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easy money loans alabama
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bad credit loan alabama
I live in southern Alabama. There is a TV commercial here by Western Sky who will make a signature loan of $10,000.00 in a day if you qualify. I took time to read the small print at the bottom of the screen and when you finish paying this loan off, you will have paid this entity back in excess of $61,000.00. In my humble opinion I find this outrageous and my question for you is why is this legal? Last I checked loan sharks were jailed. These loans obviously line some pockets but do nothing for the common good. Maybe I just don't know enough about finance. Intelligent answers only please. Answers like "You don't have to take the loan" is dodging my point. I could use some schooling here.
The reason given me was that higher interest was because of a lack of credit. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's what GMAC told me when I lost my temper in the finance office of a GM dealership. I think the legality of it comes from the donations made through lobbyists for politicians to not notice legalized extortion. And if you really want legal extortion, deal with an attorney. I recieved a traffic ticket some years ago, and paid it in person, at the local JP's office. The fine was $180. I started getting particularly threatening letters from a law firm in San Antonio. They wanted $270 for representing me, puzzled the hell out of me. With interest, that's now reached about $500, for work that was niether done nor solicited. Worse, they keep mailing the bill to my parents, which gets me a call to come and do something about it. If you want to hear a shriek, run it through the shredder without looking at it in front of my mother. I take them home to shred them now. I'd sue them, but I can't find an attorney that will sue another attorney. D
There are limits to how much they can charge called usury laws, but those limits are set very high--usually around 25% for a non-default rate and higher for a default rate. A relatively normal loan will also seem outrageous--without pulling out a calculator I think that if you bought a $150K house at 3.5% with a 30 year loan you'd pay back well over $300K. I've never heard of that company, but there are a lot of people who are 'victims' of shady loans, but I've also heard other people praising the same shady loans. They point out that if you understand the obvious (that this loan will drag you down like an anchor until you pay it off) that they work quite well--I need $600 to fix the car and I won't get paid for two weeks and I'll have at least $400 from that check and maybe the whole $600 to pay off then, and can pay the rest next month. So, for a few penalty and initiation fees someone with no credit cards can get the car fixed and get to work, and pay it all off in a payday or two. Now, if someone borrows more money than they can pay off quickly, or decides that since the minimum payment is $40 that they will just pay that instead of paying everything back right away, then those are the people who wind up paying back five or six times what they borrowed. That's the 'common good' part--there are a few smart people and a lot of dumb people who feel that this should be within their rights to make any financial contract they wish--and a tiny number of people who can fulfill them responsibly, so why take away their right to sign a bad contract? Since these loans are marketed to people with bad credit, these places are counting on a few things. You will pay their fees because nobody else will loan to you. They expect you to default and begin paying at an even higher interest rate (so if you thought paying back $60K on a $10K loan sounded bad, wait until they say "you're late, now it's $75K (unless you have the ($9,895 balance in full lying around and want to pay it off--oh, we know you don't)". If you put up security such as your car, they are hoping they can repo the car--so then they have the car and you still have the bill. These guys are crooks, but legal crooks--and the reason they aren't stopped is that we need to draw the line somewhere--in a way every banker is the same kind of crook, just not quite so dirty about it. We could call my bank crooks for charging me almost double what my house costs on a house loan--but if they couldn't get that much they wouldn't loan me the money, and then I couldn't buy a house. This is the same thing that people getting title and payday loans say--If I don't put up my car title, I can't get the car fixed, so I can't get to my job and then I'll really be screwed, so I'll put up the car title, get the car fixed, and hope that my finances are easier to sort out and keep the job. Usually the only time a state passes a law outlawing an interest rate or practice is when we can see from the math that, pretty much no matter what the borrower does, he is signing himself into bankruptcy by taking the loan.
I don't know the legal limit these high risk lenders are actually allowed to charge, but I got myself in quite a pickle. I did one of those quick on line loans for when you are in a big mess. I borrowed $500. I pay $150 each month just in interest. I am told that until I start paying more than that, my principal will not go down at all. Now that is legal loan sharking.
All that matters is the title, not the mortgage repayments. You paid the loan so that you could use the auto, you aren't getting these payments back in any occasion. You each legally own the auto. Have him sign the auto over, take over the financing and take the car. Nice of your ex bf to present.
That sounds pretty ridiculous. It would depend on the minimum payments of the load, an the interest rate. My guess is the terms are repayment of ~ $27.78 a month, and the interest rate is between 20% and 30%. Most companies are registered in Delaware - and that is for a reason. I think Delaware is one of the few (only?) states that does NOT have a usury (?) law, regarding limiting interest rates.
For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. :Why are outrageously high interest rates allowed on loans in the US? Please see details.? I live in southern Alabama. There is a TV commercial here by Western Sky who will make a signature loan of $10,000.00 in a day if you qualify. I took time to read the small print at the bottom of the screen and when you finish paying this loan off, you will have paid this entity back in excess of $61,000.00. In my humble opinion I find this outrageous and my question for you is why is this legal? Last I checked loan sharks were jailed. These loans obviously line some pockets but do nothing for the common good. Maybe I just don't know enough about finance. Intelligent answers only please. Answers like "You don't have to take the loan" is dodging my point. I could use some schooling here. 4 following 6 answers
Loan shark is at the corner.
bad credit loan alabama
The house has been on the market for atleast a year. We had planned on waiting a few more months to buy but the house has been reduced again and I'm afraid someone else will buy it. The real estate agent who showed us the house said that it is a foreclosed property and that he is handling the sale for a mortgage company in California (the house is in Alabama). The listing price of the house is roughly 2/3 of what the real estate agent claims the house has been appraised for, so it seems like a really good deal. The problem: my credit sucks...about 530 and my husband's is around 520...and we can only come up with around 5% for a down payment. We are first time home buyers, have good jobs with the same company for 2 years, and can easily afford the mortgage payments. Would it be possible to pay less down because the value of the house is so much more than the amount we want to borrow? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My family has majorly outgrown the house we presently live in so staying put is not an option. We either have to buy or rent a bigger house. The rent would be atleast as much as the mortgage payments on this house. We do not have any credit card debt. The only major debt we have is student loans which are in good standing. The reason our credit is so bad is mostly old medical bills. Also, we just haven't had very many credit accounts.
Just keep in mind that the agent represents the "seller". Try Counrtywide. A good agent L/O will help you repair your credit which will help bring your scores up. They also have some really great programs that might get you into your house. DTI is also a big factor. Ask about gift of equity. But at this point, getting those scores up is the most important. It will help you get a better rate and keep you out of B or C loans. Edit... If it is old medical bills, pay them off and send that proof to the credit bureaus. That will help alot.
Although you may be able to afford the mortgage the likelihood of you actually obtaining a mortgage with such poor credit is minimal. Despite being able to obtain a mortgage with such credit and low down payment was possible a year ago or even months ago that is probably not going to happen now. I think even subprime lenders are looking for at 580 scores and to get a good interest rate you need over 680. The lender looks at the risk involved with lending money and sadly with poor credit and a very small down payment you are a very risky borrower and at this time lenders are trying to stay far away from risky loans.
I would talk to the realtor about finding a mortgage broker who can get you an 80/20 mortgage. An 80/20 is actually two mortgages, a first for 80% of the loan and the second for 20% of the loan. You end up with two payments, and you will probably have to pay a high interest rate, and the mortgages will most likely to adjustable instead of fixed rate, but if you can get past all that, you will be buying a house without spending your original down payment. It is how a lot of people without good credit and/or money down buy houses. It's not a fly-by-night thing...Washington Mutual is one of the banks I know of that funds 80/20 loans. It can be a risk...if interest rates go very high, so will an adjustable mortgage payment go way up. If your realtor is worth a grain of salt he/she can get you in that all depends upon how much risk you are willing to take and how much in monthly payments you are able to make.
1. Don't believe anything a real estate agent tells you, they are snake oil sales man, similar like politicians and used car dealers. They tell you anything. 2. Find out about, how long the house is on the market for real. It could be re-listed several times in the MLS, a trick they do, to make it look better. Ask you agent straight out, he is suppose to tell you the truth, if not go to his broker. The Broker is the agents boss, who has to tell you the Truth, or he losses his license. 3. Take your news paper, there is usually a list of mortgage companies somewhere near the advertisement sections. Call systematically every mortgage broker and go to banks to get an estimate for a mortgage, based on you numbers. Like all good opportunities, they come to you, if you put a lot of effort in, to create them. Don't believe face value anything in the real estate industrie.
Sorry to say, but in this current time with the subprime mortgages and all the defaults on loans, you're screwed. Paying less down just because the value is more than what the purchase price to get it out of foreclosure probably isn't an option to the bank or institution that owns it. They want more down to recoup the losses on the property due to it foreclosing. and it doesn't help that it has been sitting there pretty much losing money in their eyes. but you might luck out, big MIGHT. Best bet is to take that down payment your talking about at putting it toward your highest %APR credit cards and getting rid of those, in turn raising your credit score.
Not looking too good I am afraid. Your credit is brutal and you don't really have a down payment. How much are you talking in medical bills and what is "old." Any chance of settling these up? Right now - ye you may qualify for FHA, but does not look great. Good jobs is good. had them for a while? Good work history? Any reserve assets? What other bills do you have? Do you know what your DTI ratio is? How much are the bills divided by how much you gross per month? Waht is "easily afford"? Lastly, no - higher appraised value will not help. Value on a purch is absed on purch price, NOT appr value.
I worked in the mortage business for awhile and if your credit was less than a 580 there was no lender that would work with you, and these days the mortgage market is having a very rough time which will make it even harder for people with lower credit scores to get a loan. So from what I know I don't think your chances are very good. I would recommend working hard to pay off your loans or credit cards and try hard to pay things on time and don't open any new credit and pump up that credit score. good luck
Have you checked out FHA loans. They're government loans for first time home buyers. They're done thru mortgage companies but are regulated by government. Lower down payments and lower closing costs. The down payment is closer to 3-5% rather than the average 10%.
What you need to do is get with a mortgage broker right away. Tell them the situation, be up-front about your credit score. They are being very cautious about who they lend to right now, for the reason that the house is on the market. Foreclosures are everywhere! Remember, the agent won't get paid unless this house sells. Tell him the situation and ask if the seller is willing to hold off on closing for a few months. Also, ask to see the appraisal, just to verify what the agent is telling you. There are really bad agents out there, but there are good ones as well.
I can't really promise you much luck with a score like that. Don't even THINK of contacting the scam artists who spam the forums here! Most if not all of them are scammers based in Nigeria or Lithuania or some other far-flung location. They will rip you off blind, and you'll never see a loan.
bad credit loan alabama
I made some bad decisions in my late teens, and I had even worse luck. Now I am up to my ears in school, medical, and credit card debt. Since much of these debts were the fault of my ex-boyfriend (an abusive psycho who would put all his financial stuff in my name, and then not pay the bills) ... my husband doesn't want to spend his hard-earned money paying off my ex's debts. Now I am a stay-at-home mom with no income. What will happen if I file for bankruptcy? And, most importantly, will it affect my husband's credit score?
If these debts were incurred prior to your marriage, then they are your debts and will not affect your husbands credit score. As to filing the bankruptcy, there are new rules and it is no longer an easy solution. Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 With limited exceptions, people who plan to file for bankruptcy protection must get credit counseling from a government-approved organization within 180 days before they file. They also must complete a debtor education course to have their debts discharged. The Department of Justice’s U.S. Trustee Program approves organizations to provide the mandatory credit counseling and debtor education. Only the counselors and educators that appear on the U.S. Trustee Program’s lists can advertise that they are, indeed, approved to provide the required counseling and debtor education. By law, the U.S. Trustee Program does not operate in Alabama and North Carolina; in these states, court officials called Bankruptcy Administrators approve pre-bankruptcy credit counseling organizations and pre-discharge debtor education course providers. Here is a link to locate an approved organization approved credit counseling agencies. Unfortunatly student loans CAN NOT be discharged and To be eligible for Chapter 13, you must have regular income and debts below a certain level. Your best bet is to consult with a lawyer who specalizes in bankruptcy Hope this answers your question LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The advice contained herein is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as Legal Counsel nor Legal Advice.
Ok, now lets give you a useful answer. Your current home is in your husbands name (I assume) and all of the current debts are in his name. You have your past debts in your (and your ex's) name. If you file, it will not effect your husbands credit at all. It will discharge your old debts, ad with luck those creditors will begin chasing after your ex for the money In the meantime you can live off your new husbands credit. If planned correctly, you can use his good credit to help rebuild your own credit rating. Sarge went it some detail about the bankruptcy procedure, but trust me. It's not that bad. The credit counseling is pretty straight forward It can be done on-line or even over the phone. The people I've worked with find it a total bore, but it is mandatory of you plan to file for BK. Small price to pay to get thousands of dollars in debt eliminated. But you do need to consult with an attorney before making a final decision. As stated, school loans are not dischargeable. and there are always glitches that can come up.
Hey hun. I just filed a chapter 7 without my husband. I am also a stay-at-home mom. We only had one thing jointly and it was a home loan, but that was not a big deal. As long as your income is not outrageous, you should be okay. The only thing that will not be discharged is the school loans. This will not do anything to your husband's credit score either.
Student loans that are guaranteed by the government are not dischargeable in a bankruptcy. Only unsecured debt (such as credit cards, medical bills, etc. are). You really should talk to a bankruptcy attorney, rather than seek advice here. You can get a referral to a bankruptcy attorney from your local county bar association. You might also be eligible for free legal help from your local legal aid office.
Hi, I used "Credit Solution" to settle my debt and avoid bankruptcy.They managed to reduce my debt up to 58%.It's legitimate. I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition.Check it out here:
bad credit loan alabama
My husband is in the miltiary; we have been here for 5 years and 4 years ago bought a home. In may we took out a home equity loan to pay of some credit cards...well In June he sprung on me that he wanted to retrain into a different career, and in July we found out we could not stay here. The only reason why we purchased a home was because his career right now meant we most likely were to be here for a long time. After talking to sevearl realtors it is highly unlikely we will even sale our home for the price we need to break even..we need to sale for at least 90,000 but all the other houses on this street that are exactly like mine have sold for only 60-70 He knows this, he knows that I have hated the idea from day one. He knows this but yet he refuses to see my side. I do not want to be the one left to deal with this after he goes on to better things. He doesn't seem to understand at all that this will affect our marriage, or how bad the housing market is. I am so stressed.
Well its just that he has known how i felt about this way before he did it..I dont want to move..I know its a possibility but i understand that..i don't understand HIM making the decison for us and not the military. I have put so much on hold for him these last few years. I don't work, didn't/can't finish college..everything for his career. I am just tired of it all being him..why can't he think of ME for a change?
To marsmiggle I really didn't have a question just venting..and your right I can't make him see my side, but i think i am just tired of doing everything for him when he does nothing for me. The only reason why he wants to retrain is because he doesn't approve of the current management in his squadron and HE wants to go to college. Well what if he retrains and its run worse? Or what if he can't go back to college in teh new job? I have asked him this and he just says he'll retrain again when teh time comes if that is the case. I want to finish my education but can't..He refuses to let me go back, he always has a reason why i can't..I'm just tired of all the me,me,me and not us bs.
I just want to add one more thing..he was there when the realtor told us that its unlikely to break even, he was there when the realtor said if it hasn't sold by November it probably won't. He doens't want to go the renting route because he thinks it would be too hard to take care of and manage being so far away..He wants to sell it, problem is he will be going back to school in Alabama and I will be the one left to deal with it all..not him.
You might try asking a realtor for a CMA - Competive Market Analysis. There are many sites where you could get this information yourself, but your husband may need to hear it from someone else. Once you get the CMA, lay out what this means financially. Instead of telling him your opinion, tell him how this situation makes you feel and that you need to feel secure. Ask him what ideas he has for returning your feeling of security. Make sure you are not yelling or visibly shaken when you have this conversation or he will only see your emotion and not hear your words. You also might consider renting the house out, if that is an option. A Real Estate Management company may be able to assist. Good luck.
Have you thought about making the house a rental property instead of selling it? If you figure out how much your mortgage and taxes are on the house and divide it into 12 months, add a little to make a few bucks and for maintenance and see if you can find a renter instead. You can find lease templates online and you can set up something with the renters in regards to repairs (preferred contractors for plumbing, electrical etc.). Maybe you can keep the house on the market until it sells but make some income on it until then. My guess is that after this experience you may want to rent for a while before purchasing another home so finding a new home loan may not be an issue at this point. If that isn't true, this option may not work, but you could check into it and see if you can get another home loan with your other property as a rental. Good luck with this.
Having a hard time finding a question here. How can you get your husband to see your side? Hmm. What makes you see someone else's side of things? Maybe when you feel understood, and have the emotional resources for something besides your own "stuff." Some people just aren't going to see another's perspective. Are you going to throw out everything your husband can give you--and that you can give him--if he can't understand you on this? Practically, you have some options: If you stay in the house while you wait to sell it, you could see it as a limited season. You could just take the $20,000 loss and whatever comes with it (long term payments or bankruptcy.) It wouldn't be the end of the world and needn't be the end of your marriage. You can get through this. You could rent out this house until you have positive equity. The fact is that most marriages have unsolvable problems. Lack of connecting is not necessarily from not communicating--it is simply a fact that we don't meet each other's needs in every way. Happy marriages are made when people can live with that.
Hey!! I feel your pain! I'm going through the same thing. We were military as well and bought multiple houses in the same area and rented them out. We pulled HELOC (home equity line of credit) out of them to buy a business and, unfortunately the market crashed and so did our business. So we're currently in the same boat. If it's your only home (primary residence) then ask your loan company if they'd be willing to do a short sale of your home. That's when the mortgage company or bank will accept less than what you owe on the home if you receive a reasonable offer from a buyer. Ask. And keep your credit in good for shape (650 or higher) just in case they suggest any other way out. Another thing is to ask for a refinance for the full amount as a 5 year interest only loan. Then, that way, if you can't short sale it, the monthly mortgage payments will be lower, which might increase your chances of getting enough rent for it to brake even. Study the rentals in your area and find out what the going rate is rent for a home your size. Gosh, I hope that's not to much info and I hope I didn't have some off-a-bit information. Good luck, better yet, good blessing. God knows I need it!!! LOL!!
It sounds like you just want soomeone to tell you that you were right, and that he is totally wrong. Im not going to say that, because the issue is not about who is right or wrong, its about something else. This is a tough situation you are in, but if you guys stick "together" - you will come through. Maybe hire a financial advisor, and take it step by step. I've been in a simiar situation, and i had to pay on op of the morgage - because the house i sold didnt cover the loan. SO sometimes, you have to lose, so you can move on and make better choices.. For the record, would the situation be any dirrenet, if ur hubby apologised and took all the blame - NO - it wouldnt, so dont worry about who was right and who hated what idea. The point is, jumping up and dealing with the best way you guys can together. He wont admit he is to blame - thats the mans ego - you know deep inside what the deal is, so dont dwell on it any longer. good luck
Have him sit down with a realtor and do the math on paper so he sees it's not possible at this time, unless you 2 have the cash to pay off the difference of the mortgage, 20-30 thousand dollars. Tell him if you don't go together, neither of you can go. You're in this together and you're not about to sit there for waiting for someone to come along and pay more than the house is worth, that just doesn't happen. Good luck.
I know that having a house can be kinda restricting, especially when things change and you don't expect them too... BUT as your HUSBAND..... he needs to realize that what HE wants to do for HIS career, needs to be second to what's best for YOUR marriage. I'm sure he's got a good opertunity, but those will come and go throughout life, and another one will present its self at a time that works better for the both of you. My wife and I have had some issues lately, and she had a really good opertunity to go to school free, as well as making more money than she is now. but she'd basicly have to start a new life, cuz I couldn't go out there with her.... after much praying and thinking... she decided not too... because even though the offer was enticing, our relationship was more important... now what's more important to you husband? His career? Or your Marriage.... He does have a responsibility to take care of you as a husband... and that is more than just a paycheck.... and the more loving and respectful you are to him (over some time)...... it might just make him think about the consequences. Hope this helps :)
Wow. Why do men have to be so stubborn? Ask him if he knows how this can be done without going bankrupt. Is he going to make more money at his new career? Explain to him that this situation needs to be dealt with now and not later. Does he want to really sell a house for 20,000 less than what's owed on it? Man, that's scary. That's a lot of money. I'd suggest maybe asking him to go with you to talk to someone at a mortgage company or a bank and get some professional advice. He needs to see on paper how much this is going to cost him in the long run. Good luck
You need to respect his needs to find another career that he will enjoy, until he does he can't succeed at what he's doing. If he isn't enjoying what he's doing, don't you think that will effect the marriage? It sounds like you are the financial sound one and that he just goes where he wants and you need to make the "money" work. My suggestion is to sell your house yourself as a lease option to buy, its called land contract in other locations. Often you can find someone who doesn't have the credit or down payment to purchase a home, get a good down payment and then accept payments at a rate higher then what your paying with a 5 year pre-payment penalty. You can sell your house for a premimum to someone who otherwise can't buy. I was in the same situation in 2001 when I sold my house for 125 to a couple who were newly married. In 2003 they split up, neither could afford the home on their own so they both left. I'm glad it didn't get ugly, they were both starting down new paths and the fact they were just going to give the house back to me and not have their credit scores changed moved them. I made 10k on the house from their down payment in 2001, fixed it up for 5k then sold it for 150. Heck of a deal.
If you are in a military area, there is no reason why you can't rent your house out to another military family. This really is NOT the best time to sell a house, especially if you have a home equity loan on top of your mortgage.
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I would like to know why banks can hold paychecks? I know there are laws saying they can hold paychecks. How can the government think this is fair? I deposited a paycheck into the account on Saturday (Before 2:00). The teller said it had no hold - but failed to mention it was considered a Monday deposit. For the most part we don't have a problem because we use direct deposit. This was one check unfortunately that could not be directly deposited. They claim that Saturday isn't a bussiness day so it will be considered a Moday deposit so it will be available Tuesday AM. We spent some money and our account is considered overdrawn. How is this legal? How is this fair? It's a paycheck. You need your paycheck to live!!!
To everyone who thinks I was referring to Saturday as a business day I wasn't. I know that Saturday is not a business day, but the funds aren't available are they. It's a hold! Simple as that. Who can afford to have their paycheck sit in the bank for 3 days while the bank processes and posts the transactions? My last bank put holds on personal checks but not paychecks. Paychecks were a live transaction and available immediately. I think this is horrible practice, and shouldn't be allowed by law.
I've found out that it depends on where you live and the bank you're dealing with. Banks can do anything they want when it comes to placing holds on deposited checks. I used to live in Florida, and it would take up to a week for my deposited payroll check to credit to my account. I started going to the bank and CASHING my check, and then depositing the CASH because they don't put a hold on cash. I have since moved to Alabama and my payroll checks have NEVER been held. I deposit on Friday before 5:00 p.m. and the funds are showing up by Saturday. Even when I make the deposit at one of the bank's ATMs, it shows up by the end of the next business day (and Saturday's not considered a business day by any bank, even when they're open on Saturday.) It is NOT fair when any funds aren't credited the minute you deposit the check, no matter what day or hour it is. When you use your check card, it's IMMEDIATELY considered taken from your account.
Saturday is never considered a business day. Business days are only Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Anything that goes in on a weekend or after the cutoff on Friday is considered a Monday deposit. They don't care if it is a paycheck or a birthday present from your always takes at least one business day to settle in your account. This Tuesday is a bank holiday so it isn't a business day either. It's legal because this is clearly posted in the bank and was on the paperwork you signed when you opened the account. At my bank there is a little sign on each teller window that funds are not always immediately available and may not be until after the next business day. It also has information about weekend deposits being considered Monday transactions. I'd go talk to the bank manager in person to explain what happened and why you believed the funds were available immediately. If you have been a good customer and it was a one time overdraft situation, they will usually work with you and waive the fees. The thing that really stinks is that you could have cashed the check and had the money immediately with no overdrafts.
It's perfectly legal and is still widespread practice. Banks process transactions one of two ways -- in real time or by batch at the end of the banking day. Most banks still process End-of-Day by batch for teller transactions. They end the banking day at around 2:00 PM or so so that the evening crew running the End-of-Day processing can get out at a reasonable hour. (Even with that cutoff, it's consided a good day if they get out by 1:00 AM the next morning!) Any transaction handed over the counter after the end of day cutoff goes on the next banking day's transactions. If you look at the terms of service agreement that you signed when you opened the account you'll find that this was probably disclosed to you there. It's also very likely that the receipt shows Monday's date as the processing date. That constitutes notice to you that the transaction won't process until Monday which would then make it available on Tuesday. Since Tuesday is a banking holiday, your money is effectively unavailable until start of business on Wednesday. In the future if you have to make a deposit and the bank isn't putting a hold on the funds, split the transaction and take your cash from the teller and make a cash deposit for the remainder of the check.
Banks have to guarantee that your paycheck is a good check so that they will not lose money. It takes an average of 3-5 days for all checks to clear. You would really be surprised at how many supposedly reputable companies pass along bad paychecks to their employees. The Federal Reserve banks are not open on Saturdays therefore any transactions that a bank does on Saturdays are considered the next business day. There should be notices placed in your bank stating something to that effect. Your bank has more than likely been working on Monday's (12/31/07) date since 2pm Friday (12/28/07).
Holding Checks
If you don't understand that a bank can't process checks on a Saturday and Sunday, you should slap yourself. The check has to clear. It can't clear if the Fed is closed. If you're depositing a check drawn on 'Bank A' into your account in 'Bank B' then 'Bank B' has NO IDEA if those funds are available. It's simply a piece of paper. Stop acting like a child. Don't spend money you don't have.
This is not a "hold" on your paycheck. Everyone (almost, apparently) knows that Saturday is not a business day and that bank transactions will post on the next regular business day. Consider it a lesson learned.
Yes banks can do whatever they want. I deposited over $600.00 in cash, left the bank then my wife called me to tell me that she needed some extra money.So I went back to the bank and they told me it would be 3 days for my deposit to clear. So I talked to the manager and he told me the same. Well that really pissed me off so I told them that I was closing my account and that I anted all my money. Never trust banks.
When you must deposit an actual check always cash it first and then have them deposit the cash. It will be made available much more quickly then it would as a check.
It fairly is ridiculous many times, they permit you to've a small volume of the examine the 1st day, and that they must launch the rest interior a minimum of the subsequent 10 business enterprise days. some thing is extremely unusual.
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Alabama Civil Code Alabama Payday Loan Laws
Pretty sure that you must find all financial answer at: RE Where can I find alabama laws governing creditors and/or payday loan companies? I need help dealing with a payday loan company
OK, Even though you live in a state that thinks football games are where they choose who gets to go the warshington D C and sit in those big rooms and smoke cigars and decide how to spend your money, here is what you do. Now that I think about it, that football thing to decide who goes up north is not a bad idea. I apologize. Go to the state website, if you have one. If not, the rest of this is going to sound kind of funny. Listed will be something called Alabama state law. I know you have them. Alright, I assume you have some. Let's go with that. Now click on those words - you can pretend it's a football game - if it will help. Now on the screen in front of you, no not the football game on TV, the computer screen. Do not be alarmed when the screen changes, this is normal. You should see a bunch of words lined up like a defense. This is a m e n u. No, you cannot order a hot dog and a beer. This is a different kind of menu, it lists different things. You will be looking for the link that takes you to the law menu. If you are persistent and press forward a few yards at a time you will eventually come to a place that says- enter search. Make the little pointy thing on the screen get in the box, then click, once. Type in the box what law you want to look up. This takes several tries, maybe 20. And your there! I know it was hard, but you all in Alabama are tough. I know this because you all keep telling the announcer on the football games you are. Must be true. Now find a lawyer to tell you what the 29,000 words written about that one law mean. He should be able to tell you in one sentence. Don't let him trick you into coming to his office, its a trick and he will charge you more than you will ever beleive.
I am Aisha Chug i was in need of a loan s$150,000 and was scamed by those fraudulent lenders and a friend introduce me to Mr Roland Ken,and he lend me the loan without any can contact him via email
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Hi, Jasmine. $10,000 in student debt is really not that much. I imagine your monthly payment is around $200? That shouldn't significantly impact your ability to qualify for a loan. The key to any debt whether installment, revolving, or student loans is to always make your monthly payments on time. FYI - You do not need to put 20% down nor do you need a 700 score down to qualify to purchase a home. I close mortgage loans in Alabama. Where specifically are you looking to live? If you're interested in discussing your options, please email or message me. Information and conversation are free. ;-) I love working with first time home buyers, and I'd like to earn your business. Charles
Hi Jasmine! No, your student loans shouldn't prevent you from qualifying for a home loan. What you do want to take a look at is your credit score. It's almost impossible to qualify for a mortgage these days if your score is south of 620. And if you want the best interest rate and terms, you'll want your score above 720. You'll also want to consider how much home you can afford. There are a lot of calculators online that can help you estimate a target price range, but to get a real answer - and ideally, a mortgage pre-approval - you should get on the phone with a trusted home loan expert. If you don't know anyone, ask your friends, family and even workplace HR team for a referral. By talking to a lender up-front, you can get a feel for what you can expect from the home buying and home loan process, and you can also get a pre-approval so you don't get your hopes up only to be turned down on the financing side. Good luck and happy house-hunting!
Not necessarily. Depends on how good you are at paying off your debts, your debt-to-income ratio, and how much you have saved up for a down payment. You need 20% down, plus all closing costs, plus 3 - 6 months of reserves, credit scores of 700 or better and about 3 years track record on your job. Anything less than this may very well result in "last-minute hitches" that keep a mortgage from being funded by the closing date, even if you have been approved. We are seeing a startlingly high rate of this going on this past year. And it can cost a buyer dearly in penalties, etc, for not closing on time.
Besides the student loan causing a problem with your debt ratios, thne no it shouldn't affect your ability to purchase a home... UNLESS!!!!!! The student loans are defaulted and are government loans, then this will prevent you from obtaining FHA financing since anyone who has defaulted on government debt shows up on a CAIVERS report.
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The World's Longest Yard Sale Corridor 127 630 Miles of Treasures From Ohio to Alabama August 7 - 10, 2008 © Christine Nyholm Jul 22, 2008 Tennessee Mountain View, kkiset, hu.sxc The Worlds Longest Yard Sales travels along a 630 mile route from Defiance Ohio to Gadsen Alabama.. Treasures are found along the way in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia. The World's Longest Yard sale is celebrating its 21st anniversary of bargains on the U.S. 127 Corridor. The four day sales runs from August 7 -10, 2008. The 630 mile trail now starts in Defiance, Ohio and concludes in Gadsden, Alabama. The route of The World's Longest Yard Sale is an American road trip that brings treasure seekers from far and wide. Bargain and antique shoppers find treasures and nostalgic items at yard sales along the route. There is no limit to what treasures can be found. Booths and tables are filled with a diverse range of merchandise, including musical instruments, furniture, glassware, toys, housewares, tools, jewelry and much more. The World's Longest Garage Sale originated as a plan to bring ravelers from the busy Interstate to the less traveled highways of Tennessee and Kentucky. Homeowners and businesses emptied their attics and garages and sold treasures and trash. Since beginning, the event has grown every year. Homeowners still hold authentic yard sales. Dealers also set up shop along the route, sometimes selling side by side with the homeowners. Towns Along the Route 127 Corridor The Route 127 Corridor passes through a number of small towns. Some of the larger towns and attractions on the route include Covington, Kentucky; Frankfort, Kentucky (near Lexintgon); Jamestown, Tennessee; Crossville, Tennessee; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Lookout Mountain Parkway in Georgia and Gadsen, Alabama. Traffic Yard sales tend to congregate in the small towns along the route. In the sections where there are many yard sales, the traffic slows to a crawl. Cars constantly pull in and out of traffic, as drivers see tempting tables and tents. The best advice in traffic snarls is to be patient and drive defensively. HGTV Features The World's Longest Yard Sale HGTV is a big fan of The World's Longest Yard Sale and features portions of the sale on their cable network program. HGTV features the found treasures at the yard sale and interviews vendors and shoppers, which is always fun to watch. The HGTV website offers additional information about the sale. Tips for a Successful Journey The World's Longest Yard Sale is a unique event. Much of the route is off the beaten path, so many of the conveniences that people are used to seeing in more populated areas may not be readily available. Following are suggestions for a pleasant journey. * Plan a Route. It is tempting to attempt the entire trail, but it is difficult to traverse the entire 630 miles in four days and do justice to the sales at the same time. The official website of the World's Longest Yard sale suggests picking a starting point along the trail and heading either north or south * Make Advance Room Reservations. Hotel and motel rooms often book far in advance, so room reservations along the route may be difficult to find. Some people have success in getting a room by getting slightly off the route to a nearby town. It is a very good idea to make lodging arrangements in advance to make sure that time is not lost in looking for a room during the sale. It is a good idea to find a lodging with a restaurant nearby. Relax over a leisurely dinner near the hotel room * Start Shopping Early. Yard sale experts know the time to shop is early. Vendors in booths along the way have said that the best bargains are often gone within the first hour or two on the first morning. Sometimes, that same merchandise shows up on a dealer's table, marked up for profit. * Bring Cash. Most vendors do not take checks and they may not take credit cards. Bring cash to purchase treasures along the way. Small bills are best. Vendors may run out of small bills. It is easier to negotiate with vendors when using exact change. * Fill Up the Tank, The Stomach and Use the Facilities. Restaurants and gas stations may not alway be handy when needed. Therefore, eat and fill the gas tank whenever possible. Many gas stations along the route close their restrooms, so do not count on using a gas station rest room. Restaurants are the best place to find facilities. Use rest room facilities when they are available to prevent having to look for facilities when it is an emergency. * Bring Snacks and Beverages. Fill coolers with snacks of choice, beverages and water. Great snacks include protein bars, crackers with peanut butter, cheese and fresh fruit. It is not always easy to find these items along the way. * Bring Supplies. Prepare for what may be needed in advance. Suggested supplies include hand wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen sun glasses, hat, flashlight, first aid kit, zip lock
I've got by no ability been Jess, so i'm unsure. yet that sounds like a brilliant form of relaxing. ensure you're taking quite some photos! you're gonna take your new cruiser top? Ah, I do envy you. i actually could desire to set it sluggish aside for a visit reminiscent of yours. particularly situations i'm getting too caught up in different issues and ignore what's important in life. Ah properly.. have relaxing and enjoy!
This is a great question, and one that has been the source of confusion for me for quite a while.
Need more information before I can give an answer
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Back in August my husband got a call from 205-533-8815 this was supposedly a law firm in Birmingham Alabama,they never would give the name of the alleged "law firm" said they were trying to collect on pay day loan he got years back.We are both on fixed income,the woman demanded we give them 50.00 till it was paid in full. I checked the number in 2 different places one said cell other said land line. Thing about it is we never got any papers to sign and send back,and any one ever having any thing to do with lawyers they want all paper work in triplecate and then some. Does any one know where I can find out if this number is a scam or where I can go online to report them. I know come the 4th of Oct. if their money aint on the card they are gonna be calling ,screaming where's the money. If there is any one out there that can give me some honest answers and help it would be greatly appreciated. We live in Texas. thanks
It’s probably a scam, or they would have given you the name of the company and sent you papers. The only thing that I wonder about is, did you actually get the pay day loan? If so, call the company you got it from, and deal with them directly. I doubt anyone besides the original company, or someone they sold the debt to would have the correct info about your loan. >
No law firm would randomly ring you up demanding money, especially without giving you a name. Did he pay off the loan? If not, contact the loan company because they would send you letters about wanting the money before handing any case over to a law firm. However, it sounds like a scam to me. Don't pay them anything until you are certain they're owed it (in other words, if the loan company say that he owes money and that law firm have been asked to get it).
It may be a legitimate debt, it may be a legitimate debt collection firm. It may also be someone who found out about a written off debt (a company threw all their old files in the garbage... a clerk looked through old files and found it, etc) and is scamming you. Call your credit card company and tell them what happened and that you suspect you've been scammed. Their investigators will know what to do - they don't like to lose money. Police often run into difficulties with jurisdiction (if they can even be bothered to investigate - it's a pretty small amount).
Check your credit reports. Adults know to check these once a year for free (all 3). If you have any debts that are unpaid, they will show up on there. Annual Credit No credit/ debit card required. And don't pay for a score. It's just a 3 digit number that will not tell you anything.
Call the costomer care of the sim u used n ask them abt the number u recieve the call.Tell them abt extortion n to blacklist this number.But best thing is to report to the police.Hope i have help u.God bless
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Hi, i've recently become really interested and been loving some country songs i've heard. But since i just started exploring this genre i don't really know much artists or good songs. To get a feel of what i like here's some links to what i'm current;y listening to: David Nail - Memphis Hunter Hayes - Everybody's got somebody but me: Dustin Lynch - Hurrican Thx in advance!
Modern Country: Country Boy-Aaron Lewis Drive (For Daddy Gene)-Alan Jackson Small Town Southern Man-Alan Jackson Country Boy-Alan Jackson I Still Like Bologna-Alan Jackson Where I Come From-Alan Jackson Dixie Highway-Alan Jackson Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)-Big & Rich Good Directions-Billy Currington Footloose-Blake Shelton Over-Blake Shelton Anything Like Me-Brad Paisley Southern Comfort Zone-Brad Paisley This Is Country Music-Brad Paisley Old Alabama-Brad Paisley Camouflage-Brad Paisley Remind Me-Brad Paisley Kick It In the Sticks-Brantley Gilbert Country Must Be Country Wide-Brantley Gilbert Blown Away-Carrie Underwood The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Re-Recorded)-The Charlie Daniels Band Tomorrow-Chris Young Back-Colt Ford Country Thang-Colt Ford Dirt Road Anthem-Colt Ford Redneck Yacht Club-Craig Morgan International Harvester-Craig Morgan Wagon Wheel-Darius Rucker Sideways-Dierks Bentley 5-1-5-0-Dierks Bentley Cowboys and Angels-Dustin Lynch Even If It Breaks Your Heart-Eli Young Band Creepin'-Eric Church Homeboy-Eric Church Springsteen-Eric Church Cruise-Florida Georgia Line Troubadour-George Strait Did It for the Girl-Greg Bates We Don't Apologize for America-Hank Williams, Jr. Storm Warning-Hunter Hayes In Color-Jamey Johnson Dirt Road Anthem-Jason Aldean My Kinda Party-Jason Aldean Fly Over States-Jason Aldean Don't You Wanna Stay-Jason Aldean The Only Way I Know-Jason Aldean Crazy Town-Jason Aldean She's Country-Jason Aldean Big Green Tractor-Jason Aldean Letters from Home-John Michael Montgomery If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away-Justin Moore Bait a Hook-Justin Moore Put You In a Song-Keith Urban You and Tequila-Kenny Chesney Beer Money-Kip Moore Boondocks-Little Big Town Angel Eyes-Love and Theft Rain Is a Good Thing-Luke Bryan What Country Is-Luke Bryan Country Girl (Shake It for Me)-Luke Bryan Drunk On You-Luke Bryan I Don't Want This Night to End-Luke Bryan Where I Come From-Montgomery Gentry Stand-Rascal Flatts Mayberry-Rascal Flatts Love Who You Love-Rascal Flatts Unstoppable-Rascal Flatts Bleed Red-Ronnie Dunn The Trouble With Girls-Scotty McCreery Live Like You Were Dying-Tim McGraw American Ride-Toby Keith Made In America-Toby Keith Red Solo Cup-Toby Keith Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)-Toby Keith Just Fishin'-Trace Adkins Chicken Fried-Zac Brown Band Highway 20 Ride-Zac Brown Band The Wind-Zac Brown Band Knee Deep-Zac Brown Band Colder Weather-Zac Brown Band As She's Walking Away-Zac Brown Band Older Country (1960's-1990's): Chattahoochee-Alan Jackon Gone Country-Alan Jackson The Devil Went Down to Georgia-The Charlie Daniels Band Friends In Low Places-Garth Brooks The Thunder Rolls-Garth Brooks A Country Boy Can Survive-Hank Williams, Jr. Country State of Mind-Hank Williams Jr. East Bound and Down-Jerry Reed (Ghost) Riders In the Sky-Johnny Cash I Walk the Line-Johnny Cash Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash The General Lee-Johnny Cash You Had Me from Hello-Kenny Chesney God Bless The U.S.A.-Lee Greenwood The Devil Comes Back to Georgia-Mark O'Connor Crazy-Patsy Cline The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia-Reba McEntire Dang Me-Roger Miller My Best Friend-Tim McGraw Just to See You Smile-Tim McGraw I'm from the Country-Tracy Byrd Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys-Waylon Jennings On the Road Again-Willie Nelson
Johnny cash Carrie Underwood Kenny Chesney Josh Turner The Eagles
YES! Another country fan! lol I honestly haven't heard those songs, but have listened to the artists so.. Here are some of my favorite artists i love. Luke Bryan Jason Aldean Carrie Underwood Josh Turner Kip Moore Brooks and Dunn Darrius Rucker Eric Church
I dont know those people you listed, but I like Kip Moore, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Florida Georgia Line. They are good. For KM listen to Beer money, somethin about a truck. for LB listen to country girl, drunk on you. For JO, listen to heaven, barefoot blue jean night. For FGL listen to Cruise (you probably heard of this one, getting popular. Also Jason Aldean is good. And listen to the song Springsteen by eric chuch
Here is some list of good country singers - jason aldean - luke byran - tim mcgraw - george strait - keith urban - rascal flatts - kenny chesney - blake shelton those are some good singers look for their songs if you have spotify would make it easier for you to finde their songs
Well Spotify lets you browse, play, share and buy music. To download it for free you can click here Have a nice day
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Hi me and my husband have found a house in south Alabama that we would love to buy. The problem is we don't really have a whole lot of money saved up to put down a big downpayment. I have researched online places that offer down payment assistance. Is this true if so what is it? also we are looking to get a FHA loan..will this be a problem for the down payment assistance? The mobile home is listed for $59,900 which includes a 16 x 80 mobile home 3.19 acres of land a huge shed and more.. we love it! Is there a certain program we can get in that we don't have to pay a huge dp for a mobile home? what are the average interest rates for a FHA loan in south Alabama? will we get the first time home buyers tax credit? I don't know where to start...someone please tell me the first step. Thanks!
I doubt FHA will fund a trailer. Any programs for down payments are going to be local, in your city, your lender will know about them.
Any down payment assistance programs will be local, so if a lender or realtor should be able to direct you to any legitimate programs. There are states/counties that still offer special programs, my state ran out of funds a few years ago... but yours might still have certain programs. You should also visit your state and county website to look for information that is accurate. Have you met with a lender yet? I would suggest that you meet with a lender soon and get a pre-approval. Bring the listing of the mobile home that you're interested in... some lenders will not lend for a mobile or modular home... others will. The federal tax credit ended last year, so no, you will not qualify for any first-time home buyer's credit.
If the pipe leads into the commencing up/ basement then i'd hang my hat on the associates observations that the tank replaced into in the basement than the inspector's conjecture. First, examine the in the basement the place the pipe finally leads to work out any evidence of the pipe stepping into and this would possibly be the place a tank as quickly as replaced into. if so, you haven't any longer have been given any underground tank, a minimum of from that pipe. Inspectors are infamous for paying for this form of element incorrect. hire the business company that tests oil tanks to return out and supply their suggestion. probability is they have not purely serviced the section and be responsive to the homes, yet be responsive to lots greater approximately this form of format than a everyday domicile inspector. in short, you want a expert to look on the comprehensive image and supply you their enter. Worst case subject, in the event that they do come across an underground oil tank, you do no longer unavoidably have a huge subject. Tanks are not a topic; an infection is. The tank may well be professionally crammed with sand and rendered inert (innocuous) by the comparable business company for decrease than the value of removing. this is, of direction whilst they ensure that this is possible and there is not any spill, leakage or cleanup required. final theory- If the guy you're paying for the domicile from offered it themself in the previous 10 years then their loan business company in all probability checked issues out as a condition of ultimate whilst they first offered it.
Ask your lender and realtor what programs are available to help wit down payment assistance in your area. Ask the sellers to pay your down payment and closing cost this is a small price to pay to have your mobile home sold. Best wishes and enjoy your new home.
FHA only requires about 3.5% down. You don't have about $2,000 to your name? No more home buyers credit. On top of that 2K, try to keep some in the checking or savings, since they will like to see a bit of extra cash. Don't let that down payment drain you dry.
FHA will allow you to do a 3.5% down payment, so only about $2K.
Do not buy a mobile home buy a fixed site house. Larger, easier to keep repaired, more resistent to high wind [i lived in one]
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I have had credit trouble in the past. I am now trying to rebuild. I am finding it hard to get a mortgage loan or a major credit card. I have read stories about people getting loans with credit scores lower than mine. I found National City bank on a web site with stephen's life after bankruptcy newsletter. Where are people getting these loans, with low credit scores. I live in Alabama. I can't get a bank loan. I am not in bankruptcy. Please tell me the names of the mortgage companies that can work with me. I have read stories where people credit score is in the 500's. They are buying cars and homes right after they file bankrupt. Thank you
Http:// Delta Financial focuses on lending to individuals who generally do not satisfy the conventional mortgage guidelines established by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The Company makes loans to these borrowers primarily for debt consolidation, refinancing, education and home improvement, where cash-out/debt consolidation consists of approximately 85 percent of Delta's business.
The rate you will be offered depends on a lot of different factors, your credit score is decent so that should not impact the rate negatively. However, the loan amount, type of loan, percentage of the home value or purchase price that you are borrowing, all have an affect on the rate. For a typical 30 year fixed, borrowing 80%, without paying points, with nothing special effecting the rate, you can expect 6.250 - 6.500%. Keep in mind that a lender will pull all three credit reports and will use the middle credit score, you didn't mention if 650 was your middle score or not. Also while I agree that you should not allow a broker or lender to pull your credit report until you're sure you want to work with them, if they do not pull your credit report multiple times (most only pull it once, then the lender pulls it again just before closing) your credit score will not drop by 100 points, it usually will drop maybe 2-3 points but will not be reported for 30 days. It generally should not be a cause for concern with a mortgage loan (a car loan on the other hand is when multiple reports are pulled and your score can drop quickly). Let me know if I can be of more help, you can email me from my website listed below.
A score of 650, alone, should not keep anyone from getting a mortgage. It's just below the average for Americans. Could there be other things in your financial situation that are keeping you from a loan? Has it been explained to you that your credit score was the only factor in turning you down? Be careful applying at numerous places for a mortgage, as unfortunately multiple loan applications adversely affect your score as well. Be sure your income is sufficient for the loan amount you're seeking. A mortgage broker is often a great place to start for a loan, as they often work with multiple lenders, and usually have a few that specialize in what they'd consider a higher-risk loan. Is it crucial that you purchase right away? A year spent working on your credit score would be a great investment that would pay off for years in being able to purchase a house without a ridiculous interest rate. If you choose to work on your credit first, just order a copy of your credit report (if you haven't already). Most credit reporting agencies give a detailed account of what's considered positive and negative in your history. Fix whatever you can, explain what you can't and add comments to the file. Fixing or disputing items on your credit report actually hurts your credit score for a little while until it's resolved, but it pays off in the long run. Be sure not to undertake any work on your credit report like that unless you're sure you won't be applying for a loan again for a few months. If you can wait to buy a home, I'd say repairing your credit is a great route. Beware credit repair agencies, they do more harm than good. Trying to rebuild by taking on a mortgage at a high interest rate may not be a wise idea at this time. But you know your situation best.
Right now a score near 600 is about as low as lenders will go... the question here is how much money are you willing to spend? Just taking a few months to try and repair your score to boost it even by 5 or 10 points can make a huge difference. Have you tried to clean up mistakes in your report, or are there simple things you can do now to fix it? This is important because a 1% difference in interest can translate to thousands more dollars that you could use to buy something else! Sounds like you don't have the best score.. so let me share with you my 10 steps.. # Know and Track Your Credit Score (be sure to sign up for the free trial of your credit score tracking listed below. It really helped my get my score up.) # Never Miss a Payment, Starting Today # Never use more than 20% of your Available Credit # Keep Credit Cards that Have No Annual Fees Open For as Long as Possible # Extend Your Credit Limit on Cards You Already Have before You Get New Ones # Get Credit Cards that Have CashBack Rewards to Contribute to your Balance # Transfer Your Balance to a Credit Card with a Lower Interest Rate and a Higher Available Credit- # If You Think You Are Going to be FORCED to Pay a Bill Late Ask for an Extension or Payment Plan # Take out a Small Personal Loan and Repay it Over a Year # Ask Someone With Good Credit if They will Account Shadow you Imagine how much you could save if you just spent time to fix your score! Well check out the links I have below so you can get a full understanding of your credit, where you stand with lenders, and how you can fix your score to get the best rates!
OF COURSE. 650 is an average credit score and if they didnt give mortgages to people with scores like that they wouldnt be giving out a whole lot of mortgages. HOWEVER, lets not pretend that credit score is the only factor that goes into a mortgage approval. Alot of people think just because they have great credit or bad credit they can or can not get a mortgage. Credit score plays a role.. but your income, down payment and other debts will play a role as well. Im sure there are people out there will credit scores over 700 who cant get approved because they dont make enough money. Likewise there are people who have scores around 550 who get approved easily because they have alot of income and down payment.
I got one with a score of 568, it all depends on your income and if you have repos judgments or bankruptcy's in your past. Keep in mind too that the higher your score the lower the interest will be on your loan. I can't refer you to any one place. What I did was called around and applied at any that were willing to talk to me, lol. Finally one said ok and the rest is history, lol. Right now I am trying to refi and am going thru Citibank / Citifinancial. I already had an account thru them though (a personal loan). I know that's not much help, but it is possible! BTW, do you have any current/ open credit card accounts? For some reason it helps..... When I began trying to rebuild my history I got an Orchard Bank card. Their fees are high but they cater to people who are starting over. If you keep the card in good standing and don't over do it that will help. After a year I got rid of that one and now have one from Citibank..... Good luck! There's nothing quite like buying your first home!
If you have a poor credit score, it is difficult to get a loan from most banks and financial institutions. Credit is usually available only at a very high interest rate.Only few companies provide loan with poor credit score.Check out link for details.
You should have no problem with a credit score of 650 alone. You are not going to get a 100% loan, but you should have no problem getting 80% or better, even if you need a stated income loan. We have several different lenders that may be able to help you. Feel free to check out our website or give us a call. One of my Loan Officers will at least be able to point you in the right direction, even if you choose not to utilize our services.
You can get a mortgage and a credit card. The credit card you can get at Wells Fargo Financial. This is different than Wells Fargo Bank but it is a subsidiary. Wells Fargo also does mortgage loans for people with that kind of credit score.
Hi Dear, This is relay great to know you are re-building your credit. My best wishes are with you. This will help you getting your next loan. In case you are searching for a mortgage companies [ABC of Mortgage dot com] may help you in a significant manner. They are not a mortgage provider but they are helping people like you to find out a proper solution to your credit. if you fill a short form on the site you will be called at the specified time and the executive will provide you with your answers. And all this for Free. No catch, no obligation to buy.
You'd have to search the internet or ask a financial advisor. I'm sure you would be able to find a bank to give you a loan, but I think the interest rate will be so high it would be financial suicide. take a couple years, pay everything on time (that's all your utilities too, they report late payments to the credit companies) try to up your score. show responsibility by having a savings account, even if you can only put $20 a month in - do it every month. good luck to you.
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Do you think that most Unemployed people want to sit home and cash their benefit checks, you know the ones they paid into unemployment insurance for years and years to receive in case of unemployment. Some Republican politicians have said that they are spoiled. More and more Republican leaders like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck say the same, that these unemployed are lazy and or spoiled. I wonder if these lazy people are going to vote this year? Should Republicans vote to extend unemployment benefits? Since most of it due to the problems caused under the last 8 years of Republican administration, isn't it the least they could do or is that the intended do the least they can to help hoping voters will blame Obama?
Easy there pardner!!! Who said that? I think your wrong and I'll copy/paste a little something put together for someone else; Huh? What? Republicans have consistently voted against extending UE because Dems required PayGo and then decided that EVERYTHING was emergency spending. If the Dems find a way to pay for it then I'm sure they will get enough votes. That also depends whether Dems tack a few earmarks on it for unrelated projects. come on! you know this stuff. -I personally am glad they didn't. I think we need to address a few provisions to the UE benefits, as with all government programs I think it should be a; YOU get what you put in. On a sad note, after working for 30 years someone who has the misfortune of being laid off gets denied after contributing for their entire career. Not a good system if you ask me. Do the math; $350 x 52 weeks= $18,200 (before taxes) Alabama AL 0.44% 6.04% 2.70% $8000 6.2 percent X $7,000 = $434 FUTA tax 6.04% X $8,000 = $483.20 SUTA tax FUTA with max exemption $56.00 + 483.20 = $539.20 FUTA/SUTA tax paid per year $539.20 X 30 years = $16,176 total contribution which would be under $18,200 received. This is a best case scenario and to be fair you also have to take into account the 33% income tax that is stolen directly. Few, if any have contributed enough to warrant it. Source(s): I did Alabama because it seems like a middle of the road percentage. AK had a 31k cutoff and Mass had a 12.7% max rate. I think it was fair for me to use Alabama?
Even in a good economy, it's been shown over and over that many people will continue to accept unemployment benefits for the maximum time possible before beginning to seriously pursue employment again. When unemployment is extended beyond a reasonable time frame, it begins to resemble welfare more than what it was intended to be. While I'm sure there are people who genuinely can't find work, I doubt that the numbers are as high as those who are still continuing to receive benefits. Even in a crappy economy, there is work out there for those who really want to find it. I know people with advanced degrees who are now out there waiting tables and working as cashiers just to get by. Now is not the time to hold out for the ideal job in your desired pay range, but as long as unemployment checks keep flowing people will continue to do so.
It's a little foolish, really. You can't survive on unemployment for long without something else helping to keep you afloat - tapping savings (including retirement accounts, for instance), a working spouse, help from family and friends, something - none of those those are things you'd want to keep doing if you had another choice. The Jobless want to survive long enough to get jobs when jobs start being created faster than new workers enter the market. And that hasn't happened yet.
Ok, you have have been given the problem all incorrect. that is not any longer that he's a awful singer, that is that making a track aloud is irrelevant. Why are you refusing to contemplate doing the terrific factor? that is not any longer your place to tell your friends what to do or refrain from doing. it incredibly is your bosses job: to make it attainable for those they supervise to do their jobs. So, bypass on your supervisor, and point out each and all of the justifications that a individual's making a track interferes with the smoother operation of the dep., and ask that they concern an genuine ruling that folk no longer sing in the place of work.
Were you under a rock for the last 8 years? The economy was doing well until the Democrats came in. Before that, we were having an economic growth that lasted 52 months. And even before that, Clinton left office with a declining economy that finally dipped under Bush.
I don't care if people want the unemployment they paid in to....once they file an extension though, that's not the money they paid in....then it's just welfare with a fancy name. Are you suggesting that the 10% of people on unemployment are going to be the fall of the Republican party this election? lol.
Well I for one am , can't carry a tune in a bucket unless it has a lid on it ! However that said how many people have been on welfare for a lifetime? Don't kid yourself there are many,many people who prefer to sleep in and get up at noon to pick up a check than to work or work at something they think is beneath them !
It's not about whether they prefer unemployment checks to work. It's about how willing they are to take new work at lower wages rather than holding out for the return of their old jobs. When unemployment ends, people will have fewer options for not working.
The fly in your ointment is the facts. You have none. You have a fantasy.
Well! It is easy to see that you don't have the facts of what really happened you just run around shooting off with your silly rant!!!!!!!!!!!
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It seems you like country songs, so here are some great country love songs. 1. A Woman in Love - Ronnie Milsap 2. Almost Like a Song - Ronnie Milsap 3. Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson 4. Amanda - Waylon Jennings 5. Amazed - Lonestar 6. Anymore - Travis Tritt 7. Before The Next Teardrop Falls - Freddy Fender 8. Behind Closed Doors - Charlie Rich 9. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Willie Nelson 10. Breathe - Faith Hill 11. But For The Grace Of God - Keith Urban 12. Carrying Your Love With Me - George Strait 13. Cold Cold Heart - Hank Williams 14. Cowboy Take Me Away - Dixie Chicks 15. Crazy - Patsy Cline 16. Don't Take The Girl - Tim McGraw 17. Feels So Right - Alabama 18. Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis 19. Forever And For Always - Shania Twain 20. From Here To Eternity - Michael Peterson 21. Gentle on My Mind - Glen Campbell 22. Golden Ring - George Jones and Tammy Wynette 23. He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones 24. He'll Have To Go - Jim Reeves 25. Hello Darlin - Conway Twitty 26. Hello Walls - Faron Young 27. Help Me Make It Through the Night - Sammi Smith 28. Help Me Understand - Trace Adkins 29. How Do I Live - Trisha Yearwood 30. How Forever Feels - Kenny Chesney 31. I Believe - Diamond Rio 32. I Believe In You - Don Williams 33. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) - Hank Williams 34. I Can't Stop Loving You - Don Gibson 35. I Cross My Heart - George Strait 36. I Do - Paul Brandt 37. I Do (Cherish You) - Mark Wills 38. I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline 39. I Love the Way You Love Me - John Michael Montgomery 40. I Melt - Rascal Flatts 41. I Still Believe in You - Vince Gill 42. I Still Miss Someone - Johnny Cash 43. I Swear - John Michael Montgomery 44. I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash 45. I Wanna Make You Cry - Jeff Bates 46. I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton 47. I'd Love To Lay You Down - Conway Twitty 48. If Tomorrow Never Comes - Garth Brooks 49. I'll Go On Loving You - Alan Jackson 50. 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Bon Chance!
***maybe u can try artist SWITCHFOOT their songs like 1. Learning to Breathe 2. On Fire 3. Dare U to Move 4. We Are One Tonight ***second artist THE CLICK FIVE song name 1.Say Goodnight 2. Jenny (maybe u can change it to your gf 's name ^^) ***third artist SHAYNE WARD with his song 1. No Promises 2. Stand by me 3. You're not Alone 4. Something Worth Living For. HOPE THIS HELP ........ =^^=
Joe Cocker : You are so beautiful Withney Houston. Micheal Bolton When a man loves a women Their is one that is very especial for love is have that song save on my computer , I can try to send you this song well if you like it if not that's OK. all this songs a have it
What hurts the most. (rascul Flats) She Will Be Loved.(maroon 5) Truely Madly Deeply.(??) Our Song. (taylor swift) Mary's Song.(taylor swift) Hey there delilah (plain white t's) Who's to say (vanessa carlton) *Speechless(the veronicas) Lips of an angel (hinder) Just the girl (the click 5) First Date (blink 182) A Thousand Miles (vanessa carlton)
Try 98 degrees and Nicklebacks Far away..and if you really want to be sensitive try Clay Aikens The Way and when you say you love me..if you want to have a sense of humour about it all and get a smile Bowling for Soups The ***** song hahaha
If you're into alternative/rock (don't worry, not hardcore, soft and sweet:]) even if you're not into that type of music, look it up, they are great songs.... the cure______love song 311_________love song dramarama____anything, anything Iron and wine___such great heights weezer________island in the sun the used______smother me Maroon 5_____she will be loved Plain white t's___write you a song the turtles______so happy together good luck, hope you like them!
Ummmm I wanna be your everything by keith urben is a good love song.
With you- JDiggz Listen to your Heart- D.H.T(not the remix) My heart will go on- Celine Dion(Titanic) Unbreak my heart- Toni Braxton Hero- Enrique iglesias
Definately 'If i aint got you' Alicia Keys
I think the most romantic song is Every night in my dreams,from titanic by Celine Dion
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Yes no problem, only as long as you beat her with a 'feather no wider than the width of your little finger'. Oh! and your wife must abide by the revised Alabama By Law 101, which provides nay woman being beaten with the feather is permitted to hold a ****** and loaded 375 magnum and discharge the said weapon, should the beating last longer than 000.00001th of a second or at any time before and/or after the said intended or subsequently declined beating is assumed. The Husband (hereafter the Beater) is required to provide a Body Bag and Cleaning Materials, along with a minimum of two strong cleaners to remove the diseased beater and any other debris, blood, body parts, spent cartridges, etc. The Beater is also required to cover any continqency costs, (cash payment in advance) should the beatee opt not to be beaten and exercises her right to discourage such neandrathal turpitude by using lethal force. The cash payment must be used only to shout her mates drinks and nibbles at the Court House Cafe and Taxi fares after the celebration.
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Hey there! :D Im from Alabama, and Im taking a trip to New York City to see my boyfriend. Im gonna be staying there for a week in the first week of February. Im not sure what I need to pack to stay there for a week. Im also not sure what to wear, or how much money ill need to eat, and basicly live there for a week as im not sure of prices. Im also kinda clueless for my carryon. Any information you can give me pertaining these questions and anything else I may need to know will be greatly apperciated! Thanks in advance! :)
Since your going to NYC... Pack all you fiiine clothes!! ;D your luck.. :p and bring some cash in your purse just in case but just have your debit or credit card.. u dont want to carry around A LOT of cash ... because someone might steal it.
In regard to what to pack for a trip to New York City in February, may I recommend the link below, which has all the information you need to know about winter in the Big Apple. (Winter in New York City, what's the weather like and what to wear?) In regards to how much money should you have for your trip to New York. May I recommend the link below. (How much money to take with me to NYC?) I hope the above links are very helpful with your question. Good luck
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Birmingham has megabus service to/from Atlanta, Chicago, Little Rock, Memphis, and Dallas. They do not require ID, however passengers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. See for schedules and fares. Online reservations are required in advance. With Greyhound, PHOTO ID's may be required for picking up tickets at will call, using tickets printed at home, travelling across borders, or sometimes even travel in general. Some people may be able to circumvent this by paying cash for their ticket at walk-up, however they void the luxury of online discounts. Your experience may vary, because ultimately greyhound employees decide how strict they care to be at requiring ID's. However, it is their policy to check ID, and if you get in line to board you may be asked for photo ID of some sort.

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