3000NW feature, 19.99 on unlimited text feature, and that leaves u 10 to 20.00 balance - u get unlimited mobile to mobile with any AT&T cust, so if u just watch the minutes u use in the daytime if ur not talking to someone on AT&T- u can get almost the same as u would for a billed plan - Anyway, sorry ur having a hard time - best luck to u.
Do you have another relative that will let you add on their line? I would purchase a prepay phone for now, and then convert into a post-pay account once you turn 18. This way you know how much you are using and it will let you decide what post-pay plan to go on.
Did you try Alltel
Just use prepaid! and then you will also learn the value of money and not get urself into debt
Basically. No Offense but your poor.
Yeah sorry you kindof aree but.... you could always use snail mail hope i helped ;]]
Yes........ you are.
bad credit mobile phones
I already had 2 interviews with T-Mobile (phone and face to face) I am now in the process of waiting for my background check to come back. I have heard if you put any dates down wrong that you won't be hired. I could not remember the exact address of a couple of apartments I have had and may have the exact date of hire wrong at a couple of jobs. Will this prevent me from being hired? I have no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket, good references, I even faxed my high school diploma and my credit score is like around 620. I am just concerned about my job history and some of the dates I listed not being completely accurate??
The background check will be based on your criminal record, not your memory of past apartments and such. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification (not if dates are correct, if you actually had the job), credit score, and criminal history. I've been with T-Mobile for 8 years and trained in classes. I have never had to let anyone for bad dates.
T Mobile Background
You Want Know: • Want to know who is Calling? • Need to find someone based on their Address? • Find anyone by their Email address? • Find by Name? • Considering a Criminal Background check online? eVerify is exactly what you need! - With eVerify, you can search for 1 in 4 informative search options: People, Background, Criminal Records, and Social Media. You are only a few easy steps away from uncovering the truth about someone’s background! Access one of the largest email databases on the internet and uncover someone’s name and address based only on their email address! eVerify can help you uncover the identity of the person behind the phone number. Use Criminal Records Search to uncover all that you can about someone's past. Learn about an individual’s criminal history and find out the details about their prior offenses. Find out if someone close to you has been convicted of a serious offense such as sex crime and more. Get ALL the ANYONE information You need Now! - The absolutely free reverse phone lookup sites generally provide the most basic of information such as name and it works only for landlines. To get further information, money will have to be paid. The free searches do not provide much more than what can be found through the phone book or personal knowledge and they only want your email to send spam. Stay away from shady reverse phone lookup sites, most likely you won't get any information after you make the payment. Not to mention you won't get a report and you won't get an answer if you try to call for a refund. Stick with a reputable reverse phone lookup site like that has been around since 1999. If I recall correctly they have two options: 1. Get only one report. 2. Get unlimited reports. I went with this option because I wanted to verify more numbers. This is how I caught my girlfriend cheating, I got the name, other phone number, address history, relatives, and criminal-court records.
Your responsibility to keep your info accurate. The problem is many people use totally fake info to get credit. If the apartment or job does not confirm the info you have given, it might be assumed you are not genuine.
bad credit mobile phones
Okay, so I want a nice cell phone.. no regular flip phone or anything.. right now I have VM Wildcard( prepaid )..and I don't quite like it. Also, I don't want virgin mobile anymore or whats the best type of phone service or whatever.. that I can get with bad credit, it can't be overly expensive..please help!!
Unbiased to be totally truthful. Sprint: is the most secure service(data encryption) goverment agencies only use Sprint. Verizon has a very very good network. But you will pay a few cents more for it. (you get top notch service with verizon). T-mobile will give you alot of minutes for cheap, but there network is not the best. I considered t-mobile like an all you can eat buffet. Cheap ,but you leave happy. AT+T well i really have no idea why someone would want them besides an I-phone
It's between AT&T and Verizon. AT&T: Right now it has all, and i mean ALL the good phones right now. Like the QuickFire coming out soon and the Vu and Shine and more. It has the rollover minutes and has great service. When all my friends didn't have service, I did! Verizon: When you get the Verizon plan, you get unlimited texting to and other Verizon member and 500 to others. It costs like 100 dollars for that though, Ithink. It has pretty good bars and all. Both of them have the unlimited texting and free calling at certain times. And stuff like that. You can buy games and ring tones for both too. I personally prefer AT&T right now, since they have the better phones and the complete bars. But, later on, Verizon may have the better phones. But by then, the two year contract will probably be over so you could switch if you wanted. Hope I Helped!!!
Metro pcs is the best because you can talk alllll you want and my mom said i dont need minutes i could talk for free for only 20-40$ even though they dont have good phones but they are going world wide and you can also get a sprint phone or verion and still have a metro psc service so try it
I think that the best service for cell phone company's is t-mobile they have reallygreat plans.... But it really is up to you.
Verizon has the best service, but is also expensive. but if you want to pay for crappy service, hey that's your call
Verizon my a mile! Go with VERIZON!
Metro pcs
I have aliant, I love it! answer mine?;_ylt=AvrQFdm4DPQqBbxya91Xcn0azKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20081110153446AAENmEP
I use is fine nothing bad happened
cash for old mobile phone
Hey. i've got a couple of old mobile phones that i want to sell, and i saw an advert for envirofone ( where you can give in your mobile and they give you cash. the prices are good for my mobiles but i just wondered if it's a trustable site - i don't want them to take my mobile and not give me the cash so... have you used it before or seen reviews on it? can i trust it or shall i go somewhere else? thanks for your help!
Hi! I have used 3 service providers in the past to recycle my old phones. One being envirofone, the other and more recently mobile phone exchange - there seems to be a whole raft of them out there these days! From my expereince all have been good but it depends on what you want. My preference would lie with Thye have 6 payment options as opposed to 2 on environfone and 1 on MPX. Prices differ on models but are very similar. My only comment on envirfone would be that they were fairly slow on payment when i used them...It took about 10 days rather than 7 as they promise...
bad credit mobile phones
First... Chris C must have NEXTEL. Sorry buddy, T-Mobile is the better Deal. You should only talk what you know. Now, you made a great choice by picking T-Mobile You have the best deal with them. I've had them for 5 years now. My contracts been over for 4 years. And I still have the best deal that i had when i was on a contract. And in actuallity they have given me an total of 200 extra minutes a month for being a GREAT CUSTOMER. They also once gave me a Free Phone (NOKIA 6610). Not the greatest phone but it was the thougt that counts. Now you can actually find out exactly how much $$$ you will need to activate. (Activation fee is base on your credit score.) if you have no credit... Bring $83 dollars and an ID. I don't think you need any money for good credit. You will even be able to purchase a new phone an add the cost to your first months bill. Bad Credit could cost you a jaw dropping fee of upto $500.00. + activation of $83 after tax. You need to call customer service at 1-800-TMOBILE to find out what you need to bring for activation. They are open 24/7 so call them now. Hey you can give me a referal credit! IM Me before you Activate. GOOD LUCK
Your Driver's License and a Credit Card would work.
Major credit/debit card, ID and Social Security Number and you John Hancock
MONEY a drivers license AND a six pack of hard rock lemonade
A blank check.
Bring your id ,, credit card ,, i would not even go with them .. look around b4 you sign anything ,, im sure you will get a better deal
All you need is your name address and social security number..........ive had service with t mobile for two years and by far they are the best carrier i have dealt with
bad credit mobile phones
On September 25th. I looked in the phone book for some repair to be done on my vehicle. My window would not let up or down. I found a mobile auto repair where they come to you. On the phone I let the man know I wanted it done asap. He made some calls then let me know how much it would be. On Sep. 26th. he came to my home and spent about 3 1/2 putting in a new motor. When he was done I could not go check the work while he was there because I have my own Daycare and I did not want to take the kids out in the parking lot. About 30minutes later the last child left. As soon as he was gone I went to check my window and to my amazement it still was not working. I called the mechanic right away, and he assured me that he would come back out the next day to fix the problem. He never showed. Later that week, he kept assuring me that he would come back. He will call me and tell me that he will be there, but to this day he has yet to show. I have already paid him. What should I do?
First thing I would do is go to your local chamber of commerce (if you are in a town of any size), - also I would suggest getting in touch with your local "better business bureau". How was the bill paid? If it was a credit card, you have 30 days to "contest the charge", (in essence you can have your money returned). If it was by check, you have a valid recipt that it was in fact paid out, - this can be used in small claims court if you have to! Also it is possible that you have some kind of "legal aid" (or get a lawyer if nescessary),-that will help you get a "not so nice" letter out to this person, and demand you money back, - -or "to small claims court he goes!" If this is a bad enough job, and entirely proveable,- if you get no results, go to the State Attoureny Genereal! If this guy is a really "rotten apple", - they may rake him over the coals pretty good! The thing with people that don't really want to make their obligations "good" is that they think the amount is too small for you to really go to trouble to get it taken care of, -and if they just put you off long enough, you will give up! So make sure every bit of correspondence with him from here foreward, is doccumented (in case of court)... you can then show a "trend" -of lack of "good faith" in taking care of the problem. I you do end up in court, - of course you are going to want to also "sue" for lawyers fees, court costs, and other expenses you have acquired in pursuit of getting your money back, - or getting the problem taken care of! - So you actually get your money back, (and not some token amount that makes it expensive to take to court in first place!)
I'm so sorry to hear about how you were treated. Unfortunately this is quite often the case. Was the mobile repair guy affiliated with a company or was he on his own? If he was affiliated with a company I'd be calling his manager and anyone else I could get a number for. If he is on his own I would be calling every hour and bugging the ever-loving crap out of him. If there is an address for his business (since he was in the phone book there should be an address) I'd have a brother, father or friend show up at the address to demand that he fix the window or give back your money. Threaten to take him to court. Call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. But calling him constantly should do the trick. ADD HIS NAME AND NUMBER TO YOUR QUESTION AND WE'LL ALL CALL HIM!!! If you used a credit card to pay him you can dispute the charge. If you wrote a check you can stop payment, call your bank immediately and see if it has cleared if not the can put an emergency stop on it.
Do a stop payment IMMEDIATELY on the check you paid him with, if you paid by check. That way, when he goes to cash that check, surprise! he won't be able to collect the $$$$$ when he didn't do the job. THEN he might be willing to get his *ss back over to your place to fix what he should have done in the first place. If you paid some other way or if you know he already has the money and can't stop a check, then I would suggest letting him know that you are going to take him to small claims court if he does not contact you IMMEDIATELY and agree to finish the work for free right away. Give him a time frame, such as within the next 7 calendar days, and if he doesn't get the work finished to your satisfaction by the end of those days, tell him you are going to file suit against him. Let him know that you are not one to put up with being ripped off or be pushed around. Once you mention small claims court and filing suit against him, he should take immediate action to satisfy your needs in getting it fixed unless he wants a really bad reputation around town, thus causing him to lose a huge, substantial amount of business. Hope this helps.
How did you pay? cash, check or charge. You can stop payment on a check, you can stop payment on a credit card, but you need to go to court if you paid by cash. Seek an attourney, 1st visits are free, then initiate a small claims court procedure. It will take time but in the end you will prevail. Make copies of all your receipts you got from this guy, including his advertisement in the phone book. Report him to the BBB as well. Hurt him where it hurts the most.............his pocket. Once word gets out about him, he will have trouble keeping his business afloat. Find out his location for his place of business, speak with him in person and demand the refund or else. good luck
He came to you? Call the BBB, and the police department. File a report and have him arrested. Theft by false pretense. You paid him to do a service that was not done. That is a crime, especially if he has cashed your check. Or if you feel so inclined call him and let him know that you are going to report him unless he either A. refunds your money, or B. completes the repair as promised. These type of businesses have a lot more liabilities than if you are going to their shop.
You can call the BBB and report his business name and file a report. Sadly enough you will not get anything back. Just let it go and go see someone who is more qualified on a corporate level. I took my car to have a tune up and it cost me 500.00 and they said either pay or don't get your car. I felt scammed and couldn't do anything about it but, pay. Always take a male friend or family member when dealing with mechanics because it poses a threat to their con artist scamms. Sorry but, women like you and me learn the hard way.
First of all, the sensor you're finding at is a wide-unfold piece of junk, no longer the superb one on your automobile. The "bank1 sensor1" potential the pre-cat one on your automobile, in certainty, that's the main serious one, it has a significant result on how the automobile runs. the superb section from the OEM producer (Delphi) is approximately $60 in the event that they're getting it from a jobber. maximum shops do no longer desire to apply low-priced wide-unfold factors because of the fact there are too many comebacks. i do no longer comprehend what their retail value is, all shops mark up factors. something is tough artwork, oxygen sensors could be complicated to interchange and complicated to realize on some autos, it somewhat is why it truly is $two hundred. in case you do no longer in easy terms like the value, get an estimate someplace else. The diagnostic fee is customary and infrequently overcharging. in case you do no longer desire to pay those fees discover ways to do it your self. those people right here who save asserting "it truly is a ripoff" needless to say do no longer artwork as mechanics and actual do no longer run a employer, or they could comprehend extra effective. zxc090
Report him to the better bussiness bureau and file a claim against him in small claims court. I do believe that you do have to give him the opportunity to correct his "error" but that varies per state. Send him a certified letter explaining the problem and asking for him to fix it. Here is the link to the main page of the BBB, find your state to file a complaint. department of consumer affairs or consumer protection agency in your state can give you info about how to get your car fixed. Here is a link for the one: luck!
Do your own car repair from now on, atleast the easy ones. YOU CANNOT TRUST MECHANICS, EVER, THEY ALWAYS RIP YOU OFF. Sorry but that is the truth. Especially since almost no one knows about cars.
WHAT SHOULD YOU DO??? maybe you could learn not to pay anyone for anything till you check it out. would you pay for a haircut and not look in the mirror...there ya go!!!
mobile fast cash program
I am a 19 year old who has to leave home and my old life for reasons I would rather not discuss. I have thought hard about this and I am mature, so I don't want people telling me this is a bad idea, because I have my reasons. The problem is I dont quite know what I'm doing. I need to know what I should do to find a place to live such as a homeless shelter temporarily or a cheap apartment. I'm planning on going to either Manhattan or Canada. Another problem is that I have diabetes, so I need to find a program to help me pay for my medication. I also only have $400, so I need to know ways I can make fast money and how I can live off this until I get more. I also need to know how to stay hidden, without changing my name. Any advise would be extremely helpful. I know most of you reading this will think this is not a mature decision, but I am old enough and mature enough to know this is a step I need to take. I just need your help in figuring out how I should carry it
Just to address some random answers, this is not a "teen drama" situation. If you talked to people that know me, they would tell you that's the last crap I ever want to get into. This is a serious situation where I need to get away from my family, and it's not abusive so calling an abuse hotline would not be helpful. Most of your advice is great, but what I would also like to know is what I can do to stay hidden. My family will call the police when they learn I'm gone, and I don't want to end up in a "missing person" poster.
Some details I guess I should throw in: I'm a male, so it would be rather hard to sell myself on the street, not that I was even considering that route to make money. Thanks for the advice though on finding odd jobs or jobs where you get cash tips/pay. Also, you can't join the military if you have diabetes. And my plan for all this to start is December 13th and I'll be in Vermont. I have friends there who's place I can stay at, so any advice on how many bags I can carry around and still be mobile until I find a settlement and what absolute essentials such as ID, food, etc. would be helpful. Thanks again guys. You have no idea how much this is helping me.
I'm hearing from a lot of you Manhattan's a horrible idea. If I go to Canada, what would be my options as a permanent U.S. resident (no, I'm not a citizen) for getting a job and applying to their healthcare programs? And if Canada isn't going to work out, what's a good spot in the Northeast I should check out? Another possibility that came to mind is California. What's the cheapest way I could get there if I decide to, and what would be a good way for me to start a new life there?
Um yeah your 19 you dont need to run away running away is for 12 year olds get a job. if you wanna run away just hook on the street. good money ive been a hooker for a couple years my butthole is wider then an 18 wheeler
Well I moved out at 17, no I didn't run away, I moved out, as in got a roommate and moved out. Your 19 so really it's not running away it's just moving out. So let me put this in front of you and then give some suggestions. First off Manhattan is way to expensive. The cheapest place you will find will be 2000 plus a month. If you go to Canada you can't work, assuming your an American, and they will send you back to America if you plan on going to a homeless shelter in Canada. first thing you need to do is get a job. even if you are making 8.50 an hour, you can still afford a cheap studio. I suggest you work somewhere where you can earn tips. Also go to craigslist and see if anyone is looking for a roommate. Trust me, don't go the fast money route, that involves selling your body or drugs, either of which are not good. As for the medication, you can find programs on line for people who don't have allot of money. That is a good start. I hope this helps. -Ty
I was 19 when I moved out. I don't think if you are over 18 that you are technically 'running away.' If you have medical problems, and are low income, you may want to think about applying for Medicare. (Unless you pick Canada... which I WOULDN'T) I'm not sure why you say Manhattan.... but it's really expensive there, and fairly dangerous. I would go somewhere cheaper.. like out West - outlying areas of Seattle, Portland, Boise. I would think it would be safer to start with an apartment, as in a shelter type of a system in a big city you could probably be robbed of your money. As for work, find something as a bartender, or waiter... something that will give you DAILY cash to survive on. For staying hidden, do not sign up for any mail services, credit cards, etc... I don't know how long you could keep that up... but you would probably need a DL sooner or later and... as I'm sure you know, you cannot stay hidden forever. I would let someone know where you are going so that you are not claimed as a missing person. Because you can be charged with a misdemeanor if you are found, and also fined. Sounds like you must be leaving a bad situation... I wish you good luck, and I think it is good that you are getting out of it. We all move out sooner or later anyway. However, if you are just running away... running never solves anything.
Well, i think the first thing you should do, before you leave, is make sure you have somewhere safe to stay. maybe a friends place, or someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, until you find somewhere else you can stay. you could research on government websites about government funding and programmes to help you pay for your medication, or a friend or other family memer you can ask for a loan?? get a job, i guess for money. easier said than done, i know, but there arent really much other options for getting money. for living off $400, you could buy foods that are 'filling foods' so that you only need to eat a small portion and then you feel full. for example potatoes, porridge, bread, foods high in carbohydrates. not a healty option for long term, but then again too much of anything isnt good so.... to stay hidden, use cash as much as possible, dont use credit cards or any other type of electronic payment methods tht can be traced.. if you have a car, someone could alert the police to it, so you might want to change the car a bit or license plates, but with a small amount of money, this might not be an option. i hope this helps a bit good luck
You must be a sheltered 19 year old, because I was on my own at 18 and I didn't need to run away. Your an adult now, it's actually a good idea to get out of our house. You need a full time job and you need to live within your means. Do the math and plan out the entire month starting with how much you make and how much your living expenses are. You can cut costs on food by eating cheap. Always eat at home, no fast/premade food. Look in the paper for people seeking roommates, it's the only way your going to get out now with $400. A job is your most important priority right now. Nobody is going to want a jobless roomie. When I was first on my own, I lived in a 1 room studio that was $410/mo, and I had to work 2 jobs, 60 hours a week to barley afford it. You don't get paid well at 19 anywhere. Forget about a social life if your friends don't want to come over, because you wont be going out. Stay close to home for now, moving abroad takes $$$ you don't have. Manhattan is the worst idea you could have. It's one of the most expensive places in the country to live. In order to live in Canada you will need to gain residency status (otherwise you would be an illegal immigrant) and I doubt you could gain that at this point. My honest opinion, take it really slow, don't go far, work your *** off and adjust to taking care of yourself. I don't know what your current home problems are but it's not going to be any better if you wind up homeless. You don't need to hide from anybody. At 19 you can get a restraining order against anybody that wont leave you alone, it's called harassment. And once you get one, you can call the police on that person for simply trying to contact you. Just be honest and tell them to get out of your life, there isn't anything they can do about it, especially if you report them for harassment.
I did the same thing when I was your age. I went to temporary services that did day labor to make money. I could usually find other people like myself there that would let me stay with them for a while. You'll be surprised to find out how many people will help. It wasn't easy, I worked like a dog cleaning construction sites and other crappy day labor jobs, for $40.00 a day. I also had to donate plasma for money. And I went without food or shelter many days at a time. Manhattan is one of the most expensive cities you could pick. You'll probably have a really hard time making ends meet there. I traveled all over the U.S. for alot of years and the easiest places to get by were the Phoenix area of Arizona, and Williamsburg Virginia. Hitchhiking was the easiest in Arizona, alot of people do it out there. Whatever you choose. Good luck. P. S. Canada has a great public health system, I don't know if they would help a U.S. citizen with diabetic supplies or not.
1st off I would just like to say that I am sorry for whatever you are going threw right now, it seems VERY serious, and I wish you luck in trying to get away from whatever it is. Secondly, like everyone else said, you are an adult and it technically isn't 'running away'. I would suggest you really do your research before you decide to leave, in your case your decisions could lead to server health problems. I am unsure as to where you can get help paying for your meds. but I strongly suggest you figure that out before leaving. And as for a living situation, I would check for room rentals. You may be able to find a room for rent this would be WAY cheaper than renting an entire apartment. FIND A JOB! You are going to need money, living on your own is way more expensive that i am assuming you think it is. 400.00 wont get you anywhere! Make sure you are financially set before you leave or else (depending on the problem) it could make your life/living situation even worse than it is, I don't see being homeless a fun situation to be in. Anyways, good luck with everything and I hope this helps. **ADDED** Hunny if you falmiy contacts the police they wont be able to do ANYTHING. you are an adult and you have the right to leave. they could file a missing persons BUT if you leave a note they know you left and wheren't kidnapped or anything. If the 'police' found you they would ask you if they could tell your family where you are, and you could simply say no. I wouldnt worry about that part of it **ADDED** California is SOOO Expensive, I live there/here :-) It depends what part you go too, but in the area I am in Bay Area/San Francisco area, to rent a roon from someone your talking 500-700 bucks a month for one room! To 'start a new life' you will (once again) need money. About how to go about starting a new life, it would be a new chapter for you and you, soley you, need to write out whatever you want to do. Possibilities are endless. RESEARCH EVERYTHING.
Well first of all your nineteen so your an adult in the eyes of the state. Secondly though you have to find a way to support yourself (ie getting a steady income.) Finding an apartment is relatively simple just either search a web based search engine or look in the pages. If you have the time though it might be better to stay where you are, get a job and build up some cash reserves. depending on where you live you'll need between 1500 to 2000 dollars a month to survive, 400 dollars will not last that long. As for your diabetes, your income should be low enough so that you can get into a program, I would check at your local library for ways they can point you to services that can hep you. The most important thing though is you need an escape plan and you need a way to fund that plan.
Well you are an adult so legally you can up and leave, no problem there, secondly you need to have another place to go, like a friends temporarily until you get on your feet, or family unless that is the problem, or even a shelter if you;d rather go there. It sounds like things are hard for you as is.. but the last thing you want to do is make them harder for yourself like leaving to a worse place. So figure out where you will go, how you will do there, and whats in it for your future. Your doing good by thinking before you act. Make sure that the current problem can't be fixed first before you make a life altering decision. Good luck!
The world is full of predators just waiting to exploit people who have left home. At least get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of shelters for people who have run away. As much as you dislike your home situation, there is no way you can be properly prepared to live independently in a healthy this time. Remember, it takes money for food, shelter, clothes, medical care, etc., and you will not be able to make a living wage without an education. You are not going to be young forever. You will want a car, a family, etc., and being able to afford that means having a job, which requires an education. If you are being physically abused, tell any mandated reporter (a teacher, a doctor, a therapist), and they will get intervention for you to be safe.
You don't need to run away from home.. you need to get a job.. save up money and move out. Possibly find a roomie to share bills with. Living in a homeless shelter will hinder you from finding a job and you'll end up in a worse situation than you're probably in right now. Hope everything works out for you! (Oooooor.... you can go to school in a couple of months.. take out loans, live on campus... and get away from your parents. Just make sure whatever you choose as a major is something you'd want to do for the rest of your life.)
bad credit mobile phones
I lived in this country for a while, I'm from Ireland. Here you do not pay for receiving calls if you have prepay( top up phone, credit phone) and likewise you do not loose minutes if you have a monthly plan for receiving. Before people were charged for receiving if the call was long distance or international but even that has been scrapped. Also I noticed from my bill that long distance in Ontario can mean a location in Ontario that you are not exactly far away from. For example I lived in Toronto and long distance included locations not even two hours away. Most people in Europe assume that long distance is another country or at least 1000 miles away. My provider was Virgin, some Irish people I knew while there had a few different providers and they also felt the charges were ridiculous.
Canada does have a bad reputation for our telecommunications costs. Data charges are through the roof, so I don't even bother with that. Pay-as-you-go is okay, but you don't get the greatest deals...though as soon as you get a contract, it seems there are fees every month that bring your bill about $5 higher than the quoted monthly price. I'm with Virgin, and managed to negotiate a monthly plan for $25 with virtually unlimited international texts and local calls. "Long-distance" calls are based on logical areas. For example, anyone in the Greater Montreal Area (area codes 514, 438 and 450) can call eachother locally, but outside of that it's considered long distance. You have the same thing in the GTA and other urban centres. In rural areas, entire regions could have local calling amongst eachother. I used to think the USA had it better than us, but I spent some time there recently and got a pay-as-you-go phone. I realized that in the USA it's standard for them to actually charge for incoming texts, which is unheard of in Canada, and there plans are generally just not very good. I couldn't find one decent plan for under $40/month. For the record, Public Mobile is a private company that has started setting up their own cellular networks in major urban areas like Toronto and Montreal. They are NOT owned by the Government.
There are boundaries that determine what calls are long distance for you to call. Calling some place 2 hours away would be long distance. If the boundary separated you and they guy across the road, it would be long distance to call him.I have a friend that lives 20 minutes away and she is long distance to call because of the boundary that separates us.
They're far too high because of what's basically a monopoly on phone (and cable, and internet) services in Canada. Long distance fees are determined by area codes. Anything outside your home area code = long distance. (And the Greater Toronto Area has 7 area codes last time I checked.) Some friends of mine recently started looking into alternate providers to find cheaper deals. One of is apparently run by the government of Ontario (I think it's called public mobile or something like that). If they manage to find a better deal, I'll be switching over to whatever it is soon as my current phone contract ends.
Any act of perversion done by any representant of any faith should severely by punished, a child is innoncent, there is a hudge amout of hypocrisie to tolerate child abuse or any kind of sexual assault within a religious comunity... I am an israeli , I do not particurlarly like to read some false statement, the one saying that a rabbi is guilty of such perversion let him/she come with a clear example or just shut up ! I have never heard such a nonsense in my whole life !
The charges in Canada are rather high. My overall cost was lower when I lived in the USA. My daughter lives in the USA and she pays little more than I do for unlimited everything for her smart phone than what I pay for a "dumb" phone.
They're far too high.
bad credit mobile phones
I met this guy online and we have been chatting for a few months and we finally met last weekend. I decided we should go out for dinner and movie for our first date. We had a great time, he was lots of fun and much nicer in person. We kept in touch during the week and I left it up to him to decide what we do this weekend, but then i didn't hear from him and got no replies to my messages. I thought maybe something bad happened to him or maybe he lost his mobile or had no credit on his phone to reply. He doesn't have my home phone number as i didn't want to give that out just yet. His flatmate is on holiday and forgot to pay the internet bill, so can't reach him online. It was just really unusual he wouldn't reply, as we really got on very well. I didn't want to think the worst that he didn't want to see me again without him telling me. Any ideas on what might have happened?
If he hasn't communicated with you, how do you know that his flatmate forgot to pay the internet bill? Anyhow, I know it can be hard sometimes, but you can't just keep leaving him messages and pestering him. It makes you look desperate. One or two messages is enough and if he doesn't respond, there is not much you can do. Don't make excuses for maybe he lost his mobile, maybe he didn't have any credit on his phone. If he really wanted to contact you, he would find a way. I am sure he is not the only person in the world that has a computer, he could use someone else's to email you, if his internet really is not up and running. I am not saying any of this to be mean, it is just that I have had the same thing happen more than once and it just ain't pretty. Now, there really could be something happened and he will get back to you and make a plan, but PLEASE, don't keep calling him. It really doesn't look good when you do that.
There are so many possiblities... though at this point you need to make sure you don't let your mind wander to create answers for your questions that could really hurt you. Do your best to move on, hopefully he'll respond to your messages with a good reason. If at any time you need someone to talk to- to keep you from going insane, i'm here- IM- SeanieD2003-Yahoo messenger.
It took me a while to get this one right... but this book sure helped!! It's a good reality check if you are wondering about the mysteries of men. (not to mention, it's hilarious!) He's Just Not That Into You (The Newly Expanded Edition): The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys by Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo
Don't dwell on what may have happened. Keep it cool. Chill gerl..Go about your normal activities and when he calls you back (if he ever), ask him casually what happened and if he's alrite. If he never does, don't worry. There're plenty of guys out there all waiting for a blind date. Should never take this kinda things too seriously cos for all you know he's out there having fu with another gerl that he's met from the net.
Only time will tell. It's best not to assume in any situation. Be patient until you can wait no longer and then move on. You sound like you have a lot to offer for someone special. Good luck!
Im sorry but, just remember this "what u do online, stays online" dont try to meet people, its a bad idea, and it can be very dangerous. havent u watched, how to catch a predator, its on nbc
Do you propose which you meant the notice "propose" in its unique meaning or are you too propose to fulfill my propose standards? Oh, i will start moaning approximately your blending up all those m-words...
He might have been unsatisfied, he didn't pay his phone bill and is having technical difficulties.. also, don't use dating services.. that's for desperate losers.. and he's probably a serial killer so stop using those sites
Sweetie he's probably fine.. but not intersted anymore don't feel bad.. but maybe he wanted something that u didnt give so he backed off..
Chances are he is only interested and will call u when he need dont be too naive
bad credit mobile phones
Sprint.. with deposit
Well, I don't know why you would WANT to get a contract phone if you don't have to. Cingular will give you one with a deposit. I'm sure the others will too. If you get over that desire, try Virgin Mobile. They have excellent coverage, cute phones, and NO NEED FOR CONTRACT! Good luck!
When I had good credit, Nextel didn't need a deposit. Now, I probably need deposit, but I don't need a cell phone. Why do you need a contract plan where pay-as-you-go plans are just as effective. Pay for the phone plus minutes.
Most all of the companies will let you with a deposit, I had bad credit when I got mine, and Sprint only charged me $50 deposit.
If your history is THAT BAD than you might want to go with Pre-paid wireless service or have someone co-sign with you for a contract.
Possibly at Sprint, but only if you put down a big deposit.
Yea, try Cingular Wireless. They are pretty good.
All companies...they will require a large deposit tho
cash loans via mobile
A neighbor of my parents is wanting to sell their house. Well, they aren't really wanting to sell it, just get out from underneath their loan. She is wanting to move out of the state and back to her hometown. The following is hopefully enough information that somebody can help me: The house (mobile home) -1994 MH is pretty good shape, 1900 sqft -3 Acres of land -She owes $60,000 on the loan -House was appraised for about $62,000 My situation -I make 33,000 a year -I have only about $2,000 cash to put down -my monthly expenses are right about $800 a month -I am a first time home buyer What sort of loans (if any) would I qualify for? I am completely new to this whole mortgage thing. And please do not say, go look for another home. This land is adjacent to my parents land and home. They have a mini farm and I want to stay as close as possible to help maintain the animals and actually spread the farm over to this property. Thanks.
Although the MH is 20 years old, its a double wide, bricked under, new vinyl windows, new 80" doors, new flooring throughout, and she is looking at getting the roof replaced. Its far from a junker, but still I understand a 20 year old MH can still have no value. Land is valued at $37,000 via county assessor. Well and septic.
Home must be permanantly affixed to the ground- foundation all around it. Can't be prior to 1986 year model & you have to fo FHA- 3.5% down plus closing costs of about 3%- so you don't have enough saved. You must have 2 years employment & a credit score of at least 640 with nothing late in the last 2 years, no open collections, judgments etc. Many lenders won't do mfg. homes but some will. With income of $33k you can only have total debts including the house payment of around $1127.00 per month- but that's not counting electric, water, gasoline etc. just items that are on the credit & the taxes and insurance on the house payment. Hope this helps!
A 20 year old mobile home is not something you can get a mortgage on. What is the land worth because the mobile home is worth next to nothing? Does the property have city water and sewer connected? How is it zoned, can it be developed commercially? What would it cost you to move the junker out of there? No, you don't have the income nor the downpayment to qualify for a $65K mortgage and who ever loaned her that much money saw her coming, there is no way she will get out of this intact unless she stays there and doggedly pays off the loan she has. I understand your interest in the property which is why I asked about its amenities. You need to understand the fair market value of the land and be prepared to pay that price. I suggest you go have a talk with the county assessors office about the valuation on the property and others like it so you learn what you are up against in this market.
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I am 21 years old and getting my first new car. Where do you suggest I look for car insurance? I don't have the best driving record. I had an accident in Nov 2002 and a speeding ticket in July 2003. I want to get a lot of coverage, but I don't want to be paying anything outrageous. How much should I be expecting to pay for car insurance?
Good is a relative term. The first thing you have to do is to determine your budget for the entire purchase. You need to check with several agency's to determine what types of cars have the lowest insurance rates and then compare that list with your list of desired vehicles. Once you have chosen a vehicle that you like and that has a low insurance factor you need to shop insurance companies just like you shopped for the vehicle. The best place to start is with the majors, State Farm, All State, Farmers and American Family. These companies are some of the best at customer service and claims handling because of their size. You will also get a personal agent and that means you will always (9-5) have an actual person available to call if you have a question or a problem. If you choose one of these companies make sure the agent has an office with several junior agents this makes getting a hold of someone much easier. The other benefit of going with one of these majors is that they will be able to help you with other types of insurance, health, life, personal articles and disability when you get to the point in life when you need those types of products. The majors also have very large legal departments and they can and will defend you vigorously should you ever have any legal issues involving your insurance coverage. State Farm also has a bank which offers very attractive finance rates for new and Prue-owned vehicles. In a nutshell the major insurance companies have a lot to offer. Of course there is a down side. They can be very selective about who they insure at great rates. Your driving record doesn't sound too bad and you shouldn't have a problem but know that if you have another accident they may penalize you for your record and you could be shopping for insurance again. That brings us to the on line insurance companies and brokers. The on line insurance companies are less selective. They are more likely to insure someone who has a poor driving record or credit score. Yes, I said credit score. The insurance companies are now using your credit score as one of the factors to determine what your insurance rates will be. They believe that a person with a better credit score makes better judgments and is less likely to make an insurance claim. The on line companies are very convenient when it comes to setting up your insurance coverage and getting quotes. Some of them will even give you quotes for their competitors. Of course all of this convenience will come at a cost. In most cases, not all, you may pay more for insurance at an on line company than you will pay at a major like State Farm. You will also ave to do all of your business on line and over the phone via an 800 number. Coverage after an accident may require a few extra steps as well although some of the companies have mobile claims adjustor's that make the claims process very smooth. The online companies can be a good way to go if your need more flexability and are not interested in having a long term relationship with your insurance agent. And that brings us to the brokers. The insurance brokers represent many different insurance companies. These are companies that do not have offices that you can walk into. They are large companies that sell all of their insurance through agents. When you work with an broker they attempt to find you coverage that fits your situation. They are also compensated by these companies so watch out for brokers who push certain companies more than others. The companies usually deal in riskier insurance types. People with a DUI, SR22 or multiple speeding tickets are more likely to use one of these companies. With all that said the most important thing you can do is gather as much information as possible before choosing a car or an insurance company. You record s not that bad and it should not be a major factor in your insurance rates. Buy a fair amount of coverage 200/500 (comp/collision) but not too much and expect to pay around $80 - $100 per month depending on where you live, what your credit is and what type of vehicle you choose.
You can save on your insurance by compare quotes at FREETOINSURE.INFO- RE I am looking for good insurance on a new car.? I am 21 years old and getting my first new car. Where do you suggest I look for car insurance? I don't have the best driving record. I had an accident in Nov 2002 and a speeding ticket in July 2003. I want to get a lot of coverage, but I don't want to be paying anything outrageous. How much should I be expecting to pay for car insurance?
I suggest that you try this internet site where onel can compare rates from different companies: http://COVERAGE-FINDER.NET/index.html?sr...RE :I am looking for good insurance on a new car.? I am 21 years old and getting my first new car. Where do you suggest I look for car insurance? I don't have the best driving record. I had an accident in Nov 2002 and a speeding ticket in July 2003. I want to get a lot of coverage, but I don't want to be paying anything outrageous. How much should I be expecting to pay for car insurance? Follow 7 answers
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At your age, with your record a new car, especially if the finance company is demanding full coverage to protect their investment in you, lots. The way to make sure you are getting the best deal you can would be to see an independent agent, not tied to one company, give him your information and let him search his data base to find the best coverage for you. But don't be surprised if it's high.
I would recommend one to visit this web page where onel can compare quotes from the best companies: http://HELP-INSURE.NET/index.html?src=5Y...RE :I am looking for good insurance on a new car.? I am 21 years old and getting my first new car. Where do you suggest I look for car insurance? I don't have the best driving record. I had an accident in Nov 2002 and a speeding ticket in July 2003. I want to get a lot of coverage, but I don't want to be paying anything outrageous. How much should I be expecting to pay for car insurance? Follow 9 answers
Wow! Thank you! Just what I was searching for. I tried looking for the answers on the internet but I couldn't find them.
I propose someone to do that intern et site to examine quotees coming from various com panies close to you fre e of charge.
At INSURECHEAP.US you can find the best quotes available for you
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My landlords recently made me an offer to purchase their home ( we are currently renting to own a mobile home from them which is now paid for ). They also own a house on the same property that the mobile home is located , so basically we are now looking into purchasing the house. Their asking price was way to expensive considering the condition of the house and none of the other property in my neighborhood is going for their asking price , So my husband and i decided to get the home appraised . During the appraisal my landlords kept taking the appraiser off to side having private conversations. For days the appraiser ( i paid for ) would not return my phone calls and when she finally did she came back with a price of $72,000 ( original asking price from my landlord was $75,000 ). About two weeks before i had been working w/ a lender who drove by this house and said there is no way this house could be worth more than $35,000 - $40,000 at the most, it needs to much work . My husband and i have alot of friends who work in real estate and they are all in shock at this asking price. My landlords did not know we had been talking to a lender they think we are going to give them cash for the house and since we demanded the appraisal we would just go with the appraised offer . I feel like this appraiser was bribed in some way and im curious as to how i can prove this and if i can prove this at all .
The loan officer and the real estate people are not qualified to give an appraisal. No more qualified then I am. Their word means nothing at all. If you are going to file fraud charges you will need at least 2 other appraisals, from licensed appraisers, not a lender (who can work with zero qualifications at all). Offer what you want, they can take it or leave it.
Your first problem was to 'rent to own' the mobile home you are in. The landlord has taken you for a ride. Appraisal's are just an opinion of one person's estimate of the value of the property. Opinions are like people's butts. Everyone has one and they all stink. What they do is look at the assessor's office tax rolls of that property and others as part of their evaluation along with a physical view of the property. If you really want the property, make an offer based upon YOUR appraisal. Don't worry about insulting the owner. They've insulted you with that ridiculous price. Your appraiser has been part of this housing problem we are in now. Appraising houses for much more than they are worth. Tell your appraiser that lenders you've talked to are saying "No way the property is worth that much and you think that their appraisal is fraudulent." See what he says. Did the appraiser give you any detailed report of the appraisal? Should have.
Based on the accounts of your story, I do not think you will be able to prove if the appraiser was influenced or bribed by the seller. If you hired the appraiser, then there should have been no private conversations with the seller. It is a dark cloud in our industry that some appraisers can be bought; just like you can probably find somebody to appraise it for $30,000. If you are getting a mortgage, the bank will send out their own appraiser. But I think it will come down to the fact that the seller wants $72,000 and you only want to pay $40,000 = no deal; walk away.
I would have your bank do an appraisal. Did the appraisal include the land and the mobile home? The mobile would be considered income producing property. It's really tough for someone to drive by and do an appraisal. They need to go in and see the house for themselves. Lets just say that you do find an appraiser that says the house is worth 40K, do you think the owner will accept it for the purchase price? I doubt it. If you love this property and this is where you want to live then offer the owner a price in the 60's and work from there. If not they will sell and you never know who your neighbor will be. You are going to be buying piece of mind. Good luck to you.....Tonja
Appraisal fraud or not (doubtful that there is such here), the sellers want $75,000 for the property. You do not want to pay that much. You either reach an agreeable price with the sellers or you don't purchase the property. I am guessing that the landlord isn't all that interested in selling the property, if his offer to you is truly out of the ball park.
You would have to pay for a second appraisal. If it came in significantly lower than the first, then you'd probably have to get a third to see who was wrong. I know this is an expensive way to go about it. The first step would be to get the appraisal report and have another appraiser review it. They have to have comparable sold properties and their adjustments have to based in reality. If you got some red flags here, you could get the second one done. I'm guessing you won't be able to prove fraud, but you might make life a little uncomfortable for that appraiser. good luck!
I pay attention this question each and all the time. It has no longer something to do with value determinations, that are for one purpose basically: to grant the financial company an estimate of industry fee on the TIME OF THE APPRAISAL, so as that the financial company can settle on if making the non-public loan is a smart determination. industry situations substitute constantly, and appraisal values DO fall while advertising expenditures come down. there is not any fraud in touch. as quickly as I bought actual components, I dealt with people who insisted on getting wonderful dollar even although their components became no longer reminiscent of people who introduced wonderful dollar. a house that desires a lot of artwork is going to sell for below one that desires no artwork, in keeping with danger a lot much less. while you're at $450K and nevertheless no action, you have no longer come down adequate. .
Ignore the appraiser. Why are you putting so much emphasis on this appraiser's opinion? Most buyers make an offer they feel is fair without ever asking an appraiser's opinion. Offer $30,000 if that is what you feel is fair. If seller counters at $72,000 then walk away. If the seller thinks it is worth $72,000 it is unlikely you will reach an agreement with him.
Go to the courthouse/appraisel office, file a complaint. - Housing authority- what ever its called in your area, or you could go to the district attorney, you may have to pay for a second appraisel. BUT if you are right you should get a refund, or it may become a civil case. If all that is worth it, I still wouldn't buy from them. CREEPS
bad credit mobile phones
Im about to be a senior next year, but i have a huge fear of bankruptcy, and living on the streets. so i need to know about how much everything will cost: -the apartment -general bills -car (when i get one) -gas -and whatever else. i will be moving in with my boyfriend and when we will have jobs. & our parents are going to help us for the most part. help??
Apartment: $800 Utilities, cell phone and water etc: $350 Car+gas: $300 Food: $150 Total: $1650 I would say budget for $1800 for everything you need per month. If that is too expensive then you can use a bus pass instead of a car. Don't eat out as often. Use you cell phones as your home phone and mobile instead of having a landline and cell. Rent a smaller apartment. Only have basic cable or no Cable. Be wise. If you go bankrupt you have no credit for 7 years, then your messed for life. And don't spend money on stupid stuff like fast food 3 times a week. If you are wise with your money there is no reason why you would end up bankrupt. And avoid using credit cards for clothes etc..... BAD BAD BAD!
It really depends on where you're going to live, because rent varies from place to place, the general bills you'll have to worry about is probably cable, phone/internet....again it depends on where you live for stuff like hydro/electric bills (I don't think you have to worry about that just yet, but check anyway the place you'll be moving into anyway) you're gonna have to think about food/cleaning/toiletries supplies. It also depends on the car your driving..some use more gas than others. You're also gonna have to think about (let's be honest) can't work all the time =) I recommend you talk to your parents, and come up with a budget plan especially since you're so young
My advice, ask in the finance section. Polls and Surveys is going to give you only a weird answer. Good luck, though.
The apartment will cost 300k so good luck with that <3 !
It varies from place to place. You could call some apartment complexes in your area to find out.
You really need to research that stuff on your own, we have no idea where you live, what kind of car you want, how much you will be driving, and all that "other stuff"
Well that all depends on how much luxury you want. But here is an example of mine Rent-$600.00 Bills altogether- around $250.00 Food-$400.00 family of 3
Poor ppl r alway gonna be poor, while im in arctic livin my ma huge masion lookin at my polar bears nd blue whale. damn. poor ppl.
Ask your parents. the should know about things like that
I would recommend you move into your bfs parents house to save money
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Hey Kimba, You can check your voicemail messages from a landline phone by calling 133321 :) When you call, follow the prompts and enter in your mobile number and then your voicemail PIN. If you don't know your voicemail PIN I can check this out for you if you'd like? Just drop me a line here → and I'll be in touch. Hope this helps! Cheers Andy Radoslav Optus Social Media Response Team
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Maintaining a low balance or no balance means that you'll never get a bad credit rating since you're proving that you pay your bill so it won't get delinquent to warrant a bad credit rating. In comparison, with debit cards being so manifest these days, a low balance on one of them just limits your ability to debit at various places; so you could say that a low checking account balance stifles your debit rating.
Optus Iou
Not that i know of, but you can borrow $3 of credit from optus, which theyll get back from you next time you recharge text 'IOU' to number 468 (that's IOU on your keypad). that should give you enough to check your messages :)
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My quick thoughts - If your school has counseling, please tell them your situation IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait. Some of these professionals probably talk to people in your situation on a pretty regular basis, and some of them might have some really valuable advice that they give you. I am not a counselor, but here are some ideas: #1 talk to a psychologist that might be available at your school for free. This will likely be a very common situation that they have much wisdom in dealing with. Talk to an academic adviser. Talk to a student financial aid officer - maybe you can get a loan, so you can quit one of your jobs. Get a job on campus to cut down on commute time. Cut expenses. Buy generic food, eat cheap food, make your own food in bulk on weekends, stop eating out, cut down on your phone bill. Get rid of cable, get rid of your expensive mobile phone bill. Cut, cut cut! Talk to a student adviser. Talk to people in your classes who are working. See if their situation is better than yours and if they have any advice. Reach for help! Don't be proud. Get a roommate. Move in with someone who is looking for a roommate. Move to a cheaper apartment. Hook up with some good students and see if you can study with them - work on projects together. Talk to other people you know in your situation. Drop your course load to less credits during the semester. Tell your department your situation - they might grant this in stressful circumstances. Move to a cheaper apartment. Cut your expenses even more. Get an internship in your major, where your employers will be lenient on you, because you are student. They might be able to accommodate your schedule as you need, because you might be a future employee. Also, you might get a good-paying job in your field with valuable work experience. Tell them your situation. Get a job that you can use for study between customer interactions. Plan to take longer to graduate for the long run, so you aren't so stressed out.
Just remember You have no value in todays world without a college degree! Dont drop out, Education is the most important thing in todays society. Talk with counselors at your school, drop a class or two... Anyhow, Get a College Degree!! Best of Luck!!
I feel you. I'm also a junior in college. I had two jobs but I quit one, so now I just have one. I don't feel motivated any more to do school work, but I'm so close to graduating so I feel like I can make it (I guess). Do you have financial aid or loans helping you pay for school/rent? I would suggest looking into getting some if you don't. I pay for school myself with loans/scholarships and it covers most of my other bills too. When I graduate I'm going to be in debt, but I feel like it's worth it to have a good education and a college degree. If you get a loan/grant you might feel less stressed and able to focus more on school. Good luck :)
Minus being engaged I am in the same boat a junior and all...just keep thinking about how your almost there. You won't have to work this hard the rest of your life unless that is you want to. Trust me classes all day then work all night tires you mind and makes you think differently, you know you want to finish.
Whatever you do, don't drop out. I would suggest talking to a school stress counselor if your school has some. Have you considered dropping one or two of your classes?
Can you take out loans, so that your finances aren't a pressing issue? If not, consider becoming a part-time student.
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I purchased my home last august for $20k cash. No loans, no mortgage etc. I was wondering, if I ever needed to borrow some money using my home as collateral, how would I know how much I have? I've heard some people say that because I bought my house using cash that now I have $20k in equity right off the bat. I've also heard that's not true.... anybody know the correct answer ?
Mobile homes decrease in value like a car. You do have equity since it is paid for, however it is less than the $20K you paid.
I completely forgot that I asked this question. 7 years ago. Wow.
Equity is defined as the difference in what you owe vs what the property is the full appaised value, since you own it outright, is the amount of equity that lenders will use when giving you a HELOC. Mobile homes go down in value, but the LAND (that holds most of the value) in most cases goes up....and sometimes it's enough to offset the depreciation in the mobile home.
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Work permit and residence visa cancellation Dubai UAE------ Normally your employer will arrange cancellation of your residence visa and work permit when the time comes to leave the UAE, or when changing jobs. The procedure will usually involve closing bank accounts, returning credit cards, cancelling telephone subscriptions, electricity and water accounts, moving out of company provided accommodation, and anything else for which the employers sponsorship was required. If you are remaining in the UAE, you will have to negotiate some way of retaining bank accounts, telephone lines etc, with your employer. It's worth considering carefully your departure procedure before you hand in your resignation notice, because once you do tell your company, certain events may be set in motion which can cause complications for you, especially if you have a less than harmonious relationship with your employer. These are some items to deal with: Money in the bank - will you still have access? Outstanding loans - do they need to be paid off and when? Credit cards - will they be cancelled, and when do they have to be fully paid off? Final salary and bonus / gratuity - how will it be paid and when? Accommodation (if company provided) - when do you have to move out or can you stay if you want to, and how are the lease terms affected (rent may go up, there may be a transfer cost to change name)? Telephone, internet, water, & electricity connections - if you want to retain them, how, or when are they cancelled? Shipping goods to another country if you are leaving School fees if paid by company Residence or employment ban - will you be subject to either or both? Changing jobs - will you transfer sponsorship, or will you leave country and return and make a new application? Doing a runner - no we're not advocating this method, or telling you how to do this, just saying that you should consider the implications carefully if you choose this option - it's likely you'll be banned from re-entering the UAE forever, or for a long time at least. You'll of course lose any gratuity and final salary the company might owe you. Telephone lines Employers may not have a problem with you keeping your telephone line, but if they do, a possible alternative is to transfer the number to a friend who has a residence visa in the UAE, or visit Etisalat and leave a hefty deposit as a temporary solution while changing sponsorship (note that it is unknown if this method is an officially sanctioned option, or just luck of the draw depending on who you talk to at Etisalat). Note that prepaid subscriptions (Al Wasel with Etisalat) should not need to be cancelled anyway, and some people get a second line as a back up in case their main mobile phone account is cancelled. Bank accounts Bank accounts are a different story, it would be unusual for an employer to allow you to keep an account open once you're off their sponosrship. As soon as you inform your employer that you will be leaving, it is common for them to notify your bank of your departure, and it is possible that your account gets frozen. Therefore you may want to withdraw any cash before you let your employer know of your departure, unless you're fairly certain that access to your account won't be prevented. You could also consider opening another account at another bank before you inform your employer of your departure. A company may only be interested in the bank account where your salary is deposited. Accommodation If you are in company provided accommodation, then you are supposed to be allowed to stay there for up to 30 days (not 1 month) after cancelling your work permit but check your contract carefully. Visa cancellation grace period Once your residence visa is cancelled, you also have up to 30 days (not 1 month) to exit the country, otherwise you will be considered an overstayer and will have to pay fines of 100 dhs per day plus an initial 100 dh charge. Cancellation request denied According to a report in the Khaleej Times 28 May 2008, the employer must not refuse a worker's request to cancel their visa, in response to a complaint from a secretary in Abu Dhabi that her employer would not cancel her visa. "The worker should abide by the law informing the employer before the notice month that he/she will resign. The sponsors have no right to detain the workers like this," said Obaid Rashid Al Zahmi, the Executive Director of the Inspection Section at the Ministry of Labour (MoL) in Abu Dhabi. If a company will not cancel a visa, the employee should file a complaint at the Disputes Department at the MoL. Negotiation As with many rules and procedures in Dubai, you may find a degree of flexibility in how company policies are applied - a good reason to stay on the right side of your PRO and other administrative staff at your company.
Of course you can leave your company. But - not fulfilling a limited work contract is considered breaching the labor law and therefore you will receive a one year immigration ban. Your visa and labor card need to be canceled by your employer. In case you want to stay in the UAE, this only is possible if you are able to obtain a NOC of your present employer, pay the "not comlplete one year" fees and find another employer who bears the high costs of sponsorship of an employee who worked here less than 3 years. To make a long story short. If you want to leave the UAE, leave with a ban. If you want to take a new employment, find an amicable solution.
Your question is not clear, is it can you leave the firm?? the answer is yes, but they won't be your kafeel, so you'll have a month limit time to find another one, a company that is if ur question is can u cancel the visa, yes, just get out of work or find another company to sponser u
I have Dubai employment entry visa issued 21 April 2014, I haven't used it, does automatically cancel from the system? I have new employer who wants to process my new visa. Please advise
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I'm about to buy a mobile home. I'm paying in cash, so don't have any loans or anything like that to deal with. I just wanted to know after I write the check, about how long will it be before I can move in? I'm in a pretty big hurry because it is in a different state than I live now and I already have my job in place there and abunch of other things are set up for me and my I need to be there within two weeks because its going to be impossible to commute.
Since this is more like a car sale, the instant you write the current owner a check the property is yours and they should be out on that date other wise until they have moved you do not give them a dime.
You will get the keys at closing and can move in anytime after that.
It's yours the day of closing.
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Today i tried to get a tmobile contract phone, £20 per month for 18month and was credit rejected by experian and i dont know why. ive never taken out credit in my life, never been in debt for anything either. every month i clear 100% of my credit card bill on time. ive lived where i live now for over 3yrs ive had a bank account since i was a child and have never been over drawn once by so much as a penny and i have a reasonably healthy bank balance. i dont work due to health reasons and i live in rented accomodation paid for by HB but i was not asked any income related questions in the last 3 yrs my credit card has been defrauded twice but i was told this would not have any baring on my rating and also someone tried to take out credit with littlewoods in my name fraudulently and again i was told at the time that this wouldnt affect my rating ive signed up for free credit report on credit expert but thats gonna take 48hrs and i want to know now, im really really angry about it can anyone help me? and what can i possibly do to improve my rating when i dont owe anything to anyone? thanks
No one here can possibly tell you, but you should receive a letter from T-Mobile outlining exactly why you were refused. Who told you that identity theft wouldn't reflect on your credit report? Unless those fraudulent items were removed, it's very possible that is what is affecting your credit score. If they have been removed, it might be that you have no credit (which is sometimes as detrimental as bad credit), but I fail to see why they would reject you outright based on that. More likely, they would have requested a security deposit. Go over your credit bureau reports with a fine toothed comb and dispute every single erroneous item on it.
For financial and credit subject I was search for solutions at this site: HTTP://CREDIT.PROTECTIONQUOTING.NET RE Credit rating, why was i rejected? Today i tried to get a tmobile contract phone, £20 per month for 18month and was credit rejected by experian and i dont know why. ive never taken out credit in my life, never been in debt for anything either. every month i clear 100% of my credit card bill on time. ive lived where i live now for over 3yrs ive had a bank account since i was a child and have never been over drawn once by so much as a penny and i have a reasonably healthy bank balance. i dont work due to health reasons and i live in rented accomodation paid for by HB but i was not asked any income related questions in the last 3 yrs my credit card has been defrauded twice but i was told this would not have any baring on my rating and also someone tried to take out credit with littlewoods in my name fraudulently and again i was told at the time that this wouldnt affect my rating ive signed up for free credit report on credit expert but thats gonna take 48hrs and i want to know now, im really really angry about it can anyone help me? and what can i possibly do to improve my rating when i dont owe anything to anyone? thanks
For Credit and finance solutions I always visit this site where you can find all the solutions. :Credit rating, why was i rejected? Today i tried to get a tmobile contract phone, £20 per month for 18month and was credit rejected by experian and i dont know why. ive never taken out credit in my life, never been in debt for anything either. every month i clear 100% of my credit card bill on time. ive lived where i live now for over 3yrs ive had a bank account since i was a child and have never been over drawn once by so much as a penny and i have a reasonably healthy bank balance. i dont work due to health reasons and i live in rented accomodation paid for by HB but i was not asked any income related questions in the last 3 yrs my credit card has been defrauded twice but i was told this would not have any baring on my rating and also someone tried to take out credit with littlewoods in my name fraudulently and again i was told at the time that this wouldnt affect my rating ive signed up for free credit report on credit expert but thats gonna take 48hrs and i want to know now, im really really angry about it can anyone help me? and what can i possibly do to improve my rating when i dont owe anything to anyone? thanks Follow 6 answers
For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. :Credit rating, why was i rejected? Today i tried to get a tmobile contract phone, £20 per month for 18month and was credit rejected by experian and i dont know why. ive never taken out credit in my life, never been in debt for anything either. every month i clear 100% of my credit card bill on time. ive lived where i live now for over 3yrs ive had a bank account since i was a child and have never been over drawn once by so much as a penny and i have a reasonably healthy bank balance. i dont work due to health reasons and i live in rented accomodation paid for by HB but i was not asked any income related questions in the last 3 yrs my credit card has been defrauded twice but i was told this would not have any baring on my rating and also someone tried to take out credit with littlewoods in my name fraudulently and again i was told at the time that this wouldnt affect my rating ive signed up for free credit report on credit expert but thats gonna take 48hrs and i want to know now, im really really angry about it can anyone help me? and what can i possibly do to improve my rating when i dont owe anything to anyone? thanks Follow 4 answers
There are a number of elements why bank card programs are rejected. Errors in filling up the software varieties might be one component. These might be little errors and discrepancies within the private main points like zip codes, cellphone numbers and others. Unreadable handwriting might be a different component why a bank card software will get rejected. With enormous quantities of software varieties ready to be processed at the tables of the manufacturer revenue representatives, a kind which are not able to be learn will obviously be doomed for rejection. These are examples of human mistakes that function deterrent to the processing of your bank card, however those are repairable. You simplest need to proper the errors and fill within the lacking understanding and the one predicament might be the prolong to your getting the genuine card. So simply speak with the bank card manufacturer to understand the certain intent in your card request being rejected in an effort to rectify it.
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This site can solve your problem very fast: http://WWW.CREDIT-COMPARE.NET
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I have a few questions about raising my credit score. My score had been at 680 until recently, when I accepted a new job and relocated to a new city. In that process, I have applied for a mortgage, and have had a credit report run by about six different services ranging from DirecTV, T-mobile, the background check company for my new employer, etc. In this time I have seen my score go from a 680 to a 637. Ouch!!! Also, my credit monitoring service says that one reason for my low score is that I do not have a major credit card, as well as a few late payments in my past. So here are my questions: 1. How long can I expect those recent inquiries to pull down my credit rating? I would think that after a few months I could anticipate seeing it climb back up into that 680 range. Am I right? 2. With the 637 that I have now, is there some kind of credit card that I could get? I don’t really want a credit card, but just for the sake of having it to pull up my score I guess I could get one. What card should I apply for, and will this actually help? 3. My score is also not perfect because of a few late payments about 2 - 3 years ago, and two different disputes over very small amounts of money that the phone company decided I owed after having closed accounts (and moved, thus never having received any notifications until I started monitoring my credit). For how long can I expect those things to plague me? Thanks! A good response to each of my 3 questions will earn 10 points :-)
It's so easy to bring your credit score down, so hard to get it up; I feel you... To get your credit up, (1) check your credit report. (free at Trans union, as a dispute) (2) pay 65% of all your open accounts (3) stop by a local furniture store (Badcock, Macy's, etc) and buy something small (4) when you can... pay open account off completely and wait a month, then use it again up to 35% (and keep doing this) (5)sign online to Capital-One, with a 635 credit score, you will qualify (6) Don't open more than 3 Credit card (7) don't close any accounts (8)Don't worry about 2 year accounts, creditor see that as a good sign (experience) (9) Don't start opening accounts, just because you can; or because your credit has improved, that is a bad sign to future creditors. specially buying a home. (10) buying a house improves your credit immensely. (11) make at least your minimum payment on time, as long as the account is 35% of your credit line. (12) inquiries stay for up to 2 years, so keep it to a minimum hope these help Judy, Sears is hard to get... I know. lol and Discovery require 650 or better in your credit score, not just 6 months of pass history.
Try getting a secured credit card at your local bank. You can check fees and interest rates at Most banks charge annual fees under $30. The bank would use your savings account as collateral and you would continue to earn interest on your savings account. The secured card would be reported to the credit bureau just the same as if it were an unsecured card. Your credit score may not have dropped like you think. Different credit bureaus have different scores and they are on different scales. The most common score is the FICO score. Make sure your credit scores are from the same source or bureau. Even if you move, it is your responsibility to pay accounts on time. Those items, after a couple of years will have less impact on your score. It is said that if you pull credit reports for applications, you can expect your score to drop by about one point per inquiry, but an excessive number of inquiries could cause a drastic drop.
There are many factors that affect your credit score. If you carry some debt on your credit cards, it may not be a bad thing. The best thing that you can do is pay things down, charge small amounts and pay them off quickly. Also, if you can, close some accounts when they are paid off. Having one or two credit cards is better than having six or seven. The next thing that you can do is pay on time and pay higher than the minimum monthly payment. Even if you pay an extra $2 per month, it is a good thing, and it will give you quick results. If you cannot afford the monthly payments of all of your bills, you can contact a credit counselling service. They work with you and your creditors to assist in getting things paid down quickly by reducing your interest. The nice thing about the services is they really work. They can significantly reduce your monthly payment, while getting your principle paid down. In addition, the credit agencies who report for your credit score look at using the counseling services as being serious about your credit. As long as you get it fixed and keep it fixed, your score will continue to go up. Chances are, you will not see much change in your score for six to twelve months. If you get things done and you keep it going, you should see results in a little over a year. good luck.
Inquiries only affect 10% of your score and drop off in about 3 months (guess), but it is a small part of your credit rating. Hard inquiries - like mortgage, stay on for 2 years (included in that 10%). Don't sweat inquiries. It's the other stuff that's giving you troubles. Try store cards first. Like Target - easy to get , Kohl's, jcpenny, and even Sears. Also try gas cards like BP, racetrack, raceway, shell oil. You must pay them in full each month to achieve top credit. Keep trying, you'll eventually get one. After 6 months with one of these cards go for Discover or Capital One. /
bad credit mobile phones
On 12/17/10, I made a payment of $104, for phone #1, which I have had since September 2010. On 12/20/2010 I opened a second line for phone #2 and paid $50 for the phone and $108 for the first month service, total of $158. Two days later, I received the phone. On 12/26/2010, T-Mobile suspended service for both lines, claiming they have not received a payment for phone #2. I spoke to another T-Mobile rep being frustrated with the first one, to which they informed me of the same thing, no payment on file. Giving both reps the order #, they both were unable to locate it and stated there’s nothing that can be done. Angry, I asked for the supervisor, who also gave me the same line, to which I stated it is unacceptable, he then stated to conference the sales department to which he did. The sales rep with the order#, informed the supervisor, the payment was received, and I have FLEX-PAY so in order for me to have service and receive the phone, the payment had to of been received. The supervisor then credited my account, restored service and apologize, but claimed it was temporary, for as their investigating. On 01/05/11 as I usually do was applying for employment, I applied to at least 30/40 jobs and I was called in for an interview the following day. Having that interview I was told to wait on their call, for the next steps as a fellow friend worked there. That day came, I hadn’t received any call, no call or text from anyone to be exact, trying to call out, I realized once again service suspended. I began crying and became irate. I called T-Mobile, and angry asked why is my phone suspended. The rep stated the payment for phone#2. Was returned, declined I need to make a payment of $159 to restore service for phone#2 immediately, and since phone#2 is suspended, phone#1, even though it was paid for previously will be suspended too. Aggravated, I hung up and called my credit card company and conferenced the call with another T-Mobile rep, my payment was received, the credit company approved it, the payment was never declined. The T-Mobile rep told both the credit card company and I, that even though their verifying it, there’s nothing that can be done until proof is provided. My rep stated my statement closes that day so I will receive it in 5-7 days, and T-Mobile stated after it is faxed to them it can take up to 5 days to process, so in all I will be left with no phone for 15 days, for service I paid for. I asked them is there anything I can do to resolve it quicker, I need my phone, it is unfair, to which I was transferred to financial, to which that rep then asked me for a payment, angry I explained everything to him, and he as well stated there’s nothing he can do, either I make another payment or fax the proof of payment, so I hung up, realizing they aren’t going to help me. Until I fax my statement, which I will once I receive it. I have also asked them to disconnect service on 01/16/11 when my cycle ends, as I no longer want to keep a cell phone and am just disturbed with people in general. I am in a bad place, my phones are my life, and T-Mobile has taken that away from me. I have no form of contact with the outside world, I’m annoyed, stressed out, emotional and I just wish this didn’t have to happen. All perspective employers will not contact me through E-Mail, so I’ve lost potential interviews. I don’t mean to be bitter but it’s taking a toll on me emotionally, this is unfair. Please read, understand, comment and advise
No, you can't sue. First, gather together all your documentation and proof of payments, including credit card statements, etc. Second, mail a detailed letter to their Customer care office: T-Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380. They may have different credit or payment standards for Flex Pay. If you have a regular account with them, I'm guessing you wouldn't be having these issues.
I am totally with you tmobile is jerking us around so hard right now.our phones (3 lines) have been out of service for 3 months now cannot make or receive calls there is some sort of problem with the tower in our area the engineers cant seem to figure out.i have made countless phone calls to tmobile to no avail all i hear is trouble ticket we are escalating the issue same jive talk every time i talk to them the first time i talked to them on this issue they told me that i would be credited the previous months bill never happened.i called them back on it they acted like i was crazy when i said the words credit to my account i eventually got a 40 dollar credit but still no phone service but they were rude through that whole process.ive called several times since then same story "sorry we do not issue credits" and what is worse every time i call i have to explain the entire issue over and over and over again and every time they transfer me i have to explain it again to that rep. i just want out of my contract.i spoke to customer care today on the issue and the rep would not let me talk to a supervisor i asked about 6 times finally a supervisor got on the line told me the same thing every one else i had spoke to told me.end then ends by saying im ending the call and straight up HUNG UP THE PHONE what kind of customer support is that. i would suggest filing a complaint with the bbb like i did also the ftc all i know is as soon as i get out of my contract i will always go prepaid this is a total nightmare i had to buy a prepaid phone with cricket anyway just to be able to call tmobile and other calls i need to make but anyway thats my story just keep fighting is all i can say.
:( T-Mobile will accept a statement with a running balance if you can provide that. If you paid over the phone, you're following the correct procedures and should continue to escalate to supervisors if the representatives aren't giving you what you need in the meantime. As for being able to sue, unfortunately it stands that cell phone companies are only as good regarding payments as the credit card companies and banks allow them to be. You have a right to pursue it as you feel necessary, but it would most likely end in a loss.
Based what I read,you have the proof of this purchase but won't get that proof till you statement comes in.I would go to your bank and have them check those records and print it out so you can fax it to to tmobile.Hopefully you have the dates of those transactions.
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bad credit mobile phones
I've had Virgin Mobile service for about 4 years now. My experiences with VM have been very positive, especially compared to some other carriers--Sprint and the old AT&T (pre-Cingular) in particular. VM has the lowest rates and the least restrictive programs of any cellular carrier I know of in the U.S.--about 10 cents a minute. I have always signed up for the programs that permit you to pay a monthly charge (about $8) and then get 10 c/min calls anytime. The only "requirement" is that you put $20 in your account every 90 days. If for some reason you don't use that money, you can carry it over and use it later. VM uses Sprint's network. So if you know how Sprint coverage is in your area, you'll know how VM's is. I have used VM in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and many other places, and coverage has not been an issue. When I've had problems, which has been incredibly rare, customer service has always been quickly helpful, with minimal hold times and a refreshing lack of idiocy and meanness. For instance, during a certain period I moved frequently for work, and VM had no qualms about changing my phone number to a local one about every 6 weeks. When I changed phones, they activated my phone in just minutes. The one thing that was difficult was porting my old phone number from another carrier to VM. However, I'm told this is a hassle with virtually any phone company. Another service plus is that you can do virtually everything online, including activate phones, check your account, and add money to your account. VM doesn't have the greatest selection of phones, but so what?--they're a budget-minded service. If you look on VM's website, you can get some phones virtually for free--they give you call credit equal to the phone price, which is more generous than any other carrier I know. For instance, Verizon won't give you $20 of talk credit in exchange for spending $20 on a phone. If you want a better, but cheaper phone, buy a used one on or eBay--just make sure it's a VM phone, and insist upon a written (emailed) guarantee that they will refund your money if the phone cannot be activated. Carriers won't activate phones reported stolen, for instance, or phones that don't really belong to their network. I suggest you give Virgin Mobile a try. You can do so with very little cash spent, and I expect you will like them.
I have virgin mobile service and i think it's pretty good. I've also had unicel and verizon wireless and the bills and charges can get out of whack but with the virgin mobile i don't pay extra fees or lose minutes. I've had a good experience with them, the coverage is about the same as the other carriers and theres different plans you can use. I'm currently using the 10cents a minute plan for 6.99 a month. It's quick and easy to top up and add money to.
Virgin Mobile is the largest prepaid cell phone company in the United States. Their service is geared toward the 15-25 age bracket, hence they're designed to insure that you always have minutes. Not to mention there's Sugar Mama, where you can get free minutes just by doing surveys and watching commercials on their website. I've had them for two years and I've had no complaints at all.
Well my friend had virgin mobile. The prepaid phones are not very good quality (from what i know there arent any flip phones), but the service is ok. you don't have service in as many places as verizon, but hey theyre the most reliable. good if you like a prepaid plan and dont really care what your phone looks like
I've had nothing but a positive experience with virgin mobile. I'd recommend them to anybody. I've never once had them overcharge me, in fact there are so many ways to get free airtime, I rarely drop a call and yes they do have flip phones.
Virgin mobile has awsome rate i got switch back and slider sonic there very good phones
My vet loves them....and i love my vet....
bad credit mobile phones
YES!!! It Can! if it does not have any security software on it protecting it. Your Smart Phone is just like any other computer device. It can receive a virus from webpages you visit and any "iffy" e-mails your friends send you. Any 3rd party apps from unknown websites you may download. Or even that cute Kitty picture your Mom sends you in a text. (if you don't know where She got it, or her phone was already infested when she took the pic how can you tell it does not have a virus? The ONLY way to tell if you have a virus is to have an anti-virus program running on your phone and the best and cheapest is a program called "Lookout". Cheapest because its FREE!!! they have a paid version that adds a few bells and whistles but the FREE version will protect your phone. It will also help you locate your phone should it become lost or stolen. You install the program on your phone, and at that time sign up on their website. (<--For FREE) If your phone is lost you can log onto their website under your ID and password then select "FIND MY PHONE" and it will give you a Google map of yours phones location down to the accuracy of your phones GPS which many times is +/- 5 Feet. You can also ring your phone from that site if you lost it around the house and don't have another phone to call it. For the paid version you can also remotely ERASE everything on your phone. This would come in handy to prevent someone from accessing all your e-mails and private information. Or photos maybe you should not have. lol You can also brick the phone. that means whoever took it cannot use it at all. or make it squeal whenever its turned on.. I like this added (paid) feature knowing it would piss the thief off not being able to use the phone for anything. As for telling if your phone has a virus. The ONLY way to know is to have an anti-virus tell you. Sure your phone may run slower than normal, or your friends may be getting e-mails or texts from your phone telling them to go to a website without you actually sending them. BUT MOST of the time you will notice NOTHING and the virus will quietly be collecting your credit card numbers and bank information and be sending it to the bad guys without your knowledge! The modern Smart Phone contains more computer power that the desk tops of just 10-Years ago. My advice: NEVER operate a computer of any kind without the proper protection software. This also applies to the iPhone. Apple does not advertise it because they want to give the impression that there "stuff" does not get viruses but they Make AND Sell anti virus software for their macs and phones. As more people bought macs it became popular enough for the bad guys to make money off spying on Macs. There are now many viruses written for the Macs, iPhone and iPad's. AND Apples sells the anti-Malware programs to protect their equipment. BUT believe it or not even some of the Apple iStore "GENIUSES" don't know about it. LOL!!! (and I use the term "Genius VERY loosely) I only work with Android Phones so Here is the best place to pick up a GOOD download of the anti-virus program for Android.
Reverse Phone Number Look Up Services
Can Phones Get Viruses
Reverse phone number search compiles hundreds of millions of phone book records to help locate the owner's name, location, time zone, email and other public information. Use a reverse phone lookup to: Get the identity of an unknown caller. Identify an area code. Recall the name of a person whose number you wrote down. Identify an unfamiliar phone number that shows up on your bill.
Do you have to go to a website to actually get a virus on your phone or can they pop up randomly when you are on a trusted site?
NOT UNLESS YOU INSTALL IT YOURSELF!!!!!. Apps With malicious intent like an mp3 downloader that requires permition to read your text messages. Or a so-called "ANTIVIRUS" app that scares you into thinking you need it and has access to E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! ! Articles everywhere will tell that you are at risk unless you have a security app but it s all BS. Your phone has enough security built into it by the manufacturer and vendor that you can t uninstall without physically plugging it in to a computer, installing specific drivers, and flashing it.
Yes, it can. Any suspicious behavior, such as switching off irregularly, software getting stuck, sending text messages to entire phonebook, opening random pages in the browser etc can be a sign of infection. Sometimes, you may not know until too late.
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Mobile Phones are.............................. Do Your OWN God Damn HOMEWORK *EDIT* The mobile phone or mobile, also called a wireless, cellular phone, cell phone, cell speaker box, or hand phone is a long-range, portable electronic device used for mobile communication that uses a network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. In addition to the standard voice function of a telephone, current mobile phones may support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video.In less than twenty years, the mobile phone has gone from being rare, expensive equipment of the business elite to a pervasive, low-cost personal item. In many countries, mobile phones outnumber land-line phones; in the U.S., 50 percent of children have mobile phones In many young adults' households it has supplanted the land-line phone. Mobile phone usage is banned in some countries, such as North Korea and restricted in some other countries such as Burma Mobile news services are expanding with many organizations providing "on-demand" news services by SMS. Some also provide "instant" news pushed out by SMS. Mobile telephony also facilitates activism and public journalism being explored by Reuters and Yahoo and small independent news companies such as Jasmine News in Sri Lanka Companies like Monster[35] are starting to offer mobile services such as job search and career advice. Consumer applications are on the rise and include everything from information guides on local activities and events to mobile coupons and discount offers one can use to save money on purchases. Even tools for creating websites for mobile phones are increasingly becoming available, e.g. Mobilemo.
bad credit mobile phones
Long Story Short: Girlfriend bought a phone from Boost Mobile (Blackberry Curve). Phone has typical blackberry problems (locks up, freezes, bad battery, software problems). We filed three 'cases' with Boost Customer Care so far, all three have been denied. First two times, they said it's becuase there was something wrong with the network, this last time they said it's because we didn't go through EVERY trouble shooting thing with a CSR. I talked to a supervisor, they said they'll send a new phone, but it will take ANOTHER two weeks until we find out if it's a approved action from Boost. We've had the phone since July. It stopped working basically a few days after. Over the last three months, I've talked to customer service several times (just talking to someone takes ten minutes of navigating those talking menus), and they said they can't give us any 'credit' towards our account, any free service, and that they can't exchange the phone. The store we bought the phone from and Customer Service have both said that stores don't handle the phone exchanges, it's handled by a seperate department in the Boost Network. I should have read reviews of the company first, but what can I do other than hope they exchange the phone (which they likely won't)? I think it's wrong that they advertise things, sell you faulty phone, and then refuse to do something about it. There has to be something we (consumers) can do, other than file a complaint with the company and file a complaint with the BBB and get screwed. Any help? Here's a quick run down of what's wrong with the phone (Blackberry Curve): -Hourglass of Death -Randomly Shut Off/Close Everything -Track Ball Broken/Doesn't Scroll -Doesn't Send/Receive Picture Messages -Some Bottons don't work at times -Even if phone not used, battery dies in less than 24 hours -Tried wiping memory, restoring phone, trouble shooting with CSR -No apps/music/photos on phone, still does above
First, read EVERY single word on the contract you signed. There is probably something there regarding this situation. DOCUMENT every problem with the phone and the service every time that it happens. DOCUMENT every call to customer service, every time you take it to someone, every letter, every claim, every attempt you make to get this fixed. Date, time, who you talk to, what they say. File a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and to your state Public Utilities Commission and state Attorney General office. Some of the larger cities have local television stations that have reporters who will do a story on the problems that people have when a business gives unfair treatment to citizens. The reporters will track down the people and help resolve the problem and give air time to the story. Business don't like to be shown in a negative light so they will sometimes help just because a reporter is working the story. File a case in the small claims court against the carrier, Blackberry and the business where you bought your service, all jointly in the same claim. Your ammunition in the court is the agreement you signed and your detailed documented logs to prove that you paid for a service that you are not receiving due to their faulty equipment and services.
This Site Might Help You. RE: What can you do if Boost Mobile won't replace a phone? Long Story Short: Girlfriend bought a phone from Boost Mobile (Blackberry Curve). Phone has typical blackberry problems (locks up, freezes, bad battery, software problems). We filed three 'cases' with Boost Customer Care so far, all three have been denied. First two times, they said...
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bad credit mobile phones
Ok i have a family plan with T-Mobile. i got it back in January,2006 and the contract end in January,2007. i have one phone and my ex-girlfriend has the other phone. i want to know i can turn the phones off before the end of the contract without putting a bad mark on my credit report. i am 21 years old and have A++ credit. its November so i only have alittle more to go, but i don't have the money to keep it on because she was paying the bill and is not going to pay it anymore. so please help. i can't put her number in her name because she have no credit at all.
Just be sure to pay the bill in full when it comes, and it will not affect your credit in any way. It's when you DON'T pay the bill that your credit can be compromised.
You'll only get a bad mark on your credit if you do not pay the fee when you turn off the phones before the year is up.
Talk to T-mobile, see what they can do for you. If not It usually takes a few months for a company to report you to a credit agency. They will usually give you a chance to pay it off, with out ever putting it on your credit report. Try to Negotiate your phone bill with them.
I was in a similar situation, and this is what happened. They will charge you $200 for cancelling the one phone line account, or if you don't pay it charge you $200 for cancelling it for you (what happened). Talk to a T-Moblie rep in person at one of their stores and see if they can help. It may just be cheaper and easier to get the phone from her, and pay out your contract, and change it to one phone line in January.
I have a T-Mobile acct too. They will charge you $200 per line to cancel your contract early. You can call 611 on your phone to get more information from customer service.
No u wont get bad credit just so long u pay them thier early termination fee. u get bad credit once they turn it in so a credit bureau trying to get the payment due. so nothing to worry about unless u dont pay whats owed.
As long as when you cancel, you pay the termination fee by the billing due date. if it's after the due date, then it goes into a collection path, which affects your credit negatively.
bad credit mobile phones
Oh-kay, so all of you probably heard of the Sidekick [ ] before. I would really love to have it, but my mother says she doesn't really want me to have it because: ◘ She's afraid that if she buys it for me, her credit will become even worse then it is now. The reason she say's this is because it comes with a 2 year contract and if the bill is not paid on time, her credit score will become lower. ◘ She also said it will affect my education because she thinks I'll be instant messaging, and texting all day, which will cause me to avoid doing my homework and/or studying. I respect the reasons for why my mother doesn't really want me to have this phone. But, I am willing to pay for the bill. Just a while ago, I was saying to myself that I should do chores around the house which can earn me about $50+ a month. And as I get the money, I will put it in my bank account and keep on doing so until I get at least $200. Then, my mom can buy me the phone as an early b-day present. The reason I say $200 is because, when my bill is due, all I would have to do is take the amount needed and pay it with that. I will still be doing chores, so as I take money out for my bill, money will be still be added. Get meh? The bill will be around $80. So, would be helping her get better credit. And as for it affecting my education, umm..I'm not sure how to prove to her that it won't cause any harm to it. Any ideas? BTW, the plan that I would like is "myFaves 300 with FlexPay". FlexPay is basically an account that allows you to add money to it, and when you're bill is due, it withdraws the amount needed and it's used to pay your bill. I don't really talk much on the phone, so 300 minutes is fine, I'll have free nights & weekends. And I'm 13. What do you think of what I'm willing to do to have this phone?
I think your eagerness to get the phone, and the lengths you are willing to go to, to get the phone, but at the same time I can understand your mums concerns, as if you stop doing the work at any point, then you will stop earning the money to pay for the contract, and your mums credit would go down. I'd possibly try talking to your mum, and explaining the lengths you are willing to go to to get the phone. :)
Every phone, unless you get a pay as you go phone, comes with a 2 year contract. I would say, lay down some rules. You sound very responsible so ask her to compromise with you. Like no texting at school or no texting after 6 at night. Or she gets to hold your phone while you do homework. Something like that that works for both of you :)
Its not as easy as you want it to be..the credit situation is a very big deal and if she even has doubts of not being able to pay the bills on time i would never even want that phone! if her credit is bad you could have many things taken away and you might not even have enough money for college. ask for another phone thats cheaper and stuff, and i cant beileve you are 13! wait until high school at least!
I think what you're you willing to do to acquire the phone is great. If you keep that up, it should soon be in your possession. However, you should think to determine if you actually need the phone. How would your life be different if you didn't have the phone? Would it be better or worse? In my honest opinion, I think it would be better to simply save money.
You seem very responsible and i think you should be allowed to have the phone. does your mom realize that almost ALL phone plans have a 2 year contract? not just the sidekick.
She seems to have some pretty good reasons, why not wait until her credit gets better?
bad credit mobile phones
Verizon bases its deposit on your credit rating. If you have bad credit -- or even worse, no credit -- the higher the deposit the ask for. $400 is the maximum deposit they ask for, I believe.
Your deposit for wireless service is generally determined by your credit score. Verizon will generally require a $400 deposit for people with no credit or bad credit. You can estimate your deposit amount this tool -
Could be a lot of things. How is your credit? I live in Florida where because we are such a transient state you must pay deposits for all kinds of things. Electric, water and other city services, home phone, cable/ You name it and you have to put up a deposit that they hold usually for 2 years before they give it back and you get no interest money on the deposit money they tie up. Check all the other companies. Maybe it is because I did not grow up with cell phones I just don't understand why people feel the need to have these overpriced "look my phone can speak to me in Mandarin Chinese while delivering a baby"! I just don't get it.I seriously believe that cell phones are turning people into ignor-anuses. If I were a politician I would push for "no cell phone areas" much like NO SMOKING. Good luck with your search. I do business with T-Mobile and they have what I like to call "CUSTOMER DISSERVICE"! They are the worst if you have to contact them with a problem.
You have to put down a deposit if you have bad credit or you don't have a cell history and you get an expensive device. Those phones and PDAs, have you seen the Full MSRP on them? They are hella expensive. They have to protect their investment, ya know. But yeah, thats a rather large deposit.
To get a settlement telephone, meaning you get a $599+ telephone for decrease than $199 or much less with a 2yr settlement settlement, instant distributors choose to renowned in case you will pay the bill ON TIME and with out difficulty and in case you would be a reliable shopper to them..... merely like banks, vehicle sellers, furniture retailers, etc etc etc ..... they use your FICO credit, that's imprinted on your Social secure practices style for something of your existence...... $3 hundred deposit tells me that the two a million) you have 0 to little credit background.... or.... 2) you have some credit background, yet your previous due paying your month-to-month charges or have some charges left unpaid.... in case you pay the deposit, and are a large shopper for 3 hundred and sixty 5 days on the instant, which skill no previous due funds, no suspensions, no cancelations, you will get your $3 hundred decrease back on the thirteenth month of settlement
The deposit is based on your credit. I had to pay 200$ but after a year they sent me a check for that amount.
Well, the palm centro blue is expensive. But, verizon just sucks. I was with them for many years, and then my boyfriend got a job at AT&T. Best deals, great service, good coverage, no bull. You get it, go check them out!
This is the deposit they require for people with a lousy credit history. If your credit were good, they would not require a deposit. Your credit history will follow you wherever you go.
Wow that is a big one. for me at sprint it was 150 bucks, but they stink and i am getting out when my contract runs out.
bad credit mobile phones
I was wondering if I would be able to return this HORRIBLE i776 from Boost Mobile to the store when I got it and be able to get the $50 for the plan back. I know that I will be able to take the phone back, but will I be able to get the money for the plan back too? It's only been two days. If possible, then I am going to virgin mobile after wards. I cannot take this slow iDen crap anymore. Please help me out with any info you have.
To be honest with you, I don't really recommend Virgin Mobile either. You can try to get your money back on the account, but if not, just put the whole package up on Craigslist at slightly less then full price and offer an active phone number on Boost unlimited for say what you think is fair. I dumped my Metro pcs like carrier's number that way by selling the phone and minutes together. Or you can just sell your phone and sim separately. Up to you. Use the money to get a better phone and plan. The reason I don't recommend Virgin is you are going to trade one type of frustration for another. You will get cooler phones, but bad customer service (like Boost), overcharging/mischarging issues (if you use a credit/debit card or Paypal) or don't stay on top of your account details and slow texting (Just like Boost again) Ironically, whenever anyone asks me this, I recommend Boost mobile . The OTHER one. You mentioned iden so you must know a little, but just in case you don't, there are TWO Boost Mobile unlimiteds. The crap iden one(which you know) and the GOOD cdma one (which you don''t have). I have used it for over a year with no issues. Fast texting, no dropped calls/network outages. And if you have internet , 3g. (I only have talk/text, I use an older plan). The Boost cdma unlimited plan is called the Nationwide $50 Unlimited everything plan ( or something like that. ). That is the one you want . (Normally, it's $70 for talk/text/web and no roaming. This has nationwide roaming included for free.) The problem is that you can't port an iden Boost number to Cdma Boost directly (because they want to prevent losing people from Crap Boost to Good Boost directly. It's probably much easier to go to iden side from cdma side though.) You can either give up the number if you sell it, or transfer it to Virgin Mobile with their cheapest phone temporarily then port it back into Boost cdma. Call 1-877-TLK-MORE, the Boost cdma number after you get a Boost cdma phone either new or more likely used. They only have three models (Motorola C290, W385, Krzr). But you can put all kinds of cooler Sprint phones on the network (later as an upgrade after you open with a Boost cdma phone). Here's more info if interested. The highest rate of success on getting the $50 everything Unltd national plan if stonewalled is to 1)Ask for a supervisor immediately. 2)LET THEM KNOW, you are a current iden Boost user. They would rather have you stay with Boost on Cdma, then have you leave for Metro, Cricket, or even Virgin Mobile (who pays Sprint anyway). If all else fails, hey Virgin Mobile is always an option.
Boost Mobile Return Policy
Don't listen to these idiots telling you Boost Phones are not GSM, boost used to be CDMA, but they made a change a while ago, I bought a brand new boost phone today, and guess what it comes with a boost sim card. So I do believe it will work in any UNLOCKED phone that will take a SIM CARD.
For the best answers, search on this site they will since it is still under warranty. just don't tell them that the reason why you are returning the phone is because you found someplace where you can buy it at a cheaper price.
What if there is a slight scuff on the back of the phone?
bad credit mobile phones
Well yesterday i just turned 18 and tried to sign with T-Mobile at Walmart b/c the phone i wanted was free. Well anyway, The guy said i didn't have to pay a deposit and since i have a bad credit history " I just turned 18 duhh " i have to pay for the phone itself * $194 * and the 1st month service * $50 *. I was like WTH?! He said it's because i have bad credit history and i was thinking to my self something ain't right i kinda figured walmart would try to screw me over but i'm going to the main store today and see what they say. Thanks!
Personaly i would never buy anything from Wal Mart, my suggestion is go to a TMobil Store, even if the same things happens there, they will probably be more professional and diplomantic in handlng the situation and exaplain why The biggest problem you may have is being just 18 having just turned 18 all cell dealers do credit checks and you may simply have no credit history, that happened to me years ago, it isin't fun but that is part of life My other suggestion is, I have poor credit, I also have had AT&T home phone service for years, I called Cingular onthe phone not a dealer but AT&T talked to them and they saidthat even though my credit history was not real good, since I had alonghistory of home phone service withthem they would esyablish an account and by pass the creditcheck, it may not work for you but certainly worth the try, when you are just 18 and no credit history getting ANY credit will be hard Also you may not be thrilled using AT&T for wireless service, but if they by pass the creditcheck as an AT&T home phone service customer, I would jump on that offer and use them until you can establish credit to use another provider
Yes, Go to the tmobile retail store okay! This is because you'll probably get a better deal on the phone itself. As for adeposit that you might have to pay, i'm not sure if they can work around this if you don't have any credit history. I had to put a deposit down for Sprint and after a year they were supposed to refund it back to me. They actually didn't make me pay the deposit upfront, they just billed me extra on my first bill.
Life is unfair sometimes. I agree with you but we all have the same crappy rules to deal with. Someone else will at least give you a free entry level phone. Shop probably will find the same credit check will cause you to pay up in advance or post a deposit, but someone out there will give you a phone..
This is what happens. the only way to get around is to have someone sign for you with good credit. the phone companies do this just incase you screw them over, basically.
bad credit mobile phones
Okay so my birthday is next month, i'll be 18 and my mom wants to me to go ahead to build my credit so i can have many options of apartments to live, so i decided to get a contracted phone, as of right now i have metro pcs and i like the cheap bills,i get text, calls, internet, download, camera, and multi media mssg, i want the same thing on my next phone, and maybe more but i want to keep the bills low. (i dnt like bought minutes i like to have my minutes already on the phone) my problem is i dont know which company i should go with.. any rec?
Well first of all since you will have no credit since your barely legal they will charge a security deposit Verizon charges $400 and their plans are very very expensive AT&T charges $500 and their plans are just as expensive as Verizon Sprint charges $100 thier plans are hard to beat as they are the lowest priced plans on the carriers TMobile doesnt charge deposits but you will only qualify for flexpay. Its a prepaid program that helps your credit and not a contract. The plans are the cheapest out there but you cannot get a discount price on a fone. You have to purchase it at retail price since your not getting a contract. A Security Deposit is to start the line and after a year of good payments the deposit goes back into your account. Any late payments and the company has the right to keep the deposit... that means all of it I would suggest going w/ sprint. They have an amazing data plan thats $70 with unlimited everything and right now their offering 20% on new customers which means your $70 plan will go down to $56. With the data plan you can use any smartphone, which all other carriers dont let you. They require an additional $30 fee per month for internet on each smartphone and sprint doesnt require that $30. I would highly recommend Sprint. They have great phones, the cheapest plans, the best discounts and great coverage. For the things you said on a phone Verizon will cost $70 nd a smartphone plan is $90 AT&T is the same cost Sprint is $56 and smartphone plan is the same TMobile flexpay is $60 Sprint has the cheapest plans and way way better coverage then TMobile. TMobile is really spotty. Once you build your credit, after the 2 yr contract try out the other companys, unless you want to stick w/ sprint for the price. Thats what im doing. I had Sprint for like 2 months then my dad took over my lines. I paid $800 to get 2 lines w/ verizon and im sticking w/ them for these 2 years nd then trying out AT&T. Ive tried out TMobile and bad bad coverage in my areas
Have you ever heard the saying; "If it ain't broke don't fix it."? If you're happy with your phone and more importantly the phone bill you shouldn't get a more expensive plan and/or multi year contract just to build your credit. More importantly is that most creditors don't consider a phone a trade line anyway. Also don't buy a car to build credit either. The dealers rape people with no established credit. Building your credit shouldn't cost you money. The whole point of having good credit is to show other potential creditors that you are financially responsible. The best way to do it is as follows: (this is the short vershion of what I tell most people, but you will get the idea) 1. Apply for a SECURED credit card through Capital One or BofA. (or any other bank that offers it) You will have to open a savings account with approx $300 which will secure your card. Your credit limit will be whatever you send in. If you make your payments on time for a year and don't go over the limit they will usually release the security. If you close your account before they release it they will apply it towards the balance. MAKE ALL OF YOUR PAYMENTS ON TIME. 2. After you have had the card from step 1 for two or 3 months apply for a card (not all at once) at one of the smaller mall clothes stores like Gap, VS, Limited Etc. 3. Apply for a gas card. 4. Make all of your payments on time. Spend within your means. Your goal should be to pay off all of your cards every month. (That way you don't pay interest.)
Unfortunately, if you want text, calls, internet, download and messaging with all companies it s about $80 a month. Only getting voice plan is about $45, Data plan $20-30 and texting minimum is $5. So about $80 a month with almost any company.
You should go with Tmobile. Its a decent phone company and unlimited individual plans start at $49.99 which is pretty cheap. They also ranked 2nd in a national survey. Verizon ranked 1st but they are very expensive.
bad credit mobile phones
Recently, I have joined IMVU, and I am on there with a best friend of mine. You see, he recently bought some credits from his mobile phone, for £3.00, and got 3,500 credits as a result. He got his with his phone, which is on Orange. However, I am concerned that I may have to pay a monthly fee for buying credits, as it says at the top right of the page, "Charge will appear on your next phone bill". I don't have a contract for my phone, and don't pay monthly for a phone, but I am worried IMVU might want me to pay a monthly, if I buy the credits on my phone. Could someone please answer my question, so I can make my decision? Thanks alot. :) God Bless, MetalChristian33
Honestly, buying credits off IMVU themselves is a total rip-off, then, buying them by phone is even worse, I suggest you buy them via a re-seller using a credit card (or a prepaid credit card if you dont have one) Ive used it and compared and I think its the best *EDIT* Ive read some of the answers below and it's not true, someone even said that the repaid IMVU cards are the same, on IMVU and with IMVU cards the rate is 1 USD for 1000 credits, and on the website I told you its 1 USD for 1600 credits..
Uhmm....I know you can buy credits online off of the IMVU website. And you can just pay with paypal and they wont charge you monthly...I'm not sure about the phone thing.
I'm on IMVU aswell. I just get the IMVU cards that are prepaid. I don't really trust those things over the internet. It works the same.
There are many many ways to earn credits for free so why buy them for example there as well as earning credits for IMVU and many other social networks, you can swap credits that you earn for an Avatar name once you have enough which you can use to sell things to get credits for free and you can make them in free software like a free 3D modelling software
bad credit mobile phones
First off we use T-mobile, one of the WORST carriers of all time. We were having problems with a phone we had purchased (brand new) , we had it replaced, and they sent us a refurbished phone. The phone had problems from the get go, (auto scrolled through phone book, screen flashed uncontrollably, wouldn't recieve calls/messages or even the notification of the missed calls for over a week)... Well we got our phone bill today, and they invoiced us for 108.25... FOR THE BROKEN PHONE THEY SENT US. They are calling it water damage, however the phone was only ever in 2 places, 1 a desk drawer, and 2 my pocket (needless to say, i wasn't jumping in pools or spilling anything on myself) ... We spoke with 2 customer service reps, who explained that the charges are undisputable... we then asked for a manager or supervisor, they had to call us back, because again, T-Mobile is the work cell phone carrier in the world... he called back and basically said "tuff ****". How would one go about solving?
Also, we asked them for some sort of proof that A:it was truly water damaged, and B:that the REFURBISHED phone was infact damaged by us... the supervisor had nothing to say to that, other than, "it's going to be your word against ours"... which to me sounded as if we've been duped and he knows it. I asked the supervisor if there was someone above him that i could speak to about this issue, he explained that there was infact no one above him who could handle this (which we all know is BS, cuz he's not the president of the company, and everyone has a boss), so we asked to either speak with the people who "inspected" the phone, he said that it was not possible, which i find very very hard to believe.
Furthermore.... i spoke with one more very helpful, very polite customer service rep named charity... she informed us, that t-mobile COULD have issued a credit, however we were told MULTIPLE times that it is physically impossible to credit this type of issue... now we've been lied to, and are having 108.25 STOLEN from us. the biggest part of this issue, is that it was a refurbished phone, that didn't work. and when we send it back, we're charged for breaking it. talk about a get rich quick scheme.
This is a difficult thing to argue with. Usually, with Verizon Wireless anyway, when we are on the phone with you and you are planning on sending us your damaged phone, we have you take off the battery and check to verify that their is no water damage (their is a sensor under the battery). Because we leave it up to the customer to decide if they want to pay rather than just keeping the water damaged phone. This issue is nearly undisputable because I am guessing they already have your messed up phone. Because your dispute is with a wireless carrier, you cannot take them to court, wireless carriers are protected by the FCC. Their may be a way you can continuously call customer service until you find a nice representative that will work with you. Generally, here at verizon wireless, we are nice enough to atleast credit 50% of the charge if you dispute it. So, I am hoping it is the same with T-Mobile. Other than getting a representative to give you a good deal on a new phone and credit that current amount, their really nearly is no other option. I am hoping you have learned from your bad experience and do not continue to get "tortured" by T-Mobile. They operate off of the Cingular/ATT network which isn't so good. I recommend coming over to Verizon Wireless. If you want any information on Verizon Wireless products and services, feel free to email me. We promise, something like this would never occur with us! Unless it really was water damaged.
bad credit mobile phones
I was wanting to know a little about Virgin Mobile's new Beyond Talk plan. Only having to pay 25 each month to get 300 minutes AND free texting, data, web, ect seems a little too good to be true. What's the catch with it? What are roaming charges? Are the phones any good? -- If so, which phone would you suggest? How is the web as far as speed goes? -- Is it fast? Is it slow? Has anyone had any problems with this plan? How's the coverage? Will it start to charge your debit/credit if you go over the 300 minutes? Thanks in advance everyone! Right now I have the Alltel plan (20 month free night/weekend minutes + free texting) But since Alltel is no more, I can't go to them. I would keep the plan that I have right now, but my phone is like three years old and starting to break. So I need a new plan. If anyone also knows of any other plans, that would be of great help!
There is no roaming period. most phones are good. Web is fast as long as you have a newer phone. no problem with any of their plans. I have coverage everywhere but pretty weak in some buildings and my basement but still works. no, but will charge your virgin mobile account and if you don't have any money on there, then you won't be able to make a call. virgin mobile uses Sprints network so the network is pretty good. $25 will give you 300 minutes and unlimited text and web. or $40 will give you 1200 minutes and unlimited text and web. phones aren't to bad. never had a dropped call but don't talk much. text messages are not delayed unless you don't have signal. If you decide to go with Virgin Mobile, use this code(AGpvWXLq) case sensitive, when you activate your account when you add $20 or more to your phone for the first time. 60 FREE mins for both of us. any questions just email me. kickback code: AGpvWXLq
Dont fall for the nice sound of it all. my coverage area was the best on their map and this still happened: I saw the 25$ deal and thought itd be perfect! So both my boyfriend and I went for it leaving our Sprint plans. We BOTH purchased the Rumor Touch online and activated with the 25$ plan. That was the highlight of Virgin, getting the phones... the rest was just a GREAT annoyance. I had the phone for over 2 weeks. Basically, NOTHING worked properly. The texting worked to ONE of my friends... the rest either got my text but i didnt get theirs OR didnt get my text at all. The calls are sketchy, sometimes they work and most times they are pretty bad. The internet worked off and on, there was a period of time where it stopped working for over 2 days straight and lucky for me my car BREAKS DOWN and was stuck with this non working phone for getting help! And, I CALLED VIRGIN about these issues. They said they had set 'high priority' on my problem and it would be resolved between 24-72 hours. It never was. I EMAILED them with more details, and after following the reprograming instructions that they assured would fix the problem... NOTHING... it still didnt work anywehre near properly. Not to mention the 3 people I talked to from Virgin were VERY hard to understand! AND it was the same off and on service with my boyfriends phone. Even when we were sitting right next to eachother.. he could be on the web and i couldnt on mine/other way around. It was ridiculous! So, we both switched back to sprint and loss about -40$ on the phone (since we threw out the packaging so couldnt return it) and -25$ on the monthly service so around $130 loss for 2 weeks of crappy service. I wish I would have had someone tell me these things ahead of time, you can still go ahead now and just google "Virgin Mobile Texting Problem" and get 2948727834 results!
Alltel is still around. It is available in some areas of the country. If you go to and type in your zip code it will tell you if Alltel is still a carrier in your area. Here is a link to Alltel's list of prepaid phone devices for sale
No be counted if it rather is a sparkling Virgin cellular telephone, confident this is going to artwork. you will opt to activate it on line, no longer very confusing to do. once you activate it you will the two get a telephone quantity or be waiting to circulate one from yet another telephone as long as a results of fact the quantity is from an energetic account.
bad credit mobile phones
I recently received a Sidekick 3 from a friend. He just decided he didn't want it and just gave to me. Lucky huh? I dont have T-mobile, I would like to switch over to it..... I dont have credit, I know there a deposit that needs to be much is the deposit..... Anyone I can get out of it? Lemme know!!
Rasta Your best option is to sign up for T-Mobile flexpay. Flexpay is the same plans but without having a contract or needing a deposit. There is NO credit check for flexpay With flex pay, you are paying for each month in advance instead of being billed after the month ends. Flex pay is GREAT for anyone that has no credit or bad credit, or anyone that does not want to be locked into a 2 year contract. The only reason you would sign a contract is to get a discount on the phone, since you have the phone, why sign a contract and lock yourself for 2 years. Again, these are the same plans, and the same costs as if you signed a 2 year contract.
A lot of times with T-mobile there is no deposit even if you have no credit or bad credit. When I signed up for it the most I heard the deposit being was 200 but I am not sure what it is at now.
I've never paid a deposit on a cell phone contract. Maybe it's for people with bad credit. Just do 'pay as you go' if you can with your sidekick.
You need to pay a deposit, no matter what. it all depends on you credit, and other stuff. i paid like$ 50-100 i think, but i have a friend with horrible credit, and they wanted a $1000 deposit, thats crazy
T-mobile sucks when you don't have credit. You wont be able to use the sidekick for internet or anything until a years time.. plus they will put you on smart access which sucks cause there is a spending limit,and you can only add on person to your line
T-mobile is one of the easiest ocmpanies to get a phone with...when i got mine i didnt make a down payment or need to give them a credit card i simply signed up and pay the connection fee and the cost of the phone...they actually have it set up where they give u a 150 dollar limit.....if your bill reaches that limit its turned off until you make a payment...its chill.....also when your phone does get turned off you can still recieve calls just not make them....pretty chill incase u run outta money
bad credit mobile phones
So I decided to switch to Virgin Mobile and I saw on the website that radioshack had the Motorola Triumph for 149.99, which was awesome. I was going to get the HTC evo V 4g but that costs 239 and the price on the triumph was so much cheaper. (I'm 16, 90 bucks is alot to me). It was out of stock online but I got a list of radioshack stores that had it in stock. Now the site said that the online price might not match the in store price, so I called my local radioshack and asked them about the price. The guy on the phone confirmed they were selling it for 149.99 at their store as well. He never said anything about a store credit and neither did the website. So I go over there, walk in and ask if they have the phone. The girl at the counter goes, "Yes, we do. It's 200 dollars and it comes with a 50 dollar store credit." She then immediately goes and picks up a random screen protector and starts slowly walking around the store looking for something. She took so long my mom left to go wait in the car. I was too afraid to mention that I was told the price was 149, so I kept my mouth shut, not really knowing what she was doing. I was resigned to buying it for that price even though I could've gotten an Evo V 4g for only 40 bucks more, mostly out of fear of looking cheap. Then she said, "Well, they don't have a case for that phone right now" I told her I didn't want to buy a case or a screen protector, just the phone. She told me the store credit had to be used right then, that second, or I'd loose it. I asked her if the store credit had to be spent on accessories for the phone. She said no, so I said I'd find stuff to spend the store credit on myself. She went to the back room to get the phone and then went back the counter. There was nothing there I really wanted, so I wandered around for a looking for something I could use. I picked up a pair of skullcandies for about 30 bucks (I can't remember the exact price, they were uprocks.) That was all I wanted. So I give it to her and she goes, "These are open." The package was not open, I assure you. I tell her that and she goes, "Well, they look like they've been opened. To be safe you should buy a warranty." I forgot how much she told me the warranty was, but it was pretty expensive, almost the same cost as the headphones -_-. I already knew skullcandy headphones come with a lifetime warranty, so I said I'd just take my chances. She tried to convince me for a little bit and then gave up and started ringing up the purchases. Now at this point I was a little nervous about the money, so I asked her how much the phone was with tax. She said, "Wait, I'll do that later. What's your name?' I told her my name and then asked her about the price again, a little more urgently. She ignored me and asked for my address. This process continued while she asked for my phone number and my email address. During this process I glanced down at that thing that you swipe your card on. It had a screen that showed cost of the phone. The total was 240. Now that didn't make any sense, because the sales tax in NY is like 8 point something. I mentioned this and she said that I had to pay tax on the headphones. I said, "I have 20 bucks of store credit left, can't the tax on the headphones be part of that?" She said no, tax was separate. Now I don't get angry easily, but this got me angry, and I didn't have 240 dollars on me anyway. So I politely told her that I didn't have enough money for that and tried to leave. While I was halfway through the door, she called to me "Ok, so you just ask your Mom for the extra money and I'll save this here for you." I left without answering, never intending to come back and got into my Mom's car. While we were parked and I was telling my mom what happened, the girl ran out of the store. When she saw me in the car her eyes widened and she looked like she had been smacked. Then she called, "I talked to my manager, he said I can give you the phone for 218 just this once." My mom said no thanks, I'm in a hurry and I have to go. Then the radioshack girl said "Oh, ok. I'll save the phone for you. Come back tommorow." My mom said she didn't have to save it and we left. Was she trying to scam us? Or is this normal?
It sounds like she was desperately trying to up-sell you. (Get you to buy all those little extras). I'd call back between 8am and5 pm and ask to speak with a manager. Just run through the facts with her and make sure the clerk knew what she was talking about. That sounds like a load of crap - all those stipulations on the "store credit". IF that's the case, then I'd wait and just get the EVO. It's a superior phone ANYWAY.
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bad credit mobile phones
It's for someone who doesn't know much about cell phones- so I don't want to confuse them with the service expiring after so long or requiring a credit card for the service itself. Is there a phone you can buy that can be used as soon as you buy it and only requires buying minutes (the cards sold in stores)? I don't understand prepaid cell phones so help is appreciated!
Neither.. get t mobile.. the minutes are cheaper.... 33 cents per minute with the 10 dollar card and u get 30 mins, 10 cent per minute with the 100 dollar card and u get 1000 minutes tracfone minutes cost 65 cents a minute and service is bad
First: "prepaid" means you buy a phone and you buy calling time in advance. So, when your time runs out, you can't call anymore. With the calling time also comes a subscription time, when the subscription time is over, you can't call anymore. Unless you buy airtime. Second: when you get a prepaid phone in a store, you will have to activate it, either online or on the phone with their customer service. You can probably get an already activated (i.e. it has been allocated a phone number) used or new phone on ebay. Third: Tracfone is not the same as GoPhone, they are owned by two differen companies, gophone is owned by Cingular. Price wise there is probably not much difference, you will have to check their web sites to find the difference. The main difference is that gophone only uses cingular's network, and Tracfone rents time at multiple provider's networks (amongst which Cingular) so a tracfone will give you better coverage (=there is a larger area in which you phone will work). I have had a tracfone for over two years now, and I like it. Beforehand I checked into all prepaid companies and phone deals, and tracfone came out as the best, price wise not much difference, but coverage is better, and they have good specials. The best deal with tracfone (I just checked their website) is to make an investment of about $130 and get a camera phone with a so-called "year card" which is a subsciption for a year. That is $11 per month. With it comes 450 minutes of talk time. And you get 'double minutes' on all future time purchases. For instance, if you buy 200 minutes for $40 (you also get 90 days of subscription with that), they will be doubled to 400 minutes - which is $0.10 per minute. Recently they had a special, my sister got 530 minutes for $40 - that's less than 8 cents per minute. The stories about tracfone being $0.60 or more per minute are from ten years ago, they hold no longer true. PS unlike a plan, where for $30 per month you get 300 minutes per month, and any leftover minutes are gone by the end of the month (i.e. next month you start with 300 minutes again) tracfone minutes do NOT expire. When you buy more minutes, they just get added to whatever you have. Another thing, the tracfone display show exactly how many minutes you have left, and when your subscription expires. Gophones don't. So I'd go with tracfone.
I know the tracphones are pretty expensive for minutes. I would reccomend a Verizon or Cell One prepaid phone. With these, you get free nights and weekends, even though it's a prepaid phone. It works the same way as a trac phone would though. Also, if you get the verizon one, I know you get free in-calling too. So if you know a lot of other people with verizon prepaid phones, or regular verizon wireless, you can call them without using your minutes. You have to buy a card monthly with any type of prepaid phone. I know verizon has a cheap one for $15.00. The problem with the prepaid phones, is the minutes are so expensive. Of course, if you don't use it too often , it's a good idea. But I would definitely reccomend one with free nights and weekends. You can get them at Wal-Mart or other places like that. As for how they work. You just buy a card (also at wal-mart and similar stores). You call a number, type in the code on the card, and that activates the minutes you bought!
I had a tracfone and it worked perfect. and if you go on Ebay for minutes you might find great deals on minutes. I suppose a go phone works about the same. Tracfones are great used it for years.
For the price i would go with getting a verizon plan for 40.00 you get 400 mins. which is 10 cents a minute tracfones are 1.00 a minute
bad credit mobile phones
Is wirefly a good retailer? ive read many reviews, some saying they got a great deal while others saying that they were ridiculously overpriced, got wrong phones, etc. what have you experienced, or have heard from friends and family? i know dozens of reviewers cant be wrong, but where else can you find a free touch screen phone with a free bluetooth headset and a free memory card? also, if its bad, please do your best to talk me out of it lol. those prices have drawn me in well!!!!!
Mohammed, I am glad you asked this question and are doing your homework. Wirefly is the internet’s #1 authorized agent for cell phones from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Alltel. Our business is simple. The major carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint) pay Wirefly a commission to help them acquire new customers, or renew people’s contracts, without taking up the time of their store employees. Wirefly passes most of that commission back to customers in the form of big discounts on cell phones. The phones that Wirefly sells are the exact same phones you’d get at a carrier store. They are brand new with full U.S. warranty. In fact, the phones come from the carriers. We aren’t allowed to sell anything else. We have an outstanding customer service record that we are proud of. We have helped millions of people set up or upgrade their cell phone service, and save money in the process. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, with free shipping both ways on returns. Unfortunately, the world of cell phone contracts can be confusing, and confusion can lead to complaints – even accusations that we are running some kind of a scam – particularly when the deals seem too good to be true. The confusion is usually related to one of the following: 1) Credit approval. After we take your order for a new account, we must get approval from the carrier before your phone can be activated and shipped. If you have insufficient credit history, the carrier may reject the order, or ask us to collect additional information. We try to make this clear, but when the carrier rejects the order, we often take the blame. 2) Deposits. Sometimes, based on a credit check, the carrier will approved the order, but only after we collect a deposit. Of course, we would rather not have to ask for this. When we do, sometimes we are accused of “bait and switch” tactics. 3) Upgrade eligibility. We offer upgrades that let current customers get a discount on a new phone when they renew their contracts, provided that they are eligible. Sometimes the customer does not pass the eligibility check with the carrier, and we are accused of “bait and switch” tactics. 4) Rebates. Cell phone rebates can be confusing. People don’t like them. That’s why Wirefly has not offered rebates on any products since 2007. We don’t even offer rebates from the carriers. All of our prices are simple and straightforward, with no rebates or gimmicks. 5) The equipment discount. The cell phone that we give away for free might have cost Wirefly $250. It’s only free after the Equipment Discount. That’s why, when you order from Wirefly, you agree to be charged this amount if the carrier reports to us that you broke your cell phone contract, or if you return a phone and it’s been damaged in some way. This protects the carriers from fraud, and protects Wirefly from scams. You can read more about Wirefly’s Satisfaction Guarantee here, and don’t hesitate to contact us with more questions. The Wirefly satisfaction guarantee:
In my opinion, I value comments that are subsidized up by way of some standards. First could be information. that's what i look for as quickly as I ask questions here on Yahoo. What are the information? OR, is it basically an opinion this is ideally positioned down in writing. 2nd, i look for purpose. Is the opinion out of project; is it out of Godly principled love? If not then i don't pay a lot interest to it. third, is it logical? If it does not ring genuine to me, I question its value. Fourth, Does it pass alongside with my Bible experienced ethical experience? this is the genuine value. If it stands as much as those 4 factors (and that i'm confident there are extra yet that's what's coming to suggestions), then this is a very valued opinion. The Zeb ;)
bad credit mobile phones
I'm going back to Mexico City in February. I want to have a mobile phone with me while I'm there so my friends in Mexico City can call me. I also want to be able to make calls to and receive calls from USA. After consulting "The Google", here's my plan: 1. Buy an unlocked GSM phone (Motorola) from eBay or Craig's List. 2. Buy a Mexico or International SIM card online. 3. Travel to Mexico City and enjoy. Will this work? What am I missing? What's involved with buying/activating the SIM card? Thanks!
You are thinking fine. But let me give you two options worth considering, as the SIM cards called international usually cost $30 or more and frequently have higher airtime rates than a normal card from one of the country's carriers. (1) Much more preferable option. Just buy the SIM card in Mexico. Walk into a Telcel or Movistar outlet and pay the equivalent of US$10 ($20 in the worst case), and you can get it right there. If you do it right, the chip will be free because they usually give you a promotion of airtime. That is usually $10 each month credited to your number for three months (the first credit is part of the purchase, each new month you get more as long as the phone is active). Even if you do it only for one month it can be basically free, plus you have the added certainty of a chip from the local carrier, in case of any problem go in a get it exchanged with no problems or charge. They are looking for customers, so don't expect any problems to get the SIM card in Mexico and outlets are as common as convenience stores. (2) Or, just buy the cheapest phone they offer. This phone will cost about US $45, and will include the chip, at least $10 in airtime, plus an extra $10 or so promotion after completing each additional month for about three months. Comments. Maybe you are thinking that you can get a nice phone you need anyway to use elsewhere later. If it is unblocked and has the Mexican frequency (only phones including the 1900 MHz band work). If you buy a local SIM card from telcel, don't expect it to transmit pictures or data. Normal unblocked non-telcel phones work perfectly for calls and text messages, both nationally or internationally. But telcel has special hardware adjustments in the phones only they sell that make data hit and miss at best (I can't send photos fromthe beach using my phone, neither internationally nor to telcel users nationally). Movistar will probably give you more attractive rates to the USA, more flexibility for an unblocked phone, and in major cities their coverage is almost as good as telcel. Either way, save yourself some money of your SIM card by getting the SIM card from Telcel or Movistar after you arrive. You get it on the spot. Same with the phone if you go that route. A Telcel phone cannot be unblocked for use on your return, so it would be a memento from Mexico. Telcel is a protective monopoly, but for your purposes you won't see the crap they pull. Movistar is foreign owned and more forgiving. Best Luck!
For the best answers, search on this site guess, you can also buy a 30 dollars gsm cell phone once you're in Mexico and use it, they sometimes comes with promos so they give you more money to talk or stuff like that. Or ask your friends maybe one of them has an extra cellphone in no use, i myself have like 3 cellphones without sim card, old models that i don't want anymore Hope it helps
Gms Unlocked Phones
Telcel Mexico Sim Card
Mexico City (Ciudad de México) is the capital of Mexico and an incredible town surrounded by mighty hill ranges. To see that town you can pick the very best solution hotelbye . The city's spot is unquestionably breathtaking. Two spectacular snow-covered volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, tower over it with their more of 5,000 meters. Mexico City also preserves countless reminders of their past and these are items that entice the tourists. The whipping center of Mexico City is Zócalo - the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) - where the country's first constitution was proclaimed in 1813 and now is one of the very most visited host to Mexico City since it's one of many world's largest squares. In Mexico City you may also visit: the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Templo Mayor.
Nothing, everything will work. Buy your unlocked phone, get a mexico prepay sim card(or friends sim card), pop it in, enjoy your time in mexico! :]
Sounds interesting
Call your cell phone company and tell them to put you on the international plan, it works take my word
It depends on many factors
bad credit mobile phones
I have had my phone at least two years.Paying a monthly 80.00. My point is I never use my minutes, But never fails they take that money out of my bank account every month.I have went into my account and there is nothing there to prove Im getting ripped. No history of the phone in general.That I find a little messed up.. Even worse ? shouldnt I have been getting bills all this time showing me my history? The way I have figured it they are getting me for like free money and there has got to be a way to deal with this that is legal for the customers. I am so god awfull angry I cannot stand it, Can some one please help me with some answers???
I did not make mtself clear on the getting ripped! I have tried to cancel the account on at least 4 occassions...Because it is a go phone,I should not have all my money back? and what are you saying?Its ok they take that money every month regardless?even what really pisses me off ? There is always a balance of 454.00 They take 80.00 and it has never showed up on my minutes past 500.Excuse me,And this sounds legal to you?Oh the reason I dont use the minutes is because up untill last month Everyone I talk to is cingular!!!!!So now tell me.I should keep giving away money just because. I understand I made the choice to use them,thats all good.But I did not make the choice to giveaway money,and not have all this in an account.
The Go Phone by Cingular is getting better all the time, it's definitely a GREAT way to go with Cingular. (Pardon the pun, lol) My boyfriend has it and it's giving him extra minutes on his phone as he buys more cards to put money on it. It is also now offering a plan but it will still be a Go Phone. I don't know if you know how it works or not, but it's 10 cents per minute, but it's the same as ALL Cingular customers, mobile to mobile is free and it does cost $1.00 per day that you use it. Never a complaint unless it was when his phone was giving him problems. He even bought a better phone because he's happy with the Go Phone options. To me, if you don't want a contract, it's the BEST way to go. We have talked DAILY since November 18, 2006. Now THAT is a true test and he's never once complained about any of the Go Phone services. I've even been able to get a card and put money on it for him as a surprise. :) You can use a credit card, debit card to put money on the phone; or simply buy a card worth $15, $25 or $50, depending on which you want at the time. I personally have a contract with them. NOT a Go Phone and I get a itemized bill every month. It is an extra .99 cents for that, but it's WORTH IT! Aren't you getting rollover minutes? You said you "never use your minutes".... you should be getting rollover if your contract costs you $80.00/month. I pay less than that per month and I have rollover minutes and I LOVE it because I get to keep any unused minutes from the month before. How do you figure you're "getting ripped"? And what history are you talking about? You can have "history" on your phone, depending on what you are looking for. And you can also go online and check most anything you need to know, if you haven't already created an account you'll need to sign in, but it's really easy. http://mycingular.comI just edited my answer after reading more of your question and I thought of more I wanted to say. And I can't blame you for being angry and I hope that I've helped you in some way. If you answer any of the questions I've asked you, I might be able to help you more, if ya want. I've had phone service with them since 2003. Doesn't make me an expert by ANY MEANS, but I've learned A LOT since then. Good luck!!
With GoPhone, u do not get a bill. U check your account by registering online. When u first signed up, u registered your bank card and agreed to the monthly recurring fees. Cingular has rollover that is why your balance is so high. I have had an issue on canceling before. Sometimes they don't put it in correctly. Call again and make sure you get the name of the rep u spoke to. Talk to a manager if u can. They won't refund your money. All they will tell you to do is use up the minutes.
Call customer care and tell them that you want to cancel your service. Unless you have done this in the past they will continue to take the money out of your account. You signed up for the service and agreed to have the monthy fees deducted from your account, if you use the phone or not. Unless you call to cancel, you cannot pin this on them you are not getting ripped off your just paying for a service you agreed on and chose not to use. Call customer care 1-800-331-0500 put your cell # in and then explain the situation that you want to cancel the direct debit. You can also call your bank, but they may charge you a fee to do so.
It is the data from the King, AT&T makes Tmobile who makes cingular and is likewise hooked as much as Metro desktops sprint and Nextel makes Verizon instant, and Virgin Moble!! How does the King understand this,...oh i could on no account tell yet I grant you with a sprint,.....i understand dissimilar human beings!! it is the seize: no telephone business company that I spoke of would have the whole cake and icecream!! So its as much as you, what is going to you like the main out of those telephone companies a indexed above!
bad credit mobile phones
I just got tmobile about a month ago and I been hearing alot of bad things about them, my ma said that when she talks to me that it dont sound half as good as my pre-paid phone did. I love the phone its really cute its a nokia 5300!!!!!! I wanted to know if i cancel my service, still keep the phone and put it on a pre-paid plan???
I actually went back to t-mobile after i switched to verizon to get that exact phone back. i love the music xpress. unfortunately, you cant use that phone anywhere else, except att/sprint, but you have to have GREAT credit to get approved with them. i havent had any connectivity issues, so it could just be that you are in a bad coverage area. t-mobile is my fav carrier, but thats just b/c of my nokia! the venus by verizon was a good close match, but it wasnt the same for me.
You can cancel but you have to pay a fine of $200 dollars. I have t-mobile and they're not that bad they're pretty cheap but if you go over the minutes they hit you like a drunk guy at a bar fight. I used to not be able to call with good reception from where I moved to after a few months I guess they did something cause now I get amazing reception.
First of all if u cancel your contract they will charge $200 for a cancellation fee and u would have to buy a new sim card for prepaid. and tmobile service is not bad it just depends on what phone u get and where area u live in.
I just got a tmobile phone today. It is a little crackly. I am thinking of changing it to a different phone if it still acts up. I say if they can at least hear you then keep what you got.
I had T-mobile a long time ago and I hated it...I would never get a phone through them. I think of them as the company that people use when no one else will give them a phone.
No, prepaid phones are not compatible with plans, and the opposite is also true. You will have to buy a new phone to go prepaid... maybe they make that model for prepaid on some other service like Verizon or Cell One.
Tmobile is great...I've been with them ever since they were really depends on what kind of phone you have
Talk to them about the quality of it because i have it and it works great. maby there is something wrong and tell them that you are not happy with the service and they will probably fix it hope this helps!
Yes i got T-mobile i know very much about it but i will tell u in person about it everything.
bad credit mobile phones
I recently got a razr v3 from my friend on t-mobile. At first when i put in my sim card it asked for my subsidy pass word, and then after a few failed attempts it started saying contact service provider. I asked cingular and motorola if there was any way i could unlock it and both didnt really give me an answer. are there any ways (free would be fantastic) that i could unlock this?
If you wouldn't have tried to guess the code so many times, you could have tried contacting T-Mobile to see if they would give you the code. Or you could have used an online unlocking service. There are a few people in major cities who could have done it in person too for around $20. However, it's not that simple anymore but you can still manage to get it working maybe, if you have a USB cable. I used one that fit my digital camera and flash card reader to unlock my Motorola phone (different model). Here's how: *You need to downgrade your boot loader - this is very risky - no liability is accepted for any problems that may occur* Ensure your phone is fully charged before starting. I recommend before beginning you first make a backup of your phone as described in the How To: Use Flashbackup To Backup Your Phone topic in the tutorials section at This assumes all necessary drivers are already installed. 1) Start in bootloader mode (hold # and * while powering on) 2) Identify your current bootloader (e.g. 8.26 or 7.E0) 3) (edited out because you MUST flash your phone since you guessed the code wrong so many times) 4) Download and extract Use RSD to flash the file to your phone 6) Download and extract the Moto Unlocker software from Start in bootloader mode (hold # and * while powering on) 8 ) Run Moto Unlocker click connect and yes btw I cannot take any credit for this - credit is due here: to Scotty2 and Archy for the bootloader downgrade PS... it was a BAD idea to try and guess the subsidy code. Hopefully flashing the phone will work. Otherwise you have a useless piece of junk now!
You can unlock it 3 ways 1) if your friend who gave you the phone still has service with T-Mobile, ask them to call T-Mobile and request the code. They would need to say that they will be traveling overseas and want to use a local sim. 2) Bring or mail your phone to a shop that offers unlocking services. Cost will vary 3) You can try to do it yourself like listed above. I would not recomend that option. Too many things could go wrong and you can end up ruining the phone. Also, dont worry about how many times you tried putting a code in your phone, that would be a concern for Nokia phones. 3 to 5 times wrong on a Nokia will permenantly hard lock it. With the Motorola, the hard lock is only temporary. if you did lockup your phone, just turn it off and let it sit for a few hours, the phone will reset itself
No, These codes a generated randomly by motorola. As such, there is no way to obtain the unlock code for free. But You can Use this service
It feels like the simplest element to do may well be to basically purchase the cradle charger. there is not any reason you mustn't basically do this in case you do not concepts spending the greater funds. or you will in all likelihood could deliver it back to this guy or attempt to get help from Motorola, and that i'm uncertain in the event that they'll grant help to out with an unlocked telephone (they often do unlike human beings messing with their telephone utility).
bad credit mobile phones
If somebody calls them, fair enough, it`s not their fault but sometimes the customer is talking non-stop throughout the whole transaction, thankfully sometimes the customer asks them to call back in five or ten minutes as they are at a checkout. as for cashiers talking to each other, that`s also bad unless they need assistance with something.
I totally agree with you. I am a head clerk at a leading grocery chain, and that is so annoying, however we can not say anything to our customers about it, because we are here to serve the customer's needs. I do feel however it is very rude because we have to ask the customer certain things throughout the transaction and let them know which buttons to push on the credit card terminal, etc. and they often are not paying attention and make a mistake when paying, or forget to buy items they need such as cigarettes, stamps, or ice.
Apparently this question has been answered by a lot of people already. However I'll just say no, I don't have one or want one, and yes I completely loath people who do that. Frankly I do not see the need to have constant telephone contact or to be constantly accessible to other people. The problem is of course that it's a matter of monkey see, monkey do. Also people seem to accept that things have changed in terms of how people socialize. That may be true, but the way things are done routinely with the dammed cell phones is nonetheless something that people already know is against the rules, yet it's done anyway. Just because cell phone are out there in large numbers doesn't mean anything and everything is alright with how you use them. When you're little, you're supposed to be taught about no conversations during dinner. I mean maybe you pick up, but then you get off. And that's a lot more private than at a table in a restaurant or in line or talking to a clerk! D.J.
Because cell phones have made people become very rude and they all seem to have lost their common sense. What is so darn important now that wasn't quite so important before cell phones became available??? There is a time and a place to chat on the phone and most calls are NOT all so important they could not wait for 15 mins while you get out of the store (movie, commuter train/bus, etc.). I get cab drivers who are so busy talking on the phone (and I can't help but hear that they aren't talking about anything important) they can't here me when I tell them where I need to get to. Cell phones have wiped out a lot of people's ability to think.
I have mixed opinions about this. Sure, it is probably annoying to have that happen when they are slowing down your job but it's not like they're doing it to personally miff you, they got a call so they feel they must answer it. If they don't answer they are not being rude to you, but they are being rude to the caller. And if you retaliate by doing or saying something rude to them are you not then just as rude and ignorant? If a friend chose to talk on the phone while I was visiting or hanging out with them I would be upset. A total stranger who's business and phone calls are none of my concern? I couldn't care less.
Because more and more people are turning into inconsiderate, self centered jerks. When that happens to me, I just talk to the customer as though they weren't on the phone. I don't care if it interrupts their call, I've got a line of people behind them to serve.
I always wonder why the cashier is talking with the other cashier next to them and not even saying hello to the person they are waiting on everyone is rude rude rude!
They do this everywhere. in my area there are several businesses that will not serve you if you are on the phone at the counter. they will ignore you and go on to the person behind you, one place (a restaurant) will actually yell at you and throw you out if you come to the counter on the phone. i wish the place i work would institute that policy. people who talk on their cell phones while conducting a transaction at any business are rude, uncouth jackasses.
They feel that their phone calls are more important and they really don't want to make conversation with the cashier, so they just carry on with their conversations.
It's happened to me a few times when some idiot chooses that exact moment to call.
I noticed that at my Bank there is a sign to finish cell phones before your turn,,,good idea for lots of placed
bad credit mobile phones
Right now all I have is a pay as you go phone, for me I cant do anything, and I use it as a pager, and my minutes expire within a week. I heard somewhere that you need a credit card to sign up for a plan... is this true? Or can you just use a check card? Also what plan would everyone suggest? I am thinking of going T-mobile, and doing my 5 favs, with internet browsing, and unlimited text messaging... are there any other plans/ ideas anyone could suggest.... also i would like to know about the credit card...:)
Credit card is not necessary. U will have to do a credit check however, and if you have no credit card = no credit. Which 9 times out of 10 they waive. Seeing as how its not "bad credit" you just simply don't have any. As far as plans go, shop around. Go to all the providers in your area and get a feel for how they treat you, service, ect. Choose the best deal with best service -- lots of good deals right now. Hope I helped out!!! Good luck =)
U dont need a credit card u need credit to get on a plan and if u dont have good credit u have to pay a deposit and it varies from company to company. i think with t-mobile it can be as little as $100-$500. but t-mobile is the cheapest right now with the $39.99 for 1000 minutes.
I know of a great site where you will get all the information about all the plans offered by all the major cell phone service providers, also by going through the site you will get the very best deal available, prices for phones here are the lowest to be found. The web site is actually a UK one but has a link to the site for the USA, if you could send me an email I will then be able to give you the address of the site and how to link to the US section.
You dont need a credit card, but you will need some credit in order for you to get a plan and not have to pay a deposit.
bad credit mobile phones
I bought a phone with my credit card last month with virgin mobile, first time ever using that credit card with them. Apparently i can't use that card for auto-tops, which is beyond me, they're saying It's under fraud alter and that I can only top-up with a top up card. I've been with them for 6yrs I switch my phone for there 35 beyond talk and everything falls apart. Last month I sent them and email as instructed and was sent and email back saying that the card was now register and able to use with that account, yet I that can't. But now a month later and time for auto top and it doesn't work, and now my phone is shut off. They now want me to fax my credit card, photo id and the credit card bill to resolve this issue. What should I do, I was told this issue was fixed and it isn't.
Most of customer service with Virgin Mobile is out sourced, so you are going to have issues with the account, there going to tell u one thing and do something different. You need to leave them and go with someone else, i mean most prepaid companies customer service is usually in a different country and act like robots or unprofessional. Your best bet is to go with a contract or get with a provider with a unlocked phone and have no contracg either way in order to get good customer service u need to get with another provider. Virgin Mobile and Metro PCS is the worst of the worst when it comes to customer service, the best customer service i have gotton was with T-Mobile, they didnt do much but at least when i called they made me feel like i was a wanted customer when i called, they allways had a good attitude and professional and friendly.
I would call again. If you get the same run around, I would look into a different provider. I would never fax any of the information that they want to a cell phone company. I would call your credit card company first and see why you can not use it for this service. Maybe something happened with your credit card that you are not aware of? Call a third time and ask to speak to a supervisor to get a straight answer. If you don't get a straight answer then I would hang up and start looking for another provider.
Yeah, whatever you do... you would be foolish to send ANY kind of personal information including your credit card, especially with your identity attached. If they cannot resolve this over the phone, and you still wish to keep Virgin, try a prepaid Card (that sounds like an inconvenience though)
bad credit mobile phones
I live in Fla, and I know there are different laws and regulations in different states... So if my phone is stolen and I report it, I already know T-Mobile will give me a small monthly fee, but WILL T-MOBILE REPORT ME TO THE CREDIT COMPANY??? Im in the proccess of buy a house and I need my credit to be on point. Some phone companies report, some do not. Does T-Mobile report?
T-mobile does not report your monthly payments to the credit bureaus. Have you ever looked at your 3 credit reports. All 3 are free once a year at Annual Credit will only see an inquiry from tmobile. Not your monthly payments. Only if you fail to pay for an extended period of time, will they report your default. You are about to buy a house. It is your responsibility to check all 3 of your reports. Do not pay for the score. All you want to see is that information is 100% accurate.
For Credit and finance solutions I visit this website where you can find all the solutions. http://SMARTFINANCESOLUTIONS.NET/index.h...RE :WILL T-MOBILE GIVE ME BAD CREDIT? I live in Fla, and I know there are different laws and regulations in different states... So if my phone is stolen and I report it, I already know T-Mobile will give me a small monthly fee, but WILL T-MOBILE REPORT ME TO THE CREDIT COMPANY??? Im in the proccess of buy a house and I need my credit to be on point. Some phone companies report, some do not. Does T-Mobile report? Follow 1 answer
bad credit mobile phones
I'm looking to buy a prepaid phone but I cannot decide between Flexpay and Boost Mobile. I like t-mobile because it has a wide selection of phones but the Flexpay plan charges you $4.99 for not signing up for easypay (easypay=putting your credit/debit card so that it can charge you automatically everymonth). And I don't want to do that easypay. Plus, the Flexpay plan doesnt include text messaging so I would need to sign up for an additional plan, $4.99 for 300 texts. So it all comes out to $50 for Flexpay. Do you know if there are any other hidden fees? Boost Mobile costs $50 and gives you unlimited calls, texting, etc. but the sucky part is that it has very limited selection of phones, and the nicest one costs like $299... Which one do you think should i get? If you have any good or bad experience with these plans, please let me know. Id appreciate your help :)
Boost. Unlimited minutes. Nothing can beat that.
You are correct in your statement. However if you are on a flex play plan you don't get any discounts off of any T-Mobile cell phones. You would have to pay full price for the cell phone you want up front. Retail price for the majority of cell phones for T-Mobile would be $200.00 or more. So on T-Mobile you would have to pay full price for your phone. Then 39.99 for your plan (includes 300 minutes and 5 favorites), then 4.99 for 300 texts, then additional 4.99 for not signing for easy pay. By the way there are taxes you have to pay on T-Mobile for state and fcc taxes. If you text message a lot 300 is not that much. You might have to go with unlimited text messaging for 14.99. As you can see the fees can add up. With Boost Mobile $50 unlimited plan give you unlimited web (which is slow and dull menu based), unlimited calls (coverage is 80 to 85 percent descent), unlimited text messaging, and unlimited walkie talkie (excellent service). Like you said phones are not that great but at least you will find a cell phone for around 39.99 with Boost. For Boost Mobile there are no state taxes with their $50 monthly plan.
You have to buy a re-boost card and have the 50.00 dollars in your account when the day comes for them to take it. Yes they may shut it off, but they give you 3 months before they deactivate your phone number.
bad credit mobile phones
Ive always have hated nextel since the first year i got . now there trying to rip me off. i sighned a two year contract a while back and had bad service so i called them. the guy said that all of the older phones had that problem. i told him to shut me of and then he persuaded me to get a complimentary phone with only one year contract because i refused to get two years.well i decided as soon as the contract ended ide switch to verizon because everybody i know has it and says its great. i knew my year was going to be up soon so i called customer service and they told me i have two years left. i kept telling them but they kept on telling me i could turn them off for four hundred dollars. then when i started trying to discuss it they would put me on hold and hang up. i did this three times before i got to mad to call back. i have no document saying it was oly 2 years but i also sighned no contracts. what can i do because my years up and im tired wit them screwing me over. what shoul
I didnt go to a store customer service was talking to me on the phone and persuaded me into getting a new phone mailed to my house.there were no contracts sighned only verbal contract which they wont let me listen to the recorded phone call or let me talk the guy i talked to . also if i stop paying my credit will be ruined and i dont want that to happen.
File a Better Business Bureau report. Give dates, times, names... It'll take a while, but they'll probably let you out of your contract. You signed an initial contract for two years, then "agreed" to an additional two years by accepting the free phone. It *is* a scam, and make sure when you file your report that you are clear that nobody mentioned extending your contract. Be careful, though; do you read your monthly bills carefully? I don't have Nextel, so I don't know how they are. Verizon is very detailed; T-Mobile less so. But if they put that information on some old bill somewhere, you're less likely to win your case because they'll say that they "notified you in writing" and you didn't object. Good luck; I hate cell companies.
I have never had this problem but what i would do is just take the phone back and if they say that they won't take it back then tell them to f*** them self and go get whatever phone you want and if they still charge you then don't pay it and sooner or later they will stop bugging you and you will be a free person and that will lift a lot of weight from your shoulders. good luck!
You shouldn't bother with the customer service on the phone. Go back to the exact store you went to and find the guy who sold you the phone and ask HIM your questions. P.S. sometimes when you throw a big enough fit, customer service gives in...
If they can't prove that you signed a contract, then you have no obligation to pay any more bills or use their service. Ask them for a copy of your contract.
You kno what my dad did he just stopped paying the stupid bills and bought another phone and another phone plan from verizon. I suggest you do the same. Sell the old phone on ebay!
bad credit mobile phones
Boost is owned by Nextel which is turn owned by Sprint . It runs on their 800 mhz iden network. It is an older 2g technology known for it's walkie talkie feature Virgin Mobile is an international franchise (there are six other countries with Virgin Mobiles) and is partially owned by Sprint but is otherwise an independent company. It runs on Sprint's 1900mhz cdma network. It is a 3g technology. Boost users have priority three on the Nextel network. 1)Government 2) Nextel and business users. 3) Boost users. One source says that this is the priority in an emergency , but with all the nationwide complaints I've been monitoring, I'd say, yeah, Boost is definitely low on Sprint/Nextel's priority list for quality service. Biggest issues: network outages, calls dropped, calls not going through especially at peak times and slow texting. VM 's biggest issues are 1)overcharging 2) Having the wrong features for the user and then charging them the regular non plan more expensive rate. This is only an issue if the user doesn't carefully monitor the plan they put in and insist on keeping a credit/debit card or paypal account on file for VM to take out your money. I ALWAYS advise potential users to use Topup cards ONLY to protect themselves against any such overcharging. I also warn them to be vigilante and keep an eye on the account to make sure they are getting what they ordered rather then it being entered wrong and VM charging them default/non plan/ more expensive rates. Customer Service for Both suck. Boost because they are just overwhelmed by this new Boost Unlimited plan and the response to it. VM because they have gotten rid of all their US customer service reps and have completely outsourced them, including tech support. Boost's strong point is that they have the cheaper plans of the two. You get everything for $50, unlimited talk/text/web/walkie talkie. The drawback is the strong potential of dropped/failed calls and bad text service. And their handsets are more expensive overall and have a more limited selection. VM's strong point is their network is more robust. It's not perfect but except for walkie talkie and voice, cdma can do anything iden can and faster. Their phones are much cheaper and selection wider. Lowest price VM handset , 9.99. Boost 49.99. Highest priced VM handset $99. Highest priced Boost handset $299. Boost sim cards can be used on Nextel phones though. Virgin Mobile phones have no such way to extend the range of available phones except the used market. Their $49.99 unlimited plan is unlimited talk only . Text and web require add on packs starting at $5. There is no unlimited web option and no walkie talkie option. Their internet is way faster then Boost's especially on 3g handsets like the Shuttle. They have the industry's ONLY text only stand alone plan, Texter's delight. Non unlimited plan VM users have many opportunities to earn free minutes , potentially in the hundreds to even thousands of them a year. Because of less network issues, cheaper phones, free minutes, I'd give it to VM. Their plans are more expensive, but I'd rather have a more expensive service that works relaibly then a cheaper option that fails more often then not. I would carefully watch VM's charging style though and never let them tell me what I want or how I spend my money by controlling it with topups. Neither company is perfect. They both have pros and cons. To me, the bottomline is reliable phone and text service. If a company can't give me that, all the extras are worthless. Good luck.
This Site Might Help You. RE: What networks is Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile under and which is best as far as prepaid plans?
Virgin mobile is with sprint i believe, and boost is too...but they were with nextel. It all depends on what you do.....I like virgin mobile because you can customize it pretty much or go to the monthly things where you can pay like$50 and get free nights and weekends and whatever. My sister has boost.....I think she pays $10 or $50 for unlimited nights and weekends or something...i forgot. but its hard to reach her...whenever you call they say theyre trying to locate the person...I dont like that..... I prefer virgin mobile.....customer service pisses me off, but they offer good phones for the best rates. everywhere else rips you off......
That's a great question
Was interested in the answer too
loans in mobile al
I live in Mobile, AL where the housing market is about to take off due to new jobs coming to the area. We are not first time buyers but we do not currently own (we are renting a house). We have approx. $10,000 in credit card debt but we still make enough that we could qualify for a good home. Is it smarter to stay where we are and pay all credit off to let our credit score go up? Or would it be smart to go ahead and buy before property prices go up? My thought is that if property goes up and we already own we could take out a home equity loan to pay off all of our debt and maybe pay it off faster then we could while we are still renting. What do you think?
Pay off the cards first. It will be the best thing in the long run.
According to my research Houses in Mobile AL is at the highest they've ever been in the last 10 Years. The current average price for a home in Mobile Al is $150,000 which is 50% below the US Average. They may be facing a bubble which is about to burst. Currently there are over 1200 foreclosed / bank owned properties in Mobile alabama Also so. Analysts are predicting a market Drop. A new company in a city wont always increase property value, sometimes it can cause it to decrease. While new companies bring new jobs they usually bring pollution; Noise, Trash, Traffic, Crime. ect. Conclusion. Accellerate your credit card payment, and search for your house. No need for urgency because of a "New company" moving in. Put all your credit cards in order of pay off time. and put the ones that you can pay off the fastest at the top of the priority. pay the minimum balance on all others exept the top credit card. But increase the amount paid to the top about 20% or more. keep doing this while you are looking for a house and pay off your easiest credit card. When you pay it off, Keep it open (DONT CLOSE OR USE IT. CUT IT UP) Whenever you pay off your top priority credit card apply the freed up funds to the second and keep going until you pay down or off your credit cards. While you are doing this you can take your time to look at houses with your current pre approval. Be very picky, find your dream house and negotiate the price of the house. (Since you are not in a rush to buy). A house search and purchase process can take anywhere from 3 - 12 months by the end of which you would have done your home search, improved your debt to income ratio and ready to revisit your mortgage application for a new interest rate before you purchase.
I've heard (and this may vary from state to state) that if you haven't owned a home in the last 3 years you can qualify for a "first time homebuyers" loan (ask your bank or a realtor about your options--you may have more options than you think). If this is the case, it may be a good idea for you to buy your house now before prices go up and while rates are low. However, I DO think you should pay off as much of your credit card debt as you can before then. Don't spend all your savings on paying them off, but cut out "movie night" or whatever extras you don't absolutely NEED and put all that extra towards your debt. I'd also cut those cards up so that you don't use them any more to rack up debt. Hope that helps you make the best decision for you and yours!
Pay off the debt and save for a downpayment first. When home prices go up, the homes you are looking for will increase in price 5-10 thousand dollars. But, going into a purchase with a down payment, and no other debt, will get you a better interest rate -- saving you lots more in the long run. Short term you can avoid a second-mortgage (higher rate) and PMI (higher rate). While you rent, look for other ways to cut expenses and get your credit rating squeaky clean. This is the time to review your report, and challenge negative information. The inquiries will be off your history before the lenders run it next year. As a home-owner, you need to have some equity in the house in order to borrow against it (equity loan). So, you'd have to be in the house for a couple of years to be able to borrow. See all the interest you waste in the meantime? With a mortgage and debt, even the equity loan will have higher interest.
Pay your debt first. Lenders take into account your debt-to-income ratio and if you are carrying a high balance on your credit cards, that will put you at risk for not getting the loan to buy the house. Or, pay half the debt, then start looking. The worst scenario is you purchase a house with a $10k debt and you can never pull yourself out of it. Save the 20% interest on your credit card debt and pay it off.
I think you should pay off the credit cards. Your probably paying 14% or more on the card debt. Do you expect the real estate market in Mobile to go up higher than 14% in the next year? One forecast I just looked up called for a 4.4% rise. I would pay off the debt then start to save as much as possible to get back into the real estate market. At that point, you should consider buying property that needs some tlc (nothing major just paint and freshening up). Do the work then flip it.
Housing prices are extremely artificially inflated right now; pay off your debt and start saving, while the housing market corrects itself. Remember all of those ARMs issued in 2005 and 2006 which will come to term later this year and into 2009, making even more of a mess in this market.
Meg is right. The best thing you can do is pay off your credit card debt. This will help you earn a lower interest rate and will make you a more "attractive" customer to a lender. Also, reducing your credit card debt will leave you more money available to handle a higher mortgage or a more expensive home. Sure, paying off your credit cards may reduce your savings or the amount you have to put down, but it will only make you stronger financially down the road.
Pay off your credit cards, pay down your bills. Improve your credit. Save for down payment. You aren't ready to buy now. Property values aren't going to rise that quickly. Improving your credit and lowering your debt will entitle you to better loan terms, lower interest rate and save you tons of money over time. Market is still not bottomed out yet, so there's time.
Buy house pay credits cards
Pay off the credit cards. Property prices are UNLIKELY to go up anytime soon, anywhere in the country. It takes years for property to start appreciating again, and it will do so slowly. You have plenty of time to buy.
mobile phone money
When you're buying a mobile phone don't get a flip phone. I had 3 flip phones in the past and flip phones don't last that long. and they tend to be easier to break too. When you get a cellphone think about what you will be using the cellphone more for? are you going to be using the cellphone more for texting, talking, emergencies only? If you are a texter and you talk a lot then I suggest you should get a slider phone with a keyboard because its easier to text with a full keyboard on your phone. if you plan on using your cell phone for emergencies then I suggest you can get a non flip phone say for instance a net 10 or a tracfone non flip/non slider phone. which one are you going more towards, prepaid or contract? If you have enough money to spend on a contract plan then I suggest you go with at&t. I have at&t contract and they are the best cellphone service. I don't get any dropped calls or dropped text messages and I get 5 air bar waves and I never had a problem with their service. If you don't like to spend a lot of money and you want to go with prepaid then I suggest you go with net 10. I use to have net 10 before I had at&t contract and from my experience net 10 never gave me any problems, it was easy to use and you would get 200 minutes for 20 dollars and you didn't get dropped calls or dropped text messages from them either and there were always bar waves on the phone so it was a good connection. the only thing I don't like about net 10 is you have to top up 20 dollars once a month because with 20 dollars they will give you 200 minutes but only 30 service days. make sure you shop around very carefully before you get a cellphone and check out the plans too. good luck :-)
Get a new phone with a different cheaper company or just get a new plan =]
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cash money mobile
Ok so i had virgin mobile, but there was a problem when they automatically took money from my dads debit card (the service was in his name). since he had insufficient cash, he was overdrawn which costed him even more money. messed up right? well he called them and said they are the reason he was overdrawn, and if they would put the money back into his account he would pay my service the next day. so they cut off my service & said that they were goin to make this an open case (fraudulent chargers, eh?!). in the mean time he never got his money back and i still dont have service with them. I currently am w/ boost but thats a ticking time bomb- meaning im soooo friggin sick of them. not that virgin mobile was sooo much better, but @ least i liked my phone, and the messeges actually sent :/ In order to reactivate my service w/ the virgin people, my dad has to send his info & a copy of his drivers licence...not guna happen. Since im a minor, I cant have my own service (or can i? Do u kno? If so tell me how!!) & my parents dont want a binding contract in their name. So what prepaid service is actually good? Good as in- cheap w/ really cute, really reliable phones. PLEASE HELP- il give u a cookie! :)
Virgin Mobile has a very long history of billing issues. I do recommend this service to people who could benefit from its good points but I almost always tell them about this issue. Never pay VM EVER with a credit/debit card as they will overdraw it. And it will be a nightmare trying to get a refund. Virgin Mobile are a prepaid. Kick them to the curb and get a new one. There are lots more out there. No point in staying with them and worry about getting ripped off. File complaints and move on. Take your dad's card off the account or block it or change it, but whatever you do, don't let them take one penny of you guy's money. VM better get it together with this issue. They lost close to half a million users last six months. I bet a lot of them had this issue.
No, minors cant have phones, but the at&t pre-paid phones arent bad they have everything that a regular phone would have for a litle extra money, but phones with plans are so far the best. hope this helps you out
First, rephrase your grammer, second, if you have proof that you haven't used the money, they HAVE to give it back to you. If they dont, Then you have every right as an american to Sue hem for that money.
cash for your mobile phone
No. Virgin mobile phones do not have sim card slots and they do not issue sim cards. Wanna get some free Virgin Mobile minutes? 1- Activate a new phone online, use Kickback code kLX6XPGw (copy paste it) 2- Add $20 to your phone within 45 days, with Cash or Credit. 3- Reward: do it by 03/31/2010 for 100 minutes, afterwards it's worth 60 minutes. NO Expiration! Share it with your friends too. Good luck!. Feel free to email with other questions.
Actually the answer is NO. The reason is that Network providers use a SIM locking capability to restrict the use of these phones to specific countries and/or other network providers. As an example, phones can be locked to accept only SIM cards from Network/ Service providers (e.g. AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc.).
The answer is no the resons is because att&t is one company and virgin mobile which is a prepaid company actually runs off the sprint network much like you can not use a att&t sim card in a tmobile phone unless you jail brake the phone :)
Unless the phone is or can be unlocked, no. You can purchase "unlock" codes, but they can be expensive. Or an already unlocked phone (also expensive). My advice? Get a prepaid AT&T Go-Phone. Not as expensive and some of them are nice, with a full keyboard.
Perhaps, but I'm not 100% on it
The simple answer is No.
Could you elaborate?
bad credit mobile phones
Thanks in advance for any answer. I had a T-mobile account that went to collection for termination fees. I checked my credit report in February 2008 with Experian and found collection account with Plaza Associates in the amount of $500. I contacted T-mobile and they verified that I owed a balance of $500 to the account. They also wrote that T-mobile no longer handled the account and that it would be necessary for me to speak with Superior Asset Management another Collection Agency that was not on the Credit Report. I believe Plaza Associates sold the account to Superior Asset Management because when I called them they said they don't handle that account anymore. I called Superior Asset Management and they said that I owed a balance of $500 but they asked me to pay it right away by "check by phone". This month June 2008, i received a letter from Superior Asset Management offering a settlement for $200 by credit or debit. I don't know if they would be able to remove the other collection agency Plaza Associates from my credit report regarding the same account of T-mobile. Is it OK to give them my account if they don't take money order? How do I get them to remove bad info on my credit report with the other agency's name?
Well seeing as to how this debt has been sold and resold, it would appear to be time barred (beyond your states SOL) to take legal action or they would have done so by now. If you agree to make a settlement, get it in writing first that it will be removed from your credit report, if they won't do it, then it will stay there even though you paid a settlement fee until the reporting period runs out (7 yrs 180 days) as per Running of Reporting Period - Section 605 [15 U.S.C. § 1681c] Check to see when this account first went into default (this would be the date of last missed payment ). If the 7 1/2 year reporting period is running out, just ignore them, it will drop from your credit report and can NOT be redated as per 15USC1681s-2 You might want to see the other reports regarding superior asset managment here at this web site, others who have bee ripped off by them remember this DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ROUTING INFORMATION OR ANY OTHER BANK INFO!! Hope this answers your question. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The advice contained herein is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as Legal Counsel nor Legal Advice.
Superior Asset Management
You can't get the account removed... because... the balance TMobile and the collection agencies is the same. The only way to get a collection removed is if the amount due is "in error"... maybe you can get them to issue an "error" letter if you pay it... it is worth a try. Even so, the Tmobile will show up as a collection. Plaza too. The ONLY way to minimize the impact is to pay the settlement so they will STOP REPORTING the collection each month. You see, it is the reporting every month that drives your score down. After 24 months of no reporting, the collection will no longer affect your score. Best of luck!
Never, never, never do "check by phone" or give any collection agency / debt collector any financial information over the phone! If you reach an agreement with such a company, make sure to get it in writing *before* you pay anything.
If they dont take money orders then offer to western union the money if they say no to that then open a specual checking acct just for them to take the money from and when they take it close the account out. Do not give them access to your money because then they will go and take whatever they want whenever they want and have them write a letter upon receiving payment saying that the debt is settled. Then file this letter somewhere safe
Always negotiate about how your credit report will be updated PRIOR to paying them. Get a Pay for Delete agreement in writing first....which states that they will delete the item from your credit report after receipt of the agreed-to amount. Do not accept verbal promises from them...If it's not in writing it's worthless. Never, ever give a debt collector your checking account info...If you pay, do so only by money sure to keep the receipt for your records.
bad credit mobile phones
Also how old do you have to be to get a phone mom was gonna get the phone for me using her credit card and i would just pay her every month but she says she doesnt think she can have 2 diff plans because her credit is bad....but when we went on sprints website i did her ss # in and it didnt say she couldnt get it but i dunno if that actually verifys it
You are allowed to have two dfferent carriers. You mom will just have to put down a deposit in order to get that plan. You will find out if you have to put down a deposit after you check out. You will "buy" the phone but it will tell you that you have to make a deposit of whatever amount it says. The transaction will not go through even if you do not pay the deposit. You will have to pay the deposit in order for the charge to show up on your mother's credit card.
You have to be 18 to open up your own cell phone plans. The key to the credit score is that the worst your credit, the more you deposit will be. I had to put down $200.00 the first plan I opened, but later when my score was better, I didn't need a deposit when I opened a new account. And you can absolutely have two plans, this is America! You could have two individual plans from the same service provider (I'm sure some cheating spouse is taking advantage of this). As long as you can pay, you can do whatever you like. *****UPDATE****** The stage you find the deposit is when you actually talk to a sales representative after giving them your (or your mom's) information. Also, you have the right to not go with the company if the deposit is too high. I'm sure if you talk to a sales associate, you can straight up just ask them to find the deposit would be before going into the unnecessary details.
How dare you use your Mom'sss # for any reason!!! Seriously she can most likely add you to a family plan for an additional $10 . And when you go over the alloted minutes and text massaging she can take the exorbitan phone bill outta your hide,
First of all you do have to be 18 to get one in your own name. second you and have 4 different cell companies if you choose. third if you never had them before then sprint would be the easy one to to get. sprint requires $50 dep donald trump or not.
Yes you can have two phone plans from different companies
As long as your pay the cell companies, you can have more then 1-2!! why don't you get pre-paid, so you don't have to worry about it anymore!
bad credit mobile phones
I brought my ex-boyfreind of 3 yerars the dash t-mobile phone for him to keep but after that couples of months later we broke up and i let him keep the phone!!! my boyfriend now and my friend tell me to take it back but i keep on saying that I BOUGHT IT FOR HIM the bad thing is it is under my name and he drop it so now the screen is messed up so should i take it back or leave it to him???
I actually did the same with a boyfriend that i had. We shared a plan but i got the phone for free. He lived across the country. I had to two year contract and e eventually broke up, and i got married. We mostly split the bill, but i did pay for the bill by myself a lot of the time. But even after i got married, i kept the plan going until my contract was up. I didnt want the termination on my credit since i didnt want to pay the 250 for both phones to get disconnected. I think since you bought it for him you should let him keep it. It is just a phone, and if he broke it then he can pay to get it fixed. It isnt like the phone companys want the phones back. and just casue the phone is under your name doesnt mean anything. You just payed for it. unless you pay for his service.
If the bill is in your name, take it back or get a signed agreement from him that would not hold you responsible for any damages to the phone or replacement costs. Also, an agreement that states he agrees to pay the bill and all charges.
Even though you bought the line for him you should take it back its under your name and anything could happen and to your name (credit) and then it could mess up.
Normally I'd say leave it for him to fix, it's his problem, but since it's in your name then I'd say take it back...mainly because if anything else happens then the blame can be left on you.
I think that if its in your name you should take it back before anything else happens to it. see if he will help pay for it to get fixed too.
mobile phone loan
OK, here's the scoop: One of my relatives ran up my Nextel bill to $1,014.39 (which was in my name) and my father took me off his Alltel plan because the contract has expired and no more family plan for him. I paid all my bills on time (even the share with Alltel) and the relative also ran up my credit cards to $30,000.00 and got $10,000 in student loans in my name which I found out when I received a letter of default (which I cannot figure out how you can get student loans in anyone name, but yours). Plus she got a T-Mobile and ran the bill close to $4,000.00. And a Cingular to $400.00. Both in my name. What should I do to remedy the situation? I cannot pay it and I depleted my savings because of hospitalization. Otherwise, I can pay the entire bill and have $3.00 left in savings. I do, however, send whatever I can. Since I cannot get a postpaid mobile phone, my only option is prepaid mobile phone which will be very expensive because that serves as my communication tool.
My ultimate communication tool, that is, for my home, work, business, and social lifeline. I use about 4,000 minutes a month. I cannot get MetroPCS or Cricket phone service where I live. So, I'm stuck with traditional prepaid service with CingularGo, Allel U, Boost Mobile, Simple Freedom Wireless, TracFone, Net 10 Wireless, T-Mobile To Go, Virgin Mobile, etc. I cannot get Verizon IN prepaid out here. What is a great prepaid mobile phone that won't break the bank like everything else aforementioned? Thank you in advance.
How on earth can you alow that relative to run up such hugh bills without taking her to task ??? She cannot be using your name to apply for anything, its illegal so go Do something about it !!! Such hugh bills are not funny so tell your family members about it !
bad credit mobile phones
I texted her at 7:30 and she didn't reply. She normally replies Straight away, within an hour. Then at 8:00 I texted again, no reply. I texted again at 9:00 and still no reply!!!! I am basically crying because my brain won't shut up and it always thinks of the worst that could have happened to her! She never does this, and we haven't had any arguments ever and and well I feel really stupid putting this on yahoo answers. Part of me tells me it'll be okay, text her in te morning, but what if she doesn't turn up at school? Then I would freak out and cry. The other part just keeps stressing. I am stupid, but what do I do? I am extremely worried about her. :(
You are not stupid , she is your best friend you have every right to be worried . Maybe her phone died or she is out of credit. I think these are the most likely scenarios but if you are Stilll worried you could always call her and see if she answers and if not then call her home phone number not her mobile. I hope this helps
Maybe she is busy, this has happened to me before too and i freaked out but then when i actually saw her she said she was really busy and not to worry. If you keep texting her it might bug her but it is good to worry about your best friend. Just don't worry so much i'm sure she is fine and i'm sure everything will be okay. Just give it some time and if she doesn't reply call her that would probably be the best thing to do.. Sorry if i'm not a lot of help
Stop worrying before there is anything to worry about. Her phone may not be charged. Her parents may have taken her phone away. Her service may be having troubles. She may have lost her phone. You will find out soon enough. Now quit being a drama queen and get ready for school.
I understand you are worried for your friend but try to calm down a bit. She could have simply lost her phone or maybe it died on her. You are a great friend to care for her so much but try to settle down, there are many simple mishaps that could be taking place. Good luck and I hope your friends texts u back soon :)
Get hold of your self. Maybe her parents took her phone away or she doesn't want to reply back or forgot her phone somewhere. Relax you will see her at school tomorrow.
She's probably just out of credit, just call her x
She could just be busy losing her virginity...
You could call her telephone you could email her you could chill pick one peace
mobile phone credit
If you're in the UK then you can buy all the latest mobile phones on finance from Phones on Finance. They don't do a credit check, so it doesn't matter if you have poor credit. Check them out: I couldn't get a contract phone but they gave me a phone on finance without a credit check. It was really easy and their service is great!!
You can put a pre-pay "trackphone" on layaway at Wal-Mart.
mobile money loans
Traditionally the biggest risks.
Why are the banks and lenders doing a lot of stupid things? LOL I work for a mortgage company and I hear all the ridiculous things they are coming up with daily. Mobile/manufactured homes are considered "risks". Translated into sleezy bank talk...they aren't making a whole lot of money out of them so they refuse to fund those types of loans. Generally, they are small loans and they wont make a lot of money from the interest. So they call it a risk. Don't worry. They are refusing to fund a lot of things....even if it's a regular home.
On top of all the other answers (pretty good generally), the loans are small. For instance, I bought a manufactured home just a couple of days ago and I'm selling it for $11,999. No bank is going to finance a $12,000 mortgage. It just isn't worth it. I'm offering attractive seller financing. And that's the way to do it. Hope that helps.
They depreciate in value where as a house goes up on the most part. Houses can last for more than a hundred years, where as the life of a mobile home maxes out at 20 years.
I have a loan against my mobile home, but its with my credit union. Probably because of the whole "your trailer can blow away" thing during a tornado, which is complete BS because houses can become damaged too. (That being said I still evacuate when we have high winds and tornado warnings) If you really need/want a loan against one, try a credit union. They are usually more lenient.
Because typically people that own mobile homes have less income and therefore a greater chance of defaulting.
Securing them on the secondary market is difficult as REIT's do not want them in the package. FHA does them but the lenders who will do them are few and far between
mobile fast cash
We were looking for a mobile home to buy in this nice mobile home park and we found one that we really liked. After talking to the guy, we found out he was moving out because he owed $1,500 on the mobile home. He's selling it for $5,000 because it's basically a steal and he wanted to sell it FAST. It's really nice and looks like it should be worth at least $20,000. Anyways, he has to be out by 2:30 PM on Monday, and he said he thinks if he can sell the mobile home before then and pay off the $1,500 he owes, then he can get the title and sign it over to us. (Of course, we'd be doing all this as you would any sale of a home.) Is this possible or is he out of his mind and is it too late for him to be selling it? The reason he is being evicted is because he hasn't been able to pay his bills. He's already paid $18,000 or so towards it and just owes the last little bit.
He is getting evicted from the mobile home park for non-payment of space rent and what bills? Ask the trailer park manager if you buy the mobile home will you have to move it. Also, make the seller show you the statements from the bank that he owes $1,500 on this mobile home to prove his story. He may just be trying to get some quick cash from a sucker before he flees.
If your mom is going to let you and your sister stay at her new home, then maybe you could talk to her and see if she will let you bring your animals there too. She should legally be responsible for you because you are still a minor, but since your sister is 21 she should be out on her own anyway. Neither of your parents have any rights over her anymore, legally. On a legal standpoint, if you are evicted, you will get a notice. From the date of that notice, you have 30 days to move all your stuff. This is mandatory. As long as all your things are out, then they can't take them. IF you still have things left in the home, then yes they can. If your mom isn't willing to bring them to her new house, you need to find out now so you can be re-homing them. Find friends or neighbors to look after them for a while. And dont get another animal right now, its probably not a good idea. I'm sorry you have to go through this, my parents did this too, but I was 21 at the time with 2 kids of my own and didn't live with them anymore. It still was hard though. Good Luck to you.
Be very cautious before handing over any money. Be sure he has loan pay off statement, so you know exactly what he owes. Check for all liens on his trialer.
mobile phone loan
Now it doesnt take a genius to work out that Water & Electricity dont go together never loan electrical circuits. Unfortunatly whilst cleaning up before going to work today I placed my clothes in the washing machiene. The cell phone (mobile phone) I have is light weight (and cheap one) Samsung SGH B130 (Yes crap I know but it does me to make and receive calls) Now, I was wondering were it was? Tried phoning it? Nothing Now because I work in a call centre I have to have it on silent at times, So I was thinking I must have it laying around somewere. Then I went into the kitchen to find pushed up against the plastic of the washing machiene door my mobile phone staring at me Nooooooo! lol Screen has loads of condensation / moisture inside it as you would expect and doesnt turn on (as expected) Question... Will it ever revive and turn on once the circuit dries out or has the water damaged it Battery warning states may overheat or explode if comes in to contact with water / subjected to impact (Now its had its impacts in the washing machiene so im guessing no explosion happened) But will it set on fire or burn if I attempt to charge it in a day or two once my phone has dried out
Don't risk it,its not worth it, get a new phone.
Wrap the phone in a piece of cheesecloth. Put that and 2 cups of kitty litter in a 1 gallon zip loc baggy for 24 hours. then look at it.
bad credit mobile phones
Just wondering who has t-mobile service, and your honest opinion of T-Mo's Customer care. I have worked there for a couple of years and am very happy with the customers that call in. For the most part you are extremely nice and patient with a lot of the reps. I would like your opinion on how we sound and act on the phones!! Thanks guys!!! : )
The hotmail situation is a know thing! definitely kind of a bummer since i use hotmail as well. for some reason it just won't configure on t-mo's service. crazy! flexpay is a pretty cool thing tho if you don't want anything effecting your credit... the plans are the same as a post paid account which is cool. great feedback tho!! thank you
3G is coming!! Look for it later 2008! We have already released 3 new handsets for 3G! As far as pricing for upgrades on 2 years contracts... we do offer a huge discounted price once someone has completed 22 months of a 24 month contract or 10 months of a 12 month contract. Honestly, I see better deals online at than we can offer in customer care, so check out our website before calling in!! : )
I absolutely LOVE T-mobile! I switched from you to Verizion and terminated my contract with them early because I missed you guys and HATED them! Your reps are great and ALWAYS try to go out of their way to help. When they answer your call they don't try to rush you, or make you feel unimportant. They never have a bad attitude or sound grouchy! I have been with you guys for some time and I can only remember of one person who was rude, but everyone gets one bad apple now and then! WTG and KEEP UP THE GREAT SERVICE!!!!! you could extend your services though, cover more area, but I am sure in time that will happen to!
I love t-mobile. My bill is alot smaller now but when I was with verizon and sprint my bills used to be near $70-$80 monthly. MY FAVORITE THING ABT TMOBILE IS THE 1year contracts. Other companies have stopped doing that. Matter in fact I recommend Tmobile to all my friends. I live in a city that doesnt have tmobile, but i use sister networks and i have never been false charged on my bill, its been 3yrs. One time i did get a huge bill because i went over my minutes, but tmobile worked with me to pay it off in 3 months. I remember sprint would not work with me at all even if it was 2 days late, they charged me late fees. When I usually talk to tmobile representatives, they are nice friendly and actually want to help their customers. Bravo Tmobile!!! sorry, but One thing negative about tmobile is that their handsets dont have cant stream videos which sucks. I had to go to a third party site for download videos to my phone. Tmobile really really need the 3G network and cheaper handsets. Curve blackberry is $250 with 2yr contract, AT&T has it for $129 for a 2yr contract. I want cheaper priced handsets. Especially other companies give a new handset every 2 years, tmobile, why dont you?
I'm in love with AT&T.. just because it is AT&T that I known since childhood and I used to work for them... I have Tmobile service as a FLEXPAY account.. i don't like the fact that it STARTS out as a $29.99 monthly plan but I have to add text messaging, etc.. and now I pay around $50.00... As for the customer service... i got hung up on several times... from people that are conceeded and "know it alls".. but I did have GREAT customer service....atleast once through the calls I made to them.. which has me disregard the bad ones. As far as service/reception ... majority of the time it does work... I still can't check my account or go on my messenger and gave up on calling... but as far as text messaging and phone calls... i give five stars! keep up the good work!
I have T-Mobile, and don't like it at all. The reps are ok, usually. But often they seem just to say the easiest thing even if it's not exactly true. Then I have to call back and get a different answer... I hate the service though - never get reception, dropped calls a lot, etc.
I even have had super provider with TMobile. I switched after a number of long years with sprint and many years with Cingular. i like it, human beings on the telephone help, they'll do exactly approximately something you ask for or arise with some thing comparable. additionally, i admire the hot deal they simply started. It use to be on new clientele have been given extremely extremely stable bargains and latest clientele have been given in basic terms stable bargains, properly now latest clientele gets those self same bargains. Plus you may substitute telephones each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. I nonetheless am continuously with somebody who has sprint provider and that i've got extra provider then he each does. They is not any roaming quotes, its all lined. additionally in Alaska and Mexico they have specific costs and it worked super for my grandmother who in basic terms back from there, they might use it throughout Canada. So, stable luck figuring out on. in basic terms make helpful they are in each and all of the places you want to bypass.
I love the customer care i PIN locked my phone and didnt know what to do and when i called in and were really helpful not like when i had AT&T and they told me to just get a new phone and pay full price for it...
I've had T-Mobile for 5 years and it's been a pretty positive experience.
They are nice to me.
cash loans by mobile
I can buy it cheap and pay in cash. I would like to resell it at a higher price to someone with poor credit who cannot get a bank loan. They would make the payments to me at a higher interest rate than a bank. How do I go about setting up the owner financing? Also how do I get them out if they default on the loan?
First how old is old. Many municipalities do not permit an older mobile home to be resold since the electrical system and material use is now outlawed You set it up by hiring a lawyer to draw up a contract and payment schedule
My friend got stuck on this one. He was given an older mobile home he was going to set up on a lot. He wound up having to pay to have it destroyed. Once a mobile home is unhooked from water, sewer and electricity, it can not be hooked up again until the entire mobile home is brought up to current codes. It is considered a new placement when it is hooked up and must meet current plumbing, electrical and even insulated windows and doors before it can be set back up and anyone allowed to move in. Also Land Sales Contracts and Rent to Own have 387 new rules that govern them that took affect Jan. 1, 2011 per the Dodd-Frank Act. that has a section that almost eliminates Private Real Estate Financing. If you don't meet the rules, the seller will have to refund all money paid on the mortgage and twice the interest paid. Make sure your attorney reviews and both the seller and buyer are in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act.
It relies upon on your project and the housing industry you reside in. In components the place cellular residences are regular the residences tend to keep thier cost greater suitable. For our kinfolk it substitute right into a great thank you to make a one time investment and keep hundreds each month that should ideally be thrown away on interest. in case you probably did no longer pay plenty for the homestead first of all there is not any authentic loss whilst in comparison with 10's to one hundred's of hundreds paid out in interest on a properly-known homestead own loan. the draw back could be some thing observed as lot hire if the home is placed in a trailer park. This fee traditionally covers water, rubbish, backyard care, clubhouse or lake privileges and plausible snow removal. At $two hundred to $3 hundred consistent with month it particularly is regularly fairly smart.
First. What a a lot to put in on. or storage lot fees. Second. Cost of moving it. Third. Repair cost. Windows, doors water heater, furnace, etc. Put it up yo code Fourth. Get title . Now take price of all above and add cost of mh. Think about it
Mobile homes have almost no market. seller carry is what you get them out, you need to give them a 30 day default notice.
mobile phone loan
Hey guys i wanna know how to make free calls from UK mobile to India. i am using O2 nd till now i was using 0844 to make calls nd tht number was free from the tariff tht i had but from 27th spet O2 is gonna start charging for all 0844 numbers. is there any other way to make free calls using my inclusive minutes. please let me know
Get yourself a landline, wait for the junk calls (mobile phones, loans, mortgages, insurance etc.) and ask them to put you through to the local number. Actually, I've just discovered that you have to dial a prefix and it only works with mobiles. Before dialling your Indian numbers (from your mobile) try dialing this prefix 0908.
Calling india free is not possible at least now but may happen in next a year or two year unless you do a fraud which i do not suggest you but calling india 1.5 pence per minute is like calling free as i know in last three years price from 10 p per minute came down to 2p or 4p most of the phone companies are doing it on 4p. but the service for 1.5p is only avaiable at BT on weekdays evenings which means 6pm to 8am, or from NTL, TELEWEST it will cost you 2p per minute, you can try it by using 0870 005 0210. And can call india mobile at 4p at 0844 909 0210 and landline 5p 0844 555 0210. Try it!!!
Call any 800 number for Customer Service and wahla, you've reached India. for free.
The only way to make free calls is to climb the telephone pole and then use a handphone and start dialling. there are ready ladders to use and available at cheap rates. hope this answers your question
cash loans by mobile
Yes she can lend you the money, give you the money, or just buy the home for you. You want to wait till after the bankruptcy has been discharged so the money does not get tied up in the bankruptcy. Since your daughter is not a bank and does not require a credit report to lend you money, this is between you and your daughter. If she gives you the money as a gift, and the amount is over $13,000, she will need to file form 709 with the IRS showing the amount of the gift over $13,000. You are allowed to give as many gifts as you want to as many people as you want as long as the amount is not over $13,000 per gift. Filing form 709 does not create any tax consequences for you or your daughter. It is only a tracking form used by the IRS to keep track of lifetime gifts. Under current law, you are allowed to give gifts totaling $5,000,000 in a life time. That amount is for 2011 and 2012. The amount will probably drop to $3,500,000 for 2013. If the money is in the form of a loan, then there is no gift involved. But, your daughter needs to make sure she follows the correct procedure since loan interest is considered income that she will need to report on her income tax. The IRS looks very closely as family loans.
I am not a lawyer, but I doubt there will be a problem. However, to be on the safe side, why don't you have your daughter buy the house in her name, wait a couple of years, and then give the mobile home to you. This should avoid any potential complication. You should definitely talk to the lawyer handling your bankruptcy.
Once you've been discharged, your only restrictions will be the ones the judge imposes in the final order. Keep in mind some creditor may force you back to court to prove the cash wasn't parked or hidden with her to keep it out of the bankruptcy assets. Write a note, a payment schedule and interest into her loan
I recommend you to check this site that can solve your doubts http://www.FINANCE-SOLUTIONS.INFO RE:Filing bankruptcy in ny after it is discharged can my daughter lend us money to buy a mobile home all cash?
Credit & Finannce solutions
mobile phone no credit check
T-Mobile has Flex Pay, which is a sort of hybrid between a contract and prepaid. You choose a plan, and pay for it ahead of time instead of after the fact. If you run out of resources, you can use a prepaid card to add more to your account until the next billing cycle starts. But, say you choose a plan with 400 minutes and free nights/weekends-if you use those minutes before the end of the cycle, you will not be able to make any more calls that are not during the unlimited nights/weekends unless you do the prepaid card to add more resources. Check out to compare all of their plans!
I don't think you can? It's easier to get a mortgage than a contract phone. You could ask a friend or family member to get the phone for you, ask them to be guarantor... Good luck!
In Australia they are called pre paid no credit checks at all you pay as you needs no call credit on phone no calls
Prolly have to get prepaid for like... whats their name... uh... oh, Revol
cash loan mobile
Yes you can, however it has been my experience that you will pay a higher rate on the loan. Our company has appraised manufactured homes for a refinance "cash out" for under this amount. Keep looking at different lenders, each one has different guidelines. I hope this helps.
This depends on where you live, the value of the mobile home and on if you own the land it is on. If you don't own the land, forget about it. Many states have loan laws that will not allow lenders to charge a large % on a loan, so they can't lend on such a small amount. The fees, Appraisal, title, etc. will easily surpass the amount laws will let be charged, so they can't make money on the loan and won't do it. Now if you own the land, and it is worth say 200,000 or more, you could take cash out up to 100,000 and someone will do that for you. Just find a good mortgage broker. Otherwise you are probably out of luck.
You should try to apply with eloan, they will probably be the only ones who will do it. They have a promotion now, If you use this link they will waive the lender fees.
cash loans on your mobile
Ok so of course hearing the title makes you think "how irresponsible!" But this semester I paid off half of my tuition with cash, so I have about $3000 extra loan money for this semester alone. Next semester is will still be taken care of with the other half of the entire loan so no worries there. But the repairs would cost about $1500 easily. Not like I am doing cosmetic modifications, but I need the car to be driving if I expect to be mobile here lol. Although the money is supposed to be used for living expenses, I don't have to pay rent or anything so financially I would still be fine. I just want to see what everyone elses opinion is on this situation.
Yes repair your car-you need it for school besides your student loan is what your paying back-it's not free money.
Short answer: convinced, you may spend it the way you want. lengthy answer: Whoa, there, Hoss! you're shifting into some possibly shaky floor! Is the motor vehicle paid off, or do you nonetheless owe money to a lender? The lender will want the motor vehicle positioned again to it really is unique situation as a fashion to guard their funding. If something takes position and they ought to repossess the motor vehicle, they could't promote it for it really is "blue e book" fee as a fashion to pay off the private loan. In that eventuality, you'd be stuck making funds on a motor vehicle you not have. If the lender learns that your motor vehicle became damaged, and your coverage company paid you, and also you probably did not make the upkeep, it really is obtainable that the lender will bill you for the fee of the upkeep that weren't performed. even if the motor vehicle is paid for, or not, what takes position in case you get in yet another coincidence and damage that element of the motor vehicle again? The coverage company expects that you had the upkeep performed (from this present day coincidence) and they decrease you yet another examine to fix the motor vehicle's damage (the wear you probably did not have fixed). it really is coverage fraud. human beings bypass to penal complex daily for coverage fraud. Their coverage rules are cancelled and they could't get coverage from the different company. Do you actually want to be in that position? ultimately, we come to the aesthetics of the component. in case you do not have the wear fixed, you'll see it daily and be unhappy along with your motor vehicle. it's going to trojan horse you to the point the position you both promote the motor vehicle (at a decreased fee because of the wear) or you restore it your self "out of pocket". save in recommendations, that the money you get in the present day received't restore your motor vehicle day after today. expenditures for elements and hard paintings develop daily. so as that $1900 restore, in the present day, will fee your $2900 day after today. Make experience? My suggestion? Get the motor vehicle fixed and reduce the deductible to $500. It received't upload that a lot for your rates, and contained in the destiny, it really is going to be extra reachable on your wallet to pay for upkeep.
I'd say go for it.
mobile phone cash
I went to top up my virgin mobile phone and at first i thought it worked and i tried to txt my friend and it would not let me so i tried it again and it said i don't have an account there so i typed in my serial number and it said serial number can not be found if it helps my phone is a Kyocera Loft S2300 Please can u help me?
When youn top up with a Virgin Mobile phone, you have to go to top up, put the code in, and your money should be in ur account. But its never towards your bill. So what you would have to do is renew your account, and your minutes would be towards your bill instead of your cash balance.
mobile installment loans
Our mobile home comes up as an installment loan. Will the bank require that we sell this (stupid) house before we can buy our dream house? So far, everyone has told us that we do not need to sell this home first but I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure. Secondly, will our trailer disqualify us for the first time buyer tax credit? Again, our loan officer, realtor and tax accountant have all said we still qualify but it all just seems too good to be true. PS - If you're considering buying a mobile home, PLEASE DON'T! It feels like a trap. Thanks!
It depends if you have enough income to qualify for the costs of the mortgage in addition to the costs of your current loan.
mobile installment loans
It'll show up as an installment purchase. You will still be able to rent apartments and such as long as your mom makes all the payments ON TIME!!!! It shows up as a debt in your name and has the EXACT same affect as if it was entirely in your name.
If it is a mobile home with no land, it is considered a retail installment contract, the same as a car loan. If she is purchasing a land/home package, then it will show up the same as a mortgage. I don't see how this would hinder you from renting an apartment, but it could give you problems if you were to apply for a mortgage loan. Please keep in mind that if your mother cannot make the payments, then you are responsible for them.
All of your doing having a number of places pull your credit is lowering your score with the quantity of inquiries making it even harder to get your own loan and in case you do not qualify then sit down back and shop up a 10% or more beneficial effectual down charge and locate out what to revive on your credit record (your entitled to a replica because you've been denied credit) as well, count number your advantages - there is not any cellular abode properly worth it truly is fee properly worth procuring - procuring a cellular abode is like throwing funds away - it depreciates in fee over 10% the minute it comes off the lot - wait shop and purchase an favourite abode
Donate plasma.... 3-4 times should pay for the whole thing
mobile emergency loan
If you can't afford vet care When your pet is sick or if there is an emergency: The first thing to do is to get to the closest vet right away. Do not spend time calling around to get the cheapest prices. The few dollars saved is not worth your pet's health. After initial treatment, then you can call around looking for the cheapest follow up care. The more time you spend making phone calls, searching the Internet, asking for money, etc..the sicker your pet will get. Not only does the pet suffer needlessly, but your vet bill is going to be even higher when you go in because the pet is going to be sicker Never try any home treatments. Never use anyone else's medications. You will wind up making your pet sicker and then vet treatment is going to be more expensive. Unless you are a vet, you don't have the expertise to treat your pet yourself. Treatments are different for every animal. A medication prescribed for one dog or cat will make another one sick. If you don't have any money to go to the vet, stop by the pawn shop on the way to the vet. Pawn anything that isn't more valuable than your pet. Which is anything and everything - your television, jewelry, computer, etc.. Or get a pay day loan or a car title loan. After the pet is taken care of, you can pay back the loan by cutting back on expenses: - Turn off cable TV - Turn off your cell phone service or at least get a cheaper service. You can get a pay-as-you-go plan from Virgin Mobile for 5 dollars a month. Only talk on the phone for emergencies - Give up beer and any other type of alcohol - Give up cigarettes - Give up any consumption that is not necessary - you don't need potato chips, cakes, pies, etc.. - Eat less food - Give up meat. A meal of beans and rice is full of protein, fiber and vitamins and you can eat for a few cents - Don't eat out - Give up illegal drugs - Give up prescription drugs if if giving them up isn't a detriment to your health - Give up over the counter pain killers - the pet's well being is more important than your pain. - Take on a second or third job -- taxi driver, fast food, day laborer, etc.. - Mow the neighbors' lawns, clean their houses, wash their cars - Pick up aluminum cans, bottles -anything you can recycle - Turn off the internet or get a cheaper internet plan - sell whatever you can - computer, TV, clothes, etc.. - Sell your furniture - it's better than you sit or sleep on the floor rather than let your pet suffer. Try a barter deal with you vet - offer to clean up poop or mop floors in exchange for a vet care or at least a payment plan. Did you know that you can go several days without days without food and still survive? Just be sure to drink plenty of tap water and stay hydrated. No one can diagnose your pet over the phone or over the Internet (not even a vet) you have to physically take your pet to the vet to get examined. Before your pet gets sick or hurt Plan ahead Buy pet insurance just in case your pet gets sick or hurt Keep a saving account just for pet care (if you don't have money for a saving account, see ways to cut back above)
She could have a fungal infection, mange or a yeast infection, besides things that only a vet knows about. If you can't take her to the vet, take her to an animal rescue league. You can find one by going to Ask them to take your dog and find a good home for her. You can also find animal rescue leagues by asking at your local pet supply store.
Take her to the vets and see what is causing this and treat her for her problems this is part of being a dog owner
Sounds interesting. What were the vet results when she was tested for mange?
There are no veterinarians sitting around answering Yahoo questions - they are taking care of animals who need medical care, like your suffering dog!
cash money mobile
For God's sake, go through escrow on this purchase. The escrow officer acts like a disinterested stakesholder. They hold your money and the seller's pink slip, and do a proper recordation and transfer of title. DON'T just hand money over to some seller!!!!! I cannot emphasize this enough!
If the seller has a clear title the sale will be quick. It is like buying a car. Make sure the seller offers you a clean title not a quick claim title. Remember "buyer beware" if you do not know the seller. If the trailer is in a month to month park it should be a non-issue. If the park has an HOA there maybe some restrictions on selling the mobile home as well as the buyer. Good luck
If you're just buying the home and not the land, it's similar to transferring title on a car, so it's very fast. If you're buying the land also and it's all cash deal, you'll still have to go through escrow, which usually takes a couple of weeks at a minimum (clearing title, etc.).
If you're just buying the mobile home, that doesn't need to take more than a few days. Just have the present owner sign the title over to you when you pay for it. If you're also buying the land it's on, it'll take a little longer so the title company can update the paperwork.
As soon as the seller signs the title over to you, it's yours. BUT, one caution. Before you do ANYTHING you need to check with the management of the community. Some homes are sold, but must be moved. Some homes can't be sold because of non-paid back rent. Some homes can't be sold until certain improvements have been made by the seller. Or, if you buy the home, some improvements must be made by you before you move in.
Im buying a moble cash but they want a credit ck. my credit is 634 and have a past judgments
cash advance in mobile
I was running late to work one day & a “rapper in the making” was trying to sell me his CD. I told him I didn’t have cash to buy it & he swung out an ATM thingy that connected to his cell phone. I was absolutely amazed by it! I’m wondering if anyone knows about it? Like who makes it and where it can be purchased? Thanks in advance!
Citigroup, MasterCard Worldwide, Cingular Wireless and Nokia are testing PayPass mobile payments using enabled mobile phones with MasterCard PayPass contactless payment capability, but to my knowledge it is in trial stages in New York City and next to be possibly expected in some major league ball stadiums. the technology is only conceptual know, but should be rather secure with bluetooth or infrared, companies want more securities before launching. I'm not aware of any ATM's thingies just yet, but wireless phones will be secure enough in about a year to do all such transactions. Do not beam or tooth your personal info to your ATM just yet!
online mobile loans
I just finished watching Black Rock Shooter and I need a new action anime to watch. I am obsessed with action so good fight scenes is a must! The only 2 things I would like to stay away from is (1) ecchi- not interested (2) romance- it sometimes annoys the heck out of me. I mean, the couples get so hung up over each other and want to do the most stupid things for each other .... yeah you get my point. Anyways the action animes I have watched are: One Piece Inuyasha Naruto Fairy Tail Guren Lagan Beelzebub Death Note Code Geass Black rock shooter Kenichi the mightiest disciple cuticle detective inaba baccano durarara Deadmans wonderland Darker than black Bleach Fullmetal Alchemist Rurouni Kenshin Magi ao no exorcist baka to test cowboy bebop prince of tennis d gray man Gosick kuroshitsuji mirai nikki Soul Eater Katekyo hitman reborn That is about it... One more thing- I don't like depressing animes, being sad is fine but when the characters are depressed most of the time makes me uncomfortable.... Anyways thank you!
Sword art online Mobile suit Gundam seed Black Butler Dog Days Danganronpa: The Animation (I don't think this is action but there is killing.) Zombie Loan Hayate no gotoku
Luckily, some of my favorite anime's fall into the action territory, so I can give you some awesome suggestions. --Yu Yu Hakusho (Action, Comedy, Tournament, Drama) This anime has light romance in it, but it's not the direct story line. One day, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic. Since he has such a bad personality, even the Spirit World was caught by surprise that he would sacrifice himself. Yusuke soon finds out he wasn't supposed to die and has a chance for resurrection and bringing his body back to life. After being resurrected, Yusuke becomes a Spirit Detective, along with his comrades, and one adventure after another happens, whether it be an investigation or a fighting tournament. --Elfen Lied (Drama, Horror, Gore) *I wouldn't call this an action show though in some episodes it does seem like it. It's a really good show if you can push through some of the messed up things you see. I mean there are some really crazy things that happen, things that will make you absolutely sick to your stomach. So, just remember, NOT FOR FAINT HEARTED. The Diclonius, a mutated homo-sapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns in their heads, and has a "sixth sense" which gives it telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to get shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives and manages to drift along to a beach, where two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka discovers her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, "Nyuu," and the two allow her to stay at Kouta's home. However, it appears that the evil "Lucy" is not dead just yet... --Big O (Action, Mystery, Science Fiction) A futuristic city with lost memories, an expert negotiator fights threats to the city with the help of an android and his own giant robot. --Hakuouki (Action, Comedy, Drama) *I just recently finished watching this anime today and loved it thoroughly. There is lots of action and very slight jabs at romance, towards the end of the show those jabs become far more apparent obviously. I HIGHLY recommend this show actually. Chizuru Yukimura has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a doctor who has gone missing. While there, she witnesses a fight between an Oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody, the Shinsengumi debates on what to do with Chizuru, when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor for whom they are also looking. The Shinsengumi then take Chizuru along on their search after the missing doctor, from adventure to adventure.
First of all, try the new hot 2013 action anime, Attack on Titan. Also free of fanservice. Only gore. Attack on Titan: Fate/Zero: -The fight in this anime is beautiful and also free of fanservice. But this anime is plot heavy so if you don't like too much talking, then this anime is not for you. Watch this if you want a gorgeous soundtrack & animation with awesome storyline. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: -The fight in this anime is 2d layered and is unique in its own way. This anime is not really for kids and does not contain rainbow in it. The animation quality & soundtrack is amazing. There is one movie sequel. Also free of fanservice. If you don't mind anime movies, then try out Sword of the Stranger & Kara no Kyoukai movies series. Sword of the Stranger: -The fight is very beautiful & fluid with its hand-drawn animation. Heavily action. You will not regret it. Free of fanservice. Kara no Kyoukai: -7 high-quality anime movies. Watch it in chronological order for better understanding. Also more plot heavy than action. The animation & soundtrack is exceptionally amazing. Free of fanservice but movie 3 contain mild-nudity. Nothing too ridiculous though. There is more but these 4 are all excellent anime.
Sword art online
mobile fast cash members
I've only had two jobs, I want to make them sound more professional, but I am not sure how to sum them up for my resume. I worked at Kroger, which is a grocery store.. I was a cashier for the deli half of my job (was half deli half bakery) and the bakery portion I was basically doing all displays and packaging of baked goods. I sometimes decorated cakes and other pastries. My current job is working at AMC theaters. I am a "crew member" and I am mainly a concession stand cashier, but I also clean theaters sometimes. The reason I worked these very low paying jobs, is because I needed work experience. I guess I want to emphasize the cash handling parts of my two jobs and a bit of working with customers because I had a high volume of them at Kroger and even more at AMC.
I am looking for probably a customer service position. T-mobile, Citi, Verizon, somewhere like that, and I am even applying at banks. I applied before having any work experience, and I imagine that's why I didn't get too far. They can't just gamble on you with no work experience at all whatsoever. I am definitely not going for anything janitorial or in food service. I just really need a good summary for those two jobs that emphasize customer service and cash handling for bank jobs.
What kind of job are you looking for? Stress education if you have it. You've had a lot of customer experience, push that. Seems like you've had a lot of experience multi-tasking in fast paced environments. Possible ideas for your Kroger experience: -Responsible for financial transactions - Quality Assurance for baked goods
cash advance mobile
Htc one v... personally I'd save up the cash and get a Galaxy S3 or HTC One X
Samsung Galaxy
I have a htc and the Screen is so insensitive plus if you're not much of a tech expert it's hard to use. Sony isn't good or very popular samsung Galaxy is popular and it's very worth it. I have a galaxy and it's wonderful
Read it If you want to buy sth good I recommend you Galaxy S III but one x is good enough too. I have Xperia arc s and I'm happy with that ATTENTION DO NOT NEVER EVER BUY IPHONE EVERY THING YOU WANT FROM IPHONE IS AVAILABLE FOR ANROID. SOME TIPS TO BUY ANROID phone: a phone with dual core CPU or higher 2.high internal storage space 3.high RAM free space 4.screen must be more than 4.3 alot of kinds of image & video & adobe 6.high quality of screen like amoled + 7.high camera resolution 8.options that company gives you like mobile bravia engine for Xperia & etc... 9.front camera doesn't need high resolution I HOPE THEY HELP YOU TO BUY YOUR BEST.
Samsung GALAXY S Advance
SONY XPERIA SOLA!!!!!!!!!" :)
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That's a Nigerian pay as you go mobile phone number, there is no way to find an address from that If this is about someone you met online and now the doctor is claiming your friend is in hospital and needs money for treatment, it's a VERY common online scam. Do not send money or call this doctor. You know it has to be a scam as a doctor can ONLY contact a patient's immediate family or government officials, NOT friends If this person claims to be foreign. the ONLY people to contact are his country's embassy in Nigeria with all details you have. The embassy will a) verify if the person actually exists; b) if they do exist they will send a representative to the hospital to check on his condition; c) arrange an emergency loan to cover any expenses
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Cell phones themselves are not expensive. I seen places you can buy unlocked cell phones for less than $50. My DECT home phone cost more than that. However, the X10, and similar phones are more than just phones. They are considered as smart phones, and yes there is a difference. Many cell phones has an antenna for cellular service. They also have a basic screen, and maybe a basic camera. Nicer ones will have a wifi for basic web browsing - usually a WAP browser, or Opera. In the end, they are a bit basic, and for that, you will get a basic price. Some higher end cell phones maybe a little more than $100, but rarely less than $200. These phones typically have better cameras, better antennas for reception, and more expensive chips for processing your information. Keep in mind that your phone isn't sending your voice per say, but all phones these days are digital which is a collection of 1s and 0s. And all cell phones have CPUs (although usually 50 - 150Mhz). Smart phones like the X10 line are much more capable. They also demand much more. That means a faster CPU (low end being 500Mhz) which must be designed in a way where it won't over heat and cause physical harm. This will add to the cost. Also, more ROM. Many basic phones will have 1MB of ROM, but smart phones typically have 256MB or more. There is a need for a better screen resolution which is produced by Red/Green/Blue lights that produces all of the colors, just like your LCD monitor. This has to be even more carefully integrated since there is a small screen. A half of an inch of bad pixels is probably annoying on a 26" screen, but intolerable and unacceptable on a 3" screen. Next, comes the OS. Smart phones have OSes in them more like a PC rather than a phone. When a manufacturer builds an OS for a basic phone, it is tailored to that phone, and therefore runs optimally. On a smart phone, this is usually requires developing around the OS and trying to make sure everything works right. This could require months of R&D to make a successful smart phone as you have to make sure the hardware combinations, and any bugs in the chosen OS doesn't conflict. Throw a skin on it (which I believe the X10 has) which makes the phone look different in the UI perspective, and that will require more time. And most of the phones now a days has a touch screen. And you want that screen responsive, so the manufacturer has to use capacitive touch. RIM learned that the hard way with their Storm. And you can't just throw a screen on an call it a day. It also has to be calibrated, and not in lots either, but each device has to be calibrated, and while machine typically does that, it is still work, and effort. Then there's the support issue. A cell phone, something goes wrong - there's only a few things to look to. A smart phone goes wrong, and it could be so much more. Not only the built in hardware, but any bluetooth devices, and software. Smart phones can also get viruses, which will cause problems that will naturally be blamed on the carrier or manufacturer. This means calls to the carrier which increases the price. If there are too many calls, then the carrier will no longer order that smart phone line. Danger learned that with the Sidekick when T-Mobile stopped selling the Sidekick, and cancelled further orders when the Danger servers went down, and customers blamed T-Mobile. All of this builds on the price of the phone, and this will also explain why some carriers will eat a portion of the MSRP and commit you to two years. They want you to have a smart phone since they will make more money on the data plan, and you will rely on it more and more - therefore only getting a better smart phone in the future. Yes, the price could be cheaper, and yes a full MSRP priced phone can be outrageous, but at least according to the manufacturer, this is normal cost of doing business. But as with all smart phones, the X10 is not just a cell phone. It's a handheld computer.
Well, the reason why cellphones cost so much money is because it has so many features in them that some people use them and others don't need them. It depends on the phone carrier like AT&T, Verizon, and so on. Some phones like the verizon droid X can show movies, television show and so on the phone.
Alot of phones these days have alot of features and gadgets that do and contact different things the more it hold the more money. Downloading some music can take up half of the memory on any type of phone no matter how much memory it consists.
30 years ago cell phones did not ever exist & today they can almost replace a computer. You can go a cheap as you want. Pre-paid plans offer phones are low as $20.00 & .05 cents a minute for just voice & cheap .05 cent per text. You don't have to have the latest I-Phone or Droid that does everything except pay it's own bill. Look around.
Well they know people want it so they sell it at a higher price..tats y..and yeah the technology does have a part to play. i dun really see the need to get a better one.that is y i brought 1 and stay with it instead of changing a to a new 1.
The phones are just nicely done and have WAY more features then normal regular flip phones. But sometimes they'll over price it because its a teen-sensation.
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I know that the rules for financing mobile homes are different than they are for site built homes -- are you purchasing the land the trailer is on as well? Or just the trailer? It sounds from your question like you are buying the lot as well, and I don't see why you couldn't get a loan for the property... although the lenders are all scared nowadays, as we all know. I'll have to look into it, because I am really not sure. I know when it comes to mods and refinancing, they are way less willing to work with people when they're dealing with a mobile home. It's stupid though, because you're still paying for the land, too... SIGH!!
For financing purposes a manufactured home will always be considered a manufactured home. Financing is still available for manufactured homes on land, especially if it is on a foundation, the title has been removed and is classified as real property (not personal property). There are three routes that you can go.... #1 Conforming (A.k.a Fannie Mae), There are a few lenders out there that still finance real property manufactured homes with conforming guidelines. The important thing to note is that there is no longer any mortgage insurance company that will provide mortgage insurance on a manufactured home, so you will need to put 20% or more down to qualify for a conforming loan. #2 Government loans (FHA, VA & USDA). These loans may be harder to get then you may think. If you qualify for a VA loan this may be a great route to go, as it is one of only two programs left that offer 100% financing. A USDA loan is the other loan that is still 100% financing, but there are restrictions to using one for a manufactured home. USDA loans will only finance a brand new manufactured home that was sold by and installed by a USDA licensed manufactured home dealer. The only other route is if the manufactured home has been previously financed with a USDA loan. Also there are income limitations as well as geographical limitations as well. Finally we have FHA loans. While FHA loans were very popular for financing real property manufactured homes, the nations only (at this point in time) wholesale buyer of manufactured home fha loans (GMAC) just announced back in October 09 that they were pulling out completely from purchasing any manufactured home loans. What this means is that it will be very hard to find a lender that will be able to finance a manufactured home with an FHA loan. #3 Portfolio lenders. There are a few portfolio lenders out there still that cater to mobile homes. A Portfolio lender is a company that has access to their own source of investors, as a result they can make up their own guidelines and do not have to follow the standard conforming or government underwriting guidelines. The advantages of using a portfolio lenders is that they only require minimum down payment 5%, there is no mortgage insurance and often all closing costs can be worked into the loan. The downside comes in the form of a higher interest rate. If you are looking for financing for a mobile home or manufactured home a great site to check out is This site allows you to fill out a simple form and get information on mobile home lenders that meet your criteria.
I am Rev, Famous James, a Legitimate, Reputable money Lender. We are a company with financial assistance. We loan funds out to individuals in need of financial assistance, that have a bad credit or in need of money to pay bills, to invest on business. I want to use this medium to inform you that we render reliable beneficiary assistance as I'll be glad to offer you a loan. Services Rendered include; *Refinance *Home Improvement *Investment Loan *Auto Loans *Debt Consolidation *Business Loans *Personal Loans *International Loans. FIRST INFORMATIONS NEEDED ARE: Name Of Beneficiary:......... Country:............. Sex:............. Occupation:........ Amount Required............ Purpose of the Loan........ Loan Duration:............ Phone Number............. Regards. Rev, Famous James Famous Refinance Institute Hope to see your response via this mail address,
NO it is not considered SFU.
Thanks for the answers EVERYONE <3
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I personally think depending on the deal your getting on the mobile home, ive heard of many retired people just plain out making the purchase if you can afford it, i think the whole mortagage idea also depends on what works for you the best. :) best wishes for either
If the 60 year old absolutely wants to buy a mobile home, he should pay cash IF he has other cash for liquidity in case of emergencies and as retirement income for future use. If he still has income from a job and is still contributing to 401K and Roth IRA, then go ahead, buy it free and clear. 60 years old is a very bad time in life to take on a mortgage. But, he shouldn't put himself into a "cash poor" situation, because there is no equity loan available for a mobile home should the need arise later.
Let me contrast a mobile home and an apartment for you. Mobile homes aren't safe during floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, all of which are occurring across our country now, and you'd be asked to leave or told to leave and where would you go? Mobile homes are bought or rented, and they could be in a park or on a piece of land that has electricity/water on it. There are things in mobile homes you'd be required to do like treat your sewage monthly, and things you might not be able to do and that's to wash clothes if you don't have city water. And if you put a mobile home on land you'd need to replace a fathered in existing mobile home or you'd have a large fee to pay if you don't. Remember that mobile homes last about 18 years and are like a car, they rust. And you'd need to set it on a cement block with tie downs and probably would even need a skirt for it. I remember trying to get a mobile home years ago, a new one for $35,000...years later I knew an acquaintance purchased an old mobile home for $10,000 and it had weak spots in the hallway and the bath tub fell thru, so for sure you won't want an old mobile home. If you buy a new one and can pay cash then that's fine. Where would you put it is the next question. You'd get a mobile home loan from the dealer (it's not a mortgage). Sure you could pay cash. And if you buy land (w/ city water and sewer connections) you would need to pay cash. Be careful where you place that mobile home, and get flood insurance and other insurances like fire on it as well. And be sure and get a good theft device on your doors that warns of intruders. Frankly I believe an apartment is better.
I hate debt. However if you can make more money ( after taxes) with a mortgage and some investments ( rather than just pay cash) then go for it. Do consider that you might get a better deal with an all cash offer.
There is a new argument that you should have a mortgage if you have a liquidity issue. However, at 60, I have issues with someone getting a 30 year mortgage if they plan to retire at 67.
It's a question of basic financial analysis. What are you earning after tax on your investments/bank deposits? What would be the cost of the mortgage after tax? Are there ancillary costs to getting the mortgage? Do you have alternative uses for the money if you got the mortgage?
Nothing lets you sleep like a baby better than having no mortgage. Nothing.
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We are trying to buy a new Mobile Home which will be converted to real property. We are working with a very well known bank institution and have been approved for a construction loan. They are telling me that Builders Risk Insurance needs to be purchased before they can give us a final approval on the loan. I called the local insurance companies and they insist they do not cover it for Mobile Homes. I brought this to the banks attention over a month ago, yet they are still telling me I need to get Builders Risk Insurance. What do I do? Supposably the mobile home builders don't cover the Builders Risk Insurance or the contractor, so it's up to me. How does this usually work? Is the buyer usually the one responsible for this?
I've never heard of a Builders Risk policy on a mobile home, because the actual CONSTRUCTION happens in a factory - regardless of the kind of foundation you get for it. Your BEST bet, is to hire a general contractor, who's going to be doing the work. The GC should have in place, a "blanket basis" builders risk policy, on a reporting form, so that every month he adds new projects, and deletes the ones that are completed. That's you ONLY chance, IMO, to get any form of builders risk coverage - but as it's in the GC's name, it will probably NOT satisfy the bank. You're going to have to go to a different bank, probably one that the builder recommends. Unfortunately, because it's a much higher risk loan (on a mobile home), the rate will probably be higher than a conventional construction loan. What MOST people do, is have everything run through the builder or the GC, and let THEM worry about the insurance/bank issues - that way, you aren't responsible until the title is transferred over, after the building is complete. I'm assuming that you're talking about a true mobile home, NOT a manufactured home, or "prefab" home.
For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. http://INSURANCEANDFINANCETIPS.INFO/inde... RE :Builders Risk Insurance for a Construction Loan on a Mobile Home? We are trying to buy a new Mobile Home which will be converted to real property. We are working with a very well known bank institution and have been approved for a construction loan. They are telling me that Builders Risk Insurance needs to be purchased before they can give us a final approval on the loan. I called the local insurance companies and they insist they do not cover it for Mobile Homes. I brought this to the banks attention over a month ago, yet they are still telling me I need to get Builders Risk Insurance. What do I do? Supposably the mobile home builders don't cover the Builders Risk Insurance or the contractor, so it's up to me. How does this usually work? Is the buyer usually the one responsible for this? Update: Well we call them mobile homes here, but it is a Manufactured home. Follow 6 answers
It would be interesting to know what state you are in. Zurich offers a builders risk product that will cover mobile/modular/manufactureds. Keep in mind they come in one year policies with no available refunds, so they are quite costly for the amount of time that it takes to set a home. Try giving them a buzz. 866-279-8253
As long as your credit is good you should be able to find a bank that will lend you money. Basically start visiting banks. You might have better luck at smaller chain banks. The larger ones can afford to say no to just about anyone. Some of the smaller banks will loan to anyone with good credit who has a reasonable chance of completing a resellable property. Rules vary from bank to bank.
Builder's risk insurance covers perils such as fire, wind, theft and vandalism and many more. It typically does not cover perils such as earthquake, flood or wind in beach zones unless the policy has been specifically endorsed to do so. Coverage is typically during construction period only, and is intended to terminate when the work has been completed and the property is ready for use or occupancy. Surely, this will help you further: Whatever you decide, I hope you are doing the right thing!
The website below is a great resource for anything about home purchase, refi, and insurance: I would definitely check out the link for, they were a huge help when I bought mine. Good Luck!
The insurance companies are right. Your loan officer is clue-less. Talk to his or her supervisor.
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Of course. The loan amount is usually much less than a standard home because the mobiles are much less expensive.. It does not cover the rental fee at the mobile park though. Pay very close attention to that amount and the rules regarding it. Be very concerned as to if, when, and how much it will be raised from time to time and if there is any type of guarantee, if any, that the park might be sold and make you responsible for moving your home to another location.
Absolutely. Sometimes the actual manufacturer offers a financing program that is just like a mortgage, but most people just go through the regular mortgage channels, such as banks or mortgage companies. Just be sure to tell them you are looking at buying a prefabricated home when you start the application process, and the loan officer can help guide you.
Yes. There is a specific type of "non-conforming" mortgage loan for mobile homes which falls under "manufactured housing." Some lenders will not finance a mobile home in a park, however, so you may have to search around.
U are looking for a "chattel mortgage" same as a car loan, u can get a mortgage for any asset, just depends on some "factors" for example..does a mobile home gain value or lose value over time? I would assume that there would also be a higher rate of default for an item that can be stolen..but thats what insurance is for!
No, mortgage lenders won't touch it since you aren't purchasing real estate. In order to get a loan for a mobile home you need to go to your local bank, or ask around to other people in the park and see where they got their loans from.
Very difficult to get. You could take out a personal loan to purchase or a second mortgage if you already own a home.
Sure! Just ask around at local banks and mortgage companies.
Yes, if the mobile home is permanently affixed to the ground, i.e. the wheels are off, hard-plumbed, etc.
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After 10 years of marriage, my mom's husband recently died. When they married, he brought a mobile home onto her property. My 72-yo mom has no need for this mobile home. They always lived in her home. His mobile home was rented to my brother for awhile. According to his credit report, about 14k is still owed on the mobile home. The debt is in his name only; it's
According to his credit report, about 14k is still owed on the mobile home. The debt is in his name only; it's listed as an "Individual" debt. The mobile home is old, cheaply built, in poor shape, and worth far less than 14k loan payoff amount. (Monthly payments are now about ~$80 principal; $175 interest.) Will having Green Tree Servicing "repo" the mobile home have any effect on my mother's credit? Texas is a community property state, but the mobile home debt is listed as "Individual" on her dead husband's credit report. Mom's attorney is on vacation; the death certificate hasn't even come back yet, and her dead husband left her one heckuva mess (lots more individual debt in his name she's plowing through). So any advice, insight, or soothing words of wisdom I can pass along to mom, who's in poor health herself, will be deeply appreciated.
Did your mother's husband leave a Will? If so, nothing can be done until it is probated and settled. In my state, creditors have 6 months to file a claim against the estate. I recently went through probating TWO Wills when my mother died and 30 days later my brother died in an accident. The first thing I did was write letters to the creditors notifying them of their deaths but didn't send my name or phone number with the notices, just the name, birthdate, account number of the debtor. We ordered 15 CERTIFIED copies of the death certificates and sent copies to the creditors. We notified the power, phone, TV, and water providers that they were dead. We immediately filed notice at the Post Office that they were dead and asked them to return all the mail to the senders. Mom owed about $5k on her credit card and they cancelled her debt when I sent them a copy of her death certificate. Of all the debts she owed, not one of them filed a claim against the estate. The executor of the estate can notify the creditors of his death and surrender title to the mobile home but she needs to get the attorney to help her. Since it isn't in your mother's name it shouldn't have any effect on her credit. Another thing is that the man owned the mobile home before he married your mother and that makes it the sole property of her husband. Try not to worry and let your attorney take care of it for you. Just be sure and keep a list of debts, cars, and items he bought BEFORE he married your mother.
You can make a mobile home "disappear", but not the debt. His estate is responsible for that. Whoever the executor is should try to sell it.
If the debt is in his name it will be deducted from his estate. You can't just make a debt "disappear"
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Can you get skype on your mobile? I know there is a facebook page that is giving away free skype crdit but haven't seen anywhere giving away mobile credit, give me a couple of minutes to search if I can find a site for you. found one! omg I just tested it myself and got £20 free credit on Vodafone and it's for nearly every country! NOTE: the site didn't work for me in firefox so I had to use chrome here it is I'm never going to have to pay for phone credit ever again
I'm confident that you might find every financial solution at= RE How to get free mobile phone credit? I am not getting paid for another 2 weeks from my job and I have no phone credit what so ever! I desperately need credit as I use my phone for asking for lifts and ordering taxis and other important things does anyone know where I can get free credit? I am in the UK if that makes a difference
The best reverse cell phone lookup service that I have tried is From using a reverse cell phone lookup you will be able to get the callers name and address just by typing the phone numbers they will tell you the details related to the number. The reverse cell phone lookup service has your details available they will give you the cell phones location. For a full report including a name and address and other interesting informations you will have to pay. Enter the number in the system and they will tell you a lot of informations about the phone number and the person who owns it. If they have extra details you will have to pay for the report. Free reverse phone lookup sites generally provide the most basic of information such as name and it works only for landlines. To get further information, money will have to be paid. The free searches do not provide much more than what can be found through the phone book. This service is great, I used it a lot f time with great results: I always obtained what I was searching for. I definitely reccomend this service.
How can you afford taxis if you are broke? i would suggest living without it, until you can afford it fi you can't afford your phone, you have more important things in your life.
Hello dear friend please help me find vodafone free credit in Ghana
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Yes. A Nextel SIM works on the BoostMobile network but likely is limiting the phone's capabilities. Vice versa does not work. Nextel will not allow a BoostMobile SIM to function at all on their network. My take on SIM exchanging is - don't do it. The phone and SIM and network have to jive perfectly to get the best out of your phone. You always sacrifice something. Sad thing is, the SIM is the cheapest part of the equation. Over and over, folks think they get some kind of bargain by buying used SIM's. Why? BoostMobile's activation kit (for about $20 retail or web order) gives you one SIM, pays for the new account activation, and leaves $10 for using the phone. Yet people go out and buy a used SIM that doesn't work (or doesn't work completely), sometimes for more than $20, all the time, and still have to pay $10 to activate plus $10 minimum in phone cash for the account. Why? You have saved LESS than zero and sacrificed features on your phone!! Even if your Nextel SIM is free!! And a locked SIM (see first answer) has nothing to do with changing phones. A SIM locks if a security feature is set by the original user, so information on it is "protected" even if the SIM is stolen. SIM unlocking is SOMETIMES possible with an access code specific for that SIM, that the cellphone network company (Boost or Nextel, not Motorola or Ma Bell) have in a database and will provide to their customers experiencing the lock. It's called the PUK code. But if you try guessing the code too many times (usually 10 times), the SIM destroys itself. As in Mission Impossible (without the smoke).
Yes. You can put it in the phone. They are the same size and type of sim card. You may have to call boost and get the unlock code for the phone in order for it to work, but that shouldn't be a problem since Nextel owns Boost.
I'm guessing yeah! seeing as how a nextel sim can fit in a razr..shhh.. you didn't hear that from me! lol
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I'm considering Intuit, Square, and PayPal mobile credit card processing options. They all have such abysmal reviews online that I'm getting nervous about choosing any of them. I wonder if it's only the angry people that are writing reviews, and folks generally have a reasonable degree of success with these services. Anybody have any experience with these?
Not so many years ago, accepting credit/debit cards on a mobile phone was purely fiction. Business owners were strictly limited to stand-alone terminals which required a landline, in order to process bank cards. This was very inconvenient for the "on the go" industry types who required payment in the field. For example: Hair Stylists Landscapers Janitorial/ House Cleaning /Carpet Cleaning Mobile Food Trucks Outside Sales Representatives Trade Show Merchants Any Businesses Accepting Payment Remotely Traditionally, if the listed industry types needed to run a credit/debit card transaction, they would need to copy the customer's entire card number, and then key it in their credit card machine when back in the office or call it in. This was risky, because it left the business vulnerable to internal credit card fraud or Non-PCI Compliance, which requires the safe handling of card holder information by authorized personnel only. This also created a greater exposure to charge backs, because the signature of the customer is not binding, unless the credit card receipt is signed at time of transaction. Also, "keyed" transactions are assessed at a significantly higher fee, when the card is not present. Although I speak as though these scenarios are a thing of the past, they still occur in a great number of businesses which continue to
Keep in mind, when dealing with small businesses and credit card processing, you're likely dealing with some negative experiences... The rate a small business succeeds is extremely low, hence reviews you're reading might be fueled by more than lackluster service on behalf of the processing company. I have used the Square ready and POS - my experiences were good. It's a simple POS system with an on ramp to accept credit cards relatively quick and easily. The negatives? Square is n aggregator. In the event of charge-backs, you're on your own. In the event of account closures without your notice, you're on your own. As well, these brands tend to charge a little more than your typical merchant account provider.
A friend uses square at her booth at science fiction conventions, she likes it.
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I read something about homes older than 1976 are not allowed in trailer parks because they do not meet HUD regulations. Is this true? I was just given a 1971 mobile home by my parents. It is in great shape for it's age. I live in Texas and want to move it onto a lot in a mobile home park. Is this true? Also, it does not have washer or dryer hookups. We were thinking of building an enclosed deck onto the back door and running hookups into there. Anyone have a better idea? Would this be ok if approved by the park? Also, everything is electric in the home except for the stove. I can buy a hot plate instead, but is it possible to get a stove that is electric and convert the hookups to electric? What would I be looking at cost wise there? Thanks so much! Sorry for all the questions, I'm new to all this.
You were given the trailer by your parents? It doesn't matter then what HUD regulations are, because HUD regulations apply only to HUD insured loans. Where you Are likely to run into trouble, is the local building codes, or the mobile home park rules. Many parks will allow only trailers that 'xx' number of years old, where 'xx' just happens to be whatever they decide.....this is due more to cosmetic reasons than anything else. The park owner wants newer homes in the park to help it look better (and thus, they can charge more lot rent, heheh). Some communities will get into the regulation of mobile homes for the same reason - they want to force out homes that look like they are 'trailer trash', and the EASIEST guide to use for legal reasons, is to again, go by the age of the home, OR, they can mandate certain cosmetics. So, with regards to what is 'legal' where you want to put the home, you need to ask the local building authority, and the park management - not HUD, or here, really, because we don't know the rules for where you are at. As far as putting an addition on, and running washer and dryer hook-ups to it - again, you are going to have to go to your local building authority, and the park management, to get permission for that. Since you are talking about new construction, expect to need a permit to put up the addition, another for the new electrical, and another for the plumbing. It's not difficult to run a circuit for an electric stove, and/or electric dryer - the big kicker is that on a lot of these older trailers, the service box isn't big enough. That means you either have to put in a sub-panel, or replace the existing service panel....and then you're looking at getting your local utility involved in the process, and THEY may require some 'upgrades' before they will hook up service to your trailer. For example - you'll need a 220v circuit for the electric stove (and furnace, if it's electric). If your existing service panel can not supply the required amps, you'll have to upgrade. If your existing service panel does not have enough room, you'll have to upgrade.....and so on, heheheh. Now - when a home's electric panel has to be upgraded, a lot of utility companies will require an updated meter base and wires from the transformer to your meter (and mast if necessary, tho with most parks, the electric is under ground from meter to your trailer). This might be at the cost of the park owner, since it is their property - don't expect them to be very enthusiastic about moving in an old trailer, if that's the case. The utility company may also change out the transformer (at their own cost typically). Because of the costs involved to maintain and upgrade old trailers.... and because of their looks... lets be honest..... a lot of mobile home parks in large cities and communities will GIVE the old trailers away, if you will move them out - and yes, it's often an 'all or nothing' deal... you have to take ALL the old trailers. If someone owned a truck equipped to move mobile homes, and had someone who could prep them for moving (cutting electric, sewer, water, putting on axles and wheels, etc), they could make a fairly decent side business picking up these old trailers, and remodeling them for resale. There are always those particular units that aren't good for anything except as practice for the local fire department, hehehe. Cost wise - again, too many variables for us to call it without a lot more details. General rule of thumb, it's about $1k to move a mobile home, assuming there are no difficulties. If it has to cross state lines, the price will go up because of the additional permits the hauler has to get. Most dealerships 'price' moving and set-up of a new single wide mobile home at about $2k, but that price can go up, depending on how you want the home set (Full slab foundation, piers, runners, etc). If you are moving the home to an older park, its very likely they already have runners (a very few will have full slabs) that will fit your older trailer. I would give some serious thought to putting this older trailer on a piece of property you own, or could purchase, as opposed to going into a park. Yeah, it's going to cost you more up front, to get the utilities hooked up, and the home set up - but you wouldn't be paying that monthly lot rent. I've done a lot of work as a contractor providing warranty service to the manufacturers, and for independent homeowners - and I've seen a lot of families use an old trailer like this, on a piece of property they own, to live in, while they built (or saved up to purchase) a new home, which was eventually put on the property. Plan on making a visit to the local building authority's office, and the park manager's where you want to move into. Good Luck
Your information is correct about trailer parks and their regulations - they cannot force any old trailers out - and they cannot replace vacant lots pre 80s models. You would be better to find a small piece of property - and put your trailer on it. Also - be aware of Building codes even on private land. As to electric stove - not a problem.
The ONLY reason they aren't allowed is they are old and ugly. They have to meet HUD regulations, or the factory would have been shut down. Do you realize the house is worth, at MOST, $1K? Do you realize it will cost you about $5K to move it? Do you realize it will never be allowed on private property as a residence? BAD IDEA!
I live in laramie wy and just brought a 1973 trailer... would have to move it
mobile money
I want facebook mobile but does it cost money? i know a million people ask this but i have specific questions. i have unlimited texts but i CANNOT use the internet at all. i have verizon, env touch. is having fb mobile considered being on the internet? will i get charged extra? will it be considered going online if i update my status or poke someone or comment etc will that be considered going online? do you need a data plan? can you deactivate it at any time?
If you get FB mobile, it will not cost you any money. As long as you don't go to pictures. If someone comments on your picture FB will send it to your phone. But do NOT click the link it'll take you to the internet. But other than that; poking, status updates, commenting on status', and liking them will be charged through text. I had FB mobile in the same position you were in. Unlimited text, no internet, except I'm on Sprint with LG Rumor Touch. & it didn't charge me a dime.
The application itself is free. However it requires access to the Internet, therefore your phone will need to be connected to the Internet via WiFi or your Mobile Internet. The latter costing more and the WiFi costing nothing.
You need a data plan. BUT if you are in a wifi area you can use the app without using a data plan. Also, you can update your status by just texting it. To do that you have to go on facebook and settings and add your number and all that.
No. But you need to have your internet active on your phone to use the FB. But you cna use it for free with wify. or by any free connectivity.
No.its free.but it may cost u internet charges in your mobile
Not if u have wi-fi but of u dont and u get on facebook u will be charged bcuzz u r using internet from ur phone ur very welcome
Nope !
mobile credit
Contrary to the previous poster's opinion this a really good question. When you say consider, there are different points of interpretation. 1. On a credit application, a mobile home owner should not check "renting" , the right answer would be own or buying. Those who own, condos, cluster homes or co-ops do not own any land either. 2. In the automated process of reviewing a credit file, a mobile home should be considered a mortgage, but I could see sometimes that not happening. Often times home equity loans or mobile home loans are identifed as consumer loans. The reason that is important is that having a 20k mobile home or home equity loan is much different from having a 20k consumer loan. a>
Not to be a wiseass, but most lending institutions view a mobile home as a mobile home.
money for your mobile
I am planning to save money for a new mobile phone, but I did not have saved money for a valuable thing like that. Do you have that kind of experience? I want to know: what was it? how long it took you to save enough money to buy it ? why you wanted to buy this thing? how you felt when you bought it? Thank for your help
Take your time as the price will come down whilst you are saving. A good tip is do NOT click on that other person's Avatar and follow the links, they are scams. You won't make money but you will have a nightmare trying to stop the junk mail or getting others to sign up. You will feel really good when you get your phone and proud that you did it with your own hard earned money. To get extra cash, do some paid work for your neibours such as cleaning the car ($10), gardening ($5 per hour), cleaning their yard ($10 to $20) etc. etc. You could have your new pnone within a few weeks.
We buy nothing on credit in our house. We always save for the items we want. I have bought cars, electronics and even my current home with cash. We are currently putting money in savings for a hybrid car. The house was the easiest because we had just sold a home and made a profit so we turned around and invested the profit into a home in a more affordable location. The way we do it is create a budget, stick to the budget, and save for the item we want. It takes time but its well worth it to us to be debt free and still have what we want. With our current budget we have $250 each pay period that goes into savings for our car. It will take us quite awhile to save for this item, wont have it for 2 years. We will put our income tax refund and any bonuses we get along the way into savings as well to speed up the process. In the past we have added birthday or christmas money to our savings to get something a bit quicker.
mobile phone credit
Does anyone know what the minimum credit rating you need in order to get a contract with O2? Move checked my report & mine is 875 out of a possible 999 which seems pretty high to me but is only a 'fair' rating. I know all about what can affect your credit rating, previous searches etc, I just need to know what the minimum for O2 is. Thanks.
Sounds like you would qualify. Now, do you have a job? They will also check this. You could have a 999 credit score, but if you have no means to pay, you will not be approved. Plenty of people get phones without a credit rating. Stable employment with sufficient salary is also important.
I heard from a couple people that unused cards actually help your credit rating. The reason being that you are with the company for a longer time, and obviously have no debts or late payments or anything as you aren't using the card. This makes it appear that you are a very good customer (e.g. been with them a long time, always pay on time etc etc). I'm not sure it's actually true but it's certainly logical. Certainly can't see any reason why it would adversely affect your credit rating. It's probably a bit late now but next time, ask the retailer to find out why the agreement was declined, or ask Equifax if they have any possible explanations
mobile phone credit
If you do not have no credit they will ask for a big amount of money down on the phone depending on what phone that you do want after they do run the credit check
If you cannot get (have) credit, then paying for a phone up front is pretty much expected. CREDIT means you can pay like $30 a month . PRICES are clearly listed on their website, cheers.
Check out their website
mobile money
So if you dont have free internet on your cell phone, would yahoo mobile mail cost money? I am asking because i cant always check my emails when i really need to, because Im always usually away from home. I have facebook mobile, and its for messages, and i can update my status and i know that doesnt cost anything, but im still confused about Yahoo mobile. I really dont want to try the demo and then find out that it DOES cost money and then get in trouble by my parents.. I mean, I might be getting a new phone in january, but I just cant wait that long!! All i want to do is check my emails, and reply to them, that's it, I just want to know if it goes through the internet and costs anything. I really appreciate it, anyone who comments and helps :)))
Yahoo doesn't charge but it is adviseable to get a data plan from your network provider. Please see these links:
And what about the "push" feature of the yahoo mail app? Since I installed it my pay-as-you-go credit has diminished drastically. I do not want a "data plan" or I would not be on pay-as-you-go which is suitable for my use. How can I stop yahoo mail app charging to check email (a function I don't care about) via my mobile network without turning off standard "use packet data"?
Yes i think it costs money because it goes through the Internet and you'd have to pay your phone service for Internet use and I don't think there is an App for it
easy mobile loan
My husband and I want to move to his families ranch and buy a double wide, but we are having some credit problems. A couple months ago, his score was in the mid 600's and we weren't worried about it, but we checked last night and one score is 600 and the others are like 530. We are stressed out about it, wondering if we will qualify for anything. We have a 10% down payment for the house we want, and his debt/income ratio looks really good. His credit had 2 negatives, hospital bills from 2005 but only totaled $425. We just paid them off, and he also has one hospital bill we are making payments on. ($1400). All of his vehicle loans(2) look really good. One is paid off, the other is not, but in good standing. Do you think it's still possible to get a mortgage loan? Is it easier on a mobile home than a house? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you have good credit you more like to get a mortgage loan. I'm currently looking in this myself. if you both go in about as a co-loan. you'd qualify for more. the payments are up to you on how much you can afford. I have medical debt too plus two credit cards. I was told that medical debt doesn't matter as long you are paying on it. It doesn't matter what type of house you concider buying . i hope i helped
Actually it is usually harder to get a loan on a mobile home than a house. You may want to wait a while like 6 months and see what happens before trying to get the mobile home. Also, no matter what you will be paying higher interest rates because of your credit scores.
Don't buy a doubel wide
cash loan mobile
After I presented the check to the individual who owned the home and it was cashed, Alfa noticed that the trailer had a "salvage title." In order for me to get my mobile home registered with the tax assessor, I have to have a copy of the title or a title application. I cannot get this until the current owner files for a "rebuilt title." She is now ready to move into her home that has been built, but I cannot get power turned on to my home until she gets the title situation fixed. She has no intentions of trying to correct this situation so I have no intentions of moving the mobile home from it's current location. She cannot close out the loan on her new home until I move this. I am stuck paying a for a loan on a mobile home that I cannot even live in. So my question is: Is there any way I can possibly back out of the loan? Maybe get a lawyer to represent me and either make her pay back the money I gave her or take action to fix this title situation so I can live in my home?
I would definitely consult a lawyer and an expert mobile home realtor. That doesn't seem right.
cash money mobile
Yesterday I had found my most recent paycheck from AUG 31 and it was still hooked to my paystub and signed. I could of sworn i cashed it becuase the bank my employer uses is right across the court yard from my office and im off at 5pm and my bank closes at 5pm soo i just cash it there.... but i guess i didn't. Well I found the check as i was closing on my desk so i figured i would just go to wal-mart and cash it there. I did and no problems.. later last night i got on my mobile app and thats when i remembered.... OH SHIIT!!! i didnt even think!! and i had mobile deposited it already... and looked through my transactions and it was there. I have the full amount of cash from the check... can i just go to the bank and deposit it into my offices bank account??? or what should i do... im in a panic...
Aaand this was only my second time using my moble deposit and just discovered it last paycheck when i needed to pay a bill online right away and was going to leave work early to go deposit but then as I'm looking at my account on my app and all I have ever used it for is to check my balance... then notice the mobile deposit feature... and gave it a try... took my a couple times to get it to go.. but eventually it accepted it... I just dont want to charged for anything.. i literally have the cash and ready to give it back!!
You better deposit it quickly.
mobile phone for cash
Ok so heres the deal my mums is addicted to TAB over the phone betting and i am going to do her a favour and make it so that she carnt call the TAB over the phone betting system but how i wonder plz awnser me as she has spent 500$ this week and me and my dad are starting to get very very low on cash because of her bets (BTW bairly wins anything and she does not cimunicate because shes watching tv to see if she won on the horse racing ) SOOO PLLZZZZ HELP ME AND SOLVE MY PROBLEM!!!!!!! my mum has a motoroler razor 3rd version so
Even if you were able to block her from calling that number from her phone, she would use a different phone. If what you say is true, it sounds like your mother needs professional counseling to help her stop gambling. Blocking a number won't stop her from gambling. Good luck to you!!!
You need to call T-Mobile and get a PAC (Porting Authourisation Code) from them. They are usually valid for 7 days. Then you call your new network and tell them you wish to keep your old number. They take the PAC code and they do the rest. Within a week (they give you a date it'll happen) they will transfer the number over by means of a over the network SIM update and then you have your old number on your new phone. They will probably only let you do this at the end of your contract though.
mobile fast cash
If you want to sell it fast expect that most of the time you will not get much. One large issue is the home is too old to get bank financing. All the buyers will need to be cash buyers. If you want to get the best price and can wait for your cash then sell it on terms. If you need to be cashed out now then an investor is the most likely cash buyer. They need a great price to make it worth giving up their cash. Go to the CREOnline MH forum. Or check with local papers (people who buy MH for cash).
E-mail me with information on it at
mobile phone cash
Y2K, thank you! Doesn't look like I've got any good options – a thigh holster is ok if I'm wearing a baby doll dress (loose skirt) but not for a clingy dress. A string purse looks daft, would spoil the sartorial statement. I wonder if I can get a bra pocket. The last option, guy as pack mule. :(
Try Here: Or try searching ebay Good Luck
First thing that comes to mind is jogging pouches which is normally for the arm and may not be so pretty for clubbing. Another alternative would be wristlets, which is pretty and practical but heavy on the wrists. Not sure how practical it will be to have something on your thigh especially if you are moving and dancing. It may start to slip after a while and you may be very self conscious about it. Won't look nice continuously tugging on something on you thigh. May send the wrong (or right?) signals to your partner! EDIT Canang: Bra pocket? Can you imagine yourself; answering your ringing phone by: 1. Reaching up your skirt? 2. Reaching into your bra? No further comments :)
We've got a leg holster here that may be of use: You don't have to wear it up your skirt, it can be just below the hemline within easy reach. It's a sexy alternative to lugging a purse around... and a boyfriend may not always want to be seen carrying a purse :) But, he certainly wont have any problem watching you answer your phone when it's strapped to your thigh! :P
Depends on the individual. Where I live (Adelaide), I don't see a huge difference between males and females when it comes to mobile usage. A lot of the teens I see at school seem to have their phones in class on Facebook, boy or girl, and text each other from different classrooms (pretty pathetic, in my opinion). I, a female, rarely use my phone, except when I am on school trips, in which case I keep my phone in my pocket, and when on the train or bus I sit on my lap in case my mother texts or calls.
mobile money
Ok, I don't know what's wrong with everyone, but Facebook Mobile DOES NOT use internet- it only uses texts. As long as you don't go over the 500, it will not cost you a penny. I think you can choose which contacts you receive updates from, so you're not stuck getting a hundred updates a day. Be careful, though, and keep track of how many texts you've used. You can do this by calling #3282 from your phone.
Just data which normally ends up costing me $15-$20 an hour
You'd better have data plan with Verizon to go to Facebook mobile, or else the cost can be high
Going on Facebook by mobile doesn't cost money.
You need internet to use it so it would cost a lot of money for you
Facebook mobile on any phone only uses internet service, so you would not be charged for any texts, but you will get charged for data usage
cash money mobile
What you describe sound likes a prepaid credit card which is actually a very expensive way of procuring the ability to flash your plastic. In addition, as the money you spend with the card is actually your own money you have previously put on the card, the possession and use of such a card has no effect on your credit score as it is not considered to be a credit facility.
If you are disciplined and can pay it off every month, I'd stick with a credit card. If you can't do that, then I'd use a debit card. The problem with cash cards is that you earn no interest on the money that's on the cash card. At least with the other two you can earn a tiny bit of interest while the money sits in your account.
money for mobile
I recently bought a mobile home because my husband and I are just tired of renting. We couldn't afford a house, and this place is a pretty large mobile home (16x80) but it needs a lot of work done. Some electrical, sub flooring, dry wall, etc. I'm just wondering if there are any government programs that can help with the cost of repairs. We live in West Virginia, and this is the first time we've bought anything like this. Any information would be great! Thanks!
I just put "West Virginia homeowner help repairs" in my search bar and found a site that helps you find what's available in your area. It wanted a county so I couldn't go any further. I don't know what it's like in the US, but I've found that programs available here in Canada always have catches. You spend $10,000, they rebate you part of it after you spend your money, or you get an income tax break, or they will only give money for certain kinds of work or if you're low income or disabled, or something. They hardly ever just hand you money. Mostly, if you own a home you're expected to stand on your own two feet when it comes to looking after it.
No. You should have taken the expense into consideration before you purchased it.
Here is link
money for mobile
It does not cost money to have Facebook send you texts to your phone through Facebook Mobile. Depending on if your cell plan has picture messaging it will cost money if you don't have picture messaging but if you do have it then it wont cost money.
Other person lied. Facebook mobile is FREE if you have unlimited text/internet. They send you texts. It is totally free, i use it. Im not too sure about twitter: i dont use it. Hope i helped ;)
It might cost you to uploads pics, because you didn't say if you had internet access or not!
mobile money
Nope. Facebook is a free website. So is it's mobile site. However, the internet to access facebook mobile will cost you money on your cell phone.
Going on Facebook by mobile doesn't cost you money.
You need internet on your cell phone to have it... tat will cost money.. otherwize facebook is free!
mobile payday
I am planning on buying the xtc from virgin mobile. I am switching to that company for the first time and i am planning on getting the pay as you go plan. So im gonna get the 200 mintues for $20 and 1000 texts for $10. I Was wondering if i buy the cards for those, do they come with days of service or am i supose to buy one of those 90 days of service cards!?!?! Thank You
They all come with 30 days of service. The only card that is longer is the $90 one year card for 450 minutes. The account lasts for 90 days with no airtime or topup without expiration but the minutes all expire within 30 days unless you top it up again and rollover. Minutes rollover but texts do not. Neither does data/web megs if you should ever get into that part of their plan. Also, here are three recommendations I make to each and every new Virgin Mobile user. Keep in mind, I also make similar recommendations to others about any wireless carrier, Verizon,Att, Tmobile, etc. 1)Pay with topups only. They are known for having overcharged credit cards/debit cards, PayPal accounts in the past. Prevent it with topups. 2)Have enough cash balance in your account to cover taxes and extra charges. If there is enough money for a plan you want but not enough for the taxes for it, Virgin won't give you that plan. Instead, they will charge you a flat rate of 20 cents/minute 15 cents/text until you reset it with the plan you want with enough funds to cover everything. For your $30, put in at least $40 the first time to make sure tax is covered or you will get charged the expensive basic rate. 3) Make sure you have the plan you want via your online account.Especially on paydays when you topup. Things can shift during topups. Make sure that what you're actually getting is what you actually want. When you go topup for the first time, call Customer service first from another line, landline whatever, it is toll free: 1-888-322-1122 And MAKE SURE that you tell them, I am using a the $20 card , I want the 200 minute plan, my other $20 card I want the 1000 messaging addon or otherwise, they could charge you the default rates in rule number 2. If you go here now and order the XTC there is a 20% discount if you use this code: HAPPY2009 .It expires Jan 10, 2010. It also gives you free ground shipping. Also, a code for a free hour of airtime. Put in the Kickback code bOJUQIop cut and paste it. This will give you 60 minutes. You have to put in at least $20 new activation/topup to get the free minutes when entering the codes. When you register , you can get your own code to give to your friends. You both can get 60 minutes free when they use your code during their first new activation with a new Virgin Mobile phone with a $20 topup. You can get up to 6000 free minutes a year with this program. Happy Holidays.
I've pre-ordered from Best Buy before and they started shipping ON the release date and I got my game in 2 days time. So expect to have the same results!
money for mobile
How did you give her the deposit? Did you give it to her in person? Did you wire the money? Did you look at the mobile home first? If you wired the money or mailed a check and if you didn’t visit the property first, you likely were scammed. A growing problem (it was on our local news) is that scammers are taking pictures from real listings online and then claiming that they own the place and can rent it out. When they get the security deposit and first months rent, they up and leave. But, if you met the lady and where able to get inside and look at the rental, it might be a series of misses right now. I could try contacting her on Monday. If you don’t hear back, consider calling the police. Hopefully you paid with a check so you have record that payment was made. In fact, also see if the check has been cashed yet. If not, you might be able to put a stop payment on it. Good luck.
money for your mobile
Hi there, no it's definitely not very very bad for your health, your computer, TV, would give off much more radiation waves than a mobile phone. Well as long as you don't speak on the phone for hours everyday than there won't be anything harmful. But you're only 11, I guess you don't need one, when I was 11 (which wasn't that long ago really), I wanted to buy a good phone but really I didn't need one at all, don't buy one just to impress your school friends. If you're going to buy a mobile phone with the money you've saved up, trust me, it's not worth it, buy something else, like games :)
Ignoring the undeniable fact that they may be 'microwaving' your strategies for a 2d, they are risky if only in the hands of morons like the only I observed this morning turning an exceedingly super heavy lorry right into a hectic junction mutually as text textile MESSAGING! And regards smoking; in keeping with threat cellular telephones (and cybermen bluetooth headsets) stands out as the habit we are all compelled to renounce sooner or later; they believed cigarettes have been 'sturdy' on your wellbeing a hundred years in the past!
mobile payday
I have a Phenom II X4 Mobile Processor N930 (2GHz) (quad-core I believe). ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650. Whenever I play games like L4D2 or Payday, my graphics card goes weird. I see these red streaks run across the screen along with these checkerboard bars (red colored) that run along the length of the screen. Afterwards, my screen goes black then comes back saying AMD driver has stopped responding and has recovered. When I play games like TF2, nothing happens, everything is fine. However, it seems to be when I play "life-like" games like MW2 (talking about the graphics), L4D2 (sort of), and Payday: The Heist. However, BC2 runs like a charm but I'm not sure what to do now. Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers for 11.9 for my card.
This site may be able to help good luck...
This is exactly what happened when my graphics card went dodgy. I saw the same red checker board bars. I had to replace my graphics card after that. But as you are running a laptop I see that that's impossible. I hope you can fix the problem. Good Luck!
mobile payday
I don't personally use it but I do manage my friend's account to get him free Sugar Mama and Kickback code minutes. Those require a pc and he doesn't have one. Here are three recommendations I make to each and every new Virgin Mobile user. Keep in mind, I also make simlar recommendations to others about any wireless carrier, Verizon,Att, Tmobile, etc. 1)Pay with topups only. They are known for having overcharged credit cards/debit cards, PayPal accounts in the past. Prevent it with topups. 2)Have enough cash balance in your account to cover taxes and extra charges. If there is enough money for a plan you want but not enough for the taxes for it, Virgin won't give you that plan. Instead, they will charge you a flat rate of 20 cents/minute 15 cents/text until you reset it with the plan you want with enough funds to cover everything. 3) Make sure you have the plan you want via your online account.Especially on paydays when you topup. Things can shift during topups. Make sure that what you're actually getting is what you actually want. If you do sign up. I can give two codes for free minutes. Put in the Kickback code bOJUQIop cut and paste it. This will give you 60 minutes. Put the code word purple in the promo code box. It will give you 10 minutes or so. You have to put in at least $20 new activation/topup to get the free mintues when entering the codes. When you register , you can get your own code to give to your friends. You both can get 60 minutes free when they use your code during their first new activation with a new Virgin Mobile phone with a $20 topup. You can get up to 6000 free minutes a year with this program. You also earn up to 900 free minutes a year on Sugar Mama, 300 free mintues on Fund My Phone/FaceBook and an unlimited amount on Pass it on/phone reuse program. Good luck.
Use this link and code to get $25 FREE Credit to your account!!
cash advance in mobile
Most likely never. T-Mobile cannot afford to carry the iPhone at present time. The iPhone has proven to be a money loser for all of the contract carriers that have it, as the subsidies for it are wreaking havoc with AT&T's, Verizon's, and Sprint's bottom line and profits, and as such they have had to hike prices to stay solvent (hiking fees such as upgrade/activation, data, etc). T-Mobile does not have the money that Apple wants in advance in order to carry the iPhone. Sprint had to assume a lot of debt in order to carry the iPhone, (and as such still is operating at an overall loss on the original iPhone payment to Apple.) Both AT&T and Verizon have taken major damage to their operating margins and profits due to the iPhone, making them need to raise prices across the board to compensate for the iPhone users. Sprint might go under because of the fiscal hemorrhaging caused by Apple and the iPhone within the next couple of year, unless they can get more investors to dump money on them to help them stay afloat. In short: it is very, very, very unlikely that T-Mobile will get any iPhone, unless either Apple decides to be reasonable or T-Mobile gets a major cash infusion.
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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OK ive been playing games fallout new Vegas,Minecraft, and payday the heist and ive had to run them on the lowest settings and the other day my friend was playing on his computer he upgraded his and i have not. Im not technically advanced enough to to upgrade my laptop and its a piece of crap. i want to whats the best gaming laptop for the price and the quality. i want something that can run the games i play on the highest quality smooth and possibly with mods im just now getting into PC gaming and would appreciate. It has to be a laptop because i travel back and forth from my dads and my moms alot so i need something mobile. Thanks guys.
If we see the pure gaming laptops than they are really expensive and most of them are above $1000 because they are specially designed for that purpose but I would recommend you to go for those. It is better for you spend on a laptops which is better for other things as well. I have one option in my mind which you can see and decide. Acer Aspire V3-571G-9683 is really good for both gaming and other tasks. Acer aspire v3-571g has really good specs in terms technicality so if we see the specs of it then definitely it is a good buy. It has really powerful and fast processor which is Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor - 2.4 GHz (6 MB Cache). It also has good memory which is 6 GB DDR3 RAM for multitasking.They both are really important choosing any of the laptop and this laptop is good in both of them. Other features are also nice which includes: 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive 15.6-Inch Screen with NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M Windows 8 4.5-hour battery life. For further clarity in your decision here is a comment from an actual user of this laptop which explains you further and help you in deciding: If you want to see other available options in the market then here is a list of most popular laptops and which are best selling as well:
Price is key, and you left that out. Gaming to GPU $380 $500 $700 to $800 Y500;_ylt=ArKqjg7MEFCEVVFTNhtY3p_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130430161544AASlR9f More than that, Look at and use the GPU as most important. CPU affects some gaming. scores here: Alienware is overpriced for what you get.
I recommend alien ware they have a good list of gaming laptops here are some to look at just to let you know they are a bit pricey but they work amazing
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Ok so im 14 years old and currently have Verizon and T-Mobile (no comment PLEASE) its kinda a long story. anyway i currently have the Dare(but im loaning it out to someone) so please don't recommend it. I also have the Sway which is what im currently using for Verizon. On T-mobile i have the G1. I had the sidekick for a few days but returned it and now have the Memoir. SO right now i have the sway, memoir, and G1. Its my birthday and im getting a new phone, IF I RETURN THE MEMIOR THOUGH! So, i have a few phones in mind they are... 1. HTC Touch Pro for verizon. I had this hone for 1 day then returned it because of lag and windows and yea. i loved the keyboard and slide design. the windows is what im not crazy about. so if you have a opinion about this phone plz hare good and negative. 2. Stay with the Samsung memoir. 3. LG Versa - dnt like the keyboard or degign but seems nice without the keyboard attached. 4. NOT the env2, voyager or omnia don't like how the space is on the side of the keyboard. And i had the sidekick didn't like it either. Or is there ANY phon you could recommend? im a huge texter and browse the internet sometimes. IM A MAJOR TECH JUNKIE so something higher tech please. It could be a unlocked phone like the new nokia something..something lol Or could you tell me some soon to be released hones and hopefully the dates please? THANK U FOR YOUR HELP! PLease dnt be like ur a stupid spolied ***** its a long kinda sad story behind the phones
Given that you consider yourself a tech junkie, then why be locked into a single phone? That's what happens when you're on a CDMA network like Verizon - you're married to that phone. With T-Mobile or any other GSM network, on the other hand, you can put your sim card in any GSM phone, and it will work on the network as long as it's been properly set up (which takes all of about 5 minutes). Plus, T-Mobile's customer service is a LOT better (I used to BE a Verizon customer). No way I'd go back to Verizon.
Verizon is larger. right here's why: Verizon has an wide 3G community, which let for quick documents surfing speeds. T-cellular has a a lot less-wide 2G community it is slower. A T-cellular telephone is larger for international roaming (because its GSM), yet when it is significant to you, that is conceivable to get a CDMA/GSM blend from Verizon. My Blackberry 8830 has this means, as does the Motorola Z6c.
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Nope. Since it does not show up on your credit report, it will not establish or create credit. Now, if you become delinquent, and it goes to collections, then it will show up. You might have trouble getting that phone unless you pay for the phone outright without a contract. Get a credit card or a store card and pay it in full each month for the very best credit. Do not carry balances, that destroys your credit worthiness and your rating. /
Cell phones are not extensions of credit and are not reported to the credit bureaus unless you default on the bill and it's sent to collections. This is also true of most utilities, gym contracts, and rent to own stores.
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From Etisalat to Etisalat only Credit Transfer Now you can transfer amounts starting from 3 EGP up to 30 EGP per transaction to any other Etisalat prepaid subscriber with no capping on the number of transactions. Any transaction costs only 20pt no matter how much is the amount transferred. To make a transfer you must have Minimum of 3 EGP in your account after the transaction. Please note that credit transfer does not transfer any validity to the recipient’s account. How to transfer: Dial *557* followed by the number to which you want to transfer credit Then the “*” key and the amount you like to pass on and finally “#”. Example: If you like to transfer 23 EGP to phone number 011-1027494, type *557*0111027494*23# and press the send key. You will receive in return a text message, confirming the credit transfer
Well ... if it didnt work out , you can always Buy Credit cards the old fashioned way , and send the number Per SMS to the people who needs Credit. (then they have to call the Credit service and enter the number and so on. )
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Depending on your phone plan, you may incur charges for receiving / sending text messages from / to facebook, so if you want to make sure, I would advise you to ask your provider if they charge for receiving text messages FROM A WEBSITE (it's different for receiving from website, as opposed to another phone). If you would like to know how to signup for Facebook mobile should you decide to signup: To signup for Facebook Mobile, go to: Near the bottom of the page, enter your phone number, provider, and any other information it requests. After you have done that, click the button that corresponds to the text field (I forgot what exactly it says). You will then receive a confirmination code on your phone, which you must enter onto the Facebook Mobile page in your browser. Once it has confirmed your phone, you can set your mobile settings at . You can configure it to send you text messages on certain events (as noted above). Now, whenever there is a event on your facebook account, it will text you to notify you (if you chose to be notified). In addition you can text to FBOOK (32665) the following commands for their specified actions: Update status: is at john's party Message: msg john smith whats up? Get profile info: srch john smith Get cell phone #: cell john smith Wall post: wall john smith happy bday Poke: poke john smith Add a friend: add john smith Write a note: note this is a mobile note
Nope, its free. at least im sure it is for AT&T, but im pretty sure it is for everything b/c most of my friends have it.
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I m using a macbook pro running windows parallels7 Intel Core i5 2435. I am thinking of getting this game called payday the heist, do you think I would be able to run it? My specs: intel core i5 2435M CPU 2.4GHZ 32bit 2.75 gb ram System requirements:OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 Processor: P4 3 GHz or Athlon 3400+ Memory: 1 GB Ram Video Card: NVIDIA 7800GTX or ATI x1900 OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 Processor: Core 2 Duo or Athlon x2 Memory: 2 GB Ram Video Card: NVIDIA 260 or ATI 4850 PS: thanks I am not very tech-savvy, its kinda urgent since the steam offer is going to end in 2 days time... Thanks so much!
I don't think it's worth buying the game. You probably can't even run it on low settings. The Core i5 2435M gives you more than enough CPU power (over double the speed of the minimum required processors). However for playing games it's not your CPU that's most important, it's your graphics card. In games, graphics cards do 70% of the work. So whether you get 15 fps or 75 fps hinges upon your graphics card model. Unfortunately, most laptops don't have dedicated graphics cards, just integrated graphics. The Core i5 2435M has a built-in graphics processor (Intel HD Graphics 3000) which is rather weak. Among laptop graphics cards, Intel's HD Graphics 3000 ranks #323 overall. And unfortunately, the MINIMUM graphics cards specified in the system requirements (ATI X1900 or GeForce 7800GTX) are 6 levels above the Intel HD Graphics 3000. The recommended cards (GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4850) are way more powerful. So it appears Payday the Heist is a graphically demanding game that requires a good graphics card- which your Macbook Pro doesn't have.
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It will cost money if you don't have internet in your phone plan
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Of course they don't have this power....Yet, debt collectors can be very resourceful when it comes to finding people....It's called "skip tracing." They use online databases...or they will call friends/relatives and pretend to be someone else to get your phone #'s
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Nah dude dont be down on the handi-caped he can drive my short daughter has a set of pedal adjusters they cost a hundred a piece and they can make up the differances
He drives the Oscar Myer Weenie Mobile.
I would imagine that there are enough people who are that short that they would have come up with a way to make driving accessible
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You didn't say what company your old phone or your new one are from.
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Nope, it does not appear so. But try out these links for some economic tips:
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The t-mobile debit card I had (got a 50 rebate on my phone) had an expiration date right on it. Said valid through 10/2010 or something like that. Right below the 16 digit account number.
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They will now
When a title check is done your name will show up as one of the owners. This will only cause you problems if you are triing to buy a home as a first time home buyer. It might also effect your credit rating positively or negetively depending on what happens in the future. If you have any questions, you should consult a reputable real estate accountant. Best of luck in your life.
They will find out. They have to do a title check, no way around it, and when they check it they will find you on it. If you were trying to hid it for what ever reason and id not disclose it yo should do so tomorrow. Better you tell them, then having them find out themselves
Yes. How it is possible that they would not find out?
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Go to work then you won't have this problem, it also opens your brains too and life won't seem so bland and stupid anymore. You never know you might get good at it and one day you'll be able to afford a FERRARI all the way from Italy itself.
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You pay for the minutes you use, and u can get unlimitdd text, IM, email and pix for 19.99 using top ups and if you register a credit card and buy a monthly plan you get unlimited all that stuff above for 10 dollars you just pay for minutes 2. yes, it cost $20 dollars for unlimited, $10 for 1000 texts $5 for 200 texts. 3. i think you just choose the plan and just buy top-up cars every month to cover the charge.
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I think its service charge when you pay for your phone bill
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It never cancels. You pay from month to month. That is one great thing I like about Boost