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cash loans in jacksonville florida
Its the most gorgeous home in Jacksonville, Florida, they live pretty comfortably I mean nice furniture and all that 2 escalates but their a low key family really don'tt spend as much as when you look at their home if that makes since I feel weird asking her about how much her parents make so just wanted a rounded number maybe...? Thanks
People that live in those houses don't normally make an income in the normal way. For instance a Movie Star may make $5,000,000 in a movie and the next year make $1,000,000 on TV work and the year before make nothing. It is much the same if you own your own business. So they would often be required to put 50% down and the loan may balloon in five or ten years. Other people in that range just pay cash for their home and use credit on their business. Also- I don't know where you got the $3,400,000 figure. Most of the people I know that live in homes like that have found ways to hide the exact price paid for their homes so the taxes are lower and just because they love to be private. Zillow and such are often way wrong.
Rough numbers: a $3.4M home equates to $24-$25K/mo mortgage. Their family must make 5 times that amount to be exceptionally wealthy and NOT "house poor" so that equates to an annual income of minimum $1.5M a year take home income (after tax). Many people make horrible financial decisions by choosing to be 'house poor'. Knowing how much the house is will not tell you how much a family's NET WORTH is, which is way more important than annual income. Don't judge a book by its cover. They make look like they are living lavishly but they could be severely in debt.
How much they make is none of YOUR business period. How do you know they are even making payments that would necessitate a huge income? Mind your own business.
Sorry, I don't know what 'estaminet' or 'escalates' mean.
loans in jacksonville fl
We are trying to buy a condo in Jacksonville, FL. It is a Fannie Mae Homepath foreclosure. We had prior approval and made an offer, which was accepted very quickly. That was almost five weeks ago. Our Realtor has been no help, and our mortgage guy keeps saying it's the underwriters that we are waiting on. We've had to extend closing twice already, and now we're looking at a third extension. We're in a rental and starting to get really impatient. Is this normal for the closing process to take so long? We were initially told we could close in a matter of a week or two. I am totally new to this. Are we wasting our time? Should we walk? It's a great deal and we love the condo, but I don't want to just sit around for months. Thanks!
There are 2 parts to any delay. If your loan has not been "underwritten", it is not approved. That delay is "your" fault. If your mortgage company can not complete a home loan in less than 30 days, you need to dump them and go to someone who can do the loan. If you are approved for your loan and the delay is because of Fannie Mae, you just need to wait. One purchase took 90 days while we waited for anyone to sign the deed. Then one day the deed arrived and the sale closed the next day.
Homepath is a superb loan selection with minimum down fee, ultimate value suggestions and the lender will waive issues like an appraisal which many times value your cash. maximum loan banks and brokers furnish those loans so try determining to purchase around. additionally in case you pass to the Fannie Mae web site, you will discover some components.
No. Tell the seller you are retracting your purchase offer for cause. I think you are somehow about to get screwed.
fast cash in jacksonville fl
Hi, im 18 years old and i have a 10 month old daughter. we currently stay in a 3 bedroom townhouse with my mother , grandmother, sister, and her best friend. me and my mother don't get along. she really think she is better than me(she says it all the time). i sleep in the living room and my daughter sleeps in her crib in my grandmother's room. my mother let's my sister and d do what ever they want to and they are only 13 years old. DCF is trying to make my mother put me on child support because i took myself off her case but they never took my daughter off. i don't like my daughter's father. he is also trying to get child support to give custody to my mother. im not losing custody of my daughter. i do everything in my power to take care of her. i have even done somethings i am ashamed of. i am a college student majoring in cosmetology and trying to find a job. i need to move out and fast i live in jacksonville, fl... so one please help....... NO ASSHOLES
You need to move out on your own, and take care of your own baby. Isn't there any state help that you could get while in college? Or shelters you could go to until you get an income? Talk to your child welfare in your state and see what they suggest. You also need to get some legal advice about what your baby's father can and cannot do. Stand up for yourself! You only do that by getting informed of what you can do.
Just for now try and get a little apartment and move out fast, that's the best advice I could give. Sounds like everyone there isn't nice to you so the best thing would be to move away and fast, not somewhere expensive
I feel bad for you :( Anywho i suggest you get money before doing anything.If you get money and the father saves up too then you and the childs father might be able to move into your own house.Since you dont like him though i think thats a big problem.Itll take a long time to earn enough money on your own.
No ones better than anyone. Your daughter is your baby, don't just let anyone do anything with her. Do something about it.
jacksonville credit
I'm moving to Jacksonville, Flordia this September and would like to better get an idea of what it's like to live there. I really need information on the weather (obviously it's sunny) but like storms (thunder/rain storms, twisters, huricains, etc), the averge weather (I'm from Michigan where winter coats and fur lined boots are mandatory from late October - Late April) year round, including temps.. I'd also like to know about fairs, festivals and other widely celebrated cultural events. Is there a chintown or indian villge (or other such communities)? I won't be making much for the first six months I am there until my full benifits (including pay raise and healthcare) kick in, does Flordia, more specifically Jacksonville have a state assistance agency (in michigan its called the Department of Human Services) that offer's government help with food stamps or healthcare? Is it possible to live on the beach or near it on a restricted buget (such as $500-$600/mo for rent)? Is there a really good farmer's market in Jacksonville? And on an off chance does anyone know of a moving company who will pack up my apartment and drive from MI to FL and unload it into my new place? Thnks
The weather in Jacksonville is a bit more varied than most of Florida. While the summers (mid-late May thru mid-late September) are pretty hot and humid, the spring and fall are very nice and the winters do get a bit nippy (altho below-freezing temps are infrequent and usually limited to just a few hours overnight.) Hurricaine season is June-November, altho direct or even grazing hits in Jax are a rarity (last direct hit was 1964.) Tropical stprms are somewhat more frequent but still limited to only a few per decade. However, sudden pop-up thunderstorms are an almost daily event in summer, going from cloudless sky to downpouring rain and back to cloudless sky in just the span of a couple of hours. Springtime is festival time in Jacksonville...from March thru May almost a weekend doesn't go by without something going on at the beach or in Metro Park: the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Springing the Blues, Opening of the Beaches, Ferdandina Shrimp Fest and the International Cultural Festival are examples of just a few held every year. Starry Nights is a series of open-air concerts held in Metro Park each summer as well. Also, there's the Agricultural Fair held each October and several country fairs in the surrounding area. The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the organizarion that handles most State government assistance like Food Stamps, AFDC and the like. Like most major population centers, there are local offices plus online signup is available. Most benefits are now issues via debit-cards means and most major grocery stores can handle them just like a credit card. Finding something within walking distance of the beach is problematic for 5-600/month (altho not impossible). It's more likely you'll need to live a bit farther west from the coast however, but something in the Mandarin/Baymeadows area is certainly doable for that amount and you'd still could be from doorway to beach within 30 minutes or so from there. Also, if you work downtown, you'd find it a MUCH quicker commute...getting from the beaches to downtown during rush hour can easily take well over an hour, since there's only 3 main routes to/from the beaches. There are a number of flea markets in the area that usually have a good selection of fresh produce, especially on the weekends, plus you'll often see a number of roadside stands here and there on the weekends selling in-season fruits and veggies trucked up from downstate or down from Georgia. Can't help you re moving companies, altho I'm sure any of the biggies like Mayflower or United could certainly do the job.
The only turn away to Jacksonville is that there's no longer tons to do there for infants. The sea coast is interior of sight nonetheless - even nonetheless no longer as good because of fact the seashores close to Tampa, i think of. i'm keen on Tampa. I lived there for 5 years on an identical time as going to college at USF and that i pass over it very lots. There are very constructive places in Tampa. i could p.c.. a community per lease $ and how lots of a visit you would be keen to make. It did no longer hardship me to holiday an hour to the different area of city so i might desire to stay in a nicer community - greater recent, prettier with low crime in New Tampa portion of city. If commuting bothers you, it particularly is advisable to contemplate something closer to paintings. I at the instant stay approximately halfway between Tampa and Orlando. I paintings in Orlando. I HATE THE site visitors! i do no longer ideas the holiday yet there are particular situations of the 365 days while the vacationers in basic terms make you nuts! Like now for the time of spring wreck. don't get me incorrect, there are constructive factors of Orlando, yet i won't be able to cope with the vacationers! (even nonetheless I paintings at SW). reliable success! (p.c.. T-city!)
cash loan jacksonville fl
1.The net income of $38k would only apply if you pay cash...if you take out a loan to buy the place, your loan payment would come out of that. 2. their figures are based on full occupancy but only 4 of the 9 apartments are rented. 3. the amount they quote for insurance sounds really low for a 9 unit apartment building.
Excellent Downtown Location Strong Value Add 30% Occupied ---pure risk, he is posting what can be, not what is
loans in jacksonville fl
Origination Fee (if charged), Appraisal, Underwriting, Attorney or Title Company (depending on your state), Title Insurance, Homewoners Insurance for the first year, Recording, possible Application or processing fee, Interim Interest, and any money to be placed into your Escrow account at closing (possible avoidance with a 80/20 loan)....plan on $4,500 on a 100% loan....you may also want to inquire about a 103% or 107% loan if your funds are low.
Depending on where you are and the seller's motivation, you may be able to have the seller pay at least a portion of your closing costs and, if the home you are interested in qualifies for the Federal Rural Housing Program (this doesn't necessarily mean it has to be what is normally considered a "rural" property, you can finance the closings costs as a part of the loan. Various lenders may also have special programs available that allow you to finance the closing costs and lenders can price the loan so that they may contribute to your closing costs as well (although some of them try to keep that money). You may, in most cases, use funds from a secured loan (think refinance the car or sell an asset upon which you can document the value) for funds to pay your closing costs. The previous detailed answer about potential closing cost itemization was pretty dead on considering we all have no idea where you are. Let me know if I can help.
It's a buyer's market. Get the seller to pay for everything. Most you'll have to pay for is the appraisal if you get the seller to agree to a 6% seller concession for closing costs and prepaids. Having a down payment is good, but there are loans out there for 100% of the purchase price. The rates are just not that favorable.
A 100% loan will only cover the purchase price of the house. Closing costs would not be covered by the loan so you would need to pay out of pocket for. Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to pay a mortgage tax, which will generally be the largest chunk of your closing costs. Items such as the title search, doc fees, attorney fees, etc. would also apply as well. When we purchased our house in NY state, the closing costs were approximately $20,000 (and this was on a $280,000 house).
Every party is responsible for their own closing costs and financing costs. The buyer pays: the originiatio fee charged by the lender (roughly 1%), $300 - $450 appraisal fee, escrow fee (usuallu btw $300 - $450), recording fees, conveyance fees , 1-year property insurance, HMS warranty (usually $350 - $450) and other misc. charges... all this is roughly traslated to 3-5% of the purchase price (in addition to down payment monies) will be required by the buyer to close the deal....
You have to know the truth.... Do not buy anything on a 100% loan...they are killers.... Save at least 10% of the value of the loan...the banks would like 20%..... You have closing costs, and you can find out approx. what they are with some research... Get pre-approved from a bank to see how much you can afford and that is what you base the cost of the home you can purchase..... Make sure you include taxes, and insurance yearly in your calculations... good luck
Get two loans, not one 100% loan. Get one for 80% and one for 20%, this will avoid private mortgage insurance. If you would like to get pre-approved for a loan, send me an e-mail or message me on YIM! I am a Mortgage Planner from the California Bay Area but I can service anyone in the United States!
Always go 100% financing, the rate is higher, but you can keep you assets liquid, so you have instant equity to put into the house, see? intstead of putting down 20%, just keep it, and use it for the house, and bills and stuff. plus you can get a seller's concession to cover closing costs, so you really can get a house with no money out of your pocket.
No probability as your credit could desire to and could be used as they now seem in any respect debtors low center score. So in case your credit say is 520 center and the co signer has a 720 center then your score is used for grade applications i'm a loan banker in TN
Everything but the down payment. try to negotiate and have the seller pay your costs so you get into the property with literally no money.
jacksonville money
I have experience in importing and exporting of tobacco, timber, recyclables. I have owned and operated several different companies. For example; Hotel, Precious Planet Recycling, Promiseland Realty, JT Industries. Is there anyone out here with a startup that has the money to pay annually $250,000.00+ Please contact me at j_tindustries@yahoo.com
You might want to try www.jaxjobs.com
Residing in S. Europe as I do, i'm extra worried correct to the fact that my usa has recieved below 3% of the rain it needs this year. that's all approximately the place you're at, i assume. And despite if or no longer you're threatened with water rationing.
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You could make money working in the travel industry. Go to http://Earnvacations.com/Luxe
jacksonville credit
You can go to ANY bank...none of them do credit checks.... If you have been turned down for an account, it is likely that this has nothing to do with your credit. The most probable explanation is that you had a bank account someplace else and left that account with a negative balance. Once this happens, your name and social security number are registered in checksystems (checkcare or chexsystems or other like styled company).... these companies will 'blacklist' you based on your social security number and will refuse to allow you to have a checking account until you pay off the debt. I think that most banks are on reciprical systems but you might want to inquire via phone which system the bank that you have the debt with uses.... once you have that information, you can call other banks and see if you can find one that does not use that particular system and use them. Your best bet might be a smaller hometown bank or a credit uinion. ***** I do suggest that you consider paying since a debt owed to a bank will haunt you for quite awhile...but worse than that, the fees that you will pay to a checkcashing store 22 weeks a year (assuming you get paid every two weeks or so) will more than equal what you would have had to pay off if you just paid the debt. I dont know what checkcashing places charge these days but I do believe each check would cost you about 10 or so bucks to be cashed...add that fee over the course of 2 years and whatever you owe will have been more than paid... ******** Lastly you can go to walmart and pick up one of those greendot cards. should you choose to directly deposit your check to them, they will waive your monthly fees and you can get your checks cashed for free that way
TRy Farmers Federal credit union on Dunn ave (904) 764-4591
fast cash in jacksonville nc
In the US under FLSA a minor 14 or older may work in an: Office, Grocery store, Retail store, Restaurant, Movie Theater, Baseball Park, Amusement park, or Gasoline service station BUT due to the high the unemployment rate at this time it is very difficult for minors to get a job.........the jobs that use to be held by teens and retirees are now being taken by adults trying to support their families......... Businesses such as Publix, Kroger's, Food Lion, Sonic, Chic-Fill-A, McDonald's, Winn-Dixie, Krystal's, Dairy Queen, and Burger King along with smaller local businesses that are in the same genre tend to hire those your age. Fast-food and grocery stores are willing and able to train new employees but........................ Minors tend to have many issues that affect their ability to work such as tardiness, absenteeism, and numerous schedule requests, poor work-ethic etcetera. I am NOT implying you will have those issues but the fact that many your age do makes it more difficult for you to get an opportunity to prove your worth. Because of this you must be able to show through words and actions that you are reliable, dependable, punctual, detail oriented, coachable, punctual, mature and team oriented. You will also need great references since you don't have work experience. Talk to teachers, counselors, clergy, coaches, club sponsors, and directors of places you have volunteered or people you have done casual labor for and ask them about giving you a reference. Get accurate, current contact information for them and ask them to be ready to get calls for references from potential employers. Remember: Most businesses are individually owned and operated so it is the owner’s policy and past experience with minors that will determine if they will hire you. Apply everywhere you can, the worse that can happen is they don't hire you. click on the following link for information about child labor laws http://www.youthrules.dol.gov US Department of Labor YouthRules
Best way to earn money when you are working part time. That do not require a heart-ship that is needed to allow an employer to hire you depending on that field, position, and hours. Another idea is contacting the local church that you are part of they could know of elderly that need various things and volunteering can be very rewarding as well. If you have never worked and doing volunteering you can ask them to be references perhaps even write a letter of recommendation for you. Another thing to consider by helping others you do learn from that and it helps you. They could or some one they know could use the help. They might even help your parents with better jobs because of your intentions. Never go expecting I help them they will get me a job or my dad a better job or mom. Giving you some general information and also so you know I do not think you are being that way. You are trying to help your family that is respectful, honorable, and loving very wonderful traits to have! Cash jobs.. 1. If you have a mower then mow yards, trime bushes, edge the lawns. 2. If you have a squeegy with an extension pole then you can clean windows. (people really do not like doing 2nd story windows; using the extension prevents falling from a ladder). 3. Clean the exterior of autos. 4. Tutor some one in what you get the highest grades in. None cash jobs... 1. McDonald's 2. Wendy's 3. Movie Theatre -www.cinemark.com or any local movie theatre's. 4. Chick-fil-a - http://www.chick-fil-a.com/#home 5. Jason's Deli - http://www.jasonsdeli.com/restaurants Hope this helps you and your family out. Happy Holidays
Most of those employers you listed hire at 16+, but here are a few that hire at 14+: Mcdonalds Ski resorts A family business A farm Pizza hut Dairy queen An indoor pool Dentist's or doctor's office Grocery stores Chick-Fil-A Publix Brusters ice cream Flea Markets Winn-Dixie Kroger's I hope you get a job!
Jamba Juice fat Straws maximum ice cream places some resturants, yet in many circumstances you would be sixteen Grocery shops i'm specific you would be a busgirl attempt sonic! i'm specific that that they had love that Babysitting is in many circumstances an decision too
You can work at grocery stores like Stop and Stop.
jacksonville credit
I have never heard of a "tax credit apartment"
jacksonville credit
Regardless of where you live, mostly only private renters will not require a credit check. You can usually drive around and find signs in front of places for rent by owner, or look in the paper. These are usually people that will want to get a good impression of you more than anything.
jacksonville money
jacksonville money
jacksonville credit
I knew someone who had a Florida telco CU account and they really liked it, but I don't have one my self. but maybe if your tried this question in the "local business" section you'd find someone with an active account :)
jacksonville money
Loans Jacksonville
First, find out if First Federal of Jacksonville still exists. If YES, contact the bank and ask for redemption value. If this bank no longer exists, find out what other bank, IF ANY, took it over, and contact them, same as above. If neither of the above applies, the certificate is worthless. Also, these type of certificates were issued in a person's NAME. If the certificate is not endorsed, the value it represents may still belong to that person or their estate. You may wish to contact them AFTER you determine that the certificate value, and ask if you might get a "finder's fee" if you could locate a nice chunk of money belonging to them.
jacksonville credit
Link below...looks like a bunch of music classes...but that's just the first page
jacksonville money
Loans Jacksonville
My house was sold on April 4,2013 in a foreclosure sale in Jacksonville, florida... before that the bank attorney did a motion to cancel sale date on March 20 and I did the same thing on March 21, we both Plaintiff and respondent did and request the same thing and the judge just denied our orders, I got in touch with the bank attorney and he couldn't understand why the judge just denied our orders and the sale went on... I understand that I can appeal the sale in the next 10 days, its that possible is the judge denial a good ground for that appeal?
A denial is not grounds. You need LEGAL grounds. The house was sold, the loan is satisfied, etc.
Loans Jacksonville
It looks like there are a lot of options in your price range. Here are some sites with rental listings in Jacksonville, NC. http://www.realestate.com/listings/renta... http://onslow.craigslist.org/search/apa?... http://hotpads.com/search#lat=34.7228&lo... Good Luck with your apartment search.
You can check out PlaceOfMine.com's Jacksonville listings: http://www.placeofmine.com/Apartment-Ren... I've already narrowed it down to fit your search criterion. You can also check out yelp.com and apartmentratings.com and local Tenants rights in NC Congrats for you fiance coming back home and good luck!
jacksonville money
jacksonville credit
Maybe you could find one in a a nasty area. Are you getting evicted because you can't pay the rent?
jacksonville money
Loans Jacksonville
Be sure your refinance loan company you choose doesn't push you into a mortgage payment you can't afford. Some refinance agents will do that just to get a sell. If you Google: refinance jacksonville a site comes up, I think http://www.refinancejacksonville.com I used to work with them awhile back. If you have high ARM, the feds may be freezing those, so it may be wise to stick that out. Hope that helps. -Mike
I can answer your questions. If you want information we can correspond by email. robkosberg@bellsouth.net
jacksonville money
jacksonville credit
Well I found 9,918 apartments listed on http://apartments.cazoodle.com Should be able to find something there.


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