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loan companies in birmingham al
My mother handed me a letter and said that it was recieved about 2 days ago, she just had forgot about it. The letter was a Direct Deposit Confirmation Letter that I recieved for filing for unemployment. Now that I have a confirmation letter (I know it doesnt mean I am approve/unapproved to unemplyment, its just confirming with me that direct deposit is what I chose and to make sure its correct, etc)....But approximentally how long till I can actually see money so I can support my family !? I wrote a question earlier today on here ---------------------------------------... Hello everyone, I am just curious to know if I will qualify for Alabama's unemployment program. I was nothing but a server (Still going through college, have 3 more years to go) I was fired for allegedly throwing away two dressing containers without scraping them out with a spatula first, I was on dressing side work that night, but I honestly did not take throw the dressing containers away. The manager just assumed I threw them away, I see why he thought I did though, I mean....I was on dressing side work that night. I told the manager I did NOT throw them away and that I will try and figure out who did, but he told me to leave right on the spot. If I apply for unemployment until I find a new job will I get accepted because I honestly did not throw the containers away ? I have tried applying at numerous restaurants (even some roughly 30 minutes away) with absolutely no luck, I also applied at BestBuy, a computer tech repair shop, and even as a pest control worker. I have had no call backs so anything, and when I call they say that I am not eligible because I have had no past experience. EXCEPT the restaurants, they just tell me that they already have enough cooks, servers, and even host. Will I be able to qualify for the unemployment ? I will still be seeking job opportunities as much as possible. I just need at least some income to help pay my monthly student loans and gas. Additional Details ADDITIONAL INFORMATION !! MY BAD !! I worked at the restaurant from July 28th, 2011 till September 28th, 2013. So exactly 2 years and 2 months. I made roughly $400 a week in tips. ---------------------------------------... I asked that, and I thought about it, if my ex employer tries to deny my eligibility for unemployment can I appeal the case ? well I know I can appeal the case, but I am BROKE ! Would it cost $$ to appeal the case ? I have quite a few problems with the employer from the past that I didnt even mention while applying for unemployment, things such as me being a type 1 diabetic and if my blood sugar was bad and I had to leave I was written up (Me being a type 1 diabetic, even with insulin I have barely any control over when my blood sugar spikes will happen, and etc. I was told I would be fired if it happened again, and it did happen again but I was not fired, but I know that ever since then my general manager has absolutely hated me. I just need to know what my chances of being approved are, and if I can feed my baby or have to send her to a home that can ! I will not embarrass my family by holding up signs in Birmingham, AL asking for money. I just am panicking, I cannot afford my medicines for much longer, we have one last pack of bologna and I am OUT OF EVERYTHING, including my mind.
First if your prior employer wants to challenge the unemployment there will be a hearing which you do not have to secure an attorney; therefore, no money involved. You will simply appear at the appeal and state your case about you did not throw away the dressing containers and you do have a 2 yr and 2 month employment with the company so you have demonstrated commitment and dedication which you state at the appeal. You can apply for free health insurance for you and the baby which includes medication check your local clinic or community center for assistance on this issue. Then contact student loans to state you lost your job and after you complete forms will put the loans in abeyance thus NO payments until you regain stable employment. The next step apply for food stamps ASAP.
Deposit Confirmation Letter
cash loan birmingham
Joe Hart has and will return to Manchester City at the end of the season anyway when his loan deal runs out. If Birmingham want any chance to get Hart, even on loan, they shouldn't really act as a buffer if the FA allow the move. City could repay the terms of the loan to cash strapped Birmingham, then give them first refusal should City not stick with Hart over the coming months. Contrary to what people have suggested, Hart IS wanted at City, but with the form Given has been in they knew Hart was too good to be a no.2 and kept on the bench, which is why they allowed him to go on loan. Hart is a City keeper for the future, Given won't last forever so Hart could use this period to cement his place in the side.
They want him back but Birmingham want to sign him. Man City has the final say in this matter but once Given returns from injury what will Hart do? That's the problem, Hart will then be number 2 keeper for Man City so he won't get that many games.
Joe hart will return to man city at the end of the season, dont think man city would sell hart to birmingham imao i think he has more ambition than that lol
loans in birmingham al
I graduated from UAB last August and my parents made me leave Birmingham to do an internship in Huntsville, AL because my lease ended on my apt. Big mistake. Huntsville is a much smaller market than Birmingham and most of the jobs here are internalized. Granted my internship went very well and I was asked to apply; however I waited too long to respond and the position was filled by another applicant. Now it has been nine months since I graduated and I have yet to find a job related to my degree, which is Health Care Management. I've had sporadic interviews at hospitals and physician's offices, but they always choose the more experienced worker. And being stuck in the suburbs with my parents at twenty-two is a very unfortunate life to live. It's so embarrassing to have a college degree and no job to suffice all of the time, money, and effort that I wasted. I'm just so frustrated because I tried so hard in college to graduate in four years. I took five classes each semester and went to summer school consecutively to graduate on time. I won't even elaborate on the loan debt fiasco I'm facing. Everyone says you have to start from the bottom, but I feel like I'm crawling in the trenches desperate to grasp on to a shred of hope. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
Sounds like the "big mistake" was not jumping on that job offer right away. You're in the same boat as many new college graduates. You could try working with your school's career center, if they work with new grads. You'll probably have to start on the bottom rung of the ladder in some type of training position. If you have clerical skills or something similar, you may be able to snag a job as an administrative assistant in the business/management area of a hospital, etc. Talk to everyone you know who might be a source of a lead on a job - friends, family, former profs, etc. Good luck!
That's why it's a good idea to apply for jobs 1 year before you graduate. You make an agreement with them on your graduation date so that you start working right after you graduate. If you didn't you're going to be looking around and wasting time for about a year. Like the first poster said, apply for lower job positions. Aiming too high is pointless especially if you just got out of school. Good luck and think ahead of everyone else. If you learn how to do that, you'll be successful in no time.
You will get financial help in case you stick to as an self sustaining pupil. do no longer permit your moms and dads no longer offering their tax varieties provide up you from getting a some distance better training. you desire college to make a great salary now. It use to be the place you could desire to artwork your way up in a corporation without degree yet that has long replaced. Get pupils loans besides. till you're filty wealthy you have come out of pocket with some expenditures besides. you desire to be an oncologist then that's what you need to be. when I graduated excessive college i wanted to be a registered nurse, i did no longer initially stick to my dream yet years later I went back to college and have been given my degree to become a RN and that i make $sixty seven,000. i'm now going to college for my masters degree in nursing that could pay me much greater. there are a number of many counsel on a thank you to fund your college training. decide for a school you could desire to attend and talk with the financial help branch for help.
There are many people in your situation, and many more with years of experience who can't find jobs. Apply locally and afar, for anything close to what you want and/or are qualified for. It is a bad economy but you are in a good field. Volunteer at a local hospital to help your resume and to become known at the hospital.
If many of the jobs are internal hires, you have got to get into the lower levels of the businesses. You might be aiming too high for a first job. And you yourself admit they an employer had essentially offered you a job by asking you to apply but you for some reason took too long on doing it.
Because that is NOT a real college degree or major.
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I have a tiny kitten that we found about two days ago... he was pretty bad off... he was so badly covered in flea's that when we gave him a flea bath he bled... He can eat although we dont figure he is more than 4 wks old... was rubbed him to get him to pee, but for some reason we cant get him to poo... he doesnt have a vet yet and I don't know if we have the money to take him... is there anything I can do for him? We are really trying to care for this little guy but he seems to have alot of problems... :( Also his tummy is really bloated... any ideas?
Hi there, This is an emergency situation that must be attended to by a vet, if stimulation is not working for him to poop.This kitten is so young, and more than likely since he was "abandoned" more than likely, he has some issues that need addressing by a vet. If he doesn't poop, toxins are building up in his body. Call your local vet and work out a payment plan, but he must be seen. You can try stimulating his anal area with a warm, moist washcloth, gently, trying to mimic his mother's tongue. This might work. But that he bled when you gave him that bath is another reason to take him to the vet. If you want to save his life, find the money somehow, or get enrolled in care credit for pets by visiting is a no interest loan for a year, so payments are very reasonable. Hope this helps and good luck with your baby kitten. Make sure you are giving him kitten milk replacement following the label instructions, and moist kitten food. He is not old enough for cat food, until he is about a year old. Kitten food is specially made for kitten's growing needs as they need lots of high quality protein. Troublesniffer Owned by cats for over 40 years Member: Cat Writer's Association PS: A vet visit is crucial to make sure that he is physically healthy as well. If he was abandoned he might have some underlying medical issues.
First of all, giving a small kitten a flea bath is a terrible idea. They are much too sensitive for flea baths at that age. No wonder he bled. Rubbing the stomach with a warm wet washcloth simulates the mother's tongue and would normally get the kitten to eliminate. If he is not eliminating, there may be something wrong with him. In any case, it sounds as if this kitten was abandoned by it's mum, and generally when that happens, it's because the mother knows the kitten is sick and will not survive. Only the strongest remain. Unfortunately, unless you can get the kitten to a vet, it will likely die soon.
I'm thinking the water was red when you gave him a bath? That is what I have encountered. I would also look in his mouth as the color of his gums, if they are white, he is in trouble as the fleas have caused him to be anemic.I would call several vets and find the best price, or if you have a SPCA or humane society with a vet.I agree with all of the others, this kitty needs to be seen by a vet.Hopefully you can find a no nonsense vet that won't have a huge office call fee and insist on every test under the sun.Good luck.
Kittens under 6 weeks should never be submerged in water, so please do not do that again. As for the pooping... he sounds like he is already impacted. You can put a little vaseline or ky on the tip of a thermometer and place it right on the very inside of his anus to see if that helps. But he really needs to go to a vet because he is at extremely high risk of dying.
If it's impossible to get him to a vet right away, call an office and ask one of the vet techs what you can do. Advice is free!
Hello, I would recommed you getting him a vet and treat him fast before things get any worse!
cash advance birmingham
Hi I really need some tips about saving during commuting to and from and inside London. I found a lot of cards and I can't differentiat..My journey will be mainly from Heathrow AP to Cardiff for a few days then back to London and then probably to Brimingham for a day and inside London for the rest of the week..Plz help
I'd forget coaches - slow and uncomfortable. We have a dense frequent rail network. A Britrail Pass is good value Otherwise advance purchase fares for specific trains are the cheapest. You will need the booking reference and the same credit card you used online to collect your tickets from the station. From Heathrow to Cardiff: The railair bus runs frequently from Heathrow to Reading Station, from which trains to Cardiff Central run every 30 minutes (hourly at weekends). The rail journey takes 95 minutes. Trains from Cardiff run to London Paddington at the same frequencies and take 2 hours 6 minutes From London (Euston Station) to Birmingham New Street Station Virgin Trains run every 20 minutes and the journey takes 83 minutes Within London there is a huge and dense public transport network made up of the Underground (subway), buses, suburban trains, light rail and trams. Do not pay cash fares (expensive in London) get an Oyster Card or Travelcard
Hi The cheapest way to travel within London for a non commuter is to put some credit on a pay as you go oyster card & take single bus journeys - Plan route using Cheapest travel to and from London varies, though coach is normally cheapest. By far the best website describing how to cut costs is; Best of luck. Deattie
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Amy: The US government is the primary source of financial aid for US college students - they'll provide about $140 BILLION this year in financial aid, including $25 billion in Pell Grant funds. The agency that administers all of this aid is the US Department of Education, and they publish a fantastic booklet that explains the entire aid system. Read through the booklet and you'll learn what's available, who qualifies, how much you might receive, and most importantly, how to apply for all of it. However - though there is plenty of money available, you'll need to keep something very important in mind: financial aid is not designed to make every school affordable for every student. Too many people come here, confused, because they chose a school, enrolled, and expected that financial aid would simply 'take care of' whatever they needed to pay the bill. That's not how the aid system works. As you'll learn when you read the booklet, you'll qualify for a certain amount of aid - and that amount won't change all that much if you take it to a cheap school or an expensive school. I always use the example that schools are like cars - you can't just go down to the Rolls Royce dealership and expect the company to lend you however much you'll need to afford one. If you have a Hyundai budget, you'll need to shop at a Hyundai dealer. Most students who have little or no money of their own to contribute to a college education (and no support from mom and dad) find that financial aid enables them to afford a community college, and possibly a low-cost state university option. Financial aid will NOT cover the cost of a fancy private college, or an out-of-state school. If you dream of opportunities like those, you'll need to win a big scholarship, or find a way to borrow tens of thousands of dollars from a bank. Start with the booklet - it's called "Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid". Despite the title, it's filled with info on the entire aid system, not just federal aid. There's information on loans, scholarships, grants and a jobs program that helps students pay for school. You'll even learn about the scams to avoid, too. Don't be discouraged by the fact that the booklet starts with about 12 pages of blah-blah-blah and a lengthy table of contents. Skip past all of that, and you'll find that it's easy to read and easy to understand. Good luck!
Birmingham Alabama cash advance
Birmingham has megabus service to/from Atlanta, Chicago, Little Rock, Memphis, and Dallas. They do not require ID, however passengers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. See for schedules and fares. Online reservations are required in advance. With Greyhound, PHOTO ID's may be required for picking up tickets at will call, using tickets printed at home, travelling across borders, or sometimes even travel in general. Some people may be able to circumvent this by paying cash for their ticket at walk-up, however they void the luxury of online discounts. Your experience may vary, because ultimately greyhound employees decide how strict they care to be at requiring ID's. However, it is their policy to check ID, and if you get in line to board you may be asked for photo ID of some sort.
loans in birmingham al
My names are mrs.Anita johson.I am a single parents.I needed an urgent loan for business and clearing of debts.I met a reverend who directed me to Lancer loan firm who granted me $30,000 without stress.Since then i have decided to publish them all over for those who require loan to see.I have been scammed not until i met them my story changed you can contact them on or
There are so many other things to do than going to a loan shark. You can apply for a bunch of credit cards and when you get them go take out cash from an ATM. You can get a payday loan from Amscot or some other place like that if you have a job. You can sell your crap on ebay. You can have a car wash. You can hold up a sign with a picture of a little kid on it and walk around a busy intersection asking for money to "help the poor kids".
fast cash birmingham
R u interested in selling the wheels. live bout hour and a half from birmingham. if ur gonna get a gt4 u need at least £3000 and not a penny less cos otherwise it will be shot to bits underneath. ur best bet is to px at a dealer cos u will struggle to sell a car in birmingham due to the fact its one of the places that has suffered alot due to this credit crunch. unless ur car is in excellent condition u will struggle to sell it privately cos a dealer will notice that ur suspension is fuked. sell the car for parts u will get more money that way. £400 for a gt engine, £200 for gear box etc. get back to me bout the wheels
loans in birmingham al
Never in a million years will you get anyone to loan you money this way.Get a loan from the bank or earn the money.


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