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My natural colour is strawberry blondish shade, its really just a yellowly blonde which i hate! so I used to get my hair dyed blonde with all over highlights, my hair was feelin really unhealthy so I decided to dye it a light brown to help condition it a bit but it faded really fast, probably cos I had so much bleach underneath, i kept it for a while but gradually started gettin highlights put in and it was back a blonde colour. ive done this a few times but always had it done professionally until last year my hair was just too blonde i decided to go dark and did it myself and the colour was lovely. i always used the same dye but it just started gettin darker and darker until my hair was more or less a very dark brown, verging on black. i kept it for 6 months and decided i wanted auburn hair. after months and months and months of tryin to get this colour, professionally and by myself i have now given up. i have been to four hairdressers and each time they have really mucked it up! i have ended up with more or less black hair everytime and had to use a colour stripper to get rid of it. i have now settled on just having brown hair and letting my hair rest for a year or two before i try any more dying, but the roots are getting more and more ginger and more obvious, even tho i am not naturally ginger?? they never take, i dont know what to do..the only thing i can think of is go very dark again but i dont want to! i dont really have the cash to go to a professional, and dont want to as they i feel are partly to blame for gettin it wrong so many times and i really dont trust them to do what i want as i always get better results doing it myself!! i try to do lots of deep conditioning to help my hair as i understand it is probably well over processed but what can i do in the meantime, i just want my hair all one shade that i can dye myself??? sorry this is so long!! thanks in advance
Don't mess too much with your hair or by the time you're 40 it'll look 85. The last thing you need when hair coloring is making your hair "really unhealthy" is MORE hair color. Best bet is to stop coloring altogether for a while. If you're sporting several colors because of botched treatments get a nice short cut and keep getting it cut as your roots grow in. Don't color again until you are able to start fresh with hair that hasn't been damaged by constant coloring.
There are instructions on every home dye product that show how to touch up only the roots and work the color through the rest of the hair, just in the last few minutes. Always go to the trouble to do that even if the manufacturer says you can use it all over without any buildup. That's bogus, in my opinion, since all dye will deposit more color in the already dyed areas of the hair, especially if it's been bleached in the past. Bleached hair is like a sponge for dye. Wet your hair thoroughly before you touch up the roots so less dye will penetrate water soaked hair. The roots will take the dye but doing this will help to keep too much dye from depositing in the previously dyed hair. Good luck!! : /
All brown hair have a reddish tint to them. that's its organic tone. in case you're exterior alot or tan alot then the sunlight is lightening your hair style of communicate and which will supply it the natual replace. 15 year stylist
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I live in SC, but will attend Auburn in Alabama. Probably I'll get an assistantship which will give me an out of state waiver. I know that when you get a student loan, they allow you to borrow up to the full cost of tuition, right? Well, will I be able to borrow the out of state cost, so that I can use the extra to pay for personal bills?
It depends on your finances before grad school and how many hours you are taking, but I was staying in state and got like $15,000 or $20,000 a year as a grad student. The feds decide how much you're eligible for but your school decides how much to give you.
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Hello, My Name is Maureen Sliver i live in the UK and life is worth living comfortably for me and my family now and i really have never seen goodness shown to me this much in my life as i am a struggling mum with three kids and i have been going through a serious problem as my husband encountered a terrible accident last two weeks, and the doctors states that he needs to undergo a delicate surgery for him to be able to walk again and i could not afford the bill for his surgery then i went to the bank for a loan and they turn me down stating that i have no credit card, from there i run to my father and he was not able to help, then when i was browsing through yahoo answers and i came across a loan lender Mrs Lillian Johnson who provides loans at an affordable interest rate and i have been hearing about so many scams on the internet but at this my desperate situation, i had no choice than to give it an attempt and surprisingly it was all like a dream, i received a loan of $35,000 USD and i payed for my husband surgery and thank GOD today he is okay and can walk and is working and the burden is longer so much on me any more and we can feed well and my family is happy today and i said to my self that i will shout aloud to the world of the wonders of GOD to me through this GOD fearing lender Mrs Lillian Johnson and i will advise anyone in genuine and serious need of loan to contact this GOD fearing woman via and i want you all to pray for this woman for me.
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The amount varies -talk to your lender & the financial aid office at your school.
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Well I stay in Ms, and I was thinking of going to LSU or Loyola or Auburn. I've taken the ACT. Do I have to take the SAT also? And how can I convince my parents to let me go OS? My mom is dead set against it and my dad is too (they're not together). She says stuff about I have not car, and the money, and yada yada ya.. But is there a chance for me to get more financial aid if I go to school OS? I'd just like tips on going out of state and convincing my parents and some stuff I should know.
The best way to convince them is to pay for it yourself. Do you have an extra +100,000 laying around? Can you get it? Can you work a full time or part time job and get it? How many hours a week would you have to work to get that much between now and the time you start college? If you don't have 100K, the only possible way you can get the extra money is if your parents take out parent PLUS loans. It does not sound like they can afford it, honstly. Parent PLUS loans require payments immediately upon you starting school and they would need a new loan every year you are in college. This means when you are a senior they will have FOUR separate loans with FOUR separate payments for TEN years after you start school. Yikes! So they will have to borrow at least 25K a year for 4 years... this means that when you are a senior they will have four separate loan payments of at LEAST $260 each. that would be roughly $1,200 a month for your expensive out of state tuition costs. Most folks can't do that, unless of course you want them living in their car with no house. would you do that to them? Seriously? I'll bet if you looked, you could go to the college down the street for less than 5,000 a year. The max YOU can borrow in federal loans is only 5,500 a year. This is called a Stafford loan. This is the max the government put on dependent freshman (to protect you)... and keep KIDS who don't understand the implications (as your parents do) of borrowing for college. You won't get a higher paycheck from your employer because you choose an out of state or expensive private school to attend. Remember that!
I would suggest talking to your guidance counceler to help you find scholarships. Out-of-state tuition does tend to be quite a bit higher than in-state tuition. You can also look at student loans that may be availble. Some schools also offer reciprocity with other states; another thing your guidance councelor should be able to help you determine. Each school will have its own guidelines on ACT or SAT. You may be able to convince your parents to let you apply to the different schools - you should apply to more than one school, just in case that one school does not let you in. Ultimately, this will affect your career, so you need to make an informed choice. Find out about which schools have the best program for your career choice. That really should be part of the decision. So you can go to your parents with the following: I want to go to school for (your career choice) and X school has the best program X school has the highest job placement rate Here are the scholarships and loans available And put together a financial plan on how you will afford it.
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I want to become a veterinarian and I can't decide where I want to go when I graduate next year. I just can't find a school that I think I might fit with. I want a school that doesn't have a huge student body and that is very academically minded. I've been thinking it would be nice to go to school out west somewhere, so if you can reccommend any colleges there I would be thankful.
Where you go for undergrad doesn't really matter. Almost any school can meet the pre-requisites for vet school. Look for a school with an animal science program though because animal science courses would be helpful and they are required by some vet schools. As for vet school itself there are only 28 in the nation so your options will be limited. I understand that you want a good fit, but understand how much vet school costs. It's very expensive to go to vet school and the less debt you have going in the better. Try to stay in state if you can. If there is a vet school in your state then I strongly suggest going there for both undergrad and vet school. If there is no vet school in your state, then you should definitely stay in-state for undergrad unless you're getting a scholarship at an out-of-state school. Tuition for vet school currently runs about $18,000/year for an in-state student. Out-of-state is about $35,000/year. These are only going to go up. Your financial aid for vet school will almost entirely be loan money unless you're planning to join the army. It's also a lot easier to get into vet school in your resident state because there are more seats set aside for residents. Here you can find a list of vet schools and their requirements http://www.aavmc.orgEDIT: If you live in Kentucky then Auburn is your best bet. They have a contract with Kentucky so you would pay in-state tuition in vet school and there are seats set aside 40 seats for Kentucky residents. Any other schools you'd be competing against 5-600 for about 10 seats.
You can major in anything, as long as you fulfill the necessary prerequisite courses for the vet school you are interested in. Most people choose a field like Biology, Animal Physiology, Animal Sciences, Zoology, or something else in the life sciences arena relating to animals specifically. A few (but not most or all) Universities have specific pre-veterinary programs. As far as what classes you will need, your academic advisor once you are in college will help you to find that out and make sure you have met them by graduation- that's what they are there for.
Vet school is the single hardest graduate program to get into. There are only 28 Vet Schools in the US -- and they have residency requirements. This means that there will only be one or two Vet schools that you can even apply to. To get in, you will need to stand out. You won't do this by going to a middle of the pack university. You need to go to the best college you can get into. Then you need to get great grades. It would be a monumental mistake to go to school in the West just because you want to go out there. Going to a high quality university is imperative for you. There are probably very few schools in the West Coast that are better than the best public school in your home state -- and most of them are big schools. The only West Coast Schools that I would recommend are Stanford, and of the schools in the University of California system (but none of those in the California State University system), Cal Tech, USC and University of Washington. It is highly likely that the best public university in your home state is better than anything else in the West. That being said -- The University of California-Davis would be a great choice for someone wanting to be a Vet. It is the best Ag school in the US, and has the best Vet school in the country. You should also be volunteering with a Vet -- immediately. Below is a link explaining what you need to get into Vet schools.
First of all, everyone is going to tell you their opinion of the best vet school based on their own experiences, where they live, and their football team. I'm going to tell you what I think is best for you. Altaira is right. Vet school is very expensive. If you want to graduate with $400,000 in student loans and not be able to pay them off then that's your problem so do what you want. So, let's ignore the money issue for now. Auburn is probably the best place for you to go to vet school. It is one of the top schools in the country and since they contract with Kentucky you have a very good chance of getting accepted because they have about 35-40 seats set aside for Kentucky residents and you'd only be competing against about 100 people. Those are excellent odds. Now, take a look at UC Davis (out west). They only take about 8-10 non-california residents a year and they had over 500 apply for those 8-10 spots. Do the math. It's a similar situation at all vet schools. You're lucky you have a contract state. Now, lets talk about money again. I definitely understand wanting to get away from home. But, you need to look at things with your long term future in mind as well. IF you decide the Auburn is the vet school for you then since you'll be getting in-state tuition for vet school you can probably afford to go out-of-state for undergrad. Just try to pick a school that is willing to give you a great financial aid package. If, however, you decide you want to take your chances on a different vet school, then stay in-state for undergrad to save money. Kentucky does have very good options for pre-vet schools. I have stayed (or will stay rather) in-state for all 8 years. I finished undergrad with only about 8,000 in student loans. After vet school I will probably have about $150,000 in student loans. That's a lot. I will have to make minimum payments of about $2500/month to keep them from defaulting. The more loans you take out the higher your monthly payments. I'm sorry, but vets DO NOT make enough money (especially just out of school) to pay off $400,000 or more in student loans. My out-of-state friends couldn't get into their in-state schools. They went in-state for undergrad and will probably end up owing $200-250,000 in student loans. If you go out-of-state for both programs you will regret it when you graduate. There are not many scholarships for vet students unless you want to join the army. If I were you I'd stick it out where it sucks for 4 more years and then you can live a better life later on.
Auburn University in alabama is a great one
Iowa state university has one of the best programs in the nation.
auburn loans
I am wanting to attend college in the fall as a freshman majoring in Psychology/Social Work. Neither of my parents have a (taxable) income. Both receive government benefits that most likely do not help with my college. I have been accepted to Auburn University in Alabama and Old Dominion University here in Virginia. Being an out-of-state student, Auburn would approximately be $32,000 a year, while ODU will be around $18,000 and both of those estimates is for living on-campus. I want to major in Social Work or Psychology and focus toward children, because of my own dreadful childhood. I would like to use my experiences to help others who grow up in unstable households and such. I thought either those two fields or becoming an elementary school teacher. So, knowing what path I would like to take, I know it will cost a lot of money. I have heard that a person can be sponsored by an organization or corporation but a lot of them were not for what I want to do. I would like to find a general one to apply for or whatnot. All of this college planning is stressful. Especially when you know you cannot come up with the money yourself and do not want to spend the rest of your life paying student loans back. So I would like some advice/suggestions and some guidance.
You will undoubtedly be able to get money from FAFSA ( I assume you have already applied). However, you will not get enough money from them to go to Auburn even with the available loans. Here is your problem, You are choosing a field that has no career path with students who only get a BA. You must get either a Master's degree in psychology or a MSW to do meaningful work in the field. Those are both 2 year Master's programs because you must spend lots of time interning. Also, there is a glut of students who major in these subjects because they, like you, want to help people. Unfortunately, the supply of students is greater than the need which means that since there is no real need you will not find an unrelated person to help you especially at the freshman level. You absolutely need to go to ODU and even at that you will end up with some, but not such huge loans that you will have to spend the rest of your life paying for.
You are right that college planning can be stressful!! It is good though that you are already thinking about this upfront and planning. You are ahead of some students who do not think about the student loan debt and end up buried in debt after graduation. If you don't have the financial resources, then you definitely want to take out the least loans as possible. Spending 32K a year for an undergraduate degree is going to place in such debt that you will be paying approximately a one thousand dollar a month student loan. And that is just an estimate, not including interest. That is WAY too much in my opinion. I think it ultimately boils down to how much debt do you want to be strapped to for ten years after you graduate? You may want to consider going to a community college for two years then transfer in to a four year University. It would be beneficial to check and compare the tuition costs and how much you may save. When I was planning college and looking at finances, I decided to go to a community college to get my Associates of Arts.......basically all of my general education requirements. It was a lot cheaper for me too. The only thing is you would want to ensure the 4 year University accepts AA degrees from the community college you are looking at. Also, apply for as many scholarships as you can, to include national scholarships. Fastweb is a scholarship search website that is worth registering for. I was able to get a scholarship from their website, and it was all based on an essay. It was $500 dollars a semester until my BSW graduation. While it isn't going to pay all your student loans, every little bit helps! Fastweb website Also, some colleges have different leadership programs you may be able to get into, which may provide a scholarship. I did this as well, and the commitment was volunteering a specific number of hours a week. I did my hours on campus with ESL students (English as a second language). You will be surprised some of the things you find are out there and available! I also wanted to share and encourage you to seek counseling before you try to apply for social work programs, if you are interested in pursuing a social work degree. Social work schools tend to be hesitant in accepting students who have not worked through their own issues and are going into the field because of their own past. While of course you would have a special perspective, it does hinder practitioners........there is a term called "counter transference". Simply counter transference is when a practitioner places their own feelings onto the situation of a client. That also leads to boundary issues. Good luck!
You can get sponsors by selling ads to businesses. The business purchase ads and the year book makes money off the ad pages. You could market the program by saying that the business is getting advertising at a low cost, plus helping out the schools in their communities. I would start with companies that purchase ads in local newspapers, the phone book, and those that currently sponsor the school in some way. Also try to find the parents of current students that own businesses or work for local businesses first.
auburn loans
I recently got accepted to Auburn University, which is my dream school. However, I'm an out of state student so the only problem with me going there is based on money. If I don't attend Auburn I'll probably go to Florida State, which isn't a bad school, but I just didn't feel the same way about it as I did when i visited Auburn. So my question: Should I follow my heart and go to my dream school, or should I follow my head and go to an in-state school which I'm not crazy about.
If you are a FL resident, FSU is going to be a whole lot cheaper. Although it may not be your dream school, once you get there you will love it. College is great in general, and you will find that you will love it almost at almost any school. If you are considering grad school, it may be a good idea to keep it cheap for undergrad, what ever you do avoid taking out loans. If you can avoid taking out loans and go to Auburn, then do it. If not then go to FSU, because by the time you get to grad school, loans may not be as easy to get.
Go to Auburn. You cannot put a price on education, let alone happiness. Going to FSU may be logical, but it will only help you financially. Have the experience now, worry about the bill later. Many years from now do you want to look back and remember following your dreams, and the experience you had at Auburn while your paying the bill? Or do you want to remember giving up your dreams for financial gain?
Always follow your head. Practical choices will take you much further in life than making decisions from the heart which may land you in a world of hurt. If the money isn't there, then its pretty much out unless you can find a way to pay for it without crippling yourself financially with school debt.
I think you should go to Auburn University. Get a job and be happy to go to your dream school. Good luck!
auburn loans
I live in the piedmont of North Carolina. However, my dream college would be Auburn University and I've been looking at the college since I was a freshman (I'll be a senior in August). and by the way, Auburn is in Alabama and is like 6 or 7 hours away from where I live...I'd really like to go there but my parents won't even let me apply to CLEMSON which is less time away from our house than NC State...Can someone please help me???
Full disclosure - I am an AUBURN graduate, 1987. But, as you might guess, I am looking at this from the other side as a future tuition-paying parent. What are my issues with where my daughter might choose to attend college? Depending on your family's financial situation, out-of-state tuition can be a huge deal. Can you take that off the table with financial assistance (loans or scholarships) or are you willing to work to cover the difference between a Piedmont school and our favorite on the Plains? Trust me, distance is in your favor. If you are "across the street" you are going to be more likely to come home every weekend, hang with the old friends and eat mom's cooking. Six or 7 hours is tough, but more than a 3 or 4 hours' drive is just about a must except for the hardest-nosed, most dedicated students. If your folks are not braced for you moving out, and away, you need to tackle that. My folks lost it when I moved away to Auburn, and almost split up. Suddenly, all they had after 18 years was themselves. It wasn't my fault, but I wish I had talked to them about "life after me" before I moved out. You don't say what you plan to major in, but there is a good chance you are going to move away in four years, regardless of where you go to college. Good luck, and War Eagle.
I'd say you need to stay in-state unless you can answer yes to one or more of the following questions: Are you paying for the tuition yourself? Are your parents very wealthy? Do you have the option of getting a full scholarship? You must realize that out-of-state tuition costs way more than in-state- sometimes many times more. Your tuition will increase by tens of thousands of dollars, and it sounds like your parents either don't want to spend that much money unnecessarily or else they don't want you to put yourself in debt for the rest of your life with loans. I'd say to listen to your parents. If you are set on attending the other college, then this is what I'd do, though I doubt your parents will like this idea. Move to Auburn and spend a year there as a non-student intern doing something that will keep you in productive circles (ie, don't be a waitress or something). For example, volunteer or work for an organization that will provide you with experience relevant to your major. Then you will only have to pay for a year of room and board, which can be cheap if you live right. After one year, you will be a resident and then you can attend Auburn without paying out of state tuition.
Hey! I know what you're going through. This may sound harsh, but frankly your parents should have no say-so where you want to go for your college. I too, like you, are from NC. I wanted to go to Alabama (ironic given where you want to go) and my parents pushed instate schools on me. The best thing to do is assert your independence and let them know that Auburn has the best program for what you want to do in comparison to the other schools. Another idea is to go to a school instate and then after your freshman year, transfer. It is likely you will get in and with good grades, perhaps earn a scholarship! Good luck.
You do not would desire to get your crucial to help you homeschool. this is not her decision, it is your mothers and fathers' decision...and easily your mothers and fathers' decision whether you homeschool or not. your loved ones does not want a lawyer - a school crucial can not quit you from homeschooling and, whilst she tells you in any different case, she is only bluffing (she'll lose earnings case you turn to homeschooling, this is the only rationalization why she needs to maintain you in school).
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I will be graduating from high school in eight days in Alabama. I live in a small town and my high school has maybe 500 kids all together in it. I have been on the fence about colleges. I love Troy University in Troy, Alabama. But I haven't made high enough on my ACT to get any scholarships and my parents make way to much money for me to get some scholarships. But my parents only make that because my dad worked overtime tons last year on his 12 hour shift job, he WILL NOT make that same money this year. So now I am in a ditch. So I basically will be relying on student loans. My dream since I was little was to go to Auburn University, so should I just go to the local community college and live at home and pay for it then transfer after 2 years to Auburn. Or go straight to Troy and take out loans there. Pretty much after awhile I will end up at Auburn. So I need opinions because the community college would be so much cheaper. But I really want to get out of the house! HELP!! :)
The college experience is worth paying a little more. Do the loans to live on campus. You can talk to the financial aid people about a special circumstances exception.
Coming out of your schooling without a student loan load will make life so much easier for you. If you can't afford to go straight to Auburn then yes, take the CC route.
I say live on campus because the experience is AMAZING. But if you 're worried about money I would definatly go for community college. Trust me I know all about financial diffculties. You can go to community college and then when your parents get their normal salary (in 2 years) reapply to Troy.
Have you tried simply asking for more money? Add some things you have done since you applied to college (strech the truth a little ;) ) It can't hurt!
auburn loans
1) Mary Auburn makes three investments. The investment that pays 12% is twice the amount of the account that pays 9%. The amount invested at 10% is $500 more than the amount invested at 9%. If the annual interest income is $1555, how much money is invested at each rate? 2) Grace needs to get a loan for a house that she is going to purchase. She discovers that she must get two loans instead of one large loan. She borrows $30,000 from one institution and $48,000 from another institution whose lending rate is 2% more than the other. If her total monthly interest charge on the loans is $600, what interest rate does she pay on each loan? Thank you so much.
Sol1: Let the amount invested at 9% be $y therefore amount invested at 12% becomes 2y and at 10% becomes y +500 Total Interest in year = 1555 9% of y + 12 % of (2y) + 10% of (y +500) = 1555 0.09y + 0.24 y + 0.1(y+500) = 1555 0.33y + 0.1y + 50 = 1555 0.43 y = 1555 - 50 y = 1505/0.43 = 3500 Money intested at 9% = y = $3500 money invested at 12% = 2y = 2 x 3500 = $7000 money invested at 10% = y + 500 = 3500 + 500 = $4000 Sol2: Let the rate of interest on $30,000 be x % therefore the interest on 48000 becomes x + 2 % Total interest for a month = 600 [x% of 30000 x 1/12] + [(x+2)% of 48000 x 1/12] = 600 300x / 12 + (x+2) x 40 = 600 25x + 40x + 80 = 600 65x = 520 x = 8 She pays 8% p.a on $30000 and 10% p.a. on $48000
#1 I've already helped you with the last time you asked it. #2... ($30K * x) + ($48K * 1.02x) = $6K Solve for x to get the interest rate on the cheaper loan, multiply that answer by 1.02 to get the interest rate on the more expensive loan.
If the scholars present day grade is a ninety% then we’re of course assuming it’s out of a hundred% ninety/a hundred Now because of the fact the scholars grade more desirable 20% from the final grading era then you upload that to the previous a hundred% providing you with ninety/ one hundred twenty = .seventy 5 and because grades are in possibilities you multiply .seventy 5 by a hundred providing you with seventy 5% because of the fact the scholars previous grade
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I want to go to vanderbilt university. Its total cost is 58k. I recieved total 26k in scholarships/fin aid from them. My parents are willing to pay 20k. That means I have 12k left. I qualify for the $5500 stafford loan but i have to pay interest. Then i have to take $6500 in private loans. How much debt will i have by the end of undergraduate school? and Is it worth the risk? because vanderbilt is the only top school who gave me a lot of money and it is my top choice. Plus i worked pretty hard to get in and get scholarships. my parents are pretty well off. salary>100k
Yes i do want to be independent. i am not letting my parents pay for more than 20k btw. and they actually do NOT want me to take loans. they dont want me to be in debt. i barely depend on my parents on anything already except for giving me food and shelter of course. :) i am willing to take loans because i worked very hard to get in those schools. i'm not some spoiled rich kid TRUST ME. and yes i realize no matter what school it all depends on me but i want to get a high quality education also....
Oh yeah i forgot to mention that i'm planning to go to med school which is why taking loans is so such a risk for me because graduate school is even more costly for me and i'm willing to go in debt just not a ridiculously high amount of it. this is why i'm asking for advice. and ...why i need to know how much debt i will have by the end of undergrad. i don't expect my parents/gov/school to cover all my expenses due to the state of the economy/lack of qualifications to get a full ride/other costs my parents have to consider for the rest of the family. i think i'm being quite rational. and no sadly, i don't know what to do, because it's very hard for me to choose. i don't want to put my family in financial debt and i don't want to lead myself to a horrible financial state in the future yet i want to go to vanderbilt. the fact that i'll have to stay in school for more than 6 years after undergrad is what worries me about the cost. i'm just planning for what is in the future.
Depends on the interest rate. It will be compound interest..meaning that for every year or period (usually year) the interest will add up and from that amount, another interest will add up or accumulate.
Vanderbilt is a great school, as are the rest. I would personally see where i fit in as a person instead of worrying about connections. The great thing is that you are planning on going to med school which medicine is unlike law in that graduates do not compete for the same top new york firms based on connection and group memberships. So honestly it does not matter where you go. I know that sounds strange but its true. And let me guarantee that you will have a much higher GPA at auburn or ou than at Vanderbilt. I personally like both auburn and ou. These are the places i would go because they are less expensive and have a student body that is more like me.
You simply don't know what to do. A post secondary education is only 25% of your achievement in getting a good job a good job at that. So the other 75% is you so regardless of where you go all it matters it how you use it after. Is who you know not what you know, that seems to get you the good jobs. Very few are lucky to get a good job without knowing someone who made the contact for them. Also it use to be where you studied that got you the job but not anymore, is who you know. GOOD LUCK... and don't beat your self down on simplicity, think what you will do with your education when you finish. If you are dependent on your parents or grants to pay for your school you are not starting post secondary education in the right foot, you need to be prepared to get in debt so you can be self dependent, and give a value to your education. If you think mommy and daddy or grants should pay for you than you are setting your self for disappointment in the future.
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Http:// I have been accepted into auburn university and i was just wanting to know how you pay like once each semester or a year at a time and also according to this chat how much should i have to pay at that time if im renting an apartment and in case i didnt make it clear here is what i am asking how many times a year do i pay, when do i pay it ,and how much do you think it will be well thanks for answering and if you cant help me thanks for reading
OK this is what you do. You need to make an appointment with someone from student loans in Auburn and get the list of full expense for classes and dorms. You can also call and they can send you by mail. Advise When I started my college, I didn't want to take loans. First two years of college, doesn't matter in community or University...students take same coursework. Difference is you pay a lot less in a community college. It's easy to get financial aid in community college as well. People underestimate the power of community college. I and my sister went there for first two years. Never took loans. Both of us lived with her parents. After 2 years, my sister transferred out to U.C Davis and I transferred out to Long beach. My sister is a MD and I am a Registered nurse with B. S in science. I don't have any loans to pay. If I had gone straight to a University, I would have paid much more. I saved money for last two years In a University. It took me 4
Your scholarship will pay out $750 each semester for 8 semesters (4 years) totaling $6000. Okay, but we need more info - are you an Alabama resident or not? This makes a HUGE difference in how much you will have to pay!!! But i will break it down for you both ways. IF you are an AL resident living OFF CAMPUS you will need apx: $5582 EACH SEMESTER. so, subtracting your scholarship = $4832 twice a year (each semester) If you are not an AL resident but still live OFF campus: You will need $10,082 per SEMESTER (this already includes the subtraction of your scholarship) You typically pay per semester. So, you register for classes, and then once registration is closed and courses begin, you are billed. The school will wait for financial aid packages to come in before sending you a bill for the remainder. Remember, you will also apply for federal and state financial aid, and your school may have some grants you qualify for. good luck!
Well that depends. If you received 6000 a year, then that means you're going to have 3000 a semester. Its divided by semester. If you do pay, then you don't pay at once. you pay for how much you spent that semester. there will be a deadline, and you can make payments. with the apartment, i'm not sure, you have to ask them that, but the payment will be deducted from your scholarship first, and then you'll be billed how much you have left over to pay. For more information, its best that you email the financial aid staff and ask them personally, that way, they can help you plan out how much everything will be. good luck
How much/when you pay depends on the school and the program you're applying for. Usually your fees for one semester are due by a specific date, so find out when that date is. Usually you pay for each semester at a time becuase it depends on what courses you're taking. It should be on the college website. Usually colleges have a fee chart somewhere on the site, so make sure you do your research! It might also help to arrange a meeting with someone from the school, perhaps in academic advising. As far as your scholarship, sometimes they're given in allottments, and sometimes they give it to you all it once. I would call or email them to make sure. We on YA don't know what you received or from who, so you should find that out by contacting them.
You pay tuition at the beginning of each semester, so twice a year (or three times, if you also take summer classes). The site you listed gives a pretty good idea. Expect to be paying more than what they show, though. Depending on your classes, you may have additional fees, need more books, take more than the average number of credit hours, etc.
You should get $750 a semester then, because they usually split it to half each semester.. I take out loans before the semester starts and it just goes straight to my school.
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So, it is practically the end of my senior year, and I still have not made up my mind about college. I have a major dilemma, and I figured outside advice might help me. I am coming from a small town in Alabama. Most of my classmates are going to a community college or universities in the state. My family and I have been University of Tennessee fans, (yes I know it sounds weird - being TN fans and living in AL) so of course we've visited the campus several times. This past October I had an actual visit day there, and I loved it. However, my concern has always been on affording to go there. Not only do you have the high college costs, but an additional $16,000 in out of state tuition. So far, I have received a scholarship worth $4,000/year, the pell grant, work study, and two government loans (the federal direct ones). There's a possibility I could receive more scholarships from TN or from our local scholarships, but that's not a guarantee. The total cost of attendance is about $42,000. Right now there's about a $27,000 discrepancy between the aid I've received, and the cost of attendance. On the other hand, I have been accepted into Auburn University here in Alabama. I visited back in February, and it is a very nice campus. However, it isn't Tennessee. I have received a scholarship for $2,500/year, $3,000/year, and the pell grant. I'm not sure about any other federal aid or other scholarships yet. Auburn's total cost of attendance is a little over $20,000. I can summarize this down to two things: 1) I can go to the college I want to go to, but end up with a little over $100,000 in private student loans, plus the government loans. 2) I can go to the college I don't particularly want to go to, but end up with a whole lot less debt. I don't know if I should take this as a sign and just go to Auburn, or go where I feel my heart is. To some people this might be a no brainer, but to me it is stressing me out to the point where I'm having major anxiety and other health issues. I would really like to get out of AL, but I'm very afraid that I'll make the wrong decision. I ask that if you or your child was in this position, how would you feel/decide? ANY advice or thoughts would be much appreciated. I have to confirm by May 1st, meaning I have less than a month to make this big life decision. I'm sorry this was so long and tedious to read, but I really don't know what else to do. I've already spoken with family, friends, and my counselor, but it hasn't really helped any. If any of this helps: My standard GPA is 4.3 My numerical GPA is about 98. My major is currently mathematics, but I plan to look into other fields that might offer more job opportunities and better pay.
I know it is not what you want to hear, but you should go to Auburn. Spending $100,000+ on school is not a good idea especially not in this economy. Besides costs will continue to increase as time goes on. Just because you don't go to your dream school doesn't mean you can't have a great college experience. I got into Syracuse University (my dream school), but I couldn't afford to go there so I ended up going to Illinois State University instead. Even though it was not my 1st choice I made the most of it and I had a blast. Sometimes you just have to be practical and make an adult decision. You just have to tell yourself that you are making a good decision for yourself. Look at the positives in the situation. 1.You will be going to a good school 2.You will be leaving home and starting over in a new environment, where you can learn to take care of yourself 3. You will be graduating with less debt that will make it easier for you to do both fun and important things in the future (ex. travel or buy a house). I teach high school government and I see a lot of high school aged kids in the same situation. I am giving you the same advice I give them. I hear back from some of them and the majority of the students with your same problem are happy with their choice of going to an in-state school. I hope this helps you! Good luck with school! Don't worry you will be just fine!
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I am entering into High School next year, and my graduation year is 2017. My GPA is around a 3.7 and i have all advanced classes, except for social studies. I am en route to join AFJROT, and take in the knowledge they are ready to teach me. My dream is to become a cargo or fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. I know i need to enter in as a officer to fly, and i do know i need to go to college to do so. Will the Air Force pay for my college as long as i commit to serve, or will i have to take out tens of thousands of dollars every year in loans ? Also I know i will need to go to MEPS, Basic training, a OTS, and technical school to do all this, but what is the order i do all of this after i come out of college? What college do should i go to ( besides the air force academy ) to have the best chances of getting in to the air force? I have my heart set on auburn but would that be a reasonable choice? Any information is GREATLY appreciated, and i will owe much gratitude upon to you! Dawson
Dawson, Glad to hear you want to become a pilot! When I was at your stage I had no clue where to start either. I'm an Air Force and civilian pilot now and hopefully can help you. I wrote a book on the subject called "Your Road to Wings: How to Become an Air Force Pilot" which explains the entire process. Your two options if you want the Air Force to pay for all your pilot training is to either shoot for the Air Force Academy or any civilian university that has an AFROTC program. You can work both options at the same time and see how they play out. You can also apply for an AFROTC scholarship which can pay for all your college costs at most any universities around the country. The big thing that is going to determine which path you go is your high school resume...will you have a 3.5+ GPA, hold leadership positions at your school or in organizations, be actively involved in extracurricular activities, and believe you can get a congressional appointment? If not than the Air Force Academy might not be the best option for you. If you do have these type of qualifications then definitely go for the Air Force Academy as pretty much every graduate gets a pilot slots as long as they are medically qualified. I got my pilot slot through Texas A&M which was a great school. I went to pilot training with two Auburn grads and they love their school. Most of my pilot buddies are a mix of Air Force Academy and ROTC guys so it really doesn't matter what one you go. If you haven't already, check out If you want to learn more you can get my book at: or Profits from the book go to provide microfinance loans to the needy around the world. If you want to talk specifics or need more help just shoot me an e-mail. Good luck, Jonathan
Do your AFJROTC, continue getting good grades, show some leadership accomplishment and apply for an AFROTC scholarship early in your Senior year. Your chances are much greater of getting an AFROTC scholarship than they are an appointment to the AF Academy. An AFROTC 4-year scholarship will pay for most expenses, but not all, You will still have to take out some student loans to cover housing and subsistence. In the past the AF has then paid those off over a period of four years for those who successfully complete college and get commissioned. For that scholarship you ARE committed to serve and that is the only way to get any branch of the military to pay for your college straight out of civilian life. You will not go to Basic, you will go to OTS. Officer Candidates do not attend enlisted Basic. Auburn is a good school...the AF gets 99+% of its pilot candidates from either the AF Academy (Eeuuuuw!) or AFROTC. That means that to have even the foggiest chance of becoming an AF pilot you MUST either graduate from the AF Academy or do a 4-year AFROTC contract. Without either of those you will not have any opportunity to become an AF pilot. Both the Marines and the Navy also have aviators and aviation programs...consider those, too.
Allow me contact on something the different solutions haven’t: undergo in concepts that in case you do this you'd be an Air rigidity officer FIRST... your pastime may be "pilot" yet your variety one purpose will be to develop into an OFFICER. I recommend interpreting up on getting a fee and the established jobs that holds… then finding out if thats the position you quite opt for to be. in case you do not you'll under no circumstances make it. you would possibly want to discover that being an officer is your purpose... and there are all kinds of belongings you may do with out flying. In at present’s global the military might want to apply good infantry branch commanders more desirable than the Air rigidity needs wanabe pilots. OR in case you in basic terms opt for to fly planes... you may make your own adventures and spend more desirable time contained in the air in case you stay civilian. OR, if you're itching to get on along with your existence, ENLIST contained in the Air rigidity after extreme college. there are distinct aircrew positions that are carried out with the help of contemporary extreme college grads. in any case, in basic terms take exhilaration in extreme college for what it really is and learn what you opt for... see you later as you stay out of extreme hassle you'll discover this stuff figures itself out for you! good success.
Each year around 2,200 Air Force officers commission through Afrotc, around 1,000 at the Air Force Academy. The number commissioning through Afrotc varies widely from a few hundred to around 8,000 in 1968. In the past year 890 have been selected to attend OTS of which 645 were for rated slots, primarily pilots. The number selected for OTS in the past year is significantly more than the past several years, which were at quite low due to the Air Force scaling back its personnel. The Air Force has in recent years allotted around 500 pilot slots to Lieutenants commissioning through Usafa and 500 to Lieutenants commissioning through Afrotc; around 60% of Cadets are pilot qualified but not all want to be pilots. For the Usafa Class of 2013, 450 Cadets were selected for Pilot slots. Afrotc awards the overwhelming majority of scholarships to applicants pursuing technical degrees including critical foreign languages; less than half of Afrotc Cadets commission on Afrotc Scholarship. There is no restriction on Usafa Cadets with respect to selecting an academic major; around half select a non technical major. Usafa and Aftotc seek Scholar-Athlete-Leaders. Only a relatively small percentage of Usafa Cadets have participated in Jrotc while over 95% have been varsity athletes over 85% earning varsity letters, around 2/3 team captains and 25% recruited athletes. Besides looking for scholar-athlete-leaders, they also are looking for good citizens. Awards earned such as Eagle Scout or Billy Mitchell are considered signs of leadership and also while the attrition rate is around 25% for each Usafa class, for Eagle Scouts, the attrition rate is close to 1%. And stay away from underage drinking and all illicit drugs including mj, up to three instances of mj use is allowed as experimental use but strongly frowned upon, especially for pilots. Gpa for Usafa or Afrotc is not considered prior to 9th grade. Usafa does not consider the extracurricular record prior to 10th grade. The Air Force Academy website offers outstanding advice to students prepping for a service academy, rotc scholarship or any highly selective university. Open all links to the right of the page. Be sure to open the "Character Matters" link and read it carefully." 19 of Chapter 2 of the Naval Academy Catalog indicates classes for a high school student to take to make himself competitive for admission. The classes are arranged in a hierarchy: to read the advice on prepping for college offered on Harvard's website: selection process is nearly identical at the Naval Academy, West Point, and the Air Force Academy, so, whatever is stated on one service academy website or in its catalog with regard to admissions, course selection etc generally holds for the others. If you read the following answer and open the links it should help to explain the selection process and the path to an appointment:;_ylt=Akhc017ydUhl4cmaSh5LBsHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101109140847AAZvjcJ The application cycle for the service academies begins December 1 of junior year when the Air Force Academy begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires from juniors applying to attend the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar. West Point SLS begins accepting pre candidate questionnaires in January The Naval Academy Summer Seminar begins accepting preliminary applications in January. Uscga AIM begins accepting applications in February. It is best to apply to all since they are similar and going to one indicates to the Admissions Boards at all that a Candidate is well aware of the regimented lifestyle of an academy Cadet/Midshipman. An applicant needs Psat, Sat or Act scores to be considered for the Summer Seminars. The Psat Math section tests Algebra 1 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Fall after completing these classes. The Psat is only offered once each October. The Sat Math section tests Algebra 1 and 2 and Geometry and should be taken the first time the Spring of the year taking Algebra 2. The Act Math section tests these subjects and Trigonometry. An extracurricular reading program looking up unknown words in a dictionary helps with the Cr and Writing sections of the Sat: Colonel Batchelder indicates the attributes SLS seeks in applicants: All the summer programs seek pre-candidates with essentially the same attributes. Usna's is the largest accepting 2550, Usafa Summer Seminar accepts 1125 and West Point SLS 1,000. Last three OTS Selection Board results....
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We are possibly moving to the Seattle area. My husband will be working in Kent. Would love input as to areas to live within a half hour commute that is family orientated, good schools, prices around $350-400K, larger lots. We have two small boys (2 & 4 yrs) We are somewhat conservative in our late 30's. We currently live in the outer areas of San Diego, so I don't want big city, but don't want in the middle of nowhere either. I'm not a country girl & need close shopping. PLEASE no Realtors or loan people answer. I am looking for the opinions of residents.
Kent is a great area to live, i live there right now! kent has good schools and was picked by sports illustrated as the best sports town in washington. there also is lots of growth with many new shopping centers. auburn is also very close to kent with the supermall and good schools too.
Renton is good and it has great schools. Also Auburn. Auburn is more of a smaller city located away from the BIG city. Renton is a big city in it's own, but it has great little neighborhood like Fairwood or the Highlands. Auburn also has the SuperMall. Over 100 stores in one building. Southcenter mall is close to Renton. For the young boys I would go with Auburn. It's really close to Kent, out of the big city, enough shopping for you, and great people.
Evade places close to Rainier. do not stay in parts like Lake city, Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, or Colombia city. There are some parts that are calmer that are nonetheless in Seattle, yet do not have that busy, wide city vibe like downtown. parts round Greenlake are sturdy if it really is what you're searching for. Seattle is on the west coast so seashores are not a issue to discover, yet understand that it rains 50% of the time and at the same time as it isn't, the solar nonetheless not often makes an visual charm. this isn't precisely the position to get a tan. i have lived the following for a year. i move to college at u-dub, and stay contained in the u-district. i appreciate residing the following. anybody is sooo pleasant and lively! cost of residing is fairly intense priced i ought to assert. gasoline is about 3.70 +/-... food is extra intense priced the following than the position I moved from (FL), lease/real resources is extra to boot (see you later as you're searching on the safer/nicer parts). Public transportation is sturdy, so that you ought to not have a issue getting round.
I have a few friends that live in Des Moines and really love it... It's definitely close to Kent and also near Tukwila or Federal Way for shopping!!
Best place for you is the City of Normandy Park. It is a little bit of Heaven. Avoid Des Moines - too much aircraft noise.
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AGH! I HATE COLLEGE CHOOSING! Now that that is said... I'm having major internal conflicts right now. Let's start with the first, yes? Upon me becoming a National Merit Finalist, Auburn University offered me a full tuition and full housing with a $5500-$9500 stipend ($1500 initial stipend and $1000-2000 a year as well). I went and toured the campus yesterday and today and had an absolute blast. It was beautiful, the engineering department is great, and, of course, the scholarship is absolutely thrilling. However, they do not offer a biomedical engineering program, and they are only a 4.5 hours drive from my town. One of my goals for college was to go and explore a different culture and a different part of the country - hard to do when half of the admissions advisors say "y'all" just like I do. The best I can do there is a chemical engineering degree with a biomedical engineering emphasis. Rochester Institute of Technology... they're a GREAT private research institution. They have everything I want... but they'd cost me ridiculous amounts of money per year to attend. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IF I was even accepted, would be the most expensive. $50,000 per year? Not on my family's $65,000 per year salary. Even if we got the 10% financial aid package, I'd still be expected to pay $6500 a year in tuition, PLUS any housing and meal costs. I know that I am accepted to the first two but not the last. I haven't toured MIT or RIT yet, only Auburn. I just don't know how to make the decision, and I feel so torn. Do you have any advice? Anyone that I should talk to? Anything to say about any of the schools, if you're a student or know a student? I'm feeling so lost and frustrated that I could cry right now...
MIT is so outstanding a school, that if you are accepted, you should go there. Finance the total $25,000 with student loans. It is very easy for an engineer to pay off a student loan of that size.
Let me start by saying I currently I go to RIT. Now I'm not in the same school as you would be (I'm a software Engineering major) but I can tell you about RIT as a whole. First off the classes are hard. Many people don't realize it because RIT isn't particularly hard to get into but RIT does hold they're students up to high standards and if you do not work hard you will not do well. You should also be aware that in the fall 2013 RIT is switching over to semesters so you will have to deal with the conversion. My major is a 5 year program so I will have to deal with this too. Winter in Rochester is cold but that's what the tunnels are for. Personally, I love it here. I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. And don't be swayed by rumors of everyone at RIT being a nerd who doesn't shower or leave their room. While there are a few most people I have met have perfectly normal social skills and shower daily (and I'm a computer major!). However most people are rather geeky. If you're into parties then don't worry there's plenty and if you're not there's other stuff to do. I have only ever been to one party but I can honestly say that I have never been bored. If you're worried about the gender ratio, the college of science(where you'll be) is 50/50 Also we have snowboarding as a gym class
Try your best to tour the other two schools, sometimes one will just feel right and like "home" agree with what the others say about MIT, but the others are good schools also, no shame in going to any of those schools, they are all excellent choices try to explore some other scholarship opportunities, check with your school office for help and spend as much time as you can applying for everything you can, there are so many out there and many of them can be used at the school of your choice, not all scholarships are granted by a school to attend there, you can get all sorts of help from local organizations and others not affiliated with a specific school check into federal work study programs offered at the schools, and also work study programs funded by the school itself or alumni, and do your FAFSA paperwork as soon as you can, turning it in early helps a lot even if you need to go back and revise some things later on it is a hard decision to make, but remember that you can always change schools if you are unhappy or it is not working out I know someone that had the opportunity to attend Johns Hopkins or Harvard, and chose a small private school instead and was very happy with their decision - it is really about doing what feels right to you and there is nothing wrong with "y'all" btw, ladies love southern gentlemen :) feeling lost and frustrated is part of growing up, we all go through those times - don't get discouraged, it will all work itself out in a matter of time - once you have the answers to all of your questions it will be much easier to decide, although it does sound like Auburn is not going to be a good fit for you, even though they are offering a pretty sweet scholarship deal good luck!!!
MIT if you get in and then I think you should go to RIT. Keep in mind you go to college to get a degree in something you like. Auburn my be awesome but if it doesn't offer the major you want there is no point.
MIT is the most prestigious, will give you the best scientific education, open the most doors for you, impress prospective employers the most, and make you the most money. I'd go for MIT if you could swing the financial end. The payoff will be worth it. Besides, you could visit Balooney and Kalimada.
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Though rent or lease to own is a legal method in which you might purchase a house, there are a few pitfalls in this type of contract that do not favor the buyer. If you plan to rent or lease to own, you would be required to pay your own utilities and other things that might or could go wrong with the house. In order to find out if there are sellers that have listed their house for sale and would be willing to self finance, lease or rent to own, you would be required to google for sale by owner (FSBO) or lease with an option to sell followed by the city and state in which you are seeking this type property purchase arrangements. In most instances you would be required to have a down payment, normally non-refundable. You would not own the house or have the title deed transferred to your name until you have completely paid the agreed upon amount for the house. Failure to pay the monthly payments in a timely manner or as agreed could cause the seller to treat you as a renter and start eviction procedures against you for non payment. Prior to going through this method of buying a house, it might be to your benefit to contact a local mortgage lender that is authorized to do FHA mortgage loans and apply for a mortgage loan. In order to apply for a mortgage loan you would need evidence and proof that you are and have been employed for 2 years or more. You would need sufficient funds in a bank, or employer's retirement plan for a down payment as well as closing cost. Your mortgage loan officer would obtain a credit report to see if you have a sufficient credit score to be approvevd for a mortgage loan. If you are you have no problems except with the down payment of a FHA mortgage loan which is normally about 3.5% of the sale price of the house you would be attempting to purchase. I hospe this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. 'FIGHT ON"
Rent-To-Own Homes -
So you are looking for a cheap scam in a nice area with some utilities included? Anything else to add to that wish list your majesty??! Would you like Bigfoot as a butler and Elvis as your personal chef? Want to be chauffeured to work in a UFO?! LMAO!!
You clearly do not understand 'rent to own' concept. You do NOT get any type of 'low rent' payment, and you certainly do not get any utilities paid.
Obama invented a term that has almost no meaning go seek a "lease option" house. if you are super lucky, you might also find a LAND CONTRACT deal which gives you immediate rights and equity!
Rent to own is a scam.