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loan for small and medium enterprise
Seems to me I recall that for an SBA loan, a small business enterprise was $5Mil
If a company has a gain of millions... is of course a large company ! Generally small companies has not a lot of money and medium too but it is not possible to say how much money need to have to be classified small, medium or large... it depends also of the number of the eployees the company has
loan for small and medium enterprise
DBS Group Holdings Ltd. is an investment holding company that operates through its main subsidiary, DBS Bank Ltd. DBS Group provides retail, small and medium-sized enterprise, corporate, and investment banking services. The Company's financial businesses are organized into five sectors: Consumer Banking, Institutional Banking, Global Financial Markets, Central Treasury Unit, and Central Operations. DBS Bank provides financial services and products to its customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Thailand. DBS derives most of its revenues from consumer and commercial loans and deposits. Profits are determined by the size of loans and current market interest rates. DBS operates primarily in Singapore and Hong Kong. In Singapore, DBS operates the brands DBS and POSB and has 80 branches and 930 ATMs. DBS also provides mortgage loans and offers Visa and American Express credit cards. In Hong Kong, DBS has an extensive branch and ATM network, operating more than 50 branches and over 70 ATMs.
Dividends rates are established by the board of directors. There is not a standard rate. Some companies don't pay dividends at all.
micro enterprise loans
Microfinancing opens the door to many individuals to start a small enterprise that would have had no other way to raise capital. In many countries it is harder for the poor and females to be given loans (even of the small amounts that microfinancing offers). If for no other reason microfinancing boosts small enterprises because there is no other alternative for those people to raise the money. In addition to that microfinancing commonly also offers weekly meetings which provides business guidance and mentoring which helps improve the chances of these new businesses surviving.
loan for small enterprise
Two categories require extreme attention -- education and health. Proportionate loans scheme on concessional rates shall be introduced for smaller enterprises and domestic propositions.
micro enterprise loans
Lend us a quid would you old man? Small loans made to people in 3rd world countries to get some family enterprise going. Supposed to be very successful.
micro enterprise loans
I want to open a shawarma stand
You have to date dropped more than 50,000 bombs on the towns and villages these people came from destroying their homes, schools, places of work, hospitals, below is an example of this. All at the cost of billions of dollars, so it is alright to spend that on destroying these peoples lives, leave them fleeing for their lives, with just what they can carry. Yet you begrudge giving a miniscule amount of the estimated 10 million people you have driven from their homes, who have been given refuge in the USA a few thousand dollars to try to build a new life with. It is truly sickening.
> is there an equivalent for disadvantaged Americans? Yes. This is stated in the article you linked to.
There are a LOT of similar programs for disadvantaged people. But the fact is you conservatives object to them as well as the one for refugees.