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So i got an issue. i have a bf and were pretty serious about a long term relationship and we care for each other so much...and he is graduating this year and i am graduating in a year or two. well my dad was like I hate this place we live at (cullman) i wanna just MOVE i hate this house (when we have a pretty nice house so idk whats up) he has depression so that could do something bout it and bipolar so he is always like lets move out to another state, next week its no or some other state.... so today he was like, i got to go to the financial aid person tomorrow to get some money to help you out in college n you can stay with your aunt alicia well one i dont want to do that b.c. i'll be moved out i sure in hell dont want to stay with RULES and FAMILY at 18 legal age ready to be on my dang own...and he was like and move to a sorority later on at the university of Alabama...well i went on the campus in tuscaloosa and it isnt pretty, sure its a good college but the atmosphere doesnt seem safe or clean whatsoever. and my dad was like you better not sure in heck go get married and stay here in cullman you will never move her i am getting out of this place when you graduate high school.... okay thats def not my plan for when i grad high school...and if i DO get married it will be with my bf if were are still together b.c. he know each other sooo well inside n out and you cant stop a relationship like that you know if its meant to be it will be! and alot of high school couples locally are doing GREAT when they got married. and idk why my dad is making a big deal if i get married and stay in cullman if thats what i want to do and be happy then whats the deal? i plan to graduating stay in wallace (local community) get basics or go to UAH (university of Alabama in Huntsville) bc i plan on running my own business and LIVING in Huntsville. its a nice growing City. what should i do? i feel like my parents dont want me to marry the guy i am dating now who is my everything he treats me with actual respect and loves me for me....not many guys are like that you know? i feel like i am being destined to not do what I want but what my father mom told me to do what i want just make sure to have a college degree, and if i get married than make sure its the right person and after college or after high school.....?
I'm sure your parents are telling you not to marry so young and the first guy that came along they would rather you focus on an education first my daughter same thing got married to the guy she claimed that loved her she married at 18 got a messy divorce at 19 and she was so far in debt that she couldn't afford school and since she wanted to be on her own she is and daddy is not bailing her out considering that I told her not to make the same mistakes whats your hurry to marry honestly marriage is nothing more then a piece of paper unless you believe in it what does it matter you can wear rings to say that your together at 18 your allowed to make your own choices whether to marry go to college or not where to live I think your parent feel you can do better if you were more mature which your not they don't want you to make a mistake but I wonder what will happen if the marriage don't work out who is going to bail you out certainly not your parents they are pre warning you now when my kid turned 18 she had a mind of her own and wanted the same things I wanted her to go to college and focus on getting her life together we all want whats best for our kids but then again as a parent we can only direct you til your 18 im sure your parents don't want you to regret anything later after all time tells all lies as far as my daughter she is 26 been and in debt to her ears she can't get loans to goto school nor can she find a GUY willing to take in all her debt because it will follow where ever you go im sure your parents just wants what is best for their child but you want to do it on your own go for it we can only direct you to a point wish you the best of luck
Be there for her and check out and get her to speak to her father and mother... By her speaking to them offers her extra choices on wether or no longer she wishes to hold it and even adoption she has extra choices now than she's going to later. Her father and mother will discover out ultimately simply make certain it isn't to overdue. And be a well pal and check out and support/consultant her to make the offerings she wishes and no longer what any individual "wishes" her to do in view that she am has to manage it in a while in lifestyles it doesn't matter what she comes to a decision... And like the woman earlier than mentioned her father and mother will develop to the suggestion and sure there is a threat they will free it however the will not hurt her or the youngster. So inspire her to make her selections in order to advantage her ultimately.