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easy loan leeds
I just answered a very similar question to this one! I guess it's a popular subject today :) On a student visa you are NOT eligible for ANY UK assistance, including loans. However, you can still take a US federal loan with you, provided that you are attending a university that participates in the federal direct loan scheme. You are eligible for the same amount that you would be eligible if you were attending a US school. It is also important to note that all students are GUARANTEED these loans regardless of credit. It can be somewhat of a long process to study overseas. While loans may seem like the most important thing to consider, you will have quite a bit more to do before you are even able to apply for the loan. I know that it can be confusing (and overwhelming at times). Here's a basic outline of where you should start: 1. Find a university that you want to attend. Nearly every major British university participates in the loan program, so you have PLENTY to choose from. Personally, I am studying at the University of Leeds, and it is a GREAT school and city. Birmingham is also gorgeous (plus they have the Cadbury factory there! ummm). I've also heard good things about the University of Manchester, but I actually don't know much about it. Those are all fairly large cities too, but if you are looking for larger - there are obviously tons of options in London. Plenty of smaller cities too, if you're looking for countryside (University of Nottingham or University of Bath). 2. Apply to the universities. They all use a common system for undergraduate programs - so you only have to fill out one application. You'll be done until you get offered a place and accept it. 3. Here you'll start worrying about the loan! Your university will prepare a statement detailing your costs. You'll need this sent on to the lender you'll chose. I used SallieMae. It was very easy! 4. At the same time as the loan, you'll need to be gathering your stuff for the headache of the visa, which they have made even more strict in the last few months...you'll need a Tier 4 student visa. Okay...so that's just some basic info (and some recommendations). Hope it helped! Good luck with everything!! :)
cash advance in leeds
In august this year i am off to the leeds festival,i am 16 and unsure of what to take... could someone please include a list? and as a typical 16 year old i am short of cash and unsure of what i can eat over the weekend as i am staying for all of the weekend. :) thanks in advance, could do with tips and advice as well, anything that is necessary, thank you!
Tbh if your going to Leeds all your money is going to be spend on weed
cash loan leeds
Leeds United News Connolly: Signing in the next two days medical later today. Billy Paynter: Completed medical, should be confirmed later or tommorow. James Mcarther: Made a 1m bid plus add ons. John Eustace: Offer on the table Nick Montgommery: Offer on the table Gary Hooper: Made a 1m bid which was rejected, we are not expected to return with an increased offer Dario Vidošić: Enquired about a possible 1m deal, told he was not for sale. Florin Costea: Seen as beckfords replacement, club in talks over a possible 1.8m deal. Tom Kennedy: Signing on a free transfer, coming for a medical when he returns from holiday. Jamie Ward: Club have now withdrawn there original offer, after the player messed around with wage demands. Simeon Jackson: Will possibly bid depending on what happens with Costea and Paynter. Dare Vrsic: In talks about a season long loan. Tamika Mkandawire: Considering several offers, currently on holiday. Robert Snodgrass: Cash plus player offer rejected, the player is believed to be Nathon Tyson. Luciano Becchio: 2 bids rejected from Reading and Norwich
You are supposed to be in a battle with Sheffield United to sign Daniel Bogdanovic from Barnsley..
Hehe leeds united? you are going to go back to league 1 again. :) :) just enjoy being in the relegation spots for most of the championship. :)
Nothing concrete yet
easy loan leeds
I'm currently in Australia on a working holliday Visa and am a British Citizen. I am working and living at Monkey Mia (a holliday resort) with my Fiance (who is am Australian Citizen). We met here in Monkey Mia and have been living together for a few months, my WHV will expire on December 20th 2009. We originally wanted to get a visa for my Fiance (Matt) to go to England for 3 years with me as I currently have a place to study Zoology at Leeds University with the course starting in October this year. After these 3 years I'm not sure where we planned to live, but Matt has a 4 year old son here (who lives in Perth with his mum), so it is likely we would want to come back to Australia. He's a qualified Chef, but we're told that he can't get a skilled visa for the UK with that, he can't have a working holliday visa because he's 31, and so a year too old, and we thought he'd be able to get a fiance visa, but I'm 19, and we've been told that both of us have to be over 21. The age rule even applies to a marriage visa, so even if we got married before we went back to England I still don't think he could get a visa. So the current plan is that we are going to the UK for about a Month at the start of August to visit my family (and because I think I have to apply for a visa to come here from my home country). I'm not really sure if I will be able to get a visa to stay here in Australia, but that seems like our only option. I'd like to stay and work here for the next 2 years, during which we would get married, and I would have the baby (I'm 5 weeks pregnant), and then if I can get a permenant visa (so I won't have to pay international fees) I would go to university here in Australia, otherwise we would go back to the UK for the 3 years (because after the 2 years I will be 21 so he will be able to apply for a Fiance Visa to stay with me whilst I study). Although we are currently living and working in Monkey Mia, we plan to leave here when we go to England and then work and rent a house in Perth. That means though that my fiance won't have a job here when I apply for the visa so I don't know if that will affect my application because I think he has to sponsor me for a fiance visa. Neither of us have very much money either, so whatever option we end up taking it has to be one where we can work (i.e. not just a tourist visa). Another thing we are worried about is that if I can stay in Australia, then I wont have been here long enough to have citizenship when I have the baby, so will I be charged rediculous medical bills? This all seems so complicated and we are really confused and scared that we won't be able to stay together..... help!!!
I can only comment on the Australian possibilities as I don't know much about the UK requirements. You can go home and apply for an Australian Prospective Marriage visa from there. When it's granted, you can come to Australia and work legally and you have 9 months from the date of the visa grant to marry. Once you have entered Australia on your PM visa, you can leave and marry outside Australia if you wish. You are allowed to study while on your PM visa, but you will have no access to government funding and will have to pay international student fees. You cannot enrol in Medicare until you are married and have applied for your spouse visa, but you become eligible as soon as you apply when you've been here on a PM visa. As soon as you are married, you can apply for a spouse visa which will be temporary for two years and then becomes permanent if you are still together at that time. http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/partners... You can marry in Australia or in the UK and apply for a spouse visa which will be temporary for two years and then becomes permanent if you are still together at that time. If you apply while in Australia (i.e. onshore), you must be onshore when the visa is granted and vice versa for an offshore application. You can work and enrol in Medicare and you can study, but must pay international fees while your visa is still temporary. When your visa becomes permanent, you are eligible to study and pay domestic student fees though you will not be eligible for government student loans (HECS-HELP) until you are a citizen. http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/partners... In each case, note that you become eligible for Medicare as soon as you have a temporary spouse visa, or in the case of entry on a PM visa, as soon as you have applied for the spouse visa. If you don't drag the chain, there is no reason why you won't be covered by Medicare for several months of your pregnancy and of course, the birth itself. The cost of a pm visa followed by a spouse visa is the same as it would be for a spouse visa alone - the visa fee for the SV is adjusted if you already have a PM visa. You will find the following Partner Migration booklet useful and easy to follow. Take particular note of the relationship proof stuff on page 39 as it is very important: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets... One last thing, in Australia, people are full adults in every way at 18 and everything I've written above applies equally to every adult even if they haven't yet reached 21. I confess to being surprised that the UK is different in that respect.
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For your B/F to qualify to sponsor you on a fiance visa or australia you must prove you have lived together for at least 12 months


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